The End Of Gynocracy

A decade ago, the Cloud People celebrated the fact that for the first time in history, women were the majority of the workforce. Not only were women the majority of workers, they were the majority of managers. They were also the majority on the college campus. Women have been the majority of college graduates for over a decade and now outnumber men in advanced degrees. It is not unreasonable to say that we are now celebrating the first full decade of the gynocracy.

Of course, the celebrating is being done from inside closets and under beds, as the world hides from the virus. America is not just run by women; it is now run by overprotective schoolmarms. Social distancing is just the latest thing in a world now run by childless women. On-line, the harpies have been demanding males with the wrong ideas be social distanced right off the internet. The great purging of dissident voices from social media was a dry run for social distancing.

If you think about it, the timeout has now become the go-to move from the gynocrats in charge of our culture. If you use the wrong word or phrase on social media, you get put in timeout for 12-hours. If you repeat the error, you end up in detention. Since the gynocrats have replaced the parents, there’s no parent conference for those who can’t conform to the rules. Instead, you are relegated to the trailers out back, which for the internet means setting up an account on Gab or Telegram.

This is just one reality of the world run by women. Since women have come to dominate the workplace, the fastest growing parts of the economy are those where women have the dominant position. For example, while STEM jobs get outsourced to barbarians, either imported from tribal areas or through outsourcing, health care, which is dominated by women, has been booming. Tech workers have seen declining wages, but registered nurses have seen their wages grow.

Of course, the feminization of society has been hardest on the working classes, as the jobs for working class men are replaced by jobs for women. The rise in death from despondency has been acute among working class males. A man with no way to support a family, relegated to living off a woman, has no reason to live. Inevitably, drugs, alcohol and eventually suicide become the answer. The white death that has afflicted our people is not all that different than what happened to the Indians.

The middle-class males have not escaped the ravages of the gynocracy. We’re onto at least the second generation of middle-class males raised by women in a female dominated society. The process began with the liberalization of divorce, which spread through the middle-class like a plague in the 70’s and 80’s. By the 1990’s, the feminization of America life was well underway. We’re onto our second generation of young middle-class males raised to live in the gynocracy.

You see it in marriage and dating. With scrambled sex roles, the males are ill-equipped to play their role, so they are less marriage worthy to females. On the other hand, men instinctively suspect a career woman will be a poor mother and mate. The subsequent drop in marriage and fertility is hardly a surprise. For the young men in the gynocracy, life is a bachelor’s ball on-line, punctuated by mock battles in video games and mock intimacy in the form of pornography.

As an aside, this is why someone like Richard Spencer was so appealing to young men in the alt-right days. He is the non plus ultra of gynocritic male. He is reckless, feckless and irresponsible, but immune to the consequences. Mom is always there to make everything better. He is the perpetual adolescent, unable to care for himself, but always in rhetorical revolt against the gynocracy. As a result, many young middle-class white males saw him as the ultimate expression of themselves.

For young women, the gynocracy offers a short-term elixir of a career, independence and power over her personal life. By middle-age, the elixir wears off and it means a lifetime of lonely nights being an on-line harpy or one-night stand. Many women escape the clutches of feminism to marry and have children, but in the gynocracy, it still means a career, because they have to support the husband and family. They get to pay the price for upper middle-class women feeling empowered.

Of course, feminism has been hard hit by the rise of the gynocracy. The purpose of feminism for close to a century was to give homely women a reason to feel good about themselves. In a world where women are made hideous on the inside by the pointlessness of their existence, but given power over society, feminism has had to find a new audience. In the gynocracy, feminism is now the domain for those born insane, rather than those driven mad by the prevailing reality.

That may be the light at the end of the tunnel. Increasingly, women are seeing the disaster that is modern life for what it is. The slow flowering of traditional women living life as traditional wives and mothers is a little green shoot. Despite the bellowing from the media, Trump remains quite popular with married women. The contempt in which these women are held by the gynocrats suggests this is the Achilles heel. The end of the gynocracy is single women seeing a mom playing with her kids.

On the other hand, Aristophanes was surely right. Practical reality will break the gynocracy on the wheel of reality. The great lock-down is madness that will eventually force great changes. This hysterical response to the virus will force a lot of rethinking about practical matters, like the habit of outsourcing manufacturing to China and the outsourcing of child rearing to the state. This is what we may be witnessing in this great panic over the virus. it is the beginning of the end of the gynocracy.

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361 thoughts on “The End Of Gynocracy

  1. “That may be the light at the end of the tunnel. Increasingly, women are seeing the disaster that is modern life for what it is. The slow flowering of traditional women living life as traditional wives and mothers is a little green shoot.”

    No, I don’t think so. All those middle-aged and older spinsters are quite happy with the choices they made, contrary to popular belief from the manosphere that we’d like to believe. And so, we are on to the third generation of this nonsense.

    On the other hand, since they are deciding to commit to extinction by not breeding, the generations of the future will be much more likely to be raised by patriarchal groups, with not a whole of lot feminists left to recruit them. Problem is that’s gonna take quite a while before we see any positive results.

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  3. They don’t just have to support the husband and family. They have to support the 40+% of working age adults who don’t work or have make-work government or academic jobs.

  4. I’d go back farther than what you say, Zman.

    What I have observed is in families where divorce occurred in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, entire family tree branches died out. Children growing up in divorced homes of that era were seriously scarred (even if they did marry) and were not able to produce sons and daughters who could successfully mate, let alone have children. This first generation of despair from divorce was the subject of much literature of the era. By the time Peyton Place rolled around, it was already a second generation affliction.

    It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say gynocracy was on the ascendant since the Seneca Falls conference. 1848. We seem to hysterically vacillate between Temperance and degeneracy.

  5. I was trying to think of a similar incident, got it; Jonestown.

    COVID is a global Jonestown.
    Then as now Women are the Chief Lieutenants of mass suicides.
    Quite true; Jones’s chief subordinates and the ones who mixed the Kool Aide were women.

    Meanwhile the Housewives are beginning to notice the mortgage isn’t being paid.

  6. This isn’t a pandemic. It is a damn panic, kind of like a woman seeing a mouse or a spider.

    I smelled out the sham of feminism early on. Way too many women got the house, the kids, and alimony so they could trade up. And women who didn’t have kids were bitter and desperate as their biological clock ticked away. Women got new rights but no new obligations, like being combat recruits.

    Now there are all these silly movies with a woman beating up a platoon of special ops guys. Yeah, right.

  7. A golf buddy of mine used to take me to his private golf club. Exclusive. Been around over a hundred years. Members answered to no one. They had a “men’s grill room”. Women weren’t allowed. They had their own room. About 8 years ago they caved to pressure and allowed women, i.e. the wives. Most of the women were traditional and didn’t hang there. They didn’t over-run the room. Didn’t make it their hen-house. But it changed by their very presence. I’ll never forget the image and sound of a woman rummaging through her purse at one of the tables. Her party had left and she was standing up with her purse on the table looking for something in it. A hideous sight in the darkly lit, heavy wood grill room. Just…depressing.

  8. Stepping back; ATTN PREPPERS et al

    > I think this IS Boogaloo.
    Look at us.
    Look where we are.

    We’re on our knees and going bankrupt, begging from Leviathan.

    We hang now on Leviathan’s every word, those not begging from theIr table will be.

    This is ideal for them. Who needs Gulags and all that 20th century nonsense when you have TV and social media, cell phones. China doesn’t, nor does it seem do we.

    This isn’t madness, its genius if they pull it off. We transition from terminal Soviet sclerotic democracy to full fledged administrative rule of expertise. If the money holds reasonable value this can work.
    Money is nothing without power, as 2016 taught our elites well.

    Trump is our Gorbachev; but he midwifes us to tyranny not democracy.
    In this scenario.

    So far my scenario holds water.
    Ruthlessness met opportunity.
    And seized the prize.

  9. At one time, a man had a vested interest in marrying: If he wanted a steady supply of safe and licit sex, to openly live with a woman and have children. The better he did financially meant that he had access to a larger a pool of women to draw from. Companies preferred to hire married men because they were viewed as more reliable and harder working.

    That’s not true anymore. Sex is easily available, shacking up acceptable and unwanted offspring can either be aborted or dumped on the taxpayer. Contrary to what Zman thinks, plenty of men are perfectly happy to live off of women and plenty of them are White. There isn’t the stigma against being a slacker that there once was.

  10. If The Great Panic of 2020 does in fact end up as the clear and identifiable end of the gynocracy, this will be the ultimate delicious irony. To explain the reason I will see great irony in this, I need to first explain my suspicions regarding the bad cold going around that (somehow??) provoked The Great Panic of 2020. I know you’re all as sick of this as I am, so I’ll be as brief as possible, and then move to the irony itself.

    Back in September 2019, the Everything Bubble, the ultimate grand expression of our God-Complex class, started popping. While the central banks applied the band-aid of “repo madness,” all concerned knew this was a band-aid, could only bide a little time, and that there was no stopping the Everything Bubble from popping and coming down. This of course immediately created the situation — as their very first priority — of a need for a suitable scapegoat. Then, whether planned or merely fortuitous, only a month or so later, a bad cold broke out in Wuhan, China … or … somewhere. Whether the CCP created and released it (accidentally or on purpose), whether Bill Gates was tasked with this by the God-Complex class, or whether it really did spontaneously mutate from a bat coronavirus and started infecting humans … or somehow… does not matter. Something appeared.

    The members of the God-Complex class, each having a God-complex (no, this fine trait did not go away with Caligula Caesar and his ilk), believe they can do anything, including deflecting all blame for their crimes against humanity (at or away from Epstein Island) on to a cold bug. So at some point they chose the bad cold going around this cold and flu season as the scapegoat. Enter, stage left, the modern harpies. With their unhinged impulse for “absolute safety” taken to unrestricted and crazed proportions, the God-Complex class got more than it ever could have dreamed of at the start. The focus on the bad cold going around — to the absolute exclusion of anything else — is unprecedented, at least in my experience. I’ve never seen such an extreme of monomania before, not even 911, not anything. The God-Complex class cannot have people focused on their fraud, scams, and bubble-blowing over decades leading up to the inevitable economic collapse and severe conditions, which were going to happen in any event. This in turn might lead to mobs with torches and pitchforks descending on places such as the Hamptons and the like, and we can’t have that!!! Amazing as it is, all economic problems, however bad this ends up getting, will all be blamed on a bad cold. At least in the spirit of giving the Devil his due, I do have to give the Epstein Islanders their due for pulling this one off.

    The great irony is present from the fact that it is the gynocracy harpies who have so facilitated, at the “on the ground” level, the God-Complex class’ success at pulling this off; they’ve facilitated the Devil in actually getting his due. And yet if the same Great Panic of 2020 provokes the end of the gynocracy, then that which the gynocracy harpies so facilitated and made happen is that which will also start the end of their own oh so precious gynocracy itself! I love it! These harpies always have been the ultimate political useful idiots. They’ve demonstrated this many times over throughout the past decades — always pushing for things they then find are to their own detriment, and from there further blaming the “patriarchy” and pushing for more things … ultimately to their own detriment. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    I at least hope this is the beginning of the end of the gynocracy; I should point out I am not yet entirely convinced that it is. Things do though look promising. The screeching feminists have sure gone quiet, especially the most shrill and coo-coo of the screechers. However, regarding the (hoped for) reemergence of traditional women, I remain quite skeptical. The reason is too many who put up this front, really like chameleons, are already circa 30 – 35 years old. What have they been doing the past 10 to 15 years? Actually, do I even want to know? Probably not. What I see here are harpies who see themselves approaching, at warp speed, their futures of herding cats and drinking box wine, and so as a desperation measure are pretending to be what they are not, so they can rope in a man, later divorce him, and collect the loot. That said, if there are 20 year old women out there who are traditional (and walking the walk; not just talking the talk), then this would be much more believable to me and instill some hope.

  11. I’ve been making furniture for a couple of years now in my one-man shop. The money is not great, nowhere near my Fortune 500 corporate job. But there are no cat lady managers and snitches, no LGBTQ celebrations, no annual “corporate ethics” indoctrinations, and no pajeetized IT infrastructure to work around. My commute is 100 feet, the machines are 100% rational, and my customers pay in cash.

    • Good on you! Seriously!

      It’s not merely boys growing up in the gynocracy into men unfit for their roles in marriage, it’s men who are very fit and have very much going on who simply don’t want their lives ruined by getting divorce raped out of a marriage or getting metoo’d or otherwise blacklisted for some form or another of political incorrectness. While never reported in MSM and generally not talked about, these unpleasant eventualities happen in large numbers, with unacceptably high risk probabilities. Self preservation instinct kicks in, and many worthy men avoid the risks to maintain a life worth living. Even though generally not spoken about, this is one of the major factors, along with the more well known factors, substantially contributing to the declining marriage and fertility rates, as well as the declining numbers of men in “higher” education and female-dominated office workplaces.

  12. To early to tell Z the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

    The system still favors the females to a crazy degree..

    White men are at the bottom in terms of social political clout.

    A white man can’t look croz-eyed at a female without getting his ass fired.

    White men are still fragmented and so far unable to resist the system. Some have went nuts and go MGTOW and bang rubber dolls. Others collect guns and ammo the same way box wine women collect cats. Others simply die inside and wonder WTF happened.

    Until white men find a way to organize themselves they will remain everyone s favorite punching bag.

    • Yes, until we kick the cancerous individualistic worldview and realize that we are all in this together, nothing will improve.

      Respect your white brothers. Even the ones that hate themselves. Slowly and clearly redpill without going full sperg, explaining things like social capital and community. Alot of these white guys, especially younger ones, have just never been exposed to our views. They’re pretty receptive.

  13. Speaking of worthless c^nts ; El Trumpo is purging the I.G’s.

    For those of you without practical civics: uh, they all should have been fired over what’s happened the last generation. IG in truth is like IA- Internal Affairs; its a magnet for corruption and hustlers.

    Or if you like sex trauma counselors;
    The victims come to you. (Seen a 100% would be arrested if seen near park with kids on sight – briefing us in the Army. Gave everyone the creeps).

    I find it amusing we now have an “IG Community” too. Guess that goes well with other modern “Communities.”.

  14. Here’s new metric that you might find useful in conversation, inspired by the commenter who said that the supermarket checkers were surprised to hear that the flu actually kills people.

    This will be the ratio of worldwide WuFlu deaths to average annual influenza mortality. I’ll keep it to two significant places, as a percentage.

    Source one:

    “We estimate an average of 389 K (uncertainty range 294 – 518 K) respiratory deaths were associated with influenza globally each year during the study period, corresponding to ~ 2% of all annual respiratory deaths.” (The study period was 2002-2011.)

    Source two will be the current total on the Johns Hopkins site.

    Today’s ratio: 0.21

    The raging pandemic that has terrified the world and demolished the relationship between people and their governments has killed one-fifth as many people as the flu kills in an average year.

    Might be fun to ask people how high they think it will go. Force them to think about ratios. Ratios require denominators, and those of you who follow the news will realize that they don’t do denominators.

    (Reminds me of when fourteen retired flag officers (admirals and generals) criticized the Iraq invasion. Fourteen. You read that all the time. Fourteen! There were 7000 retired flag officers alive at the time, but two out of every thousand isn’t very impressive.)

  15. Our society is built to use the education system to select for advancement/favor/success. The female-dominated education system selects a certain type of male, in short, soy boy bugmen, the kind of males that struggle with women. (Some real men fake their way through the system, and some succeed outside the system, but many get pushed down and spit out.) The result has been a generation or three in which many real men have been deemed surplus to requirements.

    This can be seen in politics. Politics selects for creepy men. Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Bob Packwood, etc., are examples from the older generation, in short, perverts who grope women and would put their pecker in any woman that would let them and some who wouldn’t. There are few, if any, such creeps in the new generation of politicians, and the ones that there exist are probably sodomites, i.e., ruined even worse than your average soy boy bugman.

    All of this is by the design of our ruling class. The dropping white birth rates is a feature not a bug.

    • Case in point, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. Look him up.

      His office sends me email almost daily. He ends it as my “friend”. Yet, my friend does not respond to any entreaties not made by donors in my experience. Ask me how I know.

  16. I live in Canada where we are even more pozzed… and I am livin the gyno dream.

    I respected the women I worked with but wouldn’t take any shite off them. If they started getting hysterical they could either settle down and be serious – or I’d throw their antics at the boss to deal with. And I told them flat out that I didn’t care how far up that totem pole I had to go; eventually I’d come across a man that actually gives a crap about the company, and wouldn’t take kindly to histrionics and drama. I dropped a couple of them in the crapper that way and after they got spanked, they left me alone. If they didn’t I’d just quit.

