The Groyper Rebellion

The youthful rebellion against establishment gate keepers on the college campus has mostly confirmed what has always been understood about the front men hired to be the face of these operations. Never having to answer tough questions allows them to fool people, especially young people, about their motives. The questions young people are posing these guys are not all that tough, but when posed to hot house flowers not used to push-back, the result have been devastating.

The main take-away thus far is that Charlie Kirk is the political equivalent of a lip-syncing pop star. In narrowly staged performances, as long as the sound track works perfectly and the lights are just right, Kirk can put on a good show. When he has to rely on his own talent to carry the show, the results are comically poor. He was recently booed off the stage at his UCLA event. Like that lip-syncing pop star, who gets exposed during a stage mishap, Kirk’s career is now a laughingstock.

Kirk, of course, is not the only fraudster to get the business from the groypers, as it has now become the cool thing to do. Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, who is always a skipped pill away from a shooting spree, had to be sedated after getting some tough questions from college boys. The cynical con-man Dan Crenshaw has responded by threatening to ruin the lives of these kids. It appears that Pirate Dan is trying to prove that honorable military service is independent of good character.

The most interesting result thus far has been the meltdown by Ben Shapiro last week, which was so bad he had to pull it from his YouTube channel. The comments were full of young people mocking him. Shapiro is probably the smartest of the con-men deployed by Conservative Inc., but he is also the most thin-skinned. Any push-back is met with a childish tantrum. Like Charlie Kirk, it suggests he is a hothouse flower, carefully protected by his handlers, in order to maintain the charade.

If you pay attention to his act, what comes through is he has a deep, subconscious hatred of white people. Take for example his promotion of the dubious claim that European civilization is defined by Judeo-Christian tradition. For most of Western history, Christianity and Judaism were at odds. In the early medieval period, Jews and Christians competed for converts. When the term Judeo-Christian came into use in the 17th and 18th century, it was as a Pauline pejorative against Catholicism.

Putting aside the history, what he is doing is rewriting the European past in order to make it dependent on his religious and ethnic traditions. You can have your Christianity, as long as it is accepting of Jews, which neuters the theologically. You can also have your Western chauvinism, as long as you make sure Jews are central characters in the narrative. Ben Shapiro’s view of Western civilization is colonial, as if he is allowing white people to have some conditional cultural heritage.

This becomes clear when Shapiro says “white civilization is nonsensical.” He says that “civilization is defined by culture, history and philosophy.” He is divorcing what he calls Western civilization from the people who created it. Like his sleight of hand swapping out Catholicism from the heart of European history, he is turning Western civilization into a gift inexplicably granted to the people of Europe. It is not something European people created, but something they received, like hitting the lottery.

There is an obvious implication to this train of thought. If white people are just lucky recipients of civilization, then they are not really deserving of it. This would explain Shapiro’s love for non-white immigration. Why shouldn’t everyone get a taste of this civilization thing? It’s only fair. When he says “he does not give a good damn about the so-called browning of America,” he is not entirely honest. In fact, he really cares, as he is in total support of it as an act of retributive justice.

You can never know what is in someone’s heart and it is entirely possible that Shapiro has not thought through any of this. It is increasingly clear that he is clever, but not a deep thinker. He possesses a vermin-like rapacity that is often mistaken for smart and ambitious in this degraded age. His act is therefore about presenting himself as a smart guy, who just happens to agree with an audience desperate to throw money at anyone showing them some respect. He’s just working the suckers.

Either way, the fact that these guys have no prepared responses to these questions has some larger implications. It is important the keep in mind that the same people bankrolling Shapiro and Kirk and all the rest are also bankrolling versions of these guys on the Left. Both sides of the Progressive morality play are financed by the same amorphous donor class that also underwrites the Imperial Capital. These morality plays are always the product of the Cloud People to control the Dirt People.

This stuff suggests the divide between the Cloud People and Dirt People has grown to a point where neither side really understands the other. The people behind these shows have no idea what’s going on among the hoi polloi. Similarly, the rabble is baffled as to why these people don’t address the questions being raised. Much of the success of this rebellion is due to the groypers assuming their targets were smart and prepared, so they prepared great questions and great logistics.

One thing that is true about revolutions, at least in the West, is that long before the crisis in the streets, there is a quiet divorce between the people and their rulers. The people in charge stop knowing or even respecting the people over whom they rule, while the people lose their connection to their rulers. It is this connection, this set of reciprocal obligations rooted in blood and history that sees a people and their rulers through crisis. Once it is gone, the next crisis becomes a revolution.

When even a guy, who is desperately trying to be the voice of the Dirt People inside the Imperial Capital, is all thumbs on the youth revolt, it says they are flying blind. Gaetz posted his support for the Cloud and hour later he is rushing to qualify that tweet, because his staff noticed the reaction. When the Tribune of the Dirt People instinctively sides with the Cloud People, the gap between us them and them has probably reached a point where it can never be bridged. What comes next is inevitable.

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279 thoughts on “The Groyper Rebellion

  1. It’s not rocket science. Shaprio is a Jew. Jews hate Christianity, they hate the heritage of Greece and Rome. That’s all that is required to understand Jewish support for multi-culturalism, mass immigration, etc.

  2. It is important to know two things: William Buckley was a lax roman catholic; he was an employee of the CIA immediately before starting national review.

  3. “vermin-like”. I like that. Whenever I see his rat like demeanor, I think “This is the best they got”?

  4. The judeo christian concept stems from the obvious fact that half of the bible, the old testament, is the jewish law. Its 100% a story of israelites. Jesus was a completion of gods promise to send a messiah. Jesus was a jew. Revelation says jesus will return and reign 1,000 years in Jerusalem. Do you not read your bible? There will be inherent contradictions between conservatives because fundamentalist and evangelical christians LOVE israel. They call it the holy land and study the biblical prophecy concerning the future of christians reigning from israel. They learn bible stories about jews and dedicate many sermons to asking for money to help Israel. Youll never separate christianity from the jews unless you edit the bible. The advent of the printing press enabled the average christian to finally read the bible themselves in the 17th century. Maybe thats why they didnt get along in the middle ages.

    None of this matters. The entire western world is done because whites have a character trait called guilt that other ethnic groups apparently dont.

    • “Youll never separate christianity from the jews unless you edit the bible.”

      The modern oxymoron of Judeo-Christianity is largely the result of Jewish edits to the Bible.

      Muslims don’t call their religion “Judeo-Christo-Islam” even though it obviously shares a common mythological tradition. No one even tries to sell them on such nonsense b/c consequences.

      Maybe Jews & Christians didn’t get along in the Middle Ages because Jews enjoyed privileged positions as landlords, tax farmers, usurers and vendors of contraband like whores, booze & White Christian slaves.

      This does matter because Whites have a character trait called Noticing – including Noticing which (((ethnic groups))) best exploit White guilt to spread historical fictions like “Judeo-Christianity.”

  5. On this stupid war racket day, howdy Smedley, I sincerely wish to shout out a possible saint: St. Timothy McVeigh. Sergeant, gunner, truly loyal yet mercenary – a man who finally experienced enough and did something about a perceived condition. Unlike us web warriors. All Honor to his name. He went down with a pint of mint chocolate chip, the easy humor aside, I think about this man often. McVeigh actually went there. Next.

    said 4 hours ago apparently (cough)

    • Lone wolves are net-negative to Our Thing.

      The IRA learned this with the Christmas Bombing which set them back with the populace for years & by most accounts that was a splinter-group operation.

      Guys shooting up Wal-Marts, guys killing Whites, etc.. just make us all look like monsters.

      There are also those who say OkCity was a glow-in-the-dark op for just those reasons.

      Don’t be surprised if many on sites like this consider you a potential fed for this kind of comment either. It’s not as if Michael Hayden, et al don’t brag about incitement. It’s not like an FBI stooge wasn’t caught on 8-chan calling for guys to “stop talking and do something.”

      Guys cracking under pressure and going boogaloo are the inevitable and intended result of Clown Word displacement, humiliation and censorship policies against Whites.

      It’s what (((they))) want us to do.

      For that reason most of all, I won’t be celebrating any of the lone wolves today or any other day. At best these events were tragic wastes of life with no positive impact, at worst they were false flags. In any event, they only serve our enemies.

      • Some of those “splinter groups” were British intelligence. They likely killed Airey Neave; they blamed it on some IRA breakaway group that couldn’t buy a pint of beer but managed somehow to plant an explosive in his car and blow it up right at Westminster.

  6. The demographic changes leading to whites being minority has already happened. They say it is off in the future, likely that is a lie. I read the Dispossessed Majority earlier this year, and unfortunately, we are there. When the minorities (who are now majority) realize they can have the power, they will ditch the leftist/democratic leaders and become the leaders themselves, voting for things that bring the largess their way.

    • When that day comes, and it WILL come soon on an historical time scale, we need to be voting Democratic Party primary for whichever diversity faction will end this evil globalist empire the most quickly. The only elections that matter will be Dem primaries. Generals will be a foregone conclusion, like most of California is already. It will be better to have a de-jure one-party state than the de-facto fake democracy that we have now. Rip the blinkering eye masks from the normies …. democratic will of the people can only be expressed when there is ONE people/one nation within a country that is a nation-state. Anything else inevitably leads to rule by hostile foreign oligarchs.

  7. Zman, would have loved to hear your take on scumbag moron DT Jr. refusing to even take q and a out of fear… Now that was hilarious!

  8. “It is important the keep in mind that the same people bankrolling Shapiro and Kirk and all the rest are also bankrolling versions of these guys on the Left. ”


  9. What are groypers?

    Social conservatism
    America First foreign policy
    Ending Mass Immigration

    (The platform per Nick Fuentes on twitter)

    And – loud, unapologetic Q&A in public venues.

  10. If there was an emergency and I had only time to save one life, Antifa or Groyper , I’d save the Antifa guy.

    At least he/she/it/xir/xat believes in something however stupid that is, fights for that something and is openly and honestly my foe, never pretending to be on my side.

    I can respect that.

      • This is correct. I meant GOPe and will correct all of the texts.

        Groyper is a stupid meme IMO it sounds too close to grifter which confused my old brain.


      • Compared to someone in the GOPe who pretends to be my friend and sells me out to cheap labor and the left whoever is paying more at the moment.

        Look Antifa is the enemy of the left but unlike our GOPe they don’t pretend to be anything else.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of idiot hippo who take a scorpion on his back and wonders why he get stung. However a fake ally has less value than someone who claims to be on your side and then stabs you in the back for a few sheckles

    • I’d be with you if you’d said “jihadis” instead of “Antifa”. I’ve talked to both Antifa and jihadis: Antifa never tells you what they believe in, they only tell you what they think will help destroy Western civilisation. Jihadis will give you everything up front if you ask them.

