Changes In The Land

Americans have always been a mobile people. The first settlers started moving west into the interior, almost as soon as they established colonies. The search for land was the main motivation. As the country expanded West, the race for land and the resources under the land led to millions packing up and heading West. The Industrial Revolution drew people north into cities and then west into new industries. At the end of the last century, the great exodus out of the north was the story.

This mobility is often counted as a sign of economic health. The assumption is that a big diverse economy in a big diverse country will have areas booming while other areas are not so booming. That means people and capital will flow from the down areas to the boom areas. As things settle, new boom areas, possibly the old down area, will spring up, starting a new flow of people and capital. Just as the velocity of money in the economy is a positive, the velocity of people is a good thing too.

As we enter the demographic age and the American government loses control of the border, the flow of peasants and barbarians into America is the story. While this is easily solvable in theory, as a practical matter it is hopeless. The government is controlled by cosmopolitan globalists, who have no interest in maintaining borders. The slight slowing of movement under Trump will be followed by a deluge. The same is true in Europe, where they will be swamped by a billion Africans this century.

The thing is, people tend not to wait for their government to respond to changes in the economy and culture. Block busting, which was a way for the usual suspects to skim value from white urban neighborhoods in the middle of the last century, resulted in something called white flight. This resulted in a whole new economic sector servicing white refugees from urban areas. Suburbia was born from the great movement of people out of the cities, away from diversity and vibrancy.

In America, where packing up and moving is a part of everyone’s story, the most likely response will be a new migration. This time, the migrants will flow away from the barbarian hordes pouring over the border, into places that are less vulnerable. The people behind the invasion, of course, have long since insulated themselves from the consequences of their demographic hostility, but everyone else will have to figure out a way to do the same. A great migration is upon us.

The first thing people will look for is the complexion of possible destinations. As the Southern states get more vibrant and the politics become more third world, middle-class whites will look for nearby white states. California has seen a flood of middle-class whites heading to places like Nevada and Colorado. This is not without its problems, as those refugees bring their voting habits with them, thus spoiling their new homes just as they ruined their old homes. Invasions are never a good thing.

In a broader sense, it also means people will actively look for super white states like in New England or the upper Midwest. That could be why the rulers are dumping Africans into places like Maine and Minnesota. They are trying to cut off their victims at the pass by destroying possible destination for them. Still, even with the African dumping, these areas are super-white and therefore becoming desirable. In time, a white flight out of the South into the North is a likely outcome of open borders.

As the government loses control of the border, it is also losing control of the country, which is why global enterprise is stepping in to police the public space, monitor the public and so on. What’s happening is something similar to what happened in the Western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth century. Power is shifting away from the Imperial state to local power centers. It will not be long before global enterprise is subtly serving whites and Asians fleeing the great invasion.

You can see a bit of this in California. One way the tech giants scared the hues away was through real estate. In order to live in San Francisco, you had to be in the “new economy” as no one could afford to live their otherwise. In 1980, for example, Oakland was close to 50% black. It is now less than 25% black. San Francisco, where the black population peaked at about 20% is now 5% black. In the future, global giants and their industries will play a big role in the demographics of your community.

This suggests there will be two models for dealing with the great invasion. One will be something like techno-feudalism, where people are tied to a corporate lord, because that is their protection from the invaders. The defense in depth that evolved in the late Roman Empire resulted in no human mobility. People, including their rulers, were tied to the land. What the future holds is one model where people are clustered into static communities controlled by corporate oligarchs.

The other model will be the old American model, where people head to someplace lacking vibrancy. The hope will be that the cold will keep the hordes at bay. Perhaps the use of local laws, as is happening in Idaho, to discourage the wrong sorts from moving in will become their defense in depth. Voting where you were born makes a lot of sense in this sort of environment. Maybe it will just be a lawless place where tribal assumptions are enforced ad hoc in order to keep the peace.

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371 thoughts on “Changes In The Land

  1. It looks as though the white race will reach the tipping point of population collapse well before reaching the tipping point or critical mass of moving somewhere that preserves and actually grows the race. A lot of very good comments but the engineering of the collapse happened even quicker than the engineers may have imagined.

    Is there still a chance? – maybe – but it grows dimmer each day of inaction. We are the frog in the pot. The water was tepid in 1965, but has now nearly reached the boiling point. I wish I had some answers and solutions to offer.

    • Disappointed to see so many trolls and new commenters who don’t meld with the vibe around here. What’s been so nice here is not having to reinvent the wheel daily and that most of us know what everyone else is referring to with specific political or economic terms. Zman, hate to impose, but you really may need to do some policing.

      • Yeah, as this blog grows it will be the target of more trolls, as well as shilling by various paid interests.

        It’s unfortunately what happens.

    • I don’t get it, either. They know who these people are, and how it can mess up a comments section by replying, yet they just can’t resist. (TimNY)

    • It’s ok 2b white.

      As this forum gains in popularity, it will be targeted more frequently – a side effect of success. Ignore the saboteur, no down votes, denying him the satisfaction of thinking that he is being heard.

      Maybe require each commentator preface his comments with “ it’s ok 2b white” words that would surely make a saboteur choke.

  2. I advocate for the “White Pashtun” model. Whites straddle the American/Canadian border. Impossible to have Favelas in areas with heavy snow. Vit. D supplementation allows vibrancy to move North, once that goes, hello rickets. As public services decline, I expect Yellow Fever to make a comeback here in the South. One epidemic wiping out 15% of the whites in a couple of weeks and a mass migration north would happen.

    • I’m open to that strategy. Western Canada has a sh*t-ton of open spaces and it’s where the anti-vibrant Nucks live. Given Canada’s absolutely sick levels of immigration clustering almost exclusively in a few urban hellscapes, plus Canada’s lesser resources and less-than-Murikan militarism, those spaces are going to be a lot less PC-policed than a lot of America. Our cultures are the most compatible of any other nation, more so than the Brits. Plus I like the northern Rockies/plains-border state options or nearby states for intra-American resettlement to begin with.

    • People don’t understand the value of a hard freeze and heavy snow in keeping some semblance of order. That’s why CA is so out of control. The weather doesn’t permit people who make the worst life decisions to freeze to death like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining. Instead they’re just belligerent panhandlers on the corner.

  3. Very timely topic. I just had a discussion with a friend today about leaving the vibrancy of a Large Northeastern Metropolis (TM) for a northerly destination in despised flyover country so as to conserve Western Civilization in small town America. Beginning again at the county level.

  4. Rural Arkansas was on my list of refuges, but driving through the Ozarks recently I noticed that many small, poor towns now had Hispanic residents and merchants.

  5. Been lurking here since the fall of the Chateau. In many ways, this site is better (although not as amusing).

    Mobility and freedom are concomitant. Under the old constitution we were governed lightly because we had to be. Anyone who disliked his governors could simply vote with his feet and move west. Once the frontier closed at the end of the 19th century, and essentially there was no more unincorporated land, we began to get a “progressively“ more authoritarian government. Income tax, the federal reserve, female suffrage, the new deal and the great society, “Civil rights”, third world immigration, unaccountable bureaucracy, Obamacare and corporate censorship- all part of the same continuum of diminished horizons.

    The homogeneous polis or agrarian republic does not have much need for government. “Diverse” empires do. In this crowded, polluted world the best we can hope for is a Volkisch dictatorship.

    If you want freedom, look to the stars.

    • If we want the stars, we need a Volkisch society. Whites relatively unburdened by orcs might be able to reach them. The fractious reduced-IQ mystery-meat utopia that (((hive-lords))) and bugmen dream of will require catabolic levels of resources to rule and won’t have a large enough smart fraction to reach the Moon again, much less the stars.

  6. Here’s a big question. Given white people’s complexion, I burn like a cinder when exposed to light, should we even be living below about 40 or 45 degrees latitude?

  7. Economic locusts. Maybe the new great migration north will draw the Yankee infection out of the South. Of course we’ve still got the vibrancy to deal with…

    RVing is the future! Sever your ties and blow with the economic winds, young tumbleweeds! /sarc

    • Don’t knock RVs. If the flag goes up and it’s time to migrate, the (smaller) RV just might be the vehicle of choice. I could see my “up the hill” home being a way station for those badwhites who need to quickly get out of Dodge, but they are going to need to be able to move themselves along, and have their own little homes to stay in along the way. I have outdoor space and water/power, but not a bunch of rooms and a lot of extra provisions…

      • Exactly. RV’s are a big part of the mobile-diaspora element in my future vision for an anti-fragile White population. Perfect for when the local conditions become untenable.

        • Constantly on the run (and in need of fuel) doesn’t seem very anti-fragile. If the plan is to run, we should take to the seas, matey!

          • Rog: One of my current contingency plans is for my retirement home being a boat. I’ve lived-aboard for quite a few years in CA. Future-wise, I’m thinking river/lake, not sea, but I’ve lived on both waters. And yes, for saltwater, sailing’s the way to go. Power-boats are gas-guzzlers.

            I think there’s a definite niche for the Sea Peoples approach in the future. Avoiding the coastal cities doesn’t mean ceding the entire coastline to Shlomo.

  8. We have way to many people biting at the troll. I like to read all the comments, and it really clogs things up. But on the matter of the post, this is exactly what I hope to see–the various possibilities of holding our own or even moving forward in an otherwise bleak future.

  9. Just on the news, Rio Tinto will be investing $1.5 Billion into Kennecott’s Bingham copper mine in Tooele west of Salt Lake City for development and mining into 2032. Basic Husband worked there as mining engineer in the mid-80’s. (The inversion layer and trapped smog in the winter is horrible. And per Basic Husband, Mormon girls are just as easy as Catholic girls.) This big investment in the Salt Lake area says tons about the economic growth in northern Utah and along the long Salt Lake Corridor.

    At least for this moment in time, populations of lefty whites, Hispanics, blacks and Pacific islanders are growing but not fast-fast because of attitudes 100 years outdated toward Mormons. However, Salt Lake has a lesbian mayor and the oligarchs of Utah and the western half of Utah are falling all over themselves to virtue signal and in nano-speed to become Good Whites. Mormons are “walk on their lips through busted glass” embarrassed that Blacks weren’t admitted to the Church until 1978 and deeply embarrassed of their polygamist roots.

    We’ll have maybe a decade here before ….poof….all gone.

    And the way the vegetarian radicals are working hand-in-hand with the globalist ruling overlords as a growing “religion”, I expect to see a big whack on cattle ranching, particularly here in the West because…..they Hate us with a white hot fury and…you watch…the next step will be to control us through our food….and make us even more fat and stupid by forcing FrankenBeef on us and vegan crap everywhere. My health depends on Beef eating to not whack out my auto immune system and husband and I have discussed becoming outlaw “underground” small time ranchers. We shall follow the Beef.

  10. The hope will be that the cold will keep the hordes at bay.

    And how’s that working out for Canada, or for Sweden?? Man, this is black-pilling me. The future will be techno-feudalism, I can see that happening.

  11. I wanted my kids to grow up in America, but since that’s not on the cards we’re considering emigration. Since we know the Russians read all the dissident sites, let me strongly urge Comrade Putin to adopt a sort of reverse Homestead Act. You’ve always had a problem settling your hinterland; I’d move my family to Magnitogorsk tomorrow if you promised me there’d be no Africans within 1000 miles, Islam would be outlawed, and dying one’s hair some unnatural color would be a death penalty offense. Make Siberia great again!!

    • As Ireland drops on my personal list, Russia has been rising. I know almost nothing about how people actually live their lives there, but on paper things are intriguing.

    • To both you & Dutch, I recommend you do a LOT of research before committing to this path. As a dissident who has already been unpersoned by the police state I’m farther down this path than most that I know.

      Russia still has a strong distrust of the West and Americans in particular. You would really need to assimilate 100% there to be even marginally accepted. If you are looking for the remaining based ‘Whiteopias’ of which there are vanishingly few left on the planet, anything east of Austria and west of Russia is where it’s at. FSB countries basically that have very fresh memories of the lash of communism that the West is currently diving head first into with glee.

      Visegrad 4, anything east, north, and south of there. You won’t live like you live here. It is grittier and not as comfortable but you will be surrounded by a much hardier type of folk. Be sure you can adapt to that lifestyle because it isn’t for everyone.

      • If the Visegrad countries would even let you in.

        The gates are starting to slam shut all over Europe, and – I suspect – not just to brown people. What the Visegrad peoples have is not just about race: a large influx of white Americans would kill them as surely as brown immigrants would. In fact, a large influx of Americans would be MORE dangerous to the European peoples, because Americans are not obnoxious, they work and pay taxes and they don’t hate the locals, which means the cultural contamination will spread faster.

        Better apply for a visa soon, if you plan to come back to Europe. I’d pick the country my family came from. That way, my grandchildren could feel true ownership to the myths and histories of the Old Country, and the generations spent in America would become a bracket, interesting family lore about the adventurous and intrepid ancestors.

        • Visa – in hand. Grandma Belarus/Russian from Minsk. That said, I look at Russia as a heritage and potential bug-out at this point, not giving up on the New World just yet.

          • not giving up on the New World just yet.

            Good for you. As Severian said, your mother country is always the preferable option, and raising your children to belong to another tribe must be a melancholic task, even if you decide that’s what’s best for them.

            But people who don’t have a visa already should be wary that they might miss the bus if they wait too long. I hope, for the sake of the entire Western world, that Trump and his troopers may yet turn the ship around but (if he’s genuine) he’s up against virtually every single powerful person on this planet.

      • Acknowledged. I’m spending some time there in the next few years to build some bridges with locals and demonstrate my anti-Empire cred. I fully expect to be an outsider for quite awhile if I ever moved there. America’s not a sunk ship yet. I’m just looking to keep my options open. As a son-of-a-vich, I’ve always kept one eye on Russian culture and politics and know quite a few expats who aren’t (((those))) kind.

  12. The US has changed because the people have changed.

    The first migrants were epigenetically wired to move, to forge a new life, to build a new society where they set the rules.

    But over time, new migrants came who just wanted to take advantage of what the Pilgrims and those like them built. They interbred with those epigenetically wired to build and those characteristics by and large have been bred out of the population after too many generations of not knowing what they would lose.

    We won’t be going back to the start, because the people wired for that are no longer available.

    Building something new may simply be impossible.

  13. I’m reminded of the “Free State Project”. Like many libertarian ideas, it always struck me as a bit fanciful, but I’ll give them credit for focusing on “what do I, as an individual, actually have control over?” It’s thinking in terms of ways where your individual actions can have especially high leverage. The creators of it specifically looked for states with (for example) low populations, where a small number of people moving there could have a disproportionate effect.

