The Organization Man

One of the funny things about doing what I do here is that I often stumble onto things that get no play in the press, but are on people’s minds. I’ll write about a topic that interests me, but is not in the news, and it will get a ton of comments and links back from people passing it around. Our side of the great divide tends to have a different focus than what you see in the above ground world, but not always. Sometimes, the stuff on our mind at the moment, regarding current events, is on their minds too.

The topic of last week’s podcast is a good example. I did not think it would be all that interesting to people, but I was wrong. I got a lot of long e-mails from people about what they are doing in their community. I’ve also seen postings in the so-called conservative media about the topic this week. It turns out that a lot of people are thinking about how and why they should be joining and building local communities, where the likeminded can socialize and talk about this stuff.

Thinking about it, I suspect the reason is lots of people are looking around at what’s happening and coming the conclusion that the wheels are coming off the cart. What’s happening in Washington is an insurrection. The normal order is no longer respected by the people who are supposed to maintain order. Instead, the political establishment is in open rebellion against the very laws that make it possible for them to be an establishment. How many clicks before there are tanks in the streets?

It’s not just Washington. That story of the Mormon group getting ambushed over the border resonates with people. It would be one thing if they were in the Congo or down near the isthmus. That’s far away and people can imagine it is savage. The border is their backyard, literally and figuratively. People can imagine that spilling into their towns and neighborhoods. Not only is our government doing nothing about it, the establishment celebrates it. Their indifference is breathtaking.

At various times in my life I have been in situations where things go sideways and the normal order breaks down. The white people, for reasons they never consider, just show up where they think they need to show up, ready to take direction, lend a hand to restoring order and helping those who need help. It is our nature and why civilization exists in the first place. That is maybe what we are seeing. The collapse of normal order is getting people to seek out their neighbors and start figuring out what to do.

I’m not in the camp that thinks there will be a sudden collapse and we will be thrown into a war of all against all. Instead, I think decline is like an uneven staircase, where society takes small imperceptible steps down, then a big step or two and then some more little steps again. Just as progress is fits and starts, regress is fits and starts too. We could be about to hit one of the bigger steps. A year from now, the current year will feel like a foreign country. There is nowhere to go but down.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00: The Morality Play
  • 15:00: Accepting Reality
  • 25:00: What Does Not Work
  • 35:00: Goal Setting
  • 45:00: Organizing Versus Mobilizing
  • 55:00: Closing

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148 thoughts on “The Organization Man

  1. To whom it will concern; If Charlottesville is your breaking point then kindly break and leave, do something else other than politics.
    You simply cannot see anything through.

    In this broadcast the IRA, Unions and Pol Pot are mentioned as exemplars of organization; all of them killed people and never stopped until they won. At most they denounced the killer and violence and kept moving.

    Whatever you think is possible in our situation that will succeed – isn’t.

    You lack the stomach to see this through, do depart.

    You won’t make it here, or anywhere but no reason for us to go down with you.

  2. The IRA prisoners in the Maze weren’t demanding political prisoner status, they wanted to be treated as prisoners of war – that is soldiers, POWs instead of criminals. > not a small point. POWs have more status and cred, honor than criminals.

    Its not a small point then, now or ever.
    POWs mean its a war, and your side has soldiers and by inference a country.

    It was 10 men dead in the Hunger Strike, Bobby Sands was just then most famous. It absolutely did change the fortunes of the IRA especially in Ireland.

  3. Mark Collett and Laura Towler recently organize and conducted a private poll. They planned it quietly and conducted it without any fanfare.  The number of people they interacted with were impressive. Then they released the findings onto every platform they could. It’s had a real effect in opening up the conversation on immigration especially within the white working class.

    Their motivation in doing this was the BBC having reported that Britain’s current immigration policy had 97% approval. 

    Their findings within the white community were almost an inverse of what the BBC had peddled. 

    Mark, Laura and their team concentrate on rural, suburban and working class whites. They avoided pozzed areas and engaged with people face to face. They dressed presentably and were polite. Some of the stories they tell about their interactions lend some insights into the normie problem.

    This has started a conversation with part of the white. Those horrid thought they had been keeping secreted away are apparently shared by the vast majority of people just like them.

    Awareness and the knowing you aren’t alone will make organizing a lot more attractive. 

    Zman has mentioned Collett a few times. If you’re unfamiliar with his work he’s well worth your time.

    • Yves, I swear everyone here today is giving me ideas. Been gearing up for years to do something nearly identical, but in a completely innocuous, seperate interest. A second career, of a sort.

      Sort of like a traveling liason. So many isolated people want to contribute, so many small or fading groups have nuts-and-bolts knowledge to share.

      They need to connect in a friendly, fun, innocent way. A traveling salesman for /our thing/, without it being /our thing/.

      Some face to face, visits and cold calls of either the Elks club or a Mark Towlett to ask about how it’s run, what org docs are filed,

      some small stipends,
      quick instruction pamphlets,

      practical directories and b2b cross-marketing,
      local event or club planning,

      some Nolo Press style resource sites, information sources,

      prepper aggregate sites and marketing, practical skills and goods clubs/sites….

      let me think, and prep a presentation by spring (I do that for personal planning, life’s a campaign).

      I’m not an idea guy. I do setup and cleanup, go buy the streamers and make sure the toilets are working.
      I’m going to ask you good people for ideas.

      I’m certain many of /our people/ have skills, experience, or even product they would love to put to use in small ways. A hobby, and a need. Maybe make some friends!

      • Great Project. If you when back through Zman’s articles and the comments as far back as you can – then add to that your own take and then sorted and organized it…you’d have a very interesting book.

        • An idea!
          See, that’s what I need you folks for.

          Such coordination efforts make up youtube;
          Let’s start a dissident alt-industry of self help!

          So many here have skill, will, and honesty;
          coordination and a little cheerleading is all we need.
          Other audiences could echo our efforts.


          Some people who have time and a computer, and say, a hour a day for so many days to collect and collate Z-bits.

          Filing, cross-indexing, dbase skills,

          Setting up a collaberative page, like a Dropbox page,

          Somebody who can guide me through purchase and setup of a server, software, and maintenance.

          Somebody who knows how to get things printed or e-printed.

          Which type of lawyer to hire, how much, what for, for web issues.

          Somebody who can point to webmaster b2b marketing.