      • Had I not actually meant GOPe and misused the term Groyper , who are apparently on our side you’d be correct and I’d deserve the oprobium . So I won’t downvote it.

        That said Groper is stupid its sounds like grifter or some kind of fish . Still since everyone else is using it , I might as well get it right .

    • Since you’re never going to be in that position (what kind of emergency would this be, exactly, where you’ve got to choose between saving the life of a groyper or a member of antifa? Is there a pool somewhere where very poor swimmers who are politically active compete in timed fights to the death?) — all you’re really saying here is that you respect fanatics who’ll commit violence against you.

      Your groyper/antifa trolley car philosophy experiment won’t happen. The rest of it will. You should join antifa at this point if you think they’re your allies. You’ll need to be vetted and I don’t think they’ll take kindly to your posting on this site, to be honest. We can provide a reference letter, though, if you’d like.

      • They aren’t and I meant the GOPe .

        I don’t know enough about the Groypers to count them but Antifa is not on my side nor is the GOPe.

        Frankly no one is entirely on my side Quoth treebeard

        I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me

        I’m however 100% in favor of immigration restriction and repatriation , conservation very pro gun and into rolling back cultural Marxism and easy divorce for couples with kids.

        Beyond that I am all over the map , pro abortion (not pro choice, pro abortion) , very SWPL in some cultural tastes, OK with socialized medicine and/or a welfare state if needed , in favor of regulation where needed and so on. Heck my state California “degendered” bathrooms and I was fine with it.

        I might fit in pretty well with the European Right but certainly not with the typical Neo Con Right or any faction save maybe the Palecons and I’m socially moderate for that lot.

        This makes Antifa opposed, the GOPe opposed and as noted no one precisely on my side.

        So till the nation makes some damned sense again , well it’s unlikely bedfellows time.

        This doesn’t mean I don’t think if the proverbial ship of state gets righted since those men who have tasted blood or gained power that my allies of the moment won’t gladly turn on me.

        They will. This is what history is.

      • “Is there a pool somewhere where very poor swimmers who are politically active compete in timed fights to the death?”

        Come to think of it, that’d be a hell of a game show. I’d actually go back to watching TV for that.

        As far as the GOPe vs Antifa hypothetical goes, the answer of course is “neither”.

      • Or, “my Vichy restaurant is doing great.” I just don’t understand why they shaved all those ladies’ heads….

    • Why would you save an implacable foe? That is just suicidal. Go be a commie sympathizer somewhere else.

    • I tried to find it on a few different search engines and could not.

      You can’t have tried very hard, then. Even Google gives you the explanation on the first hit.

      • The search engines give different results to different people in different places. If you are on the shit list, they keep the interesting stuff away from you. This has been going on for a while, but is ramping up more and more.

    • You have to use an internet search engine. Not your lawn mower engine.

      Wait, is this chickenhawk Ben Cheapwierdo – or Mittens Romney? Oh, then I understand.

  11. ‘Cloud People’ versus ‘Dirt People’ reminds me of John Boorman’s quirky and often-cribbed ‘Zardoz’ (which, in turn, cribs from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie). Think of Conservative Inc as ‘The Great And Power ZiOz’.

  12. “For sites like this to exist, it requires people like you chipping in a few bucks a month……”
    No it doesn’t, that’s BULLSHIT, you panhandling PAYtriot.

  13. OT
    4CHAN: *Invent parody meme of “OK” sign as hate symbol*
    ADL: “It’s teh real McCoy!”
    Wapo: *parrot ADL uncritically*
    4CHAN (and, to be fair, the sane portion of the world) *laughs at ADL, Wapo and “OK is hate symbol”*)
    ADL: “No, it’s a really, real hate symbol now!”
    Wapo: *parrot ADL uncritically*

  14. Did anyone go beyond reading the clickbait blog post, and actually watch the linked video? I did, and no one got “booed off the stage”. There was one woke type, and a bunch of rude noisemakers, but not even organized heckling. Don Jr. and whasername effectively talked over the top of them, which is about all you can do (absent bouncers with whips).

  15. The dirt people are starting to notice somewhat what has happened to them but 100 years ago the voice of the dirt people would not just be ignored so easily because many of the dirt people were engaged.
    But much like a dirt Farmer 75 years ago who had to fix his own tractor and everything else.
    His son still fixed some of that tractor 30 years ago.
    Now his grandson doesn’t know anything about The tractor and working with his hands or fixing much of anything, the John Deere dealership does that.
    One of our priorities should be engaging dirt people beyond their I phones and toward things like strong labor unions, learning trades, serving on things like city councils, even encouraging traditional Christianity ( not the cucked version) and overall reconnection in small degrees with local issues and local politics.
    Good local communities and politics can encourage some of the changes that we are looking for.

    • It’s an ungrounded, debt based consumer economy that produces these people. If we had to go back to producing these things would be rediscovered. Our economy is so distorted by funny money that industry is hollowed out. We’re in the tail end of all this however.

  16. I can’t think of a better analogy to who these people are than Milli Vanilli. When the music goes into a loop, they don’t know what do do. You have to think that every day thousands of Republicans are coming how from work with Shapiro on, having beaten their brains in on some 12 hour shift, having been denied a raise, or given a raise that’s literally a 20 cents or something, and listening to Shapiro crow platitudes about Capitalism and the “free market” and how we’ve always been welcoming to immigrants, etc. It has to ring completely hollow. It should anyway. You would have to be completely out of touch to think he has a point.

  17. Things are becoming a little clearer here after watching John Mark’s You Tube this morning, and then reading this article.

    A few days ago I would be like Gaetz and think Kirk and Shapiro were right as conservatives. So now it is revealed that Kirk and Shapiro want more immigration. That’s a big “huh?” Even a little leaguer like me knows that we need to revert back to 1920 and place a long moratorium on all immigration. Okay, my grandparents got in just before that time, but their kids (my parents, aunts, and uncles) all assimilated. On a side note, I liked Dan Crenshaw until I read about his support for red flag laws, and now he threatens (regardless of which crowd he threatens) people who demand answers. Not good. So, for black/white thinkers this becomes pretty clear. These guys seem to be caving to demographics is destiny while doing nothing to think twice about which demographic is/was the golden goose. I dunno….

    Now, if I could just unravel this Jew thing and history. Question:

    People write “whites and Jews.” Shouldn’t that be “Jews and non-Jews (or gentiles)?” Jews are white, right?

    • And another Operation Wetback and an Indian and Chinese Exclusion act.
      But even if we could get Congress to pass such a thing, it only takes one judge somewhere to end it.

      • This is why Constitutionalists are eventually going to have to concede the impossiblity of “saving” the Magic Paper. All of those rules have to be memory-holed, start from scratch. If you can convince Our Guys that some principle from the Constitution is worthy, let it stand on its own merit. The entire present framework is rotten with well-exploited loopholes and twisted myth-making. There are worthy concepts in that framework, but those few unwarped planks need to be incorporated in a whole new structure with new nails & screws.

    • I have my grandfather’s papers from Ellis Island. He certified – and it was fact:

      1. He could speak English.
      2. Had a job waiting.
      3. Was coming to live with a family member that had a household and job.

  18. My eyes don’t lie. The Kirk guy lost me with “our values” = Rainbow F(l)ags.

    Here’s what my eyes also see:

    1. My NYC suburb town is filled with illegals; they line the streets in the mornings 7 days a week to be picked up by law breakers for undocumented labor; said town is a place no one that speaks English goes into any more – they eyeball US like THEY own the place; apparently they do. It is a “sanctuary” town by decree of the mayor and the slum lords that support him.

    2. There is a two tiered “justice” system locally. While out of state license plates cannot be missed on the 6+ cars parked in front of numerous single family dwellings, the police focus their “enforcement” on soccer moms, ticket blitz is a 365 day approach. Then the undocumented end up in traffic court, they get their “translator” – and inevitably a continuance — “come back in [#] months” despite being unlicensed, uninsured. One has to always worry about a traffic accident with one of these valued new residents and they drive LIKE SHIT. Once almost killed my wife and I – cut me off on a 55 mph 2-laner in a large truck (three guesses – his “employer’s no doubt) – no one behind me, just drove directly across my path, wide-eyed, struggling with the wheel. I was able to avoid him, barely. It would have been serious. You cannot make this up – when a local DIM came to the door to campaign, the person/grifter said, in reply to “don’t you see all those out of state plates in town” – “if you see anything, call us…” Sure, go on record ratting out MS-13.

    3. Once struggling slightly Upstate towns sold themselves to the Rainblow Flag $$$$. Take a ride to Saugerties, NY – check out the giant, block long banner on the book store there. Sure, it is great to go to places and see PDA, man with man, all that – those colorful flags everywhere /s. Went to the diner in Millerton, NY – tatted hipster owned – they could not even manage a HOT DOG. Seriously, 30+ minute wait and out comes a COLD HOT DOG. Needless to say, hope the locals enjoy all that rainbow money – cuz I know plenty of folks that will not drop a cent in these towns ever again, “sustainability farms”, and all.

    4. Kirk looks like a gargoyle. Yeah, he is on TV every five minutes. Sad to see ole Don Jr. and his blow up doll join forces with this geek – but the GROYPERS have really outed the butt pirate Crenshaw – chubby nerd Gaetes, and pulled the curtain back away from the GRIFTERS.

    5. Infrastructure is crumbling; our roads are more pothole than road – including in stretches of uber rich Westchester County, NY – while these Dims jabber on about “free” this and that for illegals. I would say it serves the leftists in Westchester right, but I still have to rumble over their moonscape roads.

    I could go on and on and on and on … let’s just say “our values” a-la Kirk and company …. total BS. No surprise that the slightest push back has the butt pirate Crenshaw calling for doxxing, and now “no mas” on the questions. Look up Solzhenitsyn’s thoughts on what his fellow citizens DIDN’T do when the roundups in Leningrad took place. Then remember that these “conservative” grifters are IN LEAGUE with the adversaries – burying YOUR children in inescapable DEBT – stealing their futures to line their pocket as if they are … CLINTONS.

    • Upvoted your comment.

      I think Trump, Jr., and Gaetz are going to get the message. Seriously, if they’re anything like me and most other people, we are just now getting woke to it. As to Kim the Floozie Guilfoyle, she’s a slut, having bedded Gavin Newsom, who himself pulled a Barry Switzer by sleeping with his assistant’s wife, but don’t know if he went full on Barry by firing said cuck.

