AFPAC Report

The first stop on my journey the America First gathering in Washington was the National Harbor, a pod-people colony just outside the capital. I pulled into the designated garage and found a spot on the designated floor. At the stated time the lights of a car not far from where I parked started to flash. I walked over, got in and found the directions to where I was to meet my interlocutor. The keys were in it so, I drove it to the address listed on the envelope.

Driving around the National Harbor, I could not help but think this place is the American equivalent of the house on the embankment. It is a colony of about 4,000 people, all of whom are there because they work in the imperial bureaucracy in some capacity. Some are “private sector” while others are government employees. They are not high up in the system but some could climb the party ranks. Others will spend forever as imperial functionaries until the revolution comes for them…

The AFPAC event was held outside the capital at a secret location in Virginia. I arrived as everyone else arrived and I could not help but notice that the average age of the event was looking to be high 20’s. The median age was not far from it. I was going to be the geezer in the room. This is something that is unavoidable, at least until the state commits me to a rest home. These rooms seem to get younger, but in reality I’m just getting older. The rooms don’t change all that much.

What does change though is the energy in the room. I’ve been in rooms full of young dissidents and it feels like a funeral. This room was jumping. It was also the sort of high quality people dissident politics needs to attract. These were young men who were comfortable in a jacket and tie. Based on my conversations, I would assume the typical attendee was middle to upper middle-class and a college grad. In other words, they had other options, but chose dissident politics.

A sign that something has traction is when famous people show up just to be in the audience for the event. Having a famous person speak is one thing. Getting them to sit with the hoi polloi in the audience is another thing. Gavin McInnes was there, socializing with everyone. Various internet personalities were there like Baked Alaska, Roosh the Little Red Elephants guy and the Ralph Retort guy. Like everyone else, they were there because they wanted to be part of the scene…

One of the positive things about this scene is the young guys really do seem to get that politics is not about being right, but about being persuasive. What killed the alt-right, one thing among many, is they had the political sophistication of teenagers. You still see it with the remnant of the alt-right. They hate on a kid like Fuentes, because he does not go hard on their issue. They can’t see past their own feelings and appreciate that Fuentes and his following are doing useful work.

That’s something I picked up talking with attendees. My guess is most are to the right of Fuentes and Malkin, but they appreciate that the two of them are a useful face to the public they are trying to persuade. There was no one in the room thinking they were living in Weimar Germany. Many, despite their youth, knew they were picking up from the Buchanan movement which came and went before most of them were born, much less politically aware. They know their history.

That is, however, the one thing that kept coming to mind as I chatted with the attendees and listened to the speeches. It felt like a room during the Buchanan campaign or how it felt during the Reagan years. Those rooms were bigger and had all the same energy, but the result was failure. The reason was what Sam Francis noted forty years ago about what he then called the New Right. As soon as you engage with the system, you agree to play by its rules. The house never loses.

Maybe that is a favor the Left is doing for dissidents. More than a few people said to me something along the lines that we cannot vote our way out of this. I don’t think these guys see conventional politics as an end in itself, but just one of the many tools to be used in the larger project of building an alternative orthodoxy. They don’t have a lot of answers on that front, but at least they get it. That puts them a big step ahead of the Buchanan people and the paleocons a generation ago…

Michelle Malkin is a good example of why civic nationalism must inevitably lead to someone like Ben Shapiro lecturing you about the creedal nation. Her speech was pretty much what Ben Shapiro says, except she strongly opposes immigration and what she calls globalism. For obvious reasons, Malkin must argue on ideological grounds, rather than from nature. Her brand of dissident politics must be open to everyone, who accepts the ideological points of her program.

It’s one of those things that sounds good in theory, but in reality it is impossible to police ideological borders. The Left has been trying to solve that puzzle since the French Revolution and it always ends in disaster. The right-wing effort at it led to Buckley conservatism and eventually David French. For now, ideology and argument are the tools required to win people to our side, but ultimately the goal must be boundaries that do not require constant maintenance…

Listening to Fuentes speak, I was thinking about how this spasm of white identity politics has mirrored previous iterations. The alt-right split in two. One group is seeking to operate above ground and gain legitimacy. The other group retreated into a self-imposed ghetto. The TRS crowd is really just a younger version of the old Stormfront community that formed up after the Buchanan movement. Go back further and it is a replay of the Bircher-Buckley split.

Fundamentally, these splits are over presentation. The “optics” side cannot fathom why the hardcore cannot understand the need to make a good presentation. The hardcore cannot understand why the optics guys don’t see the dangers of compromise. Both sides are right, but both sides have always failed. The hardcore ends up in something similar to a cult and the optics guys get gobbled up by the system. There really needs to be a different approach to this in order to avoid a repeat of the past…

After the event, all of us retired to the Trump International for drinks. It was packed, so everyone ended up at another bar. Word must have got out that a 100-plus dissidents were loose in the city, as many of the CPAC people started to turn up. Mike Cernovich arrived to little fanfare. My old friend Mindy Robinson was there. She was disappointed that the bar did not have a pole for her to swing on, so she picked a fight with another women and was escorted out by police…

Spend time in the Capital and you quickly understand why these people are so divorced from our reality. It is a company town. We are not ruled by a class of people so much as by a village of aliens. Everything about their lives is in the Imperial Capital and the surrounding suburbs. They work, socialize, mate and reproduce all in the insulated world of Washington. Not only that, it is a great life. The nightlife is fun. The work pays well and demands very little. It’s like a fantasy world.

That’s the trouble though. I was telling some people about when I was walking around Saint Petersburg and suddenly grasped why people rise up and smash their rulers in a bloody revolution. It’s not because they are cruel or they have so much and the people have so little. That is a part of it, for sure, but the real spark is the indifference. The people in Washington, living off the imperial system, simply don’t care about what goes on outside the imperial capital. We don’t matter…

On final note. Patrick Casey is proving to be a very effective organizer. He’s not flashy and he has no illusions about what he is doing. He put together a first class event that came off without a hitch. The jury is still out on Fuentes, but he is young and he is smart to partner with Casey. They make a very good team. I’ll also note that Scott Greer was a great addition to the show. His speech was a great lead-in to Fuentes and Malkin. He’s an example of the high quality people we need to attract.

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207 thoughts on “AFPAC Report

  1. Fuentes and his narrow shouldered sunken chest merry bois are MAGAtards that will beat chuck the cuck to vote for the “king of the jews ” in November. They sullied the once proud 1930s organization America First.

  2. “As soon as you engage with the system, you agree to play by its rules. The house never loses.”

    Yes. I used to say that, even if Ron Paul got elected president (an obvious impossibility), he’d be corrupted within the first year.

    I’m too old to get wound up about the political maneuvering any more. I tend to focus more on fundamental steps that any revolution needs, such as advocating for an armed populace, getting people to think in terms of breaking laws, helping them understand the extent of media propaganda and lies, and getting people to pull their kids out of the government indoctrination centers. The future belongs to the homeschoolers…

  3. Glad hear young people are flocking to this movement. They are literally the future of White America. Hope they keep their sense of humor, remember to have a good time and mock the left unmercifully.

    Keep exposing the left as the lemon sucking buzzkills they really are. Make this side the divide an appealing alternative to the soulless left and their mystery meat crowd.

  4. There’s a Warren ad running on the television just now (the wife loves Jane Pauley and “CBS Sunday Morning”) and it comes to me. Why haven’t the other candidates tried to make anything of Warren’s faux “native american” fraudulent professorship at Harvard Law. Warren’s certainly not pulling any punches in her ads regarding Bloomberg. And I’ve seen ads going after Bernie but nobody seems to want to call Warren on what was unequivocally fraud.

  5. My God COVID-19 is War of the Worlds.
    The Neoliberal Invaders are being destroyed by a virus.

    That’s the panic, and the markets panic. The supply lines from China are down, and Just In Time is out of time.

    TBH there is in COVID-19 another elemental force at work; GREED.
    Wuhan is – and at present isn’t – a major industrial manufacturing center.

