The Grim Future

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Futurism was a social movement that started in the beginning of the last century in Italy and spread around the West in the first decades of the century. The futurists were not content with improvements to everyday life. They imagine a new world brought about the rapid advance of technology. The material advances of the industrial revolution would not just improve our daily lives. They believed the entirety of human society would be reimagined along technological lines.

The Futurists were not entirely wrong. The industrial revolution did usher in a mass reorganization of human society. Trains were not just faster than horses. They changed how we thought about moving people and goods. Wired and wireless communication added an immediacy to society. People were no longer finding out what happened after the fact but following what was happening as it happened. The old culture collapsed and a new culture arose in the 20th century.

A simple mental exercise makes this clear. A man living in 1750 America would have had no trouble navigating 1850 America. Sure, trains would be new to him and industry would be advanced. Otherwise, people lived pretty much the same. Now, take 1850 man and transport him to 1950. He would find himself in a world that was not just materially different, but culturally and spiritually alien. He was not in an improved version of his country. He was in a different world.

The futurists believed that technological progress would lead to human progress and by that they meant freedom from the human condition. The future would be slick, fast and exiting, as humanity explored its potential. One result of this was a rejection of the past, especially tradition. The futurists saw the past as a set of hands grasping at humanity from the grave. Another result is they believed violence was entirely appropriate to break the grip of the past in order to usher in the future.

The futurists were not entirely wrong. The two great industrial wars of the 20th century obliterated the old world. Into the void flowed what came to be known as the post industrial world. The West was not capitalist or socialist in the Marxist sense, but something of a fusion of the two. On the other hand, the human condition was not consigned to the dustbin of history. All of the old problems remained. The West simply had better stuff than in the prior ages.

Fast forward to this age and we have a new round of futurism. You can probably start the clock with Alvin Toffler, a futurist who got famous at the beginning of the microprocessor revolution. His books sold millions of copies and focused on society after de-industrialization. His books were popular in America at a time when the economy was shedding industrial jobs. His vision of the future promised something better than the old grimy industrial lifestyle.

Even though his books sold millions of copies, futurism did not catch on with the beautiful people until the late 1990’s. When technology became accessible to the technologically challenged, the future suddenly opened up to them. Apple products were sold to taste makers as a symbol of the progressive vision. Big tech began to market itself as a lifestyle, rather than as technological advance. Elon Musk went from bald PayPal investor to a futurist with a firm hairline.

The reason operations like the World Economic Forum have become popular with the beautiful people is these organizations are catering to the people who have tied their sense of self with their vision of the future. WEF has been around for a long time, but it was mostly a dull economic conference until they hit on futurism. You see it in this old presentation from a person named Thomas Birr. This is a timeshare pitch tailored for a crowd that believes they are world historic figures.

It should be noted that Mr. Birr promotes himself as a futurist. He labels himself the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at a company named E. On. Before that he was Senior Vice President Innovation & Business Transformation at a company with an equally ridiculous name. Mr. Birr is a visionary and we know that because he is paid to have visions, like a shaman. Before he was a visionary, he was an industrial sales rep who worked in the energy business.

One of the appeals of futurism is that it allows the futurist to look away from the present and focus on a blank page onto which he can draw his new world. It is a form of escapism, which suggests futurism is the product of crisis. The futurists of the last century did not see the two great industrial wars coming. In retrospect, the obliteration of the old war was a necessary step toward the new world. Interestingly, the Italian futurists all wound up supporting fascism.

There is a bit of irony. The futurist of this day invests a lot of time looking for potential fascists out among the Dirt People. Yet, it can be argued that fascism would not have been possible without the futurism movement. Once the focus shifted from the present to the future, the debate shifted from how to best to manage the present to who will run the society of the future. The great ideological conflicts of the 20th century were all about who will impose their vision of their future.

We see the same debates in this age. Immigration is about the demographics of future Western society. The antiwhites explicitly state that they wish to overthrow current society, which they call white supremacy, in favor of some new society organized around serving nonwhites. The legacy populations of the West are told by the people at the World Economic Forum that they are on the wrong side of history. Our debates about the future are all about who, not what.

All of this suggests that the futurist is a grim reaper. His arrival precedes some horrible conflagration that obliterates the present. A century ago, the futurists gave us two great industrial wars that reduce the West to ruins. The futurists of this age seem to be obsessed with war and famine. On the one hand they are instigating wars between the great powers. On the other hand, they are attacking the food supply. We will be lucky to live to see whatever futures results from all of this.

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251 thoughts on “The Grim Future

  1. I listened to a podcast by some big brained phd materiel science guy. He said at current rates of usage, the rare metals currently used in chips will start to decline in 5 years.

  2. This is where I completely come adrift from you guys.

    Humans have overstretched. Population adjustment WILL come. It will come by catastrophe – either hunger or conflict resulting from environmental meltdown – and it melting down before our eyes.


    It can be managed over time to alleviate the worst effects. That means putting a cap on growth. Rational people will choose this path. Why is that anathema around here? Why are you still clamouring for More Now?

    • Shrink yourself to prosperity never works.

      Be it corporations or empire, it’s a sure sign of decline.

      • So what? Decline is inevitable anyway.

        Russia is in decline compared to the USSR yet seems to be doing OK. The UK isn’t as good as it needs to be but be made OK.

    • And that is why we need to put ever more people into white countries? It’s not these countries that are exploding demographically…

    • you don’t have a say in this Anson. the birthrate is way below replacement in the entire west, radically so in the far east. but the drum beat of overpopulation fear porn is shrill . they want a lot of us gone . as I said below. The world has always been controlled by ” big capital” ,whether kings of bankers pulling the strings on the kings. In the last 60 yr or so, the need for manual labor and even much skilled labor has gone away. The elites are the equivalent of dairy farmers who can make milk with machines instead of cows. What to do with all those expensive to feed cows that get dangerous if they get hungry? first thing would be to prevent them from breeding more un-needed cows . Encouraging LGBT helps, trans because it always causes Irreversible sterility. . the “you go girl ” drive makes women career obsessed keeps them from having kids. Hook up culture destroys the ability of men and women to pair bond to create a family. They would of course start with the most dangerous cows first. you know , the pale ones.
      but after that , they may start thinking that they should do a little culling. Scary . you first Anson.

  3. End Game/End Times. The push ‘puter was another advancement from the Prince of Darkness to ID everyone that is not on Team Satan. The Beast is the System & the System is the beast, Question, did you take the jab & will you take the microchip/ID mark? They are taking away the physical $, and digital means social score demerits. Just like the Chinese test run the past 30 years.

  4. Russia and China are also implementing the full WEF design program rolled out in Ukraine. Vaxxing, tracking, social scoring, digital currency, prog-like propaganda, the works.

    I believe they’ve accepted that the New Order is firmly entrenched, the way things will go, and are riding the train.

    They are staking their places at the table, just as nations did when the balance of power shifted in the past.

    As Lord Krull says, we won’t stop the train. We need to prepare to ride it.
    We never stopped making metal after its discovery, the new knowledge will continue under its own momentum.

    • Alz-

      You’ve touched on the real problem.

      As far as I can tell, the digital gulag is the only future on offer from any of the competing power blocs.

      The only difference among them are the people in charge of the camps.

  5. I’ve predicted on here and with friends that China was going to make a move on Taiwan in the next 5 years or so. Congress passing the bill to invest in semi conductors shows they’re smartening up to that probability too, since basically all the world’s semi conductors are made in Taiwan. Pelosi’s visit seems like the perfect catalyst. They know the US is no where near being able to produce its own semi conductors right now, and won’t be for years. The last illusion of GAE dominance could fall shortly. I just hope Normie con whites don’t all of a sudden flood the military to fight this manufactured war for a government that hates them. I had a discussion with my wife that if war ever happened with China or Russia where people got drafted, I’d go to jail before fighting for this government.

  6. A CFN comment:
    “pure Darwinism: imagine what a zebra herd would soon degrade to if lions were eliminated. That is, take away the competitive spirit, the challenge of survival, and everything goes to pot.

    The current crop of elites garnered so much wealth and power during the boom times that it naturally induced the normal reaction of innui.”

    The riches-to-rags generation is enervated selling whifflegas derivatives and Green IPOs to each other. They are like drones after the mating flight.

    The Domina class plans “C40 smart cities” for the Commons. It’s a replay of the 60s Great Society Model Cities real estate scam, that became the notorious Projects.

    In the “sharing economy” of the Commons, you’ll rent your EV Uber car by the day from Bigco, make extra creds Lyfting and spend them at schwarma cafes or Zoom Meta adventures all within 20 minutes walk of your efficiency pod.

    Depending on your social credit score unlocking your digital credit, of course, because a Twitter-informed democracy is yadda yadda yadda.

    Felontavious was unable to keep the elevator running in a 24-story Bronx walkup then, but he’s educated now and a thoroughly White manager. Your bag of tacos won’t be robbed in the stairway because Shitiqua will be closely monitoring the CCTV surveillance.

    You need never see the sun, or an open field, or a cow.

    Some may see these Hives as species training for L5 satellite colonies.
    I say our future, instead, is Cro-Magnon.
    We’re going back to the caves. The surface will be too dangerous.

    • Saw your comment over there at Clusterfuck Nation and enjoyed it. Don’t comment over there, but it is a constant read for me Mondays & Fridays. Rock on.

    • Aye. The big problem for big brain city planner types No one is having babies. Its so bad China may not be able to stay a manufacturing nation

      Its like that everywhere. It turns out that everyone even Felontavious and Shituqa need the sun, fresh air and cows .

      I suspect after the collapse anyone who can code or is a techie will

  7. ” Interestingly, the Italian futurists all wound up supporting fascism. There is a bit of irony. The futurist of this day invests a lot of time looking for potential fascists out among the Dirt People.”

    That’s because the world “fascism” no longer refers to the historical phenom. It just means “what the Elite doesn’t like” just as “democracy” just means “what the Elite does want.”

  8. ” … futurism did not catch on with the beautiful people … .”

    Thank you for using this old term. I don’t know when I’ve heard or read it. But it sums “them” up in a way that nothing else does or can.

    It bespeaks what they think of themselves, and it bespeaks what we think of them, and it bespeaks what we think of what they think of themselves.


    • have you seen them lately? theres a reason you don’t hear that any more .

  9. We are not living in the Future we were promised. We are living in the Future we were warned about.

    • RFID biomarkers are already here and have been miniaturized to the degree that injection into the bloodstream is both feasible and demonstrated. And the infrastructure for activating and monitoring these devices is already omnipresent at retail payment nodes everywhere. And, of course, these payment nodes are connected to the internet, so individualized tracking is easy peasy. All you need is a huge archiving facility with searchable database (like the one in Utah), and personal location privacy is a thing of the past.

      Now if someone would just invent a spoofing device that could override the biomaker output and substitute someone else’s ID. They might even get stuck with the purchase debit.

      • Ah, this conspiracy theory has been seeing quite a revival, especially since the vax nonsense of the last couple of years. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. What never goes explained is how these get inserted into the bloodstream and reliably operate without causing an embolism, nor how something small enough not to do that would transmit reliably. The other obvious site is a subcutaneous location and while you can apply larger and workable RFID transmitters, you’d still need an initiating transmitter of a less than a few feet away to pull off any passive transmission/receiving. It’s works in pets because the damn things are planted in the same general location and the vet basically has to pet the animal with the scannet to ping the chip. This method of tracking people has been a wet dream for intelligence and LEO types for generations now. And that’s what it’s amounted to – a wet dream.

