Failure Analysis: Alt-Right

With the leaked audio of Richard Spencer’s embarrassing tantrum after the Charlottesville riot, the book can finally be closed on the alt-right. If there was anyone still using the term as anything but an epithet, they will no doubt drop it. The first political movement to grow out of internet culture has come and an ignominious end. While it may no longer be a thing, examining what they did right and what they did wrong, especially what they did wrong, can be useful for dissidents.

The primary reason the alt-right failed was that it was never a coherent movement with an intellectual center. It was just a ragtag collection of people with a gripe about something going on in the culture. There were those who recently discovered Kevin McDonald, so they worked that angle. Others had discovered race realism and figured out why libertarianism was a dead end. Then there were the boys who did not like what was happening with feminism. The alt-right was a grievance society.

Reaction to social trends can certainly be the starting point of a cultural or political movement, but it can never be the end point. If the whole point of your politics is to stand in opposition to something, you’re not part of a movement. You are part of an obstacle that will eventually be removed. That is what literally happened to the alt-right, piece by piece, over the last few years. One tribe of the alt-right after another was anathematized and then marginalized by the Left. Now it is gone entirely.

Now, some would argue that the concept of the ethno-state was the vision of the alt-right, but that was another reason it failed. Richard Spencer would have been more successful claiming he was going to lead the alt-right back to the Shire, so they could reunite with their hobbit brothers. Setting your goal as the creation of a what is basically white Wakanda is not serious. As a theoretical construct to use as a critique of multiculturalism it could have been useful, but as a goal it was absurd.

The thing is, racial nationalism is not a new thing. Arab nationalism was a legitimate movement in the middle of the last century. There was a pan-African nationalism that rose up in the later years of colonialism. Both failed in their stated goals, because race is a terrible way to organize people. Loyalty starts with family, then extended family and finally the extended family of ethnicity. Race is a general grouping of people that corresponds to the big geographical groupings. Race is not ethnicity.

This is why American dissidents need to be careful to acknowledge the geographic diversity of occidentals in North America. The old stock Yankee living in New Hampshire may share the same opinions on biology as a Southerner, but they will remain men from different tribes. This diversity among white people in America is why the people in charge have been so successful. They exploit these differences to turn a majority population into a hated minority. That reality must be respected.

That brings up another failure of the alt-right. It never had intellectual heft. Richard Spencer liked to cast himself as a philosopher, but he was always a dilettante, more concerned with media attention, than thinking about politics. He was a lot like Barak Obama, in that his fans would say he was inspirational, but they could never tell you anything he said that was memorable, other than the gaffes. His innumeracy prevented him from making an affirmative argument about biology.

Otherwise, no one filled the intellectual void at the center of the alt-right. Some of the writers for Counter Currents gave it a go, but they were always a bit wary of what was going on with the alt-right. Others would turn up with an essay here or there, but the movement never attracted anyone who was well read and prepared to articulate the main ideas that allegedly animated the alt-right. Instead, it was Spencer rambling on YouTube videos about Faustian man and the ethno-state.

Of course, one reason the movement failed to attract smart people toiling in the intellectual fields of bio-diversity is the movement had a lot of cranks. In fact, the alt-right seemed to be a crank magnet. It was a freak show of e-celebs, who were never all that interested in politics. Guys like Milo and Cerno are good examples. For them, politics is a vehicle to internet stardom. Serious people interested in serious politics will not get involved with a movement that welcomes freaks and weirdos.

That is the one great lesson from the alt-right. No organization can survive incompetence at the top. Whether you are forming a local group to clean up a park or you are organizing for a larger political goal, you have to have high quality people at the center of it. The alt-right made a fetish of not purging people, but that became a doggy door for the worst sorts of people to enter their movement. No matter how cheeky or clever your internet memes, you can’t win counting on losers.

Self-policing, of course, gets a lot easier in real life organizing. On-line, people are free to play any character they like. In real life, people quickly sort the wheat from the chaff, so excluding grifters and lunatics gets easier. Good people tend to boil off the bad people, through the natural social mechanisms. That is the most important lesson of the alt-right. The internet is not real. It cannot replace real life organizing. If there is going to be a resistance to what is happening, it must happen in the real world.

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257 thoughts on “Failure Analysis: Alt-Right

  1. One of the big problems of any dissident group today (and there are some on the Left as well as the Right) is that they are not thinking through the concrete reality of how current-day organizations and institutions actually (mal)function.

    A year ago, my wife and I found out that our primary-care physician was fabricating our medical records, in quite bizarre ways. He claimed to have done exams he did not do. He gave me various diseases that I have not had and that he never discussed with me.

    Six months ago, my daughter was assaulted and injured in her dorm room at UCLA. She managed to get police Dispatch on the phone so that they have a recording of much of the attack and the police have filed a report. There are also X-rays and medical reports. But UCLA is accusing my daughter of having assaulted the attacker, on the ground that my daughter tried to hold the attacker’s sleeves to inhibit the attack.

    A year ago, my sister-in-law, a true-blue believer in global warming got a job with the state of California to improve the energy efficiency of state buildings. Soon, it was made clear to her that the already-ensconced bureaucrats liked things just as they were. She came to realize that whatever financial shenanigans were going on, if she stuck around, they’d probably pin it l her. (She is not fully redpilled yet, but I have hopes.)

    I could go on similarly about fraud that friends have told me about in medical-testing labs, fraud I have seen in the legal profession, the collapse of the scientific method in my own field of physics, etc.

    The fundamental problem is not immigration or transgenderism or global-climate hysteria or the various forms of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    The fundamental problem is that the basic strands of competence and trust in our society are unraveling. There are deeper, more global reasons for this, but we first need to see what is happening to ordinary middle-class people on a daily basis before we can attack the deeper causes.

    Dave Miller in Sacramento

  2. The demorat party is a party of morons and freaks and millions of dead and alive people support them. The alt-right started out as an edgy intelligent phenomenan and imploded due to adolescent millenial stupidity. Andrew Anglin was the driver and turned the movement into a whiny boomer bashing homosexual incel thing that became a joke. Down to him.

  3. What was the Alt-RIght exactly? I would say it was an attempt to meld three streams from the dissident right into one.

    The first stream was the legacy of paleo-conservatism. Recall that Spencer got his start as an editor at The American Conservative, the magazine founded by Pat Buchanan for the old gang to have a platform to launch attacks on Buckley and the Neo-Cons at the outset of the Middle Eastern wars. That’s where Spencer did his woodshedding. At some point TAC split off Taki’s Mag, and Spencer went there, where he picked up a more light-hearted and ironic approach to polemics and politics.

    The second stream was the European New Right. Spencer founded both a journal and a publishing house, both named Arktos. (The journal ceased publication, the publishing house still has a large catalog of books on offer). The publishing house did a lot of translation of European authors: Guillaume Faye, Julius Evola, Tomislav Sunic, Alexander Dugan, Alain de Benoist etc.

    Arktos mixed these up with the writers from the American Paleo-Conservative Tradition: Paul Gotfried (who along with Spencer is generally credited with creating the term Alternative Right to describe this new movement). James Kirkpatrick, Tito Perdue, William Lind.

    So you already had these two streams mixing, where as in the past they had not. The 20th century American nationalist right (the paleos) epitomized by Pat Buchanan were not cribbing notes from de Benoist and Evola.

    The third stream was the home-grown evolved White Nationalist movement. Around this same period a group of young bloggers, with Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent in the lead, were doing a complete rebuild and disassembly of White Nationalism. Wallace methodically took apart what he termed White Nationalism 1.0 and threw huge chunks of it on the scrap heap: dismissing as useless all vestiges of LARPing by both the Klan and neoNazi fans (who he termed “the kostumed klowns”, dismissing the entire para-military fetish, and pointing out the stupidity of attacking normal Americans over Christianity or the flag.

    With this third stream came a lot of guys in their twenties who wanted to “do something*, and before the term Alt-Right was coined they were organizing rallies around things like Southern heritage. The rally to protect the confederate statue was of a piece of the type of events that Wallace and other neo-confederates had been promoting and participating in for years.

    Bringing older, wiser, battle hardened fellows together with younger go-get-em guys, and mixing these three streams was all pretty valuable. And around 2015 or so a lot of people felt this new energy in the dissident right. Conferences like AmRen, that had been faithfully attended by the same aging group of true believers suddenly has a bunch of millenials showing up (and a few late arriving Xers, too). The vibrancy and newness of the combined movement was exciting, but it did attract a lot of grifters to it. I knew that the entire movement was destined for a hard fall when celebrity-slut Tia Tequila was palling around with Spencer before some conference. As you point out: Milo, Cernovich, and even the guys at TRS were all parasites to some extent, none were really building up the foundation. (You would think a guy as smart as Enoch would get that “oven jokes* get old pretty fast, and are likely to be used against you in the future, still, he persists.) The truly noxious Andrew Anglin grafted himself onto the movement too.

    Spencer has to take most of the credit for destroying the value of the term Alt-Right, but in a way that’s OK. Because the larger awakening that came out of that 2009-2016 period is still here, just using new names. The Alt-Right label can be buried, it’s of no further use.

    Spencer himself seemed to fall prey to the self-destructing rock-star on tour. Some people make it through that phase of becoming famous and being on stage, and others don’t. The usual mechanisms: the ever present cameras, the coke, groupies and the free booze were there, and like many before him he seems to have lost his way in the flash and mirrors. That’s a terrible waste, mostly of him, but the ideas he broght forward are still here, and hopefully others can learn from his mistakes, which were all made quite publically.

    Basically Richard Spencer couldn’t handle the role he created, he had a shot at leading something but wasn’t up to the task, and the sub-movement and cult-of-personalities that he was at the center of (and included Milo and others) came and went. In it’s wake we have both wreckage and trophies, and a few solid monuments to their passing. Arktos is still a good place to buy books for people wanting to know more about the dissident right’s intellectual foundations.

    • Fighting for MIGA is the worst mistake anyone could make.

      In fact, many of those who put their asses on the line for MIGA are already in jail, and MIGA isn’t even lending moral support to them, let alone using institutional power to help them.

      Still, it’s good news if there is infighting between two enemies. Get the popcorn ready.

  4. Since I’m one of those lunatic fringe cranks, I verified today that I am nothing but a liability.
    Not ready for prime time, that’s for sure.

    With apologies to Penitent, I’m going to have to put a lid on it. I fear I drive the Christians away, and they have far more practical advice in the real world.

    We’ll virtue signal ourselves to death, but this dissident thing can’t be forced.

    The two Christians had some very good advice, though: Be still, and listen.

    In other words, “Shut up, they explained”.
    That, and feed all the stray cats, bigot.

  5. I’ve always considered Buchanan, Taylor, and Coulter to be the spiritual founders of this thing. Maybe 100s of years from now there will be a place for you Z on the new Mount Rushmore. Understandably, we don’t know what you look like. I’m assuming sort of a Greg Johnson that worships at the temple of iron.

    • Any Mount Rushmore of this thing has to start with Sam Francis. Number two is Pat Buchanan. The next two are arguable.

    • Ann Coulter was a neo-conservative only recently, she got (partially) red pilled by something, long, long after the founders had been active.

      That book she wrote was helpful, admittedly.

      • I think Coulter woke up on the immigration issue in the Bush years. It was a slow awakening, but by the Obama years she was on the VDare side of things. I think on populism, race realism and so forth, she has reluctantly comes around, but she still stays on the right side of the line.

  6. Armchair quarterbacking and Boomer harrumphing from the Zman. He’ll be blogging anonymously about good optics when whites are being killed openly a la the Khmer Rouge. Talking about the Alt Right as if it’s those silly people that you have nothing to do with. You think any on the left or mainstream makes a separation between you and them? Oh no – the Left closed ranks and shut down a small emergent dissident movement! Gadzooks, those sillies had bad optics and they weren’t totally ideologically conformist! You have no answers, others may not have either but they have gone ahead and been shot down so we can see the strength of the opposition and regroup.

      • Not a special agent, but an emissary from that 99.999% part of the world that isn’t a fanboy ready to lap up your pronouncements

      • While trolling in a different Anon, Kevin D tried the “If you were a man you’d use your real name” trick on me – an evergreen meme with them. Enemies say more about you than *fanbois” & Z seems to have the right enemies. Good enough for me.

  7. The all-time worst opening for a comment is, “I have nothing useful to add, but … .”

    I have nothing useful to add, but I’d like to say it does my heart no end of good to read thoughtful people on this site discussing strategy for victory against the leftist Establishment. How refreshing compared to the standard “conservative” practice of griping, viewing with alarm, and black-pilling themselves into defeatism.

    Now I think about it, maybe that is useful to add.

  8. I think of the alt-right as the Sex Pistols of political movements. They mostly produced publicity, never had any hits, and imploded in tawdry mutual recriminations after threatening to take over the world. In the end, they only succeeded in beclowning themselves.

    But look what came through the doors they blew open…

    • That’s a great analogy. First came the tea party, proto-punk, that wave crashed, but created the seeds for the next wave, the Alt right wave came and went, each one altering the landscape a bit, and there will be a third and fourth and fifth wave, carried along by events, fate, bizarre political surprises and twists. But one thing is for certain, there will be more and more fed up people and the waves will get bigger and start taking out structures that have been in place for decades.

      • Richard Spencer was the Sid Vicious of the Alt Right.
        Not sure who the Johnny Rotten was, Mike Enoch?

