The New Order

One of the curious things about conservatism, as in Buckley-style conservatism, is that it never examined its failures. Even today, when asked about why they were unable to muster a defense against the homosexualization of the culture, a guy like Charlie Kirk is poleaxed by the question. He’s standing in front of a sign that reads “culture war” alongside a homosexual and he is baffled about the question. Even the more thoughtful and honest among conservatives have a huge blind spot for their past.

One reason for this is an assumption by Buckley-style conservatives that the things they oppose cannot “work” and therefore must eventually fail. Socialism, for example, is just assumed to end in failure. That’s why even now, they howl like lunatics about the empty shelves in Venezuela. It is proof that what they fear cannot withstand contact with reality, so they ignore all the other stuff going on in Venezuela. That means they also ignore all of the prosperous countries that make socialism work.

You see that in this Victor David Hanson piece on the 2020 election. He has a section on the troubles in California and mentions the power outages. He asks how it is possible for the tech giants to function in land with power outages. There is that assumption that what should not work will eventually stop working. The massive homeless problem in the state is another example he uses. The assumption is that the open borders, multiracial future is unworkable and must fail.

The trouble with this thinking is that it assumes things about the ruling class that has never been in evidence. That is, they have the same standards for civilization as a conservative like Dr. Hanson. In other words, their definition of what works is the same as his definition of what works. Therefore, unless the rulers wake up to what is happening, the system will collapse. On the other hand, if only someone can get them to see the error of their ways, they will change course to avoid disaster.

Conservatives never stop to think that maybe California is what the ruling class wants for all of North America. After all, the people running those tech giants are living great lives. In fact, they live lives no mortals have experienced in the history of man, so from their perspective, the system works. It’s not just the plutocrats at the top. All the way down the line, the managerial elite is now living as aristocrats. Sure, there is rot down toward the bottom, but that’s true of all ruling elites.

Another thing that conservatives have always gotten wrong is in the same post, where Hanson discusses national character. He laments the radical authoritarianism that is now the campus culture. He wonders what sort of politics that it will produce on the national stage. He wonders how the breakdown of order will alter politics and if this new politics will replace the national character. That is, the cultural revolution from the top will produce a response from the bottom, the victims of this assault.

This fear is rooted in an assumption that has never been true. The United States was never a nation in the tradition sense. It was always a federation of nations. The structure the Founders created was an explicit acknowledgement of it. The regional difference in the colonies at the time of the founding were not superficial. Those regional differences are still with us today, despite the migrant wave unleashed on many parts by the ruling class. America was always a house with many mansions.

Therefore, to speak of national character, other than in the most general terms, is to misunderstand the country and its people. More important, this concept of the national character is one dreamed up by the Right long ago to adjust to the triumph of Norther Progressives over the rest of the nations. It is an entirely fabricated concept with no basis in reality. It’s simply something that worked for the people in charge as a propaganda device. They can easily abandon it for something else.

That’s the thing conservatives have never grasped. For as long as anyone today has been a live there has been a ruling class. They may not have official titles and a formal role in government, but there are people in charge. Like every ruling class, their primary interest is in remaining in charge. When America was 90% white, the national character stuff that resonates with Victor David Hanson was what they used to perpetuate their rule. In other words, that sort of civic nationalism was a big lie.

Now that America is non-white, the people in charge are searching for a new moral construct to control the population. They also seek a rationale for their position as the ruling elite. Without the traditional forms of legitimacy, they have to search in their ideology for a reason to justify their position. As the long reign of Robert Mugabe showed, vengeance for past sins is a powerful tool of control. The national character, if we allow it, will be a blood libel against white people.

Finally, what remains of Buckley-style conservatism, and certainly of its mongrel variant you see from people like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, is a weird, fatalistic romanticism for a past that never existed. What draws crowds to these people is the hope that they will make it all better and that things will return to normal. That’s what makes this stuff so insidious. It prevents decent people from facing the reality of what’s coming and most important, it prevents them from preparing for it.

There will be no confirmatory collapse of the Progressive order. There will be no sudden realization of their errors and a great retreat from radical multiculturalism. There is no returning to the America of the past, real or imagined. The old white America where civic nationalism was enough to maintain regional cooperation will not work in a land of hostile strangers. In a land of tribes, many hostile and many encouraged to be hostile, something else will be used to maintain control.

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302 thoughts on “The New Order

  1. >All the way down the line, the managerial elite is now living as aristocrats.

    Better. My grandfather could never dream of such luxuries. And when I recount the decadence of the Bay in society, the reaction is a mixture of envious fascination and wide-eyed, disgusted horror. Gold-dusted sundaes, anyone? And wash it down with plebian blood.

  2. Conservativs don’t get that disfunctional cultures can benefit the elite. In Mexico if you are even middle class you benefit through cheap labor from all the poor. Instead of the poor rebelling they simply immigrate in mass to the US which serves as the Mexican elite’s safety valve.

    In California the middle and working class is migrating like the Mexicans elsewhere. Things will get very interesting when the US runs out of states for people to flee to. Add in tribal conflict, anti white animus and gun grabbing and things could get very interesting indeed.

    It will be interesting to see if the invaders and their descendants turn violently against their elite and or whites. The disfunction in California doesn’t bother them because they are used to it and California is still much better then their home countries. The jews are trying to correct that through anti white propaganda but so far that doesn’t seem to be registering emotionally with Mexicans and Asians. They just use it to get gibs.

  3. Remember your ancestors, the trials and tribulations they went through to get your ass in the here and now, don’t let them down, ever.

  4. OK, multi-generational struggle going forward. Considering that timeframe, should we expect 1:7 twist will rule the later outcomes?

    I think likely, it becomes a science struggle, Crisper9 genetic/bio stuff. And lays waste to every plan, on every side, being made today. The human blueprint becomes the Holocene tar pit.

    (Science warriors) are standing on a whale, fishing for minows today. That tech will ripen, at first it will be the forbidden fruit in Bluebeard’s closet.

    And we know damn well that closet gets opened.

  5. Finishing up a swing through CA. San Diego, Palo Alto and getting ready to leave Napa. California is just fine with the elites here. I go down the road from the little wonderland that is this “chateau” place and the trailer parks that house the little brown servants are conveniently tucked away from vineyards and tasting rooms. But provide plenty of labor to run things. Gulfstreams pass over on their way to the little airstrip just north of here so the tech Gods don’t have to endure the crappy traffic back over the Bay Bridge. The street shitters get run out of Palo Alto. I detect no exasperation in the people here since they never really see the society they’ve built. Though there were about a 100 Google search geeks here a couple days ago for some sort of meeting. Had the fleeting thought that some cyanide in their soup would have been a helluva good start….

    • Once upon a time, wine tasting in Napa/Sonoma was mainly young normies. Back in the early 80’s, one could walk into Chateau Montelena and talk about The Judgment of Paris and that famous Chardonnay while drinking their great Cab.

      Wine tasting at Dry Creek was so small time, you walked right into the small barrel storage building for wine tasting where winemaker Dave Stare would grab a 3 foot pipette, pull out a barrel sample, pour me a full glass and ask if I thought should this be left alone or used for blending, and describe why. Much I learned about wine making was from him. The most amazing late harvest botrytis zinfandel, brix almost to pancake syrup and such amazing acid balance it cleared right off the tongue, crisp with blackberry. When I left, I’d have a grin a mile wide from great wine.

      Tasting at Fieldstone, they had a zin-cab-pitite sirah blend that was so good I’d walk on my lips through busted glass for that well-crafted 16-17% big monster boy, plus a fabulous wine grin and a tongue dyed a deep purple. Oh yeah… just burned down.

      And my favorite in the later 80’s was Soda Rock…..Zin. Old Charlie and Charlie Jr. and their old, old Italian winery. Actually used some redwood barrels and somehow by good quality control made fabulous zin in those puppies. My further wine knowledge came from the two Charlies. A bowl of purple tartaric acid crystals (Charlie didn’t cold stabilize) sat on an old check-out table as samples to take. It would be a 2 hour visit at Soda Rock. Lots of lightly sloshed smiling. Oh yeah… just burned down.

      My past life in California is now memories. Either too many turds and needle, or it’s burned down.

      • Oh goodness. This is why we have to have IRL meetings. To enjoy good wine(s), if nothing else. Always good to meet a fellow zinfandel lover.

        I’ve always been more of a scruffy-Sonoma, rather than Napa/Chateau, type, and came into it after the 80’s but I do still remember the privilege of informal tasting with the winemaker in the working areas, as opposed to the $15 (and up) fee in crowded tasting rooms. I don’t mind the fee so much as the crowds of people there to drink as opposed to taste. A couple of limos (much less a tour bus) in the parking area is usually my sign to NOT go in, but to find somewhere else to be. Alas.

        And the scurrilous rumor about rich Asians (read Chinese) mixing their cabs and pinots with orange juice, or Coke, is unfortunately NOT a slander. It’s absolutely true. Got no problem with people not liking wine (“grape wine” as they specify in Chinese), but I do have a problem with people wasting highly allocated wines. But it’s a status thing to be able to tell their friends that “I had DRC La Tache *and* Monte Bello at dinner last night.”

      • Unfortunately mostly “bidness”. Did get over to Far Niente for a wonderful dinner. And more wine than was advisable. By stroke of good fortune got an ex-FF and SF 18b as a driver back to SFO. Once we did the verbal “secret handshake” had a jolly 2 hours roasting the idiots that run CA plus a few stories about high altitude jumping and forgetting to turn on the oxygen.

  6. So The Woodpile was a couple of days late, but Remus had a link to an interview with Codevilla, always worth a read in my view. Thus

    David Samuels sums up the course of empire in his preface to an interview with Angelo Codevilla, at Tablet

    ” The wealth of any empire flows disproportionately to the capital, where it nourishes the growth, wealth, and power of the ruling elite. ”

    I click on the link and the interview starts
    “No one runs America. That’s the terror and the beauty of American life in a nutshell, the answer to the secret of how 300 million people from many different places can live together between two oceans, sharing a future-oriented outlook that methodically obliterates any ties to the past”

    No. 250 million people from one relatively small place- Western Europe can live together. A hundred million mystery meats fucks that up.

    (((Every fucking time)))

  7. One of your best Z. I don’t think our rulers have thought through the implications of the post-America they’ve created for the simple reason that their incapable of doing so – their expensive educations have filled their minds with a mush of cherished progressive nonsense that collapses under the least scrutiny, which explains a good deal of progressive hysteria whenever the narrative is challenged. What they’ve done – although they can never admit this – is a bizarre reverse colonialism. Unwilling to rule over wogs in the wogs’ native lands, our managerial elite have imported them here to rule over. They’ve done this not due to their selfless generosity (as progressive ideology has it), but because wogs, indifferent to political freedoms, won’t cause trouble or rebel against the burgeoning technological panopticon for quaint anachronistic notions like preserving individual liberty. Wogs only want gibs, and our rulers will make sure they have a supply, even if they have to dispossess white Americans in the process. The thing about wogs though, is that they’re bound to get uppity at some point and want to run things themselves (since they have such a great track record of this), and then there’s bound to be some troubles.

    Reading your column brought to mind the chorus of one of my favorite “black pill” songs, “Day In, Day Out” by the Welsh post-Britpop band, Feeder. The chorus goes:

    “Under the water, don’t think we’ll recover
    Twisted and broken, ten thousand leagues choking
    Sinking deep under, don’t think we’ll recover
    Day in day out….”

    Yes, the future may be bleak, but for the time being at least, you can still rock out:

  8. You want the good old days of the US to return? Looks like the nearest approximation is to be found elsewhere:

    Look at the uniformity of the faces (with the exception of one Asian), and note the no doubt carefully composed shot of the bands as they depart, playing Slavyanka, with the Holy and Life Giving Cross in the foreground.

  9. By what means are people from Hillsdale College finding their way over here where the thoughtcriminals are?

    • I don’t believe they are, nor will they. But I would like to know if they agree with Zman but can’t or won’t say it. I am also curious as to what they think the solution is because at the rate we are going, they won’t have any constitution left, and they’ll be out of a job. The Constitution has already been damaged beyond repair, but I guess they think the problem started with the amendment re the direct election of senators and the income tax (16th and 17th, I believe). I know what they teach but I don’t know what they think about proposed solutions discussed here. And I’m new here so I need to compare and contrast the ideas, which is hard to do at the moment.

  10. The Zman, way back in 2013:

    That’s the big question raised by the Detroit bankruptcy. We’ll probably never have a public debate on IQ. We can have a public debate on culture. The Left’s desire to nurse black hatred of whites cannot hold up if every majority black city in the nations is falling into bankruptcy. Even a few is enough to get the attention of the public. The fact that race relations appear to be getting worse, despite the election of Obama twice, says the gap between public debate and on-the-ground reality is getting big. That can’t last forever.

    My question: Do you still believe this in 2019? More specifically, do you still think that, “The Left’s desire to nurse black hatred of whites cannot hold up if every majority black city in the nations is falling into bankruptcy.”

    I was just wondering.

