Market Report Week Three

The market was very crowded today, suggesting that either the effects of the first round of hoarding have worn off or people fear the worst is yet to come. In the initial round of hoarding, people probably loaded up for two or three weeks. Therefore stocks could be running low now. Perhaps there is a second wave of hoarding that follows the first for some people. Alternatively, the news could be re-frightening people with prophesies about the real doom and gloom really coming this time.

The number of masks were much higher than last week. It was not just blacks and Asians wearing them. About a third of the people had something on their face, like a bandanna, medical grade mask or the stuff workmen use. Probably forty percent of this group was kitted out like they were going to rob the payroll stage coach traveling down from Albany. For some reason they did not look as silly as the people with the dust masks on their faces, but they did look foolish.

Masks probably have some impact on slowing the spread of an infection, but nowhere near what the alarmist claim. Life is a not a sterile environment and people are not wearing those masks 24-hours per day. What they are doing with those masks is reducing the number of times they touch a foreign object, like the carts at the market, and then touching their faces. Unless they are sanitizing every surface and then washing their hands vigorously, they are not avoiding the bug.

The market itself was completely stocked, except for cleaning supplies, which probably says we have moved from the fear of not having snacks phase to the people have been cooped up in their homes too long phase. The homes of America have probably never been so clean. At some point that will get tiresome and the demand for household cleaners will return to normal. People respond to what they see. If the promised bodies in the streets do not show up soon, the great cleaning frenzy quickly ends.

The lines at checkout were very long, about 40-minutes. The procedure was the same as last week, but the higher volume and the lower number of checkout people made for a long wait. The store has started refusing the grimy canvas sacks the anointed have been using to display their love of Gaia. It turns out that the nation’s octogenarians are more important than climate change. It also means these dingbat moralizers will have to find a new way to display their virtue. Perhaps they should wear masks.

In front of me in the checkout line was a women probably in her mid-30’s. In front of her was a pudgy guy in his mid-40’s. Let’s call her “Desert” and he can be “Thirsty” in this little drama. Thirsty kept trying to strike up a conversation with Desert. She was having none of it, doing the thing women do in clubs to blow off some loser. She kept responding with short answers that would not naturally elicit a response. Poor old Thirsty kept trying, which is why he is so thirsty.

Eventually, Desert turned around to me and started making small talk. Maybe under different circumstance I would have been flattered, but I hate standing in lines and I had just watched her shoot down poor Thirsty. I decided to display my power level by doing to her what she had just done to the poor loser in front of her. Of course, this only intensified her interest in me. I’ve never been much for game, but it was a nice reminder that the fundamentals of human nature never change, not even in a panic.

Watching a fashionable sort try to hide her grimy canvas sacks, now that they are no longer a positive moral signifier, I thought about the alarmists. The HBD crowd has gone totally mad over this virus. Any deviation from their extreme position on this is now treated as heresy. There’s a UFO cult quality to what’s going on with those people, as if the coronavirus is a savior, rather than a fact of nature. The slightest bit of skepticism is treated as if the person is denying there is such a thing as a virus

One reason for this is a lack of confidence. Fanatics tend to attack the less fanatical because the mere presence of them calls into question their extreme position on whatever is the main belief. On the one hand, there is status that comes from staking out the most pure position. On the other hand, those who are unwilling to following along call into question that extreme position. They must, therefore, be anathematized and discredited to maintain the extreme position.

There is a good chance we will get to see a large scale reenactment of what was described in When Prophecy Fails. We are probably at the 12:05 mark of that process, maybe the 12:10 mark. We were supposed to have hundreds of thousands in the hospital at this point and it is twenty thousand. With the fever abating in Europe and the economy in ruins, the political class will be lifting the siege in the next couple of weeks. That’s when the clock strikes 4:00 AM for the great virus scare.

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276 thoughts on “Market Report Week Three

  1. just checked yesterday’s final stats; 29 people died of chinaflu in all of cali. out of 40 million people, including hundreds of thousands of homeless orcs living in filth (like chinese do). 1,271 new cases yesterday, which is less than day before.

    • wonder how many of those were with rather than of?

      Given the CDC death cert changes on assumption of contribution. The death total as a cause could be 0 for all we know?

      Cases are irrelevant. Imagine the numbers if we reported the various cold virus numbers or influenza. The numbers would be ginormous.

  2. I think there is a bigger picture here. Looks like globalism was planned to be over and as these people are always frontrunning expect to see a biological cold war with china and isolationism pushed forwards. Built up china to a credible enemy,(as they did to USSR pre-war). Convenient new enemy and new threat of biological weapons arises as oil is phased out in the west.

    Makes one wonder if the rush to flood more third world into the west in massive numbers was the precursor to the convenient new normal. Made sure they have tipped the balance in every country before the global lockdown change so no western nation can recover as it is permanently burdened by a dragging internal underclass/fifith column.

    Huge external enemy, constant internal struggle and no respite in your own lands, new scary weapons that are too small to see or verify even exist, yet must be monitored at every social interaction point.

    Strategy of tension from gladio on a massive scale.

  3. Shoppers at the local Albertsons(high desert, LACO) were all scared to one degree or another. The shelves are pretty well stocked except for cleaning supplies which are empty. Frozen pizza is no-where to be found.

    Their behavior pretty much mirrors our political class which has went insane at the state and national levels.

    That said, their behavior does answer a lot of questions I had about American society at large and various sub-groups as well. From a a sociological POV the panic offers a window into how AMericans rreally are.

    And what is that?
    We are a nation of sheep. Even the preppers are running around with the hair on fire. the gun nuts and Bro-militia types think The Walking Dead is a instuction manual, etc.

    It explains why whites have acted like punching bags and rag dolls no matter how hard the ruling class fucks with them. There is no fight left in then.

    Our military leaders have shit a brick and hid away in Cheyenne Mountain

    Global leadership is just as panicked and bnts. This hasn’t been seen since the lead up to WWI.

  4. “To burn a city, there is needed only a child or a madman; but to rebuild it, architects, workmen, money, and especially time, will be needed.

    Joseph de Maistre

    • Sure illustrious Maistre could not predict that in 200+ years no child nor madman would be needed,
      just a shrieking “empowered” female.
      Brilliant as he was he could not possibly have imagined the very concept of an empowered womxn.
      It is true that he saw by his own eyes all of the ravages of French revolution but Providence spared him of seeing the ultimate one.

  5. The official numbers on the virus are bogus but still if you add the deaths from the virus to the flu deaths, you can see that this is just an average flu season. If we could access real numbers on the virus this would likely be a mild flu season. I point this out to liberals and middle of the road types and it just can’t register.

    What the virus mania reminds me of is the aids hoax. Aids was a real threat to a small subset of the population but the health experts including Fauci and all the media created hysteria among heterosexuals to get funding for aids and normalize homosexuality. With the virus, we have a subset of the population – people who have serious pre existing conditions especially if over 70- who are at risk of dying but Fauci, once again, and the media are creating hysteria among the masses who have a very slim chance of dying.

  6. My wife tuned into 60 Minutes tonight, April 5. After an entire show of coronavirus the final segment is about a 2-y.o. at the time ‘holocaust’ survivor. Cohen-incidence?

    And if I do taste small hats in my sandwich, Z, it’s because the small hats symbols of approval appear on all the ingredients. Sir.

  7. Because of Covid-19, the spam filter here is extra-sensitive. If your post does not appear, it means it is in moderation. I approve them every hour or so with little to no actual moderation.

  8. Some of this panic is due to so many people have never had a real scare or real challenge before; there is a learning curve.

    Same for fraud; people hear about scams that ruined others, it simply hasn’t happened to most people.

    Now fright, fraud and economic ruin have happened to the whole nation they will learn and be tougher and more wary for this experience.

  9. I don’t remember the historian which wrote : “civilizations never die by killing, but by suicide”. That’s what happened this spring 2020.

    I always thought this motto “a life get no price” but here we are : to save 20 000 French, and more American (there will be by far more deaths in the US, not because of the CV, but because of economic liberal health system and because of your junk food culture), “we” (90% of us) were accepting to destroy the entire economy. That’s litteraly crazy.

    • Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.

      Arnold J. Toynbee

      Suicide in the form of an effeminate soy boy and blue hair a feminist.
      Every civilization kills itself by its own rot which may take on different forms but which cause is always the same- The extinction of Man

    • Mencius + Hunter Wallace + Steve Sailer + Greg Johnson + Jared Taylor. (I don’t enjoy say that, I had sympathy for Sailor and Johnson, and a litle less to Taylor or Wallace. No one for Darkenlighters)

      • The Unz people went off the deep end over Iran at the beginning of the year. That’s when I largely stopped reading them. The HBD crew and a lot of others have gone off the deep end over COVID-19. It is very interesting to watch how certain events exposes the delusions and instabilities of various pundits on the ‘net. Its analogous to Warren Buffet’s description of an economic downturn exposing those who are out swimming without a swimsuit.

  10. If the clock strikes 0400 AM then;
    The Experts saved us.

    The Dissonance if it is broken will be broken by suffering and clear and utter predatory hypocrisy. Mass unemployment. Small businesses failing by the millions. A Depression we can’t print our way out of, a destroyed shopkeeper class.

    At present PPP is stuck at SBA but it gets better; I have it from two SBA lenders that PPP is the only SBA lending. Everything else lending wise from SBA is frozen. At present the banking system *may* be frozen due to other issues – such as the Feds helicopter money actually destroying the mortgage industries hedges.

    At 0400 in your Clarion link the earth was pronounced saved by the believers, but the Prophet Keech had to flee town from threats of prosecution and commitment to an insane asylum.

    Where do these Prophets flee?

  11. I am really surprised Zman and others do not see what is happening. Since at least the 1890s and likely before, the political class of Reformers who feel that since they went to Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Stanford they should be running everything and ESPECIALLY controlling every minor aspect of people’s lives has been at war with the commercial class of big shots (TR vs. say, Rockefeller) who like the original Rockefeller often came from humble, not so exalted origins. Such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc.

    The only meaning to say, Andrew Cuomo’s or Gavin Newsome’s life is making Dirt People miserable and controlling every tiny aspect of what they do. If they can control their movements and what they do, why not who they can marry, have sex with, have kids with, abortions (yay or nay, including forcible abortions)? That gives them power, power over Dirt People, their commercial rivals who must now grovel instead of making them dance for cash, and gives them adulation from the priestly caste of the media whores.

    UBI? Of course but not for you, Whitey! AOC is likely one Chinese Bat Virus infection in Nancy’s staff from being Speaker and she knows it. Same with say Kamala Harris and old Chucky Schemer. Heck it might be Stacy Abrams or that Farrakhan acolyte if Biden dies of the virus which is certainly possible.

    THE central fight is between Governors and Mayors who have absolute, life and death powers over everyone unchecked by anything and will keep the emergency going forever, and the commercial and industrial powers that need the country working again. Disney, Target, Apple, GM, Ford, Boeing cannot exist on handouts from the Government indefinitely, and see themselves as the targets of Mayors and Governors hungry for tax receipts to fund their empires. If people are out of work they won’t be buying $800 Iphones. Not even on credit. Not even on UBI which of course will not be for Whitey. AOC is sure to make that mandatory. [She’s already demanding Reparations for non Whites]

    The Governors have unlimited power, but only in the short term. If California is shut down much longer the tax loss will be such that layoffs and furloughs and IOUs for government employees will be like it was in the 1980s. The City of Anaheim and the State of California, for example, are collecting ZERO for Disneyland admissions and spending for the moment.

    Apple is a consumer products company. Big corporations don’t buy their stuff other than their MacBooks which account for less than 15% of their revenue and even less of their profits last time I checked (admittedly years ago). The vast bulk of Apple profits is consumers spending for Iphones.

