Past Is The Future

A bad habit dissidents have inherited from conservatives is to instinctively dispute the claims made by our enemies. If a cosmopolitan globalist says X, the tendency is to argue that X is wrong. This has been the habit of mind for conservatives since the birth of Buckley conservatism in the middle of the last century. The motto of that crew should be “well actually” as that’s what they have spent generations saying to every left-winger they can find. Many dissidents have brought this habit with them.

Here’s an example of someone called Dave Rubin making the claim that America is a proposition nation. Anyone can be an America, as long as they fill out the right paperwork down at the right government office. He is echoing an assertion popular with a certain sort of conservative pundit. Unlike a country like Israel, to use a totally random example, America is not a nation that occupies a territory it sees as a homeland, but a land that contains people, who more or less agree not to murder one another.

The responses are all of things that we have come to expect whenever someone promotes the propositional nation assertion on a pubic platform. There’s a call and response quality to this stuff. The guy allowed on the stage, to stand in the spotlight and hold forth on various issues, is accompanied by a chorus just off-stage that responds to what he is saying. The trouble with the model is the responses don’t actually address the intent of the statement. Instead they fixate on theory behind it.

As a practical matter, Rubin is correct. America is a propositional nation, in that citizenship is now entirely meaningless to the native born. It has value to the millions pouring over the border every year, but to the people who hold US citizenship, it is a stock certificate for a company that no longer exists. Stock certificate is really not the right way to put it, as it is more like a debt certificate. Every year that tax on people holding citizenship goes up, as the land gets enriched with the dregs of the earth.

Now, the people who reflexively push back on the proposition nation stuff certainly wish this was not the case. They are correct that American citizenship should count for something and not just be handed out like candy at Halloween. In other words, they are right about the theory, but wrong about practical reality. More important, the people in charge are not going to change their policies and make citizenship count again. That means citizenship, as a practical matter, is now completely worthless.

Dissidents are fond of talking about red pills, which usually means coming to terms with who is the enemy and the reality of so-called allies. In reality, the people busying themselves identifying and describing the enemy are still operating under the assumption that citizenship is still a real thing or at least a real thing that can be recaptured if we can just defeat the enemy. The fact is, that old concept of citizenship is meaningless and will never be otherwise. That’s the ultimate red pill.

It also means any sense of duty or obligation to the country is not only meaningless, it is foolish. Citizenship either arises from a social contract, to which all members are bound for mutual benefit or it arises from a shared identity of the citizens. If anyone can become a citizen, without the consent of the citizenry, then there can be no mutual benefit, no social contract. Similarly, if anyone can join the group, then it has no fixed identity and the members therefore gain no identity from it.

This is what makes the propositional nation stuff so difficult to grasp. In a normal nation, people are either a citizen, a subject or an alien. In a nation of citizens, the people are sovereign, beholden to one another. In a nation of subjects, the people serve a ruler, who is the sovereign. The alien, in both cases, is resident under whatever conditions set by the nation. In the propositional nation, everyone is an alien. The country is just an ad hoc collection of people interacting with one another as economic units.

In this weird, post-national country created for us by our ruling class, all relationships are transactional. This is why anyone can be an American. As long as the newcomers participate in the economy, they are the same as anyone else as far as the people in charge are concerned. The rulers have no more of an obligation to the people than the people have to one another. The ruling and administrative class maintain order, not because it is their duty, but because they gain some benefit from it.

Of course, this is why the ruling class has abandoned so much of what is considered the duties of a ruling class. They have no duties. They enforce the laws as they want, when they want, solely for their own benefit. Where there is no benefit, they have simply abandoned those duties. It turns out that anarcho-tyranny is not so much the result of managerialism, but the inevitable result of post-nationalism. In a world solely governed by material relations, sacrifice becomes just another relic of the past.

In a way, post-nationalism is just a reversion to a more primitive organizational model, one that arose in the late Roman Empire and the early middle ages. Under the Visigoths and Ostrogoths, for example, groups formed up around ethnic, religious and regional affiliations to negotiate with the rulers collectively. The rulers did not feel a natural duty to the people over whom they ruled. They just wanted their taxes and an orderly administration of their lands. That’s the propositional nation.

That what makes accepting post-nationalism the ultimate red pill. Once you come to terms with the fact that there is no convincing the people in charge to respect your citizenship, you realize there is no going back to the civic nationalist model. Instead, the way forward is through the oldest form of nationhood. That’s where a nation is defined by a people with a common heritage, a common set of ancestors. The way forward is to go back to the most basic form of human organization, the nation.

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164 thoughts on “Past Is The Future

  1. I loathe any white man that joins the military, specifically any who join the ground forces, the Army and Marines. Why fight for an empire that tells you everyday that it hates you, considers you to be the devil, and is working in every way practical to subjugate and ultimately eliminate you? You’re killing, dying, and getting maimed for what? White boycott of the Army and Marines. Bring the boys home. The system wouldn’t dare to play globocop with Sgt. La’kisha and Pvt. Pedro, and if they tried they wouldn’t do it for long. This country really started going down the tubes when the elite got a taste of being players on the world stage during WW2 and the Cold War. That’s when the nation became just another colony to exploit for the benefit of the New Imperialists. (It also allowed Europe to fall back into self-indulgence.) Boycott the military, knock those props out from underneath them. For those of you with lingering patriotism who are slightly disturbed by the idea just know that it’s going to happen in a few decades anyway, third-world America won’t be competitive either militarily or economically, so you’e just bringing the inevitable forward by a few decades, and saving some lives, foriegn and domestic.

  2. The Ruling Class are experts at devaluing things: gender roles, sexual roles, currency, etc. The notion of ‘bad money drives out good’ has been around for a long time and the technique for devaluation entails proliferation (inflation) of whatever is to be devalued. The counter to the devaluation process is quarantine/containment (from the devalued thing) followed by revaluation within the containment zone where the ‘identity’ of the thing is now stable and no longer subject to the effects of proliferation. To bring this down from the abstract level, ‘identity movements’ were the contents of ‘identity’ are restricted to specific, limited interpretations, is a form of containment/revaluation of the currency of ‘identity’.

  3. Re:
    “a nation is defined by a people with a common heritage, a common set of ancestors. The way forward is to go back to the most basic form of human organization, the nation.”

    I have no problem with this statement – at all.

    There is a problem however.

    Exactly how far down the stack of civic nationalism that has been built up – do we have to devolve IN THE US – to get back to that point where we have a people defined by a common heritage with common ancestors?

    Within the entirety of North America – I’d imagine the Quebecois will have the easiest time of this. If you’ve got a French last name you can likely trace back your ancestors and heritage in a clear line – especially in Quebec proper. If you’re talking about people with French surnames over the border here in the US – even just within New England – you’re going to have a much harder time.

    I’ve got a pretty good idea of my family lineage – having it traced back by my grandmother to before the Revolution. It’s almost all Scottish, English and with a little bit of German mixed in. There are a number of spots spread across New England that are named after people with surnames that exist in my family tree. So if the latecomers start getting uppity my ultimate argument is going to be ” here before you “.

    But for what is probably the majority of people in this country – that is simply not going to be true. Even if you just stick with the white people.

    Seems like a big problem.

  4. There are few nations so clearly founded in blood as our American soil, it was war for 300 years against the Indians, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedes, English, Mexicans, Canadians, each other. Our political pacts are broad and inclusive but were also determined by the winners.

