The Price Of Cotton

If you are over the age of forty, the current black riots seem like another bad remake of a bad movie from your youth. You can appreciate how the young and stupid may be fascinated by it, but you know it is just pointless destruction by people who are over indulged and terminally ungrateful. The whites involved, and there are plenty, are just ridiculous people playing make believe. They are reenactors dressing up to play a role they read about in their grievance studies classes.

Further, you know what comes of it. There will be lectures from the servants of the ruling class about white privilege and the legitimacy of black rage. The so-called conservatives will grovel and plead. There will be some candlelight vigils tossed in so the politicians can perform their public acts of piety. It is the same old story remade by decreasingly plausible actors. Meanwhile, normal white people just see their tax for being white go up yet again. It is so tiresome.

All of it, even the sense of exasperation by normal white people, is just a way to avoid the painful truth about America. If the plantation owners had simply paid European workers, even Chinese workers, to pick the damned cotton, none of this ridiculous drama would keep happening. These riots, like all previous riots and pretty much the last seventy years of American history, is just the price of cotton. The tax paid by white people that never goes away and goes up every year.

While that may be a pithy way of putting it, the truth is the endless racial strife is the result of the Yankee conquerors not dealing with what they had done. Then as now, the Yankee moralist was long on proselytizing, but short on conviction. They wanted to end slavery and enjoyed killing white people to do it, but when it came time to address the question of what to do with the freed slaves, they abandoned their pulpits and left the issue to future generations. It remains unresolved.

For going on a century now, the story of America is the endless proselytizing by the usual suspects about the problems they have created. The greatest social construct in human history is the African-America. This a concept for a people who are neither African or America. These are a people who are totally dependent on white people for their survival, but bred to hate the people on whom they are dependent. It is a cancer the country gave itself and refuses to cure.

If after the Civil War, the North had setup a reservation for the freed slaves in Florida, none of this would be happening. Sure, Florida would be Haiti right now, but no one cares about Haiti, not even the descendants of those proselytizing abolitionists who stalk our culture today. Florida or whatever made up African name the locals gave it, would be at most, a sad curiosity. Americans would leave their doors unlocked, stroll around their inner cities and have normal car keys again.

We have reached the point where the good and decent white people of the country will be forced to do two things they will not enjoy. One is do away with the proselytizers and their damned pulpits. That means overthrowing their morality in order to overthrow their moral claims on our collective consciousness. Good people are going to have to be rude and angry. They will have to tell the scolds they don’t care about racism and they don’t care about the feelings of black people.

Those same good white people are going to have to tell black people, most of whom are kind and decent, that it is time for a divorce. Generations of trying to make race relation work has been a failure. There are no more options left to try other than peaceful separation. Whatever the cost of implementing the divorce must be paid as it is less than the constant tax on white people for events that happened over a century ago now. It is time we go our separate ways.

This is ultimately the price of cotton. Like the cost of cheap labor today, the cost of slavery is paid by those who never wanted it and never benefited from it. That’s always the cost of cheap labor. The employer gets the benefit of the cheap labor and society it gets the bill. In the case of black slavery, generations of white people, many with ancestors who came over after the Civil War, have been paying for the decision to use Africans to pick the cotton.

Divorce is never pleasant. The married couple that goes down that road is sustained by the thought of what comes next and the relief of not being burdened by the other. That is what we must do now. Focus the mind on a world without no-go zones, a time when it is unnecessary to ask the realtor about the schools and read their face for the truth, a day when the purple faced loon is not screaming at you about your privilege. The divorce will be hard, but it has to be better than this.

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341 thoughts on “The Price Of Cotton

  1. With all due respect, any type of legal, or declared, separation is a pipe dream … it will never be allowed. It could it be that TPB want Americans to be in perpetual racial strife! You want to get away? Well, sure, move to Minnesota, but guess what, you’re already too late. And that sounds like retreating. Face it, there’s not going to be an “ethno-region” in the US. Any attempt at that will be thwarted. The problem is THE MEDIA. They can create strife and chaos at any time (CV hoax!) and we’ll never have peace in the valley with media/Antifa chaos machine. The Blacks just go along for the free stuff … they don’t care about any “movement”.

  2. My civnat associate wrote this to me after he read this post

    “The assumption is that the reason that black people are doing badly in America is because of slavery/inferiority. That’s not true. It’s due to poverty trap benefits and democrat control of black neighborhoods. That can be overcome with shifting culture and is slowly doing so”

    In how many ways is he wrong?

    In case you’re all wondering, I’m an Israeli nationalist

    I am not “white” but rather a white nationalist sympathiser because I like white America and it’s many cultures

    • Why can’t it be BOTH?
      Cynical manipulation and sabotage of blacks for political ends is pretty clear. Manipulation of blacks and whites alike through wildly exaggerated claims of racism, via popular entertainment, newmedia and “scholarly” academic propaganda, is also very obvious. On the other hand, lower IQ [1] and poor impulse control are predictors of failure in Western societies.
      [1] I’m not going argue over whether IQ measures “intelligence”. But IQ *is* an excellent predictor of life outcomes in the US, and it is highly reproducible, regardless of whatever it is that IQ measures.

  3. This problem of separation from blacks is much larger than America. In 1600, there were more Europeans than Africans. Then Europeans brought modern medicine to Africa, which increased their numbers but not their ability to live in complex societies. Worse, we started transporting these hunter-gathers to the America’s. Now blacks outnumber Europeans about 4 to 1 and are the source of most crime in the Americas.

  4. Ok, so I don’t know how to post a picture.

    the gist of it was that Antifa is threatening to set up in white neighborhoods to assasinate whites families.

    be situationally aware.

    • One the one hand this is likely true. On the other hand…I live in a rural area above Silicon Valley. As a young man I grew up in a rural area about 100 miles from St. Louis. Under Carter crime skyrocketed in major cities. When Reagan came in he started cracking down. What happened next was very strange. Essentially black gangs decided that breaking into rural whites homes would be easy pickings. There was some talk of it in the news but not much ajd nobody stemmed to care. Then they broke into a place about 15 miles from us and tortured an old couple to death. Apparently they believed that they had money hidden somewhere. After that the sheriff basically called for a free fire zone and a couple black gangbangers got dirt naps. Fire was then exchanged at a few more homes between the whites and the blacks resulting in no white casualties and at least one other dead gangbanger. One evening they attempted to break into our house. It was a brick colonial style house with a half acre front yard and wood cleared all around the sides and back. My father was a WWII combat veteran with extensive close quarter fighting experience. He heard them trying to get in and woke my brother and I. I had a semi automatic Marlin Hunting rice, my brother a shotgun and Dad had a Walther P38 he’d taken from a German officer shortly after the battle of the Bulge. He quickly sent us downstairs me behind a brick island in the kitchen facing the doors to the laundry room and front door. My brother in the kitchen behind me. That gave him firing coverage of the kitchen door behind me akd the basement door. Dad took the formal entry. This also gave him a clean shot through a window at anyone coming in the front I was facing. So all points of entry covered. At that point one of them tried the front door. Dad was holding fire until the broke in. Had the guy done that he’d have gone down fast in a cross fire. He gave up on the front and worked around to the utility room doors and then the kitchen back door that my brother was covering with his shotgun. Dad could see their car but not their plates in our driveway. Mom had called the police but in a rural area the arrival is slow. Anyway dad then flipped on outdoor flood lights and the burglars fled in their car.
      The place caught several of them. We assume they were the ones that tried to break in but we obviously couldn’t see them but it all stopped after that.

  5. Just because blacks comprise 13 percent of the population but commit 37% of the violent crimes is no reason to avoid them. Neither is the fact that blacks committed 53% of the murders in the US in 2018. It also doesn’t matter that blacks killed twice as many whites compared with whites who killed blacks.
    Anyone who doesn’t want to live near large communities of blacks is obviously racist. See the stats for yourself:

  6. Liberal friend call me tonight trying to get a rise out of me with all the rioting. Used your line Z “obsolete farm equipment ” and was surprised didn’t get instant outrage. Instead he launched into the old, evil rich people and their exploitation human lives.
    We talked about other things but guess he couldn’t help himself . He started in on the corrupt police murdering black people, blah blah blah.
    Finally just hung up on him. Sad really. We’ve been friends for many years, grew up in the same neighborhood, had the same job. What the media people have done is just evil. Wish white people would just turn off the television sets.

    • Yes sir, Sir. But you need to complete the circle. The left has marched through our institutions. The school, the university, begat the journalist, which begat the media which begat your old x-friend, the useless idiot.

  7. You know what’s disturbing? There’s a sense of Con, Inc. satisfaction whenever a nonwhite manages to defend themselves from rioters or looters: “Look, that NBA star beat up someone who tried to vandalize his car! Look, that Asian man fired shots to defend him store and drive the looters off!”
    But when white guys desperately try to defend themselves, they curiously always get arrested:
    How is it the cops aren’t able to restore order or arrest a SINGLE black rioter but they can make all these arrests of hapless white victims trying to defend themselves?

  8. How is it that despite all the photo and video evidence of black anarchy, the narrative battle that Z described a couple posts back is devolving into an absurd white vs. white squabble?
    Conservatives are huffing and puffing about extreme left white people. The left is huffing and puffing about extreme right white people. White, white, white. But the reality on the ground is black, black, black.
    How the hell did we get into a position where so many whites, no matter where they are politically, have been so hoodwinked into self hatred that when they see black criminals on TV their minds go instead “white criminals”? How the hell did white people get into a position where they’re not even able to voice the reality of what’s in front of their eyes? Barr can’t say it. Trump said it in 2013, but can’t say it now. And scum like Rubio only take their lead.
    Sure, in a handful of loony cities, like those on the west coast, the rioting really is mostly white Antifa, but even footage from places like LA and Santa Monica shows awfully dark complexions among the looters when they form only a fraction of those cities’ demographics. Why have so many people been hoodwinked into white vs. white when the reality is “This is payback for 400 years of “oppression”, bitch”?

      • Some conservative normies might fall into the trap “But they are commies and anarchists—look the hammer & sickle is right there in their logo and they spray anarchy symbols on buildings!”
        Don’t delude yourself. These people don’t care or know anything about communism or anarchism. They merely use those symbols as archaic decorations, in the same way some wignats still cling on to the swastika. The hammer and sickle or the A symbol are just old decorations appropriated for something new: explicit anti-white hatred.

      • JFC, I followed the link and the first comment in the thread is from a Jimmy who is fretting about the STOCK MARKET?!!!!! Seriously?!!!!!

        • Yes, and there’s worse than that. But it’s encouraging to see a few semi-based comments here and there.

    • Good comment SHW. “ when the reality is “This is payback for 400 years of “oppression”, bitch”. Exactly. That’s all it is. That’s all it’s ever been.

  9. I wouldn’t not be so 1985 about this and laugh it off from the comfort of our Lay-z-boys and bowl of magic brownies.
    This shit is our future as Democrats take over the red states and counties.
    Think you’re gonna defend yourself when these orcs kick down your suburban or rural home? Do it and the local cops will crucify you and goodwhites will destroy you socially and economically.
    I live about 90 minutes away from the looting in Long Beach

  10. Cotton did not begin to take off until after the cotton gin was invented in 1793 when slavery was already well established, and the importation of slaves was ended in 1808, so it’s not actually the price of cotton we are talking about, it’s more the price of tobacco, indigo, and rice. But yeah, black people have been a huge burden on white Americans from the beginning. I always think it’s hilarious when I hear things like “black people built America,” as if whites are really supposed to believe that we would be worse off if blacks had never been brought here.
    That said, I have absolutely no idea how this “divorce” you speak of is supposed to work. Could you detail the steps that you think would need to be involved, and a hypothetical timeline?