    That said, I’m not sure I would actually call it a “success” in terms of changing anything politically in NH. It may have improved its individual members’ lives, though, to the extent that it got people to pick up and move from certain left-wing hellholes to NH.

    Also, preaching to the choir here because I know a lot of us are ex-libertarians (myself included), but to the extent that the political goals of the FSP’ers are, say, to push left-wing social agendas or to eliminate necessary/legitimate functions of government, I wouldn’t want them moving into my community.

    I guess we need a WSP. I know Lineman (?) has been advocating for Montana. I’ve also independently had thoughts about Wyoming. This is all long term thinking for me; I’m not ready to pick up and move today, but it’s on my radar.

    • The Free State Project is a multi-generational endeavor. They have been in existence in New Hampshire for only 15 years, so they’ve barely even started. Yet even so, they’ve had astonishing success. You can read about some of their successes at To delve even deeper into the still-unfolding story, watch the full-length, professionally-produced video at They are mainly libertarians (including Right-libertarians), not Dissident Right. But if a significant chunk of the DR should decide to move to New Hampshire…potentially very good things could happen.

      • Admittedly not very familiar with the local politics but it seems NH has turned blue-leaning in the last decade. That would give me some concerns vs. some of the Western states that have remained deep red even in the Trump era.

        • Our hostility towards libertarians has an edge of humor to it, but the DR has more in common with most libertarians than what separates us. Like what? Like their positions on the optimal size and power of government (excluding the anarchists), taxes (zero to very low), freedom of association, 2nd Amendment rights, freedom of enterprise (i.e. to form and run businesses), government-run education (against it), so-called “welfare” (against it), unreasonable “regulations” of all kinds (from environmental to economic to business to labor-employer, etc.), the global warming scam, and so forth. Libertarians aren’t even monolithic on open borders and various types of degeneracy (amazingly enough). So let’s not let our well-deserved hostility toward certain stupid libertarian positions erase the many compatibilities that exist.

  14. We saw precisely what the future holds for us back in the sixties. When the Cubans moved into Miami, the Anglos moved out. As the Anglos moved over to western Florida, the semites from the Northeast increased their presence, along with Haitians and other undesirables. The process accelerated in the seventies under Carter. This was as pure an example of what is coming as anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. In less than sixty years, Miami became the kind of place whites would rather not live in. Only the very wealthiest of whites can tolerate it today…and most of them live north of Miami.

  15. If Bugman David Kilcullen is right in “Out of the Mountains” with respect to how non-Whites and SWPL’s will trend – toward high-density urban coastal cities and the hyper-fragile “interconnected” culture and society today’s Bugs and their orc servants prefer, there is going to be a lot of inland mountainous and otherwise undesired real estate up for grabs – deserts, scrub, hills, forest, and even the fruited plains.

    As I mentioned to Dutch yesterday, it would behoove Whites to live nearer to fresh water than salt, at the very least, particularly on mountain streams and other tributary/feeder waters to the major river arteries which are still heavily interconnected to the Hive.

    For all that I’m mocking Kilcullen in my work-in-progress book review, I hope he’s spot-on with his predictions. He’s all about getting the military and police forces of the future to focus on how to best manage conflict in the favelas of the future and stop worrying about the hilljacks in the countryside.

    Soldier on, my good Bugman. You and your kind are welcome to those coastal high-density urban preciously-interconnected sh*tholes. Leave Us and Ours the sticks, where your drinking water and food comes from, among other trivialities that are beneath your cultured concern.

    For all that Kilcullen beats his chest about facing the Taliban in Afghanistan, they’re still there in the mountains and hills of Tora Bora and elsewhere, waiting for the last of David’s buddies to head back to America and the Favela Life so they can resume control. It’s a strategy that’s worked for Afghans since Alexander, most recently allowing them to successsively outlast and effectively defeat the British, Soviet and American Empires in turn.

    • @Exile
      The good thing also they are making the cities even more vulnerable by their stupid climate change bullshit by getting rid of all stable power sources…The means of production of said power is moving further and further away from where they need it also which isn’t a good thing for them…

    • Yes stay away from the coastal blue hives, they are time bombs. Their infrastructure is fragile and their population is a explosive mix of various sorts of Orcs that are easily combustible.

      The fact is if one of those hives experience a power or water outage for more than 24 hours there will be mass panics and riots. Remember that the authorities are outnumbered 10,000 to 1 and the Orcs don’t like them even in the best of times. And if the outage happens during a heat wave or nasty winter storm, well…

      I have every confidence most of the police will flee like they did in NOLA if the crisis is bad enough.

      What the ruling class has failed to take into account that there are those on our side who understand the weak points of those hives and how to exploit them if push comes to shove.

  16. The Northwest USA has inflated real estate prices. Does anybody here believe it will burst bringing prices down? From what I’ve seen there is less supply with more people moving in.

    • It might come down a bit if the bubble pops but not much…Rent here hasn’t went down since 77 and for most years has went up…

      • I know. I tried to buy last summer. Rent was do-able but I knew I could not buy there. Elsewhere. It’s happening, brother.

    • Not as long as ~3 million people are added each year. Ask yourself what happens when the price of housing outstrips wages for the majority of people? (For that matter what happens when the price of healthcare or education outstrips wages?) We’re finding out in real time. Nobody voted for this. We voted for the opposite.

      • Fewer will be able to buy, wealthy people will do the buying, restricting supply, prices go up. Supply in the NW is held in check by either slow or costly building. Prices up.

        I’m going soon, before it is too late. Thank you.

    • Indians and Chinese H-1Bs are buying up houses and borrowing massive amounts of $$. Two luxury cars on lease and a $500k-$1m 2-4 bedroom house. And they keep on coming.

      • Yes, very true right here in greater LA. Which is why I will have enough rooms, far away, for three adult kids should collapse occur. What happened to the American Dream? Why should my tax dollars support non-citizens? My kids, they get shafted. Those elementary and jr. high teachers I recall from late sixites saying, “We are a small part of the world population but we consume….”

        Damn them. Damn them all.

  17. Home prices in tech areas like Silicone Valley have zero effect on immigrants. Back in the 90’s, low income Asians and Mexicans were already moving multiple families/generations into $900,000 single family homes in Fremont, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. Unlike whites, who refuse to live with multiple generations, or extended families, non-whites have no problem with this idea since it’s part of their culture. Go to Target in Redwood City on El Camino Real, and you’ll find most of the signs are in Spanish.

    • Whites used to live like that. For most of our history actually. What’s bad about it exactly? I think what happened is younger whites were forced out of cities to escape the great migration of africans to the north and living like that just sort of ended up being the status quo. Old people generally do not want to move so many of them stayed. My old hometown is like that. Only 10% white but the average age of whites is something like 62.

      • It’s started with the silent generation / baby boomers. Boomers didn’t want to follow the traditional familial contract (i take care of you as a kid, you take care of me when i’m old), and (((Madison Ave, Hollywood, Etc))) had major incentives to break up the Heritage American family. So we got ‘be your own man!’ and ‘build your own home!’. Then Boomers decided to kick their *own* kids out of the house at 18 so they could ‘have their life back’.

        • Some parents kicked the kids out to teach them how to become self-sufficient. You know, the stories of men and women who worked and went to college, paying their own way and learning how not to depend on mom and dad, and who started their own businesses. I know because I got yelled at by real conservatives for coddling my kids instead of making them bootstrap their way to financial security. I’m the boomer who should have been less coddling. As penance, all that l I can hope for is to prepare them a safe house when the time comes. Many of us thought the oil would never run out and the commies were dead after Gorbachev threw in the towel. God, was I wrong.

      • I’m not a fan of that kind of living. Absolutely, whites once lived in tenement housing as well. Human beings also contracted polio and had to be inside an iron lung. Those weren’t always the good ol’ days. Whatever’s wrong with this country, what we don’t need is more people of any race stacked into housing units like cordwood. It’s un-Amercian.

    • You’ve got it backwards: immigration (legal/illegal/visa workers) drives up housing prices. Back in the late 90s the company I worked at started getting H-1Bs. The company *they* worked for bought condos and single family homes and turned them into dormitories, rotating employees in and out as the need arose. The same thing happens in agriculture (see Molly Tibbetts’ alleged murderer’s accommodations) or these people

  18. I live in one of those white/asian bubbles in CA. It’s a place where you make your money and make your career, but not a place where you can slow down or comfortably retire. I’m definitely looking at the Northwest. I’ll take the cold all day long to be around my own. As far as CA is concerned the golden goose, despite the weather, will be killed. The next recession will knock it over, despite the big tech money flowing into the budget this year. Schwab just decamped for the Dallas area. Many more to follow. The last nail in the coffin will be when our politicians find an end route around Prop 13 and give us IL, or NJ property tax rates. That’s the last pool of money that’s been gated off from them. So the future of CA will be very much like parts of Mexico, or Southern Italy, or Portugal. Very nice weather, but with wealthy coming and going from other places, the economic engine stalled out by the local population, that has no problem with things like shoplifting, petty crime, high taxes, etc.

  19. This is me.. “As the Southern states get more vibrant and the politics become more third world, middle-class whites will look for nearby white states. ”

    While I do have State level considerations (2a, homeschool law, legislative trends, taxes), I”m more interested in county level demographics. I believe implosion will be very local. So density and community will matter most to me.

    My assumption is that when the EBT stops working, orc-ville will turn very violent and project out from there. So it’s really a function of proximity to orc density for me. That is one of the biggest motivators for my clan.

    As pointed out in the comments, browns don’t build or manage as observed currently and historically. So, when they inevitably burn down the world we built (or let the bearing seize), I’m focused on safety, education and training for my kids. They will inherit the future, and I’m determined they’ll be ready to lead and build regardless of the stage of decline.

    • The south will always be burdened with its cotton picking legacy. The worst immigrants we’ve ever had arrived 400 years ago. GA particularly has no future.

      • The Wisdom “Diversity always equals destruction” proved true in the South, to be sure. Part of my cognitive dissonance was clinging to the South’s white heritage. My family lines run very deep here.
        A few weeks ago, I experienced absolute proof the heritage I believed was still alive (and could rise from this mess) is soundly dead and not coming back. It was a freeing but sad realization. My hope for my children is that they will build on the best parts of Southern American heritage and create a new future that honors the blood and tears so intertwined in our soil…
        Of course, how we get there no one knows. Well, we know we aren’t voting our way into our future.
        Pioneering for the 21st century.

    • Exactly where I’m at in terms of tactics and strategy. I think full collapse is unlikely for a long time, but regardless of whether we fall down a well or down the stairs, we need to start with small communities and small ambitions first. Walk before we run. Get into the remotest, least-orc-desired areas we can and make good use of the head start. Find where the Empire’s soft spots are by trial and error and a shotgun, anti-fragile approach, with dozens of small communities spread over wider areas that can be consolidated or shifted as circumstances and events permit.

      • I’m counting on the “small community” beach head as achievable. I am certainly taking practical steps personally but without cohesion in philosophy, communication and action for said communities it seems they eventually become honey pots for he who can outlast others.

        • Agree MossHammer. Like you I’m optimistic that the beachhead will probably last through our lifetime. But the community thing is going to be crucial for our kids. Our parents’ generation forged a path for homeschooling … we need to pioneer a path for deeper/thicker community relationships.

    • Good thinking, your choice of county, or city, will probably mean more to your everyday life than your choice of state. There are still good areas in Cali, if you like desert and mountains and can do w/o the beach.

      • Those are indeed nice areas in CA you’re talking about, but you’re still paying into the CA tax and spending apparatus, which is insanity from my perspective. That money is going straight into the hands of people who hate you. You are directly financing your own destruction.

        Wouldn’t you at least want to pick a lower-tax + lower-cost-of-living state and/or a state with a state government that is marginally less insane? It would be hard to do worse on either front. Obviously you would get to keep more of your money. The CA government would lose a productive taxpayer keeping it afloat. And more of your tax dollars would likely go to useful things (roads, water/sewer infrastructure, etc.) and fewer to welfare for immigrants.

      • Problem with the good areas are you’re still under the thumb of the state and are still feeding the beast by everything you buy and are taxed on…If all conservatives left CA and reinforced CO,NV,TX then those states would remain in our hands and CA would fail within the year…

      • True, you’d still be under their thumb. But, just saying, there are nice places there. Not all of Cali is hell yet, although Im sure they have a plan to fix that.

  20. This is a link to a 2105 race distribution map from the NY Times:

    Several interesting things emerge when looking at this map, such as big cities seem to attract both hispanics and blacks, but they naturally self segregate Also, when the hispanic population gets big enough (e.g., LA) they drive out the blacks. Where the blacks have been long established, in particular across the old south, the hispanic population remains small, except in the large cities, e.g., Atlanta. Where blacks dominate big cities, e.g., St. Louis, Memphis, Baltimore, Newark, these become hollowed out deathscapes for no one but the black underclass. Hispanics, on the other hand, tend to become a servant class to white cities when their numbers remain below, say, 20%. When the hispanic population increases much beyond that the country becomes Mexico, as has happened across the southwest with the exception of some large cities, e.g., (parts of) LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas. The “march of Mexico” into the southwest US is proceeding apace, including in the rural areas.

    • Oh, they are deathscapes for the underclass as well. Hence the need to move on to the next target eventually. Detroit, as an near-endgame example.

    • This is exactly what happened to Compton. Not surprising when you consider Hispanics have a larger smart fraction due to Spanish admixture and have lived under Whiter-first racial caste systems for 500 years. They make better neighbors than dindus all around. These are some reasons why I think future White ethno-communities could do worse than forming some strategic alliances with fashy castizos with convergent interests.

  21. “The people behind the invasion, of course, have long since insulated themselves from the consequences of their demographic hostility,…”

    That’s why I think that in the post-Trump era (when indigenous nationalists can no longer win electorally at country-level) , we need to shift towards voting at local/state levels for rightwing and at the federal level for the most confiscatory communist imaginable.

    The lure of gibs has been a primary draw to bring in 3rd-world peoples who are the very least likely to assimilate and coalition with us. However, their love of gibs is not going to vanish when the European peoples are no longer able to defend themselves at the country-level.

    ‘Our’ elites have betrayed us to our destruction. So, we won’t have social justice until the last transnational financialist has been completely expropriated and the proceeds given to deserving diversity so they can buy more Chinese-made shoes over which to murder each other.

