What Must Be Done

The Financial Times, the strange colored newspaper you see at airports, is not known for its skepticism of modern global economics. Therefore, it was a bit of a shock to see the mouthpiece of global finance come out in favor of a radical rethinking of the economic order. They argued that all options must be on the table in order to address the tattered relationship between the people and their governments. In their words, the social contract must be restored after the virus panic ends.

The alleged sentiments behind the editorial are not wrong. The primary duty of any government is the welfare of the people. It’s why we have government. Sure, we assign it functions like protecting private property and enforcing contracts, but that’s not the reason we invented government. Similarly, the state defends the privileges of the rich at the expense of everyone else. This has been true since the dawn of man, but again, this is not why human societies have governments.

The point of government is the general welfare of the people. That means defending against attacks from abroad and attacks from within. The former is straight forward, but the latter is where things get complicated. Defending against internal threats is about a set of laws and customs for the purpose of maintaining order. The character and nature of the people will determine these internal structures. Good order in the lands of the Mohammedan is different than good order in the Orient.

This is not a concern in a world of nations and nation states. In a world of global capital and the free flow of goods and people across borders, it is nearly impossible. The state cannot enforce the customs of its people when its people change with each generation, maybe with each decade. When economics requires the people to yield their ancient customs and liberties, the point of government is no longer the welfare of the people, but as middle-man, facilitating conformity to economic necessity.

This is where the globalist on the Financial Times editorial board fail in their analysis of the current crisis. The social contract, if there is one, is not built around a set of economic policies. It is not a set of rules imposed by the keepers of the economy in order to make transactions as efficient as possible. The social contract is the invisible bonds between the people. It is this dedication to the shared welfare that necessitates the creation of the state in order to maintain those bonds.

Those invisible bonds are not the creation of the state, but the result of the mating decisions of our ancestors. The social contract between Finns is just the conceptualization of their shared history and ancestry. It is unique to them. What makes a Finn and Finn is not where he stands on the map or how he does business. What makes him a Finn is he is the fruit of the Finnish family tree. To be Finn means the ability to one day make more Finns. That’s biology, not economics.

The social contract can only exist among a people with a shared ancestry. If the goal is to restore the social contract, the first step is not a new round of economic fads, but a restoration of the ancient bonds among people. The West must first become a collection of nations again. Only in a world of nations can the governments of those nations preserve and defend the social contract. Safeguarding the welfare of the people can only happen when there is a people, rather than just people.

This is the fundamental flaw of the current order. Cosmopolitan globalism rests on the false notion of homo economicus. This is the assumption that humans are rational, self-interested, and pursue their subjectively-defined ends optimally. More important, it assumes that people are defined internally, rather than by the untold number of invisible bonds and interactions with their society. Globalism assumes man lives in a particular society, because it benefits in some way to do so.

Not only is this false, but homo economicus is in direct contradiction with the concept of a social contract. Socrates could not flee Athens and avoid death, because to do so would mean he was no longer Socrates. Who he was as a person was defined by his membership in the polis called Athens. The social contract cannot exist in a world of atomized individuals. The social contract can only exist in a world where people are defined by their membership in a society of their people.

The editors of the Financial Times are not wrong in their observations. The great inequity in the West is a not only disruptive, it is fundamentally immoral. The strange blend of casual indifference and despotic intolerance by the state, the anarcho-tyranny, is intolerable and will lead to conflict. The heavy-handed abuse of power by the surveillance state will lead to conflict. These are not root causes, however. They are symptoms of an ideology at odds with human nature.

That is, of course, the radical idea that must be on the table along with crackpot ideas like universal basic income. The restoration of nations with governments dedicated to maintaining the welfare of their people. This means the end of mass immigration and the repatriation of as many foreigners as practical. It means the end of global institutions that supersede national sovereignty. It means the embrace of the great diversity of man and the value of good strong borders between people.

Of course, this revolution in thinking will not come voluntarily. This fact is made plain in that Financial Times editorial. The reason the great defenders of cosmopolitan globalism suddenly sound like Marxist undergrads is they want to preserve the current order at all cost. If it means embracing nutty ideas like universal income, that’s fine, just as long as the class of international pirates can ride the oceans of global capital. If that’s what it takes to keep homo economicus going, so be it.

It is another reminder that any reform effort that begins with economics is a fraud, intended to delay real change from being discussed. Tinkering about the mechanism of global capitalism is always an effort to maintain global capitalism. That gets to the heart of what must be done. The first step in restoring the social contract is to accept that the people at the top are irredeemable. The Cloud People hate the Dirt People. It is what defines them. Real reform comes when the Dirt People hate them back.

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  2. The point about the FT makes we wonder more generally about credibility. Who, for example, has unexpectedly proven to be more credible and who less credible? Are you finding that your reaction to those who are proving to be less credible has made you re-evaluate their pre-virus writings? I am.

    After reading disappointing thinking on the virus from people I thought I agreed with, I’m now wondering if they were wrong before and I just didn’t see it. Maybe not completely wrong, but rather latent character flaws subtlety influenced their thinking and now those flaws have come to the fore.

  3. You can see this the most in how we are reacting to this massive shutdown.

    The disruption to human relationships and community is seen as a non-thing. Technology is seen as an adequate substitute. The only arguments that gain momentum are the economic ones.

    We know suicide spikes during the holidays due to loneliness, but we can’t seem to apply that to this shut down… instead, it is economic despair.

    Which, yes, that is a part of it. There is some sense of humans being self-interested in economics, but it is hardly the only thing and not necessarily the most important thing that motivates us.

  4. Ok christcuck but the church destroyed European tribes and now is just the next stage. 🤷‍♀️

  5. One theme of Z post, and many of the comments, have been about how the Dirt People don’t realize the enemy is the Cloud People. Well, I’m not sure in what sense that is meant. So I’m not being contradictory. But I just want to say, I knew unions up close in the 70’s, 80’s, early 90’s. They were a scary force. They may have not known what to call them, but they knew about the Cloud People. The elites. The managerial class. Or put simply, who their bosses were. They had strength back then and fought back like honey badgers. Maybe they fought too hard. Got too greedy for what their jobs were actually worth. That’s a side point. Main point is, those guys were fearsome and knew their enemy. One of them tried to run me over with a forklift. Had a love-hate thing with them. We were the same color, but boy did we hate each other. I’d still take them over the pozzed creeps we’ve got for enemies now days.

  6. Let’s play a game. What’s the one word missing from that Financial Times article?

    • I like games. Donut? Guitar? Nitrogen? Jewboy? Gum? Baseball? I’ve no idea. Just throwin’ stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

  7. Whatever is corrected, something should be done about this:

    Corps says Marines won’t be allowed to wear N95 or surgical masks, even if they own them


    The US Department of Defense delivers one million surgical masks to be used by the IDF

  8. Short Financial Times: screw the old folks, here’s a dime please let globalism continue!!!

    Good luck with that.

  9. We have entered a time of utter absurdity where fiction is more real than fact:
    Oil is life. Oil is wealth. Directive of CVX/XOM to Globohomo. Send a third stage tranny to the God Emperor Bad Orange Man I. The Sisterhood cries for relief from the plague of the Chinese axolotl tanks, but the oil must flow. Send the Sardaukar to wipe out the Free-men if you must, but the oil must flow.

  10. The Cloud People cannot abide anything that impedes the free flow of money, people and goods…most especially money. China has always understood this and that is why they have played the Cloudies with their ‘international institutions’ talk, all while behaving in their own interests. Like good Marxists, they don’t need a moral justification for the accumulation of power and wealth. Power and wealth are their own rewards for a rising power. Only decadent powers require justification for their position.

  11. “The point of Government is the general welfare of the people”

    You seriously still believe that High School civics class BS?
    No, the point of Government is to GROW MORE POWERFUL, welfare of the people be damned. If you can’t see that after the events of the last month, I give up.

    • This is libertarian demonology. Our present Leviathan is no more an example of government-by-definition than the Son-of-Sam was for “New York man.” Corrupt implementation doesn’t invalidate the concept.

  12. James Corbett has been warning about the upcoming Global Rest for a few years since 2008.
    It will not be reset in our favor.

  13. Who knew today was World Health Day?

    Now we have some diddy bint, Doctor Ferehr or whatever, telling us about ‘disparate impact on the African-American community’ and a need for ‘taking action against racism with inclusion and equity in health programs’.

    White Girl Bleed A Lot.
    Please, gods, make Jameel be of service just this frickin’ once

    Update: with a hearty recommendation by (((KFI))) Los Angeles to watch ‘Parasite’-
    “amazing, dark, fantastic!”

    Haven’t had a shower in 9 days
    Outta coffee
    Forget this, where’s my straight razor

  14. If only we had a way to identify that “class of international pirates can ride the oceans of global capital,” then perhaps we could do something about them…

  15. I don’t know what to do. Bigwigs calling for indefinite continuation of shutdown despite falling death rates. What the hell is wrong with these people? I f I had the power I would sentence them to death.

    I have clinical depression and I am a past drug addict. I have a powerful urge to relapse and suicidal ideation. Before the sanctimony and hypervigilance of the left became prime directives, I had finally put my life in order. I had a job I loved. All gone. All gone now. Why must this go on? Why are they doing this to us? Why?

    • Stay strong Lawdog. You have done it before so you know you can do it all again. I say this to you as I repeat it to myself having lost what I thought was everything in ‘09, then again in ‘16, and now again staring into an abyss. Your anger is well placed. Just don’t let them take what is really yours. The rest can be replaced.

    • My brother, been there too, many times.
      Lost the office building, (my first), pulled another hundred grand off the credit cards and ran.

      Went from 3-piece suits, top floor, brass, glass, and marble, to sleeping in a mauled $150 car and pulling a 1000 lb scaffold thru 6 inches of birdsh*t in desert heat, Pinkertons on my azz.

      Jail a few times, but not prison.
      Still got both hands, while somebody out there is missing a foot.

      You are a Witness.
      A Roman citizen in the age of the Fall.
      Live, my brother, for someday books and legends shall be written about you.

      • Yes, I will live. Like you said, such struggles are not new to me, and I am even smarter now than I was back then. Thank you all for your support.

  16. Globalism is not really piracy. It is just government for the Cloud People by the Cloud People of the Cloud People. Dirt People need not apply.

    But I think you need to expand your Cloud People / Dirt People oppostion into a three layer theory like Curtis Yarvin’s Gentry, Commoners, and Clients. Or my Three Peoples theory.

    Because the key to the Cloud Peoples’ power is that they enlist the lower orders — below the Dirt People — into their political Shock Army. But who are the lower orders? Your theory doesn’t really let them into the equation.

    • Globalism pirates from the middle class, to profit the upper class and employ the lower class. At first, we in the middle class were either shamed into it, or were charitable enough to allow some of it, but it has gotten way out of hand.

  17. Another outstanding post. Now connect the dots. The elites cannot be persuaded to recognize the reality of biology, and they will not give up their power without a fight. And they command enormous forces and resources, and history teaches that detention camps and genocide are on the table if things get dicey for them. Trying to beat that with a mob mentality is a fools errand. The problem is relative small in numbers and the solution paradigm is similar to the best cancer remedies.

  18. I can’t recall which fellow it was here that made fun of Appalachian hillbillies because we are clannish and prefer liberty to making money. Perhaps it was Z himself. Can’t recall.

    There are people in the high hills of east TN, KY, western Carolina and so on that are far better off that I am. I had to come here to FL. to help family and can’t go back now.

    What is a nation? A nation is a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history.

    What is a State? “that organization in society which attempts to maintain a monopoly of the use of force and violence in a given territorial area; in particular, it is the only organization in society that obtains its revenue not by voluntary contribution or payment for services rendered but by coercion”

    The disappointing thing to me is that so many people on the far right think that without the State there is chaos. But having no “government” does not mean no governance. And some think that we need a huge empire “to be safe”. Give me a break. The great US empire has been trying to beat Afghanistan for 20 years and losing. The USSR before us. (they do have some lovely mountains)

    Look my dissident friends, you must break the empire up or it will enslave you. There will be violence. The question is who will lose?

