The Madness Of Anti-Racism

Every liberal society must have a civic religion and it is fair to say that the prevailing religion of current year America is anti-racism. For sure, things like anti-sexism and anti-antisemitism are in the mix. On a regular basis people are condemned for not liking homosexuals or people of mysterious origins. The list of “bads” is very long. All of these other “isms” that make up the set of official “bads” all have the same root as anti-racism. That is, they are twisted around the pole of biological reality.

The place to start is with the dictionary definition of racism. According to Merriam-Webster, the first definition of racism is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” defines racism as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

Now, within living memory, racism was an act. A racists was someone who would not hire people of a certain race or would deny people of a certain race access to goods and services. Then the definition shifted to include words. If one said disparaging things about someone of another race, they could be a racist. The assumption being that to think poorly of another race must inevitably lead to acting poorly toward people of another race. Racism was now a state of mind.

Of course, this is now true of all the bads. If one is not sufficiently worshipful of homosexuals, for example, it is assumed you must be homophobic. The days of “hate the sin, but love the sinner” are long gone in our secular theology, assuming such sophistication ever existed or was even possible. With all of the bads, one’s virtue on these matters is an A-B test. You’re either sufficiently worshipful of the protected group or you are an apostate, possibly a heretic, who must be condemned.

The thing is, racism is not empirically verifiable. In fact, it is not something people thought much about until recent. The best one can do, as far as making an empirical claim about racism, is that it is verifiable under a set of logical rules. If someone believes these things, then they are racist. Those rules, however, are cognitively meaningless. That is, they are not true in and of themselves. Those rules exist because the people in charge have wished them into existence.

That’s the truth of all moral codes. They don’t exist naturally. They may arise from observation of nature or as a result of some qualities of man. People do not want to be killed, for example, so human societies have evolved moral codes against killing people inside the society. The moral codes of a society may have evolved in response to universal or particular facts facing the people, but they had to be conjured into existence by the people in charge of society. Therefore, racism is a social construct.

There is a slow shift going on with the definition of racism. The first part of those common definitions now says something like “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race.” In other words, the moral codes that define racism now include an assertion of fact. That is, race does not exist. After all, to say that people have shared traits that define them as a people is what is considered the primary definition of racism. To be a racist is to acknowledge race.

Racism is well on its way to becoming a form of magic. The racist mind is now one that perceives things that are not real, like sub-Saharan Africans having dark skin. The epicanthic fold not only cannot exist, noticing it suggests the person seeing it is possessed by the demon of racism. There really is no other way to interpret the emerging definition of racism. In order to resolve the conflict between the definition and nature, they must introduce some supernatural element.

The problem, of course, is that there are characteristics and abilities specific to race, ethnicity and sex. People are not amorphous blobs that can be shaped into whatever the ruling class favors at the moment. In fact, it is impossible to maintain a functioning society without accepting biological reality. Otherwise, the differences in outcome, for example blacks in sports or Jews in business, can only be explained by theories of nefarious forces operating in the shadows at the expense of your group.

Now, in fairness, they still tag on the old modifiers about superiority. That’s the thing though, those modifiers are now in the back. Given the behavior of science deniers in the mass media, it is not going to be long before those modifiers about superiority are dropped entirely. One has only to look at the conflation of the terms “white nationalist” and white supremacist.” The ruling cult now uses them interchangeably. To notice that whites are different from other groups is to be evil by definition.

Even if they figure out that those modifiers must be maintained in order for the definition of racism to have coherence, there are those differences between the races. It is an undeniably truth that sub-Saharan Africans perform differently in physical competitions than other races. In fact, they are superior at sprinting and at extreme long distance running events. These differences are rooted in those common traits. For people to be different, it means they must be better or worse at various quantifiable things.

In the fullness of time, anti-racism, and the whole basket of bads that come along with it, will be viewed as a madness that took possession of the ruling classes. The need to see all people as equal, a requirement of democracy, has led the ruling elites of the West down a dark journey into a madness. The denial of physical reality can only be tolerated for so long. Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Soon, reality shall return and wash the madness away.

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162 thoughts on “The Madness Of Anti-Racism

  1. Conscience did not evolve God put inside EVERYONE. Lots of people know how to ignore it, society did not do shit. We all know what is right and its why there had to be schnapps at Austwitz.

  2. “Soon reality shall return and wash the madness away.”

    “As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return.”

  3. I don’t think the following is the best way to express the reality of racial differences: “characteristics and abilities specific to race.”
    I prefer the way John Derbyshire (who really likes you btw) has expressed it. Races, ethnies, societies (and other categories of humans) can be thought of as being the vector sum of the individuals abilities, personalities, etc. I don’t think “blacks dumb”, “Asians slow” whatever is as precise or rhetorically useful a way to summarize it. Blacks can think/reason and Asians can run.
    Maybe what I’m trying to make is a distinction without a difference. The Derbyshire quote is from memory, but I really like how he said it.

  4. This conversation just came up yesterday. Lost my temper a bit ( sorry old friend ) Just had it with white people being apologists for the black scourge.

    Can remember years ago racists were supposed to be poor white southern folk. Depicted as drooling, slack-jawed yokels and what good white would want to be associated with that ?

    Come to find out after traveling I like Southerners and have more in common with them then my northern white liberal neighbors.

    The white man is waking up. I don’t argue with my friends and their families anymore . Just plant the seed and keep moving .

    FWIW this site is being heavily monitored. Everyone is behaving themselves so the federales haven’t come up with anything just yet.

    a special shout-out to all those hard-working g-men 🙂

  5. I guess to clarify, I see differing genetic clusters, demographics or “races”, as having subtly different neural circuitry, sensitive to shading grades of the immaterial DNA spectrum we call Spirit.

    Different bodies, different brains, different ‘gods’. The White mutation is most sensitive to Highest so far, the filtering vessel spirit is attempting to reach, with the others hearing ‘lower’, more bestial frequencies. Ones that cannot penetrate the barrier of the ionosphere.

    Bodies are the seeds generating and filtering spirit. Spirit, once filtered, is the transmission vehicle of bodies: the Seeding, or how life spreads across impossible distance.
    I call Spirit “Signal”.

    Physical DNA will never cross between the suns, but energy can and does.
    The driving force is the omnipresent Force of creation, of energy binding into matter.

    Not necessarily Design, but like water seeking it’s level. (Although if Design works for you, then that’s fine, it works.)

    Anti-racism, therefore, is working against nature’s reality, against the filter.

    Racism isn’t just my sin, racism is my Religion. Awful of me, huh?

    • Our ancestors may have been monsters, but we changed. The others have not, or less so, only tenuously.

      That is evidence that the Hand of the Increate, in us, may have found its tool.

  6. …all moral codes. They don’t exist naturally.

    That’s a claim rarely made. Are you disputing the existence of conscience, by which even 5-y-o chilluns know when they’ve crossed a line?

  7. Heh. Touched a nerve on this one:

    Sanders is proposing a wealth registry and exit taxes.

    The party line signaled to the faithful in the post is that exit taxes are bad because Hitler (no, seriously, that’s it)

    I opined that I have no problem with the morality of exit taxes.

    Of course the libertarians come out of the woodwork. The state doesn’t own me! They have no right to steal 60% of my money.

    Like I care, when you are turning tail and abandoning the nation that nurtured you. You are no longer my countryman.

  8. That’s the truth of all moral codes. They don’t exist naturally. They may arise from observation of nature or as a result of some qualities of man. People do not want to be killed, for example, so human societies have evolved moral codes against killing people inside the society. The moral codes of a society may have evolved in response to universal or particular facts facing the people, but they had to be conjured into existence by the people in charge of society.