    • Yeah, but they left one hell of an album for us to remember them by. It turns out the loutish fools made a completely classic album, far more important and listenable than the stuff their supposed betters in the 1977 dissident music scene were producing. Listen to Television’s “Marque Moon” or the Talking Head’s “77”, both seem boring and pretentious now.

      And they were right about a lot of things too:
      “there is no future in England’s dreaming”

      Maybe there is a lesson there. With the clarity of years passing it’s often the case that the authentic, sincere guys with less tact and more commitment and attitude are remembered fondly, while the nuanced, clever work beloved by the critics and intellectuals of the period is largely forgotten or held in contempt today.

  9. “No organization can survive incompetence at the top. Whether you are forming a local group to clean up a park or you are organizing for a larger political goal, you have to have high quality people at the center of it.”

    – Thus spake Lenin. Nothing can be accomplished without the firm hand of ‘high quality people’, the vanguard, the knowers.

    • We had a successful local road clean-up five years ago run by a virtual clone of Parsons, Winston Smith’s hapless and stupid neighbor from 1984. Let’s not confuse local competence with that larger competence, the kind exhibited by Big Brother, Lincoln, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, et al – for organizing political goals.

  10. I submit that the alt-right could only be construed as a failure if you were expecting them to evolve into an institution. While they are certainly dead as a movement, I note that their views are well represented in comment sections anywhere they aren’t censored. People are routinely expressing views that were unthinkable even five years ago

    White identity politics was never going to emerge through writing polite articles in respectable periodicals. If it was going to surface at all, it had to be through rudely upsetting the apple cart. Yes, they made a lot of enemies. But they also made a lot of friends.

    The alt-right had one job to do, and it did it brilliantly. It’s subsequent self-destruction doesn’t detract from that. In fact, it was probably inevitable that it would take a kamikaze mission to bring white identity politics into the public eye. The likes of Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire have been preaching to the choir for years to little effect. Whatever Spencer’s failings, he was still the man who took white identity politics out of the closet and put it in the headlines. That he wound up with his head served on a platter was inevitable, he would have been vilefied even without the embarrassing missteps.

    The alt-right wasn’t a failure, they were merely the first brick thrown through the window. I suspect they will not be the last.

  11. The alt right would have been crushed anyway because Trump won so the alt right was seen as a threat to the plan. Spencer has been kept around to fill the role of boogeyman for the jews.

    All you have to do is look at how the Proud Boys were labeled white supremacists then crushed by the Trump administration. They committed the sin of physically standing up to Antifa and then that was that for them.

    But Z is right, the alt right was a mess. They loved infighting and got too full of themselves after Trump won. Instead of building on Trump’s victory and expanding their ranks, they focused on hating other people on the right and boomers. Especially boomers who could have been allies and sources of funding. Nothing positive at their core.

    The Proud Boys show that any group who worries the tribe will be crushed by the full weight of the system. Any movement needs to be a very loose collection of anonymous dissidents until it is fully mainstream.

  12. Spencer–and his other “ironical” Nazis–destroyed the alt-Right by co-opting it and corrupting it. This a recurring problem in the Right since it lacks “immunity” from such attacks because, as you rightly recognise, the Right does not stand for anything as much as it is a grievance society. Anyone can join as long as they bitch about the status quo.

    It’s interesting to see that Andrew Anglin has now become “Christian”. What appears to be happening is that the dissident right is splitting into its atheist and christian variants and I get the impression that the Christian variant is more of a threat to the powers that be. So it will be interesting to see if Anglin can co-opt and destroy that faction given its positive sense of what it is.

    • There do seem to be a lot of freshly minted Christians. Roosh is the only one who seems serious. Given he has been reading spiritual and Stoic books for the last few years and writing extensively about them, his taking the God pill is believable. Andrew seems to be one of the ones who have adopted Christianity as part of a cultural package.

    • Even if he didn’t have so much other suspect history & baggage (his goblin familiar Weev, for instance), Anglin’s rate of ideological mutation would make him suspect. Physiognomy is real. He’s what Ed Dutton calls a “spiteful mutant.”

      • So was the Mule and he took down the Foundation.

        Anglin doesn’t have the chops for that but spite is a very very powerful emotion.

  13. Lawfare can only work for us within very limited circumstances for the foreseeable future. The left harnesses law because they assumed control over the institution and better organize their communities to support lawyers who argue their causes. The left’s senior lawyers are well paid typically even if indirectly in relation to a given action.

    I cannot understand why some of you believe lawyers should work for free. Do you work for free? If you want to pursue lawfare, establish legal defense funds specifically granting compensation to the serving lawyers and then take your income, your inheritance, your windfalls and pay into the funds on an annual basis. Over time you might find some of us will emerge from the woodwork and engage the enemy openly.

    Right now, I donate some of my time to poor, minority inventors as cover. My specialty is in high demand and practically all white nominally Christian males in my field are or they can be redpilled and participating actively in our thing. But we know the moment I engage an “alt right!” client the leftists detect it and disseminate the info to the hive and its controllers. I will be mercilously audited on my taxes, my cashflow, my legal ethics, my proper handling of client matters (every lawyer has disgruntled clients), and dropped like pariah by the great mass of lawyers, which means my referral sources disown me and business dries up. My kids will be kicked down the stairwell at school and the faculty will rally behind the pusher (already happened to an unwise colleague and his otherwise thriving daughter).

    Put up or forget about lawfare. We aren’t angels but then you knew that already.

    • “My kids will be kicked down the stairwell at school and the faculty will rally behind the pusher (already happened to an unwise colleague and his otherwise thriving daughter).”

      JFC. Blessings upon the girls and you dads.
      Wise, wise words.

  14. OT but I figured some ya’ll might be interested to see some of the most amazing footage ever captured in human history. Curiously, very few people have ever seen it. Keep in mind, this takes place 1,100 times further away from Earth than the International Space Station. And we went there, landed men, and came back 6 different times.

    • Nice!

      Careful, the “moon landing was a hoax” was started by an EST, their proxies have latched onto it.

      The Jamaican told me he rejected the moon landings, and believed strongly in rising seas.
      I told him I hoped Kingston was still there.

  15. Richard Spencer had potential. I still read his “Ghosts of Christmas Past,” every Christmas season. He seems to have had some personal problems, but I genuinely hope that he can overcome them and become an asset to a future dissident right movement. Someone capable of writing the “Christmas Past” article may someday be worthy of inclusion.

    Who among us can say that we saw Charlottesville coming? My crystal ball wasn’t very clear.

    But I heartily agree that European-origin people need nations, as do other people. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it: “Nations are the wealth of mankind.”

  16. Government at all levels needs to be quelled. Are we working to change the State? The culture? Both? Will changing one change the other? Surely it will. Is that all that needs changing? We would be better served with an amicable separation from the progressive Marxist Socialists than to try and “coexist with them. Is dissident realism our tribe? Is the tribe of one race only? The non agression principle is not enough to perfect our culture. Neither is the creation of an ethnostate. Is nationalism just part of the journey or the desired end. Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism nationalism culturalism objectivism. Again with the isms. Those that can go Galt already have. We have always had a Yankee problem and it looks more and more like we will always have one. Changing the rules of the HOA we live in is a lot harder than it looks. Better to start a new community. To what end are we working towards? One thing is for sure. I’d like to drive one of the new C8 Corvettes.

  17. This essay views the “alt-right” as a “movement” or an “organization”. But more often it is used simply as a description or generic taxonomy, like “white people” or “sub-Saharan African”.

    That generic description being, “That faction of the right that publicly rejects or disavows the doctrine of biological human equality.”

  18. Look at England for example. When the Roman legions left in A.D. 410, their multi-cultural diversitopia swiftly collapsed. By A.D. 500 the country was 100% Anglo-Saxon and its old capital Londinium had reverted to cow pasture.

    Despite this racial homogeneity, another 500 years would pass before one man could legitimately call himself King of England, and there would be many wars of succession after that. Choosing a good leader and uniting the people under his rule is really hard.

    • Britain was zero percent Anglo-Saxon when the Romans withdrew. The cause of Briton backwardness was that they were somewhat stupid. The Angels, Saxons, and Danes, later only added up to 10% of the Briton gene pool. The British became intelligent over the next several centuries due to at least three major influences–regular execution, manorialism, and a prohibition upon cousin breeding.

      • Expelling the Jews in 1290 helped too, because when one endogamous tribe monopolizes all the high-IQ professions, it keeps everyone else stupid.

  19. “Loyalty starts with family, then extended family and finally the extended family of ethnicity. Race is a general grouping of people that corresponds to the big geographical groupings. Race is not ethnicity.”

    As much as I harp on White unity and pan-Europeanism, I see this as an undeniable fine-grain truth. “Whiteness” is in a sense our proposition, our civic nationalism – the most general commonality between our different tribes. We can best operate in the future as a loose confederation which respects a common European legacy of culture, history and achievement but we’re not going to be bonded on the racial level in the same strong fashion as Norwegians or Frenchmen or Southern Americans are, particularly at the outset.

    There is a White race but there will not be a “White Nation.” Our goals are ethno-states, not race-states. These ethno-states should respect others’ mutual Whiteness and share of the legacy, but the Dunbar Number as well as history and a hundred other factors make Spencer’s “White Race-State” a slightly-less-ambitious but equally impossible utopia very similar to that of globalism, communism or neo-liberalism, seen through a glass fash-ly.


  20. It was just a ragtag collection of people with a gripe about something going on in the culture.

    That was a feature, not a bug. It made for a big tent and it turned Leftie strategy against themselves: mocking and jeering everything they hold dear, giving them an acid whiff of the Culture of Critique.

    Reaction to social trends can certainly be the starting point of a cultural or political movement, but it can never be the end point.

    Perhaps so, but we’re not close to the end point yet. Our guys can’t even congregate peacefully without being harassed by Commie stormtroopers with not-so-tacit police backing. At the moment, we’re better served with a cell structure, a thousand tribes with a thousand gripes, attacking from a thousand directions, bleeding them one cut at a time.

    And conservativism was never an ideology-heavy orientation, by nature reactionary – reactive – rather than progressive. If you start nailing theses onto gates, you’ll create fractioning.

    No matter how cheeky or clever your internet memes, you can’t win counting on losers.

    You may not be able to win, but you can make your enemies lose. And we need to burn down their castles before we can start building our own.

    • We don’t burn down their castle. We make them burn down their own castle. Trump is rather good at making that happen. Jujitsu.

  21. Somehow the Alt-Right became coopted by shekel grubbers and racist liberals. The clown show at TRS is the perfect example of how to run a movement into the ground while sucking every last drop of money out of it. The ADL, SPLC, and Koshernostra can’t exist without a boogeyman. So who’s funding the boogeyman?

  22. That recent statistic that 67 million us residents don’t speak english at home sent me into some amount of despair. On one hand it doesn’t seem so hard a task, just convince whites that there is coordinated anti-white program afoot and that it is moral and good that they advocate on their own behalf. That it is ok to be white. Maybe we should be glad that this age holds it own challenges. That end of history business did sound boring. Our enemies don’t seem particularly formidable, certainly not one on one. within living memory the communist were able to mobilize large swaths of the populations of china and Russia. shouldn’t that be possible here? sorry for the rant sorta blackpilled today.

  23. Richard Spencer is far less of a dead end than an anonymous keyboard warrior like z-man who will do nothing for the cause except launching spitballs at the imperfect souls who make an attempt to change the world in meatspace.

    • Spencer not only failed but set back our cause. Z is arguing that our best tactic is creating/joining small groups and working from the ground up quietly because we are, in fact, dissidents whose lives can be destroyed.

      Spencer wanted rallies and demonstrations where he could give speeches and be seen. His hope was that it would rally whites. His strategy was an abysmal failure. He underestimated the Left’s control of the police and optics.

      • Arguably Spencer wanted to stir things up, in this he succeeded. I don’t think he’s necessarily a proponent of the mass awakening strategy; if anything his rhetoric is calculated to NOT appeal to / pander to certain kinds of normies.

        But the Alt-Right was a big tent movement and it didn’t even agree on basic objectives, so it was guaranteed to ditch him eventually.

        The Alt-Right failed because when adversity struck, a lot of the people involved realized they didn’t want to be dissidents and went back to MAGA, and losing them created enough drama that the rest of it split into mutually hostile camps that are too small to do anything.

        (Also, some shady GOP affiliated people worked hard to ensure it broke up up permanently.)

    • I’m pretty sympathetic to Spencer compared to most here but let’s not lash out at the host because he attacked ya boy. Spencer has an angel on one shoulder but listens too often to the fame-whoring devil on the other. He needs to get that in check and it’s why I can’t trust him as a leader. As his recent CNN appearance shows, he still hasn’t learned to say “no” to the microphone. Moth + flame = Icarus.

  24. I disagree with some of Zman’s analysis.

    ‘[R]ace is a terrible way to organize people’ and always leads to failure? Tell that to the Zionists.

    ‘Setting your goal as the creation of a what is basically white Wakanda is not serious.’ Why not? The US was essentially a ‘white Wakanda’ prior to 1965. So were most of the nations of Europe, though they would not have described themselves as ‘White’, but ‘French’ or ‘German’. ‘White Wakanda’ can exist because it did exist, and not all that long ago.

