No More Weirdos

A couple of weeks back, National Review was doing one of its ritual denunciations of the Four Bads. Those are the things our betters have declared to be the worst things possible for anyone to allow into their minds. They are racism, sexism, homophobism and, of course antisemitism. These are the mortal sins of the current age. Someone calling himself Zachery Evans posted this column about the alleged rise in antisemitism in Brooklyn. Supposedly it is on the rise over the last year.

Now, it has to be mentioned that the writer is not an American. He is an Israeli whose bio states he is a “veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and a trained violist.” It’s hard not to suspect that this person is a Hasbara operative. His lack of a social media presence is a bit suspicious. That and these writers go heavy on the networking, hoping to climb the media ladder. This guy is probably on the payroll of a pro-Israel, white box content operation that places material in sites like NRO.

Putting that aside, the column comes with a picture of a young fellow in the typical outfit of the super-orthodox Jews. They dress a lot like the Amish, except for the long curls of hair and the tassels. There are variations on the costumes. Some wear enormous fur cylinders on their heads. Others wear different headgear. Presumably these things all have meaning inside the cult. These outfits are both a tradition and a way to separate themselves from everyone else.

The use of costumes as a form of self-ghettoization is not exclusive to the super-orthodox Jews. Black American cults have used the uniform as a form of separation from the main. The Black Panthers are the most obvious example. The Nation of Islam and their bow ties are another. The Black Hebrew Israelites, who have been in the news of late, dress in white robes and white head dresses. The point of these outfits is both recognition and separation. They are not us.

Now, the article itself is reasonable about the harassment of these super-orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. The media likes to say it is due to white nationalism or the rise of the KKK or something, but that’s insane nonsense. The real issue, one the writer alludes to in his piece, is the local blacks and now the imported Muslims. Blacks have never liked Jews in general and they really don’t like the ones in funny outfits. They see these people as just another gang, one they can easily push around.

Then there are the imported Muslims. Since 9/11, the United States has responded to the threat of Islamic terrorism by scouring the earth for Muslims of every sort to import into the country. The theory is that by importing tens of millions of Muslims from places the American military has bombed for decades, the miasma that is causing Muslims to commit terrorism will dissipate. It’s lunacy, but the result is places like New York City suddenly have a new class of weird foreigner.

Inevitably, these various weirdos, imported and domestic, will not only agitate against the main, but begin to attack one another. The old rule of diversity plus proximity equaling violence is what you see in that NR story. It is one non-white tribe of outsiders attacking a different tribe of outsiders. The only role white people play in this at all is in the madness of importing these people into the country. Otherwise, this problem is not a white people problem. It is a diversity problem.

A fundamental axiom of group dynamics is that you get rid of the people who cause disharmony in the group. The people who stir up trouble, don’t fit in or simply cannot behave themselves, are removed. This leaves the like-minded to get along with one another with the minimum of friction. In the current age, this has been turned on its head so the opposite is the goal. Our rulers import weirdos from all over the globe and put them in close proximity with us and one another.

If one were to sum up the demands of the populists in every country of the West, it would be “no more weirdos.” If every mainstream political party of the West, even just one major party in each country, embraced this simple dictum, most of the populist unrest would subside. The native populations are simply tired of having to make excuses and accommodations for the foreign weirdos. People are simply exhausted from having to tolerate these people and their weirdness.

Think about it. Imagine if these fur cylinder guys were packed up and sent back to Eastern Europe of Israel. On a different plane were the various brands of Islam imported over the last decades. That alone would make the tri-state area more livable for actual Americans. No more disputes with the orthodox Jews trying to take over local neighborhoods. No more Muslims trying to blow themselves up in public. Two big problems would go away for the people of the region.

It’s not that these people are hated. Most Americans have no idea why the orthodox walk around with giant fur cylinders on their heads. They don’t understand anything about Islam. They don’t want to know. They should not have to know. These are foreign to a Western nation in general and very foreign to America in particular. There is no reason to have these foreign people here. They are weird and they will never fit in with the rest of us. It is immoral to demand we accommodate them.

That is what makes the simplicity of the “no more weirdos” idea so beautiful. It does not tax anyone, by requiring anything from them. They are free to be themselves, in all their weirdness, just not here around us. If the fur cylinder guys want to parade around Tel Aviv, best of luck to them. If Mohamed wants to pray in public, let him do that in a Muslim land. If Mr. Abdillahi wants to do whatever it is, he does in Somali, as long as he does it in Somalia and not Maine, no one needs to care.

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273 thoughts on “No More Weirdos

  1. Re: “The people who stir up trouble, don’t fit in or simply cannot behave themselves, are removed. This leaves the like-minded to get along with one another with the minimum of friction. In the current age, this has been turned on its head so the opposite is the goal. Our rulers import weirdos from all over the globe and put them in close proximity with us and one another.”

    That’s not a bug, that’s a feature – of the globalist ruling class attack upon the West, including the U.S. Societies with a high degree of trust and social cohesion, which have been termed by some scholars as “high trust, high IQ” societies, do not serve the needs and agenda of our globalist would-be overlords.

    The globalist ruling class much prefer societies in which individual westerners – Americans, Frenchmen, Englishmen, Dutchmen, Danes, etc. – feel isolated, atomized, alienated from the countries in which they were born, and suspicious and fearful of their new neighbors. Once enough people have been so traumatized, the thinking goes, they will be more open to the idea of a strong, centralized supra-national government to keep order. Today, the EU, tomorrow the world, something along those lines.

  2. The race mixing on commercials has reached absurd levels. Always prominently featuring black male /white female combinations.

    Or whites are portrayed as bumbling simpletons with the noble negro bailing them out every time. Why this obvious ” in your face ” agenda isn’t called out more often ? I have no idea 🙁

    • It’s unbearable! Like others here have said, you’d think we live in a majority black country based on the demographics of the TV ads. Gross. The bottom of the barrel, elevated as the popular in our dying, degenerate culture. Very sad and nauseating.

      • I’ve been watching a lot of commercial compilations from the early 80’s. 95% Pozz-free. Inside the lifetime of nearly everyone reading this, this country’s been taken to the taxidermist.

    • If these people can be deceptive, dishonest and manipulative in portraying life in America, why would you trust them to be fair and honest enough to buy their products? Black men make better mates and Acme soap makes your hands cleaner? I’d prefer brand X.

  3. Joe Biden (Feb 2015): “Not only are Muslim communities but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities, and the wave still continues. It’s not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things I think we can be most proud of.

    “So there’s a second thing in that black box. An unrelenting stream of immigration, non-stop, non-stop. Folks like me who were Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America, absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.”

    Very tangentially, Dana Perino on Fox is a goy pet of those with cylinder hats and their prosperous military contractors. She’s very much an establishment girl, always using her platform to encourage jewish wars. In spite of people like Dana Perino saying Joe Biden has been the front-runner since the beginning (an obvious lie on behalf of the establishment), she continues to tout Biden as the front-runner, though recently she conceded (with wavering later on) that Bernie Sanders is battling for a front position, when he’s probably been that or close to that all along, he and Elizabeth Warren, the socialists. The elite don’t realize how much their subjects realize they are declining in terms of social mobility and worth, so they continue talking garbage like Joe Biden is capable of being the Democrats’ candidate. And he may just do that, just like the establishment wanted so badly for Hillary to win even though they were barely able to drag that hag across the finish line. Joe Biden is a progressive and is in love with the white replacement program, hear him here (same as above):

    To him, replacing white people is one of the things he can be proud of and he’s happy about the prospect of whites being a minority in America. Sick. Has there ever been a culture where the leaders are against their own people like this?

  4. Sitting in a major city airport terminal. GD what happened to my culture, country and civilization???

  5. I remember when it was all the rage with Shitlibs to go seek out the weirdo’s restaurant and glorify its wretched cuisine. When I was living in LA, Ethiopian food was popular with the hipsters. My running joke to them was always, “have you ever had Ethiopian food?”…crickets, or no response…”well neither have they!” Hahaha. Well the hipsters screwed that up when they started saying yes, we’ve had it on Fairfax.

    Ethiopian food consists of piles of brown gruel stew, heavily spiced and served on top of a sour, buckwheat pancake and eaten without utensils. It’s revolting and utterly devoid of sophistication. No wonder these people starved for generations with food like that. Feeding Africans is about the cruelest joke anyway. Cool, we fed Abdullah to keep him from starving. Now he can have 11 children who will starve. Gotta love dem’ programs.

  6. The USA is done. A great war is coming and there does not seem to be anyway to avoid it.

    As private school teacher, I can talk to my students and try to inoculate them against the craziness they will be subjected to at the next level. I often tell them that the best way “to help the poor” is to not become one of them. They understand that concept almost immediately.

    Well, the USA can no longer be the “city on the hill” or the “beacon to others” after it has become a third world shit hole also. And don’t pretend we are not already speeding down that road and will arrive there before all who are reading this have passed on to their reward.

    The question becomes; what will we do. The State is our biggest enemy and is importing their new foot soldiers by the boatload. What will we do?

    • The only way out Mark, is secession. We can’t vote our way out. Not likely we can fight our way out, witness the gun confiscation in VA. Some kind of secession, hopefully de facto, or some legal mechanism. Maybe this time Lee defeats Lincoln.

    • Good to hear you’re involved in private schooling. That’s a lot of the future.