    I mean; the underlying terror of Corporate Media and the Stock market is the supply chains aren’t working, because the workers can’t come to work.
    Toyota just reopened some factories at 40% staff, rest can’t make it in.

    I mean the stock market drop is real, and the fear isn’t of COVID-19: its the shelves being empty.
    Of everything.
    Walmart and Target are already warning publicly that by April they’re going to have empty shelves for many goods.

    The neoliberals could give a damn if 50-100 million die, they care that the great Just In Time supply chain is out of time.

    The Strangest thing; its War of The Worlds.
    “After all man’s weapons and devices had failed, the Invaders were undone by the smallest of creatures that nature in her wisdom had put on this earth: the lowly germ. For the moment that ate of our food and drank of our water, they were doomed. For not for nothing do men live, or die in vain.”

    Goodbye Neo-Liberal Pod People.

  6. Why The Reds won the Russian Civil War; Organization and cohesiveness.
    The Reds won because they organized, organized, organized. Victory had nothing to do with ideological purity test or my God optics good or bad.

    So the point; whether Fuentes is our guy or Malkin is white enough is utter idiocy at this stage, or any stage before victory. Even then the ideology tests are only pretexts for internal rivalries and who sits at the Right Hand of our Leader, or the Right Hand of the American Heydrich you people think you want (you don’t).

    The Reds were FFS put in power by Ludendorff and Imperial Germany.
    The Reds signed the Treaty of Brest-Litvosk. My God Lenin would have been a client, puppet state of The Kaiser had Germany not collapsed on the Western Front.

    They organized, they made Devilish deals, later made Devil deals with American Capitalism, Weimar, then Hitler, then FDR again.

    So the point; whether Fuentes is our guy or Malkin is white enough is utter idiocy at this stage, or any stage before victory. Even then the ideology tests are only pretexts for internal rivalries and who sits at the Right Hand of our Leader, or the Right Hand of the American Heydrich you people think you want (you don’t).

    Win, then fall out in rivalry and power struggles.

  7. “The most successful revolutions aren’t those that are celebrated with parades and banners, drums and trumpets, cannons and fireworks. The really successful revolutions are those that occur quietly, unnoticed, uncommemorated. We don’t celebrate the day the United States Constitution was destroyed; it didn’t happen on a specific date, and most Americans still don’t realize it happened at all. We don’t say the Constitution has ceased to exist; we merely say that it’s a ‘living document.’ But it amounts to the same thing” — Joseph Sobran

    One thing dissidents will have to teach Joe Normie is that the USA form of government that he was taught in school is a lie. If it ever existed as the government teachers claim it is — that form is long gone.

    We need to get people to face reality. Those that wake up to the truth will mostly come to our side.

    • George Wallace needed people face to reality that why we have to segregate from ethnically alien
      Problem is George Wallace are the one who has to Face reality that he has to surrender

      We wait quite long time and now Minnesota have white hating black communist as attorney General

      I think we need to end frog boiling and make frog jump out of pot
      first steps for real progress should be Dismantling Republican party

  8. J.H.C… This one brings it home.

    Remember that beautiful little blonde girl, the “this is what we fight for”?

    Welp, in defense of kids in starched underwear attending Latin mass, and Deus Vult / Hail Odin anything, here’s an alternate picture:

    The tweet:
    “During Lent, please remember those who truly suffer war, disease, famine and those who see death on a daily basis like this little boy from the city of Donetsk, looking for a dead mother, in ruins, among dead people.”

    Our FUTURE.

    As Turkish locust-driven hordes pour once again across Greek borders. JFC. JGDFC.

  9. Let 109 flowers bloom.

    Fuentes is alright. He ridiculed the Holocaust.

    In another year or two there will be someone better coming up behind him. My guess is Fuentes will extend a hand up rather than engage in the sort of f@ggy shit that a Spencer would.

    To segyou wildly, my expectation is that the Tecate-19 virus flares out by May.

    But in the event, this is just a friendly reminder that if the economy tanks (for whatever reason) the Jews get blamed 24/7. Especially when it comes to all those Boomers who are seeking to blame someone because their retirement got vaporized.

  10. We are not gonna agree on everything and young people make mistakes and need guidance.
    Coalitions of dissidents is what we need.
    We can have a Nick Fuentes, TRS guys, the Z, and E Michael Jones existing without going after each other if we just recognize and focus on what we agree on, not what we disagree on.

  11. I think one thing that’s important too, is not making your enemy bigger and smarter than he is. The enemy is a bit like a bull elk. Big and dangerous. But not always super smart. Never underestimate your enemy. But don’t over estimate him either. We can win this if we are patient, determined, and intelligent. We have truth on our side. One thing I have noticed. Is the whole system is using almost all its power To hang on. Like a starship in an old Star Trek episode, it’s taking hits from all over, and is slowly, losing its shields, so to speak. coronavirus, brexit, nationalism, growing cultural self awareness, etc, are all taking their toll.

    • I always liked the shaky cam, control panels exploding with showers of sparks right in people’s faces (surge protectors anyone?) and ruptured hoses spewing unnamed gaseous compounds right onto the bridge. Always understood it was for dramatic effect but still made me laugh. Love your analogy.

    • In addition to truth, we have human nature on our side. People are always going to be strongly inclined to form a nation with their own kind. Even if an entire generation is brainwashed, as long as we have many kids and transmit our culture and history, they will have to fight with all their evil powers to keep the next generation from coalescing.

  12. Have you followed the CatBoi videos? Although I wish it wasn’t true, they looked at each other like two people in love.

  13. Z Man said: “One of the positive things about this scene is the young guys really do seem to get that politics is not about being right, but about being persuasive. What killed the alt-right, one thing among many, is they had the political sophistication of teenagers.”

    Here is a short video by a youtuber named ” The Academic Agent” entitled: “Smashing the Boomer Truth Regime.”

    • You can’t believe in anyone who would screw Yoko Ono.

      All juvenilia aside, the video is very good. The Jonathan Bowden quote at the end is instructive.

  14. I was reading a piece on another blog – something like “Is America Ready To Elect A Socialist” – when it occurred to me that it might not be quite the god-awful goat hump feared by so many. I got to thinking back to ’08 and ’09 when I was a stripling in my late 50s. I remember when, after the Novemeber election gave the Dems control of both the executive and the legislature. Nancy Pelosi was everywhere crowing about all the Dems were going to do in the first 100 days they were in power. Then the time came and they accomplished pretty much nothing. As time wore on it even turned out that they couldn’t even pass obamacare. Am I the only one who remembers Pelosi waving her gavel and saying that – by some feat of parliamentary legerdemain – the obamacare bill was “deemed” to have passed.

    Looking back it is clear that there was a whole lot more that the Dims would like to have passed but – somehow – could not. On face the Dims were a juggernaut. They had Barak Obama in the White House and safe, comfortable majorities in both the House AND Senate. And yet they actually accomplished very little of what they said they were going to do. One wonders why they failed. And I think I know why. The short answer is that they were simply incompetent. They had leaders who could TALK a good game but, when it came down to brass tacks, had no earthly idea how to “get it done.” Look who their leader was. Barak Hussein Obama. A man who,when you get right down to it, had never had a real job in his life and had never actually DONE anything. In reality, Obama was – and is – a complete and total incompetent. I think we dodged a bullet when Obama was elected.

    Looking at the field of contenders for the Democrat nomination, I don’t see anybody even as “competent” as Obama. How many bills did Anderson Cooper say “the Bern” managed to get passed in his time in the Senate? Seven? And two of those were to name post offices? And are Lie-awatha or Creepy Joe or Butt-gig or Mikie any better?

    • At this point in time, it doesn’t matter. Passing legislation no longer matters. It’s whether or not you can restrain the bureaucracy (or deep state if you wish). They’ve shown what they want to do, and with progs in office, they will. Trump is a major disappointment, but what did we expect. But he does partially restrain the worst instincts of the prog bureaucrats. Put any Dem in the WH, and you will see a blizzard of border openings, gun confiscations and investigations of right wing “terrorists” and it will be all handled by the permanent government.

