Too Corrupt To Fail

In all of the big institutional scandals, there is always a question that rarely gets addressed and that is, how did it go on for so long? By the time the thing starts to become public, the number of people involved, either actively or passively, has reached a point where it became impossible to hide. In some cases, the issue at the heart of the scandal just became a normal thing to the people inside the institution. For some mysterious reason, no one raised the alarm until much too late.

The best example of this is the Catholic Church scandal. By the time the story of the homosexual priests was public, the Church was infested with them. The lavender mafia had taken over whole orders. The number of pederasts had reached a point where moving them around the system was just a part of the administration. As people started asking questions and making claims, the system rallied to defend itself, without much thought about what it was defending. The corruption was systemic.

Something similar protected Jewish perverts like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein from being exposed. In both cases, lots of people knew these men were involved in degenerate activities, but no one dared say it publicly. In the case of Weinstein, the excuse was that outing him would be bad for the career. In the case of Epstein, the excuse was he had dirt on powerful people. No one knows if that is true. It’s one of those just-so answers to avoid having to think much about it.

It seems that corruption has a dynamic that starts with the first flexing of the rules that are supposed to control the institution. Somewhere along the line, it becomes expedient to overlook some minor infraction. Like a cancer, the exception making starts to spread through the system. At first, a small number of people are breaking rules and tolerating the rule breaking. As each new person learns of the practice, he is a smaller minority relative to the set of rule breakers. Thus he is less inclined to oppose it.

At first it is a handful of senior people, for example, involved in some sort of minor shenanigans that violates the spirit of the rules. The first person to learn of it is faced with taking on that cabal of senior people. Alternatively, the rule breakers are junior people, but their bosses look the other way, because they have other political interests or they are just too lazy to address it. Either way, the potential whistle blower is always outnumbered. That alone is often enough of a discouragement.

At some point, another dynamic kicks in. Those who cannot tolerate the corruption, but lack the courage to do anything about it, are boiled off. They move on, leaving behind a mix of cowards and corrupt. Of course, the corrupt flock to corruption, so the institution becomes a magnate for the type who like rule breaking. Before long, you go from a system where rule breaking is not tolerated and the rule breakers fear exposure, to a system where rule breaking is normalized and rule enforcers fear exposure.

The best example of this is the rotten police precinct. In every case, the corruption begins with a small number of cops. The good cops try to do something about it, but run into lazy or fearful superiors, who refuse to address the issue. Those cops either move on or find a way to justify their silence. Other cops either tacitly support the bad cops or justify their willful blindness in some way. Before long, the rotten precinct becomes an organism with its own immune system and defense mechanisms.

Put another way, the corrupt organization or system becomes too corrupt to fail, as everyone has some reason to protect it. For some at the heart of the corruption, the reason is obvious, but all around them are people who fear being shamed for having said nothing or fear being implicated for having looked the other way. The fallacy of the sunk cost becomes an operating principle. Everyone assumes there can be no turning back, so the corruption accelerates until eventually it does collapse.

This dynamic of corruption is something to consider when trying to sort out the many scandals engulfing Washington. For eight years, the media was celebrating the fact that there were no major scandals under Obama. They never said it, but there were no big scandals under Bush. The Scooter Libby stuff was the only thing that approached major scandal status and that was only because the press was bored. Otherwise, it was just eight years of partisan howling about trivial matters.

Yet, Trump hits town and the city is hit with a tsunami of front page scandals. The fact that most are hoaxes and the rest are scandals those hoaxes are intend to obscure, suggests something about the system. It sees Trump as not only a foreign body, but a threat by reason of being a foreign body. He’s the new precinct captain taking over a rotten precinct or the new bishop with a reputation for piety. The defense mechanism of the corrupt organization just assumes virtue is a vice that must be expelled.

This would explain why the whole system seems to have reorganized itself to defend even the pipsqueaks in the system. Andrew McCabe should be a perfect fall guy, as he is high profile enough to be a nice trophy, but not so high up as to be important to anyone in politics. Yet, he has been funneled millions of dollars by the system, through jobs and speaking fees. His legal defense fund quickly filled up with millions of dollars from Washington lobbyists. The system wants him safe.

Something similar is happening with the fake whistle blower story. The system saw that Trump people were looking into the Biden stuff. Instinctively the system responds with the fake whistle blower, so the democrats can bellow about impeachment, rather than defend Joe Biden. Why not just let this very corrupt old man go down in flames so Warren can be the nominee? The thoroughly corrupt organization lacks the ability to sacrifice any part of itself, so it instinctively defends the whole.

This video of Rudy Giuliani talking about the Biden corruption is interesting for a number of reasons. One is the level of corruption. It does appear China bought Joe Biden, while he was Vice President. Putting that aside, Giuliani seems to be realizing, as he is talking, that Washington is just like the organized crime he prosecuted back when he was making a name for himself in New York. It is an organism whose purpose, in addition to the corruption, is to defend itself against exposure.

Back during the mortgage crisis, the expression “too big to fail” became a catchphrase for justifying government support for the banks. Something similar is at work in Washington, in that it is too corrupt to fail. It’s not that so many people depend on politics as usual. It’s that the graft and corruption is so wide spread, no one thinks they can afford even a little exposure. The business of Washington is now concealing the fact it is thoroughly rotten. The business of the empire is organized crime.

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255 thoughts on “Too Corrupt To Fail

  1. Speaking of police corruption, apparently going on 50 years. The interesting point made by Olivebutton in the comments is the possibility of the victim cops being part of a scam to profit from the settlement as well as the Badge wearing gang members I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. The links reveal a lot too.

  2. Good article here.

    For the next five years The Establishment will continue attacking Trump. They will do this so as to keep him so busy and on the defensive that he won’t have time to counter attack.

    • Good grief. 90 plus percent of Republicans have confidence in the police. Boy are they going to get a surprise.

      • Part of my comment was
        “That the wholesale and retail distributing arms of the States main product- violence are the best regarded is horrifying.”

  3. Totally O/T- maybe not, since this is about the Hive’s defense instinct-

    But I realized why there’s a ‘vaping crisis’.

    Two words: Sackler payoff.
    Gotta give ’em time to get their treasures out of country.

  4. Speaking of corruption it seems this whole Ukraine thing was a corrupt put up job by Mitt Romney who has a crony on the board of Burisma the company that paid Hunter Biden in excess of $3.1 million and Adam Schiff. Like the Brexit cancel by Conservative and Labor party members conspiring.

    Trump is still in danger but Romney as Never Trump leader is poison now to fellow Senators. The counter cancel of the reporter who canceled Carson King must make them fear. If only a little.

    Trump needs a Reagan defense boost in employment and patronage. That’s jobs for the boys. Including Senators in military contracting districts. He can’t relax as all it takes is one judge ordering his removal. If Trumps exit means the end of the gravy train he bought himself cheap insurance.

  5. More prosaically, cooperate/cooperate equilibrium quickly degrades to defect/defect equilibrium when chronic defectors go unpunished.

  6. Under “W” we had the Niger uranium forgeries, the wmd stockpiles, etc., all fabrications cooked up by the OSP/PNAC crowd to drag us into a war with a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks while simultaneously suppressing information about the Saudis’ role. If that’s not a scandal, I don’t know what is.

    • So true. The dems say Trump is a criminal. He is, so far, a boy scout compared to Bush and Obama. Iraq, Afghanistan , Libya, Ukraine and Syria. I bet you could not round off the innocents who were killed to the nearest hundred thousand. Not to mention all of our maimed and dead soldiers.

      They are mass murderers. But no one cares.

  7. Trump surely has some friendly judges. Why doesn’t he sue to shut down Adam Schiff? If a judge can order Trump to let in Muslims he can order Schiff to shut up.

    Lawfare should like taxes hurt. That’s a Reagan quote.

  8. There were plenty of criminal wrongdoing under the MajikMullato

    Fast n Furious
    Money for Mullahs
    Lois and the IRS
    Campaign money from extranationals

    The corporate ScumSJWLibProgAss-sniffer media just kept it capped

    There ! ..,. fixed para 8, second sentence for ya

  9. One righteous man, one man willing to sacrifice everything, could bring it all down. Of course, there’s no righteousness in DC; I’m pretty sure its actually illegal at this point.

    • That sounds really good as the byline for a Hollywood movie.

      Not sure how well it really works out in reality though.

      Last time I checked Julian Assange is in jail – and Edward Snowden is hiding out in Russia.

  10. I was under the impression everyone knew about the corruption though. Doesn’t your average Joe joke about how crooked all the pols are? It’s only these urban wannabes who drink the Koolaid, and it seems nothing will shock the soiboi into seeing the truth.

  11. Re: The Catholic Church – rotten from the top to the bottom…..


    From the Pastor: Why Don’t the Priests Blow the Whistle?