      Stand firm.

    • Is it not white business people who hire these illegals, though? And white people who pay these business people for a contract?

      Look, I know illegals are bad. But if I see a guy called Enrico Gonzalez Martinez, he ain’t getting my business. If I hire a white contractor and a van full of illegals show up, he ain’t getting my business. It’s really not that hard to probe a company beforehand to see if it’s an alien owned/employing company. I don’t care if it’s more expensive to hire whites.

      We do need to get illegals out. But the white folks who knowingly pay for their services are absolutely disgusting.

      • Why is it when I get a job I got a fill out a million papers proving I’m a citizen and these traitors are able to hire a bunch of illegal aliens?

        This is anarcho-tyranny! Every jot and title of the law is ruthlessly applied to us, while they don’t get prosecuted for any violation no matter how flagrant!

        • Boom. Soccer mom or guy in Audi – TICKET! The old “do you know why I pulled you over…?”

          Then insurance UP. Soon enough, credit score DOWN. Meanwhile …..

          I talk to LEOs, as mentioned, one is on my property right now. And others. And what is going on in NYC has them sick. Having politicians make them into roadside tax collectors means less law enforcement. Let’s face it, the trend in the USA now is less prosecution. Release felons.

      • As I type this, a white local police officer, a great young man from my town, is doing my leaves. No snotty virtue signal intended BUT I hired him temporarily, got to know him, has a third child, infant – and I am not firing him as a customer. The guy puts in 150% for the dollar – as in my wife has to STUFF extra money in his hands.

        Yes, in my area I am acquainted with LOTS of hypocrite white liberals that hire illegals. Only think about the $$$. I have more faith, and pray for the extra money to support the young man that proves the UTTER LIE about “jobs whites won’t do…” and God has been good to me. Also, one of my kid’s best friend’s dad is a retired cop and also does lawns – another check of the box disputing the lie.

        We used to go to a diner up the pike. One day it became evident the owner had staffed up with illegals. Goodbye diner.

        I have a family member that owns a business in Westchester – does NOT hire illegals. His life would be MUCH easier if he did as his business is labor intensive. He suffers for this choice but owns my respect (and I assume his own).

        We all make the choice not to support the adversary. Sure, I could fire my lawn man tomorrow and save $$$$. Then look in the mirror and see just another scumbag.

        • Why don’t you talk to that young white man about getting a job in the trades especially my trade of being a Lineman…Then he wouldn’t have to rake leaves because he wouldn’t need a side job…Some guys in my line of work are going to hit the half million mark this year…

          • Hmmm. He is a local police officer and what he decides to do with his personal time – in his case own and operate a lawn maintenance business to support his growing family of 3 children is HIS business. Literally, his business. He works his tail off, makes good coin, and his wife stays at home.

            I am not the busybody type and I respect the work ethic of this young man too much to come off that way. Plus, my neighbor for years was a Lineman, and did not say that it was all you seem to think it was cracked up to be – at least around here – and no one making a half million here either.

            One thing I have to be patient with when talking to older relatives and acquaintances is when they say things like, “I never worked a single Sunday morning in my life” – after finding out that I am putting in that time at my multi decade small business that has created zero consumer debt, zero college loan debt for me and my 4 young adult kids – and always coming up with these ‘suggestions’ of ‘what you should do’ after taking in minimal information and promptly relating EVERYTHING back to their experience.

      • If I could up vote your comment a million times I would. Here where I live it’s the white farmers who needed that cheap labor and were not willing to ensure it was done in a way that protected the rule of law. It was easier just to.look the other way.

        • Back when I was first tapping into books like Manning’s “Credit Card Nation” I recall reading about the start of the “guest worker program”. IIRC, those readings stated that Big Agri was the magnet that began our current wave of illegals. Back then, they were allowed into SoCal. Then when harvest season was over, escorted back to the border.

          When said “guests” began voting with their feet … they began to disperse throughout the country and stay. And Big Agri, followed by Big Business, never got over its fix for cheap labor, without care for where it came from, nor the long term effects on the Nation.

          I really feel the leftists have simply weaponized the situation, seeking ‘benefits’ for themselves – power, permanent Dems elected – from the demand by Big Agri/Big Business. But also without care for the long term effects on the Nation.

          Talk to many a farmer now – and I have spoken to a few – and they rationalize the need for illegals. One I personally spoke to bragged about having his “own coyotes” to keep the flow of laborers coming. Said he ‘had no choice…’

          So looking back, it starts with Big Agri, they justify it since they need stoop labor to pick strawberries – and they are going home after. Then industry needs cheap labor. Then drive down the cost of American labor overall. Then they vote for gibs, and give us Dems into perpetuity.

          Then… every one for themselves, and we no longer have a country. Just greedy, immoral self-servers. Yeah, go ahead USMC OCS singer of songs to my sons …. that ‘college money’ – what a laugh. Arm up some illegals.

      • Rubashkin. One of Trump/Kushner’s first acts was to commute the sentence of the worst convicted illegal alien employer in History.

      • Some white people have some sort of anti-in-group gene that actually appears to prefer the ‘other’ to their own. Or else a lot of behavioral conditioning.

        • “cant find anyone who would do manual labor for pay 1/2 what they could make stocking shelves or serving coffee”

          The problem, as always, is that conservatives ingore the supply side. if you cant find people, raise your wages.

    • Great post.

      Look up Solzhenitsyn’s thoughts on what his fellow citizens DIDN’T do when the roundups in Leningrad took place.

      And look up what the victims Stalin’s political purges thought of the Gulag: “You splitters and backsliders deserve every minute of it, but in my case, a grievous mistake has been made. Little Father will rectify it once it’s brought to his attention.”

      • Then think of the “let them come get my guns”
        crowd, posturing about some shootout fantasy. Or like, pudgy middle age guys with ED and Type 2 diabetes are going to “take to the woods” like partisans.

        At least they can answer the old question of ‘why’ did them thar Jews just get in them thar cattle cars.

        When the power of the state is leveraged against YOU and your women and children, ain’t gonna be no takin’ to the woods. Hands up, don’t shoot! That’s what you will say as the local constable packs up your collection.

        • Then think of the “let them come get my guns” crowd, posturing about some shootout fantasy.

          Yes. Guns didn’t prevent Mexico from taking back California like they’re going to take back Texas, and an alarming number of right-wing fellow travelers respond to the loss of America’s richest and, arguably, most beautiful state with “good riddance, Cali is full of Commies.”

          Guns don’t preserve freedom. People, with guns or without, do.

          • Agreed. While I admire our American friends determination to preserve their 2nd Amendment rights, I also think that their guns have provided them an entirely false sense of security.

            Why do they need to prise anything from their cold, dead hands when they can get everything they want out of warm, living ones?

          • I also think that their guns have provided them an entirely false sense of security.

            It’s a comfort blanket. As long as the government doesn’t confiscate muh guns, they believe they’re free.

            That is to say: free to barricade themselves in their bunkers, waiting for the barbarians to come to their gates, so they may shoot them. That way, they don’t have to engage with civic matters, because muh freedom is all about muh guns.

            Europeans are forced to confront the invasion on a political level: how do we stop the barbarians before they reach our gates?

          • Agreed, and upvoted. I keep a loaded 12 gauge pump under my side of the bed. It has not kept ONE SINGLE ILLEGAL from populating my local “sanctuary town” nor has VOTING “Republican” locally.

            It may keep one from surviving breaking into my house, though.

        • The guys we’re looking for to form dissident communities won’t include LARP’ers like that crowd. We want low key, blend-in types who can live among rural normies. We’re looking for distance and disregard from D.C., not official separation.

          If we cant run or fight, what’s your solution? Voting? Shed a few tears & watch our people burn? What are the other options?

          The idea that we’re going to somehow “take back” the state is even less realistic than the idea that we can openly fight it.

          What’s more likely, they give up power voluntarily b/c rules or they yield to force?

          • Make contact with the latest batch of LEOs and tell me that you are going to come out of a hostile encounter in one piece. The only way it doesn’t go bad for you is a mass standoff and cooler heads, as the Bundy thing went. The game, especially in enemy territory (as I am), is evasion. The LEOs are going to get a list of people and addresses. If nobody is home, they don’t have any incentive to round up a posse and track you down. But they will be back the next day, and the day after, until they catch you at home. Or your smartwatch, smartphone, or vehicle gps will give your location away. Plan accordingly, and remember that you can be 500 or 1000 feet away from them and stay undetected, if you are smart about it, and they will have no real incentive to find you.

  19. Similarly, the rabble is baffled as to why these people don’t address the questions being raised.

    I’ve read several comments on Scandi kosher-right websites from people confusedly asking why they’d never heard about Greg Johnson or Scandza until Johnson was arrested, and why did they have to read about him in the MSM rather on their favourite dis-right website.

    But I’ve also noticed that more and more people are getting wise to being gatekept, I’ve even seen Zman referenced in the MSM comment sections.

  20. Either way, the fact that these guys have no prepared responses to these questions has some larger implications.

    Their problem is that they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths. One side is speaking to the marks, another side to their sponsors: if it was only the marks, they could just lie: “sure, we need to stop sending Israel all that cash” – it’d be a free round; it’s not like Shapiro or Crenshaw are in any position to change policy, so why not say whatever the suckers want to hear?

    But their sponsors would never allow such treasonous talk, even when their sock puppets are supposed to pass as whites.

    • Yep, once the con is exposed, it’s not too hard to fluster the conman with questions about what he’s doing.

  21. Judeo-Christian

    A deeply corrupt term, either a tautology or an oxymoron: either the Jewish legacy texts are implied in definition of Christianity, hence making the Judeo-prefix superfluous, or Christianity is, in its conception, an abnegation of Jewry.

    If people start with it, ask them what a “Jew-Christian” is and if they’ve ever met one, or if there’s such a thing as Judaeo-Islam.

    • A while ago I ran a google ngram on the term resulting in a classic “hockey stick” graph with the phrase baseline until the mid-1950s. Of course using the alternate spelling “Judaeo Christian” there’s a brief 19c spike, a brief early 20c spike but the overall trend is the same. A term that entered the lexicon in the 50s and hasn’t quit since.

      • I’m surprised it’s that old. I only started noticing it in the noughties.

        I flatter myself that I can take credit for the term falling out of use overnight in kosher Danish alt-media by simply translating it from Latin to Danish. “Jew-Christian” – jødekristen – sounds absolutely preposterous in Danish, and when I suggested Judaeo-Islam and Zoroastro-Judaism, I was rewarded with much oy gevalt. 2-3 trolls was all it took.

