The Race Drama

One of the features of modern liberal democracy is that everyone is trapped in a constant present, unaware of both the past and future. The current black riots, for example, are being described as unprecedented, when in fact they are a regular feature of American life. Birds fly, fish swim and blacks riot. Amusingly, the man allegedly responsible for these riots, President Trump, you know, because of the low black unemployment, is in office because of the last round of black riots.

In fact, black rioting is one of the regular features of the ongoing morality play that is modern liberal democracy. The usual suspects, looking for a reason to get white people to the theater, start scanning about for some case where a black was harmed by an unsympathetic white. They create a narrative around the incident, have the stories placed in the media and then encourage the black “activist groups” to start making an issue of it. From there, the story writes itself.

The regularization of this is clear when you look up from this incident and recall that just a few weeks ago we had Jogger. This was an off-Broadway effort to angry-up the blacks, but it failed to catch on. Blacks were sort of ready to play their role, but only the dumbest white people fell for it. Those would be the type who declare their pronouns on social media. Normal white people saw through the plot like a bad movie and failed to show up at the theater. Jogger never made it to Broadway.

As an aside, you’ll note something about the Jogger that goes unremarked. American blacks are not all that sympathetic to imported blacks. When some guy with a weird African name gets jammed up, regular blacks just shrug. The reason is their identity starts with them being near whites against their will. Despite their relentless demands for access to white people, black identity starts with the belief that they are around whites by force. African man violates that narrative.

The general framework of this particular morality tale follows the approved script of all morality tales in modern America. First, the usual suspects, or their puppets, announce there is a great danger to the community. Alternatively, there is some group being harmed and the community must rally to their defense. Sometimes the two are combined in a Godzilla attacks Tokyo scenario. The people are then supposed to flood the theater to be properly scared or angered.

You see this with these Cop-Black tales. The black is always cast as an innocent victim in the trailer for the show. They find pictures from his high school yearbook to hand out in the press kits when promoting the story. We saw that with Trayvon Martin. The media used pics of him as a child, rather than as a hulking teenager. Jogger was shown in his cap and gown seven years prior. The cop, in contrast, is never really filled out as a character, because he is a catspaw for the real villain.

The paradox of these cops versus blacks riot-dramas is that we live in a country that worships cops. There are dozens of TV shows and movies on all the time celebrating the cop as the guy guarding the wall between civilization and barbarity. Usually, the hero cop is required to break the rules to exact justice. On the one hand, white people are supposed to see cops as rule breaking moral agents, while blacks are required to see cops as immoral agents of a system of oppression.

The second act of the morality tale always brings the so-called conservatives onto the stage to play their part. Normally, they are required to dismiss the danger or the victim, in order to appear unfeeling or callous. In this case, the role is changed up. They are first required to worship a special character created just for these shows. This is the Magic Negro, who is black, but a conservative! He is brought on to confirm the wishy-washy civic nationalism stuff popular with old people.

After the required doses the negrophilia, the conservatives in the crowd are ready for the usual performance. The conservative character can either be shocked at the hypocrisy of the Left or outraged by the civil unrest. In both cases, the underlying assumptions are the same. Racism is the worst sin, but a sin, ironically, that can only be committed by white people. As such, the whole point of the citizen’s life must be to eradicate this sin from their heart and from their community.

Like the Dionysia in ancient Athens, these morality plays are intended to reinforce the larger moral framework of society. If you step back from the particulars and look at these race dramas, they are not all that different from a fire breathing minister telling his flock that they are all sinners and must redouble their efforts. Instead of pleasing God, it is the god of democracy. These dramas are a lecture to whites that they will only be saved when all people are welcomed into their community.

Of course, that is one of the many paradoxes of modernity. In order for the morality plays to work there has to be real victims and real villains. This is why everyone is a racist Nazi now. The supply of genuine racists and Nazis has evaporated. The only actual racists in America are not white, which will not do, so the play makers expand the definition for racist to fit their needs. It also means they deliberately create villains by manufacturing them when the supply is low.

In theory, the way out of this endless drama is to simply ignore it. Get enough white people to stop showing up or even acknowledging these dramas and the theater runs out of audience members. In reality, this can never happen, at least not to the extent it changes public morality. The people running the theater will just force people inside, as we see with the schools, corporate diversity training and the like. In a libel democracy, society itself becomes the theater and life is the morality play.

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255 thoughts on “The Race Drama

  1. Everyone, plz watch this video, “”. Its from “vertigo politix” .. y’all probably know him. All of these Black/White problems are true, but the root of the issue is in the video. With all due respect, the Zman seems very reticent to address the JQ. He talks about not having a “negative identity”, or some such nonsense. Damnit, you’ve gotta identify the problem before you can solve it!

  2. society as theater, with everyone having their 15 retweets of fame, or 2 minutes of hate. brilliant. Warhol was right, the Catholic wisdom there shone through, gay and degenerate as he got, naturally in the lost 60s NYC sections of hell. he probably knew/created enough pedos and other demons too with those “movies” and “art”, but he was spot on with that one prediction. perhaps that is why he confessed every day.
    the firebreating preachers, if only they remembered God wishes the nations and races to naturally organize and come universally to Him, through His Church*; not for the nations and races to disappear into Babel.
    *do agree, the Church needs a worthy successor of blessed Peter before these things take place. but hey, the Shia still wait for their 12th, the Jews still wait for their Messiah, and that doesn’t excuse either them from building themselves up – and knocking us down in their squabbles…

  3. Friedrich Nietzsche, in his book: “On the Genealogy of Morality.” Talked about ressentiment. He was using it to discribe the bitter feelings the weak have for the strong. The weak start out wanting what the strong have but they can’t have it. So they begin a revaluation process of what the strong have and proclaim it evil. It is the master v slave morality. This is what the left has been doing sense the French Revolution. They have demonized everything the Anglo-Europeans ever held dear. It is the 230 year guilting of White Western Civilisation. It is the demoralization and pussification of the White man. Every time a White person has the urge to defend themselves, a lifetime of leftist indoctrination screams in their skulls, NO! THAT’S EVIL! Liberty starts with purging that voice from our minds.

  4. You know what? Let it burn. And this is why the minute the first boatload was brought here you needed crackers.

  5. Just today visiting an old friend was taking off to the side and in a low whisper told me to behave myself because they had black neighbors.
    Went back to the barbecue but later on saw my friend’s wife running across the street just gushing over these negroes. They lived in that house now for 7 years, don’t know any of the other white neighbors but seem to worship the darkies.
    Would they change their minds should the black plague descend upon their little suburban utopia ?
    Maybe ? The situation is truly nauseating.

  6. It just goes to show how even the most informed of us can be swept up in the narrative.

    Trayvon Martin wasn’t put down by a cop.

  7. What really annoyed me was seeing virtue signalling Nordic people out sweeping up and tidying the burnt out remains of the sneaker shops and likka stos on Saturday morning. It’s like a failure of a mother dutifullycleaning up after her out of control brat kids. I felt disgusted seeing it. Invite the third world, elect the third world, become the third world, clean up after the third world. Puke.

    • It should be left as it is. Until foolish white people learn to do that, nothing will change. We are not responsible for them.

    • and 100 per cent looting are joggers
      Tomorrow these contemptible pathetic creatures will be cleaning this one as well
      They deserve to perish actually they have to perish if anything worthwhile is to be rebuilt
      These things these pathetic things are what you get when you let your children be thought by (((your enemies))) for 60 + years

  8. In Columbus, the Black city council President and a Black congresswoman are out with the protestors. Council pres got pepper-sprayed! Lol!
    Listen, people when the City Council President is on your side, you are the man!
    The Columbus protssts are nothing but street theater, a virtue-signaling, feel-good exercise for wannabe radicals who are too dumb to realize that they are already holding the reins of power.
    Exactly what person or position of authority in Columbus or Ohio is supposed to do anything about a Minneapolis cop?
    In one of the photos, some protestor is holding up a sign, “Abolish the police.” OK, let’s do that, but who is your next-of-kin going to go crying to when someone with less tolerance for your bullshit shoots you?

  9. The exit is the thin blue line, blue as in Hillary.
    If you look at the riots or plague, they map blue.
    The police ARE the problem as they are in some kind of Afghan war like quagmire in the black neighborhoods but will crush your business if you try to break the lockdown. Or give you a ticket while you watch the homeless take a dump and shoot up.
    That is minor in comparison to “I was in fear of my life” which gives the blue total immunity the blacks can only dream about. See excited delirum and PCP. Floyd MIGHT have been high and able to break out of his handcuffs and slaughter the four cops if the cop let up for an instant. This is usually the “He was in 25 feet and if I didn’t blow him away his reaching for his waistband might have resulted in a knife where I wouldn’t arrive home safe at night”.
    Better 100 dead innocent civilians than one cop not getting home safely because they hesitated.
    It will get more interesting after the famine hits. At least they won’t need excess toilet paper.

    • Looking at the girth on the “thin blue line” and wondering if it might be a misnomer.

  10. Joggerman and the Orinthologist both got knocked off the pages. The latter, however, was quite an improvement over Jussi Smollett’s crude production. You have to wonder how many birds he dogged before landing the perfect situation with the tweaked woman. Selective videography like in Covington and an adroit rollout by sister. And the clincher was his statement after the woman lost her job and dog. Even if it might have been an attempt to recapture some lost media inertia, his closing remarks ensure the stunt’s inclusion in Project 1619’s Revised History of America.

  11. Z, the people who run the theater are working feverishly to concoct the “white nationalist” pivot:
    BTW this person is a journalist and Snopes “fact checker.”
    Despite thousands of photos and videos showing black and Antifa looters and rioters, millions are now falling for the “white supremacists did it” con.
    Why would you believe your own lying eyes when there’s a comforting religion that lets you pillage freely and send badwhites the bill?