  11. The NRx folks were right about at least one thing: human society has always been hierarchical. Even the fellow that penned “All men are created equal” owned slaves and thus knew in his bones that the sentiment was nothing more than a rhetorical flourish. The failure manifested in the 20th century was, on the part of aristocrats the rejection of noblesse oblige and the economizing of responsibilities to the lower orders. Everything has a price; and the goal is to deliver at the cheapest rate. On the part of the serfs, it was the failure to know and accept one’s place in the social order. Striving to escape the tedium of rural life for the bright lights of the big city is in no way a means of liberation. Whether it’s corvee labor on the lord’s demense or an ad valorem tax on your shiny new SUV, you are going to pay the price. The more interesting question is why the illusion of equality is impervious to reality. The myth of social mobility — in America, the rags to riches story — is a powerful narcotic fueled by the exceedingly rare inversion of hierarchy. Legions of serfs believe that they too can grasp what Zuckerberg or Bezos or Gates did. For the vast majority, the gravitational pull (the inescapable “price” above) of student loans or credit card debt will keep them firmly tethered to serfdom.

  12. You know, Vox has his obsessions too.
    About Jordan Peterson.

    Of course if its not your obsession, say with poor Buckley, long dead, its a bit off putting after awhile.

    Lets talk about what to do, not what others failed at.

    They failed to act. There- I condemn the past too.

    Now – what is to be done?

  13. We are just beginning to educate. The average Trumpsters still think we can vote our way out.
    We are not going to be able to vote our way out at the national level, true.
    But at the local and possibly regional level republicanism will still work.
    This clown show as we saw yesterday on TV and almost daily now along with uncontrolled immigration will in fact destroy our republic as we know it.
    However this does not mean we can’t reconstitute a new republic and our people will be hard as nails once we get through this time of radicalism.
    We as whites will be radicalized because that will be the natural result of all this.
    That radicalization will bring forth a better nation.
    I have hope.

    • Yup, just keep redpilling, keep chipping away. Even just being a respectable white man with no guilt, aka not a cuck, is enough to make people take note. You will stand out among others.

  14. Great essay! I was particularly taken by ‘What draws crowds to these people is the hope that they will make it all better and that things will return to normal.’ Conservative Inc. is in the business of trading ‘hope’ for shekels. The whole Groyper/Nick Fuentes conflict with Conservative Inc. is based upon an intense resistance to any kind of reality-check for Conservative Inc.

  15. The spam filter has been extra sensitive of late, so if your post does not appear right away, wait a few minutes. It will appear as soon as I approve it.

  16. “This Government was made upon the great basis of the sovereignty of the States, the right of each State to regulate its own domestic institutions to suit itself, and that right was conferred with the understanding and expectation that inasmuch as each locality had separate interests, each locality must have different and distinct local and domestic institutions, corresponding to its wants and interests. Our fathers knew when they made the Government, that the laws and institutions which were well adapted to the green mountains of Vermont, were unsuited to the rice plantations of South Carolina. They knew then, as well as we know now, that the laws and institutions which would be well adapted to the beautiful prairies of Illinois would not be suited to the mining regions of California. They knew that in a Republic as broad as this, having such a variety of soil, climate and interest, there must necessarily be a corresponding variety of local laws-the policy and institutions of each State adapted to its condition and wants. For this reason this Union was established on the right of each State to do as it pleased on the question of slavery, and every other question; and the various States were not allowed to complain of, much less interfere with the policy, of their neighbors. (“That’s good doctrine,” “that’s the doctrine,” and cheers.)”—-Senator Stephan A. Douglas, 7th Lincoln Douglas Debate, 1958, Anton, IL. (he beat Lincoln by the way, who was an Obama like Monster).

  17. One of the milestones I remember on the road between Conservatism and Our Thing was fully accepting, rather than merely understanding, Pareto’s observation that elites are a necessary part of society.

    Biology and circumstance provide some men not only easier access to power but also more fitness to exercise it. Contra libertarianism, democracy is both impractical and frankly unwanted by the vast majority of people. Judging by voting patterns from Washington’s Farewell Address to today’s Send Them Back Lock Her Up kabuki, at least 2/3 of the population doesn’t want to sustain the kind of civic engagement muh Founders and de Tocqueville thought crucial to “keeping” the Republic they “gave” us.

    It would be interesting to see a counter-portrayal to “Democracy in America” examining the downsides of full civic engagement. The closest example we probably have is the turmoil of the French or Bolshevik Revolutions where splinter-sects proliferated and everyone from baronets to bourgoise to bricklayers were agitating for some formal role in the political process.

    Sustained political engagement in a massive modern society seems to drive most people nuts. Political apathy, for all that we mutants deride the practice, is probably a sanity-saver for most people who aren’t wired to handle the exotic high voltage.

    While VDH correctly laments that today’s Squatamalan chicken pluckers cannot meet the Founders’ expectations, he seems unable or unwilling to accept that his forebearers were not the imaginary yeoman farmer-statesmen of de Tocqueville either.

    If what we create is to turn out better than what we have now within a century of a Third Founding, we have to face the truth VDH and other CivNats cannot or will not accept. The only “American exceptionalism” that was ever real was White racial and European ethnic exceptionalism. The founding stock of America could and almost assuredly would have conquered America from sea to shining sea under the banner of monarchism, aristocracy, fascism or socialism.

    Get the biology and culture right and we can leave 90% of the population to live life essentially without politics.

    • VDH cannot publicly state what you write unless he wants to destroy his career and life. I have no doubt he knows the score but like all those in the public eye he has to watch what he says.

      Dobs, Tucker and Pirro found that out the hard way as well.

      Open public admissions to the reality of our situation is not tolerated by the elites. You will be punished for it. I saw what they did to Dobbs over a decade ago and back then it wasn’t anywhere as bad as it is now.

      And are any of you guys going to rush to his aid when they kick him to the curb? Not likely.

      This is what gets me about our side, you expect a old man at the sunset of his career to throw it all away just so you and others here can feel good about yourselves.

  18. Great post by Z.

    I think normies have a tendency to forget that from the beginning we have been just a federation of nations. Take for example that during the state ratifying conventions some New Englanders and Virginians, among others, feared that a lack of religious (Protestant) qualifications for office under the Constitution would according to Madison open a door for “Jews, Turks, and infidels.”

    It would be too woke to teach the average elementary school kid today that were it not for the leadership and cache of a man named Washington, who had little formal schooling and never attended college, and went deep into debt in support of the American revolution, the current form of republican government we have probably would never have crossed the finish line at the outset.

  19. This was an important read for me. In time, VDH and others will have no choice but to publicly agree with what is being written on this blog. But for the life of me I really need to learn what all of these colored pills mean. I should have been paying closer attention. I thought men preferred the blue pill, the one that puts lead in your pencil. But I was wrong.

    • Maybe it’s just sarcasm, but for newbies who really don’t know the pill system, here it is:

      Bluepill: worldview coming from left-wing propaganda and lies

      Redpill: reality, awakening to reality

      Blackpill: pessimism, the feeling we’re going to lose

      Whitepill: optimism, feeling we’re going to win (or just on a high from good news)

      Blue & red pills originally from The Matrix.

    • He’s been pretty damn honest about how Mexicans have turned California farm country into a crime-ridden past-apocalyptic nightmare. He doesn’t get into racial IQ stuff, but he sure gets close.

      • Agree, Drake. I almost lost confidence in him after reading the article. I said up above that eventually he and others might have no choice but to be more direct about it. VDH, from my recollection after reading Mexifornia, is that the main problem is lack of assimilation. I know that many here just look at ‘brown’ and will conclude ‘Dem voter,’ but being a newbie here i am not there just yet. VDH said no assimilation = no success. No success = dependence on government (cue Rush Limbaugh), and dependence on gov’t, which is deliberate by the Dem Party, = loyal Dem voters. If you want to make a conservative from a POC (I used the term! I’m learning) you give him the chance to make it on his own. That won’t work 100% of the time, but it worked until recent years when we combined mass immigration + illegal immigration + gov’t dependence to insure failure. I hate the Dems and TPTB (another usage) for what they’ve done. I hope we will hang them all for it. God will.

        • The formulation you quoted from rush is a little to trite. There’s a whole range of deep cultural differences between South Americans and legacy Americans that directly and indirectly influence their party affiliation. Among them.

          Locus of control. On average Americans are far to the internal side while Latins are far to the external side.

          Enterprise and initiative. Americans have a high degree of both, Latins not so much.

          Tolerance of corruption. Low for Americans, Hi for Latins.

          Circle of trust – Wide for Americans, Narrow for Latins

          Group solidarity – low for Americans, high for Latins.

          Conception of government. Americans think the government is us, Latins see government as them.

          • Then I have possibly not represented Mr. Limbaugh correctly as he simply states the Democrat Party wants to keep us dependent on the government, which is why they torpedo anything that we think of that is good for the economy and anything that will help people become unattached to it.

            As far as the rest of your comment on the differences between Americans and Latins, I learned a bit from you there. The difference is that at one time I really did not care about those characteristics because we were in the drivers’ seat. Yes, it took me a while to wake up. [On another note, I am listening to Z Man and ramzpaul with Frodi. I searched Frodi and Wiki right off refers to him as a neo-nazi, which is unfortunate and I think wrong. So, I’m asking myself, if I believe that America is stronger when qualified people are running the various levels of government, or schools, or businesses, and they just happen to be white on an objective basis, I too would be cast as a racist and neo-nazi, which is due to a complete bastardization of these terms. I’m old enough to remember the old definition of racism, and it has been changed to where you cannot say to your ninth graders, “My Asian students seem to keep on doing the best on the tests,” without the kiddies all gasping in horror. We had a talk about that, and other things, and they were silent because they had never heard the other side before. I add this because it’s on my mind, and not too familiar with what I’ve gotten into here.]

  20. Which of these so-called prosperous, so-called socialist countries could “make it work” in the absence of direct and indirect US subsidies?

    • Norway, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy… In fact, literally every Western country.
      Besides, what’s it matter if one socialist country supports other socialist countries? There haven’t been any non-socialist Western countries since 1946, and there haven’t been many since 1848. The entire West has had cradle-to-grave welfare socialism for your and my entire lives. It ain’t the politics, buddy. You’re going to have to look further upstream than that.

      • It’s true that White people can make imperfect systems work longer than other people can, but that doesn’t make them good systems. Stagnant, debt-ridden European countries with no innovation and lower standards of living than Alabama are hardly a beacon to the future.

        The only reason they can afford what socialism they have is because the US supplies their defense, their medical innovations, their technology innovations etc.

        And the US is running on fumes.

        • Most social metrics would indicate Albama has a worse standard of living than most western European countries.

          ” US supplies their defense”- in what reality does this occur?

          • Actually, Alabama does rank slightly below Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium, but above all other Western European countries:


            Missouri ranks above them all.

            Almost all the burden of NATO sits on US shoulders. The European military forces are tiny and/or decrepit and have essentially no ability to fight a serious war.

            The US maintains major bases all over Europe as a guarantor of European security.

            The US outspends all European nations militiaries to enable it to act as the European protector.

          • Protect from who exactly? Russia isn’t going to invade Europe and huge portion of GDP on military spending is not needed for immigration control. Not that they are doing enough of that mind.

            In any case back during the Cold War Sweden managed a percentage GDP military spending at least as good as current USA and Social Democracy as well.

            Our subsidy is nice but it mainly allows them immigration. Get rid of that and it all balanced out.

            I know it’s part of the catechism of the GOPe, Libertarians and Economic Liberals that Social Democracy can’t work but its false.

            It won’t work for the US for cultural reasons but it can and has worked quite well in Europe

            As a trade offs, less money in Europe, life expectancies are higher, vacation time is much longer and they have less of a homeless crisis than we do.

            Also if you lose your job you won’t live under a bridge and nor will you go bankrupt from medical bills.

            This is why vast amounts of agitprop are used to keep social democracy from advancing farther. Too many vested interests lose out.

            This system is a decent tradeoff for people willing to pay the taxes required for it.

            Americans are not and we are going to pay the price as we become Brazil 2.0

  21. I can’t tell if my non-reply comments are being filtered – on a VPN if that matters. Going to hold off re-posting for awhile to avoid double-or-triple-posting.

    • I, and others, have noticed that Z’s comment software has gone a little buggy lately. In particular, you will see anomalies like replies that are less “current,” i.e. older, by time stamp than the post to which they refer and timestamps that are wildly off the mark. I have also seen comment displacement (not disappearance) when switching the sort from oldest to newest. These are not criticisms, especially from a shameful free rider; just observations. Keep calm and comment on.

  22. Having read Dr. Hansen’s works for a numbers years, I believe he’s actually correct. America has a national character that is truly unique in the world. Perhaps you’ve been in Lagos for so long you have lost sight of it.

    Despite being a country of 50 independent states who may be very different from each other, you are all Americans regardless of state, religion or ethnicity. I have spoken with dozens of American service men here in Germany and while it may not be possible for me to tell exactly which state they are from, there is no mistaking they are Americans first and identify as such.

    If I insult something about Texas, like the stupidity of wearing a cowboy hat and boots when one doesn’t even own a horse, I’m sure someone from New York or Oregon would speak out against me. This is very evident from many of the comments I have posted in this blog. Just yesterday I was critical about the poor construction methods of American homes, and I’m pretty sure the negative responses were a mix of responses from different states.

    If you Americans criticized the French, or the Brits, few, if any Germans or Italians would come to their defense. There’s a huge difference between a nation of states, and a state of nations.