    Moreover there is already a huge, growing army of White people losing jobs, thus houses, cars, etc. and having to move to cheap “diverse” areas where they are rightly viewed as easy prey forbidden from law and custom from fighting back, and without an army of relatives to enforce retaliation for being victimized. An explicit, “get yours because they got theirs” racial identity movement is bound to spring up among the 30% of White people so victimized, and it has the potential to grab at least 80% of them. That’s not the majority of White people or even close but it is a very big group which if they act in unison can make life very uncomfortable — shutting down highways, storming into meetings by surprise, trashing political class people’s stuff.

  12. People in my region of the country are now not only in favor of stricter national borders but are also in favor of stricter interstate borders. A little over two weeks ago my state had 56 Covid cases. Thanks to (((NY’er))) invading New England we how have more than 800 and the growth curve here is accelerating as it is throughout most of NE. We still have a highly mobile population. As one hot spot arises people will panic and pack off for elsewhere. The public health officials in eastern Canada are now expecting the curve to return to a positive slope. CovidPanic isn’t about to attenuate itself. This is going to drag on and on and on until people are forced to restrict their movement or they become bored with the entire exercise. As poorly as this has been handled and is still being handled, the rise in the resentment of outsiders (a gift) is not going to go away especially as hard economic times will only magnify those resentments. The silver lining is that normal people are beginning to mention what a short time ago had been unmentionable : The invasion and behavioral differences of racial groups. Most of the people flouting the personal responsibility and discipline to curb their public presence are not white. Brown people and those (((summer people))). The necessity of doing so isn’t the point but who assumes civic responsibility and who does not. That divide has a strong demographic character. White’s didn’t start this and Whites aren’t the ones dragging it out. It’s about time we begin not letting a “crisis” to to waste.

    • Exactly. For those scratching their heads at TRS’ “overreaction,” bear Yves comment in mind.

      Not saying this is necessarily what actually motivates them – I’m not doing “Orange Man thinks ….” Plan-Trusting with them either. Outsider perspective.

      That said, these are the kinds of times and events when dissidents can steal the march and gain ground against the system, criticizing its failures, maintaining credibility but also remaining in opposition.

      This is playing power-politics and propagandizing on the Leftist level. Everyone tired of losing might want to take notes.

      As I said the other day, in today’s context, rallying round the flag & “coming together to face this crisis” = Stalin using the Rodinya to re-patriotize the kulaks.

      It’s a hard psychological switch to find ourselves in the shoes of the Code Pink screamers from the 00’s, but everyone here with Red Team priors including me has to realize we’re not “Americans” in the sense we may have believed only 10 years ago. Clown-Cancer kills that fast.

      • Basically using the crisis to score political points, blaming globalism and (((ykw))) for the pandemic. I see that, but when you look at the low numbers of people affected and who is/is not affected, they sound so foolish and dishonest–might make some currently on the Red Team not want to trust them on other issues.

        • I suspect you have little to worry about with Joe Normie. He will believe the pandemic was real and light numbers of casualties were because of our brave medical epidemiologists who destroyed the economy to crush the pandemic.

          Allow him to believe such. Don’t argue, elevate the discussion to prevention of the *next* pandemic—and the root cause of this pandemic—globalism, open borders, and whatever else you believe he is receptive to believing. That is the Leftist method.

          No guilt should be felt, the rules of the engagement have been set by your enemy, don’t let your virtues be used against you. Time enough to revisit your ethical base once we’ve won—and if we lose, don’t worry, someone else will reset it for you soon enough

          Exile is correct here.

        • Foolish and dishonest from the skeptic’s perspective but as this thread repeatedly notes, at least 70% of the public is in panic-mode. We have a window of opportunity to use this panicked state to circumvent the normie conditioning and implant memes of dissent in them. The more skeptical 30% already include a lot of Our Guys and those predisposed to our memes already.

          “Dishonest” is also a matter of degree when it comes to propaganda. Word-to-World fit is the key. Some of history’s most powerful propaganda campaigns were half-truths. We need to maintain trust and authenticity among Our Guys and credibility for our public rhetoric, but strict objective “truth” is only a benchmark by which to judge how effective the propaganda is, not a goal in itself.

          Z’s noted the distinction between rhetoric and logical analysis many times before but I can’t recall the sources exactly at the moment. I know it’s one thing he and others including me here give Vox Day credit for emphasizing.

      • The only way I can see this strategy working is if this truly is “The Time” ie, this is the situation where the government will not be able to afford to pay the police and the whole thing falls apart; Russia 1917 style.

        Anything short of that and joining the Corona hysteria is just simping for GloboHomo. Z’s fearless truth-telling will enhance his standing; same with Ramz. Do you want to not be on that side?

        • Globoshlomo is the victim, not the perpetrator, of Gaia’s operation in this case. They’re not riding this tiger, although they will ruthlessly angle for advantage amid disaster, unlike a lot of us, it seems.

          I too am in the seeming minority who believes that truth-telling is noble but we live in an upside-down world today. Ask Cassandra how truth-telling turned out for her.

          Z’s mentioned the “Beautiful Losers” many times here. Noble paleocon truth-tellers with empty trophy cases. What was it Z said recently about the fate of prophets?

          It’s often more important in politics to look like “you care” than to be “right.” James Carville done told us so. David Brooks nee Baruch recognized as much with his deleted tweet about the twilight of heartless conservatism.

          • Not sure I can go along with GloboHomo being the victim, they play “heads I win, tails you lose” and unless the scenario I mentioned in previous post plays out, they’ll emerge stronger than ever.

            I do see your point about the paleo’s empty trophy case. Figuring out how not to repeat that is a really important question.

        • Meme, This whole “crisis” is as of yet barely off the ground. Wait until the economic fallout begins to materialize. We need to keep ahead of how the story gets told. We need to attack globohomo from all angles. We have a primary goal, to ensure that our people begin to understand that we have group interests that are opposed by everyone else including many anti-white whites. As the economic pie shrinks and the demands for bailouts and gibs accelerates whites will be relegated to the back of the line. We will be expected to live off of our assets while everyone else gets made better than whole thanks to the money presses. The community groups of Jews and non whites are already sucking up an enormous percentage of the bailout money. We don’t have community groups so we’re going to play good boys and girls and wait for our turn in the unemployment line… while everyone else doubles and triples down. We need to jockey into position and play the collective group interest game. Divide our forces. Demand we get our appropriate cut in the group socialism bazaar and attack the imperial idiocy that put us into that position. Bad governance should have us playing to the hilt the Goy Sandwich.

          Many of our people are going to be made miserable. Those who have managed to build up a nest egg will see it drawn down while others in non-white communities will be made whole AND better at our expense. If we don’t play this game like everyone else we will turn an opportunity into an net loss for our people. The (((banksters))) already want to cut back on bailout money to be made available to small businesses. We need to unify our tribe That means both those who will be made paupers and those who will watch what they do have slowly get siphoned off…which is exactly what has been happening for decades. Group socialism and personal responsibility both need to be used by us.

          This is a chance to build white tribal unity in the face of aggression and displacement from traitors, squaters and parasites. When we are once again masters of our own fate then we can make more proper arrangements.

          We are going to get the Great Society on steroids. This bailout is just the beginning. Our enemies will use this to accelerate what they’ve been doing to us for decades. The Fagins and their mobs will squeeze us even more than they have been from both ends. We’ve been arguing and practicing economic responsibility for decades all the while getting our teeth kicked in. Take a measure of all that we’ve lost over the decades. If we have to become a white commie collective to keep everyone else from screwing us yet again then please full steam ahead. White collective interests need to adapt to the current milieu. If group socialism is the path forward to developing white group identity then that is what we should do. If we don’t demand our cut…whatever you may have now you won’t have for much longer. Just ask small town America or those programmers who have trained their replacements or the millions upon millions upon millions of our tribe who have been marginalized and denied their birthright. We are now at the point where the most likely person to murder a particular white man is that particular white man himself. 10Xs more likely than to be murdered by someone else. The only thing worth preserving is our people.

          • Great insight, Yves. For the first time in my lifetime, the Cloud People are about to feel real fear. Pile on.

        • This is an absolute debacle for GloboHomo. Exploit it because these SOB’s are on the ropes.

    • Thank you Yves.

      I’m assuming you’re in Quebec. Well, Quebec just closed its border with Ontario and New Brunswick. Now if only they would close the border at Roxham Road where all the illegal aliens keep coming in.

      Canada was close to a tipping point before, we were bringing in massive amounts of 3rd world trash, not even educated immigrants like before. The only reason things were okay was because everybody had money. The stress is going to cause things to come apart.

      • If the situation was reversed, and Ontario closed its border with Quebec, one can only imagine the howls of protest.

  13. I am pessimistic that we learn anything when this is over. I watched the response to the Navy Captain of the Roosevelt getting sacked and it concerns me greatly. Not what Trump or Navy brass did to him under Trump.
    What concerns me is the reaction of the crew of the ship. Go search for those videos. The crew was jumping up and down cheering the captain.
    So the Chinese Military brass if they are watching our nation and they are. If I was them I would determine from all this that we are a soft people.
    No, we won’t learn anything from this female like hysteria panic.
    But we might learn something if the Chinese sink our fleet in the South China Sea with the money our elite gave them trading our jobs and factories for Wall Street profits.

    • GGL,

      Served last 20 years?
      The Captain was cheered for standing up for his men.

      Soft how ? Those Americans are the least soft among us. To the extent that we are even among you at all, for we live in a different world. Ours has honor and consequences, yours has a game of RISK with moving fleets and armies across maps and computer screens.
      You want to know who’s in trouble?
      It isn’t our Fleet in the South China Sea.
      Its the Captain who takes over from Crozier.

      Right now if this guy Crozier raised The Jolly Roger I’d follow him to certain death, I suspect I’m not alone.

      Liddy – the real Liddy – was respected because he took one for the team and didn’t rat. That worked well for Liddy inside too – the Mob protected him inside because he didn’t rat.

      Change yer handle, its misleading.

      I’m thinking of putting up Sons of Crozier for mine.

      • I understand the reason for his sacking was two-fold.
        1. He had not raised these concerns with his superiors.
        2. He used a medium guaranteed to be leaked outside the service.

        That seems reasonable grounds to me.

  14. The Big Event will be April 30th, when the Dirts run out of cash to pay the bills.

    We can’t afford $400 for car repair, who can pay the rent or the lights?

    If I lost my job right now, how long would my cash hold out? Will the banks cut off our credit cards like they did in 2009?

    Unemployment insurance? That’s only a percentage, and only if you qualify, and only if you can last until the approved check arrives.

    The Dirts means the small businesses who supply the Dirts; all the teleworking from home means office space leases, commercial property, and rentals collapse too.

    The CARE Act for small biz is a sick joke.
    Expect 1 in 4 houses to go dark.
    Pawnshops will be swamped as people scrounge for 20 bucks to feed the kids tonight.

  15. Enjoyed the reference to “When Prophecy Fails.” The analogy was a great one. Unlike in that particular case, though, mass suicide is a common characteristic of movement hysteria, which this largely is. The economic devastation this will wreak is somewhat analogous to mass suicide.

    Also note that the cult leader in “Prophecy” transitioned seamlessly into other cult-type behavior after the UFO apocalypse failed to materialize. So it is here. We have gone in four years from the global warming cult to the Trump/Russia collusion hoax now to a mass death that ain’t happening. The bureaucratic ass-covering started almost two weeks ago when Fauci and company started to trim on the lethality, and it was interesting to watch Trump embrace their previous mortality numbers, apparently to proclaim later he halved or whatever the deaths. Another tell was St. Greta claiming falsely to have COVID-19 apparently to glob onto the new panic.