    Money is power in a civilization ruled over by a corrupt merchant class. The destruction of globalist elites by expropriation will end this evil anti-white empire.

    “That could be why the rulers are dumping Africans into places like Maine and Minnesota.”

    Years ago when I first read of this phenomenon, my immediate thought was “This sounds like what the Israelis do in the Occupied Territories!” The settlement locations there are chosen to maximize physical control over the land and water. The process here in FUSA is at an earlier stage more akin to earliest Zionism: settlement locations are chosen to break up local economic, social, and political networks by hindering or denying access to urban areas which comprise the primary nodes.

    Take home message: it is race war there against Palestinians there and it is race war here against us. We are being ethnically cleansed. It is deliberate and establishment-GOP has gone along with it for a pocket full of silver. That silver needs to be expropriated and given to deserving diversity.

  22. If you haven’t already, make your move soon while the transition is relatively easy and safe. When the chaos arrives, it will build quickly, stampeding will occur, and people tend to make dumb decisions when desperate. No one individual can solve the problems of the world, so stay focused solely on solving your problems. Become robust and capable (if you have no skill, you have no value). And whining is neither a skill nor a virtue.

  23. Vibrancy is a direct function of the welfare state, as long as the welfare state continues so will vibrancy and lawlessness. Should it cease expect a violent die off and migration of said vibrants and their Goodwhite masters. Oddly enough the Goodwhites are tied to the government teat just like their Orcs since most are government workers of some sort.

    In regards to those Tech Lords(along with Soros) of California, they are actually at the forefront of destabilizing if not destroying the very cities their workforce uses. How so? Tucker Carlson pointed it out yesterday in his show. By bankrolling radical Leftists as DA’s and legislation that decriminalize activity that previously would get you prison time.

    Just look at the new DA of SF, this guy wants decriminalize a whole host things from prostitution to shitting in the streets, etc.

    This is what our Tech Lords envision for the rest of America.

    There isn’t going to be some nice sanitized community for those who work for the tech giants, most will get some hyper expensive hovel and have to deal with streets lined with shit, hyperdermic needles, insane homeless people, druggies, gang bangers, etc. The only ones who will really prosper in such a environment are the executives who pull in seven figures and live behind 10ft walls and armed guards.

    • I listened to Ryan Dawson on Dave Smith’s show and Ryan made a point about this…Japan has no welfare. If you go there, you have to work. It (and the rampant xenophobia obvs) keeps the vibrants out. It makes sense to either cut social benefits for all, or only give it to native-born citizens with native-born parents.

      • I listened to that too. I searched the subject the next day. Japan does indeed have some welfare/social insurance, but foreigners are excluded. (That would include Ry and his wife, who I believe is Korean.)

    • I am even more skeptical about the soft DA and decriminalization that is underway. This is designed only to aid black and brown people now. If the government can reduce to poverty more white people, and IF those white people resort to criminal behaviors as seen in the past by “vibrants,” the criminal justice system will be most unmercifully punitive towards those whites.

      I honestly believe that PAYBACK is their desired policy goal.

  24. Imagine, if you will. A Land that stepped back in Time. Where no one waits to be ‘unpersoned’ by The Corporations. This Land has chosen to Ban “The Comms”. No Tweeter. No Gargle. No Fakebook. They have stopped the Oppressor’s Signal.
    ‘The Comms’ seek to monitor all thought. All Feels. What if ‘The Comms’ are no longer invited in? Banished. Un_Personed. Their Softwares are not accessible inside The Land.

    Good Times

  25. Running to white areas without a plan on how to keep them white is futile. It’s a delaying tactic. In particular, Hispanics on the low end and Indians/Asians on the high end will find you sooner or later, even outside of the cities. I’ve seen towns of 10,000 to 20,000 in the Midwest and Virginia that we’re 90%+ white become 20% or more Hispanic over the course of a decade or two. (It doesn’t take much to turn a town that size.)

    Now, I could see some return of “company towns,” areas for workers of a company including schools and private cops. That would be a huge draw for a potential worker. In many ways, it would be a return to the feudal system as Z notes.

    • The borders of the community must be defined (fences and walls), and the culture must be so tight and closed, that outsiders who are not part of the deal cannot assimilate. Tough love.

      Open borders of small communities work like open borders of nations.

    • Speaking for myself, there’s a definite plan. The whole point of forming communities of apartheid-minded Whites is to practice apartheid.

      Delaying tactics are preferable to apathy, submission or betrayal. To fight you must first survive. Let’s get our people out of the favelas and into the sticks. A decade is a long time to organize and harden an apartheid-minded White community.

      • Do not build a shining separate city on a hill, not now, at least. Build a minimalist community, from a material standpoint, with nothing obviously nice that others would consider helping themselves to. Tidy, basic, productive. The strength is within the four walls, with the people and the invisible elements of the culture. Leave the visible manifestations of wealth or prosperity to others. The whole idea is to create something that others would prefer to leave alone.

        • Exactly. Basically live like tech-savvy Amishmen. We’re looking for anti-fragility, sustainability and the lowest profile possible. These commmunities are meant to be a multi-generational framework and are anchored more in the clans who form them than to any particular location. Home will be where our people are. When and if things get untenable in one location, we have to have the culture and skill set to move as a people, laager-volk style. Fortunately today’s RV’s are better appointed than Roman-era Germanic wagons.

  26. Unfortunately Idaho is full of Reagan republicans who will loudly tell you of their love of immigration, as long as it’s legal. My warnings fall on deaf ears. I tell them that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but by then, you can never get it back.

    People have to experience for themselves that diversity is a terrible lie and that learning entails tragic and bitter losses of beautiful white communities.

    • In my conservative church we watch frequent videos of distant POC who need to be brought into the fold or at least saved from the bad magicdirt of their homeland. Yet look around at the congregation: old whites writing checks.

  27. “The slight slowing under Trump will be followed by a deluge.”

    Yes, if the Democrats win or Conservatism, Inc., recaptures the Republican Party. However, the Trump coalition could stay in power if it gets behind a Trump 2.0 candidate. Kris Kobach (if he wins the Kansas seat), Josh Hawley from Missouri and Tom Cotton from Arkansas are all possibilities. Unlike Trump one of these possibilities knows more about government and how to accomplish goals. He would not have a daughter and son in law trying to steer him in another direction. Hopefully, he would learn from Trump’s failure to do wide spread firing and install his own people.

    For America First to succeed, we must broaden the coalition. Running a candidate with a likable personality would help. Also we need to peel off white people who still vote Democrat and aren’t total nut jobs. Union members who are socially conservative, people who love the outdoors and don’t want to live in a country of 500M people, people who are into sustainable agriculture, people who are suspicious of “the more vaccines the better” propaganda—are all possibilities for a coalition that know mass immigration means lower wages and a worse environment.

    • >The slight slowing under Trump will be followed by a deluge.

      Which is why the accelerationists are sucidally naive about what is going to follow Trump. We need more time.

    • The thing that disapointed a lot of Missourians with Hawley is how he was a big help in pushing out our governor, a young, ex-Seal up-and-comer, although after he was gone, it turned out there was no evidence for all the stories. Good how Hawley is hitting Big Tech. More suggestions: Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz and Meadows….nice thing about the hearings is, it is making stars of a few House members/

  28. Possibly, Z.

    I maintain that race reality will reassert itself. As you know, blacks can’t run a modern society. Nor can the Latins. When Whitey can’t pack up and run anymore – when he has to plant his feet, turn and fight to hold what he has – he’ll be faced with a choice. If vibrants can’t be domesticated en masse – and we both know that is impossible – they will have to be culled and the survivors enslaved.

    Forget about isolated colonies of whiteness. That won’t work, wherever Whitey sets up, he will have local resources and he will need to trade with others for those that he doesn’t have. How can you trade with a bunch of savages that are too stupid to hold a job? They will rob your supply lines, raid your outlying territories… Whitey will have to re-colonize territory and dispense with the inhabitants who can only live by the Law Of The Jungle. Imperialism won’t be a matter of choice for tomorrow’s Whitey – he will have to do it just to survive.

    Some might argue that Whitey can’t hold in the face of overwhelming numbers. They may be right but… put blacks in charge of a military campaign. Put them in charge of supplying it and supporting it with logistics. White people can barely do it… but for blacks? Or browns? A disciplined white force could march on The People’s Republic Of Baltimore and fire three times and go home. I see Whitey running the show, and the slums and reservation areas being set up to keep the peace.

    The blacks and brown will be messy but they can be cleaned up. I am unclear on the future of Jews and Orientals though. They will be a wild card to be reckoned with in the race wars ahead.

  29. Part of the equation will be lower class whites forced to “gang up” and enforce their own turf, because they’re not going to be protected by our new woke overlords. They’re going to be forced to figure out their white in a way their parents weren’t, in much the same manner as Eastern and Southern Europeans figured out they were Polish, Italian, Slovak, in America in a way they never had to in the old country because EVERYONE in the old country was Italian, etc. The Mafias were a result of that. La Cosa Nostra meant “this thing of ours”, not theirs. It’s a parallel line of authority. It bred the code of “omertà”- where you don’t talk about it to outsiders. You couldn’t become a made man unless you were Sicilian, because you couldn’t be trusted. That’s where you get ethnic solidarity, when you’re under pressure. White Protestant America has never dealt with this (except in the former Confederacy under occupation from 1865-1875), but the whole country will now.
    Our parents lived in the old America, where altruism to “oppressed minorities” didn’t directly threaten them. That will change as the survival instinct kicks in. Will we see white Americans start acting like the old mafias with a legal arm of bought politicians and police and judges and the underground arm of the bosses, capos and made men?

      • It’s an imperfect analogy, but it works. One of the greatest things the left accomplished was destroying the old Italian mafia. Those guys made sure that the dindus and the south-of-the-border types knew their place and kept their brand of criminality under control, out of self interest and ethnic solidarity.

  30. Z: “…subtly serving Whites and Asians fleeing the great invasion.”


    Asians are a critical PART of the great invasion. They are the invaders as well. This whole “whites and Asians” meme is every bit as much of a piggybacking scam as the whole “Judeo-Christian” lie. Asians are the enemy too; they don’t get to be honorary Americans (viz., White) simply because they behave themselves and do well in (white-built) school and cheat on tests very efficiently.

    Asians have contributed nothing foundational to this country, they did not conceive it, they did not build it, they took no risks for it, their blood sweat and tears are not mingled in our soil, there are zero Asian graves at Gettysburg, they are not part of our cultural, historical, racial, religious, artistic or linguistic lineage. They are a pack of scheming moochers who, like the Jews before them, arrived on these shores finding an already fully-built and fully-functioning civilization, built by the sweat and genius of others; and then immediately set to work figuring out how to scam it and take it for their own. In relative historical terms, Asians showed up three weeks ago, contributed nothing, and somehow now own all the real estate in Orange County and all the seats at UC Irvine, UCLA, and Cal. That was quick.

    Asians are a part of the great locust swarm that is chewing your country to pieces before your very eyes. The fact they chew on a different sector than the other monkeymen makes not a whit of difference.

    • Putting East Asians in the same bucket as Jews, blacks and browns is politically autistic.

      This sort of 101, but the point is to split your enemies, not lump them together.

      • Yeah then why do they vote more democratic then Latinos despite affirmative action disfavoring them and their supposed drive to educational attainment? They aren’t our allies unfortunately or fortunately. Depending on how you look at it.

          • First, what you call education is really indoctrination. And if people vote dem because they are educated, how does that explain uneducated blacks voting dem almost exclusively?

    • Ant Man Bee: Well said. I’ve lived in Asia. I don’t wish that for any White long term. Again, if they’re so clever and industrious, why must they all invade the US/Canada/Australia/Europe? Why have they not founded their own institutions of higher learning? They are not merely a ‘different shade of White.’ Their history and culture and overall way of thinking is just different. There needn’t be enmity between us, but neither do we need to share the same country – i.e. OURS.

      • “culture and overall way of thinking is just different”

        Gotta say that I have to endorse this.

        Which puts me in a rather awkward position with Chinese people in general who tend to range from disappointed to flat-out angry that I don’t behave and think “properly”. In fact, several decades ago the then-Vice President of Taiwan (an old KMT veteran) called me a “banana” to my face (has the same slang meaning there as here). I think he meant it in a mostly-friendly way, but either road, it made me laugh.

        • Every group has its unicorns – I am one myself in numerous ways. The problem, of course, is often even the self-identified unicorns don’t really understand themselves and their motivations. Like Sailer’s commenter Twinkie – Korean with a White wife and mixed kids, paints himself red, white, and blue and insists he’s just like someone whose family goes back generations. But if Sailer mentions Asians (of any sort) in his post or anyone does in a comment, he’s off to the races to defend them. To mix my metaphors, when the rubber meets the road, generally blood will out.

        • It wasn’t Lien Chan, was it?

          When I first started my travels in the Far East, I lived in Korea, spent time in Japan and SE Asia. Then I went to Taiwan for a spell. My then-girlfriend and I both said to each other after a few days on Ilha Formosa, “these people are normal!” by which we meant the closest in disposition to the people we’d grown up around. They didn’t have the intensity of the Koreans, the reserve of the Japanese, or the vibrancy of SE Asians. They are a generally friendly people who go about their business. Unfortunately, the mainland is a different story.

          My Taiwanese wife can have her cultural quirks from time to time, her parents basically grew up in the 17th century and no matter how different her upbringing there’s always some residue in the belief system, but all in all she gets it with regard to culture and demographics. And she’s willing to listen to and act on my input.

          Personally, I won’t apologize for taking my chances on a woman who accepts traditional gender roles, who places great stock in familial relations, and who wed me never having gone through the ritual thot phase of the West. No hymen, no diamond. Most importantly, our daughter has a very good chance of getting the important facts of life correct and contributing positively to whatever comes next for our society.

          • Hsieh Tung-min is the one who called me a banana.
            Still gives me a chuckle every time I think about it.

    • You must not know much about the history of how the West was built do you?

      Asian Americans were the slave labor that helped build California.

      But by all means, your hatred is more important than facts.

      • Blacks were the slave labor that built some of the industry of the colonial south. That doesn’t change his point even one single iota so what is YOUR point? They are not us and will never be us. They have to go back.

    • Jared Taylor has said that IF whites are displaced, he hopes they are replaced by East Asians rather than blacks. For good reason.

      • East Asians aren’t a monolithic culture. JT was born and raised in Japan. Japan seems like a nice place. China on the other hand appears to be responsible for a disproportionate share of the earth’s pollution, political repression, and general filth.