    • Makes perfect sense. Once too much valuable (((real estate))) started going up in flames, the puppetholders panicked and realized they had to rein it in.
      “Chase Bank and CNN are being put to the torch?! One of the pets even got off the leash and had the gall to tell us ‘stop spreading fear and anger.’ No, no, NO, my pets, you were supposed to stick to your own ghetto carryout stores! Fuck! How do we hit pause?”
      “I got it! Call it white supremacy, which means we now have the moral authority to march the cops back in and lock everything down. Whew, that was close! We’re going to have to train our pets better next time – they were THIS close to putting the torch to globohomo!”

    • Just saw the ending of the hit movie, “Joker”. What prescience! Hundreds of people are shown rioting and looting in the streets. Celebrating the anarchy of it all. All are wearing masks—clown masks—in honor of their new anarchist leader, the Joker.
      Now look at the rioters in any of these cities, but particularly Minneapolis. They’re wearing “face diapers”, aka surgical masks. All at the behest of our “leadership” to prevent a dreaded fauxdemic, COVID-19. The police film them from afar, but will not identify them later. Oh the sweet irony of it all.
      I must admit to being depressed all week. But now, somehow I’m feeling happy, even elated. Soon I’m certain, I’ll be practicing my own Joker dance on our own smoldering ashes. 🙂

  12. This is a very good analysis of the situation. It reminds us that blacks and whites can never live together. Not only do blacks see themselves as victims of whites, but they believe that IF ONLY whites hadn’t colonized Africa, they would have some advanced civilization like in the movie Black Panther, which I never saw. Somehow evil white European came to Africa in his powdered wig and destroyed their whole civilization. In reality what little civilization there is in the world was an invention of the white man. We need to realize, as whites, that the Curse of Ham exists, and that they need to be forcibly removed from our communities at some point. It’s the only way. The Civil War would have been worth it had they actually been forcibly removed to Liberia at the end.

  13. OT: all this rioting, the Summer before a presidential election is 1968 again — on steroids! Trump is going to get all 57 states this way!

  14. Wow! CNN is torched. Go! Rioters GO! But , all of a sudden we see thousands of national guards and real plans for law & order,Would not be surprised if they let the killer cop out to help.It’s all hands on deck.

    • Once they start shooting looters wholesale, I’ll begin paying closer attention. Before they do though, I really, really hope CNN gets thoroughly destroyed, along with the rest of the mainstream media. Hell, even the cucks on Fox were going on and on about how “justified” the anger was. Burn them down as well.

  15. Here’s an idea of what some Zoomer peers are thinking. From Zoomer meme pages:
    Trump called the Minneapolis rioters THUGS. But he called the Michigan milita protesting with guns “good people”. Xrumpft raycis!!!
    Why are Black People not allowed to riot in Minneapolis, but the KKK are allowed to hold demonstrations? The police are the KKK.
    Not only are these horrible comparisons, but they are also just not true, and ignoring the constitution, etc. Nope, facts and logic ain’t gonna fix this. We need separation.

  16. I can already see the writing on the wall that this is going to end in anarcho-tyranny.
    Within just a few weeks time we saw cops going from full stasi on anyone (esp. whites) doing normal activities because of Wu-Flu to basically backing down to Tyrone because of their lefty handlers telling them to. So they don’t care who they get to pounce on, most enjoy the power trip and will gladly divert to white males if they are the only acceptable target left. The narrative is, in fact, being built right now and has been for years with the FBI focus on ‘domestic terrorism’, etc etc.
    Lawmakers are going to start passing laws that give Tyrone a pass to do whatever the f-ck he wants (Again, we saw this already with non-enforcement of lockdown in ghetto areas, etc) and whitey is going to be broken on the wheel for increasingly superfluous bullchit.
    If you doubt this, consider that White Supremacists! are mainly the ones causing riots. (see linked article). See, we are in Clown World now. And if 2+2=5 and black people rioting are actually white supremacists then that is what we say it is you f-cking plebe, question it at your own peril esp. if you are a white male. You will be made a prisoner in your own society and if you think the Karens and Soyboys are going to protest you haven’t been paying attention. They LOVE love love being submissive & passive to dominant males (read: minorities, imported muds, etc)


  17. I tried to google Justine Ruszczy diamond , the woman who called the police about an ongoing sexual assault happening behind her house. when she approached the responding police car in her pajamas to tell them the details, a somali rookie shot her from the passenger seat ,out the drivers window. she died, and he went to jail.

    the search engines will only return results for manistream media stories. they hve eliminated everything else. 
  18. Anytime someone of any any race (including “good whites”) makes a sarcastic remark about white people around me I respond “I’m white and I’m not ashamed of it. In fact, I’m proud of my heritage. And nobody is going to say or do anything to change that.”

    Going to a majority negro high school taught me that the worst thing you can do around negroes is to show fear. Show them you are ready and willing to engage in violence to protect yourself.

    I am past the fighting age, but I always have a gun or knife on me. Fortunately I haven’t had to use either. But I will if I have to.

  19. One of the biggest problems we have is one Zman has written about many times. So many damned whites FEAR being called racist.
    I never fear being called racist because we all are racist. That simply means I am programed by God, Nature, Evolution, or some combination of the above to see the differences in people. I also believe in HBD results that tell us that IQ and behavior have a lot to do with heredity.
    Try it sometime: “you are racist!”. “Everyone is racist, so what?”
    I got called “racist” by a black student in class because I called him down for pushing his own blood brother as the brother passed by his seat. I responded, “Have you never noticed your brother is every bit as black as you are?” The class is laughing at him and the boy never said more than a few words to me the rest of the school year. (note: his is now in prison)
    At an inter-faith meeting our SJW Roman Catholic Priest called many of the local police policies “racist” because they were arresting more black young men than white young men. Apparently the black Chief of Police was not pleased, nor many of the black officers that Chief had hired. He took the stage to say that “we arrest those who break the law”.
    If we are to save western civilizaion we will have to stop worrying about someone calling us names. Sticks and stones and all that.

  20. Somewhere is Texas is a woman who was the victim of an armed home invasion a few years back, thinking “Karma is a bitch”.

  21. The police exist to serve and protect the state. When idiot blacks commit crimes and come out on the short end of the stick it is hard to sympathize. Being a cop a healthcare worker or a soldier in itself does not make you a hero. What thinking person isn’t sick to death of the we are in this together, we are here for you, you are a hero diatribe? The state always has been and always will be the enemy of the people. Avoid armed government workers if at all possible. Government is not anyone’s friend especially in a multi-culti paradise like ours. Black behavior and inability must continually be given a pass. Something serious needs to be done. White guilt enables bad black behavior and alleviates their responsibility to do anything about it at the same time. The black community and culture are better left to themselves. Avoid blacks especially when they are in large groups. One never knows when they may erupt in a chimp out. Chimp outs are bad. A ne’er do well negro resists arrest ends up dead and like magic it enables the obfuscation to commence in earnest. Again. Being a White Anglo Saxon Protestant has never felt so good. It really is OK to be White. Can’t keep the government in check. Can’t keep the joggers in check. Amicable separation is preferable.

  22. One small but revealing tell on narrative vs. reality in these cases: I actually lived in Ferguson, MO for a couple of years, about a decade before the trouble there. It certainly surprised me to hear one news organization after another describe it as “the small town of Ferguson”. In fact, it is no such thing: it’s a close suburb of St. Louis wedged between downtown and the airport, most definitely part of the metro area. So why the “small town” thing? Because “To Kill a Mockingbird” and its innumerable clones (“A Time to Kill”, etc”) imprinted leftist journos from big coastal cities with a narrative about racial injustice happening in small southern towns. So when even this small detail of the reality of the story didn’t fit the script of the standard morality play, they bent reality to fit the script.
    Which is, of course, common practice with them. It’s narrative that matters, not reality; it’s morality that matters, not facts.

  23. “In a libel democracy, society itself becomes the theater and life is the morality play.” 
    Well done Mr Freud.

  24. Please don’t confuse negrophilia for necrophilia. (I’m not claiming Z’s essay did!) While the former is progressively approved and the latter is often illegal, let me note its benefits: So far, nobody has said it’s wrong to force the dead to live, er, reside, in their own sections of town. In fact, properties are often zoned specficially for their use. Stores, theaters and other public areas are allowed to prohibit their entry. And finally, even the most liberal court is unlikely to claim it’s ok to marry one 😀

  25. The most pernicious thing about liberal democracy is that it turns politics into entertainment. If politics were serious, people wouldn’t want to think about it. Make a big show of it and presto, people will put up with every aspect of their lives being politicized. Hollywood is dying, DC is rising to take its place.

  26. >”In theory, the way out of this endless drama is to simply ignore it. Get enough white people to stop showing up or even acknowledging these dramas and the theater runs out of audience members.”
    Well sure, and as you point out, that’s exactly what happened with Jogger. They then tried screening Attack of the Central Park Karen, but getting bitched out by Karen is something that’s happened to all of us, so everyone just shrugged it off. That’s exactly why the Big Floyd case required an escalation. Antifa figured that nobody could ignore them burning down a half-dozen American cities over it, and they’re right – we can’t. The question is whether that will redound to their benefit in an election year. Recent history – from 1968 to 2016 – suggests that it will not.

  27. The shocking thing for me, at least in ATL, was that I saw young whites of both sexes involved in the protest. I guess their lifelong marination in white hatred thanks to our media and “educational” system had finally borne its evil fruit.
    There were the Antifa idiots assaulting cars on a California freeway. How those goons weren’t shot is beyond me.
    The one positive from these insurrections is that even the most oblivious Normie-con can’t ignore when objective reality slaps them in the face. Sub-85 IQ savages aren’t compatible with our civilization. We’ve spent trillions on them and they’ve never lifted themselves “up by the bootstraps” out of multi-generational poverty.
    We seemingly subsidize the sexual proclivities of imbeciles in a reverse eugenics that ensures that support is provided for Chalmydia Fabulous and her 12 feral offspring by 10 different daddies, but whites are taxed to the point where they can’t afford more than a couple of kids at best.

    • whites are taxed to the point where they can’t afford more than a couple of kids at best.
      We ran up the debt, we make the payments. Stupid, selfish whites thought we could buy peace. A lot of good all that money we made has done!

