Numbers Still Matter

A general assumption, even by the biology deniers, is that China will eventually surpass the West, because China is full of smart people. There’s no questioning the underlying assumption, as China always comes out at or near the top in IQ studies. This replicates in the United States, where East Asians are dominating admissions for elite preparatory schools and colleges. Pretty much everyone agrees this is mostly due to the fact that Asians are smart people, who also work hard and value education.

There’s one problem with the China supremacy claim and that is China has always been smart, but China has always been China. It has never been Renaissance Europe or even Industrial Europe. Occidental people have conquered the world and built global empires, while East Asians have struggled to control their own turf. Even now, China has a per capita GDP one fourth of Mississippi, the poorest state in the union. Those smart Chinese have a long way to go to catch the West.

China’s inability to get over the hump and become something like a Western country is an important thing to consider. To assume, as many IQ absolutists do, that their mental firepower will be enough, is to miss the forest for the trees. Clearly, there is something else to it, as China should have dominated the world a long time ago, if IQ was as determinant as some claim. It should not have taken the Industrial Revolution two centuries to sink roots in China if it was only about IQ.

This is important to consider when thinking about the demographic changes happening in America. Those East Asians pushing out the remaining whites from elite schools will, presumably, begin to take up positions in the ruling class. This was the pattern with Jews who first flooded into colleges, then it was elite colleges and then finally the institutions. When you look at the enrollments of elite schools, whites are the most under-represented group now. That will only get worse.

The question then is what sort of ruling class will we have when Asians take up positions in the American elite. More precisely, what sort of ruling class will we have when it is a Jewish and Asian ruling elite, with a passive white rump and some browns tossed in as decorations. Given the clannishness of Jews and East Asians, that is the most likely result of what we are seeing. The Antwerp diamond market offers some clues as to how this will play out over the coming years.

One thing to consider is that East Asians and Jews may thrive in occidental societies, but only because those societies provide the right framework for them. On their own, in control of their own lands, both groups have punched well below their IQ. Just as China has under-performed based on IQ, Israel is an under-performer. There are other issues for Israel, obviously, but Israel could not survive on its own without support from the West, especially the United States. No one disputes this.

Like China, Israel has had many chances to get her act together and exploit her human capital, but it has always ended in tears. Israel always ends up being a nation of oxpeckers with no big game as a host. Instead they succumb to picking at one another until they exhaust themselves. Eventually they fling open the gates to a conqueror in order to have a natural landing spot. Israel is a land of advisers and critics, perpetually haggling with one another until some outsider ends the bickering.

Of course, China has always been a land with very rigid vertical and horizontal social relationships. The Chinese tendency toward authoritarian bureaucracy was too strong for Marxism and now too strong for neo-liberalism. China today is the same place Marco Polo found seven centuries ago, just decorated with technology appropriated from the West. China is proof of the great chain of causality. Her biology and culture dictate the institutions, politics and economics.

What does this mean for America when the ruling class is dominated by Asians and Jews, with a sprinkling of whites and browns? Given that neither group is equipped to operate a modern occidental society, the choices are collapse or a slow retooling of America to reflect the biology of the new ruling class. How a naturally authoritarian people will work with a naturally subversive people is a mystery. In fact, it seems unlikely that such an arrangement could work at all.

Another possible outcome is that the decline reaches a point at which Jewish and Asian exceptionalism begin to reverse. The circumstances that presently allow for their success disappear and they begin a steep decline in terms of group success. In a world where getting into a good prep school and then an elite college is declining in value, the ability to game those systems quickly loses value. Think of a world in which no one trusts the media. Having control of the media is a liability, not an asset.

This is why fears of a ruling class dominated by people of an Oriental outlook is probably misplaced. The displacement of whites from the ruling class is just another symptom of the decline. It is a phase that will lead to greater social unrest and instability as North America slowly becomes majority-minority. A ruling class distrusted by and alien to the majority of the population is not going to have a long future, no matter how smart and ruthless they are as people. Numbers still matter.

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295 thoughts on “Numbers Still Matter

  1. Regarding ‘elite’ schools, their cachet comes from their founding by, and association with, the old white shoe WASP aristocracy. Striving Asian and jewish swots add nothing to the prestige of those institutions. When a “Thurston Howell III” attends Princeton, a certain set of assumptions is reinforced. When a Ben Shapiro attends Harvard, another set of assumptions is reinforced. Over time, Harvard will become the new NYU or Yeshiva University.

  2. That’s Ceauşescu point a view, Reality is quality is more matter than numbers

    European didn’t conquer the non-European with number

    European endowment outperformed Non-Europeans in the Past

    Today European people around the world lost their turf simply they are spiritually broken people

    Han-Chinese will never accept concept of yellow River civilization was given not created by China man

    Han-Chinese will never give up their ethnic identity which also called ethnic community

    What Jewish politicians and Black politicians understand is
    Their Influence, Election Money, Vote itself come from their Ethnic communities
    Asia to Africa, Middle east to India, Those people know key of protecting their life/asset depend on community
    Because true power is Unity, Unity is communication family between family, it’s called community
    Ethnic communities is Extended family share same bloods and memory

    But White men sold out their ethnic community for couple more money and sex

    It’s not about number, its quality

  3. “It could be worse” is about the best we can do these days, and re: Han overlordship, for however long it lasts, well… it could be worse. For one thing, the Han absolutely do not put up with African shenanigans. Guys who think King Leopold’s Ghost is a how-to manual will have lots of fun with the darker parts of our major cities. For another, consider my new favorite word, baizuo. Part 3 of “what is best in life” is “hearing the lamentations of [your enemies’] women,” and the lamentation of power-skirted baizuo will be exquisite indeed. Frankly I hope they bring back foot binding. You longed for a word without White men at the top, ladies… and you deserve to get it, good and long and hard.

  4. This is anecdotal, so bear that in mind.
    I have noticed that the higher you go in IQ, generally the weirder and stranger people get. The people I have known with tested genius IQ, the child prodigies, the graduated high school early and finished college in their teens, that kind, most are the spergs, the people who can’t handle social situations or pick up social cues, and have the oddball habits and behaviors. The Mad Scientist trope exists for a reason. I had college professors that do multi-variable calculus in their heads, but one wore velcro-strapped shoes because he said he never learned how to tie his laces, nor bothered to find out. So in regards to China, maybe there’s a tipping point where TOO high of an IQ becomes more of a hindrance than an asset?

    • My Mom would say someone like that “lacked common sense,” or “didn’t know enough to come in out of the rain.” Of course, she would also marvel at the 12-year old kid’s incredible violin recitals full of Paganini’s toughest challenges and scold me for skipping practice. I grew up surrounded by these folks.

      Once, early 1960s, my next-door neighbor and I walked up to the high school during summer break. It was September and school was about to start up again. The doors were open and we went in, past the (empty) Guidance Counselor’s Office. Peeking in, not seeing anyone around, we actually found the listing of my class’ IQ scores on a table. So strange. I was c. 128, written in pencil, strange that. I memorized the rest: the highest was a boy who was no academic star, went in the Army to Vietnam with the Big Red One. 155. I always thought he was adopted as he did not resemble in the slightest his mousy Jewish parents. Next was a boy whose Dad was a famous reporter for the NYT. Def Jewish. There were girls who were in the high 140s. Not much racial diversity in this place! The high IQs ones became psychiatrists, public interest lawyers, operators of historic b and bs, Presbyterian ministers, librarians. Most attended Ivy League schools and grad schools.
      The bust-up laughing funny part of this is that the kid and his older sister (immigrants from Europe after WWII) whom we regarded as retarded academically, but who were social stars, ended up creating a business that enabled him to live in Greenwich CT in one of the most palatial estates (he’s still there) and have a 60′ Big Hat (yacht) and a place in Palm Beaches not far from our President. His sister started a real estate business in NW CT that is the nonpareil of the posh area. She’s widowed now but still at it, and has passed that down to her sons. The key is to adapt and survive. Be of good cheer.

    • “The Mad Scientist trope exists for a reason.”

      The link below is to James Lafond’s slightly tongue-in-cheek classification of intelligence. Despite the humorous take, I think it has tremendous practical value as a mental construct. (And FWIW, I started out a “6” but as I get older and more experienced — and am increasingly living off of crystallized rather than fluid IQ — I’m becoming a “5”.)

      Oh, but as to the point about Chinese people having an overly high IQ? Interesting hypothesis, but I don’t think the ‘spergy-bright thing is an issue for 99% of Chinese — it’s something else.

  5. The main things holding Chinese back are their fear of losing face and desire to fit into the herd mentality that accompanies it. Those traits of the culture stifle innovation and intellectual exploration. I lived in China and business execs found that the Chinese would work diligently and doggedly if you told them to do X. However, if you said to them “Figure out the solution” they would panic. What happens if they are wrong?

    It doesn’t help that their whole education system is built on memorization with negative consequences for getting it wrong. Intellectual curiosity is simply not a priority in Chinese culture. Making money is the priority.

    This makes Chinese a great fit with crony capitalism. It also makes turning loose that small percentage who are creative problem solvers and visionaries a priority.

    • “their whole education system is built on memorization”

      Is it true that the Chinese system of writing is based upon the memorization of a gazillion pictograms, vice a grammar/logic linguistic system? Is this germane to the copy-but-do-not innovate meme?

      • “true that the Chinese system of writing is based upon the memorization of a gazillion pictograms”

        Learning the thousands of characters takes a huge part of their school life although it seems to not be quite as bad in China with the simplified Chinese than in Taiwan with traditional.

    • I agree they have trouble thinking laterally, at least the ones brought up in the Chinese system. But I disagree they lack intellectual curiosity.

      I super-agree that they fit in well with crony capitalism, and making money is of great importance. Younger Chinese are more fair-minded, but most Chinese over 50 definitely fit the unscrupulous stereotype, especially with outsiders.

      • I found the vast majority of Chinese to have almost no interest in learning except for how it can make them money. They told me that any love of learning was burned out of them in high school when their whole life was studying for the exam to get into college.

        It has improved somewhat but still 25 percent of high school kids live in a dorm because their parents don’t want them to waste time coming home when they could be using that time to study. They get to go home on Sundays and the parents don’t want to waste that time so they usually have the exhausted kids booked back to back in cram courses aimed at improving the test score. Matters aren’t helped that in Chinese culture anything can be bought through bribes. They don’t have a guilt culture. They have a shame one and anything that helps the family is good. Anything that doesn’t brings shame and is bad.

        Things change and Chinese in the US are a little different but they are a very tribal lot with a very strong culture without guilt anywhere they go. Chinese are almost always at the core still Chinese no matter what country they happen to live in at the moment

  6. “How a naturally authoritarian people will work with a naturally subversive people is a mystery.”

    Not really. We know how it worked out in Soviet Union.

  7. One follow-up I had is — why are there no NEW classical composers of masterpieces?? Surely, the snooty well-heeled market is still there. Why are there no more Wagners, Mozarts, Beethovens or Bachs?? Now, contemporary modern classical is not something I keep abreast of, but I surely haven’t heard any. In fact, and real good musical pieces are things we hear in movies, Star Wars score comes to mind.

    • Not sure I’d place him on that elevated level but I’m listening to Adrian von Ziegler right now – good contemporary classical. Full disclosure – I’m also a metalhead who listens to outlaw country, so weigh my opinions accordingly.

      • Indeed. When you’re full of resentment, spite and self-loathing you’re offended by the beautiful and the transcendent. It fills your mouth with bitterness and ashes much as lembas choked Gollum.

        As to why no new Bach, or Beethoven, (or their equivalents in the visual arts), IMO part of the reason is that many critics, who often act as gatekeepers, are strange, twisted, resentful deviants. Like calls to like, so depictions of the ugly, the immoral, the corrupt, are praised and rewarded.

        The Pretty Korean Girl has taken to texting me photos of things she thinks will set me off when she visits art museums. (This amuses her, after she got over her shock at my visceral reaction of disgust to an exhibit of portraits by Egon Schiele.) Anyway, after she sent me some Jasper Johns and The Mad Dog (1943, Rufino Tamayo, Mexico) my response was: When the revolution comes, I’m putting the art (and music, and movies, etc) critics up against the wall.

    • Goethe observed that all genius is provincial. The great composers–and perfomers–were raised under the local accents of sound and sights. Genius is disappearning as fast as accents. This applies to all art. Just as it became possible to be familiar with all great art so it became impossible to make any. Homoginization has benifits, but creativity is not one of them.

    • I wonder how much of this is just ‘different’? Some electronic music tracks are amazing feats of production and technology, but the artists behind these works rarely involve anyone but themselves to make them.

  8. Hayek–
    The history of China provides many instances of government attempts to enforce so perfect an order that innovation became impossible. That country, technologically and scientifically, developed so far ahead of Europe that, to give only one illustration, it had ten oil wells operating on one stretch of the river Po already in the twelfth century. It owed its later stagnation, not its early progress, to the manipulatory power of its governments. Great advances towards civilization and towards sophisticated industrial technology took place during recurrent ‘times of trouble’ when government control was temporarily weakened. But these rebellions or aberrances were regularly smothered by the might of a state preoccupied with the literal preservation of traditional order.
    Nothing is more misleading than the conventional formula representing the achievement of a powerful state as the culmination of cultural evolution: it as often marked the end.