      They’re ready to take the gloves off, because 2016 freaked them out and they will do whatever it takes to prevent it happening again. Trump may win this year, but the next time a prog gets in, it will be effectively the last election.

    • The problem is that their demonstrated incompetency is blamed on us, and the lynch mobs are sent out to find us. The playbook is as old as the hills.

  15. Saudi Arabia is wealthy because it sits atop a sea of oil. Washington DC is wealthy because it sits atop a fountain of free money known as the Federal Reserve. Both are wasting assets that will not last forever. The entire population of DC will one day be roasting rats and pigeons over burning piles of $100 bills.

    Or they’ll end up like some Saudi royals: Stripped naked, hung by the ankles, and beaten with 2x4s until they remember their Swiss bank account numbers.

  16. Scott Greer has a very “dry” sense of humor that I quite like, but apparently drives some people insane. (Hence his Twitter feed.) I would like to hear all of the speeches if anyone has link(s).

  17. What killed the alt-right, one thing among many, is they had the political sophistication of teenagers.

    Perhaps, but it was also what propelled it to its greatest triumphs.

    • “What killed the alt-right, one thing among many, is they had the political sophistication of teenagers.” – As opposed to the President of the United States who just appointed Steven Miller’s wife as the Coronavirus Communications Director.

    • Say what you want about the crassness of DailyStormer and TRS, but I have met many quality young men, in my limited experience, who were activated by that content. Guys who were studying to be doctors and lawyers, among other professions.

      Perhaps they’re not reading that stuff now, but it got them started.

      • Anglin and TRS are in the entertainment lane. Anglin, to his credit, seems to have always understood this.

        • In the words of Nirvana, “Here we are now, entertain us!” – There’s no longer a line between entertainment and politics. See Orange man.

          • Both politics and culture influence how people act and think, and they are bleeding into each other now more than ever. “Politics is downstream from culture”

    • Yes. Thanks, Felix, for being one of the guys who isn’t willing to bury every scrap of the alt-Right b/c C-Ville or Ricky Vaughn, etc…

      The beauty of Our Thing is that guys rarely “un-see” what they’ve once Noticed. Breaking the initial conditioning is the first necessary step and AR memes are still getting that job done.

      We need young sh*tposters as well as Big Brain geezers. Division of labor. We need the young guys to “demo” the existing structure and the geezers to supervise re-building.

      • Just so.

        White pill of the week: I regularly send my sister some AR material; she has three kids and very little time for politics, but she’s well based – we have to speak in codes around her kids whom are too young for The Talk.

        So we’re talking about the tik-tok video with the Finnish cat ladies doing the rape dance, and she’s not sure whether she saw it, so I sing the rape song for her, and her 9 y.o. son pipes up: “They’ve also made a “this is my yes-yes square-version” – the little shitlord was way ahead of me.

        Methinks the future is in good hands.

    • They would hate it to hear it but Sven and Enoch (and Bulbs, Toilet Law, Bradshaw, Ghoul, D’Marcus etc.) were the closet thing we’ve seen to a real punk-American approach to anything since about 1985…

  18. We live in the Empire run totally by the crazy leftists and their father Satan. Our situation is very dire. Z-man says we was the old guy in the room and so he has seen many movements come and go. As a fellow a generation older than Z-man, I have seen a lot myself.

    To beat back the great evil that is behind this Empire, we need to build alliances with those we can. Those kids Z-man wrote about are right, we can not vote our way out of this mess. Nor can we dismiss whole movements just because some fakes call themselves “libertarian” or whatever.

    On the other hand, we need to realize that we can’t be “nice”. So “nice” that we are unwilling to call a spade a spade. Optics are important indeed, but so is telling the truth. If we could just get all the white people to tell the truth about what they see around them the evil Empire would crumble. (or so I hope)

  19. I don’t even want to go near DC any longer. The place seems fabulously wealthy while producing nothing – it’s all leeched out of the pockets of us with jobs.

    • And it may have the most sh*te weather on the continent. Like heat? It can get sub-freezing cold for weeks. Hate heat? Humidity? The summers will kill you. Then there’s the traffic . . .

      • The mid-Atlantic truly has the worst weather. Even Florida has a nice season outside of two weeks in October.

        • Yeah, for the worst weather in North America, you need to come to Western Pennsylvania. All the awfulness of the mid-Atlantic coast, plus a bunch of mountains for all the clouds to pile up behind, eliminating the sun. It’s pretty much as bad as London.

  20. If you see one pair of penny loafers in that room it has no future. It’s an inside the beltway group that just doesn’t know it yet. If Gadflies like McInness and Cernovich show up you know there’s a problem. If, at the end of the meeting everyone says “Let’s go to the Trump International for Drinks,” while it’s a fine place, it also sounds alarm bells. I think Z Man is always hopeful that dissident politics can have the rough edges smoothed out it to make it “respectable.” Respectable to whom? The dildos who run our country? TRS is a fantastic outlet, I have it on when I work. But I have to be very very careful to mute it when I go on a conference call otherwise my career is over. I can’t have the Merchant Minute on when I’m talking to Jewish attorneys.

        • A three-month internship in a Los Angeles law office would answer the JQ for most normies – just Noticing the Tribe greasing each others’ skids and throwing sand in the gears of sane governance.

          As with Browns and Blacks, I’m much more anti-Semitic the longer I live around Semites. In WN 1.0 Appalachia, I only saw non-Whites at school/college, and I was a kumbaya Randroid. Once I moved to CA, I was “mugged by multiculturalism.”

          • You bet. Everyone should live in Encino for a couple years, work for Bernstein Bernstein and Bernstein and have a Jewish porn distributor as a client. A red pill the size of a Buick.

          • Ditto. But I also include white liberals and the GOP as the source of the rot that ate up my state.

            Most people have no idea how beautiful CA was in the 70’s and even 80’s. During the 70’s(this was in the High Desert) we could leave our doors unlocked at night, same with our cars, kids could play at the arcade and not have to lock up their bikes, We could play at city parks and never have to worry about blacks or Mexers attacking us or homeless, Kids could stay out all day until nightfall with no worry, etc.

            The beaches were out of this world back then.

            Yeah it was like Mayberry RFD to some degree. I didn’t need to sleep with a gun at bedside, have steel security doors on front and back doors.

            The white liberals took all that away from us. I hate them more than any other group. If any group deserves the label of EVIL they do.

          • Rwc, it was. It was.

            Out riding our Stingrays all day and I mean ALL day, the worst thing we had to worry about was farmer’s dogs chasing us.

            This, while living next door to Jigtown and Cholowood, oops, I mean the West Side.

    • Respectable to whom? Is indeed the $64,000 question. I’d rather the DR leader types be cunning and intelligent. Figuring out how to recruit and start up cells in every city and town in the U.S. Producing recruiting literature, how to be subversive, etc.

      Here’s why. The FBI has elevated WN groups into the category as ISIS in terms of threat level. That means if we get traction our peeps start getting disappeared or bullets in the noggin. All legal under the Patriot Act.

  21. “We are not ruled by a class of people so much as by a village of aliens.”

    choice of “ruled”, as opposed to “governed”, says much about the national nature of this country in its present form.

      • The Fuentes crowd wears starched underwear and goes to Latin Mass. The TRS crowd wears no underwear and goes to Star Trek conventions. As liberals said decades ago, before they became cat ladies with barren wombs, “different strokes for different folks.” You can have both and see how they both morph in the future, rather than trying to put your finger on the scale of a budding movement that is far outside the current norm in politics. I think having one or two blood drinkers adds charm to the place.

    • Probably not the personalities but the crowds themselves could. Not sure that either are “doomed” if they don’t. The fate of both approaches depends on future events.

      Neither Sven’s semi-monthly meltdowns over Logos-cucks or the optics crowd’s stahlhelm smack should have a long-term effect in a serious movement. Being persistently butt-hurt over this kind of static is a sign of an adolescent political movement. Given our largely libertarian priors, not at all surprising.

