Devil’s Dictionary

Maybe it has always been true, but it seems like we live in an age of esoteric language or pseudo-language. Everyone is familiar with the gag of using “undocumented worker” in place of “illegal alien.”  Janitors became sanitation engineers and teachers are now educators. It is a part of how the American Left makes war on our civilization. By destroying the language, they destroy the truth. If words no longer have common and concise meanings, then there is no truth, only force.

There is another aspect to this. The Progs create pleasant sounding phrases and neologisms that are packed with danger. It is a natural outgrowth of the passive-aggressive tactics popular with the Progs. The new word or phrase is not intended to clarify or explain idea, but to warn people that the official truth has been decided and any further debate will be seen as a challenge. As everyone knows, the Left responds to a challenge with violence so the new phrase means “shut up or else.”

With that in mind, a running list of words and phrases, which have a more ominous meaning beyond the literal, seems like a good project. This will be one of those posts that could be updated over time both for entertainment purposes and to build out a comprehensive language guide for the normie trying to navigate his way through the theocracy. Perhaps one day some smart crime thinker will create a mobile app, like a universal translator, for normal people to use when dealing with HR or reading a mainstream news site.

Have a conversation: Whenever you hear someone say they want to have a conversation about something, what they mean is they want to shut down all debate and impose their will with regards to the subject. Having a conversation about marriage led to the end of the homosexual marriage debate in favor of the sodomites. Having a conversation about race means Progs screaming at white people about racism and white privilege. Having a conversation always means sitting through a lecture.

Secure the border: Whenever the topic of immigration comes up, someone will start chanting about the need to secure the border. The reason for this is so they can avoid talking about immigration, without looking soft on immigration. What they really mean when they use this phrase is they have no interest in the topic and you are a racist for bringing it up, but they will throw you a bone just to shut you up.

Here’s What You Need to Know: This is a favorite of female millennial writers, who imagine themselves as brilliant because they got a gold star from their lefty teachers in school. It is a phrase that sets themselves up as the arbiter of what is and what is not worth knowing about a topic. Unsurprisingly, what never needs to be known is anything that contradicts the one true faith. As soon as you see this in a post, it means that what you need to know is they are right and shut up.

Conservative Principles: Alternatively, “first principles” or “principled conservative.” The Conservative Industrial Complex loves throwing this around to benefit themselves and damage anyone questioning their project. As soon as you hear Official Conservatives™ talking about their principles, it means they are either about to throw in with the Left against you or they are preparing to surrender on some cultural issue.

Fact Check: The lefty scolds love this phrase. They fact check the crap out of everything, except their own beliefs. Those are off limits because you are a racist. As soon as you see this phrase, you should assume that what comes next is some senseless nitpicking that let us them dismiss anything they find unpleasant. For instance, when a normal person says migrants suck off the welfare system, they will “fact check” this and claim that “not that many” migrants go on welfare. So, you are a bigot and shut up.

Inclusive: This means normal people need not apply. Something that is inclusive is something that excludes the things normal people consider to be normal. A club that is inclusive, for example, will be full of homosexual males, blue haired lesbians and people with fashionable mental disorders. Inclusive is code for fringe weirdos only.

Disturbing: Progs say this to let other Progs know that what is being described or witnessed is taboo. It is a favor they do for one another.

Divisive: Since uniformity and conformity are the highest virtues of Progressivism, anything that contradicts the tenets of the faith are labeled “divisive.” This lets coreligionists know that the person or argument is a major hate crime. This is also a mortal sin. There is not much worse than being divisive.

Polarizing: Like divisive, this word is used for people or ideas that contradict the faith but have not yet become mortal sins. The person or idea is causing conflict in the cult, but not so much that it is a threat. This is a venial sin.

It is Complicated: This means it is not complicated, but we are going to pretend it is so we can get a bunch of our friends jobs in the bureaucracy. Health care is complicated, for example, so it means thousands of jobs for liberal arts majors out of swank private colleges.

