I finally had the time to clear out the inbox and go through everything from the post office box, so for a day, at least, I’m caught up. One of the reasons I thought about doing a live stream or something similar was that it could be a way to answer mail each week along with the live questions. I’ve tabled that idea for now, as I have too many other things on my plate at the moment. The day job has been keeping me crazy busy of late, so I don’t need another project right now.

Another upside to doing a mailbag show this week is I was not tempted to talk about the ghetto riots spreading around the country. They have not started here in Lagos yet, but the locals are beginning to feel left out, so it is matter of time. Given that the lock down is still technically in place, they are just looking for an excuse to act up. With the new wave of censorship crack downs rolling out, it is probably a good idea to avoid talking about this stuff on YouTube right now.

The fact is, I don’t care all that much. I don’t care about these people as I don’t think they should be in the same country as me. We’re onto three generations now of trying to make this work and we still have blacks rioting in the streets. Many of the rioters in Minneapolis are foreigners. These are non-whites imported to punish the whites living in places that had few non-whites. Instead of sitting around Africa they were plopped into the Twin Cities by people who hate us.

The people responsible for Ilhan Omar are the problem, not the savages running wild in the streets. Sure, the rioters are the immediate problem if you live in one of these places, but they are a symptom. The cause is a ruling class that defines itself by its hatred of white people. You can be sure that the usual suspects are laughing themselves silly over what’s happening in Minnesota right now. As far as they are concerned, the people of that city are getting what they deserve.

That said, never let a crisis go to waste. Normal white people looking at this, even the ones beaten into self-hatred, sense the truth. This would not be happening if we just accepted the reality of race. Whites and blacks cannot live with one another. It can never work. No amount of speech laws and limits on white freedom will cause blacks to behave themselves. What we are seeing is the natural order, their natural order. It’s who they are and we need to accept it.

The fact is, these people rioting are not me. They are not my people. I feel no connection to them in the best of times. I don’t hate them. I live in a 70% black city and see black people every day of my life. I harbor no malice toward them, but I feel no connection to them either. On paper, we are fellow citizens. In reality we are people thrown together by fate and the vengeance of the ruling class. Pretending that these people are our people is just lunacy. We are not the same.

This is underscored by the fact that many of the rioters are recent imports from the former third world. They are guests rioting in the home of the host. That’s not a fair analogy, because a host invited his guests. These people are more like home invaders than guests. No one asked for them to be here. No one was walking around Minneapolis saying, “We need for Africans.” The people of that city were never asked if they wanted more Africans. They never got a say.

That’s the lesson here. These things we are seeing are not the fault of the people for voting for the wrong guys. The polices that have created these riots were never put up for a vote or even discussed openly. Whether it is race policy or immigration policy, the decisions were all made in the shadows. The public was never given a chance to have their say in the matter. If Trump wants to send the National Guard somewhere, send it to the halls of Congress. That’s where the trouble lies.

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247 thoughts on “Letters

  1. In the spring of1981 , I was looking for work . Times were tough and my generation was told that we’d have to “ tighten our belts “ and wait our turn . That year I looked in the classified ads of a newspaper to scout the employment section and saw an advertisement for the Communist Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC ) that read ; “Women and Visible Minorities Encouraged to Apply “ . That was the first and not the last time I read that phrase . Today I can’t turn on the TV because I can’t stomach the insane ivory queens, the mystery meat slappers or the jungle negroes and golliwogs who are hired as meat puppets to read the news. 
    A couple of years later a mate I was working with volunteered to provide security for an artist and pacifist who had published a pamphlet and was being persecuted by the authorities on the false charge of “ spreading false news “ . The late Douglas Christie , a lawyer with movie star good looks and balls of steel defended him and many other people who had had too much to think. 
    That booklet was published by a man name Ernst Zundel , who was inspired as a young man , by an anglophile named Adrien Arcand. When Mr. Arcand died , the bagel goblins publicly boasted that it was because of them , that he had died in poverty . The library that Mr. Arcand had left to Mr. Zundel was incinerated when Mr. Zundel’s home was firebombed and destroyed. They are proud that they can impose a cost on those that work against them just as the negroes and mohammedans impose a cost on society , when they perceive their interests at stake . 
    The year that Ernst Zundel was exonerated by the Supreme Court , I saw Tom Metzger’s son John and his mates , bust Heraldo Rivera’s nose on his afternoon television program . What joy ! I’m not nor have I ever been a skinhead , but I knew those young men were on my team. 
    The calculus is changing . The golem is turning on the Ivory queens .
    Those with something to lose will stand against you until there is a cost imposed upon collaboration. As long as there is no cost imposed there is no reason to change. Actions speak louder than words. 
    I don’t think that we should disavow those who have taken a stand against a hateful status quo . You can only split a chessboard one time . With a leaderless opposition there is no need to disown those that are more zealous.
    It’s better to excuse unfortunate incidents as regrettable but understandable , given the proscriptions against organizing and pursuing change peaceably . To repudiate our own berserkers as well as heroic historical figures who pointed the way forward , is to emasculate ourselves . 

  2. A small part of this podcast really strikes home: Listen to it from 46:30 through 50:49. Zman there explains a rational, defensible, attractive (to normal people) way to be DR for everyone. A real alternative to the reigning Leftist death-cult. Finish the book, Zman!

  3. Apparently this poor jogger is 6’6 ft tall career criminal and recently added home invasion to his resume.
    He was a huge violent criminal that needed 4 officers to subdue him. While the technique the officer used won’t be found in any training manual the message has to be sent.
    A felon attacked police officers, was subdued and died of a heart attack . Not from abusive police, but through a lifetime of drug addiction and other poor habits.
    We watched blacks cheer as OJ was freed after sawing off 2 people’s heads and yet the vast majority of whites have decided to crucify this officer for doing his job.

  4. Here at the end of a long interesting thread where few will see it, I will write a few non-PC words. Shame on me!
    Over many decades of observing the facts, delusions, myths, false history and misinterpretations of race relations in the US I have come to some conclusions. Never fear, I shall share a few.
    First, my family and my Wife’s were in the south from the earliest days. None of the small farmers completing with the big plantations were “slavery supporters”. Second, I grew up with “Jim Crow”. The decent black folk and the white folk both were protected by those laws — it was not just some “hate”. The black communities were safer also.
    Thirdly, I don’t see any reason to mix with blacks at all. There are blacks that I read. There are blacks that I know and really like; not many but a few. But, I don’t want to live in the same country with them.
    If we don’t achieve total seperation from the non-whites we are doomed.
    You can believe the above or not. I am too close to the end for it to matter much to me; but if the younger white generation is going to have a future then we need to do something, and do it soon.

    • “Young Whites” are rioting alongside the Non-Whites. What sort of “future” are you expecting from these “Young Whites?”

      • And there is a problem that Zman has written about before. The far left, SJWs, Karens, Affluent white women, brainwashed young leftists, and other crazies are not on our side.
        To win we will have to fight both the non-whites and perhaps 1/2 the white people in the US. I don’t know how many left wing whites are totally beyond waking up but I wager it is a large number.
        We are looking at separation at best, and civil war at worse. The other alternative is destruction of the white race.

    • If one flips the comment section to with newest first – then you’re at the start rather than end. 🙂
      I think you’re assessment is correct.

      • Stranger, Hey thanks for the tip. 🙂
        I always went to the bottom and scrolled up. Now I have a new trick. Now if someone will tell me which set of codes I can use to block quote I’ll be in 7th heaven.
        And I notice that I don’t have to prove I am human by entering a code each time. Nice.

        • As one old dog to another – a new trick learned (albeit small)

  5. I figured that my home for 20-plus years, the Atlanta metro, would ignite and our jogger friends and their quisling allies didn’t let me down. The so-called “City Too Busy to Hate” is burning and folks wonder why all of the whites live in the suburbs.
    Looters ransacked CNN (I shall shed no tears there) and the College Sportsball Hall of Fame. Any excuse to shake off the shackles of the “da white man’s world” and steal everything bolted down and joggers crowd the street for a chance at the free shit. It’s been going on since the 60s. They’re angry, the empty suits in the media bark at us. It’s a protest, they call it.
    No morons. It’s an insurrection, an overthrow of the civil society. Time for the Army to take point on this one. Time to institute martial law. You loot, we shoot. The only thing those sub-85 IQ creatures understand is the barrel of a gun.
    I saw the video about “we’re coming to the suburbs.” OK, that might work in cucked Minneapolis, but in the Southern suburbs, most of us have a gun safe and plenty of ammo. A lot of us are veterans. It’s easy to talk tough as these vibrants and their traitorous allies often do, but when you’re sprayed in blood and viserae from your best homie, you’ll run away like the scared animal you are.
    All of this over one scumbag who died from co-moribidities in addition to rough treatment by a cop. I’m not a fan of most of the bullies in badges that we call cops, but I think in a society with high social trust and high ethnic cohesion, we wouldn’t need a militarized police to keep a lid on this chamber pot of dieversity.
    It’d be more like Japan and we all know how Japan feels about diversity.