        • Also, this RFID tracking is mostly pointless because everyone has a damn phone already.

        • What if everyone just carried a cell phone in their pocket? Oh wait.

          I agree with your reasoning. We aren’t chipped because we don’t have to be. Now, is someone tracking phones? I doubt if it’s active, but I would not be surprised if logs could be located.

          Enough data on someone and you can predict where they will go next.

          • Now, is someone tracking phones? I doubt if it’s active, but I would not be surprised if logs could be located

            The reality that you can receive a call on your cell phone at any location means that yes, the phone is being tracked in real time. It would not function otherwise.

            Its also clear that the microphones are always on, listening for keywords. The fact that siri or similar can be activated by accident pretty much proves as much.

            I doubt that everything is being recorded and stored in some db because doing so would create to much chaff to separate out useful information. But im also sure that they can and do such for selected people who attract the eye of Sauron for whatever reason.

        • RFID chips have uses (legitimate and otherwise). I suspect that for mass surveillance, it is sort of a red herring. Video and other publicly sensed data if of high enough resolution, is already more than sufficient to identify individuals with if not perfection, a very high degree of accuracy.

  10. I don’t quite understand all the futuro-scepticism our guys suffer, considering most of us have witnessed first-hand one of the greatest technological revolutions in history. Every person in my generation will remember strapping on their first digital watch, staring at the crisp lines shifting as if by magic and recalling Arthur C. Clarke’s dictum about the perfect machine containing no moving parts.

    There was nothing inherently bleak or sterile in the original Futurism, it was perhaps the last thoroughly optimistic -ism of the twentieth century; it only changed nature after the Bolshies started thinking about how those machines could serve the revolution and turned Futurism into Modernism.

    But there’s a deeper problem with the strong Luddite streak our thing suffers: people want to give up on the future, flee back in time to the Little House on the Prairie, leave behind the titanic achievements of our people and go back to yanking udders, shoveling dung and poking the mud with a stick, like third-worlders. They’re ready to let the rootless cosmopolitans have the factories, the mines, the cities, the courts, the government, the schools and the universities, the laboratories, the chip foundries and the jet travel.

    This is a recipe for auto-genocide, a self-imposed Morgenthau Plan that would lead to misery and starvation as surely as any Great Reset. We need to take back the future, because it arrives whether we like it or not.

    • “…flee back in time… and go back to … like third-worlders.”

      Better than serving your daughters up to “making a million dollars a day on Onlywhore.”

      “They’re ready to let the rootless cosmopolitans have the factories, the mines, the cities, the courts, the government, the schools and the universities, the laboratories, the chip foundries and the jet travel.”

      On their current trajectory, they won’t have them for long. Think China and Taiwan – why does a country that thinks forward in centuries need to launch an invasion when a house of cards will topple on its own? Already these things you name are shaking on their foundations.

      “This is a recipe for auto-genocide…”

      Taking the jab, yes. Failing to have children, yes. Ignoring sportsball, the “culture” and seeking a simpler life, sounds better than getting a $300,000 masters degree while unable to change your own oil.

      “We need to take back the future, because it arrives whether we like it or not.”

      I say let’s start with the present and prepare to survive “the future.”

      • Better than serving your daughters up to “making a million dollars a day on Onlywhore.”

        That’s a problem with your daughter, not with the internet.

        And yes, every tool can be used to do evil but the fact is that there’s a direct correlation between technological development and quality of life.

        Anyone considering growing their own food, should work six months as a farmhand on a biodynamic farm, get down on your knees in the pouring rain and rip out weeds with your hands, clean the stable every morning, fork hay into the hayloft with a pitchfork.

        China and Taiwan

        They’re only a nuisance because we allow them to steal our technology with near-impunity. Even now they’re struggling to keep up – the West is innovating faster than they can copy our stuff.

        • The West is getting better at protecting their proprietary knowledge (from my limited experience). Nothing sensitive goes to China anymore if they can prevent it. Make critical components in house where possible. Hell, even at my old university, Chinese national students were kept separate from government grant projects—despite Confucius Institute on campus.

          A few years before I left, we had a dept head who was under Fed grant and he was sloppy. Then all of a sudden, the Fed’s grabbed a faculty person in North Carolina or so and gave him 4 years for allowing Chinese nationals to see his work.

          Dept Head was literally out of breath closing down access to lab’s and computer access for all non-citizens. Literally had us move students based on nationality. US citizens in this locked and secured area, everyone else over there. He even manage to get all Chinese moved to an annex building with nothing but a terminal.

          • Glad to hear it.

            We don’t have that particular problem in Denmark; we have very few Asians and virtually no Indians, so only white people work in tech. Industrial spying in Denmark is mostly done by CIA (via project Echelon) who pass on their files to US companies.

      • “$300,000 masters degree while unable to change your own oil.”

        So very yes. Young people jump through all these pointless hoops for years at great expense and DON’T LEARN ANYTHING USEFUL. What a soul killer.

    • I don’t think there are any luddites around these parts, sceptics and cynics would be closer to the truth

      There will be no utopia, tech or otherwise

      • There will be no utopia

        That is a truism by definition, so no. But there will be technological progress rivalling that of the microprocessor; what we do with it is our business, technology is just a tool. We should not let our enemies monopolize it.

        The past is not to be romanticized. We see the past through the eyes of the one percent, the guys who wrote books, led armies, built empires and composed symphonies. We rarely see the misery, hunger, cold, the illiteracy, the cultural poverty, the violence and the utter drudgery that plagued the 99%, because nobody cared enough about the 99% to write books or symphonies about them.

        Today we have given voice to the Great Unwashed so it’s no wonder the present looks seedy in comparison with the glorious lives of ye olde nobility.

        • Given the ongoing decline in intelligence, I dare say your prophecy of continued technological progress is misbegotten. At some point, probably within the next 30 years, as general competency evanesces, we will see technological regression. Plane crashes, which are thankfully rare, will become more common, and you can completely forget about launching deep space probes that return beautiful photos of Neptune’s moons. We’ll be fortuntate if our sail foam cameras are still working.

          • Plane crashes, which are thankfully rare, will become more common

            Not due to technological regression, but due to lower competency in airline staff.

            Due to the population explosion, there are more people to the extreme right of the Bell Curve alive today than there were 200 years ago, even if the average IQ has fallen.

            Technological development is speeding up, now slowing down.

          • Felix and Ostei both have valid views. To Felix, I say: Except in the very worst parts of the world, and certainly in the richer nations, even the “99%” live lives of utter luxury undreamed of by their ancestors of two centuries or even two generations back. Yes, the rich world’s “poor” look poor compared to our super-rich or even our middle class, but even the typical homeless man in our big city has it pretty good compared to those who live on the street in an African city. It has only been in quite modern times that a large fraction of the population was freed from a dawn-to-dusk subsistence lifestyle.

            To Ostei: I don’t wish a systemic breakdown on anyone, because everyone, from rich to poor, will suffer greatly to the extent things deteriorate. That harsh farm drudgery might turn out to be the best survival skill, but how many will embrace such a world?

          • None of the technology we are making will help the real issue, mainly that it is creating a society no one wants to live in.

            I saw a video from China during the lock downs . A bunch of suited up enforcers threatening “If you don’t comply with orders, woe will be on your family for three generations.”

            One of the braver sorts replied “Not likely we are the last generation.” This went viral and of course the PRC banned it

            Its pretty much the truth though as in some provinces and its not the Sino Vax in action, fertility is down 40%

            Simply, no one wants to live in tech world , bring up kids in tech world or live in the future its creating as its a dystopia.

            Its telling too with the exception of Elon Musk and a few billionaires techies and progress junkies and futurists tend to have tiny families

            Other side of the equation , Amish have 4-7 kids and high retention. This will decline in time as outside demand for their products artificially increases their wealth but the future still belongs to them and those like them not progress.

        • Your depiction of the past is gratuitously dour, and its comparison to the present errant. Those who lived prior to the 20th century didn’t have our technology, and they didn’t live as long as we do, but what their lives lacked in health and technological glitz, they made up for in pure, natural, and authentic social and cultural ties, and in a sense of belonging we moderns and postmoderns have totally destroyed. I dare say the average bloke living in 1822, who was not afflicted by the urbanized blight, unhinged elites, diversity, and cultural anomie of the present, was every bit as happy as the average man of 2022, if not more so.

          • they made up for in pure, natural, and authentic social and cultural ties

            Never mind slippery terms like natural and authentic, but we don’t know what those people thought, because nobody asked them, nobody wrote it down.

            One of the most remarkable thing about the protocols of Jeanne d’Arc’s trial, is that it’s the only first-hand account of peasant life we have from the Middle Ages.

            Village life is not all roses, that’s why young people flee first chance they get: it’s boring as hell, so people spend their days spying on each other, gossiping and peeping through bedroom windows.

            You think Mark Zuckerberg is bad? Try living in a village where everybody not only knows what you had for breakfast, but cares about it very, very much.

          • Felix, you are right that village life kind of sucks as does dirt farming

            It doesn’t matter. The city as the technology it is, one that allows strangers to work and live together is no longer fit for purpose.

            Its parasitic . More importantly it uses so many resources including human ones that its self destructing. Not only is it an IQ grinder (smart people move to the city have less kids humanity gets dumber) but we can barely afford to keep it safe.

            Its not going to vanish but most people will be back on the farm since we won’t have millions of surplus people

            I’d guess we’ll drop to maybe 2 billion if lucky, maybe within a few years and in a few decades lose cheap energy which means 40-60% rural maybe more.

    • Felix: Technology has brought just as many evils as it has wonders. I dispute your implication that there is something inherently backward or primitive about the self-sufficiency of the American settlers or anyone raising his own food. No, I do not want to sacrifice air conditioning and modern plumbing, but I will cheer the disappearance of Cheetos and self-check grocery aisles.

      Modern agriculture combined with modern technology and modern transportation have enabled an explosion in the world’s least capable populations. The future need not be incomprehensible to the past; human nature has not changed and too much of the ‘modern world’ is not merely anti-White but anti-human.

      • I acknowledge that homesteading might be healthy on an individual level or for your family but on a societal level, as a political strategy or a cultural movement, it’s a disaster.

        I will cheer the disappearance of Cheetos and self-check grocery aisles.

        There’s the nub. You don’t HAVE to eat the Cheeto! Just like you don’t have to watch porn or play computer games. The machines themselves are not forcing you to use them, they don’t have a political agenda.

        • You don’t get it. All of the horrendous artefacts of technologically driven postmodernity are being imposed upon us, and technology is the delivery system. Quality independent restaurants, for instance, are being destroyed by ghastly chains, and this trend, partly the ineluctable result of capitalism, and partly directed by globohomo, occurs in all sectors of society. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the range of choice is narrowing rather than expanding. Once it narrows to a certain point, not only will you be inundated by Cheetos, but they’ll be made of crickets. But hey, technology!

          • Artisanal restaurants is a modern phenomenon, a product of surplus value generated by mass production.

            Kings of old would display their wealth through their dining habits and make ostentatious display of the number of people who served them. Today, we are all kings. But we are even better off, with more selection between dishes and the number of places we can eat. We coerce no one. Our servants beg for the chance to wait on us and work themselves to the point of total exhaustion.


            Contrary to conventional wisdom, the range of choice is narrowing rather than expanding.