  9. I read something a while ago, on Unz I think. The author suggested that high East Asian IQ was largely an illusion. In reality East Asians just developed their mental abilities slightly faster than Europeans. Because IQ is measured during childhood, and is calculated, as a relative measure of your position in your age cohort rather than an absolute measure of brain power, they score much higher than their actual intelligence deserves. If true this would explain the relative lack of innovation from the Far East.
    For some reason that I can’t explain, the thought of all those elite prep schools and colleges clogged up with East Asian mediocrities gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    • Mikep, I doubt it. Seems if you’re correct, there are no studies of adult Chinese IQ or proxies thereof. A ripe field for publications, but I’ve never heard of such. Also, If I recall correctly, the typical finding is that IQ’s begin to solidify at later age so correlations increase. These would be IQ measures at early age, as 11 yo in GB, and late teens/early twenties. Many studies here, but none showing a decrease in IQ.

  10. This IQ stuff reminds me old joke about debate between nutrition scientist and shark in warm water. One with high IQ , high education and deep knowledge’s why everything you put in the mouth causes cancer. The other just knew how to EAT: ,

  11. Zman: This is a FASCINATING topic. Here is my understanding as to the science on IQ and distribution and may explain the historical events of the past 1000 years.

    Avg. East Asian IQ is about 103. The fairy tale Avg. Jewish-super smart IQ figure is a joke, 115, was based on a ridiculously small and skewed sample size and completely outdated. The truth is avg. Jewish IQ is probably akin to East Asian IQ, 103. Avg. White IQ is 100, but is dependent on what type of white we’re talking about. Higher in north Italy and Germanic/Anglo/Nordic countries, maybe 102-103.

    In this area of the bell curve, a couple of points around 100 are not that significant when averaged out. However, what the studies have found is that based on breeding patterns, etc., in areas where the race is Anglo/Germanic/Nordic, the potential for pure genius on the very high end of the curve is off the charts compared to other races.

    One sees the same breakdown between the sexes. Men and women tend to have the same IQ distribution on average. However, among men the potential for pure genius is insanely high , among women you just don’t see it that much.

    Simply put, white men with genes related to Nordic/Anglo/Germanic blood have a statistically higher likelihood to insane geniuses on an exponentially higher basis than other races and sexes.

    Ron Unz’s analysis of recent college admission data and national merits scholar data is fascinating and well worth the read. Basically, you see East Asians doing very well given their hard work and inherent abilities and whites have maintained their core level of performance over the last 100 years, taking into account their representation levels in the population. CalTech admissions is purportedly reflective of this since they admit purely on test scores and merit. However, Unz has noted that Jewish performance in testing has plummeted, whereby in the first half of the 20th century, they tended to overperform, these days their performance is actually below their numerical representation in the overall population.

    So, at least as far as the IQ/biological realists are concerned, I think this explains a lot of what has transpired over the centuries, and further Murray’s observation that roughly 99% of the technological innovations have come out of a certain section of Europe for quite some time.

  12. Have not read the comments section yet, but I would throw this little tidbit out there. My sister-in-law did some consulting work in Israel for a couple years. Here’s a country that supposedly has a great cumulative IQ but couldn’t bring there tech to fruition without outside help. She said that they were a very lazy, entitled bunch. Astute observation by the Z, corroborated anecdotally.

    • If your read famous Jewish scholar Raphael Patai’s “The Arab Mind,” that’s exactly what he says about the Arabs.

      Always Be Projecting.

      That said, I can’t say he’s wrong about Arabs, either. Semites gonna Semite.

    • I once worked in Israel to integrate the financials for a very successful company we had acquired. They had general hours between 8-6, but you only had to be there for 8 hours, mandatory between 10-3. In practice though, everyone worked from 9-4, with an hour for lunch and an hour for prayer. Not really lazy, but not wanting to work many hours. They got by solely on brain power. We closed the office after a year, and moved all the jobs to the US.

  13. Isn’t China an empire that’s existed for so long now, it is it’s own country?

    It’s like if Rome had succeeded in holding Europe and managed to maintain that unity for 2000 years without collapse, we’d refer to Europe as the country of Rome.

  14. “Eventually, they fling open the gates to a conqueror in order to have a natural landing spot. Israel is a land of advisers and critics, perpetually haggling with one another until some outsider ends the bickering.”

    The answer is that Jews/EAs are low in agreeableness and high in neuroticism. I’ve lived in a Jewish neighbor (interestingly, there were lots of Chinese people there too), and they were some of the rudest and least situationally aware people I’ve ever met. Once, while I was walking through my neighboryahood, I said hello to a passing Oriental woman. She literally turned her nose up at me and I just busted out laughing because her reaction was so absurdly stupid. Man, she was furious, too!

    Anyway, combined with their superior intelligence, this kind of personality results in spergy shysterism that can hardly stand its own company. They have no identity without someone to exploit, and material validation is everything.

    • Bingo. No situational awareness. The higher the IQ the more semi-autistic. Like the Jewish girl with drool around her mouth and has bread stuck to her teeth. Went to college with them. Brilliant by the way…and totally insane.

      • Michael Savage asked the question last night: Is anti-Semitism growing in the US today as a result of all the investigations/hearings etc run by a bunch of Jews? (pretty much as he termed it) He doesn’t think this will end well for any one.
        I have been thinking like this myself, having grown up, gone to school, college, many Jewish friends and associates thru the years. Have seen good/bad/smart/dense/rich and not rich. I have observed since 2016 Election of Trump that a certain shrillness has set in with media personalities like Savage, Mark Levin, Alan Dershowitz and others who can see the handwriting on the wall and are worried. It’s like every one hundred years a giant pustule bursts, with poisonous emissions, but then things quiet down for a while. We have just passed a centennial of WWI where the royal houses of Europe were pretty much destroyed and their societies emptied of tradition and meaning. The Russian Revolution was a ghastly affair and now after appalling blood baths courtesy of the Soviet regime, a certain calm is apparent as Russia is getting back on its feet. This inflames some who fled the place.

        Will we start all over again with a hate-fests against the Russians? There’s nothing left to hate about the Germans it seems, because they have let in lots of Middle Eastern undesirables who will do the Jew-killing and societal damage to what’s left of that group in their population. Trump saying he was through with Americans going to war in foreign places was a real trigger it seems. Therefore, he must be removed. Talk about blacks having poor impulse control;-) Look who else this characteristic can be applied to! Not thinking ahead to the consequences of their actions will lead to disaster — for one and all.

        • The Democrat Party is the party of Blacks, Browns, single women, homosexuals, and Jews. It’s pretty clear which of those factions runs the party.

        • It seems that they just can’t help themselves. A smart person would put a couple gentiles on stage, with the Jews telling them what to say.

          Instead, it’s all Jews all the time blasting IMPEACH ORANG MAN.

    • Yes. Correct.

      China has a very low fertility rate. It is one of the most rapidly aging societies in the world. Mark my words, by 2040, Chinese immigrants will be relatively rare. Chinese people are increasingly not so opposed to staying in China – they try here in the West; if they can’t make a go of it they go home. They also find it uncomfortable here, unless they are in homogeneous Chinese communities. Ironically, Trump’s trade war is probably bad for Chinese immigration as it impoverishes China.

      South Asians, especially Indians, are corrupt and nepotistic in ways that white people don’t, and can’t comprehend. It would be unthinkable for us. Their corrupt networks are huge. They are also only now falling below replacement fertility. India is still, and will always be, a shithole, meaning that they will not be willing to go home. Better to live here in poverty than be a king over there.

      The only “positive” is that Indians are so incompetent and corrupt, and they also stand out, unlike the Chose Tribe. Neither whites, nor blacks, nor Hispanics will take kindly to Indian overlords. Let’s see what happens. But we are in BIG trouble with their mass immigration (Drumpf approved, BTW).

  15. You could make a similar argument for India. All my friends ask how as a Hindu of Indian ethnicity, I remain so “conservative?” After I discern their definition of conservative (!lol) , My response always: I would much MUCH rather live as a minority in a Christian run USA than a majority in India. My parents made sure I learned and valued pretty much all American values/traditions/rituals and I wold not have it any other way. Our Christmas lights growing up were always among the best on the block!

    I always say that I can be a Hindu much more freely in America than even India…..

    and still enjoy my college sports/MLB (Tigers fan forever)/NFL/4th of July/Christmas, etc…..

  16. It’ll take a while. in 2017, 55% of college enrollees were white, 19% were Hispanic, 15% were black and 8% were Asian. That year 62% of white students graduated, 46% of Hispanics, 38% of blacks and 63% of Asians. If that holds, and it has for awhile, white graduation numbers will be substantially higher than the other categories combined.

    Of course if they all continue to be taught crap and America-hate, then statistics are moot.

  17. This is actually the one silver lining in the mass of grey clouds hanging over the Occident. If we lose, they will not inherit our societies and all the things in it that make life so good. As we are so fond of saying… there is no magic dirt.

    They will (and are) bring (ing) their habits, customs, attitudes and ways of doing things with them. The Arabs and Africans will never inherit Europe, they will inherit a very cold Africa and Arabia. If the Africans were capable of maintaining our technology even with us making parts available, they would be doing so. Same with the Arabs.
    Though East Asians can maintain the technology, they cannot maintain our way of life. It is not in them to do so. They are not us just as we are not them.

    • True, but their sheer numbers will make democracy a liability as they replace our rulers with vodoo witch doctors.

  18. Markets will dictate the outcome as they always do. The chinks and Jews are going to manifest themselves as predators and competitors in the market. As our esteemed blog host notes, the chinks will steal anything that isn’t nailed down. You can’t trust a jew farther than you can throw him. You can’t do business with people like that – you either have to contain them or eliminate them from the market place. The fact is they will likely eliminate themselves. Here in Canada the Chinese have had unfettered access to our markets and other than their paid lickspittles in gov’t – they are almost universally hated by the average citizen. They are on their way out because money talks and bullchit walks.

    IQ is not guarantee of success or ability. Vox Day is supposedly some intellectual savant and has all of the political left, and most of the political right hating his guts. The Japanese went from horseback to fighter planes in 80 years – and are sucking swamp water now.

    We know that prosperity hinges on a fair and open marketplace, with honest competitors. Until we re-assert that marketplace we are pretty much at the mercy of the biggest dawg in the jungle.

    I hate to say it but we have some culling and purging to do – especially among ourselves.

    • JS. “I hate to say it but we have some culling and purging to do – especially among ourselves.”

      How much of the coming reset will purge bad players organically? I spend little time thinking of the new day, but your post made me realize I’m counting on a considerable number of zombies eating each other.

    • “Vox Day is supposedly some intellectual savant”

      Who declared him an intellectual savant? He doesn’t seem that smart to me.

  19. Concerning Israel, i think it is early to conclude that it will not punch above its weight as the Jewish diaspora has tended to do. Although it does represent a test for the Jews. You’ve got your country; now run it heeb. I’m in a hard science so I’m in the epicenter of the multiculturalism in that i’ve worked closely with mostly non-whites. We definitely are skimming the cream of india and asia.

    I’ve often found myself wondering why the white nations dominated the advancements leading to the modern age. Very unsure, but i think a certain ballsy hardheadedness exist among whites that Asians generally lack. Also the white culture better tolerates the visionaries/nuts (fine distinction) and provides them enough rope. Although of course they most usually hang themselves with it, but when they don’t a great advance may occur. I do know that the educated Asians, are very sensitive to their relative dearth of tech and cultural innovations.

    • It is about risk-taking in the West, IMO. We try things, and most of them fail, often taking their practitioners down with them, but we keep on trying things. In the East, to fail is shameful, so experimentation doesn’t happen.

    • I am an educated Indian. I am not sensitive but in complete agreement (LOL) about Indians lack of innovation. We don’t have the “risky balls” gene….And we don’t really compete well….as you can tell by the number of Olympic medals India has won…..

  20. Asians could never rule the world because they are gambling addicts. They’ll work 15 hour days, years on end, and gamble it all away. Gambling is a genetic addiction with them. Their slanted eyes, glazed over in ecstasy, chain smoking, staring perpetually at screens full of flashing anime figures and gold coins, entranced by the little dings and electronic sounds. They can conquer anything, but they will never conquer the Indian Casino and the card club.

    • Spent some time in SoCal’s numerous Injun casinos – can confirm. At least I prefer poker to pai gow.

      This is the Asian materialist dilemma. For all the airy-fairy pretensions of Eastern mysticism, I’ve seen precious few Asians who could turn down a quick buck. The Dalai Llama and two or three others, who were also Nepalese or similar stock, IIRC.

      I haven’t seen this as much among the Japanese vs. other Asians, though. Not sure why. It definitely makes for some real-life “diversity” in the monolithic image of Asians as super-hard-working grinders who all save like good little ants vs. our grasshopper.

      FWIW, I’ve known a few Tribesmen who were bad gamblers as well.

      • The Japanese government knows very well the gambling issue with Asians, which is why casinos have been outlawed in Japan for decades, until recently by the way. A new one may be opening in Osaka, owned by MGM of Las Vegas. The Japanese are about to chase the dragon again, and find out why they banned them in the first place. It will be one of the few American products that will have been successfully exported to that country. Vice is now our greatest export, tobacco, gambling, porn, fast food, craft beer and other alcohol, Hollywood, etc. Vice is all we have left to give the world, and no one does cheap sensual vices like Americans.

      • I’ll take a wild guess and say that the difference between a culture that is permeated with gamblers vs. one that isn’t – is whether or not it’s descended from a warrior culture.

        Japan definitely has a historical warrior culture.

        The US at least – as do a number of other Western nations – also have had prominent warrior cultures.

        The Jews definitely don’t have one, although they’ve tried to cast themselves as having one with all the propaganda about how well the Israeli military has done.

      • I once worked for a very smart Jew (president of my company) who was convinced that doubling your bet every time you lose in blackjack, until you finally win and recoup your losses, was a winning formula. I patiently explained that if you have a small disadvantage in each individual bet, there is no way of rearranging the pieces to create a winning formula. You eventually will lose 10-15 times in a row and bankrupt your savings. Never could convince him.