        • That’s partially explained by the conversion of print-media to the internet. And what was lost during the wars.

      • The 1950’s, right about the time of the beginning of the mainline Protestant bust-out, into what has become the progressive SJW version of Protestantism. Hmm…

      • The older form had nothing to do with the way it’s used today – it was about Jews that became Christians.

    • I don’t know the answer, public K-12 (early seventies) and I had never heard of “Judeo-Christianity,” and then a Jewish professor in college seemingly friendly to me said,

      “If I weren’t a Jew I would be a Catholic.”

      “The three most influential men in western civilization were Christ, Constantine, and Charlemagne.”

      “Jews represent the worst and the best in humanity.”

      I read this site because it does two things:
      It reminds me of how poorly educated I am.
      It makes me think and do research.

      The newest thing I’ve been introduced to is “The Abrahamic religions.” I don’t want anything to do with at least a third of that statement.

      • We’re all poorly educated when it comes to the amount of information available, compounded by our “everyday living” obligations to family, neighbors, employers, etc. Don’t ever apologize for not knowing something you were never taught.

        • Thanks, but I am just stating a sad fact. I want to know more but I really should be spending time planning which state to move to so I can go on living.

          • I wasn’t saying it for votes. Just a fact. FWIW, Join a club. It seems awkward, but on the outskirts of your town do they not have signs for Rotary/Kiwanis/Elks/Moose/Grange/VFW? etc? Start with a club that already has a physical footprint. Volunteer to help the elderly members. Assess what they would need to grow. Bring others in. I bet there’re dozens if not hundreds of people around you looking for the same community you are.

  22. I’ve been buried at work and have missed the Groyper thing. In a numerical sense, does anyone have a feel for whether the Groypers are 5% of the population in these rooms, or are they a more substantial portion of the population?

    • On Twitter, it seems like it’s 99 percent, judging from the replies. In real life, 1 percent. But it’s a start.

  23. Hmmmmmm.

    Being a Yesterday Man, and living under a rock as I do – I had no idea with a Groyper is. I have to research these things as I am getting old an irrelevant the way old men do. It was tough – prying the info out of Google was like pulling teeth. 🙂

    Then I caught a break – our good friends at Slate have the low down skinny on you eeeeeevil far right trolls:

    As with all such things – the story is, as always – in the comments. Not only is Conservative Inc. over, and classical liberalism… I think the media is finally done too.

    When the revolution comes and we are purging the journalists – I want a front row seat at the public executions.

    • Independent “journalism” died when the multinational corporations started buying up media outlets back in the 80s/90s. Since then it’s all been heavily curated. Babies in incubators tossed on the floor? War! (Be sure to buy stock in the MIC companies. )

    • Aw hell, the younglings will be doing it the modern way: you can probably ask them to let you push a few of the ‘execute’ buttons! Doesn’t matter how old you are; the push-button-finger still works! YAY for Generation Zyklon! Just ask nicely — and admit to the destruction we Boomers allowed. (That we didn’t know, doesn’t count. Frustrating, but true.)

  24. It took me awhile to get the Shapiro scam because I thought he could be a good gateway to our side. But he has placed all things white outside the walls of acceptable debate so he can bask on his lucrative perch at the conservative end of progressivism. And why should he care about the browning of America when he can always flee to Israel where his true loyalties lie. Judaism is the most exclusive and white religion on the planet. Sammy Davis Jr. is the last black jew I can remember.

    • I am puzzled, if that is indeed his thought process. If America falls to the brown hordes Israel will not be far behind – unless they can replace America with another patron state. Pickings will be slim to none.

      The big picture is changing rapidly now. The gatekeepers can obviously no longer do their jobs. Ben and his girlfriends were still of some use – because they could still sell copy. The day looms when he and his ilk can’t even do that. Ben who…? Normie doesn’t care what Benny thinks, or Matt Walsh, or the other meat puppets of the Uniparty. Hell, their business model these days seems to consist of trolling their own readers and customers and that alone can only end one way. Although our blog host frowns on it – I can come here and be informed and entertained with intelligent commentary for free. (He has my word I will compensate him for his forbearance when I get my next job. I sincerely appreciate the work he does).

      Much adieu is made about Leftie’s deplatforming and censorship – but in point of fact Leftie has been spectacularly unsuccessful with all that, despite some scalps that were taken. The threat of deplatforming, doxing and censorship is of limited value when the customers abandon the platform and leave due to sheer exasperation.

      • ” If America falls to the brown hordes Israel will not be far behind – unless they can replace America with another patron state.”

        That’s how it seems to me as well, but then again, I’m not a psychopath (nor are you, I suspect) and they don’t think like us. I am increasingly of the opinion that the destructive behavior is completely *not* predicated on logic and reason. I know I go on about the resentment thing, but still there it is. I see two key factors behind the seemingly insane behavior.

        1. Genuine malice and spite, born of resentment, said resentment being downstream from suffering. Said suffering in part genuine, in larger part self-mythologized (and one might argue that the genuine suffering can be attributed in no small part to their own behaviors).

        2. The belief that there is always another victim around the corner. Even the best con men and grifters are prone to this delusion. I think they *must* tell themselves this story in order to be able to function. Grifting probably gets to be a compulsion, much like gambling for example.

        High IQ, energy, and focus, do not equate to, nor substitute for, wisdom.

      • The “Samson Option” is their ultimate whip-hand. Instead of having a frank and open discussion about US-Israeli relations since 1948, they go all Soviet and shut the discussion down. Not good optics.

      • They’ve got nukes, heavy guns on walls, and lots of cash. They’ll do just fine on their own. The only one they really have to worry about is Turkey. The Arab militaries are bad jokes. Maybe they’ve got to worry about the Persians a bit…

    • The idea is that a one-party government will not be accountable to anybody, and they can placate the brown masses with more gibs and new Netflix shows.

      Then, they can just divert as much money as Israel to possible.

      I dunno if this strategy will work, but…

    • One cannot understand Shapiro’s path without taking into account the paranoia many Ashkenazis harbor vis a vis White Gentiles being ethnically self aware & not beholden to Leftist White guilt narratives about WW2 & Slavery. They imagine that Whites could become instantly genocidal if they aren’t in a fetal position wallowing in guilt. This paranoia helps explain the preponderance of Jewish Neocons in the Never Trump gang. Trump’s brusque America First rhetoric & anti-illegal immigration stances tripped a circuit breaker in their hindbrains. Even nominal Race Realists like Steven Pinker, David Frum & Sam Harris began having nightmares about approaching Cossacks.
      For all their dispassionate lofty genuflecting in media, they really are ethnocentric, nervous & often shamelessly deceptive.

  25. The predicament Shapiro has is that he flirted with immigration restrictionism in 2013-15 after being an Emma Lazarus type the decade before. Then when Trump championed the issue & it looked like restrictionism might actually be implemented, he switched back to Magic Dirt theory.
    It’s almost as though his restrictionist phase was just a useful pose within the drama of being Controlled Opposition.

  26. The inability of Charlie’s Wandering Minstrel Show to develop talking points & curate its audience in response to the Groypers shows us where an exhaust port on the Death Star of David lies.

    They’re reaching the “word vs. world” threshold. The evidence has piled up higher and deeper than their bullsh*t.

    Lip-syncing is a perfect analogy. The Phil Spectors running today’s Con, Inc. hype machine aren’t stupid, but the Wailing Wall of Sound can only do so much to spice up their formulaic lyrics and inbred talent pool.

    Shilly Vanilli & the New Yids on the Block aren’t even a Paul’s Garage band – they’re William Hung. These shlomos can’t even dance.

    Zoomers are looking to rock & roll and the Fiddlers on the Roof are on fire – cue up some Varg (or some David Alan Coe for the country kids) & let the mutha-f*ckas burn.

    • What I find most remarkable about this is that someone thought hiring Kirk and Shapiro was a good idea. Who are the casting directors for this show? Kirk looks like he should be strumming a banjo on a porch in Appalachia. Shapiro is like some angry meth-taking hobbit. It had to be obvious that none of these characters can handle themselves off-script. Conservative Inc. is not hiring from the A-list anymore.

      • LOL, when you’re in the mood you guys can do the “jerkboy right” thing better than the TRS guys.

          • I’m not trying to beat those guys – much respect, speaking for myself. Plenty of enemies to beat, though (rhetorically, OFC). Everyone follow their great example and start swinging.

            The commenters on most of Our Sites could BTFO the Kosher Sandwich varsity Influencers 9 days out of 10. Our bench is young and miles deep.

      • You could say the same about almost every politician in the country. Clearly there is a skill set of scripted public speaking ability combined with narcissism and sociopathy these people possess that is harder to pull off than it looks.

      • I’m hoping this is their A-list. Look at the feebs populating the Trump Admin. They’re forced to drag their 1980’s All-Star Team out of retirement whenever any heavy lifting needs done. Elliot Abrams is practically as old as his namesake & he utterly failed with Venezuela.

        Contra Mike Enoch, I think Trump’s the last GOP POTUS even if he manages to squeak by next year. The GOP side of the sandwich is too moldy. Soon, even the dogs won’t eat it.

        • There will always be a GOP, but it will just move much more leftward. When we are all in Globohomo re-education camps, we can still vote for the GOP to lower the capital gains tax.

      • In my experience, Appalachians are among the best people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Salt of the earth. I neither could nor would ever wish for better comrades. Char-lay is “Kennedy-class” IYKWIM.

          • I know. One of the most disturbing movies ever. Char-lay would have to improve a great deal if he were to be counted an honorary Appalachian. And I very much doubt he could have ever mastered the Banjo. I’ll take the kid on the porch over Char-lay. Every. Single. Time. That’s just me. Hating on the Grifters.

          • (Warning: commercial version shorter, as they kinda lose it in the last 3 minutes.
            One could jump to The Band or Dixie Dregs for continued mountain-folk relief.

            Hillbilly AC/DC is a hoot in the holler, too, it’s done with homemade instruments, jugs, spoons, and saws,)

      • Shapiro is like some angry meth-taking hobbit.

        The Orthodox Oompa-Loompa, as Devon Tracey calls him.

  27. Speaking of disconnection, does anyone else look at the so-called “mainstream” media, with its glistening sets, total disconnection from regular life, and parade of degenerate freaks, and think of the Hunger Games movies?

    I have this theory that Globohomo has disappeared The Hunger Games from the political conversation (unlike Harry Potter, which is ironically taken from an old-fashioned all-white milieu, LOL) because Globohomo realized that they were just like the bad guys in the Hunger Games.