    Yes, moral codes have always existed and The New Testament witnesses to that in relation to how people will be judged even if they have not heard The Gospel. An objective universal moral code is part of creation. God made us in His own image.

    Just, for instance, think about “Honor thy Mother and Father”. What society has ever existed without this code? None. While it is indeed true that some tribes killed their Moms and Dadas when they because decrepitude (Bidenism )the fact is that in and of itself was a way of honoring them and singling them out for attention.

    Now, it is the claim of the Darwinists that such things as language and morality are the products of evolution but that claim is itself a part of evolution and, thus, self-referential.

  9. Before we abandoned reasoning, we could distinguish correlaton with causation and could recognize the difference between intellect and will. It applies to sex as well as race.

    So “racism” was the irrational and without evidence belief that individuals with certain physical characterisics were necessarily superior or inferior. And that even with a disadvantage in strength or smarts, that perseverence and integrity was more important.

    Even Stefan Molyneux compartmentalizes the latter, noting there is a problem around IQ 85 for crime – but the Sisters of Mercy (St. Mother Theresa’s order) generally aren’t smart but don’t do crimes. Yet he believes in free will. Which is it, the lack of intelligence or lack of virtue? Not understanding arguments, or positiviely willing evil?

    We are a post Logox – Christendom – society. And will return to the least common denominator.

  10. Your observation, “Racism is a social construct” is more than just a clever quip. It is one of those pithy, incisive lines that can be used as a weapon in the struggle — much like “it’s okay to be white.”

    Its inclusion of the words “social construct” is a hook for the intellectual and marginally educated population and also carries the explosive charge.

  11. “A nation is a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history.” Your tribe in other words. Your extended family in fact.

    I love my tribe. We are Appalachians. My Welsh ancestors were here before the revolution. So, does that make me a racist? Sure — EVERYONE IS RACIST. Everyone.

    American blacks may be the most racists people on the planet at this point in time. Of course the fact they are hollering about racism gives them welfare and many other preferences is a big part of it for them. (the Japanese don’t hold a candle to our dindus)

    When the revelation comes, and it will, we will see blood in the streets that will make the War of Northern Aggression seem like a family pick-nick.

    God created the nations. Lucifer wants us to forget that and “mix it up”. But mixing will never work. Don’t believe me? Take your white ass to Detroit late at night and walk around.

  12. By a weird twist of politics, Blank Slate became our religion.

    A spy for the secret police, Saul of Tarsus, was searching for the surviving Apostles, but the Jewish Christians wouldn’t talk to him.

    His Roman speechwriters, Simon and Lucius, prepared his propaganda, and he went then to the non-Jewish Christian communities, sending out feelers in their many toungues, their languages.

    (Mission accomplished- the Apostles publicly executed- he then wrestled with Prince Jesus’ brother James and common-law wife Mary the Magdalene for control of the nascent “Jewish Cult”, as the Romans called it. But that’s another story.)

    Saul/Paul had greatly expanded the use of the formerly private Jewish encyclopedia, the OT Scriptures, by non-Jews. The existence of such a comprehensive encyclopedia in those times was a treasure without price.

    He taught that the God of the Jewish People was the God for all peoples. Their Book became the encyclopedia of the Dual Empire’s Romano-Christian state religions, and blank slate became the selling point, the moral code justifying expansion, as well as a key to survival.

    • (Note to Vizzini: if the nonverbal “right brain”, hearing Spirit, will attempt to speak using Tarot cards or bird livers, would not Spirit use such a deep well as Scripture?
      Thanks for the insight.

      Note to readers: but this stuff comes in dreams! Doesn’t that make it a brain burp?

      No. The partition space, the draw of hearing Spirit, usually entails such a massive draw on neural resources that the body must be in a state of repose.

      Sleep, prayer, meditation, recuperation.
      Familiar repetiton, distraction, or focus, the ‘zone’, likewise reduce the bodily draw.)

      • Atheists, when the faithful say God speaks to them through the Word, they’re telling you true.

        They’re using different neural circuitry, a different operating system, that’s all.
        Let us end this war between us.

        Other peoples have different circuitry as well, and different gods.
        Let us then defend the ashes of our fathers and the temples of OUR gods.

        • Sorry, one more.

          I believe the cortex thinkers, the Whites, “hear” more of the Higher, the necessary end of the force that the Christians put a face on as the Creator.

          The hindbrains hear more of, well, something else. Something low and feral.
          They are limited.

          “Christianity” was a White expression, of course it can be adopted as can any language.
          If they can speak our tech code to run a water plant, they can speak our social code to run a court system, or at least try to.

          Our kind must survive, to seek what the Christians are trying to listen to, else we return to suffering animals.

          To be fair, I’d wish the faithful would belay wrenching other people’s beliefs into what the faithful want to hear, as well.

  13. It sounded like a great plan in the beginning. Written constitution. Divide up the power among 3 branches of government. Bill of rights to protect our basic freedoms, including right to bear arms as a protection against tyranny.

    Great plan. Wrong species.

    Fatal flaw. “All men are created equal”, which is so obviously untrue. Some are lazy, ambitious, feeble minded, smart, strong, sickly, male, female, selfish, selfless, hetero, homo, confused…

    Life is so unfair! So we pass laws to make it fair ignoring the fact that we lose freedom in doing so. Success is punished. Failure is rewarded. Basic charity, kindness, caring for your fellow man who may be down and out becomes AA programs, free health care and education for all! Things fall apart. Our reach exceeds our grasp. The Gods of the copy book headings return again.

    • The quality of the plan never matters so much as the will of the people, and we began to lose ours around 1945. By the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it was gone.

      Some like to focus on Jewish perfidy, but the lesson of history is clear: without a meaningful purpose, a nation destroys itself. The Jews knew this 2700 years ago: “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. I hate to quibble with zman’s beautiful final paragraph, but history will see our radical egalitarianism for what it is: an aspect of the long slow suicide of the American nation.

      The other lesson of history here is that this process can take centuries. From the death of the Republic to the Fall of the Empire, where did the last true Romans go? How did they live?

      • By the way, the Bill of Rights is fine and all, but a constitution for true Americans would include the following (in order of precedence):

        1. Blood is thicker than water.
        2. A man’s word is his bond.
        3. Live and let live.
        4. War to the knife, and knife to the hilt.

        Also, an extra vote for every ancestor born here, another if you’ve served, and two more if you’ve seen action.

        Now is that too much to ask for?

  14. It’s an accusation without a defense, i mean how do you prove your heart is pure? I guess they could throw us into rivers like witches, but then again most whites can swim, screwed again!

  15. “It is an undeniably truth that sub-Saharan Africans perform differently in physical competitions than other races. In fact, they are superior at sprinting and at extreme long distance running events.” —–You know who said that years ago? Jimmy the Greek. One of the first casualties fired for stating a stark racial reality. He may as well have been saying “The sky is blue.” And this was in the late 80s.

    All of this nonsense will fall by the wayside when democracy itself cracks open like an egg and we go back to natural strong-man run governments like Putin. this whole impeachment thing is just the next chapter of democracy weakening itself until it vanishes. And good riddance when it comes.

    • While Jimmy the Greek was fired for giving his opinion on black racial superiority, what he actually said was that slave owners picked out a big black man and a big black woman to make a big black kid, which is why they tend to be better at sports. He said nothing about evolution and natural selection. This was in 1988, not that long after Time magazine ran a cover story on black dominance in sports.