        • Well, here’s Varg’s take on Japan. FWIW.

          Japan is generally an orderly place; it has that going for it. If I had to choose between Japan and China, I would (God help me) pick Japan, but despite surface appearances, it’s definitely not suited to Westerners as a rule.

          • I’m not a fan of race-mixing of any kind, but from a genetic standpoint, a half-Japanese, Chinese or Korean kid raised in White culture is going to be better than any other mixed-race kid, Brahmin pajeets probably 4th on that list tied with most other SE Asians. With Latinos, it depends on how much actual Spanish or other Euro blood they have.

            Others simply need not apply. Leave their smart fractions in their own homelands, mix with them on a tourism/trade basis on the fringes only.

  31. What reality do you guys inhabit? Have you noticed how many white girls love Men of Color? Do you guys leave your computers?

      • Since “The Truth” prefers anecdotes to data, here’s one. In my lifetime I’ve rarely seen a Black man with a White women that I would care to look at, much less date. Basically, bottom of barrel types that are desperate for a man—any man. We are better off without such, unfortunately they leave behind spiteful offspring—Obama comes to mind—and that is a burden.

        • I understand that Fake Truth is trolling you but the fact is the gene pool is being poisoned. Not just with african but hispanic, asian, etc. There’s alot of talk on this blog about saving Whites and/or America? But so many people can’t even handle talking about obvious issues without getting butthurt. You look just like any other ideologist getting triggered when you’re exposed to something you don’t want to think about.

  32. Perhaps the use of local laws to discourage the wrong sorts from moving in …

    I used to hold out hope for this tactic but in my area of the rural south most whites are still asleep. And I learned first-hand how local governments are prone to bow/scrape in order to keep the federal/state gravy-train going. Most rural counties are going to have to elect a completely new slate of awakened, brass-balled whites if there’s a shot at turning this around politically. On that front I’m utterly pessimistic. The white-flight that’s arrived in my southern rural area are from vibrant areas of Michigan, but damned if they don’t bring their progressivism with them.

    Our solutions begin with the understanding that we’re a minority, and will remain a minority. (Just look at our pitiful birth rate.) Doesn’t mean that we as a minority don’t fight, it just means the tactics change. A rebellious minority only wins using guerilla tactics. We need to study and learn about decentralized 4GW and how this may work in our favor. As has been pointed out elsewhere, outright mockery is a great tool of subversion.

    Optimism is for the long-term, probably beyond my lifetime. The arc of history is on our side. We all have children/grandchildren to consider and that’s the long-view our Founders had.

    • To heap on Capt, what I hope to see in my lifetime is the public / covert organization that unifies our efforts. As progs and orcs push hard to isolate, mute and disarm us, collective action is impossible.
      As Zman has said in the past, Freedom of Association is key (and it’s never coming back).

      • Denial of freedom of association, along with denial of freedom of thought, are the cornerstones of their control over us. Sarah Hoyt published a great piece yesterday, titled “Rattling the Cage Doors”, about how people learn to communicate around the restrictions. “Epstein did not kill himself” is a new shorthand for calling out everything they try to do to us. EDNKH is the new BFYTW.

    • I’m not swallowing any White Pill bullsh**T.

      I watched Kalifornia be destroyed in just a few decades, I then relocated to the rural South in the Eighties. I am now watching the in-progress destruction of the South. It’s over and there’s no going back. At least 50%(and likely more)of Whites are clueless idiots.

      The Ruling Class Whites are not ceding their political and economic power to any “populist movement.” They are laughing at the so-called “Trump voters.” They know this Trump thing is temporary and “It’s Ok To Be White” will fail. The back-slappers at your local country club hold all the cards. So buy all the things on Cyber Monday and welcome the Brown Hordes as ordered, White boy.

      What happens in the next few decades is going to be ugly.

      • Despair is a sin, Carl. It’s also a philosophical error: You can’t know what chance, luck, or other constantly changing aspects of the future will bring.

        • One man’s despair is another’s reality. I’m listening to Charlotte NC’s(103 murders so far this year!)Mayor call for more “diversity” and “public transportation” and a “smaller carbon footprint.”

          America is done. Finished. Kaput.

          • Nodding my head in agreement Carl. So once we have reality/truth squared away it’s then time to soldier on. I agree the next few decades will be ugly, and the solutions obviously aren’t found in the GOP or within normie white neighbors. Hopefully you’re already knitting yourself together with like-minded men and developing survival strategies. You don’t have to get far outside of Charlotte to find Appalachian rootstock. (Just don’t go to Asheville, which seems to be NC’s sparkling nucleus of faggotry.) Matthews used to be boonie-ville when I used to frequent Charlotte … is it still a refuge of reality?

          • Matthews may as well be Glendale, CA. A middle class bedroom community made up of White liberals and Middle Eastern/Sub-Continentals living in $350,000 side-by-side boxes.

            I live in the rural small town Piedmont and it is dying. If you have deep roots in this area or have the money to avoid having to work here you are insulated from it all for the most part. Though I notice more and more Squatemalens arriving all the time. Most of the local White natives really don’t have a clue about what’s coming, a phenomenon I saw in Kalifornia as well.

            Asheville is Berkeley East but it is mostly Lesbian rather than Homo. I’ve never seen so many gray-haired, Boomer Lesbians in one place in my life.

          • “America is done. Finished. Kaput.” When you no longer say that like it is a bad thing you will become more optimistic.

          • I agree re “America.” Your choices going forward are to help build something better for the future or cry in the ruins. If you choose Plan B, what’s the point of commenting about it, beyond misery loving company?

          • “Build something for the future?” What you gonna use for materials? Pie-in-the-sky doesn’t count.

        • Carl’s forecast seems like an easy one to make, assuming current trend lines continue. I share his pessimism. What forces can you identify that would change those trend lines? Of course something unexpected could happen that could alter those trend lines either up or down, but it would be foolish to bet on it.

      • OK Boomer…

        Why don’t you stick a gun in your mouth now then and just be done with it? America is kaput. GOOD. That is –exactly– what we need to happen. When the trains stop running on time and the diversity pets start revolting and murdering their goodwhite handlers en masse w/ impunity is the day I get really happy. That is when the chaff & wheat will be separated.

        Those who want live, will harden, and live. Those who don’t. Won’t. Decide which camp you’d like to be in. But yes 1950s America ain’t coming back. Boomers killed it because they had it too good and also because they had lots of (((help))) along the way to tear it down.

        What comes next? Who knows. I do know this. White people have always been a minority of the world’s population despite being told otherwise in the US & Europe. Despite this fact we were historically world bestriding giants so far ahead of the rest it is comical. Read Joe Sobran’s famous quote if you need help. Those that survive the shake out will be genetically fit and more akin to these earlier incarnations of European explorers and conquerors. All good…

        • Speaking of chaff & wheat … do you know how to extract food from dirt? Know how to build a cistern or engineer a water system? Take a bottle-calf to steer, then dispatch and process for long-term storage? Know how to take brass, lead, powder & primer and transform it into a 500-yard projectile? If so then well done Millennial Man … these are a short survey of skills you’ll need by Day 7 of your desired collapse scenario. If not then find an older guy who knows these things … and you might want to show up with a touch of humility and respect.

          • This is why we need F2F so these kind of things can be worked out…I can understand both sides frustration and I think we could come up with a solution and if we couldn’t there is always the gloves😉

          • It all boils down to feminized Millennials squawking something about “You didn’t build that Boomer!”

          • Carl: It also boils down to Boomers who think there’s some point to telling everyone working for the future “it’s hopeless, they won, every generation after mine are soft snowflakes, we’re all gonna die.”

            What do you accomplish by sharing your “realism,” when all others see in it is despair? Does it make you feel smarter than the rest of us?

            Is there something you think we should be doing instead of working on future plans?

            Or should we all just join your self-pity party and Epstein ourselves from our shower rods?

          • Boomer/Millennial fights are about as useful as people who want to talk about their privates all the time. One of the worst things about progs is their basing arguments and alliances on whether or not you conform to where THEY are…and stereotyping you if you don’t, rather than looking at people as individuals. Not helpful for us to do the same.

    • Laws won’t work as long as the courts and pols being what they are.

      We either start forming our version of the Mafia or Klan to deal with Goodwhites and Orcs or we loose. Look cannot let the Goodwhites get in local politics and church because they will blow up your town in record time.

      I live in Southern CA outside of Los Angeles and I watched as Goodwhites in record time just fucked over one the most beautiful and prosperous state in the union. Just in little over 10 years.

      And oh I also watched them infest Oregon and WA and wreck those states. They are now infesting NV and ID.

      The bottom line: If we don’t find a way of dealing with Goodwhites in a permanent manner nothing our side does will save us. We have to deal with this cancer.

  33. I think this is an incomplete analysis. I am generally more optimistic than most people here. I think we will see more mixed race people and less emphasis on racial purity. If you look at California (which many think is the future) you see a state that has the one of the largest GDPs in the world by itself. That is reason for hope.

    In fact most non-whites have a hopeful view of the future.

    To be American is to be oriented toward the future, not deterred by uncertainty. Confidence, both in the possibilities of the future and our ability to realize them, has come to typify the American personality – some would characterize it as arrogance – and it has been essential to the development of the United States.

    Although resistance to change is undeniably part of our history, a function of inertia and nostalgia, success has come when we have overcome fear of the future.

    • Non-whites have the same hopeful view of the future that a mugger has approaching an old lady on a deserted street.

      Have you ever lived in California? It is becoming unlivable for all but the very rich, and even they have to spend a third of their day in traffic jams and worrying about crime.

      While a certain amount of economic activity is essential, GDP captures nothing about the quality of people’s lives because when Mark Zuckerberg enters a homeless camp, everyone is suddenly on average a millionaire.

      • Good analysis on GDP that conservatism inc. keeps harping about. A strong GDP may only be benefiting the few at the top. Better to have a strong GDP but this does not necessarily mean prosperity is reaching the people.

      • You’re right about GDP’s worthlessness re: California. California is one of only five jurisdictions that has a Genii coefficient above the national average, along with CT, NY, Louisiana, and D.C.

    • Your counter-analysis is incomplete; a positive-sloped GDP doesn’t provide hope for the future when the “mixed race people” are agitating for the annihilation of whites, our history, our culture. Oh, they’re not talking genocide … yet. But are you paying attention to what they’re saying about us, from academia to tee-vee shows to hip-hop songs? They hate us and they’re getting rather fearless about stating it.

      • Every non-white man I have ever known has dated, had physical relations, and even married and fathered children with a white girl.

        How can non-white men be racist if they are willing to share in the most intimate of human acts with a white person?

          • I dont watch porn

            Just because you do doesnt mean everyone does

            My statement was based on real world observations

          • Don’t feed this troll. You know he is full of shit, I live in los angeles at the apex of this type of thing and it’s still rare. Far worse is the epidemic of white men dating asian girls. In my 9% white high school only 1 girl was dating a hispanic, and she was as fat as a house. I did however date a few asian girls, but after i started lifting sophmore year I only dated the white ones because I wasn’t fat anymore and I moved up a few points. Whites are the most attractive people, men and women. If anything, black girls want white dick. You should see my tinder matches, there arent even that many black girls in the area I live in, it’s kinda weird. But I can’t be bothered to look at my swipes, I just filter them after.

          • Heh, females on the prowl are not thinking about your privates, seriously. Some males think and talk about their privates a lot –then project that out and believe that females are thinking about your privates, too — not hardly. They’d think it a bit crude if you said that to them. (This certainly wandered off topic, didn’t it?)

        • Ah, good. Jeb Bush v2.0 has been heard from.
          So what you’re saying is, “Rape is an act of love“?

          Speaking of “what you’re saying is”, you’re projecting harder than Milo in this truly cringe-inducing exchange.

          Poor Milo, how horrible to go through life with the taste of self-induced humiliation and black dick in your mouth.

    • “If you look at California (which many think is the future) you see a state that has one of the largest GDPs in the world by itself. That is reason for hope.”
      Take your GDP, and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

      • CA’s GDP is highly dependent on the stock market keeping Big Tech stocks at current stratospheric levels. If you look at state income tax, most of the money they get is from 1% of the population in Silicon Valley, mostly tech executives, hedge fund peeps, etc.

        Without these people and a over valued stock market the state would implode.

        This is why Trump and the previous preznits did everything to keep the stock market going. The country can’t handle states like CA, Ill, and Ohio defaulting and their pension funds imploding.

    • “If you look at California …”

      Muh GDP! Muh bowtie! Muh disingenuity! California is the poster-state for American moral, spiritual, and financial bankruptcy. It is fundamentally unstable and things that cannot go on forever, do not.

      “In fact most non-whites have a hopeful view of the future.”

      If bacteria were sapient, colonies of bacteria feasting on the flesh of a murdered corpse would have a hopeful view of the future. However, eventually the bounty ends and ecological dieback comes with a vengeance. Nature is red in tooth and claw.

      “To be American is to be oriented toward the future,…”

      I’ve always found amusing the arrogance of hostile foreigners telling us what it means to be us in our land. My people have been subject to the most intense mass-media agitprop campaign in history, which has failed to erase us. We awaken, and nature is red in tooth and claw.

      • And it became that way due to mass immigration, visa giveaways, open borders, and a series of amnesties. Never enforcement. Even after 9/11.

    • Please tell us “fellow whites” more about what it means “to be American…” and how “we” have succeeded in the past.

      • Right here, right now, is why you need tight borders and a closed culture. What’s with all the outside agitation here today, by people mostly obviously fascinated by their own dicks? This crap takes away from productive conversation. I would suggest more aggressive moderation (the occasional TD post does stimulate some ideas, but we’ve gone way beyond that today), and simply ignoring the trolls. Don’t give them anything to chew on, downvotes or comments, make them invisible, Ralph Ellison style.

        • It’s why I’m opting to put most of my time into the registration-only side of my site. I’d rather have a couple dozen guys like you, Line, Range (honorary guy 🙂 ), Moss etc… chewing on plans for how to build cheap mini-houses for new neighbors than waste time cut-and-pasting the same responses to Team Tiny’s cut-and-paste trolls.

          I understand why Z doesn’t police this site with a heavier hand – tiltering out trolls is a whack-a-mole effort that eats up a lot of time and feeds both the troll’s Cloward Piven strategy and their narcissism.

          But if this continues, a fash-ier mod hand may be in order.