    One question that was asked after last week’s homily was, “Why don’t ‘good’ priests and ‘good’ bishops blow the whistle on the abusive priests and bishops?” Many people still don’t (I believe most priests still don’t) understand just how evil the active homosexual or homosexual activist (AH/HA from here on out) priests and bishops are. Not understanding the extent of their depravity and wrongly thinking that they are simply “normal” men who just struggle with their sexual desires and sometimes might fail to remain chaste but are really, truly repentant when it happens and strive to “confess my sins, do penance and amend my life, amen”, they cannot possibly grasp the hellish depths to which the AH/HA clergy will go to persecute, lambaste, punish, humiliate and blackmail anyone who stands in their way or threatens their way of life. Let me be clear. The AH/HA priests and bishops treat their sexual mortal sin as if it is a “good” and a God-given good at that (if they even believe in God, something of which I am very doubtful, at least in the Catholic understanding of Who God is). Nay, more than “a” good, they are convinced that it is “the” good. They will go to any, repeat, any length to force others to engage in it, to accept it, or to, at the very least, ignore it and pretend that it doesn’t exist or that it is not harmful enough to mention or try to eradicate. They do not struggle with their disordered sexual desires as so many others do but rather revel in them. With that as my premise, let me explain why few “good” priests and bishops will openly challenge their brother priests and bishops when it comes to this particular sin. Next week, perhaps, I will take it a step further and write about why even priests who have left the active ministry (mostly to get married) cannot and will not come forward with what they know, with what quite often drove them out of ministry in the first place.

    • I just re-read Zman’s column.

      “At some point, another dynamic kicks in. Those who cannot tolerate the corruption, but lack the courage to do anything about it, are boiled off. They move on, leaving behind a mix of cowards and corrupt. Of course, the corrupt flock to corruption, so the institution becomes a magnate for the type who like rule breaking. Before long, you go from a system where rule breaking is not tolerated and the rule breakers fear exposure, to a system where rule breaking is normalized and rule enforcers fear exposure.”

      This is exactly the dynamic that Fr. Palka talks about in the links I posted above. There’s an inflexion point where the corrupt take over – and prevent any sort of challenge to their corruption.

      The only reliable way I know to “fix” an institution that has reached this point that I know of – is to destroy it and start over again.

      • A stupid example would be a house that is so run down that it can’t be fixed. Just tear it down and start all over.

        On another, happier, note, 8:11 pm and we’re at 217 comments! Zman’s rep continues to spread.

  12. When Boston Globe Spotlight broke the Catholic Church kiddie diddling story back in the early 2000’s – my wife’s mother – who is a very observant Catholic almost had a stroke.

    At first – it was just because her beloved Catholic Church had been harboring kiddie diddlers.

    But it got worse. Because then it came out that one of the priests who was among the worst offenders – had been the parish priest where the mother had gone to church – and brought all my wife’s brothers and sisters (she has 5 brothers).

    It got even worse still – when a couple of the brothers said that when they were alter boys – THEY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON. The brothers basically said: “all of the boys knew what was going on – the only kids that got diddled were the one’s not in on the whole thing”.

    Which of course begs the question: if the kids knew back then (the brothers are all in their mid 50’s now) – why the hell didn’t any of the adults? Or maybe more accurately: why the hell did the adults who were in the know – not do anything?

    It’s been my experience that this is exactly the way these things always go down. Plenty of people KNOW, they just don’t do shit about it. So the corruption and deviancy are allowed to continue.

    All that had to happen – was that a few of the worst offending Catholic priests needed to be brought to the Vatican and hanged in public. It wouldn’t have stopped all those homo priests dead in their tracks – but it sure as hell would have put the fear of God into them.

    • Reminds me of my Dad telling me why there was minimal conflict in his little village … they just took care of things. A woman showed up with a suspicious bruise, the men held council, and that night there was a special visit with about 10-times the original abuse dished out. He said because of that culture – handling the little stuff as community – then none of the big stuff ever happened … no rapes, and of course no pedophilia. Progressives call this vigilantism … I call it stable community.

      • Capt S – where was your dad’s village? Where your dad’s folks lived, it may have been legal for a man to beat his wife, but in practice it was not tolerated.

        Vigilante justice was frequently meted out in this country before WWII. How many of the people punished were innocent and how many were caught in the act? Up until 50 years ago, cops meted out unofficial justice with the help of a billy club.

        • The outer banks of NC. The family trees had few branches but from I gather from the various stories is that their local justice was relatively fair and immediate, certainly better than what today’s domestic courts and child protective services offer. They could do this because they enjoyed a homogeneous culture and the nearest official judge/peacekeeper was a boat ride away. Their system worked … ours doesn’t.

          • Capt S – I wondered if your dad’s village was overseas.

            The self-reliant “let’s take care of the problem ourselves” mentality is largely gone in modern America in so many different way.

    • I know someone with a similar story (victim of Shanley at St. Pat’s.) I asked his sister why nobody told their parents/another adult and she said everyone took it for granted the adults would back the priest. Different times.

      • A friend (NYC class of 1964) told me that in his youth, the doctor was god and right below was the teacher. In a dispute between a student and teacher, the teacher was always right, even if she was wrong, and the parents would back the teacher.

    • Because people didn’t want to stand against evil they wanted to hide from it which will always bring about more of it…When good men don’t stand together against evil(for whatever reason) then evil will flourish…Just a thought what happens when it doesn’t come crashing down it just keeps getting worse and worse until we are all dead along with everything we hold dear…

      • Lineman – very well said. People very much want to hide from the evil, to not acknowledge it or deal with it. My husband is gradually red-pilling a good friend of many years, who is incredibly smart and, prior to becoming a Christian, was incredibly cynical. He’s still pretty much a misanthrope, but really facing what’s going on and how bad/deep it is just upsets him. I can understand the incredible frustrated rage because I live with it, but I would rather deal with that than with ignorant and willful blindness.

  13. Corruption is the greatest single failing and hazard of government and we have reached uncontrollable levels. There is a critical population for sociopaths and narcissists to hijack any institution, and they’ve been silently adding up the institutions where “institutional good faith” no longer restrains people like them – or worse yet-acts as sheep’s clothing against a trusting constituency (Wall Street, the Lavender Mafia).

    We have permitted institutional scale corruption until it has grown roots & formed mutually reinforcing networks of mind-f*ckery, gaslighting, selective enforcement and cui bono justice from the snout of Big Napoleon down to its squiggly tail.

    We’re forced to watch this stuff as political theater because our institutions of justice have been grossly subverted by corrupt officials and there is no hope for the wide-scale systemic prosecution of corruption which would be necessary to pull this xenomorph from America’s face.

    On a multigenerational scale, we might hope for (but not really expect) a Corleone-style aspirational legitmization to develop among the hellspawn of our present elites, or more cynically to watch the increasingly feeble nepots simply fail under pressure. Imagaine Chris Cuomo in charge of anything serious.

    They’re not giving up any of the levers of power without a real threat of jail, because they need every one of those levers to Harrison Bergeron society into accepting this parasitic situation.

      • Jail’s what would show the society is still healthy enough to make it. It remains to be seen how well Whites can hold up in a manifestly unjust society with basically African & Latin American politics manipulated by Chosen financial & media moguls. Whites have a strong sense of justice that chafes under third world levels of corruption.

        • I’d like to see the lot of them publicly hanged and then their carcasses tossed to pigs to eat. Heck, forget the hanging, I’d just toss the bigshots to the pigs.

          Pigs gotta eat too, you know.

      • Because he’s read so widely he’s a major influence. I’m curious who pushed him over to the dark side.

        • My guess, it’s like Maureen Dowd. When the blue dress soured her on Billy and she wrote actual funny columns about Bill, the deep state sent Michael Douglass to bed the old hag and hit the mute button. I’m betting that the crowd Drudge is sleeping with has won him over.

      • He sure does cover HIV breakthroughs though. If you want to know the latest HIV breakthrough it’s the place to go.

    • I used to be a fan of Drudge but, in 2016, he was an anti-Trumper. Haven’t been there for years. I don’t known what happened.

      • Bloomberg has also gone full MSNBC on this one. They are putting, in writing, that the accusations against the Bidens “have been discredited”. By whom? They are also “Trump impeachment” 24/7. WSJ seems to be piling on as well. My sense is that the other side is experiencing a “now or never” moment and is going all-in, Hail Mary style.

      • I read that instead of Drudge. It seems to be from an evangelical perspective, so it’s very pro-Israel and Jews and anti-abortion.

      • i saw him on CSPAN, I think it was, a couple of decades ago. I’ve always assumed he was a shirtlifter.

        • I was unfamiliar with the term “shirtlifter,” looked it up and now am a worse person for knowing what it means.

      • Oh he is, I thought everybody knew.
        He’s simply old-fashioned, doesn’t think his private preferences should be waved around like a bloody shirt.

        Discrete. Old school. A professional, the story’s not about him.
        I wish they were all like that.

  14. “The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

    The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper “No.”