      • This is a myth.
        Most of the money we pay in taxes goes to social security and medicare and the rest military spending.
        We borrow everything else including welfare programs which quite a few Whites use as well.
        The issue is simply a decline wages. For 90% of the population wages are down measured as percent GDP down by half since 1973 and drop roughly at the rate 1% a year
        The ratio is more or less 90% shafted. (% hold the line, 1% get it all
        The 90-9-1 rule if you like.
        Fertility decline tracks near exactly with wage decline BTW, it hit below replacement in 1973 when the recession hit and as wages never recovered only declined, the fertility rate stayed the same. Now easy divorce was a contributor but divorce rape was not a common thing pre 90’s at least known to be.
        The wage decline comes from 4 sources , 1st open borders/cheap labor 2nd free trade 3rd female workforce entry and 4th most perniciously automation.
        The first two could be mitigated easily enough, the 3rd and 4th would require non democratic means.
        And note , its not possible to cut enough in Social Security to recurred the tax burden . If you got rid of the program, this would increase wages about 8-10% (the employer contribution would just get pocketed by them) which might add 5k per family which would accomplish nothing.
        Its not enough for an extra kid and people would know need to save more to stop workin. Heck most would not stop working and jobs would basically not open.
        Medicare could be fixed some but again not enough savings
        Lastly, military. We can cut 1/3 of the spending and go to the minimum 2% but that’s a lot of jobs gone.
        If we were to cut basically everything to the bare bones after a debt default, we’d end up with much higher savings than we have uses for and not get more kids,
        The only way to fix it is simply to make sure there is debt jubilee or default and that income goes up faster than inflation.
        This may not be possible which emans we’ll bash our society to pieces and to a sustainable level of complexity before we stabilize.
        It will not be fun.

    • Pity that drivers on the CA freeway didn’t follow the lead of the trucker a few years ago “accidentally” (?) killed a couple similar protesters. Alas, based on a few trips out there, I suspect getting much faster than a brisk walking speed is difficult to do on a CA freeway 😀

  28. Surely the goodwhites in large cities must sense by now that their position is increasingly perilous.

    • The crowd looked to be majority white in minneapolis last night.
      Alot of young goodwhites are actually self loathing.

      • It has very little to do with self loathing. Whites have rioted , looted and burned many times in the past over various grievances too.
        Heck Whites were active in some areas in the 1992 riots as well.
        And truth is White people have been screwed over every bit as much as Black people. Youngsters of that generation have 1/3 the wealth (assets minus debts) of the baby boomers and probably make half or less what the boomers did.
        They are painfully aware of this and between the wage arbitrage and the lock down its no wonder they are pissed.
        Having allies just makes the looting easier.
        Unlike the riot set though Antifa has goals and discipline which is something the Dissident Right needs.
        I am not saying anyone should act out, what Antifa is doing is criminal and the DR doesn’t have political cover anyway but having goals and discipline and energy deserves respect and ought to be emulated.

    • E dear…..surely you recognize that ideology trumps a pair of eyes and reality. A few late comers will pop loose. Between you and me and a couple others, when I was a little kid sailing in my swing on the old walnut tree, I used to wonder why the jews didn’t get out. They experienced a few years that showed them it would end in the big ugly. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t run, and set it aside in a drawer in my brain for further incoming data. The last 5 years the data flowed in. Lineman is right. Ideology and blinkered family trumps safety. Trumps all reason. All my family and Basic Husband’s family are in Peoples Republic of Cali and they refuse to move. I am having to condition myself that they are making a choice…their agency….their soul journey if you will…and I can just bugger off. In my case, to have family is to not talk about…the obvious. I can see…know….do…and keep quiet.

  29. Great essay but judging from the last part of the essay. We don’t escape.
    Yes, we on the dissident right see the play and understand it’s characters and how we are manipulated but the rest of society remains enamored with the play.
    If the play is taught from childhood in our schools and the play is now in our workplace everyday.
    How do we ever get enough white people to see the real production?
    i know that this response is a black pill
    But some days I just see black pills.

  30. Couple of thoughts. It’s absolutely worthwhile to put this issue under a spotlight and dissect it. Once the dissection is over, though, “the race drama” needs to be set alongside the white-elite progressives who cheer barbarism, alongside the white-fright response to a pseudo pandemic, alongside the economic fragility of MMT and forever-expanding digital dollars, alongside continual immigration of the swarthy masses, alongside faggotry and associated perversions, alongside demographics. There are many other “alongsides.” Z-man addresses them all, and that’s why a compendium of essays in book format would be GREAT to give to our thoughtful friends trapped in 20th century groupthink.
    There are really only two possible responses for Whitey. Teary-eyed hand-wringing over the loss of the Constitution, the loss of homeland, the loss of the country I once knew. (I’m in my 50s now … took me a few years to work through that initial response, but time was on my side in the 1990s.) Today, time isn’t on the side of teary-eyed handwringing “I just don’t have the money to move” excuses. Things are going south, deteriorating rapidly it seems. But nostalgia is still an option … for those who think hope is a grand strategy (whilst residing in the enemy camp), I wish them well.
    Option 2 is clear-eyed, recognizing there’s an enemy who hates us and wants to take us out. The enemy has many alliances, reminding us that we need allies as well. Option 2 means taking steps – ASAP – to bolster family security, develop water/food and shelter independence. Collocate with allies, disassociate from known enemies (e.g. public schools.) Meanwhile, ridicule and mock the enemies. We talk a lot about community … I think we need to lean really hard on the clergy, peeling as many away as possible from mainstream do-goodery – they need to be on the side of truth & righteousness or they’re the enemy. Develop robust homeschooling co-ops. Cultivate and train young tradesmen in skills that can’t be easily outsourced or roboticized. Option 2 takes on a myriad of forms but they have one thing in common – decisive action.

    • Amen My Brother…Time is getting short and those still in enemy territory need to seriously be taking action to get out of there or at least acquiring a place to bug too…

      • Won’t matter,we see at the state level the governors have near unlimited dictatorial powers and when they win the WH their reach will be unlimited and with a brutality equal that of North Korea.
        There isn’t a peaceful way out for us heritage whites.

      • Nailed it. Although I’m the worst kind of 1110 … my Dad was a Warrant Bosn.
        Let’s splice the main brace CAPT MS-D.

  31. Every once and a while America needs a new Great Awakening. A spasm of religiosity seizes the Yankee and he ruins the country in some way. Abolition and Prohibition were reflections of this, but as Yankee religion became more democratic, they are officially known as congregationalists, this impulse became more secular. So the 60’s religious insanity involved moving to California and becoming a hippy.
    Now negrophilia has seized the Yankee/ Good White mind once again. They worship Social Justice now, it is the newest impulse of the descendants of the Mayflower. They are more extreme, policy wise, than the their Person of Color Objects of Maternal Stimulus (POCOMS)

  32. Hm. In this schema, liberal democracy is a prison-cum-indoctrination tank for white people. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we’re getting a raw deal and should look for something better.

  33. It’s more like a societal & morality nightmare. Joggers doing their thang with Whites endlessly genuflecting while bending over and grabbing the ankles. Truly disgusting.

    • Perhaps it appears that way from a distance, but it could be some of us cocking our weapon or reaching for an ankle holster 😀

  34. Speaking of the “play” in “morality play,” I’ve noticed that the fictional shows you see in the movie theater, and the supposedly “real-life” narratives you see on the MSM news, are structured very similarly.
    Same writers, same directors. Same purpose?

  35. We actually had a pseudo-riot in Denver 2 nights ago and it was mostly composed of bored and spoiled SJWs who were in need of some outdoor exercise due the the COVID lockdown. The stupid disease is no longer confined to the low IQ cohort. Anyone can become a parasite automaton these days. And the police response was a joke. Most cops are now affirmative action minorities who can’t even tie their shoes let alone control an angry mob.

    • Here in Utah the Salt Lake suckbutts turned out 20 possible people to whine and cringe on the steps of the unitarian church. Examining the picture I sort of identified 1 tranny in a dress, a black something virtue signaling, and a blue haired sexually ambiguous someone. 200 people showed up downtown, mostly white lefties, many old Boomers, groveling and genuflecting. Today they will drive in a caravan around the formerly Mormon formerly beautiful city to wail and keen. People that are colored different hues don’t give a crap. All quiet here in southern Utah. Surprised the university here didn’t bust loose a small coven to virtue signal. The Piutes don’t give a crap as they don’t deal with blacks and stay away from white people unless they can do an AIM thing and get white people to bow and open the pocket book to them. Also Indian “medicine” men love to rope in young guilty white chicks. They pay handsome dividends.
      Let’s not forget to dump the lefties back into the People’s Republic along the west/east coasts when the great sorting hat is activated.

  36. The thing suprising about this episode is it seems to be a genuine outrage. These morality plays are almost always played with someone who won a Darwin Award. Because the white or cop was obviously in the right, the sacrificial lamb’s death goes unpunished and everyone pretends to be outraged at how the white or cop gets away with gunning down an innocent black man.
    Why are the blacks rioting? 4 cops were fired immediately and charges laid within 3 day. That is virtually unprecedented for one of these tales.

    • There’s nothing genuine about the sort of outrage that leads from “That man was unjustly killed” to “I’m gonna loot me a big screen TV from Target!”

      • Absolutely! I agree. But still, there are some that are doing the peaceful bit. Maybe it’s just more grift.

    • This is you thinking like a white person. Blacks loot; Antifa burns down a police station. Blacks gonna Black, they don’t actually care about other black people, they see a chance to shed the routine that a white society forces on them and returned to their atavistic state. It’s why they burn and loot any business they can regardless of ownership. Africa always wins.
      Antifa, the white people, are just surfing the wave to actually attack targets like the police and CNN.

      • You can take the Hutu out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the Hutu.