    • Servicemen are exceptionally inclined and expressly conditioned to identify with the CivNat mythology – a big reason why they are under-represented in the American dissident right. We have some committed civ-nats or guys with strong CN priors around here, too.

      American identity as such is something that could be developed into a more wholistic identity ala Euro nationalism but that’s going to take time. The struggle to maintain White ethnic identities in the face of the Brown Wave is something that could provide its own foundational mythology and history to forge that identity, but I think we’re going to have to use regional and Euro-ethnic crutches for at least a few generations yet.

      • There is also such a thing as “CivLib” as far as I am concerned. They, similarly, have a Pollyanna-ish view of how things ought to work, much like the CivNats, but with the globohomo overlay. They are going to be hard to bring over, because part of the pozz is to reject our language and world view, a priori. But unlike the true Proggies, they are well-intentioned though misguided.

      • It is very difficult in the modern US military to be an out-of-the-closet dissident. You have to understand that it has been entirely taken over by SJWs. We sit through many hours of ‘equal opportunity’, diversity and ‘how to recognize a White Supremacist’ training. We take regular surveys that really dig into the racial harassment questions, with extensive reviews and follow-up discussions of the results. All it takes is one outspoken NCO to effectively let the rest of us know the situation. A solid percentage, if not a complete majority or our administrative offices are run by POCs who will not hesitate to pursue any hint of race realist talkers.

        On the other hand, very few people in our society truly understand the other races as well as military people. We live, work, eat and play with each other every day. No one knows multiculturalism like military people do.

        My experience tells me that there are a lot of dissidents in the military. They are just afraid to come out about it.

        • I suspect it’s the same in corporate America to some degree. Colleagues of mine who have also worked in the States are often amazed at the amount of “training” they have to go through about race, sex and various sensitivity training.

      • Have you not stopped to reflect on the fact North America was brown long before it was white? Very different experience from Europe. You may return to what you once were. We will become something we have never been.

    • Germany, too has historically been a series of quasi-independent nation-states. It is interesting to me that the two people most responsible for trying to turn the country instead into a nation of states as we are (were) here in the U.S., Bismarck and you-know-who, almost always have been vilified in history.

    • Well, yes, you talked to servicemen. But come to LA and say the same thing and the Guatemalan flag waver will buy you a glass of tequila. They might even ask you to help with voter registration and set you up with a table in front of El Mercado. From here, the national character is beginning to look like the Balkans a few decades ago.

    • It would be interesting to hear how present-day Germans view 1871. Vis-a-vis local and national identity.

      • In my opinion, Bismark was a true progressive and visionary. He is responsible for German’s modern welfare state, he established national healthcare, accident insurance and old age pensions.

        Combine his programs for the common working man with a working class and a professional managerial class that worked in cooperation with each other, it’s no wonder Germany has been as successful as it has despite what we’ve done to ourselves.

    • I’ve noticed politically significant Germans defending Britain over Brexit and a lot more French,Irish and Dutch politicians trashing the UK.

      Brexit has been good for teasing out allies and enemies both within the UK and the world in general. Using the Brexit metric Germans are our closest allies in Europe and the French our most spiteful enemies.

  23. You can always look to Toronto see what the elites have in mind:

    As of 2007, there are now as many low income people in Toronto as there were middle income people in the 1970s. The wealthy WASP/Jewish landowners with property in the city are fabulously wealthy, though.

    No mention of immigration, of course, but the poor areas now filled with sri Lankan, bangladeshis, arabs, and negroes used to be completely white working class areas.

    Now the idiots in Toronto want to ban guns because their brown pets are starting to get a little shooty.

  24. What kept the various nations of the country together over the past was decentralization and respect for states rights. This has been breaking down for many many decades. Obviously the kick-off for that was the aftermath of the Civil War, and it has been escalating rapidly ever since. What Washington D.C. is today is a top-down, one-size fits-all government that no one likes. It fits no one. The only thing holding it all together is that no one has to pay the bills (yet). The debt just shuffles along, despite the covert monetization program going on right now from the Fed. Once the bills come due, and people of certain states watch as other states are bailed out by the center, it will be a hell of a time. California is in big trouble underneath the surface. People like to point out the poop on the streets as a sign of failure, but we have all kinds of companies that haven’t made a thin dime. People forget how bad it was here during the last tech/real estate implosion, the next one will blow the budget. As bad as CA is though, Illinois is the one to watch, specifically the finances of Chicago, the bonds of that city are worthless. Illinois will be the first state that needs the big bailout, although Connecticut and New Jersey are right behind them.

    • That’s it. I’m leaving Fresno’s grapevines for the big city lights.

      Chicago, here I come!
      Dallas, to get away from all the mexicans!
      Atlanta, to get away from all the blacks!

      For the great weather! All the ice, skeeters, torrid swamp, and great restaurants to fill any desire!

  25. Brilliant point. There is no going back to a white America. There will be pockets of white zones dispersed throughout the land but the cities are gone forever. They are rapidly declining to 3rd world shithole status and no one gives a damn.

  26. The surface of Planet Earth is a cauldron of living things; of which, homo sapiens is the preeminent life form. Within our species, differentiated subgroups evolved and adapted to their unique environments, leading to all the variants we now call race and ethnicity. Then civilization and modernity happened, and people started moving around and away from their place of ancestral adaptation. In the space of a few thousand years, we have tried to force fit people into places they are not well suited to survive in. Conflict is inevitable unless the elites proactively morph the species into insect-like drones. If that is not to your liking, then the solution is obvious.

  27. I too noticed that the mainline conservatives “never examined its failures”. They never even acknowledge them. They made grifters like Dennis Hastert and Paul Ryan Speaker of the House. After the ensuing spending orgy, failure to pass any legislation remotely “conservative”, and inevitable election losses, they go back to campaigning on stuff like small-government and 2A rights. Then they get testy when people call them con-men and cucks.

    • They weren’t conserving anything. They were ghouls from the Chamber of Commerce with pockets stuffed with money. Don’t forget that drunk Boehner. By the way, I always got a strange vibe from “wrestling coach” Hastert.

      • Imagine how his teenaged wrestlers felt. Most wrestling coaches participate in the wrestling practice sessions.

  28. “Millennials’ Health Deteriorating, Projected Mortality Rates Higher Than GenX; “Deaths of Despair” a Major Culprit”

    This, after ten years of supposed economic growth. Imagine what it will be like when the next contraction happens, which is half a decade overdue.

    We need to be ready to take full of advantage of the narrative collapse that will accompany a recession. This means a 24/7 campaign to meme the blame on our mortal enemies, the usual suspects.

      • So do waves of murder, every time. Note the recent hullabaloo over the Aztecs sacrificing 84,000 of their own, in the face of Cortez’s conquest. Every time.

    • The “economy” is smoke-and-mirrors BS. Our government incentivizes our young peoples’ dispossession through low-interest loans only available to minorities (including Indians and Chinese) and the OPT program where employers get a multi-year exemptions from payroll taxes.

    • Millennials are also some of the most leftist, and anti-white. The children of the Boomers. I’m not surprised at poor mental health; Pajama Boy types still act like they’re in high school – they drink like fish, are still unmarried, don’t play sports, aren’t involved in religion. They are now reaching their 40s and it must be grim looking down the back 9 with nothing to show for your life.

      But they poz seems so deep with them that they still haven’t woken up. I see a lot more 18,19,20,21 year olds with potential to be /ourguys/ than I do in millennials. I’m not sure how to save them.

      Anyways, the millennial death is coming and it will blow the previous white death out of the water in terms of severity.

    • “Lifestyle commitments”- “what do we have to offer? What do I have to gain?”

      There’s the silent Movement right there.
      A secular Christianity, a healthy people, families, and community.

  29. Buckley conservatism existed to fight the Cold War, with the cultural stuff as frosting. The Soviet Union dissolved on Christmas Day 1991. Buchanan, Francis, Brimelow and others tried to shift the movement to culture, especially immigration. Buchanan’s Culture Wars speech at the 1992 convention still resonates. They were purged, with the Neocons taking total control. The Iraq War proved an ongoing disaster. The immigrants kept coming. Buckley and others of his generation died. Young whites are persecuted on campus and in the workplace. They don’t like it. They’re smart and uppity. Here we are.

    • That was a pretty good summation!

      Though Kristol, Goldberg, Shapiro, French, etc. are still very much alive. And funded. But I like to think the energy is on our side, not theirs. Our side is reading books and bodybuilding. Their side is watching TV and trawling for shekels.

      • Our side is also capable of building networks (or communities, I’ve been using that word an awfully lot lately) and cells of like minded people, who are in this for fundamental reasons of kith and kin, not the typical sheckels and feelz that others go for. We need to develop and exploit that. A network of cells of like minded people, gone grey and dispersed, can be a formidable opposition to the stupid stuff going on today, because we are in it for the right reasons, and won’t cut and run as soon as the sheckels and feelz run out.

        • Yes x10. As important as the internet is to getting the message out, lifestyle commitments run a lot deeper than internet bonding does. Guys who live for this without “e-personas,” “followers,” “likes” or an express paycheck for advocacy are the real strength of any movement, particularly when things get tough. Cortez burned his boats for a reason.

  30. We have been a federation of nations and a house with many mansions, because we have had freedom of association, freedom of speech, and the freedom to protect ourselves and our families in any way we see fit. The breakdown of all of that was the key to the destruction of our country. Once one had to look over his shoulder, every time one said something provocative or hung out with someone suspicious, not because you might get punched by the next guy over, but because you could get doxxed or arrested, the game was over. The leveling and atomization of the individual has evolved together with the elimination of the freedoms of association and speech.

    The only ways left to exercise such freedoms, today, is in places like this (for now) where we post anonymously, or behind closed doors in private places, where what is left of community provides a few safe spaces.

    • And this all started when that federation told 11 of those nations that they couldn’t leave despite the tyrannical and quasi-genocidal ambitions of Northern abolitionists.

      • Puritanism was Abrahamic supremacy, a branch denomination tailored to Europeans.

        Yet, Judah Benjamin and his kin controlled King Cotton and chattel lien banking.

        They had shipped in Africans to replace the dead white slaves of the original colonies, and shipped in more to take control of rich South agriculture bankrupting the wage-earners. This was like a California farmer displacing poor Okies with even lower-paid Mexicans.

        Judah and his kin sought to extend their slave empire to the Spanish empire lands south. The northern Banksters, both Puritan allies and Bankster merchants, eyed the railroads and the resources and gold/silver of the west.

        The War of Northern Aggression was a kin-fight between competing tribal branches of the One Tribe. The established Banksters vs the uppity Breakaways eyeing independence.

        Euros were the proxies.

        This civil war has always existed, see traditionalist King Abdenigo of the golden calf or the betrayed Ten Tribes of New Babylon.
        They have brought their unending civil war over dominance into our world.

        • “Puritanism was Abrahamic supremacy, a branch denomination tailored to Europeans. ”

          Islam was tailored to Arabs, who killed the Arab Christians and took over Aryan Persia.
          The Saudi and Emirate royals are Donmeh Jew conversos, not pure Arab, but occupiers.

          Similarly, Yasir Arafat and his uncle Hussein were Egyptian occupiers in Palestine, though Arab… we believe. Herzl and Faisal were close friends, like brothers.

          The Mohammed himself was half Jewish, begging the Elders in the medina to recognize him as a Jewish prophet. He was credited, much later, with destroying the Quryza, the Quiraish or Koresh, the Arab Christians,

          Then Islam attacked Eastern Roman Byzant, Western Roman Church, the non-Arabs from India to Egypt, and China.
          Ghengis Khan was the Crusades from the East, as China’s borders had once extended to Turkey, until the defeat of the Chinese and Mongol armies at the Yalu River in 740.

          (Our Afghan war is about China, more than Iran or Russia.)

          Eli Wallace, born in Brooklyn, as Moishe as could be at 20, undertook Rachel Dolezal surgeries to become Elijah Muhummed, calling for a breakaway Black state in Mississippi.

          Communism is secular Abrahamism, with the god bits taken out to sell and tailor it to any tribe, creating proxies and allies with a new path of opportunies.

          Need I mention the Wiemar occupation government that sent Lenin to Russia, and Trotsky with New York money?
          The current contest between Old World and New World Jewish branches?

          They both conspire AND compete, all elites do. Elites and tribes are seperate strata within the human ecology.

          Culture War. The Oldest War.
          Who got rich funding the wars and revolutions? Who took territory?

      • Yep limit membership in the DR to white Southerners who can prove theiur heritage goes back two centuries. That will show those evil Northern whites.

  31. Hanson is a scam artist, nothing more. If he is remembered at all, it will be for a lie: that the Iraq invasion was some sort of apostolic successor to Pericles’s funeral oration.

    While Hanson did manage to break with his masters over Trump, he is careful never to color too far outside the lines in which he has always worked.

    But to the Neocons he is and will always be a traitor, a golem gone renegade. His boomer naivety prevents him from seeing this, and his arrogance prevents him from allowing anyone else to point it out to him.

    • I still like the guy because he’s a scholar of history. He also does a good job of “man on the ground” reporting from the disaster area that is California. He probably is holding back from saying what he really thinks about the coming collapse.

        • If he loses the address in the Central Valley he can’t keep larping as a farmer-philosopher-in-the-classic-sense. It’s his shtick.