    • There is a certain kind of peace once you realize this country is done. This ain’t no party this ain’t no disco this ain’t no foolin’ around. Embrace the collapse we all knew was coming.

    • I worked downtown for 15 yrs back in the 90’s / early 2000’s. No doubt, you recall Freaknik. Similar mayhem. They are not like us.

  6. The orange clown has confirmed himself once more to be a pathetic swindler and conman, creature with no guts or any kind of scruples becoming to an honest man
    After the total disaster with covid lunacy the subhuman riots will put a last nail in the coffin in what once was a great country
    Yet millions of maga retards still support this absolute and abject failure
    They amply deserve what they are going to get

  7. Clown World ends when we stop defending it.

    No Oath is valid after counter-party treachery, we owe nothing to the faithless, false and allegiant only to themselves.

    No cop, no soldier* should lift a finger to help Minneapolis.

    *I have comrades serving in the MN Guard, and First responders there.

    I posted that tonight on my FB, under my name. Lets see what happens, I doubt I’ll be gainsaid.

    Oh faithless leaders and faithless people – defend yourselves.

    As for our leadership, they are all quite pouring gas on the fire, our elites cheer the arrest of the cop – well. Defend yourselves then.

    Time for us to Boycott, Sanction by Omission and Divest ourselves.

  8. MPD Cop charged with murder- although there is no sign of asphyxiation or strangulation.

    Floyd died of underlying conditions – oh and he did resist getting the squad car, so he was put on the ground.

    Every cop in America should stop working tonight. Show up, clock in and don’t respond to Black Crime.

    Boycott, Sanction by Omission, and Divest of this problem.

    BDS should be a language understood by Mayor Frey.

    Yes, of course he’s (((Frey))).

  9. One of the Z’s best essays. With incredibly precise summary of the situation: The cause is a ruling class that defines itself by its hatred of white people.

  10. One question you didn’t answer last week concerns the cover photo for your blog.
    Who’s the man your father is introducing you to?

  11. your advice at 51 min about kids is profound and correct.I’m older than you and remember those exact issues . I was raised in appilalacia, where family swas still strongly supported socially,so I did come arround and have a great family.

  12. The demo for TRS shows isn’t some moderate, fence sitting woman, or FNC watching Republican. They’re people who have already been mugged by reality and are deeply resentful, and even hateful at what happened to themselves, their families and their country. Not that some of their beliefs aren’t dumb, like MMT. And yes, some people are interested in doors on death chambers not washing with historical record. If they start losing listeners, they’ll know to lighten up on that, or add something else. Some people watch You Tubes on building ships in bottles, that doesn’t mean that they have to evangelize the benefits of building them. They’re people who like doing that to begin with. The whole point of building a morality outside of mainstream morality is not caring what the current moral architecture thinks about your version of dissident vs. their version. You obviously do, and the status quo would lump you in with them anyway. It sees zero difference between you, them, or even Malkin. McInnes or Cernovich. The status quo is on borrowed time. And by the way, someone has to forcefully bring up the J question, as no one in society will touch it. If they sometimes go wildly overboard on it, which they do, the target demo will let them know. They also bring up the vileness of Trump, who did actually betray anyone who believes in borders. He was never elected to bring in a bunch of neo-con freaks to repeat the past. No real dissident can entertain that man again, even if he was entertained the first time.

  13. Z Man said: “You can be sure that the usual suspects are laughing themselves silly over what’s happening in Minnesota right now. As far as they are concerned, the people of that city are getting what they deserve.”

    Of course. And as long as it stays in blackville it’s must see TV. But if the african firebugs ever take that show on the road, it won’t be so funny anymore.

    Here’s an artical by Paul Joseph Watson entitled:

    Minneapolis Rioter: “We’re Gonna Start Coming To The Suburbs”


    • They talked the same shit during the Rodney King riots but never actually did it. Cops and CA National Guard reacted completely different when they approached decent (mostly white) neighborhoods. The Beverly Hills cops literally stood in a line on Wilshire with long guns and told anyone approaching they’d be shot dead if they tried looting in their town.

  14. Whites Europeans are so pathetic. They brag about how many guns they have, how much ammo they’ve hoarded, wear “tribal” tattoos and talk shite on blogs about taking back the country from liberal progressives.

    They wave the flag, wear MAGA hats and post pictures of the Bill of Rights on Facebook pages . But when it comes to actually doing something when abused by the authorities, they cower in their basements or quietly walk around with signs and make mean faces at the cameras. All talk, no action. Rinse, repeat ad nauseam.

    Whites have made it clear to authorities, “Yes, Officer, it’s okay to abuse us because deep in side, we’re cowards and we know if you beat us, no one will try to stop you.”

    Blacks have demonstrated to the authorities over and over, “Try it again and we’ll burn it all to the ground!”

    I may not agree with their methods, but I respect their unity and consistency.

    • Yap the reason why they would have 25+ rifles is precisely because they are pathetic cowards
      There is nothing at this point that jews and their subhuman cohorts have not taken from them except their pathetic lives, but that too is coming

  15. Probably smart to avoid a show on the jogger/birdwatcher riots this week. Everyone is already talking about it and with Friday night looming I am expecting things to get out of hand across the country this weekend. A significant death toll would not surprise me, we already saw 7 people shot in Louisville during a protest for a black woman killed by cops. Next week? Circumstances might force your hand.

    Time to accelerate your exit strategy to get out of Lagos.

  16. Excuse me while I scream with outraged laughter at the very thought of separation.

    The worst possible outcome is separation from whites. Non-Euros would rather kill us than let us get away.

    There’s a historical example.

    This one using the higher IQ types, who incidentally have something of a history involving brown people in our world.

    A history still occurring, one that has accelerated in leaps and bounds.

    We secured their hallowed “homeland”, and some of us offered free transport, money, supplies, and engineers that they might, at long last, celebrate in Jerusalem next year.

    Almost none went.

    They refused to leave.

    The Havarra program, voluntarily offered, was rejected.

    They instead continued their prior campaign, a second Thirty Years War that resulted in 100 million white Christians dead on both sides, in slave camps, and Europe in flaming rubble…

    rather than leave our racist oppression.

    “6 million” they cried in 1917.

    “6 million!” they insisted in 1946- again.

    “Historical crimes! You deserved it!

    You are punished for all we imagine!

    Believe all… anyone says!” is the cry today.

    Mandela? MLK? The Invasion of Europe, then. Tell me- who created the ANC, the NAACP, MLK, the Invasion, even the Chinese Communist Party and the Wuhan lab.

    Who ordered the bombing of supply trains to transit camps in Germany, dooming their own people to starvation and disease for a photo op?

    Who left butchered British soldiers hanging in the trees in Hebron, who tortured lawful Waffen volunteers in Poland, who melted 50,000 babies into the pavement in Dresden?

    These are not different things, but all of a piece. Against one thing– us.

    It is absolute madness, gullibility to the point of suicide, to dream of separation.

    There is no limit to what evil those not us will descend to, anything, anything, rather than leave us be free.

  17. There’s an upside to the Great Scandinavian Jog-a-Thon, though, at least for connoisseurs of the clown show: now Joe Biden’s running mate / Replacement President pretty much has to be the most radical POC they can find… and who better than Stacey “Tank” Abrams? There’s no way the DNC will ever agree to a presidential debate, but they just might be dumb enough to agree to a vice-presidential debate… seeing her up on stage chimping out at Mike Pence would do more for race realism in this country than ten riots.

    • You saw that as well it’s not coincidence how this all played out…Biden if he still has any sane moments has to be thinking Ah Crap when Amy got knocked out of the running…

      • I simply can’t shake the feeling that all of this is “orchestrated”; that it was a script looking for a venue.

        • Yea when the BLM came back out of the grave where they were you knew something was cooking…

    • That might be true, but Mike Pence would immediately start doing the Cuck Shuffle if he’s confronted by 300 pounds of angry Abrams.

      Remember that Pence is not a friend of ours.

      • Yeah, he’d be like Bernie in front of the Water Buffaloes. Because, you know, if he actually destroyed Stank in a debate it would be rayciss.

    • If Pence has to debate a woman, much less a Colored of Person woman, he will cuck harder than French & Erickson combined.