    ‘Race is a general grouping of people that corresponds to the big geographical groupings.’ Again, tell that to the Zionists. Another obvious problem is when some geographical area — such as America — is composed of different races. This issue is not ‘geography’ but *territory*. American Civil Rights law not only outlawed race-based territorial integrity but has gone on to allow *force* territorial invasion.

    ‘[D]iversity among white people in America is why the people in charge have been so successful.’ Due to the pioneering work of Edward Dutton, we now know that Whites are the least ethnocentric of the various races. When it was only White people arguing among themselves about ethnicity (such after each wave of European mass migration), we eventually were able to come to terms (to a great extent) regarding different White ethnicities. In fact, to a great extent, the concept of ‘White’ facilitated this process.

    • He would consider Zionism an ethnicity I suppose. For that to be an effective organizing principal, the identity group needs to be small enough to claim victim status. The Han Chinese and Japanese do just fine with racial nationalism as a principal though, it seems.

    • Jews are not a race in the modern use of the word. Jews are an ethnic group. In the modern usage, race corresponds to the great geographic areas: Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia, MENA and the Americas.

      • Jews described as a “tribe” seems about right to me. The Mormons are a tribe as well. First loyalty is to the tribe, as the tribe looks out for you, while you look out for them. Another interesting tribal characteristic seems to be the need to venture out undetected. Catholics and any number of Protestants and Protestant denominations make a point of posting bumper stickers on their cars. Mormons, Jews, and various flavors of Muslims not at all. All seem to like going grey.

        • Dutch,

          A little OT but I recall seeing an article fairly recently wherein they described a test in which people were shown photos of random subjects and Mormon participants were able to correctly guess the photo subject as another Mormon at a much higher rate than non-LDS participants. Decades of inbreeding? Clean lifestyle giving some younger-than-actual age characteristics to the photo subject? Dunno, just thought it was interesting.

          • I’d guess there’s a subtle new phenotype from some combo of those genetic traits predisposing people for Mormonism that’s been amplified by endogamous marriage. There’s a lot about non-verbal signalling we don’t appreciate b/c Big Brains plus we’ve spent decades trying not to see such things.

          • I’m not Mormon but I can usually pick long term Mormons, not converts out on sight. They have a certain look both body and in the eyes.

            Mama Prosper calls that “the glaze”

  25. It died due to the censorship. And because Trump won, now an unfortunate event.

    Spencer is an imbecile, but he didn’t kill the movement – the movement expurged the shysters exhaustively.

    Also, one thing I resent is not engaging with the late big wave of Libertarians that started appearing before people vanishing.
    People should wake up to the economics of the Founding Fathers and Aristotle, laid out in the book Web of Debt and The Lost Science of Money.

    • You can’t wake up one morning and build a movement. It has to happen organically, like the morning dew. The tea party, in its first 10 hours, was an organic movement. The GOP then swooped in for the kill. People are motivated by their own wallets first, and white people are known to vote for their wallets more than any other group worldwide, and in all of human history, because white people are transactional in nature, not relationship based. It’s a mindset that allows for prosperity and efficiency, unlike other groups, but only in a world of rules. Black people for instance have no rules, so they’re always going to a guy who “hooks them up” whatever that is. And it’s usually not a good deal. The “system” which has been sputtering and decaying for years, won’t change until the next crash, when pensions are wiped out, and suddenly the burden of they system makes transactional relationships break apart. White people need to understand one thing. The system has decayed to a point where the “rules” are fading away…and quickly.

      • So JR. “White ppl need to understand one thing. The system has decayed to a point where the “rules” are fading away”.

        So what? We come to that understanding of that one thing. Many of us have, long since. Now what? Enlightenment doesn’t mean anything w/o action. We need a leader, a Buddha, a Ghandi, a Alexander, or a Moses.

        • Waiting for Superman hasn’t worked. I’m done waiting. We have to do this ourselves. We’ll find who can lead by watching them in action.

        • Most white people still think they can get a fair shake, depending on where they live, it’s a big country. The people here on this forum know whats up, but this forum is not a random slice of white people. They have to feel the pain of a system that failed them before their minds can wander in this direction. And it will happen. And it won’t be Trump or any other imbecile like that that saves them. I’m not waiting for superman (below). I’m living my life in the current system and preparing for whatever comes my way. The enlightenment period could never have happened without the plague. Our plague will be a financial one.

          • JR Wirth: “Most white people still think they can get a fair shake . . . ” Even my husband, when I complain about the latest outrage, inevitably responds “They can’t do “X” because it’s illegal/unconstitutional/will be challenged. And I keep reminding him the rules are what those running things say they are, and they change with their whims. As difficult as it is to shake that trust in the system, people have to stop resetting to that default. There is nothing left to trust.

    • The economics of the Founding Fathers were mercantilism and protectionism. Libertarian economics are poison and have no constituency in the dissident right.

  26. The alt-Right provides lessons in the perils of success, hubris and negative identity.

    Its only tangible goal was electing Trump. In succeeding, we largely lost our purpose at a very young age.

    A fresh-faced cocky kid standing on a Big CIty corner with nothing to do is ripe for turning out. The flesh mechants of the professional political class soon made quick work of our naive meme-dreams and put us to work turning (((tricks))) and recruiting more fresh meat for their new MAGA/Turning Point stables.

    Thinking that we could beat these guys on their own turf at their own game was Hubris. Neocon Nemesis followed.

    Every political movement needs to heed Patton’s pessimistic panegyrist – “all glory is fleeting.” We should honor the fallen by learning from their mistakes. Movement Conservatism. Paleo-Cons. The Tea Party. And now, muh alt-Right.

    Detailed platforms have their own perils and I’ve been the first to nay-say writing our Constitutions before our plots are hatched, but formlessness for all its virtues has a downside – lack of identity. A truly formless faction has no way to tell infiltrators from loyalists. Some positive grunt-legible goal has to serve as a rallying point and litmus test.

    Being “anti-establishment” wasn’t enough to keep the alt-Right unified or help its noobs tell the grifters from the Old Guard.

    An enduring movement needs positive identity, an established goal, and as much patience and purpose as ambition and spirit. And the next time we think we’ve won, we need to pay more attention to finishing off the enemy and vetting our ranks for camp-following carpetbaggers, turncoats and enemy deserters.

    • This:

      An enduring movement needs positive identity, an established goal, and as much patience and purpose as ambition and spirit. And the next time we think we’ve won, we need to pay more attention to finishing off the enemy and vetting our ranks for camp-following carpetbaggers, turncoats and enemy deserters.

  27. Like Obama, Spencer never wanted to do on-the-ground grunt work. Here’s my quick sketch of what needs to be done.

    Action Plan

    1. Create or join real life small communities
    a. Political campaigns/groups lead to secret handshake groups
    b. Form a non-political group of guys – meet for beers, play golf
    1. Keep politics out until you get to know each other. Take it very slow.
    2. Eventually move towards creating community

    2. Grow groups to create a (very) private community of people who are proud of their heritage (but not against other heritages) and culture
    a. Start to protect each other from the eventual charges of this, that and the other

    3. Form advocacy groups
    a. Use community groups to fight for equal rights and, later, freedom of association

    4. Form public groups specifically and overtly based on your heritage and culture
    a. If you have enough political and on-the-ground power, move out of the shadows to create your own schools and community organizations, similar to what Jews and Muslims have now, i.e. nothing new.

    5. Push to make your heritage communities self-sufficient
    a. Banks, entertainment, builders, etc. Don’t rely on other groups for anything. Pick your own damn cotton!

    6. Push for greater autonomy for your communities

    This very sketchy outline will take a huge amount of time and effort. As Z says, I will not see the fruits of these planted trees, but I can plant them for my kids and grandkids.

    • Z thinks we have 50 plus years to suss out a movement. He’s dead wrong. We will not have decades for this. Probably 4 years at most.

      Once Trump leaves office the Left/Globohomo will declare war on us and start ripping the guts out of the U.S. the way they are doing here in California.

      Just imagine what will happen when the Left opens the Southern border completely It will be x10 worse than it is now. Economic and social collapse on scale you can’t imagine.

        • Crud,

          Yep, the repression will move from being tolerated by the government to being enforced by the government. It will be expanded to housing, taxes, criminal enforcement, etc.

          It also will be our greatest recruiting tool.

      • I have a Jewish friend, since childhood, always in touch as we are interested in dozens of things in common. He’s conservative as far as one such could be. (Funny, I mistyped ‘such’ and it auto-corrected to ‘shtick’.)

        The other day we were talking about ‘see something, say something’. He said he’d reported an obvious Arab when the guy checked a bag, then got into a car and left the airport (tiny airport, easy to see all this without going out of your way or even having to move other than turning your head).

        And he felt bad, saying, “I know what can happen when people are noticed for being different.”

        We haven’t talked about these subjects.

        I said I think this is going to happen in this country when whites are in the minority. And it won’t be the white folks doing the killing.

        The culture and the educational system are now sowing resentment against whites as something to be proud of, something for the resume. The reaping of that crop will not be pretty.

        Those doing it will not be making fine distinctions within the ‘white’ category.

        He said, “You may be right, but I have more faith in the United States.”

        That makes one of us.

        • Doc,

          He has faith in the U.S. because his people have running it. He assumes that his fellow tribesman won’t let this get out of hand.

          Maybe. Maybe not. You can see them struggling already to keep control of the Dem Party. Not a good sign.

          Regardless, he has back-up homeland. He can afford to be sanguine. We don’t have that luxury.

        • The choice for whites:

          1. See something. Say something. Get pilloried in the press as a racist. Lose your job. Lose your house. Lose your ability to feed your children.
          2. See something. Move along. Nothing to see here.

        • You should have pointed out that since the FBI’s been trying to depose Trump they haven’t had time to manufacture any Exploding Mohammads.

      • Predicting the future is a very uncertain business with a poor track record of success. A lot our Our Guys seem to hope for impending collapse as a deus ex machina to solve our Empire problem. They’ve already declared war with Trump in office and the sky has yet to fall. Let’s be ready for the worst but put some eggs in the long-term strategy basket too. I’ve been hearing “the end is near” since the 1990’s and it seems the Empire still has a lot of ruin left.

        • South africa. 20+ yrs black communist rule. Still crippling along. Still has white liberals, albeit fewer than before.

    • I upvoted you too as I agree, in the main, with your suggested approach. It dovetails with my experience. I have taught religious ed, coached multiple youth sports – volunteer, and do indeed play golf. All that which brings me in contact with a wide variety of people. Nothing ever political nor religious. They get to know you, like how you go about things … and a natural curiosity arises. It also helps having raised successful kids – when said Normie contacts are lamenting their own children problems. Great marriage, while they piss and moan about their own marital/divorce problems. NEVER give them “advice” however. Just wait for THEIR questions.

      Then it’s, “They I have to wrap up this hole, we’re going to 5:30 services..” Leading to comments from, “you go to church?” “Every week?!?” Or, “you believe in God, dude?” (a recent one from a 50 year old male). Plus, after they love you, that is when you drop a little reality bite here and there. Nothing overt – there is no need as the leftist is such a child, with a mind filled with nonsense. So Normies that trend left, or swallow the garbage … just a gentle pointing up of the garbage, and an alternative to the garbage. Normal sales technique, get them to agree on some premise. Then another.

      Eventually, your Normies volunteer things like, “you ever notice that every commercial is a black guy and a white girl? I’m not a racist but what’s with that?” To which you say, “really?”

      • Yep. It’s a slow process, but sometimes I can’t help myself and I push a few buttons to have a little fun. The other night I was talking politics with a politically-active Nice White Lady liberal, who, surprisingly, is a friend through our kids. I knew that I had to be careful, so I said that she should relax, that demographic trends guarantee that the Dems will take over in time.

        “That’s great,” she said, a bit surprised that I seemed to be on her side.

        “Kind of. Except that suburban white women are kind of the odd man out in the Dem coalition. I mean, you are white, after all. They tolerate you now, but what happens when they don’t need you anymore?”

        “We’re all on the same side,” she said, referring to the coalition.

        “Were you all on the same side a few years back at the women’s march in DC?” I asked, knowing that she had gone and had issues with black women complaining that black issues weren’t the focus instead of white women issues.

        “Well, that was just some annoying women,” she said.

        “No, that’s your future,” I said.

    • Very good. One addendum: #7. Invest in lead. Don’t know if anyone has noticed but right now powder/primer/brass/ammo is available. Not cheap compared to pre-Obama prices, but AVAILABLE. If you can’t defend it you don’t own it.

  28. I don’t think you can mention Milo without mentioning Gavin McInness, as they’re from the same egg carton. And I don’t think you can mention McInness without mentioning the stupidly named Proud Boys, which is what I think of when I think of the Alt-Right, at least how the media paints it. I’ve always found both of them to be amoral opportunists who saw a market for something, which was atomized white males with no social structure. The Moose Lodges and Elks clubs were in free fall by the 70s, killed off by old cucks. So they created this ridiculous version of that with little steps to becoming a member, always harping on the “it’s not just regular white males” thing. “We have gays too!” When the media, as they would, painted the Proud Boys as Brown Shirts, McInness fled the scene of his own creation, leaving the idiots who actually got tattoos to be part of his creation high and dry. His art project/fame whore vehicle became a liability for him. Of course when one of these guys goes to jail for four years he has to go out and pound the table for a day, demanding justice. In a way he’s really responsible for this in the first place.