      The U in USA is due for retirement but it’s a return to what we were supposed to be, contra Lincoln and our Second Founding mythology. Fortunately in modern circumstances we may have a few decades to loosen Big Nanny’s apron strings w8thout existential security issues. Providentially Union may have served us better than the original founding ideals to defend Us in an era of great game politics but now that we are the sole remaining superpower it’s time for us to return like Cincinnatus to the plow to something more human and sustainable

    • The problem is not as daunting as it appears. The number of people that created this mess is relatively small compared to the population as a whole. That is where the disease lies and a focused remedy can be both quick and highly effective. The solution will flow from the dictum of “smarter, not harder.” Cowards, bullies, and tyrants are all cut from the same cloth, and they will not be missed.

      • You really think a bunch of individuals can take on the collective??? I hate to burst your bubble but take a look at history and see what happens…What you get is a Solzhenitsyn quote…
        And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

  7. The push for assimilation was so great that I cannot speak the language of my grandparents. When visiting the old country my cousins are happy to have me yet mildly annoyed I can’t speak the language of my ancestors or have a greater awareness of it’s customs and history.

    Yet here in this country I must accept all the invasive customs and religion of the invading weirdos. To point out the hypocrisy only brings the usual chorus of racist / phobia garbage.

    Even friends and family get quiet, roll their eyes and give me the ” there he goes again ” look. The propaganda is deep, the great replacement continues and the sheep remain blissfully ignorant to it all.

    Thankfully here on the Z blog I find a bit of solace with my fellow dissidents. Happy New Year

  8. Weirdoes are all around. Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, have bought a huge ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming. Talk about fish out of water. Kinda ruins the place for me. With any luck, the cowboys will explain a few things to them and they’ll go back to L.A. On the other hand, Kanye seems to be on our side. I don’t really know what to make of that.

    • Blacks, no matter how much they may wish, can never really be on our side. The cultural gap is just too great.

      • Non-whites have a strong instinctual commitment to their tribe. Blacks, even more so.

        Even if we let in only the most high IQ, low crime blacks, they or their children would soon be resentful that there was not a greater number of their kind in our country, and would angrily demand more of their tribe.

        Further, they will resent the lack of their kind in the ranks of the most successful, even if they claim to accept IQ differences, and they will blame whites.

        • Reversion to the mean in succeeding generations, along with the cultural changes that occur when pioneering people of a different persuasion invite their friends into the new neighborhood, mean that it will never, ever work out for good, over time.

  9. With the Boomer-Dammerung upon us we need these Neo-Americans.
    Who is going to live in all those retirement communities when the Boomers check out?
    we don’t need to import weirdos, we have plenty home grown idiots right here. We should repatriate the foreign weirdos and throw in our domestically cultivated weirdos for no added charge. This country is a Giant house party that’s gone on while daddy was out of town, when daddy gets home he’s gonna be pissed. Hope I’m alive to see the day.

  10. I’m not sure whether people understand or not that America is no longer America once the white people move out. Sure, the people who move in benefit from the taxes and laws for a while but the community, traditions, trust and sense of purpose are gone. I laugh at the imports who claim that things will be great once the white people are gone. At least the parents of the imports dealt with the horrors of the third world. Their smug children are wholly unprepared for life in New Haiti or New New Delhi. Even more bizarre is that white people get blamed when things become a mess once they leave.

  11. I wish most black Americas would go back to some African country. You know, the ones who whine about da rasis everything is here but won’t leave. If had a campaign for a Congressional seat, one of my slogans would be ‘F diversity already!’. I could probably win on that alone.

  12. Predictably the conversation pretty immediately slipped into Jew hatred. Todays it’s Hassidim. Their sins: different, the hats are weird and they take over neighborhoods because they have audacity to have 10 children. Otherwise they don’t care about the outside world and are forbidden to proselytize.
    There are now more muslims in this country than Jews. Many bring several wives (not officially of course) and have on average probably more than 10 kids. For the first time ever Mohammad became the most popular name here. Muslims are OBLIGATED to kill and maime until everybody converts. They are not plain weirdos. And still they are hardly mentioned on this forum. The focus is always on the Jews.
    If majority of white people in this country mirror this board the future is bleak. Antisemites have always failed and disappeared as people in the course of thousands of years, but they never learn. Because this time it is different/s.

    • I despise Islam and don’t want filthy ragheads in my country. However, have you noticed it is YOUR people(American Jews)who, through the Media/Entertainment/Government Complex shove Muslims(and Multiculturalism in general) and their stupid religion down our throats? That it is YOUR people who are almost single-handedly conducting a coup d’état against a duly elected President? That it is YOUR people, a.k.a, the Neo-Cons, who bang the drums of war the loudest and demand the goyim sacrifice their children on the battlefield in the name of “democracy?” Physician, or should I say Anna, heal thyself.

      • I don’t like saying this, but more and more, I’m beginning to see things your way Carl. Wouldn’t the natural reaction to anti-Caucasianism be anti Semitism?

      • No argument here. A lot of American Jews guilty as charged. But if they were innocent in this department, you would find another reason(s) for your antipathy toward me and mine.

        • Nope, not so Anna. You can’t know that. I’m just returning the antipathy. I think your symptoms are consistent with what the shrinks call a persecution complex.

          Also, I think you’re making a mistake in thinking that when you get your way, and my people are replaced by others, that your people will be treated better than they are now.

          • This. When I grew up in my little patch of America there was ZERO antisemitism. ZERO. I read about the Holocaust and it boggled my mind how anyone could come up with the notion of industrial death camps much less actually implement them. Now, watching the end stages of the murder of what used to be my people’s country and the indisputably central Jewish role in it, now I understand.

            Anna, it’s not all of you. I suspect it is not even most, but consistently wherever you people go, it is ALWAYS some of you. A part of your culture is that of misanthropic hominid plague rats spreading the disease of diversity as protective camouflage so they won’t be the only ones predating on the host. It is a fundamentally unstable pattern.

            This originates from not having your own country (renter’s disease writ civilizationally large) for so very long, of having others possess the control nodes of the foreign (to you) civilizations in which you lived. It was and is natural for you people to want to seize the control nodes (coinage, courts, media, education) so they couldn’t be turned against you. However, once you get them, you don’t run them well for the benefit of everybody merely ensuring your own defense.

            No one wants to be ruled by you people. No one wants you tikkuning their little patch of the olam because your efforts have never improved conditions for anyone other than yourselves. The best solution for everyone is separate states for separate nations, which you people both now have for yourselves (on behalf of my people who played an instrumental and often unlawful role helping to make that happen: you’re welcome) and strenuously work to deny others. So cry me a river about antisemitism.

          • I was very philo-semitic after serious inculcation in college, including studying holocaust literature (consuming propaganda really!), though at least 10-15 years ago I started *noticing* things that contradicted the narrative after living and working in a reality that was not matching up to the 24/7 messaging. But being a high-trust Christian good-white, I rationalized it all, as well as questions about blacks and other races and those narratives. The questioning and making sense of things continued in my everyday reality till this point. I’d say that when my last Jewish employer told me in 2013 that I was born to serve the Jews that I turned the corner for good. Never again.

          • Anti-semitism is noticing how things really work, you don’t censor people who are wrong. You censor people you fear.

        • You’re wrong. This blog is not Stormfront and there are few, if any, commenters here who are natively anti-semitic. However, more and more of the commenters here are starting to Notice, and they don’t like what they see.

          The hearings in the House for the Trump impeachment farce were disasterous optics for Jews. Two separate committees, both chaired by Jews, in which they paraded Jew after Jew after Jew to testify (falsely) against Trump. The fact that Trump is the most openly pro-Jew President in modern history makes this all the more confounding to the Goyim.

          The Jews in Israel had the good sense to dispatch with most of their political left years ago. Jews in America would do well to follow suit.

          • Americans spell apologize with a ‘z’ not an ‘s’. You’ve given yourself away as a foreigner, which frankly makes your statements even more outrageous. Go back from whence you came.

        • Anna, until your people learn to self-reflect on their own role in this supposedly baseless antipathy other races feel toward them, you will remain distrusted and disliked outsiders.

          But you prefer to lay blame than share blame, so 110’s gonna happen.

          • Anna – typical Chosen attitude. You are just another Ashkepath who Jackson-Vanik’d her way into our homeland by trading on our sympathy and now presumes to give us orders and tell us she doesn’t need our sympathy because you think we won’t send you back.

            When your people are looking to get into our countries, you play on our heartstrings like fiddlers. Once you get in, it’s “we will replace you! Stop doing this! Start doing that! Rights for everyone but Whites!”

            You are a Bad Guest, yenta. You must go back.

            Happy Hannukah – now go make aliyah.

          • That’s right, Anna’s here as the Chosen, who will shed light to illuminate us dumb barbarian beasts. Understand this the next time you see her writing about how she “has hope” for jew-goyim relations. It’s not as a peer, it’s as self-selected gods and overlords, those who know better, though they’d be nothing without our creativity and productivity to exploit and deplete and make them rich and powerful at our expense.

    • Maybe if it weren’t Jews who were overwhelmingly the minds behind “Invade the world. Invite the world.”, feminism, gun control, multi-culuralism, diversity, mass immigration policy, that would be a start.

      Don’t want to be disliked? Stop doing things that are bad for the nation. Islam is only a problem as long as we have an immigration policy that keeps importing them. Surpisingly few Jews are anti mass immigration, even of Muslims.

      Muslims in the US are just the cannon fodder of the people running the show — GoodWhites and Jews.

      • See higher: Kentucky Governor welcome mat for new immigrants. Same as all other governors. Are they all Jewish?

