Anger Management

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am finding that my patience is running thin with everything that is going on with the virus. I’ve never been much of a television watcher, but I still catch Tucker’s monologue a few times a week. I’ve stopped that this week as I cannot take another ad from a corporation telling me how much they care and how hard they are working on my behalf. I can’t take anymore nonsense about hero nurses and doctors. In fact, I’m starting to become a nursist.

Going outside has now become a depressing reminder that we now live in an explicitly authoritarian society. It used to be a very soft, passive-aggressive authoritarianism that you could ignore while enjoying your life. Now it is an in-your-face corporate authoritarianism that is impossible to ignore. On a trip to get supplies, it is a constant reminder of Theodore Dalrymple’s famous quote about communism. Not even the quiet revenge fantasy on the commute eases the burden.

When this started, my sense was the panic would peak around Easter and then begin to decline as the obvious became obvious. The politicians would see the damage they were causing and panic in the other direction. The public would quickly figure out that a disease with a 99% survival rate was a risk worth taking in order to put food on the table and a roof over their head. By now we would be a in mad dash to talk ourselves into believing everything would get back to normal.

I was wrong about that. Some states are trying to break loose from the spell, but most seem to like what’s happening. They are feverishly looking around for reasons to extend these restrictions into the summer. Not only that, they are dreaming up new torments in the name of “keeping us safe.” A local grocer here in Lagos now takes everyone’s temperature before they enter. They also limit the number of people in the store at any one time, which means there is a block long line to enter.

It is tempting to think that people will finally have enough and put an end to this madness, but that is a fantasy. The few brave souls taking a stand are getting support, for sure, but the bulk of the public is happy to be treated like children. You can be sure the majority oppose the protests at state capitals. Until the food runs out and the machine breaks, people will accept unlimited torment. That means we are left to hope for the end times if we want to escape this madness.

Of course, being wrong about the track of the panic means I could be wrong about people’s attitudes right now. Maybe the bulk of the public is quietly seething. It’s hard to know since everyone is locked inside, but it is possible. The support for that hairdresser in Texas suggests some people have had enough. Maybe a few more abuses like that are what it will take to get people angry enough to stop caring about the rules. That’s what it takes in these times. People need to get mad as Hell.

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  • 02:00: Unreasonable People (Link) (Link)
  • 17:00: The Gathering Darkness (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Hate Them Back (Link)
  • 42:00: Hitler’s Revenge (Link)
  • 47:00: Boomtown Rats (Link)
  • 52:00: Public Piety (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Link)

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232 thoughts on “Anger Management

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  3. Since the gun problem in this country (as we all know, but are not allowed to publicly acknowledge) is blacks, my solution is this: any black with a criminal record found in possession of a firearm or any black who commits a crime while in possession of a firearm is summarily executed, period.

  4. Great podcast, as usual! My sentiments exactly … when will this collective madness end! Of course, we can thank our fear-mongering media (I haven’t read your next post yet) to keep stoking the general panic and paranoia. Even now, I’m hearing of covid mutations and 2nd-waves. I’d like to know how Sweden has fared since they, apparently, went the other way with it. I looked on the Interweb to find out, but I’m tired of trying to find nuggets of truth with the google machine cuz they’re just part of the media cabal, as well. Sometimes, it feels like the walls are closing in …

  5. Went to town to the grocery store and got three “いらっしゃいませ!” (basic store greeting in Japan, “welcome!” or something close to it) from people today. Honestly hadn’t heard that uttered much in the last six weeks, so maybe people are starting to come out of the doldrums a little but, at least here in Jap land.

  6. So pissed right now ! They canceled the 4th of July. Not just the concert ,but the goddamn fireworks too. This is just petty, vindictive bullshit !

    Reminds me of a Jack Nicholson line , ” Was it an accident or did they just do it to us ? ”

  7. Italian politician confirms what we already knew or suspected-the number of covid deaths in Italy was largely falsified/exaggerated
    The great lunacy started with “yuge” number of deaths in Italy you remember that
    I do not think that there should any closure of this sordid affair before culprits are hanging from lamp posts
    A big part of our problems stems from the fact that we abandoned this ritual of enjoyment and fun for multitudes

  8. A lot of people are making more money being unemployed than they do on their job so they are all for the lockdown…

    • Sure they are
      This kind of epic nonsense and moral hazard introduced by corrupt politicians will hunt us long after Kung Flu was gone
      The same goes with paying rents and many many other things that take centuries to built as part of an ordered society and which make difference between first and third world

  9. Really liked the part about communist societies based on official lies and how that destroyed their societies. We can’t trust the news, the government, business and increasingly each other. You can’t have a society like that.

    • The perfect metaphor, Moran. Remember the days when a man’s word was his bond or when you closed a deal with a handshake? Handshake!? My God!

      • “When a man’s word was his bond and you closed a deal with a handshake…” Wow, how far we’ve fallen. I really believe in Glubb’s stages of a civilization and we are deep into the decadence/cynicism phase.

  10. This evening at my local grocery store, as I walked in, several of the store employees were excitedly walking around talking about this “guy” and “where was he at”. As I walked back towards the bakery section, I saw a small group of people in the cards section wearing masks.
    As I was leaving the closed bakery, I could here the kid employee admonishing someone to “keep their mask on at all times”. I moved farther into the store as I heard a man speak about his “freedoms” and I suspected a small difference of opinion was about to erupt between a grown adult and a little dictator juvenile employee.
    People are getting sick and tired of this and stores are burning their reputations with their clients. However, with the threat of a call to the state police, many people are reluctant to force the issue.
    You are right. Too many people like being able to order others around. It won’t end with any abatement of a virus…

    • I’m tempted to mess with such people using the sorts of victimhood games promulgated and exploited (to their great success) by our “elites”.

      I can’t wear a mask any more! I’m having a panic attack. Family lore says my grandfather was gassed to death by the Nazis. I have PTSD from masks because they make me think about how my family and my people were murdered by white supremacists. If only they had had masks back then! You making me wear a mask is anti-something something! You’re mocking the suffering of my people!

  11. Re: arguing with leftoids. Yes, it is a complete waste of time, breath and energy. Facts, reason and logic are of no avail because their opinions are not based on those things in the first place. It’s not about thinking, it’s about feeling.

    So don’t bother. They must be resoundingly defeated and, thereafter, permanently suppressed.

    • No King, fight fire with fire. Shift strategies. Don’t use facts and logic. Emote, use sophistry, heck, lie if you have to. Level the playing field. This is war!

  12. Cheer up a bit, Z-Man. Out here where I am in the far southern reaches of the Indian Territories (head nod to fellow IT resident followers), people seem to be just going on with their lives.

    In WalMart, maybe 25-30% of the folks are wearing masks — and I think they do that due to their expectations about the clientele there more so than fear of widespread threat. Other stores — Ag supply places, gun stores, fast food — not many seen. Those businesses that were closed by governor’s order were authorized re-opening on 1 May, and many appear to have done just that.

    And yes, in this county we’ve had a “dramatic” jump from one positive three weeks ago to five or six now, and one death (reported co-morbidities and tested neg). That could of course be driven in part by the more flexible posture hereabouts. And who knows …. perhaps this attitude will result in a slight ballooning of numbers in counties like this. But people here that I saw never seemed on board with full-on-crazy response to the virus …. considered precautions, yes, but screaming, underwear-sucking madness, not.

    Too many folks here work in real, hands-on industries — oilfields and refineries, ranching, manufacturing etc. They seem to my recently relocated eyes to be a bit more resilient than the urbans I’ve known in the past.

    So I believe there’s a broad-based quiet resistance out here in the provinces — rural and small town. And I think it’s more wide spread than out betters would like known.


  13. “That means we are left to hope for the end times if we want to escape this madness”

    Watch out Mr Z, you are now in the Bill Maher territory.
    Sadly, there is not much hope one can have anymore, but maybe we’re looking for it in a wrong place.
    I’ve just finished one of Churchill’s biographies, and pretty shocking to me was a fact, that at the time of Munich Agreement, less than a year before WW2 broke out for good, overwhelming majority of British politicians was all in on the appeasement, and Churchill, who warned about Hitler for years, was still considered a lunatic.
    Trump is no Churchill, granted, but names and places are not important, what is important is that necessity can make things turn around in a blink of an eye. Some serious meltdown really starts to look like the only way forward.
    Not necessarily for good, but dynamics for whatever happens next are already in place and if there ever was a time to try to reason with anybody, this time is not now, with everybody running amok.
    This nonsense is out of control, big time, and thinking about ways to go back to “normal” is not an option whether we like it or not.
    “Pandora doesn’t go back in the box, he only comes out”

    • Authors (((Harry P Wetzler, Erica A Wetzler))), Ofstead Associates, business management consultants, Saint Paul, Minnesota (((emphasis added)))

      Posted April 14, 2020.