    That we have a political constitution does not make us “a proposition” anymore than it made or makes any nation with laws and a Constitution a “proposition.” We are a reality.

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  6. I would put it differently – simply ask them to define the proposition.

    I could make the case durning my Grandparents’ time that it was Freedom, the Puritan ethics of hard work and thrift, Acquiring useful skills and knowledge (what education used to do) and other civic virtues like charity and volunteering – the Elks, Lions Club, American Legion, VFW did things.

    With the influx of the new people, what is the proposition that Chuck Schumer and Rashida Talib and Rand Paul would all agree to, as well as the DACA kids?

    So what Dave Rubin would point to is not merely a salad bowl, which at least contains vegetables, with maybe a few other edibles, but a rubbish heap with an admixture of lots of broken trash and rotting food.

    • what is the proposition that…..all agree to?

      That white people are evil and that their property should be redistributed.

  7. OT – Scandza Oslo Saturday 11/2 – Human Biodiversity conference, Kevin MacDonald, Helmuth Nyborg, Ed Dutton

    Antifa crashed this event as with Copenhagen but due to some combo of our venue selection and the Norwegian police, we had a larger perimeter. They weren’t standing within 20 yards of our front doors ala Copenhagen and their background howling and gibbering didn’t disturb the speakers.

    On arriving I heard Greg Johson had been arrested for Hate-Speech Pre-Crime (apparently due to some Orwellian Minority Reporters called Filter Nyhete, a Scandi counterpart to Britain’s odious Hope Not Hate).

    Greg Johnson is one of the least plausible candidates for the “radicalization” fear and smear. He can and should sue these Soros sock-puppets and drag them through discovery to ascertain who in Scandinavian law enforcement and media is working with these trolls and where their funding comes from.

    This was simply “pour encourager les autres.” They think giving Greg the Assange treatment will keep the rest of us in line and they hope we start seeing Scandinavia as difficult territory for future organizing, much like the shabbos-yabbos in British law enforcement and the Feds with Fields and the RAM guys etc…

    This public-private kosher sandwich of “anti-hate groups” and Western Stasi-cops needs to be exposed as a political hack, a black-hat exploit of the political mainframe that gives the lie to all the self-serving pieties spouted by the governments of “Free World.”

    Check out regarding the use of “open source” intel by our neo-Pinkertons in Western law enforcement. In a nutshell, our Stasi have deputized these spiteful mutant anarchists to manufacture or steal the evidence they won’t risk their pensions to mock up on their own. Climber prosecutors leverage this kompomat to push plea bargains or take it to show trial where a jury of basic-bitch civnats, shitlibs & mystery meats and a crooked judge whose political ambitions are exceeded only by those of the prosecutor see that the sausage of justice gets made.

    It’s a more kinetic variation of the American private public kosher sandwich where Silicon Valley and Wall Street team up to impose internal exile on Hate Speakers while Charlie Cuck and B’Nai Brett Stevens shuck & jive about “private companies.”

    As I commented at CC earlier, the victims of these thuggish clowns need to push legal actions for damages and drag these guys in discovery – who are your contacts, who funds you, how many times have you slept at Jeff Epstein’s house and where was Ehud Barak on the night in question, etc…

    Send the message that if (((they))) want to keep playing rough, we will make the goyim know.

    5 to 10 for one of our guys means 110 for all of yours. Your move, Shlomo.

      • A multiplicity of small, lower cost lawsuits would probably be more effective than a few high profile cases. The system is set up to funnel single big cases to cherry picked crooked judges. It doesn’t work as well when dozens of lawsuits in out-of-the-way jurisdictions need to be stage-managed. As the CA RAM case showed, there are still some judges out there who aren’t bought & paid for.

        Lawsuits don’t need to cost millions. Exposing the tactics that drive up costs is part of the Noticing process. They fear publicity and disclosure so give them publicity and disclosure.

        We need lawyers willing to stand up for their people as much as any other skilled professional in this movement, probably more so. One of the hardest challenges for Our Guys is finding a lawyer willing to put his name on a “White Nationalist” case. We’re a long Woke way from Skokie days.

  8. Excellent article. This is why talk of ‘amnesty’ is a joke. Illegal aliens will not register to become ‘citizens’ of a geographical area which imposes an obligation of taxation while gaining no additional benefits for citizenship. Legacy america will continue to bear the tax burden imposed by its rulers until national dissolution. On a personal note, I recently ignored a jury summons for the first time in 45 years on the basis of having concluded that the social contract between The State and myself had broken down. I realize how corrosive such an attitude is; but I also recognize the stark realities in front of me.

  9. Maybe eventually, but here and now our rulers are openly anti-national and will fight any such expression.

  10. Past Is the Future
    “If a cosmopolitan globalist says X, the tendency is to argue that X is wrong.”

    Thanks for the opening, so let me go O/T about a small something that’s bugging me:

    I pretty much have to disagree entirely with the idea that “there is no historical or archaeological evidence that the events in the Bible occurred”.

    I find it all to be true. Not in the way it’s currently interpreted, but that the events and scenarios are all based on real-world happenings.

    Many are a collage; many were borrowed, adapted, or someone else’s story; many were shaped to suit an agenda of the author, his backers, or his intended audience; many origins were forgotten and names were substituted.

    That doesn’t matter, any of it.
    What matters is that the memories themselves were preserved, in one form or another. Some of these threads go back to the Ice Ages; memories from dozens of extinct cultures still live, kept alive in a personable, legible form for both commoner and king.

    That it used differing styles of storytelling, ones that must be translated to suit the tastes of modern university dialects- well, get over it, smart people. If you want fanciful, go to the stories of the Norse, the Greek, the Hindu- now those are entirely made up, with little to no guide for the real world.

  11. Damn, Z! How can you crank out such insights/incites day after day. Thank you.

    Yes, you can red pill folks by analyzing our ruling overlords, their relationship to production and citizenship, or lack of.

    The red pill that bit me was just plain old demographics. Throw that in your red pill pile. I realize that’s a long shot for most normies. It was Steyn 10 years ago then Derb that through simple numbers, charts and graphs influenced me to become a “Demographic Bore” and it became clear there was no evading demographic reality for me, and for reality. Yea, I’m an outlier.

    Graphs and charts for:

    1) The numbers of invading Hispanics tallied up year upon year. I also believed my eyes as I watched California flip. As Derb said driving through the Central Valley, you can drive for miles and never see printed English or hear spoken English.

    2) The great graph of African population growth to the end of century. Ah Oh….A Lifeboat world coming for both Europe and America that may eventually force some decisions we have not faced or begun to come to terms with. Or not. Just flood ‘em in and ignore the consequences.

    A few will cross the great divide under the influence of Demographics.

  12. As a location for a dissident community, anyone have any thoughts on Alabama?

    I’ve been reading quite a bit of Hunter Wallace’s stuff, preppers & blog commenters lately which suggest Alabama might have some good territory for some of us to settle in & recruit as well.

    • Alabama shares a huge border with Mississippi and Georgia, which both have massive Black population. Although the Alabama-Mississippi border mostly consists of whites, it’s still a turbulent spot. In the event of national breakdown, which may or may not happen, the Louisiana-Mississippi is going to be one of the bloodiest places in this country.

