Morality Politics

The simplest definition of politics, regardless of the political system, is that it is formalized collective action. An individual or group of individuals gets a group of people to act as a group on some issue. It may be to lobby the king for some policy, undermine the dictator in some way or vote for a particular issue. Further, the kernel of all political action is dissatisfaction. The people doing the organizing are unhappy with something so they find the like-minded and appeal to their unhappiness.

As a practical matter, politics is about persuasion. The reformer, for example, first persuades people that something is broke. Like a good salesman who creates need in the mind of the prospective customer, the reformer creates a sense of unhappiness with the status quo in his target audience. The reformer is, in effect, a chronic complainer, always talking about his unhappiness with the status quo. His goal is always to first persuade people that something is broken and needs fixing.

No all persuasion is the same. if you listen to this interview with Ryan Faulk, he frames politics as narrative driven and data driven. The guys in whatever the now defunct alt-right are calling themselves these days are narrative driven. They create stories to explain the important facts of some issue. The other side stacks up the facts and lets them do the talking. If the other side is wrong about the facts, it is assumed they must be wrong about the general arguments built on those facts.

The politics of multiculturalism, if you examine the claims, is narrative driven, always around a story of group conflict. Blacks, for example, are in their present condition because of the long oppression by whites. Feminism is the story of female liberation from the patriarchy. It’s why the Left falls for rape hoaxes and noose hoaxes so easily, despite the history of these hoaxes. The hoax fits the narrative that for them, explains everything about the world and their role in it.

On the other hand, the politics of conventional conservatism is about facts and ideas, specifically the rejection of the narrative idea. The Right in America, the conventional Right, that is, remains under the spell of Richard M. Weaver. As Joe Sobran put it, they have always been convinced that “their own beliefs would creep up on the ideas of the Left, slit their throats in the dark, and stage an intellectual and cultural coup d’état, after which truth would reign.” Being right is all that matters.

You see some of this in the anti-Semite community. The Holocaust revisionists are sure that if they just reveal the facts about what happened to Jews under the Nazis, the narrative of the Holocaust will collapse. Once that narrative collapses, that which it supports will collapse with it. Their great enemy, the men with little hats, will then be routed and driven from the halls of power. This is why they obsess over it. They believe the facts will conquer their enemy’s narrative.

Ironically, this fact versus narrative dichotomy is most popular and most well-known because of Jewish conservatives like Ben Shapiro. He is famous for saying “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” He invests a lot of time discouraging whites from embracing their own narratives to counter those on the Left. Instead, they are supposed to embrace facts, as facts are the magic that will destroy the narrative. Well, not all narratives, of course, but that’s another issue.

The thing is though, this fact versus narrative construct is a left-wing creation, at least it serves left-wing ends. Narrative is the predicate for morality. The reason the Bible is full of stories is moral claims naturally rise from stories. A good narrative not only encompasses the known facts, it orders them. These are the important facts of the story, while these are not essential, there for color and context. It is this ordering that reinforces and existing morality or creates a new one.

Raw facts are not the basis of morality. As David Hume famously explained, you cannot get an ought from an is. Indiscriminate killing of human beings is not wrong because it violates the laws of the natural world. It is wrong because we say it is wrong or we claim our gods say it is wrong. Those stories about how the gods punished those who kill without reason are the basis of a moral code that changes homicide into murder and prescribes punishments for those who commit murder.

Of course, this is why the fact side of the dichotomy favors the Left. When Shapiro demands you focus on facts, it is so you do not focus on the moral framework. Similarly, the Holocaust revisionist obsesses over granular details of the story, because it is easier than mounting a moral argument against the prevailing orthodoxy. While it is most certainly intentional in the former case, in the latter case it is simply an outgrowth of how right-wing politics were created in the middle of the last century.

This is also why white identity politics frightens the people in charge. The right side of the game sees it as a mortal threat to their existence as a loyal opposition. The left side sees it as an alternative to the prevailing orthodoxy. White identity politics offers an alternative set of narratives and as a result, an alternative morality. The Left hammers away at “facts” about race in an effort to steer identitarians away from moral considerations and back into the old dichotomy.

These narratives do not rise from nothing. There must be some basis in reality, but mostly they need people willing to fit reality into the general narrative. In the case of white identity politics, it means fitting events into the general themes of peaceful separation, natural group affinity and so forth. It also means drawing moral conclusions from events. The current riots, for example, are an example of the immorality of forcing dissimilar people to live together. Morality transcends fact and narrative.

An excellent example of this, oddly enough, comes from the Left. The gun grabbers have been repeating the same demands for generations now. No matter how many times the facts are presented, they remain steadfast. The reason is they truly believe gun grabber is a moral imperative. Now amount of facts and reason will persuade them to abandon their moral code. Not even an alternative narrative to explain events is tolerated, as it slams into their morality.

This is why the fact versus narrative dichotomy is false. Both are codependent in support of the prevailing moral orthodoxy. The narrative side is constricted by the prevailing moral code to support certain narratives. It is why, for example, they can so easily abandon one narrative and adopt its opposite. Free speech, for example. It is also why the fact side is limited to a list of acceptable facts. Raise the wrong facts and you are banned to the outer darkness.

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218 thoughts on “Morality Politics

  1. I find it endlessly fascinating that joggers’ response to some slight (real or imaginary) is to riot – almost always in their own neighborhoods. You’d think they’d be smart enough to riot in somebody else’s neighborhood but “NO!” they always end up fouling their own nests. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?! What’s with that?

  2. “The current riots, for example, are an example of the immorality of forcing dissimilar people to live together.” Yes, in this case, the moraility (I’d call it idealism) that said “Let’s give the downtrodden equal rights” but implicitly expected that, once granted, the downtrodden would improve their average behavior. On balance, it appears that just the opposite happened. If you want a prohibited topic, I would ask (reference civil rights) “Why was there ever a perceived need to discriminate against that group?” Absolutely forbidden is any hint that prior experience would have shown that the proposed changes would be likely to fail.

    “Raw facts are not the basis of morality.” If the morality is to be a successful one, they must be. Even this is a slippery slope: Moral relativism is true, up to a point. The optimum morality to guide a stone age society will be far different from the best one for a White European one. Correct action depends largely on situation. Optimal survival behavior in everyday society is quite different from what it would have been on a French beach on June 6, 1944.

  3. As Homer gave the Greeks a moral code in his telling of a narrative, a myth, Amazons, Googles, Facebooks, NYT, cable TV, et al set today’s moral code with their stories, their myths, their “fake news”. We are in a period of transition where we must chose a narrative, a set of ideals, a mythology to live by. Like all other revolutions, our transition won’t be quiet.

  4. The use of English common law is no longer accepted. The police have been at a standoff with non Europeans since 1965.

    VDARE has another article about a white man killed in Atlanta. Outside of that local area, no one knows or cares.

    I see little interest in our civic nationalist boomers to ever change the narrative of equality of ethnicity and the melting pot concept.

    We are still caught in the bad cops/bad rioters rational. It is diversity and immigration and it is war.

    You always always always sink the ships.

  5. Z Man said: “This is why the fact versus narrative dichotomy is false. Both are codependent in support of the prevailing moral orthodoxy. The narrative side is constricted by the prevailing moral code to support certain narratives.”

    The one and only goal of politics is to win. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is a confused loser. Everyone on the left side of the street are openly and proudly in rebellion against every principle America ever stood for. The only way to stop a moving object is to exert an equal or greater force moving in the opposite direction. Which doesn’t mean a direct confrontation with the mob. Who are the top 30% on the dark side that keep the trains running on time? I guarantee you, you haven’t heard of most of them. Convince the head of the snake to change course and the body follows.

  6. The fucking Jews tell the stories…TV, Hollywood, newspapers. Walk down any street at night, the houses all lit by glowing Jewtubes. The Braindead, rapt audience all had their mandatory 12 years of commie-learning shoved up their ass, so they’re good and ready to believe, to buy, to obey.

    • Hard to disagree much with Dennis, although my anger level may not match his. It’s all about the media … I believe that the (((media))) takes advantage of these events by coordinating with Antifa & BLM to organize the riots. It causes Black/White tension so that we don’t focus on (((them))) and its great for ratings. (((They))) can create nearly any calamity that they want to create via YouTube, Google, and cable news.

  7. I hate the new commenting system. My Iphone just has the back-forth indicator when I load “more” … and its an Iphone 7, fairly new.

  8. Madonna (yes, her) notes because a blue knight kneed someone to death we must have gun control. The link is somewhere on Gab.

    Biden is excellent at narrative politics because his (lack of) mind can’t get in the way.

    Waiting for our winter of incontenent.

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  10. “The gun grabbers have been repeating the same demands for generations now. No matter how many times the facts are presented, they remain steadfast. The reason is they truly believe gun grabber is a moral imperative. Now amount of facts and reason will persuade them to abandon their moral code. Not even an alternative narrative to explain events is tolerated, as it slams into their morality.”

    I don’t argue facts with hoplophobes any more. It doesn’t work. Instead, what I say is a variation of this:

    “You can pass all the laws you want. I will not comply. You are going to have to make me. I will resist. If you start shooting, I will shoot back. Not at the cops you are sending in your stead, at YOU, the person who sent them.”