  29. Another guy loses his cool in a recorded rant and crosses the Jewbicon, to be promptly crucified. As a nobody, his head will be left on the pike to rot as a warning to others. Charlie Sheen was enough of a degenerate goof to be allowed to slink into obscurity. St. Mel had enough cred to be allowed to claw back into the fringes of his industry.

      • It is what you want to be, a Naked Mole Rat. One of the ugliest things to ever exist. However… it is of extreme scientific interest and is studied with great detail because it has some rather odd properties.

        1) It is exceptionally hard to kill and has regenerative capability.
        2) It is immune to cancer and highly disease resistant
        3) It has an absurdly long life span for its phylum of like creatures (rats, mice, etc)

        Scientists hope to unlock the genetic secrets of these traits for obvious reasons but yeah, it is a damn ugly thing and I have no earthly idea why someone would use it as a profile pic. 🙂

      • It’s funny that you mention that because I just threw in a trash handle and fake email and that photo came up. I thought Z had thrown that in as a joke for one of the privacy blockers I use, but I suppose it’s possible I hit a real email.
        Monkeys and typewriters and all that.

        Speaking of which, one of my plugins hates this comment section.

  30. “Reaction to social trends can certainly be the starting point of a cultural or political movement, but it can never be the end point.”

    Anyone interested should read Revolt of the Public… by Gurri. It touches on this very thing.

    At no time in recent memory has a book so accurately interpreted the goings on of our age, while simultaneously missing some the greater implications and causes. The Booby’s copy is littered with notes, beginning with “Yes” or “Exactly”, only to be followed a paragraph later with notes beginning with “Bullshit” or “No”.

    Still a great read, though. The Booby wasn’t going to mention it until he finished reading it, but Mr. Z’s post today necessitated it.

    Highly recommended, especially for those on here concerned with tactical matters.

  31. On this, “Arab nationalism was a legitimate movement…”

    When Gamel Abdel Nasser positioned himself as the leader of the multi-nation, Pan Arabic movement, he brought upon himself a “moral” pre-emptive war. We have all read and heard the narrative about the legitimacy of the Six Day War, for decades. Heroic military actions in abundance. However, if in fact this pre-emptive war was so “moral”, why was Israel placed in a ‘defensive stance’ in 1973? Gullt? Public relations? If the latter, what leader risks the fate of their nation on PR?

    Was Pan Arabism nothing more than an Arabic version of the EU? Monarchies were overthrown in Europe at the end of World War I – it took decades more for Nasser to replace the one that ruled Egypt. Nasser’s movement, later Sadat’s movement – was crushed by a combination of French, British and American military equipment and technology. When Sadat sought peace, his death warrant was sealed – later mirrored by the way Gaddafi met his maker – only after he sought a bargain with the West.

    Getting around to my point. Whether it was Sadat being offed by his own, or Gaddafi, assassinated by turncoat negotiating partners after agreeing to be disarmed – the result was a decapitation strike. There can be no such event – whether it be contrived – say by the leftists creating a bogeyman (e.g., Spencer), or a movement creating its own, or accepting some self-appointed “leader”.

    The “alt-right” is a canard. The Ne’er-do-well types mention in this blog post IMO are government plants or crazies. The heart of the movement is a ‘silent majority’ – as anyone outside shitlibopolis bubbles (or within them) can tell. Your skin suit is Normie. You have no online footprint to bring attention to yourself. And like the old shampoo commercial, ‘you tell two friends and they tell two friends ….’

    Until you have lots of red pilled friends.

    • Freedom of association and freedom of speech are dead. The “don’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre” prohibition has been expanded to criminalize any word spoken or grouping of people that upsets some member of a protected class of persons somewhere. In one or five years, the hammer comes down. Build out your personal network of trusted grey man contacts now, while you can.

      • I upvoted you for obvious reasons – we are on the same page. And not alone, I can count a few dozen gray men I know – young ones, early 20’s – to middle age and a couple 70+. Guys that are not anti-woman – engaged, dating, and recently married – who are red pilled and understand the nature of women. And that understanding makes for better relationships and marriages – and more stable families for children to be raised in properly.

        These guys know the woman in HR is bs, how to work her while not letting her rat you out – the essence of being “gray” – never taking the bait of political bs. Throw in donation for “breast cancer awareness” – a pic with a I’m With Her hat – to be invisible to Normies and leftists – while laughing your ass off with your buds around a campfire. Mocking the enemy, while prospering in their midst. NEVER trust an “online” friend – if you have not been to their house, and they to yours – CANNOT TRUST.

        I checked my political persuasion according to Faceberg – the system is running smoothly – the proper quantity of creepy lefty liberal friends added. Plus I see into the minds of the mindless lefties I have on “my” page. Having fun with them keeps one in the right frame of mind. And I cannot make up the farcical things they embrace.

        Was at a meeting the other day with 2 middle age professionals. I made a reference, like “you know all lawyers go right to hell when they kick it…” to which associate one says, “you know none of that stuff is true…” and associate 2 (a shrink BTW) amplifies, in an avuncular tone, “there is no place that is up, and no place that is down…” Not being the tongue-tied type, and well-versed in my ‘elevator speech witness’ – what a fun time they created for me. “This is so awesome, after millenia have come and gone, the wisdom of the ages, of all mankind, right here at this Applebees®.” “The Good News is we all get to find out.” And so on.

  32. Our primary goal should be simple: positive white racial consciousness. Our enemies want us to have a negative racial consciousness, so we should promote the opposite. If enough of our people embrace a triumphant view of our race, all other significant details will work themselves out. First and foremost we must win the war of psychology. We are disadvantaged to the extent that our enemies control the megaphone. However, we enjoy a major advantage in that virtually all people, no matter what their race, wish to think well of themselves. We must leverage that universal predisposition.

    • I like the thought, but that approach would quickly get labeled as “white supremacy” and crushed. Only unsuccessful races can have pride.

  33. The real problem with the Alt-Right, no matter what you do with leaders, is that you might as well be NAMBLA. Hell, even NAMBLA is not as hated as right wing dissidents. Having morons and grifters as the public face didn’t help, but I don’t think anyone could have done better, at least pushing what the Alt-Right was pushing.
    Look at Jared Taylor. Jared is about as respectful as you can get. He is Yale educated, worldly, speaks multiple language, a published author, speaks with elegance and is clean cut and well presenting.
    Respectable people do not want to be involved in a movement that will make them hated. They don’t want freaks showing up at their work or their house. They don’t want to be audited and they certainly don’t want to be around many of the people who show up for Alt-Right type events.
    We need lawyers and teachers. Children young enough to believe in Santa Clause are constantly propagandized about equality and the evils of not hating white people. It is quite sickening. This propaganda needs to be countered. As long as they are free to do this uncontested to children, we have no chance. We cannot even get dissidents to completely shield their children from the propaganda machine working to poison their minds.
    We desperately need lawyers. All of the de-platforming going on is happening, in part, because we can’t get lawyers. NAMBLA can get lawyers to fight for them! We cannot. Men who have raped and murdered children can get pro-bono (not just appointed lawyers. Lawyers who volunteer to do it for free) lawyers and we cannot get lawyers to represent us while paying them. Lawyers is how the left advances their cause. They have an endless stream of lawyers taking up leftist causes. Those leftist lawyers become judges who issue in favor of the left.

    Until we can make our positions non-toxic, we will continue to lose.

    • The judicial/legal system is pretty much as bad as everything else. It may be that there is some value in it, but it’s not as easy as our side just getting lawyers. The lawyers that our side would get still have to operate in the judicial system. That’s the judicial system as you pointed out in which lawyers line up to represent child molesters for free. And believe me, lawyers don’t usually like to do shit for free.
      Just like we can’t vote our way out of this, we can’t litigate our way out of it either.

      • Playing the system is useful for guys already ensnared in the system – to some extent you already have to play the game when you’ve been shanghai’d into it, and you’ve already taken most of the downside damage (doxxing, etc). It’s not a “solution” in a movement sense, though.

      • A big part of why the legal system is so mucked up is that if there are sensible right wing lawyers, they keep their mouths shut. If we try to meet in public these antifa-freaks show up and start brawls and if you so much as defend yourself, the legal system comes down on you.
        This all comes back to how disreputable our views are. That must be countered. Cucking doesn’t work. They just move the bar to who counts as being a Nazi. These freaks show up with Cernovich and Shapiro!

        I used to think that the left would eventually go too far. Well, transkids are here and nobody cares. There really is no level of depravity that will wake up these beaten people.

    • It’s possible that we’re just coming out of an intense 2-year or 3-year period of huwhite panic, where an increasingly irrelevant and out-of-touch elite has directed its impotent (but well-funded) rage at white nationalism and the redpilled brigades, which have grown in recent years. They do it because of the anti-Semitic bent, and because they CAN do it. The new right has no financial security and it’s radioactive for any normie in power over, say, 30. There will come a time when people like Peter Brimelow will again be invited to stodgy conservative conferences. But it may have to wait another few years.

      I don’t expect widespread acceptance of dissident right ideas, but I do expect a respectable segment of the political and media class to cheerlead it. Right now, this is happening for the “National Conservative” crowd of Tucker, Rich Lowry, TPUSA, etc. My wish is to shift that support to the…”American Nationalist” crowd, which is optics-friendly as well, but it has more principle. I think the AmNat crowd has a fighting chance to win over normies. The optics-unfriendly White Nationalist crowd, not so much.

    • Excellent, but

      All of the de-platforming going on is happening, in part, because we can’t get lawyers.

      It’s happening because we use enemy platforms. If you have a YT-channel, you work for the enemy so don’t be surprised when the enemy screws you out of your money or fires you.

      • Felix,

        Yep. I stare in disbelief when people on our side complain that a movie or Netflix show they’re watching shows whites in a bad light.

        No fu*%ing sh!$, you idiot! You watch a movie/show financed by people who hate you, produced by people that hate you, written by people who hate you, directed by people that hate you and acted by people who hate you. And you’re surprised that it shows people like you in a bad light.

    • There are a few firms out there – one of the TRS sometimes-guests Kegs4Kavanaugh has talked about his firm’s projects to recruit lawyers willing to work for Our Guys. I’m trying to help by putting together a “pro per toolkit” for my site rollout, sort of a Nolo Press type resource for guys in Our Thing covering some common legal issues we face and giving them some idea of how to handle themselves in a legal fight without having a full-time lawyer on their case. It’s of limited scope and random usefulness depending on your luck of the draw with judges etc… but it’s better than nothing when the system already has its teeth in you.

  34. This points to the larger question I’m struggling with concerning relocation. Thomas Chittam’s “Civil War Two” has my state in the “get out” column, due to high percentage of blacks and diminishing whites.
    After a great deal of research on alternative states, and soul searching, we are staying put.
    While an Ethnostate makes for fun intellectual tennis, it seems there is no perfect state here in the States (no longer United).
    So I’ve shifted family efforts to fortification, training, and general durability (food, water and security). And also putting my toe in the (perceived?) dangerous waters of organizing in meat space. My initial theme is a Mutual Aid Society, organized to survive weather issues (hurricanes in my case). I plan on ruthless discernment, with an on-boarding funnel to include obvious and passive tests….since we can no longer practice economies of words.

    As I’ve moved through the Pill stages, landing on white, my hope was that existing communities would provide natural attraction points, but have yet to see the fruit of looking there. Trust takes time. I fear I have none.

    • BZ. This is absolutely the right approach … I’m persuaded it’s the only approach. I particularly like your “ruthless discernment” criteria; if I’d had that 10 years ago I wouldn’t be as snarky & cynical as I am today. Don’t let anyone into your Society that doesn’t bring something to the table. Here’s how I’ve learned to evaluate candidates: the more they talk the more I’m suspicious. Make sure you emphasize OPSEC and staying gray. Look forward to hearing updates.

    • Check out JQP’s latest pod where they discuss “co-ops.” There are a lot of infrastructure elements we can replace even in small communities – food, schools, health insurance, even banking with credit unions etc… Everything we make part of our underground infrastructure denies funds and leverage to the Empire, a two-fer benefit for us. I really like the disaster aid idea – great way to leverage the prepper infrastructure we’re laying in for dual purposes and present a positive face to the normie community.

    • Good luck with that plan of action … I wouldn’t,t have the grit to do that.
      I do recommend a robust Plan B, just in case.

  35. At the root, you must first determine if your culture/society is redeemable. IOW, have you passed the tipping point? If the answer in no, then a movement to change culture/politics has a chance of success. If yes, then you may be wasting time and resources on a fool’s errand when you could be preparing for the next evolutionary cycle after the fall and the ashes have cooled. Perhaps the herd is headed for the cliff and the naysayers are desperately trying to turn it. Will they succeed in time?

    • You’re right Tom, but what metrics do you propose to use? How do we know when we have reached the tipping point? We just lost VA. Do we need to lose TX too? Once we lose the White House, our decline will accelerate rapidly past any reasonably placed tipping point.

      • I think the key metrics will include an assessment of the quality of citizenry. At the time of the Revolutionary War (late 1700s), our citizenry largely consisted of highly self-reliant and hardworking men and women. Nowadays, the Millennials are typically wimpified sheeple addicted to cell phones and soon to be incapable of wiping their own ass without an AI-assisted robot. That does not bode well.

      • I just took my morning black pill. The madness will stop when the left gains power and no longer has use for the brown hordes they have imported and manipulated. Unfortunately, that is quite a ways down from here.

