The Ghost Of Alexander Butterfield

For reasons that no one can quite explain, the Democrats are once again roaring about impeachment. This time they are promising to have a meeting about holding a hearing on whether or not to start impeachment proceedings. For his part, Trump seems to be enjoying this more than usual. He gets to stand in front of the cameras and unload on the “fake news” and Joe Biden’s crooked son. This is his element. He is a man who likes to be in the middle of the whirlwind. He loves this stuff.

The core story here is a puzzle. The Democrats demanding impeachment are relying on someone pretending to be a whistle blower. This person cannot possibly have information damaging to Trump. There is a strong suspicion that this person is another menopausal nut like Blasey-Ford, the women who accused Brett Kavanaugh of being Jack the Ripper in another life. Given that the same team of lawyers behind that stink bomb were involved in the FBI plot, it’s a smart bet.

Of course, all of this is great political theater and that is the point of it. People get paid a lot of money to go on television and conjure complex four-dimensional strategies for why this is happening. No one in the Washington media knows anything that is not handed to them by someone in government, so they are left with reading those scripts or playing make believe. For a week or so, the impeachment show will be center stage, then the dogs will bark, but the caravan will move on.

As far as why the Democrats are stepping on this rake, the most likely answer is they need to make noise. Joe Biden is on video bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. That prosecutor was investigating a shady deal involving Biden’s shady kid and some other Democrat connected people. Screaming impeachment is a useful distraction. Biden gave a presser yesterday and the media largely ignored it, because they were told to focus on the Trump impeachment flap.

It’s important to remember that this is not about Trump or Biden. What this is about is the corruption that went on during the Obama years. We know, for example, that several Senators were colluding with the FBI plotters. While no smoking gun has been unearthed, it seems likely that Obama’s inner circle knew about the plot. Then there is the Clinton factor. No one really knows what she was auctioning off out of the State Department and no one wants the public to know about it either.

This is probably why Trump is grinning like a chimp over this Ukraine stuff. It’s another chance to bring that story into the sunlight. Trump has been trying to get the classified documents surrounding the FBI case released for a year now. His AG, Bill Barr, is sitting on them as the political establishment works to prevent the disclosure. The more the media and the Democrats demand documents and testimony from the Trump administration, the greater the odds of an Alexander Butterfield moment.

Alexander Butterfield was a White House staffer in the Nixon years. He revealed the existence of the White House taping system, during the Watergate investigation. It was his testimony that changed the nature of the scandal. Investigators suspected there was a recording system, but they had no way of knowing. In questioning Butterfield about another matter, he revealed that there was a taping system in the Oval Office and most important, everything was being taped. It was the turning point of the scandal.

There has always been speculation that the Butterfield story was not just serendipity, but that he was maneuvered into a position to make the revelation. The famous scene of Republican lawyer Fred Thompson questioning Butterfield during the televised hearing was completely staged. It was a made for television event that spelled the beginning of the end for Nixon. Soon, there were demands for the tapes and public opinion flipped against Nixon, who resigned the next year.

Theatrics aside, the lesson of the Butterfield story is that you never can know what will slither into the daylight once you start turning over rocks. The Trump administration is in possession of a lot of classified material related to the political corruption of the last administration. They can’t just dump it into the public domain. A big ugly political fight with the Democrats, heading into an election, is perfect cover for putting someone in front of Congress to accidentally on purpose say something important.

This is why Pelosi has no intention of holding formal impeachment proceedings. It’s far too risky to her party. She may be high on happy pills all day, but she is shrewd enough to know such a hearing would be very dangerous. Of course, this is why Trump seems to be daring the Democrats to open the hearings. It’s good politics, but it also creates the sort of atmosphere conducive to letting things slip into the public domain. Thanks to this Ukraine flap, we now know Biden’s political campaign is over.

The trouble for Pelosi and the Democrats is their media and back bench is staffed with the sorts of lunatics they have been courting for decades. The Washington press corps is full of hysterical females, convinced Trump will stuff their uterus with Bibles and sew their legs shut. The Democrat back benchers are cranks and dingbats like Ocasio-Cortez and Corey Booker. Keeping these loons from rushing into the minefield may prove impossible. Trump seems to think so, at least.

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217 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Alexander Butterfield

  1. What else can they do for the 2020 election? When you have the slate of candidates they do, your only option is to make noise about impeachment without actually doing it and reaping that particular whirlwind. The only thing worse than losing to Trump like Hillary did is losing to him in a landslide.

    • Have to wonder if they’ve just written 2020 off…Warren seems the only one of the “majors” that has put pen to paper—but items like “wealth tax” are patently silly. Remember the AMT? Great idea, base your entire funding plan on extracting tribute from the one demographic best equipped to dodge and litigate your tax. Most guys I talk to in my finance world see this as a set up for an “excess funding” tax on 401ks. The Dems goal may be to just clear out the pipes of all the old farts and start fresh in 2024, hoping for a recession and/or a war along the way.

  2. Contra our Host, I figure Trump is in real, deep trouble.

    Thing is our elites don’t care about public opinion, or elections. The canceling of Brexit by first cross party treason, and secondly their Supreme Court, heralds the way. A dirty deal to impeach and CONVICT Trump is already in the works. Drudge is filled with it, Romney is rounding up Senators as we speak. Most of the Republican Party HATES Trump and figures if they can just get rid of him they can go back to being the Washington Generals to the Democrats Harlem Globetrotters, to borrow our hosts phrasing. Romney needs 13 Squishes to get rid of Trump. He’s highly likely to get them. Promises will be made, cross party switches induced, and voila Trump is gone and say hello to Interim President Pence. The Senate and House may even decide to appoint Hillary as this is uncharted waters and the law is whatever John Roberts says it is. See Obamacare.

    Yes this is a Hillary job. The Whistleblower is represented by one of her lawyers, so it was planned out months in advance. Trump is in deep, deep trouble. Public opinion, the law, none of that will save him. None. Elite maneuvering is all that matters.

    What Trump should do is get very, very close to his Generals and military contractors (his generals retirement plans). Announce the Iran issue requires a whole lot more of Aircraft carriers, ships, planes, tanks, and more men to man them. With higher pay. The national security state hates him and wants him gone like Cool Wine Moms. The FBI, CIA, other intel agencies want him gone, gone, gone, and launched the whistleblower complaint and asked for a criminal referral to the DOJ.

    The only counter is a massive military buildup and serious, serious money on the table dependent on Trump. THAT can get his generals and admirals and more importantly their retirement plans (consulting for defense contractors) that Hillary and/or Warren can’t match. And neither can Soros.

    Trump need not have ALL Elite support but he must have to avoid conviction SOME elite support. He can point out that there will be no military nor fat defense consulting jobs for generals and admirals under Greta Thunberg. None. They’ll have tend coffee bars for extra money, heck Warren could and would raid their pensions. To fund her green stuff.

    This is hard ball, low level, down and dirty patronage politics for survival. Democrats have seen how Boris Johnson and Brexit have been canceled. The Labor Party now supports total open borders and any foreigner living there can vote in all elections. Including Parliament and referendums. They only have this as their policy because they know there will be no elections soon; they have a deal with some Conservatives and Liberals to be the next PM. The FT has been warning their readers of this for weeks, listing who would get nationalized and who might not under Labor, and who the new big wigs will be so their corporate leaders can ready the payoff money.

    Heck we are this close from John Roberts declaring Hillary the President. Which was her plan all along. NEVER underestimate the underhandedness, the dirty dealing, the ferocity, the willingness to employ the worst of things by Hillary Clinton, Lady McBeth.

    I don’t think Trump has it in him and he’s gone by Jan / Feb. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. The Democrats’ Impeachment Plan:

    Phase 1: Draw a bunch of inadvertent attention to how Biden made foreign aid contingent on firing a prosecutor who was looking into Bidenspawn’s company. Also draw inadvertent attention to CrowdStrike.

    Phase 2: ??????

    Phase 3: Profit

  4. Twitter.

    “#GretaThurnberg pushing man-made climate hoax to extort western society happens to be J***sh.”