      This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed [what does this mean?]. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.

      Results: During April 2020 there may be 61,690 to 62,526 excess deaths. Population infection rates of 3.6% to 4.3% by mid-April 2020 would generate the number of COVID-19 deaths predicted by IHME.

      The “study”/money beg is so bloody preliminary in view of actual inflated current data readily available online that you are now dismissed as the troll you are.


      • Okay, how about this one? (I’m just asking questions and looking for answers, but feel free imagine whatever you want about me. Z Man said “it was easy to look up.” I’ve been trying, and these are what I’ve found:

        The first reported deaths were in early March, so if you subtract out the average 4,200 deaths per week before then that were attributed to flu and pneumonia, that leaves ~46,000 excess deaths from the virus. (The widely publicized numbers are ~1/3 larger than this.)

        Again, I’m not an expert of any kind. I’m just looking for answers. Z Man said “no extra deaths” and it was easy to find the data. Here I looked to the CDC, and they disagree with him. If I’m (((suspect))) for asking, then so be it.

        • You lost when you cited a business report that was unreviewed by math or epidemiological peerage. Zap! Gone.

          I suggest you utilize your time to review actual current data and data analyses readily available online if you bother. For example:

          • William Briggs (whoever that is) v. the CDC…hmmm…I feel like such a loser!

          • Ha! And this guy goes one to cite…wait for it…the CDC numbers! Only his are not up to date!

          • Curious, it’s adorable how you trust the CDC.

            Ever since the lock down happened, there’ve been a sprinkling of comments in each post from CDC panters. As Z commented in this episode, it’s remarkable how the same dissidents who pounded the table about media and government untrustworthiness all these years are suddenly buying all their narratives. What planet are you on? Was being antiestablishment just a game for you?

    • The authors state in the abstract that the deaths calculated in “excess” in April, would be “expected” in the next 11 to 12 months (if I read correctly). So what does that mean? Pretty much what I’ve said here repeatedly, Corona virus is culling the weak and infirmed—as do most all diseases at old age. To avoid/postpone this excess and save a very brief (on average) life span, we are beggaring the general population. The destruction of a vibrant economy will bring about its own problems which result in what has been termed “deaths of despair” which also need to be calculated and compared to deaths from Corona virus.

      All life is not equal, nor of infinite value. Once I find an authority that is aware of this intuitive fact, I pay attention to what they say. Otherwise, not so much, because these premises must be agreed upon before we can argue the best course for society, and the role a responsible citizen must play.

      • “All life is not equal, nor of infinite value. Once I find an authority that is aware of this intuitive fact, I pay attention to what they say. ”

        This line alone is worth several up votes; if I could give more than one I would.

  14. Can’t say I feel bad about the colleges. This is one industry that needs to just completely collapse. It is a horrible system of indebting kids so they can be propagandized with Marxism, feminism and anti-white-ism. It is one the major ways all of the left-wing activism is funded and or enabled. Every time you look at some left wing activist group, you are going to find connections to your local colleges. It all goes through the universities.
    The unfortunate thing is they will probably react to their shortfalls by cutting the good stuff. They are never going to fire all of the equity officers and bureaucrats. They aren’t going to shut down the African, Latino, women’s, etc etc studies departments, they are going to downsize the important departments instead.

    Unfortunately, the only chance for them to be saved is for all new people who hopefully have not been indoctrinated in this system to take it over and rebuild the institutions. But I don’t think this can be done. Losing these institutions would be the greatest loss ever experienced by any society.

    • Harvard has a $40Billion endowment…
      If you expect the actual cost to house & educate one person is in the neighborhood of half-a-million dollars, then Harvard has enough reserves to “educate” 80,000 incoming students; at 20,000 new students arriving each year, it would take four years to run down their reserves.
      Let them pay for it themselves .. no government bailouts or loans, no write-offs of government guaranteed student debts.

  15. People in a dying civilization, hopeless , childless , fatherless faithless are wont to act like cowards.

    That said we all do see glimpses of actual America and Americans in their defiance and no doubt the Zeds and youngest Millennials are learning a hell of a lesson in reality. By the time today’s grads would normally be graduating from college, that won’t be happening and it will be an election year with basically no candidates.

    Oh alright Justin Amash will be running on “let’s get back to normal” but good luck with that and the various lockdown Democrats will be less popular than the virus itself . Everyone here, foreigner or American votes with the wallet

    What’s WRSA call this? The flaming twenties. Gonna be a thrill ride that’s for sure.

  16. I’ve hesitated bringing up Grimes for fear of being labeled a “faggot”, but, her Art Angels album is a pretty masterful piece of production. This is just for people who are into media produced for technologists (the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes to mind as an example); the tracks cannot exist outside of the studio. Even most of the drum lines have been worked over to the point of being unnatural while the voice work may as well have not involved a human at all (which, depending on your feelings, may not have).

    Supposedly she did the production herself in which case, even though I have a low opinion of show biz types, I doubt that someone that competent is truly as weird as she makes herself out to be and that it’s some sort of Alice Copper-style media character stunt; but, who knows.

    • God it’s awful. And of course, it’s named Flesh Without Blood…. of course it is.

    • I’ve aquired a taste for Grimes.

      I saw my first video last night; she’s a a plainly pretty, smart Eurogirl. That surprised me.

      Our people will adapt, an improve what they touch. Thus hope stills burns.

      • Grimes actually is pretty attractive even though she tries to conceal it with her androgyne stylings. Nice face, good figure, clear skin, healthy hair, looks much younger than her stated 32 year age, Elon did pretty well in choosing his latest mate.

        This is a pretty good cut about the opioid epidemic that beats out anything from the satanic, hideous Billie Eilish:

        I would only say that I don’t think she needs to process her voice that much. Working the banjo lines into an electropop song is actually something I don’t think I’ve run across before, so well done on that.

        Comment from Grimes here:

        Sadly, she plans to raise the new arrival in gender-neutral fashion. I would hope that Elon puts his foot down about that. He can easily get other women.

        Speaking of Elon, he’s actually been super-based about this entire pandemic, and is solidly in the, “it’s just the flu, bro, ” camp:

        • Side note: maybe wrong, but perhaps ‘Grimes’ is a sly allusion.

          ‘Cypress Hill’ and ‘Lincoln Park’ are homages to suburbs in Detroit. Hip-hop’s Motown.

          But ‘Grimes’? A suburb of Des Moines.

  17. Evidently the US military is now considering banning potential recruits from enlisting if they have been hospitalized due to the effects of CV-19.

    German and other European medical centers are reporting those who survived a CV-19 infection are showing significant scarring in the lung tissue which is not as a result of being on a ventilator since not all CV-19 patients were put on ventilators.

    This would make for a pretty good argument that this is not a “typical” seasonal flu.

    • Its not. It can also trigger fatty liver disease according to some studies I’ve read.

      That still doesn’t make shutting down nearly the entire economy even remotely a good idea.

      In the end, if we are serious about preventing this, global trade and especially travel and immigration must go stop lest the next plague be the Black Death 2.0

      This won’t happen since global trade is about 57 trillion USD but it can’t be mitigated any other way.

      The thing is, something worse than this will happen and probably will create a new dark age While the rich think they are immune, this is not the case.

      Que Tom Lehrer

      We will all go together when we go.

      With a side chaser of Lord of War

      • Yes, that is what it will take to stop virus spread. Not banning people from taking their kids to the park, or playing baseball.

        Our elites seem to be in denial about this. Most major cities in Ontario are now allowing the call to prayers to play during Ramadan.

        Immigration can be turned off THIS EASY. Our elites want us replaced. So much bullshit about “muh dems not letting trump do anything on immigration”.

    • There’s a bunch of weird stuff about WuFlu. I’m not following developments closely (from a medical standpoint), but I can say that it definitely pushes the afflicted toward hyper coagulability, i.e. excessive blood clotting. This obviously includes pulmonary emboli, clots in the blood vessels in the lungs. There’s quite a bit of this in the recent medical literature. Personally I (peer) reviewed an imaging paper that was a case series of pulmonary embolism cases (in people without the usual risk factors for PE, such as cancer, prolonged immobility, etc) straight out of Wuhan.

  18. “…I think this week was when the actual spirit of those thousand years was finally chased out of the remaining serene groves and ancient arches where it still shyly lingered. This is what the end I have long feared actually looks like. We love Big Brother. I try to argue against the closure of the country, and a few listen, but in general I might as well be reading Russian verse to an audience of koalas (though they are not all as nice about it as koalas would be). England and Britain as I knew them are gone. They are now nothing more than geographical descriptions of a patch of land, into which some ugly new thing, its hour come round at last, will shortly slouch. I wish, oh how I wish, it were otherwise. ”

    Peter Hitchens “We Love Big Brother”

  19. I feel that the problem with the gun issue is that lefties can’t stop and think about WHY they don’t like guns. I’ve long known that gun ownership doesn’t always correlate with crime. But I still support gun control because of who tends to own guns. If lefties would at least be honest about it – then the debate might be more fruitful.