            That is not my personal experience. Never mind the internet but when I was a kid, pineapples were seasonal as were most exotic fruits except oranges, lemons and bananas. Coconuts were something a shop had as a promotional item, once or twice a year. Never tasted a kiwi or a mango until I was a teenager and the only kind of melon I knew were watermelons that really put the water in the melons.

            Same with bread: two kinds of extremely bland rye which were really one kind of rye with different amount of color added. Four kinds of white bread, also virtually identical.

            Ironically, it was 7-Eleven who brought proper bread to Denmark, not the bakers. They got their dough delivered from somewhere, but leavened and baked their filoni in-shop. Not quite the French experience, but orders of magnitude better than the stuff we were used to.

      • *White People* “enabled an explosion in the world’s least capable populations.”

        Aye, there’s the nub. And now all those grateful souls are spilling over into our dish.

        Next time, folks, no giving freely–we must demand a price at ruinous cost, as does Reality herself.

      • Indeed. Technology has birthed many a dysgenic phenomenon. For every problem it solves, it creates another. Imagine a balloon filled with water. You grab and constrict it at one point, but the water just goes elsewhere. This is analagous to the illusion of technological progress equaling progress tout court.

      • Self-check grocery aisles rock. That way you don’t have to be stuck behind morons who don’t know what they’re doing and slow everyone down. E.g., fat black ladies who pay with cash and take forever finding and digging out exact change out of their purses.

        • I refuse to go to restaurants where you order at a counter for the same reason I refuse to use self-checkout–I want to be served rather than have to do everything myself. I’ve got enough on my mind without having to wade through chaotic, convuluted menus and jack around with wonky checkout technology.

        • My favorite are the people who *start* writing a check only after the cashier has scanned and bagged all of their items and run their coupons.

          • Wild Geese: That’s all the old women. They’re also the ones who will spend ten minutes trying to get their pennies out of their tiny little change purses. Showing my unicorn tendencies, once again, I always have my card or cash out before I get to the register.

          • Wild Geese & 3g4me,

            Maybe some of those dreadful old people are happy to enjoy a little human contact, but no, get your wrinkly old ass out of my way, ‘cuz I am in a big fuckin’ hurry.

            Maybe listen to John Prine’s song “Hello in There”?

            Even their own family is often too busy and self-involved for those dreadful old people. I am 69, soon 70. I go to the supermarket on their seniors’ day to get my 5% discount, so I encounter those as old as me and older and, yes, sometimes they fumble around, even moreso now that our NJ politicos have mandated that you must bring your own bags, and then load them yourselves. Slows it down. I am pretty brisk and capable in contrast, but you know what? It doesn’t bother me.

            You’re in a hurry? Those slow poke old people didn’t shove those ants down your pants; lay that off on the screwed up world. A little Christian charity goes a long way, and helps you to get your priorities straight. Your personal best time hustling through the check out might not, you know, actually be the best that you can personally be, if you catch the distinction.

            Here endeth the lesson.

          • Jersey Jeffersonian: And I’m almost 64. Your point?

            I, too, am an ‘old woman,’ but I don’t share the mindset that I automatically deserve extra time and consideration just because I’m old. And I have yet to use a senior discount anywhere for anything.

            And if I seek genuine human contact, it is not with the ‘diverse’ grocery store check out cashiers, at the cost of everyone else’s time and convenience.

        • Brandon: Depends on time of day. If you get there early morning before all the double digit IQ people are there, I also prefer self-check. In and out. But the machines are often too slow, or not working properly, and the average person too stupid to utilize them without having to call on store personnel for help. Often the self-check line is as long or longer than the single open cashier register line.

          • I almost always shop at the local Whole Foods in the late afternoon/early evening. It is quite rare that I ever have to wait in line and so far no machine breakdowns. The people who would tend to have problems weed themselves out and use the cashier checkout.

          • And even with the UPC (bar) codes, errors can occur. Yesterday I was buying regular grocery items and a reduced for quick sale (with 2nd code) item rang up wrong as something more expensive, a children’s toy I think. The UPC codes weren’t even close. It’s the first mis-read I’ve ever seen. I caught it and a manager voided it.

        • They work just fine. Problem is every time you put one in, you reduce the number of jobs.

          This means either less people, more welfare or both.

          • Yes, some asshole suit with a sharp pencil decided that they could do with fewer workers, and that is my fundamental reason to eschew their “supposed” convenience.
            At the CVS I patronize, a while back they plopped in two self checkouts. The remaining checkout is now usually staffed with one person (reduced staff!) who is responsible to help people at those “self-checkout” stations, something which happens all of the damn time. If course, they must abandon their own checkout duties while doing so. Of course,I don’t blame the sweet, harried young girl for this after waiting for her return; rather I sometimes comment wryly about how great an improvement in customer service those “self-checkout” stations have been. Another slap in the face from clown world.

          • Its less clown world and more the American pathological obsession with cheap labor and efficiency.

            Its been that way in some form or other since the founding of the country and that habit won’t go anywhere . If some boots on neck society took its place, the minute the boot was lifted back to grifting and chiseling and cheaping out

          • The coolest thing about digital watches is how cheap they are and still hold better time than anything coming from the heritage watchmakers in Switzerland.

            I don’t wear a wristwatch anymore, but I a couple of years back I bought a 12 dollar Casio F91W – for the nostalgia and just to own such a marvel of mass production.

            In my generation a digital watch was the first piece of integrated circuitry that you could buy with newspaper money and own yourself, predating the (all-but-useless) Sinclair ZX-81 and ZX-Spectrum.

      • got you beat , that is casio is LCD, I had it’s predecessor in highschool, a red LED watch .

        • I played twenty questions with Denmark’s first mainframe, using a teleprinter and a rubber cup modem. A friend’s father was an early computer programmer, back when computers were called electron brains and before computer programming was something you could study. He had one of the first pocket calculators in Denmark too – also LED.

          Both his parents were hippie types and they drove a 25 year old Volvo that they’d bought used, after it had been in service as an ambulance. They’d changed the engine twice.

          Then in the late seventies, his dad got a job in Silicon Valley, made a ton of money. When my friend went to visit him during the summer holiday, dad bought a used Porsche because cars were dirt cheap in America. Wife was furious – not because of the money but because one should not drive decadent vehicles.

          Great guy – taught us to make black powder for our homemade bombs, and a much easier recipe made form zink and sulphur that needed to be lit with a sparkler. As a kid, he had had a small brass cannon that he loaded with homemade guncotton and metal scrap, using it to shoot swans in the local park.

    • “But there’s a deeper problem with the strong Luddite streak our thing suffers: people want to give up on the future, flee back in time to the Little House on the Prairie, leave behind the titanic achievements of our people and go back to yanking udders, shoveling dung and poking the mud with a stick, like third-worlders. They’re ready to let the rootless cosmopolitans have the factories, the mines, the cities, the courts, the government, the schools and the universities, the laboratories, the chip foundries and the jet travel.”

      Utterly ridiculous. None of us want this.

      • None of us want this.

        Plenty of right-wingers consider homesteading a viable political strategy. And building a society on homesteading means letting go of technology.

        • Sure, there are those who prefer the simpler, rural life, and I don’t entirely blame them. However, they are the small exception. The vast majority of us want our own nation in which Western civilization can be conserved and even regenerated. But even there, there will be room for those who choose to live off the grid, if that’s what they really want. However, those who presently want to do this are fleeing something horrific. And that horrific thing will not exist in Whiteland, which means that homesteaders will likely be exiguous.

          • I had to look up “exiguous.” I will let it pass. In the future, please use a more cromulent word 🙂

          • Here’s the thing. If a Magic Comet the northern hemisphere and made it super White, we’d be no better off.

            We’d be just as sick, decadent , addicted and broken as when we started, that won’t change if demography does Its a political problem that can only be solved with either a moral awakening or raw force , maybe both

            Non Whites might complicate things or make use of force harder but they aren’t creating the Poz , White people are.

        • Felix: I want a balance, and don’t believe I’m alone in that. If we’re talking about a White nation with people in control of their own destinies, then certainly there will be cities for those who prefer them, as well as homesteads for others. It needn’t be all either/or.

          I am in not in the physical condition to do actual farming, nor do I have the experience. But as I said, I would love to live with more space apart from people and enjoy modern plumbing along with the beauty of nature and some garden-fresh food. And if we can just sell our suburban house for a reasonable sum, that’s what we’ll be doing in a few months’ time.

          • I wish you best of luck and hope you find a good plot.

            But as I’ve carefully stated throughout, I am talking about homesteading as a political strategy, a societal model, not as an individual lifestyle choice.

            If all white people took to the hills, we’d be even more dependent on globo than we are now, because the brown and yellow people would out-earn us and price us off the market for land and other necessities like gasoline, medicine and what electronics may be produced without whites.

        • Not at all.
          For instance
          We use drip irigation controlled with digital timers.
          Our solar power system is somewhat sophisticated. We probably have every convenience you have in your house. Internet, air conditioning, indoor plumbing even, AND we can change our own oil.
          No man is an island
          We still have to bring in money to buy lots of things
          But we dont have bills like power, water, garbage etc.
          It does require manual labor
          But that is natural for humans. Living in pods eating bugs? Yeah no.

        • Technology is sterilizing our species, spreading diseases, destroying culture and races and making dystopian states easier to build.

          COVID 19 was after all a product of technology and we got very very lucky it wasn’t Captain Tripps

          We also got very lucky the nukes didn’t fly in 1983

          Tech does make us materially better off and can improve health and longevity some, though our biggest jump came with sanitation

          The stuff that would make us better , better medicines an asteroid shield, longevity, aren’t going to be and no one is having kids so no space

          I strongly suspect this abundance we have isn’t sustainable anyway and the Faustian Ethos we all are born into will go in time. Good riddance.

      • They couldn’t wipe out mankind though. Life in the past wasn’t better materially but worse but it worked

        Ours doesn’t and more of the thing that is causing the dysfunction, that is machines is not the solution.

    • Felix,
      I think that part of what you see is that our people – the best of them, at least – have had a march stolen on them by the left’s March Through the Institutions, and that the left has in many ways succeeded in erecting a panopticon in which we must consequently operate, a state of affairs which is extremely demoralizing. There is a premium psychologically for those of us who clearly see the Empire of Lies for what it is to find some way to escape the Eye of Sauron. The withdrawal from that world in whatever way presents holds out the prospect of a restoration of agency, and denotes a withdrawal of consent. They’ve got us backing up, at least that is the strategy of demoralization and fragmentation which the left (with able assistance from Conservative, Inc.) schemes to impose upon us.

      Running for the hills, either literally, or by a withdrawal to more traditional modalities of life, is attractive when under these pressures. And when the malevolent types in apparent charge are plotting to reduce us to penury and dependence upon them for things as basic as food, growing one’s own in bugout locations is not totally irrational. But still, this is not fight back, is it? However, laying claim to the fruits of technology and science is, particularly if the fight is to lift the dead hand of censorship/cancellation, and restoration if the ability to communicate among ourselves.

      Here’s a development along those lines that just came to my attention. How well it might succeed is uncertain, but it is revealing that the battle is being joined.

      Remember when Google told the world, “Don’t be evil”? Sounded good, but in retrospect this was just another example of leftists accusing their adversaries of what they are already engaged upon.