    Something I saw Mike Vanderbeough write that expressed my attitude pretty closely.

  11. Facts may not care about feelings but the opposite is true and feelings are far stronger.

    This is why a Winning Right would be “great place to raise kids, like a Halmark Channel world instead of Panem” along with a whole lot of “Go away Autism” directed at the facts peddlers.

    • So perfect and very true. Humanity, for the better, is emotive. And Shapiro’s very convenient half-facts taken out of context don’t hold a candle to it.

  12. One of the biggest problems with the left is that their narratives mostly have no basis in reality. Thus, their narrative based morality is all that matters – they don’t even care about being factually correct – and you’re evil if their morals are questioned. Thus boys can be girls & girls can be boys. Blacks are just better White people with darker skin tone. A woman has the right to do to her body as she wishes, regardless. As long as two people love each other, that’s all that matters. Guns are scary and mean and kill people so they must go.

    The only time the left uses “facts” is when they can twist or make them up to fit their narrative, such as anthropogenic global warming/climate change.

    The bottom line? “Our feelings don’t care about the facts”.

  13. The Severed Pigs head in Minneapolis does it for me.. or rather reminds me of who I’m for and who I’m against.

    I really think their wish for Outlaw status should be granted: in the old sense – really through 19th century. The outlaw had no recourse to law – and was fair game to all. This wish should be granted, and starting immediately the MPD should not respond outside of their own neighborhoods and families, or communities that support them.

    Tell the Karen’s if they want help to call a thug.

    As a hopeful white pill – I deployed with the Red Bulls, that is to say the MN ARNG Brigade, although that was not my state or unit. What War is good for – to answer the old song -is revealing the truth. Let’s just say that the Nordic Blood came out after some pressure and enough Tribal BS. Apparently they’re not there yet…

  14. Whoever controls which facts are permitted controls the narrative, and this is why the Left has been winning; the Cultural Marxists control both prongs largely through the culture and their propaganda outlets. The ridicule hurled toward “alternative facts” was an attempt to keep any realities outside the left-wing narrative verboten. Events certainly have made that harder, but the tipping point where tactics are irrelevant may have been reached or is within the Left’s reach. We have to assume that hasn’t happened or adopt a different posture. It is safe to assume the Left thinks total domination is within reach or already has happened.

  15. Maybe I dont understand the whole is ought thing, but there seems to be at least a strong correlation.

    What’s happening with these looters is a good example. (In a sane country, we’d deal with these brigands in a more classical fashion.) What “is” reifies what ought to be; that is, my natural and innate revulsion toward certain destructive behavior represents a genetically encoded moral imperative

    • “Duty to Retreat”?

      How long before they apply that to homes…

      It’s becoming harder and harder not to fed post and mean it.

      This may be the proverbial straw…Forcing neighbors to organize and act locally before they decide to explode globally.

      • Duty to retreat does apply in some places to your own home. In the UK, if course, it’s something like an absolute duty, no matter the circumstances.

        • Uk doesn’t have one law because there are multiple jurisdictions.

          There is no duty to retreat.You may be charged for “excessive violence”.

    • Back in the 60s cops and people defending homes/businesses were free to shoot rioters. It was well understood by all parties, including the rioters themselves, that rioting automatically allowed any and all anti-rioters to use deadly force wherever and however necessary.

      The new normal is very different: any and all black antisocial behavior and crime, including murder, is to be legalized immediately, and any and all reaction to it by others is to be criminalized immediately. Not only are you not allowed to defend you, yours, and your property, but you can’t even complain about it. Even complaint is criminalized.

      We’re certainly heading toward South Africa at warp speed.

    • The Right White could learn a lot from the Left about the value of the collective, action and reaction and thinking alike.

      Individualism just makes you atomized meat for States and Corporations. Have a network of extended families and you are a lot stronger and resistant to injustice either from resources or pure scariness.

      I think this coming Greater Depression is going to have some upsides in that it really won’t be possible to chase money since their won’t be much of an economy and this fact makes larger groups sharing resources more viable.

      It won’t make up for the moral damage inflicted by Ronnie Reagan’s easy divorce but it might well prove to be a very good time to build a tribe and as the economy slumps , women won’t be able to ride the carouse fro much longer and will need a family for safety,the bigger the meaner the better.

      As the old Roller Boys motto went “Once in Never Out”

      And yes this probably means a permanent end to a big prosperous nation. Oh well.

      Since we as a society are unable to stop the cheap labor crowd from outsourcing our jobs and importing people , its going to shrink anyway. No good jobs, no buyers.

      Hell I’m told they are looking at and experimenting with replacing News Anchors with artificial people here in So Cal right now do to Covid issues and frankly huge declines in TV add revenue.

      The solution is to build your own , well defended homogeneous society and opt out as much as possible.

      Given there will be less to opt into, less chance of good money and a good city the difficulty level will get lower.

  16. You get it. This is largely a moral battle and no one on the right, with influence, has been fighting on moral grounds for the most part. There is a serious thirst for some kind of alternative to the prevailing paradigm but most who try to offer it are too busy shilling products or infighting over ideology or….just too much ideology generally.

    And the J stuff is getting tired. I know its said people can only focus on a small number of simple ideas, but evert time i hear podcasts starting to go into the topic at length i just tune out and turn it off. I get it, theres groups actively working against our interests. How informed about it to i really need to be while the status quo carries on and i die and nothing has changed?

  17. Excellent post.

    IMO after dealing with gun grabbers since the mid 80’s I’ve come to conclusion the movement just really hates ordinary white people having a means of self-defense. It has nothing to do about reducing crime since the same people who support gun control oppose strict prison sentences for gun related crimes and crime in general.

    In short they are duplicitous f**ks for the most part like most liberals, though some of their foot soldiers are just emotionally unbalanced.and cannot be reasoned with.

    Like with most things the Left engages in, it is to hurt white society and it’s people.except they hide their real intent under some cause like environmentalism, gun control or promoting PC/MC

    • You got it! The gun grabbers are driven by the goal to disarm white people. They never cared about black gun crime.

      Look at “red flag” laws: there are so many gun-wielding criminals walking around our cities right now that “red flag” laws could easily be used to go house to house in every ghetto to confiscate illegal guns.

      Every ghetto in this country qualifies for mass raids for illegal weapons being used at the hands of mentally unstable people with documented behavioral problems (criminal records).

      But this will never happen. You’ll see all of rural Michigan disarmed while every thug in Detroit continues toting around a gun.

    • RWC said, “I’ve come to conclusion the movement just really hates ordinary white people having a means of self-defense.” Close. Its that they hate white people, full stop. This is implimented via their hatred of YT having anything for themselves. The Clinton Crime Family operator didn’t put a 308 round in Sarah Weaver’s head because they were worried about whites’ self defense – they wage war on white gun culture because of the “white culture” part, not the “gun” part.

  18. We human beings seem to be hardwired to envision our lives and circumstances in the form of a story— a narrative— in which we play the central role. All ancient civilizations have recorded their pasts in the form of stories. Numerous psychological experiments reveal the fact that the best way to convey facts to human audiences, is by means of a story. Groups receiving facts as part of a story, recall a much greater percentage of those facts, compared to groups presented with the facts alone. Facts only ‘come alive’— take on their widest possible meaning and context— when incorporated into a compelling narrative which listeners recognize as being relevant to their situation.

    • When I was a child I was enthralled by old fairy tales and fables. A lot of who I am is informed by what I read in Grimm and Aesop, and the more modern morality tales of Tolkien and Lewis.

      It’s a crime that they aren’t required for all children today.

      • I am much the same way though I have a healthy dose of Buddhism and Stoicism thrown in.

  19. Based upon your concluding paragraph, Z, it seems the only way out of the current straitjacket is separation by hook or by crook. If that is what you are saying, I fully agree.

  20. I saw an interesting narrative this morning watching the video of the Target being looted in Minneapolis. All of the porch monkeys running around, stealing, doing what they do, and in the middle of it that big gay rainbow in the kids section. So you have two narratives coming together. Corporate consumerism pushing a gay agenda on kids with anarchy breaking out all around it. I think that sums up our country right now.

    • When the Hutus plunder corporate America (or France in the case of Target), it is civil war among our enemies and should be wholeheartedly encouraged.

  21. The narrative is that any time a White confronts a Black, it’s because of racism. Apologies will do you no good:

    “By the end of the night, we were on talking terms,” he said. “I said, ‘I’m sorry you thought I was being racist, but I was not. If you were a bunch of women, I would have done the same thing.’ ”

    But that didn’t stop him from losing his lease. Cuck might as well have got down on his knees and sucked their cocks, apologizing to the guys who got him kicked out of the building.

  22. Ben Shapiro’s “facts” remind me of the climate change people’s facts. Fact- the temperature in (insert city) increased by two degrees over 15 years. Undisclosed fact – a new thermometer was installed 15 years ago next to an air conditioning unit that bakes in the sun on hot asphalt. Facts can be twisted and turned into any narrative you want to create. Facts are like dabs of paint on a palette. You can make anything from them that you want to make, including bizarre, surreal State of Israel narratives or black unemployment statistics. As much as the narrative here tries to distance itself from the “defunct alt right.” Both believe that Ben Shapiro is a monster with a hidden agenda. This is a similarity to be celebrated as so little of the country understands that, regardless of political stances.