  11. Pithy esay today. All I can say is that Z puts the issue in black and white 😀

  12. Sorry Z-Man, you are completely wrong on this one.
    First, so much of society including off the top of my head sportsball, entertainment, Nice White Ladies, Government, the Black Middle Class, and the Democratic Party are dependent on a vast, hostile, seething mass of Black people that its fantasy to think of anything but more of the same is coming.
    Indeed, the riots aka undocumented shopping are proceeding because they are guaranteeing at the least a 48 state Biden victory, maybe a 50 state one. And they will continue all Summer long, with greater and greater forays into the suburbs.
    What will will see is legalization of all Black crime. No Black person anywhere for any thing can be arrested much less prosecuted. For racial justice. The Purge Movies will become a reality. Next, President Biden will sign the Reparations Bill aka Tax Whitey, and then resign.
    President Abrams will use it to seize all the property of the White Middle and Working class, and make them homeless and broke and dispersed. [The Kulak Solution]
    Next, there will be anti-White quotas in all areas, the Police, Fire, and Military will be purged of Whitey, followed by the FBI and CIA etc. Following that, most private business that remain, and those will be giant mega corps, will fire nearly all their White workers.
    Black people, free to live out the Purge movies, will run wilder and wilder. A few deplorables will resist and that will lead President Abrams to order the Military to seize anything that could be a weapon and give it to Blacks.
    After that, Malibu and the Upper East Side will be purged of the wealthy Whites, who were cheerleading the whole thing, and the new Power Ascendancy of Blacks led by President Abrams and Vice President Jay-Z will implement a “Final Solution” to the Whitey Problem — camps (but just for the White men) which will be cheered by 95% of White women. Most of whom are eager to let out their inner Kardashian. China will end up owning America, but find the tenants very troublesome.
    No doubt you’ve seen the plethora of hot chicks around the riots. Mostly to get some of that looter action. White women and girls DESPISE White men, who are nice to them and supplicating. And instead crave dominant, abusive, swaggering dudes which exactly describes most Black men.
    While I agree the loserdom of the anti-Semites is massive, and their negative identity leads them to drone one about Jews, for Blacks it is the exact opposite.
    Negative identity for Blacks led them to CONQUER Whitey. And start conquering China where they have a substantial colony. In China, tellingly advertisers had to reverse the commercial where the Chinese lady puts in an African into the clothes washer and gets a Chinese dude to her delight. Now its reverse. Even with the Chinese lady shortage for Chinese dudes and the danger it implies to Xi.
    Since both Asians and Whites give their women too much power, the natural low IQ Black swagger works like a charm on the women of both races. Leading to the conquering of both without much trouble.
    We as White men need to plan for the inevitable. Learn Spanish. Get a passport. Be ready to flee to Chile or Uruguay or Costa Rica where your skills and intelligence are an asset not a liability.
    For America, well White men have been hated since the 1960s. High intelligence, planning, cooperation, and diligence are things repulsive to women, always. Before they had to put up with it but the pill, condom, anonymous urban living, and rising female income led them inevitably to replace their men with those who swagger more.
    Consider this — every place in the West schemes to get more Black people and less White men. What does that say about the preference of its people and rulers?

  13. It appears the riots and looting are continuing straight through Sunday. Silly me, I thought things would have at least quieted down among the “Christian” black community on the Lord’s Day.
    Next time could the people who let them off the leash give us the start and end dates in advance?

  14. Whites cannot appeal to the Blacks sense of fair play. They have none. They are also not capable of running their own deal without us. The White Mans Burden. Freedom of association goes a long way on the road to happiness. Do away with the welfare state. Cut them off. Bad Whites Sympathy levels are non existent. Those that can will insulate themselves from the stink. Those that can’t may very well be the wedge we need to make things happen. What’s it going to take?


  16. Look at Africa. Go to Google earth and look at cape Town.
    All nice houses and modern society stops at the fence separating the black shanty hovels.
    Look at Zimbabwe. A Black finally got into political power and took all the farms away from the whites a few years ago. Collapsed the currency and the economy of the country. I have a Zim Fifty Trillion Dollar bill in hand, and you can get more examples on e bay. The politicians finally realized that starvation was not desirable and let the white farmers back in a few months ago.
    South Africa is headed down the same road. Blacks slaughtering the white farmers en mass, and taking their land. Not to widely publicized as not PC.
    The Chinese colonizing many of the African states with loan to own programs like the USA did around the world for decades, as described in the “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, may have some successes, but only time will tell, as they have been foreclosing on some mega projects, railroads, port facilities. As they are such long term planners it will be fascinating to watch.
    It is important to understand that All of Africa is pretty much still in the initial phase of economic development, agriculture, and mining. Where the White man’s mining companies are developing some huge projects across the continent there is good jobs, schools, hospitals and prosperity. Like South Africa many many decades ago when the Dutch and English developed the famous gold and diamond mines that are pretty much depleted to extinction now.
    That Google earth look at Cape town is telling. A pals mother still lives there at age 92, and he travels there to visit, so I had a look.
    Outside of Cape town there is white man’s wineries and agriculture. In J Burg it is not advised to go out at night, at all, in most of the city, and in many places never go unarmed.

  17. Divorce may sound like a good idea, but if the “reservation” were within the Continental USA, it would in practice be a divorce where your embittered other half lived next door and kept coming round and raiding your fridge, tool shed etc, chucked their rubbish over the garden fence and most likely tapped into your electricity meter as well. You would end up hating them more than ever. Of course if you were getting creative you might find somewhere a little further away, not too far, Guyana perhaps! Would involve a little bit of annexation, but nothing you couldn’t handle.
    The problem with that kind of thing though is that as long as the US retains the ability it’s unlikely to have the will, and when you finally acquire the will you’re unlikely to still have the ability

  18. The sad thing is that until things change, it is White Lives Don’t Matter. We are only good for paying taxes.

    • Look into the reasons that you will never “end of subsidized housing” in a multiracial country. Limited government/Libertarianism only has a chance in countries that are overwhelmingly white.
      And do you really want white people, who either had a terrible financial tragedy afflict them or were just irresponsible, to die out in the cold?

  19. You hit this one out of the ballpark.
    To be blunt any sort of race realistic white society means getting rid of white intellectuals and the professional class that have totally bought into and support our current suicidal immigration and AA policies.

  20. “… the cost of slavery is paid by those who never wanted it and never benefited from it …” –Zman
    No one alive today should have to put up with the spawn of Africa. We could still give them Florida. Or Mississippi. Or better yet, northern Mexico. Or we could send them back to Africa.
    Imagine if the American blacks with average IQ of 85 or so went back to Africa. They could rule there.
    The other option is a race war to the end where blacks are all killed or whites are. I would prefer separation, but I have no problems with total annihilation of the enemy. Some would say, “what about the NAP?”. We are already in a war where blacks are killing whites for fun. Time to engage the enemy.
    I submit this may be the best post that Zman has done. Best I have read anyway.

  21. Twitter: (and I agree)

    All it took was a white woman calling the cops on a black guy to make the entire country forget that a black guy was routinely beating elderly disabled Whites in a nursing home for months.

  22. I agree with the analysis in the post, 200 per cent. The part I do not get is the project of the divorce, unless you are presenting, in a rhetorically appealing way, a different political strategy, which might be worth discussing in some form.
    White population is taxed, as you say. A big chunk of the taxes is passed to intermediaries, like politicians, academia, entertainment industry and so on. What is left, is transferred to minorities, who still have a lot to benefit from the transfer. This statement is obviously true, as one can see from the revealed preferences that not a single African-American is moving back to the country of origin, although it is perfectly possible for them to do so.   
    What is worse is that this arrangement has nothing to do, really, with slavery and the associated resentment. The driving force behind the transfer system is the innate difference in skills and preferences among the sectors of the population. Importing Somalis, who have nothing to do with slavery, increases the fraction of people who find the system of transfers profitable, again because of the innate differences, not the slavery. Ilhan Omar is just as vocal on the crying about inequality, and demanding remedial transfers, as Keith Ellison. Somalis in Minneapolis are largely absent from the riots, but they understand very well that they will also benefit from the current riots and future donations; they optimize their behavior by letting the west-africans do the work for them.
    A democratic system of majority voting will ensure that transfers will continue, forever. Or at least it will continue until the fraction of whites becomes so small that USA becomes Haiti, and then they will have killed their golden goose. This is the likely outcome because there is no indication that they understand that there is an optimal stopping time, that one can estimate at approximately 40 per cent white. So there is not going to be a divorce because one side has too much to gain from the current arrangement.
    What seems worse is that the system of transfers will become dominant in the entire western world. European countries are importing African population to pick not cotton, but tomatoes, and not as slaves but as refugees. These historical accidents (tomatoes rather than cotton, and refugees rather than slaves) will not change one bit the outcome, which will be the same in Europe in 30 years as in USA today.
    I am sure we agree on all this; perhaps we can think what form the divorce should really take. Perhaps a large transfer today conditional on future generations getting nothing: too alluring for the current generation to refuse. But then time inconsistency will take over, and payments will have to be restarted. Hard problem.

    • Hard problem indeed. I think the best long-term approach is to fight for local government autonomy for all sorts of things including the administration of social welfare programs. Then people can sort into whichever location suits them. Of course this is fanciful plan, but no one is offering more practicable ideas.
      The reparations agreement you describe is a non-starter for the reason you mentioned.

  23. Z’s right about the solution but the present power-structure will not permit it. These riots will push a lot of guys in our direction – and they’re going to be a recurring feature of post-America.
    The Make America Great Depression is coming and that will turn up the heat even more.
    It’s going to be up to us to present these angry but socially powerless Whites with alternatives to multicult city living and show how dissidents can eventually make a better future for their kids.
    “Acceleration” is happening whether we like it or not – the only choice is to sink or swim.

  24. It is now Riot time in the US and UK. Please prepare and plan for your safety. We can spend lots of time mentally offgassing about the decline yet spend little time preparing for civil unrest arriving at your door. It appears to be an aspect of human nature to deal abstractly with politics but not concretely with real danger when insurrection surrounds. It happened to me working at EBMUD in Downtown Oakland. Riot after riot (Oscar Grant riots, Occupy Wallstreet riots, BLM riots, riots in general) EBMUD on graveyard shift was locked down over and over with a few old security guards between me and all hell breaking loose. Even had the police direct vehicles (MY vehicle included) right into the Oscar Grant riot.
    Embedded are links for training your mind to prepare and game plans for prep for riots/insurrection. I know this is difficult to face, just as doing your Living Trust or thinking about how and what do I want my dying peacefully to look like. My Basic Husband would not do a Living Trust, so I did all the book work-info gathering, then set up an appointment with the lawyer, gave him the date/time and said I would do it. It worked. He also won’t talk about “dying,” what do you want and who does what. He can’t do this. So I flow around him like water around a rock, and do the planning myself. No need to hit husbands head on. Also, planning for “shit falls apart in the world” he won’t prep and thinks he will be fine. So, from my own experience, here is solid information to get you all ready, mentally and physically, for the SHTF world:

    You folks are a great community and just wish you fruitful options and safety.
    PS: For God’s sake, it’s okay to stock up on toilet paper and the TP meme is ridiculous…unless you wish to wipe with the yellow pages or your dog’s back.’Hold still, Rex!” The reason the country ran “out” of TP is there are 2 mutually exclusive productions of TP. 1 is for business/industrial/office use. These are the huge TP rounds found in grocery store bathrooms, offices, schools, industry. This production is separate from 2. Home Use TP, i.e. small rolls every home has. When the WuFlu lockdown hit, the home TP rolls got hit hard in stores. There was still plenty of industrial TP in warehouses, but not used for home use. So it was a production-distribution problem. Plus women use 10X more TP than men—just a fact. So get over it and prep up. The Range household is happily using the high grade TP until well into the future. The cats are happy because I won’t be eyeing their fur. Because I PLAN!
    Get over associating prepping with Ruby Ridge. The SWHTF sometime in your lifetime so use your big brains to face your fear and take solid steps to prepare.