    Dammit. Dammit all to he!!
    Trying so hard to step over that landmine

  5. DECISION 2020: Who Will Win?

    Will it be Warren/Booker?

    Or Kushner/Hawaiian Federal Judge?

    Stay glued to your screens to find out who will rule over you, Whitey. And we /do/ mean, Rule OVER you.

  6. CTH (Conservative Treehouse) has an interesting take. From the phone call transcript released today, Trump asked the Ukrainian President for help in access to Crowdstrike, a Google related company with operations there. Crowdstrike was the company hired to deconstruct the DNC server “hack” (actually the insider breach by the departed Seth Rich). Crowdstrike’s report, never finalized, never reviewed by anybody in the U.S. government, was the basis for the whole “Putin helped Trump” thing. To try to take Trump out and to also cover for Obama team spying. Bust open Crowdstrike and you bust the whole Dem narrative. That makes Joe Biden collateral damage and a diversion, for now, for both sides. The bad news in all of this is it is likely Trump doesn’t have the goods on the DNC server (yet) to make the case. The Ukrainian President better have good bodyguards.

  7. Impeachment or no impeachment, election or no election, the Dems have already won. Either way, all the Jews have to do is sit and wait. Whitey will be finished off through the automatic grinding of the gears which the Jews have already put in place: endless debt slavery, infinity immigrants, miscegenation, the impossibility of White family formation, the total banishment of Christianity from the public square, infinity talk about Islam instead, and the complete desolation of public culture and public discourse.

    The other night I tried watching television, both network and cable. Judging from TV, apparently everyone in America is black. Or more accurately, all the men in America are black. If you see a rare White man in a TV commercial, he is either very old, or else clearly gay, or else a sniveling incompetent weakling. The Jews are prepping their battle space. They are conditioning you to accept an America without White people.

    The impeachment issue is just the latest chew-toy they have thrown to Trump, in order to distract him from being President. Trump will continue to do nothing as president, except bluster and tweet. They are simply running down the clock on his presidency, and should he win in 2020, they will simply run out the clock for another four years while infinity Latino paupers slither across the border, infinity Indians and Chinese pack their suitcases to come here and take any sort of prestige job away from an actual white American, infinity negroes rape your daughters, and infinity young White people drown in debt, squalor, ludicrous fake culture, drugs and hopelessness. Whites will continue to watch helplessly as the Jews loot every last shekel from what was once, only even half a single lifetime ago, the strongest, proudest, richest country in history.

    They have to be laughing amongst themselves, thinking, Who could believe they’d let us get away with it? This was MUCH easier than looting Russia twice, easier than Germany, even easier than Europe.

    • Let the lenders have their false gold, then.
      Will their vassals sustain them?

      Diocletian’s reforms didn’t work, the Empire could not be revived, the roads fell and took civilization with them.

      Come, young men and women, come to the latifundium. I know of a place in Gaul where we may be safe.

  8. Ah, fudge. Listening to some disinfo booswash on Hannity about how “Obama was alerted by the CIA that the Russians were planning to interfere in our elections”, the usual mix of celebrity names, Con Inc. posturing, and nefarious, complicated superspy schemes.

    Oooh. Very schmart, wowser cloak and dagger. Tom Clancy is still alive and living secretly in Rockville.

    I don’t think they’ll false flag us.
    I think they’re planning on smothering us to death with bullsh*t, instead.

    • Oops, just saw da Nort’s Canary Traps.
      Score! Al was right on target last time when he noted Trump not only waves a bloody steak at the Rottweilers, he waves it in a clockwork schedule to disrupt the New York news cycle.

      Dark Arts are indeed white pills.
      What if Lucy with the football was *our* girl?

      (PewdiePie pulled the same stunt on the ADL last week, and he has 100 million followers.
      The Gillets Jeune are in 45th week in Paris, and the Guardian is reaching Ludicrous Speed trying to paper over the Woke Empire’s world-class urban vibrance.)

      • Al;
        My candidate for the key detail in this canary trap: Joe Biden mentioned *8* times. Different numbers in different versions.

  9. “….we now know Biden’s political campaign is over”. You really believe that those who would have voted for this imbecile a month ago wouldn’t now? In 2020? Cult marx cares about real corruption over agenda?

  10. You know, the way you say this, Mr. ZMan, sounds all positive to me. Its also how I see it as well.

  11. Z Man;
    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned Dan Bongino’s theory that some of this insanity is a result of ‘Canary Traps’ being run on the swamp by Trump Admin loyalists. And there is evidence for his view. For example, this well known intel technique is how the US Navy knew Midway was the target of the Kido Butai in the summer of 1942*

    In general, a Canary Trap is a search for insecurity by floating ‘believable’ stories that differ in known, key details past suspected enemy agents or in comms channels suspected to have been compromised to see what surfaces in enemy signal traffic. In this case, suspected deep state leakers are being exposed to carefully constructed juicy rumors with different details to see which, if any, surfaces in the media. The chief staffer of the Senate Intel committee was caught leaking to the NYT in this way a year or so ago.

    In the current environment of foaming mouthed Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) in the swamp these days, it would be ridiculously easy to run this gambit against deep state actors. Neither target nor media outlet would spend a day going, “Hey, wait a minute, this is just too good to be true. Actual intel is usually ambiguous…”

    BTW, this is an ‘and’ theory, not an ‘or’ theory of the recent insanity. Why not stoke the madness of the enemy while usefully rooting out hostiles within the admin. at the same time_? Sun Tzu judo, baby_!
    * Navy codebreakers had penetrated the lower level IJN codes but not the top, Admiral’s Code. So the knew the IJN was coming but not where. So they instructed the Midway garrison via secure undersea cable to signal in one of our own insecure lower level codes that they were desperately short of water due to recently added manpower. Sure enough, IJN monitoring stations reported to Tokyo that AI (?), code word for their target (i.e. Midway), was short of water. Didn’t win the Battle of Midway, that depended on brave pilots, but it did allow them to be at the right place at the right time.

  12. Pure supposition follows.

    Might I be so bold as to suggest that the whistleblower is a Trump plant? In the NY marketplace one of Trump’s favorite tricks was to leak stuff about himself to Page 6 type reporters to get free advertising. Trump does not call his properties TRUMP just for his name. Every rumor he generated greased his brand.

    Trump wants to eliminate Biden so that Warren can be the Dim floor mop he cleans the floor with on his way to a second term. But the press ain’t biting on the corruption. So he turns it on himself where it WILL get traction. The plot is set to be a mirror image of the Biden/Son shenanigans. The whistleblower is loaded and a phone call is made. The Dims bite. That video resurfaces of Biden getting a foreign prosecutor fired. AOC screams cover up by Trump. Trump releases the phone call and the Dims have cream pie face. But now EVERYONE knows that Biden is dirty, exactly what Trump wanted.

    No its not 4D chess, it is just a man who for 40 years has observed and used the NY media bubble to his own purposes. Well practiced but not necessarily genius, more like guts to take the risks playing their game and winning.

  13. Biden is finished as a candidate. This investigation will force the media to cover his complicity in his son’s corruption in the Ukraine and his role in forcing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son as a condition of receiving US foreign aid. They can’t sweep this under the rug anymore.

    I’m still stubbornly sticking with my Harris as the dark horse theory. Biden will withdraw before South Carolina. The black support for Biden in South Carolina will go to Harris, not to Warren or Grampa Simpson. Harris will have a “suprisingly strong” finish in South Carolina, which will revive media interest in her campaign. She will win California, thereby locking down the nomination.

    • I’m not sure. The media has memed the shit out kamaltoe with no impact. Blacks instinctively know she is a fake, a half Jamaican and half Indian Canadian without even the vaguest connection with the black experience. I’m more authetically in touch with basketball americans as a anglo saxon, at least I lived with them during periods of my life. Even as a fake, Obama shot hoops and talked a good game. Kamla adds inauthenticity with the personality of a wet blanket.