  23. This is crucial. Narratives and stories are vital because we do not have the time or the knowledge to amass all the data into facts and logic.

    We do not have the brainpower to analyze all the data coming in. So we have to concentrate on the data we believe is relevant.

    And when the data surprises us, it is time to modify our understanding of what data is relevant.

  24. Facts can never provide you with identity, that’s done by myth. These days, we call myths a narrative, but the purpose is the same.

    That purpose is to answer the question: who are we? The more sophisticated the set of myths, the deeper the identity. That’s why we don’t teach them any longer in school.

    For the Left, the origin myths tend to begin on that bridge in Selma where their forefathers fought against ignorant southerners to free the blacks. I’d speculate that the wide acceptance of this myth is why there is so much enthusiasm for reenacting it at every possible turn.

  25. We once had our own narratives, taught at school, in the service clubs and in the churches, and in the media and in literature. There were reasons the Jews, the Catholics, and people recently arrived from other lands were kept at the margins of the culture, and that was, in part, to protect the narratives. Once the dam broke early in the twentieth century, it was all over. What was the seminal event in all of this? Perhaps the emancipation of women, who were then able to mainstream their own narratives. Pandora’s Box indeed. The Greeks associated the first woman with the downfall, in their own way, and one of the elements unleashed from Pandora’s Box was “Hope”, also translated as “deceptive expectation” (per Wikipedia). Hmm…

    • No. I will not stab our women in the back. They were used, ruthlessly, it’s not their narrative that is being told.

      Now how could I make such a claim? Because our narrative, we white men, our narrative is also not being told.

      Want an end to white babies?

      Guess who to target.

      • White women are just dumb and naive. As a shrewd white man I can trick them 90% of the time (if I wanted to).

        To a chutzpah person it must be fish in a barrel.

        I really do see it as a failure of white men to step up to the plate and be the men that society expects from us. Just go to the grocery store and see how many white Boomer men are getting bitched at by their ugly wives. No pushback.

  26. It’s interesting that so many people naturally linked this subject to Bible stories.

    That’s because narrativizing overlaps with religionizing. And I think you could claim that the left has religionized their thing. Just as the Jews have religionized the Holocaust, making it their New Testament.

    Some right-wingers think it’s owning the left to point out that their thing is like a religion. But it’s really a self-own. Remember, religions produce fanatics. Religions win.

    If we want to win, mere narrativizing, mere moralizing might not be enough–we will have to take that next step and religionize as well.

    • So right. Our traditional religious narrative has been wrested away from us. As Bruce Charlton discusses, our Christian narrative is no longer practiced in the church buildings, so we must simply practice it ourselves, away from “organized religion”.

      We have our own narratives, from the Greeks and the Romans, through Europe and our own traditional American ideals. We need to resurrect them in private and in our own small communities, to both preserve them, and to eventually reintroduce them back into the mainstream at some future date.

      We need to recognize and accept that our own narratives run at cross purposes to the prevailing narratives of the day. Time to regroup privately.

  27. In my youth I can remember eagerly watching the Tarzan movies. The narrative was always the same: a small group of whites surrounded by savages in a savage land trying to get themselves out of a scrape, or fighting amongst themselves with the constant negro menace hovering in the background. That fanciful narrative was based on facts, just as we see today in South Africa. Whites today can ignore facts at their own peril if they proceed to pad their narrative with lies.

  28. Z Man;

    You’re right about fact quibbling vs. narrative re the mustache guy. The few times I’ve had to interact with deniers I’ve usually been able to shut them up by saying, “Look, doesn’t matter if it was 6 mil or 60. Among their many, many evil crimes was that they presided over the death of > 5 mil of their own people and they left their country a smoking ruin, at the complete mercy of their enemies.”

    • The traditional Germans in Weimar had their backs against the wall and their only weapon was the truth. In the end, the truth was insufficient to deliver victory. They still had the truth.

  29. Hitler and Abductive Logic, right? You mentioned that one the other day, and thanks. Definitely worth a skim, but if you don’t want to (and trust my synopsis), “abductive logic” is the telling of just-so stories to explain facts (and they are facts) that “cry out” for an explanation. The abductive logician’s story can — and, of course, in Hitler’s case, did — lead straight into demagoguery, but it doesn’t have to. The real explanation for Germany’s defeat in WW1 also relies on abductive logic; in fact all “a-ha!” explanatory leaps do. But Hitler’s explanation fit all the known facts much easier, and was much easier to grasp, than the fine-grained understanding of things like macroeconomics, military strategy, etc. that you’d need to grasp the real explanation. Hence, as one of Hitler’s earliest critics said, he won the masses over with merciless, unassailable logic.

    Race works the same way in America. The facts that cry out for explanation are the ones we all know, but are forbidden to say: Exponentially higher crime rates, exponentially lower test scores, etc. among the Jogger-American Community (and Associates). There’s a real explanation that covers it all, but you need some fairly heavy science to prove it (as opposed to “accept it as right based on the evidence of your own lyin’ eyes). “Racism,” on the other hand, is the just-so story that even the dimmest-witted can grasp… so “racism” wins the abductive logic sweepstakes.

    • Piqued. Could you give the punchlines on the real reason and Hitler’s reason?

      I have no idea what either were, I only go back to Wiemar, due to bias blinders.

      All I’ve ever heard was “bar fight”.

      Why was it urgently necessary for several nations to bog down in the mud? What the heck was the first WW all about, anyways?

      • The real reason Germany lost WW1 was because no nation, not even Germany, can win a two-front war against Russia, Great Britain, France, and the United States. Hitler’s explanation was the famous “stab in the back” myth.

      • I skimmed Mein Kampf and didn’t especially absorb anything. One take-away I recall is Hitler saying that (I may have quote wrong) that only terror (aggression) is the proper response to terror. This, I think was his motivation for the SA (Brown Shirts) to attack the leftist forces. He had a point…

    • I know it means something else, but applied to liberal views of social issues “abduction” means, I suppose, that your brain has been kidnapped 😏

  30. Sitting and listening to Christian ministers who are orators (Billy Graham) whom can pull out narratives from a Bible story is a very powerful force.

    So is listening to a political leader whom is great orator. Mr Mustache was a great orator. William Jennings Bryan comes to mind as another one from the past. I agree with Bryan more than Mr Mustache but both were great orators. Trump to some degree is a great orator. He can hold an audience. Trump connects with the crowd with his stories and that fact is something that frightens the left very much.

    No great leader or preacher talks about facts and drones on about “ facts over feelings” like Shapiro and the nerdy right.

    Its about stories and narratives. As to Minneapolis this is just another node in the story of Black disfunction. If we had a great orator who was allowed to speak this story could be very powerful for our side.

    That dude was resisting arrest. No he should not have died. The cop went to far. But the underlying cause is a black disfunctional society and that should be their problem.

    Not ours.

    Our side remains muzzled and the narrative stays with the nerdy right and the loony left.

    the evil party

    and the stupid party

    For now.

    But the facts over feelings narrative is slowly crumbling with the hostility of the mobs as they grow stronger.

  31. The endpoint of my political evolution was the realization that facts don’t matter- only identity matters, whether personal or tribal. “Who do you think you are?” is the only relevant question, and the answer is impervious to empirical correction.

    I could do the Buckley-con idiot savant parlor trick with the best of them, but I don’t think I ever changed anyone’s mind, let alone their identity.

  32. The gun issue may be the one that goes against the general truth of your position. Because it’s hard to dispute the fact of a dead body, the statistics are among the most accurate the government produces. Such scholars as John Lott, of “More Guns, Less Crime,” produced copious studies the gun grabbers never could refute. Gun enthusiasts also voted out gun-control politicians, scaring most Dems into shirking the issue. The moderates on the Supreme Court even were convinced. The result is our gun rights are more extensive and secure than 30 years ago.

    • “The result is our gun rights are more extensive and secure than 30 years ago.” But use them in your own defense, as intended, and prepare to be bankrupted by lawyers and/or jailed for life. The facts have in no way ‘convinced’ the purported moderate members of the kritarchy – it’s simply been the amount of money and the numbers of voters that have pushed back. As the % of Whites in North America dwindles rapidly (and most really have no clue re the daily number of White births vs. deaths) those voters will disappear – and the money is already being swamped by the money of Soros and his ilk – and used to elect DAs and others who will continue to bind your ‘rights’ into a tightly woven web of iron control.

    • More extensive, but secure? Debatable. Here is AZ, we have produced perhaps the most free State wrt gun rights. Next election the State will turn blue. New Senator to be is viciously anti-gun. OK he’s going to be a Senator in Congress, but the local legislature will turn blue. Now what? We will see. Fact is things can turn in a breathtakingly short time.

    • I loved your cross over with Archer and Armstrong. But whatever happened in 1999?

      I’d say its half and half. There is a serious effort to disarm all Whites for a “final solution” to the Whiteness problem. On the other side, lots and lots of new first time gun owners out there. As they could see the first thing Governors would do is empty the prisons due to Wu Flu. And that the Cops would run away! like they always do when the ultra vibrant culturally enrich Whites. Ask Reginald Denny about that one.

