A Very Jewish Movie

The Adam Sandler movie Uncut Gems is maybe the most explicitly Jewish movie since the 2002 movie The Pianist. That is a difficult to define category, as there are loads of small independent films never intended for a wide audience. Movies like Uncut Gems and The Pianist are commercial films intended for a general audience, but also intended to reveal things about Jewish life to that general audience. These movies offer a window into the collective psyche of diaspora Jews.

That is the main layer with Uncut gems. The film tells the story of Howard Ratner, who runs a sleazy jewelry store in New York City. Howard is a degenerate gambler, always dreaming of the big score, as he is always in debt to loan sharks and bookies, due to his gambling. That means he is constantly hustling to come up with cash through his jewelry hustle and other means. Superficially, the movie is about his quest to get and sell an uncut rock full of Ethiopian gems.

The story takes us through Howard’s life and by extension through the inner life of New York City Jews. Howard is a sleazy pervert, the anti-Semite’s caricature of the typical Jewish man. His father in-law, in contrast, is a stable, hardworking guy, who has enjoyed a successful life. His wife is the typical Long island Jewish housewife, which means Howard has a gentile mistress. That is permanent dynamic that seems to define the sex roles among Jews, just as it does Italians.

We follow Howard as he interacts with the world in his bid to get the Ethiopian gemstone sold at auction for what he thinks will be his big score. Meanwhile he tries to hustle basketball star Kevin Garnett, places bets on basketball games, hassles with his flaky mistress and gets beat up by his loan shark, who happens to be his brother-in-law by marriage. Eventually, all of his schemes collapse and his entire life rides on a complicated bet on a basketball game in order to clear his debts.

Interestingly, the loan shark is Armenian, having married into the family. Armenians are known for being as aggressively ethnocentric as Jews, so having an Armenian loan shark, especially one that married into the family, as the main antagonist of Howard’s life offers a glimpse into the Jewish worldview. In a world of ethnic rivalry, the life of the individual will be shaped by those ethnic rivalries. In other words, for members of the Tribe, life is a lifelong struggle between ethnic groups.

Another interesting aspect about the non-Jews in the film is how Howard relates to the blacks in his life. On the one hand, he treats them like furniture. They have no connection to him, other than as opportunities for profit. He tries to hustle the basketball star Kevin Garnett. His primary clientele at his jewelry store is inner city blacks, who wish to look like extras from a hip-hop video. It’s clear throughout the film that the blacks in his life have no real meaning to him as individuals.

Despite this, he has an all too familiar deep affection for black culture that even the blacks notice. In one scene, Keven Garnett ask him why Jews have such a love for basketball, which is one of those jokes that only Jews and people who notice things would appreciate. He also has a thing for hip-hop and its culture. He has a deep fear that his mistress will go off with some local rapper, which becomes the source of a rift between the two of them. He fears being cuckolded.

Another aspect of Jewish life on display in the movie is the cultural and ethnic pressure on Jewish men to succeed. Howard is a bum, but what prevents him from embracing that aspect of his life is the need to be seen as successful within his family and within Jewish society. He is a man torn between his desire to live his life as he would prefer to live it and the ethnic duties that largely define who he is as a man. One theme in the film is his possible divorce from his wife after Passover.

This is something that Jewish novelists like Phillip Roth have tackled. On the one hand, Jewish males are driven to succeed. On the other hand, what defines Jews is their permanent outsider status. Therefore, achieving success and status in the larger society in which they live is not an option, as that’s assimilation. That means the dilemma for the ambitious Jewish man is finding the balance between success in the greater culture, while remaining outside of it.

Of course, in this age, maintaining the outsider identity is impossible for a people who are now the ultimate insiders. It’s why Jews are becoming increasingly schizophrenic in modern America. One face is that of Michelle Goldberg, the shrill anti-white columnist at the New York Times. Another is the patronizing Ben Shapiro, who steadily re-writes the origin story of the West to begin with his family tree. Another is the Jew stripped of all but his superficial identity as a Jew, consumed by modernity.

That is what ultimately makes Howard a sympathetic character. Like the Jewish people, he is not built for modernity and is ultimately destroyed by it. This is proving to be true for Jews in modern America, despite the fact they played a key role in developing the modern American culture. Howard meets his demise at the point of his greatest triumph, when everything he sought is within reach. Fittingly, his demise comes at the hands of the other ethnocentric tribe in the film.

That is the ultimate lesson of the film. Just as Howard is not built to survive in the modern world, the Jewish people are not built for it either. This is a topic within Jewish intellectual circles. A highly ethnocentric people evolved to compete as numerical underdogs need the outsider status to maintain group cohesion. Just as Howard needs some hard limitations on his behavior, Jews need that outsider status to maintain their sense of identity and ultimately their existence.

As far a film goes, and ultimately movies are about entertainment, Uncut Gems is an ugly, difficult to watch story at times. Because everyone in the film is described by their failings, you cannot root for any of them. Unless you’re black or Jewish, you cannot identity with them. At the same time, it is like getting a glimpse into a culture that is systematically hidden from view, despite being in plain sight. Unless you are an anti-Semite, it is an interesting cultural exploration.

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194 thoughts on “A Very Jewish Movie

  1. Still don’t understand A Serious Man, but it was entertaining. Can’t help but love the Minneapolis-born Coen Brothers. Crossing Delancey is sweet, also.

  2. Armenians are a very crooked bunch, they are about the only group who can out Jew a Jew. Here in Los Angeles they are big into organized crime starting om high school. Drugs, car theft, etc.

    They are not a pleasant people..

    During ancient times both the Romans and Sassinds detested them because they would never stay bought

    • several of the peoples in those areas seem to have acquired nasty survival habits.
      the Lebanese are another, though they have a classier way, or simply slightly more Westernized due to Maronite Catholics and Shiites – the Armenian Church being one of the more basic ones in the Orient.

    • Clearly you are referencing Native Americans. Present course, that will be the narrative with them as freedom fighters for social justice. We won’t even have soft-serve ice cream available then.

  3. It was the holocaust that made Jewish people neurotic and clannish. Wouldn’t you be neurotic if 6 million of your people were tortured and killed in the most gruesome ways possible? My friend’s grandmother was killed by the Nazis in Poland. She escaped from the camp and ran straight into a train tunnel entrance the Nazis had painted on a rock wall. Poor women cracked her skull and Dr. Mengle refused to treat her.

    • The Nazis were truly amazing, they thought of everything, a fake train tunnel on a rock wall, true genius LOL

      • If only the Nazis had used their brilliance for something other than devising horrible ways to torture the innocent Jews. Imagine electrified floors used to provide winter heat that would give people comfort, rather than using the technology to kill.

        • fwiw they invented the autobahn, small cheaper cars and radios, cruise liner vacations for workers.
          not much, but heated floors were still a couple decades away anyway, and radiators hadn’t been surpassed yet.

    • In Obama’s America, that would be considered a pre-existing condition and Mengle would have been forced to treat her.

