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For the longest time, the official definition of politics in America, was liberalism on one side and conservatism on the other. The one side viewed the state as the primary tool to perpetuate change, by obliterating organic institutions and habits, replacing them with the latest social fads. The other side opposed the state, seeing it as a rival to corporate interests, which sought to obliterate organic institutions and habits. Both sides opposed majoritiarian interests as immoral on their face.

They did not sell it that way, of course, but that was the how politics in America were framed since the mid-20th century. To be a liberal was to support the state in whatever it was trying to propose, without thinking too much about the goal. State power was the goal of politics. Similarly, the conservative championed the individual, which conveniently included corporations and their shared power. If it was good for business, it was good for individuals, no matter the results.

This is, of course, two wolves and a lamb arguing over what’s for dinner. American society became something like a Japanese monster movie. One monster represented the Left and the other the Right. It was Mothra versus Godzilla. The people played bit parts, thinking they were helping one side or the other, but in reality they were just a nuisance to the monsters. For their part, the monsters did not care that they were destroying the city while they were fighting.

To continue the analogy just a bit further, the two monsters now find themselves in a quandary, as the people are now joining up to attack both of them. On the Right, a nascent white populism is emerging to challenge the corporate spokesman that still laughably call themselves conservatives. On the Left, a nostalgic form of popular socialism is emerging to challenge the Progressive establishment. The people have had enough of the monsters wrecking their communities.

As an aside, anyone familiar with their history understands that the what Bernie is selling is a form of fascism. His embrace of communism was always a pose, a way to set himself apart on the Left. In reality he wants the state to hold the whip hand and direct capitalism on behalf of the people. His program is corporatism, not socialism or communism. You’ll note that Sanders does not directly attack corporations or corporate power, instead preferring to attack “millionaires and billionaires.”

Of course, the underlying reality of American politics is that both sides were just the two faces the power elite wanted to show the public. Left and Right represented the same narrow interests that see themselves as a visitors, like a colonizing army of space aliens, sent to earth to extract resources. They divided the natives by convincing some to support one of their tentacles, the state, while convincing others to support another tentacle, corporate power, which they also controlled.

The pitchmen hired to defend and promote this arrangement now find themselves in a quandary, as their audience is no longer buying the old lines. They are left to argue that the people have no natural interests. In fact, for the people to think they have collective interest is un-American and immoral. That is the gist of this David Brooks column about Bernie Sanders. The exact same vibe comes from his shadow, Kevin Williamson. Both agree that the people have no proper role in politics.

The thing that gives the game away in this call and echo session between Brooks and Williamson is this line that Williamson highlighted, “This is how populists of left and right are ruling all over the world, and it is exactly what our founders feared most and tried hard to prevent.” The Founders were certainly against mob rule, but they were just as opposed to minorityism, as well. In fact, they risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to oppose it.

As an another aside, the amusing bit of this is how Williamson remains the striving flunky, desperate to carry water for his betters. You would think his ejection from the Atlantic after one week would have opened his eyes a bit. Instead, he continues to toady up to people, who think he should use the servant’s entrance. His is the mentality of the house slave, convinced he is morally superior to the field hands, simply because the master treats him as well as he treats his favorite dog.

For his part, Brooks is shedding his skin and revealing his nature. He once passed himself off as a gentry conservative, the sort who opposed the Left on aesthetic grounds, rather than ideological ones. That was the gag he used to oppose Trump, along with the rest of the Saturday-off crowd. Now, he opposes Sanders, because he sees him as a threat to the system. Sanders legitimizes populism, which can only end one way for the outsider class currently in charge.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the outsider aesthetic is an important part of how the old framework was maintained. Brooks is not a conservative or a liberal in the way in which most Americans would think of it. He does not operate on the same scale, because he is does not see himself as an American. He is a Zionist, who places the interest of his people ahead of all else. His son served in the IDF, rather than the American military, something he surely learned at home.

This outsider aesthetic is an important part of the ruling class outlook. These people see themselves as apart from the rest of us. That separation from the grubby Dirt People is an important part of what defines a Cloud Person. Ridiculous toadies like Kevin Williamson lack the ability to pull it off, so they ape it with libertarianism and a smug, misplaced sense of superiority. It is a reactionary elitism that has no basis in merit, because it is the product of deception.

Reality is that thing that never goes away when you stop believing in it. The reality of human existence is that a society’s ruling class has one primary duty. That is, it must always protect the interests of their people. For a long time, this ruling elite was able to baffle the people with that old framing of politics. Like a Ponzi scheme that runs out of suckers, the current order is running out of people willing to sacrifice their interests so that Kevin Williamson can fetch the slippers of David Brooks.

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181 thoughts on “The Outsiders

  1. if only Sanders was truly a nationalist corporatist, and not an internationalist Marxist.

  2. Bernie will nationalize the energy sector for sure. That looks more like socialism right before communism. In defense of the article, I suppose Nazi thuggery will be the means to that end, with a dash of Bolshevik usurpation of power.

    • Now, now according to dey Dissidents ‘ere. Bernie be good. He will usher is the age of acceleration. If you oppose him, you are an Israeli tool. So what if he nationalizes the energy industry, bans fracking and opens the borders wide? Being MAGA is bad, cause MAGA man is not pro-white…or something

  3. The Dems; I’m thinking that the agenda is not the White House, or even Congress. The Dems are the party of government and its clients. That’s real power – and real money. The current battle is for the power to control the Party and hence government: the battle isn’t even between Socialists and Neo-Liberals but between Jacobins/Communists/BLM et al and the Centrist, neo-liberal Clinton/Obama Democrats.

    This is real power, they who control the Democratic Party control government.
    >Government is not to be confused with Politicians. That’s not sarcasm, that’s the truth.

    You can always bet on the most radical leftists seizing control of any Left leaning organization. They’re the strongest, best organized, most determined and well disciplined, usually quite well financed. (((Ahem)))

    They also openly view elections as a mere option on the path to power, Jacobin editors writing for Slate made that clear after New Hampshire. They simply view election as in lieu of violence as we have all the guns, once they get into power, and make it clear they are ready to crush Reactionary and Capitalist “backlash”. > which predictably will be only talking back, and mildly at that. Bernie is their ride, nothing more.

    This is about real power, not democracy. Who cares about elections if you can have the government.

    Neo-Liberals vs Jacobins is a contest between the exploitive and the genocidal. Consider us all warned.

    • Worth noting that normie/boomer-cons eat that crap up. It might be that he knows his voting base better than us. Not too much different from Obama unleashing the hordes of criminals upon the black communities that supported him: he’s just giving the mobs what they want, good and hard.

  4. Z, I’m disappointed that you didn’t skewer David French. Just an oversight I hope.

  5. I think your Cloud People vs. Dirt People binary is great. But I think it really wants to be a three-layer theory like Curtis Yarvin’s Gentry, Commoners, Clients in his Clear Pill.

    Or my reductive Thre People theory of Creatives, Responsibles, and Subordinates.

    Back in your Jan 2015 piece, “The Cloud People” you mentioned “the lower classes… that had other primary identities…”

    I think it would be good for the lower classes to have a name in your binary.

    Under People? Hell People? What should it be?

  6. “This is, of course, two wolves and a lamb arguing over what’s for dinner.” — Z-man

    I could not agree more. The simple fact is that both groups are looking to use the power of the STATE to control others. You call them cloud people who want to lord it over the dirt people. But whatever you call them, the really foul criminals end up working for the State.

    When I was a boy, in the last millennia, one used to hear people say that the government that governed the least governed the best. This simple observation seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird. There has never been a strong and powerful central government that did not become a tyranny.

    Perhaps it is time to smash the state at all levels. Certainly the last couple of centuries of voting has only made things worse.

  7. I doubt Bernie will be the candidate. The Donors don’t want him. The global, multi-national corporations don’t want him. Wall St. doesn’t want him. The MIC doesn’t want him. AIPAC doesn’t want him. You’ll have to assemble a lot of Bernie Bros to overcome that kind of opposition. On the other hand Biden is demonstrably senile. Maybe Corona-chan is the joker-in-the-pack?