      • right now simply surviving the early stages of the mess they are getting going is a lofty goal. Nobody really knows how far this could go. they clearly want a lot fewer of us . the potential of some really bad unforeseen problems or consequences is very real. nobody knows how things would go if the west went full sri lanka . all I know is gates and the billionaires all have massive bunkers in places like new zealand . the worlds largest seed bank is controlled by gates too. they are taking precautions in case things get out of hand, and we should too. BTW Only the west uses the mRNA vaccines , china , india , and africa use the old style attenuated virus . if there are long term problems , the west alone will be weakened .

        • China is dying on its own. If India could get organized and functional the century would belong to them but its not in their character

          Alternately if Europe could make nice with Russia and un-Poz itself it could be theirs.

          Our future is either collapse, Leftist despotism, or Bosnia X Rwanda

    • Forget about the homesteading vs cosmopolitan strawman arguments. Just look at the data on societal well being. Murder, rape, violent assault, addiction, overdose, teen pregnancy, divorce, single motherhood, obesity, suicide, and homelessness were incredibly rare before the late sixties. Math and reading scores were higher before this time as well. Only a fraction of a percent of people would consider living like the amish. What we admire is our ancestors achievements and social environment right up until the civil rights reset.

      • . Murder, rape, violent assault, addiction, overdose, teen pregnancy, divorce, single motherhood, obesity, suicide, and homelessness were incredibly rare before the late sixties. Math and reading scores were higher before this time as well.

        You mean when America was 85% white?

        • Sure immigration was terrible for the country but more Hispanics didn’t magically ruin White families. Nor did Blacks or Asians

          Leftists did , prosperity did , computers did, free trade did and lack of morality did. Hell urbanization was the #1 problem

          In that sense, think of yourself as a bull and the elite as a matador The matador wants you to see the colorful cape and not see him and his sword.

          Doesn’t mean the issue shouldn’t be dealt with mind you, only its not the cause,

  11. In your recent Substack piece I’m not sure where you get the idea that Hinduism accepts that there may be no god. Au contraire, it’s polytheistic. Hare Krishna Hare Rama! Om Namah Shivaya! Ganesha Sharanam! And then there are the 1008 names for the Divine Mother.

  12. Better technology, bigger states, and all mass “utopia” schemes never lead to BETTER PEOPLE. Quite the opposite as they ignore human nature and are usually a smokescreen for small amounts of people to make fortunes and gain power.

    What leads to better people?

    1) Heredity and incentives for those with good characteristics to form families. Society’s verdict on this: that’s eugenics, nazi! give your money to the bums you selfish fascist!

    2) Teaching children the difference between good and evil and how to avoid sin. Society’s verdict on this: that’s close-minded you transphobe bible thumper!

    Globohomo must be destroyed.

    • 3) Genetic engineering. While this is still very much in its infancy, readers of science fiction for decades have been served up many possible futures where this might lead. Let us say that the idealized Star Trek future may not be the most likely outcome, especially if one allows that the baser characteristics of human (animal) nature are not reigned in.

      We are very likely into third year of a worldwide pandemic caused by the release (deliberate or accidental) of an engineered virus. It has cost lives and damage on a scale rarely seen in human history. Now imagine if Group A decides the world would be better off without Group B…

      This may not be in reach today, but in ten, fifty years? 🙁

  13. It’s pretty pathetic that hispanic self-interest spells the end of mass immigration, but I’ll take it and hope whitey hits bottom, breaks the tech addiction, gets off his knees.

  14. You often find that kooks like Thunberg and her enablers are active in a multitude of crazy schemes.

    The other day my attention was drawn to this article:

    an article in the Desert Sun: It’s time for Army Corps of Engineers to investigate the feasibility of moving water West (Sorry, no links because this is being called spam).

    In short, the author wants our government to spend massive amounts of all our money to build an enormous 4000-foot-rise aquaduct to ship water from the Mississipi over the continental divide to The arid Southwestern states. It’s an insane boondoggle. I don’t have to be a civil engineer to figure that out, and I’d rather not take the time to go into all the reasons. I was curious about the author, Don Siefkes — the article gave no qualifications or background for him. It turns out he is also the head of an organization called The E100 Ethanol Group (search it) that goes around trying to lobby for the banning of all gasoline and diesel vehicles. They support replacement with ethanol instead. Because climate change and the environment and things. They’ve got a lot of information on the site about it, but I didn’t see anywhere an answer to the question — how much ethanol would that take and where would it come from? So I searched around a bit.

    Right now the US produces about 15 billion bushels of corn a year. About 5 billion of that goes to ethanol. Almost all gas in the US is 10% ethanol. So, if you wanted to replace that with 100% ethanol, logically, you’d need ten times more ethanol: 50 billion bushels of corn worth. More than three times what we grow in the US for all purposes. Even the environmentalists would go crazy about that because they hate farming: all that fertilizer runoff.

    But guys like this they flit from one crackpot thing to another and through sheer insane persistence they manage to make inroads. Now, we’re never going “E100” but the entire framework: “The Climate Crisis” is buttressed by legions of these crazies, each pursuing his or her own obsession.

    Is it all emergent behavior, as the Zman says? Maybe. But I think there’s more to it than that. I think there’s a unifying energy to it that goes beyond the material.

    • The Great Salt Lake in Utah is pretty much a puddle now. Toxic dust from the now-dried lakebed is a concern as it gets blown into the air; the lake itself was responsible for a microclimate that put snow in the mountains in winter and melt back to the lake in the spring and summer…all of that is at risk.

      US Senator Pierre Delecto (aka “Mittens”) wants to pipe water in from Colorado (also in a mega drought) to top off the Great Salt Lake.

      (This plan is insane, unless it’s purpose is endless federal grift)

      If civil war ever comes to the US, I don’t think it’s going to be the “-isms” that sets its off. It’s going to be wars over basic resources needed to survive.

    • The “futurists” are usually wrong. From what I can tell, they never get anything right.
      There was a ton of “futurism” propaganda films and articles made back in the day. A lot of the films have been archived to youtube. One film I saw on the house of tomorrow (filmed in the late 60s) was so bad it’s comical. They predicted automated kitchens that create their own plasticware on demand to eliminate the drudgery of doing the dishes.

      • Tars: I saw “Silent Running” on a middle-school field trip. I didn’t know what ‘futurism’ was back then, and was only a few years into the Gaia propaganda (elementary school celebrated the first Earth Day and we all pestered our parents not to litter). Even then, however, the idea that mankind as a whole would lose any desire for the natural world and trees struck me as absurd.

      • [Recalled from an article years ago] The 1950s era Disney Land exhibit Tomorrow Land envisioned all sorts of gadgets in the distant future. Two they got right:
        Microwave ovens.
        Flat screen TV.

    • It is actually the sort of ultimate Cloud People vs. Dirt People ‘eff you’ if you really play the tape and think about it.

      The Mississippi mostly gives sustenance, resources, and life to the ‘deplorables’ as it feeds primarily Red and Southern states. So diverting most of it across the ‘flyover states’ and using it to sustain California, I mean… that just seems obvious right? The Beautiful People, Cloud People, and their Beaner Pets are what really matter here. Plus, it will help with the decimation of the ‘other’ white people that can’t come soon enough. So its a Win-Win in the eyes of the Truly Important Folks®.

      • to complete the insanity, california just declined to build desalination plants!? there is infinite water in the pacific, literally on their doorsteps, but they won’t use it. honestly, the people of california deserve to die.

        • California was turned from a desert into an oasis by the long-term thinking White man.

          As California became more diverse, the long term planning, if it was thought of at all, was delayed to deal with more pressing matters in the present. They will be lucky to maintain existing water infrastructure. Hell, they will be lucky to preserve indoor plumbing and flush toilets.

          • When LA is once again just a wide spot in a dirt road, a handful of huts huddled around a brackish well, then they can start over.

          • Locusts will eat a plant down to the roots, leaving nothing for those who follow. Such is the state of CA. As the IA’s moved in, they took (looted) what others had created and stored away for the future. Such is their short term thinking and in doing such have created the same environment they once ran from. Coming to a town near you.

          • California (and whole Trans-Mississippi west) is now coming to the end of a warming period that has been wetter than normal. But when California was first settled, nobody knew that. There wasn’t knowledge of Grand Solar Minimum periods. And we are several years into a GSM right now, so rainfall. etc., are returning to GSM normals.

            When California was settled and then eventually became “California,” nobody knew this stuff. Now we do, but it doesn’t matter b/c there’s a new religion in town, and it doesn’t allow for cyclical climate change. Climate change is anthropogenic and it’s LINEAR, so either we obey the commandments of the new god, or she will destroy us (IF her devotés don’t kill us first).

            Questions will be answered with cancellation.

        • The Poseidon reverse osmosis desalination plant here on the Pacific coast has been providing 25% of the potable water for the cities of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista since 2015. It is said to be the largest such plant in the western hemisphere. It could be easily duplicated up and down the coast , but the lefties reflexively oppose anything that makes logical sense.

          • That is why political power and very possible outright authoritarianism is necessary

            Interfere with human well being on that scale get hung, Problem solved

    • “I think there’s a unifying energy to it that goes beyond the material.”

      “All they that hate me love death.” (Prov. 8: 36)

    • By now the choice should be clear. Bifurcation or extermination.

      Bifurcation. Already Bluefuges are fleeing IL, CA, NY for TX & FL, possibly creating a independent white confederacy that can flourish.


      Extermination.Those Bluefuges fleeing will spread their anti white racism everywhere they go. The regime is busing illegals everywhere, eliminating hope for a new independent state.

      • That is the great paradox of that “blue flight” you are describing. Many (but not all) of the people ‘fleeing’ are those with the ways and means to flee. So it isn’t Joe Dirt packing up the station wagon. No, sadly, Joe Dirt is stuck now in his neighborhood with a dozen illegal beaners packed to the gills in a 2 bedroom house in every other house in his ‘hood.

        The ones fleeing are largely the ones who voted for this stuff in the first place. They simply will never make the connection between their stupid ideas that they vote for and the downstream results. So they land in TX, FL, Montana, wherever to start the cycle anew and attempt to terraform functional states into dysfunctional sh-tholes. I hope those existing residents make it VERY hostile for them because like locusts they will destroy the place in short order before moving on again. Liberal bug hive people truly are insectoid in that way.

        • “tholes. I hope those existing residents make it VERY hostile for them because like locusts they will destroy the place in short order before moving on again.”

          Confederacy residency requirements. English language fluency, American citizenship, criminal background check, abolishment affirmative action – merit, not equity, just for starters.

          • BeAprepper: Citizenship? Bah, humbug. American heritage, documented, 3 generations minimum. And White only, which should go without saying.

          • “Confederacy residency requirements.”

            1) Prove that at least two of your grandparents were born i(n this state).
            2) If you can’t do that, you have recourse to an appeals board constituted of carefully selected DR people whose grandparents *were* born in (this state) so that DR folks can admit DR folks who can’t meet qualification number 1.

            Keep it short and simple. Or you open the door ceaseless Talmudic arguments.

          • 3g4me:

            Now 3g4me, i’m with you but we gotta be realistic here. Feds never go for that. Ask for half a loaf now, maybe get the whole loaf later, when the old country has full broken down.

            Whole plan sub rosa. Don’t advertise, just do it! Who will want to live in a new place when they know they are not welcomed – the very reason we want to relocate.

      • ” … eliminating hope for a new independent state.”

        This presupposes that “we” can’t “do” anything.

    • ” … blame it on the White man. Check out the comments here: … .”

      After taking your advice I can say only that one knows not whether to laugh or cry.

      Reminds me of the “smallpox-in-a-blanket” tale that–defying all odds–remains current.