    • Gun control is taking away my right to own guns. For me it’s that simple. Thugs don’t care about the law. Gun control would be ineffective in controlling the people you think it would be intended for. You’re mistaken to think the Left cares to control these people. They don’t. Their only concern is to control the white populace. If we ever have gun control & we object it’s not working to lower crime, they will rationalize new reasons.

  20. Whatever should be done if they’re mad as Hell, had enough?

    Break the rules? Surely not so they actually stay broken?

    Surely its just a matter of a cup of coffee and talking to people to see things reasonably? Our way?

    Surely we don’t want bad optics?

    ^All of the above is necessary for this to end^. As far as being treated like children; when you fail this easy you really don’t want the adult version.

    If, IF we get a chance – organize.
    Organize men.
    Never mind what for, just organize.
    In meat space, yes.


    • A Kunsler’s comment: (Janos Skorzeny)

      “Communists of old, for all their ideological stupidity, had an organization. A semblance of a plan for taking over. Our men will take over the airways. The police stations. The state broadcaster. The army barracks. Worker unions will control factories and power plants. We will write the editorials.”

  21. The “flu” is the latest in the war waged on the little people. D-day and the Hiroshima bomb rolled into one punishing blow.

  22. I’m gonna be famous!

    Cuz I’m going postal if I get one more 5-minute lecture about how much they care as well as “press 1 for English…”

    See you in the headlines!

  23. Up until maybe Waco or Kazinski (early 90s), people still perceived that there had been only one big unexplainable “event” – namely JFK. Even though MLK, Jonestown, and Watergate had already occurred and fit that same weird mold: “facts” about the event were widely disputed within hours, information was revealed in dramatic fashion but with major pieces missing, multiple theories developed over time with threads of truth but mostly plausible deniability for institutions, and finally, Congressional hearings to produced the “official explanation”.

    It seemed to me anyway, that people seeing Janet Reno’s federal violence unleashed on these helpless people was a major turning point – like our own Mai Lai massacre. (Janet was truly a piece of work, and a little ahead of her time.)

    The events keep on coming, faster and bigger. People seem to have become both demoralized about them (fodder for Late Show jokes) and accustomed to them (who even thinks about the Las Vegas shooting?) In fact, the LV exercise seemed to be more about the FBI aggressively shutting the public up with their 2-3 day long televised stage play than whatever the incident had been about.

    There’s no adversarial media left to separate fact from fiction. MSM now thoroughly enjoys the obfuscation and are joyfully delighting in upending what used to be thought of as truth. The bigger the Lie, the more appealing— because it is disconcerting to a normal person. They relish the contradictions and view them as weapons of torment to common sense folk.

    • I agree, Waco made the scales fall from my eyes. I realized that the “news” was actually propaganda. The media was cheerleading for Clinton/Federal Government and instructing us about what monsters the Branch Dividians were.

  24. I feel the same way. As a Georgia resident, I felt that when the governor loosened things up people would rush out and do business regardless of the rules. It hasn’t happened. Things are slightly different in my small Republican town in a small Republican county. Our mayor says to get out and enjoy the Spring. Athens, Georgia next door, has a Democrat administration and a “diverse” population. The Athens mayor says that Athens is still in a state of emergency (the gov’s proclamation supersedes all local proclamations) and that everyone should stay home and not open their business.
    Visits to Wal-Mart or Kroger aren’t that different. Both limit the number of people allowed in at a time but there are no mask requirements and I’d say no more than half of the people wear them. Being retired, I go in the middle of the day and haven’t been to either when there were lines to get in.
    The thing I hate the most is that the Governor has extended the huddle-at-home rule for those over 65 (I’m 78). I don’t think it matters much but I’m a little leery of going to Athens lest I be stopped for “Driving while gray.” Most of the major retail has left Athens for my county due to the anti-business atmosphere in Athens but most of the large retail chains aren’t open yet.
    I’m waiting on the huge surge in infections in East Point, Ga because of the mob at Greenbriar Mall to buy Air Jordans.

    • Oconee?

      Barrow here.

      I’ve seen an abnormally high number of cars with NY and NJ plates for the past month or so. Yesterday on my commute home there was an SUV with a Commiefornia tag. From the amount of luggage on the top rack, it looks like they planned on an extended stay. Blech.

      • I’m seeing the same thing in Tuscaloosa. A lot of it is yankee refugee students with off campus housing (mostly Greeks) taking this as an opportunity to enjoy a four month series of house parties. Tuscaloosa isn’t enforcing shit compared to NY and NJ (whose plates are thick on the ground at my locale) so I don’t blame them for coming here. Sometimes their parents have tagged along to enjoy the cheap hotels.

        Another factor is that at least here at Alabama this is move out weekend from the dorms, hence the SUVs with luggage racks,

  25. I wouldn’t call it authoritarianism. I would call it totalitarianism. One is not the same as the other. You can have non-totalitarian authoritarianism, then you can have non-authoritarian totalitarianism, which is what we have now in the West. In totalitarianism, the rulers want to control every aspect of our lives.

    I would prefer non-totalitarian authoritarianism if had to choose between those two. Basically, neglect by the authorities.

  26. Some governors want to lock down till there is a working vaccine and then force everyone to take it or die. (starvation and worse)

    The problem is that experts say there may never be a working vaccine. Why? For starters, it is closely related to two other Coronaviruses, SARS and MERS. Neither of those have vaccines, and they have been trying hard for years for a vaccine. Seems both use “ADE” which I take to mean they can attack the white blood cells themselves. Anyway, a vaccine may be a long, long way off unless they just want to sell an expensive farce.

    On the other hand, many don’t believe in vaccines anyway. Better to keep your body healthy and let your natural defenses … well … defend you.

    Bottom line is that I am very, very, very angry. I’ll hit the first bastard that messes with me. Yes even a woman. I have had it.

    • Well, the lock downs are the immune system of Globohomo trying to see if it can throw off the Trump virus. Personally, I hope Globohomo has AIDS even though Trump is just a gasbag.

      • You can say it, you should say it.
        “OK Boomer”.
        I was in high school in the relaxed 70s- muscle cars and canyon keggers ruled, Aerosmith and Kiss sang, chicks could wear pants in school, and they chose bell-bottoms and hip-huggers. (What bell-bottoms did for a nice behind, I can’t describe.)

        I was raised on stories of what you face.
        You’re a young man in the Prohibition.

        Preachers told you every day you were a sinner, and the Government would save your soul. The stock markets boomed while farmers grew lean and hungry.

        Gangsters in suits stole the headlines, as breathless journalists celebrated the rising tide of political corruption.

        Makeshift businesses scrabbled in every shadow. The real world marched on, with opportunity and desperation vying for equal attention.

        Some moved to the country. Some moved to the city. Some prepared as best they could, yet envied and scorned the shabby fun of those who played fast and loose.

        We expect a Depression, because that’s what happened before. This is the source of your anger, the prediction that your future was stolen, that the indolence we knew has blinded us to the short change you inherit.

        Possibly. Probably. Yet you have what we have lost- your youth. None of us got what we planned for. You still live in a world of miracles, and have the time to learn new tricks.

        I thought it was all over for me when I was 30. I was forced to change- it sucked, mightily- and I’m still here. So will you be. Let your anger power your determination– f**k those bastards, you’re going to win, to wrest something from this wicked world, and you will never, ever, ever quit.
        Go hunting with fire in your belly.

        I was afraid to ask. What I didn’t know was that what employers really need is simply someone who will show up. They told me, and then said that they would happily train me in all the rest, if they could just get someone they could rely on to show up.

    • The NJ Governor appears to be really getting off on his new power while having absolutely no idea what to do. NJ is barely fiscally solvent on a good day, now we’re in free-fall. Maybe he’s trying to hold us hostage until Trump agrees to a state bailout.

      • Drake, that’s what this is all about.

        The Bailout of the insolvent state and city patronage economy.
        The Other Wall Street.

      • Good luck getting that past Cocaine Mitch.

        He gets his way and States get to go bankrupt and he sends in Federal receivers which NY, NJ, Cali and Illinois among others really do not want.

        The other hope is that everyone blames the Republicans and the Democrats get a big win.

        People however always vote wallet and come to that are not that stupid are aware of what state is open and who is not . They do not blame President Trump of the Republicans for a Democrat managed crisis. They might be dumb enough to reelect them certainty Karens are but the balance won’t change or might shift a bit Republican in some swing states.

        D States are screwed and they know it.

        My guess is roughly most of the welfare state we have will die and this means higher savings, less debt and more consummation.