    • The Dems will do what they think is necessary, at the convention. The thing about totalitarians is that, sooner or later, they always do what is “necessary”, couched in terms of doing it for everyone’s own good.

      • Both parties do, Dutch. That’s why the country is in the position it’s in.

        • But the Reps were too gobsmacked to actually take out Trump in ‘16. They might have learned their lesson, though.

  8. This topic fits well with the weekend’s “authenticity vs. optics” discussion. The outsider aesthetic = authenticity, the sense that the speaker is bucking the system.

    But the outsider pose isn’t that hard to fake. Joe Biden has worn that skin-suit, as have Warren, Obama and even Hillary, some wearing it better than others. Bill wore it well, for all that he was the groomed protege of Senator-for-LIfe William Fulbright (some say Bubba’s a Rockefeller by-blow as well).

    Know the skinwalkers by their deeds, not their words. The one thing they can’t do is walk the talk.

    When you see Liz Warren doing the awkward wink-nudge routine with CEO’s as she preaches “feed the rubes” faux socialism, that’s her glitch in the matrix. When pre-Wokeian Dems like Biden or Bernie do the rape-me dance for Brown wahmens, you’re watching the little Ring girl crawling on the ceiling with her head backwards.

    When someone campaigns 24/7 on a big beautiful Wall then staffs their admin with Bush shills and starts preaching about H1B’s being “who we are,,,,”

    You get the idea.

    Trust your instincts. Until someone invents the “They Live” glasses (if a wigga could) it’s the best litmus test we have. Populist is as populist does. If they take your money, time and passion for change and turn it into another pile of same-old, they’re effectively not populist.

    If you see someone taking flak for populism, that’s a good indicator. Bernie scores best on that metric as he’s been somewhat marginalized over the years by his overt commitment to the S-word. That said, we already know he’ll play ball with The Man when the chips are down. That ship has sunk already.

    NuMerican Democracy = Schroedinger’s Donkey (or Elephant, or Rino*). You can’t tell it’s real or not until you put it in office.

    * notice the GOP even has African heraldry, FFS cucks.

    • Learning to “fake it” is baseline establishment politicking. They do it because it’s been proven successful. Like Mulder, people “want to believe.” I saw someone tweet that it’s a common trope to bring back Civics Education in the schools, but it would be better to spend your energies learning who are the top individual and corporate donors and PAC’s to the two (hahahahahaha) parties.

    • Per Andrew Breitbart: “The greatest rationale to becoming a Leftie is immunity from the rules they impose on the rest of us”.

      Political necessities being what they are, that Leftie immunity is being expanded to the old-school anti-Trump conservatives, in exchange for their doubling down on the likes of us. Trump himself is riding the fence on the whole thing, with a foot on either side.

  9. For fun I Wiki’d Brooks. In the main bio section, it states his religion but declared that he rarely attends services. However, in the personal life section, it tells of his first wife who changed her name from Jane to Sarah and converted; in addition to the story about his son and the IDF. I’m sure there someone could draw a parallel between that and his “conservatism”.

    • A wow a small hat lying. I wonder why the shapeshifter sterotype exists? Probably for absolutely no reason, as with all stereotypes.

  10. OMG. Just read both Brooks and Williamson, and I think Brooks is the more vile one here. Williamson, as you note Zman, is rushing in to bring Brooks his slippers. Framing the splintering of America (due almost entirely to these pretend effete cosmopolitans importing the world) as a mere duality well represented by the two branches of the uniparty. Claiming Sanders alone represents an end to “liberal toleration.” Williamson claims to oppose the submission the loonies demand, but of course he demands the same submission – his stick is not the loonies’ barbed whip but the velvet glove of corporate repression.

    Brooks, on the other hand, touts “gaining power” the traditional way – the backroom senate deals and quid pro quos that always leave out the interests of the people in favor of the interests of the payors – i.e. the Saturday people who pull everyone else’s strings. He actually frames the “art of politics” as some wonderful, valuable skill, when Bernie is actually correct here – the entire system is irredeemably corrupt. Not because of the concept of the system, of course – there Bernie is demonstrating his specialness – but because it was a system made for a certain paternalistic and yet innate and rooted local aristocracy. Brooks’ and Bernie’s people destroyed and replaced that rooted aristocracy with an alien elite based on what they like to term meritocracy but is, of course, merely naked ethnic manipulation. “Liberalism values . . . compassion and tolerance.” A liberal changes his mind. And these paeans to the New Deal – because America is a force for good in the world?! Brooks is trying to channel JFK’s “Ask what you can do for your country” rhetoric but in his special little mouth (which longed to kiss the crisp crease of Barack Obama’s pants) it is transformed to what he really means – respect your betters, you lowly goy electrician or high school grad – and follow our edicts, because we are the true heirs of the founders.

  11. If you want a real example of people who call themselves communists but are in reality fascist, that’s China. The communist symbolism does throw people off. Singapore has basically the same system but without the communist symbols. For fun, check out the flags of the Singapore ruling party and the British fascist party.'s_Action_Party_of_Singapore_logo.svg

  12. Sanders is for open borders, which no fascist before has supported or would ever support. Sanders is also for corporatism, but that’s just a step along the way to his final destination. Sanders is a communist, not a fascist. We should keep our terminology clear.

    • There was a brand of fascism that was internationalist. That and Sanders was opposed to open borders until very recent. I doubt he changed his mind. He’s just saying what he thinks he needs to say.

      • Mr. Sanders might actually close the borders and weld them shut, despite his rhetoric to the contrary. And he’ll get a pass for doing so. We live in an age where it’s what you say that matters, not what you actually do.

        I don’t know if this is true but I read somewhere recently that Trump has deported far less people than Obama. I mean, way less. Yet Trump is Hitlaaaaah while Obama is kumbaya, because Obama made all the right noises.

        There’s possibly a lesson for our side somewhere in there.

        • We live in an age where the media class controls public perception and the retarded masses feed from the trough of disinformation. An historically low number of people trust the media anymore, on of our goals should be facilitating that trend as much as possible.

      • I don’t know much about sanders or his convictions but one thing I have noticed is that formerly communist countries are much more anti-immigration than capitalist countries. Poland, Hungary and the rest of the visegrad group are still 98% european.

  13. Lost any remaining vestiges of respect for Brooks when he 1.) divorced his wife of many decades 2.) changed religions so he could 3.) marry his 20 year younger research assistant.

    Then wrote a book about it.

    That is a man with no true convictions. He is a Bugman, par excellance.

    • I’m guessing that his name has been changed, too. “Brooks” is just so preppy! I saw a lot of this where I grew up in NYC suburbs.

    • I think Brooks is deeply committed to one conviction and it is unaffected to his marriage shenanigans.

  14. Oooh, the gloves come off!! I love it, Zman! Appeals to my evil side, which is eternally frustrated by my inability to just start taking potshots at people. Moar, please. Okay, now on to read the comments.

  15. Read “Socialism’s Inequalities”, posted by Angelo Codevilla over at American Greatness this morning. He points out that conservatives encourage and support the coordination of big business and government, to the benefit of both, while liberals simply want government to make all the decisions. From our end of things, a distinction without a difference. To liberals and traditional conservatives, we are simply meat for the meat grinder. They are all greedy bastards on both sides, who know how their bread is buttered, and have zero interest in what we might want. Our being armed, or having opinions, or votes, or any sort of community or organization, are all antithetical to their own welfare, so will be brutally put down at every opportunity. We have no commonality with them. What we can do, and must do, is quietly establish our own networks and distributed communities, and provide sanctuary for those coming over to our side. We need numbers. It is also the proper human thing to do, to provide a home of sorts for those people who lose their old threads of understanding and comfort, and don’t know where to turn. There are going to be quite a few of them, as both the left and the traditional right drop their masks and show The rest of us who they really are and what they think of us. Convincing them to drop those masks has been a huge achievement for Trump.