    • Kurt Eisner overthrew the monarchy in Bavaria
      Leo Jogiches, Rosa Luxemburg, Hugo Haase tried to overthrow the Weimar Republic
      An incident that Jew tried to overthrow major European country, including in Russia happen before the Nazis

      But hey, its Nazis that cause Jewish behavior to harm every host society they encountered
      all the thing happens with Egyptian, Persian, Roman has been just because bigotry, not Jewish faith
      isn’t it right, Pete or I just call you פיטר

      Jew are always been some sort of supremacist predate before the Bronze Age

  4. The Jew made me their enemy before I was born. Anti semitism was therefore my birthright.

  5. I don’t like the term “antisemitism” for being anti-Jew as the Jew is not the only Semite unless I am wildly misinformed. I prefer “anti-Jew” instead but that term will never come into wide usage.

    But I also don’t like the attempt to “shame” people. I really, really like my nation … the appalachian people. If I don’t “like” others as much, then so what? If I don’t like being around blacks at all, then so what? Most of them don’t like whitey either.

    What is so wrong with noticing differences in others and preferring to be around your own kind? Hell, I hung out with the other “jocks” in high school. So what?

  6. This movie kept me nervous throughout. I kept thinking… how could someone live like this?

  7. I read the article at The Forward, and there isn’t a single mention of blacks attacking Jews in New York. They blame Trump and the mythical white redneck racist, but there’s still a refusal to acknowledge where the most violent anti Semitism exists. Are Jews just so tied into this narrative of themselves as the blacks’ saviors that they can’t recognize what’s right in front of them?

  8. I noticed something similar to that Forward article in the documentary The Lobby. The threat Jews are sensing is that their youngest generation is starting to drink the Liberal kool aid and isnt as okay with the moral hypocrisy of making Israel an illiberal ethnostate.

    Now the youngsters could grow more ethnocentric as time goes on, so im not as convinced that the post war Jewish consensus of liberalism for thee but not for me is truly dead. But it is a threat.

    The question is, can they get over their paranoia of a shoah happening in the states? I think a people can live with moral hypocrisy in the face of a perceived existential threat. So I doubt they will abandon their shoah fears if only out of practical necessity. A melting pot is what they feel safest in so whats a little hypocrisy for safety?

    Really the idea of Jews encouraging or even just tolerating an ethnic democract in the US is laughable at this point. Once its established that the us is ethnocentric the first question that should occur to average joe normie is, why keep these people around when they may change their minds?

    Also I love how much power the article’s author assumes Jews have over us domestic and foreign policy. Its obvious point to make, but from anyone else’s mouth such talk could be considered a vicious antisemitic canard.

  9. Much of secular Jewishness seems very anti Christian. This is not a problem as long as Christians realize it and in return defend their identity.
    Sort of like whites who do not recognize that blacks can be very anti white.
    One of the big issues we have in the United States is the Christian Zionists like the Mike Pence crowd or the Liberty University crowd whom have a distorted view of Jews based upon a unique eschatology that comes from the Scofield Bible.
    There are millions of them.
    And you cannot discuss Jewish interests with them without them harping on about “ the promised land” and God returning to His people, the Jews.
    The traditional idea that the Christian Church fulfills the Abrahamic covenant as the spiritual Israel and the Israel of the Middle East and the modern state of Israel is like say a Denmark as far as true Christian theology goes.
    The modern state of Israel has no theological significance
    This idea is foreign to them.
    Therefore the secular Jewish power in America and in the west gets a pass for it’s Anti Christian bias and actions.

  10. Perhaps Z could further explain why Jews aren’t “built for modernity.” This was not made clear to me in the article.

  11. I was surprised Israel is listed as the country with the highest gay population, and Tel Aviv the city. 8.2% of Israeli males identify as gay. Probably because…Jewish women?

    • Jewish women, probably accounts for some of it, funny. I think it’s more that Jews tend to be neurotic. Neurotics are about 3 steps from being gay.

  12. We have to rule ourselves, WE have to rule here. I don’t just know Jews who say that we have to rule here, I know Blacks who say it.

    Militant Blacks.

    We have to rule here. Does that mean the Reich? Well FFS the Reich was the last and worst possible choice. Not just for the others, for the Germans, even most of the Nazis. We’ll never know if we don’t get off our asses.

    We only know for certain: we cannot share power. That was the mistake.

  13. Another very Jewish movie is “People I Know” (2002) with Al Pacino, is forgotten now but the best part of the movie is that it shows NYC power politics between old liberal jews and the coming Neoconservative Jews.

  14. I watched most of the movie a few nights back. I quit because there was too much arguing and shouting and tension and jerky camera. I was wanting a calm movie experience that night. So I’ll revisit it again when in the proper mood. Sandler is a funny guy and a good actor. For people who hate him I recommend the 1998 comedy The Waterboy. Very funny movie, and sympathetic performance from Adam. In real life he’s a good guy. A shy sweet guy. A mensch, as his character in the Gem movie would consider him. As for Uncut Gems. I remember walking the streets of Manhattan as a teenager in the 80’s. One thing that struck me (scared me, as a nice midwestern kid) was how brusk and absorbed men were in their skill, trade, store, selling…whatever it is they do to make money. The movie captured well the feeling of walking into those city shops. Very ethnic, very masculine. This is a man’s world, indeed.

  15. From the female side, I thought The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was an oddly honest look at Jewish privilege and the, what felt like, first world problems of the growing feminist movement among upper class jewish women.

    Interestingly, her husband also has a blonde mistress.

    • feminist movement = upper class jewish and wasp women. multiply that neuroticism times 10 if combined with a comedy act.
      i remember seeing in the trailer for that show how mrs maisel was approached by a butch lesbo who became her manager. so it goes: “my rabbi lover is useless and cheats on me with shiksa, thus i renounce my faith and all men – yet without relinquishing the desire for revenge”.

  16. Can someone please explain to me …why I should take a person who runs around shouting “anti-Semite” at people any more seriously than I take Ben Shapiro when he runs around shouting “racist”?

  17. That Forward article is full of gems: “American Jews were domestic political liberals because, as a small minority community with a long history of persecution and ethnic oppression, we had an explicit interest in promoting equality for all, in assuring that the white Christian majority did not impose its will over minority communities in the United States. . . ‘the state of Israel was never intended to be “an ethnicity-blind, religiously-neutral liberal democracy,” as was the United States, but rather “was always intended to be an ethnic democracy, meaning that one people would be at the center of the country’s commitments’.”

  18. The other alternative to trying to be an underdog is to go to you own nation. The interesting thing is that the all of the very modest Israeli population growth is from their own underdog faction, the ultra orthodox

    It meets both the underdogs narrative (The Israelis don’t much like them) and the more common, only the very faithful have kids trend we see elsewhere.