    • Good points Range. Whenever some guys see us talking about getting out of the cities, Ruby Ridge & Waco comments start flying.
      We’re not talking about living in some remote cabin in the woods with bunkers & tiger pits in the yard. We’re talking about living in small rural towns near things like fresh water sources and food on the hoof and in the ground rather than off the truck.
      Only a Netflix-addled atomized, urbanized population sees this as some radically alternative lifestyle. Many of us knew this as simply “growing up” before we were ambitious/foolish enough to move to the city b/c “gonna make it after all.”
      Take a look at the screens – city-living is not going to work on a long timeline. This is the future of NuMerica.
      As for those who will inevitably say “but Shlomo won’t let us,” if you believe that Big Other can play whack-a-mole with every tiny burg in rural America, you’re gas-lit. Listen to the hyperbolic “oy gevalting” that’s going to fill the airwaves this week as the news cycle kicks in. It’s not all an act – this golem got out of their control fast and the Tribe is going to be very worried, and likely internally divided, about how to respond. They’re not magic. It’s all they can do to keep the urban wage-slaves in line. Out of sight, out of mind is the best place for us to be.
      Join us up in the hills and out in the sticks. Be safe & in good company while we watch it all burn.

      • As for those who will inevitably say “but Shlomo won’t let us,” if you believe that Big Other can play whack-a-mole with every tiny burg in rural America, you’re gas-lit.

        I go back and forth with this point.
        I think they have enough drones to monitor most of the tiny burgs.
        I don’t think they have enough loyal Rangers/Green Berets/Force Recon/Raiders/Scout Snipers/SEALs to go around policing the militias that will pop up in all of those burgs.

        • Trying to come into Appalachia would be like invading Afghanistan: Sure they can absolutely flatten any fixed target they can see, but later, at night, all the hillbillies that were nice to their faces or just nowhere to be seen come out of the woods….

        • Don’t bother thinking in terms of militias and drones – we’re talking about living in small town America as normal people, not some proto-resistance militia. Raising kids to be race-aware with the mindset to move the ball forward for White interests. This isn’t a civil war scenario of some kind – it’s bettering the lives we already have to live anyway, with jobs and families and homes. Leave the political stuff to the side and just think about what’s better for all of those normal-life goals and necessities.
          We’re going to be prepared to take opportunities that come our way in terms of gaining more control over our lives and be prepared to defend ourselves if orcs come roaming into the hills, but once again – this is not Ruby Ridge, the Bundy Ranch or Waco.

      • A poster on gab named Hector said essentially that…move to a white community, make friends, join a gun club, discuss the hate facts. That’s what I’ve done…I realize the economics are very hate for many people, but people need to join their own. As sorry as I feel for white people being beaten by rioting mobs, they are on their own.

      • Kunstner (my least hated lefty) has been preaching the post-apocalyptic lifestyle for a while. His comment section is usually a rich source of regeneration of the realization of just how many deeply fucked up whites (((and others))) there are in America.

    • Thank you for the links. There’s a recent post on the organicprepper site about some armed citizens protecting their businesses because they know the police won’t. I think that sends a good message.

      • The image I carry of the Rodney King outbreak of undocumented shopping is of Korean storekeepers lying on the roof of their strip-mall protecting their businesses with rifles. Other than themselves, no other diversity in sight.
        Funny dat.

  25. The depressing reality is that Goodwhites are going to become grist in Lefty’s Marxist mill. They are so willing to display their tolerance and virtue, they will absolutely surrender all their rights to government just to prove they are people of good will. This is going to destroy us as surely as any Chinese acts of hostility. We’re likely to get both in tandem. I pity white children being born today. They have no chance.

  26. Z writes forcefully and persuasively about the necessity of racial divorce.
    If this project ever actually gains momentum, then the dissident right people who dislike discussion of jewish power will see why the discussion is unavoidable.
    Diaspora jews will never let whites divorce from blacks because the majority of these jews have an instinct to live in a multiracial society in which they don’t feel conspicuous. They will never allow separation.

  27. I need a Wayback Machine. Set the dial for 1776, so I can sit in the room with Ben, Thomas, Adams, and the rest of the boys………
    “….Guys…get over here. Let me help you with a little editing. That second paragraph….“All men are created equal”. Now I know what you mean is “All men are created equal BEFORE THE LAW.” You think it obvious, and that there’s no need to add that second phrase, but you have NO IDEA how the moron Americans of the 21st Century are going to misinterpret that statement as it stands. In fact if you really knew you probably wouldn’t even bother with this whole project and go back to flying kites in thunderstorms. But be that as it may, I strongly suggest you spell it out entirely. It will prevent A LOT of future problems…..” 

  28. These riots, like all previous riots and pretty much the last seventy years of American history, is just the price of cotton.
    Wait until you see the price of abortion.

  29. There actually were proposals to carve out part of the former Confederacy as a haven for freedmen (West Texas was mooted). The proposals often came from border state Congressmen who knew better than anyone what was coming.
    I endorse “slavery reparations” up to $1M per person, provided the check comes with a one-way plane ticket to “New Wakanda” (West Texas still seems like a good idea). I’d throw in an additional $1M per person bonus for every New Wakandan who is able to convince an SJW to renounce xzyhr American citizenship and move, too. Time to walk the walk, Moonbeam. You’ve already got the nose ring…

    • You forgot one key element: sterilizing those who receive reparations for agreeing to be sent to West Texas. Otherwise you’re moving the problem instead of solving it, and wasting our millions.
      Anyway, what do you have against the residents of Amarillo and the unemployed oil workers of Midland-Odessa to wish a black tide on them? Other areas of West Texas are very sparsely populated, it’s true, but with no economic infrastructure to absorb the new residents, they’d have nothing to do with their new riches.
      But you’re thinking along useful lines.

      • You’re right, the guys in West Texas don’t deserve that. Since New Wakanda is the gift that would keep on giving, it should go to people who really deserve it. So… for the new Hotep Homeland, I propose: Silicon Valley.

    • Cool video. I can’t figure out why the prog Guardian would make an anti EU/pro-nationalist docudrama.

      • I haven’t watched the whole thing. I must be missing something. Perhaps the video pulled a switch, and the cute protagonist woman is low-key meant to be portrayed as a dirt-person villain.

  30. Well, we’ve got riots all over the country; corrupt and ineffective government at every level; numerous well financed, secretive, violence-prone organizations untouchable by the law; a population scared into cowed compliance with ridiculous edicts from idiot politicians; a gigantic out of control national debt and an incipient economic depression that the federal government is trying to ward off with inflationary monetary policies.

    Watch for political news about beer halls when they’re allowed to reopen.

    • It’s called Anarcho-Tyranny. Combine that with the Despotic Manegerial State, Cultural Marxism, Laissez-faire Buccaneer Capitalism and Consumerism. ( not to mention lots of heroin and porn .) I think that should hold you for now.

  31. I know Mike P’s a prickly character and isn’t that popular here, but I think he makes a good point.
    Barr may have blabbed about Antifa the other night, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up going after “right wing” online irony bro posters for the riots, and that they won’t investigate or arrest a SINGLE black looter, BLM rioter or Antifa rioter.
    Once again, anarcho-tyranny will raise its ugly head where punishment will be dumped completely on the internet trolls while the actual people causing destruction in the streets will be let off scott free.

    • Barr is not going to arrest his friends or the children of his friends. It is well known that Antifa is financed by the same people bankrolling both parties. The Soros bogeyman is just a distraction. The money flows into non-profits in DC and is distributed to Antifa.

      • Agreed, and already the tiny handful of people that have been arrested are getting huge sums of bail money from globohomo. Globohomo is busily freeing actual violent rioters from jail right now as it busily works to redirect its tyranny on distant innocents.

      • Not only that, but the MSM and BLM/Antifa are joined at the hip. The combined monster functions as the tyrannical enforcement arm of the status quo, with the MSM playing “good cop” and BLM/Antifa playing “bad cop.”
        The very same “journalist” who reports passively on something during the daytime, as soon as it gets dark, changes into black clothes and begins smashing and lighting fires. These people are one and the same: there is absolutely no separation.

  32. i see your “we shoulda picked our cotton” card, and i raise you my “malaria killed tons of wasps” card. north sea peoples weren’t meant to run tropical empires, or at least not with large occupying forces, not until they invented air conditioning anyway. those whites who did occupy these warm lands obviously came from and/or developed into a different tribe, which is why Dixielanders and Yankees came to a head once, and their spiritual successors continue to do so.
    of course, you could reply, why did we have to have for profit colonies in the first place? and the answer is, other than money is a thing, is… those dastardly Spanish and French and their popery! they had all that sugar too, so we could sell them the slaves and then plunder their ports with the profits – ergo guaranteeing enmity between northern and southern Europe for a long while – and thus causing eventual hardening of the ancien regime and other stabilizing monarchies as a response, until eventually after a couple centuries all white-order save the democratic-communist-globalist one implodes – brilliant! gee whiz, it’s almost as if splitting Christendom up due to petty differences and allowing increasing heresy and furthering from natural and tribal traditions would have an effect in real world politics.
    at any rate, Andy Jackson could have just shoved the nwords in Spanish Florida, and heck maybe keep the Eastern Amerindians around instead. Spanish Florida would be more like Nueva Cuba or something, which is bound to be anyway in a couple decades, after being the violent multiracial “GTA Vice City” state of the union it has been for a while. then again, it was to be expected this state would cave into power, given it was settled by the blessed freemason prots and their railroads, and their (((accountant friends))) from NYC setting up the mass retirement home scheme.
    now it may be too late to keep the oil gulf and the sunbelt, which is why a whitopia must be formed with whatever rebel Canadian provinces may join and build that keystone xl pipeline to guaran-damn-tee financial independence, and maybe buy nukes from the Russians. establish alternate churches, both Protestant and Catholic (enlist trad Catholics). enforce nurembergian laws for race, and/or make it so any “honorary Aryans” should not have voting power.
    the last paragraph assumes we don’t go back on Brown v Board, which may be the only way to save the “Union” as it is now. and even then – Harlem won’t be enough room for the NYC hordes, heck Florida won’t be enough room for the national ones. a federative effort is more likely, making some regions “safe spaces” for certain political-racial groups, probably out of the mythical “convention of the states” idea that may just become reality if push comes to shove. after a while the federative effort, like in the EU case, will prove futile, and full divorce will ensue.
    or rather, more like a very drawn out and disputed liquidation among aggrieved shareholders, after the long drawn out death rattle of a once great corporation that goes bankrupt after it ceases to be profitable – nevermind the generations of workers still barely able to squat on company grounds, they’ll have to find some new masters. unlike the death of the familial organic Catholic and Orthodox orders, full of drama and desperation as the pater-elites were destroyed and replaced with bureaucrat peasants ever browner and orphaned and degenerate; the destruction of the Protestant order is instead the collapse of the machine-like corporation, less dramatic, but more analysis- and action-packed, and as always having a bigger ripple effect on the other orders because they love to push fake universalist humanism on others more than anyone.

  33. What seems different from past rioting, is the levels of denial of reality, mostly in the FB posts of suburban white women. It’s outside activists! It’s white-supremist false-flag opération! It’s a beautiful peaceful protest but provoked by cops. Anything, anything to deny reality. 

    • The enormous numbers of virtue-signaling, divorced-from-reality white women are an enormous problem going forward.
      The ones on my social media feeds are doing their level-best to spam BLM junk.
      The worst part is that I grew up with a lot of these women in the 80s on Main Street USA. That’s how pervasive the brainwashing has been.

      • How do you respond to their posts? Mockery doesn’t seem very effective against women.

      • Is there a difference between childless and with children? I find the childless are the most loony.
        But yes, alot of liberal white women, even with children, are filled with red hot, self righteous anger about this jogger.
        The current crop of college wimminz (of every race) are furious about this for sure.

        • i don’t think it serves us any better than it serves blacks to lump all these incidents together. Ahmoud Armery (or whatever his stupid name was) deserved to be killed. Floyd was just an addict and maybe a petty financial criminal and didn’t.

    • You probably don’t think this matters, but I do: Those posting about outside activists are not completely denying reality. They are just focusing on that part that they are more comfortable focusing on.
      And those posting about white supremacists are the same lunatics who always believe loony stuff.

    • Because they don’t want to face a painful reality that Blacks and Antifa hate our guts and want us dead. They’re looking for a scapegoat.