    • Dutch, I read pieces like that now and shake my head at blue-pill me. All those years I told myself that the nepot greedheads running American business were Randian heroes like Roark or Rearden.

      I don’t know one Davos-tier rich guy who I would trust. Z’s analogy works perfectly – they may as well be invading aliens from our perspective.

      • It’s easy to understand how so many can be fooled for so long, as I was one of them until not too very long ago.

        Z’s interesting commentaries on the whole “get rid of the NBA Clippers’ owner” brought me to the doorstep. One never knows what one’s entry point to our thing might be.

      • Exile;
        The really odd thing about the Cloud Folk is how they were just fine with Chinese Communism, particularly once the USSR collapsed. And we all got to pay the price for their 150+ year old Yankee Unrequited Romance of China.

        Whatever else comes from COVID 19, it has pulled the mask off the Chinese Communist Party’s national strategy: For anyone with eyes to see, that is. Props are due P Trump for raising the issue 4 years ago.

        • Additional thoughts FWIW:
          First; To explicate my reference to the Yankee Unrequited Romance of China: In Bodice Ripper Novel terms, ‘Forward-looking/thinking Yankee man-for-all seasons takes a demure, complacent China by the hand and leads her to Shangri La’ (for both of them). I’m sure you get the implications. I remember this trope. particularly in Henry/Claire Booth Luce (Time Magazine) and Pearl Buck Novel writings that I read in the early ’60s.

          Second; Re Cloud complacency about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) practices: You couldn’t want a better demonstration of their geopolitical stupidity. Before the collapse of the USSR, it made good sense to promote the development of The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) as a counterweight to Communist Russia under a ‘realist’ foreign policy approach.

          Likewise there were some important geopolitical reasons for the US to tolerate the ‘Walled Garden’ national strategies of non-tariff mercantilist exploitation of the US market by Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We thought we needed them as counterweights to the USSR (also an Asian power) *and* the PRC in Asia.

          After the 1999 collapse of the USSR there was *no* reason to tolerate, much encourage any of this. But a bit of Clinton bribery by the CCP was al it took to cement the old elite mindset for 25 years.

  16. This article is a good reminder that while the right has been enduring fake-right cucks for a generation, the left has been enduring fake-left progressives probably even longer. What passes for the left today would be completely unrecognizable in the 40s and 50 and probably even the early part of the 60s. Whereas they used to idealize and fight for the working man, at least in their rhetoric, today they idealize and fight for homosexuals and other degenerates, trannies who want access to children, felons and criminals, especially black criminals, and racial minorities generally. They openly despise the white working man. They make fun of the white working man. He is the butt of their jokes. They write articles about working white men coming to their house to fix their sinks like they are an alien species. They support policies that destroy the working class.

    • Someone pointed out that as the Left grew less economically radical – they no longer advocated the mass nationalization of private industry – they grew more socially radical.

      The Bolsheviks, after a brief promotion of “free love” under Lenin, actually became quite socially conservative under Stalin. They remained so even in the 1980s, when they were tough on gays, lesbians and druggies.

      I recall reading an article online about how the Soviets assigned different jobs on submarines to different ethnicities. What struck me was their recognition of human difference – that a Latvian was typically smarter and more stable than a Kazakh This was in a society ostensibly committed to the equality of all. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the article.

    • The horrible thing is, both sides idealize and fight for homos, degenerates and criminals now. What we need most is not this red team vs blue team bs, but white advocacy groups. Something like the NRA, ADL, SPLC, La Raza, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, NAACP etc. but for normal, straight, white people specifically instead of every group except for us. An explicitly white group, not bad optics but not cucking on anything either. Be like the NRA, don’t give them an inch. And be like the SPLC never give an inch and always push for more and more whenever the other side shows weakness.

      • The first thing we need to do is destigmatize white people and white advocacy. For now, every dissident needs to home school their kids. The anti-white stuff starts at the lowest grades. Taking the schools back is a long term issue we really don’t have time for. It used to be that the anti-white stuff was in college and only in certain subjects. Now it is everywhere in colleges and in K-12. Not everyone goes to college, but all of our children go to public school or even private schools, which are just as bad. Until this changes, there is little chance of white advocacy becoming normalized.

        • For White people to begin to band together, defend their rights and advance their interests is “White supremacy.” Blacks, Jews, Feminists, etc., do the same thing and its encouraged.

          At some point in time, Liberals declared that “colorblindness” was racist. The colorblindness that St. Martin Luther King supposedly advocated and normie conservatives still do.

          • First I heard that “color blindness” was racist was in a speech by LBJ. He openly promoted AA as an adjunct to basic civil rights legislation. One could not succeed without the other.

            We (good-Whites) bought it hook, line, and sinker. Today, failure that such (AA) proved to be, we cling to it out of fear to acknowledge such and the consequences sure to follow for all Whites.

          • That’s how they win, they control the media et. al. so they control the overton window. Keep moving the goalposts like they did with gays, they won that and moved forward to trans which moved their pathetic normie opposition into supporting gays because it’s the lesser evil. Seeing how pathetic normie conservatives are I think the only thing that might save us at this point is for things to get so bad that normies finally stop playing the game and say “fuck the window”.

          • We will live to see some National Review-like publication publish “The Conservative Case for Pedophilia.”

            If anyone doubts my prediction, imagine your reaction if three years ago I would have told you that National Review would publish “The Conservative Case for Transgenderism.”

      • ” Be like the NRA, don’t give them an inch.”

        The National Rifle Association? That group isn’t giving them inches, it’s ceding miles at a time. Fuck the NRA. They’ve defended 2A the same way Big Con has conserved traditional values.

        And yes, I AM an NRA Life Member. I keep the membership because NRA numbers discomfit the usual suspects. The run-of-the-mill NRA member is likely to be an ally. NRA leadership are however grifters and con men smirking as they open the gates to the enemy, all the while crying out in pain.

  17. Amateur prediction:

    If Bernie gets the nomination the election will be closer than it should be. This will shake the establishment, who will realize their insane policy of third world immigration will take them down too. Something will finally be done about immigration. This will make white identity politics even more distasteful because of the accelerationist faction that went Bernie’ way (by appearance linking with left identity politics), but it won’t really matter. White identity politics will be de facto because of the policy change. It’ll be the old way: CivNat with a wink.

    All this might happen even if Bernie is denied. Close call.

    This is why the DR’s moment is fast approaching. It’s white identity politics without the hard edge. Optics will be essential to navigating this change.

  18. Reading that Brooks piece, the thing that jumps out at me is that this “conservative” commentator is so comfortable expressing his devotion to “democratic liberalism.” This mimics David Frum’s defence of “liberal project, again in the broad sense of the word liberal” in his Munk debate with Steve Bannon a couple of years ago.

    This reifies the Z Man’s theme that the key element of American “conservatism” is that it plays be the liberal establishment’s rules, but it does more than that. It makes clear that these “conservatives” KNOW that this is what they are doing, and they are fine with it.

    In their view, conservative v. liberal is just a fun game that is played among friends, but “Illiberalism”/populism is the real enemy, with it’s embrace of “the dark energy of human irrationality.”

    The phenomenon of Brooks, Frum, Kristol, Rubin, etc., rushing from the gates on the Right to play gatekeepers on the Left is a real opportunity to open the eyes of otherwise smart people who are stuck in the Red v. Blue paradigm.

    • Oh my, I just read the Williamson piece. What a moron. Brooks at least hints at the fact that a third position (populism) is emerging, and arguably a third and fourth position (populism left and right).

      Williamson just wants to hide under his My Little Pony comforter and pretend “that there are two parties representing two organic political tendencies and two broad American social tribes that disagree about many of the basic things.” No Slappy, the Bernie Bros can speak for themselves, but it’s clear that on the dissident right there is very little agreement with your “social tribe,” but nice try…

  19. Don’t forget Bill Kristol, George Will, Max Boot….
    Every one of them pretended to be conservative but now work for the demise of Trump.
    They are the usual suspects whom told us middle Americans over the years that conservatism was for us.
    No, it was for them.