      • I’m reading this thread about Hanson and while being respectful of the critical minds opposing him, I tend to agree with what you just wrote. I don’t even know if I should continue to get my formation here or at Hillsdale College online. I have that dilemma. They still stick to THE CONSTITUTION, but this blog seems to tell me that even they will be late comers.

        • Speaking of Hillsdale, I was dragged to this Larry Arne fundraising event a few years ago. I left feeling very unimpressed. He reminded me of some sanctimonious preacher. Talk about an old coot CivNat boomer. I wasn’t about to open my wallet for him. I think that school is for the CivNat boomers to hide their millennial children instead of sending them to the party schools. You learn way more about life at the party school.

    • Nonsense. VDH is an academic par excellent. He need scam no one for a living and made his bones as a renowned war historian long before CA turned brown or most folks were concerned about demographics change.

      Really, just because you consider one not red pilled to your liking does not equate to mal-intent, nor does it mean he is not useful to the cause.

      • Even though he supports Trump somewhat, he was a disgraceful neocon stooge for Bush’s POS of a war in Iraq. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he still supports that god awful waste.

      • He’s one of the better commenters, he just doesn’t speak to me. I believe it’s generational. As a Gen-Xer I need this raw, naked, exposed truth. I believe in authenticity. With Hanson it’s always this couched, coloring inside the lines approach that rings hollow. For instance, years ago he had this great article about how his well pumps were stolen by illegals. But it was never transmitted into a raw anger over our situation. That the illegals should be shot and hanged on-site. He’s like a frog that’s boiling in the pot, but never questions the existence of the pot itself.

      • Exactly VDH is not harmful to dissidents, most of his writing leans our way and is useful. We got to learn to let normies be normies. Some go a few steps our way and help us pull others the remaining steps into our camp.
        VDH does not attack us. Leave him be.

      • I agree Compsci. Well said. Did he get some things wrong? Of course. Anyone who sticks his neck out will occasionally. I have a lot of respect for VDH. How many of us can read Latin and Ancient Greek or write history books with such erudition? Check out his book on WWII.

  32. What you say about the hostile ruling class is also very true of VDH. Progressives are never going to recoil in horror at the errors of their ways. And neither is Hanson. He’s actually an old California liberal who woke up one day to see his beloved state taken hostage by people far to his left. But he never made the connection between the flaws of his own beliefs and those of the more radical liberals. Always with Hanson, and I’m going back more than 35 years, there was this arrogance of assumed moral superiority whenever the idea of race or American history came up. Like Charlton Heston at the end of his life who could never leave the glory years of his civil rights protests and the media limelight it shed on him, Hanson is still unwilling to admit the truth of his earlier glory years: whites have interests of our own that will brook no debate about “justice”. Hanson will NEVER go there.

    • VDH still has a Classicist’s romantic view of America as a Greco-Roman Rennaisance. So did the Founders, from our Magic Papers to our art and architecture. Hanson won’t face the cruel fact that sorting our present NuMerican stock for Greco-Roman grade material would require authoritarian extra-Constittutional measures. Balkanization & de facto apartheid are realities he’s never going to be willing to accept.

  33. I think a big part of the problem is that a lot of white people lack the imagination to realize that non-white people don’t necessarily want to live how we want to live.

    The truth is that I bet a lot of non-white tech oligarchs (insert parentheses and the Indian equivalent of parentheses here) probably like living in gleaming towers that rise above the smoking ruins. They like to see their racial enemies suffer. They like to see people way below them. And it gives them a frisson of excitement to see the Bladerunner-like squalor around them.

    I suspect that most white billionaires, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet really do want other people to live well, and that they’re sincere in their philanthropy. (Buffet himself seems to have kept a mostly middle-class lifestyle.) But I’m not sure that non-white billionaires want that.

    Our guys are right to try to create an awareness of racial difference. But we have often focused on externally measurable things, like IQ and crime rates.

    But it’s important to build up a racialized “theory of mind,” that is, an idea of how other people think. Non-white people don’t think how we think, and don’t want the same kind of society that we want. It’s important to keep hammering away at this until it can be seen clearly by White Normie, who currently projects, incorrectly, his own innocence and fair-mindedness onto people who don’t actually have those qualities.

    I think a lot of naive civnats really believe it’s a good idea to staple green cards to college diplomas, because they have no idea that the people who get those green cards have no desire to do things our way, and indeed won’t do–and are already here and not doing–things our way.

    • Excellent comment. Sums up what I’ve noticed, too. “Equality” is really only a concept that white people are interested in – and it only works amongst fellow whites.

      • We’re more comfortable with equality (or a level playing field) because we’re on average confident and positive – look at our track record vs. others, 90%+ of human achievements, etc… It’s hard for Whites to fathom the envy and inferiority complex our achievements stir in Others, particularly when they start puffing on the “colonial oppression or that would be mine” pipe.

        • Yes, quite honestly just existing around most 3rd worlders stirs anger and their inferiority complex. Especially those well adjusted, confident young white men.

          There’s a reason we get fed white guilt.. it’s to make us less competitive and not make them feel bad.

          You’re right, normie has no idea how deep this hatred/inferiority complex is and also has no idea how cruel and evil they will be if they ever get the upper hand over us.

          • One of the worst things we’ve ever done to ourselves (or to Others, FWIW) is to expose them to Hollywood & Madison Ave in their homelands, much less bring them here, FFS.

            The disparity between our lives and the Third World is like Clarke’s famous quote about how sufficiently advanced tech looks like magic. I see people in LA all the time who obviously see this sprawling hellscape of 10 million+ like a cargo cultist on a dream-quest.

            I don’t excuse barbaric behavior toward our wahmens, but when you consider the situation of some Arab or Pashtun who grew up in a strict Islamic culture being confronted by the thousands of ripe terraformed “bobs” bouncing down the streets of Beverly Hills, it’s not as if we shouldn’t be able to see trouble a’ brewin.

          • The media also says that white women are easy, white women love people of colour, everyone in the West has casual sex every day, etc. There are just Jewish fantasies, but they don’t know this. So when an Arab or Pashtun or Hindu comes here and can’t get laid, gets rudely rejected over and over by the white girls, I can definitely see where their anger comes from.

            White women are only easy for Chad or Tyrone. Us average white guys have to work… and below average white, Asian, or brown… well forget about it. It’s not fair for them, and not fair for us. Just another great example of the injustices caused by unnatural mass immivasion. Everyone would be happier in their own countries with their own customs. Pakistanis have no problem getting laid in Pakistan, where they get married early and don’t believe in marital rape. Nothing wrong with that; their country, their customs.

      • White people experienced equality after WW2 until the fall of the USSR because our elites propped it up to look better than the communists, I don’t find it so equal now. I’m English and we’ve certainly ever experienced equality.I don’t see a lot of empathy either

    • From my travels I have only seen two places that care about both the look of their homes AND the welfare of their larger communities: white countries (non-Slav), and Japan and Korea. (China may soon join us.) Every other people (like 5 billion of them) only care about their immediate surroundings + family. We tend to think of Jeff Bezos as a miserly asshole, but he would be like Jesus effing Christ if he lived in India, or Nigeria, or Brazil.

    • An example of your line of thinking, Sperg, is the big black support for Biden. In their view, Gropin’ Joe will have their backs, more or less, if things get spicy, and why wouldn’t one have his son capitalize on dad’s power base? We think differently, and trying to assume others can easily change their thinking to match up with ours is a fool’s errand.

      • Blacks see nothing wrong with using your position to enrich yourself and your clan (see every black politician, everywhere, ever). Likewise Pajeets, Juans, Abduls & Changs. God knows Israel has turned out to be just the haven for Jewish criminals that you-know-who warned us about in Minecraft Campfing. We’re the only guys who seem to worry about corruption.

      • Not so sure Dutch. I think blacks like Joe cuz he exemplified the reverse master slave relationship they so long for.

    • A small aside. Given our corrupt and poz’d educational system, to staple a green card onto any diploma is basically to allow anyone and everyone to come on over and pillage what’s left of the country.

    • They can’t ride high on their collective accomplishments, so they will ride high on victory and vengeance.

    • I don’t find the Indians as calous as the White elite, they don’t stab their own in the back. It’s our upper-classes that like living in their gated towers looking down on all the “scum” so they can feel superior, look at LA and San Francisco. The Indians live the way they’ve lived for 5,000 yrs depending on caste, it’s unconscious, the White elites especially in the Angloshere are the arseholes

      • “they don’t stab their own in the back”

        Oh hell yes they do. With great enthusiasm and without guilt. My ladyfriend deals with South Asian MDs on a daily basis, and has gone from naive civnat to “I distrust and hate those people.” It’s to the point where I actually have to talk HER down, whereas 4 years ago (before she was promoted to Assistant Wrangler of Pajeets and Syeds) she was all “Geez, Mike, why are you so racist?”

    • That’s an interesting point. IQ matters a lot, though; smart people, so long as they’re given the tools to take care of themselves, are more likely to successfully assimilate into any kind of society. Their identities are less polluted by self-pity — and trust me, “poor me” is as culturally destructive as it gets.

      But I get it. There’s way more to the picture than brains. I’ve read that different races have different templates for the reuptake of serotonin, for example. Some races — and thereby, ethnoreligions — just don’t play well with others.

  34. Zman’s thought that maybe the people in charge want the California-type problems certainly fits in with the predictions we’ve all heard from those on our side that the US is headed towards becoming Brazil de Norte.

    • Having escaped from California to a much whiter and traditionally ‘independent’ state only to find myself surrounded by goodwhites whose biggest concern is not implementing California styled political, social, and cultural agendas fast enough, I agree: this is by design.

      It may not be evil-genius design, but a kind of lasso the entropy and ride it down approach. Either way there is a lot of wealth to extract.

      Like some LBO of an old industrial corp, real assets are stripped and sold while paper assets become part of the cloud, fed upon by the need and greed created by the same machine.

      Capital rises up and the people are told to learn to code or man up and marry that slut or love trumps hate.

      Meanwhile, the boot on the neck is busy making laws about which light bulbs you must use in your rented apartment.

    • I’ve wondered whether the globalists envision a Middle East model of governance for Europe and North America. Both the Israelis and Arab strongmen have a decent track record in manipulating and controlling seething masses of impoverished muslims. Can this be why Europe is being deliberately islamized?

  35. I think that we already see what will be used to maintain control: Ginned up hatred of whites and an agreement to hold off inter-tribal hostilities to better loot and enslave whites.

    And you know what? It’s working. But you can see the cracks in that system. Jews and their lapdog whites are struggling to maintain control of dumb but unruly blacks and Muslims and smart Asians and Indians who want to a greater say behind (and in front) of the curtain.

    Regardless, that whole system hinges on whites staying passive. If even a small percentage of whites join the identity game, that equalibrium falls apart, which is why TPTB are so terrified of people like us. We can bring down the whole system, and they know it.

    • Some points, in no particular order;

      1. In the end, the US is going to split into several countries, there can be no other ending. The only questions are, will it be peaceful or bloody, and what and how much will our people get. The sooner we start thinking about and addressing these questions, the better.

      2. VDH is actually smarter than he lets on. A lot of his CivNat stuff is just to hang on to his job at NR, there’s no doubt that he, like a lot of other older Boomers, knows the score, he just can’t say the words and keep his paycheck. TBH, I’m actually surprised that he’s still at NR – he’s pretty edgy, by their milquetoast standards.

      3. With regard to Venezuela, there can be little doubt that, had the US kept out of it, the Maduro Opera Bouffe would be gone by now. The only thing that Maduro could use to rally Venezuelans to his failed government was hatred of the insufferable Yanqui, and low and behold, the US steps right into the role. As someone pointed out yesterday, it’s obvious that the US had nothing to do with the successful coup in Bolivia a few days ago, because it actually worked. It would seem that the only thing people hate worse than a Leftist clown show is a NeoCon clown show – but I repeat myself.

      • VDH is quite comfortable with his long-time position at the Hoover institute at Stanford. He needs nothing from NR—certainly not a smallish paycheck—that his occasional article may bring. He is also an author of great renown wrt military history. Those books alone bring a good income from continuing sales. He is monetarily pretty independent IMO.

        That said, I agree he’s too intelligent to not know the score and like many others does not take the final step wrt his writings, but don’t confuse that for selling out for a paycheck. An equally valid assumption may be simply that he has a desire to remain relevant and politically active rather than be cast into the void.

        • He gains nothing by coming to our side except to become a big fat target. Our side is tiny, fragmented and the target of over progtard not in the grave.

          He’s better off staying where he is until our side gets it’s damn act together – which may be never.

      • Regarding 1, who knows. I hope so. California, Texas and New Mexico scare me though. Just slow white replacement in those states. That’s what I fear the most.

        #2: I agree.

        #3: Hatred of whitey is a major rallying cry. It’ll work in this country for a very long time – if we don’t push back.

        • I live in New England – and if we’re to split into a number of separate countries I can see this region (probably) hanging together.

          The things that concern me are:

          1) The infusion of POC into the region, although I sense that it’s not quite as bad here as it is in other areas of the country – like say Virginia. The major cities of Boston and probably Hartford CT excepted. There is I believe a leveling factor in the infusion of POC into this region – and it’s something that I’ve seen commented on over the years many times: There is actually MORE racism in this region than there is in many other areas of the country. The leftie diversity enablers and signalers have done a good job of putting up an advertising campaign that says otherwise – but I believe that is the shit hits the fan there will be plenty of New Englanders with flagpoles beating the POC into their place.