    • North Arkansas/Southern Missouri. Where I pray we can someday move to. No Negroes, minimal other ‘diversity.’ Lots of self-sufficient Whites from elsewhere in the South who carved farms and lives out of the Ozarks before Lincoln’s War.

      • I’ve looked at the Ozarks before – definitely a place where Our Guys could form some communities. The Appalachians are another good spot. Obviously the West has wide-open space & its own share of mountains.

        • Don’t like the idea of being landlocked. Any territory in the South would also probably have to control the Gulf of Mexico.

          • That’s an ambitious concept for a future timeline. I’m talking about setting up low profile small coop communities inside “official” America and elsewhere, not an open secessionist confrontation. We’re decades away from that sort of thing absent a Black Swan event.

            We’re planting trees. Our descendants can make the ships & rule the future gulf with what grows from our sowing.

          • Seems like you’re in the distinct minority that recognizes this problem.

            I don’t see establishing a nation – in a land area surrounded by your enemies – as a particularly good long term strategy. In essence it’s just a running away tactic.

            People live in certain areas for real reasons. The fact that the interior of the country is not as densely populated as the coasts has some real economic/social/human factor reasons behind it.

            You ignore these at your long term peril.

            Here’s what all the dumbwits who think that establishing a new white homeland in the interior REALLY need to think out: why would you put ALL of the white people in one place – surrounded by your enemies – with no sea access?

            Are you some kind of troll? That sounds like a free range prison camp to me.

  13. I knew we were in trouble when the Congressional Latino Caucus reflexively bit their fists in angered horror when Trump said, “Shithole countries.”

    • Of course we are. The very existence of a Congressional Black Caucus and a Congressional Latino Caucus is consistent with the diagnosis that America is no longer one country, and more significantly, that these new developing nations within the country do not see white rule as legitimate and would rather elect their own people to represent their direct interests.

    • Dickwad Durbin said that Trump said that. No one else in the room that day heard it. Another urban legend. Not that I disagree with the term, as it was supposedly used.

  14. Accepting that you are no longer an “American” or even that a true country no longer exists is vital. Everything becomes much clearer. You understand the task at hand – build a new community, a new people.

    You also understand what stands in your way and who stands in your way. Interestingly, I find that much of my anger and frustration toward what’s happening to the United States and the West in general has faded. I understand my opponents much better than I did before. I also understand my failed allies better. Their motivations and fears are clearer because I’m able to take a step back and look around calmly.

    We’re becoming a far more dangerous foe, and they know it.

  15. that there is no convincing the people in charge to respect your citizenship

    Yes, indeed. Look at the monstrous paper-pile required to obtain “Real” ID–which allows entry into airliners and Federal buildings (and that’s all it’s good for.)

    Being born here, paying taxes here, building businesses here, speaking the language here, being able to point out the gravestones of parents, grand-parents (etc.) here–none of that is worth spit.

    And God help you if you enter a courthouse with one of those little nail-file/knife combination tools with a 2″ blade!!

    • More theater for the people who 18 years after 9/11 still haven’t enacted legislation (IIRIRA) passed in 1996 that would track visa entry and exit. The oligarchs simply look at the lives of American citizens as disposable. They can always bring in more. They’re not wrong, though, are they?

      • They aren’t wrong. And remember that the people the oligarchs import are more ignorant, complacent and docile than the people they replace–for now, anyway. The ignorance will persist but as things inevitably get worse, the complacence and docility will not

      • I remember when I was a civnat listening to Bill Krystol say that we should grant citizenship to any foreigners who joined our military to fight in the Middle East.

        As a civnat, I had no grounds upon which to argue with him, but living in California I knew on a visceral level that I didn’t want to live in Mexico, which is what he was advocating.

  16. Thought-provoking. I’d more or less gone along with the meaning of my youth – that we who call ourselves Americans were those who had chosen to be here, or who had history as an American. Which, was the idea that we would defend her principles to the death.

    Spending $ makes you American? I didn’t even like that idea when the politicians decided to allow emigration to those who agreed to invest in American business.

    I grew up in a neighborhood filled with relatively recent immigrants. About 20% of so of my friends were just off the boat a few years. They, and their families, bought into the American Idea.

    Today? They’re scabs, leaving one country to suck at the teat of another. No loyalty. No respect for OUR traditions. No desire to contribute to making this nation better.

    Just gimme, gimme, gimme.

  17. Excellent take down of enemies like Rubin and cucks who embraced his line of suicidal crap.

    The problem for our side to get what you say is a nation for heritage whites means war. It won’t happen if we do nothing – we just get exterminated. Voting doesn’t work – the ruling class made sure voting doesn’t work. That leaves our side having to fight for what we want, hell just even to survive.

  18. When someone mentions an immigrant acquaintance as an “American” I make the point of asking them, “Do you mean a citizen?” This usually raises an eyebrow as the speaker has no concept of the difference. I usually clarify, “They are a citizen, you are an American.”

    Strangely enough it doesn’t come off as antagonistic and actually gives me an opening to plant seeds of doubt.

    In all fairness, I’ve met a number of immigrants that actually do wholeheartedly become Americans. That may tick off the blood and soil folks here, but there it is. Some are more Roman than the Romans so to speak. There are a great many of my fellow Americans who I’d gladly deport regardless of blood and soil. That being said, the number of immigrants allowed in should be from only select groupings, minuscule in number, and stringently parsed.

    • Yup. All of my grandparents immigrated here and they and their children were very fine Americans after the usual ‘break-in’ time.

      That gives rise to the real question here, which is “Why the binary between ‘blood-soil’ and ‘proposition’? PJBuchanan often spoke and wrote about ‘blood-soil’, obviously including his grand-parents, but they were immigrants (and fine Americans.)

      So they, in fact, were “proposition” or “magic dirt” people AND Americans?

      Is a puzzlement.

      • The answer is genetic similarity to the existing population of the USA. Your ancestors and Pat’s were close enough genetically to assimilate. The Irish and Italians were the outer limit of what groups could be assimilated. God knows it was not clear that those groups could, but they eventually did. Any groups with a further genetic similarity from the ethnic core of the USA cannot, in general, become part of our nation, as blacks demonstrate.

        • Americans have always been culturally distinctive, and individuals from all sorts of places and cultures have been able to join and assimilate successfully, one by one. But when large outside groups move in quickly, the host culture changes dramatically, and in an atomizing fashion. That phenomenon has been weaponized against our host culture,

        • If topics like the Hajnal Line were taught at school, these issues would be well understood and long settled.

        • The Irish and Italians STILL haven’t fully assimilated. The Italians mostly still live in the East coast, for example. They still mostly intermarry.
          The Irish are still at war with the ghost of a long defeated anglo establishment.

  19. The Gibbon 5000 models will conclude that citizenship served both the Romans and the Americans well for a long time before it mastered them.

  20. Absolutely. But it’s only a paper GDP gain, not a real one. For businesses like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Home Depot and Walmart, it’s a material gain, as there are more mouths to feed and stack cinderblocks, but since these people are merely consumers with negative value, it’s actually a balance sheet transfer, to these businesses, religions and non-profit groups from the governments. GDP paper gains can go for a long time without being questioned. The Soviet Union was showing paper GDP gains as it was collapsing, even when entire hospitals were going without new syringes.

    • The entire economy has been a “balance sheet transfer” of both costs and losses shifted to the working and middle classes, while profits go to the oligarchs and their hand-picked, psuedo-populist minions.