        Multiply lockdown duration in months by three. After that we will have moved from Depression to serious recession

        Double that number and we will move to moderate recession and we will stay at that level i for a really long time with high unemployment and a lot less borrowing by the private sector . A lot of bullets, beans, bandaids and bills but not much “fun economy”

        Once private sector debt is paid down or at least as much as possible , maybe a decade later-we’ll have a smaller economy , a higher savings rate a fairly lower debt. There will be claims of growth but this will be a lie.

        No idea after that and for all I know we might have a USSR style collarless or boog along the way

        • I can’t think of a worse hill for the shit-libs to die on than State bailouts.
          Every Republican would be hammering the list of $250k assistant diversity coordinators, Cops on $150k pensions, Town managers of 50,000 population towns making twice what every state governor makes etc etc,
          It’s just about the only thing I can think of that might pry normies eyes open.

  27. Interesting things going on in Texas. Everything is open again, with the usual “six feet of space” and all of that stuff. Parks, golf courses, rivers, and beaches are full of people enjoying Spring days. Restaurants, bars, movie houses, and malls are empty. Perhaps people have been broken out of the idea that enjoying your day and spending a bunch of money go together. The restaurant and mall people are very nervous about this turn of events.

    Speaking of Texas, the San Antonio city council has banned the use of the terms “Wuhan Virus” and “Kung Flu”, because it leads to anti-semitism. I kid you not.

    • Their heads will explode if anyone uses the word “niggardly” in their presence.

      • How about this one?

        Sir Humphrey: (describing a mysterious new African president) All we know is that he’s an enigma.
        Hacker: Humphrey, I don’t care for that word.
        Sir Humphrey: Enigma?

        Oh and don’t you go Sniggering at something, now.

    • The terms “Wuhan Virus” and “Kung Flu” lead to anti-semitism? Aren’t they anti-Chinaman terms?

    • A few years ago I spent six months in San Antonio for a navy school. I can honestly say that there aren’t many places in the US I hate as much as SA. What an unbelievable shithole.

      • Most cities have made it a point to clean up their downtowns so the SWPL Pumpkin Spice/Lululemon types feel comfortable. Not San Antonio. Just a grimy, 3rd World shithole.

        • San Antonio’s demographics tell you all you need to know about it. And the (((mayor’s name))).

      • True, but in SanAnton I heard of a local legend, the white deer of San Antonio.

        At two a.m., still out in the sticks, there they were. A herd of white deer, on either side of a back road, come out from under those scrubby pinyon pines.

      • A thing about San Antonio is its reputation as having top-notch TexMex restaurants. I’ve eaten all around SA with insiders for decades and the TexMex and other foods there are bottom barrel. Blech. Whereas there are some really excellent TexMex restaurants in other parts of Texas.

        • Gooch – I was not impressed either. CA and NM both to “Mexican” style cooking better than TX.

    • Dutch the vacant malls etc are a long-term bonus if this sticks. Keeping my fingers crossed that a few weeks of enforced small-scale sociability will have some persistent effects. We’re going to need tighter belts to ride this out. 104 million out of the workforce is going to be one helluva damper on spending as well.

      6 trillion dollars has vanished faster than Gay Mulatto’s stimulus and 99% of Americans have little to show for it.

      Woke: Kurzarbeit

      Broke: Americans

      Joke: bankers-first bailout policy

      Good to see that San Antonio is focusing on what’s really important rather than how its citizens are going to pay rent & bills for the next year-plus.

      • As far as I’m concerned anything that gets Americans off mindless consumption is a miracle sent by God. If we suffer for it, it’s the suffering of addicts getting clean.

        • Yes, but cold turkey has killed addicts in some cases. Weaning off is the name of the game.

          • I absolutely agree about cold turkey, but we got thrown in detox. It’s going to suck, but we might as well embrace it at this point.

      • Ex,
        It’s a great program on top of their already existing social programs. The article itself is a riot. It took him a dozen paragraphs to even mention that people’s lives would be negatively affected by all of this. It never seemed to enter his thinking that all of these social support programs were designed to keep their people from spiraling into poverty. All he could seemingly conceive was that it was an alternative approach to jumpstarting the economy once a crisis had passed. The long-term fate of a populace without these social supports didn’t even register as a cipher in his mind

        • YY, it’s particularly egregious that the U.S. doesn’t implement something like this where our reserve currency advantage would mitigate the long-term cost-to-benefit ratio more effectively than Germany can (even accounting for their “captive market” advantages in the EU).

          I haven’t done napkin-math on this but it certainly seems that “trickle-up” economics would serve more social interests than the solely elite-centered benefits of the hallowed trickle-down version prescribed in the Book of Ronaldus & still being preached by Father Kudlow – whose wife was at the head of the line for stimulus bucks, of course. Even more so in a crisis situation like this where the immediate social disruption is more important than long-term effects.

          But then again, the Empire’s loss is ultimately our gain.

    • I’ve been referring to this as the cornholeya H1B virus for at least a couple of months now because it’s obviously designed to screw you in the ass one way or another and because it probably made its way here because of “international ” workers.

  28. The food may be running out faster than we think. Our here in rural Hoosier country, it is almost impossible to get a hog or steer butchered in 2020. Not June of 2020, I mean at any point in 2020. Our grocery stores have almost no chicken. Wendys are not serving hamburgers. There is a quiet but growing sense that we are on the edge of a serious food crisis. I hope your exit plan from Lagos has an emergency provision because if the natives get hungry, they are going to be looking for some white meat if you know what I am saying.

    • Yep, people here don’t know about being hungry or scared of starvation. My father was in occupied Europe. Basically, his full time job was two fold: keeping his eye out for Germans (who were looking for laborers), and obtaining food (and by food I mean anything edible). He was from a family of 11.

      I can still remember discussions on how to detect rancid (spoiled meat) as vs edible meat (hint, it’s not necessarily smell or greenish slim). I can tell you how to tell the difference between cat and rabbit and rat. They are all too similar when skinned and have the head off. So why tell the difference? You paid less for rat—but you eat everything!

      We don’t know shit about hardship in this country—and that includes myself, but that’s why my father came here.

  29. Was reading about the early settlers at the Jamestown colony: Of the original 500, 60 or so lived. Nice to see our pioneering spirit is still strong and that Americans are willing to take chances to show their mettle. Seriously, I think this is just an existential crises for pussies realizing death and mortality still exist and they can’t deal with it. Even with the overblown and fabricated numbers of deaths from Corona, the mortality rate would have made the postmodern world look like a paradise to anyone who lived before the 20th century (hell, most of the 20th Century as well). Someone explain to that Fauci boy that Mom and Dad have been sneaking to the pet store to replace his pet goldfish every few months because they didn’t want him to know about death. But now it’s time for The Talk.

  30. I can see why you’re so angry! I noticed this little gem in the next to last story

    “Trump advised the country’s governors “try to get it yourself,” forcing states and hospitals into competition with one another for lifesaving PPE.”

    It is amazing to me how such obvious lies become established fact over time. This is only after a month of two! In 20 years, this will be the official story with nobody to inject any semblance of truth.

    Kind of like how the newspapers completely controlled the narrative of the 60s and now it is absolute fact that the cops were beating non-violent protestors who were mad that blacks could sit in a lunch bar. This is just absolutely unquestioned truth today and to say you don’t believe it is to advertise what a bad person you are and probably in need of therapy and maybe some pills. Just like in 20 years after every account and video that shows what really happened in Charlottesville is gone, the newspapers will be the sole source of information and how the white supremacists went to Charlottesville to attack blacks and re-assert their “white privilege”

    • I had this same thought in a conversation yesterday, almost verbatim.
      The girlfriend and I are thinking about having kids in a few years. I’m sickened just thinking about the text-books and the historical/social documentaries my progeny will be expected to accept as gosepl in 10, 20 years.
      We are trying to form some kind of community of our own, which is difficult because our immediate relations and family are mainly shit-libs in the true sense of the term. Until we form some kind of actual community, I just can’t see how I can raise a kid and have him/her be a little dissident, against the grain on their entire culture, society. Its been tough enough for me, I can’t imagine what it might be like for a child. On the other hand, I don’t know if I could just nod along with the BS and watch my kid absorb the propaganda just so they could “fit in”…
      Sorry for the rant. Its been on my mind.

      • If I were young and having kids TODAY, homeschooling would be the only option. Public schools are dangerous to begin with and they are little more than propaganda mills. I know some people with school aged children and the kind of stuff they are being taught is just nauseating. It’s not just that they are being taught such obvious lies, but it is also the propaganda they are forced to read as reading assignments. They are forced to read books loaded with LGBT propaganda, race propaganda, war propaganda etc. Leaked lessons about substituting cucumbers and carrots for dildos if the student is too embarrassed to buy them or can’t afford them! Pamphlets with instructions on how to have safe anal sex and the like. It is just awful!