  20. Excellent post Mr. Z.

    When someone can’t or won’t do their job properly in an otherwise well run enterprise, the incompetent employee needs to be let go. The same applies to our ruling class. If they are no longer looking out for the best interests of the people they lead, they have forfeited their privilege to lead and need to removed from power. This can be done peacefully or by more direct means.

    Going back to the analogy of a well run enterprise, failure to remove the low achievers will result in bankruptcy of the firm. Thus the failure of the so called elites to do their duty represents an existential threat to society at large.

    • Seems the beltway ruling class not only refuses to remove the low achievers, but actually promotes them.

  21. Hey, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the American patriotism of Brooks and his son—his son may very well have joined the IDF instead of the US Army so that he wouldn’t have to fight wars on behalf of Israel!

  22. The power elite were able to convince the Dirt People that this kabuki dance was in their interests so long as it appeared to be an intra-family affair. Once they introduced other groups that overtly demanded a slice of the pie for their race or religion, the con started to be revealed.

    The elite’s hatred of white Christians – stemming from its Holocausty modern foundation myth – pushed them to not just control our country but to destroy whites as a people. That required importing foreign mercenaries. But like the Irish king Dermot MacMurragh who hired Normans to defeat his rivals, the elite are now finding that their mercenaries want to run the show. And unlike whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, South Asians and Muslims have zero guilt, are tribal to varying degrees and will never view Jews as one of their own.

    These groups are exposing the con by asking simple questions, like “What’s in it for my group”, questions that whites never thought to ask.

    In large part, populism on the right is consciously for some whites and unconsciously for others a reaction to whites waking up to other groups taking over. Populism on the left is woke whites no longer accepting elites as one of their own.

    The elite overplayed its hand.

  23. Normally Z is extremely astute, so… I hesitate to say something rather contrary to his very well-thought considerations, nevertheless…

    Z: “liberalism on one side, conservatism on the other”

    Wrong. The specifics of American physiological history preclude it from being so: American history is, well, to put it so bluntly as to seem ludicrous, ….necessarily biological before it is ideological.

    The basic terms are almost embarrassingly, well, basic. Monkeyman want to rape rape rape him some a dem fiiiiine white wimminz, and White Man want to stop Monkeyman from him be gettin’ on him rape-rape-rapin’ spree… and, of course, Jewstein sees a profit percentage in navigating and manipulating the conflict.

    Because of course for Jewstein, anything at all that harms the goyim, like, oh, say, Monkeyman rapin’rapinrapin him fill of shiksas, poisons goyim bloodline, so cha-CHING!! good for the Jews, what’s not to like?

    All of this chthonic type of blood-based instinct comes loooooong before such fancy luxuries like ideological “liberalism” or “conservatism”, which are just cartoon dialog balloons in comparison.

    If you want to have honest theoretical debates, then first put Monkeyman alone on Monkey Island, and then isolate Jewstein on Precious Jewish Piles of Gold Island. And then, and only then, once the White Christian Europeans are left to themselves, can you begin to debate Plato again.

    • Madison–I am unable to conceive that the people of America, in their present temper, or under any circumstances which can speedily happen, will choose …men who would be disposed to form and pursue a scheme of tyranny or treachery….who would either desire or dare…. to betray the solemn trust committed to them. What change of circumstances time, and a fuller population of our country may produce requires a prophetic spirit to declare, which makes no part of my pretensions.

  24. I would be careful with assuming that Bernie won’t go communist if he gets in. The guy is has a hard on for that particular ideology. And I suspect his base will support this move as well. Free shit buys a lot of votes plus blaming the rich.

    It may be for Bernie, that populism is a bus he takes to get to his destination and then gets off it. To steal a phrase from Erdogan.

    And most people have no real memory of communism unless they are in their 50’s. For anyone younger it’s just something you read in a book. And even those of all us who who family members were murdered by the Communists, no one cares to listen to the horror stories that Communism has generated.

    And he wants to destroy the U.S. as it’s currently constituted. That is made clear in his platform. No if he gets in, it won’t be business as usual. If it was the ruling class wouldn’t be freaking out.

    • I’d rather a doddering Octegenarian go full Commie now than an angry, fat POC do exactly the same four years from now.

      Give me Trotsky over Stalin any day.

      • Yes…I know Trotsky got a pickax to the head….but they are both totalitarian shits. Meme friend…no picking one Commie over another. Remember my folks were Trots and my Dad wished to rule the world and tell everyone how to live. And don’t forget Leon T brought the Turd World masses into the Revolution.

        Z….you did another great column again. Your brain is on fire! Thanks for my morning brain stimulus.

        • Yes, Range, one can say if Trotsky had instead put the axe to Stalin’s head first the destruction caused by his stripe of communist would be less, it might be greater.

          • James…yep. Just another head of the hydra. Okay…I was just a dopey kid when my parents were Trots acting like the Rosenbergs. Just doing dopey kid stuff and not paying attention. Paying attention enough to drink the kool-aid and march in line. Until Dad was old, close to kicking the bucket, then I grew up enough to say phooey on your crazy ideology and your way of doing life that doesn’t work, and of course he disowned me. There’s no talking civilly to these people. Utopia or bust. There is no changing that Utopia gene. There may be something to this r/K theory because these people would rather kill you, die and blow up all of civilisation before they would change.

          • I am very familar with Red Diaper Babies, even knew some of their parents. Who names his kid Armand Hammer? Bejesus. If your parents hadn’t disowned you they wouldn’t be true believers. Normies don’t take these things seriously because they cannot imagine sacfificing their lives, as the Rosenbergs did, and their own children as well for a political cause. Those kids were orphaned after the Rosenbergs refused to admit guilt, and spent their lives believing their parents were unjustly accused.

        • RFF – I absolutely love your “red diaper baby” stories. You always add a ton to the conversation and I look forward to your posts. Hope Cedar isn’t too cold these days…

          Anyhow – with regards to Stalin/Trotsky, the later had charisma but couldn’t administer his way out of a paper bag (kind of like a certain tangerine-toned gentleman). The former was A boring evil genius who simply ground down and annihilated his opponents.

          There’s still an existence for our people in the future, but this “thing” based on the 1787 Constitution is pretty well cooked. We can and will survive, but there’s going to be some rough decades coming. To what extent we can shape the contours of those rough times, we should do so.

          Better to be snowbound at Donner Lake than at Donner Summit. Most of the former survived.

          • Yep… the 1787 Constitution is pretty well cooked. That’s why we’re here. I’ll be long gone should this get all sorted out. It is marvelous to have a sense of time and perspective now. Nice ride while it lasted. We’re at the beginning stage, the point from which all emanates…..again. Getting normies on board by not looking crazy ridiculous is a good beginning.

            One thing I think is rather sure, don’t go all ape poop, turn over the horse cart and bang the drum for the revolution. Bring it on is the invitation to get what you weren’t looking for. Watch what you ask for. You may get it and it won’t look anything like you think it should. Go watch at least the first half of Dr. Zhivago. Lara’s brother finally woke up to the reality of what Pandora’s Box the revolution opened, and he blew out his brains. Gotta watch trying to control nuclear fission. Z’s description of meeting with the younger Dissidents is a good hope and rolling out thoughtfully and carefully.

            Meme….are you somewhere near Donner Lake? Looking forward to meeting you at one of the Western meetups. How wonderful indeed to spend a weekend with like-minded folks. We used to take this for granted. And now undercover of the night.

            Last thought, I studied the Donner Party, book after book. Took years for me to realize, the mix of people was off, was bad. They couldn’t work with each other. Same thing happened to the 49er party taking a short cut through Death Valley. Both parties wanted a short cut, to not do what they knew would work. A lot to do with the mix of people. You get hotheads, angry dominating arrogant types. nutters. You’re screwed. We’re screwed. Z’s right about taking the time to draw the mix of people that can work this through.

