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Instead of doing a bunch of stuff on the impeachment hoax, I decided to go another way and have some fun with the social justice warriors. My guess is most people are already sick of the media’s attempt to foist this latest left-wing lunacy upon us. The massive, coordinated effort to gas light the public on this is breathtaking. No doubt the Left is loving this, but normal people have to be thinking very dark thoughts. A quick look at Drudge and it is clear the media detached from reality.

Speaking of Drudge, what in the world happened to that site? I deleted the book mark back in the 2016 campaign, as I got sick of the anti-Trump stuff he ran every day, but my goodness, that site is garbage now. His site has always been run by rent boys he picks up in South Beach, but he used to exercise some judgement over them. Maybe his lifestyle has finally caught up with him. Whatever the reason, his site is unreadable at this point. It’s a hysterical version of the New York Times.

Anyway, for a little relief from the madness, the show this week is about the various social justice causes. The segment on Emily Walton is my favorite, as it reminds me of when I used to haunt the comment section of news sites. It was always good fun to post biographical material about the author of a post about social justice. Inevitably, the white people demanding justice are always the sort who organize their lives so they never have to experience vibrancy. They talk like MLK and live like the KKK.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00: Making The White Girls Cry (Link)
  • 15:00: Climate Justice (Link)
  • 25:00: Live Like Emily Walton (Link) (Link)
  • 35:00: Racial Food Justice (Link) (Link)
  • 45:00: Racist Pollution (Link)
  • 55:00: Closing (Link)

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154 thoughts on “Fight The Power!

  1. The reason we listen to the Z Blog Power Hour and NOT to professional radio… is because really don’t LIKE professional radio. I’d far rather you kept doing your own thing, and *don’t* imitate a dying segment. What you’re doing isn’t a ‘radio show’ but rather an extended conversation about the same sort of stuff you write about. (And it’s really amazing how similar your spoken and written voices are.)

    And note your own statement: you hadn’t listened to Rush in years. Consider there are reasons for this.

  2. “White Nationalists just want to live like Ivy League professors, but on a working man’s salary.”

    Liberals desire to live in whitopias where the working class/farmers who built the place have been purged. Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Ann Arbor, etc.
    Listeners might like to explore this theme in my essay “The Gilmore Girls Occupy Wall St.”…/the-gilmore-girls-occupy-wall-street/

    reprinted in my Amazon-banned collection, The Homo & The Negro.

  3. Re: Making White Girls Cry; I don’t know which is more tedious, the “thinking” behind the “argument” or the vulgarity that’s probably essential to hide the poor logic.

    Re: Greta Thunberg; awful of me, but when I see her pic I think “throw a little pig’s blood and you have Sissy Spacek as Carrie”.

    Re: Baltimore’s lead problem; this troubled me since it was brought up again post Freddy Gray, as an argument about the impact of lead leading to criminal behavior. As Mr. Zman said, lead is not a new problem, it’s been known for decades. Why is this still a big problem in Baltimore? Most people, however they regard race, don’t like to think of babies and small kids being dosed with lead. Since it’s used so often as a racial thing, I can only conclude that the lead problem isn’t fixed because people don’t really want it fixed. It’s too useful to be used for proxy racist arguments. It’s sad.

  4. Dartmouth in in Hanover, New Hamster (What us Vermonters used to call New Hampshire).

    The frats at Dartmouth served as the inspiration for “Animal House”

    I used to go to the Shrine Maple Sugar Football game between the Vermont and New Hamster all stars and had a good time watching the drunk masons driving their little go carts in a parade and eating one-half of of a BBQ chicken.

    The game benefited the cripples “Strong legs run so that weak legs may walk.”

    The most disappointing game was when the idiot coach of Vermont (Rutland Vt High School Coach) used Ollie Dunlap (black running back speedster) as a decoy.

    Dunlap went on to become a successful Defensive back in the Canadian Football League

  5. The left does not know what it is doing by introducing group identity. Whites don’t have it, but they will get it. Kicking and screaming probably, but they will get it.
    Once race awareness is awake (not just slumbering like today) and it turns out that there is no way to achieve equality, the left will turn on the non-whites.Those “thankless bastards” will have it coming then…

  6. fkn Turdeau apologizes for blackface and blames it on his white privileged…meaning all white people in Canada, no blame for himself. calling that douche a turd is an insult to shit

  7. Regarding the Public Enemy intro, I don’t understand how whites can listen to rap without feeling sick. It’s music made to excite the people that hate you.

    (I concede that there is silly rap, like Young MC’s “Bust a Move” or Run DMC’s “You Be Ill’in” but those are the exceptions.)

    To argue against myself, I confess that I like a lot of rock which was an attack on traditional, wholesome USA.

    We fight the fire while we’re feeding the flame.

  8. Z, you’d make a good choice following Limbaugh’s lead in how to do radio. He’s still the biggest show on radio.

    I’d also cut him a break on his sound. Since he lost his hearing, he’s had some substantial realtime technical challenges in hearing and understanding callers and communicating with staff during the show.

    Amazing the show – and he – sounds as good as it does if you ask me.

    • Rush does more harm that good because he convinces people that multiracial USA can work if we just embrace race-blind conservatism, which is biologically impossible for most non-whites. (I understand that he has a personal motivation to avoid punishment, but that doesn’t change the truth of my statement.)

      • I used to be in that camp, because the military services seem to make the multiracial thing work pretty well. But then I realized that we only make it work well when the minorities are a DISTINCT and SMALL minority. When they reach a certain proportion – a proportion that allows them to establish organized cliques – then the game is up.