        • Jesus, how I hate Twitter politicians. To use a jogger idiom, that’s some bitch made shit right there. Of course, President Tough Guy Tweeter isn’t much better. I’d like it much more if his entire administration stayed the fuck off enemy networks and started putting boots on necks. But they’re more interested in slap fights on the internet…or doing the Cuck Shuffle

  18. A people who would surrender power in exchange for peace shall get neither.

    Because now no one can be in charge, and no one is…

    RIP Civil Rights.

  19. This is why in the maxipads commercials, they always tests the absorbancy of the maxipad with blue tinted water and never red tinted water despite the fact that everyone knows there will not be blue stains on the used ones.

  20. On the bright side, if this keeps up, not only will my Goodwhite friends and neighbors finally understand my diagnosis of “Chronic Negro Fatigue,” they’ll put it in the DSM-VI.

  21. Whites are the “thin veneer of civilization” and we are now forced to watch it burn.

  22. “I don’t care about these people as I don’t think they should be in the same country as me.” There it is. I am so profoundly tired of Joggers and their dysfunction. And in my heart, I don’t even blame them. We’re asking them to live up to standards that they simply CAN’T. Our world is not their world; it’s built for us, not them. I’d be a whatever-their-word-for-Jogger-is if you dropped me down with Jared Diamond’s Papua New Guineans. Not my world. I’d be happy to leave their world to them… wish they’d leave my world to me and mine.

      • No they cannot. Which is why I always make it a point of saying that I 100% support slavery reparations, up to $1M per person… so long as the check comes with a one-way plane ticket. Nobody ever takes me up on it, though.

        • to Liberia which was set up for them much earlier. I suggest cruise ships as mode of transportation. We just need a travel campaign…put out dollar bills like crumbs and once they’ve boarded, cast off!

        • “I 100% support slavery reparations, up to $1M per person… so long as the check comes with a one-way plane ticket.”

          Funny, I was thinking (again) exactly that last night on the drive home, but in a new light given the Corona-chan trillions that were magicked up out of nowhere. But to Alzaebo’s point, my back of the envelope made the cost about $4.1T (unless he was assuming that about 25% will refuse).

          Another back-of-the envelope. Suppose a person can’t or won’t do anything productive. But society being the mess it is, we support him anyway, to the tune of $20k per annum. Over 50 years of parasitic shitbaggery, that’s a cool million right there. (Yes yes, it’s very primitive not accounting for inflation, etc, but just go with me here.) Life expectancy on average is about 76 years, so a million is actually a bargain.

    • Parasites will never leave a host unless the host dies or the host rids the body of them…We will never be free of them unless they are forced out of our country…That’s the bottom line and the more people that wake up to that fact the better chance we have of getting rid of them before they kill us off…Oh and the ones that allowed the parasite to enter need to be gone as well…

    • “I don’t care about these people as I don’t think they should be in the same country as me.” 

      That’s what I read Zman for, and what I used to read Sobran for. That ability to simply articulate an idea that’s right in front of our noses, but nobody else has the wits or the balls to see it. But once it’s been spoken, you realize someone else has articulated the idea you didn’t even know you had.

      This is a meme worth spreading far and wide. Perhaps when people see it, it will help them realize they don’t care either.

  23. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to get married. Got her a ring, did all the symbolic stuff, etc; she’s happy as a clam (actually, it’s looking more like an oyster these days). We’ve been together for years and I can’t wait to put our love to the test in parenthood.

    If her family wants to foot the bill for a big wedding, good on em; otherwise, it’s not a high priority for me. Romantically speaking, I’ve outperformed somewhere north of 95% of my friends. Besides security for the kids, why marriage? Seems like a luxury at best and a trap at worst.

    I guess I’ll do it after my (hopefully white) child emerges.

    • I don’t know what your religious and cultural beliefs are, but the answer to “Why marriage?” is intended to be that a public oath before God and everyone means something. A man’s word was his bond. Once you’ve made that oath, forswearing it was deeply shameful.

      A mere declaration between you and your girlfriend is weaksauce by comparison. You know darn well that there’s little holding you to it. Sadly, in the age of no-fault divorce, there’s little holding anyone to it even if you do get married.

      I know that society has fallen very far since the phrase “a man’s word is his bond” meant anything, but that’s why you get married.

      • I get it. I’d even do it if I had the money. But right now, I don’t, so we decided to just get started with the kid (financially, we’ll make it). For me, having that kid represents the oath before God. What else should I do when the divorce laws in my state are such a joke?

          • Probably not, but possibly yes. Who knows where we’ll be in five years?

            This isn’t rhetorical question: Aside from the religious function, how does marriage strengthen one’s relationship? I’m going to do it, but it’s not high on my list right now because I just can’t see the urgency.

          • It won’t strengthen your relationship, but hesitancy to get married means you don’t trust either yourself or your wife. That’s not to say your hesitancy is wrong.

          • But if I didn’t trust her I wouldn’t have chosen to have the kid. And plenty of people get married even though they distrust their partner strongly. They shouldn’t, sure, but it seems common enough.

            I guess I just don’t get it; there’s a function to it I just can’t see. And our relationship is better than literally every couple I’ve ever met. We’re way past the honeymoon stage, so this perception isn’t built on sophomoric infatuation.

            You know what, though? Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s me I mistrust.

          • Before that kid came into the picture, it doesn’t matter to me at all. A marriage without kids isn’t a real marriage. Marriage isn’t for you, it’s for the kids.

          • You must not trust her if you said your kid will hopefully be white…But alas you are so all over the place with what you are and what your relationship is I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you…

          • Maybe my sense of humor doesn’t translate well via this platform. I hope you understood that what I said was a joke. And my relationship has always been strong. If there’s something wrong with it, well, that’s news to me.

            I had no idea you held me in such low regard. No matter — I’ve learned a lot from this place. I wish you all luck, and I’m grateful for the good advice I’ve received here. You won’t hear from me again.

          • When you change your story to get a different response from people it makes people suspicious of your motives for being on here…Don’t go away, just be truthful Brother and ask questions that you are serious about not just to provoke a reaction…You have to understand places like this are going to get trolls and if you start doing things which you have that seem trollish then people won’t take you serious and will come to despise what you write…Just be upfront and honest and you will be good to go…

          • I very much salute and support you for the decision to bcome a parent . It is always a blessing . You and the GF will be forever linked through your child , do do your best to keep it cordial no matter what happens. I do think marriage is good though .

          • having been married over 30 years , I would say that a marriage is a commitment to stay together through good and bad. love comes from mutual sacrifice and mutual support . and it is a good reminder that there is more at stake than how you feel at any given moment. There is a real reason that marriage has been a part of sucessful civilizations , and societies that don’t have it do not do as well.

          • And I’m not a quitter, btw. We’ve been together for eight years. That’s nearly unheard of for people my age. But maybe I’m doing something wrong by not being married?

        • If you break up, you will find that the lack of a Marrage have no effect on the screwing you will get in get Child support court.

    • Young readers, do not follow LD’s example here.

      1. marriage is a commitment for the children above all else. Making it about the couple & “love” is how Con, Inc. flubbed us into gay marriage.
      2. you test your relationship before, not by or after, having kids.
      3. (Hopefully White) – speaks for itself.
    • mariage is diffrent than a big party . It is a deep affirmation of commitment to each other before god and men. If you have a big party afterwords, that’s ok too, but it doesnt have to be part of it. i am trad cath , so its a biggie for us.

    • Hold your frame at all costs and ruthlessly pass her shit tests.

      You could get raped no matter what path you choose.

      Good luck (action).

  24. I think the reason there haven’t been widespread protests is because people know that this is bad for white people. Everyone Knows It. But white people have been conditioned to not defend themselves. So now the less wealthy whites are being destroyed and the wealthy whites are still okay but they’re about to see their taxes go up like they won’t believe. I need a tutorial on this comment system

    • Honestly, I think you can supplement circus for bread for a long time before people even notice they’re hungry. Lots of whites are still having a good time with this, so the civil unrest isn’t that bad.

      On the other hand, I bet many incidences of public dissidence were quietly buried. In fact, I think this whole BLM riot thing is a frame grab for the “public outrage” that’s been brewing on our side. “Sorry whitey, but you’ll have to wait until AFTER the looting to protest the destruction of your business.”

    • People who are not desperate or in deep poverty do not do things like what we are seeing in Minnesota. That is why these things are largely confined to the ghetto.

      A lot of people don’t know it, but it used to be that white people would riot over race all the time. There were race riots in my city long before America even existed. But that history largely stopped after the 2nd world war. I think there were only a few after the war.