          • FWIW it occurred to me yesterday that the accelerationists aren’t sowing the wind so much as forcing people to swallow the red pill. This is necessary but people will resent them for it. They’re taking one for the team.

          • We can slam the car into a wall going 40 MPH now, or going 100 four years from now….either way it won’t be pretty…

          • And who knows maybe hitting the wall means Sanders getting thisclose to the presidency. Not for the people but for the elites. They stand to lose a lot more, so that makes them more conservative.

            It depends on how willing he is to play the game. Given his appeal to hispanics and demographics, does he need to?

          • RFF – some weighty thoughts indeed about the risks of tactical accelerationism. Iron truly sharpens iron in this comments section.

            I wish I could live in the Sierras, perhaps when the revolution is won. For now I’ll stick to LARPing as an Edward Abbey-type desert rat when I’m not wagecucking.

            You make a great point about the composition of the Donner Party – namely they all hated each other and exiled the only competent guy after he killed a violent a-hole in self-defense. But they wanted so badly for the Hastings Cutoff to be real! Just like I wanted so badly for Richard Spencer to be the great White hope! How wrong we both were!

      • MemeWarVet, I’m grateful for your willingness to jump on the grenade, so to speak. You guys are doing thankless work.

      • Feh. Its probably going to come down to lead and socialism no matter what.

        People who think we can magically stop being 40% of the GDP is State are at best naive. Together or apart Modernity, Technology (anything after 1925 or so) and Urbanization are an efficiency trap.

        The only way to square that circle is wealth redistribution. The question is who the socialism benefits, POCS and Multinationals or Whites and Friends.

        As I said above Populist Economic Nationalism seasoned lightly with Distributism is better and allows for in theory a smaller state but it requires a hell of a lot more honest and patriotic population than even a USA with the Demographics of 1950 would have.

        • Granted for argument’s sake they may have been efficient at one time. Today they need to be propped up with endless debt. The bubble will pop. I don’t see a new deal style redistribution coming out of the crisis because that’s what we’ve been doing for 90 years. There’s no blood left in the turnip. The future looks decidedly rustic.

          • I concur. Hell the two century projection and yes that is a sketchy a date as one on “Love after Lockup” or Tinder is Amish USA basically.

            That said there are options and the complexity collapse we are in can be managed to some degree.

    • The funny thing about this is the establishment would not be in this predicament if they had put their loonies on a leash. They could have cut deals with Trump. Instead they unleashed the loons and now those loons are taking over their party. That said, Sanders would be a lot easier to control than Trump. He is a weak person, while Trump, despite his faults, is a brawler. He likes mixing it up and causing trouble.

      • >He is a weak person, while Trump, despite his faults, is a brawler. He likes mixing it up and causing trouble.

        that is the image he projects to the public. in private, when pressed he capitulates to whoever has more money or power

        • He’s a septuagenarian entertainer , developer and hotelier an expert at branding basically not your or my Caesar.

          He’s done as well or slightly better than I expected. Its not enough but its better than nothing

      • Same with the apparatchiks in the bureaucracy. They could have thwarted him, as they are doing effectively, without trying to rig an election and staging a coup. They managed to prove that conspiracy theories about the deep state are pretty much true.

      • “… the establishment would not be in this predicament if they had put their loonies on a leash……. Instead they unleashed the loons and now those loons are taking over their party.”

        Taking over??
        The establishment let loose the leashes decades ago, the “new” loonies are only marginally worse than the old loonies.
        Pelosi and her gang vs Ocasio Cortez and her squad; none of them have ever been on a leash, or made to heel, or beg.
        The old guard Dems, and the Newcomers are both loonies.
        The Party was taken over in ’68.

        • My take is the takeover was done by Woodrow Wilson in 1912-13. The 1910’s were very consequential years for the world. The mask has just stayed on for most of the years since then.

          The 1910’s were the years when the elites figured out how to hide their immunities from the rules they set for others, by wrapping their greedy ideas in humanitarian words.

        • N.B.j.;
          The loons that took over are their own kids. That’s why it was allowed. I’d give the year as 1974 when the old guard D’s got taken over by the SDS and Red Diaper Baby types

  25. Bernie Sanders is a hard core, dyed in the wool, unrepentant communist.
    He can call himself whatever he chooses, and other’s can call him whatever they choose, but he is a communist.
    If he had the power, he would have the govt. control every aspect of our life, all corporations would be under HIS control, etc. He would literally replicate Castro’s Cuba or Chavez/Maduro Venezuela.

    Sanders is no idiot; he knows damn well what and HOW he must frame his argument and most importantly, which words and phrases he must use to garner maximum support. His methodology is identical to that of Chavez of Venezuela (who became president/dictator via FREE and OPEN ELECTIONS).

    From his radical-communist college days, to his joining a STALINIST kibbutz in Israel (whose leader was ultimately convicted of spying for the USSR) to his joining hippie communes (from which he was expelled for not doing any work) , and ultimately becoming a parasite of society as a “public servant” , he has managed to become a millionaire without ever in his entire life having a real job.

    Note that he has NEVER uttered one word of praise or complementary statement about anything at all about the USA. But he has of Cuba and the USSR,
    So Finland or Denmark or Estonia, etc. cannot be pointed out as having great literacy/educational achievement.?
    You mean to tell me that nowhere in the USA there does not exist one school district that demonstrates exemplary student achievement that should serve as a model for all school districts to follow?
    You have to go to Cuba to find this?

    He is your typical Brooklyn born and raised communist. Please recall that in its heyday, the CPUSA had a disproportionate membership of NYC residents.
    He excels out pointing out deficiencies here in the USA, but proposed ONLY communist inspired solutions to these problems.

    Only someone totally ignorant of history or a total moron or a communist hack does not see Bernie Sandernista for what he is; a full out Marxist-Leninist who, if he thought necessary, would open up gulags all over the USA.
    This is there MO, this is what they do.
    (Recall the comments of some SDS members at their infamous Port Huron conclave in the 1962, in which they stated that those Americans that refused to follow their diktats would be placed in detention facilities – gulags; as many gulags as needed.)

    As for the democrat party commissars – the Central Committee – , the powers that be in that neo-communist organization, they agree with Bernie on all his policies. They believe he cannot beat TRump. This is the ONLY reason they oppose him.

    If he becomes president let’s hope their is a general wide-spread insurrection in this country that removes, existentially, this malignant cancer.


      Never forget, MAGA stands for “Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon.” Your ZOG Emperor himself said this.

      • Oh Shut up and go jerk off to your micropenised Fuehrer. I almost wish you DR/alt-right assholes get a Sanders presidency. You can eat toads for lunch and mice for dinner, ala Venezuela. But they will be white mice and white frogs, so we are cool, right Komrade?

        • I’m young enough that I’m going to be eating frogs and snakes for a LOOONG time after the ascendance of the brown horde.

          why should a generation ahead of mine, that inherited a functional nation I never knew and did nothing but squander it, not share my fate?

        • The Cold War is over bro.

          One way or another Oligarchical Crony Capitalism is going down. Its going to either be Nationalist Socialism or Internationalist Socialism afterwords.

          Now this is avoidable, Populist Economic Nationalism seasoned lightly with Distributism is far better but the PTB’s won’t go along with that so that which does not bend will break.

    • Very little in your post is relevant to Zman’s point.

      Fascism is socialism plus corporatism, and Sanders certainly walks like a duck.

      • Toward the end of his life Marx concluded that it was a mistake for the people to run factories etc, the way forward was instead to have the means of production subservient to the interest of the state. In other words, fascism. Even so, Felix, and I will leave this to you, Adolf may have been less a fascist than Bernie.

        • I suspect Hitler and the CCP have pretty much shown the efficacy of fascism as compared to Marxism and Leninism—if one wants an economy that can function to provide the goodies for the ruling elite. Both still leave the people as little more than disposable economic units however. 🙁

        • I’d say Uncle Adolf is the greater fascist. He literally walked the duckwalk, Bernie only quacks the cuckquack.