  19. they are a desert people.
    the aridity gets to them.
    hardened their hearts.

    i find it interesting that when he wasn’t playing jews, sandler was playing dumb and/or down to earth wasps (happy gilmore, billy madison). they are not too far apart in character, although partly also because jews keep subverting them – feedback loop, takes two to tango. sometimes the subversion in his filmography is more visible than i thought, for example little nicky was the only movie he made in the second millennial year… where he played the devil’s son. granted, it was one of his funnier ones, although definitely subversive. then he participated in the gay marriage normalization effort with chuck and larry. the jewishness in several characters is not only overt like in zohan (where he made the idf seem uber cool) or this current jew-eler film; but seeps through in several more, for example punch drunk love featuring a probable jew emasculated by his matriarchal family. i remember watching a decade ago and finding it endearing and his acting amazing, although it seemed quite real; now i realize it was real to many jews, as many mediterranean cultures can veer into matriarchy due to fertility worship. the Catholics deal with eat by removing these emasculated men from the gene pool and put into holy orders – and even then, there are enough mistresses, the weather helps. the jews instead make these poor men both married and rabbis if the eldest in the family; prone to cheating and/or being cheated on; while the sisters tend to become even more jealous than among Christian families because they can’t be rabbis nor even nuns and can be divorced easily; thus the outsized amount of jew lesbofeminists and otherwise simply nagging wives. also, whether the small amount of African genetics, spiritual degeneracy, or both, they tend to promote interracial relationships – specially the ladies with the darkie ones. perhaps as outside agents, they fall in love with power, phallic or otherwise. or it’s all a big joke on goys, because on the other hand they don’t care for ethiopian jews.

    i remember south park when the jew kyle wanted to become what we would today call transracially black to play basketball. after he was told by the coach that jews cannot play – of course, he was getting dunked on all the time. it was funny, though like all jewish art in the end some subversion and muddled messaging is allowed anyway as they would mostly reverse their trans criticism in a few seasons. south park got stuck in 2015 btw, they didn’t know how to deal with trump, which is pretty much their cartman fans finally getting political power. in fact, one can sense shame among some in the formerly “anti-pc” crowd that thought ron paul was going to solve everything, yet consider themselves too elevated to be down with populism because trump.

  20. If I can ever claim to have had a red pill moment, it was when I first read “When Victims Rule” in 2013. After that, I saw everything in a whole new way. Things that were inexplicable before became clear. You cannot unsee something once you have seen it. If you think Crimestop is blocking your normie friend’s vision, just casually mention that that book is free on the interwebs.

  21. Adam Sandler acts in shit movies for stupid people. My first and last public word on that.

    • agreed, but a couple times those can be fun.
      that said, after you’ve become an adult, his humor seems less fun. similar to trying to watch teen camp movies like American Pie, which are even more subversive though so perhaps age worse.

  22. I agree with this interesting, insightful article.
    The thing with the JQ is simply that they are fascinating. Despite our thousands of years together, the Semites remain utterly alien in an oddly familiar way.

  23. Blah, Blah, Blah….

    Starting to take the piss out of your own readers by intentionally posting an item which has no purpose other than to act as an ambiguous goading is I am sure amusing to yourself.

    And I see you could not resist slipping in your own Hegelian “If you are not fascinated by it you are a bigot” virtue signalling in the last sentence.

      • Hmmm… ” Unless you are an anti-Semite, it is an interesting cultural exploration”.

        Condescending as well I see.

        • That is a very bizarre take, to be frank. You just seem to be looking for a reason to play the victim.

          • What are you talking about?

            i was pointing out that the use of the phrase anti-semite was superfluous and is no different than the “unless you are a racist…” virtue signalling in MSM. It served no purpose than moral grandstanding your own position.

            The follow up milllenial snark “x is not what you think it is” has no other function than condescension given you were writing a perfect example of x.

        • I don’t get any condescension out of that. I get that it is good to explore and think about things, especially things that have perhaps not been explored by one before. Then there is the matter of exploring ideas that have been set as “off limits” by the powers-that-be. The forbidden zones are where all the interesting and useful cultural knowledge dwells.

  24. LOL, catnip title for the … ah … “semitologists.”

    (I do a bit of dabbling in that science myself, I confess.)

  25. The trick is just to get normie to turn his Jewdar on at all. Once that happens, and you start to see them and what they do, there are just mountains, mountains upon mountains, of evidence about what they’re about.

    The strange thing is that a lot of normies seem to have a sort of “crimestop” about Jews. That’s Orwell’s phrase about how you know what’s verboten, and prevent your mind from drifting there. But the fact that you know you’re not supposed to think something implies that at some level you already know it.

    Which brings us to the subject of social validation. If more people know that a lot of people see it, and that it’s OK to see it, then they’ll turn their crimestop off.

    If all the white people turn their Jewdar on and crimestop off, then the project of White Solidarity and Ethnostates will already be more than halfway home.

    • The photo of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, some time back, with his blonde wife, holding up an uncut sheet of dollar bills, and grinning like the cat that ate the canary. That was a moment of signaling to his peeps, the rest of us be damned. Just like Nancy and her freezer full of ice cream, for the limousine Catholics in SF. As you say, once you start seeing it, it is everywhere.

    • O. M. G.;
      The even better trick is to get Normie to turn on his *CloudFolk* radar. IOW, ‘I see class *and* ethnicity now’. Anybody who thinks that all trouble comes from just one identity hasn’t given the matter too much thought. Just sayin.

      • The biggest lie is the modern US is that it is a society with no social classes or nobility.

      • I am trying to think of a “CloudFolk” example. I keep coming up with cloud folks in which the cloudiness is background noise, while the ethnic/religious/political tropes are striking, and simply dominate the visage of people otherwise cloudy. Mnuchin and Pelosi are two examples. Zuckerberg and Bezos are two more. And then there is Bill Gates, nerdy and waspy, and that’s about it. A CloudFolk without other distinctiveness is a very ephemeral thing.

        • Dutch;
          Think veiled but not hidden distinctives. Bush Clan & Kennedy Clan for two examples from MA. Astor Clan, (degenerate) Vanderbilt Clan for two NY examples. Gore Clan in TN. Bass Clan in TX, etc.

          Effortless lives is *the* big marker: Effortless admits to top schools with no bribery required; Effortless admits to mid-senior/senior slots in NGO World foundations; Board of Directors’ slots with no obvious experience or qualifications; Effortless Assistant to big time Pol’s slots; Effortless slots at Big Law with mediocre academic records; Unattractive couple pictures at obscure charity events in glossy hotel room real estate mags, etc.,etc.

  26. I have a screenwriting buddy who describes the Safdie Brothers as working class/scruffier Coen Brothers. That’s about right, and while the Coens are more polished, most of their films (aside from “No Country” and “Fargo”) are just echo chamber homages, like Tarantino’s movies. The Safdies’ earlier movie “Good Time” is solid. It features the twink from “Twilight” but in a tough guy role (believably, like Johnny Depp breaking bad with “Donnie Brasco” and shedding his pretty boy tag). Re: Jews excelling in basketball, it’s the same as Hebes succeeding as one-offs in boxing (all the good boxers from the “Cradle of Champions” Brownsville used to be Yids). Barney Ross explained it best, saying your average kid has to worry about someone beating him up ’cause his dad’s a drunk bum. When you were a yid, you had to fight ’cause people wanted a word about how you killed Christ. I cop to being somewhat antisemitic, but I maintain there is a difference between Big Jew and Little Jew. The problem is that sometimes Little Jew becomes Big Jew. The “schmatta” makes good and goes from running a humble rag and bone droshky in the ghetto to running the economy (yes, Abe Foxman; I know that observable reality is a “canard.”)