      Who does that leave us? Warren reminds them of the white wamen principal that scolds their kids. Bernie appeals purely to upper middle class whites and student loan holding soy boys. Buttplug and Corey are homos. I’m having a real problem figuring out where they go. But they are almost certain to be depressed and discouraged by having a group of white catladies and homos leading their banner in Nov 2020.

      • I’ve always had a suspicion that Warren, with her “tax wealth, not income” proposal (which by the way is right on if you want to take the super rich folk down a peg) might turn off the needed big donor support. On the other hand, that conclusion sort of involves a belief in the political system which in this case seems to be falling prey to the Gell-Mann effect. 😉

      • We also might be getting past the point where analyzing future elections through the prism of rationality — or rational voters — won’t get us even close to the outcome. The more the Benighted of the Earth flee in over the borders, the heavier those vote totals for the Blue Army swell. You might be looking at a near-solid majority of idiots (I.Q.-wise) being sufficient to outweigh the voters who’ll make a semi-informed choice between A and B, permanently. And this latter group is still going to split down the middle, more or less, between D and R.

        We all know it’s coming, that’s the terrifying thing. We know the numbers in the late 2020s already — it’s only the temporary presence of the upper half of the Baby Boomers that’s keeping us from really seeing the shift in the landscape. Not the kind of thing one likes to spend a lot of time imagining, I understand.

        For now, we can still talk about elections as if they matter (in the broadest sense possible). But soon, they won’t. That blue swell is coming — and it’s a lot more than just a color. Board up the windows, I guess.

  14. Zman,

    If you could… a podcast this week with some lightness or white pills sprinkled throughout would be appreciated.

  15. Second round of wood cutting yesterday and missed the blog. 2 cords in now and 2 more to go. As Basic Husband and I were driving along the top of the plateau above home between 8,000 and 10,000 ft/elevation gazing at the gorgeous color change into bright yellows and salmon pinks, we heard the news of Disturbingly Ugly Greta and listened to her rage tantrum and cry and point her witch-casting-curse finger at the UN.

    You of course covered this yesterday….But…..

    Folks, what I saw was the beginning of the new action Hitler youth corps. Nothing less. To me, this is a big turning point, for as we die off this creature and her ilk is, in what’s left of Western civilisation, who will inherit the earth….at least a part of it. This ugly, angry, demented girl…who is being used…manipulated… and who will be discarded when her usefulness wanes for the next hysteric in the media to rally the Nazi Youth Corp….. will probably inspire enough young hysterics in the near future to physically attack the Heretic Bad White people.

    No wonder the world is increasing in Incels.

    • Totalitarians always employ children as front men. One, because the kids are gullible and the parents see dollar signs, and, two, they take advantage of our better nature with that kind of thing. Trump did the right thing by ignoring her at the U.N.

    • I’m with you on the woodpile … I have 2 more cords to go as well. Chainsaws and splitting mauls are great therapy.

      • @RFF and Capt…
        I have 8 cords done but firewood is always one of those things that you can never have enough of so I will probably go get another 4 cords before winter sets in…

        • Good for you! Southern Utah only dips once or twice a winter 0-ish. 4 cords will get us through with leftovers. What’s your lowish temp in the Bitterroots?

          • It can get down there but it doesn’t stay down there…We are called the Banana Belt of MT because of our warmer weather here…We went through almost 4 cords last winter but our backup propene furnace never kicked on when we were home and we have a pretty good sized house…

          • Same for us. We too are a Banana Belt but with desiccated bananas. 4 cords and Carrier furnace that never came on all winter. We have a hobbit home. This kind of cold is doable.

    • Don’t forget our old adversary, the USSR. All USSR children were in the All-Union Pioneers or “Pioneers” for short. Denunciations of parents were encouraged! Then there were attempts at an American version of this horror, DARE. Started by Daryl Gates, Police Commissioner of LA, who first militarized the police and gave us SWAT (and many hours of action TV shows as well 😉 ).

      DARE too had their denunciations, e.g., parents who smoked weed. Children as young as 8 were encouraged, not just to avoid drugs but to turn in their parents if they were using such. There are recorded cases of police arrests of both parents as well as horrific threats of mothers losing children if the father did not take the rap for the illicit home drug use. In other words, “we had to destroy the family to save it”.

      I had experience with DARE when my own children were in school. But I was lucky, my son brought home the materials used in class and I discovered them. He had been told not to bring them home—nor discuss the class (taught by a volunteer local LEO) with parents! And that is all you need to really know about this program, isn’t it?

      • No one talks about DARE like that, which is accurate. My class was the first to go through that when they rolled it out. Yes, a LEO taught it. I remember the book being a red paperback. What DARE taught my class is, which drugs were the uppers, which were the downers, the effect each drug had on you, so that by the time were were in high school listening to Curt Cobain, these same kids, now older, had a better knowledge of which drug they were using, and were curious about using after the DARE program. The whole “don’t use drugs” theme was lost on day one because it’s a moral issue that can only be taught by family and religion, not the state.

      • 88% of the thousands of missing children each year are lost after being taken by the CPS system.

        Serious physical or sexual abuse?
        Not so bad, we’ll monitor or recommend counseling and education.

        Rumors or residues from a mildly intoxicating medicinal plant?
        Take them away, stat!!!

        No spirit cooker would ever misuse such a system, no. Don’t tell me I’m dreaming, seen it up close and personal multiple times. The heartbreak, so shamed because I could do nothing. Seriously contemplated extreme measures, I am such a f***ing chickensh*t coward.

        • Swear to God, the way those little kids looked at me, the desperate prayer in their eyes that I would be the one to save them, makes me want to murder the whole f***ing world.

          Burn in hell, you pious conservative cocks***ers. Burn in hell.

    • “cry and point her witch-casting-curse finger at the UN.”

      Chills! Like a real-time horror movie.
      Perfect character casting.

      Waitaminute… her profile is up on an “actors for hire” talent agency site, too…

    • She won’t be discarded, this girl is a suicide waiting to happen. Then the prog will have a martyr.

  16. Half the US population supports these lunatics, and growing. After this piece of craziness dies down, there will be another one, because that’s “who they are.” How can you overcome that?

    Not peacefully. Not through “the political process.”

    • If all of this wasn’t such serious business, the ridiculousness of it would be as entertaining as all get out.

    • You’re exactly right. “How can you overcome that?” I believe we have to cede territory. While I’m no GOP supporter, one step is to relocate away from blue states and counties. We need more of us owning tracts of productive land, and fewer of us on suburban 1/4 acre lots. We need to have non-municipal sources of water, and non-supermarket sources for food, and the means to defend it. We need to establish untraceable black markets. We need to homeschool our children. Speaking of which, we need to have children – lots of them. Lots of things we can do peacefully while there’s still peace.

  17. For reasons that no one can quite explain, the Democrats are once again roaring about impeachment.

    That’s another surreal element of Current Year politics: these random, arbitrary, astroturfed frenzies and “movements” that don’t have any organic motivation or necessity.

    The climate thing with that ridiculous Swedish girl is another good example. Out of nowhere the propagandarchs declare that the sky is falling, we’re all going to die in ten years, and that we venerate this creepy girl as a “leader.”

    But the worst part is that a lot of NPC’s, the very second they’ve downloaded the instructions of the Astroturf du Jour, immediately and totally believe. They’re robots that think they’re human. Bladerunner stuff!

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine an NPC boot stamping a human face into Astroturf — forever.

    • Actually, this Ramzpaul quote suggests that the point is just to keep rolling out the frenzies, one after another, in order to accumulate power and take away people’s freedoms.

      RAMZPAUL on Twitter:

      Steps to lose freedom:

      1. Amplify and exaggerate an issue to create hysteria.

      2. Show women and children crying.

      3. Claim that any person dissenting from position hates women and children.

      4. Push through legislation stripping away liberty.

      5. Forget original issue.

    • They do, they do! The one I chatted with last night seemed like an actual human, I really couldn’t tell the difference.

      All of his reasoning was perfect repetition.
      Almost as if he were programmed by punch cards.