      I don’t recall ever seeing a white political riot in my entire life, and that’s 50 years.

      • I’m not so sure. Our ghettos are not desperate nor in deep poverty, and the last time they saw hard times was before the Great Society welfare state.

        I would say the opposite is true: ghettos chimp out all the time because they’re thick with gravy: idle men lounge and luxuriate all day and every day—with nice cars, clothes, and electronics to boot—and get violent because they’re bored. The boredom is layered on top of poor impulse control, high time preference, and low intelligence.

  25. After many years as a landlord, I can say this with confidence. The lower IQ fractions of society need to be strictly managed. Due to the IQ gap between Blacks and Whites, this represents a very large portion of Blacks, but a small portion of Whites. My wife handles the bulk of this strict management — she’s very good at ruthless paternalism without losing her temper. Being a landlord makes you understand why lords were necessary for much of human history.

    The problem is, as someone mentioned yesterday the “one size fits all” model of governance.

    *I* don’t need to be stricly managed. I am smart and make good life decisions. But I have tenants who can’t figure out how to screw in a lightbulb or which side of the alley to put their trash can on (ignoring on what side of the alley every other trash can on the block is sitting). I have tenants who glibly and transparently lie to me, despite the fact that they will obviously be caught in their lies and the reality that my wife and I punish lies worse than mere stupid behavior.

    An egalitarian system demands “one-size-fits-all” governance.

    In practice, that’s not what we get — it is more than obvious that the rules that apply to the elite governing class do not apply to the rest of us. But that is a very coarse distinction, and not at all meritorious. The rest of us Whites are dragged down by the need to police Blacks strictly. But, ironically, since the end of Jim Crow Blacks aren’t policed strictly enough. We get the worst of both worlds.

    If we could achieve peaceful separation, the average White wouldn’t need to be policed by a militarized police force, and sadistic power-abusing cops like Chauvin (presumably) could be weeded out. We could resume a Mayberry level of policing.

    • It’s a larger portion of whites than you think, I bet. Though with better nutrition, it is probably less than was needed in Europe in previous centuries.

      • It’s not larger than I think. I have way too much experience to be naive about it. It is simply at a level that is sustainable in a civilized society.

        • I think you are correct. Let’s use IQ >= 90. Why? because that number has been published a few times as the minimum national average to sustain a functional, democratic governance in a country.

          So, Blacks have an average IQ of 85. That would imply 2/3’s or so, dysfunctional. Whites however have an average IQ of 100. That would leave less than a third dysfunctional. And we’ve not even looked at behavioral traits genetically inherited.

    • There are some people who lie reflexively and completely without thought. The worst liars I have ever met have come from dysfunction single mother run households where lying was necessary. They cannot help themselves and they won’t ever stop doing it. They do it knowing that their lies are easily disproven. They will double down on a lie when caught.

      I used to know a compulsive liar who lied about everything, no matter how big or small. It was to the point that they told lies about the most trivial things. I may not agree, but I can understand why someone would lie to their landlord about something that might get them in some sort of trouble. But why would someone lie about something completely trivial and nothing more than small talk? Yet, they exist.

  26. A vision of a new world, from the ashes of the old

    “Do what thou wilt!”, he screams from his cursed soul

    A tortured seer, a prophet of our emptiness

    Wondering why, wondering why…

      • Bruce Dickinson. Z-Man’s podcast outro music. I believe he wrote it about Alister Crowley, but one could make the case that it describes progressive nihilism in a nutshell.

  27. Pingback: Riots? Not my people – Are These Truths?

  28. Now that Wuflu is dying off without the intended consequences, you just knew there would be something else happen that would stir the pot. No one is making the argument that the cops were not wrong, as to what was on the video. Yet people allow the whole matter to rile them up and get them acting like zoo animals at feeding time. Separation, with border guards and a wall, is what we need. Not just from joggers, but from the people who are too stupid to avoid being manipulated by this sort of thing.

    • This is going to revive Wuflu, at least for a couple more weeks. Of course it’ll be deemed necessary because blacks had to protest. Police will likely be blamed.

    • Suffice it to say, the video doesn’t tell the whole story. As for acting like zoo animals at feeding time, for most of them, it’s not an act.

  29. Zman mentions the stat that most people have only two weeks worth of savings vs. the fact that many people have been out of work for two months.

    The massive unemployment benefit has papered over this.

    • But unemployment in most cases is far less than a paycheck. Here in Lagos, max unemployment is $430 a week. That’s not enough to live on, even in the ghetto.

        • Yep, $1,000 a week is a hell of a lot better than most people were earning before. It’s not far from the median household income. $2k a week for a couple. Not bad. Beats working at Popeye’s for minimum wage.

        • The $600 is a game changer now. Supposedly till July but for all the low income people (a lot) that is more than they have ever made. You can’t even recall them now, they will find excuses and fears why they won’t return.

          In the short term you can’t blame them but those jobs won’t wait forever. Many businesses are raising labor wages to get help here.

        • I did not know about this. Well then yeah, so one is hurting until those funds run dry.

          • that is true about the unemployment benes. There is another group out there. We have them all over my neighborhood. They are the millitant paranoids. These folks believe you can catch wu flu from the air. My wife was walking in our neighborhood and comments how people will cross the street 50 yards ahead of you then cross back after you pass to avoid walking past you. one man mowing his lawn russed away from his lawn mower to stand by the house as she passed .

            The level of fear the MSM has been able to put into the CNN fans is truly breathtaking .

            When trying to plan a family get together for midsummer. She ran into reletives who became angry that she would even think of planning something like that. Quote from one of them ” Is it REALLY worth KILLING sombody to do!!!” this is a common attititude in the retiree and “work from home”(soon to be “work from bangalore”) crowd. They aren’t hurting financially at all, and they believe they are “staying Strong , At home . and Saving lives.”

            to paraphrase Z’s col on facts vs narriative col of a few days ago, they have bought the “heroic fachi tries to get dumb trump to be reasonable to stop the second coming of the plague” narrative. believing the flu to be a combination of the midieval black plague and the Andromeda strain.

        • That $600 is a raise for just about everyone on unemployment. In Michigan employees get the $600 even if they’re only furloughed for one day a week in which case it’s a substantial raise.

          • Yep, furloughed counts. Have a relative who is furloughed. He’s loving it. $1k a week for fishing. Not bad.

            His wife was furloughed too, but she had to go back to work. She wished that it could have gone on a bit longer.

      • I’m beginning hear a lot of people complaining about spending through their savings. They are largely middle class people who have been furloughed. How much longer this gets dragged out and if and when a lot of these people go back to work is going to put many of them in desperate circumstances. Mortgages, medical expenses, car loans, college tuition, retirement, rising food costs, etc…

        The fermentation period for the middle class is probably somewhere in the 3 to 6 month range. This will work its way up the financial ladder: 1st those living close to the 50-50 income-credit line and from there work its way steadily up that ladder. A bumpy L – shaped recovery will swell those ranks and become more and more worrisome and volatile.

        People who live on the lower end of the economic spectrum don’t have a lot to loose and don’t have a lot of expenses so unemployment may come up a bit short but not short enough to dramatically change their lives.

        The middle class watching what little it has been able to accumulate slip through their fingers through no fault of their own will have a very different reaction.

        • People may stop paying on their obligations eventually. Tuition loan payments or food…? Not a hard choice. Honestly, any one person can only be debased so much before internal survival queues kick in. Americans love their food, too, so endanger that addiction and see what civil strife develops.

  30. Trump to me is a disappointing politician, but objectively less vile than typical career politicians.

    ETA: I read a Medium article this morning. Not going to bother to link to it. The ghost writer for The Art of the Deal, has thrown Trump under the bus, calling him a psychopath.

    Do I care? Virtually all prominent politicians are psychopaths. The system selects for that, but he’s a psychopath that’s on my side more often than the other side’s psychopaths. I work with what I got.

  31. Watch a few episodes of The First 48 or Cops and it is clear that a large proportions of these folks are remorseless and heartless beasts. They have no concept of humanity and no respect for their own possessions, much less the possessions of others. Generations of fatherless children and over indulgent mothers have created this mess and there is no easy solution. Last night, I saw a short clip of joggers (they were riding around in a car at the time) shouting “Shoot the white folk”. Seriously.

    • Unless the shout was actually ‘shoot the mother fu**in’ white folk” I would tend to doubt the veracity of the clip

    • Generations of fatherless children and over indulgent mothers have created this mess … ” I would tend to blame a couple hundred millennia of evolution.