  36. On this: “Richard Spencer would have been more successful…”

    This guy, programmed FBI honey trap “resistance leader” gets on TV. Does the blogger here get on TV? Isn’t getting on TV the Normie American bellweather of whom is and is not “successful”? Based on that metric, programmed resistance leader and FBI honey trap Spencer is “successful”.

    • Actually, people can get on TV for racism pretty easily.

      They may not benefit from the kind of coverage they receive however.

      (It’s up for debate about whether it’s worth trying to benefit from negative media coverage, some people say it’s impossible, but I’m not so sure.)

  37. The reason it’s easy to describe why the alt right failed – or really ANY political / social movement that has failed – is because they failed.
    One you have 20/20 hindsight, then everything is obvious.

    It really is the political/social analogue of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics which asserts a physical system can simultaneously exist in all possible configurations, but only by observing the system will the system be forced to exist in only one state. (Shrodinger’s Cat thought experiment showed this idea was not applicable to “large” objects; like cats).

    This is also true of movements that have succeeded (e.g., German Nazism, Italian Fascism, Russian Bolshevism, Castro Cuban communism, Chavez/Maduro socialism, etc. etc. ).

    A great example is the fall of the USSR; all the experts came out of the woodwork AFTER the main event and tell all us mental midgets why it was inevitable and pointed out all the signs of the USSR’s impeding demise.
    None of these experts PREDICTED a damn thing.

    If somebody in 1925 Weimar Republic that some flunky, failed, impoverished, big mouth, who lived in flop houses – he was basically a mostly unemployed bum – would one day rule all of Germany, 10,000 reasons would have been presented as to it’s impossibility.
    Yet, after WWII, all the experts came out of their hovels to explain why this Austrian bum became Chancellor of Germany.

    It’s sort of trying to figure out a math problem; you just can’t figure it out until it’s explained to you, and bingo……jeez, that was obvious .

    As for this guy Spencer, of whom I had never heard of until the propaganda arm of the demokrat/socialist/communist party- that would be the mainstream media – made him nationally known – he chance of mobilizing the majority of folks was very near zero; unless, of course, he succeeded.
    In which case, Z and others would be explaining to all of us morons why Spencer’s ascent to the top was inevitable.

    By the way, this guy Trump, running for prez.
    Puh leez, give me a break; there is just no way,

  38. Richard Spencer has been known to be deep State for some time, which explains why he gets so much publicity with so few followers…The real alt-right is now the Nationalist right, as opposed to the idiot Civ-Nats who dominate Conservatism, Inc.which recognizes that continued population replacement will destroy our nation and is growing rapidly. Spencer’s rants are pretty much irrelevant….

    • Spencer, for all his flaws, means what he says. He’s not an operative. People who know him know this.

      • Spencer is far too reckless and unreliable to be an informant. If you look at how the FBI does domestic espionage, they tend to prey on people on the fringes who feel left out of the cool crowd. I would assume that some of the characters show turned up in Spencer’s circle were plants. We know they were trying to insert someone in AIM last year.

        • The Alt-Right was nothing but ZOGbots all along.

          It is understood that Dickie Spenthwer’s mother is one-quarter jewish from a grandmother named Eckstein, a Vienna jew family allied with Sigmund Freud. Thus Dickie is a mischling and rumored homosexual of Anglo-semitic roots.

          Dickie was also a member of the “lawfare” organization known as the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center which would hold up the state universities to allow Dickie to peddle its brand of narcissism to around 20 followers and 100 antifa. Now the members of this “Foundation”, Attorneys Bryan Reo, Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowsky practice “lawfare” against myself and my Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri and won a judgment of $105,400 against us. Bryan Reo v Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 15CV001590 & 16CV000825. Bryan Reo and the other two lawyers made me go to a Lake County Lynch Mob/jury 900 miles away and scared the jury with tales of white supremacy and claimed that I had defamed them. In short these ‘former’ wannabe Alt-Right lawfare lawyers put an Aryan Nations pastor on trial before their local NE Ohio county court, where I was not allowed to present my evidence. The matter is on appeal in Ohio and I’ve taken the new Lake County lawsuits removed to federal court where I am counter-suing these antifa-turned-lawfare lawyers.

          All this Internet Alt-Right ‘organizing’ was nothing more than ZOG agents provacateurs trying to find out the identities of young dumb whiggers wanting to play at politics. Jeff Schoep who ran the NSM was found out recently. The Trad-Yoot Mattoids Parrott and Chaimbach were on $PLC speed-dial. Brad Griffin / Hunter Wallace supports a New Jersey jew named Bill Finck who murdered as a jailer some Puerto-Rican sneak thief in the Jersey City jail, then fin[c]ked out some other jailers who helped commit the murder. Now Baal Finck is high in the League of the South, which is really nothing more than a NSM for Southern Fried F*ktards. Charlottesville 2017 was a bigger fiasco than Greensboro 1979.

          The Internet allows communication across the ZOGland. But it has been the death of effective Resistance action because it brings in all manner of people who nobody knows who infiltrate and take over be it the Tea Party or the Alt-Right or White Nationalism or the Alt-Right. Now the “Lone Tards” who nobody ever heard of and probably are either crazy or ZOGbots run wild simply because it is unsafe to have anything to do with people you do not know unless your message is pacifism.

          The Alt-Right was born dead upon arrival because its “leaders” like Dickie Spencer were jews, mongrels, perverts — and ZOGbots all along. If you accept from strangers off the Internet or social media anythng, be it candy, or idiotology, a sawed-off shotgun or pipe bombs, then you deserve what you get.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  39. As AltitudeZero pointed out, we are attacked as a race and so must meet the enemy on that battlefield.

    It is true that there are significant disagreements between the subgroups of the whites. I hope that whites can face our enemies as a united group while allowing the subgroups to live separately in a federation. Further, there are subsets of whites that are anti-white or communist and must be expelled.

    I disagree with Z that the idea of the ethnostate is silly. We need a goal, even when it is distant, to guide our tactics.

    • Within the American context, sure, a white homeland makes sense. Spencer, however, never meant it that way.

    • It won’t happen for several reasons. As our blog host has pointed out, blacks cannot exist in any civilized way without whites. As the old nickel goes, if you give a white man a pile of bricks, he’ll build a house. If you give a black man a house, he’ll leave it a pile of bricks. Further, their masters are socialists that cannot feed the monsters they are creating without your money. Like it or not, you are a vital meal ticket and an essential cog in their new Utopian society. They will not let you go willingly.

      There will be a very nasty fight. And probably a much needed cull of the herd too.

    • True. Dividing us up by ethnicity is exactly what our our opponents want to do. If you ask a leftist why it’s legitimate for blacks to have organizations to represent them but not whites, his story is going to be that blacks have no way of knowing which country their ancestors came from, but whites are already well represented by organizations representing the Irish, Italians, Germans, etc.

      That happens to be true, but the point is that none of those groups on their own are sufficiently large or powerful enough to have any substantial influence.

      And this is exactly what our opponents want: to attack us as whites, while delegitimizing our attempts to defend ourselves as such. Keeping us fragmented keeps us easy to beat!

      Nope. We need to legitimize white people defending themselves as white people. Anything less and we might as well stay home.

  40. If I had to critique them I’d say that they were their own worst enemies. But.. They got people talking about the exact things the SJW crowd are desperately trying to stifle. The Alt Right message is one that the majority of white Americans are still not ready to accept.

    Sure, the cranks and performance artists didn’t help but they were not the cause, IMHO. I think dealing with Normie American is like dealing with a drunk: he has to hit rock bottom before he’ll do anything about the problems that are destroying him. Z, YOU could have led that movement, along with Derb and the other dissidents – and you still would have failed. It’s not us, it’s them.

    Normie American needs to enjoy a friendly round of the Knock Out Game with the vibrants. He needs to lose his good job to Ginderjeet From Over The Rainbow. He needs to see his daughter come home from university as a pink haired, militant lesbian she-twink with lunatic delusions of victimhood and grandeur. Until these guys start seeing the social consequences up close and personal, they aren’t going to change.

    I see it as an evolution. First you had the Mom and Pop Tea Party – and Leftie set them on fire and ran them out of town. Then came the Alt Right and they tried to do the same thing. They got Donald Trump and a world of hurt to go along with it. Will the Dissidents become the next step? I hope so, and I hope to see lefties hanging from lamp posts before it’s over. We can use their bodies for bayonet practice.

    I’m optimistic, actually. We have the moral and intellectual high ground. We haven’t fired a shot yet but that is coming. Whitey will be amazed when that happens: 99% of the vibrant hordes will scatter like chickens. They don’t have the intellect, the discipline, or the foresight to mount any real counter campaign. Say what you want about the Forever Wars – but the body counts were vastly lopsided. When you consider that every second mudflap in the sandbox had an AK47, or an RPG7, or an IED… it does much to bolster race realism and genetic realities. What we’ve done there, we can easily do here on our home turf should it be required. I will pass on the black pills for now.

    The time is coming. It won’t be easy, but I think we’ll be ready.

    • It all depends on if (and it’s a huge if) whites will stand for their own interests or not. The Third World hordes are very unimpressive on their own. Even with their numbers, they have to be led by SJW whites and/or Jews. A united white minority could utterly dominate a society.

      • Federalist, it took 200 British to run the Sudan, an area as large as Texas.

        The Brits were also in vast India for 400 years, bringing it back from 1000 years of Islamic devastation.
        Not that Ghandi ever thought to say thank you, par for the course.

        29 American Marines, with local auxiliaries supplied by the Bey’s brother, brought down the monstrous Bey of Tripoli, ending centuries of white slave raids.

        Spain’s Cortez in Mexico?
        200 conquistadors, 30 horse, against 40,000 maddened, bloodthirsty Aztecs per day-
        for 93 days straight. And they won.

        • Correct. The Jews and neoliberals pandering to the usual suspects are great at pandering and community organizing… but when it comes to running practical concerns like a city or a military, they inevitably fail dismally. So badly, in fact – that the vibrants themselves do better under white rule and even outright slavery than they do with self gov’t. During the natural disasters in Haiti, for example, whites had to dig latrines for the blacks and make them use them. Without white intervention Darwin and Murphy would have put an end to the vast majority of them right there with easily preventable diseases and epidemics.

          The shitlibs and SJW’s are basically buying vibrant allegiance with their enemy’s money. That is going to end, sooner rather than later and when it does – they will be left gawping and stuttering excuses at the monsters they created as they scramble for something to give them.

          We live in interesting times.

  41. Start with local communities, then build out. If the small communities get big enough they will eventually start to overlap and merge. Until we have enough people on our side there is no point going out in public and larping in the streets.

    Build parralel societies that gives members a positive alternative to the mainstream one. They have to have reasons to prefer our parralel society. Muslims do this well.

    • I’ve often said that Muslims provide a good model to study, as, of course, do Jews. You have to form communities, communities that look out for each other and refuse to tolerate people who don’t abide by the community’s morals and teachings.

      Muslims don’t accept or listen to the MSM. It’s not their people. Do anyone think that a Muslim would listen to some NYT Jew lecture him on his beliefs. Hell no. They create parallel communities that exist in the overall society only as a way to make money, that’s all.

      • “They create parallel communities that exist in the overall society only as a way to make money, that’s all.”

        Yup, I’m a blind idiot.
        I fall for that facade all the time, thinking they could be allies.

        No, they just think their supply of white people will never run out.

      • Exactly so. I live near the Amish … don’t want to be one but they do community right. I’ve learned a lot from them. Biggest lesson-learned for me is that when you believe in something worth dying for then you don’t give a rip about what others think. Second lesson is their cradle-to-grave loyalty and faithfulness to one another.

        • The overwhelming majority of every European ethnic group you can name operated like the Amish until a couple of generations ago… then everything went to shit very fast.
          I’m old enough to remember when white people who married outside their ethnic group or religious denomination was a big deal. For example, Irish marrying Italian, or Catholic marrying Presbyterian, was not favored by older family members, and could lead to marital problems down the road.

  42. The Yankee from the Northeast, and the Southerner may be of different tribes, but our enemies see them as one tribe.

    • Theoretically, we should start seeing each other as the same as the attacks intensify but about 50% of white people are traitors. I don’t know how you identify them. We need a shibboleth

      • They aren’t traitors, they are the result of group brainwashing. Indoctrination by leftists for at least 12 years as kids will do that to people.

        • That’s a good point. We have to have some sympathy for the white people who will never see the world through their own white eyes, but who have been trained to see themselves through the eyes of their enemies.

          Practically speaking, however, we have to perform triage, and divvy up the brainwashed whites into two groups:

          (1) Those who can still be saved.
          (2) Those who have to be written off and left behind.

          • The problem with ones you say have to be written off – is that they can’t simply be left behind – unless they are actually left behind and SEPARATED.

            If you do not separate them you’re going to be stuck with a perpetual fifth column in your midst.

            The 60’s radicals were not thrown into a dark hole and forgotten about. They were let out of jail and got positions in the institutions of “higher learning”. So for the last few decades they’ve been allowed to pollute the minds of succeeding generations. Bill Ayers Wiki entry should have had a “died” entry in it – with the date being a few decades ago.

            The fact that the Frankfurt School found a home in the US after it got chased out of Germany is another case where we would have been much better off if we just shipped them back.

            If they’re going to be “left behind” – I vote for fencing in Death Valley and leaving them there. The Israelis make a lot of hay out of their ability to turn the desert into productive farmland – let’s see if they can do it again.