        • Anna, why are all of those governors also shameless Judeophiles?

          We can’t help but Notice that everyone who loves Israel also loves opening America’s borders (along with butt-stuff, vulture capitalism and other NuMerican trends).

          Why is that?

        • No, but they’re probably getting lots of donor money from Jews. Jews account for 50% of donations to the Democratic party and 25% of the donations to the Republican party. As I said above, “GoodWhites and Jews.”

    • Polls consistently show Jews hate white Christians more than Muslims and it’s not even close. Obviously neither group should be allowed to come here. The mistakes previously made need to be minimized and limitations on “refugees” is helping.

      It’s for this reason I absolutely celebrate the impeachment. The grotesque, disturbing Semitic visages of the angry, anti-white monsters behind it speak louder than anyone outside that circle of Hell could.

    • Anna, ask anyone who lives in upstate NY about Hasidim and other trad-Jews. I saw this through hanging with a girlfriend & her family for years (we lived in SoCal but traveled there frequently). They’re like Gypsies in terms of DGAF behavior toward other people, crime and anti-social behavior in general. And they push for power harder than “stealth jihad” Muzzies.

      Speaking of Muslims, how is it that despite their greater-than-Jewish numbers, CAIR isn’t doxxing people*, monopolizing the legal bench and bar, media, entertainment, academia or finance? I could do without them here, but running half of the liquor stores and 7-11’s isn’t as threatening to my people as running the government, courts, media, banks and schools.

      The Tommy Robinson Zio-cucked brand of Muslim-only racism allowed to good goys by your people is no longer selling here in America. You overplayed your hand with the Forever Wars. Keep beating that drum for Iran and Syria – it just makes more of us Notice.

      If “this board” is so lost in Hate, why do you continue to Yenta away at us?

      * I remember CAIR’s salad days in the US – they were under Bush II, the Zio-cucked neo-con who ramped up Muslim immigration after your dance troupe did 9-11 and called Islam the RoP. Jewish “civil rights” organizations led the charge for Muslims but they’ve proven unreliabile footsoldiers for (((trickery))) compared to US trannies, gheys and other mystery meats. The whole “stealth jihad” shadow-puppet show was Tribal taqiyya.

    • Sorry I must have missed the persecution of Jews in this country by Catholic dominated media, I’m relatively youngish so you would have to forgive me because by my reckoning I’ve never lived a day in your country when Finance, Hollywood, the Media and both sides of your Kosher Sandwich political system hasn’t ruled their country. I haven’t fought in a war that wasn’t promoted by Zionist NeoCons. I haven’t had a president that didn’t have to grovel to our Jewish overlords, I mean our best friends. I’m glad Z is calling them out as cylinder headed weirdos.
      The Jewish Media has been calling my people inbred white rednecks for decades. Ever since they dragged that Jewish pervert and convicted murderer Leo Frank our of his cell and committed an act of justice that caused the Jewish people to create our good friend and neighbor the ADL. So I apologize to every cylinder headed orthodox scam artist and Judeo-Christian Christian. I apologize to every Christian-Judeo Jew if I hurt their widdle feelings.
      But I do believe the time is coming when dual-citizens of a certain tiny hat variety or even the enormously cylindrical variety should give up this country of theirs and go out into the world and enrich non western countries too.

    • The Super Orthodox are a real pain in the ass. Regular Jews can’t stand them for the most part, because they are so troublesome. You just can’t have a group of people so different from the main and not get conflict. If the Super Orthodox moved out to the country like the Amish, it would be a different issue.

      I don’t want to live in endless conflict. I draw the line at fur cylinders on the head, carrying around magic carpets, loin cloth wearing goatherds from East Africa, etc.

      • ” If the Super Orthodox moved out to the country like the Amish, it would be a different issue.”
        It would be marginally different.
        The Amish eschew Welfare. The Ultra-orthodox make an industry of it. that wouldn’t change. They make nothing that society wants or needs.

  13. OT:Conservatives playing the “Who loves the Jews more?” game again:

    Dance, Goy, dance.

    Funny thing about Soros. Lots of Jews play the “not one of us” card with him, and apparently he’s hated in Israel, but Jews heavily support the same causes Soros funds with his Open Society Foundation.

    Plausible deniability?

  14. I work with some middle class blacks and the subject of movies entertainment came up this holiday season. Several of the blacks were watching HBO’s the Watchman where “white supremists” are the evil villains.
    Also the Tulsa race riots seem to be big in black folklore right now. Pitched by the media of course.
    The point is the leftist usual suspects promoting various “weirdness” now have complete control of most of the entertainment coming out of Hollywood.
    The plot of this show Watchman makes no sense except it’s anti white.
    White male villains seems to be the most important thing about it.
    The normies do not grasp just how much hatred is out there for white and white male Christian civilization.
    Not saying all of Hollywood is completely controlled by the usual suspects but much of what passes for entertainment is now anti white and pro weirdo.
    We won’t win until we address the hostility from the media complex and whom is the money and power behind it.
    And it ain’t The people from Wakanda.

    • Was there a “24” series, ever, in which the Bad People did not turn out to be evil white men (man)?

      • Has there been a movie or TV show in the past 30 years with a black villain, unless he was neutralized by a Magic Negro?

        Has there been a movie or TV show since 9/11 with a Mohammedan villain, unless he was neutralized by a Loyal, Upstanding Mohammedan?

        Dissidents urgently need their own media.

        • I was shocked that the teen drama series The Greenhouse Academy had a Black villain and mostly White protagonists the first season. There were also no LGBT characters at all. Somebody slipped up on their indoctrination quotas. It’s still a terrible, pozzed show, though.

          • Watch the numbers. As blacks become a smaller minority, the adjustments will be made as to their status as oppressor or oppressed. The upside is White America is tuning out the (((pop culture))).

        • Training Day. Black bad cop neutralized by white good cop. Also the first Kingsman movie, which in addition to Samuel L. Jackson’s evil genius being dispatched by white secret agents, featured an obvious President Obama’s head exploding once the white secret agents stopped Samuel L. Jackson.

          That’s all I’ve got for black villains with their own agency not being manipulated by white devils. As for Muslim villians since 9/11, the only franchise I can think of is the Liam Neeson “Taken” series.

      • You miss the point of these shows. The routine villainization of white men is secondary, though inevitable. The purpose is to normalize behavior by the State that would have been unthinkable just a few decades back, “24” was there to normalize torture- and succeeded. The latest head of the CIA proudly supported and personally perpetrated torture. This went unopposed at her Senate confirmation. Chicago PD is there to normalize and humanize the astonishing brutality of the Chicago PD.
        It is no coincidence that in the UK the highest court has decreed that the “Security Services” may legally commit murder,

        This is not accidental.

    • G we will never address it scattered hither and yon which is why I shout from the rooftops to be building Communities…

    • I find it astonishing how no matter how blatant the propaganda is, most normies just don’t see it…Also, when trying to educate people who are right-leaning a lot of them are cool about it until the subject of race realism comes up. When it comes to that, it’s like the powers-that-be have reached right inside their bodies and seized their very souls with an iron grip. Problem is, race is at the root of everything so no matter what else they accept, if they won’t accept that then they just aren’t much help…

      • You can get places using economic arguments against immigration. Housing prices, wages, social security, etc. But ultimately, we don’t want them because they’re not our people.

        I plant seeds using this stuff and they agree. But you are correct, when anything about race comes up they totally enter failure shut down mode. Not sure how to get around it.

  15. Of course no mention is made in the NRO piece about the anti-Semitic “wave-making” machine:


    “In early 2017, a wave of more than 2,000 bomb threats were made against Jewish Community Centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Denmark. Two arrests were made in connection with the threats and Michael Ron David Kadar, a dual American-Israeli citizen, has been convicted.[ He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.”

    These threats are still counted in every Inner Party-endorsed mention of the “rising wave” of anti-Semitic violence.

    No better source than from the Trojan Horse’s mouth:

    Truth Two-fer:

    And yet, these stats were still cited by converso Bill Barr in his recent COINTEL-PRO/pre-crime program rollout, in which Israeli “private sector” spook-shop Caliber and Five-Eyes glowbugs like FusionGPS (of Russiagate fame) and Bellingcat are empowered to do what muh Constitution forbids to US intel.

    They are cited as part of the ADL and $PLC stats whenever they speak to Congress, American law enforcement and media, just one element of their ridiculously overstuffed stat-stocking that counts things like domestic disputes between Aryan Bros and their biker chicks and fistfights between One-Percenter gangs in general as “White Nationalist violence.”

    This shameless puffery and fake news orchestrated with the full connivance of Conservative Inc. should help J-pill every reluctant right-wing normie still willing to grant Zionists the benefit of any doubt. There is no legitimate excuse for this. If it’s not the paramount example of foreign interests “influencing muh democracy,” nothing is.

    Time for choosing, right-wingers. Time to separate sheep from goats. You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.

    Jews, David Cole done told you what gonna happen if you don’t knock off these (((tricks))), but how many of you have the wisdom and guts to listen and to do something to stop the Jig-nats among you?

    • You know Brother most people’s conditioning is so entrenched that they wouldn’t change even if they experienced it first hand…I’ve heard on other sites of people not visiting this site because of all the jewhate on here which is nonsense because I’ve seen very few times where hate for the Jews is even mentioned and it is in response to the hate that is directed at us…It’s sad that people who see what the gov is doing to us can’t see who is directing the show…

      • Amen. Criticism of Jews isn’t hatred. The paranoia and aggression it takes to treat all criticism as hatred is a telling measure of the price Jews have paid for those extra 5-ish verbal IQ points. This is also the source of their propensity for massive “preemptive retaliation” and genocidal threat response, a genetic-cultural-historical feedback loop that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of distrust, resentment and ultimately expulsion, 109 times and counting.