  15. I wonder if the Catholic scandal is such a good example. As a teenager in the sixties it was common knowledge that several of the priests in our local diocese in Boston were homosexuals. And it’s probably not coincidence that the huge drop in men entering the priesthood, along with the drop in women becoming nuns, coincided with the change in American culture from condemning homosexuality to promoting it.

    Perhaps the high numbers of people taking “Holy Orders” in the past was simply homosexuals needing a place where they could get their jollies with others of like mind without having to face the condemnation of society? And as society gradually condoned homosexuality and homosexuals were able to be open about their predilections, the need for a haven in the Catholic Church vanished.

    • Run an internet search for ” Liber Gomorrhianus”

      It’s a book from 1051 by a Benedictine monk complaining about rampant sodomy and pederasty in the church

      Looks like the Pope refused to impose harsh punishment

      • Never underestimate the capacity of a Catholic to process denial. It really is unbelievable. There’s plenty of denial and hypocrisy to go around, including in protestantism, by Catholicism is really something.

    • Catholic families were larger in the past and, in some ethnicities such as the French Quebecois and Irish, took great pride in a son or daughter entering the clergy.

      My WWII vet Catholic father told me that he knew in his youth two local parish priests who would change into their civilian “go to hell” clothes and “whoop it up” in Atlantic City. I didn’t ask what “whoop it up” entailed. Maybe something they needed to go to Confession for afterwards.

  16. “Like a cancer, the exception making starts to spread through the system.”

    Juvenal best described corruption in the second century B.C.: “One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.”

  17. One of the best movies made about politics is “Thank You for Smoking.” One of the best characters in that movie was William Macy playing a Senator from Vermont. It’s just so perfect and really captured the moral vacuum of the town. “At the end of the day, you have to pay the mortgage” is the going theme. McCabe, et al, have mortgages to pay, and they also like the power. DC is a different town in that it attracts a certain type. These are people who would never make it beyond second tier managers in any other place. Yes, they’re sociopaths, that’s a given, and there’s plenty of those peppered throughout corporate America. They’re T.S. Elliots Hollow Men (and women). Their job titles tell them “I am somebody.” In reality, they’re still nobodies, and talentless ones. Even government executives don’t make that much. The only people in that town who have something going on are on K Street. Those are the put together people who actually run the town. Everything else is a carnival sideshow.

    You know this is a fake whistleblower because the press is covering it. Real whistleblowers would never be covered by the press. Their careers are summarily executed in deafening silence and no one hears from them again. This is why you want to depend on yourself and live as far away from DC as you can, and avoid state bureaucracies too. They’re for losers.

    • In one of Zman’s podcasts, he mentioned working at one time for a politician. Two things that struck him was how stupid they were and how much they drank. I don’t recall which podcast because I would like to listen to it again.

      • To be a politician is to be a brick or two shy of a load. All people skills without a shred of morality. This is why democracy doesn’t work. Because politicians can convince most voters that they’re human. If democracy worked they would be mocked and tossed out left and right by the voters. How many million of them are convinced, to this day, that Hillary Clinton is this great misunderstood, downtrodden person whom they would love to be in a book club with? Hillary Clinton doesn’t like her own fans. Hillary Clinton would like to slit their throats just for kicks and watch the blood drip down…

        • A retired-hedge fund manager friend said that the Clintons are the two most corrupt people on the planet and that people would drag them into the street to be beheaded if they knew what they did. She also thought that the Clintons would get away with their crimes.

        • That old bag would fall down and probably impale herself if she tried that but she would definitely order her minions to do it while she looked on with glee…

  18. Face it. We are the white blood cells of a beleaguered immune system. And several of us must be sacrificed to stop the pathogens. Let’s be honest here.

  19. How much of the loyalty to the corrupt system is ideological?????? I’m thinking it’s largely profit and status based. You can carve out a cushy living by doing what the system wants. All manners of grifters flock to D.C. for this reason.

    • Lust for profit and status generally comes first, the ideology follows. Progressivism is a religion. Heck, so is Conservative, Inc. Having walked and talked with these people I can tell you that most are true believers. You cannot live and thrive in DC without joining one of the prevailing cults … you have to live there to understand it.

    • The ideology is simply the means to an end, exactly right. The end is personal wealth and comfort. Epicurus tried to justify pleasure seeking by putting limits on what the Epicureans should ask for, but pleasure seeking actually has no upper boundary in the real world.

  20. So when do the hangings commence? Do we have to wait for complete societal collapse? Then again, maybe that’s exactly what we need to grow a spine and cojones again.

    • When the supply chain finally breaks down. There are several million infidels that want to string up this criminal class, but lack the necessary society triggering event to do so.

    • Can’t have a hanging without the town supporting that option and helping you build the gallows…Cart before the horse and all that…

  21. This level of corruption has been part and parcel of how democracy operates and the types of people it draws into its inner circle. And it has always been so…

    In the 70s there was a book that blew the lid off of the corruption in Washington…at least that’s what it was supposed to do. “The Washington Payoff” by Robert Winter Berger.

    It named names: presidents, congressmen, judges, corp executives…and many many others…and it all came to naught.

    Democracy is a payoff system at its most fundamental mode of operation. What’s an election other than a way to buy votes.

    The only way to end corruption from top to bottom in a democracy is to end democracy.

    • Remember when it was revealed there was a congressional slush fund to silence sexual abuse claims? Or when it was discovered that congress can trade on inside information obtained in the course of their duties? Or when those who caused the financial meltdown were put in charge of redesigning the system (Dodd Frank, Sarbanes Oxley)? Yeah, Neither does anyone else.

  22. The thing going on, under the surface, at the level of the individual, is that many if not most people don’t really act based on right and wrong, but on what they can get away with. The right and wrong of it is rationalized after the fact. That is how the Bernie Madoffs and the Lori Laughlins (college kid scandal) justify their behavior, once caught. Religion has sought to place some ethical guardrails in place to discipline behavior, but that is all gone now.

    At the government level, there are no boundaries. Same now with the media. They simply go out there and say and do whatever they want, and piece together a justification after the fact, if they are called on it.

    The problem from our point of view is that it is so well established, there is nothing, real world, to be done. The Hillary Clintons can rail against us all they want, all the while helping themselves to the public weal, and there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it.

    What our front brains want is a way out of this that doesn’t burn it all down, and it doesn’t exist. What our hind brains want is for these evil people at the top to feel truly scared for their lives, and we can’t do that either, in the real world. Separatism, physical and psychic, is the best we can hope for. But do you really think they will let us have even that?

    • “But do you really think they will let us have even that?” Dutch – great question I’ve pondered myself. I really think we need to ponder groups like the Kurds and Chechens. As a Christian I look at the Waldensians and the persecuted church. I also live around a bunch of Amish fellows – they’ve taught me a lot. They’re all hardcore survivors. I think separatism is a great path in the short term. Still, the time will come where it will probably have to go underground, especially our economy. The enemy doesn’t want us out of sight, they want us gone. I believe in good endings, although CAPT S progeny may get backed up all the way to the Aleutians.

      • The separatism we seek is going to need to be a relatively invisible one, not on-line where the panopticon watches our doings 24/7, and not in a way that calls attention to ourselves in any way. We need to be those people living down the road, at the end of a long driveway, that no one ever sees and nobody knows much about. The cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the personalities we show to the public, all need to be grey and unmemorable. The panopticon will still see us, but we will be a bit out of focus to it and not anything they zoom in on. Which means any real inclination to saddle up, ride into town, and go all High Noon needs to be put away right now.

        • We’re in violent agreement here. What I’m noticing though is that even going “gray and silent” can stick out like a rose in the desert, even with my nondescript cars, well concealed sidearm, and ordinary house down a 1/2 mile dirt road, complete with locked farm gate.

          Here’s the thing – as we secede from the prevailing culture we can’t help but thrive. You know what the culturally destitute notice when we leave the CAPT S compound? That my children have joy – they’re cheerful, they say yes ma’am & sir, brothers & sisters watch each others’ back. I’ve been amazed at how seriously the Mayberry persona pisses off the cultural Marxist. We think we’re quietly seceding from the establishment and minding our own business, but no, progressives perceive it as a personal indictment.

          I hear you on going invisible … I’ve been talking OPSEC on these posts … but the more we secede – even invisibly – the more we’re going to stoke envy. These people can’t abide bright lights in their dark world.

          • That’s the problem.

            Being a “normal” person is what stands out. You’re exactly right.

            I’m around so many 3rd world mystery meats. Damn, I just kick their ass in every way. I’m not saying this out of arrogance, it’s just true. I’m better at everything than they are. That’s why there is such a dumbing down of white children’s education system; it’s the only way the aliens can compete.

            Me, not held back by stupidity, guilt, or ignorance, totally breeze past these aliens. Intelligence, Work ethic, emotionally, physically.