      As a side note, it’s interesting to me that West Africans and East Africans, specifically Kenyans from the Rift Valley are polar opposites when it comes to track events. Black of West African descent dominate the sprints and are terrible at distance, while Kenyans dominate distance and are bad at sprints. Completely different body types. Since it’s so fascinating to me, I’ve often pointed this out to people, and it usually gets quiet. It’s a good thing I don’t work for CBS Sports or any of the other networks.

      • Bantus dominate sprint, limit 400 meters. Non-Bantu east Africans dominate distance. Their differences are pronounced.

  16. “Jews in business”

    When the young Jewish lad asked his pop for $50, pops replied, “Thirty dollars! What in Hell do you need five bucks for?”

  17. Are you using an older paper dictionary for your research or an online neo-dictionary where SJWs now hold the pen?

    • My library has the OED.

      Racist (n)

      Etymology: French raciste (1895 as adjective, 1924 as noun)

      An advocate or supporter of racism; a person whose words or actions display prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of race. Also in extended use: a person who is prejudiced against people of other nationalities.

      First Use:

      1922 H. LICHTENBERGER Relations between Germany & France (Carnegie Endowment for Internat. Peace) 88 A campaign was even planned to expel from the Nationalist party the agitators of the extreme right known as ‘Germanists’ or ‘racists’.

      No statement of when it was first added to the OED nor any changes over time to the definition.

      • The OED also has this form which might be useful.

        Raciology (n)

        The characteristics of a race or races of humankind; the racial constitution of a place. Also: the branch of knowledge that deals with these.

  18. Zman: “The assumption being that to think poorly of another race must inevitably lead to acting poorly toward people of another race. Racism was now a state of mind.”

    I’m as race-realist as they come, believe in HBD and the power of heritability not merely in regards to intelligence or physical appearance, but also habits and behaviors. I also harbor antipathy towards other races for invading what was once a primarily White nation, and for all the crimes and debasement they have inflicted upon it. Yet yesterday, when the Negro woman in the car in front of me at the ATM accidentally left her card in the machine, not only did I not attempt to steal anything from her, but I actually parked my car and was walking to the door of the bank when she came driving back looking for her card.

    My thoughts towards race had not changed, but neither had my standards of acceptable behavior and morals for myself. Gee, the magic juju of racism somehow didn’t affect my actions. Must have been a one-off, or perhaps the moral arc of the universe temporarily inverted – couldn’t possibly be attributed to a rational, decent human being not deliberately harming someone she still regards as a threat and an interloper. I would still deport that woman and all her race, or use lethal force to defend me and mine, but I would not steal what I had not earned – even though I believe most of her money consists of transfer payments forcibly taken from productive Whites.

    • Agree. Civil, polite interactions make me happy, regardless of the races involved. I can open a door for an old non-white lady, smile at her, and still wish she wasn’t here.

      • If only manners had been taught with the same zeal as grievance-mongering, the people in this country would be a good deal better off.

    • See – that’s why you’re called civilized. Now let me reverse the story. Just driving today in a residential area, mostly black, at 30mph. I’m cruising through at 25mph. A car is backing out of a residence … doesn’t slow and apparently doesn’t look out the window. I slow even further, avert to the opposite lane almost off the road and toot the horn. She finally stops, and appears to be cussing up a storm whilst delivering the 1-finger salute. Did I mention she’s black? Did I even have to?

  19. Racism will prevail because it is essential to long-term survival. Without the prejudice that your DNA is superior to that of some African living in a mud hut, why bother having children?

    Thus white liberals contracept themselves out of existence, leaving their black and brown pets to starve or be killed by racist whites.

  20. ” Soon, reality shall return and wash the madness away.”

    That day cannot come soon enough. What have we come to though, when we have to pray for “our masters” to acknowledge tangible, measurable reality?

  21. I think that there’s no real qualitative difference between human race denial and creationism. In biology, there are no sharp boundaries. Hence the eternal war of lumpers and splitters.

    Creationists claim the fossil record doesn’t show any transitional forms and SJWs claim phenotypical and genetic traits can’t be sharply defined among humans. So creationists say you can’t lump and split in the fossil record, and SJWs say you can’t split (humans).

    The modern biological understanding is that there really are no essential ‘species’ as we used to think of them, but just populations that can more or less interbreed.

    With the fossil record, if you look at it as not a record of individual species disappearing and evolving, but as a record of populations, the creationist intellectual arguments have little force, the fossil record being just a snapshot of Darwin’s ‘tangled bank’ of populations.

    SJWs deny that basic evolutionary principals don’t apply to humans by fiat.

    What are populations? They don’t really exist either, they are just statistical correlations for labeling by lumpers and splitters, since to do science, one must be able to name things so as to measure them, even if the naming boundaries are by definition and even inherently (essentially, hah!) blurry.

    Thing is, both sides are essentialist, with creationists maintaining that species are special as a creator made them (baramins), and SJW maintaining that humans are special, as we can’t apply population studies to them to distinguish races.

    Both sides are anti-science from an evolutionary point of view, as the modern biological understanding is that life has no teleological goal, and therefore no living thing is special and essential.

      • No, it’s just that for the pre-Cambrian explosion, we don’t have any clear idea as to what caused all that speciation, it’s basically lost in the annals of time (as opposed to the mammalian radiation after the Chicxulub impact). Ironically, both creationists and SJW biologists (Gould) look at the pre-Cambrian explosion as something special. So many new phyla appeared, as Gould said, so many new body plans. That’s somthing special. No, it’s not, the ‘new’ phyla are just snapshots of populations at that time, specifically some time after evolution of body plans. It’s very likely that when body plans diverged, animals were completely soft-shelled leaving the fossil record beyond human discovery in the rocks. Shell and bones, scales, all sorts of things that are hard and can be preserved, and that’s what we see in the pre-Cambrian geological record, a sharp increase in new body plans, distinguishing the ‘parts’ of the soft-body ‘new’ phyla finally being something that could be preserved in the fossil record. The body plans weren’t that new at that time. Just the evolution of body plan plarts that could be fossilized.

        • Darwin himself and Louis Agassiz knew at the time when origin of the species was written that the Cambrian explosion was a problem to the theory. Darwin’s thought it would be solved as new fossils were found which it hasn’t been and Louis Agassiz rejected it when it was written

        • I see an immaterial template, the ‘spark’, not a Master Plan.

          For me, the Forces of physics are enough; those who see Design are asking, “why then do we suffer?” Rightly so, too.

    • Were we all 3 listening to the sweet Christian show “Points of View”, yesterday?

      They had a ‘Creationist Minute’ about the new rules in place since Noah’s Ark.
      There, I learned of the word ‘baramin’.

      The idea is that, from the level of family in taxonomy, the God has given animals the gift of adaption within changing environments.

      I thought it was a nice, gentle blend of concepts. No burning churches or rampaging mobs, I don’t think we can afford that anymore… between ourselves, that is. Ahem.

  22. “Soon, reality shall return and wash the madness away.”

    Well, we need to start doing “reality dances” to bring on a downpour of realism. And we need to do this soon.

    When I was just a ten year old child, my father took down an encyclopedia and made me read the article on “race”. This was in the early fifties when there were still shreds of truth left in such books. I will always be grateful to him for making me immune at an early age to the bullshit of do-gooders and self-seeking politicians.