    • I, too, have noticed that The Hunger Games has been sent to Davy Jones’ locker. Would have loved to have been the fly on the wall as the cloudies watched it and went, “hey, wait, what?”.

    • The Hunger Games is a good but imperfect analogy for the current system. What we have is Socialism for the very rich and the very poor and dog-eat-dog, Hunger Games style capitalism for the working and middle classes.

    • I made that HG/Corporate Media connection years ago. The “Caesar Flickerman” character was spot-on.

  28. Kirk, Shapiro, Owens, et. al.,, for all their warts, deficiencies and flaws are the ONLY folks that have taken the effort to walk and speak in hostile territory and raise issues anathema to the leftist nazis that ARE academica, the media and the demokrat party.

    They probably reach more young people – and maybe not so young – through their talks and social media sites than websites such as Zman’s .

    If one looks at the history of successful (not necessarily “good” ) social/political movements, you will find that their advancement took place in fits and starts, oft times seeming utterly hopeless.
    But all successful political movements were composed of individuals that were persistent; they and/or their followers literally never gave up.
    Of course, the best example of this are leftists; a metastasizing cancer that is apparently indestructible.

    It would be interesting and helpful if ZMAN would , in addition to repeatedly trashing the, admittedly, less than perfect Shapiro/Owens/Kirk, et. al. crowd and reminding all of us, yet again, how and why “conservatism” takes one step forward for each 100 steps back, what methods and strategies should be employed to make real progress here in the USA.

    IMHO, real progress would be having a govt. that actually adheres to the letter and spirit of the US Constitution .

    • IMHO, real progress would be having a govt. that actually adheres to the letter and spirit of the US Constitution .
      Which can only come about when you have a majority white population who wants that…

      • Un-possible. The Constitution effectively was replaced by The Poem on the Statue. Ask yourself which will bring you more grief: criticizing the Constitution or the Poem?

      • The Constitution was dead before most of “The Founders”.

        Where is the authority for Washington to use an army to enforce a Whisky Tax?
        Where is the authority for Jefferson to buy Louisiana?

    • The whole point is that Con, Inc. is designed to fail. It’s not “less than perfect,” it’s not innocently mistaken or poorly led. It’s fake. it’s a trap, a hill designed for you to die on.

      We cover what should be done almost every day here. Check the past posts and pods. It’s time better spent than white-knighting for fifth column fakes who’ve turned your Constitution into a declaration of preemptive eternal surrender.

    • The problem is when they morph from gateways into gatekeepers, and cast our side into the darkness of unacceptability. Everyone must then play on the field of progressivism, as we continue to vote for Conservatism Inc. but never truly get anywhere. But maybe the next election will lead us to the promise land.

    • “the ONLY folks that have taken the effort to walk and speak in hostile territory and raise issues anathema to the leftist nazis that ARE academica, the media and the demokrat party”

      No, others have tried and been shouted down, protested or even attacked. Shapiro, et al are the only ones the left will allow to speak.

      One might wonder why that is?

  29. And it all comes back to the same question:
    ” Why are (((these people))) allowed in white men’s countries?”

    • Very true, but that’s the “final level boss” of questions. One has to go through a progression of other questions to reach the JQ.

      I give our young Castizo overlord credit for knowing this and acting as such.

  30. At the recent TPUSA event at UCLA where the booing occurred, Don Trump Jr. really looked spooked. His girlfriend, Kim Guilfoyle probably doesn’t have much understanding of what this is all about. She’s been Cloud People for a long time. Matt Gaetz, one of the better guys in DC, seemed like he’s trying to plug holes in the dyke.. As much as they’ve been trying to usher in a new age where race doesn’t matter, this is another example that the ancient gravity of blood and ethnicity isn’t going away.

    • Gilfoyle is a Newsom leftover.

      Does anyone know if Don Jr was there to feel things out or whether Charlie let him step into it?

      • He (Jr.) was there to flog his book. He just got caught in the crossfire. Of course showing up with the hoochie you left your wife and five kids for probably doesn’t endear him to the RC wing of the Groypers.

      • Don Jr. is the one who brought TPUSA into the Trump circle. Junior has been showing several indicators of very bad judgment.

    • Junior’s bitch GF implied the groypers were a bunch of incels who relied in online dating.

      The fact this homewrecker thinks online dating is still outside the mainstream and the fact she ran to the can’t get get laid meme is astonishing.

      Oh yeah. She is a senior advisor to Trump Sr. Too.

      Beyond parody.

      • I’m not shedding any tears over what Gavin Newsom’s well-used body pillow has to say about us.

        I’m more concerned about Trump’s most senior advisor, Kushner the Elder.

      • Same at the OSU Kirk event.

        Gay Negro said:

        “Gay people *absolutely* have a place in the conservative movement”

        Then Gay Negro said:

        “Your obsession with gay sex is weird. If you want it, I’m sure you can find it somewhere.”

        Very snarky, rude and insulting towards the audience. Being gay is good… but also an insult?

        Bimbo’s comments were a classic example of trying to insult only your enemies but ending up insulting the entire room. Let’s be honest, a room full of young guys who have never used Tinder? And who aren’t insecure about not getting laid enough? She would piss off the entire room with that remark.

      • Donald Trump Jr. knows virtually nothing about conservatism, foreign affairs, economics, the US government, law, public policy, or immigration, and has precious few ideas of any note in his head even beyond the political. Five years ago he was probably looking forward to a sybaritic life of hunting, traveling the world for two-week-long binges at the Trump Organization’s hotels, and multiple affairs with dozens of women at the same time.

        It is quite pathetic to think that “conservatives” still look to people like Trump Jr. for answers or leadership. Does he fund anything? Give a cent to anyone or anything but himself? He’s selling his ghostwritten book and not much more. Even a question such as “do you know the origins of the phrase ‘American First?'” would’ve caused his eyes to glaze over. He’s Prince Hal only in his habits and carousing, not in his potential for leadership carefully hidden under a disguise (“Yet herein will I imitate the sun/Who doth permit the base contagious clouds/To smother up his beauty from the world”).

        I guess he’s a good spokesman for his father, but like his father, he is someone whom Chance favored, and nothing more. They’ll both be gone, either in 13 months or a few dozen more, and we’ll never see them again. They’ll leave nothing behind to build upon, because they are not building — they are simply looking out for themselves. He’s doing nothing for us, nothing at all. Much like mainstream Republicans and conservatives, who are busy loading up on popcorn and beer for next November’s election, looking forward to a night of owning the libs and watching Trump hand out more stupid nicknames during his victory speech. They’re just not serious men — they are living in a fantasy world that even the Virginia election results failed to intrude upon — and serious men should no longer have time for them.

    • Wait, what?

      Don Jr.’s gf was Gavin Newsom’s squeeze?
      He left 5 kids- Trump’s grandkids!- for Pelosi’s nephew’s ex?

      The Soap Opera.
      What’s the word for Rule by Kardashians?

      • She’s similar to Kamala in some ways – both were in same San Francisco social circles not too long ago. Both appear to crave the politician/spouse role, and both came into politics through law careers. That may have been part of the attraction for Don Jr, since it was rumored that his ex had completely maxxed out on politics (while being a stellar mother).

        KG’s outburst seemed a knee-jerk response to what she may have thought was the left. Even if true, or best case, if a “stand by her man” outburst of some sort – it’s not a good look from any angle.

  31. There is an army waiting IF the button is pushed. The Setup; Evil Moneylenders with long sideburns and long noses betray nation to invasion of swarthy orcs, so said evil moneylenders can get their hands on the very fair white maidens. Two goodhearted comical bumblers activate the Army and save the fair land.

    The Button is a challenge to Constitutional, legitimate government.
    The exact mistake our enemies are making.

    Even Laurel and Hardy figured this out.

  32. The Cloud People may not understand the Dirt People, but they certainly understand the biggest danger to their control of the Dirt People: Whites identifying as a people.

    Everything on the Left and Right is geared toward stopping this. The Left preaches guilt and shame so that whites don’t want to identify as a people while Conservative Inc. preaches that any form of ethnic identity (save one) is wrong. This is no accident and shows that while the ((Cloud People)) may not understand us, they are most definitely thinking about us.

    • If they (Cloud People) can only keep a lid on white identity just a little longer….let demographic change do its thing….they’re almost there…D’oh!…the Dirt People are stirring, waking up. This isn’t good for the Cloud People.

      • I’d argue that the demographic battle is over. Look at births. That’s what makes this so scary. This is the transition phase as whites realize what happened and non-whites realize that they have the numbers politically.

        Regardless, both sides – race-aware whites and non-whites – will hate the Cloud People. Whites will realize what they’ve done to us. Non-whites will hate them because Cloud People are white in their eyes and won’t let go of power. The Cloud People have no home. (Well, some of the ((Cloud People)) will have a homeland but no home in America.)

        • There was a link going around about Amish and Mormon birth rates. It’s all going to take till after 2100, but by then the entirety of Ohio will be Amish. The amish boil off will have to be cultivated into our thing. Plus, globohomo will doubtlessly hate them. It’s a white pill nonetheless.

          • Without the welfare state blacks will die off in short order here in the U.S. As most are incapable of working or holding down even the most menial of jobs.

            On top of that they don’t play well with others. Mexicans hate them and so do most whites and for good reason.

          • Can the Amish out-breed Africa when there is no one shipping in millions of Africans from Africa? Doesn’t matter.
            Can the Amish out-breed Africans already here once the freebies dry up and they have to feed, house, and clothe themselves? And keep themselves warm in the winter without free heat? Probably.

          • Africans over in Africa – and Africans over here – are all breeding because they are subsidized by whites. Getting that to stop is one of the things that should be a goal of white nationalists if they are ever to be taken seriously.

            “What you subsidize you get more of” – is a basic economic rule. I don’t care who you are – you can’t usually violate the basic rules and get away with it for long.

          • The Amish are a minuscule minority right now.

            If Globohomo decided they were a problem, they could easily be dealt with. They believe in absolute non-violence, even in self defence. That’s why they fled Germany – the USA provided a place where they could practice their religion in peace.

            The Amish are already threatened by urban sprawl and zoning laws. The Empire could cancel their home schooling. Etc. The only reason they get by is because their numbers are so small and insignificant. Many don’t even vote.