            I know this sounds so arrogant. But by throwing off the shackles of mediocrity imposed on us, we really are much better than the aliens, and the Cloud People.

            Be your best. But don’t be afraid to play dumb….

          • Well Dutch and Capt those issues that can be talked about around the campfire…My opinion is different than that but everyone has to do what they feel right about…

    • I traveled in Eastern Europe before the wall came down, and that is exactly what the people there did- separate psychically, waiting for the evil to consume itself, which it inevitably does.

      • I saw the same thing when I was there. Thats where I learned how so much communication is done in an unspoken fashion, a gaze, a facial expression, a gesture.

  23. “The business of the empire is organized crime.”

    A lot of normie-cons seem to have trouble grasping, at some level, that we are ruled by gangsters. If I talk to any, I point out that one thing that demonstrates this is the House Judiciary Committee voting down an amendment during markup of the Red Flag law to automatically add known gang members to the Extreme Risk Protection Order list. I have no use for any type of Red Flag law, but that was a pretty obvious tell.

  24. There is something about the SIZE of gov’t which makes it devolve into these corrupt entities.
    During the past 40 years, the NYC City Council has grown to 51 members, previously it was a much smaller body.
    One consequence of having such a large body is that once it leans too much towards one political party (Dems in NYC’s case), it becomes irreversibly SINGLE party.
    In 50 years, the number of municipal employees has grown from 100k to 300k. In just the past 20 years the annual budget has mushroomed from $25billion to $95billion.
    Of course there’s more corruption, 3 times as much.
    Everyone inside the system looks out for everyone else, before looking out for the needs of average people.
    The corruption can’t be reduced unless there is a clean sweep of incumbents (by outsiders); then the size and scope can be reduced, which will lead to less corruption.

    • Of course there’s more corruption, 3 times as much.

      I don’t think corruption grows merely linearly as a function of size of government.

      • You are right. It is more of an exponential function because of all the additional frictional costs of greasing each additional layer of the bureaucracy. Everyone gets a taste.

    • One thing I’ve learned (the hard way) from doing corporate turnarounds and integrations—if you do not move fast and hard and early to make changes—there is little chance of success. When something is bloated and underperforming, leaving the miscreants in place hoping to “evolve” to a better performance level, the blob will defeat you.

    • That is why I always vote against every tax increase, no matter the reason. Money for parks? Get it from other bloated areas. Money for schools? Reduce the number of administrators. Money for police and firemen? Good cause, cut elsewhere. The scam is to use the cover of things everyone agrees with, while funneling the new money into the fungible general budget.

  25. “you can never be too cynical”

    Avoid the urge to think of politicians as wide eyed innocents.

    Guliani and Trump represent a lesser faction within the greater organized crime network.

    While electoral politics is largely fake, there is still internal politics within the deep state / organized crime network. The faction running Trump sought to use unorthodox tactics (cynical, exploitative, race-hustling false-populism) to “cut in line” and slightly adjust internal Imperial policy to favor Zionism even more than it already did.

    However, by using tactics that went beyond mere dog-whistling, into open race-hustling, they unwittingly (or semi-unwittingly) triggered the hive’s defense mechanism, and found themselves subjected to some of the Empire’s dissent suppression mechanisms.

    So, the good news is that we are seeing the Empire move away from soft tyranny towards open / hard tyranny and the right wing Zionists running Trump can perhaps be partially credited for accidentally triggering that.

    The bad news is that there is that there is essentially nothing in the way of an authentic resistance to the current tyranny; the Trump network is just a branch of the organized crime network / deep state that is being pruned for getting above its station, it agrees with the general program.

    Once they’re gone, we should expect hard tyranny to be directed at the average voters who supported Trump… even more than it already is.

    (I’m not 100% committed to this explanation, it kind of feels like it gives the Trump faction a bit too much credit. It’s also possible that the deep state just elected Trump so that his supporters would sleep while hard tyranny is imposed upon them and impeachment is just a standard issue red team blue team distraction)

  26. It’s a cliche to point out that the Cloud People are disconnected from the Dirt People, but they are disconnected from the very idea of the United States or any other Western country. They’re citizens of the world which in practice means they’re citizens of no country. Loyal only to, at most, their families.

    China bought Joe Biden – that’s beyond corruption, that’s treason.

    Google opened an AI lab in Beijing in 2017 and ended its AI contract with the Pentagon in 2018. AI developed in China will go to their military.

    We get into a war and the Cloud People would have no compunction about giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    As Zman aptly pointed out, corruption is like a cancer. A cancer may advance until the only effective way to treat it is to amputate. The Chinese execute corrupt politicians. It may come to that.

    • What happened with the Cloud People is beyond corruption. They have become so socially and economically isolated from the rest of the country as to be a hostile alien species. They have no idea what goes on outside of their bubble world, nothing. They just know that we are a impediment to them and their agenda so we have to go.

      Nor will they allow us a peaceful separation from them either. They’ve made it clear they either want us dead or in camps.

      • There will be no secession. The “war for secession” was and our current cold civil war will be about revenue, resources and territory. Secession will not be remotely tolerated. Then when we have no money and have been milked dry, do you opine that we land in the cage or purged?

        I should ask Lineman this and punt this question to you: IF the above is true, THEN why make plans to stay in this country? So we krall up in remote places…..why would the overlords tolerate this. As someone else here pointed out, just because we wear grey and attempt to fly under the radar, our good life and well behaved kids stand out in contrast to the chaos. Won’t the overlords notice this ….or what?
        Rod…..please play out other scenarios and options…

        • RFF. EXACTLY where I am strategically. This “well behaved kids stand out in contrast to the chaos.” is dead on. If I’m not grey, then I want to be on the leading edge of transitioning to offense when spicy shows up. A balancing act I’ve yet to achieve, much less quantify.

          • Hi Moss…In your opinion, tell me more of your thinking re “leading edge of transitioning to offense when spicy shows up.” What does that look like, even a tish, when that shows up? Thanks for your thoughts.

          • Herein has been my challenge of navigating much of my awakening in isolation; “being ready” (to paraphrase your question). About 18 mos ago, it began as mostly mental exercise, as what I observed, heard and read was an affront to the world I thought I lived in.
            Surely black and brown groups are not positioning themselves for my families destruction? Or enslavement as minimum! Surely weak whites are not driving hard against their own race! Surely the law still works.

            Surely not. So moving from “in my head” pursuits to the practical and tactical, started with auditing physical, spiritual, financial and other areas of our life.

            Now I (we) am making small, compounding decisions with an eye on DURABILITY. That’s the theme in my house. Physical security, food and water security, minimizing dependence on financial systems, etc are all on the radar for careful consideration. Proximity to likely hot zones is very much a topic in the house over the last few weeks…even more esoteric ideas of family, legacy, community, the future of America, etc.

            Referencing your question, all of my work in this realm so far, I hope and pray, leads us to a broader and more responsive tool kit to the realities that will show up on our door step. My thought is that the more “free” (read less dependent) we are, the simpler the decisions will be about how to respond properly to threats to the family, legacy, etc.

            Aside, I’m getting better at checking my bias, but know it’s a hard battle internally. Z Man, commenters here, and some other writers in this space, continue to give gifts to those awake(n).

        • RFF
          That’s why we don’t krall up we build up and out…We get one area secure for us and then move on to the next always moving forward…I know some balk at that idea but for us to have a chance it’s the way it has to be…I just hope enough will realize that before it’s to late…

          • Hi Line! What does “build up and out” mean? Are you envisioning a wandering tribe? Please let me know your thoughts on how the moving tribe would not become a moving target. Best regards my friend.

          • No not moving more like securing an area and then sending out people to secure more areas kind of like missionaries spreading the gospel…Hope that helps its one of those things that can be better expressed around the campfire…

    • The Chinese execute INCONVENIENTLY corrupt politicians.

      Their system is no less corrupt than ours. They just have no compunctions about finding a scapegoat (who may or may not actually be guilty) and shooting him in the head.

      • Corruption is only part of the issue.

        A lot of systems are corrupt, but it’s one thing parasitically exploit a population and it’s quite another to try really hard to destroy them, when they’re not even rebelling.

        The system ruling us is top tier when it comes to badness.

        • It’s been pointed out here that our ruling class is acting like foreign colonists. They despise the great mass of Dirt People and hate, HATE the deplorables. I guess they see as as an impediment to their plans simply by voting in someone like Pres. Trump.

          • They are foreign colonialists. “They” hate us because they are not us. They’re part of the Tribe. They might look like us, though.

            Of course, this Tribe gets a great deal of help from useful idiot white gentiles (and, increasingly, Indians). Let’s just say that there’s not many Jewish families okay with race-mixing and transgender children … but many white gentiles (idiots) are totally fine with this.

            I’m not one to scream madly about the Joos all day, but we have to point out the obvious here.