    Right now I am living on savings while my wife works, and I don’t feel a stitch of guilt, inadequacy or remorse. I’ve got more time to shoot, camp and fish, I have a couple other hobbies I’ve neglected for years, and I am not going to be guilt tripped into despair or booze because of a cratered job market. Many of us guys have let women lead us into other traps like materialism and consumerism. Booze? Drugs? Video games??? Buddy… are you fuggin stoopid? You need a campfire and a cigar. A good hand full of cards. You don’t need a Lincoln, you need maybe a bike, a good set of boots, maybe a good dog. Who has time for despair?

    And Gab? I LOVE it. There’s a lot of trash there but you can ignore the loons or laugh at them. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, never mind the harpies and hags. Guys… most of our problems with women are self inflicted. When it comes to women, if you’re having problems, save your sanity and walk away. It’s hard, but sometimes it’s the only option.

  17. Prediction: Parents, or at least the ones who play one on TV, now are being presented with the golden opportunity to see how wanting Billy & Barbara are being taught in the public thought gulag.

    It is my hope that this lack of progress will fall down on local school districts like a ton of bricks for the failure. We can only hope that there is an engagement and uproar over the matter.

  18. I thought Z liked Richard Spencer? Does he now not like him because they disagree on Covid? Shame.

    • You’re not very familiar with Zman. Come to think of it, you’re not very familiar with Spencer for you to come up with Covid19 as a reason to dislike him.

    • I don’t hate Spencer. The point of some people’s lives is to be a cautionary tale. That’s Spencer. He’s in the chapter titled “Mistakes To Avoid.”

      • I like Spencer, but he learned too late to always assume that a camera is on him.
        I’ve come to really like Mushroom-Swiss burgers, though.

        • I was with Spencer at AmRen years back. We were chatting with some other people and suddenly Spencer saw the NBC people setting up a camera for a live shot. He was transfixed. He could not take his eyes off the thing. Eventually, he left and made his way to the camera for a live shot.

          I thought about the first time I met John Kerry. Same thing. Spencer is a classic example of the narcotic of minor celebrity. I bet he still wakes up every afternoon and googles his name, to see if anyone has mentioned him.

    • When I first started reading Z a few years ago, when various Alt-Right personalities were rising, he’d come down on a few guys that I liked. It made me mad when he’d disparage them. After all, it was high-tension times back then and they were more-or-less on our side. I assumed part of his criticism stemmed from alpha aggression and fame-envy. Some of the guys were Milo, Gavin McGinnes, and Richard Spencer. Time has shown him to have taken their measure accurately. As per a recent podcast, Z still holds some reservations about Nick Fuentes. I like Nick. The old me would be pissed at Z about it. But again, he’s shown to have good instincts on this stuff.

      • Wait and see is a always a good approach with these guys. Most people who wants to be famous are crazy. No all, but most. I was perfectly happy to ignore Spencer, but he and some others have decided they need to attack people like Paul Ramsey, Fuentes, Greer, Casey, Greg Johnson and others, who I think to good work. So, I feel no need to bite my tongue.

    • Wasn’t sure if I was watching a comedy from my youth or a coming documentary from my grandchildren’s youth.

      • It’s the former. Watch the last episode when our 2 heroes flee over the border to Wales where it’s still a man’s world. Fat chance of that now.

  19. Looks like we’re falling mighty short of coronavirus deaths. Media is proclaiming victory due to vigorous “social distancing practices.”

    I wonder if a single soul will tell them they overreacted. If they’ll even consider it.

    • The media certainly will not attribute declining deaths to Hydroxychloroquine treatment, that’s for sure.

    • They picked the wrong season (but I suppose other timings drove that). If they had used 2018 season instead of pissing about on Russia they would have had 900k hospital cases and 80k dead to parade around. Bet they are kicking themselves for that.

    • No matter what, the media is going to spin this as either we should have had more staying at home or social distancing, or, oh look, see how well these authoritarian measures worked. A good measure of the strength of the gynocracy is how that big alpha in the White House had to make token gestures of acquiescence and obeisance to all this hysteria, while subtly signaling the rational that he thinks that this is mostly a bunch of hooey.

      Big Harpy has won this round. And how will she follow this act next winter?

      • I am genuinely curious if womens in leadership positions will be able to get away with this every year, or if the dictates will simply be ignored next time, requiring the National Guard to round up citizens instead of just handing out supplies and setting up medical tents like they did this time.

    • I wonder if a single soul will tell them they overreacted. If they’ll even consider it.

      People will say it, but they’ll be shouted down. In their heart of hearts, they will know they overreacted, but they will never, ever admit it or learn from it.

  20. If women could only admit this:

    One of the largest influences contributing to civilisational decline is the ascent of the gynocracy. Having worked in a mostly male world, you are correct that women by their nature are not risk takers. When shit breaks, they run on fear, striking out because they can’t control themselves nor the situation.

    Most male jobs that have stuff that breaks or experiences rapidly changing process that causes crisis/chaos have step by step protocols to follow to troubleshoot. As you work through the steps to troubleshoot, at any one of those steps you can find and solve the problem, the mind and emotions settle down to concentrate on resolution. If a solution is not readily apparent after following steps of protocol, one of my guy mentors coached to make a cup of coffee and step outside, meaning clear your mind by switching into something mindless plus rotate the mind by stepping outside to empty your mind. That makes room for suddenly viewing the problem from another angle. Also, know when to rely on teamwork. NONE of this protocol is part of wahmyn world. It’s all about feelings. Wahmyn world doesn’t do teamwork well, too competitive, nor ask for help.

    I learned all this working treatment and distribution in the water industry. I am so grateful for this perspective. Learned in water treatment I ran large anxiety dealing with crises in treatment plants because the water was in and out quickly and demanded a rapid problem solving. I faced the fact that guys and a few women were better equipped than me to handle the rapid trouble shooting needed for water treatment. Very stressful when, during a rain/flood event, the influent raw water coming in was mud…literal mud…and all you could do was open up wide the alum and coagulents waiting until the ntu’s started to turn down, while I sweat bullets. I trained and switched to water distribution because most problems in distribution gives one time to think through what is needed, time to assess, work with your on-shift partner when not solo, recognize and follow the protocol from main breaks to stealing of copper to losing SCADA system instrumentation. A much happier and less stressed Range found water distribution right for me with the stress level I could live with and time to trouble-shoot.

    You’re seeing wahmyn politicians running massive fear, puffed up with arrogance so they feel exempt of developing protocols nor following them, and not good at teamwork. They have never learned to think under pressure nor the art of the deal. To cover their fear, they move into endgame action and make totalitarian decisions, threatening to bring in police/military if her directives are not followed. This Is Panic Untrained. I knew this about my mind 30 years ago when I observed it’s a damned good thing I’m not a general because decision making under fire is not my forte. I surely want Z to be right….that the end of the gynocracy is visible.

    • Range, I see the “puffed up” thing in law a lot. Female lawyers start with a cartoon-ideologue’s concept of Chad Oldboy then behave like Chad x2 to show they’re “tough.” Pretty soon their shoulder-pads won’t fit through the courthouse doors and no one can stand to be around them, most of all their poor support staff.

      • Had a 9 year stint as a legal sec. 6 men and 2 women attys..I refer to your above sentiment. All those attorneys depressed me and wore me out….went into the Trades after that.

      • I once had a business acquisition where I came up against a lady lawyer who started out all tough.

        It was sad to have to go through a trajectory familiar to me that resulted in her in tears, and losing a basic negotiation for her client. The big buttons, pushed. Like taking candy from a baby, wah-wah.

        Another situation involving a lady lawyer. A friend of mine was getting divorce raped by his 2nd wife, a bitch I could not stand the sight of. He thought it was a good idea to hire a lady lawyer, dumb ass was in his cups at the time. Dark liquor.

        So I ask him, “have you signed a decree yet?” He was giving away TONS of cash to this bitch. He tells me, “no”. His lady lawyer worked out this deal, he gives up tons of cash, keeps equity in a house (right before 2008 crash no less…)

        I tell him party over. Forget the deal, I play Cyrano, re-negotiate the cash to half for the bitch – no children involved and she re-married shortly after. Then get about shaking down the lady lawyer and cut her fee down by 2/3, another weak crunt. She was “very angry with him” … “we had a deal…”

        Fucking joke.

        We still enjoy discussing how I helped save his ass. When the house became worth a lot less, he bought ex wife out at the distressed value.

    • Oh man I can relate to this. I’m the new guy to an all male team building software driven systems for a very well known company, but we have the exception of one female in a position of authority over the team. When shit breaks, she tends to become erratic while part of my job is to bring order and process to the team. It’s frustrating because she gets in the way.

      At first I thought the guys would resent me coming in and setting rules, but as time goes on I think they are relieved to finally have some discipline brought to the table.

      It just reminds me that the male way is based on order and reason.

  21. The problem is not just that women are poor managers, it is also that there are few, exclusively male spaces left, nowhere for boys to be boys. Boys don’t become pussies because they’re around women, they become pussies because they’re never in an all-male environment.

    A few years ago, Australia had something called Mansheds or something, a club were men rented a workshop for the specific purpose of having a space free from oestrogenated folks, where they could put pinups on the wall, tell dirty jokes and smoke cigars indoors.

    And unless you’re new to the Dark Side, you have already guessed what happens next: women start complaining about muh patriarchy, because why should only men be allowed to have an all-male workshop?

    • Exactly, Felix. Morgoth had a good guest stint on one of the TRS pods last year (TASOB, I’m pretty sure) where he talked about the loss of men’s club culture in Britain in this vein.

      John Taylor Gatto’s “Weapons of Mass Instruction” fingers the phenomenon of “adolescence” for this as well. Young men used to smoothly transition between childhood to adulthood as they entered the double-digit years, increasingly socializing with and working with men. They weren’t warehoused for 10+ hours a day with other squirrelly snarky teen co-eds while their hormones, both fight and the other f, raged unchecked.

    • This is a process that needs to start much much younger. Boys and girls should attend separate schools after the 5th or 6th Grades. This was still common practice 2 generations ago. Men’s clubs grew out of this habit. If you develop good habits in youth you will carry those habits with you into adulthood.

      • Single sex schools are a good idea because the focus is on academics, not socializing. Interestingly enough, girls are more likely to take classes that are “masculine” and boys classes that are “feminine.” A girl won’t play dumb in class because she doesn’t want to appear to be too smart to a fellow she’s interested in (girls did that in the past, I don’t about now).

        Why Gender Matters by Lenard Sax:

        • I think the “girls playing dumb” trope is BS. I don’t think it really happens, to any significant extent. After 30 years of homeschooling, we let the youngest go to a public school starting two years ago. She was shocked by how female-dominated it was, and about how biased against the boys the teachers were. The teachers would come down on the boys for behavior that was let slide with the girls. If it’s obvious enough that my not-very-political daughter who was 12-13 at the time noticed it, it is very bad.

          There are only a few male teachers and the kids are excited to be in their classes, because they’re not emotionally unstable harpies like so many of the female teachers.

          The entire disciplinary setup is designed to crack down on boy behavior (physical rough-housing) and reward female bad behavior (rumor-mongering, verbal harassment).

          The disciplinary measures are useless: lunch detention, in-school suspension, full suspension and expulsion. That’s about the extent. Of course, the kids who are really problems don’t regard any of those as punishment.

          My daughter got a couple lunch detentions and in-school suspensions, because it took her a while to work out the right social protocols: you don’t get in the face of some girl who has been spreading rumors about you and yell in her face. Lesson learned: spreading rumors is fine. Dealing with the problem in a straight-forward manner: bad. She also said she actually likes lunch detentions and in-school suspensions because they’re quiet and relaxed. Talk about a failed disciplinary strategy. Another thing about in-school suspensions: it’s where the trouble-making kids meet each other. This shakes out about as well as you’d expect.

          Our schools are run by idiots.

          • Viz, that’s required reading for both sides of the homeschooling debate. Multiply these experiences by 12+ years, six months a year and it’s a wonder kids aren’t more jacked-up than they are today. There’s a lot of ruin in a child but the system has all the toxins and all the time it needs to turn Our blue-eyed baby girls into ham-backed blue-haired skanks unless you bail that dirty water daily for a dozen years or so.

            And what double-income household really has enough time for that? Most importantly, why should you have to?

          • Yep. When they were talking about closing the schools, I was like, “Oh, no, Br’er Fox, please don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

      • The pre-woke Simpsons nailed the benefits of sex-based school separation in the classic “Girls Just Want to Have Sums.”

        In the male math class, the male teacher shouted at the boys to stop horsing around (he didn’t put them on Adderall), and they promptly proceeded to working on geometry problems. In the female math class the female teacher put on some new age music and asked the girls “How do the numbers make you feeeeelll? Is the number 7 odd, or just different?”

        The writers then knew what was up!

  22. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the “gynocracy” isn’t run by women, it’s run by a bunch of misogynist girlyboy’s who think their men …

  23. I was looking at the corona statistics this morning and thinking about Forest Gump
    ” And just like that Kung Flu was gone”

    What a surprise, a flu that goes away with spring
    Lying politicians, screeching females and effeminate men will however continue with Great Lunacy, they will present themselves as saviors of civilization among its ruins
    Gynocracy, the total effeminization of the society is its true mortal disease
    As long as 100 pound female police officers walk the streets of our cities that disease will not be gone, no matter how many springs will come and pass by

  24. So a couple of months ago I’m in a local sports bar waiting for a friend when in comes Ms Buzzcut McFeminist. I made the mistake of nodding and saying “Hi” when she immediately went into a well rehearsed and well worn rant about what pronouns she would answer to. I got up and went to the other end of the bar. Who needs this shit?
    Sure, I could’ve submitted to her vaginocratic demands and conversed but, why bother?

  25. This is the beginning of the end for gynocracy but it will be a very ugly death. Women need positive emotional feedback to keep their mood and hysteria in check. In the best of times this is no simple task. In ClownPozCollapseotopia it will be a 5 alarm fire. Having so many women in positions of power and influence at a time of disruption and collapse is a formula for a perfect storm. Too many men are also fish out of water in the current milieu and will react as if they were women or worse in random outbreaks of violence that are misdirected and self destructive.

    Some sort of national dictatorship is probably unlikely. Our rulers have just shown us how well suited they are to govern.
    Imagine them having to quell a 1000 riots or even 100. We’ll probably get some sort of regional and racial peeling off. It will be chaotic with not infrequent violent outbreaks. It will be ugly and it will be drawn out. If you’re still living someplace where you should have already left it’s time to make a decision before that decision is made for you.

    Women will lose their influence in the public square but they won’t be able to find their natural place until men aggressively handle the task that’s about to be handed to them.

    • Listen to the daily briefings. A bunch of smug, thoughtless beeches and soys b*itching at the resident President.

      If this were 1960s NASA, they’d be saying, “whatch you need, Boss?”

  26. What I’ve noticed in the corporate world is women want risk to be zero. They love to remind you of ridiculous rules and processes and make sure they are enforced/followed.

    • That’s why if this latest madness doesn’t clue women in, we are going to have to probably have a big dose of Apocalypse to get their attention.

    • This national economic disaster playing out in real time is certainly a female and effeminate male passion play, as voiced by that Italian-American Shar Pei in the Governor’s Mansion, Cuomo, “if only one life can be saved…”

  27. First, let me blow my own horn. Since the brothels and the bars are closed for the duration, my cash flow has freed up. Since I enjoy reading his posts, and amazingly haven’t been banned from posting (“yet”), I’ve started a monthly contribution that will pay, at the least, for the electricity the night light in Z’s hallway bath uses 😀

    Good topic today. Very pertinent is Murray’s book “Coming Apart.” In this one, the co-author of the infamous Bell Curve basically looks at white trash and whites in general and develops Bell Curve’s theme of the Cognitive Elite, a stratifying of society based at least in part on intelligence. If Murray’s thesis is correct, society has gotten much more polarized not only by money but by intelligence/skills: two generations ago, the rich lived in the same small town, perhaps a better neighborhood tho, than the men (it was men back then) that worked in his nearby office or factory. Less dramatically, the bright, not to say genius, man became highly successful as an accountant or machinist. In today’s world, those two would more likely be recruited early for their brains, offered scholarships etc. and end up respectively as a wealthy capitalist who distances himself both physically and socially from his economic inferiors, in a way that his grandfather could not have imagined. The small, smart guy most likely ends up over-educated and under-utilized, say as a public school teacher trying to educate primates or a lawyer or accountant doing drudge work soon to be automated.