  23. The ruling class cannot think that far ahead, Z. Never ascribe to maliciousness that that can be explained by stupidity.
    The left has spent three generations stoking the flames under the American melting pot… and it’s all they can do to keep a lid on it. But every day the pressure builds as the state religion increasingly conflicts with observable reality. That lid is coming off, one way or another.
    When have to be ready when this thing blows. Jim said it best: those that can be filled into believing absurdities can be also gulled into committing atrocities.
    Buy AR15s, boys, because you WILL need them.

  24. Anti racism is not about racism. If that were true it would be applied equally. Every single non-white group operates as a group…seeking group interests. All of them in opposition to the founders and builders of the West. The entire diversity racket is a war upon whites and everything they have built. Most of this is being driven by envy and avarice masquerading as a moral crusade.

    Anti-racism is specifically targeted at white people, white civilization and white social standards. It is anti white racism. Racism, an increasingly meaningless term, is simply group competition in seeking group control of resources and distribution of those resources.

    The moral preening takes place because whites are still too powerful a group to be simply run over. Moralizing about the magic evil of whites and their nefarious history, institutions and role in society gives the weaker invader a way to undermine and weaken…and disarm whites from defending their civilizations and lands…until enough of them wake up.

    • Religious storytelling- moral code- is ‘self’ programming, an operating system.

      Invaders always seek to supplant the old ways that supported the inhabitants, with the new moral rule sets that support the conquerors.

      What better way to conquer than to change the software? Make the meat machines do what you want.

      If a few glitch, there are always more.
      Why shoot at your enemies, if you can program them to shoot at themselves?

    • Cheezy as it is, the mantra is correct :
      Antiracist is code for antiwhite. Bob Whitaker was way ahead of us.

      I don’t see it much anymore, but it used to ubiquitous.

  25. New York City bans calling someone an ‘illegal alien’ out of hate..

    It’s now against the law in New York City to threaten someone with a call to immigration authorities or refer to them as an “illegal alien” when motivated by hate.
    The restrictions — violations of which are punishable by fines of up to $250,000 per offense — are outlined in a 29-page directive released by City Hall’s Commission on Human Rights….
    “In the face of increasingly hostile national rhetoric, we will do everything in our power to make sure our treasured immigrant communities are able to live with dignity and respect, free of harassment and bias,” said Carmelyn Malalis, the agency’s commissioner.

    So, I’m reporting all of you.

    • Which reminds me that NYC also has a Snitch program..
      so far it’s limited to rewarding people who snitch that they’ve seen a car idling its engine for more than 3 minutes (did you know it’s illegal to let your car’s engine idle for more than 3 minutes?).. you can receive a $2500 reward for snitching on the driver. Just send in video or photographic evidence with time/date stamps and locations.

      I can’t wait until they start a Snitch Reward program for turning in raaacists.
      Man, I’ma gonna clean up.

    • I also notice that this ban on calling someone an illegal alien was not a NYC regulation that was debated and passed in the City Council, and then signed by Mayor DeBlasio (his actual name is Wilhem Warren, BTW); it’s a directive released by City Hall’s Commission on Human Rights…. just one person creating “law” out of nothing more than their power to do so.

    • Browsing the Daily Mail a few days ago I recall seeing a report on an Iowa man (I think), White, 63, who was charged with 2 counts of hate crime for criticizing a Mestiza’s Puerto Rico shirt and asking if she was a citizen. The photo of the poor old guy showed him looking utterly bewildered. Standard normie. He doesn’t realized just how the rules have changed and his country has been taken from him. And yet I guarantee his government-educated children will all tell you they don’t see color. Sorry but not sorry. They’ve been warned and still refuse to cross to our side.

    • It’s so obviously a 1A violation. My hope is that one of the local “Angel Moms” takes them to the cleansers.

  26. Stop buying into commie wordplay.

    What is a phobia?

    Learn to pronounce
    noun: phobia; plural noun: phobias
    an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

    Is your dislike of homosexuals “irrational”? Well then why use leftie words to express how you feel?

    The column is about how the word “racism” has been twisted to leftie ends – well descriptive words about dislike of homosexuals are following the same pattern.

    When you use the words “homophobia”, or “islamophobia” – or any of the other phobia words that the lefties like to throw around – you’re cucking yourself and playing their game.

    You’re admitting that your DISLIKE of homosexuals is irrational.

    Come up with something else. Use a word that shows your aversion is completely rational and sensical.

    homoloathing ” I am a homoloather – I don’t think what they do to young boys is a good thing”.

    homodetestation: ” the way homosexuals bugger each other in rest areas and then belligerently accost innocent families who just wanted to use the facilities makes me detest them. I have a long standing case of homodetestation”

    homotipathy : I do not like to be around homosexuals. I have homotipathy.

    This pattern gets repeated over and over and over again by the left. When right wingers describe border jumpers as illegal aliens or criminal immigrants – the left goes nuts and bans the description and starts calling them alternative citizens or whatever other word they can dream up.

    Stop playing their word games

    If you can’t even take back the language – you’re never going to win this fight.

    • Add “anti-Semitism” to that list. Then for extra credit, look up the ADL’s definition of anti-Semitism, specifically how it applies only to Jews and not other Semitic peoples. And how it was a Nazi-invented term meant to be derogatory.

      If all that is true, then why would the ADL continue to use it? As a constant reminder of how the world is against them, and to keep the resentment smoldering, of course.

      • ADL is headed by former Obama staffer and is more concerned with political correctness than protecting the Jews. As a matter of fact not a word from them on the numerous ongoing attacks by blacks on Orthodox Jews in NYC.
        ADL is widely criticized by Jewish bloggers like Daniel Greenfield and others.
        As people who are justifiably proud to be whites why do you share with blacks a hatred toward Jews? If you have common enemy you have plenty in common.

        • Jews have been agitating and manipulating blacks in America since the early 1900’s. Communist jews, including financiers and lawyers, occupied every single prominent office of the NAACP, including the presidency, until the 1960’s. Jews are at the forefront of the militant feminist movement and support the “LBGT…etc” agenda. Whites do not have common cause with jews.

          • Anna – If Jews like yourself would like to gain more support I suggest making sharp distinctions between the those who quietly practice their religion and the rambunctious, destructive, devious Zionists. I try to make similar distinctions between biblical Christianity and the various wayward sects of evangelicals who plant “Support Israel” signs in their yards. Words matter, and carefully defined positions matter. There are some here who would have zero problem with a Jew practicing their religion in the US, but as soon as they start agitating to influence US domestic and foreign policies as a hyphenated American, most will see that as subversion. Then of course there’s the Zionists of the global banking variety, who are accountable for a great deal of death/destruction. If devout, religious Jews were a tad louder in condemning the evil in their camp maybe the average American could begin to distinguish between Judaism and Zionism.

            Some will say there’s no difference … right there is your problem.

  27. …a madness that took possession of the ruling classes…soon, reality shall return and wash the madness away.

    Well, the genius of anti-racism (from Satan’s point of view, not ours) is that it wipes out its target race.

    (And I mention in passing the obvious fact that “anti-racism” is of course extremely racist. It’s textbook inversion. Read this brilliant thread before it gets nuked.

    Communism, for example, killed one-hundred million people, mostly in China and Russia. But at least when the madness was over, at least they were still China and Russia.

    But when this madness is over, will there still be an America? An England? A Germany? A France?

    This is Communism 2.0, a new and improved murder machine. A new and more virulent strain of an old mind-virus.