          But who knows? If he gets his chance, maybe he’ll have a shot at the title. He’s a good hater.

    • We already live in a socialist country. We could live happily in a 90% White country that’s constantly debating how socialist to be. See pre-1965 America.

      Commies aren’t the problem, haven’t been since 1991 or so.

      • Cool, there is still a nation that is 90% white and debates Socialism. It is called Russia, feel free to move there.

        • At least Russia doesn’t self invade their own country and demonize whites. What year do you think this is? 1982? Communism is dead. All hail global cosmopolitan corpocracy. Capitalism won, you can relax now to your rainbow flag interracial advertisements and television shows. Don’t forget to take your grand kids to drag queen story hour at your local socialist library.

    • John T;
      Agree. Bernie is a classic Brooklyn Red Diaper Baby who has had his politics sealed in amber since the ’60s. It’s been so long that most people have forgotten all about them and the chaos they caused in 1968 and afterward.

      I well remember them fanning out from Nu Yalk to colleges and universities in the mid ’60s. It was like they were creatures from Mars. And all of a sudden they took over campus politics. Turns out the prof’s had been waiting for them to show up.

      Best way to to think about Communism is that it is a mind virus that lies dormant but never goes away. It breaks out from time-to-time and place-to-place.

  26. I agree with the premise but am always asking myself “what’s next in a best case scenario?”

    • We dissolved Soviet Union and entire system and made restart with new institutions and new people. Some things are beyond repair. In Poland they put shipyard electrician to president because all University graduates were considered rotten beyond repair.

      • Well, the shipyard electrician did form and lead a workers rebellion and suffer the full wrath of the Communist government. He had balls and an innate instinct for leadership. The people rewarded a known quality, as verses known poseurs. I’d do the same if ever one turns up on our side.

    • The reason no one answers your question is that anyone who answers will find himself unhireable or possibly imprisoned. What can be said, sincerely, is build real life communities of trust and prepare for the times you anticipate.

  27. Interesting take on Sanders, Z.

    The way I see it is Trump vs Sanders as the scarily comedic finale of the West. The Yin and Yang of the end times. One a TV huckster and the other a politician who only consumed what others produced.

    Neither one will actually make what they promise their enthusiastic and desperate loyal followers.

  28. Yes to all of this, and when the bubble bursts, the elites will retreat behind the walls of their estates and ring themselves with a mercenary guard force to fend off the angry mobs. And in order to stave off this last-stand scenario, they will first pit Patriots against LEOs in order to decimate all the Alphas before unleashing the Jackboots. Observe, Analyze, Predict & Prepare. Then Simple, Secret, Solo & Spontaneous. It’s the only way to be sure.

  29. Kevin Williamson is enough of a buffoon to believe what he’s saying – he honestly seems to believe that the Founders would approve of a government dominated by untouchable Deep State Bureaus and giant corporations run by hostile elites, as opposed to “majoritarianism”. Brooks knows better, which makes him evil, not stupid. But of course, that’s not news…

  30. Hey did you guys see, according to the erik Stryker article on Unz this morning, that Roman emperor guy beat the charges of kidnapping. There was insufficient evidence. No announcement of that in the msm, shock shock!

  31. The club-footed conservative two-step is a necessity in the tribe’s march to their utopia. Without them the proggy side of the sandwich would flameout almost immediately.

    If you are going to turn nature on its head you can’t do it in overdrive. This would result in an almost immediate and crushing blowback. The drag in the constant drift that always increases the strategic position to the tribe is provided by a cooperative opposition (the Brooks-Williamson vaudeville). This allows the poison to seep in unnoticed or barely noticed by most.

    “Defining Deviancy Downward” and thus learning to live with it has always been the roll of the conservative side of the sandwich.

    • Jewish leadership, like third world immigration, refugees, great society welare, etc. is a post war luxury today’s America can’t afford. The bankruptcy of this situation is bringing elite interests in line with the interests of regular people, i.e., survival. Money, media, and education don’t count for much when the survival instinct kicks in. They’re setting themselves up to be scapegoated. Or justly blamed, depending on your perspective.

      Useful idiot conservatives are mostly irrelevant to this. All they’re good for at this point is keeping the appearance of business as usual.

  32. Reading the New York Times comment section is a good reminder that most of this country is unsalvageable. No way Trump can win when faced with that level of mindless blue hordes. All this vitriol on the Democrat stage is going to evaporate by the end of the convention.

      • Most newspaper comment sections (the few that still allow comments) are heavily “curated.” It’s always telling when the NYT shuts down commenting on an article (you just know the comments weren’t supporting the desired narrative.)

    • Correct. We are not voting our way out of what’s coming. The coming troubles will be about who we are… who we really are, not what some political flimp says we are. Once we know that, we will need to decide who we want to become. That may involve another round of civil unrest and possibly civil war. To do any of that we need shared morals and ethics… and all the dissident cool kids avoid the topic like the plague. That’s one problem.

      The second problem is that we do not understand our enemies. We show off to our own as we mock and berate them; we need to get away from that and concentrate on what to DO about them. Sloppy Williamson and David French are not posturing toadies. They believe what they write just as we do. They are as motivated as we are. We need to understand that and figure out how to stay ahead of them.

      Finally… I think we need a paradigm shift. Classical dissident theory holds that the monsters destroying the city are the products and creatures of the super rich who control the destruction and mayhem from the shadows. I say bullchit – the super rich are coming out of the shadows and operate in broad daylight. How many billions is Trump worth? Bloomberg? The divisions between left and right still hold… and WE are the ones letting them run amok. If we don’t get ourselves under control, we can’t control the monsters we created. You can’t solve a problem and take control of it until you take ownership of it.

      Boys, it’s time to chit or get off the pot. It’s time for the dissidents to become insurgents.

        • Didn’t say that…. but….You can get arrested for speaking the truth around a mentally ill homosexual, moron. You gonna let them make your laws for ya, Dippity Doo? Better learn how to suck off jewish communists then…

          • I’d cut him a little slack, John. There are a lot of people out there who are mostly with us who also believe they’re “safe” (from arrest, from doxxing, loss of their livelihood, blah blah) because they obey the laws and keep their world view mostly under wraps. Not until they come ‘crashing into reality’ will they understand (or at least fully understand) the danger that surrounds them at all turns, regardless of all the rest.

          • “Didn’t say that…. but….You can get arrested for speaking the truth around a mentally ill homosexual, moron. You gonna let them make your laws for ya, Dippity Doo? Better learn how to suck off jewish communists then…”
            Dern tootin! Us goys cant let no joo commies goad us into nothing stoopid….like not inciting insurrection. whaddya scared? huh? huh? Double dare ya!

        • What’s the matter, Michaeloh? Are you not willing to “step off of the porch” on the say-so of a man who won’t type out the word “shit”?

          • Easy Mike. Some words get scanned for by bot’s for removal or flagging of the message. One often gets into the habit of not allowing such in their speech because of this. One of our posters even goes quite a bit further in his avoidance of easily flagged content in his messages, not just swear words. As long as the meaning of the message gets through, the rest is just style.

      • We need to learn how to get 150-300 people to function as a community IRL before we worry about fighting any wars with anyone.

        We’re far short of ready for playing our part in alt-right fan-fiction. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

        • Absolutely, Exile, absolutely.
          I am traveling to the Rocky Mountain states soon to visit in IRL a few old friends to continue work on building a community.

          They escaped from CA years ago and have an average of 12 kids and grandkids between them.

          I know these guys from way back. What is scary about the Internet is that I don’t know who is real and who are FBI plants. I have lived all over. When my family visited Southern relatives back in the day the main joke was “If you need to talk to an FBI agent quickly go to the next KKK meeting.”

          I know some CA Z posters met IRL a few months ago. Hopefully this can become a thing.

    • the NYTs comment section is evidence the left is not as smart as they think they are/ The comments on conservative blogs demonstrate way greater understanding of the world and this is just based on objective facts.