      We’re managing a coalition of iconoclasts with serious internal disagreements in a debate fraught with real-life consequences. The Other Side has a few thousand years’ head-start on how to manage this. We’ll get there.

    • You know how the left has a bunch of different factions doing different things for different reasons and yet they still win because they have a common enemy?

      Hope that question answers your question.

    • I doubt it. The new kids don’t want to be associated with the funny hat and flag crowd and the TRS guys refuse to decouple from that world. The new kids have also figured out that they can free ride off the old guys. I’d bet half the crowd last night consumed TRS content to some degree, but also think they were hopelessly lost regarding practical politics. That means there is no need for the new guys to think about the old guys.

      • >>>The new kids have also figured out that they can free ride off the old guys. I’d bet half the crowd last night consumed TRS content to some degree, but also think they were hopelessly lost regarding practical politics.<<<

        This describes me exactly, except for that I don’t know if someone who served in the Great Meme War can be considered a “new guy.”

        I used to listen to TRS Constantly circa 2016-17. Some of us learned that if you consider the 14 important, you have to conceal the 88. They didn’t, or at least continue to associate with those who didn’t.

        That and Mike Enoch, who used to be hilarious, is just boring and angry now.

        • There has been a sharp change in tone. Even FTN is doing the black spiral. I notice Ethnark has not been around lately. His level headedness is missed.

          • Really? Ethnark’s presentation is less than stellar. In podcasting you need both content and presentation. I think a black pill here or there is expected if you had the ADL disappear your mainstream outlet content.

          • He’s got both, dude. Narc’s not for everyone, but he is smart and well spoken. The point being he was a balancing voice to the overriding “lololol he’s a Jew, the Jew is doing Jewish things like all Jews do lololol”. He was also conspicuously absent from the Corona Chan deepdive FTN did.

        • Agree that TDS the show is lagging. Agree with McNabb from yesterday that the “grug anti-Semitism” is getting tiresome. That said, I’m not shutting the oven door on them just yet. See if they recover their stride. If not, plenty of other guys are out there to pick up the slack, and most of them wouldn’t be in the game but for the prior efforts of the TDS guys which may be burning them out.

      • “That means there is no need for the new guys to think about the old guys.”

        Wishful thinking?

        I like the Euro “mature” approach to dissident politics but it’s partly a product of their proportional rep systems.

        In the US and UK, “practical politics” is less practical because you can’t accomplish meaningful change with the majority coalitions required to merely occupy high political office, much less do anything with it. It may take a heavier hammer and more unorthodox tactics to break the “first-past-the-post” ceiling. Time will tell.

        I’m also skeptical of a movement that eschews history for the new, although that’s a question of degree and balance.

        We don’t have to endorse each other, just refrain from poking the other side in the eye. We can disagree without denouncing.

        Let’s not be overly-anxious to bury everyone with the whiff of wig-nattery about them. Greg Johnson’s idea of a wig-nat isn’t shared by everyone and I’m not counter-signalling his great ideas like the “slow cleanse” simply because he’s priggish about muh optics.

        • ‘In the US and UK, “practical politics” is less practical because you can’t accomplish meaningful change with the majority coalitions required to merely occupy high political office, much less do anything with it.’

          Why it that we keep thinking big instead of small? What we need to do is gain experience at the local level. Instead of trying to be President we need to support political campaigns in our own local area. That way we can support people that support us.

          If we controlled local government we could do a lot with that!

          • The problem is that dealing with arguments about widening a road or upgrading a sewer line is, for the most part, drudgery, and often the only people that willingly sign up for this kind of thing are either friends of local land developers, churchlady nannies, or folks on a power trip (think about HOA boards).

            **But**, being good at the crappy parts of governance is necessary if you want actually build a community. It’s a somewhat fertile place to develop political skills since you’re constantly dealing with pissed of constituents. When the left takes over local governance the local infrastructure often goes to pot (and this is not just true of the diverse cities). If we focus on making the ‘trains run on time’, people will be more open to the broader message…

          • Mark, those of us around here who are interested in parallel communities and long-term strategies that include raising kids are localists as well. If we concentrate our numbers we get a number of positive synergistic effects – more local political and cultural influence, pooled resources, shared labor etc…

            I’ve said more than once that our long-term ambitions should top out at the state level. If and when we have sitting state representatives who are Our Guys, we can start worrying about whether and how to scale up. That’s decades off at this point, but who knows how things might change. Agree that national-level politics are hopeless at this point.

    • Why does “not working together” = “doomed to failure?” Different groups have different goals and different memberships. Both are probably fluid. Does that necessarily make them antagonists?

      • If you think parading around in public in the costume of a defeated foreign power is a good idea, then you are an idiot and your actions are not pro-white. They are, in fact, anti-white.

        • Meme, I was listening to Nick Griffin on an old Myth of the 20th yesterday & they brought up Mosely. Griffin said his writing was brilliant but his sense of timing was perfectly awful – trying to sell superficially re-labeled Nazism in Mosely’s Britain was a horrible look. The optics-cucks are not entirely wrong. I recommend that episode in light of today’s topic. Spoiler for Lineman, Dutch & others – Griffin agrees with our approach. He’s sour on traditional politics in Britain & America, a little more hopeful for the Continent, but he’s more sanguine on the “build a parallel society and play the long game” strategy, if only for lack of easier options.

          • The “long game” is a luxury that we can’t afford. You really think whites are going to left alone when the Dems take power? Ain’t happening. Their leadership wants us and dead and gone. Hiding out in log cabins in MT and WY isn’t a fix for that.

            The Dems are really intent on bringing down the house so to speak. I see it here in CA where every fucking white liberal wants to let criminals roam free and commit all sorts of crime with impunity while kissing the asses of diseased homeless and illegals.

            And this mental disease is spreading across formerly red states as CA liberals spread out to other states. They’ve already poisoned OR and WA, NV and ID are next.

            Traditional politics? Is Z on a bender. TPTB will never tolerate us as a alternative political party period. Not even as a social movement. I saw what they did to the Reform party. TPTB play for fucking keeps.

          • TPTB have far less power than we think. They are seriously worried, and are rotting from within. Their institutions can barely function as is, and with each diversity hire sink further into the morass of idiocy and dysfunction. The black pill is tempting but is not all true.

          • Rwc, as Exile says above, we have a lack of options. Building our own communities really is the only way. Not in a showy style, but low key. As the crazies in charge let out the criminals and celebrate the diversity, our communities will be the safe places for Normie to find. Normie hates all that stuff, but lacks the vocabulary and the gumption to speak out or do much (for now).

            In the meantime, our places become “no-go” for the criminals and the stupid grifters. They know enough to go where the easy pickings are, and our communities, done right, are not that.

            As Normie figures out his options, quiet word of mouth finds him and his personal redpill morphs into understanding. Will it happen? Will it work? I have no idea, but that lack of options means quietly building out what you want and what you need is the way to go, IMHO.

            In the meantime, all that celebration of diversity means that things stop working, and public places become bad places to be. I was doing my weekly Costco run this morning, and the place was more crowded than usual. People weren’t bingeing on things, but there was a much bigger proportion than usual speaking Mandarin. I was getting angry at the aisles needlessly blocked by Han people standing around in the way, and their lack of self-awareness. Then it dawned on me. It’s not that they aren’t aware, it’s that they don’t care. If their standing around right in the middle of things blows everything up around them, they really don’t give a damn. It also explains “driving while Asian”. They aren’t idiots, they just don’t care that they are fukking over everyone around them. That is not a community any one of us wants to live in. Normies will figure it out, one by one, and find us. Will it be enough? Will it turn the tide? No idea. Give the guys doing their thing publicly their props, we all want mostly the same thing. Wisdom and smarts in what different people are doing will win out over time, whether it is out front and public, or quiet and behind the scenes. Room for both, and as much as possible of all of it is necessary, if the ship is to be turned.

        • Good example of what not to do. AI’s a self-parody in a lot of ways but the time to knife the guy isn’t when he’s getting Shoah’d. Nick could have just addressed the 9 principles, whatever they may be, and wished the guy well re: the System. Instead he goes in for mean-girl points. It’s an unfortunate trap we all fall into and definitely a holdover from our Twitter-troll roots (for those of us with that background, Nick included).