        And this is more theory than observation: The multicultural thing may be absorbed as a body blow when a culture of morals/ethics is dominant; the multicultural thing is a knockout blow to a culture confused on moral/ethical questions.

        • I used to be in that camp, because the military services seem to make the multiracial thing work pretty well.
          They make it work Brother because there is force behind them…It would be pure chaos if there were no consequences when they acted out…

  9. Drudge really does seem to want to become the home page of the resistance. I also quit reading it in 2016 and it has become more hysterically anti Trump since then.

    Who is he targeting the site at? The good whites I know won’t visit it because they associate it with wrong think. Do Trump voters really need a daily dose of anti Trump hysteria to start their day?

  10. Zman, I must beg you, please, give up the podcast. You fashies don’t stand a chance.

    Consider the formidable talent arrayed against you on XM Progress Left.
    Behold the suck!

    Urban View (Amirosa, bold blackness)

    Al Sharpton (galaxy brain blackety-blackness)

    The Rampant Queer (the cat ladies’ comforting gay buddy)

    Mosumilla Mafumo (slave name Mark Thompson, Macho Shaft blackness)

    Odious Diablojigaboo (Trevor Noah’s cheerful alter ego, a muslim, and… he’s celebrating his blackness)

    Whodafudge Givesadam, or maybe they just repeat at night

    Really, Z. Surrender is the only option.
    Dissidence is futile! Save your soul, man!

  11. I am not a podcast expert at all, but I think I go along with those who think cutting the intro and the exit short is the best.

  12. The “raptivist” is cradling an armful of purple kohlrabi. It would be difficult to embrace a more European vegetable. Ironies abound.

    Rather disappointed in the Ken Burn’s Country Music saga. It was the Johnny Cash Story, with a few other folks thrown in (poor Porter Wagoner only popped in to play the villain), and oh yeah, did you realize how important blacks were to the Louvin Brothers? Cash always distanced himself from his Arkansas roots and never wanted to be thought of as a hick, hence his acceptance by and popularity with good Boomers. The disappointment is, of course, entirely of my own devising: PBS is gonna PBS, and why would I think different?

  13. Another little shit weasel in my Utah world is Mitt Romney (Mike Lee is not far behind). This reincarnation of John McCain is complete with a major ego disorder that non-stop prompts him to be the first to leap on a piano bench, clutch his pearls and scream hysterically at the Bad Orange mouse.

    Whatever the Left and Never Trumpers shriek about is a projection of what they are doing and hiding. Romney was yelling from his piano bench a little too quick and drew some fire.

    So the latest about Romney is absolutely delicious! His 2012 national security adviser for his campaign was Joseph Cofer Black, a career CIA Spook.

    Fast forward to February 2017, when Black joined the board of directors of BURISMA, 6 months after the departure of Hunter Biden.

    Not a word in Mormonland media exposing this. Would love to see more dirt on Globalist Pirate Romney gains.

    Basic Husband reminded me that one of the songs I sang in the Messiah Christmas presentation was:

    All We Like Sheep! Baaaaaaa Mormon land Baaaaaaaa!

    • The Deep State/UniParty/Media Complex will impeach Trump and Romney intends to be the GOP’s replacement to run against the ‘Rat Party’s clown car candidate(s).

      That’s the plan and no, the Ruling Class will just laugh out loud at any suggestion of a civil uprising.

      • Because they know we won’t do shit. Heritage Whites are worthless at anything resembling organized resistance. They just can’t work together.

        This is why the elite laughs at us. They convinced us that rat f**king each other for personal gain is SOP. They don’t even have to police us to keep us down. We do that to ourselves.

        I look at the utter passivity of the MAGApedes when some thug walks up to them and beats the shit out of them. They just stand there and they will do the same when McConnell and Schumer throw Trump to the curb. There is no fight in that pack of sheep.

    • Romney’s little buddy Brian Hook sits at the right side of Pompeo. Master’s degree in philosophy from Boston College, and someone who styles himself a Straussian of sorts.

      No loyalty to anyone but himself and his 120 pounds of foppishness. If people on this site only knew how many of these Incompetents are in charge of serious matters, they’d really start stocking up. Trump has too many of these people around him. He can’t keep them straight in his head because he doesn’t understand the background or the allegiances that these people have.

      The real blackpill is seeing just how many have encircled Trump with the eventual aim of doing him in. They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves, their wars, and their money. You just can’t trust anyone in DC. It’s impossible. You can’t drain it.

  14. Am continuing from yesterday’s blog. Z….the muses inspired your Too Corrupt to Fail blog! Went down in history. Basic Husband is still squishing around. He still can’t take me saying anything contrary to Trump or Bar……but he listened to me read your yesterday blog. He thinks he’s a realist but too much reality fires up his nervous system. Then I calm him down like petting the cats.

    Lineman and MossHammer…..thank you for your efforts to clarify. You have both given me strong information to use.

    Lineman…..will take you up on that campfire talk.
    Stay strong, Gentlemen!

    • Your welcome Dear Lady…Just one thing you sit at a campire at my place and you won’t want to leave😉

    • My guess is that your husband thinks the way I sometimes do – contrasting today’s Trump/Barr with yesterday’s Obama/Holder, or what might-have-been Hillary. Those comparisons nearly make Trump & Barr look angelic. But it’s like comparing a Twinkie to a S%%t-filled Twinkie – one is more enjoyable than the other but it still ain’t steak.