          2) The pervasiveness of left wing politics in this region. Again – I sense that it’s not actually quite as bad in this region as it is in other areas of the country. MA has still not reached the heights of retardation that CA is reaching for. And we haven’t seen much of the Antifah / SJW idiocy that has plagued other areas of the country over and over again. A few years back a couple of fat broads handcuffed themselves thru a 55 gallon drum on the Southeast Expressway at the height of rush hour. The finally got hauled off by the state police. They didn’t receive favorable coverage from the local press – and every person I talked to about the incident expressed interest in wrapping their hands around their necks and strangling those fat bitches until they passed out.

          I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility to bring back the racism of old in New England. The sentiment is still there boiling under the surface. It might be subsumed by the SJW tendencies of the age – but I predict if things take a turn for the worse – it will come back with a vengeance.

          And that makes me happy.

          • Calsdad, an interesting thing is going on behind the scenes in California. The internal self-segregation is going on at warp speed now. There are multiple Californias now, but the break is at the foothills East of the coast, with Sacramento looped into the coast. The coastal CA has all the power and gets all the press, but the interior of the state is as red as can be, and with a certain combination of bluster and care about showing it, depending on conditions and circumstances. I doubt any other area is as clearly and cleanly divided as California is now.

          • Dutch, Riv and SB Counties are looking light blue on the map. I have been in both of these counties for over 20 years and the change is noticeable. Not to mention the Muzzies and Indians. The Indians are a real piece of nasty.

          • Western Riverside and SB are the border territories between red and blue. Not a good place to be, they are where the blues park the nasty poor people they have invited in and then dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The Central Valley has some of this going, too. I have never seen a border area that is a better place than the area on at least one side of it.

          • ” The Indians are a real piece of nasty.”
            South Asians are moving into many of the roles formerly occupied by Jews, both professionally, and politically, the roles of lefty Jews. On the professional end, medicine is a huge one, but also higher-level corporate positions, particularly in tech. The lefty parts include lawfare (with particular use of racial discrimination stuff) and politics. And the nepotism and clannishness are at least as bad.

            East Asians as a rule are not making the same transition out of being mere “high-tech coolies” into power roles. My take on this is that these browns tend to have higher verbal acuity than yellows (except for me of course — he said modestly — but I am a freaking mutant), and are better at both kissing up and shitting down. There are other cultural factors at work as well, but too much to get into (plus I don’t fully understand them).

          • Yes, South Asians are a massive problem…

            From the sounds of it, they are much worse in the USA too… honestly a lot of them are ok guys in Canada. I’m not sure what causes the difference – it is much harder to get wealthy in Canada so they might be more humble.

            In the past few years, their attitude has started to shift though. I have seen it. Just like Mexicans – passive when left to their own devices, but easily weaponized by (((them))) against whites. Never, ever, ever trust an Indian. Pakistanis are actually much more trustworthy, though dumber and uglier.

          • A few months ago a couple of young black guys came thru my neighborhood and knocked on my door. Turns out they were out going door to door selling Verizon upgrades. They were wearing vests – carrying clipboards, etc. I talked to them and politely declined since I didn’t need any of the services. It was right around 8pm and getting dark. About 2 minutes after they left a police cruiser came by and stopped and asked me (I was still outside cleaning the truck) – if I had seen these two and what they wanted.

            I explained to the cop I had just talked to them a few minutes back – and they had headed down the road. He didn’t seem amused – and explained that there was a bylaw in town preventing door knockers after 8pm. It was something like 8:05 when he came by.

            Obviously somebody didn’t like the sight of two black guys walking down the street when it was almost dark. And the cops responded lickity split – and weren’t happy about it.

            I sort of felt sorry for those two if the cop ever did catch up with them. The way I looked at it they were out there hustling at least trying to do a job and make some money. They probably figured they could get in just one more door knock and maybe make a sale before packing it in.

            It was an interesting insight into people’s REAL tolerance for the POC though.

    • That’s why the practical motto of our thing has got to be: Just keep redpilling.

      It’s hard to know exactly how far, or in what ways, our messages spread on the internet. But they do spread. Often fast. You can see a lot of stuff from the d-right-o-sphere, including the Zblog, spreading through society.

      You never know when we’re going to reach that “win threshold” of whites playing the identity game. But redpilling is a no-risk effort for anons: maybe we wake people up in time, maybe we don’t, but at least we tried.

      • As a younger person who grew up on the internet, sites like 4chan and encyclopedia dramtica pretty much set the mood of the internet. Back in 2008 they were leftist hubs that supported Obama. today, they’re far-right.

    • 20 more years was all they needed to seal the deal – low & slow until replacement numbers had been reached.

      They jumped the gun with Obama and too many White frogs started jumping out of the pot.

      Those Whites could finally smell what Barak was cookin’.

      For all their vaunted smarts, Jewish hubris & overreach has tripped them up 109 times before.

        • This time they waited and brought in mercenaries. But the problem with bringing in too many mercenaries is that they can take over.

          • When your enemy brings in mercenaries – it’s a good thing.

            My grandparents lived in Lexington MA, so as a kid – I was heavily exposed to touring the sites of the Revolution , as well as reading the history.

            Even in the 60s and 70s the story presented about the Revolution still painted the British redcoats as clearly the “bad people”. But I remember the Hessians as being presented as just plain evil scum.

            Nobody really likes mercenaries. And when your enemy starts using mercenaries – it just makes your job easier to enlist more people to your cause.

            If the blue helmets show up on US shores – it’s going to REALLY piss people off. Or maybe you guys forget the weeks just after 9/11 when there were rumors of Mexican military coming into the US – and NATO planes and troops being present in the US?

            People were pissed.

            If the lefties start using mercenaries within US borders – it’s going to be a losing move.

      • Jews do so well early in the game because of their hubris and overreach but it always gets them into trouble later in the game.

        Regardless, I’ve argued that the demographic race is over; we’re just not seeing yet. But look at births and it’s over. Even if we stopped all immigration tomorrow (and that won’t happen), we’d still become a minority.

        So the United State is over, but we still can make something new. That game is far from over.

        • Pretty much where I’m at. We’re looking to build our own Oranias for now, A few generations on, the no-longer-U S of A will be weaker and we’ll be stronger. Fate may deal us some good cards anytime as well.

          • +1 on Orania.

            I’ll commit to using my law practice and financial resources to create the corporate structures necessary for a development like this if enough people in Our Thing can agree on a location and are willing to pony up the necessary capital. Like many of you, I am itching to move from rumination and discussion to concrete action in the real world. Apartheid now!

          • +2 on Orania. I’m 27, and my girlfriend and I don’t want our (hypothetical) children to endure the infernal gayness of cosmopolitan America. I’ll donate all of my stale college amphetamines if you base us somewhere warmer than, say, NJ.

            And you’re gonna need those amphetamines — lest the night watch grow weary.

          • Our great nations were colonies of castoffs from the slums and prisons, surrounded by a sea of hostile peoples-of-color.

            Wherever our deplorables went, within four generations those orphans and refugees built a highest level civilization.

            All the Colonies were Orania, once.

      • Overreach is our saving grace. They always overreach. Problem is we have been ineffective in rolling back their overreach efforts over the years, so we have a ratcheting effect.

        Example, Obama care is still here. We only succeeded in making it even more fiscally unsound. When political power switches over, Obama Care will be used as a basis/excuse to implement a “Medicare for all” complete medical field take over.

        Happens over and over, but they never catch wise.

      • Meh, let’s not jump the gun here. They are still doing the exact same thing. Just more people are aware. Like 5% aware.

        • That’s better than 1%. Also, you only need ~10% of a population to change the whole system.

  36. I’ve always thought that one gambit would be to promote state independence movements. It’s one last chance to cash in on regional variation before we all get pulverized into mystery-meat shithole stew.

    This sort of thing is gaining steam in Canada, so why not here?

    Also, normie whites are not good at organizing, but they can still vote. As we saw with Trump and Brexit, they in fact have a taste for big stick-it-to-the-man referendums.

    Worth a shot.

  37. The distance between northern England and the south is in American terms miniscule but the cultural difference vast and yet here too they insist we hold the same values. The election on the 12th Dec is going to be quite a shock to our southern metro elite.

  38. It is possible that progressive leftism is a symptom of the greater disease of globalism. If true, that would more easily enable conservatives to envision a past that never existed. It would also better enable them to deny past failures and more importantly to deny reality. Logic and reason mean nothing to our opposition. If you acknowledge the truth it requires action. Nothing will change as long as we are forced to live with these people. Conservative delusions keep them from seeing reality and relegate them to a state of inaction and ineffectiveness.

  39. It was almost as if Charlie Kirk was being held hostage by one of the infantryman in the culture war he claimed we are fighting. It’s not enough we get old men like Hanson to step aside along with all the others of old defeated conservatism, but we have to vanquish the likes of Shapiro, Kirk, and their cheerleaders like Hannity.

    I just hope little Fuentes and crew are just a start. Hopefully there will be an aftermath to this that will provide some territory and protection for the normy America that wants it.

    • I am pretty sure now that the Chucky Kirk road show is over, the *right* media types are gonna dig through Fuentes garbage can and find something that will be used to ban him into oblivion.

      We need to stop sending people up to “troll” public figures if we don’t have a way to take care of them when they are promptly expelled from what passes for “civil society” directly afterward.

      • Nahhh, we need more of them questioning the public cucks. This is just getting started. Now’s not the time to contract.

        • Last night, Kirk came back with the most basic retorts and the Groypers had nothing. Even Fuentes and Anglin admitted it was a disaster.

          This morning feels an awful lot like the morning of August 13, 2017 did.

          • Z,

            True. But a fundamental issue is race. We want to bring it into the conversation and most CivNats don’t. Even using euphemisms like “demographics,” it still comes back to race. Kirk, et al, will always argue 1) good people (like the people in this audience) are colorblind and 2) we can convert people of other races and ethnicities with our ideas.

            That’s an emotional answer (also a lie) that CivNats want to hear. What’s our emotional response that they’re ready to hear?

          • ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep.’

            In the case of the Great Replacement, it begins with ‘demographics’ and electoral results. Civnats see winning elections as critical to their view of how things work. Show them how mass immigration and voting patterns results in them not being able to win elections and the light goes on.

          • That’s it, Hamburger, what pozymandias was referring to.

            All the marketing- radio, tv, social media, think tanks, policy and LAWS- is geared towards winning elections.

          • Answer: AOC and Ilhan Omar. Have they converted? Have their constituents? How could AOC, basically a nobody, primary a multi-term Democrat? Answer: demographics. How long have Democrats held the minority vote? How successful have minority outreach programs been? How long have they been tried?

            In short: how has that colorblind conversion been working out for you?

            As W.C. Fields once said: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Then give up – no point in being a fool about it.

          • Matt, Cortexless is a fluke. Only 16,000 or less showed up to vote and Joe got suckerpunched. She’s being targeted, so we’ll see.

          • Disaster? Charlottesville? Come on, bro. Dial it back a little over the holidays and re-engage rested and with better SA.

          • I was more referring to a feeling of that we’d passed a high water mark and that the other side has now figured out how to beat us.

            The next Groyper event will be an even bigger shitshow, much as Hunter Wallace’s “White Lives Matter” March was.

          • Then don’t do another similar one, at least not right now. Come at them from a different direction. Make sure they are always fighting yesterday’s battle.

          • That’s a bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? No dead bodies, no crying “Nazis” etc. Anything Anglin is involved in should be dead and buried anyway. Those guys are a bunch of weirdos. Weev lives with a Jew in NYC. Give me a break.

          • TPUSA won’t stream their own events anymore, as they don’t want to give us a platform.

            I’d suggest Daily Stormer or Fuentes’ Twitter.

          • It’s not hard to come up with quick replies to the Groyper questions that muddy the water enough for your average CivNat. It’s the follow-up questions that can’t be answered. Demand debates.

          • That was an embarrassing performance. I agree. Kirk couldn’t have done it more adroitly than had he chosen those people, and those “questions,” himself.

            One thing I am struck by — as an older guy — is the way some younger people read their questions on cell phones. I understand they’re nervous, but it seems to me that most of the time, you can pretty much bet that whatever follows the reading of the question is going to be a flop for the questioner.

            I taught for some time, and am a pretty confident public speaker. If I were to see something like that, I see opportunity. All I need to do is sidestep the recited question and work on that person’s (likely) disadvantage: they won’t be able to stand on their own two feet without looking at their phone (or notes, or whatever).

            Dudes who need to rely on their phones to ask questions of well-trained and prepped public speakers: let someone else do it. Most of you aren’t ready to step into the American agora yet with sophists.

          • I don’t agree that Kirk was adroit. He pulled some rhetorical tricks and got away with them. However, he also seemed to lose his cool and got pretty unpleasant. But I agree that it is better to remain silent and assumed a fool and to speak and remove all doubt.