      Biden’s team has a plan for “Contact Tracers” and billions to hire a vast (inevitably armed) group of vibrants to use apps and in person contact to determine if a person (White only of course) has had exposure to Wu Flu and then issue “remote medical quarantine” orders (i.e. camps) while the government “temporarily” (permanently) takes said Whitey’s cars, houses, bank accounts to give to Vibrants and Miraculous Refugees and Immigrants!

      This is their big moment. Many of the middle and working class are out of jobs. Time to take everything they have remaining and throw them into camps. Its what Bill Ayers has dreamed of for years. Trouble is, most of the Deplorables and a whole new class of them see it coming …

      Watch out for Master Darque and those damn Spider-Aliens.

      • Actually, Minneapolis is the perfect place for this sort of conflagration. The whites there are some of the most spineless and cowardly soyboys on the planet and such abject weakness only emboldens the Hutus. Everything about Minneapolis encourages the Hutus to live out their innate savagery.

  33. A difficult story to overcome is that America has always been and is meant to be multiracial. It’s a big part of what America is all about, is what’s widely believed thanks to the endless propaganda and indoctrination. Almost everyone I talk to believes that and has no knowledge whatsoever of Hart-Celler and the demographics of the past.

    • A good rebuttal to the America was “meant to be multiracial” claim is the Immigration Act of 1790, which limited immigration to free white men of good character. That act makes clear that America was not meant to be multiracial.

        • 1950 census shows 90% white and 10% Africans descendants of slaves who were brought as cheap labor replacements of free white labor. Whatever constitution or basic laws come about to govern over the wreckage of FUSA, ZERO immigration needs to be a fundamental civilizational mandate. If you give the cockroach people an inch, they will take a mile.

      • Yeah the “of good character” part is what the race obsessed miss. If the “good character” part is enforced. more than 50% of whites would have to be stripped of their citizenship and deported. You would be fine with that? Also, what happens if you fail the “good character” test as laid out by the INA act of 1790?

    • Yes, but one race lived in the manor, another worked in the fields, and the third was ruthlessly pushed West 😒

  34. The direction of history is not determined by the rhetoric of great men . The movement of history is is based upon the fight for existence ; on resources , food and shelter , not the elegance of oratory . It’s not debate and verbal disputation that raised one army against another and set them in contention . It’s the contest for resources and territory that sets man against man and not the way that dispute is dressed up with words

    We are being attacked on the basis of race and therefore have to respond in kind . The looters want your stuff in spite of any rational argument.

    “ Before the tribunal of nature, a man has no more right to life than a rattlesnake; he has no more right to liberty than any wild beast; his right to the pursuit of happiness is nothing but a license to maintain the struggle for existence, if he can find within himself the powers with which to do it. “ 

    – William Graham Sumner

  35. This dichotomy is driven in part by our having no narrative to tell because we have no fellowship.

    Lefties have real communities. All non whites have actual cheek-by-jowl communities. They see the story of generations unfolding day to day, year to year. White lefties see it as their duty to use these non white communities as a means of controlling their immoral brethren. This mission gives them the moral narrative and thus a moral identity.

    Whites no longer have communities so we no longer have a moral narrative. My grandfathers could look behind them and know and understand the world of their fathers and their grandfathers. My grandfathers could look before them and know and understand the world of their sons and grandsons. They lived a narrative rooted in blood and soil. They didn’t have to make up artificial ones or attempt to bring together atomized ones.

    So many of us live tens of miles, hundreds of mile, thousands of miles from the ground trodded upon by our fathers and grandfathers. We banish our sons to go off into the work-a-day world wherever they can get the best deal. Our grandchildren we see now and then, every year or so, only a handful of times before we buy the farm.

    We spin and obsess over facts because we no longer have a family-tribal narrative. “This happened because that happened” strikes us more real than preserving our cultural and moral inheritance through moral narrative because they are now only abstractions.

    • Great points. We need communities and a narrative where whites can be the hero by supporting other whites and the white community.

      Maybe I’m crazy, but I sense that a certain number of whites are creating that narrative in their heads already. Anyone of us around here who has talked about trying to find a way to get together in the real world and maybe even quietly – oh, so quietly – start building a community has that narrative in their head.

      Z hates negative identity, but every protagonist needs an antagonist, something or someone to battle and overcome. And there’s no better story than the fallen hero, who goes from being top of the world to in the gutter, and fights his way back.

      • Seeing the riots in Minneapolis last night surely has many whites looking up demographic statistics on prospective communities to move to.

        • This is a great propaganda tool for our side: “See, you have no place left to white flight off to anymore.”

          I bet many “good school district” SWPLs and even many Minnesotans were unaware of how badly Minneapolis has Africanized in the last few decades. They were probably expecting round 2 riots in Ferguson or Baltimore, or maybe riots in Memphis, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, etc. But Minneapolis? That must have raised quite a few SWPL eyebrows.

          The sad reality is that this can now happen anywhere, from Lewiston to Indianapolis to Des Moines. There are no places left to white flight to.

          But when people lose their ability to run and hide, they have no choice but to turn back and learn how to fight.

          • Nowhere to run, and the outer suburbs (and inner suburbs) are now full of Indians, Arabs, Chinamen, and various alien tribes.

            We can either run to the middle of the woods (not good) or stay where we are and rebuild.

            The demographics of your area are less important when *you* have an actual community. If we have an actual white community it wouldn’t matter how many non-whites were hanging around.

          • Not all immigrants are disasters: except when they decide to do a Jihad, Arabs make perfectly good convenience store owners. I’ve heard very few problems from Indian (continent) people or Asians. You may be sneered at by IT professionals, but you’re not likely to be the victim of a violent crime by a Chinese in the USA.

          • But what’s the benefit of an Arab-owned convenience store vs a white-owned one? Societal benefit, not the benefit to that particular Arab.

            As to dot Indians, and hell, Chinese, there is in general greater friction because of deeply ingrained cultural and therefore behavioral differences. I am dealing with this on a daily basis because of outsourcing of medical informatics and clinical trial management to the sub-Continent. Also, apart from work issues, in general the attitudes toward filth, noise, and crowding are different. Personally, I purely LOATHE Chinatowns for those reasons.

            To say that some immigrants are “non disasters” is hardly an endorsement. You have to tell me why immigration from the third world is GOOD for the US.

          • True but we don’t need these people. Its not necessary to hate people to want land and property for your own kin.

  36. “The Holocaust revisionist obsesses over granular details of the story, because it is easier than mounting a moral argument against the prevailing orthodoxy.”

    I harbor a secret hope that popping the Hoax balloon would ruin the party, but yes, the task is not in getting people to stop believing in it, but to get them to believe that it doesn’t matter (since it doesn’t).

    • What gets me is all the Hoax survivors the Jews keep parading around. The fact is the real ones are dead from old age.

  37. The weirdest part of the Left larping as the reason/facts crowd, is that even when they try that pose, they end up showing themselves to be a bunch of religious fanatic nutcases. This is most obvious with the Bill Nye types (you pointed out a lot of them are “Fake Nerds” who think “Star Wars” is science fiction). “Unlike those retrograde conservatives, I believe in science.” But what the hell is that “in” preposition doing there? You can’t “believe in” a fact. Their worldview is suffused with religiosity even where, and especially where, they pat themselves on the back for being rational. But to their credit, their “simple feels over reals” messages are always on target; “Kids in cages,” “Polar bears drowning on melted ice caps,” “Freezers full of bodies due to Corona.” They’re scientists in the same way Edward Bernays was a scientist.

    • Spot on observation. The Environmentalistas ask whether or not you “believe in” global warming. That’s just another brand of Fundamentalism.

  38. The biggest white pill of all is that despite controlling the newspapers, television, movies, social media, the schools, the universities, the government bureaucracy and the moral narrative, people still have varying degrees of conservative thought.

    • True. The other side controls literally every piece of commanding heights in modern society, and, yet, they’re constantly battling to maintain the narrative.

      Story-telling is huge and will overcome a lot of facts, but that’s not to say that facts don’t matter at all. All story-tellers require a certain amount of trust from their listeners.

      • And there is a liability in the left in that their narrative has no off switch. It can’t help but keep growing. Tranny hour in grade school is not a good look.

        • For now… neither was integration, and that took them way longer, and look at where we are now. If you control the banks, media, academia etc. You can make anything normal given enough time to brainwash people and build up their tolerance to it. The only thing that stops this is taking the levers of power back, probably going to need to do this by force. They own 99% of the soapboxes, so democracy won’t do it.

      • If they lost control of the media, I believe our society would very rapidly start to naturally heal itself. We live in a very unnatural culture that is only able to persist through constant narrative enforcement.

        • Agree. Think of the millions of head slaps from people saying – Wow, there really are only 2 genders, 2 + 2 does equal 4, IQ exists. Weird stuff like that.

        • “..very unnatural culture..”

          Almost every social, political, and economic system (university, corporation, welfare, voting, etc) in this country has been distorted by race-engineering imposed on us by anti-Christian anti-European leftists. Unfortunately, the first of the control nodes of our civilization they seized was the financial system.