      • While making dinner Basic Husband stated that he had to have hope re Trump/Barr….. Hope…. I just stared at him….then said I understood. I see this country Too Corrupt to Fail…thanks Z. Until we fail. I don’t have hope…I don’t need Hope. I do need options. I just want to know what is real…what we are dealing with. Then face it. Plan.

        • Yes ma’am – completely agree. A common military phrase is “hope is not a strategy.” If we could imagine a series of doable, realistic tactical corrections that could turn this thing around then we wouldn’t be talking about Too Corrupt to Fail. That leaves the only viable option – reality.

          A common perception of the “hopers” is that we’re all pessimists. Wrong. I turn it around on the “hopers” – they’re cherry-picking their data in order to live in a virtual happy-land. There’s a word for “hopers” when reality crashes their party – VICTIM. And this is why I keep trying to sway my family’s hearts/minds … I don’t want to see the people I love being enslaved by a corrupt system.

    • RFF, we WILL stay strong, as this collective grows. I find assurance what I observe and reason through lands me firmly in the middle of this community, of which you are a part.
      Spurn each other on. Sharpen and refine. Correct gently as needed. One day our associations in meatspace will be open and free. There’s quite the gauntlet to navigate prior to that day but I’m working to see that happen in my life time. Chin up, y’all.

  15. (26:24 – 26:30) “If racial equality is to be an achievable goal”. Setting the 100% adoption as the ‘end goal’ is a favorite progressive tactic. 100% voter participation is another one with endless handwringing about “our democracy”. No letting up til 100%!

    NR would respond by obsessing over what level is achievable and how gobbldygook conservative policies result in ideal participation rates. No one asks if democracy is even desirable at all? Same for “equality”. We are already AT peak equality – maybe even past it, after affirmative action. It’s all just fussing about ideal at this point. The word “diversity” is itself an unintended acknowledgement of inequality.

  16. What in god’s good name is “African Farming?” Africans weren’t farmers. There was very little farming in Africa and there certainly wasn’t the type of large scale farming seen during the slavery era in Africa unless it was the white people. To the extent there is any history of farming in African-American communities, it is only to the extent that we are talking about their ancestors in America.

    I always found Obama’s “Dreams of My Father” to be rather ironically titled. Obama had very little contact with his father for his entire life. But the one thing his father gave him is the one thing that got him elected and protected him from media scrutiny during his time in office. That, of course, is his black skin. If Obama had been white, nobody would know who he is and he wouldn’t have even been elected as a Senator, let alone President.
    Obama was raised by white people. The only people who ever cared about him were white as is true with most mulattos. Yet, he became a rather extreme racialist. A very large percentage of black racialists are also mulattos.

    • African Farming is where the man runs off, and the woman works the fields. That sounds like a joke, but I’m completely serious.

  17. Ever see a commercial or video where the music playing matches the scene outside the windshield, turning it into a surreal movie scene?

    I’m listening to Amirosa rant on an all-black show about the legacy of slavery and white supremacists while reading the Z-comments.

    Surreal? Oh yeah. It’s *like that*

    I don’t know why, but this is putting me into a remarkably good mood. Strangely… optimistic, even.

    • I think I might just start laughing out loud in their faces, encouraging them with noncommital phrases like a Southron or an Old Eddie Yankee- “damn, son, keep going” or “ayuh”.

      Maybe like a typically controversy-averse Wisconsin cheesehead- “ohh you betcha” or “that’s somethin’, ey”

      • Once, I met another long hitchhiker who just whistled, that “whew!” sound. Smart.

        Ok, Al Sharpton is on for 3 hours (Take that, Tom Hartmann!), in the Arizona mountains out of AM radio range, so it’s time for some Z!

  18. Zman, for what my opinion is worth, don’t bother with intro music; it’s a time waster. The best feature of your podcast is that you get directly to the business of delivering your stuff and quit when you’re finished. For a wretched example of what not to do, try listening to Scott Adams. Skip the music at the end, too. Listen to recordings of the real pros, from the time when radio was a serious medium. The best signoff was Paul Harvey, who’d simply say, “Paul Harvey….good day”, then he’d shut up.

    You’ve got the best produced podcast out there, don’t mess it up with gimmicks.

    • There is a lot you can learn about radio and story telling from Paul Harvey. He was a staple of my summers back north on my grandparents farm. Mid day dinner was always served with Harvey’s broadcast on.

      • I grew up on a farm, and we were regular listeners. You’re right, he could tell a story. For contrast, listen to narrations by the up talking beta voices on NPR with the incessant bleepily toodily music in the background. You can gauge the decline of American manhood from the changes in radio voices.

        • “You can gauge the decline of American manhood from the changes in radio voices.” And commercial voiceovers on TV and radio.

  19. Farming is hard. Come from about 14 generations of farmers. Still have a few. Anybody who could got out of the business. Where do you think the black population in Detroit came from? Anybody in the south who could trade farming for one of Henry Fords 8 hour/$5 a day jobs came north starting with the labor shortages in WWI. Organically farming baby vegetables sounds great until you’ve shoveled your hundredth ton of organic manure fertilizer.

  20. Looking forward to listening on my way home today.

    Re: New Hampshire
    I have not watched the new Ken Burns deal on country music. I assume, as someone else, can’t remember who, once observed, there’s always a part in his documentaries where he plays the “whoa, pity the poor Negroes” card. Interestingly his sympathy for the Black man does not include living among them. He lives in Walpole NH, in perhaps the whitest county in the US.