          • I just read Anglin’s rehash of the disaster, with a lot of transcript. A few observations:

            1. I simply cannot believe the intellectual childishness and rhetorical vacuousness of everyone involved, Kirk and groypers alike. I always knew our public discourse was retarded, but this was retard world squared, then squared again. It’s just embarrassing that this is how we talk in public. The groypers can be forgiven because they are angry young amateurs. But Kirk is an absolute retard, and HE holds the mic?

            2. Kirk did not “own” anybody. He shouted people down, used stupid slogans, did the old “let me answer your question with a question of my own” routine (does /anybody/ past the age of twelve still fall for this trick? Guess so), and generally sounded like a shrieking imbecile. The fact that he’s been awarded victory just means that the bar is really, really low, and even then the groypers can’t get over it.

            3. For the love of weeping Jesus, I cannot believe this next point STILL has to be explained. Kirk keeps hiding behind this “E pluribus unum” baloney. He does not understand what the motto means. “Out of many (comes) one” does NOT refer to any sort of multi-racial or multi-ethnic blending or harmony. It refers to the several states, which are each in theory sovereign nations, uniting to form a single country. Next time Kirk pulls this nonsense, call him on it, explain it in detail, point out wrong he is, and ask him repeatedly whether he’s an ignoramus or a cynical scheming liar. And either way, why should anyone listen to him if he’s either lying or stupid.

            Don’t stop asking until you make him cry. (spits)

          • It was inevitable that the enemy would change their tactics. Kirk is, for all his flaws, a seasoned professional. He pulled rhetorical tricks last night that worked. The fact that he held his own against a rag-tag platoon of volunteers isn’t really that impressive. Conflict is a series of moves and countermoves. Did you really think that Kirk and his Donors were just going to let the Groypers destroy their franchise without a fight? While some might be offended by the analogy, the Groypers are like the Viet Cong of the conservatism and the Right. And just like the VC, they can lose every battle and still win the war, just by making Conservatism Inc keep paying the price for their BS.

        • It’s going to be harder to get through now that they’re planting friendly questioners and screening out potential “groypers.” No doubt you’ll see some of these kids doxxed and de-platformed as well. “Pour encourager les autres.”

          • What do we expect? The enemy is not going to just lay down and die when the going gets tough! This is a war and they have plenty of ammo.
            The groypers are getting their chance to show what they are made of. Will they crack? Will they sperg? We’re going to find out if they are clowns or the real thing.

          • Along with many others, I predicted it. Char-lay has adopted the Antifa tactic of shouting people down while calling them racist white supremacists. His side (including Shapiro & Crenshaw) don’t convey a lot of self-confidence when they do this. I thought Crenshaw’s thinly-veiled threat the other day was particularly bad optics for them.

          • These are young kids going up against guys with a staff of ghost-writers & legal-PR shills. I don’t see Kirk rolling back the tide even if he manages to stand his ground on the odd night.

        • People need to take this and begin hammering their local reps with this stuff, especially in the heartand, where poleaxing a congressman or state rep in front of a hundred people can actually have an impact on a race.

      • A young guy reading off his phone like he’s being filmed by the Vietcong is a bad look. The important thing is not to ask a long, long question. It’s to ask a quick incisive question that gets to the heart of a contradiction in their philosophy. Getting up there and demanding they white list Fuentes or debate Fuentes is a bad look too.

      • Mr. Fuentes is very circumspect about his finances, but I suspect that he’s well-capitalized at this point and can weather just about any storm. If he gets depersoned, all he as to do is switch to a different platform (like BitChute) and keep rolling. He’s already getting more people on Dlive for his live streams than on YouTube.

        As for ‘taking care’ of our public advocates, everyone on the Right needs to learn how to buy and transfer cryptocurrencies, it would also be nice if the Right could have its own currency and/or currency exchange to keep the shekels flowing whether PayPal et al try to interdict.

    • Shapiro and Kirk are just scum; people who deliberately divert people’s attention to unimportant issues in order to harm their own audience. There should be a special circle of hell just for this sort of person.

      Hanson frustrates me in another way. From his collected writings, it’s clear that he has all the pieces for full Realism, in our sense of the term. And he is a man of high intelligence, intellectual stamina, and good character. And yet he never quite puts all the pieces together.

      He’s retirement age. He’s written his big books. His “Mexifornia-d” farmland is already lost to Western civilization. What does he have to lose? Or is there some stubborn piece of boomer dogma damming up a key part of his brain, holding back the flood of Redpill River?

      • “What does he have to lose?”

        His lifelong security blanket. Also known as, our greatest ally. These guys will never be able to break with the image of Israel in their heads. Without it, their view of the US changes, and that’s not psychologically possible.

      • I like Hanson. He’s a classicist with a long view of history; reminds me of the academic counterpart to Glubb. But I suspect he dare not speak the entire truth because he likes having his office in Hoover’s last erection as an escape from the multiculti hell of the down and brown Central Valley, where his people have farmed for five generations. One can hope that as death draws nearer the “too much to lose” ethos takes on a transcendent awareness of the eternal and provokes true confession. Hanson should take a page from the testament of Cardinal Vigano with respect to the real problems underlying the Catholic Church; and particularly, his impending encounter before the throne of judgment as the motivating impulse.

    • Oh, we have to keep going. In fact, we should be sending guys to this sort of thing forever, or at least until we win.

      The key point is to realize who your audience is. Your audience is not Charlie Kirk, and it’s not the shills or conservacucks who cheer Charlie Kirk.

      Your audience is the people at the event and on the internet who are still “convertible,” people in whom the left and/or cuck brainwashing doesn’t go too deep.

      So even if Kirk’s rehearsed put-downs get a big cheer from his own choir, it doesn’t really matter: if our questions silently convert even a few dozen people in the live and internet audience over to our side, then we succeeded.

      Never give up.

    • Hanson may indeed be stuck in an ageing conservative mindset but I think it’s also possible that he possesses the historian’s fatalistic acceptance of the tragedy and inevitability of human folly.

  40. Great article as always, funny in the last 8 hrs ive heard 2 people talk about blood libel, you and RamZPaul… You guys also discussed Cloud people and the dirt people. Are you the same person!? 😛 Great stuff, thanks again.

    • I’ve been on Paul’s show. He is a daily reader and often amplifies my stuff. That’s what the video guys really do well. It’s what talk radio used to do for conservatives. It’s why you should keep these guys in mind when you being generous during the holidays.

      • Paul is a great envoy. He just looks like a normal guy. Sailer has a similar quality, but Paul does videos which is huge. People look at him and see their brother or father. Joe Normie sees himself in Paul.

        Also, forget the holidays, just set up a monthly payment so you don’t have to remember to send.

        • He just looks like a normal guy.

          I’ve figured out Ramz. His secret is that he is a normal guy. It’s everybody else that’s gone crazy.

          • Felix,

            Exactly. He is a normal guy. You can’t watch him and think otherwise. He makes Joe Normie realize that everything that Joe has been noticing isn’t crazy, it’s reality. Joe realizes that he’s not going nuts, the country is. It’s all details after that.

            We need dozens of Ramz, but that means dozens of regular guys losing their livelihoods and probably a friends and family. That’s a lot to ask.

      • I looked for you on ramzpauls channel but I think he got rid of the video… Too much wrong think.

      • If there is any future justice; you, Ramzpaul (hope you’re reading this) and Severian at Rotten Chestnuts will be immortalized in a pantheon of DR heroes worthy of their own Stone Mountain.

  41. “There will be no confirmatory collapse of the Progressive order. There will be no sudden realization of their errors and a great retreat from radical multiculturalism. There is no returning to the America of the past, real or imagined. The old white America where civic nationalism was enough to maintain regional cooperation will not work in a land of hostile strangers. In a land of tribes, many hostile and many encouraged to be hostile, something else will be used to maintain control.”


    • And he can have that black pil! 🙂

      The game is not over. Hell, it hasn’t even started. Look at the democrats – they are now so vibrant and so diverse – they can’t do their jobs. Their cloud people are under the gun too – the white shitlibs have swarms of coloured morons trying to take over their party, horn in on their scams and grifts, and call the shots. Look at this blog: when I started reading here a year ago, our blog host might get 50 comments a day from a basket of deplorable racists, haters, and crime thinkers. Now he is close to breaking 200 every day. YidTube is facing a peasant rebellion because people, even the more intelligent lefties, actually LIKE guys like you. Don’t underestimate yourselves, boys. They LOVE to see Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro get egged. And they take notice when you ask Leftie the tough questions that their lickspittles in the mass media won’t. True intelligence is not as partisan as some would think.

      You have to remember that historically, all it takes is a handful of white guys to rule hordes of browns and blacks. And – historically speaking, life was better for everyone when Whitey was in charge. These realities will not be banished by socialism. They sure as hell won’t be dispensed with by elderly hags like Hillary Clinton, or coloured morons like AOC.

      For socialism to work in America, it will take ruthless, murderous enforcement. You will literally need to kill millions first. It also takes a motivated, intelligent and hardened man willing to do that. Look at the left: do you see ANY intellect over there? Do you see anyone that you would defend with your life? The military won’t stand for it, and even if they did, they’d have to be willing to go to war with 140 million armed Americans. The squaddies are notoriously squeamish about firing on their countrymen. They know that Leftie hates them, too.

      We have to be patient. The pendulum is already starting to swing and it’s going to pick up all kinds of speed as Heritage America wakes up to the threats of Wokeness. We can’t be over confident, but we can’t underestimate ourselves and over estimate the bad guys. Leftie has never faced real opposition before, and has no idea how to deal with the gathering storm he’s looking at. If he wants that civil war he will get it – good and hard.

      Stay focused, keep prepping, and gun up. Stock up on beer and popcorn too. This is far from over.

      • Kudos to your optimistic words! There’s room on our side of the divide for both Zman’s black pill and your white pill. We need the darkness and the light. Zman can provide hard-bitten realism, while folks such as yourself deliver much-needed motivation for change. Yin and yang. All that jazz.

      • – all it takes is a handful of white guys to rule hordes of browns and blacks. –

        True, but that can’t work in a “democracy”. If the system fails, though, and anarchy ensues, then you might be right.

        • Bullshit! A democracy is where it will work. A democracy is mob rule. We aren’t a democracy. The word is Republic. Everyone wants to equate the two. Again Bullshit.The history of Democracies have the same results.That being an authoritarian regime run by a dictator. When it comes to a SHTF moment, rest assured ALL political ideas will be ignored and the safety will be removed on all our weapons. Let the chips fall where they may. Defense of the idea of America is still viable and worth fighting for. Semper Fi.

          • We were not formed as a democracy but if the definition is “mob rule” then that is what we are. We were formed as a constitutional democratic republic but we are neither constitutional nor republic.

          • Most will happily hand over their guns, so long as its orderly and legal. Thats what normiecon wants, just make X legal and its okay!

          • Absolutely not case in the US. Registration or magazine bans at felony penalties for non compliance has pretty much been a failure everywhere in the US. Even among normiecons

            While Red Flag laws will be used, too much of this will result in a pushback , a violent one.

            Also polls, yes often BS but still they have been showing a huge trends to civil war, I’ve seen upwards of 71% !

            The descent to tribalism our host mentions might end up more Syria or Yemen or Rwanda/Bosnia than some nice polite falling apart.

          • An energetic, organized Blightwing might have corrected the situation long ago, when the odds of success were much better. It didn’t. So why now, at the last minute, over guns never used as the Founders intended?

            To think that any significant number of disorganized, loudmouth, indolent pot-bellies and diabetics with creaking knees and Molon Labe t-shirts will go to war to protect “muh gun rights” at this stage of the game is ludicrous.

            The Left is perfectly aware of the fact that the Blightwing is comprised of loudmouth twinkies.

            Pushback will be minimal and easily dealt with. The overwhelming majority of Blighters will run, hide, and snitch on others to protect their asses: “I’m not a racist, one of my best friends is Black!”

        • “All it takes is a handful of white guys to rule over hordes of browns and blacks”

          This is a ridiculous statement:

          1. It only works short term. Do a handful of white guys still rule in India? Vietnam? Rhodesia? South Africa? Haiti? Eventually a “handful of white guys” always gets run out of places with a non-white supermajority. And those were overseas colonies. Now we are faced with the prospect of being run out of our own countries… except that there will be no motherland to return to.

          2. Even if it were true… Do you want to spend your life as a prison guard, “ruling over” hordes of sullen resentful monkeymen? Is that any kind of life? Or do you just want to live peacefully in your own country, able to take an evening stroll in safety, able to let your kids play stickball in the street without concern, able to send your daughters to the local school confident that they won’t spend the entire day, every single day, fending off the rude sexual advances of their Monkeyman “equals”?

          Whites can only live in peace and quiet in a White-supermajority country, where White customs, White norms, White religious practice and White political and societal structures are firmly in place.

          We either expel the monkeymen (and we can’t, that ship has sailed) or we partition the country, take a substantial territory for ourselves, build the mile-high electric fence, and make sure not a single Jew ever wriggles its way inside.

          All other options lead to either perpetual war, permanent circled wagons, permanent flight and discomfort (which is what we have now), a revolting Us vs. Them apartheid police state, or our eventual destruction, drowned beneath a hundred-mile ocean of foreign brown sludge. The last is the most likely, and is exactly what the Jews have in mind for us.

      • The game is not over.

        White Americans may becoming a minority, but they’ll still be the largest ethnic group by far, for many decades to come.