  21. So Z, are you planning to move back to the country of your ancestors? Just asking.

    (Bring on the down votes.)

    • Why a downvote? Z-man has no intention of moving. Indeed, to move would probably be to trouble others in their homeland. He, and others here, are simply asking for a fair division of the “spoils”—which is a reasonable request in a land of competing interests—CivNat being a dead dog.

      Hell, we even divided up the country among the various indian tribes—and still do today. Well, this White “tribe” (dissidents) is organizing and eventually will take it’s place in line. 😉 Details to be hammered out.

      • And who is going to give us our homeland? That little tidbit is always missing from Z’s postings.

        Really what is the incentive of the ruling class and globo-homo to give us some sort of shitty homeland in a sea of brownskinned savages, we don’t have any real leverage short of going 308 on them.

        • Who “gave” our ancestors a homeland? All land ownership boils down to the ability to defend and make use of it. There’s plenty of North America that they don’t care enough about and/or can’t effectively occupy. They can’t open an FBI field office in every podunk backwater in the country. Canada has vast open spaces – 80% of Canadians live within 200 miles of the US border. Porous borders work both ways. They also have to first identify Us as Us rather than just some guys living in a backwater.

    • “… planning to move back to the country of your ancestors?”

      I know I am not planning that. They most likely would not have me. Besides I want to see my new nation (Appalachians) here in America carve out a homeland. I will fight for that.

      • A few of my adopted fam who’ve successfully resisted the White Death will be there with you. American Sardaukar are always ready to fight. Next time lets make it a fight for our own interests for a change.

  22. Zman’s excellent article motivates me to post this on-topic comment, which I had previously submitted to CTH but which did not make it through the censors.

    “Dems … are finished as a party or just about finished.”

    No, they are not. Demography is destiny. Western Civilization cannot be maintained without a majority of Western people. Birthrates are what the they are. Immigration rates are what they are. The Marxist blank slate theory is incorrect.

    Dem’s *might* be held off in the short-term (4-20 years) with intelligent and vigorous defensive leadership, but the communist-globalist coalition is in possession of all the control nodes of our civilization except the courts, which thanks to Pres. Trump’s heroic efforts it is fair to classify as ‘contested’. The establishment GOP party of stupid continues to worship at the altar of ‘cheap labor over all so I can be rich when I kick off to Hell’ and continues to import hordes of foreigners who overwhelmingly vote to abolish America. Civic or economic nationalism is fake nationalism. They come from real tribes and real nations, and the vast majority have no interest in leaving theirs to join a fake one. They vote for their own tribal and national interests, which means voting for the Democratic Party which now defines itself as a coalition of anti-Americans.

    It is time to recognize that the republic our founding fathers gave us is dead. We live in an empire now. Just like there was a Roman nation that lived within a Roman Empire comprising many nations, we the American nation are one of many nations within the Amerikan Empire. Historically, we are VERY far from being the first national people to find ourselves being ruled over by contemptuous and hostile foreign imperial elites. We have 3 choices. Choice 1 is get rid of the empire and establish a 2nd American Republic. Choice 2 is to resign ourselves to reorganizing for national survival in an imperial age, knowing that all empires die, and that new nation-states always arise from the death of empires. Choice 3 is to do nothing, in which case we will be destroyed.

    Most nations that ever were, are no more. Either their broken remnants were absorbed into more confident and vigorous nations (the most likely choice 3 outcome for us) or they were wiped out like most of the Orthodox Christian peoples in the Byzantine Empire which used to encompass the eastern Mediterranean. Check out Raymond Ibrahim’s “Sword and Scimitar”.

    • “Blank Slate” is not just embraced by the overt Marxists. (If even they believe it, which I doubt, or just wield it as a cudgel.)

  23. In my undergrad philosophy class back in the 90s the textbook noted that “no real philosopher takes the social contract theory seriously”, with “real philosopher” apparently being defined as commies like the professor.

    • no real philosopher takes the social contract theory seriously

      That statement is correct. You could look up the errors of Rousseau, who invented the “social contract” to find out why. To prove it, merely look at Rousseau’s own life/life-style.

      • Further, it is simply factually incorrect that any group of people ever bound themselves together based an acceptance of a set of propositions.

        The social contract was an interesting model built by Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, but it does not describe reality. Human nature doesn’t work that way.

  24. Excellent observations. Now analyze and predict. Where are we likely to be headed? Will the nascent dissident movement right the ship in time? Or is it more likely that a hot tyranny will arise? Will we self segregate, or get culled, or perhaps forced to merge into the herd (see Chinese treatment of Uighurs as an example)? What’s the best use of your time and energy right now? Is it chit-chatting at the local dissident coffee klatch? Or is it making yourself more robust and resilient?

  25. Our race is our nation. The false patriotism pushed on moderate to right wing white males is what keeps them trapped in the system – and keeps the system running.

    There is no point trying to salvage what exists. Voting red team won’t do anything. Yet thousands of white men join the military every year, white men keep paying taxes, and engaging in the consumer culture. They keep watching sportsball and listening to rap music.

    Once you free your mind of this trap, it’s actually liberating. You are no longer trapped aboard a sinking ship, desperately trying to bail it out. You have transcended and joined your own ship, with other dissidents.

    The one thing not in doubt is the human capital of white males. Sometimes it seems like the best solution is pull a Russia when they burned down Moscow to prevent the French invasion. White men can rebuild, the rest can’t. But I’d rather see whites living in straw huts than seeing beautiful old cities and apartments completely infested with blacks and Mexicans living on our dime.

  26. Well at least you have a theory of going forward. Why I have to accept proposition nation at all especially from a Rubin is less clear. No, Hell no and then we fight for what’s ours. The winner keeps the land.

    Not sure why your path to survival and ethno-state requires nihilism as gateway to survival, but perhaps it’s a matter of taste.

  27. The thing about “going back” is it’s going to be very messy. Once this current system finally collapses, the new system that arises will only be able to sustain a small fraction of the existing population. People in general do not have the survival skills they once had, and could fall back on in times of need.

  28. Once the atheists kill God, we seek his replacement. Humanism! Once biology and history exposes the imperfections of humanity, we seek a replacement. Patriotism! Love of country. “I pledge allegiance…”. Once diversity, multi culti and open borders kills patriotism we seek a replacement. Families! Once feminisms, trans and gays kill marriage we seek a replacement. Apathy. Post modernism. Nihilism. Drugs, booze, video games, porn, suicide, Netflix, football. Ennui. This is where we find ourselves.

    • Ifrank-
      Is it possible that the seemingly straight line downward, as you outlined, is turned upward by the buoyancy (force?) drawing people back to family? The greatest destructive period you outlined is Nihilism, IMO. The others do have pain and destruction at personal perimeters but they appear to be societal disruptions. But nihilism affects me personally, physically and deeply.

      My red-pilled frame of reference is much more myopic toward my family. Thoughts of legacy and their preservation keep me moving, as I’ve divorced myself from a sense of civic duty, patriotism (the modernist version) and “changing my community” (that was an ugly divorce). Even my Christian sense of duty has forced me to study “loving my neighbor” more deeply. And I see the rot that is the culture and instruction of the Christian Industrial Complex.

      Based on your diagnosis, what do you suggest is the proper response? What are you doing now, that I can learn from?

      The good news is it’s all upside now! Evil is on full display, unabashedly, giving me clear targets and areas of avoidance until they can be engaged from positions of strength.