    • “over indulgent mothers”

      Thing is, it’s NOT overindulgence. It’s more like vicious neglect. Those children are not pampered or treated as if they were precious. They are usually neglected, but occasionally “disciplined” by being yelled at and slapped. If you (by which I mean “one”) live where there is any degree of vibrancy, you’ve doubtless seen this in supermarkets, or on the street. Contrast this with a stern but calm talking to, possibly punctuated with a swat on the butt. A child can learn from the latter, but there is little learned from the former. (And it does not help if the child is inherently stupid and has poor impulse control.)

      James LaFond writes of his experiences in decades of working in and managing ghetto supermarkets in Baltimore. (The relevant articles are tagged “the ghetto grocer” at his site — linked under Bad Thoughts on Z’s homepage.) The vast majority of the foodstamp/EBT money doesn’t go to care and feeding of the children. It’s so mama kin eat skrimps wit her man, and have decorated cakes wit her woman frenz. The children, especially the males, are put out onto the street to fend for themselves while the male paramour of the week is over.

      We use the word “feral” as a sort of sarcastic code, but unfortunately it is technically accurate as well, because many of these children are not being raised by anyone. And they definitely do not have any positive male role models. James points out that the threat behavior of feral young black males is not masculine, but rather hysterical/feminine. The posturing, strutting, and loud vocalizations (e.g. calling people “bitch” and “pussy”) are dominance displays of the sort you get from stupid and low-status females. Contrast that with the classic white archetypes of the dangerous man, who is quiet, laconic, often stoic, and wants to be left alone, but is decisive and lethal when provoked beyond a certain line.

      • Exactly Mike – I was going to cite LaFond on this as well. Recently edited one of his pending manuscripts with a story about seeing a sista windmill-punching a little kid in a car seat. Another story (published in Trojan Whorse) relates one of his fighter’s GF’s nearly getting him into a brawl for criticizing a Dinduisha who beat her kid at the laundromat.

        The “warrior gene” and r-selection are both very real, but the hyper-violent abuse most Black kids suffer, particularly at the hands of young Black women, as well as the “Sleepers”-tier sexual abuse visited on them by mama’s beau-ub-d-do-da-day puts some bitter frosting on that biological cake.

  32. While I don’t want any white to get hurt, I can’t help but feel a little Schadenfreude over the riots. Minnesotans are phenomenal cucks, maybe King of the Cucks. Their unrelenting belief in their own goodness and its ability to transform savages into LL Bean-wearing accountants is nothing short of pathological.

    And unlike East or West Coast liberals, Midwesterners really believe all their Cult of Equality BS. NYC, San Francisco and other liberal cities do everything they can to move blacks out. Not Minnesotans. They invite them in. Can’t feel much sympathy for Bambi if he paints a target on side and give the hunter a loaded gun.

    • Minnesotans aren’t alone. Enclaves of true believer GoodWhiteness exist all over the country in depressing numbers. Rarely where they have to be daily shoulder-to-shoulder with BadBlacks.

      • No, they certainly aren’t alone, but there really is something special about Upper Midwest cucks. They have their own brand of Goodwhite. There’s a smug niceness if that makes sense.

          • That’s my ancestry and I sure as hell don’t do this shit. I don’t think I can describe in words how mad I am right now

          • Yea I’m mostly German as well but you have to admit a lot of our kin are brainwashed into being suicidal…

          • Range, as much as I credit genes for 50%+ of our traits & tendencies, Europe & Russia didn’t find Teutons so “pathologically altruistic” from Antiquity through WWII.

            Scandis & Germans have been socially engineered into this. Evolution may be local, copious & recent but not a half-dozen generations recent.

    • Maybe it’s just my circle but whenever I push back against “if they were just given the right opportunities…” or “whites need to provide…” the reactions of good whites over the past year have become limp. They are either becoming exhausted by needing to find some new excuse in defending blacks or they are no longer getting positive feedback from most of the people in their circles.

      Negro fatigue seems to be getting to a lot more people.

      • Yeah, this is like the flip-side of Z’s criticisms of Holocaust denying: whites gaining some weird positive vibe from treating blacks as pets. “We need to-” what? Why do we need to do anything? If blacks knew there was no “white god”, then they might have a shot at sorting themselves out in some fashion while we hopefully get whites to focus on their own people instead of strangers that hate them.

        • There have been 6 gorillion films and other media that have instilled this this pathology in them. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, If all the screens were smashed, things would start getting better fast as the only input people would receive on these creatures would be reality as opposed to jewish fiction.

    • Here, here. There is perhaps not a city and State in the nation that caters to joggers more. It is never—and will be never—enough. Let that sink in. Sometimes the only good example we can set is that of illustrating a bad example. Hat’s off to MN in that respect.

  33. As for why there is no rioting, it’s because unemployment benefits are often more than what a person would make make working.

    We were looking for a piano mover and the flustered owners were telling us that most of her workers were on unemployment and had no intention of working until it ran out.

    That with porn and Netflix (but I repeat myself) creates a compliant population.

  34. I keep seeing the news saying this feels different than previous instances where this has happened.

    Yeah, because we have a video of a man being murdered by a police officer.  There was no grey area here. This was a literal public execution where an officer choked a man to death while he pleaded for his life and multiple onlookers cried for justice.  

    So yeah, it’s fucking different. There’s nothing to hide behind with this one.  

    TBH I gotta wonder how many of those fires may have been started by the police’s indiscriminate uses of “less than lethal” weapons, tear gas containers get fucking hot.

    Also there’s accusations going around that a guy who smashed the windows of the autozone was a cop in plain clothes

    Theyve just arrested a CNN crew for….existing? Broadcasting what they’re doing before they’re about to just brutally slaughter people? Fuck knows.

    Given that the CNN crew fronted by a black person was arrested but the CNN crew fronted by a white person was not, I think we know what they were arrested for. 

    just read an article about all the protests and what struck me as odd was a line about how protestors in Columbus, Ohio, tried to get entrance to the local parliament and were denied access. I immediately had to think of the armed (white!) nutjobs who were allowed entrance to the Michigan parliament a month ago to go intimidate the representatives. What a joke of a country…

    • Nice bullshit, foreign agent provocateur. Here in the US none of us say “local parliament” or “Michigan parliament.”

      If you’re European, go back to whoring your daughters out to migrants, please. Or maybe you’re from China or Israel, in which case: please keep up the great work keeping your own imported joggers in line! If only we could do what you’re allowed to do.

      • It’s so easy spotting foreign intelligence provocateurs. The use of British English, the gratuitous cursewords, the pasted-together paragraphs that veer wildly in tone and structure from one to the other, the well-placed speculation and non sequiturs designed to inflame, the spelling errors in basic words used to mask the lack of a true American speaking tone. It’s all so obvious and tiresome.

        Whether this was a Chink or a Jew, they really have to step up their intelligence gaslighting game. To be fair, US intelligence plays the same game abroad: I wonder if our Arabic provacateur posts are any better written?

        • The term, “fuck knows,” is also a tell. Lots of Europeans with just less than perfect English use the term. My guess is that they like the fairly common idiomatic term, “who the f- knows?” and translate it a little too exactly.

      • “If you’re European, go back to whoring your daughters out to migrants, please.”

        Might want to look at US rape stats, tough guy.

        And run your eye over murder stats too..

        Typical American conservative: craps on other white countries whilst celebrating diversity countries.

    • Well… what are you doing here, then? Shouldn’t you be out looting and burning? Better hustle unless you don’t want some other jogger getting your share…

    • The naive belief that a video clip tells the whole story — whether here, the Central Park dog lady vs. bird watcher incident, or the Arbery incident — represents a fundamental naivete’ and eagerness to rush to judgment.

      I don’t know that there’s more to the story, but I know better than to assume there is not.

      I worked for a while as a reporter on the court beat. It was before the days of ubiquitous video, but I’d rub shoulders with potential jurors and I was always amazed how many had already decided in their minds what the truth was of the big criminal cases of the day. I was young and idealistic enough to mention to one: “You’re supposed to wait until you’ve actually heard the evidence before you decide that” and he just scoffed.

      Anyway, like I’ve said on a couple occasions, the joggers and the power mad cops are both atrocious. They can both burn as far as I care.

      • Both sides (cops and joggers) losing this one is OK by me. Maybe it will open some eyes of the locals that no one stands for them. They are like the Poles as the Soviets and the Nazis sort things out between themselves.

        • OMG “cops and joggers” sounds so much better than the old “cops and robbers”!

      • Yeah, juries that I was on often had two extremes—which left little room for a reasonable “middle”—those who couldn’t make a decision, and those who couldn’t justify a decision already made. Women in the first, old white, power drunk, guys in the second.