        • Exactly. We may not be able to vote our way out of this, but we still control our destiny. The historic United States is the walking dead, but American whites have whatever future we want.

          • ” American whites have whatever future we want.”

            IFF you harden your hearts.

            For those of you disinclined to remember doing math proofs in your high school geometry class, IFF stands for “if and only if”.

        • Sorry, but 1.2 million illegals per year currently apprehended at the southern border and released into the US, plus hundreds of thousands of illegals not apprehended per year entering the US, plus over a million legal immigrants admitted to the US per year, plus various and sundry refugee resettlement programs are only the beginning. Trump cannot or will not stem this flow of people and the tidal wave will increase by factors of 2,3 or 4 in the near future. Do the math and whites will be a minority within ?.

          • Less than 1/3 and many of those are going to fall away. In any case 25% of people with intent is enough to force change.

            In fact the biggest problem we face isn’t the Baizuo but the money junkies and GOPe grifters . The later guys are being fought now by the Groypers .

            Once R means Nationalist Whites and Friends , we have a shot at a political solution.

            Otherwise the Left will push too hard , odds are huge that war happens and it’s time for several new nations. Everyone wants to avoid that.

          • Trump’s Deplorables are roughly 25% of the adult population. They haven’t the brains, willpower, courage, and resources to do more than hero-worship the Orange Conman from a safe distance. Why would anybody think these Israel-SilknDiamond-Jeeboo lubbin’ sheep are capable of anything more?

        • You make an interesting point. If White Americans start taking their own side — even as a minority — and push for separatist policies, we can win in the long run.

        • Even this is not true.

          In demographics, the total numbers do not matter — what matters is only the number of child-bearing age: people 35 and under. Whites have already lost that contest.

          Once the Boomers die off and finally take their rightful places in the Lake of Fire for all eternity, the remaining Whites will see just how outnumbered they already are. And since there is no effective political will to turn off even the illegal immigration spigot, let alone the legal immigration firehose, it will only get worse, and it will only compound.

          This is what happens whenever you let Jews into your country.

          There is no political solution within in the existing framework. It is mathematically impossible. Monkeymen will always vote to steal your country and give it to their relatives. And now they have the votes to do exactly that, every time, forever. There is no stopping this.

          Partition is the only viable answer.

        • And that’s been working so well for us Felix. Goodwhites and (((others))) are the enemy. The mudslide is the result of our perfect record of losing every battle.

          • If our ((fellow white people)) can rule America when they’re 3% of the population, well…

            White Americans can make machineguns, tanks, artillery, missiles, fighter aircraft and radios. POC can make tortillas and garish rugs.

          • So what? You want to choose babymaking as your battlefield? All you have to do is stop feeding them, and they’ll die like flies.

        • The “game” is over. We never took it seriously. There is no rational reason to think, after 55+ years of farting around, that we hobbyists will get serious, grow a pair, METT-T the situation, organize, implement, and otherwise place ourselves at risk at “game’s” end.

          All any of us will do, come spicy times, is protect ourselves and immediate family members. We’ll go along to get along, as we do now, and hope our rabbit asses aren’t on tonight’s menu.

      • The biggest threat to America isn’t socialism, it’s the Browning, Feminizing & Gaying of America.

        Scandinavian socialism works because of Scandinavians (and is starting to not work b/c Others). I’d rather fight for a White Socialist America than a multi-ethnic Capitalist America. We already tried that, and all we got was multi-tribal socialism in a fake wrapper.

        Don’t be so certain about the loyalties of the increasingly brown, femme & gay troops either.

        • Like you, I have no knee-jerk reaction to the prospects for ‘socialism’. Most people who complain about it have little idea what ‘socialism’ really amounts to, just like they have little idea what ‘capitalism’ really amounts to. Whereas capitalism is simply state-enforced usury for the interests of those who own the means of monetary production, socialism is simply any economic idea that does not place Money Power first.

        • That’s the crazy thing with the muh socialism crowd – maybe it’s a frog boiling thing – but we already are a socialist country. We have .gov schools, healthcare, jobs programs, SSI, Medicaid, section 8, tanf, food stamps, blah blah blah ad nauseum. 1/2 my income has gone to the gubmint since my first real job. For those willing to go down to the social services office, we have a full-on Bismarkian welfare state.
          Bellyaching about “muh socialists” today is like standing in a swimming pool while ranting against getting wet.

          • About 40% of the entire US GDP is State spending of some kind.

            However in order to not be in that situation that we have to have a lot of decently well remunerated private sector work for every skill level.

            We haven’t had that in decades.

            Between policy and technology, wages as percentage have declined around 1% per year since 1973

            We’ve made up for it with cheap imports and two wage earner families as well as arguably less children.

            You want to fix that, economic liberalism has to be replaced by economic nationalism

            Also a whole bunch of extremely difficult to achieve in our Republic policy choices have to be crammed down the throats of big business and multinationals.

            The shorthand, every job replaced by a kiosk is a vote for Socialism . You don’t want your neighbor voting Red, hire him.

      • Sorry John, but you are delusional. There is no white majority country outside of eastern Europe that will remain so in 100 years. The fact that the comment section of this blog has increased from 50 to 200 is great for Z’s debating and complaining club. Our future is bleak and there are no metrics that portend otherwise. Most people prefer comforting illusions to cold reality. I get that. After all, we only have one life to live, and the harshness of unsettling facts can become a never ending downer. Despite being raised in a Christian faith, by the age of eighteen, I’d lost my faith in that fairy tale along with Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. My empirical mind works well in aerospace engineering but sucks for belief in any form of happy talk that lacks solid evidence. I have been a race realist for as long as I can remember and the situation has only accelerated in the wrong direction. Merely paying attention often deludes us into feeling that we are doing something which leads to false hope. I greatly fear for my children and grandchildren. Other than my son, they are as delusional, uninterested, and clueless as most of the denizens of the West despite having me for their patriarch. By the time even they figure out what is going to happen, it will be box car and Gulag time. Chinese hegemony and some dark mixture of Brazil, South Africa, and Sharia is the future depending on the venue. Eastern Europe may save itself if it can resist the lure of materialism and Jewish degeneracy. Ultimately, extinction is an unavoidable feature of the natural world. We have had our time in the sun and it has been marvelous and terrible. We have always been our own worst enemy. How’s that for a black pill? I really wish I could quit this drug.

        • Predictions of the future are notoriously inaccurate. Read 10 books from 50 years ago about the 21st century. Flying cars, robot housemaids, a Star Trek economy, fusion power, kumbaya one-world government on the one hand, Malthusian hell, resource scarcity, nuclear winter. ice ages. Venusian warming on the other.

          The box cars and gulags of the USSR went from running on schedule to the sh*tcan of history in the span of about 2-3 years.

          Staring into the abyss gives you no greater insight than those of us staring at the sun.

          The only certainty is that if you give up, you actually are doomed.

          • Exactly Right Exile…I know I will keep trying and fighting til the bitter end…I get a kick out of these guys that are always we are doomed and there is no hope…You have to wonder how much they are getting paid to spread despair and fear…We all understand how bad it is and how bad it can get if we don’t put a stop to it or build our own systems so unless you are working on solutions while your telling us how bad it is then I don’t really take you seriously…You are either a troll or a gov agent when all you have is you are going to die just accept it goyim…F#@k That…

          • Lineman, I am neither. Come visit me next time you are in the Flathead. Tell me what your plans are for the day the Feds start relocating thousands of Muslims and/or Africans to Missoula. You can’t do jack about it. Don’t think some Jew ngo doesn’t have us on their radar already. Are you gonna retreat to Salmon? How about Leadore? All those clueless progs in Missoula will be out with welcome signs just like the suicidal Swedes and you know I’m right.

          • Magic All-Powerful Jew Theory. You fail to account for any of the Empire downside. They can’t avoid the consequences of importing and supporting Infinity Browns or increasing numbers of White dissidents going Galt or monkey-wrenching them from within.

            As their resources and capabilities get overstretched, they start slipping, and we exploit those weak spots. When the budget gets tight because unemployed bulbheads make a poor tax base, who’s going to pay the Feds to chase us to every backwater in America, or relocate more Browns to places like Missoula or Salmon?

            Even with MMT money, there are limits to how far they can stretch the economy. Even with panopticon law enforcement and K-12 indoctrination camps, there are limits to what they can demand of the remaining functional populace.

            Browns who don’t receive their gibs get restless and Browns who’ve tasted power tend to demand more. Jews have a Black Panther by the tail.

            We haven’t given up on systemic action either. There will be chances to make political gains and recruit sympathetic insiders within the system as well as doing our dissdent diaspora thing.

            If you prefer to die sheltering in place because changing your lifestyle or location is too hard, be my guest. Some of us would rather develop strategies, skills and networks that let us settle where we can, move when we must and keep fightng for a future for our people.

          • Pot-bellied, diabetic loudmouths sporting Molon Labe t-shirts at the range are 100% in agreement with you.

          • Thanks for saying this E. I was going to post almost the same thing. I agree with Bernd’s points overall but history is actually a story of “if present trends continue” – not continuing…

            I’d say use that engineering mindset and ask what the possibilities are. I really see only 3:

            1. Fight the trends and lose.
            2. Give up now and accept our fate.
            3. Fight the trends and, through some perhaps admittedly unlikely flock of Black Swans, monkeywrenching, and defiant cleverness, win.

            Both 1 and 2 probably lead to the Gulag. Even if 3 is unlikely it’s the only winning option.

            Footnote: Option 2 is actually what’s probably behind an unknown percentage of urban hipster cuckery. The short term strategy for us should be to not only spread the idea that “it’s OK to be white” but also, for our brethren in the blue hives, “you will not be spared”. A certain percentage of these people will figure it out and quit the suicide cult.

        • Hard to argue with you. That said, a little over 100 years ago, whites stood astride the world. Outside of Japan, no non-European country even held a candle to us. Europeans outnumbered Africans something like 5 to 1. China was a backwater. The Middle East was under British and French control. American whites (90% of the population) were a deeply religious people.

          To a Muslim or a Chinaman or an African, the idea that they could take on such a colossus, much less defeat it without a fight, would have seemed absurd.

          Yet, here we are. History is not linear.

          As to this being a complaining fest, that’s partially true. But many of us are trying to get involved. One by one. Soon, we will find each other. Maybe your right, maybe we’re done, but it’s worth a shot.

          • The recent Northwest Forum with Jared Taylor was the first official DR event I’ve attended. With the exception of Jared and a few others, I found it to be a rather discouraging and ragtag affair. It actually reinforced my awareness of how absurdly few are our numbers. Unfortunately, Greg Johnson was also a no show. He is super bright and somehow maintains an cheery optimism that I find mystifying. I wonder if he has become a bit more pessimistic of late. Patrick Casey is a bright young man but seemed rather contemptuous of anyone over the age of forty. I’m only 56 for Christ’s sake. That struck me as stupid considering the fact that they desperately need funds. I came with a checkbook and never pulled it out after receiving the cold shoulder.

          • What you say is true. But think back just 10 years ago. Taylor was truly a voice in the wilderness. The fact that his event continues to grow and didn’t die out shows something.

            I hear my friends and relatives saying things about race, about immigration that they never said before. There’s an undercurrent out there. How big, I don’t know. Will it amount to anything? Don’t know.

            If we try but find no support among our fellow whites, then we die out deservedly, but it’s worth a shot.

            We’re not trying to save the United States. We’re trying to save a piece of people. Even 10% of American whites is ~20 million. That works for me.

          • What’s the point of pulling out your checkbook if we’re all going to drown in Browns in Missoula?

            Apparently you’re of two minds on this – good. Put down the despair pills and get that checkbook back out.

            If you think an organization is advancing White interests, why deny them of funds b/c they somehow insulted Gen Boomer-X (it’s my generation too, FWIW)?

            Patrick Casey was disrespectul so I’m going to watch my people vanish from the Earth?

            I have serious disagreements with some of the guys in Our Thing and I’ve had my feez hurt but this is bigger than us or our egos.

          • “Yet here we are. History is not linear.”

            You’re forgetting a certain constant.

            Jews are always what they are: corrosive, destructive, parasitical, subversive, spiteful, vengeful, hate-filled, always among us, impossible to get rid of, and very, very patient.

            Took ’em a hundred years, but they toppled this “colossus” you speak of, which the Muslims, Chinamen and Africans could not do.

            And now they own your entire country, and are giggling and gloating as they smother you to death with the soft pillows of debt, fake money, world banking monopoly, world media, academic and judicial monopoly, infinity immigration, mongrelization, and cultural degradation.

            Whatcha gonna do, you big bad goyisch colossus?

          • We’re not “toppled,” FFS – as Felix notes, we’re still going to be the largest ethnic group in America even after losing the outright majority. Our peoples are responsible for 90%+ of human achievement. If Jews truly controlled America we wouldn’t be here talking about it.

            Z fingered complaining about how unfair the world is for us as a problem in last week’s pod. Eeyores & Chicken Littles should give it another listen. Handing out despair pills and telling everyone the end is near does nothing more for Whites than shitlibs and Burger Nats do.

            What is the point of bothering to comment if there is no hope? With “loyalists” like this, who needs Mossad trolls or FBI provocateurs?

          • FBI provocateurs and wheezing, pot-bellied “cold dead hands” -types at the gun store are 100% in agreement with you.