    • Fr seraphim rose has a book called Nihilism: the root of the revolution of the modern age. Well worth reading.

      “No sensitive observer is unaware that men, in the Nihilist era more than ever before, have made of earth an image of Hell; and those who are aware of dwelling in the Abyss do not hesitate to call their state Hell. The torture and miseries of this life are indeed a foretaste of Hell, even as the joys of a Christian life–joys which the Nihilist cannot even imagine, so remote are they from his experience-are a foretaste of Heaven.”

  29. The US was a blood and soil country, at least of a sort. The first Congress restricted immigration to free white men of good character, and that general rule held for a long time.

    The only thing I would add to Z Man’s thesis is to clarify that the “proposition” of our “nation” has nothing to do with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, etc. The proposition is the one Z mentioned: economic, and it can involve work or freeloading. Perhaps the correct name for what we have is a “Transactional Nation.”

  30. Thank you, Z.
    Owning the excitement of what comes next for us feels a strange response to realizing I was embracing a memory of America, not Her true state and likely future (without dissident alternatives).

    I fly the flag now because it’s been there for so long that taking it down would be a tell. It’s odd to me that I’m not sad about that anymore. It’s mentally freeing to look ahead clearly.

    Now, the work to rebuild feels overwhelming. I’ve suffered from paralysis by analysis. Many of you are helping me to focus on what and who is local. Eating the cow one burger at a time…good thing I love meat.

    • I was embracing a memory of America, not Her true state and likely future

      There once was a place called La Jolla, California. The sunny vale of my childhood. I don’t know where the hell it went. But I know there’s a pile of garbage where it used to be.

      • La Jolla’s largely resisted outright decay – lots of $$$ buys lots of social insulation. Still San Diego’s Malibu, for now. Noticeably darker though, the La Jolla residents that I know quietly lament the influx of Persian and Han nouveau riche though few will say so in mixed company. As with every affluent CA neighborhood, it seems, it’s also much gayer than when I first moved to Diego in the 90’s.

        • La Jolla was a kooky, inbred place, as California towns have often always been. Read “The Town with the Funny Name” by Max Miller, a newspaperman of the 1940’s. But memories of youth are almost always rose colored. It’s not the town, it’s the person who grew up there, that creates those rosy memories.

    • “I/You was/are embracing a memory of America, not Her true state and likely future.”

      MH, that’s a great intro in setting the stage when having a conversation with normies.

    • We are far from rebuilding and what are we exactly rebuilding? Z has repudiated what the Founders gave us but he offers nothing to replace it nor how to get there from here.

      • RWC. I appreciate the frustration you expressed. So, we are left with lamenting, or laying the ground work (planning) for an overt, future building stage. For me and my house, we are working hard to become more durable in the following areas: relational, spiritual, physical, resourcefulness.

        I’ve learned so much from Exile, Lineman, Zman, Bison, PA, and others that my family’s future is, at minimum, dependent on my decisions, work and leadership. I lead my tribe. So I’m focused there. I hope to find others doing the same work but I’m not dependent on it…as much as I desire it.

        Also, to add to your sentiment, we are far from an emerging philosophical consensus that would unify us, and the men that it would naturally bring with it. So, yes, no clear direction among the red-pilled, no clear unity of principles and standards, and certainly no clear singular leader(s) or groups. At this point, that’s a Feature not a Bug. Embrace it, do what you can. Everything is your responsibility. No one is coming.

      • The ‘Founders’ were men, not Gods, and they ‘gave’ us nothing, other than a system worked out by compromise and quite a bit of propaganda, intended to increase the federal government’s power and rein in that of the states.’ Rebuild is, I would suggest, the wrong term, expressing an intent to begin with the same, flawed foundation and copy what led us here in the first place. We need to begin anew, and we start with declaring our prime imperative: Our people – not liberty/license, not dying with the most Chinese-made toys, and not equality which does not exist in nature.

      • Rwc1963: “he offers nothing to replace it”

        Z: “Instead, the way forward is through the oldest form of nationhood. That’s where a nation is defined by a people with a common heritage, a common set of ancestors. The way forward is to go back to the most basic form of human organization, the nation.”

      • It would take a book to cover all of that. Some of us are working on those questions and Z’s writing a book as well as posting here. The whole future of post- American White nationalism can’t be summarized in one blog post. Chip in some ideas of your own & help us all out.

  31. “The way forward is to go back to the most basic form of human organization, the nation.” — Zman

    Amen brother, amen.

    A nation is a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history. A State or the nation-state is that entity who claims a monopoly on the legal use of force in a given defined territory and hence ownership of its subjects.

    Rothbard pointed out: ‘the “nation,” of course, is not the same thing as the State, a difference that earlier libertarians and classical liberals such as Ludwig von Mises and Albert Jay Nock understood full well.’

    We must fight to separate into nations. The Empire is evil, and must be broken up into separate pieces. As an Appalachian, I would be overjoyed to see my nation hold the mountains and parts of the south. The rest can go elsewhere and do as you please.

    The leftist think they are better than even God. They want to recreate the tower of babble. The cosmopolitan concept can lead only to violence, depravity, and degeneration. We are fast becoming a 3rd world shithole under the present leftist leadership.

  32. I really wish this post didn’t make sense, b/c it shows how much has been lost. Unfortunately it did. I too hate the barren, sterile view of humans as ‘economic units’.

  33. “…any sense of duty or obligation to the country is not only meaningless, it is foolish. ”

    I have come not to praise America, but to bury it.

    Bear in mind this is a play on a eulogy. America’s “ides of March” happened on March 4, 1861. We’re just now Noticing.

    Unlike Caeasar, America survived the knives in the backs of several million of her dead and maimed sons and their families, but the infection of anti-republican ideas soon finished the job. On some undisclosed day soon after Reconstruction, she succumbed.

    Unlike Caesar, America was denied an honorable burial and a eulogy, for even in death her memory was powerful, commanding the loyalties of millions of men and women mighter than us. Tomorrow still belonged to those who could harness that loyalty.

    Those who’ve spent any time here know the next chapters. Third Founding America was re-animated by (((necromancers))) & their shabbos familiars. Scofield, Zangwill, Lazarus, Schiff, Wilson, Marcuse, FDR… The list of infernals animating the Second Founding skin-suit goes on, but you get the drift.

    LIke so many victims in zombie cinema, America’s children still rush to embrace their Founding Fathers & their Motherland, not noticing the dead eyes and funny smell until it’s too late. The veterans of a dozen pointless wars. CivNats. Shitlibs. James Fields, RAM & the Proud Boys.

    For we orphans who seek to re-forge a family out of betrayal and tragedy, the first task is to break the spell, scatter their ashes & honor their memory.

    Denial, anger, bargaining, depression & acceptance. We see a lot of the first four around here. Step 2’s obviously my sweet spot.

    Still working on step 5. Z’s already there.

    PS – once everyone’s had their say on Z’s piece, I’ll post something OT on yesterday’s Scandza drama.

    • “I’ll post something OT on yesterday’s Scandza drama.”

      Yes, please do. How close to home was that hit?

      Ya know darned well it was phoned in to the authorities from a US embassy. The euros know as much about our guys as we know about theirs, that is, next to nothing.

      Honestly, I don’t know any of our players either; what caught my attention was the words “recent Scandza forum”.