        What can you do to keep them out of the wider world of propaganda. This shit is EVERYWHERE. It’s on network TV, it’s in the movies, the “music” is loaded with POZ and race stuff. It is in popular media like magazines. Teen Vogue puts out some of the worst of this bullshit. The books written for the “teen” market is nothing but drugs, homosexuality and race-mixing. The culture is just so saturated with this stuff.

        • Tars, my god, I didn’t know it was THAT bad in public schools! We were thinking homeschooling was the only option. I think its DEFINITELY the only option now!
          The cultural question is a big concern of mine. That’s why ideally I could have a community of similar minded people, families to raise my children within, to at least form a barrier against the cultural rot.
          Honestly, I remember my Mom would try to ban my siblings and I from watching MTV growing up. Even modern kids shows are essentially WORSE than MTV was back then.

        • This is how the Germans got Nazism. More than half of the German people looking around at the degenerate wreckage of their society and screaming ANYTHING is better than this. Less than half supported the Nazis but many of the rest still wanted the pozz gone, but had pathway preferences other than the Nazis by which to do it.

          • Horace, totalitarianism of one sort or another walks in the door when dreams are widely dashed, every time.

      • Renard, don’t apologize. It’s a very important thought. More than one person on this blog has scolded Whites in general for not breeding enough. But if you perceive the odds are that in having children they will have their values and understanding undermined by a sick society…why bother?

        • Compsci, thanks man. I totally agree with you. While I know the “make babies” mantra is well intentioned, it often ignores the practical and existential difficulty of raising those babies in our current culture.
          Sometimes I honestly don’t know how I could allow my son or daughter to participate in even menial cultural norms (“my daughter wants to play on the volley-ball team where she’ll wear skin-tight bundies and be sexualized as a 14 year old!? No way!”)

          I think combating the culture and/or forming counter cultural communities should be top priority for the dissident right. I also think its harder than just “joining a church” too. I think that should be the next goal for us. I’m not a fan of Trump, but once he’s gone, things will only accelerate. We should be prepared.

          • If you wanted children before you thought of this stuff, then you should certainly not view the evil of the wider world at this particular time as a reason not to have them. The future belongs to those who show up for it. As it is, the best white fertility rate is conservative Christians.
            If you wanted children, have them. It is only if you never wanted kids before that you should consider not having kids.

            This is actually one of the evils of birth control and abortion. People had kids in the great depression, they had them during the black death! People came to America with absolutely nothing and had kids. My mother and father were born in the depths of the great depression!
            Luckily for all of us, having kids or not was largely out of the control of our ancestors. Sex led to kids and nobody wants to not have sex whether there is a recession, depression, pandemic or war.

            Clownworld sux, but that doesn’t mean you should make it suck more by not doing what you wanted to do! You will find a way to steel your kids from the culture and the people who hate them and you and want you to be childless and joyless.

          • Over time birth control and abortion is making whites lower IQ and more tribal, more religious, more conservative.

            The school curriculum is very worrying. They’re taught that “toxic masculinity” is bad, whites are bad, homos are good. Straight up, not even hidden in propaganda. Sickening.

            Most whites coming out of public schools are negro-obsessed and selling/using drugs. What else would they do.

            Parents need to play an active role in their kids’ education. But have kids. Even if you don’t believe in it find a Christian church/community you can raise them in.

          • Thanks for all the comments, advice, and encouragement. I have been lurking this comment section for a while now, its such a good one, I really appreciate it.

          • Once Trump is gone, the only hope we’ll have is to focus on the small and local organization. Trump is the last “great White hope”. Most folk here realize this. Indeed, they decry Trump exactly for that reason—he postpones the inevitable which must occur first. Reality is a hard bastard to face.

      • Renard,

        Have children. Many. Do your best. I’ve got one wandering the wilderness because they didn’t listen and the other two are doing great. It’s tough watching them struggle to juxtapose your messages and the world’s.. and even tougher when you see the world win out and they are adrift. But still worth it. Again, do your best.

      • Renard Fox, I would urge you to create your children. If you fail to do so, in the teeth of their sh*tstorm, then they have won. Barren and futureless is exactly what they want you to be. Don’t give it to them.

  31. My perception is that the 80 – 20 rule is now in play. Approximately 80% of Normies know the lockdown is now pointless, but the 20% Karen and Cuck faction are extremely committed to authoritarianism, extremely vocal, extremely well-financed, and extremely well-supported by the cloud people.

    Most people, including this commentator, are too nice to pick a fight on a regular basis. Maybe shortages and empty shelves change this dynamic, maybe people get tired of the hectoring, or maybe the sheer stupidity angers people? I am not sure where I will make my entry point?

    • That’s the issue. Normal people avoid these tedious debates with the scolds. I know I do. I’m being less vigilant of late, as I’m losing patience with this nonsense. I’ve had a few confrontations now with people playing flu police.

      • The virus mania adds a different element to the usual scold position: actual flu police.

        At the park down the way, an actual uniformed city drone employee in yellow vest and lotsa patches and gear was lording over the park making sure no balls or frisbees were in play and that bodies were sufficiently spaced. A few days ago, before covid cop, it looked like spring break out there. It was great.

        Granted, around here no balls is the norm, but the virus has emboldened the K&C cohort because the authorities are visibly on the right side of history along side them. No fun having is the official position.

      • The other day, I thought I was headed toward a confrontation when I told someone to take off the mask because I could not understand them. There was a long pause, followed by genuine relief. I created a safe space where masks were not allowed.

      • I thought I was tapped out of patience, but think I’m getting a temporary second wind that will be short-lived. It’s an involuntary reaction to retain my senses of sanity and humor. I’m without mask at all shopping, and I purposely question the rules when ordered to “stand in the taped box” or “don’t move ahead yet”. It makes the employees question their own sanity if I smile the whole time.
        There was a post on the local chapter of by a woman that was enraged at her perceived loose enforcement of social distancing at a local Walmart. She then went into a tirade about not being able to get the Governor (DeSantis, FL) on the phone so he could straighten it out! A huge discussion ensued where most were backing her, women and men. I told you my second wind would be short-lived.

      • I have to agree with Z-man. l’m losing it as well. Did so just a couple hours ago with the wife. We had a rare opportunity to hit the stores (now reopening). However, the stores/businesses—some of those I’ve been going to all during this fiasco—have continued to tighten the screws down on how they interact with the public. Bad examples: Costco requires masks, UPS now does not allow more than three people inside at a time, Chick fil A no longer takes orders inside—drive in and website only.

        Wife of course started up with the same old song and dance…”They’re just doing their best…Be nice…It’s not that much trouble…etc”. I lost it. I replied, at Costco, “If they told you to get down on all fours and bark like a dog before entering you’d do that to keep the peace?”

        Wrong response I’m finding out. 🙁

        • Compsci – Good for you for standing your ground. I’m sorry if you’re getting either the silent treatment or whatever, but don’t give in. Who’s she going to follow, the Karens’ rules or yours? You’re the head of the household and she ought to respect your stance and your lead. Going along to get along (“Be nice . . It’s not that much trouble”) is what got us here in the first place.

          • 3g4me,

            It is completely okay for the wives to disagree, they just needn’t expect that’ll change us from doing what we want. I don’t take direction from someone I feed, house and protect. My teens also think they give good unheeded advice. It goes in the same hopper. No need to rage at them.

        • Get the same from the Mrs.

          “You can’t get upset, it won’t do anything” (If women were in charge we’d still be in grass huts. Nicely appointed grass huts, to be sure, but grass huts nevertheless… where we could wait in relative comfort until an early death from appendicitis or raiders took us).

          “You just dont like rules or being told what to do.” (We dated in high school and I remember breaking a LOT of rules with you, Sweetie).

          Clearly the parentheses are my thoughts and not my mouth noises. No need to rage at Mrs. Penitent when there’s plenty of worthier candidates out there.

          Still, I wonder if she knows every swallowed retort just makes it worse for the next jackass I run into. Ah well, bless her dear heart. 😁

          • PM this all sounds so familiar. Mrs. management, it’s a thing. They aren’t coping too well with all of these goings on lately.

      • “the 80 – 20 rule”
        I somehow misread that as “02 do 80”.
        Late-onset dyslexia or something. Weird.

  32. “Most people on the left are hopeless.”

    ^^^^This. 1000x this.^^^^

  33. All the speculation about Kim Jong un has really been something. I think my favorite was when they said he was holed up somewhere drinking and drugging with his two thousand concubines. Good to be king!

    The most important part of that of course was the media getting everything wrong as usual and in that vein it should be noted that the gell-mann amnesia hypothesis has been scrubbed from Wikipedia. Go check it out for yourself.
    Even the speech that Michael Crichton gave called why speculate which was the origin of it has become difficult enough to find that when I did find it I printed it out. I have a really weird collection of printed out documents now

  34. America fell for it, America gets what it deserves. Hope everyone out there is well-prepared and taking heart. We’re in the process of being renewed. Just have to get through the tough part.