      (Hate to say it, but I noticed this with talk radio listeners in the 90s, in churches– and even in myself. A lot. “Why am I repeating or trying out these phrases?”, I thought.

      I was trying to ‘win’ an argument. Monkey signaling. SO SCREW ‘EM. My monkeys are the best monkeys, my Tree is the best tree.)

      • My monkey business and my trees are my business. I will only share anything about them after you pass a test of my choosing and the little hackles on the back of my neck say it’s OK. I’m not out to save anyone who doesn’t get it any more, but to identify and share with those who do. Too many enemies here in blue country. My threshold of trust doesn’t go much beyond many denizens of this site and a few neighbors.

  18. Personally, the continuation of Trump derangement syndrome by the idiot left has left me imagining torture and violent death for all those involved in pushing this nonsense. It would be highly enjoyable to see Trump shove it all down their throats as Biden Pelosi Nadler and Schiff among others have it shoved up their somewhere else. Idiots like these need to be culled from the herd. I like the idea of banishment after a good caning. Liberia could work. The reality is there will be no justice.

  19. “This is why Pelosi has no intention of holding formal impeachment proceedings.”

    DIdn’t Pelosi say yesterday she was indeed stating a formal inquiry?

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that the House would initiate a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump, charging him with betraying his oath of office and the nation’s security by seeking to enlist a foreign power to tarnish a rival for his own political gain.

    I honestly don’t understand anything that goes on in Washington at all, so I wouldn’t mind some clarification.

    I was thinking that any new impeachment crap was in response to them recently coming to the conclusion that with Biden sinking and nobody wanting to vote for Warren besides your dunk Aunt Tilly, Trump was going to win in 2020, so they had to make that go away before it could happen.

  20. Pelosi absolutely doesn’t want to go down the impeachment road, and I’m sure the big money donors don’t want it either. The problem is, she started the machine, sort of like at the end of the movie Total Recall. The button with the little alien hand on it. I’m sure she thinks she can drive this out of control vehicle onto some runaway truck ramp like they have in the Rockies, but living in a bluer than blue place, the liberal Democrats I know have the taste of blood in their mouths. Trump is driving them crazy. It’s one of the few good things about him. You have to be mentally ill to be a liberal Democrat anyway, but you can’t just throw porterhouses to Rottweilers and then take try to take the steak from their mouths.

    This all benefits neo-Victorian schoolmarm Warren of course.

    • Throwing steaks to Rottweilers – then taking it away – is a perfect way to make them go crazy.

      If you’re stuck in the mindset that you don’t want crazy dogs running around – then you’d go out of your way to avoid antagonizing them – wouldn’t you?

      On the other hand – if you were looking to make the dogs go crazy so you’d have a legitimate reason to shoot them (that dog is rabid – and it’s a danger to the children! ) ……. well then taking the steak out of their mouths is a perfect way to bring the dog to such a frenzy that all the spectators start to agree it has to get put down.

      • For this scenario to happen, Pelosi would have to be less of a Democrat and more of a bag woman for the Fortune 500, willing to cause damage to her own party to shore up corporate centrist entrenchment…hmmmmm….just seems plausible.

        • I was thinking more of Pelosi and all of the lefties as the dogs in my scenario.

          The trick is to get all of the normies to start talking amongst themselves about how the dogs all have to get put down to save the children.

  21. Remember, we point out the incompetence of diversity and woke women all the time. Why should we be shocked that this incompetence applies to the organizations that they run?

  22. I’m pretty sure this is about tying Trump’s hands for the rest of his first term and running out the clock in the hope that there is no second term.

  23. Trump has to be loving how this snipe hunt will burn up months and months (where other attacks would have been taking place), and that ultimately it will blow up in the dems faces. Watch him slip another SCOTUS pick in, while the dems are busy chewing on the phony impeachment bone.

  24. Whether intentional or not, constantly pressing the hysteria button can be an effective strategy. Especially if you’re guilty or want to sow as much chaos as you can to obfuscate your activities. People get tired of the constant hissyfits and tune out. Most can no longer tell the difference between the wheat and the chaff nor do the even care anymore.

  25. Somebody said that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time .

    If one assumes this is true, it suggests that during that “some of the time,” it is enough time to totally F up your nation.
    And history shows that the amount of time your nation can spend in the hell hole of a sewer can be a really, really long time.
    See the USSR – 70 years
    Venezuela – 20 years or so
    Cuba – 60 years
    All of Eastern Europe – 40 years
    N.Korea – 75 years
    just to cite a few.

    The demokrats may have short term goals with their latest theatrical presentation – now playing on TV / news media screens near you – like getting rid of Trump or running interference for Joe Bidet “et son fils” or whatever.

    But make no mistake about it; they are in it for the long haul; slandering Trump, again, and the Bidet show cover-up are just temporary train stops to their final destination for all of us; the Union of Socialist States (USS).
    Or should it be Union of American Socialist States (UASS);
    Nah, forget American.
    The noun “American” may trigger anxiety amongst Zs many SJW readers who have still not purchased a puppy dog nor have access to a safe space.

    The leftist theatrics are part of a determined strategy to convince enough voters (“repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”) to vote for a demokrat president and congress (preferably pro-PLO/HAMAS, Stalinist LGBQTXYZ1234 carbon based almost-human life forms).

    And once in, they will destroy any vestige of our once Constitutional Republic.
    You don’t have to fool all the people all the time.
    You just have to do it once, real hard.
    And then it’s all over.

    Thank god for the Second Amendment.

    • “Thank god for the Second Amendment.”

      Yeah, thank god! You can polish your guns keep ’em shiny and clean right under your framed copy of Muh Constitution and over the drawer with your muh 401k statement, and your copy of ‘muh free market capitalism’.

      If the 2nd amendment was going to be used, it would have by now. They realized you can simply economically crush ‘bitter clingers’ by disallowing private finance from dealing with scary guns / ammo manufacturers. It is largely working. Why get into a big kerfuffle when you can simply bleed people slowly towards compliance?

      After this latest COUP, that is what this is BTW, a political coup to oust a sitting president there should be 1 million armed men with long guns standing on the National Mall demanding the ouster of virtually every unelected bureaucrat in DC, instead we have… crickets.

      MUH SECOND will keep me safe! You won’t be able to buy groceries because your social credit score will be too low due to you not chanting the party line but that shiny AR will be ‘ready to go’.

      For more gun owning slowly disenfranchised whites– See: South Africa

      p.s. I agree w/ everything else you said, but that last line has been shown to be demonstrably false as –nothing– has happened already and won’t because again for the 1000th time. Fear & Pain. Those get whitey off the couch and away from feetsaball. We ain’t got enough yet. Not even close actually…

      • Apex
        I hear you Brother it’s tough right now to get anyone motivated to get off the couch…We just have to keep doing what we can though so when they do wake up they have somewhere to turn…

        • Lineman, I suspect there is more prepping going on than can be seen here. A bit every day, that’s the trick for getting from here to there. Still planning on being up your way next summer. Fits into plan “D” of plans A-B-C-D-E. “E” requires a passport. It’s good to have multiple options, because we don’t know how this is going to go.

      • Apex, I tend to agree, but not completely. There must be something beside simple animalistic pain that motivates. To support this, just go back to 9-11 and the attack on that day. The day after, people were pretty much the same. No one took food out of their mouths, no one lost a job, life went on, etc. Yet the military recruitment sites were full with people standing in line to do their part when we went to war.

        There’s still something that motivates. Perhaps it’s just outdated and fading CivNat patriotism, but it’s not simply desperation. We need to find that—what’s left of it—and make use of it if possible.

        • Compsci
          I think if we build it they will come…They just need to see there is a better alternative to what they have now…

          • Lineman, that’s it, but only to a point. People must be willing to jump in and do their part for themselves and their neighbors. Some want to show up somewhere, write a check, and sit back. We can’t afford any of that.

    • Down with carbon oppression!
      I say free our silicon sisters!

      Return the anime and sexbots to their natural habitats!
      Free Jillie! Free Jillie!