    • Our clannishness is a virtue that is easily turned to vice in Chimerica today. The Appalachian Scotch-Irish in particular are notorious for failing to take our own side, first against England and then against Lincoln. Warrior/honor-based cultures are sadly the easiest to (((subvert))) – ask the better among the feather-Indian tribes and modern Celts & Teutons.

      You’re singing a good rebel song re: the Empire. It’s not us. That’s not our flag anymore, to the extent it ever was.

      • I don’t know what comes next, but I know that the common man in the west is in deep trouble. The USA has been a police state for years, but now it is totally out of control. I just read you are not allowed to get a hair cut in Chicago, but the Mayor got one.

        Not allowed to get a hair cut or go to church on Easter Sunday?

        America? We are in deep doo.

    • Mark, statists make the mistake of conflating minarchy with anarchy. They feel the need to be controlled and thus project their own inadequacies upon society as a whole. Like Thoreau, I ascribe to the principle that

      “That government is best which governs least;”

      But then I have pretty much always been a “lower case L” libertarian. I believe in maximal liberty and since as Thoreau put it

      Government is at best but an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient.

      I believe that governments should be rigorously constrained. Those guys sweating buckets in that hall in Philadelphia in 1787 would seem to be of similar minds since they strove to limit government. Article 1, Section 8 (along with the 9th and 10th amendments) put pretty severe limitations upon what the federal government could do; at least until some shyster decided that the first clause – unlike ALL the others – included TWO powers; namely 1) the power “To lay and collect Taxes” and the power to “provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States”. That “provide for the general welfare” power is so open ended that, in effect, it gave Congress carte blanche – at least to anyone who believes that clause 1 granted two distinct powers as opposed to merely offering the rationale for taxes. And, yeah, I’m probably hopelessly out of date with my beliefs but I’m comfortable with that.

      • I find myself is substantial agreement with all you wrote. In the early days of the USA it is said that a man was effected far more by his local mayor or county chairman than his governor. And the central government barely effected him at all.

        Trouble is, the damn beast grows and grows — and moves ever leftward. I despair that we will ever chain the beast sufficiently.

  19. “The Cloud People hate the Dirt People. It is what defines them. Real reform comes when the Dirt People hate them back.”

    But what must be done involves more than that. Oppressors aren’t bothered by being hated; they don’t care. They don’t have to.

    It’s understandable that the deplorables want to snap the necks of the corporate and political elite. But history and the present day are chock full of regimes in which the dictator classes are loathed and nothing comes of it except more of the same.

    Hatred plus strategy for practicable and sensible goals will turn the beat around better than creating more Persons of Choler.

    This blog is almost unique in its ingredients — Z-man’s shrewd analyses and commenters’ search for policies that can work, as opposed to the griping that saturates most rightist sites.

    • Oppressors aren’t bothered by being hated; they don’t care. They don’t have to.

      At least they don’t have to care until the dirt people who tend their gardens and clean their mansions and watch their offspring and prepare their meals decide to rise up in revolt. Unfortunately for the cloud people, that’s about the time lamp posts start being occupied. We just may be entering the time of the 4th box.

  20. The primary duty of any government is the welfare of the people.

    Sorry ZMan but I could NOT disagree more. Perhaps that is what you believe the purpose of government to be but, like Jefferson (and others), I believe that the only legitimate purpose of government is to safeguard the rights of the governed. I do not trust politicians and/or bureaucrats with my welfare. To do so would be to willingly subscribe to the sort of tyranny C.S. Lewis describes as being the “most oppressive”.

    “Of all the tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under the omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    If we allow anyone in government to act on behalf of our own welfare, we invite the worst sort of tyranny. Like Jefferson

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.

    Jefferson did, at least to some degree, share your sentiment regarding the welfare of the people.

    The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.

    But I am convinced that it he saw safeguarding liberty to be the primary path to caring about human life and happiness. Above all, I believe that maximal happiness and welfare are ONLY possible in an environment of maximal liberty. And I believe that Jefferson’s definition of liberty is as good as has ever been put forth.

    Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

    Absent maximal liberty there can be no happiness nor can people truly be said to fare well.

    I expect to be thoroughly excoriated by the legion of craven nitwits who feel constrained to chastise anyone who would disagree with the ZMan. ZMan is a big boy and, I believe, entirely competent to answer critics if he chooses to do so. I suspect we agree more than we do not but in any case it will not stop me from reading the ZMan’s blog. Even if I disagree with him, he always heaps my plate with a generous helping of food for thought. Now, little minds, excoriate away.

    • “the only legitimate purpose of government is to safeguard the rights of the governed”

      Almost no one on the planet agrees with you. Good luck with that. This is a tribal world. Adapt or die.

      • Tribal government has more in common with that definition of government than anybody.

      • Almost no one on the planet agrees with you.

        If true, then more’s the pity. I see no conflict between a tribal world and government securing the rights of the tribe. Ultimately the dichotomy is not “us” vs “them” (tribe vs not-tribe) but “me” vs “not-me”. The secret is in expanding your definition of “me” to include specific others – spouse, offspring, parents, siblings, clan, tribe, etc. It is what allows a soldier to throw himself upon a grenade to save his comrades. It is what allows a parent to sacrifice themselves for their children. It’s called, in some circles, “love”.

        I have no problem being nice to anyone but if it comes down to a choice then “me” (or extended “me”) or “not-me” then “me” wins hands down. I don’t give a tinker’s dam if you think government’s purpose is to ensure your happiness and welfare. Like Jefferson, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.” Having maximal liberty allows me to “pursue happiness” as I define “happiness”, not as some never-to-be-sufficiently-accursed government functionary defines it.

        • “I see no conflict between a tribal world and government securing the rights of the tribe.”

          Now yer talkin’.
          Keep going, my brutha, til FUBU.
          ‘For Us, By Us’.

      • >>>“the only legitimate purpose of government is to safeguard the rights of the governed”<<<

        A beautiful statement, steeped in the finest tradition of English Common Law.

        Tradition is downstream of culture, which is downstream of race.

      • Perhaps a bit of reading is in order here, specifically State Constitutions. From the current Constitution of the State of Arizona:

        “ 2. Political power; purpose of government
        Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

        Sure sounds like Bill’s assertion made above. If no one believes such now, then folks at some time believed that. In addition, the Arizona State Constitution was written and approved by Congress *before* the Statehood act was passed, so a lot of people at one time believe such—indeed, the entire country.

    • I agree with you, sir. Anyone that relies on government is a fool.

      And I feel no need to suck up to you, nor Z person, to be on point about a position. I listened for the first time to his podcast- IMO he speaks too fast and could slow down a bit*.

      * I have a lot of public speaking experience – not podcast/radio/broadcaset experience.

      • Agree that Z often speaks too fast. Especially when his intensity rises. The usual sonorous flow turns to a rat-tat-tat staccato devoid of vowels.

        • Getting the pacing right is a real challenge in a solo act. I tinker with the speed after I record, but I tend to err on the too fast than too slow side.

          • Haha I apparently earned a downvote with that feedback. Tough shit, I am sure you appreciate it and can handle it. I have been doing a blog to my customers for years and have considered doing a podcast. Have the equipment, worked with a coach and got a lot of good critical feedback. Very valuable – and the nature of my customer base – let’s say they are not the ‘gentle’ type.

            For what it’s worth, I have been reading here for a couple of years – and have friends that do too – we often compare notes between ourselves about the latest here. There really is little on the internet worth reading.

          • HomerB, if the successful are comparing notes, I am greatly heartened.

            Pleased and surprised as well at all these MD’s jumping in. Hippocrates’ is the highest calling, in my book.

          • It’s kinda funny speeding your voice up by steps in VLC. It’s like you’re riding an 82-speed bicycle at 5x.

    • At the least government is a monopoly on violence granted by the governed so violence can be administered in a more just manner in defense of the governed. The western governments of today don’t even really meet that standard and thus do not look out for the welfare of their people.

    • You may not be interested in government, but it’s interested in you. All societies, even an-caps, are governed. The only question is who governs for what interests.

      Today’s libertarian view of government would horrify every Founder but possibly Thomas Paine, our American Jacobin.

      The vacuum government fails to occupy has been filled by multi-national corporations. I’d prefer corrupt tyrants at least nominally obligated to the public interest over “captains of industry” who’ve made virtues of profiteering, self-dealing and anti-social activism. Who has put more banksters to the wall, China or muh free world?

      As Line notes, the least populated quadrant of the social/fiscal vs. conservative/liberal graph is “social liberal fiscal conservative.”

      • Sad that ‘libertarianism’ used to mean Tenth Amendment, 1910 America- but now is used for Pirates Without Borders.

        That semantic switcheroo was deliberate, methinks.

  21. Not only is this false, but homo economicus is in direct contradiction with the concept of a social contract. Socrates could not flee Athens and avoid death, because to do so would mean he was no longer Socrates. Who he was as a person was defined by his membership in the polis called Athens. The social contract cannot exist in a world of atomized individuals. The social contract can only exist in a world where people are defined by their membership in a society of their people.

    If your primary duty is to your family, and the civilization you currently exist within is hostile to the prosperity, or perhaps even the continued existence of you and your family, then what do you really owe them, if anything? Suppose they’re your distant cousins: if they hate you and want you to suffer or die, then you have to act accordingly to preserve your primary goals.

    (Socrates had a lot of additional social/political/philosophical goals, but after Athens decides to kill him, I’d hold that he doesn’t owe Athens shit.)

    Sure, fleeing your homeland to a foreign country to live among strangers is certainly less desirable than living in a nation that will respects you, your ways, but that assumes its an option on offer. Sure, you may be less likely to find acceptance elsewhere. But just because the surrounding tribe happens to look like you is no guarantee that they’re going to be your friends. Even within close blood relations, there are horribly dysfunctional families where entire branches proceed recklessly with the prosperity of the whole.

    This is where the ethnostate thing, and alt-rightish collectivism in general, looks a little silly to me: Unless you’re going to dig for fine and transient distinctions, numerically, most of your oppressors are your fellow white people.

    • You can’t use outlier exceptions to disprove a sound general rule. History demonstrates that ethnic cohesion is preferred, stable and produces functional families. Babies recognize ethnic differences.

      If ethnic cohesion were so transient and tribal loyalties so fickle and undependable, why does it take such enormous propaganda, financial and coercive pressure to keep GoodWhites onside with anti-White globalism?

      The concerns you raise are only plausible or persuasive if you have a strong desire to “refute” ethno-nationalism in the first place. Judged on its record and merits, the case is clear.

      Numerically, 90% of black homicide is in-group, but yet they hate us. There’s more to this than mathematics.

    • We have two primary enemies: those who mostly control the media and the woke white people.

      I guess that most of the woke white people would not be a problem if they were not manipulated by the media, but I don’t know for sure. There may be a strain of crusading evangelical puritans who are irredeemable.

      If you have a set of interwoven problems, you have to choose the most effective order in which to attack them. I don’t think focusing on the woke whites first is the best choice.

      • There is a reason press and tv is almost always seized early in any country-wide take over.

    • “Most of your oppressors are your fellow white people”. Quite right. And such as with a distaff part of the extended family, one tries to save the ones that can be saved, and let go the unsalvagable. People, including white people, often follow the herd and search for free duck food laying out on the ground (the government is simply shoveling duck food out the door, wholesale now). We have a responsibility to get some of them to get their eyes off the ground and off the backside of the herd they are following.

  22. “If there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that it has injected a sense of togetherness into polarised societies.”

    I’ve heard of whistling past the graveyard, but this guy is humming a happy tune while shovelfulls of dirt are thumping on his coffin lid.

    Wait for the enraged finger-pointing when the consequences of breaking the economy show up. Globalism is finished.

      • Here, here. Wait until you see the aftermath response. Smooth talking liars will abound. They can talk the panties off a nun. Yeah, more people will be wakened to our side, but will they outnumber the folk who will be lulled back to sleep?

  23. Financial capital may be getting a shot in the arm but there’s no bailout for our social capital, moral capital or any other kinds of investments our rulers have long neglected.