        • You cannot get gamblers to understand math, their life depends on not understanding it. In Europe, there are two kinds of roulette tables, French and American. Apart from the layout of the board itself, the only difference is that the American roulette has two zeros, the French only one. You’d think even a grade school student could figure that one out but the American tables are always chock-full, the French ones only half occupied.

    • Haha, in this respect I get where the Asians are coming from. I don’t get excited from drugs, or alcohol, but when I went to a casino the first time it took me 12 hours to come down from the high. Something about gambling is a huge rush.

      Of course, instead of spending all my money there I just limit casino visits to maybe once a year.

      It might be an IQ thing. Something about probability and chance just excites me.

      • If every hand you play is at a small disadvantage, there is no probability and no chance. Play more than 1000 hands and you will lose every time. I always say that if you go to a casino and win your first play, quit forever and never go back. You will spend the rest of your life ahead of the house.

        • First trip to Las Vegas. My mother-in-law gave me a role of quarters and said play them for me. Wife and I did, at the airport going home. Ran the roll through the slot machine once. Wife wanted to run the “receipts” through again, I said forget it. Gave the mother-in-law $15 or something. She said, why didn’t you put back the winnings and play again.

          Is there any doubt why Los Vegas is so profitable? 😉

    • Sigh. One more way in which I am apparently shit at being Asian. Never saw the appeal of casino gambling, and I hate the noise and crowdedness of casinos. But I know people who love it. If I have to go to Las Vegas I know that certain persons are going to ask if I gambled, how’d I do, etc, but it’s hardly worth getting sucked into a discussion about the economics of casino gambling.

      My sooper-sekrit-skwirl clever plan is to find a low-denomination slot machine and play one coin. Then I just tell people that “I made a budget for myself, went through that and lost all of it. Then I had to exercise self control and stop playing. [… this is when you hang your head …] I don’t want to talk about it” This usually works great. People will say, “Aw, that’s too bad,” and leave you alone. Full disclosure: once my brilliant plan went terribly awry. I found a nickel slot, played a nickel, and got back 95 cents.

      • Went to a craps table once, looked at all the choices in front of me, realized the rough probabilities of a bunch of them, and asked myself, “what the hell am I doing here?”. That was the end of that. I’m fun at parties/sarc.

  21. Jews face a different set of problems that hold their high-IQ’s back from high civilization.

    Z’s pegged the main culprit – cultural parasitism. Jews have both genetically and culturally over-specialized in fields that demand a high-density urbanized high culture to thrive (finance, trade, law, mass-media, performing arts, academia) but they lack the empathy, agreeableness and sheer numbers to form their own independent high-pop metro societies. Israel itself requires vast external support from a parasitic diaspora and cucked Western “allies.”

    Their exploitative, supremacist culture and genetically-high rates of neuroticism, agressive threat-response and perversion make it impossible to reach a healthy symbiosis with their host populations over time. Eventually, they get 109’d because the shekel-grubbing, hand-rubbing, crying out and general kvetching become intolerable.

    And that’s leaving aside the child-star groping, pride-parading and politician buying/blackmailing.

    Jews also face a poetically just but cruel genetic-cultural pincer-attack – shrinking numbers of high-IQ Jews out-marrying their culture to death vs. fecund low-IQ Jews with just enough Ashkepathy, chutzpah, moral (((flexibility))) and verbal (((dexterity))) to give the Levites a run for their shekels.

    Their chicken-swingers have come home to roost. For high-caste Jews on a long timeline, aliyah means goodbye.

  22. I have never entirely bought the “Han have high IQs” hype. Let me let y’all in on higher ed’s worst-kept secret: Asian kids cheat. A LOT. On everything. They cheat when there’s advantage to be gained, of course, but they cheat when there’s no possible advantage. They even cheat when it’s counterproductive — I mean, seriously counterproductive, as in “you spent 10x more time figuring out a way to cheat than you would’ve spent just playing it straight.” You’ve never lived until you’ve seen a sweaty Han begging to be allowed to use his graphing calculator in History class, because that’s where he stored his crib sheets. (Side note: Having grown up among these folks, the Clintons always bring a smile to my face. They’d rather make $10 with some huge, zany scheme than $100,000 by playing it straight, just as they’d rather scale Mt. Everest to lie to you rather than stand on the ground and tell the truth, no matter how trivial the truth). Even if we grant that they have high IQs, then, it doesn’t translate in the real world, as our host says… but my money is on them gaming the IQ tests.

    • And when they get out into the tech workforce, it continues. Why debug the failure in the test suite when you could simply disable the failing test, or even just change “print FAIL” to “print PASS”?

      • Albino;
        Yeah, ask Boeing how well having your 737Max control software done in Bangalore has worked out for them. IMHO the big reason while these aircraft are still grounded is because the FAA has to be worrying about what other shortcuts were made and Boeing dare not tell them for fear of liability lawyers.

        • I’ll just leave this here…

          Because, to me, nothing says ‘unshakeable technical competence” than a middle-aged overweight black female who –definitely– got hired because of her +2 standard deviation IQ to the right, right? LOL!

          Expect this problem to get far far worse as we start to ignore objective reality and see the disastrous and very real consequences of doing so. (see: Str0nk Latina Bridge Engineering)

          • Apex, you nailed it. Browns and Asians are surfing on the bones of great America. At some point, the inertial wave plays out. When that happens, we’ll have more to deal as a society than de-acceleration sickness of a crashed Boeing.

          • My guess is 3-4 engineers among the whites and Asians, and all the rest in HR and Diversity Relations.

    • A corollary to this is the sheer volume of corner cutting that gets done in Chinese society. Whether it’s melamine in infant formula or salt water in the concrete mix, the customer takes a backseat to the yuan.

      The first comment on today’s post mentions the vlogger Serpentza, a South African who lives in southern China. He’s done videos on the phenomenon of Chinese apartment buildings that are sold as paragons of modernity but which fall into disrepair within 5 years of the ribbon cutting. Cracked walls, broken fountains, heaving sidewalks, overgrowth in the common areas. It’s inevitable that the developer moves onto his next project and condemns the previous one to the vicissitudes of man and nature. Mrs. KGB and I have shopped for a retirement apartment in Taiwan but I’m always leery of the same thing. I’d love a modern apartment, but it’s almost a better proposition to buy a decrepit single-family residence and have it renovated. That way you can keep an eye on its entirety. The high-trust portion of Chinese society doesn’t extend much further than one’s immediate family. Expecting your neighbors to stand together with you against the powers-that-be is a fool’s errand.

  23. It takes more than eggs to make a good omelette.

    The vast disparity between White and Asian creative achievements in culture and the arts, and yes, even technology, stems from a synergy of factors that IQ only partially accounts for. Our radical advantages in both quality and quantity of creativity, self-awareness, transcendent aspirations and “horizontal” social organization are all key ingredients the Asian buffet lacks.

    Colin Cleary’s books from Counter-Currents (Reading the Runes, Summoning the Gods*) have some good insights on the unique nature of European consciousness and spirituality as they relate to these “missing links.”

    As for muh Reds swamping us with sheer numbers, I’ll go with my Navy buddies in Diego who say they’ll worry about the Chinese when they have a navy that can transport their troops further than Tiawan.

    Even hitting from the ladies’ tees of Western transfer-payments, test-gaming, plagiarism and espionage, the Asians still can’t drive over water.

    In the messy, uncertain game of real life, the well-round-eyed man is superior to the narrow-focused specialist.


  24. Have had a friend and colleague for years who is mainland Chinese, having emigrated here after completing her BS at Peking University —back when you had to score in the top .01 to qualify—then came here and completed an MBA and CFA. Once in the US for several years she was acutely aware of this “gap” in her mode of thinking. Helped guide her through what was effectively a western liberal education in history, philosophy and literature. She’d knock through 20 hours of Carlin podcasts on the Roman republic in a weekend, then we’d discuss it over the next week. It was an eye opener to watch how hard it was to “throw off” the intellectual shackles of growing up in Chinese society.

    • So a question for you, Saml. Of the various Chinese you’ve known, what proportion do you think would even want to (much less work diligently at, like your friend), know more about the West and fit in better?

      I met a Chinese woman (PhD) who holds a national research grant (i.e. she is paid entirely by the government) in Sweden, at an elite institution. She’s been there for nearly a decade and apparently speaks and reads less Swedish than I do (which at its peak was about 20h of “Learn Swedish” tapes, i.e. very little.) I asked her, out of sincere interest, why she didn’t learn Swedish. “Everyone I work with speaks English, so why would I learn Swedish?” That actually made me angry. “Apart from fitting into society better, and being able to understand what’s going on around you, it’s just good manners. Swedish people pay for your living. Simple politeness says you should learn their language!” This Chinese woman genuinely couldn’t understand what I was on about. I had to leave the room before I said something that would have gotten me fired.

      Incidentally, I’m doing something similar with the Pretty Korean Girl. She’s high-IQ and has a terrific memory, is diligent and conscientious to a fault; not so great at thinking outside the box, or looking beneath the surface of what “authority” claims. A recent 90-minute car-trip (to an outlet mall, mea culpa) we went over the Kipling poem “If” line-by-line, for example. Turns out there is a lot that is more than a bit opaque when English is your third language, and although you write officialese and science-ese just fine, even relatively straightforward poetry is not that straightforward. Cultural assumptions, common expressions, cultural references sometimes sail overhead.

      • Mike_C – That emphasis on simple courtesy – offering another culture and people the respect of adhering to their language and habits when even only visiting there – is vitally important. An uncomfortable memory is when I neglected to ensure I had enough local currency on my drive back from Germany to catch the car train in what was then far north Yugoslavia. When I stopped for some food I not only had to pay in dollars, but I didn’t speak any German. Everyone was exceedingly kind and accommodating, but I felt like a worm.

        • Relax. There are assholes everywhere, but most Europeans feel not the least bit offended by American tourists not speaking localese. Europeans holiday in France, Italy, Spain and Greece all the time, you think we bother to learn the lingo?

    • Saml- I would argue it was not (or not only) the “intellectual shackles of growing up in Chinese society,” but the cultural shackles of growing up amidst all other Chinese, and – most importantly, the biological roots of all those other things. That’s why American-born Chinese (ABCs) may wear jeans and speak accentless English, but they not only imbibe certain ideas and habits from their parents (and, very frequently, their grandparents who actually raised them), but there are just different ways of thought that go back thousands of years. Merely placing someone whose biology is Han going back centuries onto American soil, even from birth, does not change their genetic predilections. That’s why Vox, for example, is not wrong when he insists 3-5 generations minimum before an immigrant – even a White one – be considered a native anything. Add in a different race and it’s even more difficult. At least until the individual has no memory of anyone in his line living who was not born and raised in the new country. That’s why so many descendants of Ellis Islanders (not counting certain special people) are only now becoming American – those whose all four grandparents were born and raised here at minimum – great grandparents preferred.

  25. Great analysis Z and a great question.
    Why haven’t the high IQ Asians and Jews not ruled the world long before now?
    Western Culture and European Man are different that’s why.
    And as a Christian I would also say Christianity and not paganism for the European man.
    At least the Christianity that recognized Jewish interests could be hostile to Christian interests.
    But sometimes just different and not necessarily hostile.
    Unlike the Joel Osteen type clowns we see representing Christianity today.
    Pre Christian Rome and Greece had their strengths though but I just don’t think we can return to any form of polytheism.

    • Any form of theism would be superior to atheism. I’m not sure if it would be harder to sell the youth of Western society on muscular Christianity or paganism at this point. Either way, those we can “re-deify” are the future. Atheists with rare exceptions will be social ballast, divorced from past and future, diddling themselves into their dotage within an eternal present.

      • Christianity puts the trust into a high-trust society, which is one of the key ingredients to success.

        • Christianity puts the trust into a high-trust society, which is one of the key ingredients to success.

          Scandinavians are the most atheist people in the world, and have built high-trust societies of the first order – in fact, they’re trusting themselves to death these years.

        • Atheism’s NAP, legal punishment of damage by force or fraud, with social censure of the rest, does the same.

      • You can’t re-deify people, no matter how much it might benefit them. Atheism is a red pill, a one-way ticket.

        If I told you you’d get a Maserati Ghibli for Christmas if you decided to believe in Santa, would you be able to do so?

        • I disagree. I was an atheist for most of my twenties and exemplified what you describe. I believed it was an intellectual dead end, from which there was no turning back. In the end, however, all it took was someone to point out how perfectly the Bible illustrates the foundations of human nature, particularly as it relates to the behavior and roles of men and women (read Genesis with this in mind). From there, more and more of the world makes sense through a Christian lens. One can absolutely be intellectual and still retain great faith, as many men much smarter than I have proven.

          Even if ancient texts aren’t your cup of tea, there is still not a single secular explanation for why the universe exists. That alone sustains my faith during the fleeting moments of doubt.

          • …how perfectly the Bible illustrates the foundations of human nature,

            Even if I were to give you that, it has nothing to do with whether gods exist or not. The Bible could simply have been written by some very wise people.

            One can absolutely be intellectual and still retain great faith, as many men much smarter than I have proven.

            Only by maintaining a form of multiple personality disorder. I’ve met many smart Christians, but they always seem to operate on two mental levels: in a professional or mundane context they might be as rational and logical as you like, but as soon as the subject is the numinous, all the smarts and the logic goes out the window, and you’re suddenly talking to a bronze age goat herder.

            Even if ancient texts aren’t your cup of tea, there is still not a single secular explanation for why the universe exists. That alone sustains my faith during the fleeting moments of doubt.