    Full disclosure: I know him a little bit, and he’s always been nice to me. I forgive him for leaving Harmon Killebrew out of his baseball documentary, and for the Moe Howard haircut.

    • Quote:

      “I forgive him for leaving Harmon Killebrew out of his baseball documentary, and for the Moe Howard haircut.”

      According to the ADL, the “bowl haircut” is the official haircut of White Supremacists. You and Burns are in deep trouble with the (((Deep State))).

        • The Beatles’ used to send a free 45 of mostly-nonsense Christmas chatter and songs to their fan club each year. One features Lennon in a speed-rap that ends with “There’s an all-white policy in this group.”

          Then there is an album of Let It Be outtakes with a song called No More Pakistanis. This would have been the year after Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech.

    • Years ago when NRO first allowed comments, one of their in-house sissies wrote about Burns, extolling him a great champion of the black man. It may have been about his baseball documentary. I posted a comment on the post, pointing out that Burns moved from New York to a place with zero black people. At the time, his town had something like seven non-whites. The comment was eventually deleted.

      A great rule of thumb is to google where someone lives and then do an image search of the local high school basketball team. If the team is all white, the town is a Progressive bastion.

      • The Sweden Democrats ran an ad campaign a couple years ago highlighting the neighborhoods that some of the leading proponents of the new Sweden lived. Not a lot of vibrancy; in fact these areas were very New Hampshire-esque .

      • Z and Lineman in Montana…..the latest on Ken Burns. When we have the revolution, think about what Ken Burns has wrought on us.

        The article from Range Magazine is stunning and good journalism from Dave Skinner. The American Prairie Reserve is a Lefty front to take large swaths of land and re-wild it, removing people and ranches and turning it into The Kings Park. People are bad, wolves and buffalo are good!

        Please People….wake up to the Globalist travesties in the West. You never hear of these back east.

        Ken Burns is a little Lefty shit Weasel….

        “Why would Burns attach his fame to APR? From an interview with AtlanticMagazine star writer James Fallows: “I fell in love with the area (Montana). But I was also conscious of how difficult it was [when filming] to achieve the pristine perspective of Lewis and Clark. There was a fence line of an old homestead here, a crumbling shack there, the cattle which were tagged and lowing contentedly in the field. There were highways and hydro dams and even the black cars of the servicemen who serviced the nuclear missile sites. So we were straining to find a sense of what Lewis and Clark saw.” Really, dude!”

        “Well, buried in the guck of APR’s Form 990 is the truth: Ranked number two in the list of APR’s top five independent 2017 contractors (Niebur Excavating of Lewistown was tops at $1.3million) is Ken Burns, 45 Main Street, Suite 1030, Brooklyn, NY: $650,198. Yeah, a tremendous honor, indeed.”

        Follow the money! Lineman….Ken Burns wants your land!

        • Oh I know RFF seen it up close and personal when they mess with Ranchers…There will come a time when we get to play Cowboys & Politicians and I don’t think they are going to like the results…

  21. LOL.

    Black and brown communities have more polluted air even though white people use more pollution creating devices.

    Well Duh.

    Why do you think white people put up all those windmills? It’s not to create electricity – that’s just a cover. The windmills are to blow all the pollution over to where the people of color live.

    Please spread this around. The POC doesn’t have enough to complain about already. And since the SJWs have destroyed comedy – I’m going to have be patient and start getting my laughs when the POC start attacking windmills as tools of oppression from the white devil.

    • Comedy can be reality. One source of endless mirth was watching the fight over the Cape Wind project play out for nearly 15 years. For the unaware this was a proposed offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound. And originally would have replaced a power plant on the Cape that ran on #6 fuel oil. Win/win. Right? Oh no, the windmills would have been in eyesight of the Kennedys and all the rich liberals on the Cape and Nantucket. And as silly as most wind power is, it is one place where the wind always blows. So they fought it more viciously than the VC in Hue. Problem was there was no waterfront property with just poor people to stick it by. Took the local Nantucket paper at home year round—the editorial letters opposing were simply priceless. That asswipe Bobby Kennedy Jr., who is the reason we’re running out natural gas supply in NY, was the ringleader. Can’t make it up.

      • If New York is running out of natural gas supply, it’s because pipelines aren’t being built and/or government is preventing its use, or something along those lines. There is an abundance of natural gas available in the U.S. and prices are low.

        • Oh, it is absolutely a pipeline problem….see natural gas is evil, so he’d rather see people freeze in the dark than let the Dark Forces build a pipeline. One of my kids interns with an LNG firm—because of the supply problem coming across NY, looks like MA has to add another offshore terminal to pipe in re-gasified LNG in the winter. Double irony, the existing one frequently offloads Russian gas when spot loads are available at attractive prices. Who knew the good Leftists of the Peoples Republic of MA were colluding with Putin.

    • Calsdad,

      Thanks for the early morning laugh. Willdo. Casually going to slip in the “Hey, you know those windmills are there just to blow pollution into…” completely deadpanned. The smart set won’t buy it but that’s not the target audience. That set will just add it to their list of many imaginary oppressions. Brilliant. Lol

      • The Cape wind farm that SamlAdams is talking about – was put there to pull all the rich liberal pollution out of Boston, the North Shore , plus the Cape and Islands – and blow it all in the direction of New Jersey and NYC.