    • One of Many Georges, here’s that thread from Twitter before it’s gone.

      moo moo cow @i_am_cattle
      4:45 PM · Sep 17, 2019

      1. How inversion magic works:

      First they start by implanting the notion in people’s heads that equality = justice and that any instance of inequality between two groups is created by an oppressor group which has achieved some unjust privilege by “oppressing” the other group

      2. What they are doing here is claiming that there is a force (an oppression) causing inequality in one direction (from group A to group B)

      The implication is that this evil force needs to be countered in order to restore “equality”

      3. What they conjure/create by repeating these words is an OPPOSING force in the other direction

      In their terms they call this “resisting oppression”

      It is an INVERSE OPPRESSION against group A

      Don’t you dare oppose this bigot we’re just restoring equality here

      4. So by repeating that A is oppressing B (regardless if this is really happening or not) they are creating in the society an oppression force against A

      They are casting a spell that has the INVERSE effect of their words IRL

      5. An example:

      The systematic discrimination against whites in employment/education

      This is a clear act of OPPRESSION against whites

      Why is it allowed?

      Because the INVERSE narrative has been implanted in the public mind (that whites oppress non-whites)

      6. Once you see through their spell you see that what they are really doing whenever they repeat some bullshit about oppression is seeking to cause the INVERSION of whatever they are saying

      7. Here’s another example: the “Holocaust” narrative

      By repeating over and over again that the biggest act of “oppression” in human history consisted of Europeans oppressing J*ws (the oppressive force here being nationalism) now nationalism must be COUNTERED (for Europeans)

      8. So by repeating the story that Europeans genocided J*ws over and over again the INVERSION of that narrative is actually becoming real

      The “Holocaust” story is an “oppression” inversion spell which causes an effect IRL which is the exact inversion of the story

      9. That shiny new “Holocaust” memorial in your city is the INVERSION of what it purports to be

      The REAL message it transmits is that Europeans no longer have a right to self determination or a homeland

      What it actually is: a monument to the genocide of the European peoples

      10. The story that A genocided B when repeated over and over again like a spell creates a socially mandatory and moral inverse-oppression force against A that in effect causes B to genocide A

      11. So now you understand how their shitty voodoo works

      It works by repeating a narrative of “oppression” which creates an INVERSE effect IRL

      12. Another example so you can see how this voodoo is everywhere around you:

      Why is there an entire month dedicated to worshiping homosexuals where every single company and government must comply and place rainbow flags and symbols everywhere and bow down to homosexuality

      13. Well, because homosexuals are “oppressed” and heterosexuals aren’t

      Therefore now we must give homosexuals “privilege” in order to restore “equality”

      And we must dedicate no month to worshipping heterosexuals because they are the “privileged” oppressors

      14. This whole voodoo is based on the concept of human “equality” worship

      When you no longer worship “equality” and you acknowledge that humans are actually unequal by nature the entire spell collapses since any instance of inequality can no longer be blamed on “oppression”

      15. There is no such thing as “equality” in nature

      The existence of every living thing on Earth is based on a fundamental natural process where unequal beings constantly struggle for survival and some get filtered out

      Nature operates based on INEQUALITY

      16. Equality cultists will often say contradictory things that don’t seem to make any sense such as:

      “There is no such thing as race. There is no such thing as the white race. There is only one race, the human race”

      And then:

      “White people are responsible for racism”

      17. On the one hand they don’t want to acknowledge that there is such a thing as different races because that violates their fundamental belief in human equality

      Saying there are different races is an act of “discrimination”

      And to “discriminate” is to apply INEQUALITY

      18. And on the other hand they have been taught that this great form of evil in the world, racial inequality (“racism”) is caused by white oppression

      Therefore in their religious quest to achieve “equality” they need to single out the oppressors so they can be fought against

      19. The word “racism” was not even a thing 100 years ago

      Yet today our entire society’s existence seems to revolve around fighting “racism”

      The definition of “racism” is an act of “oppression” which causes racial inequality

      Who planted this concept in everyone’s head and how?

      20. The answer to how:

      Through the mass media

      By selecting the narrative that’s fed to the public they control the public’s perception of reality

      The public is constantly fed equality brainwash by having certain groups portrayed as oppressors and others portrayed as victims

      21. The reason the media mysteriously likes to suppress news of violence when it is committed by non-whites against whites is that they are creating a narrative of whites oppressing non-whites

      If they start showing non-whites oppressing whites this dismantles their entire voodoo

      22. This oppressor-victim narrative is not only applied to whites and non-whites. It is also applied to:

      Men and women
      Heterosexuals and homosexuals
      Christians and non-Christians

      This is why equality cultists hate heterosexual white Christian men above all other groups

      23. And for the answer to “who” ask yourself this: what is the biggest act of “oppression” in history according to the media?

      The biggest instance of a poor innocent helpless victim group being horribly mistreated and oppressed by the evil white men?

      The “Holocaust”, of course

      24. You see, it’s not a coincidence that the people who happen to coincidentally control all the media in our societies have reserved for themselves the biggest victim spot in this entire oppression-victim belief structure that they are feeding the public

      25. The public has been unsuspectingly mindfucked so hard and for so long with this oppressor-victim narrative based on equality worship that it has become the new unofficial religion of the West

      The religion of equality worship

      Or what people refer to as “liberalism”

      26. All human societies operate on some belief structure that governs their behavior

      These belief structures arise naturally and eventually tend to include an entire worldview and an explanation of reality

      They are what we officially call “religions”

      *********** End of thread

  28. I don’t even think we’re all the same species. I mean the story is that the Earth was populated with a couple dozen different hominid species and then 50 to 25,000 years ago Homo sapiens sapiens took over the planet but of course we all look completely different and act completely despite the fact we are just one species now. I’m calling shenanigans

    • Sorry Whitney but that’s like saying all canines are not the same species because wolves and dachshunds look and act completely different.

      • Wolves and domestic dogs are NOT the same species. Being able to breed does not prove “same species” at all.

        When a negro miscegenates with a white, the offspring will not be able to obtain a DNA match for organ transplants, some medicines kill negroes while whites can take them with little to no side effects. There is a mountain of evidence in support of the facts I’m asserting.

      • Wolves coyotes and dogs can interbreed and produce viable fertile offspring but they’re not considered the same species. Maybe they are. Maybe we are. Maybe we should let Neanderthals join the club. Or perhaps there are breeds within populations. The Danes don’t look like the French and the Ethiopians don’t look like the Congolese.

    • My gosh Whitney what a breakthrough, a world-changing insight.

      Many varieties, shading into one another.
      Across epochs of time.

      Instead we argue over who was First Man and First Woman, or if we were brought from somwhere else, or other varieties of Sudden Appearence.

    • All mass immigration (or any migration where one group is privileged over another by “law” or conquest) will displace the founding/established group. That’s the history of migration going back millennia.

    • Muslims had been weaponized 1400 years ago by Mohammed. Blacks have been weaponized by their leaders by inflaming their very strong racism. How does it feel to see a Jew in every corner?

      • “How does it feel to see a Jew in every corner?”

        Well, they indeed are in nearly every corner that matters, that is to say, where fake money is conjured and channeled or where political power and cultural influence are brokered. As for how it feels to see this reality…for me, late in life, it was a very harsh awakening.

      • Correct. As we all know the NAACP was founded, organized, led and financed by rich and powerful African-Americans. But whatever, anti-semites! Dont let a fact get in your way.

      • Dear Anna, there are Jews of the Torah and Jews of the Talmud. The latter is bad medicine. We know what it teaches about Christians and Christ. Shame!!

        • The only Jews who rejected Talmud are called Karaims and there are only few thousand of them in the world.
          Unfortunately I became exposed to my own history and religion late in life and know very little. But one of the things I learned in Talmud: it’s a bigger sin to cheat a gentiles than to cheat on another Jew.
          Give me an example in Christian texts which is that considerate of others.