          They have used that domineering height to redirect the efforts of our our own natural aristocrats to the end of making money instead of making money as a means to the end of exercising civilization rule. Our own most capable who should be ruling us are simply hamsters on the wheel spinning fast and having the profit of their labor harvested to pay for the destruction and replacement of our people. They have been sequestered from any actual civilizational planning or decision-making.

      • I think a lot of right-wingers are complacent (despite their/our desperate IRL situation) because the truth is on our side. But the fact is, the truth is not enough.

        The truth is definitely not enough. And in some ways it’s a liability, because the other side can appeal to people with the grossest wishful thinking.

        Propaganda is 2000% necessary. We have to be propagandists for truth, strange to say.

        • 100% agree. White guys just assumed that sooner or later, the facts would overcome the silliness so no need to fight back. We were wrong.

          Stories and punching back are what earn your freedom.

          • Agreed. And that will only happen when enough white people get fed up with blacks and their BS.

  39. Humans spent tens of thousands of years entertaining each other and passing down lessons by telling stories over the campfire. Facts are nice, but narrative is the key. And every good story is a morality tale where the listener can imagine themselves as the hero.

    The Left has brilliantly created a morality tale where whites become the hero by recognizing the evil of Badwhites and battle to save non-whites. This is literally the story line of every Nice White Lady movie or series, but it’s also the general narrative of modern America.

    • Totally agree. But it means that to win, we will need a narrative to top that. I’m not sure I’m the man for the job: anybody want to crowdsource the New (i.e., Our) Narrative for me?

      • There are 7 story archetypes:

        • Overcoming the Monster
        • Rags to Riches
        • The Quest
        • Voyage and Return
        • Comedy
        • Tragedy
        • Rebirth

        The story of whites is likely Rebirth with a touch of Overcoming the Monster. We are the fallen hero who lost everything due to hubris – nothing fails like success – and vanity. Our decline accelerated and cemented by the treachery of one who claimed to be our friend but who instead stole all that we had, including our past.

        Reduced to a groveling helot with no pride or hope, our hero rediscovers his past and awakens to the lies he has been told all his life. He quietly finds other whites who also have found their way back. Together, they undermine their masters, learn the old skills and prepare to fight back.

        • He quietly finds other whites who also have found their way back. Together, they undermine their masters, learn the old skills and prepare to fight back.

          That’s the key right there Brother that will open the way to winning…

          • That’s part of the Rebirth. It’s not just the rebirth of the individual; it’s the rebirth of a community, a people.

            Whites didn’t just lose their past. They lost each other.

            Every hero has to overcome something internal – some fear or personal failing – to win. For example, a person afraid of heights has to walk across a ledge.

            For whites, we have to learn how to build communities again, that there’s more to life than the individual or money. That’s the real monster, not the ((one)) who betrayed us. We betrayed ourselves long before that. (Not that we should forget or forgive that betrayal.)

            Once our heroes learn to be a community again, they can’t lose – and they take vengeance.

          • Excellent. I am currently writing a screenplay (Overcoming the Monster/Rebirth) that highlights many of the points you brought up here. After reading your comments, however, I realized the plot lacks some depth in the community building aspect. Will add this to my notes and try to strengthen the story in this respect. Thank you.

    • ⁸where whites become the hero by recognizing the evil of Badwhites and battle to save non-whites.”

      That is positively brilliant. Spot on.

      Update: Spoke too soon, hadn’t read the comments. You people are killing it today.

    • We need a modern version of Paine’s Common Sense. Right now we bad whites don’t even have all the facts or narrative easily available in once little booklet. It’s all spread out across multiple sources.

      If you look at previous success mass movements they have been defined by some small book like Mao’s Red Book, Aylinskis Rules for Radicals, Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Paine’s Common Sense.

      write such a booklet and the rest gets a lot easier.

  40. A lot of the problems we have would be resolved if black communities were served by black cops, had their own local communities, businesses, and social institutions. most whites would be fine with an implicit ‘blacks only’ policy there for local businesses.

    People who actually want stability and raise a family will find some measures to control their rabid youth, and we will turn a blind eye to how it’s done. Some ruthless expelling from the gene pool will pay dividends after a few generations.

    Hell, I thinking whites would have no problem underwriting the effort, as long as they don’t leave.

    If they want to riot and burn their own community, have fun, but we’ll shoot you if you bring it to our’s.

    • It is an interesting contrast in Minneapolis, where a half trained, 85 IQ affirmative Somali cop shot a white Australian woman–from inside the patrol car–when she was trying to report an assault. I don’t recall the riots then. Your idea implemented there would give them Mogadishu–good and hard–in a hurry.

      • > Your idea implemented there would give them Mogadishu–good and hard–in a hurry.

        For some areas 5 miles from my home, that would be an improvement.

        • I was in Minneapolis for the Final Four two years ago. And from what I saw of that icy cesspit, I believe you.

      • Curious how Trump will react to all this. The Obama-supported BLM violence from 2012 to 2016 played a role in getting Trump elected (just like the riots in the 60s and resulting urban crime in the 70s fueled the rise of the right in the 80s), but after Kushner’s “criminal justice reform” and “black outreach” who knows if Trump will take the same tough law and order stance he took in 2016.

          • Yeah, the Orange avatar of Whiteness; the guy who hired Omarosa not once, but twice. The best that can be said of Trump is that he’s not Hillary. Being constantly reduced to self-congratulation for choosing the lesser of two evils is toxic to the soul. TINVOWOOT!

          • The Right asked too much of Trump. As you say, at best he was Not-Hillary. He was the f**k you candidate, a “none of the above,” the perceived lesser of many, then of two, evils, back in 2016. Sadly, given his disappointing first term, it is a toss-up whether he’ll get a second. It speaks poorly of the state of our land, that an incipient dementia case and (probably) a black woman VP stand a good chance to win the 2020 election.

      • This is exactly is missing. When was the last white riot? In case you’ve missed it, for 50 years, when feral negroes riot, they get what they want. Government and all the Good Whites and the politicians and the (((SPLC))) and the negro race hustling industrial complex swing into action.

        Look at what happens when nice white People legally and peacefully protest, in Richmond before the Gook Flu to protect muh guns, or the limp wristed shutdown protests at various state capitals. Lefty does whatever they want, and ignores the nice white people with their guns they’re never going to use, ever.

        So explain to me exactly who knows how to get what they want?

    • “measures to control their rabid youth”

      A huge percentage of social problems are caused by teen-age and later testosterone in every society ever, from the most primitive to the most supposedly sophisticated. A case could be made that war, in whatever form, is actually a reaction to a surplus of insolent, know-it-all, hyper-aggressive young men. Prisons are full of them. But they can’t all be incarcerated. Some need to be domesticated to the point where they can be trusted to follow orders directing their efforts at strangers. Others become pro athletes. Some are able to modify their behavior to the extent that they become business leaders.

      It’s unlikely that a successful effort can be made to change this feature of the human race or should even be attempted. It’s something that we’ll just need to live with, as we have for many thousands of years.

      • Food assistance should have a clause that requires recipients to buy soy milk. Or some other chemicals that lower testosterone. Would solve a lot of problems.

      • We spent 10s of thousands of years domesticating our population. Those who were too violent or had too high a time preference and were thus too disruptive were either knocked off or banished. We didn’t learn to live with them, we got rid of them. Flooding our societies with feral browns is the inversion of that ages old domestication and culling. Add to this the greater genetic distance of the current misfits… then any attempts at assimilation and learning to live with them becomes doubly problematic.

        We either separate through our institutions or we separate the old fashion way.

      • I’ve always had the vet castrate my male dogs to calm them down. Hell, at this point in my life, I just buy female dogs—too damn old to assert dominance on a 100+ lb animal. Perhaps castrating some of our younger vibrants will prove as effective? Hell, prison only warehouses them until their “T” levels lower to normal anyway. Ask any prison official.

        • I’ve never had any more notable behavior problems between male and female dogs, castrated or uncastrated. Two of my favorite dogs growing up were uncastrated males and they were no trouble at all. I mostly castrate and spay to prevent having to deal with extra puppies.

          Both the most aggressive dogs I’ve ever owned were castrated males.

          • My experience is with field dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks to be exact. The problem was not viciousness, but ability to follow me and stay with me in the field. Male dogs are less “attached” in that manner. Or perhaps I have less ability with them. They wander and you lose them.

            Females had a natural need to stay right by me, or at least broke off and returned when called. This saves the animal when they run into other animals that don’t take shit in the field. Javalina comes to mind.

          • I can believe there’s tendencies that way — I think in general my females have been less prone to wandering than my males, but I have one trail dog that is absolutely by-my-side bonded to me and he wasn’t castrated until he was about five years old (and he was like that before he was castrated).

            However, his one weakness was this little Jack Russell female that he was friends with. If those two got together, you never knew where’d they’d take off to. They’d come straggling back a few hours later.

            My herd dog until he passed away last winter was also extremely closely bonded to me, but had a pretty expansive definition of what “near me” meant when there were deer around. Invariably he was only gone for a few minutes, though — just a quick run to see “Nope, still can’t catch one” and then he’d be right back. I really miss that guy. One of the only two dogs that I’ve had that I know for a fact would risk himself to save me, and absolutely fearless: he’d stand down a 2,000 pound bull like it was nothing.