        I’m amazed nobody is complaining about this yet. It massively affects people of color.

        • “I’m amazed nobody is complaining about this yet. It massively affects people of color.”

          I think I’m going end every statement with that one

        • A few years ago a land install on the major farm on the island spit a rotor blade at full speed. Thing dug a trench about three feet deep in the ground, went airborne and took out an entire equipment barn. There is still one that operates by the high school, but suddenly people weren’t so enamored of wind power.

          • “spit a rotor blade at full speed. Thing dug a trench about three feet deep in the ground, went airborne and took out an entire equipment barn.”
            Most people don’t realize how big those blades are…they’re almost as big as a 737, and just as dense.
            But the barn wasn’t nearly as big as the Twin Towers.

  22. The whole racism was invented by colonialism thing drives me batty. One of the things these loons point to is the lack of racial designation in writings from ancient world but the reason for that is because people generally stayed in their areas and looked like they came from these areas so if you talked about a thracian you would know that person probably have light eyes and red hair and white skin. I have never believed that they weren’t as in group oriented as we are today. Or should be in a sane world. It’s all sophistry

    • I’d like to see all of these “racism is a social construct” idiots – go argue out their points with the Japanese.

      I read a book a couple of years back (sorry the title escapes me at the moment) – that went into the roots of the war in the Pacific during WW2 between Japan and the Western powers.

      Long story short: The Japanese started their Asian Co-Prosperity sphere – and went to war …. to kick the white man out of Asia.

      When all of these left wingers destroy the US and the Chinese take over – they’re going to learn the reality of racism….. the hard way.

    • People in the ancient world made plenty of catty criticisms about groups, but they tended to center their views and remarks around city-states and nations as ethnes or peoples, not “race”. Thus, Celts/Gauls were dumb and easily angered, Numidians (North Africans) were overly fixated on sex, Lydians (southwest Anatolia) were slimeballs, Egyptians were ancient and mysterious, Boeoitians were rubes, etc. Curiously, there was near-unanimous agreement that Jews were hate-filled, spiteful, vengeful, and possibly bat-sh!t crazy.

  23. “She looks 10 but she’s 16”

    Thunberg is probably malnourished or stunted by veganism.

    If she had her way we’d be vegan too.

    • She has the body of an 8-year-old girl and the face of a 50-year-old spinster cat lady. That’s why she’s so strange looking.

        • An interesting creepy little Twilight Zone-like treat is the old Talking Heads song “Seen and Not Seen” which is about the metaphysics of your face matching your inner life. Worth a listen, can be found on their masterpiece “Remain In Light”.

      • Not any more. She has a 50 year old face matched with a 50 year old rumply frumpy body….they match. Damn….I’m getting catty!

    • Corn,

      I’m sure I’m not the first to make this observation but I heard excerpts from Thunberg’s -whatever the hell that was- and all I could hear was Paul Muad’dib’s creepy little sister from Dilaurentis’ Dune.

      Then I remembered Red Ice Radio mentioning her. Apparently she has been a thing in Europe. Vox Day calls her “the Gretard.”

      Everything about the kid sets every one of my American cells on creepout mode. I hope her handlers eventually get gulaged for using that little misfortunate like that.

        • Greta has a handler.

          Greta’s handler is a commie.

          That’s pretty much all you need to know about what is going on with Greta.

      • The Booby says “don’t hate so much on the creepy little Gretas of the world” but instead on the two generations of spoiled brats and douchebags who gave birth the Millennials and Gen Z.

        Gen-X, in particular, deserves our deepest scorn, and being an older Xer the Booby is well positioned to do just that:

        Seriously. What’s with all these Boomers and Xers complaining about Millennials? Who do we think created them, for chrissake?

        • Booby….dear Booby…speak for yourself friend. I did my job well. My generation above Millennials daughter is grounded and sound. I claim the right to hate on the creepy Greta snowflake creature come hell or high water.

          When she comes for my Beef, the demented little Nazi Youth leader will have to deal with me!

          • Good to hear, Range.

            The Booby gave due credit to the exceptions in the above link, but noted that since the media and pop culture only care about the wealthy and/or “educated” Boomers and Xers then we’ll just go along with that.

            You are now free to hate on creepy little Greta.

        • Well, I don’t complain about Millennials or Xers or any other generation. I am not an age bigot like Vox Day.

          I see the f’ing leftists who were always the problem. I see god damn Yankees. I see damn “feminists”. We have many problems but they are not just one generation or the other.

          I know that the adults just after WW2 had it made. At least in the big industrial cities. By the time I graduated high school in the 70s we knew inflation, “stag-flation”, gas going up 4 fold in a week or two. Good times!

          I also know that the horrible legislation of the 50s and 60s was not driven by boomers — we could not vote. Do the math people.

          • “I see the f’ing leftists who were always the problem.”

            Well, when the media and pop culture swoon about the “Baby Boomers” we know whom they’re talking about, don’t we?

            It’s not the working class kid from a small town or a poor part of the big city, who maybe went to Vietnam (probably not a good decision, but at least he went to serve a country he erroneously believed still existed), who tried to raise a traditional family, tried to play by the rules, and so forth.

            Nope. That’s not the “Baby Boomer” whose picture gets glorified in the celluloid airwaves.

            As the Booby said, since there’s only one “Baby Boomer” (read, hippy leftist bacchanal) that the media and pop culture care about then so be it. Let’s pick ’em apart, and their even lowlier “Gen-X” heirs, and have a good laugh once in a while in the process.