          Somebody who knows gofundme,
          payment processor,
          nonprofit or profit sharing,
          accounting setup,
          A reference page to support and fund /our thing/ and /our people/ too- say, pay ’em a bit for their time if possible

          A reference page of fraternal benefit societies, charity clubs organization, to organize and network /our thing/

          Yellowpages and setup guides,
          lists of forms to file,

          We could make a quick-guide and manual on this process, (and even on these setups)
          Market it to other website core audiences who want to save their treasures,
          Or build our own archive.

          Or maybe just an audience-built Z book,
          a Z scrapbook (royalties to our host *ahem*), just for fun and practice.

          Just a quickie example.
          Need peeps for all this.
          If they enjoyed this project, maybe they’d like to try another.

  4. I like the direction Z’s pointing for how we approach and prioritize online activism and real life organizing. As we touched on in the post on Scandza, the risk-reward of academic-style conferences may be net-negative going forward.

    Publicly announcing ourselves to the enemy so that we can meet essentially in private to preach to our own choir seems to offer the worst of both worlds – minimal potential positive exposure/recruiting opportunities, maximum risk of doxxing, arrest and media-smearing. Without a competitive media presence, we can’t bend that curve.

    Z says all that needs be said on the uselessness of social media as a direct recuiting tool, but the net will always be the safest way to make our message publicly available. Using blogs like this as a second-level filter for those attracted to our net-message seems like a reasonable bridge between online and IRL. Small-scale local meet-ups can then be arranged in that middle-space like we’re doing here. Follow the biker strategy of long-term association & vetting before Our Guy status is attained.

    They say the hardest thing to let go of in politics is a failed strategy. To the extent Big Other seems to be developing effective counter-measures, we need to evolve our tactics. We’re not drawing the masses to our meetings under present conditions, we’re only drawing our guys into the open and painting targets on our backs.

    As much as I’ve enjoyed the speakers at both recent Scandza conferences, the risk of guys like Mark Collett or Greg Johnson or Ed Dutton getting arrested, attacked or otherwise hassled isn’t worth the pleasure of seeing them in person. They could do these talks on video and travel safely to small meet-ups that were arranged in safer spaces than we have under Current Clown Year Rules

  5. I often find these podcasts good. This time as well but it was also weird for me, weird b/c I was thinking a couple of days ago that the IRA was something to look at. I dont remember why I was thinking that, I dont remember that there was anything in the news about Irish issues or the IRA to make both Z and me think about the IRA and what they frankly did right, this week.

    So, on that topic, two things about the IRA. One is that it has been enormously impressive, if, you know, you re in the insurgency business. It was up against Britain’s best, the MI5, the SAS, the ‘finest steel’ of the British army etc. And if you’re an insurgent Britain ain’t any old country, it probably has the best score against insurgents of any modern Western state, better than Uncle Sam or the Russians; Boers, Mau Mau, Malay Emergency, three insurgencies smashed into dust. The Brits have had more success against insurgents than any other modern state in the 20th century. These were the guys the IRA fought to a draw, possibly a win in the future?? And they did it in a country that wasn’t exactly starving or braindead. So, from a purely technical perspective, the IRA did something really effectively.

    The other thing about the IRA though, is that, in addition to being seriously callous, they were hard-left. The IRA was for Catholics, they must have been hardcore nationalists, ethnocentric (if Irish are a different ethniticy from the ppl on Great Britain, I honestly dont know about that). And they combined that w being seriously leftist. And that, again, shows how leftie is just a heck of a lot better at not just organizing but at inspiring death-defying zealousness. I don’t know why or how, but they can inspire people to throw away their lives in a heartbeat, for ‘the cause,’ in a way we just can’t.

    I don’t know if it is because ‘conservatives’ are just naturally more ‘reasonably tempered’ or why we can’t get fired up like leftie. We SHOULD BE. I mean, they are THROWING OUR COUNTRIES AWAY, into the dumpster fire of history. We should be all over the place. Instead we re a bunch of frustrated guys, and a few gals, chatting on blogs. Over things that are infinitely bigger than whether 6 windswept counties in Northern Ireland salute the Queen or play the Celtic harp instead (or however you show allegiance to Ireland). Why is our mental gun powder soaking wet???

    • Is today, like, Total Awesomeness Day?

      From an overview of evil,
      to alt-commerce,
      to laughing outreach,
      to inspired insurgency!

    • WTF?????????? The IRA? They murdered innocent people in cold blood. FOR WHAT? The current Taoiseach? Spare me. They simultaneously advocate sending their own overseas for remittances and importing migrants.

      • I hate the IRA’s guts. They were scum. I’m just saying they were extremely good at insurgency. I don’t know the details but Peter Hitchens, Christopher Hitchens’ brother, a black-pilled UK patriot, says the Good Friday Agreement was the UK’s loss. If that’s true, the IRA beat the Western country w the strongest record of beating insurgencies, on their own doorstep. Hate them all you want. But they evidently knew how to say ‘FU’ to state power disagreeable to them.

        So I’m asking, why was the IRA willing to go so far, and why did they get so much support, for what in the scheme of things like the demographic replacement of the historic West, is a very minor issue. While WE can’t get our behinds moving while our whole world is collapsing.

    • Some color on that IRA thing. This is what I saw over there in the ‘80s. The English, who run the UK, really look at the Irish (including their own side, Ulster) as little better than animals. The six Ulster counties cling to the UK, but across the Irish Sea, the embrace is a cold and mostly nonexistent one. Awkward… The British garrisoned up Ulster, and the spying and surveillance were omnipresent and probably very good. But the soldiers sent out to patrol the streets were wet-behind-the-ears newbies who were scared to death, simply trying to escape alive and not get ambushed. They would ride in the back of armored Land Rovers, peering out the rear door with rifles raised, flinching at every stray sound or jostle of their moving vehicle. Speaking to other young recruits not deployed, over in England, they would tell us of their terror over that deployment, and now they had to get through it in order to continue in their careers as soldiers. They wanted nothing to do with Ireland. Separately, English relatives were astonished that we would ever want to go to Ireland (though Mrs. Dutch has Ulsterman O’Neill blood), thinking that it was the most insane thing one would ever want to do. I think that between the English prejudices, and the terror that the IRA had instilled in everyone opposed to them, only the memory of the IRA bombing of Lord Mountbatten’s yacht (huge strategic blunder), inertia at the high levels of the UK government (whose members mostly didn’t need to deal with the fallout of such a policy), and the thought that if they ceded Ulster to the Republic, then the Ulster militias would turn on the UK with equal or more violent vigor, the IRA could have easily gotten their way earlier, during the “troubles”. That last element gives us a lesson for our future, that might makes right, and if the foe can be made to look soft and scared, that is half the battle won right there, in the eyes of the normies. I think Soros and Antifa understand that.