          • @Exile
            I’ve got something better than tiny houses Brother and will fit perfectly into what you have in mind…

    • I live in CA, but only because I’m a mercenary in the tech industry. As soon as that ends, I’ll be off like a prom dress. How you can think CA is any sort of desirable model for a future America is beyond me. For one thing, thanks to changing demographics, a Republican can’t be elected dog catcher in this state anymore. Is that what you want for America as a whole?

      • Spud have a place ready to go somewhere else before you need it that way if you have to bail ahead of the mob you have somewhere to go…

      • Spud, are you able to get out and either work remotely or work for a different tech company? At least get out of the grip of the CA state income tax… especially if you have company stock or you’ve otherwise done well for yourself.

    • The non whites are hopefull because they’re living off the taxes the beat down, busted up white fucking class keeps coughing up. Fuck you Shit For Brains.

    • It’s possible… seeing as my great grandparents did it in rural Canada. Basically grow as much fruit during the summer and turn it into jam and preserves. Livestock can live up there, enough hay can be grown to feed over the winter.

      Supplement this with hunting and fishing

      Not an easy life, though.

    • The same way we’ve done for 200,000 years. We were forged in the cold. Being away from it has made us soft.

    • Look where many of your tomatoes come from even in the winter, Ontario, grown indoors. White people can do amazing things you know.

    • Hehe, spoken like a true Southerner. Denmark’s agricultural exports could feed our own population thirty times, I’m told. Sweden and Norway are less fertile, but that’s more of a soil problem than about temperature.

    • Okay, so I get to finally say something I religiously avoid…”lol.”
      My ancestors thrived 200 years ago as farmers on the Canadian border. You can grow all the crops you need here, just need to be sharp about it.

  34. We have to set up a separatist dynamic. I think we should start to push the issue of state independence movements. White normies can’t organize for shit, but they have a taste for big, one-off, fuck-you votes, like Trump and Brexit. A lot of white people would vote for independence for their state. Just gotta get it on the ballot.

    Even if initial efforts fail, they will still plant the seed of the idea. Then it can be translated to different scales, larger (regional) or smaller (county/city).

    It’s already got momentum in places like Quebec, and it can work here. Just gotta start pushing it.

    • Don’t use Quebec as an example. My wife is Canadian, and I have family in Montreal. It’s a beautiful city, but definitely the most corrupt of the provinces, and Quebec talks a good game, but isn’t going anywhere.
      They need the rest of Canada more than the rest need them.
      Oil rich Alberta, on the other hand, could definitely prosper without the rest of Canada.

    • White normies are outstanding organizers. But as far as this separatist dynamic, or white diaspora, too many “men” on this blog talk about it and hope that it happens. They have been “pushing for it” for a decade. So when does the waiting stop and the doing begin in earnest?

  35. I’ve been visiting my grandma’s tiny little Wisconsin hometown for the better part of 40 years, and a few years ago I saw a black guy for the very first time. Just one guy crossing the street.

    Like the first locust. Omen.

    (And my parents lived in the Twin Cities for a while. Used to be an almost comically nice whitopia, but now going downhill fast.)

    • You mean the Hmong and the Mexicans haven’t got there yet? I thought Wisconsin was pretty much overrun at this point. It all started 40 years ago in Wausau, I believe.

  36. I admit ignorance here never having lived north of the Mason-Dixon. Why would the cold act as a diversa-blocker. Aren’t Chicago, Philadelphia and Newark pretty cold? I’ve traveled through all three and they seemed pretty, um… exotic.

    • The vibrants seem willing to deal with winter in a city with all the services close by. As soon as you leave the major cities in New England and Pennsylvania, the suburbs and rural areas are as white as the snow.

      • Actually most non-whites are hardy and can deal with adversity

        HOw do you contend with the fact that whites die of drug abuse at rhe first sign of hardshop

        How do explain Miss Irealnd having a african boyfriend?

        • And a tranny is miss spain, so I guess the people running those contest are weird degenerates like you who hand the victory to disgusting aberrants.

        • LOL.

          How do you explain that in Traci Morgan’s TV show “The Last OG” – his black girlfriend dumps him when he goes to jail and hooks up with a white guy who raises his kids?

          Seems like a pretty damning social commentary – coming from an actual black guy.


          • The show is rightly making fun of white men because they will raise black kids without asking for anything in return.

          • I’ve watched the show. That’s not what it’s doing. The black woman hooked up with a white guy because the black guy she had the kids with was such a loser that he went to jail and couldn’t even support his own kids.

            Once the black woman is with a white guy – she’s successful. Once the black kids are raised by a white guy – they’re decent children.

            Stay with the black guy = we all livin’ in the hood and slingin’ H to get by.

            Yeah maybe the white guy is stupid for hooking up with a black chick and raising somebody else’s kids – but that doesn’t take away the social commentary that it took a white guy to get everybody’s shit straightened out.

        • [Actually most non-whites are hardy and can deal with adversity]

          What about all the blacks who have been killed or imprisoned over the last 50 years?

      • Around here blacks are invading small White towns all over the state-go to a high school football game anywhere and you will see them. And it’s really cranked up in the last decade. A lot of it is from a certain type of shark going to a city and coming back pregnant and giving birth to diversity in their small town. Baby daddies are rare and it’s not uncommon to see the wee ones with their grandma or even grandpa. And this is celebrated. And the local whites fawn over them even though blacks in general will hate tham anyway. They don’t see blacks in general though, they only see a few individuals who are too small in number to cause much mayhem. Between that misleading first hand experience and saturation media brainwashing, many,many people are completely indoctrinated. There are plenty of people around who are starting to get it but in general it’s not looking good.

        • The white grandparents with their mystery meat grandkids is such a depressing development. They’ll all crow about how much they love their colored progeny — and I know that most of them really do — but there’s a certain sadness in their eyes about the whole situation.

          • You’d hope there’ still some flicker in their brains that tells them something just ain’t right about it…

          • I think he just said “sadness in their eyes”.

            That right there says they know something just ain’t right about it.

            Me and my blonde haired blue eyed toddler son get a lot of smiles when we go out – especially from the white women.

            White women want blonde haired blue eyed babies – not brillo head mystery meat kids.

          • Very sad. The one close instance of this phenomenon I experienced was with my best college friend. His daughter went military and got involved with a Black.

            He and I met to “catch up” after many years apart and he brought up the development with his daughter and now Black son-in-law. All he could do was relate how nice a guy his new son-in-law was. More to convince himself I fear than me. It was pretty obvious his embarrassment of the situation.

            Anyway, for years afterwards we would get family pictures from him around Christmas. What I noticed was his daughter was absent and so was the Black father, but the half Black granddaughter was always present. I assumed she was dumped off and they were now raising her themselves. Sigh.

          • A colleague of mine has two daughters-both mudsharks with offspring. He said one of them had split up and then found a new buck to replace the old one. Another guy was bragging about adopting black kids and no seeing color bla bla bla I just kept quiet, lest I be purge from my job. Recently I saw one of my nieces with 3 mulatto children she was watching for someone apparently…The plague is spreading, pretending other-wise won’t change it…

          • I worked with a woman who had a black grandchild. She wouldn’t shut up about the kid, constantly bragging about how cute and smart he was.

            One day I finally had enough. I looked at her and asked, “Robyn, you really love that black grandchild, don’t you.” She proudly replied, “Yes I do!”

            I responded, “That’s great, he’ll have someone to visit him in prison when he grows up.”

            I’m lucky i didn’t get fired.

          • Thug rap is so normalized that you see headlines about “Lil” this and stupidly-misspelled names in headlines as if they were as non-controversial and wholesome now as Gilligan used to be. I can’t even buy peanut-butter puffs cereal without some ugly rapper’s mug on the box.

            And sportsball lovers are all ages….sadly. Even those who have slacked off the caring about it still use it as “small talk” — the Dude in this house does, even though he knows they’ve been a bunch of thugs for decades now.

            The millennial/boomer thing is silly. Smart people don’t stereotype and alienate their allies because of the year they were born. So many little things like that, and like using whatever language the left wants to us, along with complaining about those we share a lot of views with , rather than those who want us dead—those are mistakes the left doesn’t make, and if we’re going to borrow anything from them, perhaps we should borrow and use what works…..

      • “As soon as you leave the major cities in New England and Pennsylvania, the suburbs and rural areas are…white.” True. The whitest states in the U.S. are Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, all notably rural and notably cold (and Vermont and New Hampshire have passed legislation designed to maintain their rural nature).

      • I live in a New England suburb – and always have.

        They’ve always been gloriously bereft of diversity , at least until the last 20 years or so. And even then it’s mostly Indian and Chinese “diversity” that has moved in. There’s still a pretty small population of blacks. The only ones that can live here – are the ones that have an actual job.

        Well at least until the Obama era HUD effort to distribute blacks all over white suburbs went into action. Then we definitely started seeing more black faces around. But this is just another example that disproves The truth’s claim that POC are “hardy and deal with adversity”.

        You’re not “dealing with adversity” – when you’re receiving a check to move out of the city and go live in subsidized housing in the suburbs – and you’re getting your ass moved around by public transportation (that had to be supplied because of the influx of low-income people with no transportation). That’s actually the exact opposite of “hardy and dealing with diversity”. In this case the black people are nothing more than hothouse flowers. Once the EBT card gets shut off – the blacks get shut down.

      • I think it’s more that they can’t really leave unless whites relocate them — which is exactly what’s happening in the suburbs of most east coast cities. It’s reverse white flight.

    • The cold is not an impenetrable shield, but it greatly reduces vibrancy. Latins really hate the cold.

      • African vibrants also do not seem to like altitudes over about 2-3000 feet. Probably a biological basis to this, just like aversion to cold.

      • Whites don’t like the cold, either, but the money tends to be good for those who live there, assuming they actually work. Some countries, like Panama, have thrown out the welcome mat for white males who are systemically hated in the US and Canada. Mostly they want retirees with safe pensions and short longevity, but they’ll take young ones with capital, expertise, and know-how, too. Boquete is about 20% white and getting more so. In 10-20 years it will be more North American than many North American cities.

        Not a realistic or desired option for everyone, but just throwing it out there.

        • Booby,

          I’ve wondered if that’s not a bad backup plan. Invade some small country via immigration and take over. If whites reached 30% of Panama’s population, we could run the show. Shut down immigration except for whites and slowly become the majority.

          Might work in Ireland as well. Get a couple hundred thousand hardcore white Americans in Ireland and tip the balance.

          • One of the blackest of black pills to swallow has been the transmogrification of the Emerald Isle.

            Abortion, same sex marriage, and a fudge-packing pajeet PM makes it awfully difficult for Irish eyes to be smiling.

          • Ireland has always been on my personal short list of places to move to. But not any more, as the EU project offered them a bunch of money and “smoked” the culture there.

          • I’m old enough to remember when the Irish would have started shooting each other over shit like that.

            What the hell happened?

          • Yes, I’ve thought of that too. Grab John McAfee and some other whites and we re-colonize some Central American or Caribbean place.

          • Instead of having others do your dirty work for you, why not grab some Proud Boys and do it yourself? Harness your inner Anglo-Saxon anger and get things done rather than hope for it to happen. Although, I do why you just think about it…you lack the guile, gumption, and fortitude to make the sacrifice for our people. It’s just not in your DNA…

          • Why not invade a small state in the U.S. and do the same thing? Like the Free State Project is doing in New Hampshire.

          • Argentina and Chile would make great destinations. Uruguay is even whiter than Argentina, and there are substantial German communities in all of those countries.
            Millions, or even hundreds of thousands, of white Americans moving to the better nations of South America is very doable, and Europeans sensibilities and tastes are still unquestionably dominant in those countries.
            We would be kings once again. And I’m only half joking.
            The end of the 19th century saw millions of immigrants from Europe moving to Argentina and Brazil.
            Hell, as crazy as Brazil is, it’s still a beautiful, resource rich land with a white ruling caste and large areas of the country are very European. Millions of white Americans would only improve the place.
            Worth considering, and not far fetched. If millions could do it at the end of the last century, millions could do it now.

          • Why not just kick all the vibrancy out of THIS country?

            What the hell is so hard about that?

            The solution you guys are proposing sounds a lot like abandoning the house you built and own – to interlopers, and then building another one – which will probably just get invaded in the same way.

            Seems like a more direct and permanent solution to just get the interlopers out of the house you ALREADY own – rather than running away.

            That running away thing is just a symptom of the larger problem – the inability to defend what is rightfully yours.

            As the old saying goes: you can run but you’ll only die tired.

          • Who do you think you are going to be fighting when you go to try that Calsdad it’s not going to be the blacks and browns it’s going to be your fellow brainwashed whites…So yea let’s fight them and weaken us both so the orcs just have to do the mop up and the country is theirs…That’s the dilemma that always pops up when that is brought up which is why I push for Community so we won’t have to fight our own…

          • “Why not just kick all the vibrancy out of THIS country? What the hell is so hard about that?”

            LOL, seriously? If it’s so easy then, we designate you as our savior. Make it happen. You have the guts, right? Or are you just running your mouth?

          • What has kept me from ruminating upon escape to Central America is what happens when the Overlords “F” with the nation’s pension systems and take some degree of control, the pension systems tank on their own due to chicanery and lack of funding, and pensions for old farts dry up. As Basic Husband thinks, there will be a pile of dead and burning old fart whitey white bodies lining the beaches. Hell, when his mining geologist friend worked in Honduras, lots of hush money was and is paid to the cartels by the big international mines. That dries up, it’s lots of dead Ex-Pats.

          • There is a solution for that Range it just needs to be implemented right now which the old farts won’t probably do because they think the good time will always roll…

          • Lol Range…you and your husband crack me up…

            Re: colonize SA — more out-reach to the Mormon community would be well in hand. Utah’s a weird place, but I can’t think of another place in the country that has a higher cross section of average people who have lived in a foreign country and know another language. Many of them marry girls they met on their missions down there. If you want to colonize South America these guys have an “in”.

          • If all the white people are thinking of running away to places like Panama – then there is no “our thing”. And all that is going on here is a bunch of guys pissing and moaning about things they’re never going to REALLY do anything about.

            Maybe it’s not an acceptable analogy, but when 1930s Germans realized their country was being undermined from within and without – they didn’t all run away to Argentina and Uruguay. They looked for a solution, found it – and then implemented it.

          • They implemented it, then got their asses kicked, then ran away to Brazil and Argentina after the shit hit the fan.
            Not a good example.