  27. Go on with you. Everybody knows Fiddler on the Roof is the quintessential Jewish movie; so there’s no need to suffer through even five minutes of Adam Sandler. Bidee, bidee, bum…

  28. Jews have a lot of contradictions. This makes them sympathetic characters in my eyes. The best of them have a healthy sense of life’s tragedy, which I appreciate. And from my experience, they make loyal, generous, and patient friends— if you have the patience to earn their trust.

    On the other hand, many Jews have a habit of making trouble in pursuing their aims, out of expediency or callousness. Which might be negotiable if they didn’t play the outsider. That’s the crux of it. I think antisemitism would be nearly nonexistent if it weren’t for the outsider thing.

    As for Jews not being fit for modernity, I’m not sure. Is there a group of people who’ve embraced modernity more fully or naturally than Jews? These are an urban, educated, professional and commercial people. Get outside the major cities and you don’t run into many of them. Still, they observe ancient customs, so there’s something to be said for that.

    • Painter’s;
      Jews…” embraced modernity”…? Hell, they had no small part in *creating* modernity. But that’s the secular, nominal cultural Jews for the most part. I’d say, ‘not so much’ is that true for full religious/cultural/ethnic Jews.

      Took me a great while to realize that there are (at least) three dimensions to Jewish identity: ethnic (DNA) or not*; Religious or secular; Cultural or assimilated. And these exist on continuae. Weinstein, an archetypal Hollywood degenerate, is an ethnic, highly secular, semi-cultural (i.e. as convenient) Jew, for example.

      I still remember asking (in good faith, I thought) one of my wife’s Brooklyn bred colleagues if a man could be a Jew if he didn’t believe in God, the Covenant or the Torah. He was shocked that I even had to ask. “Of course”, was his answer.
      *AFIK, some branches of Judaism accept converts, they’re just jerks about it, unless it’s a fertile female, of course.

      • OK. Science, Hollywood, banking, law, medicine, academia, and so on. Think I see what you’re saying.

        As for the devout/cultural types, the outsider thing is true of many such people. Amish, fundamentalist Mormons, etc. Same is true of serious Daoists in China for all I know.

        I think the JQ is a thing because Jews, as outsiders, have so much clout. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be as much consternation, nor if they weren’t consciously outside. I think the same would be true of the Amish or Mormons if they were running things.

    • “And from my experience, they make loyal, generous, and patient friends— if you have the patience to earn their trust.” One of the cringiest sentences I’ve ever read.

  29. Diaspora Jews weren’t bred to rule. They were bred to be the clever (scheming) middle man.They love to make deals and push things in a way that gentile whites – as a group – don’t. That’s neither praise nor condemnation. It’s observation, same as saying Scandinavians are more stoic than Italians. Different breeds of dog.

    The problem, as Z notes, is that modernity unshackled Jews and they were so successful that they’re in charge now. But they’re not good at being the thoughtful ruler, and being the ruler isn’t good for them. Therefore, It won’t last.

  30. I’ve always wanted to pitch a movie to the Hollywood bagels about a forgotten “Jewish experience” and see them salivating, thinking it’s gonna be another “white man bad” movie, and then spring the main character would be Judah Benjamin, Secretary of State of the Confederacy…
    And watch the reaction.

      • Joking aside, he’s a fascinating person, that has been ignored for obvious reasons. There’s only been a few scholarly treatments of him. Most people have no clue that the largest concentration of Jews in antebellum America was in the South. Charleston, not New York, had a larger population in the period.

        But after the Civil War, when NYC was inundated with socialist Eastern European bagels, they buried any memories of the inconvenient Sephardim who fought as Southerners.

        • Every civil war movie completely ignores the Jewish ingredient in slavery and the antebellum southern elite

          • Check out the interesting stories of the Bristol and Newport RI slave/Triangle trade which worked closely with that of Charleston SC. Several examples of what would be present-day “billionaires.”

          • There was a jewish regimen in the southern army. I discovered charleston was a jewish city when i was playing with a database of the national census. It tracked the % occurance of last names at a county level going back to the early 1800s. ethnic names were intersesting. You could follow thier distibutions thru time. Cohen was concentrated in NY and charleston early then moved to Ca and Florida later. I bough a house inavertently in a old jewish neighborhood in charleston. Found little boxes on the door with scrolls inside. Eventually figured it all out ;).

        • Pickle Rick – They fought not really as Southerners, but for the side on which their bread was buttered. They were primarily descended from Sephardim, former Spanish Jews who had gone to the Caribbean and were wealthy sugar plantation owners – very comfortable with slavery. They were quick to disavow during reconstruction – as, per their standard habit, they changed allegiance to the winning side.

          • Not quite. Many were Sephardim, but there was a large influx of German Jews after 1848. Most were typical urbanites and small businessmen. There were few big plantation owners of Jewish descent in the South. Benjamin was an outlier. His Louisiana plantation was bought after he married into money. His father ran a seafood stall on the Charleston waterfront. And everyone was comfortable with slavery. My family was comfortable with slavery.
            Point being, there wasn’t a crypto-Heeb cabal secretly running the Southern secessionist movement. They weren’t that powerful yet.

          • So the largest plantation owners of the Mississippi Delta, and the richest owners of the auction ports, with their point man as the Treasurer of the new government, had little influence in their breakaway country.
            Good to know.

          • The Salomon Brothers were originally from Montgomery, AL. They set up business there in the 1850s. When the civil war began, they waited to see what would happen. After the battle at Sharpsburg in 1862, they abruptly closed their Montgomery offices and went to New York City. I note with interest that they managed to have their company’s wikipedia history scrubbed. It only contains “recent history” in the article.

      • I always struggle with describing just such a relationship. The Chinese language is far more specific than English in assigning titles to relatives. For example, instead of just having a word “uncle”, they have a unique word for your mother’s older brother, mother’s younger brother, father’s older brother, and father’s younger brother. And there are appellations for their spouses (where we would call them all “aunt”) as well. It has its uses and I assume there are other languages with the same practices.

        • KGB;
          Elaborate kinship descriptors were/are the norm in pre-industrial societies. The granularity of ancestor description is true in Norwegian, for one European example: Mother’s father = Morfor; Father’s father = Farfor, IIRC Cognates, even.

      • Weird, the actor who plays the Armenian, Eric Bogosian, played a fictionalized version of that Jewish radio show host Alan Berg who was killed by David Lane and Bruce Pierce. Oliver Stone (himself half-Jewish but pretty far off the reservation on all kinds of issues) showed Berg as a total fraud. There’s a scene where he’s behind the boards at his radio station, talking about holding a Star of David a concentration camp survivor gave him. Meanwhile he’s just holding his mug of coffee.