      • Okay, you obviously know a lot more about the situation on the ground there than I do. I’m just wondering why they haven’t been cut to pieces by the British state long ago. The British sent their sharpest cutlery after them, they weren’t fooling around. And I mean, if a bunch of anti-replacers tried something today, would it even last 30 minutes. I don’t ‘like’ the IRA. But they evidently knew how to run a covert operation against serious state opposition for a handful of decades or so. That’s impressive, even if you re bunch of evil psychos.

        • The thing is, London knows that if you publicly take out one of the IRA, everyone in Ireland is related to everyone else, and you get a hundred new converts to the cause against you. Also, London didn’t really want to “get” anyone, they just wanted the troubles to go away somehow. The key element to the whole thing, IMO, is the unspoken reality that Ulster is actually a burden to London, like the ne’er do well sibling that you can’t get rid of. There is this weird triangle between London, Ulster, and the Republic that is simply unique to the situation, just as Israel and the Palestinians have their own unique thing going. Another problem is that the U.K. is target rich (Mountbatten, for example, and bombings in London), while there are no identifiable targets on the other side, other than detecting IRA operatives and trying to secretly disappear them. The troubles are the definition of an unequal battlefield, laden with its own unique elements. There was no viable good answer for London. Fraternal campaigns are the worst campaigns.

      • Short answer to your specific take on the British military, the surveillance and spying were very good, to head off more terrorism at home, but all London did on the ground in Ulster was throw scared recruits at the problem, and their heart wasn’t much in it. The IRA didn’t actually “win” anything meaningful in the streets; they and the UVF on the other side basically fought to a draw and everyone went home, leaving the status quo mostly unchanged. The IRA instilled a sense of terror into many civilians and British soldiers, though, for whatever that was worth.

      • The IRA had state support from the Eire Gov. They were allowed to cross the border unhindered.
        If the British had ignored international law and pursued them across the border, the troubles would have been ended much sooner.
        The only reason the troops didn’t want to serve there is because they were under strict instructions not to engage and defend themselves.

    • The IRA is not a valid comparison for our situation, for several reasons. 1. The IRA were marxists and so had the support of the left everywhere. 2. They had considerable financial and political support provided by Irish-Americans. 3. They had the tacit and, sometimes, overt support of the Irish Republic where they could also hide in safety. 4. They were fighting a war against a foe (the British) who were constrained by laws, decency and political pressure.

      Now, ask yourself this: will we have even one of those things?

      • We are the Ulster Protestants.

        We can also be the Army, Police if we can support the Constitution and actual constitutional government- in which case we become tens of millions strong. <^ this is my “we”.

        Its a winning team.
        Regardless of its lack of ethnic or ideological purity. It also exists.

        Other “we” does not unless you mean the left and the administrative state. They exist too.

        You might want to consider one of the teams that will actually fight, despite the horrible optics.

        The IRA was a working class movement that got guns from various places, making it part of the Intl Left is more than a bit of a reach.
        The IRA was part of a tradition of war and rebellion against the English that goes back to the 12th century.
        They succeeded because fighting brits in Ireland is what the Irish have always done. There isn’t any magical formula. Just centuries of fighting.

        They picked a side and fought, and endured. Mind you so did Ulster- because they kept fighting too. Their organizing had a purpose, they didn’t care about optics, they didn’t care about all their Charlottesvilles, or Mountbatten, or Thatcher. They just kept at it.

        Because they live there, and they fought for it. < this is your magical formula. Also what’s missing.

    • What should be taken in to account is: The SAS did not operate with a free hand. If they engaged under the same terms as the IRA, there would only have been 1 outcome and that wouldnt have been a negotiated settlement

      • Yes Dear. The SAS would have succeeded where Cromwell, Churchill and all the others failed.

        Yes; they could have wiped out the entire IRA, every sympathizer, Hell every catholic in Ulster.

        Been done before. The problem is they’re always replaced you see.

  6. There is an issue with Brave. I’ve had trouble using Brave on other sites, so it is a browser issue, not a site issue. I have no problems using Firefox or Edge.

    • I can use Epic, but only if I enable tracking, which used not to be the case. Dissenter doesn’t work either. Has anybody tied IE? Just for giggles? Do they still have a browser?

      • The MS browser is called “Edge” as in edge of extinction.

        I just tried it, it seemed fine for this site but firefox has name/email saved for this site and I see no reason to share them with Gates.

    • I’ve had similar experiences with Brave. As much as I would like to support them, the browser is not ready for prime time.

    • I can not vote up or down nor make a comment with Firefox or Brave. I am typing this on Chrome and just made an up-vote on Chrome. Weird days. This has been going on a couple of weeks I guess.

      Brave was working for me a few days ago but then stopped working. I am running out of browser choices.

      Ain’t modern life fun?

      • Oh my goodness. On Firefox 70.0 on Linux the site works just perfect. What is the difference???

    • To get all the features of the comments back, disable the shield, the lions head on the corner, in brave. I haven’t found the exact thing that does it.

  7. One big advantage we have that few people ever talk about is the fact that the left has destroyed everything. If you send your kid to a BSA meeting, he is likely to come home talking about the joys of anal sex and how he might actually be a girl. Same thing in church. You go to church these days and you will hear about how Jesus not only loved homosexuals, but was probably one himself given his habit of hanging around groups of men.

    Dissidents with children could probably start a local boys association. Religious men can start a new church. The small business types can start a competitor to the converged chamber of commerce. This stuff doesn’t take a lot of money, though it will take a lot of time and effort.

    Without taking back the culture and cultural institutions, nothing is going to change.


          Acronym for “Dems R the Real Racists”

          This tactic is frequently used by cuckservatives like Ben Shapiro and Dinesh d’Souza.
          This is a futile tactic, because it accepts and reinforces the left’s framing of race issues.
          Dinesh d’Souza wrote yet another book about DR3. You know what they say about people who do the same thing over and over but expect a different result?