        • Hoagie, I get what you’re saying about brainwashing/indoctrination, but they’re still traitors.

        • Brain washing explains the act without excusing it. You can condemn an act even if you understand why it was committed. White Leftists are traitors.

        • the public school system in America is at the root of problems along with women working and voting. if the children aren’t taken out of these abusive indoctrination centers nothing will change longterm.

    • FWIW, “Yankees” are a minority even in New England, with Maine (20% English colonial heritage) having the largest percentage. Irish and Italians make up the highest percentage sub-groups in MA, CT, RI and NH.

      • Don’t forget the French Canadians (Catholics — or at least they used to be) who came to work in the NE mills.

      • This matters a lot. Yankees broadly were the only group interested in the system the founding fatheState rs envisioned.

        Everyone else was after money and if they can get it from spoils so much the better.

        Now the ship of state that would allow for a tiny government has long sailed despite the best efforts of the Know Nothings, properly the American party who were shouted down by the pro immigrant mob of their day.

        What we can do is to work make the US 80% White again and much more Right wing. Not an easy task but for now we use the useless system until the system blows/ falls apart and/or it can be taken by force.

        And to all black pillers 80 million back and an end to leftism is despite how it seems not insurmountable if people decide what they want..

        However being bogged down by all that Hitler Loving bullcrap , economic system arguments, Libertarian claptrap and Deus Vult “we can’t live without a Christian society” whinging will slow us down or cripple us

        Keep the goals simple, Whiter, Righter, Better and make your actions even if it’s just keyboard commando ops work to that and you have more than a shot.

        • Buddy, your white ethno-state will still slide to hell, only with a lower velocity, right now the majority of frauds and grifters in D.C. and Hollywood are white. Until you tackle that issue not a single damn thing is gonna change.

    • Good point. If you to spend some time reading how the white tribes will stop at nothing to destroy each other – spend your time here:

      Once you understand how the other white tribes have tried to utterly destroy the Germans – it starts to make sense on why the (German) white homeland is being flooded with diversity.

    • This is what I was thinking also. When our enemies demonize us, they demonize all whites, not just the southern whites. They don’t distinguish between whites of northeastern European descent and eastern European descent.

      I am one of those whites who absolutely believes that in order for us to survive, we will have to establish a white ethnostate for ourselves. I firmly believe that this is possible, but it will take time.

      • Fun Fact: Many more whites have been killed by other whites than by non-whites. WWI and II, Thirty Years War, Hundred Years War, Boer War, the list goes on and on. BTW, Europe was a white ethno-state till 1960’s. How did that work out for ya? Add the body count in Europe from say 500 BCE to 1945 AD.

  43. Nope, I’ve got to stick up for the ethnostate. That is the hill to die on. In fact, it’s the whole ball game.

    The opening of the post correctly points out that alt-right was initially too negative.

    But one of the only clear, positive ideas to come out of the new right is the ethnostate–so why smash it down, when you don’t propose anything in its place?

    Especially when the thing that you propose as the center of political life is “the extended family, the ethnic group.” Ethnic group, ethnostate–same root word, same biological root. Remember, it’s an ethnostate, not a race-o-state, so the remarks about “ethny, not race” are somewhat beside the point.

    The home truth is that if white people, in both North America and Europe, don’t secure their own ethnically defined states with clear borders, in the long run we’re going to get genocided, pure and simple.

    I’ve always found the “14 words” to be too vague, to be honest. I propose the Seven Words instead:

    White people need countries of their own.

    • White people need countries of their own – plural. What Spencer was arguing for was a universal honky paradise. He opposes the idea of white people having countries of their own.

      • Spencer’s interpretation of a Huwite Ethnostate was always pretty cringe. The great Lawrence Murray wrote a fantastic article (sadly no longer available) about how a North American Ethnostate might work in practice. I’m sure there’s a handful of fellow posters here who recall it.

        But yeah, Duginism is dumb.

        • Agreed, Spencer is certainly a tone-deaf idiot, and possible a fed. But to be fair the the ethnostate guys, the Jewish Wakanda seems to be working out pretty well for them, despite being made up of lots of different kinds of Jews. It’s probably not the way we want to go, but its not inherently stupid or unworkable, IMHO

          • Jew from Israel here

            While I love being in my native home land, the way this place is run has much to be desired

            What normal ethno-state allows a hostile majority to live in its borders?

            What normal country taxes it’s citizens to the bone while letting its sworn enemies live tax free?

            Israel is far from an ethno-state

            It’s more of elitist ogliagarcy bolshevik tyranny with a majority of its citizens who happen to be Jews

            PS I’m all for white ethno-states

            I grew up in the UK before moving to Israel

            I’m only 30, so I’m too young to remember English being mostly English, but I would love to see that happening once more

            Even in mostly Jewish Israel, our leaders still embrace the folly of multiculturalism and coexistence

          • Interesting take, thanks for the info. Maybe some of us on the Dissident Right over-romanticize Israel as an ethnostate (as odd as that might sound…)

          • Kahane was right. But he wanted all aid to be cut off from USA and Germany (along with other organizations) and stated he wanted Jews to “learn to work” and be a productive Capitalist nation standing on its own feet. He also wanted to pay Arabs to leave. This is what got him killed. I’ll never believe otherwise.

      • OK, we’re cool, Z. To be honest, I could never listen to Spencer, because of his oddly effeminate voice and pretentious speaking style. My intuition told me he wasn’t quite right. Which turned out to be correct.

        • Yes but our enemies will never let him go away, too much use to them. Funny, Taki describes his first meeting at his NY apartment to interview Spencer for an editor’s position. Fancy boy upchucked all over the bathroom before starting.

          • Of course, that wouldn’t put Taki off, at least not if it was due to over indulgence in alcohol…

      • The universal honky paradise Spencer envisions may be a result of him being a man from nowhere. Where is he from? I believe he grew up in suburban Dallas and also N. Virginia. There’s a lot of white people like him.

        Geographic distinctions, especially in urban and suburban areas have been decreasing for many years. There’s been a flattening out due to things like Interstate highways, plane travel, job transfers, globalism, mass media, etc.

        On top of all that, we’ve been flooded with migrants from all over the world, which helps to minimize the perception of distinctions between different tribes of white people. This is the world Spencer grew up in and may be a reason for his view of a future all-encompassing white nation.

        • Wolf, I’ve always believed it was because he was married to the interpreter of an oddball Russian Philosopher who said more or less the same things re: a pan-White Europe.

          • I think that’s another reason for his grandiose vision. I remember on a podcast years ago where Richard and Greg Johnson disagreed on this. After Richard spent several minutes enthusiastically describing his dream of a pan-White Europe, Greg said, “I veto your dream.” It then got a little tense. To this day they both dislike each other.

        • His whole gimmick is to (over) intellectualize certain ultra “bad optics” ideas from standard WN or NS, to try and get people to think beyond RamZPaul style hobbit nationalism, where everyone is neatly sorted in their little ethnostates and nobody exerts power over everyone else.

          He isn’t always effective at this, but it’s usually what he’s trying to do.

          He is correct that power matters and it extends beyond the neat little national boundaries.

          To some significant extent, either your group is ruling, or other groups are ruling you.

          If you just give up on ruling the globe and others seek to rule the globe, you are putting your group at an immense disadvantage.

        • I remember going the Ashville for the first time, expecting to be different from Orlando.

          I was so disappointed. The only difference were the hills. Same food, same franchises, same billboards.

      • Spencer’s position on the ethnostate was always a ultra-minority position within the Alt-Right, he took that position as part of his standard strategy of counter-signalling to stand apart from the mainstream position.

        Almost everyone disagreed with his position to some degree or another and it was intended to be provocative.

        The core position is:

        Over the long term, as the American empire breaks down, American Whites must seek and eventually obtain a country or countries of their own, where they are sovereign.

        Going forward we can’t have any kind of big tent, where half the people disagree with this proposition and want to reform the system.

        That was what destroyed the Alt-Right.

      • Spencer = Alt Right

        Alt Right = Charlottesville

        Spencer = Charlottesville

        This is bigger than anyone’s individual experience at, or opinion of, Charlottesville.

        And the boneyard is full of indispensable men.

    • I’m more concerned about being “genocided” by white progressives. I cannot fathom the possibility of non-whites organizing themselves effectively for anti-white ethnic cleansing. The ones with the organizational chops, cerebral ability, and reckless arrogance are the white progressives. They may FOMENT non-whites to do the dirty work but white progressives are the ultimate enemy. They’re not traitors to our race, they’re just the enemy, and they’re not going to be won over to the dissident side. No talk of dying on hills for an ethnostate until we see this clearly.

    • Re:
      “White people need countries of their own”.

      Even this statement seems a bit cucky to me. Sounds a lot like begging for a homeland – when the reality is that we already OWN THEM.

      When the Jews started emigrating into Palestine – they said things like this “Jews need a homeland of their own”. Part of their rationalization was that Israel WAS theirs – they were just kicked out of it a long long time ago.

      The REALITY of white homelands is we already have them. They’re being taken from us. Saying “we need homelands of our own” seems to me a little bit like some English cuck who goes on holiday only to come home and find all his stuff has been thrown in the trash and a bunch of squatters have taken over his flat and he’s now reduced to begging to the authorities for a place to live.

      In a situation like this you don’t say ” I need a home to live in too” – you say phuck you – either YOU do your damn job and remove the squatters or I’m doing it myself – and after I’m done with them – I’m coming for you too.

      The ridiculousness of the invasion of white homelands is something I try to illustrate to normies who can’t seem to grasp the utter ridiculousness of the left’s claims that we all have to be “diverse” – by pointing out that one of the most race cucked countries – Sweden – has archeological evidence of human habitation going back something like 20,000 years. The nordic people have been in those lands for 20,000 years – long enough to have evolved different eye color and hair color. Sweden is THEIRS – it belongs to nobody else. It definitely doesn’t belong to Bantu tribesmen.

      Whites already have homelands – which by any *rational* definition – they already own.

      Those homelands are being invaded – on purpose.

      I’m not going to reduce myself to begging or justifying something that is already mine.

      • We may claim them but we no longer own them in a meaningful sense. You don’t have to convince anyone here of our “right” to this country but we’re undisputedly not the ones running it anymore.

        • In the US I might say the statement ” we claim them” has some merit – seeing as how it’s fact that the white man is a latecomer to the human history of this continent.

          There is no “claim” to the landmasses that make up Europe however. They own them pure and simple. Like I already said: there is archeological evidence of tribes in the Nordics going back 20,000 years. How far back do those cave paintings in France go back? The people that make up Europe now – can trace their ancestry back tens of thousand of years. The lands were never populated with Negroids or Asiatics.

          They have the pedigree, they have the proof, they have the papers – the homelands of Europe are OWNED by the Europeans lock stock and barrel. Other races have no legitimate claims whatsoever.

          You have to stop with the cuck behavior and stop saying ‘ we have a claim ‘. That sounds like the ownership is in dispute.

          It is not.

          The non European invaders have NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM WHATSOEVER.

          There are squatters in your house. Do you keep up the cuck behavior and keep crying about how it’s your house, while youre standing on the front lawn begging the “authorities” to do something about it – or do you go in and throw their dismembered bodies out the front door?

          • I suspect we’re only differing on semantics. No matter how strong your evidence is, possession & control are nine-tenths of the law.

            In fact, Europeans are being dispossessed of Europe by their own laws & the guns backing those laws today.

            Recognizing that reality isn’t cucking. Waving your evidence around and all-caps-ing about muh claim doesn’t change that.

            As I said, no one here has to be convinced we have a right to our homelands. but In real-world fact, our ownership is not only “in dispute,” it’s gone. We have to find a way to re-assert it, and the people who usurped our thrones don’t give a damn about your evidence.

          • The Selustrians were here 20,000 years before the red Indians as well as other European people’s, their remains and relics have been found in burial mounds all over North America, the red Indians genocided them. This is always covered up, we were here first.

          • Unlikely. They arrived in very small bands coming along the ice flows, so survival depended upon ingratiating themselves with the locals. Given that they came with the Clovis point and a higher intelligence, this would be a sounder strategy for survival than battle. 17th century settlers noticed that several tribes had a distinctly European look.

  44. >>>The alt-right made a fetish of not purging people, but that became a doggy door for the worst sorts of people to enter their movement. <<<

    This, exactly.

    “Never punch rightward” was the worst advice we ever got. It brought in maladjusted Fruitcakes like Cantwell and Nehlen and destroyed effective voices like Ricky Vaughn.

    • Ricky Vaughn 100% destroyed himself, by picking fights with other people while in a vulnerable position and by trying to “purge”, “bully” and financially exploit people who, as it turned out, had substantial leverage over him.

      He also worked for a GOP consulting firm…

      • So Ricky Vaughn disagreed with people, and thus deserved to be doxed and has his life destroyed?

        This mindset is exactly what Z was referring to.

        • “Deserve” has nothing to do with it.

          It’s not about what should happen, in a just world.

          It’s about what did happen, in a fight he started.

          He started a conflict but did not anticipate how the people he went after might respond.

          As it turns out, when people have power over you, antagonizing them and trying to “bully” them can backfire.

          This also illustrates limitations of trying to “purge” internet racism.

          All you can really do is control your own associations.

          • People like you are why I’m not in an IRL group. You’d dox me the moment we disagreed about the most trivial thing.