    • Exactly my take. I like Z’s comment about Armenians; having worked in an Armenian enclave, can confirm. Yossarian, the lead in “Catch-22”, is an Armenian in a Jewish movie. A sort of a double-dip.

      • I never knew anyone explicitly Armenian until college. This girl’s family dynamics reminded me of the Greek (pseudo-Americans) I had known. Heavy ethnocentrism, relentless emphasis on maintaining distinct identity. I always wondered how they’d fare if they returned home (Greece, Armenia, Israel) where they would just be one of the crowd and would lose what seemed to be their sole motivation – staying separate and, in their minds, exceptional.

  31. Wow, a real movie review! Does this mean that we dissidents are now becoming mainstream in the blogosphere? And this movie sounds like a reincarnation of “Death of a Salesman”, which is an American classic from our bygone days when entertainment was a vehicle for passing wisdom between generations. I’m guessing Sandler is angling for an Oscar before he keels over.

    • Predictably, the reviewers gave it rave reviews, but the broader audience gave it a mediocre rating. The initial audience in limited release loved it. My take is the limited release was mostly a Jewish audience. When the gentiles showed up expecting whack Adam Sandler, they were disappointed.

      • Reminds me of Click Sandler did a few years back. The trailer and marketing played it as a screwball comedy. But while there were funny moments, overall it was a very dark and tragic movie.

        • It’s a common pre-release marketing trick. They don’t promote movies to people who are likely to see it, they promote it to those who probably wouldn’t want to. Just like in election politics with “capturing the middle.” I remember the interviews with Oliver Stone before his HBO George W. Bush movie. The interviewers on the big networks were in on the trick too. It went something like: Matt Lauer: “I saw the movie, and was surprised by how multi-dimensional the character was. It’s not a hit piece, is it, as some are saying.” Oliver: “Absolutely not. You know, as an artist, I’d get bored with creating a cardboard character…” Of course it turned out to be a major hatchet job of Bush, making him look like the buffoon he was. And evil as well. But the marketing brought in conservatives. Then bashed them on the head once they were “in”. Hah.

  32. I thought it was a re-evaluation of the relationship of blacks to Jews. They trade stones. The championship ring is a fugazi; the pawn broker says “we both know what’s in this; the gem value is nominal.” All show. While the Jew (Howard) gives them a priceless fire opal, unrefined but with true inner worth. Also note the scene in the hall when Howard’s boy needs the bathroom. The blacks turn them away, but the whites (jews?) let them in.

    Also the Irish tough guy shoots him in the head. People with blue eyes can’t be trusted and are highly dangerous.

    • That’s what I noticed too when I watched this a few nights ago. The real bad guy was given blue eyes.

  33. My only question is why would they make a film that explicitly depicts so many of the things about themselves they endeavor the most to hide from the goyim? The more people that see this film the harder it will be for them to do the “fellow white” shtick. I’ll chalk it up to chutzpah, I guess. I hope everyone in America sees this film. Except for me, I don’t think I could stomach it.

    • I figure some of them are actually honest, ambitious artists, wanting to make interesting movies exploring their own condition and culture, warts and all. Making only propaganda must be boring and demeaning.

    • The idea that Jews try to hide themselves is mostly nonsense from the anti-Semites. There are tons of movies and books by Jews about Jews and Jewish life. Woody Allen made a fifty year career dishing dirt on Jewish neuroticism. Phillip Roth and Saul Bellow had long literary careers plumbing the depth of Jewish identity. Of late there has been less of it, mostly as the result of the breakdown in Jewish culture. Jews face the same crisis of identity as whites in America, just from a different starting place.

      • I think that you’re half right. Jews loves to write books and make movies about Jews and Jewish life. Even ostensibly mainstream movies will have all kinds of Jewish references that probably pass over (no pun intended) gentile whites but that Jews get.

        However, Jews really don’t like it when non-Jews notice and describe Jewish life and traits. That’s a big No-No. Just because the anti-Semites are paranoid doesn’t mean someone’s not out to get them sometimes.

        • Citizen is right. They crave the recognition for their works from other members of the tribe but desire the goyim’s sheckles. That’s about where the interaction ends.

        • “However, Jews really don’t like it when non-Jews notice and describe Jewish life and traits. That’s a big No-No.”

          Exactly. In publications aimed at jews, such as the Forward, the tribe is very blunt and writes things that if scribbled by a goy would be deemed anti Semitic and cause said goy to be banned and, if possible, driven into bankruptcy. The Jews hide their traits and views in plain sight and you better not notice them. This applies to Woody’s movies too. You can watch them but don’t draw conclusions

      • Jews face the same crisis of identity as whites in America, just from a different starting place.

        Yes. As the Martian dude says above, a lot of Jewishness is larpery, the sign of a failing culture. A confident and healthy culture doesn’t celebrate itself or do cultural events for the sake of doing cultural events.

        • the sign of a failing culture

          Nearly all cultures are failing except for the culture of convenience. The latter culture increases its numbers.

          • Look at it like this: when a Bavarian sits down for a plate of Schweinhaxe mit Knödel, he doesn’t have a Bavarian dinner, he just has dinner.

        • All cultures in Canada do this lol. Turban day, Hijab day, hug a Chinaman, muh ethnic food, bla bla bla. Seems to me that they all want attention from whitey.

          Then they turn around and tell us that we have no culture and that our country is illegitimate.

          • Whitey organises these events. Local councils, schools, charities have a budget for silliness like this. Those whose employment relies on these budgets grab a group that has been in the news and gives them a day. These groups usually have their own thing amongst themselves but now liberals are invited to gawk and marvel at their superior culture. White lady gets to further herself from racism by trying their food and buying a trinket she will give to her kids child care operator.

      • If Jews don’t try to hide themselves, what’s up with the Fellow White schtick?

        Conversos were Torquemadan Fake News? The “shapeshifter” meme is just anti-Semitisms?

        If they’re so loud & proud, why “Jon Stewart” and “Mark Cuban?” Because “anti-Semitism.” Of course! Every Single Time.

        Because some Jews like Michelle Goldberg, Bari Weiss & Lil’ Ben beat their chest and crow about their identity, there is no such thing as crypsis?

        Outliers don’t disprove averages.

        Granting the premise that Jews are suffering their own demographic erosion, that’s all the more reason to give them a little “nudge” in that direction where we can.

        110 means never having to say “you’re welcome.”



        • I don’t know. I can find dozens of books and movies by Jews about Jews that are quite open and explicit about Jewishness. Most are not terribly flattering to Jews. Anti-Semites tend toward reductionism, so ethnocentrism turns into a highly personalized conspiracy, but it is a conspiracy in plain sight.

          • They have a sort of blind spot re: their own media – stuff like Forward and Tablet. They’re seemingly satisfied with the idea that “most goys won’t read this stuff” and those who do read the Jewish press can be discredited with “you must be an anti-Semite nut obsessed with Jews to read this stuff.”