  37. The conservatives are led through this by the nose as usual. Merely a couple days ago, they were all “Dems are the Real Racists” with the Central Park dog walker. It went so far that Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) endorsed a statement by Van Jones (Black race agitator) that the real danger to Blacks wasn’t rednecks in Klan robes but nice White liberal ladies. The conservatives just about came in their pants over that.
    Some didn’t react to kindly when I said “When you find yourself endorsing Van Jones, you have to ask yourself, ‘Where have I gone wrong?'” Encouragingly, quite a few people got it, though. It became one of the top comments on the thread.
    With the current riots, once the conservetards found out there was antifa participation, they were again massively excited to find out there were White people they could blame. Representative was my post, “Make Liberia Great Again” to which one responded “With a bunch of white Soy boy ANTIFAs? I could get behind that. I mean Liberia already has enough problems but maybe they could sell them to pervert Muslims or something.”
    Conservatives are going to ride the “I am not a racist” box car right to the camps.

    • I like and respect the HBD camp (Sailer et al), the race realism camp (Taylor et al), the immigration restriction camp (Vdare), the 2nd amendment crowd, and even the FTN guys (yeah they have a lot of interesting points too). I like them all, even if we disagree on some stuff. I’m not going to dump and turn on people just because we disagree on virus crap, for example.
      But while we know Con Inc will always play the loyal opposition to the left, it was still very distressing to see the entire spectrum of what can loosely be called “the right” for lack of any better word, fall yet again into the left’s morality game:
      I like all the guys in the article, but I’m almost pulling out my hair yelling, “No matter how much you express “support” for blacks, you will never EVER be allowed into the goodwhite camp!” 2nd amendment guy, you will not get to keep your guns. Jared Taylor, you will not be allowed back on social media and into respectable Beltway party circuits. Nazbol guy, the left will never accept you just because you support universal health care and hate the police state too. Please, for the love of God, stop virtue signaling and falling into the left’s script. Please, just stand up for your own people. At the very least, when crap like this happens, just stay silent.
      There’s no need to engage in negrophilia on 2nd amendment forums or engage in cowardly, cautious, hopelessly reasonable “well it looks like the police made a mistake here” on the “respectable” dissident right podcasts. Please, just stay silent – don’t give an ounce to the black undertow. I like you all way too much to see you get dragged into their games and converted into NPC.

      • You have to wonder what all those people will say when the full story comes out and the cop was in the right all along…I can’t stand cops but I have to step back and say I bet I wouldn’t have a problem with them if we had an all white society…

      • Well said, whim wiut. Like every other demographic in our third-world motel, we need to take our own people’s side every time. Publicly. En masse. Any policing of the ranks we do in private. Internal business. The exterior, the front the others see, must be a united White line.

        • The luxury to not be like this is the reward a people has when they have their own country where they are in possession of all the control nodes of the civilization, coinage, courts, MEDIA, etc. We Americans, the most numerous people on this Earth not only to not have our own country, do not even have a single country-level institution to represent our collective interests.

    • Actually, the true dangers to Blacks would be more or less in order of risk: poor diet, drinking too much alcohol, smoking tobacco, illegal drug use, and being murderd by another Black. Actually Whites share a similar menu of risks, but our murder rate is about 1/6 per capita that of our Melanic Hominid™ brethren. When it comes to morbidity, we really are our own worst enemy. I’ve done some reading and I’d guess 2/3 to 3/4 of all serious health problems are directly due to what we eat, smoke and drink. But it sho be hard to give up dat fried chicken, the 40 of malt liquor or the menthol cigarettes 😀 Even the watermelon would seem healthy, but all that sugar done gonna give you diabletes, I tole you so!

      • These guys aren’t representative of Normies but of the 10% (1% all the gains, 10% hold the line 89% shafted)
        Also the GOPe cares for very little other than money and can’t be expected to behave in any other way.
        The only reasons they care about riots are that the lack of stability hurts the economy and that they resent other people looting.
        In any case these well coifed, well off types aren’t going to express beyond the pale views even if they can think them. They are good citizens of the Empire after all.

  38. The paradox of these cops versus blacks riot-dramas is that we live in a country that worships cops.

    Cops are worshiped all over the world, at least outwardly. But the aware realize that even if the cops are a necessity in a large, complex society, you’re better off if you never meet one. When a cop dies on the job he’s instantly a hero. In any other profession death as a work event is regarded as a failure. In fact, often when a cop breaks the law, we aren’t even really informed of his identity.

  39. “The people running the theater will just force people inside…”
    That’s exactly it, though. As much as we try to ignore the game, we’ll be forced, kicking and screaming, into playing it.
    With metro Minneapolis in anarchy – entire blocks being burned down and looted, trucks and cars being hijacked, gunfire left and right – what does the Minnesota governor do? He blames the anarchy on “white supremacists,” I shit you not:

    Just like those “white supremacists” in Chicago, eh? These people really do cry out in pain as they strike you.

    • Well of course it makes sense, in the same way that gun manufacturers are to blame for blacks with firearms killing, which 90+% of the time claiming a black victim 🙁

  40. Just sitting back and enjoying the schadenfreude in Minneapolis. This can’t really be happening, since the city has elected the perfect soy boy mayor, the whole council is leftist. The PD is woke enough to hire 85 IQ Somali show ponies as officers–even if they randomly shoot a white woman talking to their partner. The state AG is a hard core leftist with a governor just a paper width to his right. Should be paradise. They can burn themselves down for all I care.

    • We have to hope the rioters take it to the liberal suburbs. In a weird way, the way forward is to encourage these mobs to attack their masters. Ideally, the mobs win and wipe out their masters. Then the gloves are off.

      • Maybe, but I notice the police aren’t so hands off in NYC or LA. Cities or neighborhoods where the real masters live are protected.
        Also, black looters/rioters never seem to travel far. They limited to areas they can walk to within 20 minutes. Antifa, OTOH, go wherever the bus takes them.

        • Seen a few protests in NY including one where Antifa tried to gum up the main floor at GCT. Happened to walk in the Lexington side entrance just as a flying squad of NYPD riot guys came in. Basically did a “wheel left forward”, swept them all up and right out the 42nd street entrance in about 3 minutes. They had a permit to protest out in front of Trumps old hotel and decided to go off reservation to the Terminal. NYPD generally exhibits zero tolerance for that.

          • Important people live in NYC. Different rules. Also, a lot of media live and work in NYC, so no coverage.

          • Back in 1979 I went to a “smoke in” in DC *(NORML, to potalize leeg 😀 ) and I don’t remember a lot, but the DJ did announce that the Park Police were very strict and they suggested that everybody be gone by midnight, because in no uncertain terms any stragglers would be cleared out.

          “I have a little golem, I made it out of clay….”
          It’s a bit horrifying that I know “The Dreidel Song”. But I was taught it in elementary school when the mother of one of my classmates somehow was given an hour to come in and “guest lecture” about Hanukkah. Even as a snot-nosed 7-yo I wondered, “Why does Mrs Spellman get to talk an hour about HER customs, but other moms don’t?” I was deeply suspicious of the chocolate coins in gold foil that she passed out. Guess I was a Bad Person even then.

      • They’ll protect the rich and elite, otherwise it will jeopardize political money and power.

      • Exactly, let the leftard SJW scum get what they vote for, good and hard. The true cancer in the US is the white SJW tards.

        • They’ve been brainwashed. A lot of them are learning about reality the hard way right now.

      • I hope this rioting spreads throughout the country and advances into the suburbs and beyond. I’m rooting for violent joggers to burn down suburban shopping malls and vandalize homes all summer. If nog’s and their antifa enablers rise up en mass then perhaps the opportunity to resolve this problem will finally present itself. Despite the screeching of the dimwit news readers, this episode is the best anti diversity education campaign we could ever hope for in a time of otherwise unending race propaganda. I must admit to a certain wry smugness sitting here in my peaceful corner of the lily white Rocky Mountains watching these feral animals destroy their vibrant blue metropolises. The civnats and goodwhites are getting what they voted for good and hard. Fuck em.

        • Also in the Rockies, I too am enjoying it a bit. Unfortunately, the only way to change some of those smug lilly-white’s attitudes will be for their suburbs to get hit.

      • There is a “good white” area just north of downtown OKC that has been gentrified by a bunch of hipsters. I hope the negroes protesting in front of the police station downtown head north and burn it to the ground.
        That is the only way those fools will ever wake up from their fantasy world.

      • In local news here in Portland (left coast), they have finally started burning the city down. Whew! I was thinking we would miss out! My wife works remotely for a pozzed non-profit (there’s no other kind is there?). All her coworkers this morning were virtue posting about how the rioting is totally legitimate, we need to check our white privilege, it’s a “rebellion”, not a riot, etc… I actually found myself getting angrier at these white shitlibs than at the rioters. I really hope the arsonists make it to their little hipster lofts later tonight. In all likelihood though they will just burn NorthEast (the black part of town) and the smug white hipsters will live to poz another day secure in the knowledge that the brutal racist cops they hate will not let those mobs anywhere near them.
        One day these fools will pick up the phone to call 911 when some mob comes to take “reparations” in their neighborhood and there will only be laughter on the other end.

        • One day these fools will pick up the phone to call 911 when some mob comes to take “reparations” in their neighborhood and there will only be laughter on the other end.
          It can’t happen soon enough Brother…

    • Seriously, of all the degenerate, backwards, and hopeless denizens of the dispossessed in all the world, the idiot Lutheran Goodwhites in MN settled on “Somalis.” That was a bold strategy, Cotton, and we’re all getting to see how that worked out for them.
      Remembering that makes me much less sympathetic for any Goodwhite suffering in MN right now.