  15. One of the remaining dinosaur car magazines, Motor Trend, tested the new F-150 “Lightning” electric truck. They towed a selection of trailers behind the “truck” and found that towing a trailer reduced the pitiful range of this “truck” to less than 100 miles. Imagine having this rig and charging up your truck every 80 miles or so for 30 minutes, best case scenario. Imagine if there is what the English would call a “queue” at the charger and you have to wait an hour, two hours for a 30-minute “rapid” charge that only gets your battery back 80% full.

    If you deal with hurricanes and live in a coastal area that requires evacuation, imagine a “queue” that stretched for a quarter-mile at the charger or more. Good luck getting out before landfall.

    When I tow my boat or my camper trailer, my V-8 4-wheel drive truck gets a miserable 10 MPG, but with a 30-gallon tank, I need a 5-minute gas stop every 300 miles or so.

    What those payola-grubbing writers at Motor Trend don’t realize is they will be obsolete when electric vehicles become the rule rather than the exception since there is no differentiation between one EV or another. They make only a whirring noise, there are no transmissions and differences in vehicles boil down to charging capacity and styling. It’s hard to be an auto enthusiast when vehicles are merely shapeless, joyless transportation pods devoid of character.

    The reason for EVs is simple: The ruling class don’t want us driving cars. They don’t want us owning homes or anything of value. They seek our dependence on them for means of control. These demonic bastards get their jollies off controlling the masses.

    As stated in a comment above, they want us crammed into diverse, filthy, crime-riddled megacities like in the Judge Dredd comics eating bugs, jacking off to porn, playing video games and doped on medical marijuana and pills. They’ll be the only ones with access to travel of any sort and they’ll eat steak dinners and laugh at the peons eating their protein paste.

    That’s not much of a future. It sounds like Idiocracy crossed with Demolition Man. Where’s Edgar Friendly (played by a hilarious Denis Leary) when you need him?

    • Electric trucks pulling campers into the wilderness….along with a very noisy diesel powered generator in the truck bed to run in the backwoods for 12 hours to recharge the truck, thereby ruining the peace and quiet of everyone else.

      Not a huge fan of the lefty “slash tires of SUV’s”. But they might be onto something in this instance.

      (Spot on about control. Gas cars are freedom, full stop.)

      • The “slash the tires of SUVs” thing is hard for decent people. It’s a terrible thing to do to fellow citizens of your nation. You have to put it in the proper perspective. They are not your people. They are not your nation.

        Imagine instead, guerrillas slashing the tires of vehicles that belong to an occupying enemy in your country. Would you not be a huge fan of that?

        The leftist terrorists understand that they are at war. Normie does not.

        • “Imagine instead, guerrillas slashing the tires of vehicles that belong to an occupying enemy in your country.”

          Aka the Prius. If also sporting a bumper sticker that says “Obama/Biden”, also smash windows.

          If sporting “Biden/Harris”, tires, windows and key it.

          And finally, for the ultimate, if sporting “Hope and Change”, torch it.

          Haha just kidding of course, that’s a script for a doomsday comic, and the bad people will be caught by Chrissie Rae and prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law” like on TV.

      • Gas is not unlimited and unless someone developed a plausible substitute the era of happy motoring is coming to an end if not for us than a couple of generations down the line.

        As far as bug pod dystopia , no one is having kids. Some parts of China have had a 40% fertility decline

        It won’t take long for them to collapse and the future instead Mega City One will either be Amish Paradise or Children of Man

        If you want a scare, if there is a genetic component in COVID19 or the vaccines that is causing miscarriages and sterility , its possible that the Covid 19 virus could mutate, pick up DNA from say Hanta Virus and kill most of humanity (15% of people seem to be immune) and sterilize so many we can’t recover.

        This is all because we can’t or won’t control technology and some idiots want to study gain of function viruses.

        Honestly if we are t have a future we will need rigorous control over research and tech with the default being No before it take out us or collapse will take out the problem.

    • I cannot see why anyone would buy an EV. Is it that they are so stupid that they think they can replace IC vehicles?

      I have a friend that I attended High School with. I used to think he was a pretty smart guy. He told me a few months ago he was buying a Tesla to help out with the “environment”. He enthusiastically refinanced his house to install the charging system and purchase the EV. Well I guess it will get him from work to home.

      I will see how he likes it when battery change time comes.

      • A friend of a friend of a friend is buying a Tesla and I think he takes delivery in like a year, but starts making car payments immediately. I thought that would have been enough to warrant some caution, but I guess not.

        • I thought that would have been enough to warrant some caution, but I guess not.

          It’s a religion. An ersatz religion. Explains all of it.

      • Na, he won’t need to change the batteries, but he will need to cope with range problems

        EVs will end up with maybe a 25% market share in the US, they clearly work in some applications

        The people who believe EVs can totally replace the ICE are wrong, but so are the people who totally dismiss EVs in every use case

    • For those not acquainted intimately with EV’s, the problem with the Lightning EV *truck* is the same for *all* EV’s. Here in one of the Rocky Mountain states we see the same thing. An EV that gets say, 200 miles (20%-80% charging) on the flats, will die when traveling through the mountains. Hell, I even have significant mileage declines with my ICE truck. As a good friend at the dealership said to me, before you take this car (EV) out of State, have your charging stations carefully mapped out, because you’ll never make it through the mountains on a single charge.

      • The other problem with EVs in the mountains is no transmission to use for engine braking. Regenerative braking (where the kinetic force is used to charge the battery) is great, but the heat that would come from riding the brakes down an incline will likely lead to fade in the least and outright failure at the worst.

        • Never thought of that problem wrt braking. I’ll ask my son-in-law who has that damn Tesla what happens in the mountains. I believe he’s been out of state a couple of times, however such trips are limited due to incessant recharging. 😉

          Seems every vacation they recount is one less of sights seen, than charging stations visited and the problems encountered. Hell, they’ve even had to travel back on a route—and then reroute—when the sole charging facility failed. 🙁

      • “An EV that gets say, 200 miles (20%-80% charging) on the flats, will die when traveling through the mountains.”

        Well, then just name the next EV off the line “The Donner Party Van” and watch sales shoot the moon.

        Say that it grants immunity to Covid.

        • CA seems to be leading the way in “encouraging” EV sales or at least “leveling the playing field” wrt ICE vehicles by restricting new gasoline fill up stations. Now both types can search around for “fuel”.

      • I wonder how short the Lightning range would get if one was towing, or even just hauling a fully loaded bed through the mountains.

  16. It would be interesting to get Zman’s thoughts specifically on Transhumanism (“merging man and machine,” as Elon Musk’s company Neuralink puts it). Some of those cats at the World Economic Forum appear to believe that one wave of the future will be implanting computer technology/cell phones directly into human bodies. Even if Z thinks that type of talk is delusional sci-fi-style grandiosity on the part of those big-tech mouthpieces, it could be enlightening to hear why he considers it as such. I myself have no idea what to make of it.

    • It’s a non-starter. If you think about, it’s not much more than trying to fuse the smartphone with a human body, and even if it becomes technically possible, the main result will be an extension of what we already see people doing with cell phones. FWIW, Google glasses were the first attempt at augmented reality and it didn’t really pan out. The key thing to keep in mind is that IT is most popularly used to distract from reality, not supplement it.

    • I am skeptical about anything that glosses over the known obstacles. For example, enhancing our abilities with implants. The things we would like to enhance, like intelligence and memory, are areas about which we know relatively very little, compared to what we need to know. We have some idea about the genetics of intelligence, but we are generations away from fully understanding the combination of genes and environment that result in a high IQ.

      How can we enhance our intelligence with AI when we are not even sure how to define intelligence and we have no idea what causes the variations we see in people? Much of what makes up transhumanism is like the green energy movement. Left out is the massive leaps in understanding required to even start doing anything useful.

      A good example is the human eye. We can do amazing things with eyes. What we have not been able to do is fake a better one. In theory, we should be able to make artificial eyes that let you store what you see on a removable device, focus on objects a great distance away and even see in the dark. The problem is we have not figured out how to power them in a way that does melt you head. We need a huge leap in material science to create a decent replacement eyeball.

      Relative to complex things like memory and IQ, the human eye is child’s play. When you move into the area of consciousness, then we are in a realm about which we know so little we cannot be sure consciousness actually exists.

      • Amazing article today ZMan.

        I think this comment introduces to the Who and What the Why. There is no why. Let me explain. I was recently looking for a job and looking for something so technical that I could get away from the great replacement occurring in corporate life ( e.g. you are not wanted white man and this hiring and promotion practice is designed to enlist you to replace yourself) I discovered a company called Relativity. They 3D print rockets. They ruled themselves out with me when their DIE director insisted that anti-racism must be a practice that permeates every waking hour of my life.

        In any case, back to The Why. In a long promo interview with their 20 something CEO he stated his why for 3D printing rockets. To paraphrase: He is motivated by how cool it would be when kids on Mars can zoom and TikTok kids on earth. It is similar to Bezos absolutely warped vision for space. Bezos had a childhood vision that we should be born in space in order to preserve the earth. We would be born and live in space to save the planet so we could visit it as tourists.

        Their why is either infantile (TikTok between earth and Mars), or completely unhinged, (move life off of earth to save the earth for tourism from space).

        We have no power. We must go underground, but we must still be Lions and we must articulate our why. It must be succinct and compelling.

        We are Men of The West. We devote our lives to:


        We must cultivate and articulate our Why. It will be what our Remnant holds onto to get through this long winter. We must keep the flame burning in our hearts and in our deeds for and with our progeny. Our why must be powerful. It must inspire the latent greatness in our souls. We also need a practical plan to preserve our people, coupled with coordination and cooperation so that there remains a people who give home to the unparalleled radiance of the soul of man we call The West.

        • I can’t really see the point in 3D printing rockets, it doesn’t trim weight, or give better ISP, so whats the point, SpaceX, ULA, Blue Origin all use 3D printing for certain parts, so I just don’t see what Relativity are bringing to the table. they won’t last IMO

          SpaceX will continue to dominate the launch market, Blue Origin will survive because Bezos is willing to spend $1billion a year on his hobby. its hard for a small company like relativity to compete with that, Rocket lab are working on a far more interesting rocket IMO

          • A couple of decades ago when 3D printing was in infancy and all the rage, we had some military come in to speak about what they needed such technology for—and of course, for us to consider it as research worthy. Heck they had funds, so of course we’d be interested. 😉

            Long story short, they have supply issues on modern weapons systems, like carriers and sub’s. The amount of “spare” parts needed to be carried by these systems was a logistics nightmare and a problem to keeping these systems in the field. But imagine if these parts could be manufactured on board, in the field so to speak. Every supply officer’s wet dream.

      • Exactly. The 19th-20th century pace of technological progress combined with the steady diet of Sci-Fi and futurism has engendered a fantastic hubris in both the general population and in scientists.

        As far as the brain and consciousness go, we’re no better than medieval alchemists puttering around with the transmutation of base metals.

        • An unwarranted hubris that is based on delusion.

          ZMan alluded to this in the article. People who cling to their iPhones and Apple watches and buy their Teslas think they are futurists and technologists. They are just gadget users. Grandad’s gadget worked to ease his manhood – hedge trimmer; lawn mower; chain saw; tools to repair home and car. Bugman just uses an electron to bit converter to watch porn and TikTok videos.

          They don’t have the first idea of how these devices work. They don’t even know of the large scale infrastructure (sattelite networks and sub-oceanic fiber optic networks), the supply chain of power generation required to give these devides any utility, nor do they know of the basics of more localized technology like circuits and basic electronics.