    Pigs at the trough can’t see past their snouts but they get very upset when the slop runs low. Plummeting slop levels are producing reactions like the FT piece and Kissinger’s recent WSJ Talmudry, demonstrating how various factions among our porcine overlords are handling the quarantine of globalism.

    A modern-day Nietzsche would be right to say “Globalism is Dead” in the same sense that long-dead Fred meant for God in the Industrial Age. Its Cathedral still stands but the bloom is off the rose. Only rape-dance-tier fanatics still believe the hype.

    Kissinger has something to offer those who still prefer denial and deflection. The solution to the failure of globalism is more globalism. True globalism has not yet been achieved and we can and should become even more centralized, interconnected and bottle-necked.

    96-year-old Henry needs a thinner neck to choke than he did in his youth.

    The FT is bargaining. We’ll take care of everyone while we fix the train then we can resume the ride to Acheron. No leaving the station, proles.

    Wall Street’s jargon is revealingly wise to the Ways of the Trough. We could afford to let them be pigs, but they decided to be hogs. Hogs get slaughtered.

    I want ham for Easter.

  24. Uh huh.

    They’re not called Dirt People for nothing. Apparently most of us will endure anything. Grumbling and even hatred are meaningless feels.

    This isn’t America, its a giant Jonestown. The bitches mix the KoolAide, just like Jonestown. We drink it by staying home. Actions speak, words are silence.

    In my fantasy world I report to POTUS, ready to save the Republic.

    In the real world we all report to the Pirate Crew of Banksters, Begging for handouts.

    On the subject of Bitches; Islam is right.

    If you’ve never been to a Muslim House, the man is God.

    Lets add churches to the raze list.
    Enough. They’re sick, time to go.
    Always was a religion spread by women.

  25. Zman has quite properly tied the drive for general welfare to the awareness of volkishness. The proper question is always “What is good for my people?” We are beginning to see murmurings that the Wuflu disproportionately inflicts death on blacks. This is either a transparently crass aggitation for more gibmedats, to which the response should be “F**k off!” or it is a real fact, to which the response then would be “Die!” In other words, a win-win for promoting the general welfare.

    • Maus;
      There’s some (likely suppressed) reporting that there is indeed dispirit impact on Blacks. And there are logical, non-discriminatory likely answers (speculation below). I feel bad for the Blacks affected (really anybody affected) but pushing such claims is also likely to be useful in generating awareness in Normie of the inherent stupidity of our current Clown Show standard political discourse.

      Also, countering such claims can demonstrate why better rhetoric is needed vs. better logic in passing out the red pills. Viz:

      Rhetorical answer: “How can a virus tell_? What kind of BS scam is this_?”

      Likely logical answer: Blacks disproportionately live in crowded big cities, disproportionately ride mass transit (a guaranteed spreading venue), are disproportionately obese (a now-demonstrated risk factor via the diabetes and high blood pressure it can cause) and are observably disproportionately non-compliant with public health defensive measures. And there’s nothing anybody but Blacks can do about any of these factors. And BTW, UBI would fix none of these either.

  26. Intentional on your part or not, the title of today’s posting reminds me of Lenin’s “What is to Be Done?” and his call to vanguardism.

  27. If you want to know how the cloud system works and thinks, read the FT. A few weeks of reading the pink newspaper and you will come to hate-hate-hate the cloudies. Houses, careers, fashion, art, travel, and who had dinner with whom is pretty much their entire existence. All to establish a hierarchical pecking order amongst themselves. Spending a million or ten is par for the course, just enough of a big deal like the rest of us committing ourselves to buying a secondhand car would be. It is not that they even think of the rest of us much. We are just part of the landscaping, but the part that is on the wrong side of the tracks, so they need to keep us away from them. Send us some charity meals or secondhand handbags or something, now and again. But they certainly only live, work, attend, and travel to the places that are gated, and that the rest of us could not afford to go to, even if we wanted to. Now that they can hear the rumblings from behind their double-paned windows, they are all in for “doing something”. Yeah, right, throw those proles a bone or two, keep them busy and fighting over what we give them, whatever it takes to keep them out of our sight for a bit longer.

    The middle class always aspired to join the ranks of the clouds. The DC, Hollywood, and journalist crowds still do. For the rest of us, IMO, that aspiration is gone, and I think that is an element of things that frightens the clouds a bit, to the extent they can detect it.

      • Good question, because we are all guilty of distancing ourselves from others we culturally don’t get along with. The difference, to me, is that these cloudies really do have the world by the tail, but most of them have no interest in doing anything meaningful with it. Everything is financial, transactional, and buying power and influence amongst their peers, by spending money in the right places on the right things.

        Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Banksy royally milked that FT crowd, BTW, and likely knew it going in.

        • Heartbreakin’ innit?
          The decent don’t quite know what to with Fortuna’s favor, but those of ill intent bend all their heart and will towards ‘doing something’.

  28. Very insightful essay: Human diversity exists, it is based on biology, and that is not a bad thing (nor is recognizing it abhorrent). Acceptance of these facts leads to beneficial awareness (aka “noticing things”) and constructive policy decisions.

  29. Bernie just dropped out. He must have gotten another house.

    Cloud person pretending to be for the common man. And the beat goes on.

    • I wonder how many houses and private jet trips it will take before his supports actually face reality of his actual nature.

      Mind control via word spells are so wide spread I amazed we are not playing a spot-the manchurian candidate game every day.

      • Bernie is out, but technically staying in to collect more delegates (to be pledged to the not-Biden candidate to be named later). He is a Dem Party team player, wearing a radical mask and scooping up the extra gibs it gets him.

      • Tristan: “Mind control via word spells.” Good line. There are hundreds of such phrases for the language-thought connection. Orwell’s quotes are well known. But we can never have enough variations on the theme. There was a class in college called “Critical Thinking”. It was bogged down in logical abstractions. “Diagram the logical fallacy in the following argument.” People were bored. It was structured like an algebra class. The faculty should have scraped the class, and created a new one called, “How to Spot Bullshit.” Brought it down to a real-world level. Ditch the textbook and just have us read newspaper articles and watch the nightly news. Then discuss the bullshit tactics that were used on us.

        • I am convinced that for a humans there is an underlying symbolic/linguistic framework that words can be used to hack into and install a human rootkit that can be used to implant other behaviors onto (for want of a better analogy) via these word spells.

          The words do not even have to make sense completely in a conscious manner and it seems that the slightly self-contradictory nature of the 2 and 3 word phrases that Orwell alluded to and are so prevalent today (diversity is strength etc ) are the mechanism to achieve this for a substantial portion of the population.

          Its a bit like the experiments where you are shown the word green but the letters are printed in blue and asked to say the color. The self-contradiction of multiple processing units in the brain allows the ideas to enter without our mind screening them out.

          • Religious cults, ancient and modern, have always made use of this – “only through death can you be born anew”. In modern times the often counter-intuitive nature of scientific truths can be used to leverage this kind of stuff if it’s cloaked in pseudo-scientific terms. Light is a particle AND a wave so why can’t diversity (throwing together a bunch of people who can’t communicate and don’t like each other) be strength. What’s easily lost on the stupid is that there actually is evidence for the dual nature of electromagnetism. The seeming contradiction was not a strength of the idea but a weakness that only massive evidence could overcome. Propaganda outlets though can elide smoothly from “some (few) crazy notions turned out to be true” to “it’s crazy so it must be true”.

            Edited to add: Marvin Minsky has a theory of the human mind as a cluster of “modules” that developed over time as they were needed. They are not necessarily in harmony though and in fact competed for the “resource” of control over a person’s behavior. His book “Society of Mind” details this.

  30. Today the Governor of NJ closed all state and county parks and forests. No real reason, just felt like kicking the serfs. But this seems to be the step too far for some and finally people are starting to push back. I live near several state forests and have no intention of curtailing my hiking on days when the weather is nice.

    • Same here in SoCal. I was taken aback when I heard the news. You’d figure the government would want to give people an outlet to let off steam by hiking. If the govt’s concern is that large groups of hikers are still unsafe, then they could limit groups to 3 people. But no, with a swipe of the pen, hiking is illegal. There’s a rarely used mountain trail not far from me. I’m afraid to hike it because when I return they’ll probably have towed my car away.

  31. I think UBI is actually the/a solution to creating a stronger sense of unity, amongst the disparate parts of the American polity. Every year set aside a fixed amount (it can vary year to year, but it is fixed each year). Each citizen gets an equal share. Emphasis to the nigs and other gimmezens that the more people who qualify, the less each person gets. Watch public opinion reach 100% on limiting immigration and kicking out illegals.

    Think this is nonsense? Ask an American Indian how it works (“great as fukk!!”). Configure the entire government on every level to generate revenue for the fund.

    • The problem with UBI isn’t UBI, but that within a few years this group will get the UBI+ program and that group over there will get UBI++ (platinum welfare edition). Welfare programs are always tinkered with for electoral reality.

      • that’s why the funding is from governmental profits. The alaskan program has been going since the 70’s and hasn’t shown any problems.

        • Karl, the funding goes to very few, mostly hardy and industrious, mostly white people, that populate a state with fewer people than one good-sized city. I think that is the secret sauce on this one.

          • Agree. Steyn points out that small polities, 1 to 4 million or less, of Ice People with long time preference (Switzerland, Hong Kong) can do this, while Layabout’s example of dusky Papua New Guinea (or Tonga?) guano, E. Guiana oil, along with Trinidad (oil), Haiti (palm oil), and Jamaica (sugar, tobacco) roasting the goose.

        • We, the citizens, bought and paid for every brick, light bulb, and pipe in government-

          For every boot, bomb, and barrel in the military-

          If heritage Americans inherited voting shares in USA, Inc. at birth, that would sort the taxpayer-taxtaker, Cloud welfare, social safety net, and immigration problems right the f out.

          We should get the dividends and the compounded interest accrued, not the eight (((Families))) that own the “Federal Reserve”.

          • Lost in the notes somewhere, I remember a few-

            Kuhn Loeb – US
            Schiff- US
            Warburg – Germany
            Lazar – Paris
            Rothschild- UK
            Israel ben Moses – Israel (aka Palestine, Southern Syria Palastina til 1922)
            Amsterdam or Rotterdam?, not sure
            Geneva or Vienna?, not sure

            The New York banks sent Trotsky to fund and organize the Russian Revolution, Red Army, and Cheka; Wiemar bankers sent Lenin.

            The gulags were Christian slave camps paying back the banks’ war loans with mining and timber concessions. The Polish camps were coal refueling stations for Soviet rail.

            HSBC, HongKong Shanghai Bank Company, was created to handle opium money re David Sassoon’s shipments from the British Raj (Pakistan) to China, with Delano Roosevelt as captain of the clipper fleet. (1850s)

            Delano’s grandson, FDR, arranged with Chang kai Shek to protect his Chinese National Air Corps opium shipments with the Flying Tigers mercenary corps. Tokyo started to interdict those, so the Flying Tigers firebombed Edo in… 1938ish, I think.

        • There are no government profits. The government at the Fed level produces nothing, it only take through taxes—Alaska is the same except they are selling a resources, oil. That resource is finite and will stop, then there is nothing to distribute. Ditto for the USA. Yes, we might seek some assets to initially finance a UBI, but that would last for a very, very short time. Then what?

    • These ideas never work out in practice. One of my favorite real-world (?) cases is of some island nation that a valuable and even renewable resource: bird shit. It was marketable, I think, for fertilizer. Due to the country’s small population, if the income had been fairly administered it would have given each citizen a decent income comparable to rich countries. But as almost always happens in these stories, some combination of greed and idiocy ruined the whole things. Another similar story is Equatorial Guiana. Found oil wealth in 1990s. If per-capita, the citizens would be middle-class Europeans or Americans. But the country still remains almost as impoverished as its oil-less neighbors.
      Funny how that result seems to predominate in the real world. Even if we have a goose that lays a golden egg once in a while, we still want roast goose…

  32. The so-called Efficient Market Hypothesis and the “fully rational economic actor” (i.e. homo economicus) it hypothesizes have been so thoroughly debunked as to be laughable, and it has been so for decades now. Of course, because the class of irredeemable international globalist pirates at the top have a vested interest to the strongest extent possible in maintaining mass faithful worship of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, critiques are not permitted to gain traction, whether inside or outside of academia.