  34. These riots are the next stage in the get-rid-of-Trump campaign. Impeachment didn’t work and they went straight to pandemic. That’s not working so this will now be the focus. The money that has gone into these efforts to reverse the 2016 election will now flow to busing and flying antifa around the country, posting their bail when necessary, to keep these things going. They are smart enough to reinforce success, so you won’t see goons heading for cities with robust police responses. 
    Blue cities are toast. 
    Told ya there’d be another thing worst than Covid waiting in the wings, and it, too, would be all Trump’s fault. Here is it. The ‘Trump’s fault’ part is being war-gamed and focus-group tested right now and will be rolling out soon.
    Orange Man gotta go. Then: racial harmony. Certainly we can all agree on that??!!

    • Agreed. Cue: ‘Ebony and Ivory live together in perfrct harmony’….

    • Right Doctor – I don’t think Trump will easily win come November anyhow, so why would the left need to nudge the noggers into rioting? It’s all part of the morality play Zman wrote about yesterday. It’s to force us to acknowledge that the government and their enforcers are the only things separating Whitey from rampaging zulus, and so we’d better get with the program of wearing masks, quietly acceding to house arrest, and be good government cogs from here on in. This is to remind us who’s boss, and make us believe they’re our only hope of safety.

  35. For the White-Black divorce to happen the White-White divorce has to happen first or contemporaneously. Trying to undo the various Qs in space being contested over by antagonistic white groups is probably not possible. The Jmedia is going to go full court press from here on out. Anything not kosher will be quickly censored and demonized. The Covid panic has forced and will force more and more whites into positions of increasing dependence upon government. Resentment of government and dependence upon government will both grow. If you’ve had your career destroyed by government action and have come to depend on a government handout to shelter and feed your family how do you walk away? Maybe I’m too much of a Cassandra but for any mass separation to have a chance things need to become so chaotic that government looses control.
    An India-Pakistan like separation is probably not possible. They had well defined group identities with well defined divergent interests. Whites have so many different irons in different fires we’re different personas in different milieus. We don’t know who is who. The Serbs and the Bosnians had their differences baked in.
    The center of civic life in Minnesota has been turned into a 3rd World hellhole…and still the whites bend their knee and hum-and-haw about even the nature of the problem…as it spreads and spreads. We’ve been conditioned to this for so long most have no idea they are capable of anything else. That whites are still willing to bend the knee and turn the other cheek after decades of degradation is telling. We will accept any comfort no matter how diminutive rather than face any conflict no matter how grave.
    Is a civilization that breeds men of this sort even capable of saving itself?

    • we just have to start using decentralized tech to get information out. an easy way to wake people up is these hitler/ww2/holocaust videos. these had a big impact on me. start helping our people in our area. Make it positive. about our people. instead of how everyone else is to blame or bad. start educating our children again. turn off the enemy propaganda. people are only going along because they think that’s the right thing to do. They can be woken up but we have to create ripples and cracks in the matrix first.

  36. Agreed that we should not live anywhere near blacks.
    But the people causing troubles this time are whites, or (((whites))). Antifa, Communists. I did not realize how big and connected their network is.
    Yes, this is not an ideological, or even racial, but a religious, holy, civilizational war against the Devil. We know what form that takes in people.
    Blacks and all non white minorities are just puppets and tools from the evil that wants to destroy Europeans, and Christ.

  37. Haven’t you heard the proper narrative? It is white supremacists wearing blackface that are doing this!

  38. Both sides of the coin. This problem is just as bad from the other point of view. Black people evolved in the heart of Africa. That is the environment they are best suited to exist in. Here, in the northern mid latitudes, they are a fish out of water. They riot because they don’t fit in this environment and they cannot thrive here. Keeping them here is cruel. Yes, some can adapt, but most cannot. That isn’t going to change anytime soon. Housing them in slums and prisons is not a humane alternative. The whites that would keep them here are the real villains is this travesty.

    • Ok, if it’s cruel to keep them here but they won’t return to da muddaland either voluntarily or by force and at the same time inhumane to house them in slums or prisons, what would you propose?

  39. I was reminded of this yesterday when I watched SpaceX launch at the same time the news was full of Africans burning our cities. When I was a kid I thought the future would be full of space exploration, instead what I got was a nation where white people can’t live in the cities we built.

  40. I remember watching Reginald Denny being pelted with bricks while gibbering black retards danced around him. I was 13 at the time and in spite of being raised not to think things like this, I remember thinking, “[Those people] ruin everything.” My wife would never admit to thinking those thoughts, and perhaps she doesn’t, but when we talk about leaving California it’s hard not to notice that her first choices for relocation almost always have one thing missing.
    One problem is that the educational poz gets worse each year, but reality stays the same. That nagging feeling of reality will never go away, but socialization is very strong. I don’t see a point coming in my lifetime where white people who have been raised on goodthink will finally be willing to admit (or even acknowledge) this; we might just be shifting around the country as the cities we left behind burn to the ground and turn into Port au Prince.
    In short, a national divorce would require a massive change in the way white people think, which would probably require a precipitating even that may not be worth it.

  41. Does anyone think Biden’s (handlers) choice of an angry vibrant female as VP is now almost certain? In which case we may all enjoy, in possibly no more than a year, an angry vibrant female sworn in as head of state, to replace the incapacitated president.

  42. I’m not sure it’s even about the price of cotton anymore. Waves of African, Mestizo and Muslim immigrants arrived in America, particularly after 1965. I doubt most of the rioters are descendants of slaves, I guess tons are Hart-Celler “Americans”.
    We reached the point of no return where a peaceful separation is no longer possible.

  43. Thought it may interest you guys to know that our vibrancy is now sympathy-rioting in London.

  44. It is quite suspicious that keith ellison posted a pic with the antifa handbook , on twitter in 2018. a far left accelerationist group. then he does everything in his power to allow the riots to grow.
    then theres this:
    antifa is the american NKVD

    • What is the point though? Are they trying to bring about a revolution? It clearly isn’t about helping the blacks, nor are the blacks causing most of the damage (surprisingly).
      I’m just trying to put together what the overall plan is. They aren’t moving towards conservative suburbs. They’re just burning down liberal yuppie areas, the same way blacks burn down black areas.

    • It’s Kristallnacht.

      More recently, it’s Maidan in Ukraine.


      We’re supposed to think that was dirty cops and the most law-abiding people on earth gone crazy-


      When it was really the communist gangs bill-collecting and forcing recalcitrant conservatives to get with the program. Or else.

      • Side note- our puppet regime in Kiev, Yulia Timoshenko, Yatsunats, Poroshenko, all the management are Usual Suspects.


        That’s why it’s a money laundry for our politicos, and why they staged Soros’ Orange Revolution and the Maidan riot to stay in power.


  45. We can make some predictions, at least. For example, last night in an upscale Los Angeles mall, a Ray-Ban boutique and a Bloomingdales were looted. Therefore future advertisements from these two businesses will feature spokespeople like Colin Kaepernick or Spike Lee.

  46. The cost of having a large number of blacks in this country has been a disaster and cost of attempted integration greater still. When there was segregation, the problem was at least manageable – now it’s hopeless. Some sort of peaceful separation would be ideal, but I have a hard time envisioning it. Blacks are so full of themselves they would probably demand much more than the good and decent Whites are willing to give peacefully. But separation in some form or another, there must be – and Whites of all stripes will have a decision to make as to which side they choose, cause it’ll be permanent & irrevocable.

    • The blacks would never want a peaceful separation because their gravy train would be over. It wouldn’t be an amicable divorce, and certainly not one where terms are named.

      • Yes. There’s a reason that the ghetto always begins as an adjunct to a white city. If blacks didn’t actively want to live near whites, they would have separated themselves a long time ago. Black people who make a decent amount of money don’t live in the ghetto. Even dumpy white neighborhoods are better than black neighborhoods, and blacks know it. Of course, those neighborhoods eventually turn black.

  47. I agree with all of this except “most of whom are kind and decent.” Only to your face. The supermajority of them hate you, even when they smile at you. These chimp-outs won’t stop, and I sincerely hope that they eventually get to the recently gentrified parts of our most expensive cities. The best thing they could do is go a couple blocks too far and start burning down vegan cafes and Himalayan bistros. Maybe book stores that sell authentic moleskin notebooks.

  48. If you dont know about it already, read abouy Bleeding Kansas, John Brown and then really think long and hard about what the Civil War actually was.
    Loony moralists have always been a part of this country, and if you think we have it bad now, imagine being dragged out of your home with your children in the middle of the night and all of you being shot execution style by someone feeling smug moral satisfaction for it.
    Hm, makes me wonder how many smug moralizers today would be willing to do something similarly terrible to us for not buying into their morality. Really makes me wonder….

    • You need not wonder. I’m too lazy to look it up, but a few years ago some stuff was leaked wrt such moralists discussing the numbers (in the millions) of folk to be eliminated (that’s you and me and most here) when they came into complete power.

      • That’s a famous quote by ((Bill Ayers))), heard by an undercover FBI who had infiltrated the Weather Underground.

        He said 25 million eliminated with the rest re-educated in camps.

  49. What Z says is entirely true. We must separate. However, I have yet to hear a major public figure even tentatively broach this subject. If the big shots are unwilling to even discuss the matter we are a long way from making it happen. Looks like we’ll go on paying the YT tax for the foreseeable future.

    • The Overton window has to be moved. Ironically, Drumpf losing can move that window more than if he wins, as the Republican Party has never been more n igger loving. I actually consider him to be an orange n igger. His supporters need to feel the sting of a 91% black vote for Dems (as usual) and think “after all we did for you, we sucked you off for years and you vote like this?”

      • Yeah if Drumpf loses, Biden will sell this country to China, Saudi Arabia,Russia or whoever pays the maximum $$$ to his “charity”
        But..but muh overton window. Maybe you can explain your overton window to your new Chicom and Saudi overlords.

        • I, for one, welcome our chinese overlords. At least the chi-coms hate me less than the chosen people.

          • Heh. But the Chinese are ALMOST as horrible as Jews in terms of viewing everyone not of their ethnic group as subhuman. I think the difference between Chinese and Jews is that with Jews there is a greater tendency to deep-seated insecurity which manifests as paranoid aggression. Add poorly concealed self-loathing to the mix [1] and you really have a toxic brew.
            [1] if anyone thinks I’m making this up, get to know a few women who look “stereotypical”. The angst about their appearance, and the hatred of cute shiksas with pert little noses is actually quite sad to see.

          • Chicoms despise you, you idiot. Your fate will the same as the Tibetians. God, I do not understand the massive hard-on the alt-white idiots have for the Chicoms

        • I live near lots of chinese. None of them has ever attacked me. I also live near a very small number of blacks. 2 of them have. Also, you are retarded and need to stfu.Trump has licked just as much saudi bunghole as biden would have.

          • Chinese attack you everyday….inside your universities by stealing IP, inside your stealing IP, inside their factories, by strip-mining American manufacturing. You have 0 IQ, just like all alt-right losers.
            Go and suck Xi’s small dick, loser.

    • “…I have yet to hear a major public figure even tentatively broach this subject.”
      Because, for the enemy class, separatism is the same as supremacy. I think that Twitter actually categorises it as such. So coming out for peaceful separation makes you Literally Hitler.
      The enemy class know EXACTLY what freedom of association is and EXACTLY where it will lead.

  50. Truer words were never written, but how to get there from here is the question.
    My view is that the current rounds of race riots are net positive for red- pilling normies, but it’s going to be a very close net positive. The police mistake that set this one off was so egregious that regular folks are being more tolerant of the riots this time.
    That may be about to end. If the violence continues past tonight (Sunday) I think you see a big drop off in the number of people trying to do the “I support the peaceful protestors, but not the violent rioters,” dance that a lot of normie whites are doing now.

    • If the violence continues past tonight (Sunday) I think you see a big drop off in the number of people trying to do the “I support the peaceful protestors, but not the violent rioters,” dance that a lot of normie whites are doing now.

      If you believe that I have several parcels of land to offer you. Cash only, please, in small, unmarked bills.

      • Should have made it clearer: the number of white people doing the “support the protestors, not the rioters” hokey- pokey on social media.

    • We get there very slowly, but separation of a sort can be done. We won’t push blacks out of the country, but we can create our own community within the larger, ever more dysfunctional society.
      Check out my post. I lay out a sketchy outline of how we start.