      • The military isn’t a total solution. Google “Project 100,000”. Even today, about 40% of Melanic Hominid™ with HS diploma are too stupid for the military, even the Marines! Unlike the Services, prison doesn’t have any aptitude tests 🤫

    • Having all black cops wouldn’t help. They will just complain that it’s the white man’s law that is being enforced by black cops. It is essentially an unsolvable problem. Separation is the ONLY thing that will actually solve the problem.

    • I’m not really excited about abandoning large swaths of real estate to Blacks, unless we also have an explicit political separation. Did we really gain anything from ceding Detroit to the Blacks? Because it always spreads unless you have strong borders keeping it out.

      • I think we give them two states or send them back to Africa. Total seperation is the real ticket.

    • Yes, this is the value of separate homelands, to allow different standards of behavior. The Talented Tenth would likely want their own enclave, freed from their savage cousins. Why couldn’t different towns/villages mix and match, as they saw fit? Goodwhites could have “diverse” communities as they wished; they just shouldn’t be allowed to enforce their social standards or let their failed experiments run amuck, upon those of us who’d prefer a monochromatic community.

  41. White identity is an open car. It tempts you in and drives you far away. The Hoax is the fuel that enables the disinformation. White identity politics is most definitely frightening to those with other than a dissident mindset. Once a dissident always a dissident. Dissidence requires action. Demands it. Good!

    • One just has to look at the ‘reformed’ dissidents to see the vacancy of their stare. The dead look is either because of what is essentially a hostage situation or a man who knows truth will never leave his lips again.

      There really is no turning back.

      • Speaking of hostage situations, anyone catch Ramzpaul’s recent video “Cancel cancel culture?”

        It was only recently that he was very explicitly claiming he was an ethno-nationalist.

        In this video he’s running from that like crazy and sucking up to his Jewish female friend.

  42. Speaking of gun grabbers, a couple posts back a commenter argued that the 2nd Amendment crowd has largely gone all in on jogger sympathy in the desperate belief that if the 2nd Amendment guys serve as bitch boys for joggers, somehow they’ll be allowed to keep their guns.

    This Amren post has a good overview of the jogger looting in Minneapolis:

    One thing in particular stood out from the usual jogger mayhem:

    “Some armed white men were demonstrating for “Justice for Floyd.” They took a break to protect a tobacco shop from looting.”

    It looks like the Z blog commenter from a couple weeks ago was right on the money. These armed white guys should be ASHAMED of themselves. Dumb ass bitch boys think that by sympathizing with some dumb jogger they’ll be allowed to keep their guns?! Nope, sorry, they’re still going to have to turn them in eventually – they’re white!

    • There is a weird intersection of agreement here. We have plenty of cases of over militarized police using their toys and no-knocking and killing no violent offenders (black and white), kicking the doors down at the wrong address, tossing flash bangs into baby cribs…used to hang at swim meets with another father who worked narcotics in one of the worst urban neighborhoods in the US before retiring. He used to tell me the old way of grabbing a guy was just to surveil until he came out in the open and grab him. Absolute last resort was kicking in doors in the middle of the night in a three story dark row house.

      • Those days are long gone. America is a police state and the no-knock is standard operating procedure. Cops shooting people used to be a rare event. Cops shooting dogs was almost unheard of until fairly recently.

        Blacks need to wake up to the police state. The days of arguing with and fighting with the cops are long over.

        The cop who sat on the guy’s neck was following policy. Therein lies the problem. Regardless of what happened before the film was rolling that we aren’t seeing yet, unless they charge him federally, he’s gonna walk and get his job back. The reason is because policy can be brought in to the court room at the state level. At the federal level, it cannot.

        • I’d be curious what the written policy is there. Small sample size, but used to run a lot of DWI MVAs and invariably some involved a drunk who wanted to fight the cops. Usually proned him in short order, knee to back and sometimes another across the hamstrings–but once cuffed were up and in the car. Kneeing someone across the neck when the head isturned sideways (versus on spine) is going to compress one or both carotids plus the airway in short order. As one of the people that would have had to deal with aftermath, would have objected if I saw that happen.

          • It is in their written policy that sworn officers who have been through training may use knees on neck with “low to moderate” pressure.

            The guy’s neck is turned and they are on the side and not the trachea or the spinal cord, which are no-hit places due to the risk of severe bodily injury and or death. They have specific policies around the knee on the neck.

            This guy goes through the video and has read the policies of this particular police dept. The guy is a bit long winded, but he’s a great source, IMHO.


          • Seems to follow what I’ve seen in videos of arrests. Also, I might add, if you can’t breath, you can’t talk. And he was doing lots of talking. Not that I’m denying he was in physical distress, just that I can imagine a burned out cop thinking, “sure buddy”. Same cop probably used this “technique” 100x’s before. But it only takes one…

          • Generally, most police policies dictate that once a subject is either sufficiently subdued, compliant, or no longer presents a threat… the subject be placed in either a sitting upright position or rolled on their side to avoid what is called “positional asphyxiation.”

            This is particularly true if the subject has been exposed to or directly sprayed with an OC device as their breathing can be further hindered by the OC.

            Positional asphyxiation can also easily occur if the subject is detained in a stomach-down prone position, and inate medical conditions, or obesity can further accelerate asphyxia.

            Most police departments train their officers to remove pressure (such as knees or body weight) from subdued individuals as quickly as possible.

            Haven’t seen the video so I’m not coming down on either side. But the information above is readily available on the internet. My only takeaway from this is to concur with Zman… this is the product of forcing disparate people to live together.

          • I could understand applying the knee if required to restrain. Once the suspect was restrained, the LEO must remove the knee.

            The video appears to show the cop practically camped out on the suspect’s head and neck. That’s tantamount to Jason Van Dyke dumping an entire semi-auto pistol magazine into Laquan McDonald’s lifeless body when no potential victim was in the vicinity.

            If found guilty, the Minnesota LEO who camped out on the decedent’s neck should never leave prison. We need to make some national examples and this LEO will serve the purpose just fine.

          • I spent 20 years working for a quasi-law enforcement agency that didn’t do its own arrests and I was a defensive tactics instructor most of that time. Even though I have never arrested anyone, I have been trained on how to handcuff someone and various tactics to use before and after handcuffing. Some of the people who trained me had done arrests and handcuffing at other agencies. This is the first time I have ever heard of this technique and I am amazed it was ever approved. I could see an attorney suing the department for approving this tactic and winning. It is way out of the mainstream.

          • So the suits should name the framers and approvers of “The Policy” as accessories before the fact, and any in-house review board as accessories after the fact, And the individuals named sued personally.

        • Hogwash.

          Historically, blacks have been servants, slaves, or criminals. In countries and communities where they rule, law and justice has to be simple, swift, and brutal. If it is anything less, the only law will be that of the jungle. Just as living in a black neighborhood is different, policing them is going to be different too.

          There is something bothering me about this last killing even so. Four cops, right? All being fired and charged with murder? So… four muderers, with no prior misdemeanours or infractions? And they all simultaneously decided to kill a random jogger, at the same time, for no reason, fully aware they are on camera?

          Maybe, I guess. I personally get the feeling that something isn’t square, here…

        • In my society, the process server or police would (if possible) politely knock on the door, perhaps post an offical notice of eviction, bench warrant, whatever. Give a statutory amount of time to respond or vacate. In case of failure, send in force, up to and including a tank if necessary.

      • I refuse to view it as a binary. I can hate joggers and cops.

        Cops have never gotten me justice or protection in my entire life. I’ve been betrayed by joggers and cops at every turn.

        Cops take for themselves citizens’ natural right to defend themselves and their property. They’re part of the infantilization and subjugation of society by authoritarian government.

        They function more to protect the joggers from what citizens would do to them if they had free rein.

        • Agreed, and this is basically what James LaFond has been arguing for years.

          Something else that was interesting: By now everyone has seen footage of that police car in LA that was forced to drive through the rioters because it was attacked. Meanwhile James Fields was forced to do the same thing when HIS car was attacked by rioters, but he’s condemned to rot in prison.

        • Thank you. This binary thing has got to stop especially among us the so called “in the know / based” people that see the shades of grey on the DR.

          Blind support for police is no different than blind lefty support for BLM / Antifa, whatever. None of them represent our interests. Blue Lives Matter is some boomer-tier conservatard shit and I see way to much of it here by people that simply don’t interact w/ LEO on a regular basis.

          Until you’ve had that boot on your neck you really shouldn’t be running your mouth. Yeah he was up to mad n1ggerish behavior but these days with them chasing down surfers, soccer moms, and regular people trying to use a park you don’t need any more evidence that the enforcers don’t care anymore who they enforce on. Ask Duncan Lemp…

          • I haven’t really heard that much about his background other than he was a bar bouncer, and his crime was, if I read correctly, trying to pass a counterfeit bill. Counterfeiting doesn’t really seem to me like a typically “Black” crime, and it’s certainly not violent. Also, very often, the person passing the bill has no idea it’s counterfeit — they’ve received it unknowingly from someone else.

            So, while I have no sympathy for TNB, and Black tendency to get aggressive and non-cooperative when confronted cause lots of problems, I am wholly willing to believe the cop was incredibly out-of-line, too.