        At that time I was middle aged, but can remember hoping I’d never become that “old white guy”. Still scares me at times now that I am an old white guy.

    • Hey, Tiny Duck, haven’t heard from you in these parts for a while. Keep that black wood warm.

    • Jefferson, I don’t think you’re being fair here. Murder is a strong word. That cop was subduing an unruly subject in a criminal investigation. The alternative explanation is that the cop just walked up to the fella without provocation and wrestled him to the ground and then kneeled on his neck for no reason other than pure malice. It seems highly unlikely to me although I have to admit when I see a picture of the deceased, my first impression is ‘another Nobel laureate wasted.’

        • That would change things. It would put a different complexion on the matter, but for those for which complexion is the only thing that matters, it won’t change things. We already know who those people are.

      • I’m pretty sure that in China they teach British English in high school and college, like in much of the rest of the world.

        So yes, for them it’s “grey” instead of “gray” and “parliament” instead of “state house.”

        They’re learning, though: I didn’t spot a single “persons of colour” slip up!

      • Grey with an “e” is English typical use. Gray with an “a” is American typical use. Or so I’m told.

    • You’re trying to make it a race thing, but proportionally, black cops kill more black civilians than white cops. It’s why I don’t take arguments like yours seriously. There’s never even an attempt at honest self-examination.

  35. These riots, just as in Ferguson and Charlotte and now Minneapolis, are so illustrative of how the sub-Saharan African is incompatible with Western Civilization.

    I could see some of these feral creatures bashing at the self-checkout registers, trying to harvest money from them like primitives. It reminded me of the opening scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    There’s no way these unfeeling barbarians could’ve perform the engineering required to build such a machine, which to their 85-IQ understanding might as well be magic.

    The cucking by so many whites over this and that ne’er-do-well “jogger” is sickening. It was murder, they preen on FB and Twatter. There’s an easy way to avoid interacting with the police: Don’t be a damned criminal! Stop stealing things and slinging crack rocks and you wouldn’t have to worry about “the man.”

    I always tell people in these cases that initial narrative in these killings never survives contact with the truth.

    I want to ask these self-hating white cucks several things. Are you fine with some low-grade thugs moving into your neighborhood? Why is every black-run city and black-dominated school district a cesspool? Why does 15% of the population commit a far larger share of crime even though we’ve transferred trillions via various gibs programs to prop them up?

    Our ruling class has propagandized a whole generation of whites to hate themselves and gleefully accept their second class status as compared to a bunch of witless barbarians who have no compunction about killing you and laughing about it later.

    This has to end. At some point, a real discussion needs to happen about why we as taxpaying, largely law-abiding whites have to prop up these creatures and keep our borders open to accept more. This is a burden that I no longer want to carry.

    • Discussions are currently selling for two cents on the dollar. They have been tried and found wanting for half a century at least. The promoters of pandemonium, intimidation, and hatred of whites are not interested in discussion; how can we be?

      Race realist whites must not wait around for aggressive “activist” opponents to calm down, sit in the easy chair, light their pipes, and make debaters’ points. They need to take responsibility for doing what is needed now.

    • I’m going to turn on the news, turn off the sound, and fire up “Thus Spake Zarathustra” on the stereo.

      I can hardly wait til they find the Monolith.

  36. Although I harbor no illusions that the latest um…protests..will change any minds, or that ‘next time it will be different’, this latest mayhem is just another reminder that:

    “In reality we are people thrown together by fate and the vengeance of the ruling class. Pretending that these people are our people is just lunacy. We are not the same”.

  37. Latest news, the prosecutors say there are reasons for NOT pursuing charges against the police officer. A predictable pattern. In other words, what happened before the video began.

    As a native Southerner, I feel some vindication, not for this Minneapolis incident in particular, but for how this “conversation” has unfolded since Obama’s 2nd term.

    We just assumed 60 years ago when I was a boy that these people were our atonement & burden. Our leaders tried explaining that kid-glove methods wouldn’t work, but they were mocked and scorned by those whom you call the “usual suspects”.

    Can we release ourselves from this burden? We have to work towards freeing ourselves from them somehow.

    • The real issue here is just how easily white people keep falling for these hoaxes. Before the jogger was revealed, whites were ready to hang the father and son as racists. Some still are, believing it makes them righteous in some way. Whites have completely accepted the initial narrative with these cops.

      • As someone who gets almost daily glimpses into the media machine via my wife, I can tell you that many whites are fed a truly alternate reality.

        If you live a nice, white area – and thus avoid interactions with POC – and your only lens to what goes on in the world is from the Today Show or the Washington Post or something like that, you see a world of nice black people just trying to live their lives while mean whites – not you, of course, you’re one of the Goodwhites – thwart them at every turn, sometime violently, for no other reason than hatred and wanting to hold onto their ill-gotten position.

        The lesson for the day ends and you go about your life, safe in your cocoon. You don’t think about it any deeper because 1) you’re busy and 2) why would you, these lessons come from the every corner of society leadership.

      • Hoax or not, the idea that it is a great societal issue worthy of Black rioting and White handwringing is ridiculous. It’s a local issue. The two individuals involved are not avatars for all Black people and all White people.

        The response is more illuminating than the incident itself. It reveals, as you said, that we cannot live together.

        • The response of Goodwhites always shows their hand. Even when they’re blaming whites for black behavior, Goodwhites are still upset that blacks aren’t acting like whites.

          Goodwhites just assume that every other ethnic group can and should become exactly like Goodwhites. It’s not just that Goodwhites deny racial differences, they expect the entire world to act just like them because their the pinnacle of human civilization.

      • Yes, it’s amazing how that happens. I meant to clarify what I wrote how our Southern leaders back during the Civil Rights era were trying to use reason to turn public opinion. I had in mind a book that I read more than once way back then, “Race & Reason” by Carleton Putnam, a Northerner. Southerners were sure this would turn the tide but of course, it didn’t because there was never any sincere intention on the part of their enemies to solve a problem.

        Goodwhites operate within the moral framework of the Left, as you & others have pointed out on numerous occasions. The hoaxes will just keep on comin’ as long as this is the case.

      • Mr. Floyd would still be in prison if there was any sense of justice in this country for committing an armed home invasion robbery 10 years ago where he threatened to murder a woman after forcefully entering the home by sticking a pistol in her stomach. Such crime is PUNISHABLE BY LIFE, but instead he was treated with pity and privilege based on being black, only serving 5 years. Shameful.

    • One pre-“civil rights” movement southerner had a better understanding of the Hutu than every sociology professor in the Ivy League combined.

      • Good site, good contributors. I’ve linked it elsewhere along with the pods. “The Cocktail Hour” has some good mannerbund pods as well, along with “Myth of the 20th Century.”

        • Coach’s “Full Haas” is explicitly devoted to promoting white families and fatherhood.

    • Thing is Brother this organizing has to be with people you know and trust and that means living amongst one another not with random people on the internet…It’s a great idea for letting people know they aren’t alone but to build Communities it has to be done on a f2f basis…

  38. So what I hear you saying is that diversity is NOT our strength???

    Sorry – lame joke. But I sat through 27 years of the military’s annual “human awareness” training – their attempt at brainwashing predominately southern military men to volunteer for their gelding program. We got it constantly – from both barrels – that white men were the scourge of women and browns – forced celebrations of Black History, Women’s History, recognition of Kwanzaa – you get the picture. In the 80s my peers recognized the charade as a politically-charged nuisance, not for the cancer it truly was. When I retired in 2010, the Admirals were paying close attention to their diversity and gender staffs, previously considered an annoyance but now an integral part of the “leadership team”. Another long-term impact … most of the young white biological males were completely onboard with the diversity program; apparently they’d received their ethnic vasectomies in kindergarten.

    I think this is the fate for those of us 50 & up – we can remember when this “diversity is our strength” BS started, and we just can’t get worked up about the consequences of decades-long stupidity. It seems that we’re stuck with “it is what it is” until The Diversity wakes a few more whites to the fact that vasectomies are reversible.

    • I don’t know Capt. It’s looking like most vasectomies may not be reversible after all.

    • Yeah, I don’t think anyone in the 1990s thought that this would get beyond a nuisance, something everyone understood was stupid. But once diversity and PC started becoming part of the metrics from measuring an executive’s success, it got very real, very fast.

      Thing is, the executives weren’t being the ones asked to give up their job. It was always us younger white guys who had to make the sacrifice, which is why I got out of corporate America. Small businesses can’t afford too much PC non-sense, though the second they start getting bigger, it creeps in.

      • “Thing is,” is exactly right.

        It is hard to describe how it felt sitting on hiring committees in academia seeing the beatific smiles on tenured white faces when they would AA award a tenured position.