    There will be something new after this panic. Your reference to the famine hysteria that preceded the French Revolution was spot on.

    My biggest takeaway thus far is how horribly feminized the world has become and the willingness of neighbors to inform on neighbors for the perceived greater good. I agree with those who think this was the inevitable result of social media pack behavior. The damage it has wrought is breathtaking.

    • This is a great, on the nose takeaway. My sentiments exactly. As I’ve been telling my family and friends, when we look back on this, it’ll be the moment our civilization finally passed around the Kool-Aid and ended an epoch. The people currently in the driver seat of the country (and other countries) are the same 22 year olds from that Jonestown/Wild Wild Country era. They believe that this social distancing construct will bring about some kind of mystical togetherness in a virtual setting. The I Heart Radio Living Room concert special was the tell. Instead they’re bringing us disaster and ruin. Just as the previous Jonestown, this will end with piles of bodies and people being shot at trying to escape.

  16. Not to make it all about me, but I will need to reevaluate my commitment to my values after this. When this started hitting the news, I shrugged it off as the usual scaremongering they do whenever a new illness hits the streets. As i saw the overreactions, i started thinking “smoke” meant “fire” and started to buy into it somewhat, at least to warn my elderly parents to take it seriously.

    Now i feel a bit foolish. I still want my elderly parents to take it seriously, but this is looking to be just like the other illnesses: hype. I always tell people everything they see on a glowing screen is a lie in some way; even when the news tells the truth its only to make you believe a lie.

    Yet i still didnt follow through on that and assumed the panic i saw on tv meanttheree was something to this. Probably thats what got a lot of other people.

    On our side, others want the economy to crash cos maybe that will literally be our savior as you said. Maybe thats true idk but whats weird is they wont just admit thats what they want. Instead they police anyone who sees this for what it is: hype.

    Itll obly be obvious in hindsight, but im curious what the angle is from our elite. Power grab, or maybe they really are just that unmanly and panicky? Guess we will see…maybe.

    • It was intended to be a power grab somewhat like “climate change” but it got out of control. And the power elite is unmanly and easily panicked. The Establishment’s reputations will be in tatters in another week or two (it’s why Fauci and company are backpedaling furiously).

    • I didnt thibk people would go this crazy. Like bacl in Feb i bought a couple boxes of various cold meds as i was worried people would buy them all up
      I considered liquidating the 401k, but said, nah, people arent that crazy. Oops.

  17. I have to admit, I don’t really understand the relationship between HBD and panic over this virus. Aren’t we all, here, believers in HBD in the simple sense? “Human biodiversity” — different groups of humans are biologically different and those differences matter.

    • Same here, but I’m willing to be instructed. No one mentions HBD science more than me and no one was more skeptical than me when this pandemic was starting over in China.

      So as an hard nose HBD science proponent, what am I deficient in wrt how I should react?

  18. Do any TDS listeners understand why the guys there (ALL of them, without exception) have fallen for the-sky-is-falling, hair-on-fire Wuflu narrative? I can’t for the life of me figure it out. Please enlighten me!

    • Are the TDS guys buying the (((narrative)))?

      I don’t bear those guys any ill will, but I haven’t listened in about a year. I know they live near Poughkeepsie, fwiw.

      • Yes. They are taking it very seriously. I know Mike has asthma, so maybe that explains why he doesn’t leave his house, but they are all doubling down on the hype of the severity of the situation.

        • Is the severity of this pandemic a subject on which people of good faith can disagree?

          • Certainly. It’s the basis upon which the disagreement lies that concerns me. Even I’m not sure what the final figure will be and freely admit such. But I’m pretty sure, collapsing the economy was a price not indicated by the facts at this point in time. So if I’m seemingly unconcerned about a few hundred thousand deaths, the other side is seemingly unconcerned about the aftermath of what at this stage looks like the Great Depression II.

    • I suspect it’s because they are preppers. I’m an urban prepper and have cataloged my own vastly increased paranoia over twenty years or so. My brain is constantly analyzing whatever situation contemplatable and once a set of rules triggers I react according to plan. Jawboning about coronavirus online is their safespace just as cleaning a firearm or backpacking gear is to me. The pattern is funny but it may be valuable someday, depending.

    • I suspect it’s because they are preppers. I’m an urban prepper and have cataloged my own vastly increased paranoia over twenty years or so. My brain is constantly analyzing whatever situation contemplatable and once a set of rules triggers I react according to plan. Jawboning about coronavirus online is their safespace just as cleaning a firearm or backpacking gear is to me. The pattern is pretty humorous but may be valuable someday, depending.

    • I don’t listen to TDS but I can venture a guess?
      They don’t have the common sense of working class dirt people. They are too tied to academia type discussions and finally I think their lack of being based in the metaphysical in any way hurts their reasoning. They are anti Jewish influence but not pro Christianity nor pro Jewish religion, Muslim or any kind of metaphysical idea.
      Lacking a belief in the metaphysical in my mind might make you more prone to false science?

      • Apropos of nothing: the banner at Daily Stormer is a white banner with black letters with the words “It’s just the flu, bro.”

    • TRS is a real doomsday echo chamber. I think it’s their excitement over a potential $1,000 monthly US check influencing their act. These guys don’t have careers. Some of them have never had a job. No assets of any type; real estate, “stonks?”, pricey art work, etc. when they get their “bag”, they imagine themselves lighting cigars with a burning $1 bill.

  19. “We were supposed to have hundreds of thousands in the hospital at this point and it is twenty thousand. With the fever abating in Europe and the economy in ruins, the political class will be lifting the siege in the next couple of weeks.” — Z-man

    At that point in time the real pain will be felt as millions will have no job to go back to. Homes prepossessed, hungry and no future. Perhaps a Great Depression the will make the 30’s look like good time.

    My mother is dying. She started in the great depression, but told often about living in the country in Tennessee where at least you had a home and food to eat. You did not have electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing anyway. The doctors came to you if you believed in that sort of thing. She told me often in the last few years how the modern city life was much more fragile that her country life in the depression.

    We are screwed. I can only hope this royal screwing teaches a generation to hate the State as any good dissident should.

  20. I am left without doubt that reality has diverged widely from the plague narrative; but I refuse to speculate about how the aftermath will unfold. I am prepared to laugh uproariously or weep bitterly or indeed both because this experience has taught me the power of irrationality. And we can survive or not; thrive or not; but no matter how mightily we strive, we all die eventually. No argument or emotion can alter that narrative.

  21. Cats are a known coronavirus reservoir. We must destroy them all before they get grandma. Report your neighbor to the Gates Foundation hotline if he keeps cats. Once the necessary work is finished you’ll receive a digital certificate for good citizenship and five points towards your next Starbucks coffee. I would type more except that’s difficult through thick butylated gloves and my gas mask is fogging up, damnit. P.S. Bartleby the Scrivner: I live in or near your district. I can’t afford to be doxed either but would enjoy meeting up locally, lemmee know.

  22. radio Derb has a segment about hemorrhoids and Death certificates that was spot on this week. I think it was in the bad data piece, brilliant ! My folks were personal friends of George Carlin in NYC. my dad and him use to swim in the East River together. they use to brag about not needing to get formally vaccinated due to the exposer of what NY hospital would dump in the water. interesting childhood to say the least…
    I’ve been spared the grocery gauntlet for the last two week due to the fact the old lady is working from home and goes while I’m at my ” essential critical infrastructure ” job repairing things no one is using much. She said it was a lot better all around this week. I’m gaining weight since this madness started. I’m going to have to pump the brakes this week. all said, when this is over I’m going to miss the afternoon delight.

  23. Read the first paragraph in this article about Upstate New York’s Burned-Over District. Sound familiar? Humans are programmed for this crap. In fact, last week some local carney/revivalist came driving slowly through our area with banners flying and music going and a loudspeaker bawling out “Now is the time to repent!”. These people never allow an opportunity to go to waste.

    • From a Christian standpoint, every day is a good day for the call to repentance. We have much to repent, to be honest. That might be one good effect of the Rona. And after all, it’s Lent.

      • BBC: Small shops told Easter eggs are non-essential goods by police and local councils, trade body says

        Barry Stanton
        @barrystantonGBP —

        (“And after all, it’s Lent.” That might be the sweetest thing ever posted on the internet)

  24. This virus is a great way to display wealth without being garish like Trump. If you can survive months on end, even years in your house, sending selfies with a glass of wine, doing pilates on-line from your health club’s new Youtube page, it signals a high resource, high importance person. On who can lounge effortlessly in the techno-Versailles of 2020, waiting on door-dash deliveries, while the little people wait by the mailbox for 1200.00 and contemplate their summertime evictions.

    • I wonder why someone voted your comment down? I agree with you. It’s a bunch of wealthy white women sitting at home freaking out telling everyone else to stay at home, you know, except for all the people that work for Amazon, instacart, Walmart, or anyone else making it possible for them never to leave their house. We could stop all this tomorrow if Amazon shut down

      • Amazon, Wal-Mart, et al. have made it possible for hypochondriacs to have the best of both worlds: Be sick while shopping ’til you’re dropping.

    • Or exercising in front of that talking mirror with the personal coach in it. We’re being ruled by Snow White’s evil stepmother.

      “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

  25. People are really bad at predicting the future, so I’ll refrain. I do enjoy observing my fellow escapees from the hamster habitat when I need to get out and about though. I have been noticing what the most extreme get-up a person will wear in order to protect themselves. The best so far: a guy in a full body wetsuit with a diving mask on. People are losing all sense of proportionality. If they even ever had it.

  26. Apropos of nothing; this column was a welcome reminder that regional dialect still exists.

    Specifically, Z’s use of the word “market” to describe that they call a “grocery store” where I’m from.

    This is diversity worth preserving.

  27. The local Supersaver here in the Upper Midwest is mostly back to normal, with the exception of toilet paper and associated products. There is some on the shelf, but you are limited one package of each. Cleaning supplies are also low.

    As for masks and gloves, I was in the distinct minority not wearing anything. I received some negative looks from older, Boomer types, but I see no point in masks and gloves at a petri dish like the supermarket. Lines were long due to limited check-out personnel.

    I believe most people have adjusted to the “limited lockdown” and could probably go along with it for a few months, at least until savings and unemployment benefits run low.

  28. The HBD crowd has gone totally mad over this virus.

    In addition to the usual suspects, I put Anatoly Karlin in this category. 1-2 years ago Anatoly was writing absolutely brilliant stuff. Wonderful stuff! Some of the best stuff I’ve ever read on the ‘net. Even the stuff I disagreed with was still very thought provoking. He has literally degenerated before my very eyes in the last few months.

    Assuming he keeps it together and finishes his book, I still plan to buy it.

  29. Death certificates are taking on a relevance and prominence they are not normally accorded. They are fueling the current conflagration. They are the raw data of the intriguing graphs we’ve come to know, a font of fear as the numbers of deaths due to a certain thing keep getting bigger.

    It has been reported that in Italy anyone who dies WITH a positive test for the Wuhan virus dies OF the virus. In another study, the average age of people dying in Wuhan was 82. Bear in mind that most have comorbidities – the kinds of things that kill octogenarians every day.

    Thought I’d provide a glimpse of how Death Certificate sausage is made, and how we are now following Italy’s lead.

    Docs never get any formal training in filling out death certificates. This is one of the rites that makes the intern feel like a real doctor. Everyone else goes back to whatever after an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt while the lowest-ranking qualified person is left to pronounce the death and do the scutwork.