          • Idle? My future is my children and grandchildren. I’m prepared to die on a hot pile of brass for my progeny, but I’m not gonna become a martyr. The one thing my parents did not bequeath me was stupidity.

          • BerndV: Then tell us what you suggest we should do. According to your initial black-pill comment, we can’t run, we can’t hide. So where, who, how and when do you propose we fight?

            Saying you’re prepared to “die on a hot pile of brass” sounds like martyrdom, but you say in the very next breath that you won’t become one.

            How about moving those children and grandchildren somewhere outside the Empire, or at least beyond its present reach? Are they red-pilled? Are they home-schooling? What are you teaching them about how to survive in a minority-White America?

          • If I had all the answers, I would certainly be doing more than occasionally chiming in on the Z blog. We may have to accept that the fate of our people will not be what any of us would choose. My willingness to sacrifice myself for the future of my descendents and my people would be contingent upon that sacrifice having some reasonable chance of achieving a desirable impact on that fate. I’ve already picked up my family and moved from an urban area that became hostile to raising healthy white children. I’ve been in Montana for over twenty years. I’m not going to move to Europe where I will be unable to legally acquire firearms and potentially contribute the skills I acquired in the Marine Corps. That will never become necessary unless law and order has already broken down and we are in some form of CWII/SHTF/EOTWAWKI scenario. In that case, we are talking sanctioned action or self defense. I’m not a criminal and will not become one.

          • “The passive never have a future.”

            Very true. Problem is passivity has been “our thing” for 55+ years.

            Some of us saw this coming decades ago, as far back as the late 60’s. There was no magic or rocket science involved, merely a logical progression that could be grasped by any reasonably intelligent person. We tried warning the sheep. A few of us paid a very heavy price for our trouble.

            We had hoped the sheep would discover their inner lion/wolf/jackal/donkey, METT-T, organize, implement, take it to the enemy “by any means necessary.” But the sheep were too focused on having that “pipin’ hot” cup of coffee on Saturday morning.

            The sheep had to know or strongly suspect what was coming. They experienced integration, Nixon’s AA, busing. Their children were sexually molested and got the hell beat out of them at school. They left the cities for the ‘burbs. Saw themselves demonized in the media. They traveled across country, attended college, experienced diversity, and were enriched through sight, sound, sensation, and smell. No small number had the pleasure of visiting loved ones in hospitals and morgues. Got to break a few eggs to make an omelette, you know?

            But what did they do in response to this, back when the problem was easier solved? They went Baa baa.

            Indolent, unimaginative, cowardly, stupid. There’s no saving them. There’s no saving we unhappy few, either.

            Hobbyism is all that’s left. Mental masturbation. That’s what this is. This, too, will be gone in 10 yrs. Promise you.

        • I feel your pain…..we should talk….it’s like watching an asteroid travelling for weeks to impact Earth as we’re gazing up at it….horrible but yet, in a way, incredibly beautiful…..I’m wondering, who or what do we blame for the destruction of Earth and all life here…..maybe we should blame the same for all that we see going down…or blame nothing and just handle it…

      • “all it takes is a handful of white guys to rule over hordes of browns and blacks”.

        Yes……..but……….. that is not the question that needs to be answered IMHO.

        The question is: Why the hell would you want to?

        One of the harsher descriptions I’ve heard used to talk about POC is “obsolete farm equipment”. Recognizing that as a truism – you then are forced to recognize that Lincoln majorly screwed up when he didn’t send them all back.

        What does a farmer do with his old tractors? He parks them out in the back 40 somewhere and lets them rust away. He doesn’t keep them in the barn and continue to pay for their maintenance when they have no real practical purpose any more.

        I think something that Ron Paul said years ago when he was arguing with Neocons about the continuation of the Iraq War should also be considered in relation to the browning of the US:

        ” We just walked in – we can just walk out”

        It is true that there have always been substantial numbers of POC in this country, descendents of slaves, people of Chinese and Japanese ancestry who have been here for generations, Hispanics in the Southwest who have been here since the founding of the country – etc. Until relatively recently – that diversity has not been that much of a problem , and the people from these groups (except for maybe the slave descendents) – have assimilated and lived among the white population without much issue.

        Within the last 2-3 decades however – the country has been inundated with immigrants – and the white to other ratio has been seriously skewed towards the POC. With all of the resulting problems we’re living with currently.

        But it’s only been a few decades. AND a lot of those people never came here legally in the first place. The current DACA dustup is a good example of this. We’ve got a bunch of people who ADMIT to being here illegally – and rest their entire argument for staying upon ” I was born here – I’m an American – you can’t make me leave the only country I’ve ever known”.

        I think the first question that needs to be settled is: ” Is that a good enough argument for letting people stay”. Bearing in mind that if it is – it just legitimizes the lefties effort to inundate the country with immigrants.

        Because once we get that question properly settled – we can just say –
        (to paraphrase Ron Paul):

        “Your family just ran over the border , and you really haven’t been here very long – you can just run back over the border and go back to your true home”

        • +1 Calsdad. Obsolete Farm Equipment. OFE (pronounced like “oaf,” the big, dumb and ox-like sort). Brilliant! This is much more cutting and objectifying than the n-word. And it is rooted in both race-realism and cultural history. Indeed, as we in California know only too well, the hordes of Mexican illegals are also “farm equipment” and the battle provoked by Caesar Chavez and continued by Gavin Newsome today is to prolong their maintenance instead of hastening their obsolescence. OMG, I absolutely love this metaphor.

          • Just for the record: I can’t take credit for it, since I read it somewhere else (can’t remember where).

            But yes – I love the metaphor too. And think it deserves a much wider audience.

            Imagine posters everywhere that read:

            “Stop forced subsidies for obsolete farm equipment maintenance”.

            You could have entire conversations with people about the subject without ever letting on what you’re really referring to.

      • ‘[All] it takes is a handful of white guys to rule hordes of browns and blacks.’

        That may be true, but it’s not a long-term solution. The most humane solution is racial and ethnic separation (not the same thing) into discrete, autonomous (or at least semi-autonomous), preferably sovereign homelands.

        I cannot think of a single important problem that a multi-racial — even white supremacist (not endorsing, just describing) — society does not make harder to solve.

        Separation, not supremacy is really the only way to make sure we’re not right back in this place in 60 years.

        • “all it takes is a handful of white guys to rule over hordes of browns and blacks.”

          Yeah, but unfortunately, the corollary is:

          All it takes is a handful of Jews to rule over a handful of dumb white goyim who think that they are ruling.

      • — “all it takes is a handful of white guys to rule hordes of browns and blacks.”

        Well actually I think the problem has always been that the elite knows this too but thinks of *themselves* as the “white guys in charge”. This is at the root of the Democrats current internal strife. Fuddy duddy Joe Biden and Super-Robo-Mecha-Hillary represent the faction that thinks the future will be business as usual with the white and Jewish coastal elite ruling a pleasantly dumbed down idiocracy that they will control with cheap legal weed, porn, malt liquor, Obamacare, and EBT cards. AOC and the Ilhan Omar types though are thinking that what they really want is a more third world type vision with themselves playing the role of the Chavez’s and Mugabe’s. In that vision of things you don’t need the whites and Jews (or so they think).

        Basically, in the British Empire (and other European empires) the whites just ruled by sheer force of arms, superior technology, and having soldiers trained so well that a dozen were a match for a thousand angry natives. When the old empires were replaced after WWII by the American one the idea was to replace naked force with crooked Democracy where the natives were kept content with gibs and make-work jobs. America’s two party system and winner-take-all elections made it possible for the Democrats to build out this system in any place with sufficient numbers of PoCs to lock up elections while making sure the Ju-white power elite stayed in control. The current lame attempts to brown up Europe are the Euro-left’s idea of importing American style demographic block voting to lock up control. Fortunately for Europe, they got started too late and made such a mess in the USA that all a Euro-nationalist has to say to get votes is “California”.

        It’s all an unstable equilibrium. As the browns grow more numerous they develop their own elites who see the Juwhites as a fifth wheel. Ant Man below is right. Partition and separation is the only way. Trying to “rule” over savages was the real original sin of the white empires. For the short term in the American case though there’s great mischief to be made setting idiots like AOC against the bugman armies still loyal to Robo-Hillary and Creepy-Joe.

        • “The current lame attempts to brown up Europe are the Euro-left’s idea of importing American style demographic block voting to lock up control (for the elite whites and ‘fellow-whites’)”

          Something fuzzy tells me that is the key locus. The weak point to focus on, or… something.

          You are acing it today, pozymandias.
          Everyone here today is coalescing into some kick-ass thought and clarity. I wish I could thank each and every one of you.

      • “people, even the more intelligent lefties, actually LIKE guys like you”

        Not the lefties, intelligent or not. We may have common interests on occasion, but as the perspicacious saying goes, The enemy of my enemy is … my enemy’s enemy.

        That said, I like and appreciate your comment overall. It *is* vitally important to not fall into a sense of despair and hopelessness. It is also important to not give into hate. Not because some people don’t deserve to be hated (they do), but because it is corrosive and harmful to the one doing the hating.

    • Facing reality square on is not “taking the black pill.” The 1950s country I knew as a kid is long gone. That there is an increasing number of young people waking up, though still a small minority, is what I consider a white pill.

    • It’s nice to believe that we have the agency to bring about the needed change. Maybe in numbers we do. But since we lack the lines of communication to organize effectively, since every institution is controlled by our enemies, since the majority of white men still think in terms of “getting back to the constitution and letting the market decide” and a handful of other delusions…our enemies need to complete their job of wrecking our institution before we act as a tribe with tribal interests.

      Look at how far we’ve fallen in just the past 2 decades and yet most of our brethren spend most of their free time noodling about pro sports and other forms of bread and circuses.

      Trump, if he had been allowed to do everything he wanted WOULD have given our enemies everything they wanted…it all would have simply been delayed for another decade or two…just enough time to allow all of the boomers a chance to exit without getting all ruffled. Our enemies are more worried about a Boomer uprising than they are of Millennials, X’er and Gen YZ . Civnatism is the rearguard of anti-whitism.

      To end clown world is going to require a lot more then a change in course. It will require harsh men to deal with the harsh realities in a harsh manner.

      I agree with you in spirit, I believe we will win. But the costs of that victory are going to demand a lot more of us than your post seems to imply.

      • To end Clown World, first survive then escape it. The enemy are men (poor examples, at that, for the most), not heroes or gods.

        As late as the 1970’s I still had family who lived a basically frontier lifestyle 100+ years removed from the surrounding communities in Appalachia. They were K-12 educated at best and put little deliberate effort into isolation or cultural preservation or resistance. Many lived on the edge of the law in terms of moonshining, poaching, truancy, zoning and numerous other “malum prohibitum” offenses against Bureaucrat Gangs state and federal.

        We have the IQ, intentions, technology and the will to make a deliberate project of what they accomplished by simple determination and some help from official inertia, corruption and incompetence.

      • ‘Our enemies are more worried about a Boomer uprising than they are of Millennials, X’er and Gen YZ . Civnatism is the rearguard of anti-whitism.’

        I’m pretty sure our enemies fear *any* kind of White identitarianism by *any* Person-Of-Whiteness independent of age or sex.

        ‘[O]ur enemies need to complete their job of wrecking our institution before we act as a tribe with tribal interests.’

        I’m not so sure. Whether the media show it or not, there seems to be an ambient awareness in the White population that *something is not right*, and some of them are feeling that it has something to do with anti-White animus.

        I *do* think our enemies are doing alot of the work needed to create White racial awareness, simply by the fact that they are relentless in their anti-White propaganda and they simply cannot stop. The only way to keep their POC constituencies from turning on each other is to keep their ethnocentrism focused on White people instead of each other.

        The problem for our enemies is that there are going to be fewer and fewer White people (at least for a while) for their POC clients to parasitize. ‘Access to what Whites built and have’ has been the core selling point of the racial communists’ (John Mark) agenda. Less whites. Less stuff. Greater friction in the Rainbow.

        One last thing, most ‘civnats’ don’t even *know* they’re civnats because they have no idea any other form of ‘nationalism’ exists (except maybe National Socialism 1.0). Most of the actual civnats in America would probably not recognize what the phrase ‘civic nationalism’ even means. Their views on ‘nation’ are simply what they were taught when Whites were 98% if the American population. They have no idea their ‘believing’ anything at all. To them ‘it’s just how things are’.

      • Exactly. Hard men with a grim, steely purpose and hard hearts that are willing to do the dirty job that must be done. All revolutions are bloody affairs in which a certain breed of man rises to the occasion. I’ve been prepared to make that contribution. However, the annual Elk hunting trips I take at altitudes above 8000 feet are a stark reminder that my time is nigh.

    • Things are looking pretty bleak for us today. Then you look at the trend lines. Things look to be getting worse, no? Any plan to end our foreign invasion? Any plan to balance the budget? Any hope our schools or our media will purge itself from Marxist domination? Is there anyone out there on the horizon who can save us – a George Washington? The black pill slides down real easily, while the white pill looks like a horse pill. The ratio of us versus them is shrinking every day.

      Not to say that something unexpected may happen to save us. The future always has a way of surprising us. We have been in tight spots in the past. Maybe the Big Guy helps us out a little.

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