          • Tykebomb….Your stats are off about Mormons uberbreeding. There are more Mormons outside US than inside. So a big scoop of Mormons are in Brazil, Mexico, all over Central and South America, Africa Congo, Indonesia. That’s not the uberbreeding we’re looking for. US Mormons, particularly Inter-Mountain Mormons, are facing a growing young people challenge. Some are still having lots of kids. However, lots of LDS younger ones are going wok. Big demand for the Mormon Rainbow. Push for wamyn in the priesthood. Big demand for Vibrants. Big demand for Hispanics. The Deseret Books Christmas catalogue is full of vibrants, with white Mormon grandmother hugging her two grandkids, of course one is black. Think of that message. (The message is: Please Massa Overlords! We be virtue signaling….See! We be an international church now. This ain’t a Utah church anymore. No more bad Mormons. Please don’t threaten our church tax exempt status! We be good whites now, Massa!”

        • The demographic battle is absolutely over.

          It’s clear that white people do not have a future in official politics, except perhaps as friendly figureheads. The future is, as Z-man has said, quiet, local dissident communities. Look at how Muslims are – until recently almost no political control – but strong communities and steadily growing their numbers.

          As the system becomes more anti-white male, we need to offer alternatives to them that are more attractive than “mainstream society”. Muslims feel safe in the Masjid and prefer that to the outside world… we need to do the same with our D-right communities.

          • I’ll pick your comment to reply to.

            Is a demographic battle over if whites start to have more children?

            Z Man’s future of being low key (?) dissident sounds fine, but I think we’ll be eradicated because unlike Muslims, we whites leave minorities alone and don’t genocide them. We being the minority will not necessarily be afforded that courtesy. Just asking here.

          • Population of China: 1 billion +
            Population of India: 1.3 billion and rising

            White Americans within childbearing age: 40 million?

            If every White American had 10 children for the next 10 generations, maybe we’d catch up. Certainly, having more children is good as it increases our numbers and helps fix our age pyramid. But it’s hard to see it having much effect against mass Asian immigration.

            As to your Muslim comment: Muslims haven’t eradicated anybody in the modern West yet either. Also, I’m not sure where you get the idea that whites just leave other people alone. Take a read through history, you’ll see what I mean. Our current passivity is just a product of unprecedented wealth and comfort.

          • Yes, I conveniently left out our transgressions against native Americans, and other sins.

            I do not know why you count the Chinese and Indian populations when I am only interested in procreating another white majority within the USA. Yeah, I miss a lot of things and discover more about my own ignorance each time I come here, read, comment, and reply. Sad — and it pisses me off, but there are those who self-learned or had a good early life education, versus those who just coasted on the coat tails of American affluence, and who now struggle to deal with ignorance in times of heightened alertness.

            And along those lines of mental density, I again must seek further clarification about Muslims, who quietly germinate here until they can reach the point where the knives and swords come out. A zebra doesn’t change its stripes and Muslims will always be Muslims.

          • Too much of a black pill. The world, excluding Africa, is having a fertility crisis. The middle east has a shrinking TFR. China’s population is only going to shrink. Most Chinese did not take the opportunity to have a second kid. India will quit growing by the half century. This holds true in Latin America as well.

            Africa is the main concern. But by building local dissident communities and having at least 3 kids, we can turn this around. Not in our lifetimes, but keep heart.

          • The vast majority of any population will accept whatever government they’re given if products can be consumed and some social order can be kept. This isn’t a raw numbers game. I think part of this comes from being raised to think “one man = one vote” our whole lives. Unless a guy is part of the minority who will go rogue, he doesn’t really count in a political opposition/resistance context.

          • You can’t outbreed the wogs. Just stop all aid to Africa and keep its population from overrunning civilization. Their diseases, wars, and stupidity will do the rest.

          • “Turn it around”? What makes you think there will be ANY remnants of White/European-derived Christiandom based in Greco-Roman civilization left? “They” have LEGALIZED sh|tting in our streets!! There won’t even be indoor plumbing LEFT by the time your “three kids” reach a useful age for the battles to come! (And those kids will SO not thank you for what you’ve left for them!) All-black Compton CA is now Mexico-North; nearly EVERY White/Euro-derived city now has moslem-enforced no-go zones; indians and chinese are buying up huge swathes of “our” properties — WHY do you think these invaders will not ALSO destroy all the passive White communities “keeping heart” but DOING nothing across the country (countries) they are swamping?!

            Do not just “keep heart” — STIFFEN SPINE! Arm up, ammo up, and lift! Teach, awaken, share reality with family, friends, and neighbors: PREPARE for the oncoming war — because we are NOT going to out-vote NOR out-breed our enemies! Yes, they ARE enemies — because they are destroying us… even the nice ones “who just want a better life” — but are instead taking away and completely destroying OUR better lives, that WE built for OUR people! Stop WAITING! There is no cavalry coming: YOU must become the cavalry!

          • Look at Islamic expansion – most Islamic countries started off with <20% Muslim populations, many ruled over non-Muslim majorities (see the Ottomans). "Catching up" is only essential if you're thinking in terms of voters. Governments are by definition minority elites. One of the best reasons for ditching the Democracy Myth is that authoritarian means are going to be necessary to take and hold power for outnumbered Whites even among our own race & tribes.

          • They can’t get away with a genocide strategy yet. Scatter to the countryside, start having babies and unplug from their grid. With our present numbers if Our Guys, allies & adjacents did this in any significant percentage we’d have more than enough to turn the tide in the next couple of generations. It only takes a small minority to change a country. Don’t think in temrs of majorities – think 10% first, ultimate goal 25% of based, committed Whites united at least by their unwillingness to surrender their homelands.

          • I see what you are getting at in the two posts above. Analogously, I was reading a post by Herschel Smith, Captains Blog, that talked about the small percentage of the American population that took part as insurgents in the Revolutionary War. I need to remember that. A small minority of pissed off white men will inflict heavy casualties. This is most certain. They must be ‘men.’

          • Because you feel our enemy immvaders will just sit around WAITING for us to breed up an army in small family homesteads well-away from the majorities of ‘not-us’?? Granted, by the time they are done destroying our transportation infrastructure, it will be HARDER for them to move in on and destroy all these scattered into the countryside families. But they’ll do it because they hate us and want us dead! NEVER forget that!

          • As much as I am heartened by all the young White folks making White families and producing lots of White babies: WE DO NOT HAVE 15-16-18 YEARS to wait for these future soldiers to grow up to be actual soldiers! Yes, young Whites: please keep making babies — but do NOT rest on the ‘we can out-breed them’ LIE! All the immvasions into White countries are military-aged men with a grievance AND a violent religion — and for at least the Africans — a genetic propensity to violence. I expect the Arabs have it too, but they have enough intelligence to mostly hold it down till they overwhelm us.

            Anyone thinking that: “having a football team’s worth of kids” is somehow going to help is blind. Look back into even-just U.S. history. Some indian tribes slaughtered whole settlements including ALL those children that the White settlers had made. A band of 4-yr-olds and their pregnant mommies are NOT soldiers! They are casualties…

        • Indeed. They built their homes upon the liquifaction sands of The United Economies of (Proposition) America.

          Which is why the ponzi must go on.

          Most will indeed one day fall from fiat grace to wallow in the mud of reality, but many will reach Elysium.

          My goodwhite friends all have a kind of thousand yard stare of aspirational economic and social status.

          Their anxiety is thinly veiled by their constant signaling of their goodness; their grip loosening with each rung of the ladder.

          The college bubble is just one area in which they scrum against a force of their own making.

          Precious cloud kids of middling intellect and soft hands coming of age against the headwind of multiculti and diversity Progress where their CV’s reflect carefully curated lives that can no longer outrun skin color and massive debt – with the “gig economy” awaiting with open arms. Lolz

          • Since becoming a “battle hardened” D-righter, I love seeing these soft white kids… they are prime meat to tear into and gain things from. Probably exactly how non-whites feel, too.

        • I’m in So Cali and the Latinos here aren’t having babies in numbers either. Nor are they are they in Latin America which has population decline everywhere Brazil is below replacement and Mexico is or is nearly there.

          I’d almost argue in my area more Whites are having kids than Latinos by a tiny number, these being middle and working class White Angelinos pushed out here to the sticks so they can have kids.

          This is distorted by weed and other drugs though. Huge amounts of our economy is well going to literal pot which is not helping and I thoroughly expect a great many people of all races who would have had a kid or two to not bother and keep smoking.

          Now the MENA region fertility rate is still higher but the cloud rulers are a bit charry about them, having started to learn they can and will be replaced by that more tribal people.

          Rep. Omar is a first sally and if she gets more of her people in, the White Left /Cloud People are gone from power.

          This has left them in a pickle as the number of easy to import people has declined.

          The MENA folk and Africans want power for themselves, European ethnics other than East Europeans who assimilate don’t want to come here , Asia is below replacement , Filipinos assimilate and Latinos are starting to hit replacement or lower.

          My guess is that they hope to get a demography that can sustains the system and give them political power. They haven’t figured the lower bound yet or how to keep the factions from falling apart.

          This is delicate work especially as Whites are slowly but surely deserting the system and are figuring out their leaders suck.

          Once the GOPe are primaried out and excluded from the movement, well things can get done. It’s a few years off, as Boomers and their civnattery decline but it is coming .This populist wave will have interesting as in Chinese curse results.

        • The demographic battle is definitely over. By the end of the century, so it seems, about half the world’s population will be the spawn of Sub-Saharan Africa. A disciplined West can more than manage such hordes by recovering its ancient knack for rule and organization. And that’s the rub; our rulers have stripped civilized societies of their self-respect, for short-term reasons of their own. Our only hope is not in out-breeding the invaders (can’t be done), but in the overthrow of our elites. This ‘groyper’ thing strikes me as encouraging. Never heard of it until reading today’s post by Z; checked some of it out, and it makes me think back to Ceauscescu and his wife laughed into oblivion. It’s hopeful.

        • If you view the boundaries as limited to current state lines, likely yes. One wonders what the Founding Fathers would have thought that within 230 years of the Virginia state ratifying convention a Bolshevik woman would be Speaker of the House of Delegates and a negro woman would be the majority leader. Even 10 years ago many probably would have thought that impossible.

          If we are going to jettison any semblance of shared culture and history, by importing masses of people who do not share those values, I guess the fate of America really does hinge on the notion of “we the people” vs. “we the states.”

  33. Thirty-seven year-old Matt Gaetz still has his baby teeth. But he also has time to mature. At some point he will either join our side, or he will remain a sycophant.

  34. Good essay, something that your buddies at the Menken conference couldn’t write.

    You know, soon you won’t have many twitter or youtube links to provide. As we can see our overseers are pathetic at defending themselves, so new guidelines on these platforms are coming. Has anyone heard of the latest from youtube? If you are not even considered viable they will axe you at youtube.