            A testament to the crushingly superior explanatory power of science over religion: even religious people recognize that God can only exist in places were science has not yet evicted him.

            If you truly believed in God, you would pay no heed to what scientists say: who do you think knows more about the creation of the Earth? The Creator or the scientists?

            Well, then why do you persist believing in galaxies and such? Stars are nothing but little lanterns put by God to give us light at night, the idea that they are suns with planets around them should be heretical to you.

          • Even if I were to give you that, it has nothing to do with whether gods exist or not. The Bible could simply have been written by some very wise people.

            Exactly so. And if that’s as far as you’re willing to ponder this subject, you’ll probably walk away satisfied. From my perspective these very wise people weren’t writing a work of fiction, they were describing, in allegorical terms, universal truths that are encoded in our existence for a reason. What reason? And who did this encoding?

            Well, then why do you persist believing in galaxies and such? Stars are nothing but little lanterns put by God to give us light at night, the idea that they are suns with planets around them should be heretical to you.

            You have a long way to go if you think this in any way resembles my thoughts on the existence of a higher power. This is the kind of argument I’d expect from a gender-studies undergrad.

          • I too was agnostic, leaning atheistic, until my mid-twenties. I bought all the cynicism, straw men and false dichotomies presented by the atheists and secularists. But the more I read and learned, the more I realized that Christianity had answers to the why of existence, not just the limited material explanations presented by science. You can believe in science and and also that God created science, so how can they be at odds. God is not responsible for men who try to explain him that sometimes get things wrong from a scientific perspective.

          • Felix-

            I believe you and I have chatted about this before. You strike me as an intelligent, open-minded person, and I enjoy reading your thoughtful comments.

            Christianity teaches the “why” starts with letting go of our material, selfish fixations. Jesus had two commandments: love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Some atheists believe this makes God a narcissist, but He doesn’t need your love. It’s about refocusing to being loving, giving creatures. Whether you believe in God or not, that way lies happiness, which is the first half of the “why”.

            And whether you believe in a higher power or not, you can still see there are two opposite flows to how we behave in the universe. One flow is giving, loving, truthful and kind, and the other is selfish, materialistic and nihilistic. You can follow the former path without believing in a higher power, but all the teachings of Christ point in that right direction.

            Then you die. At that point, either you are filled with God’s love for eternity to the capacity you created on earth (this is the second half of the “why”), or you simply cease to exist. I’ll take Pascal’s wager and bet on the former. Rationalists can argue that acting morally is simply comprised of electrical impulses to further the adaption of the species. But that still doesn’t answer why the species exists in the first place.

          • Two main processors, it depends on which one is dominant at the moment- materialist or sensing the immaterial?

            One uses linear verbal processing, the other holographic sensoria processing.

            Hard to translate, but it is possible, as long as we know how it works.

          • I find science to be better at explaining existence than religion but humans definitely evolved to be religious; we did not evolve to be hyper-rational.

            At this point I suspect declining religious belief in the West is related to the increased atomization of people in this society. Religion gets reinforced by consistent deep social interaction, but we’ve lost that. Whether god is real or not becomes less important in the right conditions.

          • Ricci, DLS demonstrates that religion is a social function, trying to use archaic mechanical terminology.

            Let us define more accurate terms, and use both. Otherwise it’s a tangled tapestry of monkeys barking.

        • Disagree. Unlike the ideas that support Our Thing (HBD, 13 do 50, etc) there is no positive evidence for atheism. It’s a belief founded on disbelief.

          90%+ of atheists I’ve ever met based their atheism on an anti-religious foundation, not a heartfelt or even a deductive positive materialism.

          Mankind has always shown a spiritual impulse. One of the reasons atheistic Scandis express their altruism in a self-destructive, distorted fashion is this now-misdirected and unanchored spiritual impulse.

  26. Once a native white ruling class disappears, the new ruling class will find out there’s nothing left to rule but ruins. South Africa seems to be a good example of that…

    It’s not all hopelessly lost, though. White people with the will to rule easily maintained their societies even as a minority- look at the antebellum South or the British Raj. Without getting into that nutjob German philosopher, we had, collectively, a will to power back then. That’s what keeps our opponents awake at night. That we’re on the cusp of rediscovering that power.

    Look at the long arc of history and a pattern of European people’s recovery from collapse does appear. We are still recovering from the spiritual effects of 1914-1945 on our culture. The Russians are restoring a national polity that suffered far worse from 1917-1991 than America ever did. The bagels have successfully capitalized on guilt for 75 years, but the generations that that worked on are dying out. The Holocaust industry has a sell by date. People in our thing have become remarkable for their refusal to cower at charges of racism or antibagelism since 2016. The “New Americans” lefty is recruiting from Asia and south of the border don’t care about what Germans did to Jews three quarters of a century ago, and they won’t be susceptible to emotional blackmail either.

    That alone is going to change the dynamics of power, regardless of demographics, which can be reversed.

    • “King Pickle Rick the First”

      It has a certain ring to it. When you assemble the team, count me in.

        • Would you happen to need a chief of your secret police? I already have a decent list of prospective clients, all I’d need is a couple of helicopters and I could go to work immediately.

    • Rick;

      Already happening in the UK Labor Party. The ‘new englishmen’ are turning on the ‘red diaper babies’. Might have been our esteemed proprietor who observed that Pelosi, Schiff, et al, are likely the last whites to have power positions in CA Democrat politics. Likewise Donks in urban Minnesota, now Mogadishu on the Mississippi.

  27. Another thing to consider is that Chinese students are going back to China as much as they’re staying here, and i think more will return to their homelands as China gets richer. 15 years ago many Chinese thought the US and the West was preferable to, say Zhejiang province, but not so much anymore.

    • According to this article from last year 79% of Chinese students studying abroad return home. Up from 5% in ’87 and 30% in ’07. I don’t know what effect the situation in HK will have on those numbers.

      • Most Chinese I know don’t support HK protesters. They are normally super-nationalistic, more than your average WN. The nationalism is encouraging overseas Chinese to return home, especially from the US, where they perceive a declining standard of living and high crime rate. They’re not wrong!

    • Ten years ago there were ~128K Chinese studying in the US. Last year there were ~363K student visas issued to the Chinese. The Chinese refuse to repatriate their citizens under final deportation orders from the US for criminal convictions. Yet we give them aid and visas on demand. Go figure.

    • Chinese students: Apart from the theft of IP (including process knowledge) issue, there is the matter of which ones are working for the Party. Between my engineering and medical training, I’ve encountered a fair number of mainland Chinese. On cordial terms with most, but have made actual friends with only one, and that guy generally avoided other Chinese as well.

      I asked him why one day. His reply was “About one in 10 of the students here is reporting back to the government. It’s not like they’re government agents or actual spies, but they do it either because they like petty power, or someone is threatening their family back home. So we spy on each other. I don’t like it and don’t want to be part of it, so the easiest way to try and stay out is to not be around Chinese people.”

      “What about me then?” Which made him laugh. “You? Haven’t you noticed that the other Chinese mostly ignore you? Sorry to say it, but you’re not one of us. You’re just a funny-looking big nose [1].”

      I digested that for a few seconds then asked about a classmate. “What about F? She’s very nice.”
      “Yes, she is, and I like her. But she could be an informer, you just don’t know. In fact, *I* could be an informer. I’m telling you I’m not, but I could be. So you can’t trust me 100% either. THAT’S the world we live in. You can’t really trust anyone, and that’s why I don’t want to go back to China.” My friend paused and looked at me, “You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this. After all, you might have connections and be reporting to someone. I really doubt it, because I don’t think you’re that good an actor, but I know I’m taking a risk by telling you this. But at some point you have to trust someone.”

      Hell of a world to live in.

      [1] Big nose. I don’t know of a single Chinese who says “round-eye”. The casual insult is da bize, big nose.

      • Yes…”lao maozi” (“old hairy”) for Russians and “da bizi” for all other Westerners. Most Chinese I know are perfectly polite and civilized, but they do keep to themselves mostly, and it’s hard to enter their friend-group. I just think Chinese are just comfortable around Chinese, no matter where they live.

        The coolest Chinese I have met are very critical of their government, and often other compatriots. (Sound familiar?) The level of national pride is high at the moment, so I am not surprised that Chinese spies or informants are all over. Then again, 15 years ago, there were many more Chinese willing to flee or forsake their country, while nowadays they are here just as long as the opportunities remain. The US is simply not the golden destination it once was.

        • > The coolest Chinese I have met are very critical of their government, and often other compatriots.

          Same. One dude in my riding group is Chinese and has railed a few times against the influx of trannies and soy freaks touring his homeland. From what I gather of internal politics, the central government really doesn’t give two squirts about some citizen criticizing the government as long he/she doesn’t reach some arbitrary threshold of attention. Hong Kong, again, from what I gather, is a political PITA and wouldn’t have been worth repatriating if it wasn’t for the sheer amount of hard money that came along with it.

  28. My impression of Israel, admittedly based on reading about it but never traveling there, is that it is a weird @#$%^ing place, with:

    A “vibrant” homosexual subculture,
    Another subculture of the folks in the funny clothes and hats and the funny facial hair, all with 7-12 kids, and
    A cabal of vicious expansionists that run the place and are hell-bent on their pipe dream of a “Greater Israel.”

    In practice, it seems to function mainly as a bolt hole for Jews in the diaspora who run afoul of the laws and customs of their host nations. That the US subsidizes this place is unconscionable, and it perfectly illustrates that our ruling class does not serve “we the people.”

    • I’ve been there. My quick impression was that it was very, very clear that I was an Outsider and Not One Of Them. Not especially friendly/polite/cordial.

    • In my few professional dealings with Israelis, every. last. thing. is a negotiation. Z’s comment, “Israel is a land of advisers and critics, perpetually haggling with one another…” rang big bells with me.

      • I see this trait of adversarial haggling in certain publishers as they deal with their client universities, while other publishers are more gently gentile.

    • Israel is not the homeland of the Jews. Even the Jews do not believe this. If they thought it was the homeland of the Jews, then all the Jews would go and live there, and be forever free of the turrrble, trrrrble scourge of anti-semitism — a scourge which of course does not even exist.

      But they do not all go and live there, and they never will, and both we and they know it. If all the Jews lived among fellow Jews, who would they scam and enslave and exploit?

      Israel is simply the gangster headquarters of an international crime syndicate.

      • > Israel is not the homeland of the Jews. Even the Jews do not believe this.

        Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha, good one. That’s like saying the house I took out a mortgage on, moved into, and raised a family isn’t mine because someone else built it and resided in it before I got my grubby hands on the land deed. For as much blood, coin, assistance, bullets, deceit, murder, and outright theft the Jews have committed to establishing Israel and maintaining it, let alone all the kikes in government who openly maintain dual citizenship to Israel, that’s a whole lotta non- belief in something that was, in fact, established as the current homeland for Jews. One thing you can’t say with a straight face is that the Juden didn’t carve out their own space in the world.

        • With a little help from

          France: the partition of Syria Palestina into northern Syria and southern Palestine in 1924
          Hitler: the Havarra transfer program
          Britain: the Palestinian Mandate

          • Con’t
            And, of course, shattered Sumeria and the Ehdeen (Garden), destroyed by meteors, the ‘angel with swords of fire’,

            -then the Habiru’s (“refugee”) new homeland of Mesopotamian Akkad, the terrible slave empire they destroyed with the help of their Guterian African beast-men,

            -then of Ur in Babylon, where Ur-Nammu and Hamm-ur-abi had resurrected civilization after a dark age
            – in which Abraham the Lucifer and his kin raided the neighboring tributaries, then fled after they failed to kill their Lord when he told them to stop.

  29. One interesting thing about China is that have essentially no presence in international popular culture. They don’t even have anime, like Japan. If they become powerful, they will be see as totally alien overlords with almost no legitimacy.

    Also, the Chinese will always look Chinese. They’re color-coded.

    That makes a major contrast to the Jews, who infiltrate the popular culture in many countries, and use it to essentially rewrite the myths of that country without people realizing it.

    And a lot of people don’t even know that they’re not white.

    I think that’s why it’s so crucial to help other whites develop a functioning Jewdar. Once a critical mass of people develop it, things will change. I think that’s why the “turn the Jews blue” thing on social media was such a good idea, and why the censors knew they had to shut it down really fast.

    • The Chinese do seem over represented in classical music. Don’t know if that means anything, just an observation.

    • Excellent point.

      There have been numerous Japanese cultural aspects that have crossed over into Western society. Anime has had consistent popularity for at least a couple of decades now. Japan was the birthplace of car drifting – which is now very popular in the US car culture. All things Samurai show up again and again within US culture.

      I can’t think of anything comparable that has crossed over from Chinese culture.

      Companies like Honda, Sony, and Toyota enjoy much greater respect as manufacturers of quality products – than any Chinese company I can think of.

      WW2 propaganda notwithstanding, Japan as people, nation, and culture seems to enjoy a much higher level of respect in the US than anything Chinese.

      • I can’t think of anything comparable that has crossed over from Chinese culture.

        The systematic destruction of heritage culture by hordes of fanatic teenagers, brainwashed and whipped into an iconoclast frenzy by communist educators supported by government.

      • Companies like Honda, Sony, and Toyota enjoy much greater respect as manufacturers of quality products – than any Chinese company I can think of.

        The Japanese are perfectionists, the Germans of the East. The Chinese are merchants, always trying to screw you out of one more penny.

        WW2 propaganda notwithstanding, Japan as people, nation, and culture seems to enjoy a much higher level of respect in the US than anything Chinese.

        And the Germans enjoy more respect than the British. It’s almost as if the wrong guys lost.