          • Yes, American (mostly non religious) Jews disproportionately propagate progressivism. But because of their ## they would not get anywhere without useful idiots in other segments of population. Same picture as in Russian revolution of 1917. I would like to think that when or if a society here explodes, a majority of population won’t be as ruthless and cruel to each other as they were in the USSR.
            Note I said American Jews. Predominantly Soviet, Iranian and Syrian Jews shake their heads observing their American counterparts.

          • Good whites are the bulk of useful idiots. East Indians seek to SUPPLANT the Tribe.
            I’ve been observing (anecdotally) the outcomes for “educated”/professional East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) vs South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis) in the US. Forget the academic moonbats in either ethnic megagroup, they are essentially outliers. Look at which group has more people in finance, corporate boards, entertainment, and politics. And look at which group has an increasing lock on medical practices/hospitals, especially in “flyover” communities. (Hint, image search on “medical residency program” + name of your local teaching hospital. This shows you who’s in the pipeline and who your doctors will be in 10 years or less.)

            It isn’t the yellows, it’s the browns who are slipping into “Jewish roles”. This might not be surprising, given that SA browns (on average of course) tend to have higher verbal acuity than EA yellows. Also, they tend to integrate better in some roles (at the risk of snark, the noses are ALREADY brown), and can out nepotism even the Tribe.

  27. Those who cannot tolerate the corruption, but lack the courage to do anything about it, are boiled off.

    I think the wishful thinking is that some swamp creature will finally have the morals and courage to stand up and blow this thing wide open.

    The really blackpilling thought is that, of the dozens or hundreds of people who have enough information to do it, there might not be a single one with the integrity to go public, and the rot will just go on.

    • “The really blackpilling thought is that, of the dozens or hundreds of people who have enough information to do it, there might not be a single one with the integrity to go public, and the rot will just go on.”

      Or maybe they don’t want to suffer the same fate as Seth Rich.

    • You think it’s painless being a whistle blower? You got another thing coming darling. It’s not. It’s a life changing experience and for the worse in many cases. This is why it’s so hard to get insiders to come forward to give information.

      Chances are you are going to be black balled and if you manage to keep your current job, you’ll be ostracized and eventually forced to quit no matter what you do.

      • Sean Hannity has said over and over again that 99% of the FBI was honest and that only the top 1% was corrupt. One day, he was corrected by a guest, who said it was 15-20% and the second guest agreed. Either way, whatever opinions that FBI personnel had about the actions of their superiors, they kept their mouths shut because they valued their jobs and pensions more than law and morality.

        The difference between an amoral careerist like Peter Strzok and the average FBI agent is that Strzok was actively corrupt and the other passive.

        • I think it is more they value their lives. The FBI imbedded leadership would not hesitate to Seth Rich someone, or their family. Whether or not it is really true, if the rank and file believe it, it may as well be true.

          • The exception is that if you whistleblow from the left, you are protected by the media and meekness of the GOP. If you whistleblow from the right, you are Seth Riched, without anyone even knowing about it.

        • 15-20% was corrupt or honest? Hannity saying that was such BS. If it were true – where are all the whistleblowers?

    • Babe, I think you’re right that there are many people who could go public but won’t. Even if someone who had all the info. exposed the corruption in intricate detail, I don’t know if it would make any difference. TPTB including the media would just ignore it or turn it into something about Trump and most ordinary people would go along with it.

      It’s blindingly obvious in the Ukraine thing that Biden and his son are totally corrupt, but somehow that means Trump should be impeached.

      • That’s why this is even more grim than Serpico, despite it’s exceptionally faithful telling of corruption.
        In 1939 “Mister Smith goes to Washington”, in 2019 Mr. smith would get eaten alive by the Boyscouts of America.

      • @Federalist
        Exactly right if those who have all the power are the ones you are exposing then the only ones that would listen are the ones who have no power so all it does is get you killed…If there was two opposing power structures well then you would see more whistleblowers but alas it’s all one power base and we all know who that is…

  28. Great points made here, all accurate. It’s why I’m so cynical about reform; at some point corrupt organizations usually reach a top-dead-center, after which reform is impossible because they’re schizophrenic and completely immune to moral tenets. It’s why the likes of Trump or Tulsi Gabbard, well-meaning as they may be, either have no effect or become a part of the problem. It’s always alarming to me when our “good guy” politicians (or priests, or SES-level bureaucrats) never grasp that they’re role playing Don Quixote.

    Ideally, fraud and sleaze operate on the fringes of government and power centers. What’s different now is that the mass-man no longer has philosophical or religious underpinnings to call ANYthing immoral. When God is dead or natural law is deemed archaic, so go the sharp distinctions between moral and immoral. Then the vocabulary is altered … what’s good is called hate, and what’s evil is called progressive. Enter the sociopath – philosophical confusion is the environment in which they thrive – so they freely move from the fringes to front-and-center. They’re getting bolder and more reckless, a ratcheting effect of one manufactured scandal after another.

    • In “The Republic,” Plato discussed his ideal society and then the four imperfect societies and how one degenerates into the next: Timarchy (rule by an honor- and glory-loving military elite), followed by a plutocracy (rule by money-grubbing rich), then a democracy (rule by the many obsessed with equality, freedom and a tolerance borne of indifference) and finally the the worst of all, a tyranny (rule by one man, with the central principle of lust; people are slaves to their passions). Plato pointed out that the democratic man still had a few moral scruples and at times suffered from a bad conscience, but not the tyrannical man – he will rob his own parents to receive his inheritance sooner. Ironically enough, the tyrannical man is also the most abjectly miserable of all types of men.

      This is where we are and what we are ruled by: tyrannical men and women.

      Plato didn’t write came after. Maybe the wheel will turn and a timarchy will take control. We’re not voting our way out of this.

      • Yes. I think Machiavelli thought through the cycles of government as well, probably standing on the shoulders of Plato. It takes an observant people to notice these trends … that’s why I think we Americans are so ruthlessly propagandized and purposefully uneducated. Been awhile since I read this but tyranny usually descends into an even bloodier period of anarchy, correct? A lot of us hope for a quick renewal built on the ashes of fallen empire, but I’m not sure that’s ever happened.

        • Anarchy – Local warlords take control? Also, the possibility of foreign conquest. A population may either be indifferent to or hate their rulers so they won’t fight for their country. Even foreign conquest might be seen as preferable.

          • Ris;
            If the history of China is any guide, sooner or later one of the warlords subdues the rest and a new dynasty is born. No doubt the previous elite got shortened by a head and the new emperors’ able deputies were installed, starting the cycle over again. Then the corruption gradually see[s in again after a generation or two.

      • There is really not much difference between plutocracy and democracy, because the “money-grubbing rich have the controls either way. I also slightly disagree that tyranny rule by one man is necessarily the worst form. As C.S. Lewis said: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  29. Agree on the analogy to the Catholic Church. Had several colleagues that managed the abuse litigation against various dioceses well before this became regular headline news. The church was adept at keeping a “cell” structure that even rope-a-doped the insurers that were obliged to defend them from ever seeing the full picture. Priests “disappeared” when depositions needed to be taken, records “disappeared” or couldn’t be found, parishioners were “advised” not to speak to defense counsel….was virtually impossible to put together a complete picture even at the parish level. But rather like bird flocking, this was simply a natural and unconscious reaction by the organization. And indicated the thoroughness of corruption. I think we’re now seeing the same in DC.

    • Very interesting topic again today. It raises for me the classic fear and desire dynamic that you find everywhere in philosophy and mythological storytelling of the nature of man, the nature of the finite mind.

      If you lose your center, that place where you are operating in the world without fear or desire, you are doomed.

    • Sam, how pervasive do you think priestly pederasty was?

      Do you doubt that the ((( media ))) exaggerated its prevalence?

      Do you doubt that the ((( media ))) has long had a hard-on for the Catholic church?

      Do you doubt that the ((( media ))) almost always refuses to distinguish pedophilia from hebephilia and ephebophilia with regards to allegations lodged against Catholic priests?

      That there is and has been corruption in the Catholic church is one thing; the frequency of heterosexual prelates sodomizing six and seven year olds is another. The former is unassailable, the latter, rare.

      • Libertymike, the MSM also refuses to place the blame where it belongs, homosexual predation in the church. Write ups are also such that one is lead to believe heterosexual predation is at least as common as homosexual predation. The church has a homosexual priest problem, yet some of my relatives (normies) will claim that the solution is to allow priests to marry, rather than require celibate service.

        • Agreed.

          Whether father sodomized a six year old or pinched the rear end of a 17 year old parish youth counselor at the annual summer parish outing, he was not jerking off to pin-ups of Rita Hayworth.

      • Managing this stuff wasn’t my side of the business. But knew the attorneys and litigation specialists that ran these cases well—mostly homosexual—and from the volume and breadth of cases, pretty damned pervasive. And this was before the dam broke on reporting. And before insurers added “abuse and molestation” exclusions, so there was an obligation to, at minimum defend under reservation of rights. One funny thing, a colleague looked at the association of Reformed synagogues (UHCC), their data was almost exclusively allegations of rabbis banging the neglected wives of the congregants.