    This vested interest factor also explains why FT simply must have failed and must continue to fail in its analysis, no matter how astutely and correctly articulated its direct observations are. Put simply, the persons of species homo economicus who staff FT know which side their bread is buttered on. No doubt these people do quite well, or at least have so up until now, and no way they want the gravy train to end.

    In the end, the FT crew simply cannot fathom that they champion something (EMH) fundamentally at odds with human nature, already proven as well as being common sense that flesh and blood human beings are not “fully rational economic actor” units. Also, the same FT crew cannot possibly fathom that a well-functioning and healthy society must be populated by a people rather than atomized individuals. Decades of brainwashing are behind this, to provoke a bad! bad! bad! emotional reaction to even thinking such thoughts for one second. Thus, the FT crew, as well as all of their ilk throughout the world, are never going to go forward with an actual honest analysis of the observable facts, as thezman sketched above, and so never reach the inevitable conclusions implied by their observations.

  33. Z: “To be Finn means the ability to one day make more Finns. That’s biology, not economics.”

    The impasse that we always hit with manifestos like this one is that Z is talking about race and most white people feel terrible when they contemplate race as an actionable reality. We don’t want to judge someone for a quality that the person didn’t choose, like race.

    But we must.

      • I hope it falls apart before White suicide overtakes it. Once you break an animal it never revolts, no matter what the beatings.

    • Yes. We must tackle the race issue head on; in a nutshell, we must teach our people that being a racist is a good thing.

  34. Speaking of UBI and the like, have you heard our favorite Nazi larping trailer trash has switched to the dark side?


    In his scramble to stay relevant and have someone listen to him, Heimbach is now calling himself a former violent right wing extremists and wants to team up with team brown in an effort to get some gibs. PATHETIC.

    In a really ironic twist, he mentions gibs programs for better “access” to education. He completely forgot he actually has a 4 year degree and it didn’t help him. Sending a 100 IQ person to a building doesn’t really do much. Just as all of the alleged schooling black women receive does not raise their income and they remain the lowest earners. They don’t need education, they need work they are capable of doing.

    • I’m familiar with Heimbach, but I’ve never heard him speak. Has he always talked like a sweet fat gay man? He sounds like a female guest on The View in that video. “For meeee. Part of me was like…but ANOTHER part of me was like…”

      • Some commenters note that he published that video on April Fool’s day. If it’s a joke, then well-done fatty.

  35. While I agree that economics isn’t the heart of the issue, it is the catalyst for the issues. Most Americans are quite happy to see illegal aliens toiling in the shadows as long as it benefits them. They’re more than happy to see random brown person detail their new Silverado, bought on the 7 year installment plan. After this shit show is over, the economy is in ruins, and the repo man peels away with the Silverado, the same American will at some point have to find his way to a line for government cheese of some kind. It’s what he finds in that line that will animate him to action. The very brown person who detailed his car. “Why are YOU here? Are you even an American?” I’ve thought for a long time that many white Americans need their noses rubbed in the shit to care about what’s been going on. White cultures are transactional and American culture is the most transactional of them. They need to understand that they need much more when the hard times come.

    • They thought they were metaphorically ahead in line. The wake up call comes when they find themselves at the end of all the lines.

    • Also helps force other difficult questions like: “Should a foreigner, even an illegal, who otherwise earns an honest living, not be preferred in this new world, over a citizen who is useless, lazy, criminal, dangerous, etc.?” Or later in the game, when only one lamp post is available: Hector the hedge trimmer or the Liar in a three piece suit that helped get us into the mess in the first place. Interesting times, indeed.

  36. The status quo will be defended at all costs. They will try nibbling around the edges, but that is an effort to preserve the status quo, not change it. The people with the power and money are invested in it and get their money and power from it.
    UBI is just another form of the welfare state. But they want to make it universal because means testing it is just too complicated and expensive. Perhaps they also think it will prevent the expansion of the social-work state.

  37. Today’s essay, to me, is the exact place toward which this page has been working since inception. When something is known to be wrong, but not understood, or worse, misunderstood, one revolution only leads to the next. All change becomes futile. But finding human nature’s north star and keeping it in sight provides a compass.

  38. latest #s from my hospital…


    • Veteran Testing:
    o We received 4 COVID-19 test results today; 4 negative and 0 positive.
    Total tests sent: 175
    Positive: 6
    Negative: 166
    Pending: 3

    • 6 COVID-19 cases to date; 2 in inpatient/ED, 2 recovering at home, 2 deceased

    • Employee Testing:
    o We received 1 COVID-19 test results today; 1 negative and 0 positive.
    Total tests sent: 15*
    Positive: 0
    Negative: 15
    Pending: 0

  39. Spot on again Zman. Of course, any “reforms” devised by the same people who didn’t realize that transferring the means of production to China would mean that China would have the means of production is unlikely to produce the desired outcome anyway. In all likelihood “reform” will be imposed on us by “events” rather than by design, so I don’t suppose it matters much what the FT thinks.

  40. It’s really quite remarkable how much they hate us. I own parts of 5 different small businesses. Three are shut down completely and the other two are hurt. We bank with three different large banks–and we’re going for the stimulus money. One isn’t ready and the data didn’t work so, no money and then they are prioritizing to people who owe them money (have outstanding loans). The other supposedly ran out of money because of some government imposed cap based on past shitty behavior. So they are prioritizing the applications to less than 50 people businesses and non-profits–we have less than 50 but were turned down because non profits are ahead of us. The third big bank isn’t ready to accept applications. We’re 0 for 5 attempts. The stimulus bill is loaded to the gills with special consideration for minority and women owned businesses, American Indians and everyone except your local, tax paying, people employing white guy–who is forced to sit at the back of the bus (if they even let him on).

    • Yep, that is my experience too. I own multiple businesses that have 6 figure banking relationships with the following entitles that are not doing shit:

      TD Bank
      JP Morgan Chase
      Two other regional banks I will not name as Dox Dox Doxy nyet

      Excuses, stalling. Sure, fill out this and that. GO THERE and wait in line to fill out this and that. Provide all kinds of information. Then, stonewalling, stalling, “not taking part”, or denial.

      Other business owners I know – same boat. NO ONE IS GETTING ANY MONEY.

      Also, I still have not gotten my $12 dollars from Steve Munchkin.

      The sweat of my brow has created income in the millions for my local vendors over some three decades. Whatevers.

      Now I see from the “news” over the years that JP Morgan Chase is a criminal enterprise that pays their bribes to the tune of $tens of millions every year in “fines” to the government for this and that. Yet, Melissa Francis bleats on Fox Business how “glad she is that Jamie Dimon is back that the helm…”

      God help us.

      How about these charlatans, the predators that conned NORMIES into locking their own offspring into perpetual debt SERFDOM for an “education” worth less than a high school diploma was 100 years ago?

      While conning NORMIES into have two car payments at the same time.

      Used divide and conquer to separate white women from their men as a voting bloc, muh ‘feminism’ and ‘career’.

      And one bathroom per bedrooom or more.

      Maybe even a couple of wives, via divorce.

      THEY TOLD THE NORMIES to have “two to three months of living expenses in savings…”

      The fools. These NORMIES heard that as “two to three weeks” …. and kept “the economy” afloat by credit-fueled spending.

      Now millions will be debt/government slaves. Stupid motherfuckers and their sad children victims.

      • Yeah, to reply to my self – in terms of banks screwing us. Maybe they are putting their own debtors to the front of the line. I have a thing about not making easy lucre for the faux bank men getting the mani-pedis, and have not borrowed/taken all that great money they have tried to get me to take as credit lines, etc. – for years and years.

        Reminds me of a few decades back. Had formed my first company, went to “my bank” at the time, CITI Bank. Sitting at the desk of some female person, she thinks she is so sly, shifts eyes to screen, pulls up my then meager balances … quiet, “click….click”. Total tonal shift. I decided then and there I would never make another cent for that place. Pulled all funds and despite the fact that I know there is not one single person employed there since that gives one shit about by tiny pile of $$$ that would have gone through that shithole – I get some satisfaction knowing that my seven figures of throughput went to some other dishonest shitholers instead.

        As a credit card “deadbeat” – carry no balances – but have some dozen fee free cards – part of the SHTF plan could entail run them all up then hit the road, Joad.

      • It’s amazing how suddenly the country turned into India, with a bureaucratic raj connected to a banking cartel.

      • Friend of mine is the CEO of a company that provides clinic and hospital coverage in a big area of (rural) Colorado. They are hemorrhaging and hurting. He looked into it: none of the money is for them. I told him only those who were represented at the table get any of the money. He, his docs and his patients are white people. Nobody in DC represents them.

      • Yeah well. Nobody refused normie’s money for normie’s sake, or didn’t find a way to keep extending him credit. So whose fault, predator or prey? Or: who was shortsighted, the ignorant or the wise? Because from normie’s perspective, they get him coming and going, so why not enjoy himself, and if it brings the whole thing down with him, all the better. The guy with nothing to lose, etc.

        I get it. It’s a shark tank, and if you don’t do what everybody else is doing, you’ll go out of business, right? So who’s normie again? We’re all being played for fools. Welcome to the ranks.

    • Love the “non-profits” first. Everything that’s wrong with our country in a nutshell.

      • Its a weird Orwell-type description. they generate lots of profits, just for the managers and BOD.

      • Agree there’s too much abuse. I’d do away with ALL non-profits, indeed all tax favors of any type. Still not all non-profits are evil manipulators slopping at the public trough. My local Humane Society, to the best of my knowledge, is not a hotbed of money laundering nor lavish salaries for the well-connected 😀

    • Unless you think socialism is good (I admit, it’s hard to turn away that “free” money…) consider that in the current crisis, one unavoidable side effect of the latest bail-out is this: the government can’t possibly bail out everyone fairly or impartially. Even if there is no deliberate ranking or favoritism (and of course there probably always is some just due to how politics works), the inevitable limitations, incompleteness and incompetence of the rescues and loans will still result in a bad hangover. Not the economic ones but a further erosion in trust by the public. In an ideal (at least, free market) world, I argue, the correct number of bail-outs would be “zero.” Perhaps this minimal government that principally regulates the voluntary agreements of free men, rather than try and be a nanny to all, exists only in Ayn Rand novels. Socialism has been ever-growing in Europe and USA, over a century now. As a democracy grows ever more calcified and corrupt, it loses the sense of “greatest good for the greatest number” or similar relatively impartial set of ideals, instead those in power think about how best to help the agency that employs their daughter-in-law. Or perhaps how to steer some business to the buddy he knew in the frat at Yale. Personal relationships eventually supplant rule of law.
      John Q. Public expects Gubmint to “insure” and “lend a hand” and so forth. This is all wonderful in theory but in practice the politically favored will tend to receive the most benefits. This is just how politics works. Now, as the system grows with time….eventually comes a crisis that is so big that a large group of people are left out. Deliberately so or not at some point doesn’t matter…it is what the disgruntled believe that will drive their behavior…

      • There is one way to bail out everyone impartially – every Adult Citizen and each of their children gets a crazy check.

  41. Post-modern society rejects religion based on the supernatural. But humanity has never been able to dispense with a belief that is greater than oneself so currently worship is devoted to “Science”. During the AIDS “epidemic” the constant refrain of the gender-confused was that more funding be devoted to a search for a cure for AIDS, since maximum scientific effort was all that was needed to effect that result. This line of thinking continues to this day in climate “science”. In fact, the Montreal Protocol was so successful that it has spawned numerous similar movements, goaded by “scientific” figures standing behind microphones.

    Similar to the most apocalyptic religions, in the case of science worship, the heretic not only dooms himself to Hades, his heresy dooms everyone, even the adherents of traditional religion. Refusal to obey the tenets of the priests of science is a sin of tragic dimensions for humanity itself. Get back in the house and put on your mask.