  35. Mentioning Hitler’s Revenge on the 75 year anniversary of VE Day (a holiday here in France and across the Channel in the U.K.) was a nice touch.

  36. “A 1 percent increase in the unemployment rate will be associated with 37,000 deaths [including 20,000 heart attacks], 920 suicides, 650 homicides, 4,000 state mental hospital admissions and 3,300 state prison admissions.”

    This is from a study taken in 1982 when the population was was 250 million.

    Add to that the increased dysfunction and fragmentation of all social institutions and communities, especially for whites, and those numbers are probably on the low end despite medical and infrastructure improvements.

    As bad as things are and will get … the indifference to the econ hamster wheel and the political system that has orchestrated it will now be viewed with suspicion by more and more people. Give people time to reflect and some will reflect. More people will begin to question things and become more curious about various forms of dissent. We will be coming out of Covid 19..84 and into a new fevered hysteria about white unicorns on the hunt for innocent blacks, a need for more H1Bs to rebuild America and a political campaign season with the D-Party now even more anti-white and the R-Party even more J’ed up. The system is pushing people our way.

    Opportunities to grow the entire spectrum of dissent within the white tribe will increase and continue to increase. Let’s remember that our tribe evolved with its own internal symbiotic diversity which is now badly muddled up. In-group conflicts can be dealt with when we control our destiny. Giving other whites some slack and taking a rain-check on disagreements is not cucking. Not labeling misguided members of our tribe by using the language of our enemies is an act of defiance. Anti-whites are the enemy where we need to keep our focus. Never play fetch. Never let them define the landscape.

  37. 1. The fact that the people are just fine with being forced to lockdown indefinitely means that they aren’t very happy with their lives to start with. If one enjoyed life, had ambitions, etc. they wouldn’t be happy with the lockdown. Especially the suburbanites/soccer moms. Karens. Row after row of cookie cutter house, hours of commuting, dominating their beta husband she never fucks, and weird foreigners all over. Sounds like a shitty life.

    2. Some of the people most in favour of shutting down are leftists, who are the most degenerate people. Guy that can’t go 2 hours without smoking weed is gung ho about the closures. Hoe girl who sleeps around is suddenly concerned about virus spread! Same with the homos! Conservatives are going on as normal, proceding with caution but not fear.

    3. Whites are massive pussies on average and we deserve what’s coming to us, for our cowardice.

    • Yes. Getting paid to stay home has printed millions of new welfare queens. Full of resentment toward those would dare produce the things they consume or actually enjoy the neighborhoods they virtual schoolmarm from their sofas and porches.

      The loneliness of modernity is real and the panic has given them purpose and power as agents of big daddy gov’t, the only alpha in the room, to dole out their misery to everyone else.

      Leftists have a longing for death and destruction so all this is really getting them spun up.

      The big hubub here was the debate over which was worse: white people celebrating cinco de mexico by queueing up at the local taco shop or that those white people were not standing six feet apart. These are not the concerns of a people long for this world.

      • The state is not an alpha. It has only coopted and repurposed all of the Alpha’s tools. Like a PUA beta masquerading with a fake job and canned stories of their valor.

    • Per point #3, whites are still too tied into the system and still have life on easy, materially comfortable terms, myself included.

      I’m not eager to be the first guy to charge into No Man’s Land, I admit it.

    • Texas reopened, and everybody went to the beach instead.

      A mask is a cheap price to pay to escape the rat race. I think a lot of people would welcome the dole.

      The global Lockdown may be a test of the framework for the coming 5G automated, Internet-of-Things future.

      The elites see their new economy as post-worker, just as they once saw it as post-industrial. “Income” and “taxes” won’t mean the same thing or play the same roles, either.

    • Per point #1, there are a lot of office jobs that are nearly meaningless. 50 years from now no one will care what you wrote in the description of that engineering change order to alter the cable sleeving on April 23rd, 2019.

      I’m in an office environment near a manufacturing floor for defense electronic, and there is no sense of urgency with regard to the virus and all the people laid off. People still spend half the day bullshitting about their kids, garden, or what they are going to put in the meat smoker this weekend.

  38. It looks like the abnormal is the new normal. The NYC area politicians seem comfortable with open ended lock downs. Indefinitely closing down NYC! It is probably paranoia, but it reminds me of Pol Pot driving the city people into the countryside. They are a hundred times scarier than the virus.

    • I’m waiting for the virusocracy to unleash their version of the Red Guards and the 4 Olds.

      On our side, it’s been interesting to note the near total lack of activity from the 2A/3% tough guys. So much for dying on their feet.

      Meanwhile, normiecucks are utterly convinced the return of sportsball is right around the corner.

      • From what I’ve observed, the people most involved with the protest movements are small business owners.

        They being the ones the extended quarantines were explicitly designed to crush.

        • Are you saying that there might be political motivations at work here from our leaders?

    • Statistically, that’s what’s happening. About half of NJ’s population planned to leave within five years — and that’s *before* Murphy’s corona floundering.

    • “It is probably paranoia, but it reminds me of Pol Pot driving the city people into the countryside. They are a hundred times scarier than the virus.”

      I dread it. Here come the locusts.

      • Garage salons on a cash basis are already happening as well as in-home hairstyling by appointment, also for cash.

      • That’s really strange, but perhaps true. Note that the governors seem to have carefully coiffed hairdos.
        Was there some line from Orwell’s “Animal Farm” about everyone being equal but some are more equal than others?

    • I was next door to New Rochelle the day King Cuomo declared their lockdown. The other governor monkeys saw what he did and followed suit, making him King Monkey.

      If we took NYC/NJ out of the equation, the Panicdemic would be far less. The media and AWFLs are in New York.

      King Cuomo started the spread. Being told that hospitals would be overwhelmed, he forced the uninfected nursing homes to take in Covid patients to make space.

      So, the spread is in the nursing homes.

      • I’d like to add for the record that rehab centers, nursing homes, and such have always been hotbeds for the spread of disease. Special precautions are common. In those cases, I do as asked and in some cases, have even stayed out because I was not direct family. Anyone so oblivious of the situation with such a population is beyond ignorant—evil.

  39. Yes, governments and the MSM are fighting hard to prolong this crisis. The difference in headlines between the MSM and non-traditional media is astounding, except for the left leaning sites, of course, who still take the time to attack Trump, push for climate change, and despite all the statistics, continue to say we’re all going to die. But therein lies the problem. It doesn’t matter how many stats you throw at them, even though the stats are coming directly from the horse’s mouth (CDC, WHO, etc.) they simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that this virus is only very slightly worse than the seasonal flu. The politicians have not bothered, for the most part, to read the stats either and instead, pander to frightened people because, you know, it will win votes. There are no real leaders out there. Therefore, people will continue to act batshit crazy to the point where they take your temperature before entering their store or boarding a flight, etc. Wearing masks will become compulsory, plexiglass between office cubicles will become standard and sporting and cultural events non-existent. The culture of fear rules over politics and common sense.

    • The stats don’t matter to hoax believers because they are in the grip of a mass psychosis. These people would have fit right into Jonestown.

      Unfortunately my last sentence seems to describe 75-80% of Western society.

      • Howard. And perhaps the other—normal—20% are in gun shops. 😉

        Just yesterday I was in a new gun shop with a friend that I had not been in before. Very busy. 10 person limit—not there. Mask wearers—not apparent. Social distancing—not on your life—owner was introduced to me, he reached over and shook my hand.

        I thought I was in a scene from “Back to the Future”.

    • I am picturing that montage scene in “Office Space” when Peter goes F all. Grabs a drill, removes the door knob to the office door, pulls down the degrading motivational banner, skips work to go fishing then cleans a fish at his desk, laying the guts atop the TPS reports, and then unscrews the wall panel of his cube, letting it fall to the ground to expose the view out the window. A compliant middle aged lady looks on with shock and confusion.

      The foundation of the absurd clown world is maintained by rote habituation of those minute, degrading things that add up over time, reinforced not by strength but by the tension of repetition.

      The grand inversion works only as long as those tiny things at its base continue. The inverted pyramid of absurdity can topple. We just need a few more guys with drills to remove some screws.

    • Yes, governments and the MSM are fighting hard to prolong this crisis

      It also works to weaken your immune system. The immune system depends on regular input from bacteria and virus, and if you wash, clean and sterilize everything around you, it’s like a computer virus scanner not getting updates.

    • If this means Lizzo, Adele, et al, never hold another concert, I’ll take that as a win.

  40. The rules are arbitrary, they do not pass a logic test. Why am I required to self quarantine for leaving the state for one day by car, but a business dude can fly in from New York City and conduct business without self quarantining?