    • I have some incite as what is going on with YouTube. From what I have been told by someone with some understanding of the situation, Google is desperate to stem the losses. YouTube is a money furnace for them. Costs are rising quickly. The Google streaming service is one effort to bring in revenue, but Google was late to the party and they have no content of their own. Placing ads on user created content has not turned out to be a boon, as advertiser don’t want to be associated with risky content.

      As much as our side wants to frame the YouTube issue as purely ideological, it is mostly economical. Their decision to throw off the bad thinkers has become an increasing expensive rabbit hole they have gone down. The solution is the old fashion approach. You attack the expense side directly. I think where they end up is abandoning all of their user created content entirely at some point to a lesser service where the user pays for access.

      The model will be what Vox Day is using. He signed up for a service that hosts video, provides payment processing and live streaming. They provided him tools for branding the site so it looks like it is his creation. He pays them a monthly fee for the service. Milo and McInness have done the same thing.

      • I agree that it is mostly economics. Hey, for many it’s been a fun cheap ride but as long as one can pay for hosting etc, that is the way it usually is. Their sandbox I suppose.
        Of course let’s see if those that pay and play by the rules last long before they are deplatformed, which I believe will happen.

        • It will be interesting to watch, as taking the cancel culture into the broader market comes with many more problems. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc can absorb the cost of wokeness for now. The stealing of domain names, however, has come to halt as soon as registrars saw an economic opportunity. Telling the new streaming services they have to go out of business for the good of the team is going to be tough.

      • Ditto Twitter who would probably be perfectly happy to just have nothing but empty-headed Celebrity Stalkers on their platform to funnel advertising to.

  35. Sounds like Conservative Inc. is done. And modern liberalism is done.

    We have a power vacuum forming. This is going to get interesting sooner rather than later.

    • It’s the decline of white voters. While whites were a super-majority, the contradictions and lies of the Uni-Party could hold. The Left could trash on Bad Whites and push immigration because Jews and Good Whites still ran the party and could keep the socialists and “hate all whites” minorities under control.

      The Right could demonize identity politics and still manage to win elections.

      Today, the Jews and Good Whites on the Left are struggling to control the mercenaries that they imported. Meanwhile, the failure of Conservative Inc is becoming more and more apparent as state after state turns blue due to demographic change.

      The Dems are openly becoming the Anti-white Party, but the GOP refuses to become the Pro-White Party because a certain group fears white identity. How long can that hold? I don’t know.

      • A couple of years? It is obvious that when your country or party becomes too vibrant and diverse, it goes eventually goes to war with itself. If I had to predict the future right now, I would see the US dividing into smaller countries of the shithole/non-shithole varieties that reflect race realities.

        The other possibility is the rise of a strong man that ruthlessly crushes his competitors and forces the remainder to submit. There is no shortage of murderous, violent nutters out there but I have not seen any with the brains required to do so.

        • Door #1, let us hope. The Founders revered Montesquieu above others in finding instruction to create their product. But they had to answer for his maxim that one thing that a successful republic could not be was large. The arrangement they made to answer this worked only until the unwritten Constitutional amendment of 1865. But with the states themselves now but reflections of the Borg, so door #1 would today have to award a great deal of sovereignty to counties, as do the Swiss, and an end to popular democracy. This could all be relatively humane and civil, relative to other options. There can be no freedom of association without freedom of dissociation.

      • As whites decline out of the demographic majority, to be replaced by a polyglot population rather than by any single new majority, perhaps it is time to think hard and try to recall any nation that has survived very long or very well without an identifiable demographic majority. I can think of a few places and times, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

        • California, Texas and New Mexico are the counter-examples. They show that whites are fairly content to fall into minority status so long as things function reasonably well.

          I hope whites around the country wake sooner that whites in Texas, California and New Mexico.

          • Things are not working as well here in California as they used to, not even close. I suspect that without the Federal teat, the downward spiral would have been quicker and deeper. Of course, an independent CA would have probably simply signed on as a client state for China, as so many of the African nations have done. An empire of fire to go with China’s empire of dust.

          • In Latin America, Whites have traditionally dominated and set the tone of society, even in countries where Whites were a minority such as Mexico. Here is the US, Whites, especially White men, are facing being second-class citizens in our own country, at least. I wonder how well Mexico would operate if Whites lost control.

          • The WH is mostly European. It’s why I like the idea of supporting authoritarian castizos as part of our future strategy.

            South & Central American numbers are too large to handle border problems like immigration, drugs and what to do with our existing demographic bomb of fertile Squats without some amigos willing to work with us on their side of the vast Western Hemisphere.

            A spitball idea – ban remittences and offer the present parasites a lump sum to return home in conjunction with a particular party or personality in the homeland.

            Essentially help our new castizo friend change his country’s political demographics in his favor the same way the Dems did to us by importing them. Tens of thousands of new supporters = a ready made base for Based Salazars 2.0 in Mexico, Honduas, El Salvador, etc…

          • I don’t think that’s an option here. At least not anytime soon. Racial animosity has been baked into America for at least 100 years. Our minorities will not be content to allow white rulers. And their own rulers will not be content to leave us alone. I don’t see Brazil as an option.

          • Squats will go where the money is and have lived in a Whites-first caste system for over 500 years. Turn off the gibs & remittences. Offer them enough to go home. Promote Our Guys in the homeland as part of the solution.

            Hispanic numbers are our biggest mid-long-term threat. We can handle the Blacks & the rest of the rainbow. One war at a time.

      • Jonathan Bowden, an erratic treasure, is very good on the psychology of whites with relation to demographics. His thoughts are similar to Citizen’s. Long quote:

        “Many of the reasons our people do not seem to have a sense of solidarity amongst themselves in relation to the degree that some other groups could be said to have, is because a significant number of them have never been kicked, have never felt like what it is as a group to be disprivileged in a society.

        “Unfortunately, in certain areas of British and Continental life now and North American life, that process for some, and certainly not at the top or middle of society, is beginning. They’re beginning to realize what it’s like to be a minority or what it’s like to be culturally disprivileged or what it’s like to be dispossessed in a way.

        “People will only listen to a vanguard when they are desperate. They will only listen to a vanguard when they think there is no other hope.”

        Well, we’re getting there, folks.

        That’s from “Vanguardism: Hope for the Future” in Extremists and free online (

        Bowden’s other book, Western Civilization Bites Back, is absolutely necessary reading for anyone in our thing. But Extremists is also good.

        • The Zman has to get on the board with some books of his own. Even just collections of non-dated posts would be welcome.

          In fact, The Dirt People Versus the Cloud People would make a good title. Other suggestions:

          This Will Not End Well

          Hurled into the Void

          The Demographic Age

          Our Thing

        • Southerners have long memories of what conquest and cultural dispossession mean. Read chapter 37 of Gone With the Wind. It is an excellent and highly accurate description of what is heading our way yet again…for ALL whites.

          • It is an excellent and highly accurate description of what is heading our way yet again…for ALL whites.

            True, but “convincing” ALL Whites of it is a fool’s errand. To borrow from Nikita Khrushchev : “White people will sell us the rope with which to hang themselves.”

            What is coming is inevitable. In the end one will become an underground so-called “White Supremacist” – or simply cease to exist.

          • Carl, I think you are correct. We are living, breathing examples of people living in times of imminent turmoil, trying to make good decisions in the face of many kinds of invisible uncertainty. The decisions we make now will set the stage for who we are in the future. Not making a decision is also a decision of sorts. The old noir movies and literature used to toy with the interplay of personal decisions and the unseen hand of fate. Here we are, enmeshed in such a situation.

          • “What is coming is inevitable.”

            Sad but true. Only a small minority of whites are alarmed at the idea of becoming a minority in their own countries. The most rabid proponents of the Jews’ narratives are the good whites. They are moving dramatically to the left and outshine every other group in their live of diversity as long as they can keep vibrancy out of their own lives.

            No society can survive if the people in power welcome being invaded and most of the population thinks being invaded is wonderful.

      • I wonder the same, Citizen.

        An “its okay to be white” sticker lasts maybe a couple of days around these parts. Often acquiring the implied answer by sharpie within hours (its NOT).

        So how long before the openly anti-white animus jumps the shark?

        At what point does white identity avoidance finally grow a spine to even give form to it being merely “okay”?

        And will that be enough to turn the tables back, from ‘you didnt build that’ to some measure of legitimacy of history and culture?

        Perhaps the meme war should consider an ‘agree and amplify’ approach and just go with “kill whitey”.

        The goodwhites seem well conditioned to groom their children away from positive identity, but maybe its more difficult to explain away the fact that the logical conclusion of ‘its not okay’ is their destruction, aka ‘kill whitey’.

        No honey, they don’t want you dead, they need your tax revenue.

  36. This is Creeds v.s. Credentials.

    The Cloud people have the creds – typically the meaningless degrees that they too get 6 figures of debt but are overpaid in the cloud. It has to be valuable, I paid $100k for it! And they let in a mix so they can be diverse and multicultural, but cherry pick.

    The Creeds are the beliefs and common sense of the dirt people. That we aren’t practically equal, just equal in that we are not gods. Trump’s creds are from the Wharton School of business, and just lots of success. They don’t count.

    I like watching Tim Pool, who still calls himself Center Left, but is a highschool dropout that is hardworking and successful. He is struggling with the cognative dissonance of perceiving reality, not the Cloud People’s narrative, like Shapiro and Kirk, (Millie and Vanilli).

    The heart wishes to ascend to the clouds, but is weighed down by the brain. The Cloud People are like the Scaredcrow in the Wizard of Oz where instead of a brain he gets a degree and becomes king of Oz.

    • Pool and Michael Tracy are learning on the job in real-time. It’s very interesting watching them grapple with their own awakenings, coming from the salvageable left side of the divide.

      • Pool should know better. He broke onto the scene at Zuccotti Park in mid-November 2011, the night that Bloomberg’s NYPD came in and cleared Occupy Wall Street out. Pool was hooked into some online platform — I forget the name, but it’s long gone — which allowed people to stream video from their smartphones onto the internet: livestreaming in its infancy.

        As he and others ran around the streets of lower Manhattan that night, Pool found himself — by accident — filming a bunch of 20somethings letting the air out of an NYPD van down some abandoned cavernous street near City Hall. These people rolled up on him and threatened him, but he didn’t back down. They didn’t want it captured on video. One of those was a guy named Malcolm Harris, even smaller than Pool, who took a weak swing at him and then cowered in self-defense behind a bunch of women and bigger dudes. You can all look up Harris if you want; he’s made a name for himself on the Left in the years since.