    • All my tubes and wires
      And careful notes
      And antiquated notions
      But, it’s poetry in motion
      And when she turned her eyes to me
      As deep as any ocean
      As sweet as any harmony
      She’s blinding me with science
      She blinded me with science

      • About the same era from Foreigner:
        “Blinded by science, I’m on the run,
        I’m not an appliance, so don’t turn me on…”
        Thomas Dolby’s “Airhead” is a wonderful if somewhat misogynist wry outlook on man’s attempt to deal with the irrational…

  42. Let’s start with another four-decade halt to immigration, like that of 1924-65.

    • That’s putting a bandaid on a suppurating wound. Without mass repatriation, we’re still majority non-White within 5-10 years.

      • The punchline: a good start.

        Another punchline: well it made a difference to that one.

        The demos are what they are – for now. But things can change. One of those things is the idea of “who we are”. That is a front we must win back.

        The swagger of the invaders must find no purchase on our land. They must be viewed as invaders. Halting immigration is a psychological weapon for our side. It is as much about US as it is about the dusky hordes.

  43. The people who run the show still have gobs of money and they will blow whatever they must to make sure they are still holding the reins. What we will now get is a lot more mumbo jumbo about “Human Asset Management”, meaning buying off the unruliest parts of the mob to police those who pose a more long term threat to their power. They are going to glue their idea of a social contract together with more and more “debt issuance” until the cattle fall back into acceptable passive habits. It will be more screw-you-economics, an alliance between the paymasters and their army of migrants and lowlifes against the middle…until the middle (dirt people) can’t be squeezed anymore. The middle will continue to reach for that dropped bar of soap and will go from crisis to crisis at least for a while until a leader arises to give is focus and purpose.

  44. Verbal agreements, handshake agreements, contracts signed in ink, blood compacts. Everybody understands the differences in seriousness. So why are so many convinced ideas are as good as the real thing?

    From paper money, to porn, media, whatever. There’s something of a scam to efficiency. It’s virtual! Thanks Z, for the food for thought.

    • P, I think the big corrupting belief is scale. Like Dunbar’s number, there is limit to size and good correlating. Past that, bad shows up and must be masked or compensated for.

      • Absolutely. And scale gives good cover. At some point things get so big and complex ‘trust the experts’ doesn’t sound ridiculous.

        I was thinking along the lines of the tradeoffs you have to make for efficiency’s sake. It’s not that efficiency isn’t good up to a point. Take mass media. It gets information and culture to a wide audience, and that’s wonderful. On the other hand, it’s not very authentic. There’s a kind of false intimacy built into it that can’t be helped. It’s easy to not be mindful of that because we’re wired for a much smaller scale. There’s this huge thing you’re interacting with but it feels personal to you. So yeah the more efficient the less personal, and something about that strikes me as scammy, if that makes any sense.

  45. The global corporate elite wants unlimited growth, unlimited supply of low wage workers, and unlimited consumption. Regular, everyday folks and their families and communities and the land where they live and have affection for, the way they live, their local culture and folkways, aren’t even a consideration for the elites’ goals and policies.

  46. In China there are many ordinary people willing to fight the power, including police, as we have seen in Hong Kong and Hubei. If they are emboldened to do that there, where they can be actually disappeared (as opposed to kicked off Twitter), then where is the fighting spirit here in the US? I’m not asking for rebellion, but the government should be somewhat afraid of the citizenry. There is no such fear in the ruling class here. In fact the fear is so mild that they invent enemies such as The Base. The 2A spergs try to do resistance correctly, but they fold like Bernie Sanders when they realize what they must do to preserve their values. If there is any good to come out of this economic depression, it will be a resurgence of real populist revolt.

    • “where is the fighting spirit here in the US?”

      Paunchy, cubicle-dwellers letting their women raise their sons …. not exactly ready to man the barricades….

      • If our side wins an armed conflict, it is very likely the best rallying cry will be something like: “Forward rush dudes, just like in World of Warcraft”

      • It could be that debt is the cause here. So much of our lifestyle is built on debt, and to face bad credit/default/repo is most likely what keeps people in line. (Well, at least white people, who care about credit.) Remove the fear of losing stuff, and we may get our fighting spirit back. I imagine this is priority #1 for the ruling class…make sure people don’t start weighing the balance between working to pay off debt vs. concluding it’s not worthwhile to pay debts any more.

        • “It could be that debt is the cause here.”

          A-spot on #1. We’re just trying to keep the bloomin’ lights on for today.

  47. While I completely agree, I am very pessimistic about real change towards these ends in the US. We’ve already seen how 3+ years of MAGA has resulted in only superficial adjustments. And while it’s heartening to see some lefties become overnight nationalists, I think this is largely just a temporary fever that will pass. BigEducation, BigCorp and BigGov have way too much skin in the game to let their long-term plans go up in smoke. And JoeNormie is still afraid of being called a racist and will vow to clutch to his Prime account with cold, dead hands. All the same, the pandemic did drop $100 bill on the ground. Is anyone going to pick it up?

    • Big things take time. Gorbachev first three years were also great disappointment. Gorbachev came to power 1985 and only 6 and half years later shit hit the fan.
      US is ahead of USSR. We had not economic collapse and pandemic in 1988, 3 years after Gorbi inauguration. We had Chernobyl but this was very much irrelevant in everyday life.

      • The collapse of the Soviet Union is still my most optimistic model for how we win this fight. Stay alive, stay together and wait for Big Other to punch itself out or get leveled by events. Then we pillow it.

  48. As Z notes, the FT article never stops to ask who are the people. It speaks of the labor market, knowledge workers, support workers, older people and younger people, but never mentions the English people or the German people and what the social contract means to that race.

    TPTB are flailing because they can’t ask the simple, but needed questions: Who are we, and what social contract works for our tribe. Instead, they are administrators of empire trying to keep the various tribes under control.

    • One item that I sometimes see cited on the left is how “diverse” the old Ottoman Empire was and it’s level of “tolerance”–though personally think that is a narrow and biased reading. But one thing that stuck with me after reading a biography of Ataturk was that in the twilight years when he was a young Ottoman officer assigned to Levant–was that literally all of his time was spent trying to peel the various “diverse” components off each other. Nothing else. No progress. Just fighting entropy.

        • If true, may the Ottoman example be a model for the future America and (especially) Al-Europa! Whether the Saracens will be as accommodating to wealthy Hebrews, remains to be seen. And the white race won’t die; we’ll be the loyal servants to the ruling elite.

          • Is you look at history, most Islamic countries during this period had a wealthy and protected Jewish minority often in lots of the normal poitions of power. One could almost make a case for many of the ruling dynasties to be crypto-jews in one form or another. The idea that Islam and Judasim were enemies is a mostly modern invention (just in time for the balfour declaration) that does not bear much investigation.

            Jews had no real territorial presence in the middle east after the Romans pushed them all out, so why should such an animosity exist?

      • Late stage empires are almost always multicultural. It’s one of the factors that saps their strength as they head for collapse.,

      • Exactly, how much time, political energy and wealth are squandered on keeping the peace among the various tribes in this country. But, then, we’ve lost any other reason for our country to exist because it’s no longer a nation. We are late Roman Empire. There’s not much keeping us together outside of momentum and no one really knows (or wants) what would come next.

        It’s our job to show whites what that world could look like because it’s dramatically better than what they have now. They just can’t imagine it.

  49. The subject is too deep for a blog comment (or probably even a blog entry) but Carl Schmitt’s contrasting of thalassocratic (sea-based people) versus tellurocratic (land-based) by way of Halford Mackinder is really what it comes down to: People are either attached to a land or they’re attached to using the sea to take advantage of people and this has always been the way it is (I’m making a distinction between exploration and conquest via sea vs. mercantilism). Literal pirates, Corsairs and buboes traveled by ship under a king’s protection and now the Indian IT workers fly in under the flag of Facebook and the goods move under the banner of Bezos. This explains the insane hatred for Germany (mostly landlocked, though having forgotten its place and tried to secure some ocean Lebensraum) as well as the unhinged venom for the granddaddy of all tellurocracies, the Behemoth to our Leviathan, Russia. I have no great insight or strategy other than the obvious: those with an attachment to the land must expel those without it; the Vietcong were making shoes out of tire rubber and they beat the hell out of an empire that had just put a man on the Moon. This is doable.

    • There’s nothing inherently wrong with using the sea as a means to advance your people. I am thinking for example of the success of the Hanseatic League. The key is that you have to keep the colonials in their colonies. Don’t permit immigration. Hard stop. The real problem with the globohomo elite is that they don’t even demand that the wogs flooding in speak our language or ape our customs. All that is expected is an insatiable desire for low wage jobs and hyperconsumption: truly homo economicus. To stomach their disgusting presence, we must be told repeatedly that diversity is our strength and conditioned to never question this. If integration does occur, the vast majority of the mongrolized horde become urban bugmen dependent on the hive.

      • Maus, the sea is an enormous asset for Our Guys in a lot of ways – enormous and largely untameable in the sense of control of entry, exit and movement, particularly for small-scale groups, on top of being a food, water and resource store of its own. Whitey’s tech-savvy and creativity can make a lot of those advantages. I think a significant chunk of our communities could live well there.

    • Think about the word “trader” for a moment and what it says about loyalty. It has always defined the middle man that skims a lions share of the profit without adding anything terms of value. ie. cloud people. The trader buys low and sells high. He does not manufacture the goods that he sells, nor does he input any real value.

      He is a puppeteer that peddles mostly non-essential goods, often from far away places. He is perfectly epitomized by the ancient merchants that sailed to the Mediterranean with luxury goods such as silk, incense, spices and other useless trinkets. Many intelligent Romans of antiquity lamented that large quantity’s of silver, the wealth of Rome, were being inextricably lost to hostile foreigners.

      The trader has no loyalty to any country. He is a citizen of the world and when he wears out his welcome, he sets sail to the next unsuspecting port to continue his pillage. When the trader settles in one place for any length of time he always resides in the city. His behaviors are easily hidden in the chaotic and transience nature of city life. The Trader disperses close nit communities and the though of rural life. He despises any form of manual labor. He can not hid his nature in such a setting and is soon detected and ostracized as a grifter.

      • Great point, Ryan. Ayn Rand’s ennoblement of the Trader was one of her worst flaws. She had a handle on Producers vs. Looters but failed to recognize Traders as Team Looter. There’s always been a division between the sharp, shifty Attic Greek or Phoenician trader vs. the Roman or Lacadaemonian farmer soldier statesman. This continued through Byzantine & Medieval eras to today.

        I can hear Nick Taleb raging about my anti-Phoenicianism already, so here’s a bone for him. At least many merchants of yesteryear had skin in the game – sailing to strange often hostile lands, Marco Polo, etc (unlike the Jewish slave traders of the Age of Sail who preferred to stay high & dry while goyim did the “wet work” of fleshy commerce).

      • I disagree. You imply that the “trader” produces nothing. But that is one interpretation. Here’s another; The trader in essence puts both the producer and consumer together, without which no transaction, or commerce would occur. That is a value added and constitutes justification for his profit.

        If the producer and consumer feel they are getting the short end of the deal—say because of excessive trader profit, then both are free to avoid the trader and seek each other out, thereby cutting out the middleman.

        That the product a trader peddles is deemed superfluous, luxurious, useless, a bobble—how is that the trader’s fault? He merely peddles a good that someone will purchase, he never dictates what that good is. The consumer does that.

        If Rome wanted to limit its outflow of wealth (basically all originally stolen through conquest by themselves) then it could simply pass laws against sale and possession of such, or attempt to create local industries to provide such goods. An example of such laws were those passed by Augustus Caesar involving the use of slave labor on farms to the detriment of hiring Roman citizens. He was much loved for such by the people.

      • I get your anger at the grifting middleman who exploits arbitrage opportunities, but the trader who transports commodities does add value. Operating a long-haul or drayage business is perfectly honorable. Or perhaps you think, for example, that your meat and produce magically appear on the grocery store shelves. As an aside, incense and spices have practical purposes such as odor control and food preservation. They hardly deserve to be lumped in with “useless trinkets” (I’m looking at you, Happy Meal toys.) And they are luxury goods only in so far as they are scarce, costly to procure and were difficult to transport safely and quickly. Anytime you have to tie up capital in a long-term project with greater insecurity (risk), pricing will reflect that.