          I see these bugmen get out of their Teslas with their smart watches and using their app to disable their alarm system like they are some sort of technological HeMan. There is a part of me that wants to see their BLM donations pay them back with a pack of ferile bantu invaders mobbing them in their driveway. But, of course, it is just a fantasy as those chickens will sit in every last one of our roosts.

          The damage these fools have done and continue to do in their hubris and utter stupidity makes me wonder if the race realists have it wrong. Maybe it is just that the industrial age didn’t allow nature to cull the herd and purge even the weak of the elite. I don’t know. But it is bleak.

          • you are correct, it’s magic to them, but they think they are geniuses because they are familiar with apps. the problem is that the world has always been controlled by ” big capital” whether kings of bankers pulling the strings on the kings. but in the last 60 yr or so , the need for manual labor and even much skilled labor has gone away. They elites are the equivalent of dairy farmers who can make milk with machines instead of cows. Now , what to do with all those expensive to feed cows that get dangerous if they get hungry? first thing would be to prevent them from breeding even more un-needed cows . Encouraging LGBT helps, especially trans because it always causes Irreversible sterility even it the person ” transitions back” . they “you go girl ” drive to make women career obsessed keeps them sterile. and finally hook up culture destroys the ability of men and women to pair bond to create a family. They would of course start with the most dangerous cows first. you know , the pale ones.
            but after that , they may start thinking that they should do a little culling. Scary .

        • “As far as the brain and consciousness go, we’re no better than medieval alchemists puttering around with the transmutation of base metals.”

          But we have a much larger selection of “genders.”

          It’s a consumer thing.

        • Even worse: based on the (admittedly few) anthropology texts I’ve read, modern humans are virtually identical (biologically) from those who existed 100-300 thousand years ago. It’s not far from the truth to say we are very clever apes playing with god-like powers.

      • they are truly crazy. I saw a youtube of a monkey playing pong with its mid via a neural network chip brain implanted in its brain. I think it was a musk venture. I’m an engineer and the setup had just enough “extra” parts to make me think it was fake. the monkey we just sitting there to get the fruit slurry, and wad trained to do that . but people believe it .

    • The main flaw I see in their propsed techno-dystopia is that it will require an order of magnitude more cheap, abundant, and reliable energy to implement, maintain, and grow.

      It is not possible to achieve that level of energy abundance from wind and solar.

      • If we were only able to pen up all the asswipe Gaia worshiping, climate change fanatics and somehow harness the burning energy of their fanaticism, think of the places we could go, the industries we could power, the stars we could reach – it’s mind boggling.

    • We aren’t even sure whether external cell phones cause cancer. Imagine implanting that shit in your head. From the same folks who brought mRNA jabs.

    • “I myself have no idea what to make of it.”

      It’s a psychosis for people (?) who are too rich, too secure, too well-fed, and who have WAY too much time on their hands.

      It is a psychic infection. It is obviously communicable. It’s a vector-borne infection, the vector being TV.

  17. Many futurist movements are best viewed as reactions to traumas. It is hard to appreciate today the huge dislocations of 1900-era Italian society. Industrialization had caused mass emigration abroad (that’s why I’m here now!), disruptions to centuries-old agricultural methods and internal migration of Italians south to north.

    Making lemonade out of lemons, The Italian Futurists saw the path to socialism, (Mussolini started as a prominent socialist journalist after all) peace and human advancement within all this misery and dislocation. Obviously there was a lot of wishful thinking here.

    I can’t help but wonder if the same thing is happening today. Globalism has clearly failed, as liberal democracies have promised material benefits they cannot deliver and the specter of mass migration threatens Europe and the US. Technology threatens to displace workers and crush dissent and national customs. So this obviously traumatic sh*t sandwich has been rebranded as the Great Globalist Future – “you will own nothing and be happy”.

  18. someone here was posting about how wonderful life in Argentina was. they are on the verge of hyperinflation, and their economy is near to collapse. people are protesting in the streets, which means riots are a heartbeat away. my point is, there really is nowhere to run, the rot is comprehensive.

    • I wish no ill on Argentina. But what you just described has happened many times in the history of that nation, as well as many of the wobbly nations in that part of the world. I am to some degree (a Literature one at least 😀 ) knowledgeable about Latin America, and I suspect that it’s hard to pass a lifetime in one of those nations without one or more of those upheavals that you’ve cited.

    • It’s probably true that there’s nowhere to run, although some places are better than others. I don’t know much about Argentina, although I did see a video (4k walk on youtube) where the guy was walking around downtown Buenos Aires and it looked really nice. Clean, great architecture, and seemed very peaceful. But that’s just my impressions from a 20 minute video.

      Another video from the same guy showed a beachwalk in nearby Uruguay. It’s shocking to see how much more fit and healthy-looking, (and White) the people at the beach were. The guy also produced a video walking the beach in Fort Lauderdale, where it’s overwhelmingly fatties and tattoos.

      Steve Sailer has posted recently about Americans (mostly white Californians) moving to parts of Mexico City. I suppose they figure they’re surrounded by Mexicans in SoCal, so what’s the difference?

    • There never was anywhere to run. Nice places exist because of people making the hard decisions and doing the hard work to make and keep them nice. The rot is no more than an unwillingness to do it. Future generations will rightfully mock us slobs.

    • What the hell *is* hyperinflation then. My understanding is that Argentina has been having 50% inflation or several years—or even decades now. I saw some interviews with people who live there and their explanation of how one copes. But cope they do (of a sort).

  19. One aspect of being human the modern futurists seem to never get right is any sort of artistic beauty. There hasn’t been anything since Art Deco for a brief period over a hundred years ago. You notice all these futurist tours have no great Cathedrals, no great landmarks, no great expressions of a unique people. It’s all homogenous and utilitarian. with the entertainment for the masses being drab schlock.

    For all their talk of the future, in truth they are simply technocrats ,and spiritual midgets.

    • well isn’t that part of their general incompetence?

      IMO, futurists are really only interested in creating widespread licentious behavior.

    • “One aspect of being human the modern futurists seem to never get right is any sort of artistic beauty. There hasn’t been anything since Art Deco for a brief period over a hundred years ago.”

      The relentless push for speed and efficiency means beauty and expression gets tamped down. I look at the auto industry: Henry Ford’s Model T was designed to be affordable, easy to build, repair, and maintain, but nobody would say it looked pretty. Credit GM with the idea of selling “sizzle with your steak” and actually styling cars to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And different year to year. True, it got really crazy in the 1950s (Tailfins, three tone pastel paint jobs, outrageous chrome), dialed back in the 60s, got overwrought again in the 1970s, and then came the regulators. The last truly innovative design was Ford’s first-Gen Taurus and Sable. Fuel Economy Uber Alles and Safety dictate design and to your point all cars, and increasingly CUV/SUVs all look the same because they’re regulated to slip through the air as smoothly as possible.

      Efficient and reliable? Sure. Exciting and inspiring? About as inspiring as my GE refrigerator in our garage.

      Beauty takes time and the cathedrals of old took decades, if not centuries to build and craft by hand. Doesn’t look good on the old spreadsheet. Can’t tie it out to a quarter you know.

      • Excellent points. In most cases there must be a trade-off between beauty and efficiency/economy/etc. That GE refrigerator (or the Model T in its day) may seem boring and pedestrian. Certainly so, in terms of beauty or appeal. But for the engineers and other skilled minds that it took to create that product, they are the pinnacle of human ingenuity.

        You can have pretty or practical, but it’s very hard to have both.

      • “The relentless push for speed and efficiency means beauty and expression gets tamped down.”

        IMHO, that’s a by-product; a symptom, not a cause.

        The cause of ugliness and utilitarian sensibilities is “all men are created equal.”

        It’s a sensibility that ruthlessly levels everything, *especially* anything beautiful b/c it is “elitist” and not accessible to “the people.”

        Doubtless you can think of lots of other stuff, too, but I think the root cause of everything we see is “equality.” An outright rejection of the Divine Order, which includes beauty and is itself beauty–“the perfection of beauty” as the psalmist has it. Anything remotely connected with hierarchy finds no place within the egalitarian sensibility. And that’s why everything freakish and ugly is nowadays so ascendant and powerful. Beauty and order are elitist. Undemocratic. The stuff you mention are *signs* of the disease, not the cause of it, IMHO.

    • Chet-

      I believe the lack of compelling Futurist architecture is due to the fact that, at its core, Futurism is a soulless, secular, materialist movement.

      Harari is completely wrong that the human organism doesn’t have a special, undefineable quality.

      • Could it be that Harari senses his own lack of “a special, undefinable quality” and universalizes that perception so that it applies to the entire species? You nailed it with that word “soulless.”

  20. With respect to the Norwegian farmers culling their herds, the question is never asked,”who doesn’t get fed”.
    Not all cattle and crops are going to be destroyed. So if yields are reduced by 40%, is it;

    The America’s?

    It’s math.

    Sorry, no food for you!

    And as for China “taking over” the United States,(North America), does anyone really think Mr.Han is going to get off a plane and be handed the guns and deeds to Farmer Browns stuff?

    People have been watching too many movies, such as Red Dawn and the like.

    I’m certainly not saying the future is rosey, but I think people, including posters here, underestimate the unwashed masses who actually, you know, do stuff.

    (As a side note, I had much more I wanted to articulate, but it vanished as I wrote. For future reference, I should probably make a rough draft of my thoughts).

    And that, ladies and gentlemen is why writers like Z are such a valuable resource. Five posts a week. Every week?!

    It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

    Thank you Z.

    • I’ve read that Ireland consistantly exported food throughout the potato famine.
      Anyone here doubt that Hormel (or Cargill/ ADM/ Globofood Corp) would behave differently?

      • Did you also read about smallpox on blankets?

        According to the internet white people were created in a lab by a dusky genius.

  21. Some predictions about the future are almost inevitable. What background checks will do is sure to happen. People who fail a background check for whatever reason, the reason is never disclosed, will quickly realize that they will never be able to pass one. They will be denied employment, housing, travel, etc. Yet still they must eat, have warm clothing and a place to get out of the rain at night. None of that will be available through legitimate channels. So a caste economy will evolve. The bad background caste will be employed and serviced by quasi-legal businesses. Their offspring will be born into and spend their lives as servants to the higher caste. A new feudal system will take the place of the current proto-dystopia.

    • But usually for only 1 or 2 generations. The servants in Victorian and Edwardian England were better fed, clothed and housed than the proles at the decorative iron gates, plus they had exposure to better manners, fine art music and literature. Who would not want to be the nanny or head chef at the Soros or Gates compound? Besides, every generation throws out a genius occasionally no matter how terrible their family conditions are, it’s like God laughing-

    • “So a caste economy will evolve. The bad background caste will be employed and serviced by quasi-legal businesses. Their offspring will be born into and spend their lives as servants to the higher caste.”

      People like us will not accept that, so it won’t happen. There are millions of us.

      Slavery is a way of life for many; for those who choose it, and many do, and always have.

      But Z readers will *not* choose it. They will choose something quite different–and will push it through to a successful conclusion. No worries on that score.

      I once again recommend “The Politics of Guilt and Pity”:

  22. Nancy Pelosi, an unabashedly corrupt octogenarian, wants to start a nuclear war with China and no one in DC has the courage to stop her. And you can forget getting any help from the Stasi, as in arresting her for insider trading, for they are more corrupt than she is. So, do we just bend over and kiss our ass goodby?