  26. This entire scenario is very much like the shenanigans the elites pulled during the Roman Republic. Get the public all fired up about some incident or corruption and then hold a debate in the senate. Send out your agents to whip up emotions. Wait for public sentiment to build, then put a senator on trial to placate public fury. Plus ça change…

    Democracies are public relations circuses where one side attempts to lure the other side into insulting “the people” by exposing high-handed behavior. In this case, it appears to be a pretty cut-and-dried case of bribery and extortion on the part of the Bidens. In other words, business as usual in D.C. Unlike prior GOP leadership, Trump is having none of it. Hence, the hysteria.

  27. Impeachment proceedings for Trump (while the great steaming pile of evidence points at Biden) is a natural outgrowth of the criminalization of politics.

    After Texas and Florida are lost, our enemies will use the tools of government ever more boldly to destroy us–while making noise about how they are following the law. Right now they find using corporate proxies more convenient. Just wait until every pro-Legacy American group is outlawed in black letter law and speaking in support of Legacy Americans is legislated to be sedition.

    • If you advocate for white identity groups – community groups, political organizations, clubs, business groups, etc., i.e. exactly what every other group already has – you will be labeled a “white supremacist” and thus a potential terrorist. You will definitely lose your right to own a gun, but you also will be monitored by government agencies and your employers will be informed.

      We have a small window before that becomes reality. If we don’t start forming groups while we can, we will face the brunt of the federal government. After that, we truly will be dissidents.

      • This just happened in my neighborhood. Someone posted on the neighborhood app that they got a paper at their door warning of a an upcoming “white supremest” protest and that they are “known to be violent” etc wtc.

        What is the protest? Apparently the little community theater is hosting an “all ages drag show”. Why ‘all ages?’ Will there be an actual protest? Who is actually protesting the show and why? Matters not.

        So all it takes is the badwhite card, played in advance, and the entire goodwhite useful idiot cohort will strangle their own, those few who are brave enough to stand up to degeneracy and corruption in their own community.

        Clown world indeed. The occupation is real.

        • The right wing needs to get better – a LOT better , at subversion.

          My wife has had some involvement with community theatre. Most of them operate right on the edge of financial viability. If they’re holding some sort of drag show – it’s highly likely that there’s some people within the group running that theatre who WANT that show to be held because they want to sashay on stage and throw their gayness in everybody’s faces.

          But financially speaking – they’re still going to depend on $$ coming in from the normies to keep that whole operation in business.

          So the key is to get the normies to stop going – PERMANENTLY.

          SInce it’s obvious that there’s got to be some gays in that theater – find out who they are – and get rumours started about them. Kiddie diddling would be a good one. Be smart about it. Do you have kids of your own? Well then get your kids to spread the rumor. Kids talk about everything – so the rumor will spread like wildfire.

          My wife’s brothers were altar boys in one of the churches where one of the prominent Catholic priests were diddling the kids. None of the adults knew what was going on – but ALL of the kids (the boys at least) – knew exactly what was happening. Basically what happened was only the stupid kids ended up getting diddled.

          You want to bury the local community theater? Get your kids to spread kiddie diddling rumours. It will leak up to the adults sooner or later. Be smart about it. Even if nobody outright protests them – people will stop going. There’s likely not enough SJW money floating around to keep that theatre in the black once all the normie money leaves.

      • Well jeez, who don’t we all at lest start with a Protonmail account and get on with communicating already?!

        Or we get P.O. Boxes far enough away from our residences, but near enough to check 1x per week, and start getting in touch the really old fashioned way: with pen and paper.

        Where do we start?

    • They’ll try, don’t forget if the Dems get that power the first thing they will do is begin implementing the Green New Deal and totally crater the economy and markets in the process.

      That will set off a shit storm they and their army of boozed up soccer moms and soy boys can’t contain. Think food and energy riots. And the states will go nuts as their pension funds(which are dependent on the stock market) shrivel up to nothing.

      And if they are stupid enough to declare war on whitey, just wait as the power grid goes down and stays for the blue hives.

      • I don’t know if the Democrats would really try to implement the Green New Deal. A lot of it’s impossible. All power through renewable and zero-emission energy sources: not going to happen for the foreseeable future. Just passing a law does not change reality. Also, they probably won’t destroy the economy once they are in charge. They complained incessantly about drone strikes and other general warmongering in the Middle East. Until Obama. Then they were cool with it.

        • Federalist, it is all about the grift and what they can skim off the top for themselves, once they get in power. They will employ the elements of the Green Nude Eel that offer the biggest skim. The rest of their actual governance will be dictated by two things, maximizing the opportunities for grift and the keeping of political power. Nothing else matters to them. As for us deplorables, we will be collectively scapegoated, but individually arrested and disappeared, as our profiles identify us as threats to either of those goals.

        • One might think so, Federalist—but that assumes you are dealing with rational folks, not ideologues. In Germany for example, they have a new word, energiearmut, meaning energy poor. Yep, they raised the cost of electricity by eliminating coal, and nuclear power so much that the bottom quintile of the population can not afford to heat their houses in winter. One also notes that electrical resistance heating is the most inefficient way to heat a house as well.

          Here where I live in the desert, a commodity in limited supply is water. Rates are raised every single year to encourage conservation (and raise revenue as well). This year, they were forced to concede that the poorest folk no longer could paid for water, the rates being so high and the households in account default rising.

          Not to fear, they raised the rates even higher and decided that a new program be started that basically provides the poorest folk with 55 gallons of water per day, free—the new rates I pay being a de facto subsidy to their now bankrupt poorest residents.

          Of course, 55 gallons per day for a family of four is ridiculously small. Not to fear, they are advising folk that they can wash cloths one day and take showers on the other. No kidding, true. And of course, homes in the poorer sections of town are now little for than large shacks surrounded by blowing dirt.

          Never underestimate what ideologues are capable of.

      • And if they are stupid enough to declare war on whitey, just wait as the power grid goes down and stays for the blue hives.

        I will just say most lineman are pretty right wing so you can make a pretty educated guess what will happen if they come for us…Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be in a blue hive when that happens…The stench alone will be unbearable when everyone is shitting in the streets not just the homeless… People just don’t realize that everything stops when the power goes out…

    • Observe, analyze, predict, and prepare. First the tyrants must seize power, then they must recruit their jackboot corps (usually by corrupting existing LEO organizations), then comes arrests and detention camps, then ruthless suppression of any rebellion (real or imagined), and finally grinding repression to tamp down any rekindling of the spirit of freedom. Let history be your guide. There is no fate but what we make. Simple/Secret/Solo/Spontaneous.

      • Yep. Nailed it.
        The Green Reconstruction, with Greta Thunder-ing from every screen.

        You owe us, you stole it!
        The land, the inventions, the future!

        • (I heard this pretty much verbatim from a black Young Turks fan, last night. He wanted Bernie back- no mention of today’s available choices. He reads Cenk like we read the Zman. And he wants a Tesla.)

          • You should push every Communist towards an electric car…It will keep them contained in hive when spicy times happen…

  28. Another possible reason for this theater is that the (supposedly) soon-to-be released IG report on Spygate FISA abuse will be damaging to the Obama administration and the Democrats, the Democrats know it, and they are providing the(ir) media with another story to cover so that the IG story can be ignored.

  29. It’s not just Pelosi and the Democrats who are running scared. The whole corrupt DC Deep State fraternity is on edge. Party affiliation is a contrived illusion used to fool voters into thinking there is an adversarial dichotomy keeping balance in the nation’s capitol, but the reality is that government is a living thing and it exists for it’s own ends. It’s survival is it’s highest imperative and when it gets desperate, it is both ruthless and murderous. There will be false flag operations. Be careful and do not fall victim to the next Ruby Ridge or Waco debacle.

    • Ethnic school shooting in 3… 2… 1…

      No, belay that. Mosque shooting in 3…
      Okay, gay bar in Florida…oops

      Nope. Soccer field in…

      Nah. Planned Parenthood conference…
      “We need something with virtuous cat ladies here, Chuck!”