        It is even harder to fathom the absolute hatred they would have to feel toward their own white sons to know another hiring committee somewhere else would destroy them in the same fashion.

        • Ditto on military promotion boards and command screening panels. I watched the sausage being made as a personnel detailer. My job was to pitch the best-qualified candidates for command cadre positions – the people taking our multi-billion dollar assets into harm’s way, along with the responsibility to groom our next generation of warriors. Around the table sat seasoned senior officers, guys I looked up to … until they traded professionalism for careerism.

          Stupid young LCDR S … I pitched guys with proven track records of innovation, leadership, moral and physical courage … at least the “best” as reflected in their written evaluations. Those senior officers never asked tough questions about leadership however. The questions at the end of my pitch revolved around how many Nancies and Tyrones did I NOT recommend. Because that was the question their bosses had … and their bosses.

          The stupid young LCDR then asked the assembled senior officers if they would care about things like that if there were an engine room fire or a pop-up incoming fast boat fine off the starboard bow. What matters then? Wasn’t that the primary issue?

          Scowls. I was out of my sandbox. Follow-up interrogative – “Are there any black left-handed female lesbians who are at least minimally qualified? That would be a four-fer!” Not an actual question but that was the gist of it. They needed the right stats, because that would give them the right eval, recognized by the right people, to make flag officer. And you know what? Many of them did. They deserve to wear pink pussy hats, not Admiral hats.

          • You certainly lived in the belly of the beast. Glad that you got out. I trust that your spring planting is starting to show results.

            It took a while to dawn on me why the military went from a hated institution to an increasingly beloved one on the left. I can see that it only took a few decades for the rise of females and trannies in the ranks to change hearts and minds as they say.

            Will be interesting to see what happens if our woke military ever fights a real army such as China or Russia would unleash.

          • Exactly right. The warriors are still in the military, but when conflict comes they’ll be led primarily by non-warriors. Interesting insight on why the military is now beloved; well said.

            Spring planting – progress is good. Plenty of rain & sun. Heck, gardening is easy in May … it’s that July/Aug garden that separates the men from the boys!

          • Amen. Same observation about senior leadership in my experience — 27 yrs Army.

            Six years enlisted Navy prior, but in those days I didn’t care what anyone was up to above my first class.

            Later on I had to deal with the guidance coming down for board actions on promotion and retention. I sat on those and other boards to include command selection — same thing: females and people of color wanted.

            Got called a “racist, sexist, homophobe” by my immediate one-star commander. Responded back that I wasn’t a racist 😉 … His chief of staff turned white; I thought he was going to pass out.

            It got to be more than I could stand. If they would just have stood by the “best qualified” standard ….

        • “committees in academia seeing the beatific smiles on tenured white faces”

          Whites or fellow whites? Often there are de facto special preferences for the latter, so no contradiction in terms of they truly don’t have to worry that their own offspring would suffer similarly.

          I haven’t looked at this systematically [1] but have noticed two apparent trends (when comparing faculty either in the same Department/University, or across peer institutions [2])

          1. for a given rank (e.g. Associate Professor), academic productivity, as measured by volume of publications [3], is generally lower among “under-represented” minority faculty;
          2. Where there is NOT a deficit in the number of papers, the URM is often in a very niche area which is either largely irrelevant [4], or frank bullshit (e.g. race-baiting)

          [1] therefore all I have is a series of anecdotes, not proper data.

          [2] peer institutions: comparing say Harvard to Univ Penn, not Princeton to Cal State, Chico.

          [3] grants are more important than papers, but because there are set-asides for URMs, the number and dollar amount of grants brought in by URMs is functionally artificially skewed upward compared to whites. Also, because I am lazy, it’s easier to look up publications and H-index than grant history. Finally, and obviously, publications in high-impact journals weigh more heavily than ones in low-impact ones, but I’m not sure (personally) about trends in that metric. I have impressions, but haven’t looked at this closely enough to have an opinion.

          [4] a good friend mocks the pretension of a well-published URM (specialty is effect of diet on various diseases) who likes to brag about how he is so frequently an invited speaker at conferences: “Yeah, good for you. So they flew you out to give the plenary lecture at the Society for Left-Handed Egg Eaters; I hope all three of them enjoyed your talk.”

          @CAPT S

          “”I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent.”

          • I was in elite east coast universities at the start of my work life way back in the day and also was working up the ladder and so did not really see how top administrators operated. It was virtually a completely white/fellow white male environment. You are no doubt correct about fellow whites today.
            After getting out and working in various fields did I go back into academia to end my work career but at this point in a different discipline primarily in the CC system. It was about this environment that I made my prior comment.

      • I remember my first sexual harassment / diversity training in the Marines around 1992 – everyone had a good laugh.

        • The joke was always, “is this training intended to improve my ability to sexually harass?”

    • How timely … today received an email reminding me that NAVSEA is celebrating Pride Month.

    • I seem to recall that Kurt Doolittle (or someone claiming to be) then wrote a 10,000 word response in the comments.

    • Forgot all abut it. At this point, I have probably opined about everything at some point.

      • I have yet to hear your thoughts on the most important question of the decade: was the dress black/blue or white/gold.

  39. In regard to the latest shenanigans there is not much to say only things to do.

    In regard to saying, I guess the funniest/saddest thing is hearing mayor Jacob’s primary concern being that of reminding the gallant protestors to remember to wear masks and practice social distancing while burning the city down.

    In regard to doing, well what doing? The timeline of law enforcement reaction from the history of the last 60 years has gone from standing up to standing down. I assume the next step is to help the protestors carry their loot home for them lest they injure themselves.

    Might be a good idea to have a plan for your family.

    • Just when you think the summit of Mt. Inanity has been achieved – the mayor makes a statement about social distancing while rioting.

  40. My brother has a front row seat to all the rioting, he’s wondering if he’ll move. He was on the fence about the actions of the police, but now he’s like screw it, they burnt my neighborhood business down.

    • Is he in the city or one of the inner ring suburbs? The people in the inner ring suburbs are at great risk of this spilling over into their neighborhoods. They didn’t vote for Jacob Frey either, they don’t deserve it.

        1. I think inner ring, he is a mile from the riot. Precinct 3 is the station that covers his neighborhood.
        • He’s in the City of Minneapolis, then.

          I grew up there, St. Paul, actually, not too far from the riots. It was a great place to grow up, and has been wrecked by SJWs.

          Makes me sad.

          • The Lutheran church, like the Papists, bears much of the blame with their immigrant scam.

            Any individual (and at the end of the day actions are performed by individuals not organizations) who facilitates immigration should bear responsibility for them financially and criminally.

        • Hey it’s not all bad: the local La Raza radio station right next to the Precinct 3 station was burned to the ground too.

      • His wife and son went to stay with relatives, he monitoring the situation, for now, the riots have moved to the southwest away from him.

        • So sad to hear so many of you live in urban compounds that are experiencing the young vibrants’ coming of age tribal dance.

          So while you bend over in your living room to pick up a crumb off the rug and a bullet zings past your head to penetrate the adjacent wall, Southern Utah just keeps on doing it’s quiet Mormon thing.

          After working for years in downtown Oakland surrounded by black druggies and psychotics violently lurching virtually everywhere, I woke up to noticing white people had no sympathy for each other. If one of these human dark typhoons whacked you, the reaction from other whites was you should have been paying attention. As a white person you failed the test.

          I woke up, counted out my 9 cat lives and found I had only 1 left, and moved to southern Utah. Man, do I appreciate my neighborhood more than ever. Beautiful and peaceful and did I say peaceful….and beautiful. In Salt Lake City, the good white Mormons are blinkered up being Nice and loving their neighbors, as the Pacific Islanders (some as big as manatees), Hispanics and Blacks have shoot outs, stab and crash into each other. And occasionally step off the reservation and kill whitey.

          And the good white Mormons are reenacting The Great Society 1965 endless poverty programs, and nothing is working and only getting worse.

          I love that most out of state folks are horrified of Mormons. Oh…they’re a cult…they’re clannish and only hire their cousin. Oh! Mormons are scary! Keep on thinking such.

          Am expecting a wave of Californians driven around by real estate agents. Basic Husband and I are thinking of putting up a big sign reading “Warren Jeffs for President!” or “We Love Warren Jeffs and He’ll Have Your Daughter Pregnant at 13!” So we’ll hang on to our quiet little world, the world will ignore us as the urban compounds reenact Burn-Baby-Burn 1968. Sad to hear. You have options. Your choice.

          PS: And for those of you in California, what don’t you understand about..The Hayward Fault….thrust faults of the Los Angeles Basin?!