    • Murray’s book are always worth reading but in every one of them he won’t go down an obvious path that would explain so much more. In the one you’ve cited he never addresses how the smart set have their loyalties and concerns for their blood and history killed off and then realigned with a new community of walled off object collectors. That distancing still serves a community tied by blood and history. One they can serve but never truly be a part of. The smart set doesn’t look too far down the road. That has consequences. Just ask the old WASP elite.

  28. One of the things I don’t like about women in charge is the lack of humility. They make it all about them. While I find a lot of coaches to be dicks – I always liked it how some of them would say “act like you’ve been here before”.

    My question is how long will it take of women running things that they stop looking at power like a new toy that they got for christmas

    • Women in an org are like the 3 Graeae constantly stealing the eye and the tooth from each other and parading them around for temporary domination. There is no hierarchy that is stable in this model and hence why its always a shitshow.

  29. I’m stunned at the lack of aggression young white men have today. In terms of career ambition, in terms of getting laid, in terms of generally doing things other than gaming. The guys we consider “cocky” or “fuckboys” today are pretty much average guys from the 90s and earlier. Outside the “game” people – but they seem to be more 30 and 40 year olds who have been continually fucked over by women, or divorced.

    Watch some TV shows from the 90s or earlier (before the Friends betas). You’ll be surprised at how manly the white men are. Or just interviews with men from the 70s and 80s.

    Most of my early 20s friends have pretty much given up on sex. The few who haven’t are mostly POCs who have an axe to grind against whitey so they have sex to demarcate their high status. This kind of behaviour would have been classified as “likely homosexual” 20 or 30 years ago.

    Anyways – I hope white men can get their energy back but so far it seems like we’re just assimilating into the black / arab pile of dogshit. Thinking that rapping makes them masculine. We are so fucked, mainly due to beta fathers and single mothers.

    • Honestly – alot of these young white guys I think need to be brutally clocked by a strong white guy with tattoos. Just one punch right to the face. Toughen up!

      SSRI also decrease sex drive and apparently alot of guys are on them as well. “Take this magical pill, bro” is the answer rather than “Let’s find out what environmental problems your brain is responding to through depression”.

      • Just one punch to the face and then it’s off to prison because the guy fell down and hit his head and died, which is something that happens every day. You sound like a nigger.

    • Nearly a half century since John Lennon’s song “Woman is the Nigger of the World”. Can you imagine a pop star naming a tune like that nowadays? And, like the melanic hominid™ named in that song, so Da Broad has enjoyed unprecedented expansion of opportunities, civil rights and protections and not to be overlooked, a dramatic source of profits for the legal profesion, and over about the same time period (offer not valid in Islamic countries). “Sure, white man was bad back in slavery days, but we was free before this civil rights thing started, and I’m not so sure we as good off since the white man done gone away!” Change “slavery” to “traditional roles” and you may be very close to women’s frustrations.

  30. Reading, “Mother Nature,” by Sarah Hrdy. Interesting little passage follows:

    “Ancient myths about an age when women ruled, only to be usurped and put in their proper place by men, are not su much literal history as reflections of the chronic tensions between paternal and maternal interests. Themes about men overthrowing female rule are rampant in the origin myths of ancient Greece, Amazonia, and the ancient Near East. This does not mean events like those described ever happened, but rather that conflicting interests between males and females, matrilineal and patrilineal interests, are perpetually at work.”

    Fascinating. Perhaps it was possible to think this way twenty years ago, but can anyone now doubt that the ancient myths are all literally true? That a gynocracy is a thing that naturally arises in human societies and that must be eliminated if that society is to advance? Why doubt the idea that, having solved the most pressing needs, the men prefer to let their guard down and allow the women to run the machine they built; relax a little, how bad can the chicks mess it up? Well…

    So they make myths about how the rule by wammins had to end to solve a plague or something so that future generations would not make the same mistake. And we never listen.

    • Anansi And His Seven Sisters
      How The Women Lost Their Teeth

      (As related by Ghanans in Lagos-on-the-Chesapeake)

      Long ago, women ruled the world.
      The men feared them, because they had two sets of teeth- one above, and one below!

      Anansi, the Spider, had seven sisters.
      Lazy and greedy, demanding and bitter, they were always complaining.
      “Anansi, fetch us this!” they cried. “Anansi, bring us that!”

      With never a kind word for poor Anansi, nor for any man, for the men feared them.
      They had teeth down below!

      One day, poor Anansi came upon a bush filled with luscious berries. Always hungry, (his sisters never fed him, nor any man) Anansi eagerly tried the berries.

      Sour! They were so sour! Poor Anansi!

      Anansi, stricken, came upon a plan.
      Anansi gathered all the berries he could hold, and took them to his home, the one he shared with seven sisters.

      “Anansi!” they howled. “Where have you been! We have not eaten! Now get to work!”
      They knew Anansi feared them, as did all men- for they had teeth down below!

      Poor Anansi made a huge pot of bubbling soup- soup made, from those very berries.

      His sisters, greedy and foolish, snatched up their bowls, and hungrily gobbled down their soup without a second thought.

      Sour! SO sour! So very sour, their lips curled up, their mouths pinched- so sour, their bottom teeth fell right out!

      So sour, their bottom mouth remains wrinkled and curled to this very day!

      Still bitter and complaining, still selfish and greedy, but the men no longer fear them.

      For they have no teeth down below!

  31. A possible sign that MSM is running out of drama steam, and is having to be more transparent about the not-as-frightening realities of the Coronavirus. Frontpage headline on USA Today: “New data on New York coronavirus deaths: MOST HAD THESE UNDERLYING ISSUES…” (emphasis mine)

    I have a subscription to USA Today. Maddening prog bias of course. But I do enjoy their summations and knack for pertinent stats on all subjects.


    Home delivery of print edition is $330 a year. (They can bring it to your porch, or put in mailbox, at no extra cost. You must call to request this).

    Web subscription is about $60 a year. Without sub, their website is almost impossible to read with all the pop-up ads.

    Headline article:


  32. Yet another benefit of the Wuhan virus hysteria. There are others, possibly quite a few. We’ll have to wait to see how things shake out, but some of the portents are positive.

  33. The effect of the gynocracy on males has been absolutely stunning. With the number of sports retail stores that have stopped selling guns and the shutdown of many retail franchise gun stores in CA I stumbled upon an independent gun store that was run out of a garage like structure in an industrialized area.

    In CA it is very hard to experience a white male working class/redneck environment. Most of the car shops and construction companies have a white male owner and Latino workers. The workers in this gun shop were all white male mechanics, ex military, or ex police. I literally felt like I was on another planet.

    I have lived in redneck areas growing up and primarily worked in corporate or academic settings. The facial structure, voice tonal structure, and attitudinal differences between these men and the vast majority of men in my work environments was night and day. I literally felt like I had stumbled upon an alternate universe of a 1950’s style cool Brando biker bar.

    • I was lucky enough to find such a gun shop run out of an industrial garage outside of San Fran. It was fresh air in a polluted wasteland.

      • The one I stumbled upon is in a densely populated metro beach county area of So Cal. So San Fran and So Cal; who would have thunk.

        The experience is difficult for me to explain because it was so mind-altering. I simply had not been in a work environment of ONLY white (real) men in so long I had forgotten what it felt like. I think the last time was when I worked a summer break job during college for a construction firm in the mid-West back in the early 1970s.

    • ExNativeSon. Can you give name of the beach town it’s in? I live near Ontario airport. I’d love to check it out.

    • Reminds me of parts of the South Bay in LA county. I got out of there and went east, but wonder how some of those guys can stand it living in the belly of the beast. I guess they’re just used to it and have family ties.

  34. Female power always falls when reality bites back. I havent exactly turned accelerationist but one could certainly hope for some of that effect in the current mess.

  35. Latest #s from my hospital

    • Veteran Testing:
    o We received 19 COVID-19 test results today; 19 negative and 0 positive.
    Total tests sent: 172
    Positive: 6
    Negative: 162
    Pending: 4

    • 6 COVID-19 cases to date; 2 in inpatient/ED, 2 recovering at home, 2 deceased

    • Employee Testing:
    o We received 1 COVID-19 test results today; 1 negative and 0 positive.
    Total tests sent: 15*
    Positive: 0
    Negative: 15
    Pending: 0

  36. Broadening the franchise was our most overtly significant wrong turn in the bad driving that got us from the antebellum years to here, worse even than all the bad boys fighting in the 1860’s. America has been a frailer place ever since.

    But the slow bleeding started at the family level.

    A man working his own farm or small business works long hours but in America’s tender years, he generally worked them with his family. The Industrial Age kept him from home for 12+ hours a day while women stayed, shrewing in their own juicyness and arranging the daylight world of children alone.

    Contra xrl science, by effectively reducing man-hours of family time to 4-6 hours of wakefulness between quitting time and getting up to do it again, the patriarchy had already been defeated. It was only a matter of time.

    The old dimorphic roles of hunting vs. hearth-keeping were being deepened and reinforced while also being proclaimed as relics of the Before Times. This cognitive dissonance between the real and the reeee-ified has been making us hysterical ever since.

    And yet we called it Progress and even Prosperity.

    The quality of parenting and the strength of family ties could not help but erode in the face of this iron practicality and the more we scaled up, the more we “exponentialized” the flaws in the atomizing extended family structure, which we portentiously called nuclear.

    Nuclear as in “decaying.”

    The half-life of the nuclear family occurred with the postwar spread of secretarial make-work jobs. Even the most fundamental nucleus could not withstand constant (((bombardment))) with both parents contributing a mere 4-6 wakeful hours of parenting. Both the strong force of fatherhood and the weak-but-equally-essential force of motherhood were required to keep the nucleus stable. As they failed, the nucleus began to come apart.

    Adultery and divorce skyrocketed as atomized mom and dad units were Gamed and Eat Pray Love’d by workday cads and seductresses. Legacy parenting skills were not passed on and each successive generation grew further apart and further debased.

    We built a civilization of skyscrapers and satellites on the sandy eroding shoreline of post-parental families. What did we expect?

    As Wile E. Coyote said, gravity’s a bitch.

    • This can not be repeated enough. Man in service to the economy is an inversion of nature. You can add to your points the destruction of the multi-generational family. If men did have to be absent because they were soldiers, seamen, hunters, transporters etc. there were plenty of grandfathers, uncles, brothers, etc to pick up the slack.

      Who runs our institutions is certainly a problem but what had become of our institutions is at least as critical.

    • Exile, from this “We built a civilization of skyscrapers and satellites on the sandy eroding shoreline of post-parental families. What did we expect?” to my question: What do you think is next for our people?

      I learn a great deal, often forensic, from you and other great minds here (with Z leading the merry band, of course), which has shaped my perspective in many ways. But my pragmatic side continues it’s thirst for some discussions on what could be over the horizon. I’m doing the work, living the life, seeing clearly, seeking opportunities to wake others where appropriate, but my tiny tribe needs others. Ps. How is the new project coming and when do I get an invite?

      • We’re doing a short beta-test run over the next week or two then opening up the public blog portion for registration. I’ll put up the public URL once we’ve kicked the tires and done donuts in a few yards first.

  37. The strength of the bond of sisterhood has impressed me. Feminists and their sympathizers form a group as tightly cohesive as blacks or jews. I would have expected their ability to birth life would cause them to bond with their children or their men more strongly than other women, but that is wrong.

    The media/academy has a huge role in influencing their choice of feminism over family. They may have chosen differently if our enemies weren’t in control.

    We must make an offer more appealing than their own job and money, single parenthood, and abortion.

      • Great stuff, although I have no interest in women doing metal.

        That’s one of the contradictions of high pitched metal singing: they sometimes sound like women or shrieky little girls (Robert Plant and King Diamond).

        • So, great stuff…but not great stuff. Hah. I don’t mind the chick singers. Agree about King Diamond and other high-pitch metal vocalists. Impressive range, but their highs sound silly. Rob Halford was one of the few who could sing high with authority/dignity, i.e. without sounding like a brainless idiot.

        • Line – Yeah, Hammerfall opened for Sabaton when I went to hear them last fall. Music was great, but the high pitched singing wasn’t my thing. Even though Sabaton’s singer isn’t great, he sounds the way a man should.

        • Women in rock is cool. Joan Jett, or How about Lita Ford & Ozzie’s duet “Close My Eyes Forever”, now there’s a weird love song, not quite in the territory of Alice Cooper’s “Cold Ethyl” though! 🙂

      • The singer:
        “She is also an animal rights advocate, as well as a former co-owner of Sticky Fingers, an all-vegan bakery in Washington, D.C.”

        So, by all means, listen to her Iron Maiden covers, but for God’s sake, don’t ever talk to her.

    • Line….believe that women herding is hardwired. My opinion theory is:
      In northern Europe 15 K years ago, men hunted big meat animals for women like me to eat. Women hung together helping and teaching how to raise kids, watching the wee bairns, teaching medicine-how to sew skins into clothes, how to cook, and thousands of bits of survival info. Because men were often gutted and killed by the hunted, there were frequent times in history there were more women than men, and if a man was a good provider, he had more then one woman. Sister Wife #1 lets Og know if he’s going to bring in Hottie #2, #1 wife gets to be dominant to #2 and run the household. Huge competition between women. This competitive nature of women is hardwired along with women herding, and continues to this day. The admix of women herding and competition creates a continual tension.

      • Well put, Range. Strongly agree.
        The pimp doesn’t beat ass, his number 1 girl does. He’s the nice guy.

        Only occasionally does he put on a dominance display, when the girls demand some compressive release. And demand it they do.

        ps- your missives about the hidden world of freshwater are absolutely fascinating.

        • pss, update: Exile’s addition on the shattering effects of industrial modernity is also spot on.

          As a male raised by a “widowed” mom- no fault of Mom or Dads- I can attest to the earlier comments.

          I know nothing of sports, mechanics, or skills.
          I wanted to ‘get into’ construction, but had no idea how. Didn’t join the military, and worked mostly around hundreds of women. Even so, I was clueless til Heartiste, PBUH.

          I always ask the young guys where they learned their skillz. They had dads and uncles and just seemed to soak it up.

          (I remain entry level and solo, and never learned to climb the ladder, to take advantage of the system’s offers. I hunt a different something, an unknown trail.)

          Low caste mechanics turned youtube into a revolutionary how-2 library. We need, need, need to use that hidden strength.

          Teaching men of any age to be useful men, relying on the ancient instincts of the hunting band, should be our top priority. It’s something we can do now, right now.
          The rest will follow.

    • “The strength of the bond of the sisterhood has impressed me.”

      That’s because most women don’t embrace the ethic of the individual as do men. However, they will backstab at the speed of light, and somehow, Big Harpy still holds together.

  38. If you recall in 2008-2011 they loved sing the term “man-cession.” “It’s not just a recession, it’s a man-cession.” This was commentary from the media hags. In a way, there was a hidden misandry to it because at no time did the commentary expand to what can be done about this. The next recession, and it’ll be a big one, will be the “gyne-cession.’ All those little service and paper pushing jobs filled by women are going to feel it, including “non-profits.” – entities where there is no profit after large salaries are paid. Huge swaths of the economy, mostly that have direct aid from the government, such as our healthcare industry, have barely been touched by reality. 1) Education – school districts and universities stuffed full of these women like cordwood. 2) corporate HR offices 3) Library systems 4) Hospital back office people 5) various Federal state and local agencies. It goes on and on. This is what’ll be hit.

      • Ha! Dutch, you nailed that one. As a former water treatment op, water distribution op and hydro dam op, women constantly complained men got better pay…not fair. I replied train up to do my job, work shift work, get dirty and careful of the black widow spiders in valve pits plus an occasional rattle snake. No….I’d leave out the bit about the spiders and the snakes. Not a single woman within the water company nor from the outside transferred in for me to train them up. Only 2 lesbians…what’s up with that? Running a lot of guy energy I guess. I am so sick of wahmyn bitching, and they never put their money where their mouth is.