        • Maus and Compsci – Good points, both. There is a niche for a trader or middleman in the economy. I think that would be a worthwhile discussion and/or topic for Zman – what is the middle man’s proper role? What limits on his profit? How to ensure he has skin in the game and an allegiance to one particular homeland? The historical traders, in general, have not gotten to the current year with much of a reputation(Jews, Chinese, Lebanese, Armenians, etc.)

  50. It won’t take much to get the Dirt People hating the Cloud People if more of our rulers start talking like that WHO asshole who wants to forcibly remove children from their parents if they are deemed “at risk” of viral infections. Imagine where this could lead. Foolish bureaucrats may actually end up lighting the fuse.

    • There’s a “Telltale Heart” quality that’s always been curiously evident in our elite, like they enjoy walking up to the precipice and antagonizing the unwashed to see how close they can get to setting them over the edge without actually doing it. I don’t always go hard on the JQ but it has to be said that they are their own worst enemy, terminally addicted to mocking people and bear-baiting (everyone from Paul Krugman to Bill Maher has this sort of snickering, curled-up sarcasm quality to them). They’re having fun flicking the bear on the nose but the chain around the baited Kodiak’s neck is getting pretty threadbare.

    • Epamonindas – They’ve been doing things like that for years, both in Europe and here. In Germany and Scandinavia, families who try to home school or whose children inadvertently let slip that their parents speak about reality at home have been forcibly arrested and the children put into foster care – at times deliberately with Mussulmen. Others in the US have had their children forcibly medically treated.

    • I am trying to apply that to Canada, the land of “good intentions are good enough for me”. if there is progress in this direction, it is slow

  51. I would argue that their “radical rethinking” is not really radical rethinking at all. It is just a continuation of, perhaps even a greater push, to more Marxist agendas that have been promoted endlessly in recent years. A UBI, for example, was already tried here in the province of Ontario. It cost billions to implement leaving the province one of the most indebted in the nation (among other reasons), or in North America for that matter, even though it was just a trial!!! (A new provincial government scrapped the program)

    Arguing that the point of government is the general welfare of the people only leads to endless sets of programs that push the people to rely more and more on government for support. This is exactly the problem we are seeing today.

    But what exactly is a nation? What defines it? Is it a people with common interests? The same race? The same religion? Your own civil war had less to do about slavery but more to do with the people of the South wanting dominion over their own destiny. One could argue that in the US, there is no common thread that binds the nation. Every state is different. Also here in Canada. Quebec is a distinct society within Canada. They are mostly French speaking and really do have their own culture. They have been trying to separate for decades. The province of Alberta has now talked about separation and I would argue they do have a separate “cowboy” culture. There are so many regional differences in Canada that nothing really binds us together.

    We are also seeing this in Spain. The people of Catalonia are a distinct people within Spain and have also been trying to separate. Africa has been a hot mess for decades with different tribes within a country fighting each other. Most Middle Eastern countries are the same due to different sects of religions.

    I don’t know what the solutions are unfortunately but relying more and more on government for our welfare is probably not one of them.

    • What part of ON are you in? Do you have discord or kik? I’m trying to meet like minded people but so far they don’t appear to exist IRL in Ontario lol.

      Problem with your comment is that Alberta is only 65% white. Frankly it looks just the same as Ontario, which looks just the same as Montreal. “Cowboy” vs. “Anglo” vs. “Franco” is just an outdated relic used to artificially divide our white populations. Fact is the non-whites occupying our provinces don’t give a shit about cowboy culture, nor french-canadians nor anglos. Same 3rd world slop no matter where you turn.

  52. Been watching “Hell on Wheels” as a diversion for a little while each night. It’s hokey/campy. But it does illustrate one thing–even though the building of the Union Pacific was scandal ridden thing (Credit Mobilier comes to mind) it was a sort of honest graft. Sure the big guys took money under the table, but the little guys got access to cheap land for homesteads, goods and a means of getting the product to market. Towns and industries popped up all along the rail lines. The place my family came from became a wealthy little town because two railroads intersected there–so it became the vegetable canning capital of the US. The relationship was symbiotic. What globalism has brought is more akin to colonial extractionism. Who cares if that factory town gets shut down after the anchor firm is bought, levered up with debt for dividends to the PE firm and production moved to China?

    • Only tangentially related, but since the topic came up:

      It’s frequently said in our movement that they Constitution died in 1865. There’s a lot of truth to this, especially for our Southron Brethren whose ancestors suffered under the Northern boot.

      But for those of us whose ancestors were already West of the Rockies during the War of Northern Aggression, the Transcontinental Railroad was far more significant than the war. Californians didn’t have a reason to have a Southerner’s inherent skepticism about Muh Constitutshun until the Mexification of the state in the past 30 years.

      My point? We arrive at this destination on different paths. Meet people where they are at and help them understand the fullness of what has been perpetrated upon us as a people. We are about to have a lot of opportunities.

    • ” the little guys got access to cheap land for homesteads,”

      The land wasn’t so cheap for its former owners who gave up their lives in a futile attempt to keep it.

      • Locke notwithstanding, you don’t really own what you can’t defend. It’s a sh*t-sandwich for the losers of that struggle but there was no way the feather-Indians were going to withstand contact with civilizations 1000+ years ahead of them. Knowing what we know now we’d likely do a little better, but I’m not going to tar my ancestors with that brush.

      • One does wonder if the freak out over the Peking Pox would be so intense if it were only killing inconvenient Dirt People. Sort of like around here. Nobody gave a shit about opioids until their kids started dropping in places like Westchester County….

        • Can’t see and be seen at their favorite shwarma cafe now.
          This is a major crisis.

          From “Rabbis go to Chinatown for a parade, ignore Corona virus!” to “It looks like we’re going to need mass graves in Central Park” in under 2 months.

    • Any report on how the Native Americans (“Injuns,” if you wish) responded to the imposition of wonderful free market capitalism with only a sprinkle of necessary graft and corruption, and all the riches it brought them? 🙂 If there is any lesson for the future it seems to me that it is this: Don’t expect the people who intend to replace you will be any more humane than your ancestors were to the people you displaced. Plenty of room in there for the dreamers to say things like Karma and Just desserts, but (to use a historical example) when the Spanish come, you are much more likely to end up with an Inquisition and Auto-da-fe than you are to have the Garden of Eden.

      • Our conquerors will not treat us nearly as well as we treated the Indians.

        And if you think we didn’t treat the Indians very well, see my previous statement.

        • The Indians, were at least given a “homeland” (such as it was) to inhabit and rule. That they did nothing with such is their problem—genetically/socially. We might not do too badly to be treated as they were.

        • Yeah. The white man always had Christianity which severely tempered his tribal/genocidal urges. It’s likely that a non-Christian group with the technological advantages whites has would have simply killed off the entire planet except their own race.

          Now of course whites are no longer Christian, by and large, and this ideal is turned against us by outsiders.

          Most whites don’t realize how much non-whites despise us. We trigger deep feelings of jealousy and resentment. They want to vaporize us in order for them to stop feeling inadequate. Not all non-whites feel this way – the more secure would stand on the sidelines and watch as the radicals killed us off.

          No, it’s either “fight” or “be fought” but most whites are whistling to the grave. I do wonder what will happen when Mormons and Amish make up large parts of the white population. Will their devout Christianity be able to negotiate deals with the nominally Christian non-whites doing the oppressing? Will be interesting to see.

  53. And I attended the HL Menchen Club meeting last year as did the Z man.
    The content was decent and I enjoyed it.
    But seeing the technical fiasco was painful.
    I work in this area of audio and video and watching what looked like a geriatric Red Skelton skit trying to get a PowerPoint to work was very painful.
    We got to organize and execute better!

  54. Why do the dirt people not hate the cloud people, and what will it take to awaken them?

    These are the questions for our movement going forward.

    • Some of them don’t think the cloud people even exist, and if they do they think they’re on their side. I even cross-eyed looks from normie-cons when I say something cross about Mark Zuckerberg because they think a business oligarch must secretly be on their side.

      • Sandmich, a friend the other day was going on about elon musk. How he needs to be supported, blank check and whatnot, because he is a visionary and visionaries are the ones who inspire the great breakthroughs that will ultimately lead us to utopia.

        I just bit my tongue. Granted, this friend is rich and lives in the bay area so there is a halo there. But still, there is definitely an unwarranted affinity for the technocrat oligarchs that may have something to do with the lack of well-aimed hate.

        These bringers of shiny toys get a pass that people like Jamie Dimon don’t get.

        Convenient that the hate flows toward the unavoidable things like banks and utilities (who loves comcast?) but those things that are avoidable like amazon, facebook, google, tesla, etc. are hailed as innovators.

        A chase bank credit card or mortgage may suck for being part of a sinister system, but those are rather inert compared to the vampire devices people invite into their homes and put into their children’s hands.

        So to direct your hate you first have to acknowledge the lines of demarcation. And own the fact that your choices matter in how much control you have ceded to these forces.

        tl:dr Hating the cloud requires a self-indictment of one’s personal choices; a reckoning of responsibility that is am extremely rare thing in the progressive era.

        • Musk is a weird child of the middle class turned cloud-person. One of the reasons he really doesn’t ‘fit’ anywhere. Peter Thiel fits into that category too. These guys sort of see the forest *and* the trees, but too often come down on the side of the cloud people…

          • Musk is a White South African, he plays along with the cloud people but I think he knows its all BS, the signs are all there, he certainly knows who controls the (((Media)))

            Watch one of his rocket launches, not as diverse as the cloud people would like, so Musk likes to have a token black or a few ladies wheeled out for the cameras, its sad that he has to do this but its all in the game

        • Xers in particular seem prone to worship the tech overlords – kids like us ate up the “garage-techie” bootstraps mythology from the days when Bill Gates was still stealing Altair Basic for shekels and Steve Jobs was pretending to like basement nerds at Xerox so they’d do his R&D for some pizza coupons.

    • Dirt people have always been unaware of cloud people. It’s way any revolution had to be pushed along by a contingent of cloud people who thought they would benefit in the new hierarchy.

      Right now our elites are in almost complete agreement over everything. The new world order, while depressing living standards for the commoner, has expanded the capacity of the elite boat. So much so that if you are a 120 IQ and have a somewhat reasonable work ethic you are almost guaranteed to be wealthy.

      To get back to your question, it will take cloud people to awaken the dirt people.

      • A120 IQ, a decent work ethic, and a willingness to do something that the elites want done.

        • Nothing is really asked of you other than to go along with the shared religion. Beyond that it’s not a very difficult life. That’s why everyone does it, that ease of access is why you haven’t seen an outsider elite form like you saw in the time before the 1950’s.

          • And to be willing to turn a continual blind eye to the rawdogging of the Dirt People. Morality and the desire to do right by God. Alternatively, selfishness and the ability to rise faster than dues paying fifty years. What self-respecting person can wait that long?

        • That hasn’t worked out quite that way in IT and increasingly so in the rest of STEM. How long before most of the rest of the knowledge economy begins to suffer the same fate?

          • What I tell people who I think will listen is that there’s basically nothing you can do just by being smart and hard working that will lead to a secure and prosperous life in the long run. The elites WILL notice and WILL take it away from you. Most think I’m just trying to discourage them but a few can read between the lines.

          • It has more to do with where you live, than how hard you work or how smart you are.

            As far back as Bismark Germany our government supported the working man and understood and respected the relationship between management and skilled workers. It’s still basically true today.

            America and Britain on the other hand, have never embraced this approach. And to this very day, do everything they can to oppress the working class.

            This is why every time there’s an economic downturn, American workers get tossed in the street. It’s why during this horrible pandemic, US unemployment will most likely go over 30%.

            Here in Germany, despite the economic impact, you will see very few worker becoming unemployed thanks to our system of Kurzarbeit or “short work”.

            The Kurzarbeit program allows companies to send workers home or sharply reduce their hours, with the government providing up to 60-percent of their previous salary.

          • Where does all the money come from to cover this shortfall. AFAIK the bundesbank cannot inflate the currency and the euro debt market is in the shitter?

          • A good, honest question to Herr Horst- because whatever they’re doing, it works, despite the repeated hammerblows against a demonstrably great Volk.