    No, that is what fat-ass RINO cuckolds do. Be the remedy. There really are not that many of those suicidal sociopaths running amok.

    • If her plane mysteriously crashes or if her husband is hospitalized or dies suddenly forcing her to come home, Zman might have to rethink his opinion on the deep state. 🙂

    • Would not surprise me if the deep state provides China with missile guidance . We need a bloody shirt and Pelosi is expendable

  23. A bit off topic:
    The latest evil insurrectionist was hunted down and arrested a couple weeks ago. He is a benign mormon guy who supported Trump and legally owned firearms. He walked in and out of the capital in five minutes. They claim he spoke with a federal bureau of entrapment agent and mentioned Mr. Hilter. His only crime was believing he still has rights. In all likelihood, they are hoping to drive him to suicide. They must have a tracker of some sort and their cold, empty, dark hearts rejoice each time a white, Christian man commits suicide.

    • Melissa-

      Wouldn’t surprise me.

      I’m sure our three-letter agencies are well-versed in Stasi Zersetzung techniques to break people’s minds.

    • They’re going to be doing this forever, aren’t they?

      Like the Germans arresting 99 year old “This guy cleaned a toilet at a prison camp in WWII”?

      “The year is 2090. The final Jan 6 insurrectionist was caught, incarcerated, and imprisoned for life, bringing an end to decades of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Justice was served, the FBI always gets their [2090 pronoun lunacy]”

      • “The tracker is called a sail foam.”

        And the remedy should be self-evident.

    • Last week I heard an interview with an 84 yo women and her lawyer, who—albeit under chemo for late stage cancer—was ordered to report to prison for her crime of walking in the capital. If she survives, she will then server 3 years close probation and be fined. There was a quote from the judge as how insurrections could not be tolerated and deserved imprisonment at a minimum, no exceptions.

      • “There was a quote from the judge as how insurrections could not be tolerated and deserved imprisonment at a minimum, no exceptions.”

        And somewhere, Madame Defarge is knitting.

    • This is a lesson that next time, the insurrection must be real so that there is nobody to arrest them and imprison them.

      • Yeah, but I hope also that good people are “catching wise”. There was no way, the amount of people “caught” could have been, had they not kept their cell phone in their back pocket—instead of the car, had not posted stories to their friends and families on social media, and had not spoken with the FBI when they came “a knocking”.

        This is a street fight, learn how to survive it. For every a**hole wearing a Buffalo head dress and taking selfies in Pelosi’s office chair, there are a dozen, hard working, decent—but innocent and naive—old school American’s being savaged by a government and legal system they thought was working for them. This ain’t your parent’s America. This is Orwell’s nightmare prophecy.

  24. Some freneds and I were speculating that the various elements of our ruling class, sensing that this will be the pan-Asian century led by China, are selling America to this new “Who” in return for becoming the managerial class that will facilitate the colonizing of America (including Canada) with the Asian overflow, replacing the “legacy demographic.” An analogy would be the Bosnian Muslims who, though of the same ethnic strain as their fellow Slavs, became the resident Ottoman managers of the Dalmation coast following the fall of Venice.

    We imagined that our rulers are preserving America’s natural resources for exploitation by our new masters as our overseers engineer our economic collapse amid our racial and now gender rivalries.

    I suppose this way of thinking amounts to seeing the future through the lens of the past, but there may be something to it nonetheless..

    • If America is colonized by Asia it will be by India, not China. See Z’s post on Hindu Lebensraum.

      • Yeah, the Hindus already own all the liquor stores in my fast-growing TN county — and their cousins make up much of the male AND female physicians in our hospitals! How do you like them apples?;-)

        One of their number ran for US Senate (pretty much self-funded) here in the last election. He boasted of growing up in a small town in a rural county south of here, where his immigrant parents were nearly the only doctors around; then he called out some “high school” buddies in the audience at this rally. Turns out he graduated from a well-regarded private boarding school in the area before matriculating at an Ivy League college, med school in the east! Pushy AND phony, the lot of them, but they are succeeding because they speak decent English, unlike the Chinese/other Asian immigrants. (Think Kamala Harris, who is definitely more Indian than Black, but USES her Black ancestry to define herself.) Thank goodness, the young Indian doctor-dude described above lost in the party primary election and we elected Bill Hagerty, who did a good job as President Trump’s Ambassador to Japan! He’s not perfect but miles ahead of any other candidate who presented themselves.

        • “How do you like them apples?;-)”

          A day of reckoning is coming. It is inevitable. These people can–and will–be convinced to return home. Maybe not everywhere on the continent, but in huge parts of it. History documents it, and human nature demands it.

          Wait and see.

    • Our entire ruling class has already been replaced. Very, very few of them have any kinship (either ethnically or religiously) with actual Americans. Selling out dirt people to a foreign power completely matches their M.O., and there are plenty of historical examples beyond the Ottoman Empire.

      • This came to pass because Ivies, the training grounds for a class and race conscious elite capable of collective self defense, were infiltrated by Jews who then opened them up to everyone, especially themselves. Apologies to Frank Herbert, control the coinage, the courts, and elite university HR and student admissions and let the rabble have the rest.

        Civilizations are ecosystems. Our people seem unable to grasp that tribalism is not only real, but that the intelligent tribals undertake multigenerational cooperative projects to seize control over the commanding niches in whatever ecosystem in which they find themselves.

  25. After Future Shock came out in 1970, the principal at my middle-class high school in the Midwest gutted the already weak curriculum and substituted dumbed-down courses to “prepare you for the future.” Wonder no more why we baby boomers are so messed up.

    • A colleague of mine offered older books from about 2010 the school system he worked at was ditching. Reading through the Social Studies and History books were shocking. The political leaning was actually not that bad, all thing considered, but they were incredibly dumbed down and devoid of useful information. The text is huge, the word complexity is juvenile, and content is vague and useless.

      The degredation from when I went to middle school in the early nineties vs. now is just daunting to the point where someone who can read with no schooling could probably be dropped in an 8th grade social studies class and get caught up with the rest of the class within a week.

      Whenever I hear some smug lecturer pontificate on us being the most educated population in history, I just want to scream.

      • I can vouch for this. I interact closely with some young adults who go to what is supposed to be one of the top high schools in the country. It feeds the Ivy League and tier2 colleges. None of the people I met can think. They have zero ability to reason, think critically and they openly admit they don’t like to read.
        The graduation speeches were a series of 2nd grade level Hallmark card poetry and a randomly selected multiple choice of wokester. Worse, there were no young men. There was not a single young man with charisma and presence. It was dominated by girls peacocking their college choices by festooning their caps with their college destination – identityless credential seekers.

        I found the same with recent experience with a recent graduate of a managerial class Oxford chartered school where internationalist children go.

        They can’t be engaged with reason nor will successfully out reasoning and out arguing them make them happily forfeit their positions of power. The US was set up on the premise that it would be a society of gentleman of honor who would act nobly and forfeit power, and submit to a consensus adoption of the best ideas.

        There is an old Visconti movie that documents the first futurist phase ZMan discussed – the passing of the royalists to the liberal democrats. It is called “Il Gattopardo” – The Leopard. Visconti was aristocratic and his movies are true works of art. The visuals stunning, the accent of Italian crisp, clear and gorgeous, and the actors and actresses physically beautiful and immaculately coached on how to comport themselves as regals. In the final scene a rabble is coming and the young heir to the family says something to the effect, “We were the Leapards. It is the time of the jackals now.”

        The US gentleman were Lions replaced by foxes. Now it is a bunch of rabid mangy dogs. It brings to mind my time in India when these mangy dogs would follow around the garbage truck which was an open aired truck bed with a massive overflowing pile of filth that the dogs would follow and feed upon. That is our new ruling class. It is going to make us long for the day of the jackals and the foxes.

        I remember the TV series Rome when Antony returns to Attia after running from Pompei’s assassins. He returns and she chastises him for running, saying, “Why didn’t you kill them?” Antony replies, “Even a pack of mangy dogs can kill a Lion.”

          • Pure genius. Thank you for that.

            I would have guessed Klaus Schwab, but there weren’t any pig farts following an annurism inducing, hemmorhoid pulsating “excrementation process.”

        • The book the movie is based upon, “The Leopard” by Lampedusa, is one of the biggest bestsellers in Italy. The English translation is excellent.

        • “The US was set up on the premise that it would be a society of gentleman of honor who would act nobly and forfeit power,…”

          That’s a White people thang. And was still a thing until we began to accept immigration from other than Northern Europe. Went especially downhill, as in abandoned, after the civil Rights era and non-White immigration creating all sorts of population groups where one’s prestige was not earned through honor and integrity, but rather what you could do for you and yours. In short, ethnocentrism was the rule and one’s own group was all that mattered.

          No sense elaborating, this comment group has cited extensively such explanation and theory from at least a dozen authors. Bottom line is, “change or die”.

        • I recently learned that Napoleon had 5000 British soldiers bayonetted in the night in Egypt after promising them safe conduct for capitulation.

          This was in a time where prisoners of war were released regularly after agreeing to refrain from hostilities afterwards.

          Talk about “time of the jackals”…

      • “The degredation from when I went to middle school in the early nineties vs. now is just daunting … .”

        Can confirm.

        “Middle School” did not exist when I was a lad (nor did “language arts” or “social studies”), but I recently had the occasion to deal directly and over a period of several weeks with eight university students–music majors all–two of whom had just graduated with degrees in music.

        They had good voices, but they did not have even a passing acquaintance with the ecclesiastical modes, or with ancient music, and they couldn’t even sight-sing!

        I was thunderstruck.

        It cost me $800 out of pocket.

  26. It is reported on various blogs that post mass vaccinations for covid total mortality is up and total natality is down, both significantly.

    I do not know if that is true, but if it is the WEF crowd has created a world disaster. Birth rates were already below replacement levels in nearly every country not in Africa, and that includes all the Muslim countries outside African. In parts of Europe, namely Spain, Italy and eastern Germany, birth rates are half replacement level. There are abandoned towns in all those countries, some populated mostly by wolves.

    The radical ecologists, like Paul Ehrlich and his friend John Holdren, want the human population reduced to a few million paleolithic hunter-gatherers. No industry. No agriculture. No science. No literacy. No medicine.

  27. The visions our psycho futurists have in store for us are really quite amazing (in a substantially negative way) and no amount of suffering among the hoi polloi will deter their determination. Just like that Xhosa jogger mentioned in the Taki post. You’d have thought the surviving 20% of the tribe would have burned her at the stake or fed her to crocodiles, but no, she lived to the ripe old age of 57.

    I hope we will have a better sense of punishment for our current crop of “visionaries” when the time inevitably comes.

  28. What’s funny is how easy many parts of the future are easy to predict.

    For example, a high school that once had great test scores but a terrible basketball team because its students were heavily Asian and white will have terrible test scores and a great basketball team if the area is taken over by blacks.

    The same ability to see into the future can be done with the West. The US will continue to decline toward South American-levels of crime, poverty, corruption and general dysfunction as our demographics look more and more South American.

    Europe will see a similar decline as it moves toward more Muslim and African.

    I’ll also predict that the WEF and other very white organizations such as environmental groups will lose much of their sway. Those organizations are built for white societies. Nonwhites don’t care about utopian visions of the future, nor will they go along with stupid schemes that ask them to give up current pleasures for some magical future.