    Here’s how the standard US death certificate reads:

    Enter the chain of events – diseases, injuries or complications – that directly caused the death. DO NOT enter terminal events such as cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, or ventricular fibrillation without showing the etiology. DO NOT ABBREVIATE. Enter only one cause on a line. Add additional lines if necessary.
    IMMEDIATE CAUSE (Final a. ______________________________
    Disease or condition Due to (or as a consequence of):
    resulting in death)
    Sequentially list conditions, b. ______________________________
    if any, leading to the cause Due to (or as a consequence of):
    listed on line a. Enter the c. _______________________________
    UNDERLYING CAUSE Due to (or as a consequence of):
    (disease or injury that d. _______________________________
    Initiated the events resulting
    in death LAST.

    Okay, first thing to know, almost everyone who dies in a hospital dies of a low partial pressure of oxygen in the capillaries of their brains. This is usually the result of the heart not beating, in turn due to a myriad other things. The only other ways to die are being blown apart, crushed, etc, and don’t concern us here. But nobody lists ‘low PaO2’ as the cause of death. We work on a bigger scale. Typical death certificate might say Cardiopulmonary arrest up top, Hypoxia next, Pneumonia next. Until recently, only the nerdier might list the type of pneumonia on the final line. (Not all four lines must be completed. A healthy person shot in the head by a gun will have a one-line summary: GSW.

    A necessary digression into the last time I found myself thinking about death certificates in other than a routine manner, as part of the job. This illustration is to prove my assertion that yes, ‘politics’ comes into play with these things.

    The first wave of class action/defective product lawsuits against the tobacco companies was in the mid-‘80s. The companies won that round.

    The plaintiffs predicated their case on evidence presented about the death rates from smoking. The defense attorneys were absolute geniuses: they commissioned a (I think it was) ten-year review of all the death certificates for LA county, where the case was tried.

    A grand total of none listed Smoking as the cause of death. Smokers, per se, had a death rate of zero by this data. Old smokers die of emphysema or heart disease or cancer, generally because the heart stopped and that was that. Immediate cause: cardiopulmonary arrest. Underlying cause: lung disease, heart disease or cancer as pertains.

    I was teaching residents at the time. One of our SJW residents went on a crusade, telling his interns to list smoking every time the decedent had been a smoker. You can see the effect this would have, if adapted universally, in changing statistics.

    It didn’t last long: he was approached by one of his patient’s widow who had lost her house as the result of smoking being listed as the cause of death. His life insurance didn’t cover self-inflicted deaths and she couldn’t afford to keep the house. He told his team to cease the practice.

    In today’s crisis we have mostly old people dying, very few of whom do not have at least one from a short menu of co-morbidities. The surest way to get tested is to die in a hospital. The Wuhan Reaper gets full credit for the kill if it is positive.

    A woman dies in childbirth. If her covid-19 comes back positive, or she is presumed to have had the disease, she gets added to the mounting coronachan toll.

    This is now policy. Death certificates have been officially politicized:

    Will COVID-19 be the underlying cause?
    The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate.
    However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID19 being the underlying cause more often than not.

    Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?
    COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II.

    It’s the Smoking Reaper who has a beef. He does a lot more work than his Chinese cousin, and for nothing.

    We leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out the potential ramifications of this kind of guilt by association. One place to start: is the overall death rate in a given region elevated over normal for this time of year? If elevated, is it higher by the total number of coronavirus deaths, or some fraction thereof?

    The bigness of that fraction could tell us a lot.

    • Great information, TRD, thank you very much for the inside baseball look at a very important issue. Someday, a few years hence, there will be a research paper done that illustrates exactly how overstated the death rate due to Wuhan flu is, based on the practices you describe above.

      It’ll be read and accepted by no one who matters.

      Right Doctor, a couple weeks ago you seemed reasonably worried about the catastrophic potential of the current virus. What have you seen since then? Has it affected your initial prognosis?

      From The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:

      “Well, Mary Jane she lit out the back way, I reckon; because nobody see her go. When I struck Susan and the hare-lip, I says:
      “What’s the name of them people over on t’other side of the river that you all goes to see sometimes?”
      They says:
      “There’s several; but it’s the Proctors, mainly.”
      “That’s the name,” I says; “I most forgot it. Well, Miss Mary Jane she told me to tell you she’s gone over there in a dreadful hurry—one of them’s sick.”
      “Which one?”
      “I don’t know; leastways, I kinder forget; but I thinks it’s—”
      “Sakes alive, I hope it ain’t HANNER?”
      “I’m sorry to say it,” I says, “but Hanner’s the very one.”
      “My goodness, and she so well only last week! Is she took bad?”
      “It ain’t no name for it. They set up with her all night, Miss Mary Jane said, and they don’t think she’ll last many hours.”
      “Only think of that, now! What’s the matter with her?”
      I couldn’t think of anything reasonable, right off that way, so I says:
      “Mumps your granny! They don’t set up with people that’s got the mumps.”
      “They don’t, don’t they? You better bet they do with THESE mumps. These mumps is different. It’s a new kind, Miss Mary Jane said.”
      “How’s it a new kind?”
      “Because it’s mixed up with other things.”
      “What other things?”
      “Well, measles, and whooping-cough, and erysiplas, and consumption, and yaller janders, and brain-fever, and I don’t know what all.”
      “My land! And they call it the MUMPS?”
      “That’s what Miss Mary Jane said.”
      “Well, what in the nation do they call it the MUMPS for?”
      “Why, because it IS the mumps. That’s what it starts with.”
      “Well, ther’ ain’t no sense in it. A body might stump his toe, and take pison, and fall down the well, and break his neck, and bust his brains out, and somebody come along and ask what killed him, and some numskull up and say, ’Why, he stumped his TOE.’ Would ther’ be any sense in that? NO. And ther’ ain’t no sense in THIS, nuther. Is it ketching?”

      • I have to confess to a day of – weakness? I don’t want to say panic – when I went back to California for the second week in a row. Travel had fallen off so much and people were freaking out so much more.

        Since then the Apollo lobe of my brain has reasserted itself over the Dionysian one. My recent considered projection was 60-80 K US deaths from this (this year – don’t know if it will become endemic, washing round and round the globe). If this is far wrong, I’ll promise to shut up during the next one.

        • Heck, Doc, y’all wurnt no righter nor wronger then any of us’ns.

          That Huckleberry Finn, above, is a sample of magnificent literature. Great art captures a time and a place that are no more.

    • One addition. Fresh from the CDC:

      Number of deaths: 2,813,503
      Death rate: 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population
      Life expectancy: 78.6 years
      Infant Mortality rate: 5.79 deaths per 1,000 live births

      Note number of deaths per year in USA, over 2.8M, and we are hand wringing at COVID-19 at this time. Again, after the pandemic we need to look at death rate trends before and after to see just have many “extra” deaths we really have. If the at risk population is indeed the old and morbidly I’ll, not many I’ll wager.

  30. So what happened to the Trump who, 10 days ago, was correctly pointing out that the cure can’t be worse than the disease?

    • President Trump reminds me of Anakin Skywalker, who thought he could go to the Dark Side and control it, move in and out of it at will.

      I am trying to figure out if the sixty-something percent approval rating of his handling of this is because he went to the Dark Side of supporting The Hysteria, or if it is because he keeps emphasizing (as he did yesterday) that hard decisions are going to have to be made soon, that the cure can’t be worse than the disease. The cure was in fact worse than the disease very early on, and that should have been apparent to everyone when the governors pulled out their smelling salts and started telling some Americans their businesses are “non-essential.” But the obvious is no longer obvious in this country.

      • I think part of Trump knows this is hysteria. His daily briefings are designed to dampen it. But he would be swimming against a tsunami if he tried to downplay this. When you get caught in a flood, you just drift with it until it comes to a stop. When this scare is over, it will be interesting to see if he turns on the media for instigating this.

        • You’re right. As agonizing as it has been to watch, I suppose he had to acknowledge it to some point to remain viable for November. The trick was knowing how much. I have done a lot of cringing, watching him walk the tightrope. It has been painful to hear him say “social distancing.” I think he’s gone overboard, but it may pay off in November. However, if we end up in a depression, his gamble may have doomed him. Voters will probably not be rational about it. They will blame it on him and vote accordingly. I blame the governors for the societal shutdowns.

          It will also be interesting to see what Trump does to China. I can’t imagine the Chi-Coms will escape his wrath.

          • Trump should use a light COVID-19 mortality score to retain his prestige—take credit for it—and push for his infrastructure bill. Not that I’m a deficit spender, but he needs a jobs program to get re-elected. This stimulus package success is doubtful.

          • And yet- the $ is up and US Govt debt is as popular as religion on Death Row. Same as it always was. The End Times Cometh. But this aint them.

      • Trump is embracing the obviously ludicrous projected fatalities later to proclaim he halved or better the number. It’s actually brilliant.

        • By the time Trump, 100 US Sen., 435 US Reps, 50 state govs (or is it 47?) and countless other state / local politicos have completed counting up the lives they saved as a result of their heroic, selfless actions to defeat CV19 – the tally will be double the world population.

        • Brilliant, but we’ll be cursing Trump when the Democrats run with his precedent. Which they will for the slightest of left-wing reasons.

          • But GloboHomo doesnt need Trump’s precedent to push the envelope. If Hillary were Imperator there would be a mandatory nationwide quarantine and closure of gun shops, bakeries and Hobby Lobbys. Deplorables would be excluded from the stimulus bills by mining data provided by big tech, the IRS, and Chamber of Commerce America. Illegals would get stimulus benies, unemployment, and CACA (DACA for all, cuz coronavirus). Trump , unlike the Senate majority leader, undertands that.

  31. There is another interesting aspect to this nonsense. For a large segment of millenials, this is their defining moment, and they know it. Everything they were taught is at stake. They were indoctrinated to worship fear and seek out reasons to get in the fetal position. So if the coronavirus cowering is an easily exposed mistake, their entire paradigm is false, and they are being exposed for fools in many aspects of their lives. So they will strive mightily to secure the borders of Neurosisville.

    • Millennials are now old enough to know better, but this “paradigm” you’re mistaking for the big steaming pile of crap they were handed.

      • Maybe I misunderstand your post, but you’ll note I said they were indoctrinated, which was not their fault. If Mom had stayed home with them, filtering what they were taught at school and pointing out what was hooey and what wasn’t, they might have learned how to know idiocy when they heard it. They are old enough to know better, but some of them don’t want to.

    • As an early millenial I agree. Far too many bugmen and AWFL millenials are LARPing this as our generations defining moment. As if sitting at home is harder than being shipped off to some foreign war or looking for work after the dust bowl. They may soon find out what a depression looks like. It is not a good thing.

  32. Here in Socal the market situation has improved greatly, from the first wave of hoarding. Most everything is available and the lines aren’t bad if you go early. Which store you go to matters too; the one near the Uni is very good because almost no one is nearby.

    Maybe other people are running down their hoard stocks but I’m back filling every time I (my wife actually, I haven’t been in a store for about 2 weeks) go/goes shopping. We already had a chest freezer in the garage, and it is still pretty full.

    Will definitely be putting something more systematic and thought out in place — for future events — once this thing dies down.

    Zman, I find it funny that all the NYC vermin fled to their vaca homes in the Hamptons, bringing the disease with them, and swamping local services. So won’t that put a hefty dent into the value of those properties, knowing they will be over run in any emergency?

    • I read Spanish news (El Pais) and smaller towns in vacation areas have had similar problems with city folk breaking quarantine and coming out to their second homes. Some communities have taken to reporting or ostracizing these out-of-towners. A few villages, in defiance of central government, have even partially cut off access by roads, limiting only to locally controlled checkpoint. Hard to say whether this is defying central authority (an American tradition, at least in 18th century) or pragmatic local government (albeit a despot!). In any event, they have kept the virus out so far.

      • i think the self-organizing phenomena is going to take hold and start diminishing going along with the feds. it’s like acid being dripped on all the federal tentacles.