      • I think Nassim Taleb best described that crowd as, “Intellectuals Yet Idiots.” That’s a shorthand for people with very healthy egos and a lot of degrees from expensive institutions that have very little concept of how the real world works – i.e. how food arrives on their table or electricity makes it from the power plants to their outlets.

        • A better phrase would be intellectual idiots. Bertrand Russell, the old lefty, noticed that much which passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power. Bruce Charlton’s term is Clever Sillies.
          Charlton–An increasing relative level of IQ brings with it a tendency to over use general intelligence in problem solving, and to over ride those instinctive and spontaneous forms of evolved behaviour which could be termed common sense. Since evolved common sense usually produces the right answers in the social domain, this implies that, when it comes to solving social problems, the most intelligent people are more likely than those of average intelligence to have novel but silly ideas, and therefore to believe and behave maladaptively. This random silliness of the most intelligent people may be amplified to generate systematic wrongness when intellectuals are also advertising their own high intelligence in the context of a modern IQ meritocracy. The stratified context of communicating almost exclusively with others of similar intelligence generates opinions and behaviours among the highest IQ people which are not just lacking in common sense but also perverse.
          Yet, whatever else, to be a clever silly is a somewhat tragic state; because it entails being…. unable to engage directly and spontaneously with what most humans have traditionally regarded as social reality; disbarred from the common experience of humankind and instead cut adrift on the surface of a glittering butshallow ocean of novelties: none of which can ever truly convince or satisfy. It is to be alienated from the world; and to find no stable meaning of life that is solidly underpinned by emotional conviction. Little wonder, perhaps, that clever sillies choose sub replacement reproduction. Causing genetic self extinction is the defining property of a maladaptive trait.

        • My father taught me the term “educated idiots” fairly early on during my formative years. I still carry that bias. Btw, my father was using the term “educated” very loosely in that descriptive.

          • Yeah, I tend to use the term “credentialed” idiots. Educated has a different meaning to me. Four years in an institution of “lower” learning does not make you “educated”. Nor does *not* having a degree from such an institution make you uneducated.

      • I think the commentary on YouTube videos for 90’s and older songs is as close as we are going to get to knowing how people really feel.

        As for newspapers like the NYT , they are mouthpieces of the elite and have zero bearing on how regular people think . Even the day to day Left things they aren’t worth anything.

        The problem really is simple, non democratic repairs have awful consequences and no one on the Right or the Left really want the responsibility for the thing.

        The Left certainly wants power but if you look at the nothings” the current D candidates spew, its pretty clear that they don’t actually want to fix anything only to social posture and to get that dopamine rush not to actually be responsible.

        The closest to maybe being responsible is Bloomberg who may be just portending to care but is so NYC urban he cannot and should not have any authority over places that are not NYC and urban.

        Our guys aren’t cowards but they want 1776 in 2020 which is nonsense. The old USA stopped working with era of railroads and trusts.

        If our side can realize that and that they have to make the USA moral. economically functional and sufficiently homogeneous, no opt outs, no cheap outs, no running off to Monticello 2.0 they can have it .

        Its probably going to require long awful interregnum of pretty authoritarian rules so that the grand kids or great grand kids can live in a same country.

        You don’t want porn? You put porn starts in jail for 5 years and hang producers or you will have porn, end of story.

        Don’t want easy divorce? Your government will be up in people’s proverbial grill and so on.

        don’t want wage arbitrage? You have to write and enforce the regulatory framework.

        Liberty minded people aren’t going to be able to do that and as such, till they understand that is what is required and I suspect this is happening best case scenario IMO is a USSR style collapse.

      • “”…left is not as smart as they think they are/ The comments on conservative blogs…”””

        Power is what matters, not smartness. Lenin and Stalin had no smart comments in the conservative blogs. They had no guns either . And somehow millions wise gun owners lost and we ended up 50 million dead.

        Real war is not smart BS club. As many people know, Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor were kicked out from Eastern Europe. The reason is simple , we learned from smart German generals from WW II and now we don`t need smart losers but but dumb winners like Zhukov.

        • “Power is what matters, not smartness”

          But if you combine power and shameless cleverness (or verminlike rapacity, to use our host’s expression) then you somehow get a situation where the 50 million you cite (not to mention the additional 40 to 80 million Chinese victims of Mao and his heirs), are irrelevant compared to the sacred 6 million.

    • The NYT comment section, like most comment sections these days is heavily curated and censored. I would not make the mistake of thinking that it reflects with any degree of accuracy what anyone but the moderators of the NYT thinks. That being said, most NYT readers don’t have the capacity for independent thought that would enable them to say anything other that a regurgitation of what they have been told to think anyway. The moderation does serve to keep any contradictory opinions from potentially stirring the sheep though. That’s one thing I always harp on to people, why is it that these people disallow discussion? Perhaps they have something to hide.

      • The NYT is the megachurch of the left. A megachurch does not attract the brightest parishoners but the most obedient.

  33. Joe Biden is still only 4:1, despite regaling a bunch of black people on national television with a story of how when he was working as a lifeguard, black children would rub the hair on his naked legs and the cilia will respond like roach limbs branching out from a thorax: ( Perhaps his senility is the selling point for the ruling class; it makes him easy to control Re: National Review’s turn into total insanity, they’ve actually hired on Armand White, whose bizarre film reviews make Uncle Joe’s demented ramblings seem sane. There’s no way they have even the vestiges of an organic audience at this point (aside from hate readers, like us) if he’s there. Although if you want to find out what Transformers 5 has in common with French Cinema Verite, he’s your man.

    • Biden is Ted Cruz. The party never really liked him, but he is the only option to stop Sanders. They are hoping he can buy them some time by winning enough delegates this month to prevent Sanders from reaching 1991. If that fails, look for them to start bribing and attacking the delegates themselves.

      • Overt shenanigans like threatening delegates at the convention will ensure they lose the presidency as well as the good-will of a lot of upper class whites, whose support they still need right now. Another scenario would be that they accept their lumps by making him the nominee, sabotage him in the background, and take Trump til 2024 as collateral damage.
        That’s pretty much many on the the Never-Trump right did, only to come to the realization they had no actual influence or power. I don’t see the same script on the left. Many of the progressive elite aren’t toothless, and Bernie is, at his core, a very weak man.
        That being said, we are not being ruled by sane people anymore, and one would have an easier to trying to predict a schizophrenic’s next move than our rulers.

        • Albeit, not a current topic, giving Trump another 4 years would undoubtedly cause another conservative pick in SCOTUS. Perhaps the plan is to pack the court as soon as Congress is solidly Dem.

          • It’s a common point on this side of the divide that we’re not going to vote our way out of this, so a related question would be: can we at least staunch the bleeding by voting for people who might appoint us out of this (or at least appoint us some wiggle room)? These people serve for life, and that gargoyle Ginsberg could drop dead soon. The justice who looks like John Lovitz in drag (Kagan) looks like she might drop from a coronary, and trying to demonize someone for liking beer (a la Kavanaugh) might not work any better next time than it did this time.

          • The SCOTUS is of course one of the institutions that would need to be overhauled if true change were ever to come about in a reorganization. But until then, it is the high ground to be seized and one that seems to be up for grabs from the Left.

          • I’m not hopeful but it’s possible that there is a faction of the ruling class that plans to make Trumpism the de facto order of the land with an even heavier reliance on Executive Orders backed by a Trump-packed court. It may be their version of awakening to the fact that the low-IQ masses of Brownmerica might actually be SO incompetent that they will vote in something akin to the current regime in Venezuela.

            It’s not that the ruling class will have become good people but that they may come to realize that real democracy with the current, and especially the future demos, will kill the golden goose that lays their trillion dollar eggs for them. They may think that they can mold Trump and his successors into some kind of Mussolini figure to rule in spite of the people. I don’t think it will work. It’s hard to imagine, for instance, that a leftist hive like California can be subjugated sufficiently to stop it hemorrhaging productive people and sinking further into a Latin American model of society.