  41. Our new nomenklatura, true to form, is running the old Stalin playbook. Stalin routinely gutted his nation in pursuit of his paranoid vendettas. The Holodomor because he hated kulaks, for instance, and Soviet agriculture still hadn’t recovered by the time the USSR fell (just in case you think Kung Flu wasn’t so bad on our economy). Wreckers, saboteurs, Left-deviationists, Right-deviationists… always a new enemy, and if the Soviet economy had to be thrown back to the Stone Age each and every time, well, so be it.
    The only reason it didn’t go on forever is that life in the Soviet Union was physically miserable. Life in the USSA is physically pretty nice, and will continue to be for the most part, despite the Kung Flu (though not for lack of trying on our Masters’ part). It can’t go on forever here, either, but that’s because sportsball, porn, and gibs have created Calhoun’s rat utopia.It won’t be long before suburban White kids start joining in the rioting… and not long after that, they’ll start rioting in their own neighborhoods, because who’s going to stop them? Their “parents”? The TV? Their “teachers,” who have been encouraging this mess for going on a century now? I guess Whites really are the superior race – our end will be with a bang and a whimper.

    • Collapse is the inevitable end. The question is whether some authoritarian steps into the breech first, thus delaying the inevitable. I think we are seeing that now with the lock downs. The authoritarian in a liberal democracy will wield soft power, rather than hard power. It will also be a collective, rather than a strong man. America is about to be taken over by a committee that does not meet in public or acknowledge its own existence.

      • The Karens and cucks run the country for the money men. That’s been the reality for a while now – the interregnum while POCs push out first the Karens and then the cucks will be the softer, ‘liberal authoritarianism.’ Then, in about 10-15 years at max given demographics and general trends, we’ll hit the hard left authoritarianism.

        • There will be no country by then given the current rate our economy is collapsing.and the complete loss of leadership.
          Trump has all but vanished and has no idea what to do and the GOP has went full cuck,
          Look we have more people unemployed than during the GD and what we have is held together with bullshit and duct tape.
          We haven’t even begun to feel the economic impact of the lock down and destruction of entire business sectors.

      • Yep. Problem is, is that they are lunatics and morons who are turning the U.S. into a smoldering pile of rubble with the lock down and CDC guidelines that have become de-facto laws killing businesses across the board.
        Look most retail and hospitality businesses cannot survive on 25-50% of former capactity. They will die. Same with the airline sector, health clubs, spas, resorts,
        And once tax revenues start collapsing at the state and county levels that’s when the real fun begins.when they can no longer meet their pension and welfare state obligations

        • From the Leftist point of view the lockdowns have been a smashing success.
          Once a permanent Leftist government is installed in the US we can plan on locking down every flu season. There will be a special focus on locking down during Thanksgiving and Christmas so that formerly joyous holidays become a source of seasonal dread.

        • The fairly obvious plan from day one (if not before) is to maximize the claimed financial destruction by the virus – said destruction, of course, being caused by the State not the virus, then to quote Rumsfeld, “sweep it all up. Things related and not”
          And demand a Federal bailout for the hundreds of thousands making hundreds of thousands off the States teat.

      • Don’t forget the whole world is locked down . the committee will probably be global.

  42. Another relevant angle is recently-arrived immigrant blacks who grasp what a lottery-win this country is.

    My wife works with a Haitian immigrant female who listens to the native black cant about racism and privilege, and finds it nuts.

    We need to get real leaders like Allen West out there to combat the idiocy and get to the truth: 23 chromosome pairs = human, at least until the mouth opens and the fools stands revealed.

    • There is an old 60 Minutes episode about black immigrants. And I remember them being put off by American blacks, who often didn’t apply themselves or work because of “muh racist society” (this was before the “muh” meme of course). I wonder if 60 Minutes would do this kind of reporting again…

      • Years ago one of my kids ran AAU track. Which in this area meant lots of quality time with the Caribbean crowd at local meets. Track is a religion down there. On the whole, they despised the local brand and half the reason they had their kids in the sport was to keep them away from the native variety.

        • I don’t care if those Caribbeans hated the local blacks. They don’t belong in my country.
          It’s very easy to fall back into CivNat ways. It just feels so good to be a Goodwhite. Don’t get sucked into it. There are no Magic Negroes.

          • Geez, who peed in your cornflakes this morning. I just always found it amusing to listen to them openly harsh on the local homies.

          • Sam’l, every single time the subject comes up about 75% of the people revert to the GoodWhite cant (Allen West, African blacks aren’t like ‘murrican blacks, etc.). It’s tiresome, it’s useless, and it just reinforces the left’s morality play and frame. They’re all alien parasites and would all happily join together to kill you and yours.

          • Sam, in a post about whites allowing themselves to accept the Left’s morality framework, you choose to note how your good, black immigrants rejected the ways of bad blacks.
            If you can’t see how that fits the Left’s moral framework, I don’t know what to tell you.

        • I worked with many West Indians for 32 years and all of them after all this time are worth at least a million bucks and some more then just one

        • And if they weren’t, their kids will revert to the mean, which is 70 by the way!

        • Quick, Sophies choice for you. Pick natives or immigrant negros. Pick one now.

          • False choice. We don’t have to play the game. We can pick neither.
            Being FORCED to pick one or the other is exactly the trap the diversitarians set for us.

          • Pick natives or immigrant negros.”
            That’s not the interesting question. The question is, do the 2.8% or the 12.5% do greater harm to the US? I’m not suggesting what should or could be done about either. I’m saying this is a great litmus test for whether the respondent thinks about symptoms, or causes.

    • Yes, if we just Magic Negro harder, this will all go away. Did you even read the post?

      • Exactly. Can’t tell if post was satire or some troll trying to get some of us back on the CivNat train to nowhere.

    • Yeah, like Ilhan Omar. She sure loves America!

      We need to get real leaders like Allen West 

      Another White man looking for the great Black savior.

      • Yeah, Allen West…who’s he lead? Certainly not Blacks. As nice a guy as he may be, he’s what he is solely because Whites love to hear a Black guy who sounds and thinks like them. Allen West is one, now only 50M or so more to go and we have solved the problem.

    • Is this satire?
      If not, nice try, but the Magic Negro, CivNat act doesn’t work around here. Maybe you can try Breitbart or even Steve Sailer. Let’s see, did you hit all the boomer CivNat boxes:

      1. America is a special country because of institutions and Constitution. Check
      2. Immigrants love/appreciate our special country – even more than we do. Check
      3. Magic Negro will show blacks the true way out. Check

      Good but you missed:

      1. Dems are the real racists
      2. We’re all Americans whatever our color
      3. The best engineer I ever knew was a black guy
      • Again, you race obsessed freaks are missing the forest for the trees. Leftist Globo-schlomo is a beast birthed, fed and funded overwhelmingly by white Americans. Until that changes, the course of this great country sadly won’t. No amount of race baiting by the alt-right or dissident right is going to change jackshit.

        • And all the blacks in the riots shouting various kill whitey slogans – are they race obsessed?
          News flash for ya, buddy: race is all that matters. You may not be obsessed with race, but it is obsessed with you. After the banks and police stations are burned, where will your black allies go? They’ll go to your house.
          Blacks will never EVER vote for you, support you, or sympathize with you. Only your own kind can do that.

        • This “great country” is stone-cold dead. Get over it and move on. And by moving on, I mean supporting a white ethno-state with absolutely no effing Hutus and Muzz.

        • I want nothing more for my people that what Jews, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and other ethnic groups in this country already have.
          I harbor no ill will toward other groups. I simply wish to live among my own. I am no more race obsessed than the Israelis or the Japanese or the Chinese or the Koreans, etc.

      • A black engineer is not representative of the typical American black, any more than Obama is. Or, for that matter, Trump is a typical white man. Ah cherry picking… (ok, you were being sardonic, and I missed it…)

    • We don’t need black leaders of any kind. There is nothing any black has to say on any subject that’s worth hearing.

      • Disagree. Farrakhan of Nation of Islam fame is well worth listening to…if you care to know what your fate will be should they obtain control over you.

        • Don’t need to hear calypso either. It’s been obvious for years what the “elite” blacks want: the whip and complete control over Whitey – run the whole show. As for your average moronic jogger, just the ability to rape, rob and murder with impunity – anyone will do, but xspecially Whitey.

          • au contraire. Good Whites hear what they want to hear, especially from most Blacks who hide their hatred behind supposed grievances. Thus giving good Whites the illusion that if only they work to solve such grievances, all can be made well.
            Calypso Louie calls the White man the devil and the source of all evil in the world—and will brook no repentance from Whitey. That man is Hitler’s doppelgänger and Whitey are his Jews.

          • We both have valid points – Louie doesn’t even try to hide his emnity for YT, seemingly hoping for a racial civil war, while most of the (worthless) “talented one tenth” mask their hatred behind the “Logical” & ordinary grievance racket. Dumb fuck good whites will explain away/ignore the former and stupidly celebrate the latter. The problem is it’s bad news all around.

      • maybe you would like to listen to white male Joe Biden, that would be more your speed.

        • If you think the posters here don’t thoroughly despise white AWRs, you don’t know this place very well. And loathing those traitors does not mean you don’t also abominate sub-literate Hutus.

        • Nope. I’d say the same damn thing about the average white demoncrap leftie, including slobbering, senile old Joe – their evident “savior “.

    • I have a neighbor who is a Nigerian immigrant who arrived here with $20 and now owns a huge house, a couple of Mercedes and 10 gas stations. We were talking at a neighborhood grillout before the Kung Flu hit and he was ranting about how lazy American blacks were and how he had to fire some of them working for him for stealing or not showing up for work.
      His son was a big-time football player at one of the SEC schools and got a DUI and a suspension from the team. The father goes with the son to the university and gets his son reinstated.
      He told me he straightened his son out with a belt and I had to laugh. Long story short, his son graduated with a MBA, played a few years in the NFL and owns some gas stations of his own.

      • Yea and couldn’t have done that in his own country so here he is being a parasite on our white society so he can live better than most whites…Wonder how many grants and special favors he got from our tax dollars…Makes me want to puke…

        • Not only that, he abandoned his own people who needed his brains far more than we do, which is not at all.

        • Oh the SBA has all sorts of special set asides and loans and tax breaks for foreigners/minorities wanting to set up a business that are not available to whites.

        • The chance that story is true is about as high as the next five chess world champions being blacks or if that hurts the good doctor’s feelings, about as high as NE Asians becoming dominant as defensive backs in the NFL.