Intellectual Case: The abuse of modifiers in modern language is rampant. What exactly is an intellectual case, versus a regular case or perhaps an emotional case? When you see this phrase, just assume the person using it is a chattering class mediocrity trying to convince you that his preferences are canonical and everyone else is just stupid.

Moral Narcissism: Abracadabra words are so common; it is easy to blow past them without noticing. Here is a popular example. This should be read as “magic bad word” as it has no meaning beyond that.

There is a lot more work to be done: Politicians love saying this, usually after they rattle off a long list of their alleged accomplishments. Professional barnacles also love using this phrase when promoting whatever cause it is they represent, a cause that is fully funded by taxpayers. In both cases, it means nothing will ever be solved and the racket will go on forever or until the treasury is empty.

Get our fiscal house in order: This is the politician or pundit saying he would like to rob you and your posterity of their last nickel.

Unity: This always means “get whitey.” When the black street leader calls for unity, he means to declare a war on the honky. When homosexuals want unity, it means attacking straight white males. It is why you never hear normal white males call for unity. Everyone would interpret it as a call for mass suicide.

Healing: This means the people in charge have figured out how they are going to sweep the disconfirmation down the memory hole and refocus on the crime thinkers. For instance, after a Mohamed explodes or goes stabby, the government officials declare it a random incident of domestic violence and say it is now time for healing. It is always a cue for their surrogates in the media to stop talking about the story.

Come Together: Shut up

Diversity: No white men.

Slashed: The tiniest of decreases, usually so small that no one will notice. An agency’s budget is “slashed” when the managers do not get their usual lavish raise but have to suffer with a small increase. Government programs are slashed when they get all the money the need, but not what they wanted. In a sense, “slashed” means the government just took a chunk out of your paycheck.

Woke: This is the sound a white woman makes when she is about to say something outlandishly stupid.

Outspoken: This is a compliment for someone, who is holding the megaphone, bellowing at the crowd on behalf of the one true faith. A normal person would assume it means “speaking against the current order” but in our modern managerial age, it means the opposite. An outspoken person is someone railing against the non-conformists and deviationists for their gross hooliganism. Stalin was outspoken.

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  1. “Absoley”, “Defalee”, “Nuh VAAHH duh” instead of Nevada, Obama’s “POCK eee Stahhn”, “Moving Forward”, “Celebrate!” (instead of “Honor”), “Like..Like! like Like Like”….”Literally” , “Skyrocketing, On Steroids!”, Hillary’s “Well, You Know…”, “Reach Out”, “Give Back”, “At Risk” (Of WHAT, exactly????!!!)

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  3. “Badass” (noun) — an expression of admiration, used by a woman or a feminized man to describe another woman who has done something stupid, which required no bravery, for which the woman will never face consequences, and which reinforces and affirms the feminist sense of victimhood. Mattress Girl was frequently referred to as a badass.

  4. “The great misfortune of the twentieth Century is to have been the one in which the ideal of liberty was harnessed to the service of tyranny, the ideal of equality to the service of privilege, and all the aspirations and social forces included under the label of the “Left” enrolled in the service of impoverishment and enslavement. This immense imposture has falsified most of this century, partly through the faults of some of its greatest intellectuals. It has corrupted the language and action of politics down to tiny details of vocabulary, it has inverted the sense of morality and enthroned falsehood in the very center of human thought.”  

    The Flight From Truth: The Reign of Deceit in the Age of Information
    1991, Random House Jean-Francois Revel

  5. Safe: 1. You are a serf, against your will, for your own good, you have no rights but those allowed, you must submit, at gunpoint, or else. 2. Be afraid but more government will save you but be afraid.

    Tragic: Something completely avoidable if not for leftist policies.

    Common Sense Gun Legislation: Total “civilian” disarmament, for your own good, at gun point, to keep you “Safe” or else.

    Civilian: Serf, peon, slave, peasant. Not citizen, no, never citizen.

    NRA: 1. A United Nations NGO with a dubious record of “pro” gun legislative initiatives at best and a treasonous NWO stealth gun control operation at worst. 2. See Judenrat

    ATF: 1. Revenuers who carry guns, drink, and smoke. 2. Eric Holder’s gun runners to Mexico. 3. See “Fast and Furious”.