          • It’s not about me, I wouldn’t dox anyone, I don’t go in for that kind petty nonsense.

            But if you join a IRL group and give people your information, you should 100% be thinking about how THOSE people could use it against you.

            And even if they don’t intend to use it against you at the time, what they might do if they were placed under immense pressure.

            It’s just a sad fact of the world we live in.

            Just recently Augustus Invictus doxed two dudes who joined his campaign for making fun of him.

            Was it wrong, yes. Does it discredit him? Yes.

            But it’s 100% predictable, they GAVE him their information.

            This is a real challenge faced by those seeking to organize pro-Whites.

          • I dunno if there are statistics on this, but people who have been around for a while often claim MOST doxes are right wing vs right wing

          • If you want to know people IRL they have to know a lot about you . Otherwise you end up like Bundy and the others Malheur ranch debacle, most of the people around you are infiltrators from the government or the left.

            This means you have to trust the people around you enough and get along with them well enough to avoid petty infighting.

            The .alt right made this mistake by trying to create a movement made of people with maybe at most “we like White people and private guns.” in common and who otherwise have nothing in common and no business being around each other.

            The enemy of the enemy is not my friend but my enemy’s enemy (h/t schlock mercenary)

            For Dissidents only when something akin to auftragstaktik, mission tactics are being employed can huge mixed groups can work.

            Again the Bundy’s this time the ranch. There was a simple mission, don’t start anything but defend this ranch to the death .

            This allowed the group to function, anyone not on the page could be expelled and you could count on enough people being there who were not infiltrators to make it happen.

            The problem is right now that the various dissidents don’t really have goals and what goals they have are often incompatible.

            Trying to replace the State when even people who share very basic meta goals with you disagree on too many issues might not work.

            This can change and having something no more complex than here is the data, verify it yourself and sic em fido will suffice.

            Stop worrying about the whole enchilada, that can be divided after the main enemy is gone or you can go and when its honorable to do so, kill or enslave your former allies and take his share,

            That’s how history works.

            Understand now is not the time for illegal stupid shit , so don’t do that and no I don’t know when that is .

            stay frosty.

    • Every statement in politics should be taken with an implied NAxALT. “Never” is shorthand rhetoric for “Almost Never” or “Never unless there’s a f-ing good reason.” People are too literal with these slogans.

  45. Spock says, in Star Trek VI: “Logic, logic, logic. It is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.” I’ve always liked that quote. Then Z says “Reaction to social trends can certainly be the starting point of a cultural or political movement, but it can never be the end point.”

    This is key. Whatever flag of the dissident right you fly (NazBol, NSM, AmRen, WigNat, etc. etc. etc.) it is your jumping off point, but a mature person always has the larger goal in mind.

    • Since whites are being attacked as a race (and not usually as Irish, Scots Germans, etc), we have to defend ourselves as a race, up to a point. But that’s a beginning point for a new country, not an end.

      • Look at how the Muslims operate. There are blacks, brown, and olive skinned Muslims. They would band together to defend Islam if it were attacked as a whole. However, one they have reached the freedom to practice the religion, they break off into in-groups. Even at the mosque, there is not a whole lot of inter-group communications, all have mutual respect for each other but ethnic lines are strong.

        Similarly, we need to secure a future for ALL white people; once this has been achieved we can go back to Yankees and Southerners and Westerners etc. We can still have different groups, but we all need to get rid of Globohomo or else none of us will exist.

        • Arab saying “Me against my brother; me and my brother against our cousin; me, my brother and my cousin against the world.”

          • Awesome, since you alt-right types love Arab culture so much, why don’t you move to Saudi Arabia, Inshallah?

        • Riiiiight, for all whites including the Bidens, Clintons, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and millions of white globalists and traitors on Hollywood and Wall Street right? Yup yinz gotta secure a future for Robert DeNiro and Leonardo Di Caprio. You are just as cucked as the civnats you abhor.

      • Excellent point. The enemy has brought us together as a people, when we were never a ‘people’ before. Call it a temporary alliance, like the Greek city-states beating off the Persian invasion.

    • “The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason”


      And my quote is from an actual person as opposed to someone that was created to be a propaganda tool

        • Never objecting when you put words into their mouth being a major use of them, as well as being part of a narrative that conveniently proves them right or wrong as the author wishes.

        • Is there a problem with using punctuation at the end of a comment

          It is distracting and contributes to the dumbed down USA culture

          See what I mean

          • Same thing but worse when it comes to tattoos. The black ghetto culture leaked up into mainstream white culture just as the lowlife tattoo culture worked its way up at the same time. Tattoos were once reserved for sailors and ex-cons. They are realities that many people are OK with but they are at the same time terrible developments.

          • From Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife in her post titled, “Tattoos and the Worship of Ugliness”:

            “Laura writes:

            “Thank you for your appreciation.

            “Tattoos and body piercings are among the most obvious manifestations, along with extreme immodesty, of a return to tribalism and barbarity. We are surrounded by technological wizardry and Stone Age culture.

            “Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, but the more advanced cultures condemned them. The Romans and Greeks reserved tattooing primarily for criminals, slaves, and prisoners. The Hebrews followed an Old Testament prohibition against the practice.“You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh…or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord” (Leviticus 19:28).

            “Emperor Constantine, in the fourth century, and later Pope Hadrian I, in keeping with Christian reverence for the body, condemned the practice of tattooing and it fell out of use in Western society. After Hadrian’s condemnation in the eighth century, tattoos were not seen much until the nineteenth century, and then it mostly as a sign of group identification, especially for military men.

            “The technology has improved and tattoos have never been so easy to get. But that doesn’t fully explain why people get them. Nor does the fact that celebrities with their occult agendas push tattoos fully explain them. Externals reflect internals.

            “A young woman who sliced some bread I bought yesterday was wearing a nose ring. She seemed a nice, polite girl, but I wondered, was she afraid to seem ordinary? Why? Does she take some weird pleasure in shocking and repelling? How does that fit with her niceness? I have noticed that many people with tattoos or various body piercings/mutilations have a soft, almost wimpy quality. They have this shocking, aggressive, in-your-face body art and yet they are the sort of people who wouldn’t harm a flea. What’s going on?

            “People with tattoos and weird piercings often seem to want to advertise toughness. Women especially have been sold on the idea that they should be exciting and tough, that they should signal that they want sex and independence more than love (in fact men are motivated by subtle appeals for love and protection). Underneath tattoos, more often there is not wildness or non-conformism or toughness, but emptiness, conformism and uncertainty. Tattoos are a disguise. People who wouldn’t dare utter an opinion that is not sanctioned by their crowd are acting out independence in a superficial way. It makes sense. What else can you be in a world where objective truth has been almost totally destroyed, where economic insecurity prevails, but uncertain and empty or in love with thrills?

            “Hadrian condemned tattoos because the human body is a temple of the Holy Ghost. Fr. Peter Joseph wrote in “The Morality of Tattoos and Body Piercings:”

            “The human body is meant to be treated with care, not maltreated or disfigured. Its dignity and beauty must be kept and cultivated, in order that it be an expression of the deeper beauty of the soul.

            “He writes:

            “When one considers how, in concentration camps, prisoners were treated like animals and branded on their arm with a number, it is amazing to think that people today adopt similar markings as if they were fashionable or smart. This is truly the sign of a return to barbarity, the behavior of people who do not have any sense of the dignity of the human person.

            “Some people, including the writer Mack Major, say that tattoos are invitations to demonic influences. The prevalence of mental disorders among people who are tattooed supports his contention.

            “The human face is filled with interest — a window onto the soul. The face changes all the time, but the tattoo draws attention to the body. The tattoo is an inert, depersonalizing image, as dull as corporate logos and spray-painted graffiti on abandoned warehouses and urban bridges. I remember seeing graffiti on a building for the first time. There was a sense of being in a place where anything could happen. The graffiti expresses disdain for everyone who would have to look at these dreary images. It was such an anti-social thing. Tattoos are vandalism of a more serious kind. They sometimes represent a positive worship of ugliness, what Thomas Bertonneau calls “aschemiolatry:”

            ““[T]he vogue of tattoos and piercing has grossly uglified the public square. It belongs to the wicked aschemiolatry of our time and should be resisted.”

            “He defines “aschemiolatry” as a worship of ugliness.

            “Tattoos are both conformist and anti-social. (Porn, with its worship for sex and the body, must be a factor in tattooing.) Here’s more from Dr. Bertonneau’s essay, “Tattoos and Being:”

            “The entire structure of modern society encourages people not to mature …, but to remain childish and impulsive and without a sense of inner being. People who live without a sense of inner being can only take their cues from others, who are present on the scene. Their idea of being is the childish one of attracting attention and, as teenagers say, being popular. Such people, wanting to differentiate themselves from others, so as to become conspicuous and, as they see it, acquire being, will necessarily turn to externals.

            “A tattoo is an external gesture aimed at the acquisition of a sense of being based on differentiating oneself from other people, so as to call attention to the ego. What is obvious to the educated third party and yet is imperceptible to the externally fixated ego is that the gesture is not differentiating at all. On the contrary, it is a conformist gesture par excellence, which, far from designating any actual individuality, merely attests a kind of submergence in the tribe. In a mediated society like ours, these processes are, quite naturally, thoroughly mediated. If rap musicians get lots of attention, and if they appear to enjoy the being that the limited subject feels himself to lack, then the limited subject will imitate the rap musician; and where he is not even talented enough to rap, he will adopt his models external features, such as the tattoo and the invariable backwards baseball hat.

            “From a cultivated perspective, the epidemic of tattooing and scarification (rings and studs and pins) witnesses several facts about our society. It is a thoroughly de-spiritualized and de-cultured society, whose educational system has been worse than bankrupt for decades. It is filled with people whose mental life is that of a child or of a tribal person of a Late-Stone Age dispensation (except that the latter was a stage on the way to better things and the re-emergence of its patterns in a modern context is a catastrophe). He might be as ignorant as a mule, but he remains human. This means that he retains all of the destructive impulses that the millennial building-up of culture aimed at suppressing and channeling. He is covetous, constantly humiliated by his conviction that other people posses the being that he feels himself to lack and that he wishes to acquire. Living in a thoroughly mediated environment, he is saturated in every waking minute by manipulative messages that exploit his desperate sense of personal emptiness and non-being.

            “In short, have compassion and concern for the tattooed, but resist tattoos. Retain that intuitive aversion and preserve your own sanity from the satanic cult that surrounds you. Everything God loves, they hate and everything they hate, God loves.”

            “An extended quote from the study on tattoos and personality disorders that I mentioned above is worth adding. Granted, this study was done in 1969. Tattoos were much, much less common and more typical of criminals. But the fact that tattoos have become more common does not mean that the underlying motivations are all that different:

            “If a person’s internal perception of society is such that he feels he must embellish his body with signs, symbols, or figures to reflect his internalized self-perceptions, these markings should be taken as indicators of some type of personality disorder. Regardless of whether they are attempts to disguise homosexuality, inferiority feelings, defiance of authority, or any of the numerous forms of personality disorders, the mark was put there for a very definite reason by the person having such a mark. Whether or not the type of mark which is present can be attributed to a specific personality disorder or criminal activity is immaterial; rather it is the appearance of the mark which is more important. It is not possible to say that a specific type of design is definitely related to a specific type of disorder since there is not enough evidence to back this assertion. Nevertheless, the preponderance of information does seem to bear out the assumption that persons with tattoos have, or did have, some type of personality disorder which was reflected in the embellishment of their bodies with a tattoo or a series of tattoos.

            “It makes sense that many more people today would have basic personality disorders than in 1969. Many more have come from troubled homes and have had their basic sense of purpose in life undermined. Male and female are the blueprint for society. The family is the basis for personality stability. For the “uneducated,” there is less economic security. And most importantly, people are left to figure out life with their own feelings.”


            One thing I’d love to see is white people repelling the desire to mar their bodies with ink. But it’s not up to me. And the draw of our depraved culture is mighty. Like old ladies rocking out at metal concerts. Undignified.

          • Thank you Madam.
            The whole physical personal uglification as a symbol of spiritual personal enlightenment thing mystifies me.

          • On cultural assault:

            “Communism is gone, but the cultural Cold War continues, now packaged as the “liberation” of states deemed not suitably “democratic.” America has its own version of Trotsky’s “permanent revolution” which US strategists call “constant conflict.” Maj. Ralph Peters, a prominent military strategist, formerly with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, appears to have coined the term. Peters has written of this in an article by that name. Peters’ statements definitively show “culture distortion” to be a contrived strategy for global domination; he reminds us that the regime of the culture distorter now has at its disposal technology far more powerful and pervasive than the cinema and literature of Yockey’s time:

            “We have entered an age of constant conflict. . . .

            “We are entering a new American century, in which we will become still wealthier, culturally more lethal, and increasingly powerful. We will excite hatreds without precedent.