          • Range – a lot of 2A-normie-Cons I’ve known were talking about Costa Rica back in the day and I always raised this issue with them. Countries with a lot of gringo-hate are going to be hard-going if things go sour. These guys acted like all they needed was a little bribe money but as you point out, sometimes money isn’t everything and sometimes the new guy in charge isn’t interested in being on your payroll.

            Fred Reed at Unz may cuck to Mexicans, but he’d better hope he never has to find out whether Mexicans will return the favor.

            Expatriation to non-White countries is dicey. On balance I’d say option A is staying in America but going country/grey, B is emigration to a White nation like Europe, Russia or the Balkans, and C is Latin America.

            FWIW, Greenland’s an interesting option that combines the strongest kind of Frost Fencing that Z mentions with a low native population that’s White or White-friendly abo. Only for the truly hardy, though.

          • Somewhere along the line I tripped over Fred Reed’s address, so looked it up. Turns out he lives in a gated community on the lake in an upscale tourist town, just as insulated from the rest of Mexico as most of us are from Inner Detroit.

          • If whites reached 30% of Panama’s population, we could run the show.

            If you can’t run America with 60%, why should you be able to take over Panama with 30?

          • @Felix
            Because half that 60% is the ones you would be fighting along with the other 40% of the others…Come on guys I’m not saying run or I would already be gone because I have the means to do so but I can see their point…

        • State-level gibs are slim in cold rural states. Federal gibs are available everywhere. Why freeze if you can get gibs in the warm weather?

          • Gibs are one of the core issues.

            Anybody who truly supports white nationalism is going to have to come to grips with this fact.

            If you support gibs – you’re akin to Charlie Kirk and Shapiro, you’re not really with the program.

            Accepting the concept of gibs = accepting the concept of supporting your enemy by admitting it’s OK for the government to FORCE you to do it.

      • Disagree. I’ve seen plenty of Hispanics in Iowa working at the meat packing plants. They may hate the cold, but they’re willing to endure it. Beats some crappy apartment in Mexico or a mud hut in Guatemala.

        • Agree, I’m from Iowa and lived there as late as last summer and the Hispanicization is really noticeable. In my small home town I walked by a renovation site on the town square and the men doing it were speaking Spanish. Hispanic siding contractor workers were putting new siding on my apartment complex in December and January.

          Another factor is that most people find it more difficult to tolerate cold as they age. And driving in winter gets more difficult with dimming eyes and slower rellexes. And a slip and fall on the ice or snow is much more dangerous past about age 60. Retreating north is certainly an option, but it has drawbacks.

      • The Latins don’t seem to hate the cold of Chicago, at least not enough to stay away, judging by the immense number of them here in Chicagoland. In even colder Minneapolis-St. Paul, it’s the epicenter of Somalian settlements. I no longer believe in the old “cold keeps the riff-raff out” saying.

        • Speaking of Mexicans in cold Chicago, here in my suburban area, I count 17 independently-owned Mexican taco places within a 5 mile radius of my home. If anyone’s spent any time in the Chicago area in the not-so-distant past, you were sure to notice the ubiquity of hot dog/Italian beef places. The Great Replacement now includes the hot dog, being replaced by the taco and burrito. I currently count 4 independent hot dog places within 5 miles. 5 if you count Portillo’s, which is a chain.

        • There are a number of either-or options in play when we’re talking about the cold versus warm climate issue. (1) Rural vs. Urban is a big one (i.e. it’s easy to live in a cold urban environment, especially where there are plenty of handouts). (2) Jobs is another (i.e. active commercial/industrial enterprises versus the lack of those kinds of jobs). (3) “Attitude towards outsiders” is another (i.e. clannishness versus an effectively atomized population). (4) Still another is state and local availability of handouts (California being Exhibit A). (5) Another is cultural “austerity” or “hardness” (which is in turn related to (1), (3) and (4) above). (6) And yet another is the availability of, or lack of, public transportation (paid for by the taxpayers). You can test all these contentions by examining what are currently the whitest and blackest states in the U.S. and cross-referencing each either-or data-point.

      • We’re having the first really icy spell this week here in Oslo since I arrived and the handful of vibrants I saw today did not look happy at all. A few dindus and a couple of Jeets, frowny-faced and duck-walking across the ice as Whiteys breezed by like they were on magic skis, mostly smiling and looking like they were enjoying a beautiful day.

        As evidenced by my summer travels, Latins and Dindus also don’t like the wilderness either. The outdoor lifestyle is a great subculture for us to blend into and recruit from. I’ll be pushing that hard in a lot of future posting.

        • You’re still in Oslo? Be sure not to miss Saint Lucy’s day on the thirteenth. It’s the most beautiful tradition in the Scandinavian church, all the more so since it has not yet been commercialized.

          When I was a kid, the teacher would choose the tallest and blondest girl in the class to be the Saint of Light – the “Lucia-Bride” – to lead the Lucia procession: she’d have a crown of candles, and all the girls would dress in white shifts and go from classroom to classroom, singing hymns. All wonderfully white and pagan.

          If you don’t feel like gatecrashing a public school, this happens in churches too, of course:

          A profoundly moving hymn: a translation doesn’t really do it justice, but here goes anyway:

          Night walks with heavy step
          ‘Round yard and hearth,
          ‘Round earth that sun departed
          Shadows are brooding.
          There in our murky home,
          treads with lit candles
          Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

          Night strides grand and silent,
          Now hear its gentle wings,
          In every room so hushed,
          A whisper like wings.
          Look! at our threshold stands,
          White-clad with light in hair
          Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

          Darkness shall soon take flight,
          From earth’s valleys.
          Then she speaks
          Wonderous words to us:
          A new day will rise again
          From the rosy sky.
          Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

          And for those unfortunate souls who don’t understand Scandi, here’s a consolation prize:

          • Thanks, will do.

            This hymn says a lot on yesterday’s subject of “nuChristian rock music” as well.

            Render unto Skynyrd that which is Skynyrd’s. Sacred music demands sacred aesthetics, not consumerist bowdlerization.

      • Down South the weather won’t kill you if you’re ill-prepared. In the rural North where temps drop to below zero all winter long you can easily die if you make a mistake. Happens all the time.

        • I live in Jackson, Ms. On the one day a year it stays below freezing, about 10% of the diversity show up at shelters. Furthermore about 20% dont have running water.

        • Living in a northern climate is harder for the southern types in other regards as well (more than just the mistakes you can make in the outdoors)

          I remember an article I read a while back about home construction in one of the construction trade magazines. The topic of the article was home ventilation, inside moisture levels – and mold. The author had an example of an extreme case of a family that had moved from some tropical location (believe it was in India) – and had decided to go live in one of the northern states (I think it was Michigan).

          Well they just couldn’t stand the weather there. As a way of compensating they ran the heat at something like 80 degrees all winter – and had multiple humidifiers running. It only took them two years or so and they had all sorts of black spots all over the walls inside the house, as well as health problems. They called in the author (runs a construction co.) – and they diagnosed black mold. The house was cleaned , the were warned to reduce the moisture inside the house – and the guy left. A couple of months later – he’s back again after they called him in. Once again the walls are moldy – and this time he goes and starts looking in the attic , in the walls – etc.

          Turns out the house is completely and totally infested with black mold. The point where it’s a gut job – and the wooden frame itself is so bad that is’ likely a tear down.

          The POC family is pissed, they’re complaining of health issues and all sorts of other random complaints. The author’s response is: “you’re living a cold area, you simply can’t run your heat at 80 degrees and 70% humidity in this climate unless you want to build a terrarium. There isn’t ANY house construction that’s going to stand up to that. Maybe you need to move to warmer climate…..”

          Luckily it was a house that the family had bought. The house was junk – they simply couldn’t live in it any more. It only took them something like 3 years from move-in to destroy the thing. The insurance co. probably doesn’t compensate for that.

          Probably should have stayed in New Delhi.

          • Interesting. I had the opposite issue when posted to warmer climes – I ran the air conditioning in the house/apartment all the time and it wasn’t built to be used that way. The locals are fine with the tropical heat. Since the Embassy held the lease they got it repaired, but the locals could not understand why anyone would need air conditioning to sleep. I’ve always preferred the cold – when they turned off the heat/electricity in Bulgaria, we simply bundled up – or snuggled up.

          • I’ve been white my whole life. And did without air conditioning for decades. It wasn’t until I got older … and also had to listen to the wife’s constant complaining about how hot it is in the summer – that we got cars with air conditioning and put AC in the house.

            Before that I’d open the windows, I drove a car with no AC – and I worked in a factory for 10 years full of machinery – and no AC. I’d sweat so much during a shift that I would drink gallon jugs of water and still be losing weight at the end of 8 hours.

            Back before the 90s – lots of white people lived their entire lives without any AC. After that it got more popular in cars, cheaper window AC units became available – etc.

            Now everybody THINKS they can’t do without it. But yet before that most people did.

      • Anybody who has been exposed to even the most basic crime statistics has the proof of this.

        When the weather is cold – the crime rate goes down.

        That’s because the vibrancy is all shivering inside their Section 8 apartments.

        • “When the weather is cold – the crime rate goes down.”

          Except for Nigerian brothers putting nooses around the necks of homosexual Negro-Jews in Chicago, of course.

      • Spot on, vibrancy will thrive anywhere Uncle Sam gives out free shit. Put another way, the welfare state is killing off white America.

        • Huh. Most Immigrants of Color work very hard in jobs you could not do.

          I’ll bet you weigh over 200 pounds

          • That’s because we’re adult human males, not manlets.

            I kid. Plenty of strong fit men less than 200 pounds.

            Anyway, the helots work those jobs because nobody else will work for shite at mindless, brutal jobs that will be highly mechanized or automated out of existence in 5 years. By the way, they’ll all be disabled by age 45 when white tradesmen are highly productive or capital owners themselves.

          • I weigh over 200 pounds and I work at an office job during the day.

            But on the weekend I can still lift and carry two 80 pound concrete bags and pound nails all day.

            The little Mexicans I see mowing lawns around here and the Ecuadorean natives I see climbing all over roofs during the summer pounding shingles – I’m pretty sure might be able to outwork me, but I know they couldn’t lift those those concrete bags.

            And I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t handle my day job.

            I know how to pound my own shingle nails – and I can always get a robotic lawnmower. Hector and Alejandro are VERY replaceable.

            They’re farm implements of the modern age. And just as likely to become obsolete.

          • Most every roof they put up is installed wrong, can’t or don’t bother to read the directions, so your warranty don’t mean shit.

          • Carlsdad, you seem very insistent on replying to this troll…..what’s the point? It decreases the Appeal of this comment section to newcomers when they see long troll inspired arguments. (TimNY)

        • As a Mexican invader once honestly said years ago when interviewed about why he crossed the border, “Everyone knows Uncle Sam is Uncle Sap.”

        • Not exactly, RWC: If you can get free shit living in a freezing environment and free shit living in a warm environment, which are ya gonna choose? (That’s my theory at least.)

          • The fact remains D.C. is making it very easy for Orcs to migrate to colder regions that were primarily populated by whites.

            And it’s working. Running isn’t a option when D.C. has for all intents declared war on us via demographic replacement.

      • I had a white female co-worker in Albany, NY who was married to a black, she said their government supplied housing was like a sauna in the winters, courtesy of the taxpayers.

    • Lack of a good public transportation system protects communities from vibrancy. It’s simple as that. Welfare class desperately depends on public transportation. For example, down here New Orleans is the vibrancy capital of the nation, whereas the large white flight community north of lake ponchartrain is mostly white and has no public transportation. Neighboring tangipahoa has some public transport and a proportional amount of vibrancy.

      • Public transportation is one of the local tools used for breaking down communities. Crime is through the roof around the nodes of public transport, but the statistics are kept as hidden as possible.

      • When we first moved to our neighborhood, although it was far too heavily han/pajeet immigrant, there were no blacks. You literally could go weeks without seeing one. Now not a day passes that you don’t see them walking around – not a particular place to go, but they walk from wherever the bus drops them off. The first thing other non-White immigrants do is buy a car and start tooling around at 25 mph.

      • I think I actually read a few years back that st Tammany parish was fighting the arrival of this “service” because they knew what it would attract. Look at Chicago, the public transportation is delux—one can get within a block of anywhere.

      • Blacks have been in NOLA forever. They’re a big majority now because so many whites left. Blacks didn’t show up for public transportation and they’re not leaving if public transportation goes away.

        St. Tammany Parish is very middle/upper middle class white. Until relatively recently, it was lightly populated. The population grew dramatically in my lifetime. Lake Pontchartrain, and not lack of public transportation, keeps the blacks out. Lots of people live on the Northshore and work in NOLA. Slum dwelling blacks aren’t going to move to St. Tammany and commute to New Orleans.

        I can’t think of any public transportation in Tangipahoa Parish.

        • Right but Milwaukee is a lot harder for blacks to get to than across the lake, and they somehow got there in droves. The original black population of Milwaukee, I assume, was small.

          • I don’t know much about Milwaukee, but I assume the blacks didn’t get there on public transportation. But that’s a different subject. With regard to the example of your original comment, the availability of public transportation has little or nothing to do the relative size of the black populations of New Orleans, St. Tammany Parish, and Tangipahoa Parish.

        • The primary fault of public transportation is not that it allows poor people to move to new areas. The problem is that it facilitates the “break and grab” crimes committed by gang bangers, who ride PT to a nice area, hit and run, and quickly blend in to the crowd while riding the PT out of the scene of the crime. The rest of the block busting process follows, in time.

        • Federalist: you think vibrants are moving to the suburbs for jobs, or have jobs in the city they commute to? Wow, that actually made me laugh. I literally Lol’d at the absurdity of the premise of your comments.
          Come on, we all know they’re taking public trans to grab the low hanging easy takings from the suburbs. Smash and grabs, vandalism, burglary, pilfering locker rooms, shoplifting, etc: Ask any cop who works 10-20 miles outside of a major metro area. 90% of suburban crime is the mobile, agile, hostile vibrancy collecting The Tax from those who fled.

          • No, I don’t think blacks are moving to the suburbs for jobs. I didn’t mean to give that impression. I responded to a comment specifically regarding Southeast Louisiana. Almost everything in that original comment is incorrect.

            The claim that St. Tammany Parish is less vibrant than New Orleans because there is no public transportation in St. Tammany Parish is simply not true. NOLA and St.Tammany Parish are separated by about 24 miles of water (Lake Pontchartrain). Blacks would not move to the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain in any significant numbers if public transportation were available.