          • It should be “Race differences are the one thing Democrats get right, Some races do need help.”

          • My goodness! So many people aren’t aware that Racism Is A Bad Thing!

            Wake up, America!
            We need to raise Racism Awareness!

    • If this is what they say in public with no consequences whatsoever in our white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, I can hardly wit to see what they will do to us in their androgynous, diverse, socialist, matriarchy.

    • Good – I hope these metrosexuals stay in their cities. Maybe I’ll get to see the day when their supermarket shelves are bare. These shavers have no idea where their organic tofu comes from.

    • “Kulak genocide-grade thinking.” That’s what I immediately thought when I read about then candidate Obama back before his ascendancy. It was so blatantly obvious to me what he stood for and believed in, and people kept telling me how nice he seemed. Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of the average man. Terribly unfortunate but true.

    • From the comments:
      “Also, his face is imminently punchable.”

      (Did I spell that right?)

    • It is. But I was “banned” from Instapundit a while ago. So I can’t post there. I didn’t call people names or advocate violence. I posted a link. From the J-post, no less. And then I asked a question about disappearing posts. After that someone went around tagging my posts for deletion.

  8. One alternative to all this is to get serious about playing the Left’s game on the big scale. It might be the only real alternative. Here’s what I mean.

    Take the IRA as an example. They were fighting against somebody who wanted something. That’s a different critter than what we have now, which is globohomo mimetic rage. Our opponents don’t want anything at all – they’re furious and are looking for scapegoats. I think that suggests these local, quiet groups are not going to fly under the radar, since the entire point of the Left is to find and punish a certain class of people.

    I suggest that, when you’re locked in a mimetic cycle, there are no alternatives to the mimetic logic. Z is right that you don’t win with facts or logic, but you don’t win by being quiet. We have already been named as the guilty ones, so the way out is by putting the guilt on someone else. That’s where the national-level demagogues come in.

    It’s ugly. But we’ve been trying to yield enough ground to the other side to have them be satisfied and go away for decades and I don’t think it’s worked. But whether the South Africans are utilizing secret groups or not, it doesn’t seem to be a factor in what is happening there.

    • “But we’ve been trying to yield enough ground to the other side to have them be satisfied and go away for decades…”

      Speaking for myself nothing about any strategy I believe in relies on them ever being satisfied. I agree that they can’t be satisfied, although I disagree that they’re merely raging. They want something – White dispossession & perpetual mass-curb-stomping until extinction. Relying on satisfying that thirst would indeed be self-defeating.

      We’re looking to exploit the limits of their competence, capabilities & resources, not the limits of their ambition or rage, which are boundless.

  9. When I first read about the Mexican massacre of the Mormons, my very first prediction was that the media would instantly start blaming the victims.

    • It only took the media a day or two to roll out the stories about how the victims may have been connected to that Nxiim sex cult.

      • I saw that in the Post. While they ignored the Epstein-Bronfman connections. After a while even Helen Keller could tell who is running the media narrative on these stories.

      • Pointing Nxilm’s ties away from Epstein, who they supplied as part of Oprah’s procurer network, towards “right wing Christian militia” types.

        Nice optics. Tying up lose ends, always reinforcing the narrative.

    • They should at least get Darwin Awards.

      Fukin off to someone else’s country to bring them enlightenment smacks of Neo-con.

      These genes are better of out of the White West.

  10. “The Army of Invisible Hitlers.” Fantastic wording! Could be the name of a band or a movie title. Zman is always good for a couple priceless turns of phrase.

  11. Zman hits the target about the “owning the insult” ploy. They’re going to call you Hitler anyway? So you do just what Lefty wants and run onstage to don the moth-eaten SS costume? Not smart. Making a fetish of a guy who left his country with millions impoverished if not just plain dead should be seen for the losing strategy it is. The better approach when they call us racist is something like the “it’s okay to be white” meme. It puts the burden squarely back on your opponent. Like the weaknesses of DR3, no shitlib has ever been persuaded someone isn’t evil because the accused cheerfully agrees to play Hitler instead of refusing. Those who are open to persuasion will look at the guy throwing Roman salutes and see nothing but a fruitcake. The key remains what Zman often states, that the moral high ground is the objective. This is not an objective that can be won by taking a part in Lefty’s morality play. It has to be outside their theater, so leave summer stock fare like Charlottesville far behind.

    At any rate, people who call us Hitler at the slightest provocation are not worth any effort. They are not to be persuaded, they are merely enemies. Stay out of their theater.

    • I really, really needed that.

      A #showerthought: if my favorite uncle hadn’t overreached so disastrously, we might’ve been talking about “plucky Germany” instead of “punch Nazis”.

    • “Making a fetish of a guy who left his country with millions impoverished if not just plain dead should be seen for the losing strategy it is.”

      This is a really unsound point to make when Z-Man presents Pol Pot as an example of effective organization. The difference between Hitler and Pol Pot is that third position ideologies are not approved by the banking elite. We are not allowed to have dangerous ideas about economics and finance. Pol Pot would have been left alone to brutalize his own people indefinitely if he had not stepped on his neighbor’s toes. Hitler never had the option for peace; surrounded by the Allies on one side and the Soviets on the other, war was always going to happen. Third positionism is a threat that can never be allowed to take root.

      • I’m a fan of pushing TP ideas without the Nazi baggage. Take 2/3’s of the 1930’s policies of Hitler (leaving our mainly the imperialist lebensraum) and leave his ghost unrequited for a few more generations. Let the Holocaustian myth die of old age & irrelevance rather than outright debunking. Trying to set the record straight just helps keep the subject alive and current, which is exactly what (((they))) want. The more they say “never forget,” the better a strategy grounded in letting our people forget sounds.

        • Wise words, Exile, but from now on, I’m just going to laugh and mock. Bray, really. “What, you believe that stupid Boomer sh*t! Absurd!”

          F**k ’em and the horse they rode in on.

          Never explain, never apologise. It’s my natural bent to throw a party and raise Cain wherever I go, so I am done with making an earnest, serious fool of myself.

          The adult approach is a stinging disaster,
          I keep finding that out the hard way.
          Gods, I could kick my own ass.
          So avast, me hearties!

      • Hitler should’ve defended his borders and the Sudenten wheat fields (what became Czechoslavakia), not spread his damned army all over the continent.