            I’m not going to jump in to defend either notoriously bad group.

          • Cops killed that black guy in NYC few years back during the Ozero Admin simply because he was selling black market cigarettes. Not a violent crime either

          • If you’re talking about the morbidly obese guy in NYC, he wasn’t merely selling single cigarettes, he was a persistent and noncompliant nuisance with a long history of shitbaggery.

            I’m not saying that he deserved death for being a useless asshole, but the world is not diminished by his loss as such. Also, merely being that freaking fat is a major risk factor for early death in and of itself.

          • Blue lives DO matter – but no more than any other. Yes, a cop has a right to be able to go home safely at the end of his/her shift, but no more so than any other working stiff. I believe in protecting the “thin blue line” but when a part of that line steps out of that line they should be punished all the more severely because their actions,by reducing trust in the police, make us all less safe. When it comes to use of deadly force or when force used results in death, what would be a simple defense for an average Joe should be an affirmative defense for a cop. The burden of proof should be on the cop to prove – by preponderance of the evidence – that their action was justified where an average Joe would only need to establish a reasonable doubt that their action was justified.

            We hear so much about how cops should be allowed to do such-and-such because they are “highly trained”. If they are then they should be held to a higher standard. What’s the quote? “With great power comes great responsibility.

          • At least he can’t be accused of racism. I believe that was a factor in the Freddie Gray (Balmer) death. Some of the officers were Melanic Hominids® and that didn’t save them from being prosecuted.

        • Here’s the crux,

          Joggers do not want to be policed by us. We cannot NOT police joggers because they are free to roam outside their areas. Lets call a spade a spade… our police have been either willingly or coerced into ramping up their militancy in response to vibrant crime and an increasingly ‘diverse population. Whites in general do not wish or need to be policed with such vigor but also demand a level of protection from vibrancy that requires a one-size fits all policing policy. It’s an impasse.

          • A thousand times this. How much police militarization is thanks to diversity? There’s that old meme contrasting a photo of a European cop without a gun from the 60s with a modern European cop in full military gear guarding a Christmas Market from errant Trucks of Peace.

            Police departments aren’t blameless at all, but how much of their aggressive pursuit and holding practices have been ramped up to account for extremely violent black escape and resistance impulses, in an ever-worsening feedback loop?

            There are white drug addicts and even completely innocent whites who are victims of police brutality all the time, but maybe per capita white-vs-police tragedies are lower because whites have better impulse control on the whole? Maybe a white forger, upon being confronted by police, would have had the good sense to avoid doing anything that would result in his ending up on the ground with a knee in his neck?

          • Some fond memories of my travels in Europe during 1980s: probably in Spain, not long free of Franco rule, guards in neat dress uniforms outside a government bulding, with (probably) Uzis in hand [grin].

          • “requires a one-size fits all policing policy”

            EVERYTHING is going the down the road of “one size fits all” (Procrustean fit, that is). Because our insane racism/oppression/victimhood culture now makes every interaction with a bad actor a potential hate crime (and lawsuit) if correction is attempted. Two examples that are not at all life-and-death, but illustrative of the madness and dysfunction.

            1. Cafeteria had a microwave for people to heat up lunch brought from home. A Chinese woman regularly brings in smelly smoked fish and heats this up in the microwave, using a paper towel instead of a plate or other proper container, yet. (The greasy fish leaks oil which actually burns into the plastic floor of the microwave, making a permanent stink deposit.) Management solution was to take away the microwave, not to tell this one problem person to stop heating up stinky greasy fish.
            2. Women’s bathroom has two stalls. They had a table just inside the door, where a woman could put down her purse or whatever. Lady friend noticed that (after a bunch of Muslim women were hired en masse) the table suddenly acquired a bunch of squeeze-top “sports” drinking bottles. She asked me what the hell was going on. I thought it had to do with washing of feet, but just this week the building manager told me what was really happening. The sports bottles were being used as vaginal douches. When done, the bottles were placed on the table for re-use. Ecch. But rather than tell these new hires that leaving used douches on a public table is not how things are done, they took away the table.

          • They need “their areas.” We need ours. Never the twain shall meet, except perhaps at a guarded border 😈

      • You can thank Daryl Gates and his creation of SWAT teams in LA in the 60’s. Since then, there has been a militarizing of police forces all across America. The numbers of new police recruits from ex-military and our endless sandbox wars does not help either. Nor does the response to such from the public in regards to police respect—at an all time low and growing as the Boomers die off.

        My reading is that the police are running scared and are quicker on the trigger than ever. Never talked with a retired cop who thinks police work is a good occupation. Most seem happy to be out.

      • What I’d love to see is some hardcore investigation and reining-in of the numerous Shomrim groups around the country. Due to the urban proximity of their respective ethnic groups, there have been many brutal Shomrim assaults on blacks over the years, yet these incidents have almost always been discreetly swept under the rug.

        Maybe the Shomrim would care to share their concealment secrets with the gentile police forces?

        • Step Zero. Immigrate from places where it is either inherently low trust, or where the locals are sick of your shit, to a high-trust, open society.

          Step 1. Your co-ethnics use initially subtle and covert methods, then as power consolidates, overt methods, of creating a pervasive cultural narrative wherein victimhood is automatically equated with moral virtue.

          Step 2. Co-ethnics make questioning the narrative, or any parts of it, crimes punishable by a variety of means, both through the legal code and through public opinion.

          Step 3. Do as thou wilt, because even though many of your co-ethnics do not approve of your particular religious subtype/cult, they feel obligated to defend you and your actions, because a large part of their power is based on a victimhood narrative, and allowing you to be punished weakens their power. Even though many of them cordially despise you, and you despise them right back, only twice as hard.

          TL;DR. What works for Shomrim is unlikely to work for goys.

      • Joggers got to jog….

        I knew this would be the inevitable response. Soon, no “excuse” will be needed. Then things will get fun—just like when I was young in 67 and every city, and some smaller towns (Plainfield, NJ…I was there), went off.

        • I’ve had simialr thoughts, how little has changed in over 50 years. One of my earliest memories (age 6, recent move to DC area, leafy suburbs 12 miles west of DC), seeing a plume of black smoke to the east in a clear blue April sky. Asked mom what the smoke was. “That’s Washington burning.”

    • Joggers are the reason the left wants to take their guns in the first place. The left does not want to take guns away from people because of mass shooters, they want to take the guns away because of (insert diverse American city here). They don’t want blacks having guns, but they just can’t say it. In places like NYC, blacks are responsible for better than 90% of the shootings! Ricans and other non-whites are responsible for almost all of the rest. The same thing is true for most of the rest of the country.

      • I don’t think that’s complete. Yes, the left is secretly scared of urban blacks, and wants to disarm people because of that, but they also fear armed rural Whites and their potential for resistance to the leftist plan. It’s not either/or.

        • Many on the left are terrified of guns, both in the abstract and the concrete. It’s not merely noggers using them or Whites buying them – they cringe at the mere thought of holding one in their hand.

          • But why? Because that’s how they’ve been propagandized. It’s just their hind brain responding to conditioning. And the people in charge of the propaganda have a purpose.

          • Well, they trick out like dough-boys dodging phosgene on the Somme when a bad flu bug kicks up, so what do you expect?

          • 3g4me,

            I laughed at the types that were criticizing people protesting the covid bans for showing up toting rifles. “Bad optics” yadda yadda.

            What these types dont get is that we on the other side from the Left and the Multiculties don’t get to protest peacefully or unarmed. The cities are their hives and we’ve seen in recent years that our protests or even political rallies will be quashed violently by the Left and often with the support of a mayor and his police. Our folks are literally walking into the lion’s den when they walk into the cities to gather politically. Yet, to make a point that is where they must go… nobody will cover a protest on the news if its held in a rural farm field.

            I’ve yet to see one of these gatherings where many were armed kiboshed by either the Left or TPTB.

            That seems to be the only way We as non-insane whites will get to participate in politics going forward. The Consteetushun and “bad optics’ types still dont get that.

          • I think that eventually, Blacks will burn down too much of the wrong neighborhood, or the authorities (or Antifa clones) will open fire on right-wing demonstrators. At some point, our side of the divide will have its Harper’s Ferry moment.

        • I think the AWRs have such contempt for proudwhites that they don’t even view us as a threat. They are in for a nasty shock…

      • Not really. They want guns eliminated from all, but especially Whites who would be expected to know how to use them and organize such use. Joggers will always have access to the illegal market. It’s what they use now. In a place like NYC, all weapons are “illegal” for the most part, but that does not mean unavailable. Nor will it ever mean unavailable as this country is awash in guns.

      • Gotta disagree. I am around a LOT of goodwhites (and “fellow whites”, and even a bunch of east Asians of similar persuasion). These generally higher-IQ and credentialed people are simply afraid of firearms, viewing them as evil talismans and not as tools. They also tend to be “Violence never solved anything” types. The more hardcore of them actually want BLACKS to be armed, but not us. Because blacks are the real victims and the truly vulnerable. (But while blacks may be real victims, they are not The Real Victims, if you get what I mean. TRV are never going to give up their position at the top of the victimhood hierarchy.)