    • That’s what is so hilarious about the “climate change” jackoffs. The browner the west gets, the less anyone will give two s**** about the environment or Gaia. It’ll all just be about survival – kinda like it was 10,000 years ago – what a glorious future indeed…

      • I lived in a brown MENA country for almost five years, and I can tell you those people litter as if they had Allah’s blessing.

        When I lived in an apartment complex, the refuse shed was always a pile of random, stinking filth. I actually felt bad for the garbagemen that did not have proper gloves to collect the waste. There were similar trash piles all over the streets.

        At the site I worked at, everything was burned in a pit.

        The city I lived in had open sewer discharges to the sea because dilution is the solution to pollution.

        Recycling? LOL.

        They also had various pie-in-the-sky solar energy scams that were nothing more than barely concealed grifting opportunities. Their European partners got so fed up with the lack of progress they pulled out of the deals.

        • Actually such places usually have recycling after a fashion: trash pickers will look through refuse for anything saleable. In strict economic terms, ironically a poor nation where labor is cheap should maximize such reclamation of material with any latent value.

          To a lesser extent we have that in “rich” nations with recyclable materials or (do they still exist) cans and bottles with a refundable deposit.

        • I had a similar experience in India. They built a brand new Western style shopping mall. At the “sidewalk” at the entrance open sewage ran. It didnt’ seem to bother anybody coming and going.

          Similarly, I went to a Tibetan temple at Bylakuppe. They built two massive temples with golden statues and intricate designs. Open sewage ran everywhere. Also, it was cool driving up. The monks children had guns. I was nervous wondering why kids in Tibetan robes were carrying guns. They were toy guns. So, not sure how well they are preserving their traditions even on what amounts to a reservation built during Nehru’s regime.

          I was invited to top class Brahmin neighborhoods for concerts and parties. To call the holes in the roads potholes would be incorrect. A car couldn’t navigate the roads without getting damaged. Only a battletank could do it.

          The West has standards. Remember that the Roman army invented decimation. The penalties for not doing your job were severe. That is a good thing, and something we have lost. We should inspire our youth, but for those who fail that invitation to elevate, sever penalty and thus proper incentives.

      • Living/ raising a family/ creating a community in South America would still stink. The South American peasantry are not moving to AINO for the joggers, dot Indians and Asians. They are moving here because their countries suck more.

        More importantly, white people are not designed to live and thrive much beyond the 35 parallel (despite yeoman efforts from my Confederate compadres). African slaves were not brought to the New World for their strong work ethic. They were brought here because they didn’t succumb to skin cancer, sun blindness and tropical conditions.

        • Malaria. Blacks were much more resilient. People seem to forget that the South of early times was steeped in malaria. Killed lots and lots of the early settlers from GB sent to Virginia.

          As far as Black work *ethic*, Alexis de Tocqueville writes about his visit down South and his witness of slaves in the field. His remark is something along the line of…’in all his travels, he’d never seen workers so slow as Black field hands’ (paraphrased from memory). 😉

      • Yeah, I’ve changed my mind about the relative futures of Europe and the US. Ten or twenty years ago, I figured that Europe would be far better off.

        But give those Euros credit, they’ve worked hard to get their demographic future just as bad – and likely worse – than the United States. Seriously, given our head start, you’d think that they didn’t have a chance.

        But with a combination of extremely low birth rates and bringing in the crack cocaine of civilization destroyers – Muslims and Africans – Europe has managed to catch up and maybe surpass us.

        I mean, Mexicans and Central Americans bring poverty and crime, but you can manage to uphold something like a civilization with white leadership. But Muslims and Africans are incapable of maintaining anything close to Western civilization.

        Nice job Western Europe. You came from way behind in the death of the West contest to win.

        • Citizen, exactly. I know folk here disagree vehemently, but Hispanics, for whatever reason, are not as existential a threat as are Blacks. And of course, Europe is getting a double whammy with Blacks and Muslims.

          • Compsci: It’s not so much vehement disagreement that Hispanics aren’t as feral or destructive as blacks. It’s more a protest against “Pick your favorite poison.” Just like choosing which uniparty candidate to vote for.

            My response to all those purported choices is “None of the above.” I would much rather tip over the game board and start again from the beginning.

        • All those riots in 2020 were mostly in the US , not Europe.

          The US is the source of CRT,BLM and transgenderism.

          Also I love the idea that you are unaware of black people or Muslims living in the US.

          • Good point, but the typical admixture of White with Black in the US is 25%—give or take. European Black immigrants, 100% Black. On the other hand, we’ve been poisoning Black minds for 3 generations now. Smarter people that hate you are even more dangerous. 🙁

            Similarly, the ME Muslims coming over to Europe are pretty bad as well. Not happy about Indians (with a dot) here, but they’ve been coming from higher castes for decades when India was socialist. Prajeet running the local Circle K is better than 90% of his brethren back home.

      • one thing about the coming Latinazation of most of AINO, is that whites will condense into a couple of regions. and latins aren’t going to be creating continent conquering armies. so the surviving whites will have defendable redoubts. the chinks are in for a surprise if they think they are getting the pacific coast…

  29. One aspect of futurism that deserves a second look is Jeffrey Herf’s Reactionary Modernism. I think you’ve mentioned reading it before. It was the animating ideology of the Worst People in Human History, so of course it is very very bad, and you definitely shouldn’t get your copy before they burn them all, but still — a fascinating look at how you can at least temporarily run an advanced industrial society while in effect making voodoo your official state religion. Lots of potential lessons there.

    • It was the animating ideology of the Worst People in Human History…
      —As if it needs to be asked, but, how did that work out for them?

      • Depends, and that’s the point — how much of that was historically contingent, and how much of it was baked into the logic of the premises? That’s the real trick of historical analysis. And even if it turns out that the end was dictated by the logic of the premises, there are still lots of lessons there. There’d be no point in studying it otherwise.

        As one of America’s greatest philosophers said, “This shit’s chess; it ain’t checkers.”

    • Yep. The entire worlds knowledge base held in one’s hand. The dream of Roddenberry in his Star Trek series. And what do we do? We send text messages with “dick pic’s” and upload our TikTok video’s. ISIS folk use their hand held magical devices to film and share the cruelest of cruel depravities and tortures to the world.

      Tell me about man’s progress again….

  30. The old futurists weren’t boring and had interesting predictions and visions of the future however ridiculous they might be. It’s a parade every self appointed visionary wants to get in front of and Toffler is a good example. A grift.

    Now technologically wise it’s all going backwards and even more absurd. One example was equipping all commercial ships with giant wind kites to propel them across the oceans at slower speeds no doubt but with far less destruction of the environment.
    Yeah, sails! Do these idiots realize even if this was workable , the wind doesn’t always blow, the sun always shine and the cost of building, maintaining is enormous?

    Everyone of any importance is driven by ideological fervor that electric cars are the future. This is being foisted on us and will financially marginalize millions. Most here know the downfalls of this and the environmental repercussions of creating and mining materials but it is a juggernaut that keeps pushing forward.

    Reality and it’s enforcement arm will deal with all of this but God knows what that will look like..

    • Say what you will, but the old Italian Futurists imagined a prosperous, exciting, masculine future of speed, elegance, and heroic exploits. It may have been BS, but it presented an stirring future of unlimited horizons, and even lesser prophets like Toffler held out the prospect of a better and freer life. The new “futurists” hold out the prospect of driving around in electric golf carts, eating bugs, living in tiny pod-like apartments stacked up on top of one another, and catering to the endless demands of POC’s. Not a future that anyone would struggle for, even the POCs. Whatever the future holds, it isn’t going to be the one the WEF imagines.

    • Complete blindness to the supply, maintenance, and repair burdens in any complex system are a blindspot that the Marxists seem to share with the vibrant peoples.

      • It’s the sizzle (and the wonderful aroma of burning flesh) that sells the steak, not the pasturage, the corn feeding, the raising of cattle, the slaughter, the butchering, the cooking, etc. Even that crappy McDonald’s hamburger has a dizzying supply chain behind it. An educated person might be capable of thinking of these background facts, but will rarely do so (nor needs to, in everyday life.) More worrying is that some fraction of the populace is incapable of grasping such concepts.

        By no means solely a shortcoming of the Leftist or the Idealist, this is an eternal failing of Man: thinking that we can bring into existence these wonderful futures, merely by willing them.

  31. I heard one of these futurists give a speech at an event a few years ago. His main purpose appeared to be convincing unnecessary white collar workers not to fear automation because there would still be plenty of work for them in our new automated glorious future. China was going to work out all the kinks and lead the world starting with a cashless society. What would happen to left side the bell curve workers was left unanswered. It was one of my first, “these people are really dumb and self absorbed moments.”

    • Remember in the eighties how the Japanese and their economic muscle was going to lead the way and dominate for decades? America had better get on board.

        • might want to check what their economy is doing right now. their society is getting ready to implode…but you should move there, totes!

          • Their $55 trillion real-estate Ponzi is literally built from castles made of sand, as evidenced by all the YouTube videos showing their abominable construction quality.

        • I commit seppuku now!

          That music video may have been the peak pinnacle of my existence.

          I go to my ancestors.
          My life is complete.

          • I commit seppuku now!


            I go to my ancestors.
            My life is complete.

      • The bubble era was driven by asset inflation, mostly in property. I remember a lot of golf courses being built and a claim that the land underneath Tokyo was valued to be worth more than the continental United States.

        • i remember that too :). the genius behind that claim must have put a valuation of $0 on all the energy and mineral wealth in the US.

          • Really. The imperial palace in Tokyo alone was valued to be worth as much as the State of California. I’m not sure if that included the moat around it. Crazy now to think about it. I do know because Japan has no notable natural resources they calculate property values differently than America. But still, crazy times then. I knew one guy who paid almost $200k/sq. foot of property back in 1991; not accounting for inflation. I moved to Japan at the very tail end of the bubble economy and people really were throwing 10,0000円 bills around like water.

          • see the movie “A Taxing Woman” for a fun depiction of that era.

            now i read where there are all kinds of abandoned houses around Tokyo because there is no one to live in them.

    • “His main purpose appeared to be convincing unnecessary white collar workers not to fear automation because there would still be plenty of work for them in our new automated glorious future. China was going to work out all the kinks and lead the world starting with a cashless society. What would happen to left side the bell curve workers was left unanswered.”

      There’s a story, probably apocryphal, about Henry Ford II and UAW Leader Walter Reuther walking through a Ford factory (some stories have it at the Cleveland engine plant) and Henry pointing to some machine and bragging “Look Walter, this new machine will replace 100 union workers.” Allegedly Reuther replied something like “Very impressive Henry, how many brand new Fords will the machine buy?”

      It seems futurism is a push to screw over workers even faster than before. The best part of the past few years were the arrogant press telling laid off blue-collar workers “Learn to code” and then when they lost their jobs whining and crying when they got the same advice thrown at them on Twitter.

      The “Oh So Smart” faction of today think they’ll be able to impose their whims on society without pushback or harm. They may be in for an ugly shock.

      • there’s also a story that HF paid his workers more than he strictly had to, so they could afford cars 🙂

        • Hate to be the neckbeard AK-SHUL-ALLY guy 🧔🏻‍♂️ but Henry had to pay workers the famed $5/day because so many of them were bored out of their gourds or burnt out bolting Model Ts together that his yearly turnover was over 100%. He hit on the amount as a way to retain workers. There were strings attached (read up on Ford’s “Sociological Department”) but it did work to retain workers. And by happy coincidence it allowed them to save up and buy their own cars.

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