  24. I liked your point that “white nationalists” are just people want to live the same life as academics and the rich on a working man’s salary. It’s a succinct way of putting what is really a simple idea but has to be expressed in convoluted ways so one doesn’t get sent to the gulags, e.g. “moving to a good school district with a stable real estate market.” I guess it’s not pithy enough to post a bunch of flyers on telephone poles, but I know I’m going to make use of it.

    I see that somebody already pointed out that Dartmouth is not in Vermont, but in your defense, New Hampshire and Vermont are actually the same state. Pretending they are different states is a conspiracy by elementary social studies teachers.

    • You’re right. Z must be looking at the wrong picture. The Emily Walton I found has that humorless scold look that leftist chicks have honed to perfection.

        • My bad. I looked up Emily Watson…Brit actress. Ha!

          Walton looks like my grandaughter tranny before she went tranny to guy ala Chas Bono. Socially whacked.

          Walton looks like she was socially maladjusted when young and this is now the result. Pissed at white people. You’re looking at mental illness.

          Guys…don’t bother looking. She’d bite your ears off, your head off, your whoop-whoop off, throw white paint on you and lock you in the stocks. Don’t linger here.

  25. The Making White Women Cry segment reminds me just how much white men have failed white women. Look, white women catch a lot of very justified flack on the Dissident Right for failing white men, but we need to admit our own failing toward them.

    The white women going to these lectures are simply doing what women always do: Trying to figure out the rules of tribe and follow those rules. White women consider the general society to be their tribe so they use general society’s mores as their guide. Those instructions come from TV, movies, Netflix, Oprah, etc. If the tribe says to prostrate yourself to blacks, that’s what women will do. It’s in their DNA.

    Where white men have failed is in not openly rejecting that society and forming their own community. If the mass of white men simply rejected that society and banished women who adhered to its rules rather than the white community’s rules, white women would be forced to choose, and you can bet that they would choose the side of white men.

    White women have zero real desire to live around blacks, send their kids to black schools or to marry black men. Blacks know this, which is why, deep down, they hate white women. They know that white women are just larping.

    Women want leaders. Women want decisive men. Women want men who stand up for themselves and their tribe. White men are not doing that, so white women are sticking with the tribe that fights.

    • Amen Brother and I would just add white men have failed other white men by not standing by their side in the face of adversity/diversity…

      • Been there. I’ve had more than a few “two minutes of hate” directed at me in social settings because I openly acknowledged racial differences or my preference for my own people. Guys who I know believed the same thing as me stood by silently. If even one or two of them backed me up, the whole dynamic would have changed. The preachy Nice White Ladies would have been facing a pack instead of a lone animal and that’s far more dangerous and they know it.

  26. Okay, I’m going to start a vote here. I hate the long intro music. I would have fast-forwarded if I knew how long my Agony was going to last. just because everyone does things a certain way doesn’t mean it’s right

    • Interesting. Thinking about it, I tend to tune out intros to shows. Maybe the audio people like making intros and bumpers, so they say people like them, when in reality no one ares.

      • I have only one word of advice – quit taking our advice! Your show was just fine as you originally conceived of and executed it. Every time you take our advice on how to run it, it winds up being a step backwards that you always end up backing out of anyway. Use your own judgement! That’s what got you this far.

        • I agree, Bruno. Even someone with “the Arrogant” as part of his title knows that we shouldn’t tell Z how to do the podcasts. Z Man is like an artist. You don’t tell Michelangelo how to paint and you don’t tell Z how to do podcasts.

      • It may not be the wisest decision to listen to radio people. “Our industry is gasping its last breath, so listen up noobie and learn, here’s how we do things.”

        I suppose an argument can be made that radio is dying due to consolidation and enforced conformity and not because of the skills and knowledge of its engineers. But for what it’s worth, I never had a complaint about your format.

      • That makes total sense based on my experience of knowing a graphic designer that did intros for sports shows. He would get really excited at the opening credits for movies which by anyone’s standard are generally the most boring part

        • The intro is simply long to reduce the amount of content that needs to be produced. It’s more padding. Plus for a radio show where someone may be wandering off, it’s a signal that the show is starting. I don’t see the need for a long one in a podcast.

      • Public Enemy was an excellent choice for this podcast. I’m usually pretty happy with your choice of music, even as a Xiennial.

    • Long drawn out intros are a good opportunity make me just give up on the whole and go do something else.

      Especially if it’s something I might listen to every week.

      Even Netflix has figured this out on a lot of their shows – because they give you an opportunity to “Skip Intro” and just get to the actual content.

  27. Hmmmpffff. I am no expert on format and presentations, Z – but that introduction seemed long and dragged out. For what it’s worth – I have no problems with your existing format. The cadence of your presentations vary and I like that. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, depending on the subject and detail required.

    Keep trying new thing though. It spices up the podcast a bit.

  28. “an eye toward returning people of color to roles in operating farms…”
    Get them back to the plantations? In upstate NY?

    • I’d pay good money to watch some SJW offer yoots in a vibrant neighborhood the chance to start farming. I would pay more to watch the yoots try running a farm.

  29. I visited Dartmouth once while I was a student at a much less prestigious college. It was like a fairy tale.

    • Dartmouth is the most conservative of the Ivies, which isn’t saying a lot these days, but it had a pretty conservative student body in the 80’s. Dinesh D’Souza and Laura Ingraham were there at that time, part of the Dartmouth Review and the pipeline into the Reagan administration. Still a special place.