          • Anna, please point us to the section of the Talmud where that is written. It would contradict a lot of other parts.

          • As I don’t have a structured Jewish religious education I learned it in several classes under guidance of a Hassidic Rabbi who moved since . It will take me some time to locate the quote and this thread will be closed by then. But I’ll try to contact you after I know.

        • They now teach Talmud in South Korean high schools. It’s like chess or math and not everybody can succeed in this study. Hope I didn’t turn anybody against Koreans/s

    • Hines, they have, you’re talking a history that goes back near 5,000 years. Close in-breeding has reinforced it as a trait.

      Every few thousand years, our solar system intersects the Taurid asteroids, and death rains down from the heavens. We watch the stars to find the signs.

      A period of meteor strikes drove the New Thinkers, frontal-cortex Aryans, into the lands of the hindbrain thinkers east, west, and south. Those same meteors shattered the east and south.

      We merged in the west, were subsumed in the east- and were revolted against in the south.

      We could not be defeated, but they refused to submit.
      Special marriage laws maintained segregation.
      New storys were told, casting us down, lifting them up, making them the rightful owners of our women. In their minds, they had become the conquerors, as taking the enemy’s women is the prize.

      They cannot forgive us. Nor forget.
      They must replace us, as masters of the world.

      The world we had straddled a century ago, so now they must take it all, as their prophecies will tell. Who shall rule?


      The four modern legs of the Oldest War.
      They are winning:

  29. The key point is that racialism (which will of course simply be called “racism” by our enemies), the inborn and normal sense of “us” and “them,” is good.

    Racialism is the immune system of a people. It keeps them from being invaded and destroyed.

    And that’s why they’re attacking it so hard: they want to destroy our immune system, which will, of course, destroy us.

    • Very broadly speaking, immigration is genocide.

      One people brings their guys and their folkways into the the land of another people, and if new guys are stronger, their people and folkways drive out the old guys and their folkways.

      That process is incipient against our people.

      Do we lack the technology to stop it, like primitive peoples against more developed nations? Of course not.

      We lack the group spirit, the racial spirit.

      • We didn’t believe absurdities when we rushed into WWII, as they hadn’t been tacked on yet.

        We were simply homogenous.
        The Pharoah called, the men mustered, and we attacked.

        We mustered for the Space Race as well.

        Now that we are sundered, no longer a People, we haven’t won a war since- or gone back to the Moon.

        Who are we bringing glory to?
        We don’t know that anymore, either.

        • My great regret is that we are not colonizing space.

          No doubt, if the White Man had stayed true to his spirit, we would have colonies on at least the moon by now.

          Instead, Toronto looks part India, part China, part Africa, and part Pakistan. We have been colonized by an alien elite (and our own WASP elites) and by 3rd world peoples.

          White man needs to explore.

          Space was our next frontier.

  30. The American Psychological Association has been addressing racism as a likely mental illness for 20 years. In the late 90s they established their National Conversation on Psychology and Racism. Whenever I hear “national conversation” I know that people like me are excluded from the conversation.

    Where this is going – racism (however they choose to define it) will likely become one of those nefarious red-flag laws … “racists” (i.e. whites) will have their guns confiscated, will find themselves unemployable, and probably criminalized. Where the APA often goes, so goes the culture within a couple generations. In 2050 pedophilia will be just fine, but racists will be outcasts.

      • Pithy response but inadequate. I think our views on where current trends are headed are shaped by the community in which we live. I live in a community of rural whites whose “trends” are still shaped by FDR’s New Deal … if they’re really, really modern then the “good ol’ days” was the Clinton administration. These are people who fly the same flag as your avatar – they go to truck-pulls, hunt, drink cheap beer, and generally good red-blooded Americans. So based on what I’m seeing, current trends SHALL continue, because most whites I encounter are go-with-the-flow people. There’s a reason the “sheeple” epithet was invented. I hear a lot of talk, see some anxiety, but I don’t see many pitchforks. Those who do have pitchforks I question their ability to wield them.

        The people on this blog are extraordinary – which also means NOT ordinary. If there’s a top-dead-center for the average white person being fed up I’m just not seeing it. Maybe you are? And yeah, OK, I know the American revolution was fought and won by an elite 10%, etc etc. But that was a much different time, much different culture, a culture of resilient hard people. If we experience a cultural collapse (i.e. war) or economic implosion then yes, it won’t go on forever. But what comes after the ashes? Usually a period of bloodletting anarchy, not peace/love/understanding.

        • I’ve got idiot relatives who have swallowed cultural Marxism and don’t even know it. But they pray over their food and pull for their favorite laundry on TV as though nothing had changed. They have been cut out of my will.

          • It’s amazing how inundated we are on a daily basis. You walk through the cereal isle and see Ellen Degenerate on a box of Life Cereal etc., or some insurance poster with the mixed racial couple, etc. ,they don’t even spot it. My boycott list is now so long I’m going to need to put it on a spreadsheet.

            If propaganda didn’t work it wouldn’t be all around us.

        • Capt. Most Heritage White Americans have sold their birthright’s for a bowl of porridge (bread and circuses)…

          • That, foreign hordes, not having enough kids plus homosexuality places the Western world where Roman empire was about 2000 years ago.

          • Yes, I recall Caesar disdaining the call to become emperor; “Rome, he said, is but a shithole”. Remember how he moved to family friendly Jerusalem, so his kids could grow up in a morally sound atmosphere?

        • “If there’s a top-dead-center for the average white person being fed up I’m just not seeing it. Maybe you are?”

          Yes. Maybe because I’m not white. I.e. somehow it’s not racist if an Asian person says it. (Which is funny, because East Asians are not protected by the game laws. No affirmative action for you, Chow Mein Boy!)

          Of course I’m careful about the people I speak to openly about this sort of thing. That said, I’d say that a lower bound on “normies” sick of the pozz in general is about 35-40%. If you add in those who reject at least one element of the agenda, that rises to 65-70%. (E.g. rejects gay agenda, or open borders, etc, but generally pro Affirmative Action)

          And you might be surprised by the, er, diversity, of who are antiglobohomo. Hope remains.

          • Good post Mike. I should be more clear though. I do know a lot of people who are fed up, sick of the pozz, etc. I just don’t know a lot of people who are doing much beyond whining and voting. When I try to explain the random acts of secession and independence that we can do on a daily basis I get blind stares. Contrarian and concerted lifestyle changes – MOXIE – is what I’m looking for before before I get my hopes up.

          • “When I try to explain the random acts of secession and independence that we can do on a daily basis I get blind stares.”

            Ah. Now I understand. And often have the same experience.
            Some days it seems sheer cussedness is the only thing that makes me keep at it.

        • Capt S. I see what your saying. But fat and happy does not move the needle. An admixture of stressors and want is necessary for ending lethargy and obsequiousness. You haven’t seen that yet. There is always a breaking point.

          • Penitent Man – Roger that – I’m with you; I don’t think we’re talking past each other. Here’s the thing I’m concerned about though – our people are probably the least ready for that “admixture” in American history. Throw stressors at our previous generations and they had the skills and community to pull through. When I contrast what my grandparents’ generation endured – real hardship & deprivation – they just pushed ahead. These were hardscrabble people who built their own houses, made food come from the ground, and had generations of cumulative wisdom on how to thrive amid world wars, civil wars, epidemics, and depressions.