        I hate any person only in reciprocity. We’ve been given due cause, 109 times, but still we seek only separation, not genocide – which would be the actual reciprocal response to what they seek for us.

        It’s up to responsible sane Jews on the right side of their social bell curve to justify that mercy. I genuinely hope they do. The demographic reaper is taking his toll on Jewish ranks regardless, and in genociding Whites, they are killing the last race who would care to preserve them

    • That’s because the Americans that cherish her have been effectively brainwashed into not banding together and standing up for themselves…

      • Lineman nails it. We have been trained from birth to ignore many things that are right in front of our eyes, and to accept as real many things that are simply not so. One must be willing to trust what we see and feel. Our “betters” work 24/7 to distract us from all of this, and to plant false truths. Who are your friends, do they stand for you, are they who you are, and will you throw in together, even as times get tough? The questions answer themselves, if you keep your mind clear.

        • Makes my stomach churn Brother of how many sons and daughters of ours have been slaughtered for a goal of our destruction…I’ve shed many tears over history books showing how many of our peoples bloodlines that are now erased fighting in wars that had no good use for our people…Then of course the righteous rage surfaces for all the Innocent Blood that has been spilled for the never ending thirst of those that hate us and everything good and decent…

    • Great tune. Carefree, trippy feel with marimbas at the end.

      The song also points out a problem with a “No Weirdos” policy. I guess that most Balts did not want the weirdo hippies, the subject of this song, around. How do we adjudicate the “expel weirdos” policy?

      I suggest a system where new arrivals can be rejected by community vote. Votes are weighted by how long a person has lived in the town. I’d love to live in a town where you could reject new arrivals, even if it meant that I would be rejected sometimes.

  16. OT: Two ousted from National Guard over supremacist ties

    Activists uncover links between service members and religious group

    Associated Press

    ATLANTA — Two men have been kicked out of the Army National Guard after liberal activists uncovered their membership in a religious group with white supremacist ties.

    Brandon Trent East told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Alabama National Guard sent him a separation notice on Dec. 14.

    A spokeswoman for the Georgia National Guard said Dalton Woodward is no longer a member. She declined to comment on the terms of Woodward’s separation.

    Woodward didn’t respond to a request for comment left with his friend East.

    Earlier in 2019, the Atlanta Antifacists group published a report saying East and Woodward were leaders of the Norse pagan group Ravensblood Kindred. The group is part of the Asatru Folk Assembly, which researchers say endorses white supremacy.

    Haralson County Sheriff Eddie Mixon earlier forced East to resign as a jailer.

    When the report was published, Woodward was on active duty in Afghanistan.

    Woodward’s unit returned from deployment in June and an investigation into his connections with white supremacy concluded in October.

    The military has struggled in recent years to root out members of white supremacist organizations or sympathizers with white power causes.

    A spokesman for the Alabama National Guard said East has 45 days to contest the findings. East said the Army recommends a general discharge. That’s a step down from a traditional honorable discharge, indicating unacceptable conduct not in accord with military standards.

    East contends he is not a racist, and is just interested in worshiping the way his ancestors did centuries ago.

    “The whole race thing started with me finding Asatru or Odinism or whatever you want to call it and seeing that as a better option than Christianity as a spirituality,” he said.

    East and Woodward attended a 2017 speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer at Auburn University. Photos show the men carrying signs.

    “The existence of our people is not negotiable,” East’s sign read. Woodward’s sign read, “We have a right to exist.”

    Both echo the so-called “14 words” motto popular among white supremacists who say non-white groups are displacing whites.

    “I just went there because at the time I heard he was talking about the recent removal of Confederate monuments. That’s something I wanted to hear,” East said. “And it turned into a something a little worse obviously.”

    Along with his jailer job, East said the resulting attention has cost him other jobs, as well as friends and family members.

    He minimized his contact on social media with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He said he stays away from those that are “Hitler worshipy.”

    • Goes right along with what I’ve said about it’s the good whites that are the real problem…We could make short work of the others if we didn’t have to contend with the suicidal whites that would rather kill their own to virtue signal that they are one of the good ones which won’t save them in the end but I guess will make it so they are eaten last…

    • Jews can be God’s “chosen people” and Hindus can have castes, but whites can’t be secure in their existence and have a future for their children.

      Somehow this is “supremacist”.

    • We’re going to have to adopt their tactics. Get Blacks drummed out for association with Nation of Islam, Black Panthers or Black Hebrews. Get Mexicans drummed out for La Raza associations. Get Jews drummed out for … hahaha, no, the Jews are immune.

  17. Weirdo multiculturalism is how a weak opponent invades and weakens a stronger opponent. There are 2 fronts in this war.

    The first is the intra-civilizational war. Because the naturally evolved symbiotic social structure has steadily rotted away during the past handful of centuries cultural institutions that maintained that order now exist in name only. Groups within have decayed into economic units competing in the same arena with the primary rule being winner take all. Since the new economic rulers are in direct competition with everyone else they need mercenaries to keep everyone else at bay: a well socially conditioned Middle Class. That didn’t work out well enough so our rulers have imported bioweapons in the form of a weirdo army. We are now at the mercy of a High-Low coalition. “Git YT and youz kin has hes sheet.”

    The second front is a multi-front war of the weirdos vs what was once called Christendom:

    The old WASPs hired the little hat people to wage war against whites largely from the continent and that other Brit Isle. The little hat people used the darkies to destroy white communities and atomized them into the burbs. The Wasps lost the very foundation upon which their power and wealth depended upon… So the Little Hats simply took over and cucked the WASPs.

    2nd and 3rd tier management and professionals are being replaced by East Asians and Indians because you know…NAZIs.

    The working class no habla + NAZIs so bye…

    Blacks are the demigods until YT is done for then Blacks will be of zero use to anyone and they will cease to exist.

    We have the numbers to end this. Unfortunately whites are still fractious and battling amongst themselves. More and more are beginning to get it. When that translates into action who knows. Hopefully not too long because for every awakened white there’s a white who thinks it’s no longer worth the fight.

  18. the ‘weirdos’ are imported for one reason: stir up trouble so the ‘importers’ can then rush in and ‘cure’ the problem they, themselves, caused. that it will take more of our money and less freedom for us to achieve ‘desirable results’ goes without saying because it is so ‘normal’ for this to take place.

  19. Could everyone please stop using the fake word “gay” for homosexuals? It’s a perfectly serviceable word for people having a good time. Mortality tables, disease vectors, suicides and other statistics tell us homosexuals aren’t (although NAHALT). Let’s respect our language: The word “gay” for homosexuals is propaganda; it was imposed by their lobby starting in the early 1970’s.

    • Your post reminds me of two other linguistic victories by our enemies.

      “Affirmative action” instead of ‘racial discrimination against whites” is an amazing verbal sleight of hand.

      “Anti-Semitism” conceals the population in question in a crowd of Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians and Phoenicians.

    • “The Good Ole Song” at the University of Virginia dates back to around 1895. The football fans sing the song after every UVA touchdown. In part the lyrics are:

      “We come from old Virginia, where all is bright and gay,
      Let’s all join hands and give a yell for the dear old UVA.”

      After the word “gay,” thousands of fans will chant “Not Gay.” This infuriates the cultural Marxists who run the University. Lately, they have started a propaganda campaign to tamp down on this spontaneous outburst of truth.

      Before the game, on the jumbotron screen, they run a series of recorded statements from top administrators and coaches and star athletes. Each personality gets 10 seconds to announce their support for “diversity and inclusion” and to denounce hurtful rhetoric and to say why they think “Not Gay” is not “who we are at UVA.” So far, however, the chant goes on.

      • Eventually students will be id’d with facial recognition tech and hauled before kangaroo courts for heresy. Non- students will be banned and trespassed from the stadium.

  20. Everyone kept begging Zman for ‘a solution’ – then shazam! He delivers. It’s a Festivas miracle…

  21. It has to get worse before it can get better. The elites that rule over us live in isolation of the consequences of the policies they impose on everyone else. The cynical reason for the diversity forced upon the untermenchen is that it weakens social trust within dirt people communities and partially (they think) offsets the firearm disparity. IOW, they expect us to war among ourselves rather than focus on the power players behind this insanity. The fish rots from the head, that is where the remedy lies.

    • The one thing this new year I wish people would realize is the need for Community…That way whatever the future holds good or bad we can face it together with Brothers on our right and left and the women,elderly, and young holding the fort in the rear…

      • Agreed, but community is about shared defense primarily. The rot must be attacked using a different paradigm. The Deep State is well prepared to suppress a grassroots or militia-based revolution. But in the age of technology, the invisible man can be an effective antidote to tyranny.

        • Your missing what Community is all about TomA and an individual might be able to throw sand in the gears but will never be able to get rid of the machine…That will take a collective action…

      • It begins and ends with community. With it, we can’t lose. Without it, we can’t win. Simple as that.

    • A housing project in every Cloud zip code, and an underclass black scholarship for every Cloudie private school. Thats my kind of diversity.

      • Minneapolis has voted to end single-family-only housing codes and they are trying to do the same in Oregon.

        This is a YUGE opportunity for Our Thing partisans to introduce the concept of Skin-In-The-Game to virtue signalers by developing multifamily housing in the leftie’s own backyard and renting them out to Section 8 tenants.