    • When I heard that the first thing that popped into my head was ” that would be awesome!”.

      I could quit my job, leave my wife, stop supporting my kid, start stealing my neighbor’s shit, whenever I get pulled over by the cops I’d just start screaming about racism, my penis would grow by a few inches, everything would somebody else’s fault, I wouldn’t have to worry about registering my guns any more, I could have more kids because I wouldn’t have to support them, I could change my name to something really crazy like Shodangulus A. Botswana just to piss people off …… etc.

  30. Here’s your answer on Matt Drudge (from Wikipedia):

    >>>Matthew Drudge was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. His parents follow Reform Judaism. <<<


      • Subscribers to the Illuminati Jew Theory tend to gloss over the failed or failing Jew controlled enterprises. “It’s da Jooooos, every frackin time.” “Yeah, but said Joo is also helming a rotting corpse.” Unless OP is trolling; in which case, shit, son, step it up.

        • “Ignore this massive amount of evidence for this obvious trend by quibbling over this one little point!”

          If anyone wants to slober over k**eknob, they’ve chosen the wrong place to do so. I’d recommend checking out the Breitbart Facebook Comments Section if that’s you’re thing.

    • I think his descent into lunacy is tied more to his sexual orientation. I lost a lot of interest in Drudge, not just because of the NeverTrumper crap, but because he makes sure the page is almost constantly advancing the Gay Agenda, or headlines about how gays are victims of this or that. I flipped the switch for good when he started posting news about how transgenders are getting more social acceptance. I was just like “f**k off, man, those people are nut jobs”…social acceptance? More like social intimidation, accept it or get destroyed.

  31. Funny you mention Drudge. My family and I have been deleting the bookmark too, for the same reason. We were just talking about this a few weeks ago. I’m curious (because we’re all asking each other too), where to go for news. I’ve long since passed the point where I believe anything from the broadcast or cable nets. The major “papers” are either tabloid trash or Democrat newsletters. How best to stay informed?

    My old method, to read 8-10 different news sites, see what they are all parroting, and then assume the oppose is true, works pretty well. But it’s like extended speaking in a foreign language – always back-translating into English gets tiring.

    • Me too. I have about 10~15 bloggers that I read and take my news from. i might scan the major paper headlines once or twice a week. And I never pay for their content.

    • “Where to get the news”? Better Q, how to avoid it. It’s everywhere. Better Q still, what’s the essence of the story and what does it mean?

      Find a mentor. Someone smart, honest, and shares your values. Trust him as long as he seems trustworthy. I trust, Sailor, Derbyshire, and, more recently, Mr. Z. I’m beginning to trust Tucker.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Drudge started up and was a little bit of a underground presence (only briefly).

      I went about 10-12 years without visiting his site once, then went back during the 2016 election. Dude hasn’t changed anything there in 25 years. Does he still have Mike Royko or Charles Krauthammer listed as columnists?

      Big red underlined headline (everyone sing along):


    • There is an aggregation site called badblue which is good. I have all my many blogs in a Feedly rss reader. People should start sharing rss blog lists of the good sites. My list was made from blog links on the side of many blogs I read

  32. Um, you say you have visited Dartmouth . . . are you unaware that it is in the state of New Hampshire, not Vermont? How seriously should we take your commentary if you make such glaring errors of fact like this?

    • Ha. I was thinking of Middlebury! The point still stands. If you want to lecture about white privilege, best not live in a whites only college town.

      • What an egregious error! According to google maps it is at LEAST an 8 minute walk from the Dartmouth campus to Vermont! You should shut down your site, refund all of the donations that you have received, and apologize personally to Mr. Smith and everyone else who you have scandalized by your sloppy misstatement…

      • BTW, Charles Murray and another professor were roughed up at Middlebury. Via John Derbyshire.


        As in Mao Tse-tung’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, persons demoted or blacklisted years before and left to vegetate in silent ignominy were dragged out from their places of banishment to be “struggled” anew for the edification of the masses. Murray encountered this new atmosphere of zealotry when, six weeks into the Trump Presidency, he showed up at Middlebury College, a small liberal-arts school in Vermont, to give a talk about his book Coming Apart at the invitation of a conservative club at the college. More than a hundred shouting, chanting protestors prevented him from speaking. He was eventually able to give his talk, in the form of an interview with Middlebury professor Allison Stanger, by video from a closed room, while the protestors set off fire alarms in the corridors outside. However, when Murray and Prof. Stanger were escorted out from the back of the building by college officials:

        [S]everal masked protesters, who were believed to be outside agitators, began pushing and shoving Mr. Murray and Ms. Stanger, Mr. Burger [a spokesman for the college] said. “Someone grabbed Allison’s hair and twisted her neck,” he said.

        After the two got into a car, Mr. Burger said, protesters pounded on it, rocked it back and forth, and jumped onto the hood. Ms. Stanger later went to a hospital, where she was put in a neck brace. (New York Times, March 3rd 2017.)


      • What makes that blunder more amusing is I used to live in New Hampshire. Of course, make a wrong turn around Dartmouth and you end up in Vermont, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it. It does nothing to alter the larger point.

        • It gets confusing because there are so many duplicate place names among the New England states. (Manchester? Every NE state has one!)

        • I especially enjoyed this Power Hour, being very familiar with both Hanover, NH and Brattleboro, VT. I could tell stories–OK, you twisted my arm.