    • I imagine a more leisurely response by the local volunteer fire company awaits some people.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a few unfortunate happenings one way or another,

  33. Traveling out of the city twice a week brings me to a somewhat rural Walmart. Usually hit it about an hour before closing and it’s always empty.

    Used to get really cheap ammo there, but that’s gone by the way thanks to the cat ladies. Now it seems Walmart is caving once again and will only let a certain amount of people into the store making everybody else wait outside for their turn.

    Tis aggravating yet still better than putting up with the invading New Yorkers stripping the shelves at the local supermarket 😜

  34. Thanks Z-Man for your latest column. It provides much needed comic and psychological relief. The crazies out there need to be mocked.

    But what is really scary is the level of hysteria that continues to grip our elites. The WSJ reports that Bill Gates wants a 10 week shutdown. It makes a moderate right winger like myself become more receptive to Senator Pocahontas’s wealth tax scheme. I have long admired and defended Mr. Gates up to now, but if he plans to use his wealth to destroy the country, he perhaps should be stripped of his assets before he does further damage.

    In his latest podcast, Mr. Derbyshire seems to be trying to be the voice of reason and mediate between you and other dissidents in this debate. He mentions that the data are unreliable and it will take time to come to definitive conclusions. Perhaps, but if one took the highest most current estimate of the coming death toll (250K) and divide that by the U.S. population (333 million) we arrive at .08%, a percentage hardly in the league with the great plagues of which you described in your podcast.

    At least on this issue, you certainly appear to have the facts and morality on your side. Keep up the good work!

    • I went to a store yesterday here in MT and it was full of older people-it was not a designated shopping time for them. I’m so glad I’m destroying my future for people who don’t care. At this point, if they don’t care, why should we?

      • Wow, old people shopping outside of the *single* hour set aside for them (when snowflakes are still sleeping) has destroyed your will to live. Somewhere Darwin smiles…

        • Your shitty attempt at sarcasm is noted, I’m sure you’re glad that we’re shutting down larger swaths of the economy as you’re older and afraid of dying a few months earlier.

          • No, I am not glad about anything to do with the current panic. I’m just not pissing my pants about it like you are.

    • Bill Gates has much less assets than he once had when touted as the worlds richest man. The Bill Gates Foundation has lots of assets. Bill Gates gave all/most of his assets to the Bill Gates Foundation. Bill Gates controls the Bill Gates Foundation. Bill Gates found a way to have his cake and eat it too. Bill Gates is a cloud person. Wealth taxes are for the “little people”, to quote Leona Helmsley.

  35. Not the same here in grocery store—still out of artificially scarce items: TP, eggs, beans, rice, sugar, flour. Big box, Costco, only lets in 200 folk at a time. No TP, vitamin C, gloves. They spray all their carts constantly with disinfectant and will allow no one to use one not disinfected. Costco employees station everywhere directing people and moving them along. I’d have to say that the carts are sterile—if not clean—as they sit outside in the direct sunlight. Nothing survives our (AZ) direct sun for more than 5 minutes—hell you can’t even touch the cart handle, it’s so hot. God gave us an autoclave to live in.

    Mask wearers abound. I’d agree with the 30% estimate. Most masks are of the ineffective—not m95–variety. COVID cases creeping up, but not exponentially. Few in this county which is the second most populous. However, everyone on mass media says next two weeks will bring Armageddon. We shall see.

    • Costco is probably guarding against lawsuits.

      My sister once slipped and fell on a wet lobby floor in Las Vegas. A guy in uniform was immediately on the spot, asking if she were alright. She said yes, thanks and started to get up.

      “Please stay down there, ma’am, we’ll have doctor with you presently.”

      So she had to stay on the (wet) floor for several minutes, until a doctor had confirmed that she had suffered no lawyerly consequences, she even had to sign an affidavit saying she was fine.

      • I was at the casino with a buddy once and he got a nosebleed. Immediately we were swarmed by security and medics. He also had to stay in place until the nosebleed stopped and then he signed a form declaring he had refused medical aid.

        clown world

      • Or she could have told him to FO and walked away. But yes, the big boxes especially have entire law firms engaged in defending them. My son worked in one 40 man firm, Wal-Mart was all they did. Slip and fall. Funny truth–the majority of slip and fall are women in flip-flops. She steps into a bit of water or a crushed grape and voila, which doesn’t stop Wally from selling flip-flops or banning them from the store. Oh and yes, the women have much comorbidity, our word of the times.

    • If I may ask, where about in AZ do you live? Grew up in Sedona, long time ago, is why I’m asking. Gawd, I really miss the Southwest sometimes.1

      • Ha! Yesterday, just down the road from Sedona, in the high desert mountains, I was thinking, “if the EBT cards stop working, the zombies will never make it to this place”.

        Well, at Cordes Junction, I was told they they don’t have enough water, as the ‘lake’ is dry and they have to truck water in.

        “Not enough to share,” they said, “but we do have ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.”

        (The girl cashier said, “I can’t find any .556”, and everybody in line for gas started jabbering about what must be the town’s favorite topic.)

          • B, I have no idea what those little numbers mean.

            The neighbors all had guns, though.
            They all got stolen.

            My go-to distance weapon is a sling.
            I can hit a bird in flight- from having Basque sheepherders in the family.

          • Oh the other hand, an actual .556 round would be pretty cool, and it’d probably go straight through several zombies.

            But it’d take someone with wrists like that Hafþór Björnsson person to shoot a “.556” handgun.

            Oh, as to “They all got stolen.” No no no. They were all tragically lost in a boating accident. Respect tradition, please!

      • The magnificent city of Tucson. Home to vibrancy (50+%) in its many forms. Sanctuary city in all but name, where the number one priority is fighting global warming with the new mayor’s “one million trees” initiative (we’re still trying to find the water for them at this time), and the average working salary is about $22k. We were a short while ago rated as the 4th poorest large metropolitan city in America, but also rated elsewhere as having the best Mexican food restaurant selection of any American city. So I guess that evens things out.

        • Ugh. Used to live in Arizona as a youngster. Good gun laws but a very lawless place, way to many situations that lead to “Am I going to have to use violence?” and worse I was in suburbia.

          Though its kind of dumb to plant trees in the desert , planting more trees in line with the ecology is hugely good idea, maybe one of the few the eco nuts have come up with.

          We do this and we can regulate the climate as we like, any real “global warming” or “carbon emissions” get fragged. Too much? Time for furniture.

          Plus it also annoys dindus which is a huge plus.

    • Same here in DFW. Still zero paper goods, strict limits on multiple items and lots of other empty shelves. I had a cashier confirm the special ‘senior’ hours (for which I qualify but refuse to utilize) are heavily Han/Jeet and so many of the women go in and out of the store multiple times that quantity limits are ultimately pointless. Tons more masks today and all the marked-off spaces on the floor for ‘social distancing.’ I am beyond fed up. At this point I really don’t g-a-f- about the efficacy of masks – I’ll go to jail before wearing one.

      • They might be marginally helpful. I figure washing hands and maintaining distance are far more helpful.

        Yeah, the more people push it, the more annoyed I get. Most Asians, especially in China, wear masks because their air is horrible. I remember them talking with one Chinese guy saying he was wearing a mask when he went to work, but took it off at work.

      • Okay, it takes 3-4 days for a driver team to get pallets of Lysol or Purell from the factory dock on to the store shelves.
        5-7 days for a solo driver, from one coast to another, less for anywhere else in the country.

        These products aren’t Saturn rockets.
        Where the F are the critical supplies?
        This stinks to high heaven.


        (ps- mix aloe vera gel with 70% alcohol to make your own Purell.
        Dollar store paper napkins at $1 a big size make excellent TP with extra large squares)

        • Alzaebo – thanks for the suggestions. I should have been more clear – I often bought in bulk when items were on sale. I no longer have all the excess paper goods up to shoulder height in the unused downstairs bathtub (on top of the excess bottled water) but we lack for nothing. I buy meat/fish/produce (and yesterday my diet caffeine-free coke). Otherwise I’m just surveying the situation.

          • Thank you, 3g, but the most desired essentials- cleaning and disinfectants- are suspiciously missing from coast to coast.

            Everything else is still being produced, so why aren’t these specifics running triple shifts?

            I’ve hauled those products directly from the producers, especially paper, Proctor&Gamble, Johnson&Johnson, for years.

            Their huge yards are a sea of semi-trailers serving double duty as temporary rolling warehouse storage, that’s a planned part of the biz.

            I know a manufactured shortage when I see it. This stinks, it positively reeks of something deliberate.

          • Fresh is a different storage cycle, spoilage is the big issue. Can’t sit. I hauled a lot of produce and a bit of meat too, and helped build cold storage packing houses as well.

            No, factory stuff can sit. The corporate buyers arrange their lot buys months in advance, but jump when a good deal or high volume suddenly calls.

            No reason for a shortage of disinfectants or paper, none. All the vendors tell me they put in their weekly orders, yet the answer keeps coming back, “not available”.

          • 3 days dock to shelf from the ginormous P&G plant at Beech Island SC to Hackensack, or Green Bay to the 1&9. How well I know.

            So where’s muh stuff?
            Where’s muh vaunted efficiencies of scale?

  36. Ridicule is powerful, and turnabout is fair play. Don’t waste the opportunity when it comes!


    Article that appeared in the Occidental Observer by a founder of the New Right in Europe. Worth reading.

    ” If this matter ends up, as I suspect it will, in a social crisis of huge magnitude, then the Yellow Vests movement will look like, more than ever before, as a dress rehearsal. We can now clearly see that it will be most difficult for the working class and the middle class to put up with [coronavirus] confinement.

    ..[The European Union ] didn’t commit suicide for the simple reason that it had already been dead…”

  38. It’s the freaking scolds and mutated church ladies that are creating havoc here. Self anointed while policing the playgrounds and streets.

    Shopping is definitely more tedious now as I figured it would be but still can amuse myself orc watching. Saw a fat young guy with a painters full respirator maybe just being ironic before going back to his comic books.

    Ramzpaul tweeted about the prophecy book you mentioned. May have read it here first?

    • I wish I had one of those WWI gas masks to wear, just so I could take the piss out of all these hysterics.

  39. My observations on the pick up artists and the experts on “Game” is that most of them are single, and most of them boff tire biters that I wouldn’t touch with your dink, or they’re kids.

    Game skill is not one I personally wish to develop. In the days ahead, I think a lot of these players are going to have their noses rubbed in the benefits of a classical marriage.

    • Your comment reeks of envy. They are single by choice, and they post plenty of pics of the girls they get — and they aren’t dogs (Talking about guys like Rhoosh, not his followers).

      Personally I don’t see anything wrong with what they do, all it does is give the guys who aren’t naturally charismatic a fighting chance 🙂

      Anyway, I laughed at Zman bringing his PUA powers to bear 🙂

      • I can’t wait to cultivate my Z game in the local supermarket. No gloves, no mask, ignoring every hot woman in the queue that I see.

        • You got it wrong. Show up in gas mask and full hazmat suit. Then they’ll know it’s real. If they inquire invite them over to test your “detox system”

      • When I was your age – absolutely I would have been envious and jealous. But now? In my 50’s I have watched the harpies and harridans running amok and destroying their families and futures… and I am glad I missed the hook up culture. I know too many broken down bachelors, lonely cat ladies, and the fugged up kids raised in a single parent home.

        I advise young men to play for the long game. Put your energies into finding a soul mate. If you put it into finding a quick pump-and-dump… that is all you are going to get out of it. And that – if you’re lucky! If she gets pregnant you are basically over, the family courts will crucify you and make you her ATM for the rest of your life. Men need to know who they get into bed with, because there could be a world of hurt in it for them if they pump the wrong dump.

        • John – with no disrespect intended, I think you’re out of touch with the modern dating game.