      Soon, ‘a knock on the door’ won’t be a joke anymore, not with AG Barr and certain Congressionals proposing Stalinist policing.

      • Soon, ‘a knock on the door’ won’t be a joke anymore, not with AG Barr and certain Congressionals proposing Stalinist policing.
        Better make sure you have Community when it happens so when they knock on your door with ill intent it will be their death song that will be sung…

        • Goes without saying but best keep it that way. Keep in mind they want us thinking and posting in that vein. Be careful what you say and how you say it. Certain subjects are best left unmentioned,especially anything that can be taken as a threat of future actions.

          As they ramp up the fear & smear tactics, we’re going to have to accept that 2A things we could post on a Facebook Tea Party account 5 years ago are best left entirely unsaid in our Current Clown Year and our three-ring near future.

    • I am somewhere between 3, jumping 4, to go to 5. I will know I am truly at 5 when I cancel my voter registration. I am almost there, but I have been wanting to keep it, to have the opportunity to lend my vote to disruptive people and ideas, when they are on the ballot. Seeing Trump’s name on the ballot a few years back made me smile and all happy inside, because of the “f*ck you” factor of it being there for me to choose.

      Now there is voter harvesting here in CA, and I’ll be damned if I am going to give in to that. So I guess I’ll be on the voter rolls for a bit longer, yet.

  34. Part of the reason that this got so far out of control is that the direct cost of citizenship is defrayed by the bond market and the Fed. The healthcare for the anchor baby is only half paid for by taxes, the other half is paid for by debt, using that national credit card. it’s been going this way for a long time. Part of this problem is a byproduct of the fiat monetary system, a system now so decrepit that as of late, it needs $100 billion injections into the repo market just to keep it from seizing. If we actually had to PAY for scarce resources, as citizens, with hard tax dollars, suddenly the burden of inferior immigrants would be front and center. It’s the reason why an Ellis Island immigrant with a lazy eye would be put on a boat and sent home. Debt allows for overconsumption. No one will want to pay the bill when it comes due. Regions and ethnic groups will square off, and then fragment.

    The cold reality of scarce resources will unglue this county. As Enoch Powell once said, “rivers of blood.”

    • Yes. To a globalist, all mass immigration is good, because while it may lower the per capita GDP, it raises overall GDP, allowing the government to put more bills on the Big Credit Card.

      Look at it this way: a kneegrow living in Somalia is worth, say, $1,000 per year, but for the modest price of a plane ticket, you can suddenly raise his value to allow him a nice home, running water, comprehensive medical care, education for his kids, flat-screen televisions and iPhones – in fact, it is his human right to have these things.

      This is great news for real estate speculators and flat-screen manufacturers, but the bill is foisted upon our children and grandchildren

      • In-sourcing immigration and outsourcing production is a perfect pincer-movement for those interested in Western subjugation and auctioning off our social capital is lucrative as well, particularly when the brokers don’t need to live in the social-strip-mine squalor they leave behind.

    • And toss in the ‘merit based’ invasion marketplace. The globalists are selling shares (de facto citizenship) of our united economies of America for $500k. EB-5. So it is worth quite a bit.

      Yet they are also quietly upping the price of heritage American Citizens to renounce. If you are poor it costs you over $2k. If you have assets, the exit taxes will gut you.

      So you can’t sell your citizenship, you have to buy it out. We are merely indentured tax livestock. They are diluting our equity while making it illiquid.

      Immigration should be run like a club. One in for every one out. That would put it at around 5,000 people per year.

      The EB5 market should be the same. $500k to $1MM to sell my passport to some chink. That way they get new, arguably richer tax cattle. And moar diversity is our strength.

      Its insane that actual citizens are gaslighted into some flag waving notion of citizenship when every mechanism of ‘our’ government is actively working a ponzi mockery.

        • Return, exactly. The Economy is “who we are” to all these people, good consumers and producers with a growing class of muh democracy voting chattel.

          Lowest black unemployment ever, most Mexicans working ever, more women earning more than men ever. And so on.

          How are all the cloud people in public office NOT globalists when the Economy is everything to them and the Economy is Global?

          Further, how is the everyman not complicit in the Economy is everything through his everyday choices and his own fetish over economic indicators?

          Most men I small talk with, gen x and older, are all about ‘the market’ their home equity, their passive income streams, or their Pensions?

          Most younger men are all about their college loans, their “hustle economy” jobs, their budding ponzi schemes, and what they are owed for being born.

          There seems to be a serious game theory problem. One of many paradoxes I see in the dissident path forward. Anyhow, yeah the trump family office and other crony insiders are definitely not our people.

    • That’s exactly why something new must be built because the only way to fix the old corrupt system is to burn it down…Sooo you better have something built and in place before that happens otherwise you’re just a crispy critter like everyone else…

  35. While I agree that America is now a prepositional nation, it still has the trappings of a real nation. The Mayflower, the City on the Hill, even “American conservativism is the defense of liberalism” are hold overs of Massachusetts. If you aren’t the descendant of Puritans, then the actual history of your people is wrapped up in this myth.

    White Americans will have to excise these ideas to advance forward. This is easier for Southrons, but the worship of St. Reagan makes even that difficult. I have no idea how later immigrant groups like the Italians and Irish will separate themselves from the Yankee Empire.

    • The deified Alzheimers patient was a product of his time. Most of the people who voted for him are in the cemetery. His politics were nearly identical to John McCain.

      • Reagan’s biggest mistakes were
        1) increasing the Social Security withholding from ~2% to ~ 15%, because it was underfunded, rather than letting it die somehow.
        2) amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens

        Just like Nixon’s biggest mistakes were going off the Gold standard, creating new bureaucracies (EPA e.g.).

        Guiliani? requiring low-flush toilets .. still suffering with that one.

        Ya gotta take the bad with the good sometimes.

          • If memory serves, Reagan’s reforms put the Social Security system on permanent sound footing, guaranteed.

            So no worries, young millennial!

          • I’m an old geezer, not a young millennial, thank you veddy much.

            many people would dispute that S.S. is on any kind of “sound footing”

          • This has been a perennial problem since the founding of the US.

            A bunch of people who preferred rebellion and civil war to paying taxes now find out they have to pay for government.

            And no, it’s not possible to roll things back tax wise and maintain a high tech society. If you have genetic engineering, networked computers , advanced chemistry, robots and nuclear power you have a big state to keep them in check.

            All that complexity is expensive. Worse we not have a population capable of maintaining it, demography and drugs being the main culprits here but it’s deeper than that.

            Our culture doesn’t support the taxes or social order needed for taxes so as we grow more complex and urban it’s closer to game over

            I for one welcome our new Amish overlords.

            Well actually I won’t be here but still.

            As for a solution.


            The US must be 80-90% White, and have a right wing dictatorship that isn’t money cucked and isn’t capitalist but economic nationalist and capable of thinking long term.

            This may not even stop the decline but it will buffer it.

            How you get there is obvious but unthinkable and thus impractical at the current time so we won’t even try for a rather long time.

            Still there you go. Problem and solution.

          • LOL.

            You’re so full of crap.

            You need to go actually look at the Federal government’s budget.

            Only a small percentage of it is spent doing ANY of the things you’re claiming are justifications for having the completely out of control swamp and elite class running it that we are currently stuck with.

            And most of the things you claim we need the government to “keep in check” – exist because the government tax-raped the citizenry and then funded the development of IN THE FIRST PLACE.