    • C’mon, everyone knows that the virus only spreads at hair salons and the gym, but not at WalMart, Costco, or Target!

    • The rules don’t pass the logic test because they are not supposed to. The point of the rules is thoughtless obedience; that’s what they want. Our masters can live with any amount of distrust or even contempt but they cannot brook defiance.

  41. I’ve written about this before. Here in So Cal the temperatures have been in the 90’s this week. The streets are mostly empty. I never thought I wouldn’t be glad to see that. I’ve been putting in ten to fifteen miles a day on the fat tire bike. Everywhere I go I see people walking around alone, no one near for hundreds of yards, yet they wear their masks like they were visiting a plague ward. How much risk is there for these poor folk? Virtually none. And how much protection does their paper, or home-made mask offer from the virus? Virtually none. The mask is THE virtue signal of this most depressing period. It tells the world, “I believe the TV news, and I’m proud to do what I’m told. I’m helping!!” It’s very difficult to stay silent. I’ve been sore tempted to ride up to one of these people, and just yell. I used to depend on the local Next Door for news of coyote sightings or petty crime in the neighborhood. I can’t even click it anymore. The scolds are all posting, “I see people out walking WITHOUT MASKS!!! OMG they’re gonna kill us all! They not only obey their TV, they take great pride in doing so.


    • The best are people driving with masks. “Can never be too safe!”
      Oh yeah? Then how about wearing a helmet at all times? You know, you can never be too safe.

      • I’ll dispense useful advice here.

        Buy a seatbelt safety knife and keep it in a compartment next to the driver. You can add more of them, they aren’t particularly expensive.

        I once arrived at the scene of a car accident where a driver couldn’t get out because her seatbelt stuck. Two of us tried like Hell to get her out from there but the gas tank had ruptured and instead I got to watch her burn to death five foot away clawing at the glass. If the victim had a seatbelt cutter, she could have freed herself.

        This has been an unpleasant public safety announcement. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

      • “people driving with masks”
        Oh, it gets better than that.
        The other day I happened to be at a stop light when I noted in my rear view mirror a fellow who had just parallel parked. He got out of his car wearing a surgical mask, then proceeded to put another mask on over the first mask.

    • I have two things for you:

      1) Medical experts have told us that the common idiots wearing those masks are doing more damage than good. They don’t know what the masks are for or how to wear them properly. Let surgeons wear the damn things when at work.

      2) If you are out in the sunshine in warm weather a virus can not live for more than one second. How fucking far will a virus get from your face in under a second?

      • Here, here. It hit 107 degrees this week. I could barely stand out in the sun myself for more than a few minutes—that’s how intense it is. Yet at Costco, there is an employee spraying all carts in the parking lot with disinfectant when returning them to reuse. Costco now requires masks for customers, so I no longer am a customer.

        All theater. In this field, my favorite guru is Bruce Schneier, known for IT security, but also quite conversant in the field of personal security as well. He coined the term, “security theater” a couple of decades ago. And that’s what it is, security theater—all show, no effect.

        • We’re still in the 40’s F but although wet the sun is out and has mostly baked off the gray. I walk 5-10 miles/day in the park system illegally (Chicago), “somebody” tore down the flimsy nylon barriers erected hastily around the park perimeter and lake shore. Additionally, I ride along the lakefront until my path is blocked by CPD or the occasional helicopter (oddly no drones here, we usually have some). I greet them with “how is Mayor Hair & Nails, still seeing her ‘beautician’ (pronounced cough) today?” All I receive in return so far is, “sir, the park is closed and you need to leave.” I comply until the next ride, usually they don’t even bother. It’s all about their pensions if you don’t peeve them off.

        • It’s getting hard to go anywhere where stores will let you shop without mask harassment.

          Look, I take mask precautions when I go the Neighborhood Walmart Grocery Store because it looks like Mogadishu in there. I’m not going to be stupidly stubborn and catch this lame thing. Common sense, not terrified to death, I just dont need a case of the flu right now.

          Haven’t run into the thermometer at the door thing yet. I think I’m going to go with a pleasantly toned, “Get the f*** away from me with that thing.”

          Patience is getting thin with this charade here too, Mrs. Penitent is just about fed up with my grumbling.

    • JWM,

      I’m not too far from you I think. Next Door and Brushparty Line were good for cougar, coyote and smoke spotting. Not so much now.

      My favorite is seeing the people masked and alone driving their cars. Or dodging my presence in the hardware store aisle because they are clearly concerned about this flu… with their mask over their mouth and their nose out in the open.

      Its f**ing basic understanding of epidemiology and virology… but I guess it’s just voodoo to some. Have talisman.. will travel.

  42. I haven’t seen much of an outcry about Hawaii arresting tourists who refuse to stay in the hotel rooms for two weeks. One couple was arrested on the beach. They are deliberately destroying their economy.
    Here is a pastor in Worcester, Massachusetts, defying the state orders limiting church to less than 10 people. He had 40 people attend his first service after reopening and is getting fined $300 for every service. The big question, like in the case of the hairdresser in Texas is how far will the government go to prosecute violators? I could easily see Democrat dominated states putting liens on property for unpaid fines, etc. Will fed up people continue to defy insane lock down orders if the government enforces them with tyrannical punishment?

    • If that were my church, I’d toss in a ten spot for the service. Still cheaper than a movie ticket and better for you—at least they have their priorities correct, God over man.

  43. The extent to which women run our society cannot be underestimated.

    Everywhere you look, you see nonsensical slogans like “door closed, hearts open.” Only a society existing on the fumes of past glory openly states such hooey.

    This land is ready for a master, and deserves one.

    • Women used to run in the background but with feminism 2.0 this is what we get. Kevin Grace has the saying that the price of matriarchy is eternal panic. And indecision, and authoritarian and nonsense and , well you all know that post here.

      • Every so often I like to look to the past. The Victorians appeared to have several interesting and effective solutions to the problem of hysterical women. Smart folks, those.

        • Victorian physicians who catered to female problems had very developed arm muscles.

    • A house down the street has two signs in the yard that show the laughable hypocrisy and cluelessness of upper-middle class, suburban white women.

      On one side of the sidewalk leading up to the house is a sign that says “Hate Has No Home Here” below which the slogan is written in five or six other languages.

      On the other side of sidewalk is a sign with the name of private security company that monitors and protects her house.

      • Sounds like they could use an “ears closed, legs open” sign to go along with those

      • Those “hate has no home here” crack me up.

        Whenever I see one I always comment to wife ” yeah well, it might have no home there – but it did just buy a luxury condo on the next road over”.

        I’ve often thought about putting that sign on my front lawn, but dealing with the rabid Karen assaults make it not worth the trouble.

      • I’ve taken to noting which homes have those “Hate Has No Home Here” signs. Why? Oh, no reason at all, really.

    • 5PT is the only solution to the “Women Question.” The layers of feminist incentives and anti-White-male deterrents are too well-established for an inside-the-system fix.

      We have to lead, some of them will follow. Then we raise the next generation of women with better values. We’ll lose some to liberalism Red & Blue, but we’ll keep some too.

      One feminist is too many in any community hoping to keep their daughters down on the farm and away from “Sex in the City.”

    • To paraphrase Orwell… “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Karen wagging her finger under the nose of a vulgar prole – Forever”

  44. The management of anger: down in Georgia it looks like they’ve got this cycle’s Trayvon.

    • If there’s video of that guy robbing the house, the media pivot is going to be glorious.

      If not, those two are goners.

      • I wouldn’t count on a media pivot. The left is indifferent to property crimes committed by “youths.” Even if they have him on video committing robbery, there will be calls for blood. Most of these same people still wanted Darren Wilson charged after it was proven beyond any doubt Michael Brown was trying to take his service weapon to kill him.

        • The media is out for blood on this one.

          Just look at the photos they’re using to push this. The smiling, vibrant youth in his tuxedo, beaming about his future versus the surly looking whites in their hunting camo.

          • 1. is he a NOI dude or just given an Arabic name like Ahmaud?

            2. Who is the one filming? It’s not a dash cam. It looks like somebody is driving behind him filming with an iPhone.

            3.He’s in a fight with the guy on the ground, then gets shot from the truck. Self defense?

            4. Anything that further sours race relations is good for our side.

            Anyways, something is off about this and I’m sure more will come out in the next few weeks.

          • This is the best summary:

            “There’s no reason why the McMichaels should have confronted Arbery even if he’s guilty of everything they suspect him of. They’re not cops. They didn’t personally witness him commit any crime.”

            I am sympathetic to the McMichaels. Vibrant crime was increasing in their neighborhood and they wanted to protect their hood, but their legal case doesn’t look good. We should be living separately.