        At a profit!

        Diversity is our Strength!

        • Slumlording in the blue zip codes. Doing good while doin right! Next we need a scholarship fund for poor blacks to attend Cloudie’s private schools. We can pay Sharpton to lead protests at the schools until they adopt inclusive admission policies.

  22. I know some fundamentalists who fit right in with those weirdos. The difference is that they look like us. And where would you send them?

  23. Too late. The country will be majority minority in a few decades. Quite soon, we will be the weirdos.

    • A minor quibble, but the country will be majority minority within one decade or less. We will see fifty million enter first year following federal government proclamation of open borders and god knows the mayhem to follow that. Yes, the feds and states will be completely overwhelmed, but they are overwhelmed today yet still espouse the importation of additional weirdos.

  24. To me, multiculturalism is just the the Left’s newest murder machine after communism. Crafted by the same people, with the same purpose.

    Communism killed 100 million people. To me, the only open question about multiculturalism is: will multiculturalism kill more or less than that?

    Except for the fanatics, people now know that communism doesn’t work. And in 100 years, most people will know that multiculturalism doesn’t work. But I feel like that lesson lies on the other side of a huge mountain of corpses.

    • Absolutely. There has been no genetic mutation in the last 100 years so communist is still communist and immigration is the new Red Army. They even do not hide it. I always wondered, why after 100 million deaths, people in the West call them “snowflakes” . Lot of Eastern Europeans think that senator McCarthy was the greatest American ever lived. He understood the white liberal communist problem and fought back alone. One god advise also. There were no public schools or TV in the 1789 France or in the 1917 in Russia. So forget popular myth like brainwashing or culture. Communism is very much genetic.

    • It is not “the Left.” It is not “Communism.” It is a specific ethnic group attacking another ethnic group aided by a mercenary army of white traitors.

  25. Reminds me of the Balkan mess throughout the 20th century. When borders don’t match ethnic nations–when you’ve got two ethnies within one country, or one ethny across two countries–you’re in for a disaster.

    The nightmare thing is, the leftists are deliberately trying to recreate the conditions that led to World War I. Only psychopaths would do something like that.

    The key is borders. The recipe for peace is: one ethny per bordered country. But They don’t want peace. That’s why destroying borders is one of their top priorities.

    • Those psychopaths worry that somehow, somewhere, we are living happy lives in safe spaces, and that just can’t be allowed. Kind of like Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch story. (When you watch that thing, written by a Jew by the way, with a Noticing eye, all sorts of creepy stuff simply jumps off the screen at you. It’s like the flip side of the Peanuts Christmas story, which simply and naively walks through its paces spouting the old school White kid version of things).

  26. I wonder if we of the dissident right should take a page from the playbook of the orthodox and adapt a characteristic garb or habit? We could wear muscle shirts or cutoffs. Perhaps in conjunction with the shaving of one side of the head or Mohawks. I myself, as a well heeled patriot, am going to start donning a large golden Thor’s hammer pendant earring in the left lobe. We need a means by which we can know one another in a crowd.

  27. When do we get to the point that it’s worth sacrificing everything to speak out? Your job; your family; your very freedom, if the fellow in Iowa is any evidence. Not yet, despite the clear threat to our future. So we will never speak out. We will secede. The Mountain West beckons.

    • As long as your idea of the ‘mountain west’ doesn’t include Colorado. Nil Sine Numine (nothing without the deity) is now “nothing without Progress”.

      • Beachheads can be pushed back into the depths from whence they came. CO will be the Dunkirk of the Soros minions.

  28. Hassidic Jews in Williamsburg have been there as a predominant part of that district since before WWII — ditto Crown Heights, When I lived in Brooklyn Heights next to Williamsburg in the 1990s their community began to be gentrified by artists and then hipsters. Blacks were always a pressure on the Hassidic in Williamsburg since it has the river on the west and pretty much a chunk of projects to the east. The Hassidic communities are dense in New York since ultraorthodox do not drive or operated electrical devices for the sabbath and hence sabbath commuting is out. The area in which Hassidic rules prevail is seen in Williamsburg with a line that runs around that section above the street. Because of the strictures of this religion, criminals from the projects saw the Hassidic as easy prey and oppressors (Think “Crown Heights riots.”)

    At any rate, Hassidic have been part — a large part (diamond district, delis, bakeries, etc) for well over a century and are more a part of the city that imported Muslims. They’re not an imported group unless you want to say they were self-importing. To my knowledge, they have never been a burden on the city, state, or nation. In that, yes, they are like the Amish. Don’t leech and wear funny hats and drive in dubious ways with horses and then there’s one day a week when nobody drives.They tend to have very large families — don’t believe in birth control OR abortion,

    As for the writer, no way to tell if the “suspicion” of being (cue Dragnet them) a “hasbara.” He does seem to be — if you click on his name — somebody young that is tasked with 2 to 4 daily news angled items on NR. It’s not a cucksucking columnist gig but a hard job. (Imagine you have to turn out three to five of these a day. Oh yeah, you need to pick up the phone and delve through various news morgues and web pages to cull the basic stuff for your 3-4 articles some of which will be longer than your current daily column.) And finally, there may be something wrong with my inner sense of Hassidicness but the name Zach Evans doesn’t sound too Jewish.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I often am. (EDIT: Yup. Wrong about Evans. IDF guy. Just found him on twitter. You were right)

    • It’s been a more of mixed bag up in place like Kiryas Joel where almost everyone goes on welfare in order to fund perpetual Torah study and the school district money gets diverted to fund yeshivas that have little in the way of practical curriculum. But there is a lesson to be learned in the iron discipline of these communities and how ruthlessly they look out for their own interests. And they are interesting people. About a year ago ended up on a plane next to one. He had his gear on, I was in my usual Brooks Brothers “banker” garb. Turns out he was a paramedic with one of the Hasidic ambulance services, I put in twenty years of Fire/EMS duty. So for two hours we swapped war stories. Kind of surreal. Plus his burg sat right where my mothers family carved civilization out of the howling wilderness of Orange County back in the 1720s. Life is full of weird things like that.

    • The ultra-orthodox are a large burden in their own way. Not only are they are on gibs programs, but they get more than other people because of their Kosher requirements. They take areas over and harass the natives until they are all gone. They destroy the schools too.
      The ultra-orthodox are a perfect example of how having large numbers of foreigners in your area puts a large toll on the people there not only financially, but quality of life. But even if they were not a financial burden, why should we have to accommodate them and be run out of our own towns? Why the hell don’t these people go live in Israel to be with their own people? Let them go be a burden on other Jews.

      Yes, the Amish are weirdos too, but they are our own weirdos and they are not nearly as destructive as the ultra-orthodox. They are not organized in the same way and they don’t have their fellow tribesman running the press, the financial sector, the law and Hollywood.

      • Pretty sure the orothodox have been around longer than them thar recent furriners. Now, me, my folks (Wheelock/McNair/Vanderleun) have been furriners since the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the founding of Dartmouth. I’m still feelin’ purty furrin. Compared to your folks cummin over to hunt that thar wooly mammoth, Tars

        • Class of 1629, here. The way I look at it is simple. Got nowhere else to go, so have to fight it out on this ground. Still think there is a lot to be learned from the Orthodox. Might not like them, but again, they are ruthless in looking out for their own interests and not bending to anyone. And in sticking together.

          • I agree that we ought to emulate them in that aspect. I don’t particularly dislike them. This is just what happens when two different peoples bump up against each other.

        • Talking about Jews always brings out the weirdos.
          Tars Tarkas is a character from a series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs about the planet Mars. I’m English and German and my family has been in America for centuries.

    • (Think “Crown Heights riots.”)

      Think feral blacks who lack easily-exploitable White pathological altruism getting tired of (((neighborhood tricksters))) who own their slum housing, booze shops and everything else that turns a buck in the hood.

    • At any rate, Hassidic have been part — a large part (diamond district, delis, bakeries, etc) for well over a century and are more a part of the city that imported Muslims.

      First mover advantage. Yes, the Hassidim were at the leading edge of the dysfunctional-immigration charge, got there first when nobody much was looking. So now we need to wave the palm fronds over them, respect their their nutty rebbe leaders and runaway breeding.

      Gerald, you have written some good stuff but if I understand this rambling comment, I think your inner New Yorker “huddled masses” prejudice is showing.

    • The Hasidic milk the welfare system more than the blacks and latinos around them in Williamsburg. As usual, the white tax cattle pay for it all and are atomized, unorganized and not benefiting from the social services we fund.

      Hasidic neighborhood in South Williamsburg is a top beneficiary of Section 8, but some question whether law is strictly followed

      Welfare Reform? Not For The Orthodox

      Raids in New Jersey town target ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of welfare fraud. ‘What is going on here?’

  29. From the New Mainer’s Guide to Greater Portland: “Some Countries of Origin of Recent New Mainers: Afghanistan Angola Azerbaijan Belgium Bulgaria Burkina-Faso Burma Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Congo Cuba Djibouti Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Guatemala Honduras Iran Iraq Ivory Coast Kazakhstan Mali Russia Republic of the Congo Rwanda Somalia Sudan Syria Tanzania Togo Ukraine Uzbekistan Vietnam Many More!!” How the heck did the Belgians squeak through?

    • “How the heck did the Belgians squeak through?”

      Those wouldn’t be real Begians, those would be “Belgians,” viz Africans and Shitistanis whose passports are marked “Belgium,” just passing through, on their way to the place wif better gibs and more White girls to rape.