        Should’ve focused on securing fuel, kept it to the Bagdad-to-Berlin railway, Italy’s Libyan and Ethiopian oil shipping, and Japan’s Phillipine fuel depots. What the heck was his navy doing in US-British shipping lanes?

        The Danzig corrider failed, but the Poles would’ve accepted a permanent exchange of Germans for the transit camp Jewish workers. Israel should’ve been located in the Pale, where it had been before.

        He over-reached, spreading all over the map, and got 14 million Germans murdered, as slaves, after the War- the third Holdomor, the 3 of 12 holocausts that EST are covering up with their lunatic Hollywood supervillain story.

        Irish Catholics, twice
        Wahhabist Donmeh Arabia-Mesopotamia

        South Africa Boer Prots
        Turkey Armenian/Greek Orthodox

        Russia Orthodox slaves for New York mines
        Ukraine Anabaptists and nationalist Jews

        Spain Catholics
        German Catholics, Prots, nationalist Jews

        Polish-Lithuanian Catholics
        Romania, Serb, Austro-Hungary Catholics

        Japan’s civilian Christian centers-Nagasaki & Hiroshima (holo-caust: “holy fire”)
        Mao’s Judeo-ruled China

        Hitler and his nationalist allies had no idea what they were up against when they swore oath against the Comintern; desperate brutality and f***ups were too much, too late.

        • We are accused of a great crime.
          As a defendent, I demand the plaintiffs produce physical evidence, not a bunch of blather about “most documented” propaganda.

          Propaganda isn’t documentation.

          We can show bodies. They can’t.

  12. Yes! I never try to persuade crazy wine aunt (sister-in-law actually). I just find ways to make her contemplate the unpleasant contradictions in her weird beliefs. I foresee lamenting how George Stephanopoulos spiked the story about Epstein abusing young women – and watching the gears grind while I enjoy my turkey.

  13. I know some people here have mixed feelings about Reagan – but nobody was better at destroying the Left’s morality plays. With gravitas and humor, he could take apart their idiot ideas then mock them mercilessly.

    • That was a different time, perhaps even a different world. I remember when Reagan could request air-time from the three major (really all) the networks to directly address the nation on policy. Last time we saw a president on the air to address the nation was—outside of the State of the Nation yearly— after the 9/11 attack.

      Gone are the days when Reagan and Tip O’Neil got together in the Capital Building bar and punched down a few while thrashing things out. Yes, a person like Reagan was the “great communicator” of his time, but now we are lucky to even have the “Twitter-in-Chief”, Trump.

      • I know… I met old Tip a few times at golf tournaments. Terrible golfer but fun regular guy to be around.

        But I agree with Z – laughter should be the response to the Left’s ideas – including their race-baiting.

        • “laughter should be the response to the Left’s ideas – including their race-baiting.”

          Man, I really, really, REALLY needed that.
          You people are a balm and a blessing.

  14. In the US the substrate with which we work is ~100 million white men excluding the incorrigibly good whites. Just have to convince them it is good and moral to advocate for the interests of their white progeny. Easy.

    • That’s what I was thinking, reading Dutch’s rant above. The good guys far outnumber the bad guys.

      Z: “The white people, for reasons they never consider, just show up where they think they need to show up, ready to take direction, lend a hand to restoring order and helping those who need help. It is our nature…”

      • well i was a little tongue-in-cheek about the easy part. But the point z makes is good. The Cajun navy, made my heart warm to see all those rednecks rolling in with their trucks and bass boats. Where i live in hillbillyville a broken down car often attracts a conference of 3-4 white guys to get it moving. Its why I gravitate to white advocacy. These people have their problems and often look rough but they are really sweet and kind and good-hearted for the most part. Its used against them- to manipulate them.

  15. I was just commenting on this at Liberty’s Torch.

    I’m thinking that the rabid over-emphasis on national/international topics is a classic piece of misdirection. It shifts our focus from things we can fairly easily change – the local arena, to those that have us fulminating into impotent paralysis.

    Just a few local power zones – school, county commissioners, and zoning/water and sewage, control a HUGE amount of money and a hell of a lot of power. Find out who is on these entities, and work to take them over.

    • Great comment and I don’t want to quash enthusiasm, but I struggle mightily with this one. There’s a point at which these power zones are absolutely un-reformable. I’m offering this after having invested (squandered?) 10 years in my rural county. At every turn – schools, roads, law enforcement, even parks & recreation – the entities are governed and regulated by centralized state/federal authority. I still chair a commission but I’m just about ready to wash my hands of it. Rural counties are crack addicts when it comes to federal grants and state subsidies, and “free money” always comes with shackles.

      I suggest a more subversive approach, and I think a better investment of energy. We need more parallel yet underground institutions – alternative education, neighborhood security, food co-ops – that work in the shadows. There’s a great demand for this and very few making it happen.

      • Here in California, I am part of a “redneck gated community” on the weekends. Keeping things non-specific, it has the HOA and a lot of rules, controls, gates, fences, patrols, security, perimeter controls, etc. All the typical tools of lefty micro-level fascism have been mutated and turned on their heads, and in a way that actually works, in a fashion. Community meetings can be kind of crazy, and chews up a lot of committee members over time (white guys can bicker over darn near everything and never give an inch) but it all works out in a good way, in the end, because everyone pretty much keeps the proper endgame priorities in sight. We keep the meth lab influence out, too, because everyone mostly knows what is going on, and knows what they want and don’t want. Keeps the rest of the crime down to almost zero, except for the restless teenagers getting a bit carried away now and again, and doing stupid sh*t, as they can do all so well. This is not necessarily a model for many places, but for rural areas in a crazy state like California, it seems to be working exceptionally well. It also goes to Z’s points that proper governance requires some coercive elements, or you get the libertarian version of craziness, and that good governance requires people in power that reflect mostly your own priorities and concerns. The community is homogeneous in pretty much every way 😉that’s the essential element.

        • I heard tales of this City of Gold among the White refugees of the Inland Empire, but always thought they were crazy from the heat. Now you tell me Atlantis exists and I’m literally on the other side of the planet?

  16. Talking about all this stuff, I keep thinking we already have a manual for it, but we’ve been reading it all wrong.

    What you are talking about in organizing is Christian evangelism in a nut shell – building a church community is exactly the same thing as organizing any community.

    And its rife with the same issues. You can’t know who to invite into the community unless you have the balls to talk about the ideas of the community with complete strangers, finding people who agree with you and making your case to open people… and then you invite those new people to your location of regular meeting.