        Pool is now facing these people eight years later, and they have exponentially more power, and even fewer principles. They’ll make common cause with the CIA if need be to crush him.

        He has a few weeks left before his online presence is reduced to Bitchute and Twitter. He’s long been a target of antifa. He needs to man up and pick a side, because he won’t have any allies in the middle much longer, if he even has any now.

  37. What comes next is desirable perhaps, but by no means inevitable. It requires organization, funds, action and success.

    Just to name 2 nations who were exactly as you describe and what followed was….the people being crushed over and over again; Russia and Ireland. It would be difficult to have peoples more alienated from whom they ruled…and yet the Evil Repressor remained in power for centuries until the Evil Repressor lost their stomach to repress.

    So that’s all very romantic and all, but I’m not from the Romantic Irish.

    For more contemporary examples we can look at most of the Arab world, or China. The difference in 1989 outcomes is marked; Deng gave the order to fire, Gorby did not.

    Now we have much more in our corner but inevitability we do not.

  38. I had an interesting theory the other day based on Jewish policy in Medieval Europe, the book by Bernard Baruch. I was reading one of the writers at Occidental observer, and he remarked how some famous Jewish historian, when challenged why he didn’t elaborate on Jewish history, the historian replied “Because the Jews have a martyrology not history.”

    The choice of words, martyrology, rather than victimokogy, sort of struck me and made me think of the Baruch book. One of the surprising elements that Baruch brings up is that it appears that Judaism in the early medieval period was actually a proselytizing religion, that it was actually in competition with Christianity for converts, whereas nowadays it’s very hard to convert to Judaism and usually requires some blood connection.

    Now, perhaps the early rabbis, in considering why Christianity won out over Judaism, one of the elements that they identified was the martyrology of Christians, the sense of shared suffering and persecution by the Jews in Romans during the early period. The sense of shared persecution in the face of hardship, created in unity among Christians that was seductive.

    Perhaps, Jews were attempting to imitate this scheme duringThe middle ages, it’s sort of a competition against Christianity at first. Perhaps it was only in a political Mindscape of Talmudic scholars, that they never actually did this in the public sphere, but this is the origin of the jews’s search for martyrdom or victimology in the face of the surrounding population, and it’s really an imitation of early Christianity.

    Although Jews no longer seek converts, the dynamic of shared suffering remained useful for creating solidity in the actual remaining population. As Jews moved into high earning positions such as bankers etc., quality became more important than quantity for religious contributions anyway.

    I have more to elaborate and supporting theories. Do you think this would be an interesting article or book maybe.

    • The Baruch book clarified something for me. It never made any sense to put high barriers to entry if Judaism is simply a religion and it never made sense to make exceptions if it is an ethnicity. It was a weird compromise, probably in the face of reality during the middle ages. Once the Catholics got the upper in hand in the fight for Europe, Jews had no choice but to shut down the proselyting. Instead, the focus would have to shift to preserving their numbers, by building group solidarity.

      As far as shared suffering, I think every identity group needs an opponent. In a place like Lebanon, every group has a long list of horrors visited upon them by the various tribes that have dominated the area. The sense of having overcome the odds to survive into the present becomes the animating spirit of the creation myth. That’s a very powerful narcotic for all humans. It’s why every sports champion believes the world was against him, but triumphed anyway.

      • I have to add that I had this insight on Patmos island while visiting the Apocalypse cave, so the probability that it was divine inspiration is very high!

      • At no point was the Church threatened demographically by Jews, or Jewish converts. There was never a threat that Jews would gain the upper hand.
        Where are you guys getting this nonsense about Jewish ingrouping getting started in the Middle Ages?
        Jewish mythologizing about blood relations and lineal descent goes back as far as we have any evidence of them as a distinct people. Jewish ethnocentrism is baked into the cake from the get go!
        Read the Old Testament and inform yourselves.

      • If I understand the timeline correctly, they gave up proselyting when the Muslims showed up. During the caliphate eras in Spain and North Africa, the Jews did the accounting and administration for the Muslim overlords and generally had a better deal than the Christian population that remained. When the Christians won back Spain and Portugal, they weren’t feeling terribly kind towards the Muslims or their Jewish tax collectors – so out they went. At that point forward, I would assume no Christian was going to listen to a preaching rabbi without getting very angry.

    • No. Jews have been mythologizing their own suffering for thousands of years. It didn’t just start in the Middle Ages. Read the whole Bible and that point becomes clear.

      • That is definitely true to some degree, and certainly ethnocentrism is baked into the cake, as shown in the stories of Joseph, esau and Jacob, and Esther, and no doubt that’s why those tendencies won out on the long run. Victimization and righteous resentment against surrounding tribes too, but I would argue that in the Old Testament Jews often gave as good as they got, as for example when Joshua entered the promised land every man woman and child of the canaanites was exterminated. It could be definitely contextualized in terms of suffering, but you could also read it as that was the way of the world then, might made right, an unsentimental representation of their reality.

    • It’s hard to dispute that Christianity’s mythology renders it uniquely vulnerable to appeals to victimhood, oppression, guilt and shaming tactics. I’d call it an exploit rather than an imitative strategy. Christ’s sacrifice seems more a resonant echo of Abraham & Isaac or the OT martyrs like Matthias & his sons. Islam obviously has a deep-seated tradition of martyrdom as well. I think Baruch’s reversing cause & effect but I have no doubt that medieval Jews were well aware of what Catholics’ weak spots were.

    • The tragedy of the jews is that they are a parasitical people. Wherever it is they migrated from (deep in the Arabian Desert or from the nomadic tribes of North Africa – lots of Berbers were Jews) once they arrived in the Levant they found themselves surrounded by civilizations who were far superior and far more powerful than they were. It is at this point that they began imitating, assimilating, infiltrating and undermining their betters. Jewish culture as described in the Torah is probably some mixture of Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian. Whatever they adopted from others they were always sure to add a strong spoonful if resentment to the mixture to distinguish their version from the source.

      In contrast, the Far East and the West were masters of their own house from the get-go so the need for paranoia, resentment and need for a strategy in how to live with other more powerful cultures without losing yours was unnecessary.

      All those stories of their heroism in the Old Testament are probably fictional boasting. The Jews mentioned the Pharaohs and the Egyptians hundreds of times in the old Testament. The Egyptians mention the Hebrews once in reference to a battle in Palestine with the Canaanites. The other emipres of the day barely noticed them. If the Romans had been less literate we’d probably be reading about how the Jews traveled up the Danube and conquered the savage northern tribes under the great leadership if Julius Caesarburg.

      Their behavior is innate in their nature and it is how they have managed to survive as a group for so long. It is why they have been in constant conflict with all of their neighbors for the past 3000 years. Hyper group identity. They need a host and they need to resent that host to hold onto their identity. If the Jews decided to isolate themselves from all other groups they would feed upon themselves and self-destruct.

      By necessity they will never go away and leave others be. Their nature requires an unwilling and clueless host if they are to survive as Jews.

      We have 3 choices:

      Slaughter them as did the Assyrians.

      Corral them as did the Babylonians and did our ancestors until the Corsican liberated them.

      Deal with the JQ in the same way as the Japanese deal with the KQ: barred from certain areas and professions, glass ceilings, etc.

      A Jew’s first loyalty, no matter his background nor how seemingly detached he may seem from his brethren, is to his race. In every conflict they are present: on the side that is the most disruptive and will do the most harm to the European peoples. Every single time.

      • Another great comment that sets me thinking. The parasitism seems inherent in the extreme “Chosen vs. Goyim” duality of Jewish ethno-centrism. If you objectify and de-humanize all Others, abusive overreach is inevitable (as is the backlash). In contrast, Whites at our most ethno-centric see Others as humans with meaningful lives to lead (even if some races aren’t suited for modern complex society but for smart fractions).

        How they reconcile non-human cattle going to the moon remains a mystery for me. Have to chew on that one for awhile.

        This comment inspires two longish future posts, in fact. The above as past-present and one about their future seen through this perspective.

        What are the studies and info on Jewish out-marriage and retention of Jewish identity? Are young Jews doing this in part to finally escape the parasitic dilemma? Is this their unravelling as a people, the Final Assimilation Solution? Or will the hyper-ethnocentrism evolve and survive as something like the present “secular Jewish” variation, which Bolshevism and its modern Woke Frankfurt School variants show to be just as parasitic and antagonistic to the host as the reliigious version?

        Great stuff, keep it coming. It’s important to explore the limits and downsides of extreme ethno-centrism as we embrace this new-for-Us identity. There’s a Golden Mean to ethno-centrism like most things human, and the Judaic version seems to lie beyond the healthy limit.

        • “How they reconcile non-human cattle going to the moon remains a mystery for me.”

          Well, beavers build dams, honeybees build complex geometric structures. A chimpanzee is many times stronger than I am despite similar body mass, a pronghorn antelope is faster and can jump higher than me. But I still think of them as animals and not equals, much less superiors.

  39. Great Links! I don’t enjoy listening to people talk so I rarely get to see these things but I do enjoy seeing my enemies in pain so I really appreciate all of these.

  40. I’m not really a leader or deep thinker but I play one on TV. These actors are being found out to be the Kardashian influencers they think they are. At least by the few that care about these things. Are these the tryouts for dissident leadership? Challenge these idiots and they cry foul. There is no crying in dissident realism. Just like there is no crying in business or baseball. I am sick of these people.

    • That’s the same reaction the left betrays. Especially on campus, but even beyond there.

      When Bill Clinton goes in network TV for an interview, he’s supposed to be asked questions like, “Are you disappointed that you weren’t able to enact all your policies during your terms?” When he goes on Fox and Mr. Wallace asks him a questions he doesn’t like, he throws a tantrum. That’s why Dems rarely go on Fox. It’s not fixed.

      That the mainstream Repubs are no different shows it makes no difference which party is power, practically speaking. The political class is one amorphous blob with two sides fighting over who gets to hold the banner for four years.

      • … and this link to an article about the hens of The View having meltdowns when Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Trump Jr were recently guests brings it home.

        These people are weak. They are vulnerable. The political parties, however, don’t allow the weakness to be exploited.

        Expect new parties to emerge in the next 4-8 years. Whether they’ll be any better than the two existing parties is anyone’s guess.

        • I haven’t seen anything like the bi-partisan attacks and the media blackout on TG in my life. I don’t know if there will be new parties, or just the same old parties re-branded and repackaged.

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