      • How can one do such without freedom of association? In short, deed restrictions and the like. At the end of the Obama era, HUD was requiring resettlement of welfare cases in decent middle class neighborhoods. Block busting as they used to say, but on steroids. One bad apple spoils the barrel. That was one of the first things cancelled when Trump put Ben Carson as HUD secretary.

        • everyone needs to stop sheepishly following federal law! especially if it’s blatently unconstitutional! that’s every citizen’s duty anyways. just look at cannibus. The seditious feds can’t do anything about it. start defending each other with organized legal (or lethal if necessary) force when any brainwashed government enforcers try to crack down.

  51. I doubt the North Haiti plan would work. The opium of capitalism is cheap labor. The reason there are blacks to be kindling in the Twin Cities is due to the need for more and more labor in an industrial (and post industrial) society. GDP uber alles. The wars are just a scapegoat goat for a larger process. The capitalist class had long used Blacks as scabs against unions.
    We have to be honest about what a nationalist economic policy would require.

    • A central element of any reborn American polity has to be complete and utter termination of the ruling class entitlement to cheap labor over all else. If you don’t pay the working class enough for stable perpetuation, then they won’t.

      • You do realize that you are wishing for what never has existed and never will exist.

      • A central element of any reborn American polity has to be complete and utter termination of the ruling class entitlement to cheap labor over all else.
        I propose the above amended version for brevity and clarity of purpose.

    • Tyke, I have to agree and disagree. Cheap labor is the rule of the day, I agree—but Black cheap labor? I’ve never been anywhere I have observed Black cheap labor as worth the cost. Indeed, if I perceive such, say in a restaurant, I turn around and leave. Such is fundamentally different with other minorities as we have here, e.g., Hispanic. But I admit to not living recently in Northern cities and such. So I can be corrected if others are aware of anything done by Blacks that justifies their salaries.

    • The desire for cheap labor helped destroy South Africa, too. Africans flooded South Africa is search of work. They lived better lives as second-class citizens in South Africa (e.g., electricity) rather than first-class citizens in their homelands.

      • Even Zionosm faltered in the face of cheap Palestinians labor during the 60s. “Arab work” went from an insult to a mark of quality.
        The Nazi’s imported millions of foreign workers directly into Germany itself to meet Speer’s economic goals. This is the most poignant example becuase it was a clear need driven by the need to win a war.
        Economic efficiency is a tyrant that Capitalism reinforces.

  52. the Yankee conquerors not dealing with what they had done

    Not that I’m trying to defend the Yankee conquerors (and surely they didn’t come only from New England), this isn’t fair. The victorious North actually did try to change society in the South after the war and (not surprisingly) met with intransigent opposition from the local whites. Achieving permanent change would have taken more military force than Northerners were willing to use, and eventually they gave up and decided (by the late 19th century, when passions had died down) to go the route of reconciliation with the South.
    Now, I’m not saying the efforts of the Radical Republicans had any chance of succeeding, but it’s not fair to imply that the North simply walked away and let chaos ensue (à la Libya in the past decade).
    Also, can you imagine what force would have been needed to round up all the blacks from the newly conquered secessionist states and ship them all to Florida? There’s no conceivable way that was a viable option post-1865, anymore than it is today.
    God knows what the solution to today’s situation is. The current policy (now in place for more than 50 years) of letting blacks destroy urban life in big cities doesn’t seem like much of a winner, and yet a lot of people are apparently okay with it, especially the people who run the system. Go figure.

    • Achieving permanent change would have taken more military force than Northerners were willing to use”. They used military force to acheive the change they got, and they didn’t like what it got them, so using more makes a lot of sense. Yeah, I got that.
      They used force to ensure the black vote and black legislators, which they never would have permittede were their own states 40% black.
      Their decendants are Section Eighting Iowa, Minnesota, and Maine among other places now; they are moving the Section 8 out of their Imperial Capitol for the burbs so that they may claim valuable land, end the commute, and provide freedom of association for themselves. So, the separation can’t be soley about race.

    • Agree. A “reservation” for blacks was no more viable an option in the period immediately following the Civil War than is is today. Face it, folks, we are well and truly screwed, blued and tattooed. Our society (HELL! Our entire civilization) is totally FUBAR.

  53. it’s not too late to try the black-reservation plan. set them up and put all people (of any color) who can’t care for themselves there. i.e. homeless whites go into the Thunderdome too. Anyone who wants to help them goes in too.

    • Market it as “liberation”. Hopefully they won’t catch on that what we mean is liberation from them.

  54. Some people have been getting hashtags about separation trending on Twitter. That’s a positive sign.
    Of course, (1) I’m in the hard right bubble over there, so I often underestimate how clueless Twitter normies are, and (2) Twitter will disappear it when it starts to gain real traction.
    (*Sigh*, man it must be nice to control the media.)
    But it’s still good that not all white people are grovelling, and that we have a solid concept–separation–to organized around.
    (Another positive sign is that more women seem to be moving into the ZFG hard right–but again, that’s from the bubble.)
    I’ve noticed that the British realist right is trying to push the idea, and word, “repatriation.” Also excellent.
    And as some of our people are very correctly pointing out, you’ve got to emulate the left’s tactic of pushing the same concepts day after day, year after year.
    So just keep going guys:
    [and repeat]

  55. Unfortunately for the divorce analogy, whites are the abused spouse and there’s no Protective Services riding to the rescue.

  56. <i>These are a people who are totally dependent on white people for their survival, but bred to hate the people on whom they are dependent. </i>
    Nothing breeds resentment like charity.

        • I have, but I’m young and I lift and it wasn’t in a pack of them. Never confront a pack, but when they are alone they are cowards. As long as “they lackin”. It was aggressively trying to get me to give it money outside the grocery store. I was mad because I saw it harass some lady right before she ran away and it turned on me.

        • I’m a decent person, so I wouldn’t do that unless sorely provoked. Nevertheless, the negro race is unquestionably intellectually inferior.

    • No one likes being ruled by foreigners. If the foreigners do a better job than their own elites could do then the resentment is even more profound. The Africans in America correctly see us as foreigners ruling over them. Americanized-African leadership are stage props to rich white Democrats and they are keenly aware of it. They have zero possession over any of the control nodes of the civilization in which they live. The anger that increasing numbers of real Americans are experiencing as they realize we are ruled over by a internationalist cabal of foreigners and quislings is something they have felt all along and internalized into their culture.

      • I have read that back in the days of segregation, White law enforcement officials gave a lot of leeway to Blacks to administer justice in their own way.
        Laws passed by people of European Christian ancestry are imposed on everyone – a Moslem who thinks that wife beating is sanctioned by his religion, a Chinese person who thinks that boiling a cat to death is a way to create a healthful soup and an African who thinks that raping a woman is a pleasant way to spend an evening. We do see a reluctance to penalize Third World practices such as female genital mutilation. What will this lead to – a Christian man will be arrested for beating his wife, but a Moslem will get a pass because his religions sanctions it? This is the way to chaos.
        The whole idea of “multiculturalism” or, as it was originally called, “cultural pluralism,” was first advocated by (((Horace Kallen))) in his book “Democracy Versus the Melting Pot” in 1915. Every single time, eh? Jews, especially Eastern European ones, were the first group to demand that America needed to change in order to make them happy. Every other immigrant group is simply following in their path.

    • Nothing breeds resentment like charity.

      They may resent it but they damned well riot if they don’t get everything they perceive to be due them.

  57. most of whom are kind and decent

    Gotta say, that’s not been my experience.

    • my experience bears this out. the majority are good people.
      most of whom are kind and decent

      • You may be right that the majority of blacks are kind and decent.
        The fatal problem is that those kind and decent black people feel a tribal commitment to their feral black brothers that is stronger than their commitment to white civilization.

          • Melanin. Melatonin is thicker than water, but it’s a relaxant found in green tea. Few “protesters” seem to have discovered how it promotes calm, peaceful looting.

          • hahha..oh man, I need to open that anatomy and physiology book again. Thanks for the correction, GD!

      • If 51% of blacks are decent and kind and the other 49% are stupid, violent and dysfunctional, the statement is hardly a compliment.

      • Why does this have a negative 6? Most black people are fine; there’s just a significant, militant minority that loves to pillage.
        I get the urge to vilify your (often deserving) opposition, but it makes us looks like hyperbolic women.

        • We should not be so fast to simply denigrate the assertion. I took it to mean that we must consider that a sizable population of sympathetic Blacks exist—and will stand in the way of a solution to the problem of ending diversity and allowing separation of the races.
          I and many others, even on this blog, have been chastised more than once for stating IKAGO or NABALT. Imagine how much more ingrained such sentiment is in the Normie White population one must win over for separation to be allowed to occur.

          • if enough Bad Whites would organize, using proper op sec, and just buy the land necessary, take over the politics of the region and buy everyone else out, noone would be able to stop it (easily).

    • “we are just like you, they are just like you, but you have to do something for us because of being not us”
      stay focused political term such as we or us 
      this term implicit that there’s no us or we, we as special people do stuff that you might don’t approve
      this is a form of ancient trickery used to infiltrate and wipe out the enemy

  58. When I build my time machine, instead of going back to kill you-know-who, I’m going to convince Jeff Davis to sell all the slaves to the North for a penny and thus avoid CW1.

    • I think convincing Andrew Johnson to spend whatever it took after the war to round them all up and ship them to Liberia would have had a greater chance of long- term success. Your way assumes that the North would have wanted them even for a penny and we’d still be stuck with them now.

    • It would have saved everyone a lot of money and trouble if the neo-Puritan North had simply purchased every slave in the country and brought them up to homestead in New England. But Cromwell’s hyper-financial descendants preferred then, as they do now, killing to negotiation. It made more sense to those moral perverts to send well over half a million healthy young men to their graves than to spend less money on a slavery purchase program. Don’t forget that the guys that produced the War Between the States are the same fellows that hung witches.

    • It was tried in the 1850s. The North rejected it and demanded immediate emancipation.

    • Yup and your Chicom bat eating masters can swoop in and establish a military base right in Savannah,GA

      • The Chinese are far too smart to want anything to do politically, or at all really , other than sell stuff to and buy credentials from, the Continent wide fuck up known as the US.

  59. In truth, you’re really talking about a divorce from Goodwhites. As has always been the case, this is a civil war between various white factions. Blacks are just a prop, sometimes a weapon.
    Just like blacks, Goodwhites are dependent on us. They need our safe neighborhoods in which to hide from blacks and others. They need our social capital, our productivity, our labor. Just like blacks, Goodwhites hate us, but can’t live without us. They will not agree to a peaceful divorce.

    • Agreed,good whites are a large component of the issue. Zman laid out the problem and history very well. A plan or a path going forward, well that’s difficult.
      I still hear fiddleing coming from D.C. Hey great space launch yesterday, almost as good as the ones fifty plus years ago.
      All that said I really do hate the Good Whites the most. See who is donating large funds for bail on these thugs?

      • The plan is you start with baby steps and, when possible, force Goodwhites to live by their own rules:

        1. Start finding and meeting our kind IRL
        2. This is the toughest part. Have to be incredibly careful. Take your time
        3. Form public groups that have absolutely nothing to do with anything we’re talking about
        4. Groups would help the community as a whole but would, in fact, be geared toward white issues – help poor rural people, protect camping areas, etc.
        5. Start to question why there are Asian American or Jewish business, civic, community or university clubs/groups but not European American
        6. Force the other side to come right and say, “No, we won’t allow whites to have what other groups have. We will discriminate against you.” This will wake up a few whites every time it happens. Make them say it over and over.
        7. Create European American heritage groups
        8. When strong enough, create European American civic, community and political groups
        9. Fund lawsuits, make political contributions, etc. Punch back.
        10. Make it costly to attack your groups and whites in general.
        11. You don’t have to beat the other, just make it worth their while to leave you alone.
        12. Start forming real communities that use soft power to stay intact.
        13. This is tough. You have to exclude those who choose to go against the community, but it’s the only way.