      • Magic Negro stuff aside, I can second such an experience. Once was at a gathering, large, all White government/professional types with one exception—a young Black couple.
        Oddly, or perhaps not so odd. The Black couple was seated at one of those 8 person round tables alone, while every one was engaged bullshitting with every other “important” person. I’m not that type, so I sat down with my plate of food and eventually, we spoke.
        The Black man introduced himself, I had suspected he was foreign. He stood up to do so, his wife remained seated. He obviously was trained in proper etiquette. He and his wife were Black as night, not American Negro brown. He gave his name as Joseph and his wife, Mary. English was impeccable, dressed very well—but nothing foreign looking—magazine stylish, somewhat of an African accent. Pleasant however.
        They were from the Congo and were refugees sponsored to be here. Missionaries had raised and educated them in the Congo. He was a law clerk for the city. They had a couple of children who were not present. I asked him how he liked his job and what he did and such.
        Obviously an AA hire, but not incompetent. He was leaving soon to go to NYC. There to attend Columbia U law school. In the next 20 minutes or so, he outlined a plan for their future that was well conceived as any I’ve heard. I have no doubt he succeeded. Never during the conversation was there a hint of a chip on his shoulder. He and wife knew that had it made in America. And they did.

        • They should have remained in their own country to uplift their own people. He came here and took the spot that belonged to a White American. There is nothing positive in your example for White Americans.

          • My intention was not setting him up as a positive example—but for American Blacks he could very well be.
            The anecdote is to show a stark contrast between an American Black—who has been given every advantage (post civil rights) for three generations—and yet is still an ingrate and unable to succeed. Whereas, his cousin from Africa—far more disadvantaged, got the hell out of that shit hole—Africa. Turned his back on his jungle roots, adopted a superior culture and manner—dress, names, language—and made a success of himself in this country.
            Such a situation is quite similar to my father who came here after the war. America used to be populated by such people. Alas, no more.

      • Great. Perhaps your one of your daughters can marry one of his sons, because we all know it’s character not color. Geez, don’t you people ever run out of naxalts? Did I accidentally end up at Sailer’s bog instead of Zman?

      • So what. The guy took advantage of all the affirmative actin programs and SBA set asides to get what no white is allowed to no matter how talented,
        You really have no clue how much the Feds and state agencies bend over to help blacks. They have access to state and county jobs that white men can’t even apply for.
        But wait there is more. Negro students are all socially promoted, they are not allowed to fail unless he drop out. So that magic black man with the MBA is really just a result of affirmative action.

        • That’s precisely the point. With all the advantages enjoyed, we still have a population of malcontents who can not prosper.
          Now we all understand why this is wrt American minorities. We are race realists. The stories here center upon, oddly enough, folks who have not been raised in this liberal/leftist environment known as America. Yet, they come to this place and prosper? What is the difference?
          Certainly, they are select in some way. IQ—sure. But there is also an attitude that they bring, or fail to bring. Seems we instill an attitude of failure or at least and excuse for failure in our minorities. It’s a heady drug to blame one’s poor life choices on Whitey. Hell, it’s even affecting Whites.

      • Wow, what a wonderful story. You are great person for having such wonderful African immigrant friends. And your friend sounds wonderful. You’re both wonderful.
        I’ve seen the error of my ways. Race doesn’t matter, only character. We should let every smart or hard-working person into this country regardless of color. America has always been a beacon for people wanting to improve themselves. It’s says so right on the Statue of Liberty.
        Just kidding, of course. You’re story is hilarious. You’ve never had to write for a living, have you. I mean, there’s schlock and then there’s crap. Look, you have to make the story at least somewhat believable. CivNat are incredibly gullible, but even they are going to buy that story. You can do better.

        • Good grief, Compsci is merely saying it’s possible. Was he supposed to snap his fingers or ask the genie for a wish?
          And kudos to him for representing us as a gentleman should.

      • Me and two blacks in Alabama were discussing Muslims. One noted that they spoil their sons til they’re rotten.
        The other said, “Well, I’m from Mississippi! My mother raised me with a Bible in one hand and a belt in the other!”

    • Great. Sounds like this Haitian is a smart person. Haiti is desperately in need of smart and hard working people!
      Also, her kids will be fully assimilated in African American culture, anyways.
      A non-white in my country is an opposition to my tribe.

      • This. This. This. We’ve poached the talented tenth from other countries, and they need to be immediately returned to their countries of origin so they can shore up the medical professions, universities, legal systems, engineering and research industries, and business fields in their own countries.
        As long as we keep poaching this talented tenth, their native countries will continue collapsing, resulting in worse and worse migration of the other 90% to our lands. Every country needs a smart fraction and the US shouldn’t be imperiously stealing it from them.
        We don’t need talented Haitians, Filipinos, Nigerians, Indians, or Syrians. Haiti, the Phillipines, Nigeria, India, and Syria need them more.
        Amazingly, my lefty friends have been way more sympathetic to this point of view than the CivNat “as long as they come here LEGALLY; we need SKILLED immigrants” traitors like Matt Gaetz.
        Z is always talking about how the dissident right needs to police its borders from grifters. The “I know a Good Nigerian LEGAL and SKILLED immigration crowd” needs to be excommunicated and banished to Antartica, including negrophilic grifters and trolls in this very comments section, like UpYours.

    • Sure, smitty, you go round up Allen West and other magic black conservatives and the truth will win the day. Perhaps your wife’s Haitian immigrant coworker can help – we all know Haitians don’t want gibs like American blacks – they just want a fair chance. And besides, it’s character not color. (my best l’il Benny imitation folks).

    • If anything can be said for immigrants from sub-Sahara, it is that they loathe American blacks. Now most of those I’ve met could be called the “talented tenth” so maybe not representative. I’m no bleeding heart liberal by any means, but my current heart doc is a Haitain immigrant. I’ve not checked his credentials, but the State thinks highly enough of him to let him practice medicine. So far, he’s done nothing more invasive than start me on statins and bombard me with x-rays. I’ll repose confidence in him, unless he starts giving me amulets, magic potions or tells me I have to slaughter a chicken 😀

      • That’s the only heart doctor you could find??? That’s a big problem when we can’t even support our own when we have the choice to and it doesn’t cost us anything… Shaking my head…

  43. I would like to see what led up to the arrest of George Floyd to cause this treatment.
    naw, just kidding. Sorry, but I am weary of all of this and have been for many years and kinda wish that both sides could lose. Maybe so. President Nero, blowhard in chief seems paralyzed like the rest.
    Can’t we go back to the halcyon days of masks and social distancing?

    • President Nero was tweeting from his locked down bunker while the mayhem erupted mere feet away from him. You hate to see it, but there he is…
      If the mob had actually managed to storm the White House and drag his ass out, what would his last tweet be?

        • Like it or not, Trump needs to peel away just enough black vote from the DemoXi-ratic party to win especially in the battleground states. He needs all the black vote he can get as half of White America is too busy playing with its dick to care about the country.

          • Me? Nothing. Unlike the CivNats, I am quite realistic about the level of black vote that can be obtained by Trump. It will be around 7%, the same as 2016.
            But the key is not to have blacks vote Trump, the key to winning MI,PA,FL,OH and even WI is to ensure that more blacks do not vote against Trump. Trump won in 2016 in MI as many blacks stayed home and did not vote for the shrieking Harpie.
            Trump strategy against Slow-Joe is obvious, point out Chinaman Biden’s racist statements, his support for the 1994 Crime bill and blacks will not support the old racist traitor. Blacks may not vote Trump, but they will not vote Biden either.

          • You vastly underestimate the hive mind of the black bloc vote. Biden could murder black babies on live TV and they’ll still vote 95% for him; hell it might even drive up black voter enthusiasm for him. “Sheeeeiit, that man ain’t playin, he’s the real thing!”
            By the way, blacks LOVED Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” comments. Their affection for him rose because they LOVE paternalistic and maternalistic figures. Only delusional CivNats and Con, Inc. deluded themselves into thinking this hurt Biden.
            Chinaman Biden? 1994 Crime Bill? Blacks don’t remember or care about details like this, only people like you do. Sorry, but you’re the epitome of a CivNat. It doesn’t matter what the D candidate says, does, or thinks – blacks never remember these details and enthusiastically check D no matter what.
            Seriously, when Trump gets an insignificant fraction of the black vote in November, I urge you to return here and reexamine your delusions.

          • If Biden picks an authentic Black VP, the Black vote will follow. The somewhat hidden message spoken in the Black community will be that the VP will replace Biden in his first term.
            Similarly, the White vote will consider this also after having such a disaster with Obama. There are a lot more Whites still than Blacks. Food for thought.

        • That’s a good one. And probably not far off what it would be.
          For all the screeching about how racist Trump is, the man is a total failure and a cuck when it comes right down to it.

          • Perhaps…and yet Trump’s base remains rock solid.
            If one believes polls, the Ind are not alining against him. Trump has promised much, and delivered less than what you and others here want, but the total failure you describe will not be an issue except for you and a smallish minority.
            His issues are still resonating and there is no one to pick up the gauntlet either at a primary level or the Presidential level. The opposition, Biden & Dem’s, will run on doing the opposite of Trump—not the same policies only better—the opposite of Trump.
            That dog no longer hunts outside of the Leftists of the Dem party.

    • Not trying to be a dink… but what do you expect him to do?
      If there is one thing we have learned in recent history, it’s that America can’t go to war without the consent of its people… and I don’t think the president has it.
      Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see joggers being subdued with attack dogs, rubber bullets, and billy clubs. Then I’d love to see them loaded into paddy wagons, taken down to the port and loaded onto container ships bound to Africa. The problem is we’d probably have to kill half our white people to do it…

      • Nah man, the basement dwelling alt-right is mad that Trump is not going to create the new Reich in the US. Damn, I must have missed that in his 2016 campaign promises.

    • Oh no, maybe President Trump could take the “advise” of the loser impotent alt-right incels and unleash the whole military on the rioting looters, Kent State on a statewide level. And then he will lose in a 57 state landslide. After that y’all can bow and scrape to your new Chinese and Saudi overlords.