        • I like the dickens out of Fuentes clips.

          (Never have or plan to listen to the TDS or Anglin crowd, or Moly, or any of ’em, btw.

          How’s that work? Do people with cable internet connections put them on like background music at home?)

          • Having a long commute is really the only way to easily to listen to podcasts, IMHO, unless you have a job which requires long periods of you, by yourself, doing something that doesn’t require too much mind power.

  22. There are a lot of great points of observation and analysis in this post. So many that I wanted to stop and comment on this or that at the moment, but then I thought, jeez, at least let the guy finish. Maybe I’ll come back to some of these things later, if anyone can tolerate it.

    Meantime what strikes me most is a sort of cultural lack of depth in so many areas of this discourse. So many of these people know what they want to see happen, don’t know how to do it, and lack the vocabulary for expressing it.

    We need to build up our cultural vocabulary, so that we can say what we mean, and have a bit of ballast in our keel when we say it. So we don’t get knocked over by the first glib rhetorical objection or anti-White racist sound bite, etc.

    The following is a short list of stuff people should read, not because it’s ideologically relevant, but because it just puts hair on your chest. Think of these as ideological gym exercises, not the thoughts themselves.

    1. Su Tung-p’o, Collected Poems. (There’s a good translation by Burton Watson)

    2. Han-Shan, Cold Mountain Poems (many good translations, one by Gary Snyder)

    3. Catullus, everything by Catullus. Everything.

    4. Frank O’Hara, Meditations in an Emergency, and Lunch Poems.

    5. Thomas Paine, Common Sense (meaning, go read the original text)

    6. Walt Whitman, original short version of Leaves of Grass.

    7. Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories.

    Now there’s a start.

    • Agree that art is crucial for Our Thing, CC. Fictional portrayals are the best way to let the viewer/reader “live” your vision. America and post-war Europe put so much effort into economics and other “downstream” concerns that they left the cultural fountainhead unguarded – a huge reason why cultural Marxism has worked so well against us.

    • Hoo boy. Showoffs like the Zman also recommend learning rhetoric and logic to win debates. I don’t even speak Uni dialect, with its footnotes, bibliography, and sourcing.

      I do recommend and aspire to the Zman’s “Essential Knowledge” series, a catch-up course of culture for us Dummies.

      Perhaps Catullus can tell me how to invest in the World Bank pandemic bonds, or how to get a job with the WHO’s planned global vaccination regime, or which company will roll out Israel’s COVID vaccine (and if they have an IPO).

      All three, coincidentally, are maturing in May, courtesy of Harvard’s Prof. Lieber, who gave the genome sequence to Chinese spies for their BSL4 lab in Wuhan.

      But, I got a water pump to fix and a difficult coolant line to replace, Whitman and Catullus unfortunately don’t have much on those, either. Thanks, though!

      • (Left a late comment yesterday along the same lines, with this thought:

        What rising tigers can out-jew the J*ws, why, China and India. Suddenly we have a pandemic in East and South-Central Asia, who woulda seen that one coming.
        All incidentally pre-planned for at the UN tier, too!

        I wonder if G. Soros has a short position on the renminbi or the rupee, like his earlier stunts with the British pound sterling and the Thai baht. Time to check those Forex bips or Comex eurodollars!)

        • (Addendum: sorry, I forgot to note the Orientals are uninfected by the Holocaust cultural virus. A physical one to weaken them socially and financially just might be the thing, then.)

  23. So I hear that, at some point last night, Baked Alaska was rapping about how much he loves police.

    As in the police that stood by and did nothing when you had acid thrown in your face, Baked?

    • I did not see anyone singing or rapping, so I can’t say, but I’d caution you to take anything the black-pillers say with a grain of salt. Those grapes can’t much more sour.

        • Interesting how Anglin, or whoever does the content now, writes it up as if he was there when it is just stuff he scrapped from twitter.

          The Israel flag stuff was pretty funny, if corny.

          Me an another guy goofed on Robinson earlier in the night. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      • Baked is a retard and a clown. If anyone is a liability it’s him. You don’t put your sub 80 IQ people out in front.

        • Hear, hear. My strong suspicion is that he grew up fatherless, but I’m too lazy and mostly uninterested to look into it. In any case, I was stationed at Elmendorf for three years in my mid-20s, and I can report with absolute accuracy that there are a LOT of what I call “eccentrics” who have made Alaska their home.

          I remember seeing a video of Baked Alaska rapping about how much he loves police some months back at one of the Dissident sites – Occidental Dissent, I think, but not sure. He probably did the thing at this event “by request.”

          • I don’t know enough about the guy and his experiences to know what event in his life you’re talking about. As FashGordon says above, Baked Alaska is a retard and a clown. When I was growing up my friends and I would have dubbed such an one a “queer” in addition, regardless of whether he “liked girls” on the surface. But I suppose that may rightly be considered “bigotry” on our parts. Oh well.

            Please enlighten me, sir: was he really sprayed with bear mace at some rightest event or other, or are you just speaking metaphorically? Personally I’d like to spray him with mace if you want to know the truth of it; in the same sense that I’d liked to have sprayed “Timothy Treadwell” in the face with bear mace.

            Idiots like this are a dime a dozen. In Clown World Hell, it stands to reason that at least a few of them will successfully infiltrate the Dissident movements. ‘When “Lady MAGA” and “Baked Alaska” went on a date,’ right? Ha, ha.


            Baked got maced at Cville. The video starts with him leading a “Blue Lives Matter” chant. He’s hit with mace at about 3:30, and the police, of course, do nothing.

            He was in the hospital for about a month, partially blinded, with outcome uncertain. As far as I know, he recovered.

          • Got it. Thank you. Like I said, I tend to be too disinterested (or indifferent to, I guess) in jerkoffs like this guy to put much effort into learning much anything about them beyond what they publicize of or about themselves. And even then someone has to turn me on to them and their antics.

            This young man, Nick Fuentes, is, on the other hand, interesting. To be truthful, I still don’t know quite what to make of him. But if the Z-Man says he has matured greatly in two short years, I’m at least paying attention.

            Someone above said something to the effect that Fuentes ‘knows a million times more than I did at his age.’ That’s good (one supposes) inasfar as it goes. But is Nick married; does he have any children? What kinds of jobs or professions has Nick held in his short adult life? I think he is interesting, but I also think he is extremely lacking in real world experiences. And that’s where it’s at.

            Let’s not talk about any of that with respect to “Baked Alaska.” Ha.

          • I think it was something worse than bear mace…there was speculation he’d never see again at the time.

  24. I thought that was a brilliant analysis of the optics/hardcore split. The optics crowd becomes the biggest group, but the problem is their message gets diluted and the majority of the group starts to take the compromise party line seriously. You see that in other spheres where there are radical hardcore splits, such as Methodist neocons who actually think the rapture will happen when we’ve democratized the planet lol!

  25. “The hardcore cannot understand why the optics guys don’t see the dangers of compromise. Both sides are right, but both sides have always failed.”

    If we judge each iteration of the dissident Right as a separate project that “succeeds” by seizing power, we’ve “failed” thus far.

    This is too harsh a judgment given our circumstances.

    We’re seeking to supplant a culture based on 500 years of Enlightenment faerie-history taught to 95%+ of the voters of our nations from their earliest childhood to the grave.

    We’re arguing that our new founding myths of WWII, the Cold War and muh Holocaust are evil and false. We’re arguing against the “Clash of Civilizations” in post-9/11, Patriot Act America. A lot of us don’t even believe in “Judeo-Christianity,” the most enduring faith of the vast majority of “normie” Americans on the Right. We’re arguing against an economic-political system that gives NuMericans seemingly limitless choices of food, entertainment, etc…

    That’s how far down the infernal staircase we’ve fallen. We deserve kudos for merely standing back up and resuming our ascent.

    It took centuries to poz America and Europe. We have to be ready and able to fight longer and harder than they did to get some back.