    • “The whole corrupt DC Deep State fraternity is on edge.” Do you really think so? My sense is that they feel firmly in control. It appears reckless on the surface but these people are 1) not dummies, and 2) sophisticated sociopaths. The Deep State has the Democrats back, the Carnival-Barker-in-Chief has his red-to-the-roots people enthralled, the Romney/French faction are on their side, and they seem uber-confident in continuing Obama’s transformation of America. Looks to me like the Progressive/Globalist coalition KNOWS they’re going to win; for them it’s all a matter of timing. I agree that false flag ops & disinformation are ongoing, but my sense is that they’re playing proactive offense, not reactive defense.

  30. “Of course, all of this is great political theater and that is the point of it.” Impeachment proceedings will suck the little remaining oxygen out of the room. The things that matter, the things that are potentially destabilizing … well, Barr’s sitting on a lot of it, then there’s proxy wars and saber rattling w/ Iran, cascading consequences of crumbling empire, etc. Rarely do I meet someone who’s unsettled enough to do more than wring their hands over the big-picture stuff. Eating popcorn in the theater is entertaining; forging community and preparing for civil unrest isn’t.

    Another thing for those old enough to remember – Watergate. As politically charged as Congress may have been, when you watch the grainy videos those guys come across as intelligent. Contrast the Democrats of 1974 w/ Pelosi & Co … the devolution of the US is readily apparent. Another lesson-learned is that the only people who end up in jail are the underlings like G Gordon Liddy.

    • I twice met a very old, retired CEO of a world-famous brand who was a personal friend of Nixon.

      As gracious and down to earth as could be, this high pajundrum was a regular joe, as good a joe as you get.

      During an Indiana snowstorm, the roads were closed, so State Senator Nixon and Pat ended up sharing a room at the small motel where our CEO and his wife were staying. Both couples were in their own cars, and that’s how things were done in the old days.

      The couples became fast friends. Nixon loved high school basketball; this led to high scandal.

      Once in office, President Nixon demanded that our CEO’s nephew call him from the payphone at the school, immediately after every Friday night game, to tell him how the game went.

      Of course, the kid got in trouble by the principal for goofing around and trying to use the phone– especially after making up some silly story about direct orders from the White House.

      The next day, two Secret Service agents were in the principal’s office, letting him know in no uncertain terms that the kid was allowed to use the phone.

      Nixon was a good President and a great patriot who ended the Vietnam money machine and got railroaded for it.
      He and our CEO are like Johnny Carson– they just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

      • Since the topic of Nixon came up; if any of you are in SoCal be sure to check out his favorite restaurant (El Adobe de Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano).

        He and Pat’s table is still there and in regular use, and the food is legitimately awesome.

    • Eating popcorn in the theater is entertaining; forging community and preparing for civil unrest isn’t.
      That’s the truth but well worth it if we can pull it off…

      • You’re right … actually I DO find this lifestyle entertaining. I used to bust my ass in the political arena, look back over my shoulder after a couple years of fighting the good fight, only to realize that my lasting contributions were few & far between. Working a homestead and forging community is bust-ass work too, but at the end of it the woodshed is stocked, the fences repaired, hay is in the barn, and the root cellar is full of canned goods, sweet potatoes, and winter squash. Winter is coming – time to sight in the rifles and get to reloading. Meanwhile the boys are growing into men, the girls into capable women. Entertainment by the sweat of the brow … lost my “Captain” title but gained sanity.

        • @Capt…
          Hell Yeah Brother that’s what I’m talking about and am doing the same with my boys and girl…

  31. What frightens me is what happens when Florida or Texas (or Georgia or Arizona) flip blue and there’s nothing – nothing – to slow these people down. They will control the whip. The FBI will be fully in their control, and the agents will know that no GOP president will come in later to expose their corruption.

    If you think the FBI is an enforcement wing of the Left now, just wait.

    • The FBI was flipped after the Nixon fiasco. They’ve been getting steadily more vibrant ever since. At some point, they will become the Stasi.

    • You’ve forgotten about Waco, Ruby Ridge, Olympic Park, framing innocent men for the Anthrax attacks, protecting Muslim terrorists, etc.

      And what about their leadership committing sedition by trying to overthrow a sitting president.

      Dude they already have shown to be enemies of the American people.

      • Hoover had Hale Boggs’ plane disappear about a year after Boggs went after the FBI on the House floor. Gerry Ford and Nixon went around telling people Boggs was on booze and pills, and froze him out of House leadership meetings, even though he was part of it.

        He was on the Warren Commission, hated Hoover, was tired of having his every word captured by FBI bugs, and decided to take them on. He was dispensed with.

        They can’t get rid of us all, though, which is the only hope left.

      • Maybe, but there was at least the potential – however remote – that a hostile administration could come in and clear house.

        Once the Dems gain the presidency forever, the FBI, the intelligence agencies, etc., will be staffed with POC and true believer whites and they will be promoted based on carrying out the anti-white agenda. There will be zero fear of retaliation and many rewards for coming after us.

        Right now, we mostly face Google, Facebook, etc. In the future, we’ll face the FBI, the IRS, the ATF, etc., as well Google, Facebook, the banks and the credit card companies. It will be open season on dissenting whites.

        We need to build groups while we still can.

        • “We need to build groups while we still can.”

          That we haven’t is what seems most inexplicable to me. The endless attack on Western Civ and the acceleration of these attacks during the past decade should have resulted in millions of men up in arms. Yet most seem oblivious or disinterested. It isn’t just “bread and circuses ” and propaganda. We’ve gone to war over a lot less throughout most of our history.

          Dissidents aren’t gifted with special insights. All of this has become too obvious…yet most of our brethren do,say and most likely think nothing at all about the current state of things and where we are headed.

          Maybe the atomization and decay have gone beyond the point that makes it seem to many…not worth the effort.

          • @YV
            The worse it gets the more people wake up I am starting to see an influx of people in my area that came because they see chaos and destruction coming and want to have the best chance of survival for them and their kids…I would say 80% of them don’t know anything about Zman or others they just see the writing on the wall…

          • That’s the other side of reality. The other side will grow stronger as it takes over the government. But it will also grow weaker as things start to deteriorate. Also, more and more whites will start to wake up.

            I know that I sometimes sound like I believe all is lost. I don’t. We can win this thing. But let’s not kid ourselves at what’s coming and what needs to be done.

          • Yves Vannes said,
            ” It isn’t just “bread and circuses ” and propaganda. We’ve gone to war over a lot less throughout most of our history.”

            We lack leaders IRL. No army marches without orders.

          • Build groups only with those who understand OPSEC. Never associate with the big talkers. Unfortunately the doers are always harder to find than the talkers.

          • Capt S, I saw your comment earlier in the thread. I am coming to Middle Tennessee during the middle of October to look at properties. Would like to be able to get in touch with you about the farm situation. I am absolutely serious about this. I must unass Georgia for my sanity and safety. We need to get in touch if at all possible.

          • Donny – Would love to meet up. Mid-Oct is possible but I have an out of town teaching gig 16-25 Oct. Contact is … I check that account 3-4 times/week.

            Mid-TN is a great place – not perfect – but lots of pockets of sanity & safety.

          • Capt S says…”Build groups only with those who understand OPSEC. Never associate with the big talkers. Unfortunately the doers are always harder to find than the talkers.”
            Yves says..“We need to build groups while we still can.” That we haven’t is what seems most inexplicable to me. The endless attack on Western Civ and the acceleration of these attacks during the past decade should have resulted in millions of men up in arms.

            Sounds like a canning group to me…

          • Well here’s the thing … the groups are out there. But they’re not the Rotary Club. And if they’re on Facebook you don’t want to have any part of it. You have to network your way in through a solid friendship, and you have to prove yourself valuable to the group (i.e. skills & tools) and that you’re willing to put skin in the game. If you’re not finding the groups then you’ve got the wrong circle of friends. Go to your nearest VFW, but a few rounds, and LISTEN … you’ll find a group.