      I mean, really. Ever go looking around in downtown Brussels for a White girl to rape? Ain’t hardly any left! Maine, here I come!

  30. This Star Wars Cantina of International Wierdos are just the underbosses in the lower levels of the game.

    Never take your eyes off who the final boss at the end of the game is.

  31. If all we had to deal with were the weirdos who present themselves as “other,” we wouldn’t have much of a problem. Any sane, reasonable white person looks at the misfit majority of Moslems, Jews, and Africans, and wonders why they have to be here. The bigger problem is the members of these groups who assimilate and therefore legitimize race-blind civic nationalism. How do we get normal whites to see the suit-and-tie weirdos as equally if not more damaging to the country?

      • “Wise men learn from their mistakes, wiser men learn from the mistakes of others”.

        If only our rulers were wiser, rather than ego masturbating virtue signalers educated beyond their hat size.

        My theory of our rulers behavior: 1. moslem oil money supporting pols and educators 2. divisiveness and keeping the peasants under control 3. eco fascist nihilistic urge for population reduction and ‘war powers ‘ for govt. (crowded city dwellers naturally hate the crowds) 4. idiot ideologies, which are more a cover for greed than a motive force themselves.

        ~”Selfishness and stupidity are the motive force of history”.

  32. Drudge ran a story today about antisemetic hate crimes in NYC. The story, here: ( ) reports that this guy: was one of the men who committed one of the “hate-crimes” Of course, they made sure there were no pictures of the assailant or descriptions. Just one set of vibrants against another.
    Of course all of this kvetching is about 5 alleged hate-incidents. Blacks commit over 10 thousand felony crimes against whites every single week. Over a 1000 a day. Some, even most of this is just black dysfunction, but there are certainly more than 5 hate crimes a day against whites in NYC alone.
    Isn’t it funny how anyone the Jews come into contact with develops an irrational case of antisemitism. Oy Vey!
    (if this is a duplicate, I apologize)

    • The latest joke around here is Red Bill De Blasio’s formation of a NYPD “white supremacist task force”. Now I recall there was one murder a few years ago by some sort of proto-Klan guy that drove to NYC just so he could kill a black. But otherwise the days of the Irish kids in Bay Ridge or Howard Beach beating the crap out of minorities that wandered into the neighborhood are over. Instead, every one of these crimes turns out to be vibrant on weird. All the alleged white on vibrant hate crimes I recall have turned out to be hoaxes. But the idiots here still believe Hitler and Nate Forrest are lurking in the subway stations just waiting to get them… I figure the task force will be a nice quiet place for guys with knees and backs shot from years chasing and wrestling with the vibrants to drive a desk for a few years before retirement.

      • When I first saw the photo of the Muslim guy in NYC, driving a car painted up like the NYPD, community patrolling to enforce sharia law, I thought it was a bad joke. But it’s a real thing. Jeez.

    • The clumsy but sadly effective media propaganda coming out of fakenews networks about the rising anti-semitism is one of the more egregious lies of late.

      The efforts to link the ghost of the kkk to some funny hats getting beat down by local youths lol should be evidence enough for normies to see that anti-white hate is fully entrenched in the system.

      Same goes for all the gentrification propaganda.

      The silver lining of the media’s increasingly clumsy and stupid antics is that the strings are getting easier to see for even the sleepiest of consumers.

      Burying the lede is old hat. Now its straight up 2+2=5.

      In my outreach efforts to poke the slumbering citizen, I recommend The No Agenda Show.

      Its A podcast by a couple of liberal media clowns that deconstructs media twice weekly. Its quirky but they nail a lot of the media lies to the wall for all to see. And they aren’t some ‘right wing nutjobs’ but rather old school liberals that missed the crazy train to woke.

    • The only story that Drudge will promote more than a pro-tranny story is a story of anti-semitism.

  33. Unfortunately, part of the catechism of the woke is that the weird have a right to be here — even moreso than the original inhabitants. They’ll just add weirdophobic to the list of unpardonable sins.

  34. I agree we need to tighten things up but on the other hand I see certain internet personalities, their paranoid purges, and their mindless parroting followers, and it makes me a little queasy. Not a perfect analogy but all the same I guess it comes down to finding stable leaders.

  35. Trump recently signed an executive order allowing states to decline refugees being settled in their states. So far none of the Governors in Red States have taken him up on the deal. In fact, a few of them have made a big deal about not taking the deal.

    The Governor of Kentucky announced proudly that “refugees are welcome in Kentucky”. He is not alone. In all probability none of the Red States will decline the invasion.

    Happy suicide!!

    • I think if we were to rank them, anti-semitism is the baddest bad and sexism is the least baddest of bads. I’m not sure where racism and homerphobism fall. I thing gays probably outrank blacks, but I’m not sure.

      • At one time I agree that anti-semitism was the baddest bad but I think that got punched down in the pile to let homophobia and the ever-popular racism rise to the top. More potential moonbat voters to be goosed in that order than in anti-semitism and sexism. Those are tired. “Raaaaacist” and “Traaaaany hater” are much more wired.

        • Wrong. Racism is and always was a bank shot for promoting Jewish interests. The Civil Rights movement was largely a Jewish phenomenon. Protecting the rights of minorities is always a primary goal of the Jewish community because it helps Jews. The opposite is true in Israel which is why Jews don’t care about civil rights in that country.

          If you truly believe that Jews would place the interests of blacks above that of their tribe, you’re a fool.

          • If your claim is true, then the Orthodox in Crown Heights who routinely get assaulted by Negroes and the Deli victims in Jersey City (“Black Hebrews?”) might lead those scheming Jews who control the world behind the scenes to reconsider [grin].

        • Who is the group you cannot criticize? There is still a tiny platform left for TERF’s to dis trannies, and trad-Christians who don’t go in for butt-stuff are not deplatformed with the enthusiasm and alacrity of muh Nazis. Jews are still the Ace in victimhood poker.

          • ” Jews are still the Ace in victimhood poker.”

            Yes. The power of muh “Holocaust” is still overwhelming. Their mightiest weapon. Though that may be changing, and is reflected in (((their))) increasingly desperate moaning and thrashing about.

      • Gays outrank blacks.

        Comes back to who runs Hollywood. As the Gary Shandling Show noted, it’s not the Jews, it’s the gay Jews.

      • The double-secret victim hierarchy is as follows:

        1. Jews
        2. Male Jews
        3. Female Jews
        4. Gransgendered Jews
        5. Child Jews
        6. Older Jews…


        7. Others

        Their time draws nigh, though. The upside is about half of them are congregated into an easily nuked area. The plan must be their plan, which is to lay back, since it will be one of the Golems they created, perhaps AOC, who pushes the button.

        Karma, baby, and none of ours has to lift a finger.

    • Anti-semitism is always at the top of the list, even if people don’t talk about it. What group can raise money, organize, destroy the career of politicians, get your fired, enlist the help of a foreign govt’s intelligence community, etc.?

      Blacks? No
      Gentile white gays? Somewhat
      Women? Please
      Jews? Bingo
      Gay Jews? Double Bingo

      • Yeah, I think antisemitism is the baddest bad. That’s the one that gets you nuked no questions asked. You can get away with being sexist, however that is defined. Homerphobism and racism are a bit of a tossup. Then there is the tranny dimension to homerphobism. Maybe a fifth bad is cis-genderism. I don’t know.

        • All movements need funding and capable people who can organize and work together toward a common goal. The rankings will always come back to which group/movement is best at those skills. Racism is only as bad as the group that can promote it and enforce it says it is.

          If influential Jews decided tomorrow that racism no longer served their purpose, NAACP, La Raza, etc., funding would dry up, lawsuits against any and every anti-racism group would fall like flakes of snow in the North Pole, op-ed pieces in the MSM railing against identity politics would appear like mushrooms after rain and politicians would change their tune overnight.

          This is no Jewish conspiracy silliness. Jews operate by a playbook – a very successful playbook. Btw, the playbook isn’t secret. Any group can use it. It’s just that most groups (blacks and Hispanics in particular) aren’t capable enough. Whites don’t see the need, yet. Other groups – Asians and Indians – are definitely leafing through it and starting to use it, though they’re still figuring out how to apply it best to their community.

          • Well said Citizen…Look at how small a group can be and still hold great influence when they are unified in their purpose…I wish whites would see the need sooner than later…

          • Well, Jews have had 2,000 years to hone their skills as a minority. Gentile don’t think that way. I often say, “We’re all Jews now so we should start acting like it.”

            But I’m reconsidering that. Whites aren’t designed to be a sneaky minority. We’re designed to run the show out in the open. That said, we’ll need to think and act like Jews in this new multi-everything society until we can carve out a place of our own.

        • With Nick Fuentes getting some attention lately from the mainstream, what’s the first thing they say about him? That he’s a holocaust denier. The racist smear comes after that.

          • Fuentes is not a Jewish surname in Spain. It is a very old name that describes somebody who lived by the spring or well. It is a very common name in Latin languages.

        • A person can usually avoid the accusations of “racism” and “homophobia” by keeping one’s opinions to oneself and minding one’s manners. But when it comes to Israel (and for that matter the goals of Jewish organizations in the US) anything less than unbridled enthusiasm is labelled antisemitic. Can anyone imagine running for national office in the US and not going to kiss the ring at AIPAC? That would be the kiss of death right then.

          • While visiting family in Northern California, I keep coming across butchity butch big tough Aztec lesbians in store after store. Why so many? What gave rise to this?