          Every relationship starts with hookups now. Basically you hookup several times and if you like each other you keep hooking up until one person “catches feelings” – and if the feelings are mutual then it turns into a relationship.

          Most guys want a nice girl to wife at the end of the day, but realistically it won’t happen until the man turns 30 (at least). Should he be celibate for the prime sexual years of his life? Also pregnancy is not really a concern for middle class and higher men, almost every college educated woman would abort their unplanned baby in a heartbeat. Lower class guys do need to be careful though.

          This is absolutely moronic and unsustainable, no doubt, and in the end it does lead to lonely bachelors and crazy cat ladies. You either have your heart broken all the time, or become an emotionless sex bot. But it is what is is, we’re all just in the same clown world trying to figure it out.

          • No offence taken, UFO. I am an obsolete Yesterday Man and I’ve worked damn hard to be one. 😆👍

            There’s advantages to be had from adhering to old world values and morals – with better women being high on the list. I’ve watched the battle of the sexes escalate to all out war, and the only thing I’ve seen come of it, is that if you do something to hurt one of the genders, it inevitably blows back and hurts them both. Game is one of those things. I’ve seen high class men cut off at the ankles by low class women so often that it is now a stereotype. If you play stupid games, you easily can win stupid prizes.

            Of all those self proclaimed alphas and high status men that I have seen destroyed by shitty women… they all did their thinking with the little head. The sexual contract has not been nullified; only the man’s side of it has. If you f**** it, you own it and rightly or wrongly… the liberal courts will enforce it.

            Have a care, you young fellas. And best of luck to you all.

          • Many of us did take Christianity and the Bible as true and those like myself shunned elicit relationships in our Prime years. I cant image not having hope and to look forward to eternity with Christ, it is the only way one makes it past the social isolation if one never gets married.

      • Just be good looking. I’m horrible at chatting up women but they like it when I do anyways, because of my height and above average looks.

        I’m “strong and silent”, while a short guy with my personality is “creepy and autistic”.

        Women’s liberation was probably the worst mistake in all of history.

        • RE: your last sentence – a very smart, single, childless career woman in her 40s recently said that same thing to me.

          • If you asked this woman to elaborate, what do you guess she would say to justify her statement?

            For my mother and sister, feminism is their religion.

          • That way past the time women are attractive to men for childbearing, on a primal level, she placed the emphasis on her career, thought she had all the time in the world. Now, she has no husband and no children. And the workplace has lost its charm.

    • Game has its place in life and is an interesting psychology hack. Sure, most of the biggest practitioners are vapid sociopaths achieving suboptimal social outcomes, but they have revealed more truth about women than most anyone in the mainstream has in the past 100 years.

      Game is like most forms of Karate. A near utterly useless hand to hand combat Art because it was meant to mimic weaponry. However, it still offers strong principles on fighting and some techniques that still work.

      • at its heart, Game is just a way for guys to learn not to fear being turned down; to just move on and try again. Kind of a Zen thing really, at the end of the day. The guys selling packages of course dress that up to make it seem like they are providing revealed truth. But if you just ask ten girls out a day, for thirty days, you would be amazed at the results (and inner changes).

    • “Game” is one of the few things that gives a generation of men raised by single mothers a fighting chance at experiencing Classical Marriage

      • Boys are raised unaware not only by single mothers. We are all raised by women now, grades 1-12. As you say the lack of understanding of game is a disadvantage to a man looking for a long term partner just as much as it is to a wannabe pickup artist. We are each made of strange clay, and not all is sweetness and light. To prosper in the storms of life you need to understand what’s coming at you. The second greatest gift a mother could give her son is an understanding of game.

        • I personally was fucked up by the relationship between my beta, sexless, simping father and my mom in their now defunct marriage. That’s what was modelled to me and I had that idea for a long time.

          Easy to be angry at them but we’re all living in the fucked up clown world doing the best we can. Just glad I’m learning this stuff in my early 20s, as opposed to other guys like my dad who are learning in their 50s.

          I still don’t condone the PUAs sleeping around serially though. Game is best to be used to find relationships and keep relationships by being alpha and not taking shit from your woman, imo.

        • (Sorry, deleted, over the comment limit again. I used to be the kid in the corner, on a stool with a dunce cap on my head and tape over my mouth. The teachers weren’t mean, but they had no qualms about that dunce cap.)

    • Be confident, in shape, unafraid of rejection, outgoing, and interesting. That part is good advice.

      The guys who claim to be sleeping with dozens or hundreds of women are weird. It’s a pathological behavior. Most of the hardcore “game” guys do seem like roidheads or losers (to me).

      Have a healthy sex life but don’t be a Coomer.

      • i think the pathological behavior is due to the law of diminishing returns. you get less and less of a charge from the novelty of a new poke, so you spin the wheel faster trying to get that initial high again. in short, they are simple sex addicts. or future serial killers.

        an awful lot of serial killers are really twisted sexually. they need the immense reaction to killing someone — gruesomely and at length — to get off.

    • The value of game is to discredit the message that women choose nice guys. Women choose confident men with wealth, looks, or status. Watch what women actually do, not what they say they want.

      When I was young, every other TV show had the message that is was admirable for men to cry and that being emotional like a woman made you more attractive. I didn’t question this message until my 30s, after it had done much damage to my romantic endeavors.

  40. I feel like I’m living in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I’ll have a conversation with someone and they’re all normal and rational and then a couple days later they’re wild-eyed, wearing a gloves and a mask and telling me to “Stay Safe”. This has happened several times. It is really causing me to dig in my heels to stay on the contrarian side. Silently of course. I can’t have the modern Stasi of liberal white women coming after me. Jokes on me if I catch it and die I guess.

    And the latest washed-up celebrity milking this for a little attention is Christopher Cross who advised everyone to stay home and wash your hands constantly. If you are home all the time, why do you need to wash your hands constantly?

    • I’m not sure about the washing hands constantly at home, but the wife sure is. 😉 Complete scold these days. Two weeks ago she was conducting multiple classes with a dozen plus women in quilting techniques and not with the slightest concern. Governor prohibits gatherings of more than 10 folk and she’s now a convert.

      The State has also closed down outdoor shooting ranges. What the hell. No one gets with 10 feet of a loud firearm—the only thing you’d catch is tinnitus.

      • There is a clear line between reasonable precaution and moral panic but a lot of women tend to ignore reason and head right for the comforting warmth of drama and self-righteousness.

        • Yep. I used to pull targets. Bullet crack is loud as hell even a 1000 yards away from rifle. But every so often, the bullet would hit the frame and you’d get to pull embedded shit out of your body. My take away was a good understand of where the bullet came from and how close and never get between the bullet and it’s landing spot. On the other hand a well placed shot will kill you before you even hear it.

      • They arrested a guy for kayaking in the ocean; they’re sealing off trailheads, as if hiking isn’t extreme social distancing.

        Only white people do outdoors.
        The urbans are terrified of the wilderness.

        Cripes, do these Cloud turdlets hate white people.

        • Which is why (hector….hector) get your butt out of the termite mounds to where you can still walk! Your termite mounds will fall in stages to chaos and control of You. Utah Gov Herbert is a globalist squish yet still barely standing against the wildly hysterical Salt Lake wahmyn pols, and not locking down this state. Hmm….which walk shall I take today! Oh….if too many on the canyon trail…I shall walk in the pinyon/juniper forest to the west. No one ever there. Get the drift!

          • RFF – my pamphlet from Utah Shakespeare Festival came in the mail this week; apparently that’s still on.

            Might need a trip to Cedar this summer.

          • Great! We’ll meet. However, the Shakespeare festival is pozed. If you look forward to the festival overlords beating you over the head with “me too!” and a Japanese gay guy or a dike broad playing Othello, be my guest. They have a terminal case of cranial anal insertion virtue signaling. Utah is so embarrassed of their old history of the polygamy thing and the blackity black think, they are rocketing into cultural leftism at warp speed. So you go the the plays, and I’ll take a walk up the canyon. Meet you after!

      • I realize quite a few here are in ideologically mixed marriages, but I cannot comprehend the stress of that. My husband and I irritate one another at times, but we’re totally in sync re the big issues, and on covid. If I had to share my home with someone who was terrified of big bad germs and believed the government’s line, I’d be hauled in for murder pretty quick.

        • Hey there, your husband sounds like my husband! Do you think…gasp….we’re married to the same guy and he’s polygamous?! On second thought, Basic Husband groans I’m enough for one guy. Can’t be your husband too!

    • At the end of the day, this whole event may go down as the biggest hoax in U.S. history. I’m a first responder in Chicago. I have regular contact with Northwestern Hospital, the major trauma center for the loop. My district is the most densely populated area in the city. The city took over the Cambria Hotel, right across the street from Northwestern, in order to handle the overflow from the virus. It has 174 rooms. Guess how many are occupied.


      There was 6, but two people got up and walked out.

      The good news is McCormick Place is being converted to handle 3,000 patients.

      The light bulb went on for me when some General was being interviewed on Fox, and he said “when the contracts are awarded” for hospital beds. It’s a huge grift.

      The powers that be got what they wanted, a cratered economy, and they get to fatten up on a stimulus. That’s called a win/win.

      • At the end of the day, this whole event may go down as the biggest hoax in U.S. history.

        Yes. Up until now, the Danish PM has committed to spending half the national budget on relief packages. If that’s any indicator, this is the greatest heist in world history.

      • You know what else they’re getting? All the cash workers out there are signing up to get $600 a week. That’s a lot of taxable income that’s no longer going to be under the table

      • I keep thinking of this scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

        Note that it’s the elderly, boomer-type characters that buy into the government’s hoax most deeply. They believe Dreyfus will kill himself by taking off his mask, “you’ll poison yourself!”, then they justify the hoax “but if the army doesn’t want us here, it’s none of our business.” Spielberg may be a scumbag, but he nailed this one.

        • Hon….they’re just old farts scared of death as Old Scratch is occasionally showing up on their driveway grimacing . Don’t give them that much credit.

      • “Hoax” too strong a word. “Manipulate a crisis for maximum benefit to oneself” certainly. How bad the virus is/was/would have been will always be open to intelligent debate or investigation. But the ruling power(s) will almost always be justified that they “did something” in response to a perceived threat.

      • There’s still one particular hoax that this will have a tough time passing…you know, the one that has defined the past 75 years of Western Civilization.

      • I really don’t think this is a plan by the elites. They can grift anytime they want they don’t need a virus to do so. I think this reaction is due to the opacity of China’s response and the over 10% death rate in Italy. The mortality rate is likely far lower since there are so few tests and priority for testing will go to the sickest but there remains a lot of uncertainty as to exactly what is going on. Uncertainty creates fear and the elites are certainly not immune to germs, this also hit their center of power hardest (New York), financial downturns they can insulate themselves against but not germs. Also, it’s impossible to know how much more quickly this might have spread were precautions not taken. And why on earth would they WANT a cratered economy? This makes absolutely no sense to me. They are the primary beneficiaries of the economy.

        • The counter-argument, I believe, is that this was an attempt to destroy all those pesky small businesses that still allow the un-Pozzed to make a living outside the oversight of the HR commissars in big corporations and government. As I said above though I think that will an accidental “benefit” of this for the elite rather than a carefully planned coup.

          As for testing and all that. It should have been obvious that morbidity and mortality rates at the outset were an upper bound on the real overall rate once it spread. This is for the reason you mentioned. Initially, only the sickest were getting tested and the sickest themselves were not a representative sample of the population anywhere.