        • In my experience, the individual priestly perverts (and their attorneys) did a great job of avoiding actual prosecution and for hiding their personal financial assets from claim. The bag holders on the penalties were the dioceses themselves, meaning the individual small givers and the legit programs.

        • Knowing the pervasiveness of the propaganda promulgated by the #me too mafia, the SPLC, the ADL, LGBTQ, NOW, third and fourth wave legal feminism, and various and sundry race hustlers and poverty pimps and abuse advocates, what is one to think?

          My guess is that insurance defense counsel and litigation support staff are overwhelming normie, if not cucked, or worse, outright proggie.

      • I believe it was a Penn State study that showed the rate of inappropriate sexual conduct in the Catholic church involved approximately 5% of priests. That is the same rate as ministers or rabbis of almost every other denomination, and lower than the overall male population, which has a rate of 8%. Male public school teachers come in at 10%, but you never hear about that. I also agree it’s more of a homosexual problem than a pedo problem. Funny how you never hear of a priest abusing young girls.

    • Saml;
      Interesting in a bad way because it indicates active deception directed from above: At the top even. Ordinary compartmentalization would be penetrable once the crooked cell (crooked precinct, etc.) is identified.

      The process Z-man describes well explains how an organizational compartment can come to be corrupted, even in an otherwise honest organization. The big question is how corruption jumps the barriers, given that the usual rivalries between factions would ordinarily tend to lead to rivals gleefully denouncing the miscreants to the top. And, independent reporting chains to the top are a feature of honest organizations as well.

      People who have not been part of a large organization tend to suppose that everybody knows what is going on everywhere. This is far from the case even in completely honest organizations. There must organizational compartmentalization, even in situations where security is not a concern, simply to ensure that the work gets done. The more time spent learning what is happening everywhere else the less time applied to one’s own tasks. This is one non-prejudicial reason many females don’t get promoted as fast as they think they should be.

      • I believe there are corrupt cells (see Lois Lerner at the IRS), but when the Left appoints the top people, who are also corrupt, the barriers between the top and that cell work together almost without any collusion at all.

  30. Once more, the Alinsky Rule (always accuse your opponent of what YOU are doing) is verified. Remember two days ago, when the Dems were claiming that the transcript showed Trump using code, “like the mob”?

    I’m still scared to make it an iron clad rule for understanding everything, but the amount of times applying the Rule (assume they are doing what they’re accusing others of doing) is remarkable.

    BTW, read In the Closet of the Vatican. The rule there is: the more sternly, openly, violently anti-homosexual a bishop or cardinal, the more openly flaming behind the scenes. The homophobia isn’t based on some moral rule; it’s the cover story. “Me? How could you suspect ME?”

    Nice section on Chile, too. Gen. and Mrs. Pinochet surrounded themselves with a “gay court” of priests, monsignors, and general ecclesiastical hangers-on.

  31. The Soviet Union was an example of this insidious type of cancerous corruption taking hold on a national scale, and it’s happening again right here right now in accelerating slow motion. An actual palace coup against a duly elected president has been playing out over nearly 3 years now, and not one single Bad Guy has even been arrested, let alone prosecuted, or held to account. The rule of law is dead. A new paradigm is needed. The cohort of honest citizens is shrinking fast. We either reverse course soon or bottom out and rebuild from the ashes.

    • We’re not going to reverse course. The demographics won’t allow it. What’s more, even within the whites, the Goodwhites and Deplorable Whites are reaching the “divorce” stage where we’re tired of arguing with each other and just want out.

      • Agreed. But up above, The Babe made an excellent point about moral licensing. Their will be no peaceful divorce.

        Once you license one immorality, licensing bigger ones gets easier and easier. The left has weaponized and industrialized moral licensing; I will bet Weinstein and Epstein are the tip of the scandal iceberg, and that the really big stuff is still securely submerged. The monsters in those depths need not only our productivity, they need us to ensure a continuous supply of it because they can’t furnish it themselves.

        I’m guessing the left with it’s diverse and vibrant masses will have the license for war and genocide any time now.

        • “vibrant masses will have the license for war ”

          Yes- they have their priests and their ‘gospels’, now they are bringing in troops and calling to the faithful. Soon they will purge Sin from this world.

          Their rightful reward? The loot, the lands, but most of all, the girls. Our girls are the highest prize in the known universe.

      • Even if they weren’t liberal welfare recipients to begin with, the imported browns are used to corrupt governance and just assume it’s normal.

    • The left understands political theater. They love hearings, for example, because they make people look guilty. Normies just think “ooh, some guy sat in front of a bunch of angry judges. He must have done something bad. He must be bad.”

      If there are any good guys left at all, they have to perpwalk some of these coup-plotters in orange jumpsuits, in order to shatter their halo in front of the public.

  32. The Biden stuff is pure corruption, but what’s also going on is agents, politicians and media doing illegal things and covering it up for the cause that they believe in. And if they get a bit of kickback for their efforts all the better.

    They are discarding the rules not just because they are corrupt but because they believe that we are evil and the rules don’t apply to evil people. It’s like how people who don’t believe in the death penalty say that, yes, if they could go back in time, they would kill Hitler in 1932.

    • Psychology has a very useful concept, “moral licensing.” It (roughly) means that if you think you’re good, it gives you a license to be bad.

      Political leftism institutionalizes pathological moral licensing. They work so hard to convince themselves that they’re good–and that, therefore, nothing they do is bad.

      Convincing yourself that your viciousness is virtue–that way lies destruction without end.

      • “Political leftism institutionalizes pathological moral licensing. They work so hard to convince themselves that they’re good–and that, therefore, nothing they do is bad.”

        This is a key insight. But I would suggest that “Leftism” is not the root, RESENTMENT is. Leftism is based in huge part on resentment. Postmodernism views the world as composed of only oppressors and oppressed, and oppression leads to suffering which leads to resentment. Similarly, if your cultural touchstones and religious ceremonies are based on tales of suffering and victimhood (from Pharaoh through Hitler, and even today, as we speak!) then you are primed for resentment.

        Add to that that the new definition of “good” is the amount of victimhood and suffering you (or “your people “) have endured. This, for example, is why blacks are never to blame for anything, because slavery. It’s the same reason you get people describing themselves as “a third-generation holocaust survivor” — it’s moral Teflon. (One of my grandfathers was killed by the Shanghai mob. Does that make me a third-gen murder survivor? FFS.)

        (This pathological moral licensing/resentment business may also partly explain Weinstein’s and Epstein’s (ALLEGED !!!) crimes. Resentment leads, in no few people, to a desire to corrupt and degrade the innocent.)

        In summary, when a society outsources its popular entertainment (modern mythology as it were) and news media pretty much entirely, and large portions of education, finance and law to those whose central existential mythos is based on resentment and victimhood, this is what you get.

        • Mike;
          Agree about resentment. There’s a good reason why prohibition of envy and covetousness is included in the Ten Commandments.

          • Socialism violates 2 commandments: don’t covet and don’t steal (taxes). Those who claim to build communism proceed to violate the 3d: murder with impunity because they covet and proceed to steal (100% tax on wealth).

      • I quoted this above, but makes sense here as well: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

        ― C. S. Lewis

        • Hatred burns out – you can’t keep the flame on high all the time. But resentment smolders along, ready and eager to leap into flames at perceived affronts. And the resentful are all about perceiving affronts.

          Resentment is the devil’s most powerful tool, as many people seem to be diabolically susceptible to it.

          I think I resent what might have been more than anything else. Just project: 66 years from Kitty Hawk to Tranquility Base. What did we think would happen in our lifetimes, those like me who remember the moon landing as children? What happened was we started paying for dysfunction and then wondering where all the dysfunction came from.

          • As per 1984’s O’Brien.

            Our current enemies just might settle for grovelling obedience, but their highest good is the eradication of any dissenting thought.

      • The moral licensing you are referring to is exactly how one behaves toward his enemies during war. And what is politics other than low-intensity war?

        Communists know what they are doing. Non-communists rationalize.

    • Years of multiculturalism invariably led to cognitive dissonance. In response they’ve simply discarded all the rules. Where there are no rules, there are no hypocrites. Voila! All neanderthals believe in principles but fall short of them, thus they are hypocrites. Progressives on the other hand believe in nothing, which makes them enlightened.

      • Communists believe in power. They suffer setbacks, but win in the end. We are led by empty suits and fail. I think it’s long past time to turn that dynamic around.

    • (One faction of) the Ukrainians were just bribing Obama and Biden, when they hired Biden’s son.
      Another faction wanted to investigate those ties.
      Biden called them and said .. Drop the investigation, or we withhold money we’ve earmarked for you. They said ..Who authorized you?.. Biden says ..Call Obama ask him.
      Now Trump comes in and says .. Why don’t you reopen those investigations?