    Each “failure” of White Nationalism has left us something to learn from and build on. There is no one final battle to this campaign, and the military or project-management definitions of “failure” or “success” are only half-applicable to a cultural struggle.

    As I’ve said before, our desire for a Final Conflict is a European thing, beginning with the pagans and only amplified and underscored by the “Judeo-Christian” idea of Armageddon and the Last Judgment. But we’re fighting a coalition of Sun People whose tribes have never fought that way, led by the tribe of Amalekite genocide and the Sicarii, all raised in a weaponized culture of critique, envy, spite and covert subversion.

    As America is learning too late regarding the ambiguity of battlefield “wins” and “losses” in modern war, our model of keeping score in conflict doesn’t apply well to “losers” who keep fighting after the whistle blows.

    Every day we survive is a win. Every new red-pill is a win. The previous iterations of White Nationalism may have made progress or taken a few steps back, but Our Thing is still a Thing. We’re learning dissidence on the job.

    The way to reconcile authenticity vs. optics is to first give up the idea that there’s going to be one movement, one leader and one approach. Let the TRS guys do their thing, Groypers too. Stop denouncing each other, live and let-live.

    How many dissidents in the USSR felt they were “winning” in 1986? How many of them were actually part of any plan or strategy that contributed to its fall? Hard to say since even the Russians cant agree on what caused its downfall.

    Fate gave Russians a shot at taking their country back. Fortunately enough based Russians were there to make a difference – and it didn’t take that many. The fight for Russia’s soul vs. globohomo was decades-long and still persists.

    Even so, the Russians would tell you they’re “winning” – and they’d be right.

    • “… give up the idea that there’s going to be one movement, one leader and one approach. Let the TRS guys do their thing, Groypers too. Stop denouncing each other, live and let-live. ”

      Agreed. There is no reason why we all have to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Besides, one leader/one movement hands the enemy an easy and terminal target.

      • The only one I can’t stand of those mentioned is Baked Alaska. That guy is trash. Who even likes him? I’m against infighting but that guy needs to gtfo.

        • Not punching Right is a reciprocal thing. BA’s fair game because he doesn’t honor the code.

          Not to beat the Russian analogies to death today but we could take some cues from how Russian criminals distinguish between “vor” and mere criminals.

          “As an example, while incarcerated, a Vor (вор) must refuse all work, and is not allowed to assist the warden/correction officers in any way, as the thieves’ code states: “Your own prison you shall not make.” For example, if an inmate walks past a guard, and the guard asks him to ring the dinner bell, the convict must refuse or he will be judged by his fellow inmates and found guilty of assisting his jailers.”

          BA’s forever a suki, never a vor.

      • I appreciate the directness of the TRS guys. I think they display the mental toughness that we would all do well to emulate.

        Enoch has identified and named the problem, and he is not going to back off. We need people like that.

    • I’ve had the most success just hanging with people one on one and seizing the opportunity when convos lead to an opening for red pilling. Might be a slow process but I’m not famous and it’s what I can see tangible results from. I think you are wrong about TDS, at least for the way I go about things. Sure if you are talking to large groups I guess the best way to go is optics and truth bending. But for small groups or one on one convos it’s most effective to just be honest. If someone is an environmentalist and an anti-immigrationist or at least not opposed to the idea for example, letting them know about how the Sierra Club took 200 million dollars from a rootless cosmopolitan and suddenly “inexplicably” inverted their anti immigration stance can really get their noggin joggin.

      • FG, I’m actually a big TRS supporter. I personally think that authenticity is the way to go because you’re not going to fool someone into being a racist dissident and I never really trust anyone who starts a relationship from a position of substantial dishonesty or dissimulation.

        But I’m willing to allow the optics-cucks their side of the street to work. A lot of guys I can’t reach are open to them.

        I’m only preaching tolerance and compromise among brothers, not the gospel of optics per se.

          • At this point, I must once again point out that TRS’s head of security is either a liar or a Fed who claims to have had sex with a tranny, and that TRS has been at the forefront of attempts to rehabilitate Christopher Cantwell.

            If it walks like a honeypot and talks like a honeypot….

          • BTW, nothing but love for both Linein and Exile. I respect both of you a lot. If you are in pool parties, you understand the risk you’ve taken.

            I simply make the point to caution newcomers away…

          • Is Jayoh even still around? I know they memory-holed him pretty fast after the Anglin blow-up.

            I’ve never been involved on their “pool party” side. I’m a paychad listening to dissident podcasts. I’m not hanging at Jesse’s house. TRS has my nick and a password. I’m probably more doxable through the comments I make here or my registration with Scandza or AmRen than through TRS, FWIW.

          • What about AIM? Send us a video with your application. Jesus Christ! How about you get bent. Yes, I’m going to carefully place my balls under the tire of an 18 Wheeler.

          • What is the Anglin blow up? I can’t stand anglin personally, he’s funny but his women hating is far too excessive. Really just a casual listener to TDS so this stuff is goin over my head. A tranny? Head of security? Actually found this blog through listening to FTN and stayed for the content. Z has some interesting thoughts. Cantwell always seemed like a goof to me, heard about him a couple years ago and immediately wrote him off as a derp and I’ve never heard the TDS guys talk about him.

          • FG, here’s my very outsider take on it. I listened to most of their content at the time, based on that.

            Started with AmNat vs. Nazi static, then Anglin ran an old pod where Jayoh was babbling about being a heroin-addicted gun-runner, federal charges etc… He’s the guy who ran (runs?) TDS’ internal vetting for IRL meet-ups. Jayoh used to be a voice, now he’s either been Shoah’d or pushed wholly behind-the-scenes.

            Outside looking in, I find Anglin’s history and associates (e.g. Weev) creepier than the TRS crowd. I’m with Hunter/Brad on this. See Occidental Dissent for his take. Nothing TRS has done is as creepy as Anglin’s Rapey White Sharia or MAGA-tranny-AmNat boosterism.

            Given my Appalachian priors, it’s not shocking I’m with the “wignats” on most of these blowups. I grew up with WN 1.0 being a somewhat fringey but accepted thing among my family and our social circles.

            I see Anglin as a grifter, the worst kind of 1.0 costume-larper. YMMV.

          • Thanks, what a mess. Anglin’s MAGA-tranny-Amnat boosterism? I knew that guy was a bit off the rails from browsing his site a few times but wow, would not have expected that. Anyway I’ve met guys with sketchy pasts who’ve reformed themselves so I’m not gonna write Jayoh off completely, but yeah, not a good look. I don’t find TRS creepy at all though, they seem to be some of the most sincere political voices I have come across actually. I’m too young to know much about 1.0 but larping doesn’t interest me at all. I listen to TDS because it’s entertaining and I sometimes learn very useful information that I can verify and use to redpill people. Just last week I informed a friend of a friend about David Gelbaum. This guy is into green stuff and doesn’t want everything to become a concrete wasteland of consumerism. Gelbaum was a usual suspect who managed to get the largest environmentalist group in the USA to end it’s anti-immigration stance with a 200 million donation. Struck a chord and started up an involved conversation about the situation in our country which also involved this video

          • FashGordon – curious because you mentioned the other day being a younger guy: when was your redpill moment? Do you remember the appropriate timeframe?

            Full disclosure: for me, it was Summer 2015 on race and six months or so thereafter on the JQ.

          • There was no moment really. It was more like a million little things and a few big ones that eventually broke through the brainwashing I had been subjected to my whole life through the media and the educational establishment. The earliest thing I can think of is wondering why my high school had all these racial clubs. Why did hispanics and asians have a race club but not my group? My high school was only 8% white so their usual excuse of “Because it’s tough being a minority and the tyranny of the majority” did not wash at all. There was only 1 black at the school so that one came later. The media doing the zimmerman thing also was a moment that comes to mind, combined with what I saw in rap videos. I could go on and on though. Basically it was that lived experience just kept on utterly and unequivocally refuting what I had been taught to think.

          • MemeVet, the older brothers are Deep Boomer, Christian Zionists that is.