          • Range, I see this in SoCal as well. I suspect there’s some nexus with the unique causes of lesbianism (distinct from butt-stuff gheys). This cause has still eluded us, while it looks like gheys have some genetic-biological element to their “twist,” a spectrum of propensity that is triggered by abuse or other environmental factors (Cochrane says it’s viral, could be, FWIW). I suspect Latinas have some greater exposure or weakness re: whatever causes lesbianism, be it social, genetic or otherwise. There are a ton of butch chollas out there.

            Then again, there are simply a ton of chollas in CA. It could be we are mistaking noise for signal.

      • As I said recently when an article was going all self-righteous on the dangerous Black Hebrews:

        Imagine if Black Hebrews controlled a third of the Supreme Court, 6% of Congress, provided 50% of donations to Democrats, 25% of donations to Republicans, owned most media companies and held 30 of the top 100 spots in Forbes list of 400 richest Americans (5 of the top 10), and controlled the most powerful lobbies in Washington. Then they might really be dangerous.

  36. Or to use the old term for “wierdo”, “unassimilated”.
    Alien, like accents, are something different.
    The less you tolerate any diversity at the core, the more you can tolerate at the margins.
    Peter Thiel and Ambassador Grinnel aren’t trying to bring Drag Queen Story Hour and Trans bathrooms. But many “straight” white, male virtue signalling SJWs are.

  37. It seems crazy to look forward to Balkanization but I am!

    I went into a pet store yesterday and the person helping me was I’m not sure what. Covered in tattoos, white, I’m pretty sure it was a female but it had a beard and a deep voice so I’m thinking there hormones or a transition going on there which means some sort of profound mental illness. Speaking of weirdos that need help or Institution or in other words separation away from us….

    • In the darkness of diversity, urban white weirdos have spring up like fungi.

      This is the other side of inviting weirdos to live among us. The perversion of “tolerance”, destruction of beauty, and demonization and subversion of normal white culture leads to all kinds of self-destructive impulses.

      The movement to erase all whiteness, but for the evil boogeyman, too often includes a race toward weirdness among our youth.

      Its understandable. Embracing weird and mixing among the global circus clowns is a kind of baptism of Progress.

      This is the utopian future they have been told is righteous. And inevitable. So why not blend in by sticking out. After all, whiteness is not just bad: its boring!

      Until white cultural norms and pride return, social shaming needs to ramp up. There must be no safe harbor in mutilating toward diversity.

      If fathers fail, it is up to young men to lead the women out and uphold the standards that don’t allow for the creep toward weird. The metal-in-face and ink stuff needs to stop. The soymale stuff needs to stop.

      But if the do go the way of weird, they should be made aware that they are no longer one of us. Its best to keep disease vectors at bay.

      • Ya it’s freaky to see what younger urban whites are doing. All kind of trendy stuff I don’t understand. Basically the high t whites are into hookup culture; destroying women and giving themselves STDs, and the low t whites are into weirder alt culture stuff.

        Seems like normal people (like me) are the freaks but I’m not convinced that’s true. Balance in lifestyle has completely gone out the window. I don’t really see anything wrong with some fun at the club or artsy stuff but urban whites, devoid of culture or personality, launch headfirst pathologically into whatever “community” is inviting to them. Part of the WASP cultural imbalance I mention. We need to channel them to the dr.

        • “Ya it’s freaky to see what younger urban whites are doing.”

          And, of course, it’s bleeding into the rural whites as well. Tatoos are increasingly frequent among this set. And piercings, etc. It’s depressing to this 56 yo man who has watched it slowly overtake us and been ignored in his objections all along the way.

  38. Slightly on topic, but one time when I was driving through Michigan I saw a Arab-Muslim guy pull over on the highway berm and whip out his prayer mat. I thought he was facing the wrong direction, but then again the earth is round so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

        • At this point Whites should hitch a ride to Mars with the Chinese and let the Blacks drown on this rapidly heating ball.

          • My guess about the next 50 years is that America spends the whole time arguing about whether manned spaceflights should restart with a black trannie or a gender fluid quadriplegic while the Chinese and Russians divide up the solar system.

    • Slightly less on topic, but from the PM file of “Hilarious Sh*t I’ve Witnessed in My Travels”… so read if you like.

      I spent a six month stint in Saudi Arabia in the 90’s. They had two sets of “law enforcement” at that time (perhaps still do) whose police vehicles were marked differently… blue for legal enforcement and green squad cars for religious enforcement.

      What the blue car driving guys did, I have no idea because traffic enforcement was non-existent and all the civilian men drove at top speed with the im’sh’Allah attitude that if Allah wanted them to get wherever, 130 mph was fine and if Allah didn’t, then speed didn’t matter anyway. Have you ever seen the wreckage of a head-on between two cars at combined speeds of over 250 mph? Its spectacular. Everyone drove top end European performance cars and the aftermath looked like the spread you get when an airplane crashes. Anyway.

      So the green cops, were much fun, they didn’t mess with us but would harass women and men about dress code violations. One sunset my squad was riding by in the back of a deuce and half and had to slow down because all the cars on the highway had stopped to get out and pray. A group of men on the opposite side of the road were slow to get their prayer mats out of the trunk of their car and suddenly one of those green patrol cars whipped in behind them.

      Out jumped two religious enforcement guys with with long canes and began to smack the three guys into getting their mats out faster. Of course the guys in my squad started whooping and cheering on the religious cops. This seemed to inspire them and they increased the frequency and intensity of blows. Their previously well aimed cane strikes to the buttocks and thighs migrated to arms, heads, backs and their initial single hand grip shifted to a two handed baseball bat grip.

      It was a positively medieval scene. The feedback loop of the religious po’po being egged on by our spectator troops, the recipients of the ass-whooping less able to get the mats deployed because of the increasing violence, and the shenanigans engendering more encouragement from the Americans.

      It sounded like pigs being slaughtered with all the squeals of pain. Eventually those poor saracen bastards were able to get the mats haphazardly deployed and crumpled to the ground. The blows immediately stopped when the last guy fell onto his mat and one of the religious cops looked over at us and gave us a huge sh*t-eating grin. The squad gave him cheers and applause.

      Wonder how long before scenes like that appear here as Muslim enclaves form sharia police like they have in England? I suggest you bring popcorn and enjoy a little 700 A.D. entertainment.

      • What makes one think that the sharia police will stop at enforcing their “law” on only their co-religionists? With enough momentum they’ll start beating on anyone failing to pray. Though I suppose one might be able to skate out by showing their receipt for having paid their jizya, thereby acknowledging their inferior status as a “protected” kafir.

        I don’t want to see ANYONE beaten by the religious police, because I don’t want ANY religious police to exist anywhere, but especially not in MY country.

        • Lighten up Mike, it’s a funny story… at least I thought so. Then again I have a soldier’s gallows humor.

          They shouldn’t be here at all, and that may work itself out in the long run. If they aren’t returned to their proper place under the sun… I for one would like to see them try that here, in rural America. Then the entertainment would be circa AD 1150 and we’ll bring more than popcorn.

        • Viz,

          Good question. Don’t know. Maybe shiny badges grant special exemptions there too. I was all of 20 and too busy laughing. If it works for them there… who am I to judge?

        • So Vizz…do the religious police in your neck of the woods measure the rattlesnakes you guys dance around with on Sundays?

  39. The point of importing weirdos is that they sow disharmony. Of course, earlier weirdos have helped engineer such importations. There’s some karma here as a result.
    The upside is something that cannot go on forever will stop. In this instance, the first brake will be that earlier and increasingly skittish foreign group. Those largely blended weirdos are already on the ropes and a post-Trump nationalist leader without his family baggage will not take directions from them. In fact, much of the madness we witness today is this highly influential out-group’s realization it increasingly is irrelevant and the long-due upcommance draws near. Finally, that this appeared in the largely anti-American National Review is particularly delicious. Yes, the new weirdos are coming for your donor weirdos, National Review. Learn to code.

    • Of course, earlier weirdos have helped engineer such importations.

      Lots of normies like to talk about the Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants and say “But see? They turned out to be normal Americans!”

      But did they? They brought organized crime at levels never seen in the US before. The Mafia is still a problem. The main authors and proponents of the Immigration Act of 1965 were children of Irish and Jewish immigrants.

      They changed the national character, and not for the better.

      • I’m not in agreement with many here on the general outlines of the JQ, but the Irish and especially the Jews were well represented in organized crime. Meyer Lansky was perhaps the most powerful mobster in America between 1940 and 1970.

        • Italians and Jews also brought communism and anarchism to America. The reason immigration was halted in the 1920’s was the ruling class got an explosive look at the reality of diversity.

          • The Irish also became police, firefighters, soldiers, patriots.
            The Irish hierarchy and church hierarchy went full assimilation machine.

            Most of the others prior to probably the 1970s at the earliest did as well.
            Don’t assimilate is 1960s idea forward that doesn’t become broad policy until 1980s. People keep projecting now onto then.

          • The Irish also brought us machine politics and as much street violence as the Italians. I’m half-Mick myself but let’s not sugar-coat this.