          Might have been twenty years ago in Brattleboro, some Indian (feather, IIRC) was outraged that the HS mascot, a stereotypical colonel, was somehow “racist.” It took the spineless administration about three microseconds to take down his image. People used to wear t-shirts with his image in protest. The town may be most famous for its no “no nudity” statute. Perverts loved to take advantage of that to flash people, or just walk nude down the street. Breast fest was popular for awhile, when feminists would parade topless to protest something. Kooky place, but huwyte.

    • What the hell is a Vermont? Wait, isn’t that one of those little critters that they take the pelt from to drape around the necks of rich women? I’m pretty sure I caught a Dartmouth on a fishing trip in Wakula Springs when I was a sprout. Just a Southern-hearted boy asking, no biggie.

    • To be fair, it’s pretty easy to get Vermont and New Hampshire confused.
      (No insult intended. I’m sure it’s an important difference to New Hampshire and Vermont people.)

  33. Yay podcast! I just got back from the grocery store, I was there when they opened this morning, and the 60 something white manager was running around telling his black employees to have a “sense of urgency.” What an exercise in futility

    • Now THAT made me laugh. That poor manager is using vocabulary his employees have never heard. Corporate will ensure he gets an extra dose of sensitivity training next week; the manager sounds micro-aggressive.

      Reminds me of a story: When my son was getting his first job he applied at the local FedEx … after the interview he told me he wouldn’t be getting the job because he was #24 on the list, and corporate hiring practices required that they hire applicants in order. It happened sooner than I expected; exactly 6 days later my son got the call to come in to work. FedEx had gone through 23 applicants – some never showed up, some worked for 2 hrs and quit, some were high or hungover – none had a “sense of urgency.” Most were what the mainstream press calls “teens.” Yeah, you know who they are.

      • >…some never showed up, some worked for 2 hrs and quit, some were high or >hungover…

        I’ve heard stories about Fedex, but wow, two hours. Was this for some distro facility? I gather the driving jobs aren’t so bad. Then, if you can get the licenses to drive the truck, you’ve more than a few hours of stamina and discipline in you.

        • Whatever FedEx does to their drivers, I have no problem with their service. Packages are alway delivered to the front door, which requires that the delivery person get out of the truck and open a gate and walk 20 feet or so.

          The USPS however with not do this, albeit they are hot to compete for a share of the ever increasing package delivery service. Instead, our postman drives up the driveway, tosses the box and the mail onto the driveway and drives off (mail is tossed with the package because it saves time putting mail into the standard mailbox at the street entry).

          After a particular heavy rain that destroyed the package and mail this summer, I had enough and filed a formal complaint with the inspector general (USPS website has no phone numbers for the local post office on their website, nor instruction for handling complaints locally).

          Sometime later, not too long, I get a late evening phone call which went to the recorder. Poorly stated and hard to understand, but from what I gather it was the response from the local post office that they had no obligation to deliver mail to anything other than the mailbox and that if I was not happy with that, they would simply hold all packages and mail at the local post office for customer pickup. 🙂

          And that is the difference between private and public service in a nutshell.

          • I’ve had good luck with Fedex. A few weeks ago I was expecting several packages that had rental equipment for a Industrial Hygiene project that was scheduled to start early the following day. I had to be away from the office for 15 minutes and it was my luck that the driver attempted to make the delivery while I was away. I called the local office and asked them to contact the driver so she could redeliver the package or I would meet her in town. The minutes later I got a call from the driver and she told me she was at the Hardee’s which was about a 1/2 mile away from me and she would be there for 15 minutes while she was resorting the packages in her truck. I told her I would be there in a few minutes. I drove over there and got the packages and every thing was right with the world. My point about this little story is that there was a fast response time and the driver told me after I talked to her on the phone that she would have waited for me.

          • Yep, if there is a car parked close enough to our mailbox that the mailman would have to get out of his little truck, he just drives past and delivers it another day.

        • Yeah, I left out some details; for one, starting time was 0400. These are the guys who sort packages and load the trucks. To make the driver’s job more efficient they had to learn the routes and load the truck back-to-front. Lots of lifting – lots of “sense of urgency.” Between the early start time and the ire of pissed-off drivers for f@@@-ups, they churn through a lot of young folk in the hiring process. Some things computers and bar codes can’t do, but the few menial jobs remaining will soon be roboticized. Notice the proliferation of self-checkout? About the only pleasant customer service I can find anymore is at Chick-Fil-A. Gee, wonder why.

          • He started a business while he was doing the menial labor stuff, and stayed with it until it took off. It’s a self-made career for him which is pretty cool.

    • I once was looking for a summer job while off from college—working for me was the norm, college was the vacation. I was often rejected for employment as they wanted year round people, rather than summer help, but I was desperate and even made application to car washes.

      Stopped into a large food manufacturing/processing plant and talked with the plant manager. He said that they had an arrangement to hire summer help referred to them by the city, which meant inner city “youts”. Three of the city’s finest were schedule to show up for the morning shift on Monday. He told me to come around at beginning of shift, with my application and ask for the production manager, so and so. Basically, he said or intimated that one or more of the city’s finest inner city affirmative action types would not show up.

      Monday came around and I was there on time and sure enough, of the three “hires”, one showed up. Since the production schedule at the plant was all-important, I was hired on the spot. The other hire lasted a week or two and failed to show up for his shift one day and was never heard from again.

      BTW, every single manager/supervisor at the production floor level was Hispanic. They were great guys to work under. Of course, that was a long while ago, in another place and time….sigh.

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