            Should I say to them, “Holocaust is a newly created religion designed to replace Christianity”– and then ask them to prove me wrong?

            (Miffed cuz the Vietnam veteran brother surmised Corona-chan might be a Russian plot. They’re the only ones who do conspiracy against USA, USA, you see. Both are polymaths, but that’s as deep as they get.)

          • Alazebo, ask yourself first what your larger purpose is.

            Are you specifically looking to get them to question Jewish power? The Hall of Cost? Are they virtue-signally about blacks but don’t want to live around them?

            As a general rule, stay away from the JQ unless your target already believes in the biological reality of race. That’s a much easier redpill to swallow.

          • TRS is not a gateway, it’s a destination. You can’t even find them on google, you have to already be in this camp to even know about TRS.

          • Dude, dropping N’s and K’s in casual conversation will *never* fly with 95% of normal white folk, period. You are playing the part of the grugbrained trashy ‘bigot’ who ‘hates people just because of who they are’ that they *want* you to play when you head down that path. I’m not saying that TRS is wrong on policy or race realism. But their attitude of acting out the part of the evil Nazi drives normies further away (when they hear about it – because they do).

          • Ol’ dads, raised with N’s, literally, to the point of banging li’l black girls when he was 8 (born and raised deep South) said “N” as casually as breathing. Now even native Georgians won’t say it. Weird.

    • “The way to reconcile authenticity vs. optics is to first give up the idea that there’s going to be one movement, one leader and one approach. Let the TRS guys do their thing, Groypers too. Stop denouncing each other, live and let-live. ”


      It’s also putting too much of a stake in groups who live off of and around the Capital. Washington is a fake city: it is the center of the bureaucracy but unlike almost all capitals of past empires is it not a cultural center. This weakness is something we should exploit. We have real regional cultural differences in the US in spite of globohomo’s attempts to crush those differences. Regionalizing political interests as much as we can would be a lot more productive than trying to get all of the interests in DC to commit seppuku.

      • Right, nothing wrong at all with a multi-pronged attack. We all want the same thing. A future for our children that’s worth living in.

      • BINGO! This should have been held in Dallas or Las Vegas or some place like that. Five stars if this had a rating system.

    • TRS is like the id of the movement. It’s good to have an id. Public Face/Optics guys know what the TRS are saying. If they have to publicly pretent they don’t, that’s fine.

      The key point is that the Public guys are spiritually connected to the id guys. The brilliant Jonathan Bowden made the point that the left draws strength from the far left, whereas the right cuts itself off from the far right.

      • Great point, SA. On a gut-level a lot of Our Guys lack moral certainty. It’s easier to say “because we live here” than live it. We’ve internalized the idea that we have something to hide or apologize for.

        From a purist’s standpoint I’m more guilty than most, making wisecracks about “hate.” In an Optical world, I would studiously avoid adopting the other side’s tropes for Us.

        Our sweet spot is “White. No Guilt. No Apologies” – somewhere between Iron Cross face tattoos and Mike Pence.

        • Right, so celtic cross tattoos on the chest instead.

          Lol, I’m actually pretty against inking yourself. I feel it demonstrates a lack of pragmatism and generally looks bad. The human body is perfect as is, if you want to make it more aesthetically appealing then hit the gym.

          • Let’s not forget that ink has gotten a lot of our guys doxed over the years.

            It’s just not worth it.

      • I second that– great point, Sperg.
        I don’t give a fudge what hostiles think, I refuse to cower.

        Discretely- because public decency is always the right way for us. Resolute pride.

  26. Had no idea who Mindy Robinson was. Looked her up. She’s forty years old. Nothing is sadder than being an old bimbo that never grew up. That aside, all up, sounds like an encouraging evening.

    • That age cohort is quite literally sad. Y’s & Zoomers who (understandably) trash us old Xers for chasing their wahmens should try dating one of their AWFL wine-aunties. Post-2000, the “Sex and the City” generation are the saddest flock of hens I hope to ever see.

      • It is impossible to overstate how much damage “Sex and the City” inflicted on women in that age cohort and how much damage it did to relations between men and women in general, but even moreso in the specific cohort you mention.

        • Panem for the girls, you betcha.
          A Brave New World romance fantasy brought to life. Who wouldn’t want some of that?

          I dunno why BNW is ‘dystopian’.
          Isn’t that what the religious Heaven is supposed to be like? I don’t hear of anybody hewing wood, birthing calves, or cleaning sewers in the New Jerusalem.
          I’ll bet they have great shoes, though.

        • Smashed that early life on sarah jessica parker.


          It’s become funny to me at this point 😀

        • It’s one reason I get mad when I hear people complaining about modern degeneracy and how evil millenials, and Zoomers are.

          The truth is that we are the least degenerate since the boomers. From what I’ve heard and seen, things were much more wild and crazy in every generation prior to ours.

          Boomers screaming about evil abortions? Abortion rate was sky high in the 70s to 90s. Now it’s basically blacks, teens, and poor people aborting (eugenics).

          • UFO, respect your elders!

            LSD hippies 60s
            Sex, drugs, rocknroll 70s
            Swing parties 80s
            Gay bath houses 90s

            Hey, these vape-free kids have tatoos and dyed hair!!

        • Was working in NYC during that silliness. But it sucked a lot of people in. My spouse still has friends from the publishing business that bought it hook, line, sinker. They are in their 50s and truly sad cases. Being 51 and posting FB pictures of your nights out drinking is not a good look.

      • Ridden hard and put away wet. The 90s were a rough decade. Nothing left but fading barbed wire tattoos.

      • Amen to that, E. I can feel sympathy for a widow… but the crazy wine box spinster? We would really be doing a favour if we started burning them at the stake…

      • A cougar can dream, can’t she?
        I mean, considering her competition in the new Nike and BeachBody ads, Mustafa comes a-runnin’.

    • I bought one of the AIM t-shirts and gave it to my daughter, heh. Met them at AmRen. It was funny, I had brought my son and some of his friends to the conference. My son and his buddies are good-looking clean-cut guys. The Aim guys we’re all over them trying to recruit them. They are vigorous and enthusiastic, I’ll give them that. The media definitely has the knives out for them. I hope Patrick Casey is a shrewd as he appears to be.

    • Strange. I just commented on AIM above. Not in a good way. I like what they do, but you have to be 100% movement with a job but no career.

  27. If the right can get these secret meetings regularly to the extent that the powers that be try to thwart them, the optics will be the cheeky underdog thwarting the crusty and clueless Cathedral. Even better if they can infiltrate and troll the hell out of official gatherings like CPAC.

    It would be the next logical stage of the right wing twitter bombardment of blue-checks, only 15 IQ points higher..

    • We all agreed on campaign Trump. But 2020 Trump is a very different Trump than campaign Trump.

      Does Fuentes back Trump? Only have seen parts of a few episodes of his show. I liked what I saw though. He’s not afraid of saying white interests matter. That’s the crucial thing we need to get people to do. It’s okay to talk about “white unemployment”.

    • The USA was founded on a lousy compromise and not a few years later issues ranging from trade to slavery, all intertwined ended the nation as it was in a bloody civil war.

      What on Earth makes us think we could do better especially as unlike out Founding Fathers no one on our side other than maybe a few White Nationalist and the Nationalist Semi Socialist types actually seems to want power.

      This is not a situation where anyone will be Left Alone to “Live in Freedom.” never going to happen. Its one where the Elite need to be out of power and your Elite in it to use Authority.

      Its probably going to take either “Let’s have many nations.”: either by USSR style (it stops working) or a Great Leader forcing a new system, probably Ultra Nationalist and maybe Socialist ideology down people’s throats.

      There is no future for a sea to sea Libertarian society, the Southrons don’t want the moral looseness, the Damn Yankees never leave anyone alone , the WRSA types don’t want Social Democracy or a Federal Government the Globalists don’t want expensive labor or borders or morals and much of the rest are unfit for such societies . Hell most of humanity is.