          • “The irish became police, firefighters, soldiers.”
            The police are not your friends, and have not been since as long as ive been alive. At best, they have no obligation or intention of helping you. Having a ready pool of people to this day who look like us fill the stormtrooper slots for the cloudpeople’s enforcers is a bug, not feature.
            Actual fires in the US have been on a steeply declining trajectory since W T Sherman (an irishman) retired. Firemen are now primarily a welfare system to provide free taxpayer emergency health care to the homeless. Again, no thanks, not a help.
            Soldiers: our pointless foreverwars of choice in service to the Amish is so great for our nation’s health, stability, and fiscal soundness. Im SO GLAD we have had willing dupes to fuel that beast for 120 years.
            So yeah, thanks for proving the point, we would have been better off without even that white Christian european immigration.

          • Redneck,
            I’m a Georgia Cracker and a cop. You must be from the big city, because here in south Georgia cops are your best friends when folks like us are experiencing diversity first hand… Painting with a broadband ain’t ya?

          • Sen. Gearey’s character arc in Godfather II, from “I despise you and your whole fucking family” to singing the praises of Italian immigrants at the Senate crime committee hearing is XXth century America in a nutshell.

          • True when “The Godfather” was released in 1972. Now it would be the senator’s grandson railing against the Papists and Jews who betrayed his grandfather, and that would be meant as a slap. We’ll likely have our first Dissident Right film release in the next year or two, and the attempts to suppress it will be lit AF.

          • From “The Revolution Was (1938)” … by Garet Garrett

            “It took off from a revolutionary base. The design was European. Regarded from the point of view of revolutionary technique, it made perfect sense. Its meaning was revolutionary and it had no other. For what it meant to do, it was from the beginning consistent in principle, resourceful, intelligent, masterly in workmanship, and it made not one mistake. ”

            He’s talking about how the FDR administration went thru the form of the government and changed it out for the function of a proto-communist one.

            He’s pointing out that the outward form of the government was still there – but it’s function was changed out by the progressives – and that was not something that originated within these shores.

            We IMPORTED communism

      • A www, Vizz…you’re just pissed off at the Irish because they kicked your tapeworm hosting, illiterate, inbred hillbilly confederate ancestors’ ass during the CW. As for fat Teddy Kennedy, he is far from exemplifying the Irish race and their manifold contributions to this great country.

    • Where I live it’s heavily German. They brought us beer, chocolate, pretzels and sauerkraut. So diabetes, basically. And well-kept properties. And an extreme distrust of outsiders.

      On the bad side, a simmering, gritted-teeth silence that eventually boils over in potentially uncivilized ways. Wish they’d speak up.

    • There’s a comedian who says he knows what to do about all of the problems diversity causes: get rid of all the different people. His audiences think the idea is hilarious. I don’t.

      • The RD explain what you mean Brother…Is the comedian black and he is wanting to get rid of white people and that’s why you don’t find it hilarious?

  40. Normal everyday Americans generally don’t like the weirdos, but they can’t even entertain the thought of sending them back. A conversation about that makes them uncomfortable. They think America is supposed to import people from all over the world. “That’s what America is about—a Nation of Immigrants!” They’re very uninformed about our immigration history, such as 1965, 1924, Naturalization Act of 1790 and all the rest of it.

    • What normies are mostly uninformed about is how smoothly the great immigration went. It was rocky, with different ethnicities in close quarters often at odds with each other. And, it should be said that the vast majority came from European, Christian societies, and even at that there was much friction. In addition, no welfare state! Not to mention that about 1/3 of the people that came here between 1870 and 1925 went home. No one goes home to stay today!

      BTW- much of this misinformation is spread by us History teachers!

      • Great point. The Northern European-descended people and the new imports from Southern and Eastern Europe and Ireland were significantly different enough to cause conflict. But those differences are virtually nothing compared to our new imports, the Somalians, Pakistanis, and Guatemalans et al, who can’t be more ill-suited to live in Western Civilization. Yet you still hear nonsense like “that’s what they said about the Irish,” when you complain about our new 3rd World imports.

          • Lindsey’s from Minnesota, one of those high-trust, welcoming Scandinavians. “Minnesota Nice.” Or should it be “Minnesota Naive?”

          • There’s a Zulu-Valkyrie couple-poster plastered all over every bus and tram in Norway, some shill for the transit services to the effect of “this is Norway.” Fortunately, I saw comparatively few real-life versions of this. My sample of Norwegians is going to tend toward Based, of course, but most of them derided Upper MW Scandis as cucks during my Yule carousing.

          • It’s revolting to look at that photo, and it reminds me of a song by David Allan Coe: “Nigger Fucker”

        • How in your twisted irrationality do you equate Irish with /southern and Eastern Europeans!. Doubtless you are some homophilic cuck of the Bohemian turnip pediatric Saxe-Gotha-Cobergs. While you worry about your superiors, the Irish, your women and girls are being sodomized and degraded by the swarthy Muslims you’ve so submissively given your ur country to

        • When I was an undergrad, we had a few Vietnamese refugees in the dorm. All nice guys, but straight of the boat—so to speak. One day we had a complaint about cooking in the room. Went up and the two Vietnamese we had put together were cleaning and cooking pigeons over an hibachi grill. Seems they wanted to make their food allowance stretch and would go out with home made blow guns and kill pigeons under the stadium. Welcome to the third world.

      • Normies don’t even understand the roots of the nation they live in – even though they yell “Constitution!!” at every turn. Hell – they don’t even understand why the nation is named United STATES. The 13 colonies were pretty much distinct nations unto themselves. The founders understood this – and the Constitution that was crafted was forced to take this into account. That’s the root of where all the SJW bitching about slavery and “blacks were 3/5 of a person!!” comes from. Massachusetts – as what amounts to a separate nation – couldn’t dictate terms to Georgia.

        “Separation” was a fact right at the birth of the nation – the states were supposed to be entities unto themselves – with a relatively weak Federal level government. The “progressives” were the ones who destroyed this by aggregating more and more power up to the Federal level and then using that power (and the money stolen thru the income tax) – to dictate down the states thru mandates and threats of withholding funding.

        Normies don’t understand any of this. And if you even propose doing something like just returning the nation to the form it had when it was founded – they’ll lose their shit and call you a racist or start screaming about how we won’t have roads and schools or be able to keep troops in the Mideast forever. Then they’ll write their Congressperson (Federal level) about their latest violation of the Constitution.

    • When they try to justify our insane, suicidal (and externally imposed) immigration policies by quoting Magic Statue Poem and saying “that’s our tradition, these are our values” remind them very bluntly that Magic Statue Poem was written by a wealthy slave-owning Jew. (Well technically an heiress to a Jewish fortune built on slavery, but the point stands. She didn’t give her Jewish millions back to any Africans, so there you are.)

      Yep, I am quite sure that nobody understands America better, or has a better right to speak for the spirit of America, than a foreign hostile Asiatic Tribe who wrung their wealth from the misery of African slaves and the sweat of the goyim, who never sank a single railroad spike, who never dug a single yard of canal ditch, who never laid a single brick or worked a coal face.

      It is often said that “immigrants built this country.” In a certain sense that is true; but it’s also true that now the country is already built, by the previous (white) immigrants who already built it, in the expectation that their progeny would get to enjoy what they built. Instead what they built is stolen from them and their children, and is given instead to newly-arrived foreign moochers and weirdos, all showing up just in time to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others.

      All brought to you courtesy of the folks whose America is built on compound interest, swindling, grifting, rent-seeking, and replacing American “Merry Christmas” with Globalist “Happy Holidays.” Lest it offend the tidal waves of incoming foreign weirdos.

      (((You’re welcome.)))

    • Yes, and the notion that my ancestors who came to this land in the 16th and 17th century were “immigrants” is absurd and ridiculous. Equating them to the hordes of brown people flooding here in the current year is insulting, to say the least. But too many of my people are deluded and lost. As so here we are.

    • Normies are imbued with IKAGO (I know a good one) and that seems to be their basis for such decisions. Christmas with the brother-in-law was such an example. He continued to bring such examples up. Usually a fellow at work or a guy he goes off roading with. I finally lost it as he wasn’t listening to the studies I’d cite, but rather countering with anecdotal experience. Finally, I got his attention and asked, “Just how many of these minorities have you interacted with—a dozen, two dozen, less than a hundred?” He paused, and thought and then said, “Definitely less than a hundred.” I said, “Well there are more than 100M now in the US and growing—you need to get out more.” and went inside the house.

  41. I remember when FIFO was in vogue… but I think the concept has pretty much been discredited. As you and others note – race is real and it will manifest itself.


    Diversity + Proximity = GENOCIDE.

  42. In the age of diversity, you’re going to see more and more weirdos and fewer normals as everyone decides to self-ghettoize to escape the nihilism of mainstream culture if things don’t collapse, and for basic survival if it does. As the imperial machinery continues to falter, they’re going to have a harder time subverting and absorbing the new tribes and institutions that are going to crop up.

    The future will probably look like the Phyles in Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age that will self-segregate based on shared values, ethnicity, or common religion. These societies will find a way to trade with people outside their tribe in a way that, first and foremost, benefits their own.
    That we shouldn’t import the weirdos in is a given, but the weirdos we already have here is a good lesson on how to move forward. We could easily learn from the tactics the Orthodox Jews use.

    • We will not be allowed our own communities like those of the Orthodox Jews. That will be seen s too much of a threat. Besides one of the unwritten laws of our woke land is that everyone has a right to live among whites and blame the whites for all the shortcomings in their lives.

      Section 8, government lawsuits,forced settling of invaders, banishing from financial platforms, and media shaming /doxing campaigns are just some of the tactics already being employed to destroy any semblance of a traditional space especially if it is white. Even the boy scouts couldn’t stay heterosexual boy.

      We will need to have underground, covert and loosely structured communities

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