            We need to hire more police.


            Because the police keep breaking into my house.

          • You don’t live in 1776 anymore . You cannot and will not anywhere on this green earth be able to avoid government or taxation.

            The best you can hope for is to make the corruption and taxation work in your benefit somewhat and maybe to keep in check.

            As far as our history goes, the US had a mini civil war in 1794 over Whiskey Taxes . The Feds had their hand up distillers backsides before the US was 2 decades in.

            This has been our history, tax cheats and grifters found a nation for tax cheats and grifters and find out they can’t pay the bills because everyone wants to cheat and grift.

            You can’t make the state small enough and one small enough to keep the Libertarians, Minarchists, small state types happy will endanger everyone and we will just end up corporate property of some multinational or experimented on for profit.

            In the end the people in charge Right or Left whoever wins will be authoritarian , they will tax people, spend the money for what they see to be the public good and they will regulate. That’s life.

            As to the immediate situation, economic liberals and libertarians are not part of the Right anyway and don’t belong with dissidents any more than Charlottesville tiki torch nazis did.

          • Firewire, that is not correct. The statement at that time was that SS was “fixed” into the next century—and that statement was correct. It was obviously a concession that the can was being kicked down the road, however, the law that was passed did change/limit the downside outcome.

            The law now states that should funds run short, the benefits will reduce to match income, i.e., a reduction will occur across the board to come in line with receipts. Currently the best estimate of the payment reduction is 23% taking effect perhaps as late as 2030 or so.

            In a sense, SS is not broken since it always produces income and the law requires it to match outflow to inflow—albeit, the later recipients are getting less and less of a bang for their SSI payments.

            Medicare however was never such a beast and the payments made into it were never realistic in the extreme. Probably one of the reasons (hidden) there is such a push for Medicare for all—to mask the need for millennials and other later cohorts to pay for Boomers and gen X’ers.

        • Reagan’s biggest mistake was no fault divorce way back in 1969.

          Everything else was small change compared to that.

    • Part of the problem is that most White folk are mutts. I can trace my ancestry back to the Mayflower on one grandfather’s side, to Appalachian scotch irish peasants on one grandmothers side, to Germans from the early 19th century on the other grandfathers side, and early 20th century slavs on the other grandmothers side.

      A large percentage of white Americans have similar muttish backgrounds. So mythmaking requires the “melting pot” for them to feel like they have a people at all.

      • There’s a commonality between our Euro ancestors as well as their American descendants running from similar genetic currents in the last 10k years, the Indo-Euros, Greece, Rome & Medieval Europe, among other things. That’s more than enough mythic material to draw from, and we have our frontiersmen ancestors here to honor as well as modern heroes once we make a point of identifying them. We can and must replace the Second Founding mythos for our successor generations. It looks like Gen-Z is already rejecting their conditioning. We need to find something better than cynical irony-bro narcissism to fill the void they feel.

  36. I think the proposition nation cheapening citizenship is one reason we in the dissident right have been calling America a clown country for a while.

  37. I swallowed that pill a few years ago, though perhaps in more grug-brained terms than this sharp exposition. We might have to start thinking in starkly diasporic terms.

    So I’ll just throw out a though experiment about the Proposition Nation. Imagine if the Proposition itself were tested and enforced via, for example, some sort of lie detector test (don’t sperg me on the technology of lie detection, this is just a “political science fiction” thought experiment.)

    For example, people had to swear that they really believed in small government, enumerated negative rights, deliberative democracy, and the rule of law. If you fail the lie detector test they put you on a little sea dinghy with a case of MREs and say good luck. And everyone takes the test when they turn 21.

    What would you end up with? A society probably 97% white, with the other 3% harmlessly dorky East Asians, Jews, and Indians. And Thomas Sowell. LOL, it’s an ethnostate!

    The problem with an open society that claims to have rules or propositions is that it even allows people who don’t believe in the rules of the game to play the game.

    Imagine if you were playing Monopoly but some people were just moving the pieces as they wished without rolling the dice, and just grabbing money from other players when they wanted. Well, you’d kick those guys out of the game. You wouldn’t let them play again.

    My meat-headed understanding of Hans Hermann Hoppe’s “physical removal” is something along these lines.

    That’s one of the key points for religion’s success: proper religions exile or kill people who don’t play by the Book’s rules. And that’s why the left’s religionized dogma is winning out over the unreligionized, weak-tea political philosophy of the “conservatives.”

    Sorry for indulging in hypotheticals, but this Saturday night post put me in the old college bull-session mood. (Do students even do that any more?)

  38. Very strongly worded. Z, we’re going to need a few anthologies of your writings. There are still a few Readers out here, and we need a little shot of something strong when things are looking dark.

  39. “A bad habit dissidents have inherited from conservatives is to instinctively dispute the claims made by our enemies. If a cosmopolitan globalist says X, the tendency is to argue that X is wrong.”

    The leftist Establishment insists abortion should be legal and available, so reflexive cucks say abortion is evil. Never mind that without abortion there would be tens of thousands of future feral “youth” spawned every year to single teenage mothers.

    The leftist Establishment recognizes, sometimes, that overpopulation degrades the environment and quality of life. So reflex-action cucks insist population stabilization or reduction is sinful and anti-life. The Vatican (a different leftist Establishment) loves them.

    The leftist Establishment acknowledges that the pharma industry is no more greedy or manipulative than any other business and, regardless of its profit seeking, is on the whole a boon to life and health. So knee-jerk cucks are outraged about vaccines and meds until they hear a frightening message from their doctor.

    We have met the enemy and … you know the rest.

    • Abortion opponents don’t reflexively oppose it – most oppose it because it is demonstrably immoral to someone with a middle school level knowledge o biology. The problem is not feral youth spawn of teenage mothers. The problem is feral youth spawn of teenage mothers HERE. In other societies they would be at home.

  40. “The rulers have no more of an obligation to the people than the people have to one another.”

    In such an amoral world, life is just whatever you can get away with. The spirit of the laws, the spirit of morality–which are the more important part of them–are gone. That’s not really a functioning society at all, it’s just a bunch of lone wolves looking to eat each other.

    I remember visiting my grandma in a small town in Wisconsin 40 years ago. Not only did people not lock their doors, you could actually walk into neighbors’ houses without knocking.

    When her grandpa passed away, some scumbag who had probably seen the obituary came at night to try to nab grandpa’s guns. Grandma locked herself in her bedroom and called a neighbor. In ten minutes every man in town was at her house with a shotgun, ready to justice the guy (who wisely did a runner) good and hard.

    Writing these things, I can’t believe it was something from America in my own lifetime. Now it feels like something from the Middle Ages.

    • It’s still true out where I live. Doors are rarely locked and I can, indeed, have a whole posse of armed men at my door in about ten minutes with a phone call.

    • Writing these things, I can’t believe it was something from America in my own lifetime. Now it feels like something from the Middle Ages.
      That’s because a whole lot of not our people moved in and took over helped along by some sellouts on our side…

    • I went to a wedding in Orangeburg, South Carolina, in 1978. It was still a Jim Crow town, with the RR tracks dividing the town by color.

      I was asked to go back to the house and pick up something that had been forgotten. I asked about keys and was told the keys were in the ignition and the house was not locked.

      Walking around the church parking lot I confirmed that the majority of the cars had the keys visible, windows down.

      Anybody been to Orangeburg lately?