            I always try to start with their own press to source my anti-Semitisms – like Haaretz for the Israeli diplo-shill who bragged about clubbing Germany with muh Shoah or Michael Medved admitting in Commentary that the primary component of American Jewish identity is anti-Christianity.

            Anti-anti-Semites tend toward facile straw-manning that conflates guys like Kevin MacDonald with cartoon Klansmen from stuff like “Hunters” and “Watchmen.”

          • Jews have a stunning lack of self-awareness as a general rule. I think ethnocentrism and self-awareness are negatively correlated. The more hive minded, the less self-aware. This applies to all humans, not just Jews. It’s just that Jews are very high in ethnocentrism. Arabs also lack self-awareness, just not to the same degree.

            Anti-anti-Semites and anti-Semites tend to mimic one another in seeing only the imagined nature in the other. I’m using the term “anti-Semite” in the strictest and most traditional sense, not the modern sense. If your identity is built around an obsession with something or some group, you are captive to it. Therefore, you imagine it in such a way that your obsession makes you a hero. Blacks do this with whites to an amazing degree.

          • I am a Polish Jew and we are not like American Jews. Also there are Jews in India and Ethiopia. I have seen a Mestizo Jew in South America.i

          • Sam, you ever meet Israelis. I’ve known a few over the years, and they are definitely different from American Jews.

            In fact, there’s seems to be no love loss between the two. The Israelis that I knew considered American Jews to be wimpy and obsessed with money. The American Jews I knew who knew Israelis or had lived a bit in Israel considered the Israelis to be Jewish Guidos.

          • Citizen;
            Can confirm re Am Jews vs Israeli’s. Did business in Israel in the ’90s. Once you understood that shouting and pounding their fists on the table was just their way of showing you that they’re serious, negotiations are relatively straightforward.

            A favorite Israeli joke at the time featured a Brooklynite coming to Israel for the first time, looking around and then asking, “Where are all the Jews_?”

          • Citizen,

            That’s been my experience too. I’ve met a number of Israelis and Arabs in my travels that I’ve liked and even respected. I noticed the Israelis didn’t seem to have a great opinion of American Jews… to a degree. Like the Arabs I interacted with, I never forgot that I was outside the tribe and push comes to shove, I’d be odd man out in a disagreement between two disagreeable cousins.

          • Z Man;
            Of the all the books written by Jews that are not very flattering to Jews, it’s had to beat the Torah and the rest of the First Testament. More people should check it out.

          • When you’ve become thoroughly ensconced in your unassailable position of control and safety you can afford to get sloppy and let your dirty socks show from under the regal robes.

            Do you recall reading a lot of books, or seeing a lot of movies that were unflattering to Jews, created by Jews, prior to the 1970s?

            Nope. When things weren’t completely controlled it was all about the clean-cut Jewish boy denied Harvard admission or the Jewish pillar of the community denied country club access. After things were secured you get the neurotic trumpeting of the Allen and Nusbacher types.

        • Maybe, but cyrpto-Jews these days don’t exactly try too hard to hide their identity. In fact, they point it out publicly all the time.

          It’s almost as though Jews are annoyed by gentiles not caring that they’re Jewish so they keep bringing it up hoping to get a rise.

          • I’ve often thought the same thing. The on-line types that do the “my fellow white people” gag make it very easy to notice the fraud, as if they are inviting it. Frankly, I think people like Michelle Goldberg consciously try to elicit anti-Semitic reactions. It’s as if she needs the validation.

          • Perhaps that’s part of the negative identity you discuss. Jewish identity is heavily built on being the oppressed victim and the outsider. If no one cares that they’re Jewish, they’re no longer Jewish.

            The Goldberg types are trying to validate their Jewishness by getting gentile whites to scream “Jew!” In many ways, diaspora Jews are the ultimate negative identity. They seem completely lost on their own.

          • I had a Jewish roommate from Reseda that was discovering her roots and eventually ended up in an unhappy marriage to a Hasidic jew in Brazil.

            When she found out I was currently enrolled in a Greco-Roman History Overview Class she started picking fights with me after every Tuesday-Thursday evening class. I thought at the time she was being obtuse in completely denouncing a thousand year dynamic culture over some crap that went down in Israel under Emperor Titus. Later I realized this was just part of her developing an identity (victim-status was still a new thing on college campuses in the early 90s). The fights seemed to invigorate her, she would become flushed and breathed heavily… she revelled in them. I just thought she was hitting on me in a weird way. Meh, not so much.

            Appropo to nothing: As she transformed from rich little Valley Girl to Orthodox Jew she began to observe Shabbat. I’m proud of my Southern Scots heritage and cheered her on. Only, she sucked at it. I’d come home to the apartment and she’d be sitting in the dark, hungry and afraid to flush the toilet. She’d missed the whatever Jewish cutoff time to prepare for her thingy.

            So I’d get her some food. Turn on off whatever lights for her and yes… even flushed her peepee down for her. I was twenty something and a sucker for a pretty face and well-endowed chest. After a few weeks of this, her on a full ride in the UC system from her wealthy daddy and me on a G.I. bill, working full-time and starting with community college I was getting a little thin on patience. I was her goy helper not even getting compensated.

            I remember coming home, her in the dark (again). Plaintive “Sorry, I forgot a few things again… and I was hungry so I ate that pizza you had in the fridge. Soooo sorry. I’ll pay you back!”

            I wasn’t always a Christian. “You know, that had ham sliced up in it (it didn’t). I’ll be back in a little bit. (I wasn’t).

          • I think there are more people who don’t notice this than you think Z. The whole point of the racism propaganda matrix is to make white people fearful of noticing things like this. And the gag is not restricted to web. It’s been going on for a long time. Why do you think they change their surnames to “Smith” and “Addams” and such? Goldberg doesn’t, sure, but that’s only because she is so comfortable and confident in the results of their propaganda efforts. She is the type to revel in her tribes power, not be prudent about maintaining it.

          • Z, Michelle knows how the game is played. By being openly anti white a mediocre journalist can end up at the NYT. There is no downside only upside for hating white people especially of the male pursuasion. Smart career move.

            Asian women are noticing how the game is played and are moving in to compete with Jewish women on their anti white hate.

      • The original word for a Jew, a first Jew Abraham, is Ivri—“from the other side”. That’s how it still is.

  34. A lot of Jewish identity is a larp. They are atheists, so there is no real religious connection. The culture becomes things like going to Jewish delis and seeking out Jews to interact with and occasional larping of the holidays and making sure everyone you come into contact with knows you’re a Jew. They are like the high school emo kid.

    • If emo kids occupied 50% of the top positions in finance, 95% in hollywood and 3 of the 9 seats on the supreme court, then sure. Just like emo kids. Emo kids are extremely nepotistic, ethnocentric and underhanded right? They will grant special favors to emo kids while at the same time bemoan and outlaw favoritism among the non-emo kid groups right?

    • Judaism is not a religion as gentiles understand it. It is the worship of their people and its history, with relatively few appeals to the spiritual. That’s why “atheist jew” is not a contradiction but rather common.