      • Calsdad,

        I agree with you points across the board, but do take exception to the “WW2 propaganda notwithstanding”.

        Imperial Japan’s conduct from the 1930s invasion of China to the end of WWII can be described as nothing less than barbarism.

        Having said that, I do admire them as a people in many ways and enjoyed my visit there thoroughly. I am particular envious of their 2019 refugee admittance numbers. I believe it was 42 people. Ours can only be summed up as “refugee horde” Admirable to say the least.

        • Imperial Japan’s conduct from the 1930s invasion of China to the end of WWII can be described as nothing less than barbarism.

          Yes, there’s that.

          What I find most notable about modern, Japanese culture is that they seem to have managed to fuse Western culture with their own and create something new, yet distinctly Japanese. To do so, takes cultural self-confidence.

          In other East Asian countries, Western culture exists side-by-side with traditional culture, competing with it and slowly displacing it.

          Mind you, apart from an admiration of their aesthetic sense and their commitment to good craftsmanship, I find Japanese culture utterly baffling, a bit unsettling, actually. They might be the Germans of the East, but they’re still inscrutable Orientals.

          • Felix,

            For a time a made a novice study of Japanese gardening techniques and rudimentary tool production, which mirrors Amish beauty of utility in its design. I was enchanted by both subject’s austere beauty. It sort of led me into interest into Japanese tea ceremony and then I tried to broaden my understanding of the culture. Which led me to realize it was completely inscrutable to me. Too alien. Their traditions too foreign for me to grasp the why’s of it.

          • > Their traditions too foreign for me to grasp the why’s of it.

            It’s not hard.

            Family, first. Group cohesiveness, second. Collective benefit, third.

            The destruction of the nuclear family in the West is bemoaned enough, especially in our circles, so the first one should be of no mystery to you. Group cohesiveness is a little trickier because white Americans are now starting to realize what becoming a minority will mean for them and that yes, your identity to a tribe matters and will matter more so in the future. Collective benefit, basically, means since you belong to a group yes, your petty individual desires are important, but you are obliged to submit to a group to succeed.

            All this only capable with mono-ethnic systems. Pros/cons – you lose quite a bit of creativity, but you gain almost immeasurable increases in quality of life and standards of living.

        • The Western media and the Western mind can’t seem comprehend some of what the Japanese did during WW2 (and before). Things like the massacre at Nanking, kamikazes, fighting to the death – etc.

          I’ve been studying WW2 history since I was a kid. Massacres – especially in WW2 , were not uncommon – and Western countries did it as well. So what are you really complaining about – the methods used? Is it somehow worse when you loose a bunch of soldiers upon a city and they go around and murder women and children – but better if it’s done from the air thru bombs and a firestorm?

          Is it the kamikaze thing that bothers you? Again: take a look at the bigger picture. Is there any REAL difference between sending a bunch of men in airplanes to sink a ship – knowing that they’re going to die, but in one case you tell them “we expect you to ride this plane down into the ship to make SURE that the bomb hits” – vs ” Ok try and get that bomb into the ship’s deck if you can, but we’re pretty sure you’re all going to get shot down and die – this is likely a suicide mission”

          In military terms the kamizaze thing makes a HUGE amount of sense. One life for one bomb hit – which might take out an entire ship – vs. an undetermined amount of lives for a chance at a bomb hit – is a very good trade off.

          Maybe you need to go read up a little on the Battle of Midway. Those Devastator torpedo bomber crewmen should have probably been told: ” we’re putting bombs on the bottom of your planes instead of the torpedoes, now fly the planes directly into the carriers when you get there , the torpedoes are all pieces of junk – and you guys are mostly all going to die anyway”

          So again: what are you complaining about? The fact that the Japanese kamikazes flew into battle with no hope that they were coming back?

          The mass Japanese Banzai charges were just sort of dumb in my opinion. Bu even the Japanese started to figure this out as the war progressed. By the time Iwo Jima came around they had almost stopped doing them. But the Banzai charges were also probably a peculiarity of the Japanese ARMY, and not necessarily of Japan itself. The Army had basically gotten off it’s leash before and during WW2, and in fact had almost become an entity unto itself. There were campaigns initiated in China that were done in direct refusal to obey orders from higher command.

          Even at the end – when the Emperor was going to surrender after the atomic bomb strikes, there was a last minute coup attempt by Army officers who wanted to keep the war going. The leaders of the Japanese Army during that time were probably equally as out of control as the leaders of the left are in the US right now. The big difference being our religious nuts are politicians and industry leaders – instead of Army generals , and we aren’t currently already engaged in a big war.

      • The Japanese are an inquisitive people. They also find beauty in perfection. Hence , they take something about the west they love and attempt to perfect it. This thought came to me as I was recently reading about this Japanese Whiskey distillery winning contests over and over again. Look at the baseball gloves made by Mizuno. The cars, of course. The consumer electronics.

        • > This thought came to me as I was recently reading about this Japanese Whiskey >distillery winning contests over and over again.

          Heh, which one? Japan dominated all these foppish competitions in 2018. I think they’re all largely owned by Suntory.

  30. Personally I’m not interested in whether Chinese people are “better” or “worse” at x, y and z.

    It goes deeper than this, on a spiritual level. I want to live with my own people.

    We can certainly make observations and comparisons. But the primary driver isn’t “IQ” or “ability to make civilization” – the primary driver is that I want to be free to associate exclusively with my own people.

    • I used to make this point over at Sailer’s comment’s section. People over there are obsessed with IQ, probably because they’re all way over educated. CivNat always use IQ as an excuse to flood our country with foreigners, and are a shocked when I tell them that I would no more want a million high-IQ Chinese as a million Africans.

      They aren’t my people. Simple as that. CivNats hate such simple logic because it forces them to think about whites as a people, which they know will get them into trouble.

      • They aren’t my people. Simple as that. CivNats hate such simple logic because it forces them to think about whites as a people, which they know will get them into trouble.
        Which is why I’ve said they are cowards and have been kicked off of forums for stating that fact…They preach NAP/ZAP but live a life of pacifism…They are quislings and would sell you out or stab you in the back at the slightest chance…I have nothing but contempt for them…

      • Yes. You make the same left wing argument that lower class whites are bad when you focus on IQ as a measure of superiority. When you say “Whites have a higher IQ than X” as a boast, you’re putting down the whites on the left side of the IQ curve. If an individual white has a lower IQ than the group you say whites have a higher IQ than, are you not writing him off as useless? (Wordy, but I hope you get my point).

        And then it’s even more sickening when they say “Well, Asians have a higher IQ than whites, so you can’t call me raycis for using IQ as a metric – watch me put down whites again”.

        We need to build communities that are inclusive of the whole range of whites. Dumb Cletus is still our people, he just needs a little more guidance than say you or me, who have higher IQ.

        Africans don’t have this problem. Did they ever stop in Rhodesia and say “hey, you know those whites, they have a higher average IQ than us. maybe we should let them rule us”? Hell no. They stood up for their people. Zimbabwe is now a home for their own people, for better or worse. It’s none of my concern how they choose to run it.

      • I see it from a Biblical standpoint, essentially (yes, I know).

        God created many different types of people – visibly and temperamentally different from each other. Some groups are smarter, on average, than others. Some are stronger. Some individuals are smarter than other individuals. Some are better looking.

        We accept that this is the individual card God gave us. We have to accept that this is also the group card God gave us. We got the white card, and sub-Saharans got the black card. It is what it is.

        We are all equal in the eyes of God and in the ability to be saved through faith in Jesus Christ. We are NOT equal or identical as human beings. We are still humans with all of our differences, strengths, and flaws.

        This debunks 1) extreme individualism of the West – we have to see individual AND group differences and realize there’s nothing inherently bad about them – it’s how God created us. It also debunks 2) the rationalism, the muh IQ / muh GDP / muh property values crowd. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about spirituality and living in a way that is natural for our God-given mindsets and tribes. 2) especially is a hard mindset for white people to break out of.

    • “My own people” are also not progressive whites, whom I will shun to the ends of the earth. The defining of “my people” has two constituent parts: 1) biological harmony, and 2) ideological harmony.

      • My hope is that many of the anti-white whites are brainwashed and incentivized by the elites and are salvageable. We’ll see.

        Beyond that, there seems to be a temperamental split between whites who feel small-government and those who feel socialist. My hope is that they can live separately in a federation with a mutual defense pact.

        My first inclination would be to live with the small-government group, but I might find that the socialists create deeper, more satisfying communities that are worth the higher taxation.

        • I share the same inclination but the ideology of radical Randian individualism runs strong in the small-gov’t group. I think you’re correct that if we have biological harmony then pursuing moderate socialist policies could be workable as long as it’s locally accountable.

  31. Russia/Soviet Union seems to be a good example of what happens when an alien ruling class outlasts its welcome. This would seem to account for much of the neocons’ hostility toward Russia. We may end up impoverished in the attempt to get rid of our ruling class, but it will be worth it.

    Tucker nailed the problem last night:

    • I saw that and wondered if someone on his staff is not a reader. I’ve been talking about the bust out economy for a while. I used an example very similar to the Cabella’s one recently. Probably a coincidence, but you never know.

    • All those companies guys like Singer destroy just to enjoy the best coke and hookers that money can buy. Republicans who take his money make it easy for the Left to attack them.

    • Epa;

      Tucker’s right, but it was being a public company that made Singer’s raid possible. Cabella’s need not have gone public, but doing so made the original business owners wealthy. So it wasn’t *just* Singer’s doing.

      One reason the tycoons of 100 year ago were charitable was elite pressure by an explicitly American elite, possibly operating out of enlightened self-interest. And they owned their own companies. Now, we have, literally, a rootless cosmopolitan elite with no attachment to anywhere in particular, and I’m not talking about the usual suspects here, rather the entire Cloud Folk. And nobody in particular owns any public company.

      The amazing thing is how little an ownership stake it took for the vultures to pull this off. Obviously the board of directors rolled over pretty easily. Likely most of them had no linkage to Sidney NB either but were there for decoration and to buy influence (a la Burisma) like the usual BoD. Lots of blame to go around.

      It would seem like the BoD would be a likely point to apply political counter pressure. It would have to be federal since corporations shop states for jurisdiction and HQ. Maybe something along the lines having to achieve actual majority financial control with no proxies allowed.

      • Rumor has it Chick-Fil-A wants to go public so the family can cash out, and that is why all of the current stuff is going on there. Of course, the IPO will trade on “past” numbers, while the “forward” numbers are rather uncertain, given that the company has decided to insult its customer base.

      • As I understand it Singer put Cabela in a situation where it could be sued, then threatened to burden the company for years with hampering court proceedings. The board decided to cave rather than fight the legendarily vicious Paul Singer. You’re right about the decision to take Cabela public. That was the fatal mistake.

      • Reminds me of an anecdote Steve Sailer had where he related that “management buyout” was basically code for “steal everything that isn’t glued down”

  32. I’m a tad suspicious of the average IQ numbers for Asians. There are a billion Chinese and similar number of Indians. If they were so smart, they might have figured out birth control a while back. We get to see the top 0.1% over here. I suspect their farmers and blue-collar types are fairly dumb. That was certainly my experience in South Asia. And as has been pointed out, they make up for their smarts with an utter lack of creativity and initiative.

    • Birth control for your own clan is foolish. White success in colonizing half the world was dependent upon the ability to flood and replace the natives. Whites rocketed to 25% of the world population during the Industrial Revolution before embracing birth control and dropping to 7%. Soon they’ll be 2%. Birth control directly enabled feminism. Then it enabled mass immigration in an attempt to prop up the ponzi scheme pension system and financial institutions. Africa will conquer Europe due simply to its lack of birth control, despite its paltry average IQ. China’s future problems are also directly tied to its adoption of (((birth control))). Birth control, whether at an ethnic level, a local level, or a family level, is destructive and suicidal. It’s the philosophy of the losers and the evolutionary equivalent of eating your own seed corn. Besides causing your own clan to shrink relative to others, birth control is also dysgenic within your clan due to the fact higher IQ people use it more frequently. There is absolutely nothing good about it.

      • “” White success in colonizing half the world was dependent upon the ability to flood and replace the natives.”
        Yeah the five thousand British running the Indian Raj of 400 million certainly depended on flooding them out.

        Fuck off to some place where ignorance doesn’t matter,

        • bilejones, don’t be so filled with bile. Your point is noted. How whites conquered and replaced the natives living in North America is also noted.

        • The whites did flood and replace the natives of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Argentina, South Africa, the original inhabitants of the British Isles, and to a lesser extent Brazil and the rest of Central and South America. India was a bit too big to bite off and they ran out of time. Had whites practiced birth control then, they never would have gotten a foothold anywhere outside Europe. Did I hit a nerve? Are you a boomer who chose boats instead of children, or a pathetic MGTOW?

      • Africa will conquer Europe because the Europeans lost their balls. If they regain them, like some of the Eastern Europeans have, the Africans will be expelled and there’s not a damn thing they could do about it.

    • The Asian population (Asian as in Chinese, not Indians) are always broken down into Northern (China, Japan, Korean) vs Southern (Cambodian, Vietnamese’, etc.). Southern Asians are not consider to be a high IQ grouping.

      As to Indians, Reich in his last book has a chapter on them. Indian is a term that also encompasses too many sub populations under one heading. There are really 5 populations (Reich argues for many more), but I’ll follow the traditional Indian “caste” system. What we see in the USA are mainly the highest (Brahmin) caste. And indeed, they can hold their own among the natives here.

    • My experience in China is that even the rank and file elite working R&D are not very bright. Also, Asians cheat like mad any and every way possible. This would include cheating on the exam, but more importantly, fudging the data. IQ scores should be considered thusly. After all, they had a 1000 year head start on us and didn’t even start to catch up until they, or someone sympathetic to the cause, had the bright idea of buying up the Senate in the 1990s.