      • When things finally start to break down I think it will be along racial lines. This would get very ugly in, say, the military. Race, religion, politics: As bad as things are now, Beirut may be the future…

    • LOL, people have been harrassing him for years about this. He’s a tough nut to crack. But keep going, lads, we’ll thrash it out of him eventually.

      • Sometimes typos are funny. In a patent of a product I like, for a horn loudspeaker, it says “comical horn instead of the correct “conical” 🙂 As far as I know, the inventor’s invention is no joke and he has a successful product.

  44. No justice, no Nerf guns left in your Target.
    Your point about living in the present applies to so many who are more or less on our side. Like the media/system trusters with the virus who somehow forgot that the media are cynical liars and a pr outlet for a ruling class that hates us and would he happier if we were all dead. Or conservatives who forgot about Iraq and Afghanistan when Syria came around.
    I suspect this comes from a commitment to ideology over practical concerns about things like reality.
    It’s easy to forgot that the media, for instance, are psychopathic liars when they are saying something that confirms what you want to be true. I tend to do that tbh.
    The media heads being unaware of history is also a commitment to their narratives over truth.
    So then perhaps this means we are all saturated in ideology. Even supposed dissidents. I used to look the other way at that, but lately Ive grown tired of it. In a post Christian society the temptation to fallback to ideology, i am realizing, is too strong for most people.
    Im not averse to ideas and narratives per se, but when i see a self professed right winger who picks ideology over obvious reality or just basic common sense i have to wonder what is the point even of being right wing? Odd that this usually happens with people who were committed leftists who “saw the light” and realized they could solve all of the world’s problems with ideology AND racism.
    You see this with capitalism. I dont have any particular commitment to capitalism, but theres a large group of dissidents who seem to view capitalism as a system straight from hell created by the devil himself, but otoh while the media and ruling class of that system are also bad you gotta take them on a case-by-case basis and at least hear them out. Something doesnt add up there.

    • I wonder if it’s more that “the Right” isn’t really a coherent movement with any ideology of its own. Thinking the media is a den of vicious liars about Trump or Afghanistan is a start but if you take their word as gospel when they talk about Covid or Syria you actually don’t have an ideology of your own. The old Marxists actually had the right idea here. They always made sure their grand theories had a doctrine about the role of everything in the grand drama of the Glorious Proletarian Revolution. They never took bourgeois institutions at their word.
      A great deal of even the DR probably has the idea that some core element of the Establishment is still legitimate and that we can evaluate the ruling class’ actions on a case by case basis – Afghanistan was totally an unjust fiasco but Syria, now that’s the real deal, we need to send American boys to bleed on THAT sand. As for the boomer-cons, well they’re all still sitting around waiting for Zombie Reagan to drive up in his DeLorean and take them back to 1983. They just want things to go back to “normal” so they can pop open a Bud Light, turn on some Sportsball, and go back to sleep.
      Of course there is a danger to ideology which is that it oversimplifies reality but it does not seem to be an impediment to taking power. Witness the Left’s remarkable rebound from what should have been the crushing defeat of watching the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact unravel. In only 30 years they’ve gone from being shown the futility of all their ideas to being able to impose them once again all over the Western world.

      • That’s because Leftism is a secular cult with all the religiosity of a faith based religion behind it. This is ultimately why the current iterations of the Right will fail to stop it.

  45. Z, I don’t know whether your last sentence contains a typo or a deliberate new coinage, but the term “libel democracy” has a whiff of genius to it. It’s a keeper.

  46. I tried to ignore the riots, but the stories are omnipresent with extensive coverage on “conservative” sites, and not exclusively the realm of cable television.
    Despite the never-ending coverage, my attitude is of complete indifference. What that tells me is that I no longer care about the rules and the current power structure, which is different than the “pox on all their houses” attitude the the NRO-types like to take. If others feel they way I do then perhaps that is progress.

      • Good pun. May I suggest that the POCs are a pox on the landlord’s houses and the “hood” they reside in? 🙂

    • I’m right there with you – I feel indifferent and try hard to remain detached from it all, because otherwise the typical nogger drama evokes rage, which is the entire purpose of the morality play. My husband is in the “pox on all their houses” camp and thinks seeing everything burn will awaken Whites. I remember the riots in the ’60s. Same old, same old. To be ‘awoken’ means to accept racial reality and that’s beyond the normie’s acceptable parameters. Not my concern; not my problem.

    • Ahh the yuppie mentality still lives.
      I try not to oblivious to life and events around for the simple fact it;s dangerous and is precisely the attitude that got whites into their current predicament. Then again I live on the outskirts of Los Angeles.
      To be blunt far too many whites have their collective heads up their asses and unless shit affects them personally they don;t give a fuck.And is why the DR has that 1985 vibe about it.
      I can see a future where the Left loading boxcars full of DR types for one way trips to the local quarry without a fight as they will have convinced themselves it’s all a joke,

      • The “Yuppie” mentality is really more CivNat – Pox on Both Houses – Quietly Recite the Catechism. This is something different. Probably not where you are, but three steps further down the road from Yuppiedom.

  47. I think you got it right yesterday. The drama will continue as long we consent to play.
    It’s time for your Howard Beale moment, Z. Get your readership to their favorite normie forums, login and post, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT RACISM!!”.
    What will the Usual Suspects do when that becomes a tag line for every article geared to incite?
    This could be fun!

    • It’s really amazing. Everything we’re seeing from the ruling class, corporations, universities, and 75% of the media now is “racism happening”. They’d rather let their cities burn than be subjected to Sharkeisha on a rant. Actually it’s quite inspiring: imagine what Our People could get done if we had this kind of people power? But a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and the first step is to get people to ignore or not worry about charges of racism.

    • But it won’t, Bruno. This is part of the play and you suggest we play our part: “you don’t CARE about racism??!? You MONSTER!!!!”
      I like this approach. Rub the normie’s nose in it with good natured banter and scathing wit as our blog host does – and call the spade a spade. There is no defence against it.
      This guy is a piece of work. He doesn’t beg or plead for the moral high ground, he just assumes it in a completely moral and ethical way. It works too. “No, leftie, I am not going to argue with you, nor will I be bullied by you” is the position we need to take. This tactic is so successful that the clowns will remove themselves from the discussion – which leaves it wide open for the adults.

      • If your family-social-economic position is secure enough and/or your balls are bade of brass 🙂 , another good conversational tactic is to appall: say something like (e.g. after discussing “good neighborhoods” or “good schools” is to brag: “The only difference between you and me is that I freely admit that I’m a racist!” How will they respond to that? 😀

    • Racist is an anti-White hate slur . Just as White is a synecdoche for European , racist is a pejorative metonym for White. Only Whites are called racist . 
      If you notice a non-White you are a racist for making a distinction . If you claim not to see colour , you are a ‘racist’ for denying the non-White their experience of ‘structural racism’ and ‘White supremacy’ in a racist White society . 
      There are people who will tell you with a straight face that it is not racist to exclude Whites , just as it isn’t sexist to exclude men . 
      Racist is just another weaponized word that elicits a fixed action response from those who have taken to their conditioning . We have to take back our language .  
      Whites were not consulted and never collectively agreed to accept every other breed of non-White on the planet , at the expense of our own . It’s natural to be wary of the other . Being called racist is to belabour the obvious and isn’t going to change our nature . We are not all equal and we have every right to exclude those we don’t wish to associate with . 
      Racism is a very good thing for Whites and we should never accept the premise that racism is bad.
      By accepting the premise , even if subtle , that racism is bad, we harm White interests and we let the notion of racism being bad , seep into our subconscious minds. 
      Whites need to stop caring what non-Whites think of us. They are not our kind and we should no more bend to what they think we should think, say and do , than we would bend to what outsiders might prefer us to think , say or do. 
      On the charge of “Racist”, I like to declare that I am indeed “Racist”.
      Then I like to state that I am the “Most Racist” person on the planet.
      I defy the questioner to find someone that is more racist than I am.
      I dare them to.
      If such a person is found, I’d challenge that person to a “Racism Contest” so that for once and for all, we can find out who ultimately is the most racist person on the planet.
      I am that “Racist”.
      Racist is a code word for Anti-White – “ You’re only calling me a racist because you’re anti-White.”
      The popular definition of a racist as someone who hates other races is a pure inversion . It is impossible to be more wrong, in truth, a racist is a person who loves , prefers and/or prioritizes his own race and seeks to preserve it. A perfectly natural and sensible attitude that obtains in most other countries of the world.
      Racism is survival, anti-racism is treason and suicide !
      Saying you can’t be racist is like saying you can’t be tall or short, or you can’t have blue eyes. Everyone is born racist . It is not a choice ! 
      Racism isn’t some kind of mental illness – pattern recognition is part of the foundational parameters of rational thought. Being accused of racism is like being told one is handsome , sensible or intelligent . 

      • And there is always “implicit”, “unconscious,” “structural” or whatever the racism flavor of the month is: In the absence of any clear-cut proof of racism, some form of racism must exist! God forbid there might exist environmental, social, genetic , personal or other reasons for a person’s or group’s failure to meet certain standards. Mus iz cracka’s fault somehow.

      • Whites were not consulted and never collectively agreed to accept every other breed of non-White on the planet… “
        Christianity conditioned them to do so.

    • Today at 3:30 EST we are going to watch white men celebrate an attempt at a feat they had accomplish 60 years ago. In the intervening 6 decades we have taken blood and treasure and spent it on an attempt to turn Sub Saharan cavemen into Swiss watchmakers. Young boys in the 60s and 70s flooded the science and engineering departments of our universities dreaming of doing their part in our quest to explore and conquer the great unknown. Instead we’ve spent 20 Trillion in trying to negate biology and 10s of trillions more in financial shenanigans.
      Instead of attempting and accomplishing great feats we are now striving to repeat what our grandparents and great-grandparents had accomplished and we will celebrate a successful attempt as progress. In 1960 NYC was 85% white and Minneapolis was 95% white. They were well functioning cities with some problems but were still a good place to raise a family. Detroit was the industrial center of the world. Now instead of building cities of the future we are watching them rot away into violent primitive dystopias.
      We have spend more than 2 generations burning away all of our opportunities and our natural striving to seek more and accomplish more – things that have fashioned the character of our inheritance. There are no more exits allowing us to escape the constant attack on who we are as we attempt to preserve who we were. Even the silly escapism that was once fed to us out of Challahwood is now a 24/7 psyops attack. 
      Are we even capable of digging in our heels or does it all have to burn before our people learn to take their own side?