      • Kevin MacDonald’s obviously the go-to on this. Check out Guyenot’s “From Yahweh to Zion” as well – a good look at how Jewish Yahwist monotheism was a very radical break from pagan traditions in Egypt & Babylon and doesn’t correlate that well with either Islam or Christianity. It’s about Chosen-ness, first, foremost and forever – Jewish supremacy, not universalism. It is not credal, it is Tribal.

        The lack of developed concepts of the afterlife or Satan in the OT/Torah are good examples of how Judaism differs from what most people think of as “Judeo-Christianity.”

        • Whenever I run into a Christian who uses the term Judaeo-christian, I try to disabuse them of the concept. As the term is used today, it is a post-war invention of Jews in America trying to write themselves into our culture and nation with absurdities and lies. Only snakes and charlatans like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager use the term and they use it to mislead.

  35. I have never seen an Adam Sandler film. I could not stand him back when I once in a while tuned in to SNL and have not upgraded my opinion of him since. I think that whomever first told Adam Sandler that he was funny should have been horse-whipped within a millimeter of their life.

  36. Good work Z.

    If the JQ is going to be answered, it will only be through dispassionate, objective study of what they say and do. My attitude toward them is now the same as theirs is to me; if I can use them, or they stay out of my way, fine. But if the go Michelle Goldberg on me… no mercy asked for, none given…

    • Exactly. Jews are just another tribe, but a very successful, very competent tribe. They’re also a tribe that has been pushing against our tribe for generations. We should try to understand them so we can tease out their strengths and weaknesses and to get a feel for their motivations. (We should do the same for ourselves, btw.)

      Then we decide how to deal with them as events unfold. If we can ally with them, great. If they attack us, punch back and punch back hard.

      • We don’t have a tribe, it’s been bred out of us, literally bred out. It appears to be impossible for the outbred mind to viscerally grasp the mental world of the inbred mind.

        • We get it. You and I both understand just find how a tribe works.

          Something caused us to get it. Are we all descendants of inbred people lol? I doubt it. I think it has to do with the conditioning. Middle class and UMC whites don’t actually like diversity, and are quite tribal as shown by their choices of schools.

          We just need a way to snap them out of their conditioning.

      • If you’re stupid enough to fall for it, you get what you deserve. Understand that attitude, and you’re halfway there. In practice, gullibility makes the goy. Cleverness is deeply respected. It’s nothing personal, in my experience.

        As for the old grievances and the rest, I’m not sure

          • Maybe I’ve been fortunate to know a bunch of OK guys, who knows. OK to me anyway.

        • But that’s not how we think or act. Our society is built on trust. It’s also a giant hassle and extremely inefficient to constantly be on guard of getting ripped off by those you do business with.

          I’ve worked with a fair amount of Jews who have figured this out and prefer to work with non-Jews because it’s just so much easier. But they understand that they have to play by our rules.

          • True. Trust is big. For whatever reason I took it as a test. Some kind of pecking order thing. Normal guy stuff but outsmarting instead of ball busting. Personal experience, no clue about group dynamics. Results may vary?

      • Citizen, we’ve tried to ally with them 109 times. It won’t work unless and until they literally stop being Jewish – and they need to work on that project anywhere but our homelands.

        Jewish identity is about being Chosen – by Yahweh or Nature. It means double-standards for Chosen and their goyim inferiors. It means crypsis, opportunism, non-compliance with host-nation social norms and a sharp-dealing “you signed the contract” ethos in general.

        You cannot live with them unless you let them pull (((tricks))) on you – and don’t complain too much b/c oh gawd Shoah!!

        • Good fences make good neighbors. Just because I think that our interests might occasionally align doesn’t mean that they get to live in our world.

    • I agree totally.
      Something else dawned on me…Zman is playing us as he periodically does with the jew catnip topics. Too much virus talk lately.

  37. The culture as described in the essay may as well be a species from another planet in a science fiction novel. I don’t care. Does that make me anti Semitic? I don’t care. Furthermore, I don’t care that I don’t care. Also, if you care that I don’t care – I don’t care.

    • As everyone keeps saying, you may not care about them, but they, most definitely, care about you.

      We can’t ignore them. Jews are a remarkably powerful, remarkably competent competing tribe. If you were an NFL coach, would you ignore one of the best teams in your division or would you study them and figure out how to beat them.

      • They’ve got their whiteness studies and anti-whiteness, so in the “identity arms race” we’ve got to have our jewness studies and anti-semitism in order to fight back properly.

        Criticizing white people for being anti-semitic is like criticizing sheep for being anti-wolf, or dogs for being anti-heartworm.

        You’ve got to be against that which seeks to destroy you, simply in order to survive.

        • It’s a fine line. I don’t hate Jews, but I do hate what Jews are doing to my people. However, over time, it’s not hard for that line to blur. I mean, if a guy keeps punching your in the face, it’s hard to keep an academic perspective on the whole thing.

          That said, I think that we shouldn’t obsess about Jews or overstate their abilities. In the end, they’re just another tribe. A dangerous tribe, but a tribe all the same.

          • Interesting that Armenians come up in this same article – they are just as ethnocentric as the Chosen, but in my experience not nearly as toxic.

            They are kind of like less violent, high IQ blacks – let them make money and get flashy stuff and they’re good. I’m sure we’ve got some SoCal residents on the board who can share their experiences as well.

          • Armenians east of the Mississippi River are not like that at all with the possible exception of NYC. Those Armenians immigrated here dating from Jamestown to the early 20th Century and have assimilated nearly perfectly whereas the California-Nevada Armenians tend to have arrived only a generation ago and commonly behave like your description of them as wealthy guidos.

            So here’s a SoCal story. I once ran the LA Marathon a bit over 3:30, not fast but better than average. I started the race in front of a group of old Armenian women who were carrying large banners promoting their garment-area employer. They were all wearing old t-shirts, blue jeans and heavy leather work boots; some were weirdly beanpole tall and others short and squat. Most looked haggard.

            This entire gaggle of non-Marathon-build Armenian women, carrying weight and wind resistance, decked out in work clothing, they finished together as a group. Ahead of me by a squeak. I was their mark.

            After the race I limped around a bit and babied myself; these Armenians went home and prepared supper for their families.

          • They’re more like higher IQ Mexicans. In L.A. you’re likely to see an Armenian guy pull into the parking lot of the welfare office in a Mercedes. They’ve figured out how to work our social services system while also making decent money on the side. Also, like Mexicans, I would much rather live near them than near blacks.

          • I would much rather live near them than near blacks.

            I would prefer to live next door to those hailing from east of the mississippi river above practically all other groups apart from us. They are devout Christians, family-oriented (clanish), intellectual, well-kempt and genuinely nice.

            Those SoCal/Nevada recent arrivals from the Soviet Union, well, allow me time to think about it, I might prefer trailer park trash meth heads. Not all, but you seem to have captured their character.