    • Good call. The most marginalized of backwater groups in places like India, China, Africa, Blacks in the rural deep South and the worst parts of the inner city…are undersampled for logistical reasons. Some of it by design.

  33. IQis a useful measure of potential but it is dependent upon more fundamental instinctual drives and preferences. East Asian societies share a large spectrum of characteristics with one another. It is the same for the West. This is why the West looks and acts like the West and the East looks and acts like the East.

    Most of the people in the East and the West are not high IQ. A very small percentage of both populations have an IQ of over 115 (which should be the cutoff for anyone pursuing even the most unchallenging of college degrees).

    But what each society does have is a long evolved and well sorted symbiotic social and civilizational structure. One that evolved to meet the needs and preferences of all its subgroups.

    You could exchange all of the bulbheads in Malmo for an equal number of Japanese and Sweden would still be in a downward spiral. The group dynamics of the Swedes and the Japanese revolve around a very different gravitational cultural core.

    Our civilization no longer works for us. We don’t have one worth rolling out of bed for. Inertia keeps it afloat. The immigrants who do come here are self-selecting: they didn’t come to the West to become Westerners. They came for the acorns. It’s slash and burn migration. Grab ‘n Go.

    High IQ whites still vastly outnumber the sum of all other groups. But the cultural milieu has taken the mojo out of many, misdirection through cultural degeneracy has made wastrels out of other and the gatekeepers deal with what remains.

    • Yves, well stated. I might add that our IQ measure is a rank order measure, not interval, so we really can’t state that the difference between say, 100 and 105 is the same as the difference between 130 and 135. Of course, if there are group differences—even at the 5-6 point level—there will be tail differences at the extremes which (all things being equal) produce more folk of genius IQ potential. Dutton in the book, “The Genius Famine” explores the implications of a declining IQ and therefore a decline in numbers of extreme IQ individuals (geniuses).

      • Good point about the scale being rank order. Let’s also take note that normal distributions can vary. European Caucasoid males have a flatter distribution. As a percentage of our overall population we produce more very dumb and more very smart males.

    • “IQ is a useful measure of potential but it is dependent upon more fundamental instinctual drives and preferences.” I think everyone here can agree that “everything starts with biology.” So could it be that IQ is only one of a “cluster of characteristics” “downstream from biology” which determine the success of various populations? But wait: There are so-so populations today who in the past were fabulously successful, including the Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans, Cambodians, Greeks, Mayans, Turks, etc. So…what happened to them? And is what “happened to them” now “happening to us”?

      • Jim, If one goes back to the very first writings on “intelligence”—way back to Darwin’s cousin Galton, intelligence was never considered to be the be all and end all of an individual. Galton spoke of (IIRC) a person’s merit of being composed of “intelligence”, “character”, and “physical health”. We have of lately revised the term “character” with “conscientiousness“ to fit in with more modern understanding.

      • Yes, yes, John Smith, why did they stop?

        I say that whenever Dusky accuses me of ‘stealing it’.

  34. This is why fears of a ruling class dominated by people of an Oriental outlook is probably misplaced. The displacement of whites from the ruling class is just another symptom of the decline. It is a phase that will lead to greater social unrest and instability as North America slowly becomes majority-minority. A ruling class distrusted by and alien to the majority of the population is not going to have a long future, no matter how smart and ruthless they are as people.

    So, is that what we would call a grey pill?

    • “A ruling class distrusted by and alien to the majority of the population….” Don’t we already have that? And isn’t the election of Trump one manifestation of a dawning reaction to it?

    • The British who governed Indians in the Raj did a FAR FAR better job at governing Indian peoples than their own elites had EVER done, and they were not even trying. They were there to make money, not to be benevolent. Nevertheless, Indians HATED them being there and dropped bayoneted white babies down wells when they got their chance. (Great Mutiny)

      No one likes being ruled by foreigners and if the foreigner does a better job than local elites, then that just sticks in the craw even more. Jews have gotten away with so much crap because they can pass for us when they want to. If we have an Asian-dominated ruling class doing nothing that Jews haven’t been doing for the last 50 years, then there will be no more illusions that our ruling elites are anything other than hostile foreigners in need of expulsion.

  35. Interesting. In libertarian circles it is apostasy to say “the NAP isn’t enough.” Just so, in some DR circles it’s apostasy to say “IQ isn’t enough.” Zman says here that China’s “biology and culture dictate the institutions, politics and economics.” Does this mean he’s saying that “culture and economics are downstream from biology and thus IQ isn’t enough”? Seems to. Or even that over long time-periods “biology tends to DICTATE culture”? If so—and some here will argue yes—then a winning combo is to take a high-IQ population biologically inclined to create dysfunctional or not-so-ideal cultures and give it a nice home in a place where a relatively high-IQ population is biologically inclined toward creating stable, free, high-functioning cultures. Voila: Hong Kong under the British (although now that China has taken over that may be going away). Bottom line: East Asians prosper now in North America because they’ve been plopped down into a (currently) high-functioning culture created by relatively high-IQ whites who are biologically inclined to create stable, prosperous, well-run societies. Interesting theory, non?

    • Jim Smith: “Does this mean he’s saying that “culture and economics are downstream from biology and thus IQ isn’t enough”?” (Warning to others – long comment to follow, sorry).

      That’s precisely what he’s saying – and what others of us have argued, as well. I went to an elite college and let me tell you – IQ alone isn’t sufficient. Zman’s characterization of Israel (“a land of advisers and critics”) is both funny and apt. Basic intellectual functioning is necessary, of course, but an ideal society (for Whites) requires other things – community and cohesion and trust, where agreements are honored and all value and care for community property. Chinese (and to a lesser extent pajeets and Arabs) will keep a lovely home inside, but outside – the community spaces or the street or what they do not personally own in its entirety – they just don’t give a damn about.

      That’s something Lee Quan Yew worked on in Singapore – he saw what the British had that the Chinese lacked. (He wrote about it too. I don’t ‘like’ the man, but I can admire some of his clarity of thought.) That’s why there were/are laws about gum in the subways and urine sensors in the elevators – because community standards and instilled behavior were not sufficient. In contrast, until America was enriched, those things weren’t a serious issue. Sure, we have our share of degenerates and parasites, but it’s a relatively small fraction among Whites. Partly due to biology, and partly due to centuries of killing off those who won’t comply with basic rules (something well argued in “At Our Wits’ End” by Ed Dutton, as well as by others).

      Another essential is curiosity/nonconfirmity. There’s a reason Whites were the ones who explored all corners of the globe or climbed the highest mountains or crossed the antarctic. Because those things were unknowns, and challenges. Because our innate curiosity and impulsivity and creativity are unmatched. Others of high IQ, like Asians, can benefit when combined in our societies. I would argue, however, that we don’t benefit all that much in return. We have our high IQ native fraction, and everything else we need, amongst our own. That doesn’t mean there isn’t ever room for the unicorns, but one must recognize that a) they are unicorns and atypical of their people, and b) numbers matter.

      That raises, finally, the question of basic biology. Do Whites allow a 5-10% mix of various unicorns? If so, do they and their descendants remain distinct, and either die off, or must we constantly refresh their numbers? (And that brings up reversion to the mean and other problems.) Or, do we (and they) allow a free intermingling which will result in their eventual ultimate genetic assimilation into our gene pool. These are serious questions that require serious consideration, instead of simply insisting one’s Chinese wife is a good, traditional woman, or one’s half Indian friend is a redneck at heart. I’m not arguing those statements are not true, but to automatically extrapolate from them to society at large is a jump too far, and ignores long-term outcomes for them . . . and for us.

      • Very well written dear lady and I’m just going to say this sentence is what it’s all about…
        Basic intellectual functioning is necessary, of course, but an ideal society (for Whites) requires other things – community and cohesion and trust, where agreements are honored and all value and care for community property.
        The trust part is essential because it makes the cohesion and Community possible…

      • 10% seems to be the tipping point for diversity. I’d suggest that only for a culture that has strong foundations, ala America pre-WWII, pre-Holocaustianity and pre-1965 mass immigration. I’d like to see full apartheid, Whites-only ethnic core areas, mixed suburbs where that 10% lives and spin the urban hellholes off as “free cities,” politically-separate Lesothos that we control/curb as necessary by maintaining a chokehold on their resources and infrastructure as well as their presence under our military umbrella.

          • I’ve said this a dozen+ times here, never without thought. Why not just tell us what you’re getting at?

          • The global attack on South Africa/Rhodesia.

            Once a certain someone got the uranium for their Dimona nukes, they went after the gold and diamond fields.

            (Another question- where was that uranium processed into weapons-grade plutonium?)

      • “Or, do we (and they) allow a free intermingling which will result in their eventual ultimate genetic assimilation into our gene pool. ”

        Good question. It gets to the gist of what Z has referred to as the “Yoko Ono Problem”.

        In a very limited way it may be a beneficial.

        Variation and selection are a constant. Other groups who have evolved along a path similar to ours and created complex highly literate and creative civilizations have often done so through different adaptations. By consciously adding this mutation in a very limited way we can test its adaptability within our own group. Is there a significant affect one way or another? Keep it limited and keep it localized. It may help to even out some rough spots in our makeup, it may make things worse or create problems where none had existed before. So very limited.

        Doing this with less developed civilizations would be foolish. We domesticated our population by killing off those who were unwilling or unable to adapt to the change and direction of our overall group preferences. 3rd world migration is restocking our civilization with the very types of people we had killed off eons ago. With this group we don’t vary horizontally and we don’t average up.

      • It’s hard to make the case for immigration on the basis of advantage to the native population.
        And what other advantage should matter?

      • 3g4me, very good elucidation of your ideas and position on the subject. It advances the discussion, and thank you for it.

    • Although IQ is a very good tool of measurement, it is a limited one, as any good tool is. Just as a ruler is very useful for what it is designed to measure but isn’t much help in assessing a distance in microns. We have an old saying in my profession: when all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.
      IQ measures certain cognitive abilities but is not comprehensive, and many of those abilities such as creativity are not easy to empirically quantify mathematically. IQ is very important but other Biological Traits of Occidentals led to our great advancements, but also to the decimation of our gene pool in the two great wars of the 20th century.
      We can still revive our culture and our race from the kernel of strong stock remaining by coming together intellectually, spiritually and geographically. We can build something far greater than the culture that self-destructed by analyzing what led to success and what led to failure.
      If we go down that path, no other race will stand a chance in keeping up with us.

    • Those are some long winded articles but I think what they’re getting at is the Chinese tendency to treat everyday as exactly as the day before will be as rigid as cement when fed into a machine, thus making the Chinese managerial process, as bad as it already is, even worse.

      Worth noting that working against all this is that Chinese society is very clannish. This is something authoritarian rule actually makes worse, not better since clans are the only method people have to defend themselves in such an environment. It sounds silly to say something like “the tighter they squeeze, the more control they lose”, but that’s basically what it is. We’re arguably more machine-like in many ways in our daily lives in the west than they are in China since we can depend on our governmental structures to carry us through the day, whereas in China they cannot even trust the stop-lights.

  36. China is China because it’s people are Chinese. While their apotheosis is something many in the West study and admire in the form of Lao-Tze, Sun-Tze, and Confucius, the genetic stock and culture that created those minds was wiped out, and if it exists anywhere it’s in Formosa.

    Mainland China consists of slave people: they resemble insects more than humans. Autonomy is not valued in China, and autonomy is absolutely one of the prerequisites for greatness of spirit, both at an individual level and societal.

    • Agreed. This is where Buddhism/Taoism leads. Autonomy isn’t valued when the prevailing religion requires becoming One with the Cosmos. Even for Asian agnostics, the Taoist worldview governs.

      • There’s also an Orientalist fatalism to those faiths – Islam calls it inshallah – Allah wills it. Go with the Great Flow, don’t make waves, what’s going to happen will happen. Same guys who wage jihad, go figure. YMMV by sect, I guess.

        It might be a matter of losing meaning in translation, but judging from what I read in Western languages about Eastern philosophy, a lot of it seems like circular, self-referential bafffle-gab and Potemkin profundity. “All is Nothingness, Nothing is the Ultimate Being” type sh*t.

        Maybe I’m a Phillistine but it seems to me there’s a lot more “there there” when debating Western philosophy and theology while grasping Asian philosophy and metaphysics is like trying to hold water in your fist.

        • Exile:
          Without getting into granular details, perhaps I can clarify matters for you. Any religious system should be broken down into it’s exoteric and esoteric components. The core esoterica of the East seemingly originated in India within the Vedic religion, an outgrowth of the Aryan migration. This is very similar in essence to the corpus hermetica, the Occidental core (or one of its manifestations) which arose out of Egypt and Greece (and older sources, if Ignatius Donnelly is correct).

          As far as what is actually believed in the far East, it is a strange syncretism of the outer veil of Buddhism or Daoism, with the core being a superstitious materialism. “Plant your rice when the moon rises in the sign of the monkey for a happy prosperous family” (made up example that resembles the depth of their religiosity). There definitely is a fatalism there, however it’s also very superstitious and frankly quite silly.

          To the best of my knowledge, Zen Buddhism in Japan specifically is the only somewhat organic tradition in the East that promotes limited autonomy. It represents a “checking out” of sorts of the rigid hierarchy of Japanese society (virtually no autonomy) to a monastic life (limited bounded autonomy); one of the core revelations being that you are “playing the role” of you in your society, that role being what we now call the ego, or persona, and at anytime you can choose to drop the act and live the life you want. It actually isn’t all that different from gnosticism.