    Forming, building, and maintaining the integrity of a church parallels forming, building, and maintaining a nation, too. You come in via birth to members or repentance, you can be kicked out if you don’t follow the cultural values and beliefs, and you must teach your values and beliefs and maintain a close-knit community.

    • Not just Brave, this website has been broken for a few weeks now. Epic, Brave, UC Browser(android), and a few others it simply doesn’t function. I’ve had to load it in Opera, whatever you changed Z-Man or your provider did, ask them to back it out because it broke quite a few browsers.

  17. I view what’s going on in Washington as an indicator that the Establishment, which is primarily the Dems, are reacting violently as Trump and Barr close in on exposing the fact that there has been massive corruption throughout the federal government in the “scandal free” Obama Administration. Barr’s Russia investigation will expose the corruption in the DoJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA. The Ukraine investigation will expose Biden’s corruption and, more broadly, Clinton’s pay-for-play corruption in the State Department. The closer Trump/Barr get to the target the more flak the Dems are firing.

    You know Barr is getting close to the target because the Dems and their compliant media lapdogs have initiated a coordinated campaign to discredit him for “weaponizing the DoJ.” Barr appears to be serious about rooting out corruption in DC. This is what a real Attorney General looks like, folks.

    The little rat Adam Schiff is going to find himself the target of a DoJ investigation before this is finished.

    • Sure as hell hope so. But I’ve gotten my hopes up too many times. I’ll believe it when they’re perpwalking them to federal prison.

      But I will say one thing: the Swamp has really revealed itself in its full totalitarian horror. It’s like the part of the monster movie when you can finally see the whole monster in its full-blown, vaseline-dripping disgustingness.

    • A reflection on recent history: 1) JFK and a large assortment of his Establishment cronies should’ve gone to jail. 2) LBJ and a large assortment of his Establishment cronies should’ve gone to jail. 3) Clinton and a large assortment of his Establishment cronies should’ve gone to jail. 4) Bush Jr. and a large assortment of his Establishment cronies should’ve gone to jail. 5) Obama and a large assortment of his Establishment cronies should’ve gone to jail. 6) There’s a lengthy list of shady operatives not included in the first 5 that should’ve gone to the electric chair.

      I expect Barr knows a lot of the truth, but recent political history should give us pause on our expectation of justice.

          • Not monotonous. Hate needs an outlet, the more the better. I’m just insulted that a seemingly low-IQ guy like GWB would belong to a club of powerful elites.

          • GW cultivated the ‘low-IQ’ thing for public consumption. Sure he was not a great public speaker, but I wouldn’t say he was an idiot as was presented to the media.

          • I believe Data Boy was a clueless idiot like I believe he enjoyed chopping brush in the searing heat and gahdawful oil stink of Midlands, Texas.

          • Nepotism. All the so-called “elites” do it. Why wouldn’t they? Who’s going to stop them?

      • Barr started out in the CIA and became the “fixer” for the illegal activities under Bush the elder. Nobody went to jail for Iran Contra.

    • There might just be a much more broad and well-established corrupted foreign aid program, where the quid pro quo is that a chunk of taxpayer money going to foreign aid has been systematically recycled back to the two political parties and the Clinton Foundation, as standard operating procedure. A big version of how the Dems, over the years, would help the labor unions and the unions would systemically cycle back union dues to the Dems. That would explain why Ukraine is #2 as the source of big donations to the Clinton Foundation after the U.S. It explains why so many sitting Senators and Congresscritters have suddenly decided not to run for re-election. It explains why Hillary blurted out “they are going to put us all in nooses” to her staff when she lost the election, and why her #1 goal since then has been to deflect away the blame for her loss—it’s not entirely a fixation on Trump, it is also to keep her own side from Epsteining her for blowing their cover, by letting Trump in the door. That’s not hate in her eyes, it’s fear of that imaginary red laser dot on her forehead. It’s her own side that would hang her, not us. Everyone has misinterpreted that. It explains the Libya fiasco (think “Minderbinder Enterprises” gone haywire). Obama amped up the whole thing and went a bit off the script, with midnight deliveries of pallets of cash to Iran, another Minderbinder exercise done to excess. Which means he has exposed the game as well, and there has been a scramble to tamp down the Iran thing. It’s why Obama’s Chicago “library” will house no actual records of his administration, he wants no evidence preserved.

      That’s why the Uniparty has thrown an empty “Ukraine phone call” impeachment gambit at Trump, after Mueller and all the other crapola. They have to derail the Donald to hope to keep the game under wraps. That’s why the Barr/Durham investigation “is as thick as a phone book”. It’s why everything is so gosh darn polarized. It’s not that they just hate Donald, that’s the pablum fed to the normies. It’s that they are petrified that the whole game of the last few decades is about to be blown—think of the administration of GHWB as the start of all of this, in a formalized fashion, and everyone since then has been in on the game. Trump is about to blow that up. Epstein’s videos were the enforcement mechanism, started in the late ‘90s, as a step-up of the very effective Bill Clinton strategy of seizing everyone’s FBI file for leverage in ‘92, and Pizzagate was just a side game of leveraging control over the perverts, that someone blew the cover on. Take it to extremes, and Seth Rich is a message to Trump. Epstein got offed because he didn’t have a deadman switch to publicize what he had, as his handlers are actually holding the tapes. Julian Assage has no handlers, and is playing it close to the vest, so while the powers that be are working him hard, they don’t dare off him, because he might actually have a deadman switch to prove that Seth Rich gave him the DNC files. Julian knows that, too, to try to keep himself alive. For that matter, Trump may have a deadman switch as well, which is why they haven’t sent an Oswald out to do his bit yet, which is something I have been wondering about for a while. The games being played are epic right now.

      OK, rant over, thanks for listening to my ravings.

      • That rant was like scene from a WWll movie, where the RAF generals unroll a table-sized map and start moving Axis markers around.

        A majestic overview in under a minute.
        A bit of Big Picture awesomeness to brighten up the darkening day.

    • I wish.

      We are going to have to clean them out. And I would like to be in on the planning and execution. Another “I wish.”

    • Nope. No. Way. Not gonna happen, Guest. How many Clintons went to jail? None of these nefarious creatures will serve time or be convicted of anything serious. I’d be willing to bet the farm on it. Besides, Trump impeachment trial fails or he is not re-elected, the whole investigation is terminated. Sorry.