      Even when our movement gets rid of the willing corporate slaves you know the 50 shades of multinational subjugation types and the Libertarians its still lacks a core as of yet and no one is hungry enough to want to take power or has enough people willing to obey orders/

      Now if this Kung Flu continues it may create conditions for more nationalism if only because trade is perceived too risky and may even end the situation

      Still a bunch of low grade DC Nomenklatura and Fellow Travelers while useful and many are even on our side are dabbler, dilettantes and amateurs not the real deal.

      Those guys are out there yet unlead. Let us pray they are not needed and we kind find a better way,.

        • I wish I could take credit for Kung Flu but I think Aesop the Raconteur is the coiner.

          Any Wushu is a sport form and Corona Chan don’t play.

      • One thing about leaders forming under our current ruling class. They will either be killed or compromised in short order. Once the TPTB gets a whiff of some young charismatic populist that will be the end of him.

        We may have some ex military officers(non general) who could do the leading but they’re smart enough to know to keep their mouths shut because they know how the system is set up.\

        There isn’t anyone in the GOP I’d trust for the simple reason if they have any stature even at the state level it means they are a pod person and are our mortal enemy.

        We will have to wait until the ruling class is preoccupied with just breathing before we can even organize out in the open.

        And to hell with the libertarians. Bunch of whore mongers and drug addicts.

        • To hell with libertarians? Yeah, that fits in well with a blog post urging us not to get into purity spirals…

          Libertarians may be undisciplined, and let the moonbats be their public face (at least some of them), but they still know enough to arm themselves and get their kids out of the indoctrination centers. Sometimes I think conservatives would sell their kids into slavery, just to keep getting that yummy free government lunch. Heaven forbid that they would take personal responsibility for the education of their children.

          Ain’t nobody perfect. It’s important to be able to distinguish friends from enemies. If a movement can’t do that, it is doomed. The only exception is if a Hitler or Stalin figure shows up to impose discipline on us.

          • Agree. The New Hampshire free state project is years ahead of any WN organization. They have fielded candidates in local elections, hold a fair number of seats in the state legislature, engaged in effective civil disobedience, successfully resisted intrusions of private property by local law enforcement and left-wing environmentists, formed bartering exchanges and coops for mutual support in in times of need, taught their kids how to use cryptocurrency, othewise use silver coin among themselves, open carry in the town commons while performing voluntary public service like picking up trash, successfully prevented the city of Keane from accepting an armored personnel carrier from the Army, set up short wave radio communication networks, actively opppose welfare and public schooling, actively oppose the ME wars, adamantly support private property rights and the defense thereof, and, of course support freedom of association. Not exactly WN, but why wouldn’t such measures be good for White people, at least for now given the current political and economic milieu?

  28. We can’t make the mistake of taking Fuentes seriously. He is effective as a court jester, saying naughty things that get a laugh, but for the foreseeable future he is just an immature kid who seems to spend most of his time alienating and blocking people who generally are supportive of his positions. Casey seems like a much smarter and effective young leader.

    • The key word here is young. Talking with him last night, I was struck by how much he has matured since I spoke with him two years ago. He’s 21, so he has a ways to go, but I’m much more optimistic about him than I was two years ago. He made the right noises in private, which is what I notice.

      We were all young and dumb once. Keep that in mind when evaluating these kids.

      • I’ll be the @sshole here. I expect that Nick will be brought to heel and adopt an E Michael Jones platform that we must fight for a multi-racial Catholic empire because we’re all God’s children. I hope that I’m wrong.

        • I’d put that at about 1%, to be frank. I know for a fact that the blob has tried to co-opt him on a number of occasions already. To his credit, he seems to understand that danger. I think the greater risk for him is simply doing a dumb young guy thing and getting himself turned into Spencer. Moderation does not come naturally to the young.

          • As the French say:

            “Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait”

            If youth only knew; if age only could.

            It rhymes more nicely in the original

        • Line, as a betting man my money’s with you, simply because EMJ’s brand seems “safer.” IMO its a false sense of safety – Nick & EMJ will hang with us, clucking about Logos as They fit the rope.

          That said, I’ve lost more money betting than I’ll ever win. If the bottom falls out of America as fast as it did for the USSR, Nick’s Groypers are presently better-positioned to lead than My Guys are, and I think there’s room for the rayciss in Groyper USA. Let Nick be Nick. He’s My Guy enough for now.

          • Though I don’t especially like Nick, I don’t dislike him either. And I’m also not a racial purist. But it seems like we probably shouldn’t have a mestizo as a public face given the racial consciousness of the dissident right. For his sake, I hope he gets some good people around him to keep him out of trouble.

            Malkin is another animal altogether. She’s a grifter who is also as race conscious as any tribe member or black American. She used her platform to shill for a 1/2 Jap cop who was supposedly raping the browns.

          • She was shilling for a guy named Daniel Holtzclaw. She did like an hour long special on him. Just google her name and his name. LOTS of links will come up.

            If you were asking about Nick being a mestizo (what we generally call Hispanic in America. I use the proper term, which is mestizo), this is not in question. I don’t hold it against him, but it just doesn’t make sense to have him leading a race conscious/white identity movement.

          • Last time I looked, years ago, it kinda seemed like Holtzclaw might actually be innocent, but having an Asian married to a Jew talking about him at an ostensibly pro-White event is a serious case of… ideological backsliding towards conservatism.

            There’s actually going to be conflicts of interests between Asians and Blacks in the new diverse America, we don’t want to be naively “White Knighting” for the Asians.

          • Do you REALLY think it is a coincidence that the guy she goes to bat for is 1/2 Japanese? How is this any different from the hands up don’t shoot narrative of blacks? This is obvious racial solidarity. It is ethnic tribalism/racial loyalty at work here. Whether or not he did it isn’t even important for our purposes.

      • Agree re: NF. I’ve said much the same about Spencer (hell, so has Derb) but he doesn’t seem to be learning much and he’s now of an age where it’s reasonable to conclude he never will.

        • I certainly don’t need outside reminders. My bank accounts, credit score, and aches and pains remind me very effectively, every day.

      • “We were all young and dumb once.”

        Your statement is 100% spot on. The “and dumb” (or “and stupid”) part is a verbal redundancy. It goes without saying. Everyone was young and dumb once. Unfortunately so few grow out of it.

    • Fuentes’ purpose is to get young Huwites thinking racially and to say memorable things that stick in their heads. (Before he became a shameless Trump shill, Scott Adams taught us that this is the core of persuasion.)

      He seems quite capable of learning, advancing, and discarding what doesn’t work. Fuentes is the first whitepill for Identitarians since that infamous August day 2.5 years ago…

    • I hate to say it, but I think that Fuentes might play a more impactful role in /our/ thing than /our/ guys.


      Because he’s the guy who gets people started down redpill road. Or, if you want the “gatekeeper” metaphor, he’s the guy who first hauls people over the gate, who gets them to step outside the Overton Window.

      After that we’ve got other guys who can help people with further stages of their journey. You can look at Redpill Road as a journey that has different guides at different stages. Most people don’t just jump from normie to Full Redpill. They’re only ready for that next step.

      I think it’s a huge mistake for us long-term/hardcore guys to complacently shit on Fuentes, when he’s the point man on our road!

    • Yeah we should have the fringe weirdo with the Clockwork Orange avatar lead us. There’s a lot of potential for growth there. Might even be able to get .1% of the population that way.

      The future of the new right is religious, and we don’t need evil people in our group, even if we align on some of the issues. Thanks for your service, yada yada. BYE

      • Damocles, you’re welcome to gatekeep your own group as you see fit. Just don’t dox other Righties b/c “pagan” ala Katie McHugh and odious P.T. Carlo, and we can be allies.

        What “evil” people are you talking about? I consider those two “Trad Catholics” to be much more evil than the pagans in Our Thing.

    • Fuentes ( Separdic jewish father) twin sister married to black female. Some say Nick is a tranny. Calls himself a nonpracticing Catholic.
      The Left has not tried to Dox him.
      I believe him/her to be another gatekeeper of young men. He looks like Shapiro’s brother by another mother. Same scam

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