    • Read some past posts here and listen to some pods. “Our own country” is something we have to create, not “fix.” This one hasn’t been ours for well over a century.

      • God yes, THIS. ‘Murrica is gone. There is no repairing it or just restoring muh constitution. We are an economic regional entity, not a nation. The definition of a nation . . . look it up (not on joogle).

    • We must create spaces where our people can be an overwhelming majority.

      Jared Taylor says to accomplish this we must have a space where we:
      * restore freedom of association (repeal 1964 civil rights act)
      * repeal affirmative action and disparate impact laws
      * enforce immigration laws

      That seems like a lot to accomplish in our current system, which motivates others to investigate more unorthodox strategies.

      It’s a long shot, but what are the alternatives?

      • We all have our lists of priorities and systemic to-do lists. FWIW, I see nothing wrong with Taylor’s list. All of this is putting the cart before the horse though. We’re at the stage where we can start building very small rural communities with an eye toward broader organization later. My to-do list includes a network of diaspora travelers who help link these scattered communities together. Every one of these outposts is going to be doing things its own way for the foreseeable future, and that’s once they get off the ground. As I mentioned in a number of discussions at Scandza, we’re looking for low-profile, multi-generational strategy, Soviet dissident style, growing parallel institutions, etc… and preparing the next generations to take advantage when the System starts to OD on its own supply.

  41. Of course, this is why the ruling class has abandoned so much of what is considered the duties of a ruling class. They have no duties.

    Which goes hand-in-hand with less and less actual power: they get a script handed out that they have to follow if they want a career in politics, and when your role as a law-maker is thus undermined, the only meaningful activity left is to concentrate on your bank account.

    This is, of course, much worse in Europe, where you have most of the important legislation phoned in from Brussels. About five years ago, Britain was hit by an expense scandal in parliament and several parliamentarians told the Graun – anonymously – that the party whip would pressure newbies to use up every last dime of their expense allowance, because having someone in the group not dirtied up, someone in a position to point sanctimonious fingers, made the colleagues uncomfortable.

  42. Dave Rubin started from somewhere around center-left, but has been drifting rightward. He still earnestly hopes that what he wants to believe can come true, but no longer really thinks it’s so, and he’s honest enough that when he gets mugged by reality, he admits he was wrong before. He’s been mugged by cancel-culture. He hasn’t yet been mugged by proposition citizens. Maybe a walking vacation in Dearborn is in order??

      • AIU, despite being a leftist is pretty good on most subjects we care about. Among leftists, he is somewhat a bit of fresh air. His audience is mostly centrists/cuck types, but unlike Dave, he stands up to his own audience. He doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. If all leftists were like AIU, we would be in much better shape.

      • Krull, you did it, you tricked me into watching a part of a political youtube. First time evah.

        Now I’m going to have to listen to the Z-cast, aren’t I? (Right after I figure out how to bluetooth my phone to the large car, I promise.)

        I get you now. I know what time it is, and which way the wind is blowing.

        It’s the secret world conspiracy-
        The world conspiracy against ME!
        And you are Agent #9!

        (Straight brown hair, dark eyes, a long skirt and boots- oh yeah, that chick’s clothes would last about two seconds with yours truly.)

    • Far too many still project their hope of positive signs on (((people))) that will never, ever support the mere concept of an ethnostate. And if your ultimate goal is not an ethnostate for your people and you merely want to tinker with the concept of the proposition nation to make it a little less inclusive, then why are you here?

      • To learn what you think and hear you out. To review and test my own thinking. And I’m sorry to say, to be entertained, TBH. There is good writing, novel (to me) ideas, and fascinating commentary to be found here.

    • Dave Rubin is a grifter trying to be a gatekeeper. He IS a left winger who was financially hi-jacked by centrists pretending to be right wingers. (((Dave))) is pretending to be a centrist because centrists pay the bills. Is SJWs starting writing him checks, his next video would be about the problematic elements of the centrists.

    • Dave Rubin has a homeland to go back to. For me, and for everyone else here whose ancestors arrived in the 17th and 18th Centuries, this is all we’ve got.

    • Dave Rubin is married to another Jewish man also named David. He has sojourned from Young Turks to the moderate middle, but he is still compromised.

    • I would even go so far as to call it inflammatory. We’ve had a long run of relative peace and prosperity. Im really worried the times are becoming interesting. Z-man is really ruffling my feathers.

      • Based on demographics, our likely “landing zone” looks like it’s going to range somewhere from Brazil to South Africa.

        That’s more interesting than I really want.

        But you see patterns of separation: that little white town in South Africa that Globohomo is hungry to destroy. Small white settler communities in Brazil and Argentina. Large-scale formal separatist movements in Quebec. Et cetera.

        I think you’ve got to start by separating in your mind. Then your options look more clear.

      • Given the quality of this posting, I’d first suspect it’s one Zman has been working on for quite some time. Then again it’s seems so effortlessly written that I could also believe he wrote this one night after dinner. I’ve been thinking about the worthlessness of citizenship for a while, been mourning the loss of value I suppose in my own way. This was the glass of water I needed to get this particularly large red pill down my gullet.

        • Once you take this redpill, it actually gets easier. It feels good.

          An analogy I used was that you’re no longer stuck on a sinking ship desperately trying to bail water out with a tea cup.

          You’re now free to focus on the important things.

          • “focus on the important things” –> Free your mind… –becoming– the shark. Whilst the others scramble for room on the fat carcass (FUSA) going slowly down you learn to swim and breathe in your new native environment and feast once the inevitable occurs.

          • I tend to think of it as getting out of a bad relationship. It’s only afterward that you realize how unhappy you were and how batshit crazy your ex-girlfriend was.

      • My feelings are hurt too. I yam offended. Maybe we should find a sleazy lawyer and get a lawsuit going. But… wherever will we find one of those???

        Is Hillary still practicing law or has she retired…? 🙂

    • Let’s concentrate on our own people and ignore probable dead-ends.

      Zman had a segment on Friday’s show that we should take heed of: it was the section on Pol Pot. It reminded me of something one of the guys at the NW Forum had told me 2 years ago. When the “It’s Okay to be White” signs first came out the urbanites in Seattle went into complete meltdown. But in the surrounding areas many of the signs stayed up for weeks, some of them for months.

      Look up the “Clinton Archipelago vs.Trumpland. It’s by area not population …but keeping the problems bottled up in their little enclaves wouldn’t be all that difficult if the folks in Trumpland felt the need to do so.

      Forget Trump for a moment. In 2016 despite every social, cultural and political institution being against him…every single demographic of white men voted for him. They didn’t just vote for him, they voted for what he represented. That sentiment no matter how nebulous or what form it takes… is our sentiment.

    • Absolutely. And, in typical Z-man fashion, well reasoned in a way that will make so many here squirm, who still hold certain civic nationalist tendencies or profess to cherish some nebulous “liberty” or “equality.” Not only is there no going back to the old morality, or social contract, there’s no going back to any of the old concepts and their old myths and meanings. The only way forward is through, and no proposals about merely limiting the franchise or everyone serving in the military will change this. America is over. Accept it and move on.

      • There are no top-down solutions, and any manifestation of such a thing will get people arrested at midnight, and/or quietly disappeared. Bottom-up, local small (and grey) communities, doing their own thing, connected to others sharing similar goals and values, is the only way forward. Time to carefully network.

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