      The media is portraying this as Trump trying to get Ukraine to influence the next election;
      actually he is just trying to help Ukraine bring (their) people to justice, as well as having them help us bring ours to justice.

      • As to Ukraine, are they still functioning as two countries, a Ukrainian-speaking west and a Russian-speaking east, a la East-West Germany?

        The Obama crew was trying create a Ukrainian Spring; Hillary simply repeated her Balkan war strategy in the Arab Spring.

    • It’s a perpetual source of amusement to me that people always want to travel back in time and murder Baby Hitler, thinking they’d save the world.

      It never occurs to them that they might wind up instead with Much More Competent Alternative Hitler, who would be capable of actually conquering the world and not screwing it up with zany decisions.

      Of course, if you REALLY wanted to prevent WWII, you’d travel back in time and murder Baby Churchill instead.

      • Whenever someone says they wished had done something differently, I always say if they had done it differently, they might be dead right now. It could be something as simple as getting the redo exactly right, but driving home at a slightly different time and getting hit by a drunk driver. There is no going back, only forward.

        • Actually, if you really, /really/ wanted to prevent WWII through time travel, first you’d travel back in time and murder Baby Churchill and Baby FDR. Then you’d figure out how to get Lindbergh elected president (wouldn’t have been so hard, really.). Then you’d travel even further back in time and slaughter all the Schiffs and the Rothschilds.


        • How come nobody wants a go at baby Lenin or baby Stalin?

          (Lenin had a sudden aneurysm, leaving his right-hand man, Stalin, holding the reins.)

          • “How come nobody wants a go at baby Lenin or baby Stalin?”

            Or baby Mao? Men of the left is why. But so too was Hitler when you think about it. Liberals are quick to point out Hitler was a “national” socialist, without even knowing what the difference is.

      • Actually, you would murder Woodrow Wilson. The US tilting the scales from what had become a stalemate in WWI is what caused WWII.

  33. No one was the slightest interested in the illegality of son’s portfolio – until it could be used to break someone else’s career.

    That’s where we’re at now. Illegality is of no interest unless it is useful as a tool for advancement.

  34. Every now and then, like today for example, I am reminded of the Christian’s most important insight: we are a sinful, fallen, evil race. Thanks Z.

  35. The transformation of the media has allowed the corruption to go unchecked. The media used to be left-wing hacks, but now….it goes way beyond that. And now we have joint FBI-Google entities like CrowdStrike who seems to exist to obscure the data trail of the corruption…

    • In my NormieCon days, I would look around and think “Why is this happening?!?!?!”

      A few redpills later, I just see Jews acting in a way that advances their in-group interests. I don’t like it any better, but at least it makes sense now.

      • The trouble is, in the shitstorm the Powers That Be have created, you could find the Crowdstrike evidence that it was Seth Rich not the Russians, that Google is a pawn of the Chinese, that Facebook wants you dead, all 33,000 of Hillary’s purged classified e-mails, all of the graft and theft associated with the Clinton Foundation, and even that Pizzagate is real, and the powers will shrug and say “so what”, and the normies will march along, NPC style. It doesn’t matter, people. The world is not just and it is not fair. Sorry, I am being ranty.

    • Yeah, seeing that the media has zero independence and zero integrity has really been an eye-opener for me.

      Now I think of the establishment as “Cathedral FC” (= Football Club). They’re all on the same team, playing for the same goal.

      Media organizations are the strikers, Jewish billionaires are the central midfielders, Antifa is the left winger, the educational establishment is the right winger, shitlib normy is the left back, brainwashed NPC student is the right back, the FBI and CIA are the two central backs, and the left-wing parties are the goalkeeper. They’re all working together, coordinating their attacks.

      We’re the other team.

      • I’m allergic to sports, but by my whiskers, you’ve discovered the great secret-
        How To Reach the Normies!

        Explain these maneuvers as game plays, which allows Mr. Couch to see them and add in his own insights, and he is all yours!

        Great Scott! What a breakthrough!

  36. So Trump is Serpico. So be it as it seems to many to be what you say here, that this is pretty much analogous to mafia rule and corrupt police.

    The chutzpah on display by Trump’s enemies is astounding , even now. To be the one complicit in major graft, crime, and shakedowns of foreign governments and to somehow turn it all back on Trump is really hard to believe. Either they are really scared or feel extremely confident in their power and rule.

    • I’m not a 4-D chess guy, but there seems to be a counter intel program running inside the White House. A month ago we had the personal secretary outed as a leaker. She was caught leaking fake intelligence on Trump that was planted in her head by someone in the White House. It was an obvious trap. Last year, something similar happened with James Wolfe, the head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee. Someone at DOJ gave him fake information that he leaked to the Washington Post.

      Now we have this Ukraine story. The major papers were reporting, allegedly from sources with knowledge of the phone call, that Trump offered money to Ukraine for dirt on Biden. The Post and Journal both claimed Trump mentioned Biden eight times. Yet, that was not the case. The transcript is different from what was reported and what was alleged by certain Democrats. This looks like another canary trap.

      • I wonder what the normie reaction will be to all this? After the Russian hoax, and the Epstein “suicide”, will this move the needle at all? By the way, the perfidy of the NeverTrumpers is on full display here. What vile creatures they are…

          • Normies, cucks, and sheeple will feel no pain until there is a major economic reset. As long as these clueless idiots have their Pepsi, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Happy Meals for their little brats, and other entertainments, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will happen. I will no go bang my head against a block wall.

          • Don’t forget foozball and cheering for “my team” wearing an overpriced third world made Jersey with another guy’s name on it.

          • Dweez my Brother I hope your doing well and please keep your head intact because we are going to need you in the coming spicy times…

          • My trusted friend and brother: Thank you. All is well here. The girls are moving forward with their preps. I am still planting small seeds whenever I substitute teach. I pray for you and your family every day. Bleib ubrig, my brother.

        • The normies are retarded. No hope for them. Epstein somehow loses his life (or did he) in a facility that has never had a suicide in it’s 40 year history. Then, the recording media for the camera pointed at his cell door just happens to have been damaged and is not usable. Please.

          • You’re wrong. ..USA Today: WASHINGTON – When accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself while awaiting trial this month, it was the first recorded suicide at Manhattan’s federal detention center in 13 years.

          • And of course the Deep State enabler, the Washington ComPost, couldn’t be wrong now, could they ? Nor deceptive….eh ?

          • Thanks for the correction swimologist. I did read that the MCC had never had a suicide. Obviously I read something unreliable. I thought it was Drudge. But I can’t find it now.

          • OK. I found the article. It said no one on “Suicide Watch” had ever committed suicide at the facility. So it goes to show that the older I get the less reading comprehension I have.

      • Trump needed to kick off the counter-intel program on day zero. I don’t think he knew his team was infected from the very beginning. Why would he?

        • Whoever ran his transition put the word out through the people vetting “Plum Book” applications for open positions that they only wanted “Trump people” — aka, “loyalists.” This meant that a lot of younger people who’d worked for standard-issue Republicans were frozen out at the outset when they applied for mid-level policy positions.

          The upsetting thing, of course, is that those doing the hiring were anything but Trump loyalists, and ended up leaving in place a stay-behind Gladio army dedicated to Barry and Hillary, all the while stabbing Trump in the back 50 times a day themselves (Priebus and others).

          Kushner, among others, sandbagged him. He’s not even Trump blood. It’s repulsive that he trusted this jackass whose sole claim on Trump was that he seduced his vacuum-headed daughter. That was the long-acting poison pill Trump swallowed on day one.

      • Trump is his own counter intel program. One random example. Kelly Ann Conway. Her husband George is tweeting the worst things you can say about Trump, yet Kelly Ann keeps her job. It’s played off that this is one of those polar opposite couples in politics. Yet the relationship between a husband and wife is far closer and more intimate than with any employer, even if that employer is the President. Months from now Trump will be shocked that this woman is actually undermining him. He should have dragged her bony ass into his office and said, “Kelly, you’re fired, blame your husband, your desk is being cleared.”

        The 10D chess people would likely have said, Trump was a genius for “keeping his enemies closer for so long.” That’s a bunch of nonsense from The Godfather. That doesn’t work in real life. Everyone who walks into the west wing needs to be on the same page, including spouses. Obama knew this. You didn’t see Valerie Jarret’s husband making an ass out of himself. They were all on the same evil page.

      • “…but there seems to be a counter intel program running inside the White House.”

        With due respect, given the position, it’s pretty naive to assume there isn’t always a CI policy in action. It’s not a 4d chess thing, but CI can never sleep.

    • They are pointing to Trump wanting to investigate them and using his own words — essentially, “I’m hitting back now” — as the prima facie evidence for removing him from office. They want the public to do their work for them: “Trump’s going to punish us,” they’re saying — “punish him first.” All legal, all within the power of the executive branch — as if that matters at this point.