            Like the landesbanks, the public/private healthcare system, and school apprenticeships (skilled workers with experience by 16)- I want to know more.

          • Yes indeed. Surprising—or maybe not—that a foreigner has more insight into our economic situation than the typical American. There is much to learn from the German model. And yet, your elites have betrayed you as well wrt race purity. Why? How?

        • That’s 10% of the population maybe less, essentially a nomenklatura class of sorts. Its roughly the number of people whose income has kept place with inflation as well though it doesn’t overlap exactly as people with a “dirt people” mindset are locked out in exchange for “diversity ” types hired by the government.

      • I’m not sure it’s all that easy but your comment reminds me of an audiobook I listened to a couple years ago when I had a very dreary job driving at night. I forget the title but it was by a definite PoC (person of Cloud). The book was basically an attempt at prognostication about technological and social trends over the next few decades. The author made a point of mentioning that he was apparently pals with Hillary and Bill Clinton and a bunch of other pillars of degeneracy and elite crime.

        One of the predictions he made was that, thanks to all the new tech, a reasonably smart person with a good work ethic would soon be able to pull down about $600,000/yr through various gigs, regular employment, and home businesses. He claimed that he and his close associates had easily done so.

        Now I actually believed him about this claim because I think he gave away the secret at the beginning of the book where he talked about hanging out with the Clintons. And that’s it basically, get hooked in with “the right people” and you will soon find money flowing into your pockets. You will be hired as an “advisor” at a ridiculous hourly rate to advise on projects you know nothing about. You will get offered to sit on the board of prestigious corporations, and of course there are tons of high paying government jobs with an “attendance optional” policy.

        Of course a certain amount of intelligence is needed in these roles of course simply because you will interact with a lot of pretentious people who like big words. I think the real talent though is being able to overlook a lot of things that a conscientious person would question and keep a straight face when offered obscene amounts of money for almost no work. There’s also an element of Hollywood in play too. Being fit and good looking helps. It’s this kind of greasy personality that can make it onto the Big Boat. The typical high functioning autist who likes math and science doesn’t get this stuff. This is why so many of them got outmaneuvered by the tech oligarchs who paid off the politicians and got their jobs outsourced. Of course fucking over lots of very smart and hard working people is a terribly bad idea but the elite has so far gotten away with it.

    • Question 1: cuz we’re all in this together to flatten the curve
      Question 2: when dirt people realize we’re not all in this together

      • I think ridicule is a big part of getting where we want to go re: Question 2.

        Jon (((Liebowitz))) Stewart inflicted massive damage on W’s second term this way. The Great Meme War scared the hell out of the Left because the Right was wielding this weapon effectively for the first time.

        So far, the best terms I’ve heard are “Flat Curvers” and “Social Distancing Warriors.” Both are effective because they link the target to something unpopular.

        What else can we come up with?

    • Cloud people don’t even have to do their own dirty work anymore. Clown World has become so normalized through decades of pozz’ed education and culture that only a small percentage even notice things they shouldn’t notice. The western peoples have become their own worst enemies defending and enacting policies that leave them with nothing in the long-term. The awareness of this is growing in dirt people so we’re seeing more and more oligarchs coming out from behind the curtain attempting to shore things up. But by far it is normal well intentioned whites who do all of the dirty work for the cloud people, believing they are doing what is right, what is true and what is just. Too many dirt people need to literally have their faces rubbed in the dirt to finally get it.

      • Yves – This plays back into what Zman wrote about yesterday. The vast majority of those ‘well-intentioned Whites” are women doing their usual thing, and White men need to first stomp on them, and then redirect them.

        • 3g4me, I wish you were right but too many men don’t want to rock the boat because it may cost them something. So they go along knowing what they are doing is counter productive.

          There’s a bit too much blaming the WQ in the dissident movement. It is always some group of men setting the agenda not women. Going after women is a way of putting off or avoiding confrontation with other groups of men.

          “Hey Honey, why did you buy into that crap that we let those other guys fill your head with?”

        • That is easier said than done. I mentioned to my liberal sister who swears that she is not subject to fake news because she won’t watch CNN but completely trusts the BBC, that an informed person mentioned the possibility of second and third wave breakouts of the virus due to the lack of a herd immunity caused by the panic to self quarantine and or stay at home dictates of the state. As a former nurse she could understand the logic. When I told her that Mark Levin was the individual who pointed this out to me, she replied, “Is that the guy who is on Fox?” That was the end of our conversation. You cannot make sense or talk reasonably with a large swath of our population. They just won’t listen because their beliefs are existential.

          • Pro, you touch on an important point here. The people we fundamentally disagree with consider the source on everything, as to the veracity of it. NPR can do no wrong. If something comes from Fox or DJT, it can’t be right. Kavanaugh must be guilty because “believe all women” about something vaguely remembered in an alcoholic haze from decades ago, dredged up though “recovered memory”. But Joe Biden’s staffer being, uh, basically raped, and reported to others at the time, must be ignored. It’s all about the source.

          • Dutch, your point is so sadly true. For me, the premise, data, conclusion are what I look at. And if I don’t like the result that is tough. Actually I have usually learned more from people I disagree with than people I agree with because I go through all of my arguments and if theirs still wins then I make the changes I need.

            Most people, primarily cloud people, are not like that in the least. When I find a great topic and discussion in a bad source like Fox I will work to find the same basic discussion from a “reputable” source before I sent it to them.

            Otherwise, they simply will not read it.

    • Many of them do. The problem is that they lack the drive and ability to actually run our complex society and lack the mindset required to wind it down.

      That love of progress is a huge chunk the Faustian model of our society and changing that is a slow process. Its happening but don’t expect it all at once.

      Right now if the dirt people replaced the cloud people, the abstract nature of modern governance would mean they’d become the cloud people in time.

      The other options to that are a theocracy an/or an end to the union as the country breaks into smaller more homogeneous states.

      There aren’t any palatable options out there and certainly none put forward by anyone worth the costs that would be required.

    • The government is powerful; they must be our bosses (AOC said so. She was spawned during an era that made her believe this. She was never taught to think about what liberty means and the rights of free men).

      Business and corporations set prices; that’s their job. Our job is to pay whatever they decide. That’s their understanding of economics, having never learned about things such as buyer and sellers agreeing on a price and value, about monopolies, about trade, etc.

      Limited government. What is that? After all the government must be strong for us to be strong, right?

      I worked with teachers for 37 years. Most of them never questioned anything. Another example of “That which pays me I must obey.”

      So let’s not talk about law enforcement and military automatically taking sides with us.

      • Pro, you are absolutely right about teachers. And here I am talking about college and university professors. It is not just, “That which pays me I must obey.” It is usually not even obey; it is “That which pays me is right.”

        Even with tenure, you don’t want to rock the boat because you will no longer get grants and you probably will lose the courses you wish to teach and be stuck with the courses and times no one wants.

        I have worked in federal law enforcement and NO, they will not take sides with us. If anything, these employees just want their pay, benefits, and pension and they know not to ever ask questions; period. Perhaps some local sheriffs and small-town cops will stand with us.

    • The left seem to think the cloud people are the right for some reason. The right has been enamored with libertarianism too long. Establishing an us versus them mentality is important.

  55. Z Man great essay as usual.
    Z man I hope you don’t mind I am going to hijack the discussion for a minute today in the hopes that Cotto or Paul Gottfried read your blog? Or someone who knows them and can get a message to them?
    Cotto what the hell?
    Get yourself a decent microphone.
    You sound like shit!
    Nobody who listens to you can hear your questions to Paul Gottfried.
    This has been going on for weeks but you just keep putting up inferior technical quality podcasts.
    Your content is decent and I always enjoy hearing Paul Gottfried. I can tolerate Cotto’s 80’s attire and his libertarianism but I cannot tolerate inferior technical quality content.
    Get your shit together!!
    That is something that hurts the dissident right. We gotta have good technical quality content.
    Nothing fancy.
    Just proper audio levels and simplicity.
    Z Man gets the technical stuff right.

  56. “The West must first become a collection of nations again”…are you talking European Union? I think we know how that’s worked out.

    Germany has already proven it’s just as tribal as it was a century ago when it declined health care to Italy and Spain. France is already pushing for buying only from their own farmers first, over that of it’s EU partners. Clearly nationalism, or tribalism, still rules under the right circumstances.

    But it will be interesting to see if this event has any impact on the concept of basic income given the effect of a global economic shut down.

    • UBI is on the same continuum as legalized marijuana and pornography. We’re already seeing it implemented now with the expanded unemployment benefits.

      Sure it won’t actually provide for a good life, but that’s not what it was intended for. It’s meant to keep you at home, throwing your life away with a night of frozen pizzas, joints, and some porn.

      • Here we go again with the scolds
        A fat joint is the very definition of a good life

        “Would you care to see the list, m’sieur?
        We have an excellent selection of Humboldt’s Choicest Purple Skunk today”

        • Marijuana and porn sap ambition and drive out of people. It’s a decadent form of escapism that helps sooth over the fact that you’re 30 years old living with roommates, surrounded by neighbors whose names you couldn’t even begin to pronounce.

          There’s a reason places like California are the epicenter of both, while at the same time attacking tobacco and normal male-female relationships

          • “It’s a decadent form of escapism that helps sooth over the fact that you’re 30 years old living with roommates” – or it could just mean you’re from the Netherlands! 🙂

          • Cali is the epicenter? Check the stats dumb ass, we have a very low rate compared to LA, NY, and WA (the real epicenters). Try and use data in your arguments, it’s a big help.

          • I loathe weed in all its forms, especially this modern “crack” disguised as marijuana. However if people want to smoke some ditch weed on their own time , so long as they don’t go driving its not my problem.

            The thing to understand is modernity is an efficiency trap that renders many, maybe most people basically obsolescent for anything but poor paid labor.

            UBI for all its myriad flaws allow people either to opt out or to supplement the job and make the lower paid work a bit better.

            Essentially it forces inefficiency into the system.

            It would still require cost controls in places, mainly to prevent landlords from simply extracting more in rents but its either UBI, a massive regulatory state or tire shocks for techies

            Or yeah I guess we could hand society to the Amish too.

            Choose wisely.

          • It is my problem if someone smokes up. I don’t wanna live in a society with a bunch of burnouts. That’s such a self explanatory desire it needs no justification.

            I was a libertarian in the past, it’s a poison ideology that leads to a weak government that doesn’t enforce border restrictions and at the same time a strong government that makes me pay taxes to fund schools where they teach 6th graders about anal sex.

          • Those burnouts have every bit as much say about how society goes as you do and thus far have been winning the argument handily on weed and guns and before than booze.

            I’m not a libertarian but there are things that uptight people consider crimes that are not crimes and worse the attempts to control them simply lead to a police state.

            Its idiotic to make prostitution, some drugs, booze, porn , smoking, guns or a hoist of things illegal.

            Its violates the common law of our culture and is futile.

            Regulate to control social damage and live with the fact that your countrymen get to do things you or in the case of weed I was well, do not like.

            Its called liberty.

        • I have this discussion with one of my best friends, who is chronic. His highest political commitment is to protect his personal weed use.

          Is it possible, even though that you can handle your weed, that legalization and widespread usage will lead to a much worse society?

          His brain cannot comprehend this question.

          • I’ve been in that discussion a few times recently, Line. The libertarians really live up to the stereotypes as far as choosing to die on Cannabis Hill over all else and a lot of Our Guys still clutch that woobie. “All you guys who drink can shutup,” etc…

            I know far fewer “social tokers” than social drinkers. The very fact that weed allows you more functionality makes it harder to control. Especially when you’re a 115+ IQ sperg already, you think you can handle it.

            One of the first Z podcasts I listened to mentioned how the drug culture was one of the most effective weapons vs. White men.

            Speaking from years of prior experience, pot may not fry your brain like the old commercials but it does slowly boil off your brain function, libido, motivation and male aggression, frog-in-a-pot style. It makes you docile and complacent, downright lazy. White men don’t need another cross to bear – put the bong down, gentlemen.

          • You have four pretty daughters?

            An anonymous call said they smelled marijuana. Now, give them to me.