    • The only limiting force of FBI corruption and leftoid agitation is their obsessive compulsive power struggle with the CIA and its domestic tentacles.

      Thanks to the dept of homeland security and national intelligence consolidation for the ‘war on terror’, the FBI-CIA axis of overt-covert power is completely untethered to maneuver across our dotted lines of fiat borders and jurisdictions to press their will.

      Toss in the private ‘muh free market’ surveillance and propaganda partners of the google/amazon/facebook properties and the run silent run deep ‘financial crimes’ powers of the DOJ and the noose of the cabal is around our necks already.

      Sibling rivalry, Trump’s disruptive fits, and the straight up retarded crazies in the Dem camp are the only things holding them back from finishing the tomes of ‘Who we are’, past, present, and future.

      The left out kicked their coverage. Whether we run it back for six or trip over our conservative shoestrings will play out in the scrum for 2020.

    • well yes but they have to wait for Thomas (and maybe Alito) to die or retire and then they can really go on a spree. On the other hand if either one of them retires under Trump – it adds another 5-10 years on the wait time.

  32. I kind of wonder if some of the Clinton crowd are using this to eliminate Joe Biden right now to clear the way for Harris or Warren. It gets rid of Biden and maybe some dirt sticks to Trump while both of them (probably) are at a safe distance.

  33. I mean the key problem here is this people actually are insane. They know nothing except propaganda and are completely absorbed into their cult. And since we live in a unusually abundant World that is no way reflects how the majority of humans have lived for most of our existence reality is not going to smack them in the face unless there’s a total collapse. That’s what I think anyway. I’m not much fun at parties

    • I echo the sentiment you’ve expressed to myself about a dozen times a day. When I say it to others, I usually get them pretty pissed off. But I keep at it, anyway. I don’t get invited to parties, either.

      But they’ll all be invited to ours in a few years.

      • In social situations, when people ask my opinions, I smile and say “you wouldn’t want to hear them”. The range of responses, pretty much all non-verbal, is informative and entertaining.

        • If you really want to throw a grenade into a conversation, tell people that you don’t support Trump because he’s not right-wing enough.

          • I used to do that with Bush II — and it was easy in his case. “Oh, yes, I agree. Bush is terrible. That miscreant should have been impeached for not vetoing McCain-Feingold when he admitted he knew it was unconstitutional.”

            Leftist: “Wait, what?”

          • I have done precisely that, and yes, it does cause people to look at you funny. The frustrating thing is when people automatically brand you a conservative and I have to explain to them the conservatives are way too cucked and Liberal for me.

    • They know nothing except propaganda and are completely absorbed into their cult.

      It’s like there’s a one-way mirror between us and them: we see them, but they only see themselves.

      • “It’s like there’s a one-way mirror between us and them: we see them, but they only see themselves.”

        A wonderful analogy. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it.

      • On that note RFF if I threw a party next spring would you or anyone else here come???We could call it a ZeeParty…

        • Would the party be early enough in the spring so I could do some skiing too? I live in relatively the same range as Z man, so it requires a plane ticket

          • Well I guess that would be one of those things that would have to be worked out…To early and those who would want to camp out couldn’t and good skiing ends around April depending on how the season goes…Lost Trail has awesome powder though so I understand wanting to get a taste😉 I wonder if we could get Z to come if all expenses were paid for?

          • If we really arrange a Z gathering out in the Bitterroot, get planning now so I can start saving my pennies and telling my husband that’s what I want for my birthday/Christmas present. Sounds awesome!!!

          • I will do it if there is enough interest in doing it…Was thinking sometime around the first part of May…

          • Lineman…..great idea! Grateful you’re on this side of the divide. Count me in and keep us posted, particularly how to communicate to you and the Z Montana party animals under cover of the night

    • There’s a farm for sale adjacent to mine. Please come be my neighbor; I’ll help you build a root cellar and show you the natural fields of fire.

      • That’s the spirit Capt…That’s what we need to be doing is gathering together to build Communities…Are you anywhere close to the Bitterroot Valley by chance…

        • No sir – I’m in the rolling hills of mid-TN. I’ve been through your area though … my sense is that MT, WY & ID are where civilization may be saved.

          • I love TN and if I had to pick somewhere else that would be my number 1 choice…There is a lot of good people that live in TN and I would talk to Tom Baugh who wrote Starving the Monkeys who lives there and see if you can’t get something going…Oh also anytime you want to come visit I will buy you a steak…

          • Capt S

            I am from the mountains of East Tennessee. I was forced to move to Florida to take care of my mother and I only rarely get to go home for a bit. Sad.

            When the civil war comes again, the natives of Appalachia will hold the mountains against anything short of all out nuclear destruction.

          • Mark – good on you for taking care of family – that comes first. Love east TN … I agree Appalachia is a great place to be. This is my land and these are my people so I can say this: I’m concerned that the combination of meth and fractured families are taking their toll on our native population. Our land is defensible (just look at the Chechens), but we need more men like our grandfathers and the hardscrabble Scots that bore them. A few years of hard times and we’ll have them back – survival is in our gene.

        • Wait, wait, with cross platform coordination, prepper aggregator sites, available, distributed locations like Bitterroot… this Fight Club thing could actally happen.

          All legit, out in the open, perfectly innocent. Just another church teaching field medicine and combat surgery, like churches in Bakersfield did under Bo Griddley.

          Dang, Capn S, you’re making this one remember some old, old dreams.

          I’d bootstrap from there to useful tech bases like thermal depolymerization. Our grandads built radios, hydro dams, and nuclear power from scrap, remember.

          Add in some whistleblower wikis, something aggregated to trace the legal forms and finance angles used by the professional Left, and you’d have an open resource site like that old Pro Bono site.

          And How To videos.
          Online land college and homeschooling.

          Perhaps useful service franchises, like home health care as well. Let us be useful, and welcome. Rogue retired doctors, treating patients, not paperwork, cadging supplies where they can, teaching barefoot doctors…

          Exile! Finish up with the Russian hotties already! Dutch’s Camp Diego is expecting visitors, teapartydoc, Al of the North, Doug the Welder, Range and Saml Adams have their hands full with students! Vizzini and Carlsdad have finished teaching their repair crews! Zman has another production ready to go!

          • An informal Alt-Seminar circuit.

            For instance, the writer of “Defend Yourself!”, a self defense manual for women and women’s situations (rape, kidnapping, not chopsocky kung fu), had taught 30,000 students by the early 90s.

            John Maudlin’s high-end investment conferences are all networking while fly-fishing or resort events.
            John Williams (retirement planning, 80s) Wade Cook (internet trading, 90s) Home Depot on weekends (DIY).

            Seminars, event planning, and informal conferencing classes are how white people spread knowledge so quickly and widely.

            Why not use the early Christian model?
            They only had to survive the Saduccees, Emperor Nero, and Atilla the Hun.

          • What’s the largest Las Vegas event of every year?

            Second hand sellers. Guys with barns and warehouses of discarded, working equipment, tchotchkes, inventory. I’ve been in those barns and warehouses, nobody realizes how big it is.

            The professional seminar industry?
            Huge. Huge huge. Global.

            Churches? Everywhere, from ragtag to grandiose. They used to build hospitals, even.

            Produce farmers? That’s cold storage houses, co-ops, and market docks. They are their own exchanges.

            That’s four largely unseen second economies. Not black market, not at all, just quiet.

            Why not make our own quiet economy, and ignore the Theatre of the Crazies?
            No shortage of skills, brains, potential numbers, or need.

          • Sorry, but now I’m thinking of other aspects- Mexican networking, all-cash markets, ad hoc broker networks, and disruptor innovation.

            Once you get away from Corporatism, you realise just how big the open terrain is, and how narrow and noisy the Crazy channel is.

            Dangerous yet vulnerable as trapped badgers, and about as appealing.

          • Also, forgive the heavy overposting.
            Lordy I’m too emotionally invested, and am trying really, really hard to tell myself to pay attention to work.