      Seems to me like we’re reaching a terminus. If Trump can’t get anyone below him to start exacting justice for the last 2.5 years (Bagpipes Barr, for example) then he has to do it himself over the phone. And his phone calls are immediately leaked to the media by the see-eye-aye notetakers, and serve as subsequent cause to remove him from office. If he can’t even make a phone call without being monitored — and the contents of that call being presented to the public for approval or disapproval — then he literally can do nothing as president. He’s the nominal and gelded head of a massive bureaucratic apparatus that has rejected oversight via the democratic process. It’s as plain as that. We’ve crossed over into a completely different world when the president of the United States cannot keep a phone call private from vicious, JJ Angelton-like intel officers, who then toss the expertly-prepared red meat to the howling masses. What’s left to do beyond this? If he can’t govern at all, then where are we?

      A real blackpill to look around me and see how many people are duped by the counter-narrative here. Biden’s corruption is out in the open, and yet it fails to register with millions who simply do not care — they must have their bloodlust, their scapegoat, their Team Blue.

      Very worrying times. These social dynamics are disturbing. Most of those alive in the US have no experience with this side of the human soul; we live in a perpetual childhood from human nature and history. We are a land of stupid (in the Dunning-Kruger sense), extremely angry adolescents, most of whom are adults in their 30s and 40s. Quite dark from where I sit. Nothing is being done now to tamp the effects of this down in a decade or so; these children are being raised to inadvertently — or by overt action — destroy what’s left of a functioning society by parents who think it’s all a game on their phones. It will only get worse and worse as material conditions and infrastructure begin to decay and collapse from neglect while we engage in this madness, too. Pax vobiscum.

      • With regards to yesterday’s Butterfield column, it was young Hillary who made her bones with the “18 missing minutes”, wasn’t it?

          • Weld is a fruitcake. Absolutely bonkers in the Linc Chaffee mold. That’s why they never keep him on air for very long.

            Too bad for us that John Silber — who almost beat him in 1990 for governor in Mass — couldn’t keep his temper in check for another few weeks. We would’ve been spared this incompetent old pothead.

        • Yep. The Clintons and their entourage have the offensive playbook on impeachment (from Watergate) and the defensive playbook (from 1998-1999). This is all going to follow the protocols established in those manuals.

      • At this point it should be obvious to even the most dim witted that the intel agencies are ran by democrats/neocons and cannot be trusted. Yet we are to take their word explicitly that Iran was behind the attack on the KSA oil processing facility and that Iran imperials the world with their nuclear weapons program.

        Well all that could be true but how do we know? More importantly how does the President know? Perhaps the CIA could show Trump the satellite photos of the nuclear weapons Iran is producing. Oh wait. They did that in Iraq almost forgot. Like the normies.

  37. I’m reading a book called Sorry, Wrong Number by John Brignell. He was a scientist and engineer in the UK for his whole career and retired early to write this book in 2000 about the misuse of statistics and numbers by Academia and the media that are used to manipulate the populace. I’m going to quote something from the very beginning of the book.

    “I knew things were pretty bad out there but the sheer extent of deliberate cold-blooded abuse shook me”

    His second book, The epidemiologist have they got the scares for you! Is much angrier. I highly recommend both. They are essentially textbooks that help you to interpret everyday articles that the media puts out their. I think they’re out of print but you can still get them both. I did

    • Since Trotsky’s literal granddaughter heads the NIH, the second book is certainly important!

      The “over-vaccination now, over-vaccination forever!” crowd is a good example of today’s Z-post about instinctive defense.

      An authority introduces some policy, and sometimes it takes and is immediately enshrined. Not because people are stupid (I don’t think they are, being quite stupid myself), but because we don’t have time to sort out the 1,001 competing claims.

      I’m in the ‘too much of a good thing’ and ‘first, do no harm’ camps, so I suspect everything we’re told.

      • I’m sure my dead Trot parents are waving from the grave to the granddaughter of Lev Davidovich.

        I’ve yammered this many times. They don’t stop! A couple years ago I got to poking around in some memories. Back in the early 50’s, I remember my folks driving on a very dark stormy night across the Dumbarton Bridge into the hills somewhere around Woodside. They paid a visit to Joan London, daughter of Jack London, member of CPUSA.

        Got to wondering…..What the hell were my parents doing driving on such a rotten stormy night when they rarely went out at night? All three- my folks and Joan London- were communists. What was the meeting about? I never saw them make that drive again or with Joan London again. Jesus…were my parents imitating the Rosenbergs? Up to no good. This is fraught with suspicions to me.

        Have not researched to unearth any more. In my case the fruit does fall far from the tree. The stork brought me to the wrong house. Or I have a remarkable set of genetics to have broken free. And a wee spine of steel.

        • When did you take the red pill? And what got you to that point? And when? I’m assuming, like me, you’re in your early 70s.

          • Seriously…you wish to know? Not just platitudes? Not used to people being interested. If you do I won’t write an epic. Am in late 60s and chick canny about age…just to draw out the conversation…with humor..!.

          • Okay….Both parents were gone 2 years before 9/11. I lived the upside down Lefty family pyramid. No parents, aunt-uncle-cousin gone, daughter only one left and she just loves me and I love her so when I shifted she paused, wondered what the hell was up, we talked, and she went for the ride with me. No other close relatives to have a lousy Thanksgiving Dinner with made this easier. Friends were aging stoner nitwits and I was bored shitless with them and they were annoying. Still miss the old friends pattern but don’t miss their bullshit. 15+ years later my old friends and I are 180 degrees opposite on the great divide, and because it was like speaking Swahili across each other, it became nerve wracking, so they are off to Brigadoon and we don’t talk.

            The first dawning that I was a nitwit was while on the way with a placard to San Francisco to protest the Gulf War I remember thinking…” Shit..if anyone asks me why I’m doing this and to enumerate the actual politics, I Don’t Know!” I’m just doing this because this is my herd.” Did not sit right.

            I couldn’t stop the change. What my former world espoused, my Lefty parents’ and Bay Area world ideologies and what I saw..actually saw..what they Did sent me into more and more cognitive dissonance. In 2001, I hit my angle of repose and the sand cliff collapsed. I actually listened to “conservative” co-workers in water treatment. I listened. I worked a technical Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs job. Great $. Stopped listening to women bitch about unequal pay. I was living the dream. Bought my townhome…paid my first property taxes… and I woke up. Voted NONONONO ever since. Owning property changed me toward realism. I read Thomas Sowell Economics 101. The shift was rolling on. Working in Downtown Oakland and driving crummy neighborhoods in the Bay Area jarred me awake to Race Realism as I dodged death 3 times by Vibrants. No one I worked with noticed.

            I had little to lose…some but little. My brain, maybe by genetics, has a low threshold for cognitive dissonance. And I think and feel. Most people feel. Have since observed that most people contain large degrees of cognitive dissonance to the end of their days. Not me. Cognitive dissonance chews through me. Works for me to face the uncomfortable.

            In 2003, I sought out a group of conservatives to jaw with until crazy people began to show up. I studiously for years made an effort to think out my positions. Then last year woke up to realize nobody gives a shit. I won’t change anyone. The system has moved beyond Muh Constitution. Demographics woke me up. I’m a demographic bore because they tell the present and the future like a Statistical Swami. Very few wish to know.

            My move from the soul crushing Bay Area to western lands was a huge change and a new perspective.

            What I did to get on this side of the divide is rather un-chicklike. Have torn up my chick card a number of times.

            I can act as your translator to the other side of the divide.

          • Thank you for sharing your story, Range Front Fault. While my parents weren’t literal commies/trotskyites, they were typical lefty liberals and my journey was somewhat similar to yours (although it wasn’t property ownership that first woke me up but rather travel/living overseas). Like you, although I feel, I think and reason and accept almost nothing on someone else’s say so. And now, at almost 61, I am less inclined to put up with normie BS than ever. Must be a genetic anomaly we share!

  38. Giuliani’s now openly flaunting the lawlessness of the Trump regime, led by a guy who’d be in jail w/o a lawless AG & banana Republicans. AND Rudy is BULLYING a country at war, who needs US support to keep Russia from killing even more Ukrainians. It’s all so profoundly wrong

  39. 1. The Catholic church scandal had NOTHING to do with homosexuality. Rather it is an indictment on an evil institution that for a long time has done great perfidy and evil.

    2. Trump is FINISHED. This is it. We have proof of him COLLUDING with a foreign country to steal elections. Giuliani’s now openly flaunting the lawlessness of the Trump regime, led by a guy who’d be in jail w/o a lawless AG & banana Republicans. AND Rudy is BULLYING a country at war, who needs US support to keep Russia from killing even more Ukrainians. It’s all so profoundly wrong

    3. Obama never had a scandal. Basically all historians and media mogols agree. That tells you something right there.

    • A “deuce” in my neck of the woods is a hot, steaming pile of s***! That is EXACTLY what your above comment is!!

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