            Also, the original comment stated, “Neighboring Tangipahoa has some public transport and a proportional amount of vibrancy.” There is no public transportation in Tangipahoa Parish.

            Of the three places mentioned, New Orleans is the most vibrant (blackest); St. Tammany is the least; and Tangipahoa is in between. But it has nothing to do with public transportation.

      • While this may be true, without a good public transportation system you end up with atomized, zoned suburban enclaves separated by strip mall DMZs because you have to prioritize cars over people. While this may work, it’s ugly, dispiriting and doesn’t encourage social cohesion.

        The jackanapery that happens on public transportation is a solvable social problem. NYC cleaned up the subways, for instance. Freeways, highways, bypasses, etc. are permanent and add no community value.

        • What’s wrong with the small town model – 2500-5000 people, a nice main street, local business, a few manufacturing facilities, surrounded by farms. An *actual* community? No public transport in these places. And often not much vibrancy either. There seems to be a minimum where vibrancy will start moving to a town en masse, and that minimum correlates pretty well to the establishment of public transportation, at least in the USA.

          • My mother is of the Silent Generation, and grew up in a deep South rural town outside of a bigger town. When she went to college, she walked down to the end of the driveway, waited for the bus to come by to take her to the bigger town. There she boarded a train to take her to the town where the college was located. The idea that you needed a car at college was daft.

            Nothing wrong with small towns, except small towns grow.

            Public transport is a social good that we have allowed to go to seed, which is a mistake. Cars allow a great deal of freedom at the cost of relegating the needs of people over to the hard requirements of cars.

          • BT, that’s exactly the sort of community I grew up in, and that dominated the far upstate of NY. And just the sort of small towns and countryside that got economically and socially wrecked. Jobs left, people left, small farms disappeared, small merchants went under, Walmart showed up, so did the meth and smack merchants. There are some small towns with good economies out there, but not many. That said, I still moved back home. Transfer payments, government jobs, school Teacher salaries keep the economy afloat. Given all that, it’s still nice to live in the country.

          • Exactly, B….Was just about to type the same thing when I saw yours…a town of about 8,000, nothing but rural folks around….We don’t farm, but with 10 acres and a pond, we could.grow if we wanted… And they would not come here even if there WAS public transportation, which there’s not–

            20 miles of more between each small town–no strip malls, nothing for them to do, as they’re not nature lovers…it works fine. They don’t want to live around good-old boys who vote conservative (the real kind, not the globalist kind.)

        • The NYC subway system is rapidly deteriorating now. I rode it today, and looked like a cross between a Congolese flop house and a garbage dump.

          • I’ve been riding the subway for 50 years, and it isn’t as bad as it was, but it still isn’t any good. it isn’t worse compared to say, 5 years ago.
            They are planning to replace 6000 cars over the next few years (at $1million each), plus they’re installing elevators everywhere over the next 5 years.

        • No, not even once. Public trans is in every case and all situations our enemy’s mechanism of our people’s genocide. Jackanapery on public trans is the key and primary feature of all such systems. This is one of those rare, clear absolutes. Public trans has caused more rapes of our women than crack, and more murders of our men than heroin. It is more poisonous to a community than affirmative action or section 8. No public trans today, none tomorrow, none ever.

          • I’ll make an exception for airlines, maybe, and long-distance trains/buses. They don’t really fall into the ‘public transport’ category though.

    • Yeah, I don’t think the cold is a factor with vibrants. Maybe subarctic places like Yellowknife or Murmansk, but they seem to be attracted to Toronto and Milwaukee and Stockholm with haste.

      • Marko, those are all very liberal urban environments with generous government handouts. Doesn’t disprove vibrant avoidance of extremely cold climes, but does suggest that two of the most important variables in their decision-process are the availability of free shit and urban surroundings. A good test would be to find cities in cold climes with little or no local handouts, then cross-reference vibrancy.

        • True, Sapporo and Ulan Bator are two examples of cold climate cities with no handouts and little vibrancy. I guess I was thinking of which cities could be generous but far north enough to make even a Somali say “F that”. That’s why I forwarded Yellowknife.

    • As Zman says, Latins hate the cold. Pajeets, too – any time the temp here in the Dallas ‘burbs drops below 50, they no longer clog the bike path in their saris and medicaid-provided walkers. With White people paying for their housing and heating, they will parasite northern cities. Cut any of that off, or remove the external stimulation/entertainment that cities provide and which they need, as they lack any sort of inner life, and they move elsewhere. That’s why rural and/or mountainous areas tend to remain White. The quiet, the outdoors, and the lower population density are anathema to the others.

    • So what I gather… We move to smaller population centers or towns. No public services. Let private charity handle outreach to Ours. Can’t be too close to giant agribusiness which will import foreigners to harvest product. Roll out the unofficial unwelcome mat when the first undesirables show up.
      Subjugate and replace whatever SJW leaning locals are already in place.

      I’m not blackpilling here. I refuse to. Just trying to find solutions that avoid violence or garner the attention of the elites.

      I’m all for blockading the cities. Folks that are salvageable can be encouraged to join. How to keep the Prog whites from feeling encouraged to “move to the hip new small town movement craze”?

      Impediments: how do we employ Ours, get them above basic medical care, avoid large cities or state governments from interfering with their laws in Our small towns, get services to Our needy, lawfully discourage hostiles from migrating in?

      I dont want to follow the Appalachia model. Sure, they’ve kept the region to themselves but at what cost? Extreme poverty, unemployment and the accompanying substance (legal and illegal) that rides shotgun to poverty.

      How do we do this thing? Ideas?

      • Ideas have to have a strong authority behind them before they can be shared otherwise they will be overwhelmed before they are planted in anyone’s mind…F2F those ideas can be hashed out and unified to be presented with backing…Due time Brother due time…

      • PM, GREAT questions. My theory is individuals and families wake up, escape orc density to small white towns, and begin to influence the natives gently.
        How can we affect this transition, in mass? Million dollar question. Practically, we’ve got to streamline our message and nomenclature. My experience attempting to wake up the sleepers has been entirely a failure, even with careful contextual language and observations about what’s happening. The deep indoctrination won’t be easily broken, so I expect few to “get it” in this early phase. When things get bad locally, perhaps that’s the catalyst that starts the exodus.

        I’m engaging with the idea that we must give our people something to move toward…the BETTER. So that fleeing the realities of their urban landscape is the bonus, not the main driver.

      • We have to have a diaspora option. The people as the community, not the place. Be ready, willing and able to move if/when local conditions go sour, but move as a community. Do everything as much as possible within the group like the old school Mormons and Tribe.

        There are anti-lawfare strategies to make interference by Shlomo less effective, but those are best discussed behind a registered paywall among friends.

  37. You might say that the key prerequisite in defending against the onslaught is psychological: white people have to see themselves as white, embrace it as a formal identity, and see themselves as a team. White identitarianism, basically.

    I think that plans for defense and reorganization will naturally coalesce around the kernel of shared identity.

    That’s why, although IRL efforts will have to follow, the relentless online war must go on: any one post/meme is a little thing, sure, but like beavers gathering sticks, we’ve got to build up our dam piece by piece.

    • How do you deal with the fact that most white females desire non-white men.

      In other words:

      caucasian cunts crave colored cock

      • I think this far more true than people realize. Just because a White woman is not with a black doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have been if she had the opportunity…

        • You need to stop watching weird porn incel. Whites are the least likely to miscegenate. Only something like 8% of white men and women do it. Thats according to pew btw, who would if anything inflate that number. As for opportunity, I went to a college that was 8% african, they act like animals with the catcalls, get ignored, but remain undaunted. Media has altered your perception of reality, stop disrespecting our women you ugly fat incel and go to the gym.

          • Ok pew research is lying and so are my eyes every time I go outside. Now if I were to base my assumptions on what I see on Television and in advertisements, well then I would say that whites will definitely be extinct in 20 years. Fortunately we have a bit more time to work with than that.

          • If you are going to borrow “snowflakes,” please use it correctly. As with “fragile,” opponents use it in an attempt to shame or silence others who disagree with being publicly insulted or those who stand up for themselves when treated with disrespect.

            Real “snowflakes” are those who bring a mob and then attempt to shout down or ban those who are stating facts that they do not like to hear. Standing up and insisting upon respect is not being a “snowflake,” though we know what the motivation for borrowing the word is.

          • Thank you, Sir. I am pleasantly surprised that there is any objection….and so well-said (and well-deserved). Glad to see all the down votes, too. Those of us who still care about this consider you a hero and will continuing to stand up for our men on the net and do our best to be worthy of your chivalry.

        • Sorry to colonize your little fantasy Wakanda with facts, Uncle Hotep, but on dating sites, blacks are the least desirable race for women, whites are the most desirable, and only Asian men are less desirable than Negros. See there, where it says “lowest response rates?”

          Ouch! Now, go back to Unz.

        • That’s some funny shit.

          Women judge men by more than just sexual attraction.

          One of the major ones is the ability to support her in the lifestyle she’d like to become accustomed to. Which is something that black males just simply can’t do in the MAJORITY of cases.

          The true object of women’s desires is pretty easy to figure out – all you have to do is look at how many drop dead gorgeous women hook up with troll level males – simply because of the size of their wallet.

          That’s something the MAJORITY of black males simply don’t have the capability of doing in a modern society and economy.

          Maybe if we went back to hunting antelope as a measure of manhood they might compare better?

        • The only women I know who dated black men are 1) a horney landwhale 2) a 56 year old widow who bought a condo in Jamaica and hooked up with a black guy who used her for money. Sorry to burst your bubble but most women don’t want to date black men. Only white trash women do.

      • This is likely tiny duck, a little more colorful than usual. Don’t reply, as arguments with the troll just detract from the comments section. Goal here is to persuade the persuadable. A comments section full of nonsense just discourages people.

      • All I have to do to disprove that BS is take a white woman and send her into Walmart.

        When confronted by the reality of some overweight POC male , who’s hitting on her with the usual “hey baby wanna take a ride in my 85 Benz!?” – the white woman suddenly realizes she needs to stop watching so many TV commercials – and she has to find the bathroom and desperately wash her arms down where the POC touched her (without her permission).

        Any sort of attraction to black men is very easily wiped away by exposing white women to actual black men. I’ve seen this happen over and over and over again. Once you’re really exposed to black – there’s no going back!

        One of my close friends middle daughter decided she was going to be all rebellious – and take a black kid to the HS junior prom. Then she went to college in a city near here that has a black population – and so the state college does too.

        She only lasted one semester. The harassment and general antisocial behavior of black males (this is college remember – not the freaking ghetto) – made her decide to transfer out of the school and go to a different university that is much more white (prominent school with an excellent engineering program as well as other disciplines – blacks can’t usually qualify to get in).

        There’s another white girl – cured for life – from any attraction to black men.

        Once you’re really exposed to black – you don’t want to ever go back – and be around them again.

        The truth: You’re not paying attention. The TV commercials used to show all sorts of white women with black males. Somewhere along the line they realized it’s not working. So now they’re trying a different strategy: showing white males with black women.

        The black women who hook up with white males use their beauty to escape having to deal with black men. So slowly but surely your good looking women are going to bleed away. Sooner or later the black population will be universally ugly – and dumb. That’s if there are sufficient white men who want to hook up with black women – which is probably not going to happen. White men in general have no attraction to black women. Black women rank at the bottom of the scale on any survey that’s been done as candidates for partners.

        You’re going to have to try harder – LOL.

      • Not a fact. Anecdote is not data, but I’m sure it could be proved false through statistics as well. Of course,I don’t hang out where people attribute porn-fetish qualities to women or refer to them as less than human, so your experience may very.

        Nothing wrong with having a little class, is there, even in a era when many go around talking and posting like characters from internet porn? (I guess it’s like internet porn; haven’t experienced it. but always imagined it to be something that would make you feel like you need a shower.)

        I blame the feminists for moving us smoothly and easily into a time period when chivalry and speaking up about such is not expected, as so many girls and women have practically asked to be talked about in this manner, judging by their actions. What was once the province of thugs in prison culture has now spread and been accepted in public and private spaces.

        PS.Interesting that the captcha on this is “Licce.” .

    • That is not going to happen until we can access children. Diversity and inclusion and anti-white bigotry is spoon fed to children. It becomes impenetrable eventually.
      Even in dissident politics I am a rare bird when it comes to white identity. I was a kid in the 70s and even then the diversity and inclusion propaganda was everywhere for kids. It was only through going to a public school that was very high % black and Puerto Rican that I developed a white identity.

      • Being around other races is one of the things that breaks up the racial egalitarian delusion.

        It’s easier to believe black people are like us when all the black people you know are on television.

        • Except there are many whites who have non-white friends, whether it be at work, at the gym, or from school. It’s who we are. Normies understand race relations quite well, it’s just that the Alt Right doesn’t want to hear about it or want to believe them.

          • Everyone has non-white friends. If you live around diversity than you know that diversity is concentrated in crime filled ghettos. If you don’t live around diversity than you may not know this.

            Where normies choose to live reveals them. When they live around diversity they choose to avoid buying a house in it, and driving through it. They notice.

    • We’ve been on the move for 50,000 years. But always as a group. As a group we wandered in a beeline to Europe. Some made it in 10,000. Other it took 20,000 to 30,000 years. Some smaller groups even more. We migrated around Europe as groups, we settled and built overseas colonies as groups. We settled the Ohio valley and headed out on the Oregon/California trail as groups. Even as recently as the 1930s the Okies and Arkies settled the Central Valley of California as groups. Even as lower forms of life we migrated as groups. Even inorganic matter sorts and groups itself.

      Now that we are enlightened we send our young sons and daughters off alone as if they were being banished…as we pack-up to move yet again.

      Even our invaders come in groups through various forms of chain migration.

      We have spent the last 75 years obliterating genetic lineages that are 10s of thousands of years old. The rot this has caused has happened at a deeply fundamental level and has creeped into our habits largely unnoticed by almost everyone.

      As someone here once put it, at this point we are too atomized to Balkanize.

      Whatever we do and however we do it…building cohesiveness communities where people can have and do want to build families and more importantly communities of cooperative families…has to be a priority. Without deep roots we subject ourselves to any wind

      • I’ve commented here before that the true evil genius of modern society (honed to the highest degree in the US) has been its ability to break people off from local culture rooted in religion and extended family and replace it with media-generated “communities” centered around some avocation or hobby (or perversion). For those too inert to have any real interests there is the ersatz community of pop music and entertainment. There are people I work with who talk incessantly about Star Wars and Star Trek for instance. They have arguments about what is “canon” in these franchises. I don’t feel that I can communicate with these people and I wonder what would happen to them if their fantasy worlds suddenly disappeared.