        PS: Working as a treatment operator, I found a large gopher snake next to the headhouse door. I grabbed it by the back of his head and ran into the headhouse big smile on my face proudly holding up the snake to show my 2 guy operators. They turned white and ran out the building. Sigh…I’m still a little country girl and totally forgot most guys didn’t grow up with garter snakes, gopher snakes and other critters to pick up and carry around. The trick is to lightning speed grab them from behind before they wallop you. Sad Range…I felt like a cat bringing in her prey to give to the master guys as a gift for their good training. And the guys freaked to the max. I thought guys being guys they’d at least from the science point of view wish to look at the fine snakey specimen. That’s when I knew guys weren’t guys anymore.

        • Range – I didn’t want the hassle of a dog when the kids were little, and then my older one got into the period of his fascination with critters (now he has his girlfriend and her dog). So he had a corn snake which grew huge, and then we added some lizards in a separate aquarium. Yours truly had to buy the mice and crickets to feed them . . . and I did not grow up a country girl. But as a mom of boys, you do what you gotta do.

          • He feeds the snake, or the snake gone. Those kinds of rules are how my sons were raised. My wife honored me by abiding and now can look at her strong, masculine sons with pride.

            My wife’s sister has a good for nothing son. He was not raised by the same rules as mine.

            Sounds harsh? You got that right.

          • HomerB – We’re on the same page. I had to go buy the food because my kid was way too young to drive (I think he was 8?); he then fed the critters. Crickets have always grossed me out and a freshly killed mouse in a paper bag wasn’t too great either. But he was not cleaning the cages and I got tired of it, and then snake was gone. I laid down a line and stuck to it.

      • Drove by utility work by the side of a main road into town today. Guys operating the truck and the guy in the cherry picker way up by the top of the light pole were all white! Even the fella putting the orange cones out was white. Sometimes the “grrrlz” have summer jobs putting out the cones/barrels.

    • “The next recession, and it’ll be a big one, will be the “gyne-cession.’ Not if our information comptrollers have anything to do with it.

      My prediction is that, once this damage all becomes apparent, they will go into overdrive blaming it on the (briefly) controlled borders. It will be tagged as the “white suprema-cession” and a slew of ((talking heads)) will instruct us that the lesson to be gleaned is that open borders is vital to prosperity.

  39. Excellent essay.
    Let’s hope we’ll turn the corner culturally with this “viral” event.

  40. For you young guys, get in a field that pays well and has <10% women, and that percentage is not increasing. Then you can compete with other men and make enough to support a wife and kids. Also, don't live in some ludicrously expensive and liberal place like CA or NYC.

      • This “status” thing needs to be worked on. In reality, the status today of a college degreed individual should be less than the status of a certified tradesmen. And the tradesmen themselves might be the worse offenders in some cases.

        Years ago, The county redid all the roads inside the neighborhood. A rare event in this bankrupt berg, but welcome. The day came when they did the road immediately in front of our home. I got the kids and the camera out to watch. I commented on the work done, how the truck driver came behind the machine to spread and lay the asphalt. The timing, the accuracy of regulating the dump truck pouring the hot asphalt out slowly, the huge paving roller machines spaced evenly across the road flattening and compacting the hot asphalt.

        Just as the whole system passed, the supervisor controlling the operation, hot, sweaty, dressed in safety gear and with radio came over to talk with the kids. His statement, “…stay in school, get a degree, and you won’t have to do work like this…”.

        OK, I know he meant well, but damn, in 30 seconds he destroyed a lesson I was trying to instill in the kids for the last hour—that is to say, “there is dignity in work, all work, and especially hard work”. Sigh.

        • That status imbalance will never be fixed until TV/Movies are dead. Its too ingrained and signals from these overwhelm traditional in-community signaling of 50 years ago.

        • Tail end of the 80’s I worked an air hammer in burned out structures and refractories without safety protection for $20/hr, sufficient then to feed a family, as a summer job. Come October I was still coughing up black soot after rugby practice back at university. I also was a skilled amateur software programmer but I hadn’t wanted to advertise myself as a nerd, the lowest of the low. However the black soot convinced me to apply to a part-time programming job on campus, they hired me, and I earned $20/hr in a cushy environment thence. I have never considered sooty work again. No apologies to Mike Rowe, who sometimes romanticizes grunt work. Although I do all my own home improvement work.

          • All people should attempt to improve their situation as time and talent dictate—nothing wrong there.

            I worked as a fry cook before attending college. One night, I was at a new job and two other cooks I was working with were talking. They were like old white guys with gray hair. I was a punk kid 19 or so.

            One said to the other that this was a pretty good job as they were getting $20 a shift. Well, so was I, and whereas it kept me in gas and beer, there was no way I was going to wind up like those guys in their 50’s. I registered at the State University that Spring and never looked back.

            My point in the previous comment was that there are all sorts of folk who simply won’t make good college students, but perhaps could find success in manual labor or skilled trades. Those who are blessed by a lucky tumble of their genes should not look down upon anybody who works for a living. Mike Rowe is right in that respect, and has done much to fight such stigma.

          • We can talk about what WE did back in the day … until the cows come home I have met too many middle class guys that have let their wives raise their sons and the result is a disgrace. A shrug.

            A bugman, often times.

            It’s about what we pass down. Male children have to be made into men by men. No excuses – look around and see what has happened and you won’t need an internet post to clue you in.

            Are your sons wusses? If so, you failed.

          • HomerB, how do we convert our male children from dysfunctional families into men who can raise men and complement a woman again? How to redirect females so they serve our community and themselves? The small hat influencers simply accept the dysfunction for their tribe, it’s always a death spiral, crash and relocation for them over millennia. The scriptures won’t transport us there on their own. Z is correct we need to change societal culture.

  41. The positions women play on the team of life are constantly changing. Most men prefer ladies. We are drowning in a sea of chicks. A rose by any other name begins with a C. Ladies are treated very differently than floozies ball busters and bitches. Aren’t they? You bet they are. Gyno schmyno.

  42. I have one question for every young man that visits this site: do you even lift? If you don’t then you deserve what you get. skinny jeans are for fags, not for men. read this by Henry Rollins for a sense of what you are missing:

    Here’s a taste: The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.

    • heh looks like a couple of incels disagree with my recommendations. pansies forever, eh bois?

    • I saw Henry open for Jane’s Addiction in early 90’s. Didn’t know who he was at the time. Guy was funny though. He only wore black shorts (no shoes even) and would strike an aggressive pose and just stare provokingly at the crowd. It was dorky yet somehow not. Kinda like Henry himself. Here’s a short video celebrating the heartfelt connection between artist and fans.

    • I love Rollins Band’s “Liar”. This is certainly a common male way to handle women, but not necessarily one we’ve been discussing here 😀

  43. It’s been a bit of an awakening for us now we are homeschooling our kids, and examining traditional roles and education.

    My sense is that the gynocracy is weakening with each successive generation. Of course it reached its zenith with the Boomers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wreckage in Gen X and early Millenials. My hope is that late-stage Millenials and Gen Z survey the ruined landscape and reject the the failed ideology.

    • Three percent of children are homeschooled now. The deterioration of our social institutions is going to make that climb, and the established powers are going to start trying to clamp down.

      Luckily for us, there are radical homeschool advocates at both sides of the political spectrum. When push comes to shove. even most progressives will defend their children against the zeitgeist.

      The others will pretend to be fine as their sons are getting their dicks chopped off.

    • Generally speaking, we late Millennials are more skeptical of powerbitchery than our predecessors. Many of us grew up in the golden age of “game.” Indeed, so many of my peers were pussified that I frequently punched well above my weight. Nothing like punching an overweight woman.

  44. One can just picture Shlomo reading your essay, and by the time he gets to paragraphs 4 – 7, the gleeful hand-rubbing has reached such high speeds that Shlomo begins to travel through time. Imagine his disappointment when you get to the faint Rays of hope at the end.

    Rest assured though, rule by patriarchal men will return to America… it just won’t be rule by White men. The majority of Mexican and Muslim women are ugly as a horse head full of eels, but they are feminine, fertile, and are realistic about what their role in life is. They may clean office cubicles at night, but they are the cubicles of shrewish dried-up White harridans who have no pictures of children on their desks. Mexican and Muslim men are masculine, and know they are the heads of their households, and they also know that their sons will outnumber the soyboys, and will rule over them and take their women.

    Where I live all the Mexican and Muslim women are stay at home trad-wives, and they and their unlimited babies spend their days clogging up the public libraries which they have turned into nurseries, or else waddling from market to market pushing strollers and trailed by four toddlers. The Muslim men each take the standard allowable four wives, but only one is legally married on paper; the other three are acknowledged by the community, but as a matter of law they are unmarried “single mothers”, and can max out all possible public benefits accordingly.

    You are paying for Shlomo’s plan to destroy you, and Shlomo’s plan is proceeding exactly on schedule. And if it comes in early and under budget, be sure that Shlomo will also pocket the surplus.

    • Hmm, that’s not what I see with Mexican women. They take to careerism like a fish to water. They’re certainly not mostly mamacitas at home slinging frijoles, not even the lower classes. They WORK, that’s why they came here. Maybe where you live it’s different.

    • Mexican and Muslim men are masculine…

      Have you met many Moslem men? Most of them are lazy, untrustworthy, histrionic, passive-aggressive cunts that can’t handle criticism, are congenitally unable to take responsibility for their fukkups, and will ragequit a job the first time they are reprimanded by a kuffar boss. Also, they scream a lot, which is just about the worst you can do for face-loss in Scandinavia: “get your emotions under control, you absolute child!”

      Arabs are the worst, but they’re all on the spectrum.

      • Here our brown skinned neighbors have a unique ability to work in this godless heat. I’ll give them that. Ragequiting is not unknown however. I always attributed it to basically the situation that when you are at that low a level employment-wise, jobs are plentiful and it matters little when you quit or get fired. There’s little to lose, you just move on to the next minimum wage position.

      • I once asked an American-born Indian Christian college boy if there was a temperamental difference between Moslem Indians and non-Moslem Indians. He didn’t know, but said that he had two Moslem friends from Yemen who were nice guys, but lost their temper easily. Indian Hindus and Sikhs dislike Moslems.

  45. Gynocracy will collapse when the culture that allowed it to emerge collapses. It can’t be defeated from the outside* because any external opposition is immediately identified as “sexism” and “misogyny”, isolated, and neutered or destroyed. But, as it’s erected on the lunacy of universal equality, in the end, reality will catch up with it. The end probably won’t be pretty.

    * Barring, say, a Muslim takeover of the West.

  46. To the Prog, society is a game of jenga. The entire point is to see how much they can remove and keep it standing. And like jenga you can’t put blocks back in the tower.

    The problem is that women have a hard time finding a man to fulfill those trad dreams of hers. Decades of single motherhood and retreating fathers have left these men in short supply. As have a changing labor market that has destroyed industries that play to male strengths over women’s.

    There is no fixing this, there is only collapse and rebuilding.

  47. As the leftist career women and their uptalking soyboy allies welcome massive numbers of Muslim immigrants, you would think they might wonder how this might affect their gynocratic agenda.

    • I think they view it as a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (without understanding that reference). Once bad white man is permanently put down, they plan to domesticate the Muslims. How that will work without white men to do the dirty work is a mystery.

        • Speaking of pit bull rescue, has it ever been the case that young women haven’t brought home the wayward, wild boy, with the idea of taming him and making him hers? A high school buddy, way back in the paleo era, larped as such a bad boy, and had more girlfriends than he knew what to do with.

          Perhaps there is even a biological element to it. That wild boy might be able to do a good job of protecting and providing in uncertain times, while the well-mannered “good” boy might be next to useless.

          • Perhaps due to the influence of romance novels where the virtuous maiden tames the wildboy “rake” with the understanding that he will become a model husband. Maybe, maybe not.

            The idea that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage is a modern idea. Historically, marriage was first and foremost a business arrangement and love, if it existed in the marriage, came after.

        • The African situation was a self-fail. I think it was Zman who had a great line about what advice he would give our founders: Pick you own damn cotton. But the current importation of low IQ tribal people who are hostile to their new country is solely for new Democrat voters and Chamber of Commerce cheap labor.

        • That’s because they “know a good one” and live far away from the urban jungle that the “good one” came from.

        • Like cats and goats, they quickly revert to wild status when they are on their own. Feral human beings.

      • They’re not planning anything Drake. I doubt there any kind of long term plan here, it’s hand to mouth.

    • The thing is, once the White men are finally destroyed and POC are permanently ascendant, even the bluest-haired and bitterest of 5th wave feminist wymyn will happily surrender to their hormonal urges and giddily submit to their new dusky overlords. There won’t even be a single missed beat: it’ll be from Bernie to burka in a heartbeat, they’ll all be dreamily pushing baby carriages stuffed with sh!tlings, waiting to get home so hubby can straighten them out with a few hard slaps. It’ll be heaven for them.

      It’s all good, they can groan under infinite patriarchal restraints, so long as the White men are gone.

      Whatever Shlomo wants, Shlomo gets…

  48. Practical matters aside, it’s also going to take willpower. Men and women holding their noses to be together. Everybody is damaged to a degree. We’ve all learned to expect gratification or even perfection, but in my experience it doesn’t work that way. There’s going to have to be a lot of forgiving. Hard work.

    This insanity may make us realize something has to change, but it won’t necessarily point the way.

  49. Hope you’re right, Z-man, but there’s a lot of ruin in a gynocracy. I think, however, that a tipping point will be reached where there are simply not enough competent men to keep the machines running and the lights on.

    • South Africa’s experience demonstrates just how few competent White Men it takes to keep a country functioning.

      I’m not optimistic that we are anywhere near that tipping point.

      • Meme, I’m perplexed as well. However, the amount of skill set needed to maintain a system is much less than that to develop, install, and expand a system. Even at maintenance, it would seem SA has some visible cracks developing. Cape Town and its water crisis is my current favorite.

      • You need a few to keep things running. But you need a massive engineering capacity somewhere else to dig the design/machine/upgrade all the parts. This idea that the machines will keep running is not sensible unless you want to envisage some perpetually jerry-rigged infrastructre going forwards.

        Beyond a certain size large scale engineering is an ecosystem itself that 10 guys and know-how can’t reproduce without the appropriate IQ/skills manpower underneath them.

        • One of the pillars of Systemantics is that “Any Large System is Going to be Operating Most of the Time in Failure Mode”. You need the know how to keep it going while things are failing all around. Most importantly, you need to have a healthy ability to see the system as essentially the opposite of magic, which most folks are incapable of doing.

    • I agree. This is going to take a very long time. Like it or not, we’re laying the groundwork for something that we won’t see. As Z has noted, we’re planting trees that we know we’ll never sit under.

      But that’s what men do.

    • The level-11 hysteria of women-in-general nowadays is partly a cry for help. They know in their gut and heart that we’re already there.

      • They do indeed, and individually they can be guided to the light.

        But collectively? They have mechanisms that keep them in line, and women value conformity much more highly then men.

        Little things like #stayhome might roll off of our backs with zero notice, but when females see it everywhere it becomes gospel.

      • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women tell their boyfriends or husbands something to the effect of “Well, why didn’t you stop me. You know I go crazy sometimes.”

        Women expect men to reign them in at times. Be a man, step up and take control of the situation. Of course, women don’t acknowledge that they’ve created a society where men can lose everything if they do.

  50. Very anecdotal, but young girls (think high school) don’t seem too impressed by feminism. Don’t get me wrong, they still buy into girrrrl power and equality uber alles, but they don’t seem to buy into the careerism side of the argument. They also openly say that they want a family with many saying that they would like to stay home. The feminist stigma surrounding the stay at home mom is dying. Young women don’t buy it.

    Interestingly, the teenagers that I meet – despite their indoctrination – are more conservative in many ways that my Gen X group. They don’t drink as much. They don’t have sex as much or as early. They think about family more. Of course, I’m meeting kids who’s parents are almost always still married and who have been raised in pretty normal, upper-middle class homes. Many, but not most, go to church, but I suspect that those that don’t are picking up on the ways that church-going families behave.

    I’ll also say this. Young white men are very aware that are disliked. They are race conscious, as are a surprising number of young white women. They’re not idiots. They’ve been hit with anti-racism propaganda since birth, and by high school, they’re figuring out just exactly what that means: White people suck. They’re also figuring out that other groups are exempt.

    The gynocracy will crash not just against reality but race. So far, the gynocracy has mostly been a white woman gynocracy, but other groups will want into the fun. Women may be a majority of voters, but white women aren’t. And as the OJ Simpson case proved, minority women choose race over gender.