            They still deserve our contempt for dragging us so close to the edge of disaster that it’s come to this. Though some may finally realize just how dumb and dangerous a lot of the people they’ve flooded us with are, only an intellectually lazy and historically and geopolitically illiterate ruling class would have traded an orderly, advanced First World nation for what they’ve turned America into.

      • Apropos of nothing, but has anyone else noticed how today’s biggest Trump supporters were 2016’s Cruzlims?

        • They polled CPAC and just 11% want more immigration. Ten years ago I bet 11% would have opposed any immigration restrictions. The one thing the commies got right is the masses follow. They must be led. Trump has legitimized anti-immigration. That’s a net plus.

          • Give it time. Cultural shifts rarely stop on a dime. As much as I dislike hordes of third worlders pour in, the consensus continues to be solid anti-immigrant. Not just in America either; the recent stampede of “refugees” at the Greece border is being handled much differently in 2020 vs. 2015. As much as I want Operation Wetback Redux now, I accept that people are heading in that direction but it’s not going to happen right away.

          • If cultural shifts stopped on a dime – that means they’d accelerate on a dime as well. So…. if Trump was able to get people to flip over magically to anti-immigration – it would just mean that they’d like flip right back over to pro-immigration just as easily as soon as somebody else came along to grab them by the nose and pull them in that direction.

            What we really need is an anti-immigration cultural shift – that stays in place for like 3 or 4 DECADES. Since the elite scum have managed to turn things so thoroughly over to the pro-immigration side – it’s going to take a while to purge that all out of the system. But they didn’t put it in place overnight either.

            What’s really needed is enough of an anti-immigrant attitude to take hold – that it drives a bunch of the ones already here who have ticked their way into the host – to let go. People like Ocasio Cortez and that Muslim chick who married her brother – need to find the atmosphere so hard to breathe here – that they just leave and don’t come back.

          • he’s legitimized it, but who’s running on it? drumpf isn’t talking about decreasing legal immigration.

            we need to push it to the forefront.

            meanwhile in canada, it’s getting browner and browner, and suddenly all the white people seem to be old (55+). Amazing how quickly the demographic shift is happening.

            part of it is natural due to lack of white children since the 1970s. and obviously another part of it is due to mass migration.

            i have a feeling that when I reach retirement age the social security system these immigrants are here to “Pay into” will no longer exist. Just a hunch.

    • Funny thing, I think Obama was the same thing. He was a front man with no experience. The guy went from community organizer to Senator to President in just a few short years. He brought in a bunch of radical progressives and allowed them to do what they wanted.

      • He was a frontman, like Mayor Pete, but blackish. He didn’t chose his associates, they chose him, and his teleprompter.

        • That’s the difference between Trump and most DemoPulican candidates. Most are frontmen. Trump and Bloomberg are backmen.

      • Tars;
        Frontman is a well understood and mostly accepted role in the Chicago Machine politics that originated Obama. Keep the proles in your faction mesmerized while the aldermen actually run things in background. He certainly brought The Chicago Way to DC.

        Anybody who thought that he’d actually personally tackle the issues he ran on (maybe aside from Obamacare) as opposed to farming them out to his minions was truly disappointed, I’d think.

    • I remember one of the secret messages the glasses revealed was “reproduce”.

      If only such subliminal or even overt messaging existed in today’s society.

      • The message is there in the glasses, but there’s a subsidiary clause and you see it every time you go to the checkout line in a grocery store or department store in a working or middle class neighborhood: “Reproduce with someone who doesn’t look like you.” I think Steve Sailer had a bit up awhile back where he noticed when you go into organic/high-end stores you see only ads and magazines filled with mostly happy white families.

        • ironically it’s liberals who are unintentional white nationalists . it’s cons who keep turning up gay ,having mixed children, disabled kids that should have been aborted, mixed race couples, etc

          • A few years ago I had the misfortune to see a Wes Anderson movie in the theater, which was filled with all his white hipster fans. Still, I marveled at how these people had managed to create not just a physical environment, but a psychic, spiritual, and cultural space that was all theirs and (though they’d never admit this is part of it) all white. Years ago on Amren there was an article called something like “Don’t give up on the Liberals” explaining that there is a subset of the white hipster/Sierra Club set that privately recognizes preserving Western Civilization entails keeping it white.

          • “But the biggest donation the Sierra Club ever received is the one that altered it forever. In 2004, the Los Angeles Times revealed a $100 million gift made by investor David Gelbaum. Unfortunately for environmentalists, Gelbaum’s money came with the string attached that the club never speak out against or try to limit immigration into the United States no matter how obvious it became that adding more people has severe ecological consequences.”


          • Another excellent reason to go back to FDR’s wealth cap.

            In case anyone isn’t sure what I meant, the tax rate on income above 365,000 US was 90%

            I’m in favor of a 500K inflation adjusted (or better 25x or 50x minimum wage) with no deductions at either 99% or 100% and note that fancy health plan or the difference in services from a national health plan is income .

            This way the rich can’t subvert the system.

            It would also have to include a ban of corporate contributions to campaigns and limits of say 1/1000 the maximum wage per registered voter and nothing else.

            This sounds horribly Left Wing which it kind of us but its also populist as it makes sure that the rich have to eat their own dog food policy wise (not enough money to really opt out) and keeps corporations from money flooding away change.

            What will matter, good or ill is votes.

            Bette of course We do this for Us in Our nation of course otherwise its a one way trip to lead city.

          • AB;

            With all due respect, the rich will *always* find ways to game the system. The trick is to anticipate their gaming and structure the incentives so that *when* they do, it’s a net gain to the polity and not just economic drag (like enriching accountants and tax lawyers only). Otherwise their inevitable evasion is just fiscal dead loss.

            For example, the execrable AMT (alternative minimum tax) was originally set up to make < 20 or so families actually pay something. Complying with it is a rounding error in deductible tax prep for the 0.1% but a significant problem for middle class folks who now have to hire tax preparers because inflation kicked them into its snare.

          • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. In case the AMT issue could be solved with a single line “all brackets shall be adjusted by the rate of inflation as determined by the Federal Reserve.” or resetting the amount .

          • No argument here. Policy is a continuum not a single policy. All must work together.

            That said I’m I’m a Populist Nationalist though not a Socialist especially of the Internationalist variety. Comrade does not really apply.

          • Ah you are correct about the amount.

            Roosevelt’s original idea was a 100% tax on everything above 25K at the time or a bit under 500K in modern money.

            I’m no fan of Hart, Cellar or any of the 1965 Immigration Act’s signatories but that doesn’t mean that a wealth cap is a bad idea.

            Extreme wealth differentials breeds pathology and detachment, globalism and all that .

            Putting limits means people have to eat their policy dog food and that the good life is less out of reach of ordinary people

            At 500k inflation adjusted , a person can easily afford a couple of nice houses or a big spread many nice cars , elite colleges and yet the gap is not so great that a 50K person can’t eventually move up.

            Many good that are inflated by crazy amounts of money will also end up costing less which means wages can be lower and say regular people can live in San Jose or the like.

            More importantly when combined with limits on corporate and individual political spending , it forces the political system to populism.

            Ideally we’d go back to State selection of Senators which would lead to a populist House and a States Rights Senate which is close enough to original intent

          • Hey, easy on David Gelbaum. His grandfather was an immigrant from Ukraine. To oppose immigration would dishonor the memory of his sainted grandparents. (And yes, don’t even bother to look it up.)

          • Not the fault of Jews for having ethnic nepotism. Its admirable actually.

            The fault is White people being compassionate and open minded to strangers and not having solidarity.

            Whether Christian or Pagan Tribe is Truth. The dissonance between modern open Christianity and actual Christianity (closed and tribal) is a product of modernity we can do without. Tribe up now and avoid the rush.

          • Which goes to my theory about them. The only reason that they are able to maintain their charade is that they are largely inoculated against the effects of their retarded ideology. Going against the grain doesn’t happen for most until people have very little left to lose. Most people are cowards who don’t think deeply or have strong moral convictions.


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