          For myself I tend to go with the idea that the elite’s behavior can best be explained as the result of their having a disproportionate number of sociopaths among them. Sociopaths tend to react opportunistically to crisis and tragedy. It’s like coming across a horrible car crash with multiple vehicles and bodies strewn across the road. You and I would go call for medical help. A sociopath will be thinking “wonder what kind of jewelry those dead people have on”. I think we should expect elite behavior to actually be very fluid and disunited with their numbskull accomplices in the media trying to figure out what narrative they’re supposed to be putting out each day to best justify elite behavior.

      • The biggest hoax is that “diversity is our greatest strength.” Tom Hanks Disease is a close second.

    • What’s the anti-mask sentiment about here?

      Masks work. Just because I’m wearing a mask doesn’t mean I’m cowering in fear from the virus. I’m not. But I’m taking reasonable precautions to avoid it at this time. Washing my hands doesn’t make me terrified of the virus either. It’s just the smart thing to do.

      • Do you live in a hotspot? Are you over 70? Are you obese, or diabetic, or suffering from CVD?
        If not, then the chances that you will get seriously ill are small.
        Of course, take all necessary precautions, like washing hands after being out in public, but your chances of dying from this are very low unless you fit into one of the subsets most at risk. if you fit into those categories, stay home for now.

        • I’m all in favor of them wearing masks. Let’s face it, these face masks protect the bystanders more than the wearers and I don’t want their cooties. I haven’t had a cootie shot.

          • Counting on other people to protect me seems a poor bet, especially since they can be infectious without showing any symptoms. Counting on others will result in situations where people will be attacked for ‘failure to wear a mask’.

        • We’ve been using them. But are in the epicenter with DX’d cases all around us. Am in good health. But have also had pneumonia three times over the years, last bout was an antibiotic resistant bacterial strain that damn near got me–toughed it out until started coughing blood. Ended up in the hospital on a drip to stop it. Not an experience I care to repeat.

          • I think people often worry about the wrong things. I’ve had breathing problems, and I’m way more worried about spending a week suffocating than about dying at the end.

        • Yes! and the corollary is: if you aren’t in that category, you may as well go to work, because the odds that young people will stay home and go broke till a vaccine comes out (18 months?) are pretty poor. I’m old and sick, but I seriously considered the “don’t worry about it” option just because it seems impossible to avoid for long enough anyway.

      • I like to look at what people do, rather than just do what they say I should. Virus experts say that masks do no good? Well, let’s see what virus experts wear when they are around infectious agents.

        Wearing safety gear is a bother, but the bother is about 96% just obtaining the thing. Once it’s hanging on the wall it’s very little bother to put it on. For me, getting a mask was just a matter of going out to the garage. And being used to using respirators for spray painting, I was familiar with buying the right filters : you look it up or ask someone, then you pick from the choices. Price and availability for ‘half mask respirator’ and 5 pairs of p100 filters is 40$ @ April 16th (eBay)(look it up – ‘wiki niosh p100’ and compare to ‘n95’)(long lasting filters mean that few Drs are deprived).

        It seems to me like there’s a lot of foolishness going on – both those who take the position it’s an over-reaction (I agree, but want sensible policy, like quarantining hot zones – port cities and to protect myself – it may be 18 months till a vaccine is out, so half-assed is not enough) and those who are excessively fearful – I agree that this is a hazard, but I think there’d be less fear if people felt some control over the situation (like wearing a mask and not shutting down the economy because port cities and other open borders, globalist dominated shitholes are having a bad time).

        And when there’s foolishness, there’s also gonna be rationalization. My foolishness costs 40$ and staying home more – and I feel better because of it. The cost of a lack of political unity which would make quarantine of (D)irtbag dominated shitholes possible? Beyond measure – the rest of the country could then use ‘test and trace’ tactics and reopen the economy.

    • Cross clearly isn’t taking this thing seriously. We all know that the only true way to be safe is to remain completely submerged in soapy water at all times. Breathing tube optional.

    • It’s self-quarantine. We need to be quarantined from ourselves.

      Get with the program or be a plague-spreader.

    • And this from the guy who “always spoke his mind with a gun in his hand.” Pffft.

  41. We’re seeing what happens when the fanatics get the force of emergency orders behind them rather than “shaming” on Facebook and other social stalking.

  42. Over 70% of Americans are in favor of a full nationwide lockdown, per the wiki link, reenforcement of beliefs has a lot to do with having other people around who also committed to the lunacy.

    It will be a cold day in hell before 70% of Americans admit they were wrong; before they admit that they supported crashing the Titanic into the iceberg to avoid a sea monster that none of them actually saw. Instead I suspect they’ll hem and haw and demand the fed make the the money presses go burrr in order to bail them out of their own stupidity.

    There’s a lesson for everyone on this blog, reasoning and debating rationally are an utter waste of time. People follow other people, not statistics, so maybe now is a good time to move on from the HBD men. Not only have they exposed themselves with their mental breakdowns, their pre-covid writings are as effective as debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    • The narrative is set and there will be no deviation, no matter what numbers come in. This coming week and the week after have been designated as the official “worst weeks ever, a crisis unprecedented in our country’s history.”. As aggravating as this is, we aren’t going to arrest that story. My advice is to play the long game. Keep your head down this week, collect as much data as you can, and soon enough the campaign to shine light on this madness will start. Even then it will be a long, difficult slog.

      • The narrative is set and there will be no deviation, no matter what numbers come in.

        Yes. They’ll gaslight us harder than Deepwater Horizon.

      • If they say that the worst week is coming, that means that we are at the peak already. Peak virus, peak hysteria. We are at the Time magazine cover point of the events (“Why We’re Going Gaga Over Real Estate” magazine cover marked the top of housing bubble).
        Things are turning around right now and it’s going to get better soon, even if it will not look like that for some time.

        In similar vein, I have seen an article claiming that oil price will go negative soon, which probably means that oil price is close to bottom now.

    • That is perhaps even scarier than Bill Gates. It is amazing how people are so willing to forfeit their personal prosperity and freedom. I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

      • It’s really discouraging to see how many “Constitutional Conservatives” are A-Okay with having police demand our papers for leaving our homes.

        • The number of freedom loving Americans was always small. After all only 3% fought in the revolution and a lot of those because they figured that the new government would allow them to grab more farm land.

          We’ve had along history of authoritarian in our States and a good argument could be made that the our Puritan forbears fled here because they were not allowed to espresso people at home.

          • Apologies, the stupid made oppress into espresso somehow .

            Hell not allowed to make espresso? I’d flee too. 😉

        • “Ihren paperen bitte” has a funny way of jamming up those who have no papers, or at least no papers from this country. If only it were so….

      • This crisis has shown us who the snitches and collaborators really are, and it turns out to be a fair number of guys who we thought were on our side.

      • The Zman laughed at UBI.

        It seems the Cloud gods laughed back.

        What possible alternative than the dole could there be, when there are no Dirt jobs to return to?

        • I’m sometimes tempted to think that this is the real Plan. How can we get UBI rammed through without all those damn conservatives going apeshit over a “new government program we can’t afford”? Then I remember who the Cloud Clowns are and that most couldn’t plan a birthday party much less a devious coup like that. I think they may try it but it’s more that they got lucky.

          Also, UBI might have been workable if accompanied by cutting back existing handouts but it only works if you’ve got a functioning tax base and growing economy. In the current economic downturn the result may be hyper-inflation and the end of the dollar as reserve currency. If that happens the world will be re-arranged permanently and to the same extent as happened after WWII. In that eventuality there will be a lot of us who will stop at nothing to see the Cloudies removed from power and punished severely.

          • Seeing as how quickly the “Muh Constitutshun” types stepped aside for something slightly more dangerous than a cold, the Deep Staters have got to be feeling pretty encouraged.

          • The Wuhan Virus is roughly 10x more deadly than the flu ,not a cold. Granted not The Black Death either but its not casual and its also ill understood being a novel virus

            And yes a maximum of 2% death rate from COVID (with maybe a high 5% total from hospital collapse and other factors) isn’t the end of the world, you have to remember modernity is brittle.

            Think of it as an economic panic meets Children of Men situation.

            The Hospital system is already strained to breaking and our social system means it cannot be fixed.

            Nobody can rock the boat, nothing can cause a little upset because the boat is leaking like sieve and patched together will duct tape.

            In essence the US cannot be repaired and while many heritage americans are top tier, the system itself is rotten.

            Consider this also population wise, in the long term each person that dies will not be replaced ever

            No developed nation has replacement fertility and so (using a 2% figure here) a loss of say 6 million change people even though they are mostly old is a shrinking population.

            It cannot be goosed up as the social conditions required for it are difficult and expensive and go against a lot of economic and social teaching

            Hell modernity is so unstable, huge chunks of the population don’t really even have families or even mates and these of peak (25 and up) marriage age aren’t having kids.

            Despite Gen Y being the largest generation in US History and all but the oldest being of fertile age and has the lowest birth rate in US history.

            Its not a sunrise that a nation that is a goner could overreact.

          • I think the 10x number will be much lower. However, the illness particularly for the susceptible is terrible. That in itself is very frightening.

          • I guarantee there are many more uncounted infections. In fact, I bet long after the dust settles we’ll hear estimates that tens of millions had it but didn’t go to the doctor or need medical attention.

            This thing went global in a couple of months. That’s the big clue I don’t hear anybody talking about.

            Or it’s one massive larp on top of an actual (but not plague-like) pandemic. That’s an insane possibility I no longer doubt.

          • Isn’t that the truth. The Constitutionalists have been the last line of defense for awhile. Looks like they’re history. I know Rand Paul has a damaged lung, but I haven’t heard him defending healthy people’s civil liberties. His dad has been, though, comparing this flattened curve nonsense to unliquidated bad debt, making phenomenal sense. Ron will be in there swingin’ until Judgment Day.

          • Poz- I look upon your mighty works, and despair- we are of one mind.

            That’s why I called the Panic, the Reset in the beginning. All the trappings of victory with none of the bouncing rubble.

          • UBI done right is better than a welfare state. Not that it will be done right.

            And while I don’t blame anyone for not wanting a welfare state , you are getting one or you are going to smash the computers , most tech and go back to the farm.

            Even if we deported all “non Americans” we still have far too much low skilled low potential labor. Most people have an IQ of a bit under a hundred, biologically limited BTW

            Problem is the minimum IQ useful enough for remuneration sufficient for a family is around 120 in modernity with some exceptions.

            If we gutted the unnecessary hires and went lean with some small surplus and were willing to train everyone, the natural unemployment rate would be around 40% or more.

            Of the employed, far too many would be low wage workers guaranteeing more children born into urban poverty which is exactly what you don’t want.

            Such a social model is not sustainable.

            All those people wondering why no one is having babies, at least half of it, maybe more is money.

            Wages way down, housing way up means no babies.

            And note the best case scenario I could come up with was the rust belt, If, big if you can find a stable decent job you make 30% less than than people did in say the late 60’s

            The meshes up nicely to the 1.6 White fertility rate.

            A UBI won’t fix this, probably though it will allow more layoffs and maybe more stay at home moms.

            Otherwise you will get exactly what you would expect from a catabolic collapse, society becomes too expensive to run and eventually collapses to a sustainable level

            National Anthem 2220 may well be Amish Paradise

          • I already went back to the farm. Halfway, anyhow. It’s glorious. Nature, unlike society, makes sense 🙂

    • Not sure how relevant (I seem to have that problem!) but as a variation on the waste of time talking to those who have shut themselves off to reason, is the problem of a reasonable (rational) person in a crisis, with similar seeming demands, here’s an example where completely opposite choices would be “correct” and would have life-or-death consequences in either event. All depends on the details of the situation.

      In a crisis decisions can be tough — and with critical consequences. With apologies to Mr. Hardin for stealing the lifeboat analogy:
      If you are captain of the lifeboat and you have 90 empty seats, yes you have a moral duty to rescue as many people as you can up to your limit.
      But if you’re captain of a lifeboat already at its limit, faced with hundreds of bobbing people in need of rescue, your duty is to your existing passengers and you would keep away from those who would otherwise sink you all.