    • It seems to me that the HS age group would be receptive to Woke Agenda ridicule, since the Wokeness is in full force these days, to the point of being over the top and into the realm of parody. There’s a tendency with kids to rebel against the older generation and authority anyway and you would think they’ve had it with this nonsense surrounding them 24/7.

      • Exactly, and as Z has noted, the anti-whites won the war. They are in charge, despite they’re ceaseless harping about being victims. The young always rebel against authority. But now, you’re adding in race and gender. Young whites, especially young white men, are facing an authority that openly despises them. It’s not just ridicule that works, but ridicule and truth. Young whites are lied to from birth about everything, and they can sense it. Telling them even small truths is like a drink of water in a desert.

        • My high school boys got a big dose of reality via the bussing of vibrancy from the inner city into our nice suburban school. I consider myself to be a realist, but they are outright racist. These programs were supposed to make make everyone feel equal, but have had the opposite effect. I have to remind them to treat everyone as an individual first, but it’s okay to see truth.

          • DLS – If you really feel the need to remind them to treat everyone as an individual first, don’t merely tell them that noticing is ‘okay.’ Explain to them that the favor (treating people as individuals) will not be returned, and make sure they don’t ever expect their individual IKAGO to have their back.

          • DLS – I Know A Good One (various non-White unicorns who are held up as examples that HBD isn’t real). Too many believe that in extremis, the individual/character will over-ride the HBD/racial bedrock. With truly rare exceptions, it won’t.

          • DLS,

            I respectfully disagree. One of the hardest conclusions that I have reach is that in fact, we can’t treat everyone as an individual. This is what got us where we are now.

            Ironically, you can only treat the member of another tribe as an individual if you first acknowledge that you’re members of different tribes and where those tribal boundaries lie. Once those issues are settled, we can treat each other as individuals because we know that everyone will return to their own community/country in short order.

            A major dividing line in the Dissident Right is between those who understand why they must stop that nice black couple from moving into the neighborhood and those who don’t. I don’t hate that couple and might be even enjoy their company, but I’d fight touch and nail to stop them from moving into my town.

            The Israelis won’t let non-Jews – no matter how smart or nice – move to Israel and become citizens. Israel is their town and it’s going to stay that way.

    • Two things stand out to me right now about today’s kids vs. my cohorts (high school class of ’89). One is that they don’t care about driving. I got my permit the day of my 16th birthday and had my license 2 months later. A friend was telling me that his 17 year old son asked him to move his car out of the driveway so he could shoot hoops. The guy said, “here’s the keys, you can do it,” but the kid flat out refused to even move his dad’s car 50 feet. That would have been unfathomable behavior to me and my friends in 1987 but I hear stories like that all the time.

      As for drinking, we did it early and often. Before school, during lunch, sometimes in class, on weekends for sure. I vividly remember going to Mass one Sunday morning at the age of 15 and praying fervently to God that I would moderate myself if he would just alleviate my hangover a tad. My high school was state champs in baseball my junior year and our two star pitchers were both well-known lushes. I currently have a nephew who’s a junior in high school and another nephew teaching and coaching (track/CC) in the same school. From what I’ve observed, the drinking just doesn’t happen like it used to. It’s hard to do 12 oz. curls when you’ve got a phone in one hand and an X-box controller in the other.

      My point is that there is certainly a different wiring in today’s kids that probably presents an opportunity for un-pozzing. They’re more lost than indoctrinated.

      • I remember spending my high school days (1980s) trying to get laid. Teenage boys today are more into just hanging out with their male friends. I’m not sure if this a good development or not. I also don’t see much drinking, but I do see a bit of vaping and marijuana use. We used to smoke joints, but the stuff today used in “one hitters” is so much stronger.

        • The guys that vape look like they’re suckling on a dildo. Smoking actually looked cool

      • KGB. Now that I think of it, I never had a driving lesson from anyone. To get my permit, I had my uncle drive me to the DMV. After the permit was issued, we went back to the car and he got in the passenger seat. I guess I looked perplexed, so he tossed me the keys and said, “you drive home”. That was it. Gawd I miss those days. 😉

        • Automatic or Standard? Your uncle might have been in for a rocky time with the second?

      • I’ve noticed this and have done a lot of thinking about it. Fundamentally it seems to come down to independence vs dependence. A related fundamental could also be individual responsibility vs shared responsibility. Whatever it is, it’s not a good sign when a young person lacks ambition for independence.

    • A coworker was telling me about her young female relative and how she’d love to go the family route but her boyfriend and his friends (and really, every male that I know in her age cohort, including my own son) cannot put down the friggin’ video game controller long enough to even pick up the bathroom.

      • I thank God every day my kids never showed anything more than a passing interest in video games. To interested in sports and doing real stuff–building shit, pick up games, taught all of them (boys and girls) how to cook. The oldest one found out the last was a great way to get chicks in college.

        • Modern women are the *worst* at cooking. And it’s freaking easier to learn than ever.

    • Citizen,

      Wondering if in your community most of the families remained geographically stable as well? Not a lot of relocating?

      I’ve noticed that the kids who remain in the area where they grew up and remain in contact with the friends of their youth marry a lot younger and start having kids a lot younger. Once someone in their circle gets married they all want to settle down. Once some start having kids it turns into a baby derby. Having a stable community from one generation to the next does a lot in making sure people have an interest in family formation.

      • Ironically, the kids in the area do tend to stick in the area. I say ironically because I live in the DC area which is famous for being transient, but that reputation is more for the young people working on the Hill. For people who stick around the area and have families, their kids (second generation vampires if you will) tend to stay in the DC area.

        Even the kids who head off to colleges out of state usually come back to the DC area. In some ways, it makes sense. DC has a lot of jobs for highly educated kids. The area has money and permanent industries. Also, the District along with Bethesda, North Arlington and the general Old Town Alexandria area are some big time pretty people places of the country. Finally, there are a lot of young people around.

        What hurts their baby making ability is the cost of living, but families often help their kids with down payments. (Yes, DC area people suck the blood out of the country to give their children so they can start life with a good job and a house that no one moving from Kansas could afford. We’re evil without even knowing it.) A few years back I noticed a big-time trend to have three kids whereas Gen Xers tended to go with two.

        Z talks about it, but it’s hard to overestimate how oblivious whites in the DC area are about their situation. I mean, outside of some of the outer suburbs, we completely missed the housing bubble. (My house in Arlington never lost value in 2007 or 2008 and went up in value in 2009.) We also waltzed right through the last recession. It just wasn’t that big of a deal.

        And don’t get me started on the stunning number of kids of parents with either security clearance or who work for the intelligence agencies who also go to work for firms that require security clearance or for the intelligence agencies. It’s a family business these days.

  51. What I find fascinating is how Modern Woman quotes Harry Potter to make arguments based on emotion the same way evangelicals used to quote scripture.

    • Oh my lord the number of bugmen and millennial women that are Harry Potter people are nuts. I mean, it’s not a terrible children’s story and I’ll read it to my kids someday, but they really do take it biblically.

      • That is only slightly less scary than people who take the Bible literally. Or the Koran, or the …

      • The central themes: good versus evil, flawed heroes, character revealed by events, etc are timeless,

      • Somehow, taking the Bible literally never came about for me. Went to Catholic parochial schools all my life. Never remember any religious teaching which deemed to interpret the Bible literally. Indeed, I remember instruction in interpreting times, dates, events in a more figurative manner. Also, there was no estrangement between science and reason, and biblical interpretation. Evolution was never contradicted either. That was as early as the 60’s.

        • 401 AD. On the Literal Meaning of Genesis by St. Augustine. Nothing is as new as we think.

          “Reckless and incompetent expounders of Holy Scripture bring untold trouble and sorrow on their wiser brethren when they are caught in one of their mischievous false opinions and are taken to task by those who are not bound by the authority of our sacred books. For then, to defend their utterly foolish and obviously untrue statements, they will try to call upon Holy Scripture for proof and even recite from memory many passages which they think support their position, although they understand neither what they say nor the things about which they make assertion.”

          Some forms of Protestantism have done a lot of damage. Most are ancient heresies all dressed up again. Not saying the Catholics have all the answers.

  52. Got some more stuff from the medical department about how this virus is going to change things. Telemedicine.

    My expectation is that this will become a new normal to some degree. It fits the whole Amazon-Uber-Door Dash zeitgeist. My healthcare app is interactive and there’s a real person at the other end! Maybe this one will have a good bitside manner.

    Been doing it in our practice now for a couple of weeks, since it became legal to bill for it. Previously the encounter had to be recorded video (both ends) over HIPPA-compliant devices to be reimbursable. Now, it can be a cell phone call as related by one participant.

    As a professional and a man of his word, I’m glad they trust me in this way. As a student of human nature I’m imagining the necessary algorithms to spit out plausible, billable encounters by the ream.

    First thing the blue-pencils note is the quantum leap in reimbursement at 20 minutes. All of the patients I’ve ‘seen’ have taken at least that long, but what else do I have to do? It’s slow, molasses-slow at many practices, and I enjoy talking to patients anyway. Normally, against the clock, that’s a liability of sorts.

    It is kind of cool to invent workarounds in trying to make these encounters effective. Lots of people have an accurate blood pressure cuff at home. (A rich country can afford such things, a fact that should not be overlooked as we impoverish ourselves.) I had a patient who may be having a GI bleed but he shouldn’t go to the hospital unless it’s hemodynamically active at this point. He took and showed me his BP and pulse lying, sitting, standing. He passed this test. Others are pending. It feels nice to be clever.

    But this ain’t medicine. This is like trying to fully appreciate the David by looking at its shadow. This is the husk left after the patient encounter has been digitized and monetized.

    We hear all the time about the percentage of communication that is non-verbal. We know the qualitative difference between looking at a 2D photo and a 3D object. We have an innate desire to touch things to learn more about them. The doctor will see you now, through a glass darkly.

    Do not forget that another definition of ‘virtually’ is ‘almost but not quite’.

    Sir William Osler is credited with putting medicine formally and finally on a scientific base a little over a hundred years ago. In the late nineteenth century most anyone could set up a med school. He put an end to that and founded residency training. He also said, “He who studies medicine without books, sails an uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all.”

    Me and my virtual patients are sittin’ high and dry.

    • My wife and I have speculated what to do if we actually get sick from this thing. Would our family doctor actually prescribe the medicine that works against this virus over the phone? Refer us to a specialist swamped beyond all capacity, or tell us to show up at a hospital? If any except the first happened, he wouldn’t be our family doctor any longer.

      • Drake – The specific thing I’ve discussed about covid with my husband is that if I were to get so deathly ill as to require hospitalization, I would require a legally valid document refusing, under any circumstances, to be intubated. And, if ignored, he’d damned well better shoot me before the medical professionals get their hands on me.

        • I’ve gotten my own basic will & testament and powers of attorney stuff done, so I can opine… If those are your wishes, you should be able to have “no heroic measures” or whatever it is called, as well as customized wishes in your advance medical directive. Mine say basically no food no water but pain relief yes but only in terminal conditions. Which brings my next nosy question: Would you refuse intubation if you stood a reasonable chance to recover to a “normal” life? You should have the right, but it just seems like giving up too easily…

        • My suspicion is that if you refuse a ventilator the doctor will give you a “shot” to relief your suffering—gasping like a fish out of water—which will take care of such concerns very shortly. With all respect to our good doctor posting here, what else can a physician do at that stage?

          • Compsci – That’s precisely my point. Even in the best of circumstances, most who go on a ventilator do not come off well if at all. Perhaps Right Doctor can correct me, but I believe I’ve read many doctors themselves would refuse intubation. If I am that sick, ease my pain and let me go.

          • I would refuse it, but I am 66 and have at least one condition that will disable me in a few years (IBM). I have have a strong Christian faith and a loving wife. Kids and grandkids. I’ve done my part. The world is less and less a place I want to live in. I’ve seen lots of people die, talked to them as they did so. You’d be surprised how many don’t fight – but then again, something that can kill you can strip your will to live.

            Some people are getting off ventilators with this. If I were younger I’d go for it. You are generally sedated and most people don’t recall that it was a time of suffering.

            Okay, to the point of someone gasping for air who refuses intubation, those patients have always been euthanized. We didn’t call it that forty years ago, but we did it. We called it compassion.

      • The current advice is to minimize suspected covid cases’ exposure to the world at large. If you called our office with the right/wrong symptoms, we would advise you where and how to get tested, and to self-quarantine pending the results. The quarantine would then be extended if they are positive. (The medical system would only be invoked if you got into respiratory difficulty, which is when you or proxy call 911 or the hospital and let them know the deal.) As far as prescribing, OTC meds for the symptoms would be recommended. There’s no accepted/recommended treatments at present. Don’t confuse press conferences with medical evidence.

        • That’s an interesting medical conundrum. You obviously know of the hyped treatment recommendations of hydroxychloriquine and zinc, and the limited success rate of ventilation therapy. Would you not treat with such a medication for your patient?

          • I have not had the occasion to but I would, It seems to have very quickly become the standard of care in the media.

    • Anecdotal… Wife got sick last week. Still sick. Not corona. Two ‘telemedicine’ appointments resulting in several prescriptions, then finally they agreed to have her come into the office. One look in each ear and yep, very bad ear infections (tear ducts also infected). Had they started her on a course of antibiotics sooner she wouldn’t have been in so much pain the past 3 days, but they kept saying give the prednisone time to work (it probably made the bacterial infections worse, since it suppresses the immune system).

      Telemedicine might be an okay first-line for the hypochondirac patient. Not for someone actually sick.

      This corona panic has made people seeking help for *regular* illness much harder to get. It’s insane.

      • “Telemedicine might be an okay first-line for the hypochondirac patient.”

        perhaps should be written from the doctors point of view:

        “Telemedicine might be an okay first-line of defense against the hypochondirac patient.”

    • Doc;
      Virtual could well be the future for follow-ups. Just had a 6 month one and it worked very well. But then again I didn’t really need it (but who knows this in advance_?)

      Virtual obviously wouldn’t work well for an initial appointment with no records on hand. So maybe an 80:20 system could evolve with in-person visits interspersed with virtual follow-ups. OTOH, one could look at the white spots on anybody’s Little Timmy’s throat via a hi-res selfie and Rx the Amoxicillin over the phone, I suppose.

      BTW, in the unlikely case you didn’t know, it is now possible to get a reliable remote 6 lead/trace EKG in addition to remote BP readings. One of the EKG devices on offer below will go Bluetooth to an electronic BP monitor and upload that data along with the EKG. Add a Bluetooth reporting scale (the horror_!) and maybe you’re there.

      Could be a real business opportunity to gather most important, routine diagnostic data remotely. Trick would be to place *your own* (proprietary_?) instrument set in your (now) tied-in patients’ homes. One could theoretically configure a patient’s set based on the conditions being monitored. Viola, Concierge Medicine (at lower than current concierge rates_?) would now be possible for the middle class. Insurance Co’s hardest hit.

      Don’t know about Blood Panels though: Elisabeth Holmes Theranos scam blowing up would make raising Venture Capital for a legit technology pretty hard for now.

      • It’s perfect for follow ups with conditions that appear to have been diagnosed correctly because they are improving as expected. Those are cases where you really don’t examine the patient except to say you did.

        • True, but I’ve had prescriptions written via a phone call and consultation and description of the problem. I’m willing to chance it. Follow up later as the situation dictates. Why? Because I was in immediate need and sitting in an ER waiting room in agony was at the time suboptimal. Now of course, impossible or highly risky. 😉

    • Be prepared to compete with outsourcing and call center-type expert “AI” when telemedicine fully arrives. We’ll use our mobile phones to show Prahdeep the back of our throat, rashes and hematomas and enable him to listen to hearts and lungs. We’ll transmit our blood O2 levels, ekg, microassay results and personal observations, and the AI will code things and bill insurance. We’ll swallow a sensor capsule like the one sitting on my desk this very moment, it’s a pill cam, and our phones will monitor and report the walls of our gastrointestinal tract, perhaps sampling gastric juices and bile. Neurosurgery is a ways off though so that’s a specialty that should be safe for a time. Ditto for cosmetic surgery and obstetrics.

  53. If you want to end feminism then become a masculine man, take a wife, and raise your children with the beliefs you want them to have. Teach your sons to be men and fathers and teach your daughters to be wives and mothers.

    The problem is most guys don’t want to end feminism. Because ending it means taking responsibility. They want a mommy government and they want a mommy wife who they can fall back on should they stumble.