            No, you’re not going to jail, we only take hard-core criminals for later release.
            This is the Land of the Free.

            Hand ’em over. And you’re fired.

          • Cannabis Hill is the poor man’s Broken Window Theory:

            You let them shoot one old white granny’s dog, or granny herself, and then…

          • Yep. I might also note that we’ve have 10,000 years to adapt to alcohol use. Basically every civilization to cultivate grain has produced some type of alcohol. And civilizations with less time farming have been most harshly impacted when introduced to alcohol. American Indians for example.

            Alcohol has an absolute limit in potency, 200 proof (really, 96% or so given hydroscopic properties). Cannabis has not even reached such levels. The shit we had as hippies was a few percent THC. The new stuff from the dispensaries, many more times that. And that’s before you even decide to “distill” it to even higher concentrations.

            The effect on young, underdeveloped brains is still being studied and from what I’ve seen is exactly as Exile described it. Odd how the very threat of brain injury is killing PopWarner football, while recreational marijuana use is taking off all around the country.

          • Our inability to embrace regulation and harm mitigation instead of reflexively banning things is why we are in this mess.

            Understandably as incrementalism is the name of the game but that which does not bend will break and by not making normal weed legal, you get super weed.

          • AB. Defacto weed legality is found all over. That’s not the issue nor was prohibition the cause of the problem. If weed was legalized tomorrow, it would not be any better for the populous.

            Every weed legalization bill I’ve seen is the same—as they come from the same author it seems. All the bills allow private growing albeit a limited number of plants per individual. However, one court somewhere ruled it OK for a group of users to get together and grow cooperatively, so now we have fields again being cultivated outside of the tax man.

            Basically, you’ll never regulate potency without making growing privately a crime. And since weed is, well a weed, private growers will always exist—unless of course, we start the same old routine of prohibition under threat of jail time. Look how effective that’s been for moonshiners. Hell they have a TV series about them, and that’s with only $18 a gallon of alcohol Fed tax. Imagine the growing of weed privately at $100-200 tax or whatever the hell it is.

            I have no solution to this problem. Stupid people—and young people are stupid—do stupid things. But we have enough problems with the population getting dumber by the decade.

            Do we really need a generation of our youth tossing aside a half standard deviation in IQ due to chronic weed intoxication? Really? In a society which rewards products of the mind and increasingly requiring higher than average IQ to make a reasonably good living? If that’s the case, might as well import some more POC.

          • The average White guy without weed has an IQ of a hundred. Unless he can out compete a Mexican in the trades (in some areas) his income is inherently limited as he has no more purpose in society than a Black guy.

            He has little chance of a worthwhile life at least as the old script was measured

            The Commie are correct in that it is all about class warfare and until people embrace a lot more of that, its not going to get fixed.

            To what UFO , rioting and protests accomplish nothing , back in 2003 there were 36 million globally protesting against the gulf war.

            The effect ? Nothing.

            Riots for any Right Wing cause just get your life wrecked.

            And sure rebellion is possible, if you have a taste for risk and a collective goal worth risking death or torture over.

            Thus far no one has such a goal and the DR is no better. Hell it can’t organize enough to vote as a block and as such is useless as tits on a hound dog.

            If you want the brass ring must offer a life much better than what the current system offers . Til than, no one will back you and video games, weed and porn will have to do.

          • Amen, exile.

            Weed use is so prevalent among young white men. Hell among young men of all races. They act like I’m strange when I refuse to smoke.

            Seems pretty clear to me that stoners always try to create more stoners. The more idiots wasting their life away in a daze, the less that stoner will feel or notice that he’s an idiot.

            Be sober. These white guys should be rioting. They’re in their late 20s, or 30s, with no savings, living at home, no wife or girlfriend, dead end job. But they don’t care – all good bro, just have another hit.

            I’m so disappointed at the average white man. Frankly we deserve to be replaced based on what I’ve seen.

          • Maybe because this society can’t be improved with one weird trick and his smoking probably doesn’t make jack all a difference in the quality of the US life.

            Baring overwhelming military force to expel 50 million people, rotate the elite and impose economic and social regimes focused on the common good on millions of people this society is not going to change to what you want.

            Our technology and our urbanization combine nicely with the high value we put on individualism as a culture to create clown world.

            Its a natural outcome of tech especially computers.

            Old ideas will not fly till the wheel turns to make them fly so no going back.

            Now in time, a century or two it will pass as things implode and energy becomes dear but for now, not one “right” faction has a useful on how to change direction on the ship of state.

            Old ideas will not fly till the wheel turns to make them fly so no going back.

        • The puritan strain , the overwhelm desire to run other peoples lives is what go that rotten lot expelled over here. Too bad they hadn’t hung them all before Cromwell. We’d probably all be poorer but a hell of a lot happier.

          Frankly for the bulk of people the future is going to be UBI simply because we can’t or won’t pay people enough for a decent living.

          We’ve had close to 50 years of wage arbitrage and a subsequent low fertility (below replacement since 1973) and while sure the social situation re: marriage had a significant part to play, it was and is mostly money.

          Even if we remove the FIRE sectors stranglehold on our economy and reduce trade, automation means that the value of labor is low.

          This means simply poverty for the working man and low wage means no babies.

          Since we can’t create an economy in which an average working stiff has much value, might as well let them smoke weed, watch TV and play games.

          Its subpar but its peaceful

          • abprosper, agreed—but what percent of the population would this entail? The bottom 80-90% or so are fighting over 20% of the wealth as it is. Now wealth and employment are two different things, but there is a relationship. Inability to acquire wealth is often a function of a low paying job. I can’t see how everybody can be on the dole.

          • Far too many jobs these days are low paying and wage mobility almost always down relative to cost of living . This is because we live in a society many of whose leaders do not want a middle or really a working class.

            Many city people especially non Whites know this but other than idiots Communists , the rest of the people haven’t figured the grift out as they are still caught in a cold war mentality.

            Essentially UBI will end with a program that simply mints $1000 US a month per adult citizen plus medical and basically nothing else and has automatic inflation triggers. Raise the rent $1k? Fine next month UBI is 2K

            The assumption is this will cause mass inflation but every single economic trend is deflationary as far fewer new suckers, I mean babies are being born.

            And that right there is the crux of the matter. Family formation in cities is expensive and we don’t want to pay the price for an urban society.

            You can’t stint. People will not and should not sacrifice all to have kids for a society that is at best indifferent to them,

            In order to replace one’s population in an urban society people must make enough to enjoy the pleasures of the city (otherwise why bother with having cities) and to save and eventually have enough for a couple of kids in a naturally low fertility area.

            If you don’t, even suburbia won’t save the US as we are at roughly German TFR for Whites and below for everyone.

            No free social capital , no free social pressure, no free anything. As a society we must pay the price or do without.

            UBI attempts to hack that model a bit, make sure we can still have say cheap eats but people have a bit of money.

            Its toxic as hell but there really aren’t other options. As seen from this crisis, the modern economy doesn’t work with any stress and even real fixes (repatriation, on-shoring) aren’t enough.

          • And that’s the problem with UBI, pot, EBT, $1200 etc. it placates the masses from the inevitable revolution that Z alludes. Fuck this shit. Time for a little suffering and to wake our people up.

          • AB. Every UBI program I’ve seen proposed assumes it is paid for out of existing revenue the government takes in. Now I don’t believe that for a moment, but never the less, that is the case.

            The minute such a program is paid for by simply printing money, the program collapses, and it won’t take decades, but years. Therefore, the statement that at least the poor sucker in the street has a few dollars his pocket is a dream.

            He’ll have a few dollars in his pocket, like the citizen of Zimbabwe had a Trillion dollars in his pocket, and all it was good for was wiping his ass.

          • Its not possible to tax enough for UBI. Hell Robert Heinlein understood that way back in the late 30’s in his UBI novel For Us the Living (published 2003)

            Its has to be minted money to work and the tax you pay is inflation.

            And note here the broad consensus is that US society cannot support more than 20% GDP taxes at the federal level which won’t even pay for a rudimentary welfare state.

            The consensus that allows such things isn’t there and never will be. Thus is we go UBI, it will have to be minted

            And yes its lousy, The alternative is no babies.

            And anyone looking at modernity from outside would go “wow, children just aren’t happening. Talk about a failed society.”

            And note you can’t count on a religious revival either. The critical mass isn’t there and while the religious have bigger families, this is shrinking and they don’t retain the kids . Worse the faiths don’t make the moral imnporvements needed for society since so many are all about the money and the tax dodge instead of speeding the Word.

            The option is basically work enough for family formation which means high wages, few imports and no cheap labor or UBI

            Of course we won’t choose either route and will instead double down on what we are doing and thus doom this society to die of demand starvation.

            If you have an alternative by all means but I suspect in the end, no one does. Personally I hope the new people, Amish and other devout make better of it than we did.

  57. The editorial board of the FT should swing, along with the boards of the Economist and a half-dozen other globalist outlets.

    They know this. Which is why we’re seeing these ‘mend the nation’ pieces all over the place. And the real social pain hasn’t even started yet.

    • Yes. “We are all in this together” campaigns are in full display. These are not just simple lies or misinformation, they are meant to discredit the natural impulse toward retrenching and protecting ones family, tribe, village during distress or threats.

      One of the tactics of the ivory tower cloud types is to reverse the natural order of social contracts from proximate to distant.

      Instead of your family and neighbor, it becomes “we”, the whole world. You see this is bigger than you and your family, so get with the program.

      Turning people away from the proximate to the distant conditions them toward those distant authorities. Its how so many people are not suspect of central, distant authority, but actually demand it be more present in their lives.

      Trust and cooperation grounded in a bottom-up community based on shared interests are replaced by distrust and envy grounded in a top-down bureaucracy based on disparate interests vying for rationing. Pure evil.

      The “we” is always suspect when coming from the cloud; a royal declaration in which by “we” they mean you. And it is always followed closely by conditions you must meet or else be out-grouped and labeled one of the many stock labels.

      E.g. If you don’t support digital currency, then you hate poor people. Or if you don’t wear a mask, you must want other people to die.

      • Can we all just agree that anyone who escaped to a private island or a yacht cannot come back?

        • Capture and rendition. It’s worked in the past. Delta operators and Seal Team Six are humans, too, and need something to do to alleviate the boredom.

        • We should send them loads of “refugees” from Africa (here, I guess Haiti and Cuba) to live on their luxe island or yacht. However, I will second the proposal to use their properties as live-fire exercises for elite military units.

        • If David Geffen’s yacht gets diversified by Somali pirates, QED – God exists, and he’s not over the kid-killing thing.

        • Can we all just agree that anyone who escaped to a private island or a yacht cannot come back?

          Meh, let ’em come back; but shoot ’em or hang ’em when they debark. Way too many empty street light posts for my money. 😉

      • Precisely why they are so hysterical about anti-Asian ‘hate crimes’ (more typical black violence and an occasional White ‘noticing’). All the stories of heroic immigrant nurses and doctors, and the tragic deaths of obese diabetics in their prime . . . . They’re trying the WWII type propaganda on a globohomo nation.

        • The news media keep using this term “the front lines” to talk about hospital staff dealing with C19 patients. Are the hospitals being shelled or something? I imagine some of those old WWII vets who still have their wits about them have yet another reason to think “why did I fight for these worthless people?”

          • The busiest area of my front lines hospital is the subway sandwich franchise in the lobby (EBT accepted here!). For real. But now that I think of it, the cornucopia of subway “bread” baking, mexican anchor baby dirty diapers, homelessness, and bleach, is appropriate for the front lines of globalism’s war on our people.

            Every appointment there starts with State issued questions. My fave is “have you traveled outside the country in the past six months?” To which I ask “other than coming here?”. Luckily the rotation of rotund diabetic mexican girls with the pencil eyebrows who “administer” the health care never understand the reference. This is not my country. These are not my heroes.

    • When we hang 90% of the WH press corps as traitors, I’ll believe that some kind of correction is taking place.

    • I was a paid subscriber to Economist for years. I eventually dropped it because they had become such obvious shills for the Social Justice crowd.

    • The globalists are the walking dead but still cling to the delusion they can buy off people who have seen the death they peddle.

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