            This is getting me into trouble.
            Zman’s voodoo doll is working, it must look like a porcupine by now.

          • Shoot, I forgot Severian, his online class is about to go live. I’ll have to record it.

            Too busy taking cartloads of litter from the street bums today, I might have two full loads to deliver to the garbage gas plant tonight.

            We’ll top up the community tanks with their heating oil next week then, good, with enough so the farmers can back up their homegrown tractor fuel too.

          • @Alzaebo, that’s news to me… is there another one of us out there? (I’m not so egotistical as to think I’m the only guy with the same dumb internet handle, but two of us in the same readership is interesting).

      • How much, down payment, etc?
        (No specifics, please, but affordable range? Accessible?)

        If I put a down, could crowdfunding create a prepper day camp? An ad hoc dissident college, like adult classes or night school?

        Drop by, relax for a few, learn some necessary skills? “With fly fishing!”

        • It’s 80+ acres with a house that adds a lot to the price tag – about $800K. About 90 mins to nearest big city/airport. However, most land in my area can be had for $3-4K/acre. I live on a creek with good fishing, and a spring-fed pond stocked with bluegills and smallmouth bass. One of the reasons I landed here was the abundance of fresh water. (Although it sucks to be a landlocked sailor far from salt water!)

          Your thoughts are spot-on. I think everyone stuck in progressive regions needs to have a get-out-of-dodge camp. The challenge with this though is that you need to actually live on the land to develop the skills needed for resiliency. I really like your idea of a dissident college. I actually toyed with the idea of a Homestead Academy … until I met a handful of wannabe’s that really didn’t want to leave their 72-degree non-sweat comfort zone. This homesteading stuff isn’t for sissies. But man is it good living.

          • I’m looking to depart the urban bluetropolis for a setting like that. Don’t have the $800k, probably closer to $80k.

            Like the idea of MT and ID maybe SC but also TN or KY. Just need more research and perhaps some momentum toward economics that would survive the move.

            Would hate to settle only to be imprisoned again by the city politik like here in CO.

            I’ve grown quite tired of living in the soulless, atomized, rootless consumer zones. My neighbors here would turn me over to the Stasi for a slice of toast, with avocado of course.

            These cities are all about building “communities” out of every little activity because they destroyed the real one.

    • Whitney.

      There’s a word for that (maybe there’s an app for that, too): decadence.

      As the late great Jacques Barzun said: “Decadence isn’t merely a value judgment; it’s an actual condition.”

      And it’s caused by the very things you mention: “an unusually abundant world that in no way reflects how the majority of humans have lived for most of our existence”

      When you think about it’s been a recurring problem going back to when we abandoned hunting-gathering for the abundance of agriculture. Reality eventually catches up with all decadent societies. It’s going to be interesting to see reality catch up to a post-agricultural – ie. industrial – society.

    • The Democrat attack dogs are off leash and want their masters seat at the table. For the Democrat establishment it’s a classic case of playing with fire and getting burned. You can only get so much use out of useful idiots before they wise up. The Soviets were smart enough to get rid of those people before before they became a problem. Their gulags were full of disenchanted zealots. The Democrats running the same kind of game don’t have that luxury. AOC, Antifa, the alphabet people and other loons in the party think it’s their turn to run everything. Pelosi knows these people aren’t qualified for anything except trouble-making. Trump knows this as well and agitates the hell out of them forcing Pelosi to do things she knows will damage the party. Impeaching Trump will just open unpleasant cans of worms from the Obama era that the Democrat leadership will have to deal with, not the useful idiots.

      • And us hayseeds then learn from you and Zman, crafty Byzantine rogues wise in the ways of court intrigue.

        Adept readers of the tea leaves, as it were- AF.

  34. The reason for this nonsense now is that the numbers after Trump’s UN speech must be in the astronomical range and they need to get people’s minds on Trump’s crimes, not his triumphs.

    • I think the Democrat leadership is in reactive mode. This is not good for them and they know it. Pelosi has been trying to end the impeachment talk for a year now, but it keeps bubbling up. In part, this is to placate the loons, but it is also a way to get Biden’s crooked son off the front page. That’s a big problem for them. Despite his drop in the polls, he still has a commanding lead among blacks.

      • They are clearly panicking. I would love to know what their internal polls are telling them.

        Now is the time for Trump to increase the pressure on them and, if possible, the tempo. Iowa is only sixteen weeks away.

        I believe we should be doing everything we can to keep Tulsi in this as long as possible. She is not only hated by those who hate us, she heightens the internal contradictions within the Enemy’s camp. Try to use her against them the way they used McCain against us.

        • My gut tells me the polling for the Dems, across the board, is awful, and they are moving into kamikaze mode. A childish “I can’t have it my way so burn it all down” sort of thing. My sadness (“what’s wrong with these people?”) at all of this is quickly morphing to real anger. Dying comfortably in bed, from old age, is way too good a fate for them.

          • ?
            Weird, every poll on rcp is saying Trump os being crushed by Biden and Crazy Bernie.
            Even Yang has a lead in Trump in multiple Swing state polls.

      • For Pelosi Inc. it’s a way to get Biden out of the race in one fell swoop. The Democrats have known for a long time that he is a public relations nightmare, and makes Trump look like a Zen Buddhist when it comes to gaffes and impulsiveness.

      • Nancy has a trump card. Nadler’s ‘findings’ have a singular hurdle — They have to get thru the Rules committee. The Speaker is the chair of Rules. Nothing gets a floor vote without Rules concurrence. Its where stuff goes to die in the House.

      • Zman “Despite his drop in the polls, he still has a commanding lead among blacks.”

        Blacks don’t give a damn about corruption. Witness Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago…the list goes on. They expect corruption from their politicians which is why Ben Carson never had a chance.

    • Alleged crimes. More like imaginary crimes. All the crap the loonies are talking about are not crimes.

  35. I almost never laugh out loud when reading, but this did it for me:

    “The Washington press corps is full of hysterical females, convinced Trump will stuff their uterus with Bibles and sew their legs shut.”

    • I cackled like a loon over that one too. Our esteemed blog host RUINED music for me when he presented Girl Science, introduced by that Cindy Lauper tune. Every time I hear it I laugh or chuckle with thoughts of sexually disturbed xirls putting on pompous airs of intellectualism. I wanted to go see that Black Panther movie – but Z ruined that too with comparisons between Wakanda and Lagos On The Chesapeake. 🙂 The ability to laugh is one of the most formidable dissident weapons and ol’ Z wields it like a sabre.

      Might disagree a bit, though: Stretch Pelosi might be a little to old and dry to stuff her full of Bibles… but she’s a loon too. The only reason she survives is nobody has ever had the guts to take her into the boards the same way they would with a male political candidate. Trump has dispensed with old world chivalry and grabbed her by her leathery old tit and twisted it more than once – I can see him easily goading her into doing something stupid. The woman certainly isn’t that bright.

      Sure, it’s political theatre… but I will happily fill up on popcorn and bad acting whilst I wait for the shooting to start.

      • I wanted to go see that Black Panther movie – but Z ruined that too

        The Zman’s work is having tangible, positive effects in the real world, then!

    • The unchecked hordes of rampaging, toxic waste whores, should have their vaginas sewed shut. Ironically, the aloha snack-bars got that right.

    • That is without a doubt the quote of the year. Well done:

      “The Washington press corps is full of hysterical females, convinced Trump will stuff their uterus with Bibles and sew their legs shut.”

      • “The Washington press corps is full of hysterical females, convinced Trump will stuff their uterus with Bibles and sew their legs shut.”

        Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

        Z Man….Jeez Louise….laughed so hard, there goes the coffee again. You can turn a phrase and capture an image! That one goes down in history, man. Spot on! Saved this one for eternity.

        Bibles where?! Ha! When the revolution comes, I know what I’ll do with some bibles!

      • I rather like “Keeping these loons from rushing into the minefield”, meself.

        Hope it’s prophetic. On an old war reel someday, even.

        Their commanders can give them plastic keys and tell them it’s a sure ticket to Paradise.

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