    They also have no idea how to be masculine. Instead they larp it. Guys now purchase a masculine looking identity with time in the gym and taking mma classes. They then crow about this masculine looking identity they have purchased, seeking the validation of others around them; a decidedly feminine trait.

    Plenty of men have decided we are done with the feminism we were raised with. Plenty of women want to be done with it as well. They just can’t be found by a man who grants validation rather than desires it.

    • > They want a mommy government and they want a mommy wife who they can fall back on should they stumble.

      The first error of any married man is to believe his wife gives a sh*t about his feelings.

      You are more alone in marriage than as a single man, since she will actively test you to try and get rid of the male network you used as emotional support if she disapproves of them.

      • oh god, another MGTOW whiner. no one made you marry a woman that doesn’t care about you. you fukked up and now somehow it’s all women who are bad. do you really not know how bad this kind of blubbering makes you look?!

        • Happily married actually with 3 kids.

          Once you appreciate women for who they are and not what you want them to be, it’s not that hard.

        • You’ve already managed to accrue three posts with overwhelming downvotes and I’m only a 1/3 of the way through reading all comments, I wonder how many more I’ll discover by the time I scroll all the way down?

          You aren’t clever or funny SmartBoy™. Your gamma is shining bright like a beacon for all to see. How about sh1tpost less and find something else to do besides spamming up the board with unfunny quips? Do you remember a few days ago the topic about the quality going down here? Mirror check.

      • Chet – You raise a key point. While typically people think of women and their gaggle of frenemies, I have always noticed most guys – normal guys – have a true male network. Friends from high school sports, friends from college classes, friends and coworkers from adult life. They tend to carry that network with them throughout life. I am much more a loner than most women and my husband and I are genuine friends too – but your average woman (to be avoided like the plague) will tell you her best friend is her mom.

        • It is a genetic thing

          Human beings have evolved to live in packs of about 40-50 people. The men may hate each other individually, but they have to co-operate—otherwise, they will be killed by prey, or starve to death or meet another similar calamity. Men are genetically wired to cooperate and form networks.

          A woman’s job is to have babies and all the other women in the pack are her competition… competition in getting impregnated and competition for the male’s attention/protection/food/taking care of the kid. Women are genetically wired to hate other women.

      • @Chet –

        Been married a long time, happily – a successful marriage in all ways to a smart, beautiful, and caring woman.

        She does not care at all about my feelings. If ever I shed a tear, there had better be a dead relative – and a close one, not like a cousin or some sissy ish like that. The worst thing a woman can be is unfaithful, the worst thing a man can be is weak – neither can be tolerated. That’s how it is.

    • That’s rather risky when you live in a country where any woman can call 911 and have her husband permanently removed from his home and asset-stripped by a court system that is 100.00% rigged against him.

      You need to make clear that if that happens, they’ll never find her body.

      And those women are lucky. Most slowly go insane under gynocracy because the only men unafraid to roger them are broke-ass vagabonds with prison tattoos.

    • Out here in the far reaches of Indian Territory, hard, manual work and skilled labor are a real and visible thing. Guys work here. They drive dirty trucks with expensive, custom-built beds on the back housing huge tool boxes, welders and cutting rigs and the like. Lunchtime on the Main Street of the small town I spend daylight hours in is marked by rows of these things angled into curbside parking. Saw nothing like this in the trendy and expanding Nevada urban area I left 18 months back.

      I also notice that these guys don’t sport the cultivated, Adonis-like physiques you see on striving young urban hipster males. They are often big, with thick bodies and burned skin. Or they are smaller, wiry and burned brown, and most are wearing torn and dirty work clothes. You see them on the weekends in the local diners (or you did before corona lockdown), wife and three kids in tow. Solid, measured and responsible men.

      Yep, there are marijuana dispensaries on every street corner in the downtown area of the small town and county seat closest to my home. And there are lots of houses falling in, in some of the neighborhoods of that town, and in the hamlets I pass through on my way to my daily activities. But at many of those worn out houses there are new pickups, and company trucks. Lots have American flags (yes, I know …) outside, and trailers carrying tractors, mowers and the like. But a good portion of these guys seem to work … hunt and fish, and take care of their families. Priorities, I guess.

      And one final observation …. there are lots of thin, not-ugly women here, hooked up with these beefy working dudes. Where I lived for a yr before in Virginia, in the more rural, working-class areas, both men and women tended toward fat. Working, generally, but overweight. Here, I see females who in my former AO would all be trading on their looks for lifestyle and material possessions — trophy life. Here, I’ve seen truly good looking girls happily tucked together with a working guy. …. and their kids ….??? Go figure.

      • Here also in the Indian Territory, my son, who in a different life would be getting a Ph.D. in English, is a welder and very happy with his choice. He loves coming home dirty and grimy and tired. He eschews all the trendy labels, “incel” “gamma whatever” and the like, and instead lives his life confident that there is a young woman who will come along who is not a brainwashed, temperamental, shrieking harpy. Reading Mises and Solzhenitsyn in the evenings, he continues his education on his own.

        I feels sorry for parents and their harried, worn-out kids who think getting into Harvard is the be-all end-all. So many of these young men would be much the better off if they spent their early twenties employed with some skill or trade, but instead they deliver sandwiches, hoping that the world is once more going to become hospitable to liberal arts majors.

        • This place has some real attractions, with a few real things that keep you on your toes. I know why the trendy hipsters don’t congregate out here, and why they gave it to the Indians back in the early 1800s …. before they discovered oil, that is. It’s still a rough land. Earth-hammering storms (and tornados), poisonous snakes in the yard, brown recluse spiders in the bed and on your clothes. I wasn’t prepared for that last one, coming from forty years in the high desert. This place grows hardy, reality-oriented men …. and women. With all that, it still feels to me the most like pre-1968 America. I’m glad for your son. Long ago I got the liberal arts degree, and spend over there decades in the military as a result. Fortunately, I had a background in trades … now, over 60, I’m in school learning another.

          • You sound like the type of guy we Oklahoma women like. Not afraid to get your hands dirty. Welcome home

    • Muh bootstraps, snowflakes. If you don’t like being de-platformed, make your own Internet.

      • Thank you! JFChrist that was Ultra Boomer Tier bootstrapping. I don’t totally disagree with the LARPing part but he acts like there is some inexhaustible supply of tradwifes around which is demonstrably false. Its turbo-b1tches, wine aunts, and harpies all the way down for the most part if you are near any major metro area.

        It is -clear- these are people who are not dating in the current cesspool that is Western Wahmen. Just man up and take that Divorce Rape on the chin little shaver!

        Just be masculine so she can ‘believe all women’ you when she has next day regret for jumping on your toxic masculinity the night before. I don’t blame -any- man with assets and something to lose for taking a hard pass today. It isn’t just a matter of being rejected you can literally be thrown in prison on nothing more than an accusation.

    • Living your convictions is hard, until it’s not. Once outside the modern narrative, clarity about their lies comes in waves, almost daily. My wife took a little longer for me to wake her up, but now she’s a traditionalist. Coming from a hardcore California .
      We watch a lot of Little House On the Prairie around here (3 homeschooled kids) and a recent episode was relevant to your post, and really struck me. Mrs. Ingles was going on a trip and conveyed confidence in Laura that she could hold down the fort, as a homemaker, while she was away. The confidence beaming from Laura’s face, at having that “homemaker” responsibility, was beautiful to see. I mentioned that to my wife, how proud I would be to see our daughter grow to be a great wife and mother. My wife agreed…that’s how I know we are on the right track.
      My wife and I regularly discuss growing our boys into great men (gauged by husbandry and fatherhood) but we wonder where will the solid wife options be? The same is true for our daughter as a future wife and mom. They will all be a “catch”…None of the girl power silliness around here.

      • Same here mosshammer. My wife now thanks me for taking over her life and setting her on a traditional course. She knows how lucky she is.

        She’s busy homeschooling our children while her old friends are slowly going insane. Same worry about finding good matches for the children as well.

        • Good to know, Daniel. The whole arranged marriage thing is looking pretty good to me!

  54. More specifically, gynocracy is the road to species extinction. And that is no trivial thing. Patriarchy has been part of our evolutionary model for hundreds of thousands of years, and it got us to the top of the species pyramid. In a few short generations, we have reversed that ancestral trend line and now males are degenerating into eunuchs. Islamists will fight to the death in order to preserve patriarchy, but the West is now actively killing off it’s alphas. We can’t wait on the sidelines forever. It’s man-up time.

    • The west started killing off our alphas in the First World War. Suffragettes had victories almost as the war ended.

      • The (((West))), fixed that for ya… but otherwise yes. WW one and WW 2 were meat grinder banker’s wars for anyone that is truly in the know. The truth has been hidden from us for a century because the victors write the history.

        • If one was so minded it would be quite straightforward to point to (((WW1))) as a mechanism to kill off many of Europe’s existing elite (many of the ruling class’ sons served at that time) and fill the positions with lots of recent emigres.

          and (((ww2))) to kill a large percentage of Europe’s young men to move to a more controlled env and bring in the teen/perpetual youth movement for the generation after. You effectively used the death from the war as a firebreak of the usual generational culture transmission giving you free reign to remake society using the tv.

          But that sounds as unlikely as global house arrest for 1 billion people for a flu virus.

          • There is a scene at the beginning of “Chariots of Fire” when they sit down to eat in one of the Oxford college dining rooms. On the walls are the memorial tablets with all the members of prior classes that were killed in the Great War–they were literally “shot out”. My club in the city has a similar memorial wall in the lobby. Huge number of names, but what is most striking is you recognize many of them as from the prominent society families of New York during the World Wars. Now we just send the “white trash” from where my family called home to fight and die.

          • Dukes, Earls, Barons and whatnot started out as military titles, given for valor in the field. The titles got passed on and diluted over time.

            Duke to Earl: my great-great-etc grandfather could whip your great-great-etc grandfather’s butt.

          • In medieval Europe, there were only two occupational choices for an upper class male: knight or clergyman. Kings led charges in battle. it’s fashionable for Americans to mock the British royal family, but Harry was in Afghanistan and Andrew in the Falklands. Both princes turned out to be disappointments, but that’s another story.

          • That’s why our National Guard was sent to the Mideast, over and over and over again, to exhaust them, wound them, or put them on Zoloft.

            A decimation campaign to prevent the last bastion of traditional male hierarchy from forming a next generation of leaders.

            Nat Guard is mostly married men who found a useful 2nd career ladder to support their families as a provider and learn some skillz.

            The weaponized (((gynocracy))) protected its own status quo. Our National Guard are meant to guard our nation’s borders, not the undefined borders of the Northwest Frontier.

          • PS- tristan, Goldman/Spengler brags about it in one of his Asia Times articles.

            “We found during the Civil War that the key to victory was to kill 1/3 of the fighting age males of two generations- first the fathers, then the sons, and then you shall have Peace.”

            Peak Peace, 2020, per twitter UK:
            “I live in a country where a young English girl can be butchered by an African immigrant and drones patrol dog walkers”

          • If by peace he meant slavery then yes he is correct.

            I really do wonder how long this has been going on. the further back I dig the more suspect it becomes.

  55. For those not familiar with early 80s British comedy. The two ronnies ran a series called the “worm that turned” as a documenting of a comic rebellion against a fascistic society of control.

    Interestingly it was a women dominated control fascism and men were forced to wear skirts and use female names, while women took over all the male roles and ended up running a police state. Well worth a watch.

    At the time it seemed outlandish, now not so much.

  56. “it is the beginning of the end of the gynocracy…”

    Oh God, please make it so.”

  57. “Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.”

    • Yeah if you want to know all about it, just read the OT. Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah, Jezebel, Isaiah, etc. But it’s a western thing, of course!

      When I think of western female villains I think of witches. Harpies not so much. Power players not subverters.

      • “Witch” is a useful epithet. Wahmen don’t like it. Being socially acceptable—partly because they think the concept exalts them—it still gets under their skin. Possibly because only one letter needs to be changed…and they REALLY don’t like that one.

      • Well said. The Femme Fatale is a trope. I think it was Helen Gurley Brown who said (MOL) “The power of our [sex] has toppled kings and lesser men.” Don’t under-estimate the power of the mysterious female. As Richard Pryor said, men fall out of one and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back inside. Jeez, you’d think they’d have installed a fence, a barricade with warning signs and flashing lights, around such a public nuisance: a hole so treacherous that men fall into and out of it!

  58. Another thing about this pandemic is the responses we are seeing. I’ve noticed that women are the ones around me who are most afraid and who are the most hysterical. You’re not supposed to notice this. But I did.

    • now put those very same women on the front lines of combat. they won’t be hysterical very long.

      • Most women in the military don’t want to serve in combat. There are a few ambitious women who see combat service as a faster way up the promotion ladder. How many of them fly helicopters (Rep. Mikie Sherrill in peacetime) or airplanes (Sen. Martha McSally in Afghanistan)?

        I suspect that the greatest support for women in combat comes from people who figure that they will never need to fight. Someone else’s daughter can go. Hiding behind a woman’s skirt, so to speak.

    • Epaminondas, my GF told me early on in the Great Panic that she was so thankful to have me in her life because she would otherwise likely be extremely anxious and upset over the wuhan.

      Its not to toot my horn, but to reinforce the multitude of ways in which a healthy pair-bonding provides stability and pro-social behaviors.

      She manages 300 people in an essential business, almost all women. The line of demarcation between calm and carry on and the “mental health leave” and other bubbling issues is clear. Single women just see the world differently and accordingly require an enormous resource allocation, even in the best of times.

      Before my GF met me these correlations and patterns went mostly unnoticed. But the virus has really revealed the constellation of dysfunction from feminism. Its like once you see Orion’s belt in the night sky.

      I am hoping the darkness of wuhan will reveal many such patterns and many more noticers will be born.

      • As I’ve said before, my wife “complements” me. Her strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths her weaknesses. In that lies the foundation of success and mutual respect. Don’t ask me how this came about and what’s the secret as I don’t know. I was a stupid youth with little more on my mind than a good time when we met. I married up, she down. And here we are.

        • Ditto. I’m an introvert, she’s an extrovert. She’s high EQ, I’m low. She thinks short term and is a “right now”, I’m more of a long termer. Also suffered from 14 generations of Anglo-Scot inbreeding–way too many high IQ depressive alcoholics. Her Nordic-Polack genes were a good diversification based on how the kids came out.

  59. It is our (male) biological mandate that is partly to blame for the current predicament in which we find ourselves. That, and a direct result of the creation of the gynocracy is that we now permit rules to be made for exceptions rather than generalities.

    • My feeling is always that the phrase “women and children” existed for good reason, and that if we are to fix this problem, the first thing to do is to take the blame for failing the “shit test,” because blaming the women gives them too much agency. I’ve even read some very beta comments from some nationalists/dissidents saying, “This girl deserved to get raped because she converted to Islam” or something like that. No, the girl was a dumb child who was misled by evil women and abused by inbred mono-brow-afflicted sand savages. I start from the premise that it’s our fault, or at least our responsibility and that women need defending, even and perhaps especially from themselves.

    • Shh! Was it really a defeat to let them be in charge? They still hardly notice they’re doing most of the house work! So zip the lip, if you’ve got a good thing going, keep quiet about it!

      Like in any war, not every macho man will be a hairy-chested pickup driving blue collar stud. Even the betas can participate doing our equivalent of fifth column actions, like um…. urinate in the sink and then just smile when she always compliments your consideration on leaving the seat tidy…

  60. From your pen to God’s ears. Our Thing has really been missing a trick here. As you’ve written before, the Poz is really just the weaponization of unattached females. Why, then, have we not weaponized unattached males? All those potential storm troopers (it’s a *metaphor*, NSA goons) just sitting in their Moms’ basements spanking it. Get them out there on the Internets, mocking the barren cat ladies. The Left only wins because their goon squad has more free time — you have a job, Trigglypuff doesn’t, so Trigglypuff can spend all the hours you’re working scheming to get you. We have so many young dudes with nothing to do. What are y’all waiting for? Get out there and **fight**.

    • “Why, then, have we not weaponized unattached males?” the word you are looking for is “incels”

    • There is little to no weapons grade material in much of Gen X and the Millenials.

      • Well, I’m not so sure. Over the last year or so I have been interacting with the young guys into the Fuentes/Casey/AmNat/Groyper stuff. I think there is plenty to work with, but what we lack is older guys ready to talk to these young guy as men and provide good examples. Too often, middle-aged guys talk to young guys like they are children. That never works. Or, they simply ignore them.