            It’s the paradox that’s disturbing me … those “primitive” ancestors were prepared for whatever chaos was thrust upon them. Today we’re “advanced” but wouldn’t survive for long without municipal water/power or supermarket deliveries. That’s what “stressors” mean to me – limited food, water, power. Ask any vet who’s visited lands wracked by civil unrest; these are the things that are disrupted during civilizational breakdown. I’m just saying that lifestyle changes are needed before the breaking point, else survival is going to be a very uncertain thing.

            Oh – and this drives me crazy – when one of my tribe (of the fat/lazy variety) say, “When the SHTF I’m just coming to your place!” If they’re lucky they’ll get a cup of white rice and be told to move along. If they’re unlucky it will be hello 6.5 Grendel.

          • Amen on that Brother…So many things to get in order but they think the food times will always be rolling…

          • Capt S,

            I understand more now. Thank you for the clarification.

            A suggestuon if I may on the locust after the winter has started problem… I got this from an old army buddy when we were discussing the problem.

            He tells the people he likes that say to him they are coming over to his house after TSHTF.

            “Of course you are welcome to. I like you. Once you are there I will turn over all the food, ammo, medical supplies, shelter materials, water, sanitation and water purification items you have brought over to me prior to the catastrophe and you are welcome to stay on my land UNTIL that runs dry. I’ll keep it safe until you need it.”

            I think it is a great answer.

          • PM – Yep, that’s a great answer. This conversation makes me wonder how much more effort we should put into persuading the clueless wonders. Maybe now is the time to transition – help the people that “get it” to learn survival skills. I met a lot of people who were “prepping” when Obama was in office but then gave it up when Trump came on the scene. As your army buddy has it figured though, it’s easier to find people who nod their head and agree than people who will put their nose to the grindstone.

        • The reason current trends can or cannot continue has nothing to do with the popularity of the trends or the nature of the people who embrace or go along with them. The current trends cannot continue because they are a path to disaster. Belief in the felicity of those trends, or failure to oppose them won’t ward off the disaster.

        • It poisons everything. A couple of kids, 10 and 11 years old, got in a fight with a black girl on a school bus, called her names. Ended up a four-day story here, with even the governor getting his two cents in the mix. Kids on a bus! The media, a local tv station, blew it up, because they are the good people, and the deplorable need educating. There will eventually be a reaction against this, I’d like to think…..

    • Well, I know the Zman is a bit touchy about the JQ, but my dear old dad, a good old-school white guy, was actually a central figure in the compiling of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), and after he retired he told me about how Parenthesees would lobby to have things classified as mental disorders based on their own agenda.

      You know how people are calling this Ukraine thing a “second coup”? Actually, it’s a third coup. People might have already forgotten the well-coordinated campaign to have Trump declared “mentally unfit” for office. That was actually the second coup attempt. I followed it a little more than most stories because of my background. The dozens of people behind it? Parenthesees, every single one of them.

      • Stop being an anti-Semite. We all know there is zero coincidence of the number of God’$ Cho$en People in the media, judiciary, banking the current problems we have now. :LOL:

        • Don’t forget to also blame high # of Jews in medicine and on right leaning internet sites among other shameful things.

          • I know a crazy, radical, Zionist Jew who is a dentist. I’ll bet there are more like him in medicine. Breitbart and Gateway Pundit are “right wing” in the sense that Vermont is “vibrant”.

          • My husband is a retired (horror) Zionist dentist. Zionism means that Jews r entitled to their own historic homeland. I know it would be better for so many people if we moved to the Moon. But after we would make Moon a blossoming place you would demand that we turn it to a favorite group du jour

          • This is rich. If one opposes Jewish interests in one’s country, or even notices that those interests dont align with one’s own, then one must be an anti-semite who wishes the Jews would decamp for the moon? How dare they! Poor, pitiful you.

            OTOH history does prove you correct that were Jews to colonize the moon Whitey would barge their way in. Just like they have in Israel. And, lets face it, i am sick and tired of whitey’s long, long history of pursuing Jews in each of the latter’s nations, buying influence with the latter’s elites to protect usury and otherwise disadvantage unsophisticated rural Jews.

            Imagine believing such libel. It really is a perfect example of how the definition of ‘anti-semite’ has changed from ‘one who does not like Jews’ to ‘one who is not liked by Jews’. As for the over representation of Jews on the right, i think you are right, but irrelevant. Organized Jewry, in every example i know of, pursues an agenda which favors Jews and disfavors gentiles. For example, i know of no Jewish organization that opposes mass immigration to white nations. There are individual Jews who are exceptions, but so what?

            Look, I get it; Whitey is waking up. Thats gotta be hard on not whitey to watch. I pray nightly that you wouldn’t make us do it. I cry out in pain as I wake up all the gringos i can.

          • Feel free to hate the Jews. So did Ukrainians forever. They were so proud of themselves that they closed all roads thru which Jews could get professional jobs. No Jews were allowed to work in Chernobyl atomic station. Ukrainians really showed them Jews who was the boss.
            They should’ve been careful what they wished for because the rest was history.

          • Funny how so many jews seem to live through these genocidal atrocities where million of jews were killed.

          • If it was so anti-Semitic, then why wouldn’t they have just blamed Jews for Chernobyl anyway? Why does the anti-Semitism never seem to make its way into the official story, despite saturating all levels of culture and society in these backward, bigoted lands?

          • There were a lot of Jews among first responders in Chernobyl. About 5000 of them are still alive in Israel (some Jews, some spouses of Jews). If Russia keeps a record of survivors among first respondents I am not aware of it.
            Probably when anti-semites become desperate they accept Jewish expertise and good will.
            A new Ukrainian president who is Jewish is another prove of it. Growing up in Ukraine and experiencing their genetic anti-semitism from the early childhood I would never believe that they would overwhelmingly vote for a Jew.
            From the tens of thousands of comments I read in Ukrainian they love this guy and are afraid for his safety, as he is taking on their version of the swamp.

          • Good grief!! The moon!! My god how many more billions of dollars from the U.S. are we going to have to pay to put the chosen on and maintain the facilities on the moon?

            We pay Israel enough already. It’s a joke Anna. I don’t hate Jews. I just don’t want the U.S. to keep financing Israel.

          • Israel is not even a major beneficiary of American military aid, The real costs include American boots on the ground in host countries.
            There are 150,500 American troops in 70 countries. This costs American taxpayers $85-100 bill a year, according to David Vine , a professor @ Am. University. In other words about 1000 American soldiers stationed abroad represent over $500 mil in aid to the country in which they are stationed.
            Thus the largest aid recipient is Japan with over 48,000 stationed. This translates into US military aid package of over $27bil.
            Germany 37000 troops—$21bil
            South Korea 27000 troops—$15bil.
            Israel receives more than $5bil—9 times less than Japan, 7 times less than Germany, 5 times less than S. Korea.
            Even Kuwait and Bahrain with their bases receive something comparable to what Israel receives.

          • Well if that’s the case then they should help out their stalwart ally and friend and return the money. We need it.

          • In that case we should not have one soldier in the ME. Israel should be able to provide for their defense quite nicely.

          • “And that American military tech is highly lethal!”

            — The 34 killed and 171 injured officers and crew of the USS Liberty.
            Bombed and strafed, then napalmed, then torpedoed. By our greatest ally.

          • And a large amount (probably the vast majority) of that military expenditure is spent on crushing and/or destabilizing Israel’s regional rivals.