        The irony is that the invaders have the advantage of being from parts of the world that are so “primitive” that the usual suspects have not thought it important or have not had the resources to spare to demolish their cultures and replace them with commercialized mass content. This is one of the things that enables chain migration for example. The typical immigrant is fine when his cousin shows up and asks to crash on the couch. Most Americans would not be. The more they’ve embraced the bugman lifestyle the less they are. The invaders don’t need to be told to act in the interests of their tribe and race because no one has spent decades telling them how evil it is.

        There were examples in parts of the US in the post war period of collective white resistance to what was planned for them by the rulers. I’m thinking of the Boston busing uprising in the 1970s and the earlier resistance to forced integration in the South. These were pretty much local uprisings though without much support even among whites outside the region. It was easy to isolate them, defame the organizers as horrible racists, and crush them. The modern state certainly seems terrifying with its advanced weaponry but it is largely a paper tiger that could not stand against a 1000 Boston busing uprisings around the nation. Whites still have the numbers (and the firepower) to stop this process and even reverse it. The first step is the discrediting and destruction of media culture. The meme warriors seems to have been doing that spontaneously since 2016 too. Long Live Pepe! It isn’t enough just to pull down the media’s icons though, we must have our own (that are more than just sarcastic cartoon frogs). We need to recreate inspiring ideals and icons of our own and use the media itself to spread them. Local cultural institutions to replace corrupted and debased ones like the Boy Scouts must also be built in support of our people.

        Edit: just logged into to fix a typo and noticed that somehow, every post is now timestamped “4 hours ago”. The reply by Moran y S above to the troll, for instance, precedes the troll message. Nice time travel work there MyS!

      • Yeah, that’s changed within my lifetime. When I was a kid, most people were born, lived, and died in the same town and the same neighborhood, and that made for natural social cohesion (even with people you didn’t like — Joe-Bob is an idiot, but he’s *our* idiot). Now? People don’t even meet their neighbors, let alone know or bond with them.

  38. We’ll see.

    The winters do keep the vibrants inside. Ontario goes from 60% white to 80% white in the winter. Unfortunately, the welfare is too good, they don’t mind sitting inside all day.

    I like the small group models. Move up north (northern ontario) in small packs and take over towns that are already depopulated. Get on the local council and make zoning laws and other things preventing diversity.

    At a certain point, though, we will have to fight or perish. Vibrants are a parasitic breed; if we build it, they will come. And the government will aid that.

    • Many People live in Minnesota., They seem to like it fine.

      MOst whites cannot take the heat.

      In fact they cannot handle a small amount of adversity. Just look at the opioid epidemic

      • In fact they cannot handle a small amount of adversity. Just look at the opioid epidemic

        Whites could have kept the world in bondage forever had they agreed to do so. This is the reward for trying, misguidedly perhaps, to make the world better for everyone. Compassion being used against the compassionate is the definition of perversion. Go f*ck yourself.

      • LOL.

        Hot areas of the United States are full of whites – and have been for a long time. Whites don’t move out of hot areas to cold areas – they do the opposite. And they pay for it themselves. The only reason the POC move into cold areas is because they’re collecting free checks.

        Back in the 1980s when I was in college – I worked with a guy named Stan. Stan had been in the Army during the 70’s – and had spent his time in the infantry in Germany. Most of that time was spent in a unit that was stationed in the Fulda Gap region. So – since the Soviets were still a real threat back then – Stan spent a lot of time actually out on the line living in a hole in the ground.

        I forget a lot of the stuff Stan told me – but there’s one thing that he said that has stuck with me for over 30 years:

        “The brothers can’t stand the cold”


        Stan said you’d see the brothers walking around with 3 or 4 of those standard issue Army snorkel jackets – and they’d be wearing 2 pairs of thermal underwear beneath that. They request two pairs of gloves – and try to wear both of them.

        White people on the other hand seem to have no problem with warm regions of the world – as demonstrated by white troops fighting the Japanese across the tropics, white colonization of places like Haiti and South America and South Sea islands.

        “whites cannot handle a small amount of adversity”. Again …. LOL.

        The truth of that lie is told very easily by looking at the welfare rolls – which are chock full of POC. It’s also told by the fact that immigrant households end up on government programs. Meanwhile whitey is supporting ALL of it.

        Here’s an adversity test: Go get a phucking job.

        I’m not going to wait around for you to pass the test. I already know it’s going to be a failing grade.

        • Your memories of Stan and his observations about cold on black reminds me of an older gentleman I met during my freshman year at the University of Denver.

          Being without a car, I had to take public transportation to get to the gym I joined (the school gym sucked). It was located on East Colfax Avenue (incidentally, it was just a couple of blocks from the diner that the local proggies wanted to prevent the owner from selling and which was a topic of Z-man’s podcast a couple of months ago).

          The owner of the gym, Hal, was seventy-one. He was a multi-millionaire born again Christian. He told me he bought the gym in order to spread the word of Christ to gym members. He also told me that the building had been used as a bordello and that he had “cleaned out all the whores and whoremongers.”

          The gym membership was 60 cents a day. The old man was at the gym seven days a week. He would sit at the front desk with his King James and hold court.

          Ole Hal would minister to anybody, including black guys. I distinctly remember a black dude, Ray, who trained at the gym and was one of the old man’s pupils.

          The old man told me that he had urged Ray to consider moving to a place warmer than Denver. Indeed, I distinctly remember him telling me that there are only two reasons why a black man would willingly be in a cold place: white women and / or welfare.

          Ray just happened to be one of the johns who had frequented the whore-house before Hal had purchased the building and converted it to a gym.

          Thirty-seven years on, I can only now fully appreciate that man’s wisdom.

        • [White people on the other hand seem to have no problem with warm regions of the world – as demonstrated by white troops fighting the Japanese across the tropics, white colonization of places like Haiti and South America and South Sea islands.]

          That’s overly simplistic. White colonization of the tropics only occurred in small numbers in areas that had low rates of tropical diseases and most were pretty short lived. Longer lasting white settlement was almost always in highland areas where climate was milder and disease carrying insects were rare.

      • Hey Duck.

        Not that many years ago the hottest areas in the nation were vastly majority White. This includes Arizona , The Mojave , Florida and so on. There are still tons of Whites there, a plurality or small majority in fact.

        Some of our own homelands such as Spain, Greece and Portugal are also hot much of the year around.

        Prior to modernity though, tropical lands were difficult for us to inhabit much as POC’s do poorly without our help. People ought to stay on their own lands.

        That said the loss of faith family and job stability is something White weathered very poorly and if you count that as the “adversity” , you have a bit of a point. Thus opiates.

        What we really lost is will to power. A combination of things, mostly our culture , brainwashing from our elites, the after effects of WW2 and pure comfort lest us vulnerable.

        We ragian this will. we regain everything.

        Well everyone suffers but so be it.

    • It’s never been easier in the annals of human history to live comfortably in cold climes. And trust me, the elites have thought of a way of making it even easier through programs like HEAP. Here in upstate NY, one of the more maddening things to witness are the homes of our (mostly) Hispanic welfare cases on a bitterly cold morning. Windows thrown wide open, steamed over storm doors, and the residents running outside in shorts and t-shirts because the inside of their homes are heated to a tropical level. Why not? They’re not paying for it. I am.

      • It’s the same here. Over the last couple of days the Boston Herald has been running articles listing all the places (not in MA) where the tax-eaters have been using their EBT cards (Vegas, Hawaii, Florida. . . .)

        • Repeat for emphasis: This is why I am opposed to all forms of government run welfare. Getting rid of it would solve a myriad of problems, not least of which would be the clearing out of all sorts of POC detrius from the country.

          If you’re thinking you’re supporting white nationalism – and you’re not opposed to government run welfare – then you’re serious.

          Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (of all people) – did a documentary a number of years ago about people’s attitude towards being on public assistance. She interviewed a bunch of black people in NYC – and then she went down South and interviewed stereotypical poor whites. The blacks were all of the attitude that it was owed to them and if it got taken away it was all because of racism and shit like that.

          The poor whites admitted they didn’t feel quite right about taking it – but since it was almost forced upon them they felt it was stupid to not just take the money. When asked what they’d do if the money disappeared they said they’d do what they always did: find a way to get by.

          That right there shows the core difference between welfare for white people in general – and the POC (blacks in particular).

          And why it should be utterly eliminated.

          • I get it philosophically but there are real risks to doing this.

            Our faustian drive for efficiency and more technology has lowered wages dramatically when we most need them to go up. This is a supply and demand issue, simply. I put in a kiosk , use Amazon , Craigslist or automate my assembly line I need less labor and thus the value of “Joe Average” labor is lower.

            Now that we are almost entirely urban with the attendant higher cost of living , lower wages contribute greatly to lower fertility. We’ve had early a half century of this low fertility and while we’ve masked it with mass immigration , destroying ourselves in the process , it hasn’t helped.

            There is also no free religious capital to buffer the decline. The current Christian stains are dyscivic and part of the problem. Understand that decline has no lower bound and no one has ever reversed it.

            Short term we can kick out immigrants and close the borders making a better society but after that we will have to deal with the fact that in modernity average people , IQ 100+ are near obsolete and they make up the entire population.

            You can’t replace them with High IQ people as they have small families and modern Christian fertility while higher lacks retention. LDS, Evangelicals often have three or more than average out.

            Unless you want to hand society over to the Amish or the Orthodox Jews in less time than it took to go from the Revolution to now, change must happen.

            Collapse to lower tech/smaller population, regulate or redistribute are your choices.

            As for the later, tough to swallow as it is I suspect if it was sober White people getting it, you’d be bothered less.

          • It should all be done locally with set standards for receiving it… Myself I don’t even think we would need it if we weren’t dealing with the tax of the others…

          • 93% White America embraced the Great Society with open arms. Social safety nets are part and parcel of nearly all societies with good reason.

            Also you can’t localize or privatize this kind of thing very effectively . The Great Depression caused the private charity and local charity system to collapse basically but the Feds were able to step in easily.

            However beyond the tax of the others, America has a diminishing trust and cooperation issue. It was founded by grifters and the appetite for grift has increased dramatically over the last few years.

            Simple business transactions have become complex minefields in ways that have diddley to do with regulatory costs . Everyones wants excuse the Spanish mordida, all legal things like feather bedding or they don’t want to do any but the minimum.

            Maybe getting rid of the tax of the others (BTW I quite like this term) will help and there is room for smarter, simpler less costly regulations but there is an issue.

            If cooperation and work ethic stay low and we don’t fix wages and work along with society, you’ll just get a White 3rd world country.

          • “The Great Depression caused the private charity and local charity system to collapse basically but the Feds were able to step in easily.”

            The stock market boom and consequent crash were caused by the federal reserve. The depression was deepened and protracted by FDR’s socialist programs and criminalization and threatened confiscation of honest money, i.e. gold, – for the citizenry and subseqent dvaluation by fiat of the dollar. Resources were misallocated or outright destroyed, as in the case of millions of gallons of milk being dumped onto the ground in an effort to raise its price.
            FDR’s DOJ and IRS also suppressed or terminated successful bartering orgainzations that were formed locally and organically.

            “Great Depression caused the private charity and local charity system to collapse basically but the Feds were able to step in easily.”

            Private charities run by fraternal organiations and cooperatives were vastly successful, but were forced out of existence, not by the depression per se, but by FDR’s socialist top-down meddling in the econmy.

          • Déport every Poc in the US, well and good, you end up with a country of retired baby-boomers and a work force of millenials, lol. Good luck!

          • Assuming that is true, so what? There is an ample enough population to meet any labor need without POC’s

            Maybe wages have to go up but so what? With an increase in wages and discharge of student loan debt , the birth rate might go up a little.

            I know all the grifters and cheap labors whores will scream but F them, they are equally responsible for the US as it is.

          • It’s not a “philosophical” issue.

            It’s a reality issue.

            Your continued support of government run welfare programs means you’re essentially just another Ben Shapiro or Charlie Kirk. Welfare is what brings in all the assorted POC detrius into the country. At least some of them do actually work – so that influx of labor drives down wages. This is economics and labor free market 101 type shit – that you simply can’t seem to comprehend.

            The higher cost of living – is DIRECTLY due in no small part to the massive government infrastructure that must be supported – to keep all the POC fed and clothed and policed so they don’t die in the streets or turn the streets into war zones.

            I’d be willing to bet there is a DIRECT connection between cost of living – and the ratio of “diversity” in a city. The cost of living is low in places like Detroit and Baltimore – that is true. But that is because nobody wants to live there. Well it’s also low in perfectly liveable smaller cities where the diversity ratio is very low.

            The automation argument is BS. Automation comes in when you make the cost of labor too high , or the labor force you’re stuck with is a poor performer. Both of these issues have a direct connection to amount of “diversity” you have in the population.

            Every welfare dollar that is extracted from my pockets – is a dollar that doesn’t go to feeding MY own children.

            That’s the simple truth of the matter.

            One less black kid = more dollars in white taxpayer’s pockets = more white kids.

            There is a direct connection here.

    • I should have seen your comment before I wrote mine b/c I mentioned Canada as an example that the cold does not keep vibrants away. Let loose the man-eating polar bears!

    • Is Canada immigration friendly when it comes to white Americans? I know they’re even more liberal than the US, but I see partition happening there much quicker (thanks, Quebec). Alberta might be a great destination. Whenever we attend home school conventions, many from Alberta attend.

      • Alberta is far more conservative then most of the USA and Calgary is one of the most right of centre cities I have lived in. Very clean and well laid out also. If they separate from the rest of Canada I suspect the mask will drop and they along with Saskatchewan will make Texas look like California.

        From what I am told the anger there is white hot at the rest of Canada.

    • Iowa wass a good place for such a repopulation operation. I know of at least one town that was taken over by members of the Transcendental Meditation cult. The problem is that Iowa is already pretty infested with vibrancy due to ‘migrants’ associated with farming.

      • I’ve been to that town. I’m not into the meditation thing, but it was neat the way they took over the town. Most of them were white and decent-looking and educated. No litter, nice downtown, nice walkable neighborhoods with old houses that were kept up. Good model for taking over what had probably been a deadbeat town.

      • Whole lot of the Dakotas, Nebraska, and eastern Montana that could do with more white settlers. Some towns will even give you a lot or a house, provided you stay and either work or start a business.

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