  18. Wow…didn’t even realize Tina Turner was still kicking around. She’s even got Swiss citizenship, having renounced her Yankee one. Good on her; dualies should be made to choose one or the other at the threat of a hot iron to the hands.

    • It only became a “thing” after Afroyim v. Rusk. (Look it up, but take your BP meds first.) Now most naturalized “citizens” are dual-nationals.

  19. OT: We’ve heard how the euros have more protections against losing employment and whatnot if they are good at pattern recognition. This is no longer true, at least in GB:

    There will be yellow cards and red cards for heterodox opinions. Two strikes and you’re out. They are promised cradle to grave care, but Big Brother decides more and more when the ‘grave’ part kicks in.

  20. Agree about the uselessness of trying to persuade left-wing lunatics and bioleninists.

    I think we’ve got to look at our thing as a kind of missionary work, and focus on converting the convertible. A gun-loving MAGAman is, for example, a better candidate to spend an hour of political talk on than a wine aunt.

    (Although I’ve never actually tried it, I imagine it would be instructive to examine some missionary handbooks.)

    And never forget that reality is on our side. That’s the one wind that blows our way. We’re trying to get people from 2 +2 = 5 to 2 + 2 = 4.

    Although with their typical inversion, Globohomo calls what we’re doing “radicalization,” in fact it’s deradicalization. We’re just bringing people back to normalcy, the habits and values that have naturally emanated from human nature for thousands of years.

    • I could add, be gentle with boomers and libertarians if you think you can win them over. (I know that we go hard on them here, but that’s among the Redpill Club members.) Remember that these are potentially future /ourguys/.

      If you call a libertarian or boomer a retard or moron to his face, you’re never going to win him over; he’ll just dig in (trust me, LOL.) Better a metaphorical arm around the shoulder.

      There’s one exception: if one of them is truly unconvertible, then you can ridicule him if the real audience is not him but some other party (such as Twitter followers) who is your real target for redpilling. Then the libertard or boomertard is really the Stooge in your own little morality play.

      • Frankly, I’m very cautious about winning over people to our side. In the community sense I assess whether they have skills or resources to offer. But if they’re a career bureaucrat or office-weenie – specifically someone who lives off the production of others – and have zero skills to share in sustainable community, then why bother? I suppose it’s fine to win over a convert to vote correctly (or withdraw from the charade altogether), but in the community-building sense I’m looking for skin-in-the-game, and those with medical, agricultural, trade skills. Rarely – VERY rarely – do I meet people on the other side of the divide who have these things. All that to say – focus your efforts on Trump supporters, then work on weaning them away from Washington DC and get them thinking about their county courthouse.

        • I would do as Jesus says… talk to people. If they agree, welcome. If they are openly questioning but not yet convinced, convince. If they shut you out with stubborn resistance, walk away and leave their dirt with them.

        • County courthouse, indeed. I’d urge people to consider what’s happening in San Francisco, where the son of Weather Underground’s Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert (Chesa Boudin) is still close to becoming District Attorney. He might not get it this time — their byzantine voting system may keep him out, and he’s running against a woman — but they’re getting closer and closer. Gilbert is serving life for the Brinks robbery in Long Island decades ago — he could’ve gotten a deal, but refused the court’s authority over him. That’s the family background of someone who might be the district attorney of San Francisco, California. Where will he go next?

          Once they can start prosecuting us, it’s on. A guy like Boudin is smart and determined. He’s a Stalinist. Take note. This is happening.

          I’m a catabolic collapse kind of guy, but I’m beginning to think that the social and political collapse is going to long precede the material and economic one.

          Problem is, where I live, I point this out to people and get shrugs. I’m running with the wrong crowd. Perhaps thus it ever was…

          • Excellent post, and your experiences remind me I’m not alone in these curmudgeonly thoughts. Shrugs … I get those all the time. As long as the belly is full and wifi is working, all is well. You can’t help a statist until he’s hungry, but at that point the farm gate will be closed, barbed wire will be up, posts will be manned.

            The true-believing proteges of academia’s Marxist professors now number in the hundreds of thousands – and they’re gaining power. This gets to some of yesterday’s conversation – these are predominately white people, and they’re the root-stock of the problem. The gays, trannies, EBT parasites, and throngs of refugees are symptoms of the disease, NOT the disease. One of the first rules of warfare is correctly identifying the enemy.

          • Work on people? For what? To vote for whom? In the month or two that I have been reading here I do not know just who it is that you would trust.

          • Don’t despair too much, Pro. You are in the majority here. There are a handful of those whom I trust, but none are in politics.

          • None of us do, Pro, not even the Zman.

            That’s what makes dissidence the true cutting edge. We’re explorers, exiles, and misfits wandering in new, even forbidden, lands.
            Look out for cannibals!

          • With your comment and lfrank’s, I might be at the beginning of understanding. But, man, it’s work.

          • The retards in Cville just release a wetback CONVICTED of felony death in a DUI case instead of turning him over to ICE. It’s not playing well even in Cville.

            Chesa is one of Leno’s bum boys. They love the spot light. Let them have it. They are smart enough to screw up big time. The biggest problem in SF’s slide into the abyss right now is that it’s political machine is far far left and very very very dumb. Nothing is working. Everything is start-stop, Someone who’s bright enough to screw up big time is a plus at this point. There’s no path for redemption for SF. The quicker they get to the bottom the better.

        • Wise words. When SHTF, I’m certain there will be many “new” converts to the cause. But this is now a “lifeboat” story isn’t it? Pains me to say, but I might not make the cut either.

          • The very fact that you may question whether you’d make the cut would sway things in your favor. There’s usually an inverse relationship between what someone SAYS they have to offer community vs what they have in reality. That, and you’re clear-eyed about the lifeboat situation. These things go a long way.

            Another thing I’ve learned about community-building – everyone can’t be a leader, and everyone doesn’t have to be master of a trade. Willingness to pitch-in and work go a long way in sports, one’s career, and building community.

            E.g. I know how to manage livestock and cultivate a garden … but if I have to do it for 100 people I’m going to need 20-30 of those folks doing grunt agricultural labor, at least until diesel is flowing and post-civil unrest infrastructure is repaired. Hopefully I’m making the point clear – there’s a place for the non-preppers in community … if you’re not bringing a specialty you need to bring a willingness to learn and a strong back.