        We have not outlawed nature. Older guys need to do their part and nature will do the rest for the young guys coming into dissident politics. It’s why in real life activity is key. It’s also why our enemies work so hard to prevent us from gathering in real life and the virtual life.

        • This is the result of tearing down our civil institutions and just generally mucking up society. It used to be that there was a lot of contact between generational males and younger guys could learn from the older guys. This was particularly true in work, especially at male type jobs, so much of which are gone.

          • Good point. When I was a young guy, I worked construction in the summer. The older guys would bust the balls of the young guys, but they also taught the young guys how to be one of the men in the process. Your first week on the job site as a sixteen year old was a little intimidating. By the July you were just one of the guys. You had responsibilities and you knew how to do stuff that needed to be done. Your confidence grew as a result.

          • I can see that. I never worked construction, but there was a very similar dynamic in the military, particularly the infantry. Green privates, kids, really, who jumped into Panama and came back same rank but with a Combat Infantry Badge were one of the old guys around the barracks. It’s an extreme example, but I think the process of men having to “prove” one’s self to the collective whole has been lost.

          • I had a similar experience in the early 1990s. My boss used to smoke cigars in his office, and if he detected any hint of BS, he would yell “bullshit!” at you. But he was also a good, religious family man. You never got away with anything, but he was very fair. I learned a lot from that guy.

          • Worked summers doing insulation installation in new construction in S. Florida. Job super was an ex-airborne Vietnam vet. A ball buster. But if you were doing something wrong–he chew you out then show you the right way. And would jump in if we were getting behind the drywallers (who were paid by sq foot installed—so they moved fast). But learned to work my ass off and so long as you did, you were “ok for a college kid”

          • While loading trucks for UPS starting at midnight, I always took “ok for a college kid” to be the highest of compliments.

        • Good morning Zman,

          Older men ARE stepping up to teach the younger
          men — they’re teaching them by their life experiences
          that women as a gender are, emotion driven hags that
          CANNOT be trusted in anything they claim, or say and
          that ‘good little woman of yours’ WILL turn on you out
          of the blue to utterly destroy your life and all that you
          worked for because..the Christian ‘Social Gospel Movement’
          ran amuck to create the scourge of feminism…because….

          During the last year have you also spent any appreciable time to
          interact with men who have adopted and integrate the philosophy
          of Men Gowing Their Own Way – MGTOW? Many falsely assume
          that MGTOW is a mere opposite of feminism which is absolutely
          not true. Men who make the conscious decision ‘to walk away’ AREN’T trying to plead in public for a ‘fair and level playing field’
          in regards to the laws that dominate both the ‘Divorce Court’, let
          alone that torture house known as ‘Family Court’; the ‘Men’s Rights
          Activists’ – MRA’s tried that for years with NO appreciable positive results — in fact all that they got for their effort was to be officially labled a ‘Hate Group’ by both the SPLC and ADL.


          Because women currently ARE 56% of the electorate — THEY decide what goes or doesn’t go either politically or judicially in America. And the politicians irregardless of their ‘party’ absolutely
          do pander shamelessly to women as a voting block.

          How many men reading this current topic have been:

          ‘Divorce raped’ and lost 70% or more of their savings, property
          or home to their former spouse via divorce court because….vagina!

          Had their children used as a weapon against them by
          their former spouse and/or had custody given to the
          spouse by the ‘Family Court’ (even if she was a mentally
          ill, confirmed lying, cheating cunt on crack) because…vagina!

          Been forced to pay ”child extortion” for 18 years per child
          (depending on their age) even if it is proven that said
          children AREN’T his (that his spouse cheated behind his
          back and got pregnant from her secret ‘fuckbuddy’ – so
          she commits a second crime – fraud, on top of the primary
          one – adultry). Over 1/3rd of all children currently born
          ARE literal bastards – and the former husband IS on the
          hook wrongfully to pay for their upkeep.

          If the wife or girlfriend IS cheating on him, there’s the
          very real possibility of her contracting any number of
          STD’s from her ‘fuckbuddy’ and passing it on to her
          husband (and no, a majority of women DON’T get
          tested nor are they at all honest with their husbands
          about being positive for an STD). She plays around…
          rolls the dice…and now you and her have…HIV!!!

          Been falsely accused by the spouse or girlfriend of:
          ‘Domestic Abuse’
          or any other outright horseshit that rests in the debunked
          but still used ‘Duluth Model’, because….vagina!

          Had their character and standing in the community
          destroyed by the spouse or girlfriend’s false accusations
          resulting in the man loosing his job or career, because,…
          “believe ALL women”…vagina!

          Have a wife or girlfriend one day go ‘batshit violent psycho’
          on you and attack you with anything she can get her hands
          on with the intent of either maiming or killing you.

          Ask Travis Alexander how this worked out for him
          courtesy of his girlfriend, Jodi Arias.

          Here’s an excellent definition of MGTOW:

          M.G.T.O.W – Men Going Their Own Way is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.

          ˈsäv(ə)rən(t)ē/Noun. Meaning: Supreme power or authority. Autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, self-determination, freedom. Self-governing.

          Or we can look at it from an equally valid
          personal realization:

          Men have seriously looked at these and other real
          landmines that all potentially lurk in having any sort
          of ‘relationship’ with women, and more and more men
          are saying, “Thanks but NO thanks!, I’m not your punching
          bag, your emotional tampon, your walking ATM and not
          your ‘Knight in Shinning Armor’! I don’t need you to create
          my self-worth and I don’t need you to validate my existence!!
          I’m charting my OWN course in life and deciding what matters
          to me — and you’re NOT part of that anymore!!

          Here’s an excellent documentary created by Hammerhand
          The MGTOW Monk which showcases several men who’ve
          adopted the MGTOW philosophy to speak to you and other
          men who aren’t MGTOW (or at least not yet…800,000 divorces
          a year certainly is something to take note of..)

          Hammerhand’s The MGTOW Movie – 2019

          Allowing women the wholly un-earned privilege of voting
          a century ago along with their using that vote to both create
          the welfare state (and enlarge the size of government so as
          to increase said welfare state) to benefit them has proven
          itself a unmittigated disaster for America (universal suffrage
          itself is a failure).

          It should surprise no one that enough men have ‘learned
          the hard way’ and have decided “to go their own way”.
          They AREN’T coming back either — there is literally NO
          rational incentive for any of them to do so.

          The only rational solution is three-fold:

          1. Take women’s rights away (NO voting rights whatsoever).
          2. Stop empowering women (No education past high school
          and no job outside of the home!)
          3. End ALL welfare, both domestic and international.

          Done swiftly and properly, over 90% of America’s other
          social problems WILL end.

          Unfortunately it’s unlikely to be implemented as only 12%
          of men in America currently say that women have TOO
          many rights, while 88% either think women have just the
          right amount of rights or that women need MORE rights.

          This is the reality that we find ourselves currently in.
          And the ‘Gynocracy’ is going to be a very bitchy
          dragon to slay, but it must be slain if America is to
          have any future.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • I’ve read the actual number hovers around 15%. That’s for married and does not include out of wedlock.

            Oh, and I’m one of them. Confirmed by genetic test. Which was interesting given I should be able to tan but the swiss-german mennonite and scandi prevent it. At least I didn’t end up in a pail or medical incinerator like other GenX.

          • I’ve seen 1 in 12 as the average for those doing genetic testing finding out they are bastards. I was going to say that the vibrants would probably rate higher, but they aren’t pay out -of-pocket for genetic testing and they also marry less so the point is moot.

          • Excellent post, almost an infomercial! I’m on board with the “Don’t trust women” bandwagon. I was an incel before it was cool, have generally had bad experiences with women (my own personality could not be a factor, could it? Naaaw! 😀 ) But in any case I haven’t paid for a bad (or good) marriage and kids. Perhaps, already my late 50s, I will escape. And while my sex drive is not what it was in my younger days, being alone makes me proud to be able to take matters into my own hands :*)

      • From here now in America’s hinterlands, after thirty+ yrs in the military/govt complex and living and working at the verge of urban-rural America, and spending much time peering into the governing swamp– I can tell you that there is something going on out here with the 18-30 yr old males I now work with daily. They know something is wrong. They don’t really know what it is. Most have little to no historical or cultural knowledge. But they know it’s wrong, bad for them and threatens our future. They also know that my generation did the final damage, and that it’ll be up to them to fix it …. however that may fall out.

        • I am dubious that much of Gen X and the Millenials can be rehabilitated. As a Gen Xer, I was on the front-line of the PC battles and lost (took couple of D’s in college and graduate school for my efforts). My cohort was standing in the path of the glorious future.

          Late stage Millenials (Fuentes) and Gen Z are approaching the gynocracy from a different perspective. They are fighting a new war with 20 years of evidence supporting them.

          I’ll ponder the leadership concept . . .

          • Form a hunting club. You don’t actually have to hunt; just get out in the woods with some Dissident-curious guys and see what happens. A new wandervogel is the goal.

          • Or ice fishing. Big thing when I did a tour of duty in Detroit. Half the guys put their sheds out on Lake St. Claire across from Grosse Pointe Shores just to piss off the wealthy people. No one fished. Just drank and played cards.

          • I have one Gen Z who tells the teachers what they want to hear even though he knows it’s crap. My other Gen Z is constantly talking back and getting into arguments, even though it hurts his grades. I’m not sure which approach is better, but it matches their personalities, so I just support them both and let them be who they are.

          • Later in life the quiet one can help install the fighter without drawing attention to himself. They can mutually support. I’m sure they’ll figure this out eventually.

        • Muhammad thinking to himself…..Hmmm….maybe 1 out of 70 of these tender green shoots won’t lie on her back like a terrified flounder.

        • And booze! Even in this world, I get four wives and hashish. You can keep your wine and one wife. Screw this Christianity stuff. And they don’t even describe their Heaven! (Pretty sure there is no “official” definition.)

          • The Islamic “heaven”, in reality, was R&R camps where the hired raiders would get the rewards denied to civilians.
            Fight for Islam and you can go to Heaven.

            Rivers of wine, feasts of honeyed dates, and yes, those 28 smooth-faced boys.

            Most Koranic quotes are chopped off in the middle. Such as, “there is no compulsion in religion”… for your captured slaves. In “dawa”, soft war or gaslighting, the inconvenient details are left out.

            Islam is a rape machine for force-breeding soldiers. The 7 Pillars- charity, alms, hospitals, no infighting, etc- those were to support wounded soldiers or their families left behind.

      • Yes, but to do that, we need….Them 🙂 Unless, Sir, by “unite” you mean with our own kind?

    • Game is a form of weaponizing unattached males but the manosphere is damned by both sides of the sandwich and their respective adjacent dissenters as well. Some of the anti-Gamer tut-tutting I see on otherwise hardcore Right sites could be cross-posted at Jezebel.

    • Ok, so now for the practicals.

      How to reach them?
      Where to recruit?
      Got the tools?

      We’re talking hobby circles and trade skillz.
      If older guys can put out the call, younger men will naturally be drawn, and the hunting band can begin.

      But how? A template, a checklist, a business presentation? Support services?

  61. I hope that you are right Z man but gynocracy is like a drug to today’s young men. Being cared for inside the home by doting parents and single women while getting easy sex outside the home.
    Or lacking sex, free pornography.
    I am an older fart.
    But I remember watching Phil Donahue back in my younger days when they had feminists on back in the 70’s. I remember how blind I thought they all were and how it all would lead to disaster.
    We have not got to the disaster part yet.
    Maybe the Navy crew taking the side of the wimpy Captain of the USS Roosevelt is a sign the disaster is coming.
    The Chinese and Russian militaries are cold SOB’s. Our feminized culture may not hold up so good to them.

      • True, but my guess is not quite so much. The Chinese police dragging their citizens around by the hair is a sign. Also it appears that Putin is embracing traditional Russian Orthodox culture to some extent.
        The eastern bloc nations like Hungary certainly are not falling for our intersectional crap.
        At least not as much as we fall for it.

        • the chins have a *huge* problem with young men who are addicted to video games. there have even been a couple of dudes there who played themselves to death. and in russia just about every male is a raging alcoholic, with many dead before 60. they are paper tigers…

        • Good point. Based upon my very shaky understanding of history as expressed by Fukuyama “The Origins of Political Order”, we should expect more adherence to tradition (patriarchy, so far as I know) especially in the Chinese case. I don’t have any “data” for Russia, but surely closer to Asian traditions. China is not going to give up several thousand years of social cohesion based upon a powerful central authority, a Byzantine bureaucracy and very strong resistance to change and outside influence easily, any more than the indigenous of Africa could be easily lifted out of the Stone Age into the modern world. It is only the high-achieving but entirely too idealistic for his own good European that would imagine such things likely 😀

    • Submitted for you approval: for greater accuracy leave out the ‘maybe’ and ‘may’ in the last two sentences.

    • G Lordon;
      Re the Navy fiasco, as a long retired mid-senior non-navy CO, my take for what it’s worth (FWIW), is that you’re reversing the casualty. It really is the Captains fault, not that the crew are wusses (even if they are). He’s supposed to be the grown-up in charge, after all.

      IMHO (in my humble opinion) the entire fiasco was apparently kicked off and furthered by said removed Captain trying too hard to be the crew’s buddy instead of focusing on his ship’s mission. Had he not made the port call in Vietnam (where the virus was likely picked up), none of this likely would have happened. You have to believe that there was crew agitation behind this port call. I suspect that my 20 year-old self would have been in the thick of agitation had I been in the Navy.

      It was already known (or should have been) at the time that something really hinkey was afoot in the PRC that looked like a re-run of several other virus epidemics (SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, etc.) engendered there. Any port’s sailor amusements in Asia have Chinese involved. The annual Chinese New Year travels were in progress, so there was going to be a direct virus pipeline. The only thing dumber would have been to go to Kowloon or anywhere else in the PRC itself.

      He then compounded his folly by circulating a 4 page missive with no classification marks to 20+ addressees in unclassified channels laying out in so many words that his ship was NMC (not mission capable). That sure-to-become-public notice was why he should have been relieved of command.

      • he also had the virus himself — a little bit of a conflict of interest, no? Not exactly made of the same stuff as Captain Kosaku Ariga…

      • This is very close to the average reaction of sailors I know in Diego to this story. They’re much harder on the captain than landlubbers have been.

      • Al de la Nort,

        Do you know what the potential is for an American Officer who stands for his men?


        No matter what you remember, this is how it is now. No matter the justness of the cause.

        As far as NMC… 🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Oh boy; catch up – I think you need to research ROE.

        Something else you need to know, because we do; Modly is not only a coward, he’s a carpet-bagging Astan War Reconstruction war profiteer.

        Dear Acting Secretary Modly you see was a UH1N pilot who served as a Jr Officer and got out in…1990.

        Remember 1990; I do.
        If you had a skill in 1990 and got out, they wanted you to stay out.

  62. Ironically, I think I knew the gynocracy was doomed when I read that Hanna Rosin book crowing about the victory of women over men. It’s all anecdotal, very weak, and a parody that no one took seriously, even those the book was intended to flatter (Rosin is proof that there are some very, very stupid Jews). I always suspected the book was frankly an extended bedroom game (what the Germans call “Weibermacht”) between Rosin and her husband David Plotz, in which the public was made into unwitting voyeurs. She’s a dead-ringer for Rosa Luxemburg; alas, she probably won’t end her days floating in the Landwehr Canal, though she’s destined to be heaped on the pyre of her failed revolution with her other (((sisters))). I think people have had enough. I pray people have had enough.

  63. the thing is, why would someone support *any* of the online platforms?! they are all pozzed, or on the way. don’t support them in any way. but if you do use them, then don’t bitch when you are mistreated.

    • I thought of that a few years ago when I got Netflix. Naturally, practically every show was pozzed and trying to destroy traditional white culture. At first, I was upset, but then I laughed at myself for being so stupid. No shi$ these shows are awful. They’re made by people who hate me. They don’t hide that. It’d be the same if they were watching a show that I produced. Yet, I’m sending them money every month and giving them my eye balls.

      I told myself to grow a pair.

        • Exactly. Although I know it is part of their business model to pump their stock – my Netprix is watched by a small army that usually does not include me.

      • I have come to realize that if a man won’t give up his socials and pozzmedia, “I only use it because…”, expecting him to walk the lonely and hazardous road of the sovereign masculine is unrealistic.