          With regards to your statement “All is nothingness”, if it is rephrased to “the All is no-thing”, then it captures an important key of both Western and Eastern esoterica. The All, the prime mover, the source, whatever you want to call it, is beyond being a thing. The Greeks defined it in the apophatic sense of negation: you can only define God/the All by what it is not. Hegel, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and others grappled with these sorts of questions. Unfortunately, a lot of “new age” crap out there regurgitates and profanes these teachings into vulgar wisdom sayings that sells books and which idiots repeat.

          • The most approachable sources I’ve seen for Eastern trads have been the German philos and Jung, all of whom were attracted to it by the sense of IE-Aryan roots. I know a great deal gets lost in translation. I’ve given Dharma Kirti’s pods a shot to get my head around it but it all comes across as very muddled. I suspect we need a modern Hegel or Heidegger to cast a more Western-intelligible light on this stuff. Cleary who I mention elsewhere in today’s comments does a pretty good job of explaining Being vs. being in that context, FWIW.

          • Jung definitely too understood these things and did a fantastic job of translating them into a western framework of understanding.

            The single best source I have found on these matters is Manly P Hall, whose library Jung borrowed from extensively. He does a wonderful job of explaining layers of symbolism, getting to the heart of the matter.

            The core message he puts out there is that our purpose here is to grow and unfold our potential, whatever it may be, by living according to the unwritten laws of the universe (think hermetic principles, cause and effect, polarity, correspondence). This to me is the answer we in the West have been looking for at the end of the current order, and perhaps even epoch. Most people are scratching their heads wondering what do they do. Unlike a verbose talmudist system of law, this leaves the power of choice with the individual, predicated on responsible and disciplined behavior.

  37. I think the big difference is that non-whites just don’t have the same bone-deep love of freedom and liberty that whites do. Yes, I know that “freedom” and “liberty” are very hard to define, and that the definition changes. But I also know that other people don’t fundamentally value them the way we do.

    The Zman has mentioned the future as an open-air prison. Well, the thought-policing of the J-left, combined with the spy-tech of the Chinese authoritarians (see this, for example doesn’t bode well.

    The fatal flaw with Anglo-Saxon liberties is the willingness to expand its coverage to outsiders, its tendency to racial universalism.

    If we want to have any life worth living, the answer is the same old one: separation, ethnostate.

  38. Yet in Malaysia and other places in Asia, a commercially-minded Chinese minority is happy to lord over and extract from the lowly majority. Singapore too to some extent, although there the Chinese are 75%.

  39. IQ is important in comparing different races, but there are other factors that can explain behavior and achievements. Empathy, time preference, impulsiveness, creativity, high trust vs. low trust, clannishness (Z mentioned this), conformity, flatness of IQ bell curve vs.steepness (more idiots along with more geniuses vs. more closer to average). You’d think serious people would look into these things before embarking on this grand multicultural experiment.

    • You’d think serious people would look into these things before embarking on this grand multicultural experiment.
      Oh they did Brother, they want us dead and gone which is why they are importing them as fast as they can…Oh if only Stalin knew…

  40. China today is the same place Marco Polo found seven centuries ago, just decorated with technology appropriated from the West.

    Z-man: I’m glad you write thoroughly argued viewpoints but you have one indispensable sentence like this every day – a sentence that captures the entirety of the argument.

    I just read a good book on “why the West won” and it highlighted the several inventions of the Chinese (e.g. gunpowder) that were never exploited because of their cultural depravity. Technology doesn’t change primitive minds. High IQ is apparently mutually exclusive of high culture.

    When the Great Fracture comes – and it must – our people would do well to give minimal emphasis to IQ and focus on culture. Culture is NOT assessed based on lightness of pigmentation, i.e. Africans and Arabs are bad, Latins are better, Asians are better yet. No, they’re ALL debased cultures, manifestly different from Euro-based (Western) culture.

    • The secret white weapon is community. It is sharing, caring, providing and protecting. Remember the old Norman Rockwell magazine covers? The thanksgiving dinners and so on? They may be a bit cheesy, but try to picture them populated with any other racial or ethnic group. It simply doesn’t compute. Our secret is community, which is why the fentanyl and illegals are imported, and the schools and the churches are pozzed. It’s why our politics and our media are poisoned. To break down our community is to take away our kryptonite. Which tells us what we need to do.

      • Great points. And community means physical collocation, adjacency, which then allows interdependent communities building together in parallel.

        In our generation I think we can still forge community in nearly every state, and several of us are beating the same drum when it comes to community. I do think young folk need to think carefully about where they situate their young families. The 2020 census and post-election data depicting county-by-county vibrancy should be a guiding light.

        Nothing cheesy about Rockwell. Nor Mayberry. I was watching an old 1960s variety show with my kids last night … an amazing venture into who we were before the Great Society kicked into high gear. I know we’re not bringing those times back, but there’s no reason we can’t bring back cultured civilization.

        • Re: the 2020 census.

          I’ve struggled for work the last few years due to a disability, and applied last year to do work-from-home for the census. I’m pretty well-educated (well, very well-educated), but despite that, checking that “disability” box on a job application for the census should at least get me in the door for an interview.

          I’ve reached out to a half-dozen people, some high up in the Bureau, as well as a congressional office who intervened on my behalf. No dice. Whenever I called up to the local office, I basically felt like I needed to know Spanish to communicate with whomever answered the phone. This happened 10, 12 times, so the Spanish-speaker wasn’t an outlier. Maybe they thought I was trying to infiltrate on behalf of some conservative group, I don’t know. But I don’t think they’re that clever. They just hear an Anglo voice and see an Anglo name on the application (which took two hours to complete, by the way, so I’m wondering how the morons get through the gates) and just toss your file in the garbage.

          I’m pretty confident that the census is going to return data that *should* redpill any remaining conscious Americans. It’s not for white people. Hoping that they go too far in pushing that data — wouldn’t surprise me — but I don’t think (at least in blue states) that the Census (and by extension, our country) belongs to us any longer. It’s under the control of someone else.

          • Same experience for me with the census. There were flyers all over town about jobs, jobs, jobs working on the census. So I applied to see if I could make some additional money. I didn’t hear anything for months. Then I got an email that said they’ve filled all the positions they need right now, but next year there will be more hiring. Somehow I’m not optimistic.

          • Agreed, that’s why Trumps Admin was so desperate to try and make sure the Census wasn’t accurate.

            If anything, all Americans should want to see reality instead of trying to suppress facts.

      • The secret white weapon is community…
        That’s a part of it Brother but I think God is what made it possible for the West to be what it is today and the reason why the west is failing because it turned it’s back on God…

        • Yes, another piece of it, it all goes together and reinforces each other. From family, to neighborhood, to town, to state, to country. It’s all about pulling together and looking out for each other, and doing so in a way that honors what God expects of us, and owning and living those expectations, rather than shunning and rejecting them.

          It’s interesting to me that other people in other parts of the world attempt to establish their own communities, honoring their own ways, and they all get pulled apart by politics, smash and grab tactics, and the love of the almighty money, in the end. Our own American black community was well on its way to establishing itself largely in a separate and constructive way, until LBJ and the “Great Society” set out to pull it all apart by buying people off, in the name of attracting votes for the Democrats.

          From what I know of North and West Africa, the Chinese investment there is going to obliterate the vestiges of community in those places.

          • There might be more to see here as well. I’m reminded of James Watson’s remarks that Africa (in particular) would not be likely to develop beyond a certain point. The bugmen who staff NGOs still refer to poorer nations as “developing” countries but if Watson is right this may be like talking about a 17 year old with genetic dwarfism as “growing”. Even India and China themselves are still quite wretched places to live outside of wealthy urban neighborhoods. The conclusion we may have to draw from this is that much of the third world (or whatever the poz term is today) will never produce much more than babies. These babies will then be exported all over the world thus lowering average IQ and living standards until the whole planet undergoes a kind of economic and societal heat death where there’s just uniform poverty and stupidity everywhere. Then no one will have any incentive to migrate anywhere.

            The Chinese are cynical, smart, and in spite of being commies, are not really pozzed at all. They may simply be attempting a re-colonization of Africa now that the old European powers have been driven out. If this is the case perhaps we should applaud them or at least watch carefully and try to learn from them.

            Africa under Chinese tyranny won’t be a fun place to live but it also probably won’t be as chaotic and violent as it is now and won’t be sending “refugees” to be welcomed into the West by the cat ladies. This may be a model for how we will have to act to prevent Sweden and Uganda from eventually being the same.

          • Agree with much of what you said, but it would be a modified colonialism. I seriously doubt the Chinese have any interest in black Africans as workers. “Too stupid and lazy,” they would say. After all, there is an excess of Chinese already. What the Chinese really want are the natural resources, and lebensraum.

            In fact, I think the Chinese would cheerfully genocide the entirety of Africa, if they thought they could get away with it. The short story “Seven Kill Tiger” may or may not be scientifically plausible (I am not qualified to evaluate), but I have little doubt the Chicoms would do it, if they could.

            The story can be read in its entirety without charge as part of the free preview on Amazon. It’s in the anthology “There Will be War: Vol X” edited by Jerry Pournelle.

        • It’s ok 2b white.

          Tit for tat works better than “community” when you are playing against ruthless people – strangers, foreign cultures who may not be charitable and kind. Otherwise cheaters Will prosper and nice guys finish last.

        • Scripture contains so many “one another’s”. Note that instruction is directed at the Body of believers. Service, charity and sacrificing is part of the individual’s daily walk as we are called to love our neighbors. So let’s build our future neighborhoods.

      • I did not want to comment based on Christian values, but you kind of come close. What separates European grandeur from China and Israel? The answer is obvious and the only thing I could come up with. There’s more to Christendom than religious practice, etc. We abandoned it, and by the way, a certain religious leader warned us about The Pill. Now we’re whining about being outnumbered. Flack coming in 3…2….1…

        • See? This is why in still a comparative “normie”. My Celtic and Germanic ancestors were terrifying. If they were immigrating to our communities we would have built a wall and staffed it with machine gun nests: human sacrifice, predatory, interminable civil wars, ritual bestiality no less in some cases. They had some cool stories and built some slick boats but that’s about it. God raised us up out of that. And if you read the Venerable Bede it took so long, so very long. If God and Christ are real and true, that’s step one for anything else.

          • Remember City Slickers? “Find that One Thing in life,” said Curly. We did find it, but grew tired of it, or stopped learning about it altogether in our fatness.

          • Without the infusion of Greco-Roman and European paganism, Christianity would bear little resemblance to what you know as Christian today, or historically. Dante didn’t make Virgil his guide for no reason – he did it in tribute to the Classical tradition he knew to be one of legs of the stool his faith stood on.



          • Quite so. Though it buggers modern day Protestants to no end.

            The fact is the early Churchmen revered Plato, Aristotle and the Roman authors like Virgil.

            And we owe our system of justice, art and logic to the ancient Greeks and Romans as well. For none of that came from the Jews who had none of their own.

          • It’s also perhaps no accident that’s why Christianity spread west. Don’t overstate the case though, to this day the OT law influenced our legal code and the Jews had reasoning and art as well.

            I’ve been in renaissance churches where the names of pagan Greek and Roman philosophers were written on the floor. But they always were viewed as men who presaged Christianity, who had found some natural law.

            The idea that Christianity is some sort of syncretic system with German paganism though is something I’ve been arguing against since college. It’s just not there.

          • Without a foundation of Greek philosophy, the New Testament would be reduced to Jewish mysticism blather.

        • How on earth did a White baby get included in that painting? Shouldn’t it have been an aborted White fetus in a waste basket, surrounded by fifteen little grinning ninos?

          Alert the Council! Shut. It. Down!

          • Look closer. The turkey in the original painting has been replaced with a loaf of bread. The white baby is lying on the plate. It’s the only meat on the table. It’s being offered as a sacrifice.

        • Betcha a dollar that chick will change her baby’s nappy on the table like some dippy wanks do in San Fran restaurants.

      • What you are describing is high trust, something that only comes from Christian societies. China never had Christianity, and never had the Greco-Roman legal tradition. China has always had an intellectual class, but a thousand years ago, the smart people all wanted to pass exams so they could work for the government, because working for the government was the sure way to get rich. How?

        Through graft and corruption, something that is still widespread today.

        China is where it is today because it convinced the West to prostitute itself for them. China steals every bit of IP it can get its hands on, and Chinese exchange students are notorious for cheating their asses off in US universities.

        Without the US to leach from, China will revert to their corrupt norm.

    • High IQ matters, but it isn’t sufficient for high civilization. I can’t think of a low-IQ high culture from history, but Z’s given a few good examples of high-IQ civs that still can’t reach critical mass.

      • The steepness of the bell-curve matters. I believe China has a lot of above average IQs, but not many geniuses. So they are smart enough, and hard woking enough, to steal and out-engineer us, but not smart enough to create anything.

        Israel has plenty of geniuses and Zman doesn’t give it enough credit. They took a shithole piece of desert surrounded by 7th century, low IQ, murdering tribes, and turned it into a nuclear power with a functioning democracy. With or without our help, that is success. So much success that they can fight their own damn wars.

        • Without the massive resources and know-how appropriated or outright stolen from Europeans by the diaspora, Israel had it survived at all would be a pale shadow of what it is. Let’s not give them too much credit.

    • Culture. Like biology, is inevitable. Put another way, if you aren’t diligent, you’ll have one.
      Now is the time to take stock, personally, of your own culture. What you swim in, who you influence, how you are influencing them. If you determine that your environment is not conducive to your influence, but antagonistic, then make a way to get out!
      Unity, in one’s and two’s, will establish the foundation we need to weather whatever is coming next. It’s in our DNA. The only question is how painful with that genetic expression have to be for my children. Rebuilding their culture is hard, but rebuilding while fighting for their lives is a possibility I hope to fight against while I’m able.