    Great start to the list sir. This is fun, @ProGunFred on

  6. It’s a made up language of contradiction in terms, out of whole cloth mind you, diversity communique, but what it really is, like diversity and equal rights, simply more dress rehearsal for class and civil war. The intended object is to make everything so confusing most won’t know if violent revolution is coming or going or whose “side” you need to be on.

  7. Draconian — Used to describe someone who wishes to enforce popular laws already on the books that have not been enforced with consistency or regularity for some period of time. Most commonly used in the context of immigration.

  8. Awesome !
    George Carlin did something like this as well. Although his list was more what liberals were doing to murder the English language.

    This political doublespeak is far more dangerous. Every organization and workplace has been infiltrated with this garbage.

    Speak out against it or just simply disagree will immediately initiate the witch hunt !

  9. “Human Resources”

    This has replaced the old “Personnel Department” in companies. It started appearing in the seventies. Basically, it was an Orwellian phrase that meant “all humans are equal and valuable,” even if some were a drag on the company. In order for management to discover the error of their ways, their employees were now to be referred to as “human” and “resources”…not as “valuable” or “deadbeats.” Employees are no longer “personnel,” with all the variability which this implies. They are now “resources” which can either be squandered or nurtured.

  10. “This violates our principles.”

    Don’t even THINK about crossing this line in the sand, because we have many, many vested interests at stake and if you pull one single brick out of this government edifice, the whole thing will come crashing down. Plus we will fight you on the beaches and in the streets to keep this program running, no matter how worthless it is. Our very political existence is at stake here!!!!

  11. You forgot “sustainable”. It once meant “that which can be sustained” but now it means “in need of government subsidies to survive”.
    The desideratum is for a 100% sustainable society.

  12. Oh my god man, how could you miss my favorite one:

    Your article a year or two back remarking about how these women claim to be passionate, just like HITLER!(tm) cracks me up everytime.

  13. Gun Control: Typically promoted and justified after a publicized shooting, any attempt to disarm uninvolved law-abiding third parties.

  14. Tolerance – Is, in fact, intolerance.

    Reaganesque – One of Conservative Inc’s favorite adjectives after a pol gives a speech straight out of the book, “How to Sound Like Reagan, and Be Liked”.

    Tax Credit – Welfare you apply for using a 1040 tax form.

    Gun Control Legislation – A fundraiser, usually in conjunction with some sort of mass shooting of unarmed people in a gun free zone.

    Family Planning – Abortion.

    Religious Extremists – Christians who attend Sunday worship services, and have a fish on the bumper of their car.

    Green – We’re engaging in pollution, but by other means.

    Optics – You saw it just fine, and It’s exactly as bad and corrupt as it looks.

  15. Social Justice has replaced equality. It’s because justice has this connotation of punishment, and they are trying to verbally prepare whites to be punished, for their racial sins.

  16. I recently had two different people make clear-cut judgments about other people and then follow it with “not judging”. I don’t even know how you can deal with these people

  17. I didn’t realize that “woke” was a Prog term. I’ve read it on alt-right sites, and since I don’t read Prog sites, I haven’t encountered it in its natural habitat. Are Alt-Righters using it ironically, or are they just picking up the enemy’s weapon and using it against him?

    • “Woke” is a black term, (and also used by their leftist pets)
      sometimes used ironically by the alt-right or the youths,
      any other whites who do not understand how to meme it, probably should not use it.
      Non-degenerate white people can only become “red pilled,” they cannot become “woke.”
      My advice-never say you are “woke.”

  18. There was a professor in the English department at the University of Louisville more than 30 years ago that compiled a tome on Criminal Argot. This effort should be quite similar.

  19. “Educate yourself” – usually uttered by a resentful representative of NAM. Because white people had stolen knowledge from ancient Africans and didn’t tell the truth about. But truth about them being kangz is out there!