        I have friends who are dang close to our side. But they insist on playing with the instawhore or tinders and will yarn on about some “show” on the flix.

        These are guys that have tunneled out of the barracks in the stalag only to come up six feet (heh) short of the wire.

        I am tired of busting their chops on this matter. Been doing it for well over a decade. So all I can do now is hope they figure out how to climb that last fence.

  64. I hope your prediction is correct, this feminine rule or supremacy has to end. As an old guy i find many young men hard to relate to and feel uncomfortable to be around. Working class guys with skills not so much.

    What an abomination of nature to see female rule and control everywhere. From Scandinavia, New Zealand, Canada and just less so in the rest of the West. Hopefully something good comes out of the current crisis to finally start to remedy this. It’s INSANE!

    • You know that the difference is? Most of those working class guys with skills had fathers around (hence where the skills were acquired).

      • Meme, I am sure thats part of it. But I think a lot of it has to do with actual work.

        Labor is good for the soul. We are meant to work, to produce, build, create. Men who toil in the physical space are grounded in reality, subject to the natural order of things, be it gravity and the necessity of accurate angles, or simply the deep satisfaction of visible and tangible results of their efforts.

        Men need a sense of purpose. Physical-based labor is the straightest line.

        Conversely, in the modern gynocracy, the bugmen are perpetually adrift in conflicting arcs of esoteric and fleeting purpose, with their progress marked by extrinsic status milestones established by the very women they are meant to lead.

        But yes, fathers are essential. Which is why the war on masculinity and fatherhood rages on.

        • In my other post here I talked about how I often wonder where all the men are when I see our local workplaces. I’ve often wondered if young men, seeing their ambitions frustrated again and again by the gynocracy will not eventually start turning to organized (or disorganized) crime. This may be inevitable in fact as more and more of the kind of things men enjoy become criminalized. There’s no HR bitch in the mafia at least.

          • You mean black and latino gangstas, displayin’ for their welfare mamacitas?
            The “kids” from broken homes?

            White “gangs” are surveilled ruthlessly.
            Mostly gun range clubbos they call “militias”.
            I’ve read the SPLC magazine profiling them, by name and address, handed out for free to every police org in the nation.

            Black, latino, maybe a token or two- if affiliatin’ and slangin’ with rednecks.
            Muslims, with their dozens of l’il jihadi training camps for al-Shabab or Ju’umaat Islamiya, not a fookin’ word.

    • i don’t like being around most of the young guys these days (engineering background) because they are such flaming pussies. almost smacked one around at work for pulling SJW crap with me (“you are objectifying women”). he must have picked up on my mood because he scuttled away with noticeable haste.

      • Years ago I spent time coaching 8-12 year olds. The ones with the single mothers were a different bunch. Lazier, usually. Some of their mothers would show up and immediately begin ‘auditioning’ me to become the defacto new father. This was some 15 years ago.

        • I had a similar experience a year ago while coaching peewee football. You could tell which kids came from divorced families or had single mothers. Even if they were natural athletes, the rules of the game and fundamentals were not there. Even more challenging, a lot of the kids didn’t know the positions. Before this, I could not conceive of a 10 year-old that did not know what a wide receiver or running back was, or where they would line-up on a play.

          • Maybe it would’ve helped if you’d just asked the little darlings to identify as a wide receiver, QB, etc.

          • I am talking about more fundamental life things – and am someone who knows young lineman need to study the plays and the rules. I didn’t expect 8 years olds to know what a “take” was, let alone the take sign, how to keep one foot out of the batter’s box to get the sign from the 3rd base coach…

            My practices for baseball started with the boys running two laps around the field. So first time at this, single mother raised (thus far) malingerer quits. As I am exhorting the rest to ‘keep going’ and pick up the pace.

            Says he “can’t run, a fly bit me” (raises arm). I point to his mother, sitting in the stands … (she drove a high end vehicle despite no means of that income BTW)…

            Coach: …”is that your mother?”

            Kid: “Yes.”

            Coach: Good. Leave the field and go sit with her for the rest of the practice.”

            He glumly walks off. Next practice the kid ran the damn laps. The mother did not give me any shit about this, so that was a plus.

          • I never played football, other than fun pickup games. but i did play baseball. when i was in 6th grade i took my mitt to school every damn day. every recess and lunch was pop-up 500 and just throwing the ball back and forth. you don’t see anything like that now, at least in my part of utopia. now they have that useless t-ball, the perfect metaphor for today’s nutless wonders. man i wanted to play Pony League so baaaaaddddd — ’cause they had real unis, not just T’s and caps 😛

          • Bring to mind a comment made by Michael Savage in 2008 regarding autism: “I’ll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot.'”

            Savage was wrong abut autism, but he was right that fathers tend to be more forceful with their kids than mothers. Normal men, anyway. Maybe not liberals.

        • We had a lot of that in the Boy Scouts. Single mothers dumping their sons off to have some semblance of male influence. We handled the task as best we could. I hope it had some positive effect.

          • Kids are more involved in afterschool activities today than 40 years ago. Even in intact families, more often than not, no one is home when school lets out, so the kids are packed off to afterschool activities and the coaches and instructors act as surrogate parents.

          • One thing I remember years ago as an undergrad student was in a psychology class learning the concept of de facto surrogate fathers. Boys without fathers will reach out unconsciously to any man they can form a relationship with. Since learning that concept, I’ve noticed such a few times in real life and in readings of lives of some of our notables today. Never happened to me, but it may fall upon you someday.

    • Especially true here in the frozen tundra we call Canada. Our self-professed feminist and esteemed Prime Minister, with the great hair and now a beard, Justin Trudeau is a prime example. His father, Pierre, who basically ruined this country, hooked up with his crack-wh%$e, feminist mother who’s past-time was riding the c#@k carousel. After the father died, he was basically raised by his mom which explains why Canada falls more and more into the shitter. I bet this guy has never picked up a wrench before and has never had any dirt under his nails. Women love him here though, as do most soyboys. He’s a Gen X’er as am I and I think we’ve done more to harm the West than anybody else.

      • No, your Greatest Generation predecessors gave away the farm in the 1960s with the 1965 immigration act,the desertion of private property rights, and, never forget, the welfare state. Then Boomers embraced the siren song of free trade, put the Clintons in office, and let the media and schools begin the Long Brainwashing. Neither generation gave a damn about the Bill of Rights, or the evildoing of the Fed or Henry Kissinger, and here we are.

        • In Canada? I mean, I imagine there were similar acts and leaders, and a similar downward path, but different details, right?

  65. If you’ve ever worked in an office with an entirely female managerial staff, you’ve experienced a form of torture your grandfather never knew.

    • what, were you a towel boy in a tug shoppe or something? I am asking for a friend…

      • A Fortune 500 Corporation in a standard office setting….sadly, most of them are this way these days.

          • Government …. oh my!!! You should see the inside workings of the VA …. the “males” who marinate there (non-medical or maintenance) have all gone woke. Interestingly, black men I knew when working there could still maintain a level of masculine behavior, due to special status. The rest of the biologically male there were holed up in their esoteric, isolated and encapsulated realms — specialists who don’t threaten the female power structure. Same culture now in place in organizations like Bureau of Land Management, where a former colleague reported (before decamping for a more tolerable arena) the power girls were running the show, down to the most remote intermountain outpost.

          • And IT is full of Pajeet who will take credit for all your work and throw you under the bus as soon as he can so his cousin Raj can take your job.

          • Y2K-ish I worked briefly at an 8A tech firm, Chinese owned and many in IT. I guess they were good coders and (post Bell Curve) I concede they were smarter than me. But many of these were immigrants, and while you wouldn’t expect them to speak English well, as a sysadmin I did expect them to know some of the basics of the Unix operating system. But to be fair, neither was I a hot-shot C++ coder or whatever. In any event, I was not a good fit for this workaholic minnow in the tech world, so the incipient early retiree soon moved on to a less demanding job in an air conditioned office closer to home 🙂

      • Way to start off the conversation, Boomer-trope Karl. Odd that the self-appointed tone-police around here don’t consider this kind of gratuitious abuse something that “drives normal working men and women away from this site” or whinge about it being “vile.”

    • I had a summer job (aka paid, 40 hours a week) at a major insurance company’s HQ back in the 80’s. The only male in an all female department, no one told me my first day also happened to be a “dress down day.”

      So I show up and my new boss is a middle-aged, meh looking female in giant read trouble glasses and a “Plato’s Retreat” sweatshirt. All of the other people in the unit were old females, and one young African American female.

      Now since I was 19, “old” might have put these grandmas at, say 40.

      So they give me a desk, an IBM XT computer, and I am supposed to process these stacks of paper into the thing. As I prefer standing, I did so as I did this boring-ass job. Like a competitive sport. I banged out stacks, they brought me more.

      One day the assembled old women – minus the black one – gather around my desk. “You have to slow down and make the work last all day or they are going to give us more…”

      My 19-year old reply, “sure, riiiight.” I go back to doing it my way. Forget those old broads. So now boss lady, surely wise to the error of my ways, gives me a “special project.” At said insurance company – again, the corporate home office – there was a wall-length set of card catalogues. Like at a library. My new “assignment” was to “go through every card and make sure none are out of alphabetical order…” There were probably a couple of million cards.

      At that point, and since I had already met the guys on an upper floor, been playing pickup basketball, company softball, stickball, with them after work and eliminating cases of beer afterwards … I just spent the rest of the summer hanging out with these guys, away from my desk. Never did the “project”… another lick of work … and no one said a word.

      I, er, decided big corporation life … not for me. Very valuable experience. As the owner and founder of multiple businesses, everything in my realm is performance based.

      • In between high school and college I had a similar gig in the word processing department in a big accounting firm. Same group of middle aged hags but “supervised” by an old woman who was past retirement age and had been working there since 1955 (this was in 88). Same middle aged white women with a couple of older (token) black women. Same gibs mindset of spreading out the work as long as possible and a lot of complaining about “extra” stuff that had to be done quickly to ensure they were appreciated.
        Got a lot of reading done at that job. Shortly after I left the entire firm collapsed. Turns out they were helping a firm hide a lot of fraud.
        They had a black guy who would show up in the morning and have some coffee and say hello to everyone, then he would disappear for the rest of the day. Total flaming homosexual. But they loved to bring him out and parade him around for visiting clients. Why, I have no idea. He was literally a xerox machine operator.

        • Where I was is still a major insurance company with a recognized name. There were two guys that worked the mail room. One, a WW2 combat veteran, built a wall with cases of copy paper – between him and the flamer on the other side. And made it clear, said flamer “better not cross….”

          So I am new on the job and said flamer, a black guy with a lisp, and wearing a pink suit – cannot make that shit up, does the one arm in the elevator door, steps in seeing me in their alone. He proffers a business card with his personal name, address and phone # on it.

          Here is basically how it goes:

          J (his real name started with a “J”): Lisps out, “tho you’re in colletch, raht?”

          Me: Yup.

          J: Tho, colletch is espensive. I could take you to the mall and buy you close. Any close you want. You can come over, I can cook for you.

          Me: Nope. Elevator opens, I get out, flipping card back at flamer.

          We never talk again, although H (his real name started with a “H”) comes out with us guys to lunches and beer – great mountain of a guy.

          • Our flamer was the same way and would color match his outrageous suits down to the socks and shoes. He was absolutely shameless in his flamingness. There was a white guy who was a homosexual working in the same job as the black guy and he did everything he could to hide it. Because he had a work ethic, he basically had to do both of their jobs.

          • That story is hilarious. The WWII combat veteran made me think of my deceased dad. For his generation, the worse thing that a man could be was a “draft dodger” and the second was a “fag.” The Office Services flamer was a walking talking stereotype come to life. When obvious homosexuals first appeared on screen, they were portrayed as lisping, limp-wristed dandies. Nowadays, the narrative is that gay men are the same as straight men, except that their romantic proclivities extend to men. Your experience shows how stereotypes become stereotypes to begin with.

          • I lived in San Francisco during outbreak of AIDS. My wife had two gay-guy girl friends so I learned there were entire subsets of gays. Queens, GQ dudes, Rough Ride (biker wannabes), etc.

            That was way more info than I needed so I moved.

    • I’m living it! My boss is a woman. Her boss is a woman and her boss is a woman. Thankfully, her boss is a man and the CEO is a man. I work in broadcasting where I can bet dollars to donuts that there are more women now employed than men. However, the women are usually never in the technical roles. They are usually reporters, PAs, associate producers, producers, supervising producers, etc., therefore, they are determining the editorial content. Hence, we get what we pay for in the media today.

      • I used to work in television news and it was beginning to be skewed feminine back in the 1980s. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like now.

      • My wife and I both work for non-profits. There are no actual businesses in Portland except for weed shops and bars. The few that start here eventually move to less communist parts of the NW like Washington or Idaho. Thankfully I work away from the office in one of those roles the women don’t care for. Occasionally I have to drive into town and do something at the office. In both our office and my wife’s even I was actually a bit surprised and kept thinking “where the hell are all the men?”. I seriously wonder sometimes what jobs the white male part of the population here support themselves with. I’ve seen this at other offices around the area too. It’s always at least 2 to 1 female/male and in many places like where I and the wife work, it’s like 40 women and 2-3 nu-male/gay types. The pajeet men are of course all working the tech jobs that used to go to white guys. The Mexican guys have their leafblowers but what the hell do all those white guys still do?

    • Every Big Law office, ever. Senior partners who can’t find their keys without muh secretary – and the secretaries know it. Look at the membership of the American Association of Legal Administrators, or whatever they call that sewing-circle nowadays. And I’ll guarantee the tiny minority of men therein are Stonewall-tier ghey.

      It was an absolute hell until I found Heartiste (PBUH) and muh freedom.

      • Boomer senior partners deliberately installed bitter women and limpwrists as an impenetrable protective layer between themselves and ambitious GenX like me. Everything we did was cataloged by admin and support for later reporting and use by the seniors against us when it came to be promotion or cull time. I made the grade but couldn’t maintain my sanity living in KGB-like territory and founded my own firm together with other GenX. Nobody in our firm will follow you into the bathroom stalls to monitor your habits and also slide his foot underneath, tap away and whistle a solicitation.

        • Good for you going out on your own. As an attorney, I found it either cat food or caviar, but it is doable. The independence is exhilarating.

          • I have built 4 companies over the years, mentored others, mentoring one of my young adult children now in one.

            As a 4th generation entrepreneur, I sometimes wonder if it is nature or nurture. All different businesses, and maybe even more generations as the furthest documentation back is mid 1800’s, my great grandfather owned a dairy farm in a European country. His son came here, another stayed there.

          • There is something different about people who want to run their own shop. It’s not the risk or the competence. I suspect it is the loneliness. To be the boss is to be alone in your work. In a corporation, even the CEO has friends in the office. It can never work that way in small business. You have your social life outside the business.

          • Having an outside social life’s from law is a big plus – the fishbowl mentality a lot of guys get – or worse yet, lawyers in love who both socialize almost exclusively with other esquires – is smothering.

        • I worked as a outside man at a company where there was an office management foof that pulled this shit – kept records such as, “so and so arrived at 8:04 today instead of 8:00.” He was the liar’s liar – always accused others of “lying”. Although he was not my direct superior, I saw what he pulled on my buddies and also had to have some direct interactions with him – he was massively inept and I never ratted this fool out.

          So along comes a guy with special skills. Said management guy pulls this ‘documenting’ bullshit on wrong guy. Wrong guy taps his phone for others to listen in on calls to company HQ. Picks locks, back when personnel files were paper. Pilfers negs out – with guys enjoying sitting on Mr. VP’s desk, laughing it up. Sitting in wrong guy’s office listening in to management foof blather on with the HQ, hilarious. Tapping the phone back then was child’s play.

          Later, said management foof sued the company for “age discrimination” after new management promoted a younger, much more capable guy over him. I am still buddies with the guy promoted – the old guy is dead.

        • Heh. Chicago, i came along when the Boomers were starting to realize they will never have ‘senior partner’ workloads unless they kept a few of us around. And, ya know, they have to staff all the work coming in. Of course, Obama inflation means everyone jumps up and over every 12-24 months. What with the great culling of the Great Recession, keeping non-baby lawyers around is now the struggle. So rejoice, your old nemises are getting their own back, good and hard.

    • I managed to work for 38 years and never have a female boss or any female in my management chain except for a few summer jobs at hospitals as a high school and college student. I am truly blessed.

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