        This is just an outline, nothing sacred. Try things and see what works and keep going in that direction. But it’s a start. The plan will change as time goes on. The key is to keep moving forward.

        • Citizen, this is fantastic. I’m starting a mutual aid society to prep for hurricane season….attract potentials, evaluate quietly.

        • This is the right way forward, and #11 and #6 are especially important points. We should share advice on joining and participating in camouflage groups that already exist, or starting new ones. For example, how does one go about starting a non-profit focused on working class rural/white issues? Does anything like that already exist that is worth volunteering for? There are many similar questions that will arise as people in the DR get serious.

    • Yes. The price of cotton, or white tax, is voted-in and enforced up and down the social strata by the goodwhites. The separation, whatever form that takes, must address this.
      The price of cotton is another way in which we track the actual real time costs of the prog death cult.
      While all of the talk of some future bill coming due or the fiddler getting paid some day as we continue kick the can is valid, we cannot ignore the toll that has already been paid to get to where we are today – and who had ushered in that Progress.
      In my short life so much has been lost already that it is hard to imagine at what point fellow good whites will be stirred awake. I just dont see it happening. They too must be culled from whatever our side can hobble together.

    • In our minds we Badwhites have already divorced ourselves from Goodwhites and their pets. What we now want is a restraining order with teeth in it.

      • Agreed. It was weird a few years back when I realized that I simply no longer cared what society thought outside of getting punished. I no longer wanted to fight with these people. I just wanted out, whatever the price.

    • If it’s going to happen, it will start small, under the radar as much as possible. We will probably have to follow the example of mennonite and religious jewish communities. Hell, we might have to become as socially obnoxious as the religious jews. Of course, it would help to have some wealthy benefactors to help grease the legal skids as much as possible, because this will end up in court for years to come.

    • Good whites are serious problem. In the Soviet Union those left wing idealists, journos, college students ,intellectuals got 50 million people dead. I always wondered why people call them snowflakes after that ?

  60. Black riot, LMAO? Take a look at this DM article and the pictures. Lots of white male AntiFa moronials.

    Maybe Z, you can divorce the Blacks and invite white AntiFa activists to your neighborhood, also you can invite Biden to your kid’s communion. The Dissident Right is simply the old alt-right failed movement in a new bottle. It will fail miserably just like the alt-right, as it has no platform to offer beyond race,race,race 24×7.

    • Be thankful that Antifa has finally revelaed the reach of its tentacles on American soil.
      This ancient enemy, responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution, the Spartacus League and the rise of Hitler, and revolutions and death the world over is now an American problem.
      Joseph McCarthy tried to warn us. Now it is too late. The cancer will have to be extracted from the root.
      Give them no quarter; show them no mercy, for they deserve none

    • Antifa is nothing without the Black vote and Black violence to prop up the progressive Goodwhite agenda.
      It isn’t antifa that was tearing apart cities in the ’60s, committing the Rodney King riots, turning the OJ trial into a circus … Ferguson, Baltimore, riots for Trayvon and on and on.
      Yes, the antifa of the ’60s were the (((Weathermen))), but then as now, they would have been worthless without their Black foot soldiers.
      Without the Black vote to grant GoodWhites their bare majority and stir up lots of White guilt and controversial cover violence, heritage America would swat down antifa like a mosquito. Even now, they only dare to riot without Blacks in places where BadWhites aren’t in control.

      • So you admit that white males are the generals and the funders of this, and (some) blacks the footsoldiers. If you want a quick win you go for the generals and the strategists not the foot soldiers. Without the leadership the foot soldiers lose morale and give up.

        • Sorry if I’m being a bit obtuse, but hasn’t it always been acceptable to execute traitors? I’m not seeing the problem with how to deal with Antifa.

        • Without the soldiers, there are no generals. Conversely, we could theoretically eliminate the generals and the soldiers would still be damaging society tremendously.

        • Soros et al are not white.
          But even if we granted you everything you say here, none of this would be happening without the racial strife. This episode, like every other episode since the 50s is entirely race. Remove race and you have nothing. When the cops executed a white man on his knees crying and begging for his life, nobody batted an eye! There were no riots, they weren’t even any protests.
          The entire police state exists because of diversity. Our police function as an occupying force because of blacks/diversity.

    • This is retarded and you are pretending you can’t see the blacks rioting and looting.

  61. How would the mechanics of a peaceful separation work? I agree that it’s the best solution but how to get there from here? Doesn’t it require the agreement of all parties concerned?

    • Ideally, yes. Less than ideally it requires the will to use deadly force to end this mess once and for all. As Z has written before, I think 50% of American Blacks would jump at USD5000 in cash and a one-way ticket. The rest can be “managed” to accept an accommodation.

      • The other 50% impose much higher costs on society. The welfare moms and their kids impose a cost on America that is pretty high, but not unmanageable. These are the people who might take that deal.
        But it is the other half that make everything not work properly and who necessitate all of the endless laws and regulations. It is they who fill HR, the diversity team and the African-XXX studies departments in the universities. People can easily identify gibs programs like welfare or WIC, but the set-asides for minority owned firms for all government spending including non-minority owned firms who must have a certain percentage of their business be by minority owned firms. This is why nothing ever works in the big cities. They award contracts to minority owned firms who can’t do it right and so it never gets done until the city ends up paying again for a different firm to actually come in and do the work.

      • I heard them calling for abolition of the police again. Maybe that would be the right answer. Regular citizens can get off their butts and defend the areas they care about , police can become regular citizens. Regular citizens won’t have rules of engagement or commie mayors to hold them back like police do. Let the good whites and joggers have their own cities and burn them at will. We can burn them when they show up to the gates of our communities.

          • What will happen, as has been happening, is that cops will avoid “picking on” Black thugs. Of course, what will happen is that Whites will be the recipients eventually of this modern policing as those Blacks continue to remain free to not just prey on their own.

        • There is a Minneapolis pawn shop owner in jail right now for shooting a looter at his store. Justifiable homicide or murder/manslaughter? Depends on the state and sometimes what the current local government is.

      • Almost no American blacks would take $5000 to immigrate permanently to Africa. You do not have to be that smart to see that is a terrible offer. Absolutely terrible.

        • A former colleague who did security work in Africa, mostly dealing with errant, stupid rich white tourists who fell afoul of some local militia, negotiating their ransoms. He mentioned once if the West stopped dumping money into Africa, he’d be out of a job. Well, he since went to work for the Chinese interests there, so who knows how true that is. But you bring up an interesting point – dumping all that human refuge in Africa with that much money would make them prime targets for every machete-wielding maniac in the continent. Even if you deported every black banger to Africa, they got nothing on the drugged-up child soldiers there.

        • Add one or two zeros to that number, however, and you’re cooking with butane.

        • I’d have no problem with going to 500K in exchange for permanent relocation to the Dark Continent. It would be worth it.

      • Dont even need to “send them back”, offer them 100k, for permanent surgical sterilization. Problem solved in one generation.

        • Run the men in front of a microwave emitter aimed at their crotch for about a 30 seconds will do the trick.
          Inject Norplant in the girls starting in junior high and boom population implosion.

          • Or simply sterilize all folk who birth out of wed lock or have children without means to support them.

          • Sounds like a plan, but that”s “eugenics” you know and can’t have that. The religious conservatives and Right to Lifers would scream bloody murder.

          • I’d start at birth. Why wait? Might as well get it over quick, fast and in a hurry, as major payne would say.

        • Why bother ? The Black TFR is 1.792 as of 2018, only a smidge above the White Rate.
          The only group at replacement is Pacific Islanders and they might be a bit below even at 2.1 with high infant and early mortality

          No one is having babies.
          If you want a political goal for the DR beyond “A great place for kids and family.” try polices that Increase White Fertility.
          The things is that your opposition isn’t other races but the cheap labor crowd.
          Maybe some kind of natalism /WN might come along but probably not.
          No one including people supposedly on the Right has a clue how to get wages up and frankly many would rather burn it all down than do that and until its done , ain’t no babies coming.

      • I’ve often toyed with the idea, an old one too, of “transportation”. England used this punishment and sent their scum to the new world. Australia, and in particular, America. We’d need a piece of land, say in Africa, where we could let the criminal element run amuck. Not the mass deportation we desire, but a constant boiling off of the worse of the gene pool.

        • In addition to colonization, England used the gallows to great advantage up through what, maybe 18th century? Even minor crimes like theft could be capital. Some writers have opined that this might have improved the IQ or gene pool of young “defective” men before the could breed, and helped laugh England’s golden age.Logical but cold blooded. Perhaps we need to be more reptilian.

      • Hardly anyone will go for $5k. Make it a cool million. Seriously. If a person costs, say $20k yearly to maintain, then over 50 years (and mean black life expectancy in the US is 76 years as of 2016), you are up to $1M already, so a million bucks is actually a savings.
        But that will never happen. So what are some things that CAN be done?
        First, remove any barriers to abortion. At present 39% of women getting abortions are white, but 28% are black. When one works out the proportions relative to fraction of population, black women are undergoing abortions about 4-5x the rate of whites. Make it easier for them to get abortions. (Sure, the cost is that more whites will get abortions too, but 1) sacrifices must be made in desperate situations, 2) perhaps those who get into situations where they feel an abortion is necessary are not particularly those you want propagating, white or no.)
        Second, right now the welfare situation incentivizes women to have children at regular intervals (and also incentivizes women to have children by different men). Change the system so that EVERY female POC receives additional benefits AS IF she already had 2 (or perhaps 3) children the day she reaches 16. After that, there is no additional benefit paid for children. The knocking out of kids is in large part so they have enough of their “own” money to move out and become independent. If you make it so they can become independent without kids, it reduces incentive to have kids. And if there is no additional benefit for kids, that is a strong disincentive to pop ’em out. Each kid now COSTS her instead of giving her more money. And for accidental pregnancies, see #1 above. (I’m not going to advocate going all Kermit Gosnell, but if someone else wants to say it, go right ahead. You terrible person you.)
        You could tweak this so that only black women get this benefit. Make it from say age 16 through 50. BUT, if you agree to tubal ligation, then it’s a lifetime benefit. Of course you’d have to frame it carefully. I would probably sell it as some sort of compensation (“reparation” might be a bad precedent) for how black women have historically had to serve as nannies, or some such bullshit. Tubal ligation would ensure that the poor POC women would not have to slave over babies like their cruelly exploited ancestors. We’re LIBERATING you, see?

        • Might be worth a try. In any event, the two “adults” need to bear a price (penalty) for burdening society with their spawn. I don’t really care whether Black or White.
          ‘The birth mother and father can absolutely be identified by DNA analysis. When they procreate out of wedlock and go on welfare they are rounded up and sterilized. Some details can be of course worked out to minimize exceptional cases, but by and large you punish the perp’s (parents), not the victims (children). There of course is the benefit of no more victims after #1. Children starving in the street plays into the hands of Lefties, which is what you may get when you turn off the EBT card, but not the breeding machine.

          • “the two “adults” need to bear a price (penalty) for burdening society with their spawn. I don’t really care whether Black or White.”
            Agreed. But considering that even murders are hardly ever solved (for example Chicago has a murder clearance rate of about 20%), no effort will be made to determine the paternity of any child.
            The ironic thing is that we *currently* have poor children of color starving in the street, because they are put out of the house (albeit temporarily, e.g for the evening, or for the weekend) by their loving mothers who want to “get busy” with the next sperm donor. But the good whites who are patting themselves on the back for their generosity don’t know (or won’t acknowledge) that this is happening.

    • Step one is the restoration of free association. You get to be around who you want and you don’t have to explain yourself. Step two, majority black areas would be designated as autonomous zones. They get to run their own areas. The talented ten percent would need incentives to return to their community, but that’s not an impossible problem.

      There is no perfect solution, but no improvement can come until whites simply accept the fact that integration can never work. We need to be apart. Once that becomes the default, improvement is possible.

      • Free association would be as much about separating from other whites as POC. Right now, Goodwhites (and, quite often, the talented tenth) can hammer us deplorables while getting all of the benefits of living in our neighborhoods and enjoying our social capital.
        Force Goodwhites to live amongst the diversity that they claim to love so much and watch them change their tune.