            “Information destroys traditional jobs and traditional cultures; it seduces, betrays, yet remains invulnerable. How can you counterattack the information others have turned upon you? There is no effective option other than competitive performance. For those individuals and cultures that cannot join or compete with our information empire, there is only inevitable failure. . . . The attempt of the Iranian mullahs to secede from modernity has failed, although a turbaned corpse still stumbles about the neighborhood. Information, from the internet to rock videos, will not be contained, and fundamentalism cannot control its children. Our victims volunteer.[1]

            “Peters is stating that this “global information empire” led by the USA is “historically inevitable.” This “historical inevitability” is classic Marx, just as “constant conflict” is classic Trotsky. This is a “cultural revolution,” which is buttressed by American firepower. Peter continues:

            “It is fashionable among world intellectual elites to decry “American culture,” with our domestic critics among the loudest in complaint. But traditional intellectual elites are of shrinking relevance, replaced by cognitive-practical elites–figures such as Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, or our most successful politicians–human beings who can recognize or create popular appetites, recreating themselves as necessary. Contemporary American culture is the most powerful in history, and the most destructive of competitor cultures. While some other cultures, such as those of East Asia, appear strong enough to survive the onslaught by adaptive behaviors, most are not. The genius, the secret weapon, of American culture is the essence that the elites despise: ours is the first genuine people’s culture. It stresses comfort and convenience–ease–and it generates pleasure for the masses. We are Karl Marx’s dream, and his nightmare.

            “Peters’ zealous messianic prophecies for the “American Century” are reminiscent of Huxley’s Brave New World where the masses are kept in servitude not by physical force but by mindless narcosis, by addiction to the puerile, everything that is, in a word, “American” since the “Second American Revolution of 1933.” Peters continues:

            “Secular and religious revolutionaries in our century have made the identical mistake, imagining that the workers of the world or the faithful just can’t wait to go home at night to study Marx or the Koran. Well, Joe Sixpack, Ivan Tipichni, and Ali Quat would rather “Baywatch.” America has figured it out, and we are brilliant at operationalizing our knowledge, and our cultural power will hinder even those cultures we do not undermine. There is no “peer competitor” in the cultural (or military) department. Our cultural empire has the addicted–men and women everywhere–clamoring for more. And they pay for the privilege of their disillusionment.

            “The “constant conflict” is one of world Cultural Revolution, with the armed forces used as backup against any reticent state, as in the cases of Serbia and Iraq. The world is therefore to be kept in a state of flux, with a lack of permanence, which Peters’ calls Americas’ “strength,” as settled traditional modes of life do not accord with the aim of industrial, technical, and economic Darwinian linear historical “progress without end.” Peters continues:

            “There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.”

            “Peters refers to certain cultures trying to reassert their traditions, and again emphasizes that this universal culture distortion that is being imposed is one of Huxleyan “infectious pleasure.” The historical inevitability is re-emphasized, as the “rejectionist” (sic) regimes will be consigned to what in Trotsky’s term is the “dustbin of history.” What Yockey called “culture distortion” is even more forcefully described by Peters as an “infection.”

            “Yes, foreign cultures are reasserting their threatened identities–usually with marginal, if any, success–and yes, they are attempting to escape our influence. But American culture is infectious, a plague of pleasure, and you don’t have to die of it to be hindered or crippled in your integrity or competitiveness. The very struggle of other cultures to resist American cultural intrusion fatefully diverts their energies from the pursuit of the future. We should not fear the advent of fundamentalist or rejectionist regimes. They are simply guaranteeing their peoples’ failure, while further increasing our relative strength.”


          • Maybe so. But is it so hard to end the sentence with a period or question mark or exclamation point? Not doing that is disrespectful to the reader and damaging to our culture in that we’re not willing to uphold simple standards. It’s a small thing that, taken with all the other lowering of standards, really start to add up to a crappy culture. We can do better, right? It’s not hard. Like stopping at stop signs. Simple. Civilized.

          • You think our people are good with all the tattoos? And we need more illiteracy than we already have? It’s SCUMMY. A sign of a defeated people, in the gutter.

          • I think the suicide rate and the drug addiction is more of a sign of a defeated people. The tattoos are just a side effect.

            I used punctuation for you.

          • Ok tattoos just a side effect


            Thanx sorry i hurt your feelz will try to be more with it

            Pride in scumminess

          • you didn’t hurt my feelings. It’s hard to come across in a comment but I was trying to be nice to you

          • Whitney – I don’t know if you’re familiar with Laura Wood aka Thinking Housewife, but I used to read her. She has some solid content, but she is an absolutist about whatever she believes – for example, while I fully agree girls shouldn’t dress like sluts, Wood believes even sleeveless tops are too revealing.
            Ursula appears to have that same all or nothing mindset on even peripheral issues.

      • God gave us mathematics as a sandbox where our pure reason can exhaust itself on harmless ‘discoveries’. Newton himself looked back on his brief career as a pure mathematician with regret: He’d frittered away his intellectual energy on baubles, on ‘collecting shells on the seashore’.

        Man isn’t the rational animal; he’s the animal who happens to possess rationality, as cats possess retractable claws. He is not defined by his reason, and certainly not governed by it. It’s just one of those things he has, like wisdom teeth, and he makes way too much of it. Reason gives us hydroelectric dams; it also gives us Pol Pot, and Nick Gillespie.

    • We are a damaged people. Unlike our European brethren we have no access to our civilization’s political and cultural institutions. Beggars can’t be too choosy.

      Spencer has a lot of faults and is not a real leader but what happened in Cville was not his fault. The great error in Cville was mistakenly thinking that America was damaged when it was dead. If anyone needed that underscored, having it all capped off with a 5 century prison sentence for a traffic accident should have finally driven that point home.

      His outburst is understandable: look at the betrayals and extreme tensions of that day. I’ve always found him to be something of a foppish dilettante, but this outburst showed he is capable of righteous anger. Good. We need a lot more of that…but directed to a more useful end.

      Our enemies are on the warpath. We’re worried about optics.
      Things are going to get worse fast. When Trump is gone we need to be ready. Our “thing” and our people seem to be in disarray at the moment. When the volatility begins to boil over into widespread chaos a form of spontaneous order will take hold: YT on this side, everyone else over there. This will happen. Uniforms will have been handed out at birth.

      We need to form small Minuteman like local groups who have contact with larger organizations so things can be better coordinated when the time comes.

      • Our movement leaders are worried about ‘optics’ because we have no politically or economically powerful sponsors who could counterbalance the political economic power of our enemies. Thus ‘metapolitics’ — the politics of ‘hearts and minds’ — needs to be pursued and that requires attending to ‘optics’.

        For example, at this point in time ‘Historic American Nation’ (HAN) is better formulation for public discourse than ‘White Nationalism’ (WN) because it carries less baggage. But ‘HAN’ is very closely allied with notions of WN (not all, notions, but some).

        At some point, one way or another, ‘optics’ will matter less than it does now. Hopefully, it will be because we have won the metapolitical struggle.

        • I worry about “optics” because looking like an idiot is bad for business. If you want to be a good salesman, you better not scare prospects or strike prospects are bizarre or crazy. Would you buy a car from a guy dropping F-bombs and making crude references? Of course not.

          Like the “no enemies on the right” stuff, the optics stuff is just a Trojan horse for costumed idiots.

          • NEOTR has an implied NAxALT – there are always outliers who are beyond the pale. Maintaining a discreet distance from some of our harder guys is different than being hostile to them. The vanguardists should know we’re not their enemies but realize their style is a fringe thing that we have to keep some distance from unless and until chaos breaks out for real.

      • Ignore the freaks on our side as we should be ignoring the freaks in clown world. But don’t ostracize people who are willing to pull their weight and are capable all because they’ve made mistakes. As you’ve pointed out – small groups of people you can trust close to home with some contact in larger orgs.

        A few years from now we may be facing levels of attack that will be much worse. Burning bridges with people who have demonstrated commitment and a willingness to act is a mistake.

        Our enemies are discussing denying healthcare to dissidents. Antifa types will wear a badge and run departments, we will be deemed too dangerous or mentally ill to own firearms…

        The optics of Spencer’s outburst is a “so effin what” moment. How our enemies will use it is just another leaf in a playbook of 1000 pages. Worrying about normies sucks too much oxygen out of the tent.

      • In a broad sense I’m there with you but let’s not disdain optics too much. The longer we maintain a low profile and are considered a negligible threat, the better. Even more importantly, the better regard the populace has for us, the better to recruit and/or blend in when needed. No one’s going to succeed in overt hot conflict with the Empire at this point. Think about cells of dissident thinkers, artists, craftsment, business people & other civilians at this stage rather than commandos or militia.

        • The Enemy respects learning and culture. My program over the last few years has involved study of languages and literature, as well as plowing into the delights of classical music. Talking casually with the better-educated end of the Borg, straying far from the political, it’s delightful to correct them on points of music and culture. They accept me as a human being well before the naked truth – that I do not agree with them – comes out. It weakens and confuses them, and I’m getting rather good at it. It’s fun.

          • Partial agreement on your first sentence. My impression is that they respect credentialism: what college you went to, which grad school and what degrees, but not necessarily actual knowledge. Much less a deep understanding of history, philosophy, or literature — IF it contradicts what they know to be “true”. (Not that I claim to have a deep understanding of those.)

            But I agree on interacting in a friendly manner on less political matters. Not all (nor even most) of those seemingly opposed to us are deliberately bad people. Many actually mean well, even though their actions are foolish and harmful. Lower the barriers between our positions by finding common interests. As you say, let them decide you’re a “nice guy, a good person” based on normal human interactions.

            And yes, it can indeed be fun. Given what I do and where I live, I’m surrounded by highly-credentialed, high IQ leftists. More than once I’ve been told (in an anguished tone) “No! You’re one of US!” I am mortally certain that I’ve shifted the positions of more than one person, and maybe even more importantly, have had others already partially on Our Side, “come out” based on example. In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve also had a few persons decide that they hate me (this has been rare, and so far, based on their forcing multiple debates, refusing offers of truce, and getting pantsed in public). Not that I’m so clever, it’s rather that they generally operate off of memorized talking points.

            And finally, I’m now of the opinion that if a prog utters the words “Emmett Till” in a discussion about race, then he’s lost the argument, and he knows it.

          • Mike C – agree with you that they value credentialism as opposed to knowledge, and disagree that many of them are well-meaning people. I have all the credentials and despise those who value them.

  46. I may have similarly sounded like that on one of those dastardly Ikea assemblies or the three hours of work lost on a computer crash.

    The way I see it, there is nobody left to assume the mantle but you Z. Start assembling a coalition.

    • LOL! We’ve all been there, friend. Which is why I refuse to jump on this most recent bandwagon. I honestly don’t know enough about RS to have formed an opinion one way or another, but I think whoever made/released the recording hasn’t exactly covered themselves in glory either.

      • Spencer is a soft faced man-child with very wealthy parents.
        He lacks the gravitas to lead men. Men with real lives and real families will not follow a guy like him, or a Cerno, or even a Stefan Molyneux.
        Too bad Jocko Willink or Tim Kennedy aren’t dissident right, because most guys would rally around men like that in an instant.

      • If it weren’t for the Z blog, ‘Richard Spencer’ would be unknown to me. It’s almost the same with Shapiro, except as an old Andrew Klavan listener I happen to know about him as ‘the other guy’ on their site. Klavan is a sharp and thoughtful guy, but you never hear him talked about. It’s all Shapiro. Why why why?

        • Klavan doesn’t display the ambition and chutzpah of Shapiro and doesn’t have the powers that be drumming up a synthetic leadership role for him. Klavan didn’t try to inject himself into Michelle Fields …(cough)… the Michelle Fields soap opera during Trump’s campaign to steal glory. Klavan doesn’t have astroturfed salons like Quilette christening him the hot new youth edgelord of the Dark Web. Ad nauseum..

          • All true, but Klavan is still another gatekeeper, in his own way – another pushing the Judeo-Christian myth and denying White European identity as legitimate, natural, and moral.

    • With great respect to you, David_Wright, I disagree in this instance, the timing is not right. Too soon and Z Man would be martyred. That’s a loser plan. Stay anonymous, Z Man, and keep doing what you’re doing. Of course, the authorities already know all about Z Man and all of us frequenting his blog and commenting.

      The best options may be to go to Bitterroot Valley or the Ozarks or anywhere else dissidents are trying to create new communities and create the kind of communities or towns that white people would like to not just live in but thrive. Once the community reaches 250 (or whatever number is seen as optimal), start a new town not too far away, and keep on expanding. Others will hear about the good living and come to participate and raise families there, or seek to emulate by establishing their own towns. We could all trade with each other in the event the globalists try to shut out these high quality small towns. I don’t believe there is going to be anything more persuasive than actual real-life communities/towns where the living is good and favorable to raising children. So many whites are looking for such a thing.

      These towns will need to be vigilant to keep them from being dragged down by Chamber of Commerce types who will throw away all organic locally built businesses and organizations for the short-term profit. If these havens take off and do well (which they will if they’re filled with intelligent hard-working folks), the globalist deep-state network will surely notice and try to throw wrenches in their works, maybe labeling them as white supremacist enclaves or something like that, trying to make new versions of Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas out of them (not that I know much about them or what they were up to, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t hurting anyone and should probably not have been killed by their own government). But if we’re good enough to get these kind of townships going, we should be able to include PR and tech savvy people and techniques to keep it all going, to find a way to keep showing a better alternative through living, not just words on twitter or a blog.

        • When we had a 90% or even 80% white country, the talented people from other races and cultures were just a wonderful seasoning that added to our national fabric. I imagine the same for these small towns, all depending on the inhabitants’ druthers.

        • American Apartheid. Core ethnic areas should be pure Euro, suburbs for mixed and the big cities can stay largely as-is, politically spin them off as free cities & keep them in check by controlling their surrounding territory & strictly controlling travel between these “zones.”

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