      • Au contraire. Dragon will return those men on a reusable spacecraft. As an engineer I’ve been told my whole life by people in the aerospace field (I am not) that this sort of thing was impossible. And I stupidly believed it.


        instead we spent a ton of money putting wings into space that were death traps.


        Im enthused, and so is my son. Getting independent groups off the earth may be one way to break the stranglehold of the pc crowd and perhaps bring back the frontier spirit.


        one can hope!

      • Challah is a good analogy. I’ve eaten it several times, and it is very tasty. But, I’m told, it’s a pain in the ass to make. You’re just not just going to make it with a mix or a Pillsbury popping fresh can. In a similar way, those who worship strange gods may have their attractions, but it may not be worth the overhead to have them in your society 🙂

      • In another century, on our current timeline if unaltered the only thing left of the ‘space program’ will be relics that nobody knows how to use anymore. Planet of the Apes was a thinly veiled analogy.

  48. Were there riots in Baltimore? Seems like you were ripe. Here in Atlanta well everyone saw it and was rooting for CNN to be razed to the ground obviously. I just talked to someone who expressed dismay because the protests were so peaceful and then all the sudden they weren’t. It’s insane. What she was saying literally sounded like nonsense to me. much like the babel I hear when people talk about the hypocrisy on the left.

    The riots aren’t too far away from me and I’m in a neighborhood where probably most people are armed but they’ve indoctrinated their children to debase themselves before the black man. I wonder how that’s going to go?

    • The reaction to a hypothetical “spicy time” will be a function of the perceived threat level by the women in your area.

    • Back in the 90’s I resided in prestigious East Cobb county (do they still call it that?), and worked downtown – few blocks from CNN. This during the Freaknik era – if you were around back then. In those years, another couple riots/protests over…something (Rodney King? – I forget).
      Not sure it’s different now than it was 25 yrs. ago – at least in the ATL. Joggers gonna’ jog. Good whites – and around where you apparently live no doubt there are plenty of them – gonna’ debase themselves and their children.
      How is that going to go? Many scenarios I can envision, but my short answer: not well – for anyone. I’d like to think the theory Zman posited might work: “the way out of this endless drama is to simply ignore it”. That seems less likely with every rerun.

      • The first year that Freaknik got big, I was a bartender at a restaurant across the street from the Fox Theater. Yikes! We literally had people coming in the restaurant and peeing on the walls. Cars with drive by at 1 mile an hour, streets were essentially blocked, with their trunks open and women would be in the trunk with their legs spread charging $5 for a feel. Back in those days, I knew that I had to get out of the restaurant business or it would turn me into a racist. Literally that’s how I thought. It was the job’s fault.

        • Heh, I had a similar experience. I was working a summer job where I got to see Diversity up close and personal. Being a good little college boy, though, I assured myself that this was all the result of poverty, institutional racism, etc. — you know, the Catechism. But then I got back to campus, and saw the campus Diversity — i.e. the most coddled, privileged people in the history of the human race — doing exactly the same, and I had to ask myself: What, exactly, would they be doing differently if they were trying to turn me into a racist?

        • My first year in Atlanta no one warned me about Freaknik and I took a road near Piedmont Park. Well, you haven’t lived till you’ve had the hood of your car bounced by…think St. Ab. x 100! It was certainly an eyeopener for me…

        • Even in normal times, restaurants have double the failure rate of other small businesses (40% vs. 20% a year, if I recall…) COVID-19 is gonna incease that dramatically. On the up side: a chronic, dangerous disease will give surviving businesses legitmate reasons to be choosy about whom gets admitted to the premises. By definition, you won’t be able to have social distancing, higher safety standards and still allow free access by street denizens. Addicts will have to find another place to shoot up, homeless another place to bathe, and so on. Call us classist and racist, but people with money actually prefer to enjoy shopping or enjoying a service without elevated risk to our personal safety, health and even life.

      • Yeah, how does one ignore our vibrancy burning the downtown district to the ground? There are still 30% or so Whites living there. In the long run, the powers that be will be sending them more of your tax dollars to rebuild what they destroyed so even if no Whites live there, your pockets are emptied.
        Seen this since 67-68. We seem never to learn. In the end only a declaration of “shoot on sight” end the “protest”.

      • Spent a year in Atlanta when I was a young man. Literally worst year of my life. That’s when I figured out I had to get away from the spear administrators. But that’s actually impossible with the u.s. in charge. You can only succeed in a relative sense.

      • Yeah, I remember coming across a job offer for security manager at the CNN headquarters in the ‘90s. Even back then it was a “nope”. I never cared much for Atlanta, personally. The rest of Georgia is pretty nice.

    • That’s what makes this such a big yawner. Yet again there are efforts to turn a black criminal into some sort of saint (yawn) and then the antifa types burn down Target (“home of the tranny toilet”), a low-income housing project, and CNN (lol). Oh, the left also showed the Governor of Ohio for the pussy he is when they broke a bunch of windows at the state house.
      So yeah, a bit of snoozer…

      • This will be a yawner until the black mobs are allowed to bring this to the suburbs, as they were chanting about doing.

        • If they choose the wrong suburb, they might just find a free firezone boogaloo to change the entire narrative.

          • Most of my suburb is full of limo-SJW types. They will panic–as they did after Sandy. If it really comes to something like that, my strategy would be make offer “Why bother the house full of armed people, when I can guarantee you the rest of this block is open season and I’m sure they’d love to experience some vibrancy?”

        • It depends on which suburb. Some of the close-in, wealthy, shitlib suburban types will mouth diversity platitudes while packing to flee to their summer homes for safety.
          But if the rioters make it to the outer-ring suburbs where suburbia morphs into rural America, the population is 99% white, and everyone drives a 4×4 truck with a dead deer in the back come November, buy some popcorn ’cause it’s gonna be a hell of a show.

          • That will NEVER happen. The vibrancy knows what it can get away with and that’s why they do it. They understand the consequences of their shenanigans outside of the ghetto. The same as some kid wigger throwing gang signs and rapping in the suburbs. He’s not going to try that game in Fuller Park.

          • Walt, good insight. I suspect as much. In the city, you have a larger crowd and the hope of looting a big screen tv. Risk is minimal. Cops will warn you, then toss gas and you can run. Odds are, no arrest and certainly, as of now, no death.
            Come over to a smallish (in comparison) home in a close knit neighborhood, and you run the risk of several homes zeroing in on you from their rooftops. A group of you makes a ridiculously easy target since I really don’t give a shit which of you I hit and where. A crowd shot would be as easy as hitting a barn—and I can pull the trigger faster than you can disperse.
            Hard part is that first shot, but after that they’re all free.

        • I occsionally see an item where a radical wants to bring the action to the suburbs. I say let ’em come, we’ll be waiting on our front porches with our weapons.

          • Not the poach, rooftop. You can’t protect the perimeter on the ground unless you have several shooters. Even better, to have neighbors on their roofs. Crossfire and more eyes.

        • “All are welcome here” say the suburban lawn signs. I presume this means rioters and looters too!

      • Hey dumbass, it is not a race issue, you really think this violent psychopathic pig in a uniform would not do the exact same thing to a white man?
        The rioters are dumb violent scum, but it does NOT excuse the actions of the Minnesomalia Gestapo thug.The Po-Po better stop their pretend soldier nonsense soon, otherwise things are gonna get very ugly.

        • Sure, but if they did it wouldn’t be on the news and nobody would care. The media didn’t create this to fight police overreach, they did it to remind whitey we need to keep in line, or they will release the nogs upon us. Why do you think the first op they tried was with 2 white non-cops? To make it about evil whitey first, and not just cops, at least in black people’s minds. Then the karen thing in NY, and now this. They want us dead, our children and women raped and they think it’s funny. Fuck these media jews and their nogger pets.

          • I get “nog” by inference. Yet I look in dictionary and it means “a small block or peg of wood.” Perhaps this is a holdover from what hid in the woodpile in the good old days? 🙂

        • That officer, Derek Chauvin, reminds me of my h.s. principal. Big, rangy guy, 6’5″. Always admired him. This was in an all-white county h.s. before integration, 1969. Lots of big rough country boys. His presence was a necessary complement to the smooth order of things. Guess you could say I’m a “chauvinist”.

          • They never age well when your first two words are, “Hey, dumbass”.
            Learn to control your emotions, you’ll be more persuasive.

    • Whitney……stay safe and keep your powder dry, Hon. Since you were a bartender when young you likely have better survival instincts than me. That’s a crash course in human nature.
      Here’s a text thread from a distribution list today of former friends (women, some questionable) from 30 years long gone. An unknown added me to a long dead list of nutters. This is to confirm and see reality for yourself:
      Thread: “In general however these time are confusing and alarming to me. Even though I feel personally fortunate, it is hard not to worry about the future of this beautiful Gia earth and about our country’s culture.”
      Response: “We are all in time out to make choices to reframe our relationship with Her! We can do that – and it’s a personal commitment.”
      Response: “I never expected to witness 2 live murders (Oakland) on TV. I am in shock. Then, by accident, I saw Idiocracy on TV and that was a picture too close for comfort!”
      Response: “Our police and other private citizens are now murdering black people with impunity. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it. Been happening for centuries – no for prosecution, officer will get off.”
      Response: “In whatever way we can, will need to stand against the current horrifying resurgence taking place.”
      This is in real time and what the Boomer left woo-woo Karens are thinking. What we are up against in the left woo woo white wahmyn.

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