      • That makes sense, but then to get your freedom of association back, you’re back in the realm of electoral politics. And, unfortunately, that choice isn’t going to be on the ballot anytime soon.

        • No, we can’t vote our way nor do we need to. Look at my post. We absolutely can move forward without being electorally strong.

      • The Bolsheviks had 1905 as a dress rehearsal for 1917 . They discriminated in favour of so-called ‘ reliable classes ‘ and against class enemies . Enemies of the state , their family members and proscribed social or ethnic groups were treated harshly for multiple generations. 
        None of these criminals was ever called to account after the dissolution of the Soviet Union . They and their families profited from their crimes . After the fall many were welcomed in the USA as ‘refugees’ and given federal public benefits , unlike other immigrants who had to pay their own way . 
        We have 1945 to adumbrate what you can expect – there will be no quarter . The Germans were the most advanced country in Europe at that time , they captured the power of the State on behalf of their nation . Just like the Boer and the Southern Cavalier , they wanted the right to free association. For that crime they were held to a biblical standard of collective guilt unto the third and forth generation .
        There will be no velvet divorce . Reasonableness and fair play are not virtues that your adversaries are known for . The negro is the cats paw . They are but a golem deployed against us .
        Today , the people of the double standard insist that we treat them according to our own inclusive principles while they keep to their own exclusive moral code as God’s darlings. We should instead treat them according to their own standards . 
        A very strong case can be made that our ‘ inclusive universalism ‘ was an earlier scheme to condition us to ‘tolerate’ the depredations of a subversive ethnic out-group , given to operating behind the scenes , to extract wealth from the population at large. 
        The traitor insulates the enemy from retribution . There is no cost to collaboration . The oligarchy works it’s magic from behind the curtain . If you focus on the traitor you leave the enemy in place to suborn more traitors . As important as holding the Trumpeter to account is imposing a personal cost on those that pay the piper and call the tune . The enemy has to be the priority . The winner takes it all .  

      • Sounds like we may be getting into a situation resembling our Indian nations. That always has bugged me given the stories of how they run their “autonomous” lands, but seem to have their hand out for taxpayer $$$ as a backstop to tribal leadership incompetence.

        • And by wealth they are worse off than Blacks. A lot of people don’t know this. But at least they aren’t black, so they have something to be grateful for 😀

      • Watching the latest videos of LA’s burned over district I noted that one of the news bimbos actually said something relevant. She pointed out that many of the burned out businesses were mom and pop operations that had also been nearly wiped out by the virus panic and had now been burned out as well. This got me thinking about free association and how there are going to be lot of white business owners (and even some non-whites) who will be starting to think along the lines of “urban multi-cult America is just not worth it.” Never mind racial consciousness and all that but a lot of people have got to be wondering if it’s worth living in and trying to do business in areas where, first the legal authorities, and then the local mobs, just plain won’t let you make an honest buck. I can easily see this leading to a mass exodus from urban and blue areas and lots of hand wringing from the usual suspects. I wonder if we’ll start to see hints that maybe allowing people to live and work where they want “needs to be re-evaluated”, you know like gun rights and freedom of speech. Perhaps people need to be MADE to enjoy the diversity.

      • Another important step would be abolition of “hate crime” legislation, beloved of the usual suspects for obvious reasons.
        Sounds like an extremely uphill battle, but one possible way would be if some crazy-brave prosecutor charged some negro perpetrators with hate crimes against whites. (Obviously a substantial number of black-on-white crimes qualify as “hate crimes” but of course it’s overwhelmingly whites charged with hate crime.) The tactic would be to run multiple astroturfed movements claiming that the poor negro perps were being railroaded. I can envision a bill to eliminate the designation of “hate crime” with the charming sobriquet of “D’Antwon’s Law”.
        Justice for D’Antwon!
        No Justice for D’Antwon, No Peace!

    • Start at the bottom and work your way up.
      Anybody convivted of a 5 year plus felony gets the alternative offer of the one way ticket plus $10k.
      Then it become mandatory but $5k
      Then down the criminality roster
      Then onto Welfare- max of two years of benefits or The Deal.. etc etc.

      • Absolutely not.
        There is too much incentive for false convictions under that system.
        Also you want people to have children and I assume you do, wages must go up. A lot. Probably double or more. 80% of People live in cities or suburbs and this is costly. They are not going to scrimp and save to have kids for your cheap labor dystopia.
        If the penalty for not taking the elites scraps is expulsion to Africa than you deserve whatever comes your way.
        Pay good wages or lose your society. Choose wisely.
        And note if you are just going with “Its only for non Whites. ” well good luck with that ethnic cleansing because they are going to cleanse you first and rightly so.

        • Problem is the value of labor is going down, due to population growth and automation. I agree we don’t need free flow of populations seeking the better life here, but it’s sad to say the average person’s worth as a worker drops daily. Ironically one solution would be living a more primitive lifestyle where your labor is required. Or rigid protectionism and immigration controls.

          • If you don’t fix the wage issues, population aging eventual decline decline and a lack of willingness to support the current system will.
            Rigid protectionism will buy time as will closed borders . Getting it will require a dictatorship or something close to that as every single labor intensive business will cheat.
            It may end up with an extremely regulated society if only to prevent the lazy spiteful food industry among others from simply shutting it down rather than complying
            And note we are already having this problem with pork and others meats as processors want cheap labor and work conditions and are willing to stop production rather than change.
            People certainly can live on a lot less but not many people are interested in trading a couple of kids for a low standard of living. I’m not.
            Sure Varg Vikernes lives and extols this lifestyle but few are willing.
            Also if lots of people did that modernity would cease to exist or if it didn’t, the bug hive or someone else would use its vastly superior tech to destroy or enslave the Deplorables.
            The Hunger Games may be polemical teen dystopia but its get a big fact right.
            Once tech is invented, until everyone who can reach you or cares to reach you stops having it, you must have it also or you are done for.
            Its the Red Queens Race basically.

    • Make crime committed by blacks punishable by exile. “Crime” to include having children out of wedlock, for the women. That way, it can be sold as criminal justice… an opt-in deportation. The blacks who behave can stay, for as long as they behave.
      Methinks they will be few. Especially if there’s no welfare state to mooch off of.

      • Again with the idea that we can impose discipline on blacks.
        Conservatives have been saying this for 60 years and gotten nothing (except for the tough crime bills in the 90s, which are now being disavowed). Disciplining non-white dysfunction will never be done because of the group that controls the media/academia and uses that control to manipulate pathological white compassion.
        The solutions you propose are irrelevant because there is a bigger problem that prevents them.

        • This whole comment thread is the usual rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m so over this.

          • Its all tiresome nonsense. The problem is that everyone wants some magic easy solution or thinks they can impose apartheid in America without consequences.
            if you want to change the demography with State violence, have 5 or more sons and be prepared to bury three of them. Its that simple.
            Otheriwse once the system falls down enough take some land and hold it against all comers.
            There are no easy solutions since everyone in the US is armed to the teeth with estimates of a billion background checks over the last fifteen years.
            People across the whole political spectrum are armed and lots decent at urban warfare. You will note that Antifa or whoever had no problem taking out a police station and people recently killed Federal police.
            LARPING solutions like the above is just a form of grifting , wanting solutions without paying teh butchers bill in blood and treasure.
            It will never happen and if there is no way that anyone is willing than the best thing to to simply vote and pinch every penny to have as many home schooled kids as you can
            A White TFR of 5 vs Black, Asian and Latino TFR of 2 means you rule. The future after all belongs to those who show up.
            You numbers double every two decades and change.
            And if this take a century or so, so be it. You’ll need those numbers to deal with the Amish who are well on the way and who double every two decades,

          • AB, someone may someday strike the spark that lights the fire, but that day is unknowable and how the day plays out as well. Until then, folks talk about “solutions” that possibly may “bend the curve” (to use a recently fashionable term). Nothing wrong with that. And for that matter the only discussion possible in a public forum.

  62. If you are over the age of forty, the current black riots seem like another bad remake of a bad movie from your youth.
    Yep. I still can recall an image on the old black and white TV, must have been ’64 or ’65, of a local race riot when I was a young sprout. And I imagine people will still be seeing those images on their smart TV’s as they’re dropping the clods on my coffin.
    Gotta say, I’ve mostly gone through life viewing them as background noise, as inevitable as death and taxes. Part of our heritage, you might say.

  63. This is off topic a bit but FTN’s episode on this topic was truly wretched this morning. Awful debunked takes, unironically believing skewed leftist polling, then spent an hour talking about Jews…again. It almost felt like they hated talking about current politics and wanted to get back to their favorite subject.

    • I liked Ethnarch, he was much more substantive than the other guys. Then he disappeared, and I stopped listening.
      I feel bad for James Allsup, who sounds like a basically decent guy who jumped on to a sinking ship.

      • I feel bad for James Allsup, who sounds like a basically decent guy who jumped on to a sinking ship.

        I agree and think he will leave before too long. TRS has lost a good amount of talent because it’s radioactive there: Marcus Halberstram, ethnarch, Lauritz Von Guildhausen (sp?), etc. It’s all under the guise of having work commitments but that doesn’t hold up when most of them just have a Yeti plugged into a laptop. They could always find a spare hour or two but they don’t.

        • Jayoh, too. He was full of crap, but fun to listen. I recall flinging some dung at the way Halberstram just upped and left, but hindsight and all, I can see why. Now the hosts just disappear without neither word nor whisper.

      • Allsup did excellent, normie-friendly content on YouTube until he got Shoah’d this time last year.
        I know his wife had just had a kid, and so I’d assume that TRS’s paywall bucks are what made him jump on there.
        But yeah, huge mistake on his part.

    • These concerned citizens can’t organize garbage pickup in their own neighborhoods, yet twenty cities erupt in time for the Friday night news dump.


      Of course there are no scriptwriters!

      The downtrodden shoppers are doing this all on their own dime!


      Remember to boo and hiss at impulsive black violence when the cue card comes up. Then they get to boo and hiss at impulsive white racist cop violence.


      Neither can help themselves, it’s their nature. Follow along with the script, okay?


      No, I take that back.

      No ammo, no shootee.

      Zman’s correct, take their ammo, their janissaries, their pit bulls away. Quickest solution.

      Then we can discuss reparations, heh heh heh

    • Yeah, it’s a shame. When FTN first started, it was totally on fire. The energy just crackled out of the speakers. Over time, though, the energy seems to have gone out of it.
      I still listen to it, mostly as background noise while I’m doing something else. It’s still better than most stuff out there, and Jazzhands still does his homework putting his shows together.
      It’s strictly competent, but the spark is long gone.

    • Telling ya, man, Covid broke these dudes. A lot of other people, too. My podcast consumption is about a sixth what it was 9 weeks ago.

      • I agree about Covid breaking them. I don’t know why they jumped on the doomer bandwagon so hard but they are just flat out irrational on this many other issues now. They hate Trump but have no alternative. I dont listen enough to know but I am assuming they are “let it burn” accelerationist types.

  64. Another post that is, if you will forgive me, “right on.” Meanwhile, can someone explain to me why there was a mob of rioters in front of CNN headquarters? I thought they, CNN, were on the side of the rioters.

    • They believe CNN doesn’t go far enough in their anti-white hatred. Boggles the mind but that’s why.

      • Exactly. These militant blacks and radical leftists honestly do believe that CNN, MSNBC, and all mainstream media outlets are propagators of white supremacy. Just read radical leftist websites such as Black Agenda Report, Counterpunch, ROAR, and others in order to see for yourself.

    • The grateful shoppers should do MSNBC HQ.


      This morning, I heard a black interviewee say, “just like the Central Park Five… excuse me, the Honorable Central Park Five.”


      p.s.- Saint Floyd is showing up in Europe, too. The Africans and Muslims are rising up in gritty, authentic, completely spontaneous outrage over white racism.

      • Every faith has its martyrs and saints, Antifa and Black Supremacists being no exception.

    • For the same reason blacks rape Nice White Ladies and mug liberal soy boys: They’re white.
      Blacks, like all races, don’t distinguish between “good” and “bad” whites. They just see white.