    • @Lawrence –

      You are exactly right. Some of the 2A gun sites are famously aligned with the usual suspects in the Conservative, Inc constellation. But even so, the comments on these incidents is nearly all in favor of the approved narrative.

      Same thing on some different Facebook 2A groups (I know).

      Some of this is driven by Boomer/Fudd composition, but these groups/sites are also typically filled with non-Boomer/non-Fudd hatred for the ATF/FBI and inconsistent distrust of the regular police.

      I think it’s an artifact of how the 2A people don’t have much overlap with the Dissident Right people, but it’s weird.

      • A lot of it is explained by the fact that in modern society, racism is the greatest evil. Second Amendment supporters want to prove to the world at large that they are good and trustworthy people and that citizens are worthy of the right to keep and bear arms. How can they do that if they take the side of the greatest evil in history?

        Like all conservatives, they run from the accusation of racism like people in pre-enlightenment times ran from the accusation of heresy.

        • In my perverse way, I agree that racism is a great evil. I observe that ethnic homelands would greatly reduce the problem of racism, by minimizing the problem of having to be around other races ☺

    • Jogger’s don’t care about gun rights—at least not as Whites think about them. By and large the relatively sane ones don’t want them around (and are too dumb to understand the fallacy of that position) and the ones that will use them on their fellow joggers and anyone else in their way (most), don’t care because they will always obtain them illegally and do.

      Anyone serious about gun rights with half a brain knows most of the vibrancy will never be an ally. Only avenue left is to convince fellow Whites and perhaps Asians. That seems problematic given our large population centers which produce millions of people with no experience (except bad) with firearms.

      • The writing has been on the wall for a while. I told you that everything would be reversed as more & more radical leftists got the levers of power. Just as the police were (sometimes) weaponized against minorities in earlier eras, they will now flip the script and do the same to us. Except the difference is the incidents in past eras are greatly exaggerated, i.e. the ‘narrative’ of today’s Z topic.

        We won’t be given a pass for this and you will be destroyed for it once some better laws are in place. I know this through lived experience. My ‘minority’ did exactly what the guy in the video did and gave half a story leaving out his half. The cops didn’t care to even pursue it and saw ‘rayciss white gun owner threatens…’ that will be all they need from now on to unleash the tactical team on you.

        Coming to a blue state near you soon! This is why I’m either bound for deep red territory or expatriate status. I’ve been down this road and its ugly, long, and very hard to recover from.

      • “This pretty much makes separation inevitable”

        You’d think, but no. Look at Baltimore. You have young whites moving in and trying to gentrify parts of Bodymore for various reasons, including proving that they are not racist by choosing to live near feral blacks. (That’s not to mention the pathetic white addict couples whoring out the girl in exchange for drugs.) These people are overwhelmingly white rabbits, prey animals.

        Someone above already invoked James LaFond (the knucklehead sage of Harm City). James has written much about how Baltimore cops have morphed into de facto allies of the feral diverse youth.

    • I did enjoy the humorous aspect of the 2nd video at the Target store. The C19 facemasks make excellent bandit gear too. Be safe, wash your hands, weak a mask, and grab all the loot you can!

      • And most importantly, don’t forget the six foot social distancing rule. This is crucial because as you are grabbing that TV as your form of woke protesting you don’t want to get to close to the guy liberating the big speakers and catch the current plague.

        A plague by the way that is another example of white privilege because those devils don’t get is as much as POC.

  43. I would say to Ben, “No, actually feelings don’t care about your facts.”

    And as I say to the few friends left that I have on the left, “Different religion, same bullshit.”

    • Ironically, Shapiro is weaving a story with his “my facts don’t care about your feeling” slogan – and he knows it. He’s appealing to a certain kind of white guy, and it’s an emotional appeal, not a factual appeal.

      • and little Benny is weaving that narrative for the benefit of his tribe, and he knows it.

        • Oh, yeah.

          I think Jews attach very different attributes to their heroes than whites. Whereas white heros are men of action and leaders who fight big battles, Jewish heroes are more like spies, infiltrating and destroying from the inside.

          Not trashing on Jews. That type of hero makes sense given their history.

          • Esther comes to mind. I always felt that many of the OT heroes are examples of ‘Don’t be like this guy/gal’. Jews took the opposite approach.

      • Ben is one of the worst we have. There is nothing appealing about him. He looks like a snake. His voice is shrill and he speaks like an angry Chihuahua. How he manages to even stay on the radio is beyond me.

        Nothing but large sums of money keep him relevant. I think he knows it too.

        • He’s the kind of guy that only avoided being stuffed in lockers in high school by being useful for your study group.

        • My brother invests all his hopes in Shapiro. My only explanation is that my brother holds on to the hope that Shapiro can persuade non-whites and women to put aside identity politics in support of a more successful economy that will make us all wealthier.

  44. Narratives are how humans process complex problems. There is a reason you have “epics” and plays from the ancient Greece and not statistical abstracts compiling the economic and military data about the Athens vs. Sparta. Hell, in business one of the great challenges is taking mounds of data and distilling it into graphical and narrative “stories” so employees can understand how you got where you were and how to go where you need. Trying to sell a complex product?–it has to distill into a story.

    Put back the “captcha”–we’re gonna get trolls.

    • Yep, I’m in a world of numbers (not hard numbers, but numbers). But they don’t mean squat compared to turning them into a story. Even in heavily numbers-driven businesses, convincing people almost always comes down getting them to believe in a story.

      • Mine is almost entirely driven by it. Yet, the only way you can get anything done is to tell a story. Most of the last year has been spent with the CFO and actuaries working on taking the mountain of data spit out each month and turning it into something the worker bees can quickly understand and act on.

        • Friend of mine is an engineer who moved up to management. He told me that the engineers working for him occasionally get mad when they find out that the sales guys usually make more, sometimes a lot more than the engineers. They assume that because they’re smarter (generally true) and learned a far more technically demanding skill, they should get paid more. They also stupidly believe that they could do the job of the salesmen.

          He tells them, “Look, I can find a good engineer in a month or two, but good salesmen are like gold. You have a job because of them, not the other way around, so shut up.”

          • Citizen;

            Alternatively, offer to put them in sales: Fly or die. Back when there was sane (non-PC) management there was a standing offer at our place: “You want salesman pay, go be a salesman. If you can pass screening, we’ll give you a tryout.”

            Since it was hi-tech, some engineers did very well indeed. Same became (higher paid) tech support, some had to beg to be put back on the bench and some were let go. All-in-all, a highly clarifying spectacle that usually kept envious grumbling under control.

          • Heh. I’ve worked as a developer, architect, professional services engineer and sales engineer. As a sales engineer of course I worked with a lot of salesmen.

            A good salesman has a skill set I don’t have, and what’s more which I don’t want to acquire! I just have the wrong personality type and I don’t at all enjoy that type of work. Even the sales engineer role was in many respects way too “salesy” for me and I found it very stressful. They’re worth every penny of their salary and commission.

          • Here’s a little example of data vs narrative—or at least putting/summarizing data into terms the average Joe can understand (See last 2 minutes or so).


            The above video is a short presentation by Anne Marie Knott, University of Washington, in Missouri. She is an academic, statistician, economist speaking about COVID-19 modeling and opening up our (now defunct) economy. She has a list of credentials. She is not some unknown video blogger looking for “clicks”.

            Presentation is started with boring “facts” made worse with equations. ;-). I’m used to seminars with boring fact after fact. You can get away with that in a room full of academics—but not with the public. She knows this and ends with just how much this is costing Joe “Normie”. Problem is, Joe Normie will be asleep long before her presentation ends. Your mileage may vary.

          • I urge readers to watch this YT presentation. I don’t know what it says about me; but I found the boring facts very compelling and persuasive, though I’m not an academic. If someone were able to follow her factual analysis but refused to give it credence because it clashed with their narrative, I’d find that person to be an untrustworthy fool.

          • “[Engineers] also stupidly believe that they could do the job of the salesmen.”

            Hah! Indeed.When I was on the potential purchaser (of advanced imaging equipment) side, back in those halcyon days when there were large medical conferences with booths staffed with salesmen and booth bunnies (and sales bunnies) I’d always ask to talk to an engineer to get the skinny. The question was never “So what’s wrong with this?” but rather “This looks cool! But, if you had another 6 months to work on this, what would be your priorities?” The difficulty was getting the engineer to STOP listing the shortcomings.

          • Your post is a good example of the once-valid ideal: get a relatively secure job in government or its private-sector equivalent, administration. Public education or law enforcement today is a great example: the guys on the front line (cop or teacher) must do all the dirty work. Those in the air-conditioned office can take credit when things go well, yet the poor slob on the scene is a convenient scapegoat when things go wrong. Problem: a once-good idea (get an office job) doesn’t work when everybody’s in the office, and no one is outdoors doing real work.

    • Something tells me the Iliad and the Odyssey are slightly more gripping and compelling than a tale, drafted by a bunch of suits, of how a shower gel allows you to be you.

    • Seems like focusing on data has eroded trust in narratives. “You can say whatever you want but numbers don’t lie” or something like that. But accurately reading data is often as difficult as telling a ‘true’ story— and often as unreliable. These days I don’t discount one in favor of the other.

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