    • Unless the leaders know something we don’t know, like that this really did escape from the Wuhan virus lab is a weaponized virus. It does seem odd to me that governments who absolutely hate each other are all reacting more or less the same. Alternatively, it could be just a giant game of one-upmanship. The dishonest press is putting pressure on leaders in a bad way to be seen as doing something.
      Given that there is absolutely no possible way to completely defeat this virus, real or imagined, by summer, what the hell are they going to do? What are they going to do in the fall when the kiddies have to return to school?

      One thing we have got to come to grips with is the true expense of flying. Even putting aside the disease factor, every time the airlines have a problem it results in widespread bankruptcy in the industry which are then met with bailouts. I’ve also heard that the airlines are already highly subsidized.

      • They have created a nation of cowardly children and now it’s biting them in the ass. It’s biting us too but I think it’s gonna be worse for them on the whole so… meh. As for schools being closed. Good, we should be homeschooling our kids anyway instead of sending them to the indoctrination centers that masquerade as educational establishments.

        • As a math teacher for over 4 decades I can tell you that homeschooling is the best, followed by private schooling in a good school, followed at a great distance by a good public school, and miles behind those is the diverse public school.

      • The fear that this is a bioweapon accidentally released probably accounts for much of the government’s gross overreaction.

        • I agree with this. It probably did escape from the bioweapons lab that just happened to be in Wuhan, and the Chinese knew this and wildly overreacted by locking people in their homes by force and spraying the streets with cleaning solutions.
          It’s also why they denied anything was wrong for a long time, and refused international help.

        • I don’t get it. Granted my knowledge and experience is 20 years old, but I don’t see how genetic engineering can produce anything stable. I’d expect a bioweapon to revert or mutate unpredictably in a couple of generations at most, if not immediately.

          GMO and hybrid plants don’t reproduce true to type. We can’t even breed animals with a stable phenotype. A Labrador retriever requires permanent intervention but a bioweapon (a constantly mutating virus no less!) can persist in the wild for months?

          Idk maybe scientists have become gods in the last 2 decades. I doubt it.

      • ” It does seem odd to me that governments who absolutely hate each other”

        Thanks for the laugh.
        How do you know they “absolutely hate each other”
        Oh, Right, they tell you so.

    • Brillant analogy with the Titanic. I expect to have numerous opportunites to use it (assuming there’s anyone still left alive with whom to share it).

    • I was at a Publix Grocery Store in Orlando today. At checkout there were two young girls: one checking me out and the other bagging my stuff. They were all in masks and gloves and maintaining distance.

      So I asked if we were going to do this every flu season. The cashier looked at me odd and said, the flu is not dangerous. I said, but 5 times as many people die of the flu every year than this latest thing. She was stunned.

      Later the wife told me I should leave the ignorant kids alone. They can’t help being young and dumb.

      Ah, just so.

      • Don’t leave them alone. Drop those seeds into their brains. Let those roots expand throughout their heads to grow and grow.

      • She was probably stunned by your snideness combined with ignorance more than anything else. Imagine nearly three months into this thing people like you still claiming it’s only about overall fatality numbers.

  43. “With the fever abating in Europe and the economy in ruins, the political class will be lifting the siege in the next couple of weeks. That’s when the clock strikes 4:00 AM for the great virus scare.”

    I hope you are right.

    • I hope you are right too. But I am afraid this hysteria has momentum. Too many powerful people seem to have a deep investment in this and it would seem difficult for them to do a walk back.

      • I agree – from what I’ve observed, we are getting past the point where facts matter. This has become a religious matter for the Corona Cultists.

        • In a chat group, I suggested removing all restrictions on travel, worship, and open all businesses. I was curious to see the reaction. That position remains “worse than Hitler.” The public at large is not ready for the siege to end.

          • Of course they’re not ready! This farce is grand entertainment for people with bland, meaningless lives, much as are the Super Bowl, Game of Thrones and Star Wars. CV is now part of the pop culture; it is cultural lingua franca. And people just can’t refresh the death toll stats often enough.

          • The Chinese Flu has its upsides. Normies are starting to talk about how the plague comes from the Chinamen, who eat disgusting things, and noticing how China manufactures all our medical equipment, and hey, everything else, too! Globalism is going to take it in the pants from this one. A little Boomer Remover and mortgage market bottoming will loosen up the real estate market, which helps us by being euginic/procivic as well.

          • It will continue to be true until the message is changed from above. It is becoming apparent that 85%+ of people can only internalize info from an authoritative (for want of a better term) source and are immune to data contradictions or evidential sources.

            Once this happens the current strongly held beliefs will vanish to leave a faint echo, if anything.

      • NJ, the momentum is indeed a formidable issue. In the “war” on the virus, a great deal of effort – if even in a yo-yo of threat/calm, becomes a force of its own.

        This will require a “cure” level of counter programming to reverse. I could be wrong, as there are enough people tiring of this that may flip the tide, but I see a kind of sunk cost fallacy at work.

        This is also entwined with the self-fulfilling nature of how the solution-problem has been framed. Ie confirmation bias cockblocking skepticism as antithetical to the corona ¡science!

    • Here in NYC, hospital admissions have halved over the last several days, and the naval vessel docked on the West Side highway is essentially empty.
      2/3rd of those admitted to the hospitals here for symptoms have been discharged. Several hospitals in other boroughs are deserted.
      And the most important point to remember is that this virus is only truly lethal to a small subset of the population. The elderly, the obese, and those with preexisting health problems are most at risk, despite the media scaring people by highlighting the statistical outliers, like the occasional 30 year old that needs a ventilator.
      That reality has to be hammered home, and would be if our leaders were interested in balance and optimism.
      More will certainly get sick and die, and some other hotspots will blow up, but this is not the Black Death, and the numbers are simply not blowing up the way the worst case scenarios keep telling us.
      A lot of people are going to have egg on their faces when this is done, sowing the seeds of doubt in ever larger numbers of normies, revealing how utterly useless and incompetent our betters really are.

      • One good thing is that people might learn they don’t need to go to the ER for a papercut.

        Unless you’re actually dying, don’t enter the hospital complex. They will keep you there forever and you risk a superbug infection.

      • In previous plagues, the economy collapsed because workers died in their fields and at their work benches. We’re collapsing the economy because reasons.

        • Modern life is so tedious, and the desire for entertainment so acute. Going to a show (even when you could) doesn’t satisfy. We’re at the point where everything is a larp. The next step is suicide out of boredom. Don’t laugh.

      • When this proves to be the greatest nothingburger of all time, our “betters” will simply crow about how their fascistic tactics prevented another Black Death. None of us actually think they will admit that they were criminally wrong.

      • “… if our leaders were interested in balance and optimism.’

        You can bet that as soon as Trump talks about loosening restrictions and moving back toward normal times, there will be a tsunami of accusations that he is a callous, money-grubbing bastard who doesn’t care whether people live or die.

  44. “During these uncertain times…” What is it with our oh-so-concerned corporations and their Madison Avenue (((carnival barkers)))? Every commercial on TV now includes a requisite allusion to the Wuflu, but I have yet to hear a single one of them speak of it directly. What is the underlying psychological process at work here?

      • This has been selling itself though, and I doubt they want to induce more fear, this has been horrible for them. They are losing tons of money and their offshoring has caused mask and ventilator shortages and a lack of industrial capacity to create them. This virus thing has only been a detriment to the interests of globohomo. The debt fueled lifestyle they want us to have is being revealed as very unhealthy when put under even a little bit of pressure. These events have not played out in a way that is in our ruler’s interests at all. This virus panic and it’s effects have only served to reveal the damage they have done to our society.

        • This very well may be the greatest self-own in history. Screwing over Joe Sixpack for fun and profit is one thing but handing him a loaded revolver and asking him to use it wisely is another. This will be epic and is not turning out as intended.

        • Nice Fash, the clear and growing clarity that the systems keeping civilization chugging are quite fragile. All apparent despite stacks of bodies in the street.

          On the consumer end, I wonder if finally seeing Oz will wake people up to the reality that all the silly things we seems to be forced to respect like tranny rights, extreme food cults, homosexual tyranny (er, I mean rights) etc… are just all piffle that a decadent faux-wealthy society can afford and not the stuff tethered to reality.

    • I am at a hotel so as I do when at hotels, turned on the tell a vision. Madison has adapted all the commercials to the invisible death and the station promos are having favored stars do some soothe talk about doing their part. A couple of the ads drop this: “…the new normal.” Which is where all this is going. Social engineering a new normal. Keep your distance; keep shopping.

      • If the restaurants ever reopen, seating for 50 will now mean seating for 6, with everyone spaced a table or booth apart.

        We already have Soviet-style waiting lines, all in a trice, at a moment’s notice.
        The elite vultures have Cloward-Pivened the entire First World.

        The whole damm world depends on getting a crowd together.
        How is this going to work out?

        • Its not. I don’t think the elite meant to do this much damage or had some sinister plan beyond “grab all the power you can.” which is what nearly anyone in government will do at any possible occasion.

          Its also not that great to be rich with a restive population and no TP for basically anyone. Its like stacking dry tinder everywhere in a forest. One little spark and foosh.

          As it is maintaining the US or less so Europe in any functional form will require a big economy and basically ending most global commerce means you can’t do that.

          With manufacturing so screwed up do to globalism having bullets and batons to suppress unrest in some areas is questionable. The US has plenty of both but on both sides so its moot there too.

          As far as a fast end, I’m not as sanguine about a date as our host but I do see the media touting lower cases in NYC which suggests that an end to this nonsense will be soon if by necessity. No economy, no reason for the elite to exist as no one is loyal to them. The world is in that sense an enormous Saudi Arabia

          What people are is loyal to the illusion of prosperity and without that? You’ve got troubles galore and nowhere to hide.

      • I still don’t like the first “New Normal” we got after those 9/11. Does this mean the plan is for a New Normal every 20 years? At that rate it should be illegal to go to the bathroom without a note from your governor by 2060.

        Edit: Nah, they’ll keep shortening the intervals. Unauthorized bathroom time will be illegal by 2028 at the latest.

        • We’ve routinely been getting “New Normals” since 1964, with each “New Normal” worse than the previous one. This is progress…

      • “The new normal” is a very revealing phrase… starting with WWII but continuing through the “war or terror,” various tyrannical regulations and procedures that were supposed to be “temporary” remained on the books long after the crisis had passed.

        Even if they eventually choose to release us from house arrest, you can bet that some of the “emergency” procedures they established during this manufactured crisis will remain permanent. Big city police departments, for example, will never go back to enforcing the law against “nonviolent” crime. Jails will continue to be emptied and eventually outlawed. Gun confiscation will only accelerate.

        The Deborah Frank Feinens of the world got a taste of the dictatorship they accuse others of and they will NOT yield their newfound powers.

        That’s what they mean by “the new normal.”

    • I haven’t watched a commercial in years, but I think it really doesn’t matter much what content a commercial contains. What matters is memorability and somehow getting the name of your brand to stick inside the head of whoever watches it. People like familiarity, gravitate to it. As to why they wouldn’t mention coronavirus directly… absolutely no clue. If I thought these people were capable of logical thought I would say they don’t want to associate the emotion of fear with their product, but then “in these uncertain times” does that anyway so… no idea. It’s probably because of something retarded like the virus has too many names and they couldn’t agree on which one to use. The people in advertising are mostly brain dead globohomo acolytes so I wouldn’t expect it to be anything that makes sense.

      • I think there really is no need to mention CV by name. This “story” is so utterly ubiquitous that CV is understood without it being mentioned.

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