    • The best part was the mestizo guy standing on the giant CNN letters waving a Mexican flag.

      • In the LA (Rodney King) riots, the NG was also called in. They did not deploy immediately and the excuse was they needed to have their M16’s modified to semi-auto. The Governor of the day said to the NG Chief, then give them all “one” bullet, but get them in the street. Guess what happened? 😉
        Moral to the story is the same as it was then. The NG will not be effective without instructions to use deadly force. Question always is, will the rioters see through such posturing of the military this time?

    • I’ve often thought about setting up a GoFundMe for the BTAM, the Back To Africa Movement. It would not last an hour, but I’d raise a lot of money.

      • I recall the American Sulla, Lincoln, was in favor of emigration. It was his rambling address from the White House portico as the war ended, about “negro citizenship,” heard by one John Booth in the crowd, that set his assassination into motion.

        • Lincoln paid lip service to emigrating Sambo, but that was mainly bullshit he told to the rubes to support his war, kind of like how the Bad Orange Man keeps talking about mass deportation, but isn’t seriously going to do it.
          Lincoln’s true policies were entirely in line with the rabid, revolutionary abolitionists in his party, who would never deny the angelic, Christ-like negro full access to the glorious new America.

          • Lincoln may have been sincere about repatriation, who knows. Truth is, then as now, presidents have only so much power. The economy god gets its way in America. It’s a venal society.

          • The War for Southern Independence was first about economics/Southern taxes and handy secondarily to use the abolition movement as a smoke screen. The north could not afford to let the south go.

          • Nonsense. The Yankees immolated the Southern economy, which remained far behind the rest of the country until after 1945. They certainly could afford to let the South go. They chose to destroy it because of politics and ideology first.

          • The South’s economic motive for seceding is obvious. The North’s economic motive for preserving the union was much weaker — but a number of politically powerful Northern industrialists had a stake in preventing the spread of plantation economies in Western territories. With hindsight, we know those “benefits” didn’t come close to surpassing the costs of the war. But in 1861 there were influential leaders on both sides who assumed the costs would be much lower than they turned out to be, and that they would achieve a quick victory.

          • The north’s policy was free labor and trade protectionism for domestic industry. The south represented a tremendous opportunity for developing domestic industry, but its economy and culture had to be overthrown to make that possible. The economic war took 4 years, the culture war rages on. The ‘new south’ is what we’re left with. Not that I think any of it was a good idea.
            The north’s victory was incomplete. IMO it’s no coincidence that mass 3rd world immigration (legal/illegal), free trade, civil rights, etc., became important around the same time the south had recovered enough to rival the north. The civil war rages on, but there’s been so much cross pollination that it’s extra-regional.

          • Never bothered to check, but I recall reading that part of the reason the North went after Dixie is because much, maybe most of the taxes (tarriffs) came from The South. Yes, even in 1860 the Yankees had the factories but the south had the customs-house 🙂

          • Speaking of cotton:
            Charles Dickens, writing from Britain in December 1861, “In the original constitution of the Union, it was provided that all taxes shall be uniform throughout the United States. When the new nation began, there had been few manufacturers. Import duties fell evenly among the states.
            When manufacturing got started after the War of 1812, a modest protective tariff seemed to be in the interest of the infant industries. By 1828, the protective tariff had become a prohibitive tariff, and it provided fat profits to manufacturing interests in the North that really didn’t need to be protected anymore. The tariffs turned into a system that compelled the South to pay a heavy fine into the pockets of Northern manufacturers. Southern ships that carried cotton and tobacco to Europe were paid by an exchange of commodities, that is European manufactured goods now had a high tariff charge, thus draining money from the pockets of the people in the South into the Federal treasury, which the people of the North were not paying—a tax lacking in uniformity, an unconstitutional tax.” British periodicals of the time proclaimed it was a prohibition tariff.
            “The South hated the tariff for almost 40 years. No matter how low it was (20% in 1857) it caused the prices of cotton and tobacco to decline. Since the South could not receive British or French goods in exchange with a high tariff, they would have to demand hard cash, which in turn would require a lower price for their commodities. With the election of Lincoln and an exclusive Northern party taking over the Federal government, the time for withdrawal had arrived.”
            “Union means so many millions a year lost to the South; secession means the loss of the same millions to the North. The love of money is the root of this as of many many other evils….The quarrel between the North and South is, as it stands, a fiscal quarrel.”–Charles Dickens
            Alright…enough of this, with no resolution in sight. Blah blah blah blah blah Ginger blah. Goddamnit…I chased the stick..Woof ….Arf…Fever swamp, Range.

          • His only “position” was in the corner jacking off to Tiberius pounding his wife. He is the original Captain Cuck. He sacrificed his son’s life and his own life so he could be see as the savior of the spades.

          • Also, virtually no voters in the states that were to become the Confederacy, and darned few in the border states, voted for Lincoln in 1860. The South was facing being cut out of the national government. They saw no future in the Federal Union.

          • Right. The US wouldn’t exist if the north hadn’t been willing to tolerate slavery. The war started because both sides felt economically threatened by the other. One wanted higher prices, the other lower. That only matters wrt money creation, which only matters if you think money creation is wealth creation, as opposed to land holdings, for instance. Hamilton and his central bank vs Jefferson and his Louisiana purchase. Slaves are the easiest way to make land productive, but free people make good debtors. Rant over!

          • Yes, the printing press was old news even in 1860s 🙂 Times got so hard they were using postage stamps for money for a while.

        • Tom Woods argued in his book on Lincoln that he had every intention of returning blacks to Africa but was interrupted by a severe lead migraine. I think Woods is using Lincoln’s talks on repatriation as a way to add to tarring a man who was otherwise completely reprehensible. I thought it more of a feature than a bug.

        • Like most of our ruling class Lincoln wouldn’t pay the actual proper cost for anything .
          Because of that repatriation could never happen even if the Damned Yankees could have been made to go along.
          Hell beyond the race issue we are still paying the cost for cheap labor and virtue signaling in a shade under 50 years of below replacement fertility.
          No steady jobs, no decent wages, no stable families no babies from any group. Even the Latinos and Black Americans are well below replacement .
          Modernity is costly. If you won’t pay the repair bill, it falls apart and self destructs.
          As Captain Capitalist likes to say “Enjoy the Decline.”

      • Surely there are black nationalists who would create such a fund. Of course, they’d skim all the ducats to buy gold rims and cases of treacly wine.

        • Brett Stevens at talks about some guy who calls himself Osiris something or other. While he pontificates about black souls in a way that makes me argue with the article outloud, he at least believes that the best place for africans in America is back to Africa.

      • Alright, I’m confused. Z…didn’t you write blacks have a negative identity based solely on pushing off against whitey?! I see that. The last thing blacks want is separation. Gibs and as a whole they can’t keep society running.
        Last night, even formerly Mormon Salt Lake City rioted, burned a cop car and a civilian car, roared, broke windows in City Creek shopping center, general mayhem and destruction. The fifth column is here. The brainwashing is compete. There are now too many of Them that are now good little droids. No matter how much destruction nor how many gibs are demanded, the brainwashing is in place. From Boomers to Cradle. Burn Baby Burn.
        It’s either small quietly separate communities as Lineman has written on, and still paying gibs from the community….no where to run no where to hide in a surveillance state….or? The “Or” is so far in the future it doesn’t have a shape.
        There is no separation for a long, long time. It’s gibs time, ladies and gentlemen. And a few human sacrifices to enforce it. Brace yourselves.

        • It was fun to watch that dummy with the crrossbow get attacked by rioters, though. Quite a rude awakening for the Breitbart crowd.
          Lots of illusions are going to be shattered in the coming weeks.

          • I’d ignored news for a couple days. I’d heard about the cop using the suspect as an ottoman but I’d not followed the nationwide riots and looting. When I heard a Fed got killed, I said “Now I see why they are mobilizing the Army etc.” Feels a bit like the late 60s…

          • Whitey is going back to space as Blacks loot. It is exactly like the 60s. Only this time ith ess white people.

      • I suspect the reason you or others won’t start this is the fact that it will be quickly banned, funds confiscated, and all person identities, both of creators and finders, exposed and then expelled from job and society, much like the Karen whose Central Park incident has her apologizing without reward.
        ”They” still control platforms and “justice”.

        • As we live in a surveillance state, your opine holds. “Community” of the future must be fluid and not defined by rigid geography nor bank account.

      • At least you got a few years of labour out of the sods! Over here in Europe we’re in the process of importing tens of millions of Muslims, all for precisely no contribution to the economy whatsoever!
        Makes you Yanks look positively shrewd by comparison.

      • Florida could never have served as a neutral reservation. It’s too close to the nations of the Caribbean. Eventually the black diaspora would join into a confederacy and they would already enjoy an established toehold on the continental US. Florida together with its overgrown backwaters and massive coastline is a haven for smugglers of all things, including hostile nukes by the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
        The diaspora blacks would still be demanding gibs today from their Florida reservation, magnified by the Caribbean confederation, and they would receive them because our morally superior good whites would undermine the rest of us as they always have done. You’d still see mixed-race people here because our progressives would carry back black babies in their wombs.
        The only place on earth that is appropriate for blacks is Africa, period. It would have required a massive, nearly impossible undertaking but every single last black in America ought to have been shipped back to Africa following the US Civil War. All of them.
        If we had accomplished that deportation, somehow, and kept out cheap labor and its accompanying problems by preventing the Italians, Irish and Jews from immigrating to the US in huge numbers, then US citizens could be living at least as well and securely as the Swiss do now. Instead, the US as a polity and empire is irrevocably doomed. For some comfy terry bathroom towels and robes.

      • “GoFundMe for the BTAM, the Back To Africa Movement. It would not last an hour”
        You never know. A while back someone had a petition on titled “End the anti-Semitic witch hunt against Jeffery Epstein” and that was up for days if not weeks.
        Also, since Settled Science (TM, #istandwithscience) says we are all Africans, I think you could use whatever funds you raise to outfit yourself a well-sited and defensible homestead in CONUS, purely as a proof-of-concept dry-run for your eventual triumphant, albeit inadequately melaninated, return to Mother Africa, of course.

        • The Africa origin is the dominant theory. My tongue-in-cheek addition is that our ancestors migrated to Europe when they discovered they were living in a Black neighborhood 😀

      • Zman ….I’m always amazed at how well you are able to articulate issues…particularly zeitgeist related ones.
        This one for some reason, raised the bar even higher.
        I share articles like this with those that try not to think about these “issues” because it makes their heads hurt and they’ve been programed to feel dirty about doing so…hence they avoid the GLARING truths….I consider this piece a PSA…That makes them a step closer to coming out of the racial reality closet.
        Many Thanks!

    • Nice try, Z, but you’re about 160 years too late. Every single president from Washington to Lincoln favored emancipation, then repatriation of Negroes to Africa. Almost every leading politician of the Antebellum Era was a supporter of the American Colonization Society, and they did in fact establish Liberia and repatriate manumitted Negroes there, replete with a carbon copy of the U.S. Constitution.
      Look at how well that worked out.
      Jefferson addressed the question of racial separation better than anyone in “Notes on the State of Virginia.” After proposing emancipation, Jefferson argued that freed Negroes should be colonized elsewhere:
      “It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the state…? Deep rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which nature has made; and many other circumstances, will divide us into parties, and produce convulsions which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.”
      Frankly, he nailed it. We are never going to get rid of the Negro problem; the Negro problem is going to get rid of us.


    • 60% of all Blacks live in this belt. Fill in some of the area around it to provide space for the other 40%, give them a seaport or two and give them an annual operating budget for 10 years. Most Blacks may go for it, most Good Whites will pull their hair out. If we can break that interdependent bond we will have accomplished something useful. A good first step. Push the Overton Window in a direction that will appeal to Blacks and be of use to us.

      • This mapping is a terrible idea because the location makes in uncontainable. If separation were to take the form of one place–and good luck with that–there is only one place that is containable and that is Florida, which conincidentally consists of 42 million acres.

        • The point isn’t how the separation gets worked out. It’s to drive a wedge between Blacks and Good Whites. If we can do that we’ll have won half the battle.

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