          • The Kardashians are the self-aggrandizing hated-but-celebrated horrible West Coast Armenians I mentioned above. The queen guidos of the sort. And the Kardashians are only part Armenian, unfortunately they are also of European stock. Spend time with East Coast Armenians and you’ll see they’re a lot of what we here claim to be. Excellent practitioners of Western Civilization, highly intelligent, cultured, and family and Christian oriented. We have far worse among us.

        • The irony is that American Jews could, if they had limited themselves to their better side (or even practiced kosher taqqiya), have won respect and affection for themselves. They have supported symphony orchestras and museums, endowed hospitals and medical research facilities, plus other worthy causes. I won’t apologize for recognizing their contributions.

          But they couldn’t let it go at that. Jewish political influence has been a Grade A disaster since they passed through Ellis Island. And it’s not just a batch of terrible ideologies (Marxism, Communism, etc.) they brought with them; ideologies, after all, can change over generations.

          What Jews have injected into American life is their own deep pathologies. They’re hooked on persecution as the no. 1 fact of life, way beyond any rational concerns. Anybody outside the Tribe who disagrees with, or opposes, them is not an opponent but an existential nemesis. They are generous with their paranoia, not guarding it for themselves but spreading it to all their mercenaries like blacks and hispanics.

          Jews’ persecution mania means that any claim that they were hard done by must be accepted as revealed truth. Their historical record is not a search for elusive facts open to discussion. It’s a closed book.

          What should be our response? Welcome good acts by Jews. Vigorously challenge their lies and manipulation.

          • Gravity,

            “Welcome good acts by Jews. Vigorously challenge their lies and manipulation.”

            Your legal system, banking and monetary institutions, movie, television, publishing and news arms are dominated by them. Pray tell, Sir. How do you propose we welcome or challenge their actions? Shout “tisk” through a megaphone at the local synagogue or cheer “hurrah” to the owner of the local jewelry store? I’m sure the ACLU will have your back as you are pilloried publicly. You will have my heartfelt, mournful sympathy from the silent crowd watching.

            I suggest you dont try challenging anyone to financially punish Israel for Jewish actions, as that is now illegal in over half of the states in our Union. People have been fired for refusing to sign a pledge promising they won’t boycott Israel.

            You, your culture, your governments and your people lost the ability to legitimately curb them long ago. Grok that.

            Your analysis up to your conclusion was insightful. At that point you lost me with wishful thinking.

            Are all bad or toxic? No, I imagine not even most. However, I propose the same frame I apply to black criminality… not all, maybe not even most, but entirely too many to conscionably bear.

            I have reached a point where it is hard for me to pity them and that is something I pray forgiveness for. The best I can manage anymore is a hope for them in their homeland and we in Ours living peaceably separate.

            That’s on them. I was raised in a household with a Baptist mother and Catholic father. Up until a decade or so ago, you would have found Sainted Mum and I in agreement on plucky Israel and the poor, poor Jews.

            Then I Noticed. Sainted Mum has scales on her eyes and her Scofield is a huckster. Dad and Torquemada are spot on.

          • owen benjamin (half((()))), in one of his diatribes before youtube banishment, put up a clip on the seinfeld episode about the soup nazi with the laugh track silenced, with his added commentary.

            his point, (((they))) do not want to be bound by goy rules, and success is often measured by how much can be gotten away with, both literally and figuratively.

            in owen’s view, sociopathic w/r/t white culture.

            informative vignette.

    • But could you care less? I really don’t care unless you couldn’t care less because, frankly, there shouldn’t be a jot or tittle (heh) of caring at all. I mean, of course we’re all weary of more Wuflu commentary; but literally ANYTHING other than this.

        • Skipper, it’s a yuge return, hook-shaped and the two mirror projections below that are moving really fast. I cross-swept and am seeing heluva lot of noise. Permission to launch the nuke?

  38. I’m not sure I could stand watching this. It would essentially confirm my worst suspicions about Jews, blacks, and New York City in general. My need for greater insight would probably be overtaken by my weakness for greater bigotry. Great review, though…so good, I do not feel I need to see this film.

    • It would probably be a good film for normies who think there are few differences between gentile American whites and Jews and think Ben Shapiro is brilliant writer on their side.

    • From the description (I haven’t seen the movie), it sounds like it would just confirm what I already think about Jews, which isn’t even really negative and where being Jewish is somewhat artificial. Where a white guy might excuse his heavy drinking by pretending to be Irish, this Jew excuses things his infidelity to being Jewish and as an excuse for his attitude towards blacks.

        • I watched the clips and my first thought is, “Why am I sharing a country with these people?”

        • Note the Chinese chappies in the beginning of the clip, coming in to restore some order among the unruly and passionate, wronged locals. Portrayed as the bad guys (and rightly so). That’s a nice detail. If elites pick up on Chinese exploitation of financially disadvantaged Africans, South Americans, Europeans, SE Asians, North Americans… well, everyone, that’s a good thing.

          Still, I won’t watch the film. Grew up on Long Island.

          P.S. – Isn’t it weird to refer to a film with “uncut” in its title as being Jewey? Also funny is the fact that Snadler married an Italian. He ain’t no dope.

    • Unfortunately, probably the only white people who see this movie are going to be confirmation bias enthusiasts.

      Even if the semi-mythical Joe Normie saw it, you’d probably have to frame it carefully to make sure he gets it.

    • The movie gets into how Jews and Blacks feed off of each other and work each other. The thing is, both sides know exactly what everyone is up to, and each side makes it work for them. It is us, out here in the hinterlands, that fail to understand how brutally transactional most people are in their relationships with each other. Perhaps the idea that we are not strictly coldly transactional in our relationships, helps to explain what makes our heritage culture uniquely successful.

      • being in the hinterlands also helps. there’s also the very urban jew-friendly wasp. in the city the transactional attitudes heighten naturally, specially with multitudes of ethnicities such as in nyc. in the hinterland, people still may owe each other favors, but tend to also know how to better repay them. add to that Christianity and the Golden Rule, and we have the traditonal western trust – although in varying degrees, depending on time/place/specific western tribe of course (Nordic, Slavic, Celtic, Romance, Germanic).

      • Here’s how I work:

        Transactional with aliens. Relatively trusting of whites.

        I know how stupid and naive white liberals are. I don’t try to take advantage of them, but the opportunity is very clear for the aliens. If my anglo nose can smell the naivete imagine the scent the chutzpah nose picks up.

    • Just as D H Lawrence’s great review of Moby Dick was better than the book, Z’s review here is bound to be more entertaining than the movie. Besides, I was married to a Brooklyn Jew and just don’t do Jew anymore. Let them do goy.

      • Moby Dick is arguably my favorite “book” of all time (it was written in published installments). Thanks for the cue I should draw a bath tonight and slide under with an old water-stained softcover of the book. The hours cruise by, and it’s nice escapism.

        • Actually, Melville’s “The Confidence Man” is a better book, albeit much shorter, than “Moby Dick”. “White Jacket” is a great book as well.

  39. I will have to break my no Adam Sandler movies rule to watch this one.

    To me, the best insightful film into the jews is the Coen brother’s A Serious Man.
    Watch it, then watch it again.

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