          • No, shooting feral blacks in the commission of a crime should not only be legal – it should be encouraged. In order to work, black justice has to be simple, swift, and severe. After decades of coddling, they are becoming ever more bold and are starting to hunt outside the ‘hood. Actions like this will be periodically necessary to keep them on their own side of the fence.

      • The guy probably did rob the house, but it’s too late anyways. The case will be used to rile up anti-white animus just in time for november 2020. Also the blacks might riot if they aren’t sentenced.

        I don’t really know what they were thinking, though.

        • Looks like it was the black guy who wasn’t thinking:

          Another victim of his own lack of intelligence and lack of impulse control.

          Anyway, I don’t care about the facts or who was right or wrong. I’ve learned from the left: I support the white guys no matter what because they’re my own people. I don’t care about the black guy because he’s not my people.

          Facts and justice don’t matter anymore, as the left has proven. In a multicultural society, I side with my team no matter what.

          • AMEN. Best comment on this. The guy deserved it. He was jogging 10 miles from home and had probably been the perpetrator in the other break-ins. It is amazing the virtue signaling from conservative incorporated and cucks. Also as churches have been converged , they will side with victims. The sport media also. VDARE has super links on white victims of black crime you will never hear about.

          • Free – Totally agree. Too many here are still thinking about fairness or rule of law. None of that matters or pertains where any demographic conflict is involved. You side with your team, your people, or you stick to your ‘principles’ and die feeling smug. Yes, one can question why the McMichaels didn’t foresee this, but regardless, take their side. Push for their freedom while the blacks and cucks are baying for their blood.

          • 3g4me,

            You said something the other day about hating the traitors among us. Sorry I couldn’t find the exact post again, but it has been reverberating within me for a bit. I realize it’s the flip side of your post here today, but it’s the same coin.

            I think that is our only way forward. As long as the cucks and the controlled media get to tell the story unmolested we just come off as a bunch of haters.

            We target our people (insert the obligatory: of course I mean non-violently). However we can hinder, financially harm, besmirch, or remove whites that tow the PC line… we do so. Every leftie school board member, every pretty little airhead local newscaster, every teacher that supports the latest poz trend, etc.

            You criticize POCs and you are a monster. POCs won’t lift a finger to save a single white on their side of this thing. We see it time and again. Leftie white do-gooder falls behind on the latest PC mandate and he gets served up with snickers from POC activists.

            We fight dirty. If you know they are having an affair, pass the innuendo on. Pick through their FB posts for any past PC faux pas. Ruin them however.

            The thing about most POCs activist types, or even the POC masses… they know this is all a charade. They’ll take it for a drive until the wheels fall off, but they still know the car is stolen.

            The white targets don’t even need to know why, explicitly, they are being harmed. Their removal is enough. If we slid into this morass of PC culture, there is no reason to think we can’t slide out if it. The two former aides to Gilibrand and Clinton lost their mid-four figure jobs in the healthcare industry because their FB hubris about letting “Trump people” die from the covid was advertised. These two wenches cackled their way into the unemployment line.

            This is all still germinating in my head now but it seems like a plausible and realistic way forward.

          • Penitent Man – I’m not really certain how people go about digging up dirt and/or doxxing others, but I fully support it re our enemies. I’m so very tired of hearing about principles or not fighting dirty. We’re in a fight for the survival of our children, and there’s no tactic that oughtn’t be considered. The other side takes care of its own – those former aides you mentioned will be picked up by someone else. But start with the neighborhood Karen. Don’t let your wife socialize with her. Stop going along to get along. Freeze, isolate, and target them. Don’t be Mr. Nice Guy. One needn’t let loose with ethnic slurs in public – stony looks and silent disdain do wonders, particularly with wahmen. My glare has made variously-hued children, expecting to be smiled at, cry in the grocery store. I count that as a win.

          • 3g4me,

            I’m sure the former aides will pick up other “communications” positions. They were high up in the hierarchy… but it can be made to follow them. These people can’t not advertise themselves. In some ways the next company that hires them with a “look, see.. they apologised (non-apology)” can also work for us. Hypocrisy doesn’t bother them but it does bother normies.

            But you are correct I think… follow the stupid city news channels in their mantra.. “Make everything local!”

            Yup, Karen the local librarian. You know the one… just tickled to death that Love Wins and tranny story hour is coming to her library!

          • A video blogger I watch once said something that over time I’ve come to understand all too well: “I believe in paying all my debts in the currency I was given.”

          • >support the white guys

            If everyone in our thing supported the white guys, we wake our normies and break their narrative, by any memes necessary.

        • The Trayvon affair was much more cut and dry than this.

          If you are pulling up in a ruck with a shotgun for a citizen’s arrest, you better be damn sure he is the guy.

          Don’t see cold-blooded murder but lacking other evidence, I don’t see how they can avoid at least some jail time.

          • Length of jail stay is the least of their worries. If not segregated, the black gangs will snuff them out.

            But after civil judgment is awarded to the dead man’s fambily, and the criminal and civil defense lawyers are paid, the father and son will be penniless and it will be a thought crime to even consider giving them aid and comfort.

          • Maybe this will kick off the riots. Credit where it’s due, the Diversity have been remarkably restrained during all this. I figured we’d have inner cities on fire long before now. Guess the Vibrant work ethic admits of no exceptions.

          • The vibrants are compensated to stay at home and do nothing. I’m perfectly fine with that arrangement for the rest of my life. I already pay a vibrant tax.

      • Afterthought: who was pumping this hard, here in Los Angeles, when nobody else thought to mention it?

        Blli Handel, aka Notorious J. E.W.

  45. The best thing about Friday is not that it’s the end of the work week but that Z’s podcast is up in the morning with the reliability of the suns rising!

  46. Here in Michigan the Wicked Witch of the North extended the lockdown to the 28th. My parents are stating that shops and businesses in rural areas are quietly opening back up, and a local barber has made a more dramatic defiant stand and told local media he was opening.

    Team Lockdown on social media had begun to get very quiet.

    Everything is pointing to the lockdown ending with a whimper, as people simple shrug their shoulders and just start living their lives, lockdown or not.

    There will be no great victory, or defeat. The online and real-life scolds will pivot their behavior as hysteria becomes less acceptable, and no lessons will be learned by anyone.

    • My business has been opened all along here in Michigan but only recently have new orders to bother coming in. Feels normal again but I’m told normal is going to change.

    • As someone familiar with rural areas of Michigan, most of the sheriffs are solid people that are unlikely to put much effort into enforcing business closures.

      If they do, I can report most of those departments aren’t very large or well-equipped and State Police posts are few and far between.

      Just sayin’

    • As an aside, Whitmer is just weird and creepy looking. What is up with her head? She looks like another prototype android, more lifelike than Zuckerberg but still far from authentically human looking.

    • Chet – Methinks you are a glass half-full type of guy. I truly don’t see the lockdown ending with a whimper at all. Here in the DFW metroplex, I’m still part of a minority of perhaps 20% not wearing a mask and gloves. Mall and restaurant parking lots are perhaps 1/4 full. My dentist (who was, prior to this, a badthinker re race) either has bought into this entirely or it’s all for show, but the new ‘protocols’ in his office (one at a time, wait in your car, masks required, taking temps etc.) makes me question if I will bother to go back. A friend and her husband had a confrontation at the grocery store the other night when a POC scold questioned why they were without masks.

      I really don’t sense any groundswell of resentment or irritation with the lockdown. I was ready to kick the damned tv when my husband, per his usual, turned it on and Lt. Gov. Patrick was chiming in on the arrest of the Dallas hairdresser. He was throwing around words like “compassion” and “mercy.” Of course I don’t expect those in a police state, but ne’er a word did he utter about someone’s right to work without ‘permission’ from the state authorities. This is all on wheelchair gov, who groveled with the rest in setting up the lockdown in the first place. It was the outpouring of support for the hairdresser that forced him to emend his ridiculous order because the political blowback would have hurt him.

      So I’m supposed to be thankful that now I cannot be jailed for refusing to follow that particular aspect of that particular order? Oh gee, thanks . . . but no thanks. I loathe all of it and the mealy-mouthed petty tyrants and cucks behind it all – and the small-hatted money men behind all of them
      I truly believe this is the ‘new normal.’ Just as I stopped flying after 9/11 (refuse to be groped by the airport diversity staff), I will stop going to any locale that requires a mask or temp taken, which means I will become a true recluse. Oh joy.

      Sorry for the long rant, but my response to Z-man’s gradual loss of patience is “Welcome to my world.” It’s why I take refuge in genealogy – deciphering 1809 Italian handwriting takes my mind off of police-state clownworld and back to a time when real people were dying of legitimate causes, like wars and genuine diseases.

  47. The NETWORK clip at the beginning is absolutely priceless. Howard Beale (Peter Finch) makes a great cinematic hero for these asinine times!

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