  41. Z finally writes an optimistic column. I wryly smile because this is optimism in our current situation.

    • It did make me feel strangely good. I’ve read lots of stuff on the Chinese and Jews, but I’ve never read anyone come to the conclusions that Z has. It makes a lot of sense. I think I’ll poke my Chinese friends about it. They’ll get real indignant!

      • So far as internal US politics and power structures are concerned, I don’t think the “Asian threat” is coming from the Chinese so much as it is coming from Indians (and to a lesser extent, Pakistanis). Chinese may have higher IQs on average than Indians, but when you’re talking about “talent pools” that number a billion-plus on each side, even a 1% smart fraction is a huge number (and it’s probably more like 10%).

        I say this because Indians seem generally better at verbal acuity, rules lawyering, “office politics” and generally sucking up and shitting down. Both the Chinese and Indians are nepotistic, but the Indians have it cranked up to 11. (In my engineering grad school days the gossip was about the Yellow vs Brown power struggles going on within Texas Instruments.) If any “Asian” group is going to supplant, or at least power share with, the Jews it will be the Browns and not the Yellows.

        As to the creativity/innovation thing, I don’t know what your Chinese friends are like, but I tend to agree. If I need something done with diligence and attention to detail I am pretty confident giving it to a Chinese (who has a demonstrated track record, that is), but that’s not the first place I’d look for novel or bold ideas.

    • Per capita income is a poor representation of the wealth distribution in a country. Particularly the USA. To wit, give or take a few percent, the top 10% of folk in this country have 80% of the wealth. Look it up.

      When one is hoping that their paycheck does not run out before their monthly bills, does it really console them that Bloomberg is now worth $50B.

      • Changing the US mindset away from “anyone can get rich” and “we are all millionaires just temporarily inconvenienced.” is essential for American maturity.

        It’s also going to be resisted by the greatest coalition of wastrels , grifters, oligarchs and romantics you can imagine.

        Functionally future USA will need be focused around the working and middle with caps on personal wealth .

        If the minimum wage of a working man is $10 an hour, nothing you do is worth more than $250 an hour or so and threats to walk away or go galt will fall on deaf ears. The graveyards are filled with indispensable men.

        • @A. B. Prosper
          “If the minimum wage of a working man is $10 an hour, nothing you do is worth more than $250 an hour or so and threats to walk away or go galt will fall on deaf ears”

          Let me guess, you have multiple credit cards so you can buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have. You have no concept of “spending less than you earn” and investing.

          “we need caps on personal wealth.”
          The common sentiment of a middle management functionary with no creativity and imagination.

          • I live well below my means.

            People rich enough to opt out of their policy preferences (green energy, mass immigration, integration) destroy society for everyone else.

            Like it or not economics in reality is a in part zero sum game these days.

            And as far as income, if you can’t life on 500,000 a year US with tax , investor and foreign ownership reform and low inflation than there is something wrong you.

            More money at any expense to society is the credo of the rootless, amoral carpetbagger.

            Grow some roots, become part of a community and learn to live in a world where you can’t buy your way out of consequences and have to be part of something.

  42. We see this shaking out in what degrees these two groups get. East Asians dominate STEM. Prog Whites are the major force in the humanities.

    We get Asians maintaing the infrastructure for Chinese exploitation, Jews running the culture, Hispanics doing the labor, Whites dying of fentanyl (from China) and Blacks chimping out on whoever they can reach.

    The future is going to suck. I have hope for China just becuase the CCP is so vicious and devious in regards to controlling the technological infrastructure of the future like 5G and gene editing.

    • “East Asians dominate STEM. Prog Whites are the major force in the humanities. ”

      But what about the other topic on hand, the Jews?

    • I have disclosed on here that I work at a fairly high-level in the tech sector with some of the world’s biggest tech companies. I am entirely confident that China will win the tech race and will dominate the world in 50-100 years. The US will continue to dominate global finance until the dollar collapses as the reserve currency, then it will recede into second-tier status, a fate which we well deserve given our many missteps of the past 50 years.

      China has spent the last 30 years constructing a global trade network that procures raw materials resources across the globe, designs and manufactures in China, and ships finished product back across the globe. The US has spent the last 30 years fighting imperial wars of choice on behalf of (((you know who))), strip mining our industrial base, and admitting 50 million foreigners from vastly different cultures as equal citizens. China gets a lot of flack for stomping on its Uyguyr population, but in 50 years China will still be China, while the US will be Mexico Norte.

      BTW, many tech companies offer a microcosmic view of what the future Zman contemplates in this post look like. Asians are moving into the CEO spot at top tech companies (Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, AMD, etc.). And Zman is correct that Asians, especially Indians, are famously insular in hiring and promoting, so this trend will continue.

      But no worries, our ruling class will make a deliberate assessment of the situation and conclude that the US needs more immigration and maybe a war with Iran. That’ll fix everything.

      • I am entirely confident that China will win the tech race and will dominate the world in 50-100 years.

        At least until they run short of rice and fuel.

      • Yeah sure, they have that whole dominate technology, trade, and finance thing going for them, but what are they doing to celebrate trans-gendered persons of minority status? The fools! They’ll never be as progressive as university-educated white kids!

        • “persons of minority status?”

          I think all whites should check either the “Native American” or “African-American” box on forms and surveys. The first out of deliberate misunderstanding (or if you prefer: “I stand with Liz!”), and the second because “I believe in the Out of Africa hypothesis — because I believe in SCIENCE! So of course my heritage is African.” (I really think this is why the fascination with Neanderthal DNA — people are so sick of the various African problems that they devoutly want to set themselves apart by any means.)

          We should ALL be permanent victims. (We should NEVER actually believe that we are victims, but why not simultaneously confuse the issue, gum up the works, and maybe get back of some of what was extorted from you.)

          And as I’ve said before, when you allow your culture to be taken over by persons whose central existential mythos is one of eternal victimhood, victimhood narratives are what you get. Truth is, even when you have been made a victim, fetishizing that victimhood is corrosive to the soul. Now sociopaths can make it work for them, to the severe detriment of everyone else, through resentment, paranoia, and spite (and admittedly immense drive and focus), but the point is to not be a sociopath.

        • They also don’t worship the god of the environment and refuse to cut their usage of the carbon that all life depends on. That god will smite them down hard.

      • DAD: You see all this, my son? Generation after generation has contributed hard work, effort, vision, genius, struggle, devotion, careful planning, sometimes even the harsh sacrifices of war… all of it an immense effort to create this, our prosperous homeland, which will be your patrimony, your heritage and inheritance.

        SON: Wow, thanks, Dad.

        DAD: Oh, I nearly forgot. It will also be the patrimony and inheritance of 80 or 90 million foreigners, complete strangers who just showed up recently, who didn’t struggle or work etc, etc, they just filled out some paperwork, or told a clever sob story — and now this great country is theirs, too, every bit as much as ours. More theirs than ours, really, when you think about it. And, there’s plenty more on the way! And most of them hate you! Isn’t that great?

        SON: Um, that sounds kind of… stupid.

        DAD: No, no, it’s who we are, it’s what makes us great, it’s all inscribed here in the Magic Statue Poem which is the law of the land. I know it must be true, because the Magic Poem was written by a wealthy slave-owning Jew.

        SON: Oh, well in THAT case, I’m sure it’ll all work out fine. After all, when have rich, wealthy Jews ever lied to us before? Who knows more about what’s best for America than rich Jews?

        (Curtain. Literally.)

        • Great take. The story of Gen XYZ. I’m ashamed it took me years to see the Con Inc. snow-job in this light. IQ is nice but wisdom is often more useful and comes at a higher empirical price. Unlike the poor Zoomers I had a few years of normal life before the Darkness fell.

      • The key difference at work is that the Chinese ruling class understands that science, technology, and the resources to power them is at the root of economic and military success while the West’s has what I would call a financialized understanding of those things. The idea is that you just go to this mysterious place called “The Market” and buy whatever scientists and technologists you need for the lowest possible price. This is why our elite floods us with Indians and East Asians to do our science “for us”. To them you just pay Pajeet to do your technical work the way you pay Manuel to trim the bushes. It never occurs to them that fucking over one’s native smart people by importing cheap cognitive labor might not be the best idea or that many of those foreigners don’t have the “me, me, me” stupid in-duh-vidualism of suburban whites. They don’t get that Indians, Chinese, and really everyone on the planet who hasn’t been watching (((American))) TV for the last 40 years think more in terms of succeeding through a “me and us” strategy.

        This “a-physical” or financialized understanding of things has worked for the West’s elite because they still have capital to burn. The real problems begin when your human slaves start forming ethnically based cliques and working against you and you find that the energy and resources you need to power your society can’t be bought at ANY price anymore. Here’s a video about how the world’s supply of copper isn’t going to be enough to fuel Chinese industrialization There’s a similar crisis brewing even sooner with rare earth elements that are essential to high tech. The Chinese elite, schooled mostly in engineering and science, are well aware of this and will be moving to mine the asteroid belt as soon as possible. Our elite likes to talk about that too but ultimately “The Plan” will be something completely idiotic like “we’ll just buy copper from the Chinese space mines”. They don’t think or don’t care that ultimately the dollar will be backed by precisely nothing of value and even the Africans won’t take it. The West’s own elite is its greatest enemy now.

  43. Great column!

    To assume, as many IQ absolutists do, that their mental firepower will be enough, is to miss the forest for the trees. Clearly, there is something else to it, as China should have dominated the world a long time ago, if IQ was as determinant as some claim.

    Just so. Show us the Nobels or GTFO.

    • So IQ doesn’t matter now?

      China hasnt “dominated” because they are not hell bent on exploitation. That is why Africa loves them.

        • Don’t feed him. We’re having a troll outbreak these days and their strategy is to clog up the threads.

          • When you beat the trolls hard enough – sooner or later they explode and go away.


            I say this from experience.

          • Carlsdad, I value reading your comments. But I think you aren’t focusing on the main point here…our goal is to bring sound people, who didn’t think outside the bubble before, to our side of seeing things. An angry contentious comment section doesn’t get us there. Immediately identifying and then ignoring the troll, and discussing what matters, can get us there. TimNY

          • Perhaps a troll, perhaps not. IQ as I understand it in such discussion—say West vs East, was never that it was a “sufficient” condition, but a “necessary” one. As Z-man points out, China anecdotes are often brought up as proof. Seems they can do quite well copying (stealing) Western tech, but the creation of such is another matter and currently in debate.

            I’ve worked with faculty who have long collaborated with Chinese and Japanese faculty on joint research. They seemed quite pleased with the collaboration. If it were one-sided, I doubt it would have continued.

            One thing we tend to overlook is the newness of a capitalist reward process on the Chinese system. “To be rich is glorious” is only about 30 years old. I’d say the results are not in yet wrt to innovation and creation.

            I’m more concerned with our oligarchs not selling America down the river in search for another few billion in social capital sales.

          • IQ doesn’t exist until WW1 when the US army used it to classify inductees, blew up in WW2 to avoid combat from then thru Vietnam, was mortally wounded by diversity below and clever sillies from above (think- economists) and is discredited by real life. IQ will not be a metric in 100 years. In any case our problem is we lost our balls, but their dropping back. Nature was for a time banished but he returns.

            Anyone who’s been to Asia is not impressed once you get out of the hotel/expat zone.

          • IQ is as important as ever and will continue to be as the science solidifies. But oddly, you are correct, it may not be a metric as we know it in a few years. Look for direct measure via brain scans and genetic analysis replacing paper and pencil estimates.

      • They are not HELL BENT ON EXPLOITATION!?!?!? Are you living in reality? WTF? I don’t mind an occasional troll from you guys but when you troll, please show some intelligence….

      • LOL.

        So you’re saying if the smooth talkers convince you to allow a little anal buggery – and you grow to like it……. it’s not exploitation?

    • It’s ok 2b white.

      It also takes other qualities besides smarts in order to be successful. Termperment, charm, likability, empathy, confidence, attractive, risk taking, honesty, chemistry.

  44. That poor sap in China being interrorgated and humiliated in China is a good insight for us.
    I recommend watching some based Youtube channels like Serpentza ( a white South African) living in China.
    I think China’s clamping down may force him out of the country, if he’s lucky.

    We western caucasians are going to have to relearn what it is that brought us so high. Of course now may
    be too late because idiocracy may have taken too strong a hold on us. Asian IQ in Japan was also a big thing
    talked about in the 80’s. The future looked yellow then, also. Now not so much.

    • Stand still dont make any sudden movements and try not scare those chickens coming home to roost.

      • How come “chickens coming home to roost” never applies to what allegedly happened to a particular group from 1942-45?

      • What are you talking about? You want us to send in the Japanese again to take care of the Chinese? Unit 731 redux? They weren’t talking about chickens back then.

    • Think about the chair itself for a second. Somebody had to design that chair. And then teams of people had to put it into production. Imagine what kind of mindset lies behind all that.

      • Odds that it involved “design and build this chair or we will take you out back and shoot you”?

      • Admittedly, that’s an ugly, disturbing thought about the chair. On the other hand, what if the person being restrained was a truly dangerous, evil enemy of all humanity? I mean…Hannibal Lecter? Josef Stalin? Mao Zedong? … Hillary *Clinton*? (Rimshot and ta-da boom!)

    • I’ve met some White South Africans that fled to Cambodia and these people are seriously based on race. I watch Serpentza also and even though he doesn’t speak much on politics I’m sure he’s on the right side of the issue.

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