          • “ … if you’re not bringing a specialty you need to bring a willingness…”

            Excellent phraseology—poetic even. Thanks.

          • Tell ya what, I am the master when it comes to swabbin’ toilets.
            And everybody likes a clean restroom.

          • You’ve got a volunteer here, as I consider myself one of those who might not make the cut, either.

        • Good points, CAPT S, but (and here I’m speaking generally, not as a rebuttal to your comment) it might be useful to think of “our side” on multiple levels. At perhaps the core level or most constrained circle there is the “side” of “Do I want this guy in my lifeboat?” but there is also the much wider circle of “Is this a decent person that I can persuade to support the same issues that I support?”

          While it’s good to plan for the worst case (being the lifeboat situation), it would not do to plan and work toward only for that worst case.

          As Stina notes above, “talk to people”. One might be surprised at what happens. As an example, I have a number of younger friends and colleagues (in their 30’s) — bright, decent people who are personally hard working and have integrity (else we would not be friends!) — but generally bought into the standard USAian indoctrination of “diversity uber alles” and blank slatism when we first met. Without haranguing or lecturing (much) I’ve got these people sneering and rolling their eyes when someone mentions Diversity as a good, or “we’re all the same under the skin” as an objective, provable fact upon which we can build social policy. Of course I can’t take credit for all this, a large part of their change in perspective is because, as they entered the workforce and saw more of the world, they could see that they’d been fed falsehoods. Most of my role has been to point out the vast chasms between what they were told to believe and how the world IS, and to reassure them that they in fact are NOT crazy for noticing. The final part of my role is to show them that there are people like us out there, many many more than our Lords and Masters want to acknowledge, and that we’re not at all the monsters, Nazis, and drooling cousin humpers they’ve been told to think that we are.

          • Very good redirect Mike C. You’re correct – I tend to focus on the potential end game … widespread civil unrest, disruption of services, etc. Also, you’re bringing up another point: each of us bring different talents and weaknesses. I’m a rather impatient guy … not the right person to confront/persuade the fence-sitters. I expect that’s something you’re good at. Thanks for the nudge … I’ll try to keep the curmudgeon at bay.

      • Work on people half-way there – namely the MAGA peeps, As Captain S points be especially wary of those who benefit from the status quo.You won’t flip them, most likely they will rat you out.

        This latter group can be flipped but only when they get kicked to the curb and wonder WTF happened/.

      • When you insult, ridicule, or belittle *the person* as opposed to the idea—you lose the argument. Worse, you not only don’t convert, you often produce hardened opposition. One needs to make one’s point and, as stated, learn to walk away. You will have planted the seed of doubt in any thinking, sentient, individual.

        If your seed has found fertile ground, it will grow. If not, that individual was not worth having in your “group” anyway. Wish him well and leave him be. As long as he breaths there is always hope.

        Here in the desert, all native plants produce seeds that can lay dormant for years and years—waiting for that one year out of a dozen or more for the right combination of rain and temperature to sprout. And so we must be patient as well.

    • A propos of things like building community and winning people over to the Right Side of the Force, and also regarding something that was being discussed here the other day, this little turn of phrase occurred to me…

      What if I told you that when I was a kid, I joined a boxing gym to learn how to fight, and lo and behold, my sparring partners were George Foreman and Muhammad Ali?

      You would say I was lying and the very idea was preposterous.

      But what if I told you that when I was a kid, I hung out at the public library to learn how to think and argue, and my sparring partners were George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Fyodor Dostoevski, Bertolt Brecht and William Butler Yeats?

      All of a sudden it sounds more plausible.

      People should think about using reading clubs and book clubs to build up community. And you don’t have to be reading “conservative” books or Barnes and Noble “political” best sellers and Ann Coulter polemics. Act One of “Arms and the Man” will do just fine.

    • We should always check our assumptions.

      Some assume that MAGA CivNat evangelicals are closest to becoming WNs

      But I am not aware of many instances when they have actually made the transition.

      It’s a shame that they never conducted the “what red pilled you” poll they were talking about on the TRS forum, back when it was a central hub of the Alt-Right. You could have gotten some interesting data.

      But my impression was that it was mostly ex-leftists and ex-libertarians, very few ex-conservatives.

      The conservative temperament may not be suited to “dissidence”.

      • Angelo Codevilla recently did a Q&A interview on Tablet. He talked a bit about his early career in DC, and how the mindset for success in government work was to put your head down and parrot the party line, and you can go very far and get rich, without too much effort. He, however, liked to question things and fiddle with the status quo way of things, so he washed out and became a teacher and author. He pointed out that there are people who simply can’t buy what is being sold to them, and need to figure things out for themselves and ask lots of questions. Those are the people we need to target, and who will find us in any case, sooner or later.

        • That pretty well sums me up – ” . . . there are people who simply can’t buy what is being sold to them, and need to figure things out for themselves and ask lots of questions.”

        • It is hard to sell out your conscience. I got out of teaching too early and will suffer in retirement for that decision. Sometimes poverty brings happiness. Time to learn how to work with my hands and my brain.

          • Had a family friend, 31 years in the university admin trenches and a union steward as well, retired a few too early because she was forced out by a lesbo feminista who wanted her job.

            You teachers spend years walking on eggshelves, avoiding tripwires while penned up with feral animals. Heartbreaking, really, but you might’ve avoided a similar hatchet job by the Woke.

            PS- the friend, with her husband and grandkids, found a small-town paradise and escaped their lifetime hometown.
            They’re slightly squeezed, and serenely happy.

          • Thanks for sharing. “Walking on eggshells, avoiding tripwires,” but I was fortunate to have good and respectful students, for the most part. The real criminals are the adults who don’t know what they are doing, and those who know exactly what they’re doing. Incompetence and Ideology both working to destroy all that is “good, true, and beautiful.” I did not attend private K-12, but tossed that in anyhow, wishing I knew the fullness of that statement.

            One of my sins was telling the kids during a major lockdown drill that it was unfortunate that gun owners like myself couldn’t be armed at school to protect them from mass shooters. A liberal mom didn’t like that at all. But if you met her you’d see instantly a very bitter, indoctrinated, and confused woman.

            I’m glad to be out of there.

        • For a guy who’s still in the normie-con camp, AC seems pretty “adjacent” to Our Thing, a notch or two closer than VDH, if anything.

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