          • Israel is presently allied with majority of Sunny ME countries in the region. Regional rivals presently are Iran and its satellites like Hezbollah and other Shiite entities.
            I realized that the only reason I argue with anti-Jewish attitude here is a desire to see this country protected. We all know from history what happens to Jew hating nations: Germany, Soviet Union (especially Ukraine) Venezuela being the latest historical examples.
            US has been the best thing that happened to the Jews in 2000 years of exile and G-d blessed it like he promised Abraham. I want it continued.
            That said I’ll leave this board and will only answer Matt when I know the answer to his question.

          • “Israel is not even a major beneficiary of American military aid…”

            This is just astonishingly dishonest. To compare the money spent on America’s defense, whether overseas or domestic, to welfare granted to Israel is just a special kind of stupid. Shall we also argue that blacks are really “not even a major beneficiary of American” welfare because we spend so much more on Criminal Justice and fire fighting than we do on welfare for blacks? The point, in case you missed it, is that Criminal Justice and Fire fighting are not welfare. National Defense is not foreign aid. And National Defense, like Criminal Justice, benefits ALL Americans. Welfare for black people, like welfare for Israel, only benefits blacks and Israelis. Equating National Defense and foreign aid is just low IQ sophistry.

            That is not even adressing your arithmetic; just how do you imagine that ALL the costs of putting a boot on the ground is captured by the host nation? And how does 100% of whatever IS captured count as “aid”? If a street vendor in El Salvador sells tacos to American troops has the vendor not just traded something of value for that money? How is that like the aid Israel gets? Do you know what “aid” means? Its just astonishing the BS you peddle.

            None of which is to argue that i personally would oppose a drastic and pemanent drawdown of American forces overseas as well as an end to foreign aid.

            Furthermore, who can actually believe that the true number of welfare dollars to Israel is 5 billion? I have no proof, but the true figures are hidden in the Black/National Security budget and illegal to disclose. Whatever the number truly is, I dont see any amount of sophistry justifying taking money outta Joe Sixpack’s crappy paycheck to hand it over to Jose, Minitauro, Levi, or anyone else.

      • Extra Anonymous: Statement of the year, right there, re Juda mind tricks

        Like Ursula’s Flowerman project, EA has supplied the smoking gun(s)

  31. We’re supposed to celebrate diversity. But don’t you dare point out diversity. Except for pointing out diverse, not equal outcomes caused by whites. That’s okay.

    • Whites are supposed to celebrate (and facilitate with ever-increasing enthusiasm) the de-whitening of everything.

      Racist=white. The details of such are merely a chinese (racist!) menu of contexts and situations convoluted to solve for whiteness.

      Funny thing is, actual White superiority, relative to most but not all of the POC union, is the only real part of the equation.

      The lynchpin of reality that holds the entire gallows of the Progressive anti-reality together is that whites repeatedly demonstrate superior pro-civilization attributes.

      Envy, covetousness, and resentment in groups who are less capable, inclined, or otherwise thrust into environs vastly incongruent with their biology, are easily stoked.

      And the furnace of reparations for the inequity and injustice of human nature burns on, thus more whitewood must be turned to coal.

      The past crimes of white success are repeatedly fed into the grand handicapper of Progress, which serves the dual purpose of demonizing the past but also de-legitimizing the present achievements and thus assuring that the evil white spirit can never actually be exorcised.

      The grand irony of their religion is that diversity and multi-culti exists good and hard naturally, producing endless evidence of vast differences among various peoples. The origins of which are similarly displayed when the context of environment and history are considered.

      Only when jammed together into an artificial environment that uses both abundance and scarcity to strip humanity and nature to the bone, to be replaced with the various skins and masks of their dream world, do these natural differences become unnatural and wrong.

      Well, I should add, only if white people are present. We are indeed the magical ones in all this.

      The leftist mind is quite the mousetrap. Proximity to whites is a human right. But whites are bad and thus all must be de-whitened and POCs of the world must also be protected from whites.

      They are borrowing against collateral they are liquidating with expediency. Nature is the fiddler. She gets paid. Well, so do the (((brokers))). But thats kinda raciss.

  32. First the basics. What we call “race” is simply a shorthand term for the collection of traits that differentiate one cohort of our species from another. Why does this differentiation exist? Because each race evolved in a different environmental setting and adapted accordingly. For example, dark skin is an adaption to a climate with persistent high solar exposure. The superior/inferior judgement is simply about whether any particular racial member is located within his/her ancestral evolutionary environment. If so, then their racial traits will serve them well. If not, then they may have a tough time of it. Blacks are not well suited to be Eskimos. Caucasians are not well suited to live in the Congo.

        • @Penitent Man

          No, I used species exactly as it’s intended to be used. Negroes are NOT the same species as whites, never were, aren’t now.

          • @ Pat Hines,

            No Sir, you are not. Taxonomicaly, etymologically, scientifically or hell, just plain old web’stahs dicshunary correct. No.

            I’ve never been course once with a person on this forum. You win the prize. Today’s date is September 28, 2019.

            Yoi are a utter moron.

            Nuh’uh arguments, simply aren’t. Maybe you can double down by now calling me a “n****r lover” to really show me up.

            Raise your game or f**k off please.

            Bless your heart.

          • As a health care professional, complete with all the science knowledge that goes with that, I maintain my assertion.

            So far, you’ve not made a counter argument based on science. You’re welcome to try.

          • As a consumer of meat products and a fan of 19th century napoleonic military uniforms I disagree. Point is, you haven’t made an argument either. You do the research, I’ll not regurgitate here for you. Stating an unverifiable credential is not an argument.

            Doesn’t matter. I should not have cursed at you. That was beneath me, inappropriate as a guest here, and unfair to you.

            Your initial post sounded like the stupid stuff posted over at the Daily Stormer type outfits. I’ve grown accustomed to nuanced and intelligent ideas from posters here and, perhaps I’m wrong (and you are welcome to post whatever you like to make your case) but honestly it sounded like the uneducated crap my racist ol’ great uncle used to say. I still find your statement absurd and counter to anything I’ve ever read by respectable authorities on the subject.

            Back to the reason I responded here. I apologize to you Sir. If this were my site, I probably would have just banned you and been done with it. It is not. I should not have spoken to you thusly. And to any who were offended the same applies.

          • Wow, that didn’t take long for you to downvote Pat. Must’ve really chapped your hide. Oh well, sincere apology delivered. The rear is up to you to get over. I’m done with you Sir. Go with God.

      • Correct, without quinine Africa was considered a possible death sentence for European officials stationed in sub-saharan Africs and the Caribbean. See how the Irish forced into servitude there. An interesting read.

        Many processed food products were originly fortified with vitamins to combat anemia in sub-saharan african descendants living in New England due to lack of sunlight.

      • Quinine has a very interesting history, too.
        It was a key that opened the southern hemisphere to us, almost lost as a Spanish explorer’s forgotten notes.

        Britain, France, and Spain were in the midst of a science war, searching for the secret of longitude.

        Spanish scientists were lugging delicate, yet 300 pound, pieces of iron measuring equipment up and down the Andes, trying to measure the range of curvature from one mountaintop to the next.

        When asked why they didn’t suffer as much from the mosquito sickness, the Indian porters pointed out the bark of the quinoa tree as a medicine.
        One scientist began experimenting with it, taking notes. It seemed to work.

        Yet his diaries lay collecting dust for nearly 40 years, until an aged nephew found them, and the colonial race was on. Quinoa bark was the Big Pharma of its day, fortunes were made.

    • Nice, succinct explanation given by someone who evidently holds the older ethos, if not spirit, of western anthropology in higher regard. But ah, identity politics and group identity, especially, is a thing. Gotta be honest – it’s extremely hard not to feel a smug superiority to coffee-colored people who can justify tossing little kids from the second-floor of malls.

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