          • Range because people get in the mindset that it can’t happen to me until it does…

          • And by my nature I hit Reality head on. By not ignoring reality. It did happen to me. Downtown Oakland happened to me. Like the raven said, Nevermore. And got out. I did my water company rounds with a bugout bag in the back of my jeep. And sturdy hikers in case of riot or earthquake to walk/disappear into the Berkeley hills away from people taking back trails with food and space blanket and my trusty sidearm. That’s planning.

          • R…Sweet! What a setup! You’re talking to a Sr. Water Distribution Operator, Hydro Dam Operator and Water Treatment Operator. Can open/close valves. We have a community well with back up diesel generator and at least 3 months fuel. After that, my husband was a community water manager in a small Nevada town and a mining engineer (he can fix a pump or have an open pit or underground mine built for you), the man who is president of HOA also a smart SOB who will work with the big brained people to create new option for water pump. We have time. Do you? Face reality or it will face you.

          • As a current guest of Hotel California please do your best to keep us out. Except for me of course if I can swing buying a house somewhere between you and Lineman. Otherwise I would simply be changing hotel rooms. 

            Will be making it up to the Rocky Mountain area this fall to IRL interaction with a couple of old friends. My family will probably never leave Cali but I have a couple of long shot investments that I hope pan out so I can buy a safe house in that general area at some point. 

          • Make sure you talk to me before you purchase anything Brother I’ve got an idea that’s been swirling in my brain for awhile now for those of you that are tied to an area that would turn to shit if something happened…

          • Interesting. I would expect no less from you since you (among others) emphasize community as our way out of this madness.
            Just off the top of my head.The main thing I would be concerned about is that if you make this special type of community into anything that has legal aspects of its own the usual suspects will sue the entity to destroy it. They do not want for us to survive.
            I can see a number of people interested in this type of “safe room” community and many would want a foot in even if it took years to finally make a permanent move.
            Each person should have to bring assets to barter with others. This can be money, a whole range of different skill sets, or even young families since young people would grow the community.
            In regard to me for example, I may or may not have much money (depends on a number of variables) and I don’t have trades skills as you have. But I do have university teaching skills and knowledge and experience in subjects that are of high general value and can lead to high paying positions or start up businesses. Again each person should bring assets whatever they may be.
            I have looked up Bitterroot Valley many times on Zillow and in general since coming to this site. You have picked a very nice area so keep that idea swirling.

          • Your thoughts are right in line with what I was thinking Brother and we can make it happen it just takes a little effort 😉

          • Good for you! By throwing your ideas into the ring your begin to make them real, something tangible. Follow up with Lineman ….he is a creative force! Utah is divided into urban and rural now. Gov. Herbert held out against the wahmyn pols of Salt Lake and we Never went lockdown in 2/3 of state. The wahmyn pols had a hissy fit and locked down Salt Lake. Screw ’em and the horse they rode into town on. If the pussy soy boys want that kinky governess-please-spank-me treatment, so be it. The Gov left us alone. On Mothers Day went to dinner at the Stagecoach Stop. Packed. Lots of old Mormon matriarchs and family and no masks at all. Tons of folks not pussified and happy to step out.

          • The elephant in the DR room is that there’s something seriously wrong with YT. For all his big brains and accomplishing stuff and shit. He’s also nihilistic and self destructive in a multitude of ways that other ethnic groups are not. Which long term is going to Trump his accomplishments.
            We’re in the mess we’re in because the average YT cares more about the feelz of others than he does his own family, his own success.
            He did this to us, not some conspiring Joos or globo-homo..

      • Yeah, I think this will happen. I’m happy I sold my stock yesterday, because I bet this is gonna get bad before it gets worse.

      • As long as they’re venting their ire at politicians, I really don’t care. Most politicians deserve tar and feathers or rope and lampposts anyway. Most of my rentals are in a heavily Black neighborhood, but there’s not that much retail close by my houses, so I doubt I’ll suffer if anyone decides that big screen TVs must be liberated for justice.

        (BTW, the reason there’s not much retail by my houses is also “diversity.”)

        • This is a change in attitude I am not surprised to see though I wasn’t certain if/when it would happen.

          Even Kurt Schlichter , who isn’t GOPe (Fredocons as he calls them) nor is he Dissident Right and thus is a great bellwether is nonplussed if near to “they had it coming”

          The mood is such the Western Rifle Shooters is including quotes like this

          Don’t want rebellion? Don’t kill Americans. Want rebellion to end? Charge the killers. (Maj Toure)

          That’s only a start. You have punish those in command who allowed this man to be a cop. This isn’t his first issue. Probably have to get rid of the union to make it work. (Teutoburg)

          Before you burn it to the ground, grab the org chart. ( Scaevola LongSpoon)

          Not long ago you would never hear this kind of talk.

      • There’s a vile columnist, Theodore Decker, at the Columbus Dispatch who has relished in accusing lockdown protesters of anti-semitism and all sorts of evil and stupidity.

        I’m willing to lay some money that his take on the Black vandals will be somewhat more restrained.

        ETA: Jesus. His latest column attempts to make the case that Franklin’s quote “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” means the opposite of its plain meaning. He’s not the first to make that claim, but it’s a weak claim.

        • A people who would surrender power in exchange for peace shall get neither.

          Because now no one can be in charge, and no one is…

        • Maybe there may be a problem that entire founding concept is faulty ? I see that you gave up your essential Security for temporary Liberty. I must admit that we here in Eastern Europe were as dumb as you are. Instead of hanging bunch of communists we gave them free speech and guns and ll other freedom. The result was 1917.

      • You can add Atlanta and New York and Houston to tonight’s list, along with round 4 for Minneapolis.
        As much as I will always hate these rioters, man do I love seeing CNN headquarters getting gassed and battered!
        The “CNN is fake news” meme army is going to have a field day with this, first with CNN getting fake arrested in Minneapolis, and now their HQ getting looted in Atlanta.
        And the National Guard is actually retreating from Minneapolis – they’ve been driven out!

  41. OT: Gentle Giant George Floyd:

    George Floyd’s history.

    “ Floyd pleaded guilty to the robbery where another suspect posed as a worker for the local water department, wearing a blue uniform in an attempt to gain access to the woman’s home, according to the charging document.

    But when the woman opened the door, she realized he was not with the water department and attempted to close the door, leading to a struggle.

    At that time, a Ford Explorer pulled up to the home and five other males exited the car and went up to the front door.

    The report states the largest of the group, who the victim later identified as Floyd, ‘forced his way inside the residence, placed a pistol against the complainant’s abdomen, and forced her into the living room area of the residence.

    ‘This large suspect then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant, who was struck in the head and sides by this second armed suspect with his pistol while she screamed for help.’

    Not finding any drugs or money at the house, the men took jewelry and the woman’s cell phone and fled in their car. A neighbor who witnessed the robbery took down the car’s license plate number.

    Later, police tracked down the car and found Floyd behind the wheel. He was later identified by the woman as the large suspect who placed a gun against her stomach and forced her into her living room, the document states.”


    • 6 (all black?) men rob a specific house specifically looking for drugs… interesting house.

    • It’s funny, I’m learning that it’s “Every. Single. Time.” in situations like this just as much as in certain other situations where “fellow white people” dump on their own.

      • Vizzini – those guys are the worst. Equally bad are the Bearing Arms guys – one major contributor there wrote a book with the odious Jim Geraghty of National Review fame.

        Is your take that these are Boomer/Fudds doing their thing, or what? I find it to be very strange.

          • These Whites taking the side of the alien against their own based on ‘principles’ and ‘optics’ (even though the cops are armed agents of the state and not on our side, they are still genetically White) are my go-to response for all those here who claim patriotards and 2nd Amendment types are fertile ground for red-pilling. No, they aren’t, and no, I don’t want them on my side or at my back.

        • They seem to think that if they grovel about race hard enough, it will delay the inevitable gun confiscation. It won’t.

      • They’re not alone: the Frenchs, Rubins, and their ilk are already busy pumping out “the conservative case for looting” takes. I’m not joking.

    • As bad as this knob head was, this cop could have done this to a white guy the next day, and they do without protests and looting in the aftermath, or even a blurb in the paper. He happened to kill a black thug, who won’t be missed, but I would never trust a cop like that in a white neighborhood either. It’s okay to hate both the cop and the knob head. And society itself for allowing the looting.

      • “…this cop could have done this to a white guy the next day, and they do without protests and looting in the aftermath…”

        A Minneapolis cop from Somalia (who had no business being a cop or being in the U.S. or living in any type of civilization for that matter), shot and killed Justine Damond, an unarmed white woman. No riots.

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