  20. I’ve noticed that EVERY SINGLE PBS show narration, regardless of the topic ALWAYS ALWAYS includes the words: diverse, sustainable, vibrant.
    A show about flowers? diverse, sustainable, vibrant. A show about hardware manufacturing? diverse, sustainable, vibrant. A show about cooking steak? diverse, sustainable, vibrant.

  21. Garet Garrett–People were all the while fixed in the delusion that they were talking about the same things because they were using the same words. Opposite and violently hostile ideas were represented by the same word signs. This was the American people’s first experience with dialectic according to Marx and Lenin.

  22. Diversity: No white men!

    Remember when that hatred was directed only at the WASP in the US the last 40 years? In the last 5-10 years it’s morphed in general disdain of whites. It odd to watch the left try to identify who is actually white in America. Are Italians white – or Greeks, Poles, Arabs, French? Do they have some special advantage over the rest of society and should be blamed for being white. I don’t think many of the sub groups I mentioned are at the top 2%. That’s why this white man shit will backfire on the left. But challenge them on this and they sound like the racists – because it’s racism against the majority of the nation.

  23. I confess to having a soft spot for old commie lingo. Right-deviationists, left-deviationists, wreckers, struggle sessions… and the best one, “elimination of unreliable elements,” which as Orwell said meant “shot in the back of the neck, or sent to die of scurvy in an Arctic lumber camp. Our jokes are better — and “Stalin was outspoken” is an instant classic — but as with everything else, our fathers did Newspeak better, too.

    • Liberation of the oppressed masses!
      Running capitalist pig-dogs!
      So clumsy. Today’s Progspeak is so soothing, so melodic, so feminine.

      Oops. I meant gay. Or trans. Or…
      Must be that superior whole-brain nuance.

      • Don’t forget the Democratic People’s Republic of Whatever. It’s a joke now, but a great piece of propaganda back then. Not to mention “base and superstructure” and all that — when they pretended to “fucking love science,” they really went all-out. It’s so much easier to pretend to be smart when your propositions take a few Intro Philosophy courses to parse. Nowadays, you can defeat pretty much any Leftist “idea” by saying “boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.”

  24. Affirmative Action: Discriminatory quotas used for advancing or promoting under-qualified members of designated victim groups. Synonym: Equal Opportunity

  25. Cultural enrichment: being beaten within an inch of your life while through the fog watching your wife and daughter take it up the ass from eight sand niggers, and then being blamed for it all because you triggered them by a white microaggression.

  26. Hate is another good one. Hate apparently is the worst possible sin that can be committed. Unless, of course, you “hate” the “haters”. Then it is morally justified. How your non-elite libtard that uses this word doesn’t see the hypocrisy in that is beyond me.

  27. White american males don’t define themselves by feelings and don’t need to be told who they are or what they believe. Progressives never cease to amuse us by incinerating themselves on this firewall.

  28. How about adding:

    Exciting: The feeling the Left gets when one introduces a new idea designed to pull The Narrative further Leftwards. Examples:

    White heterosexual males should be denied the right to vote.
    Polygamy should be legalized.
    President Trump should be impeached and exiled from the USA.

    (p.s. Maxine Waters just spoke the last one!)

  29. I’m going to try to add to the list:

    Problematic: A contradiction in the One True Faith that does not have an easy resolution, or a minor sin against the Faith by one of the faithful that can be forgiven if corrected.

    Safe Space: A gathering of the faithful and nothing but the faithful. Also no white guys, even if faithful.

    Hate Speech: Heresy.

    [Whatever] Rights: Special privileges.

    Critical Theory: Theology.

    • Bill;
      Wow_! A trip down ‘based’ Boomer memory lane. Cruising town in my BOQ roomie’s Austin Healy 3000. Hoping not to run over the puddle that would stop the engine. English foreign car technology at its coolest: Good Times_!

      Not at all like those enlisted swines’ * 400 hp purple Hemi-Cudas which actually ran, sounded ‘bitchin’ and were catnip to the local townies (IFYKWIMAITYD).

      *Just jokin

      • Uh, not in RVN, where I first heard that tape. The hottest thing on the road there was the MUTT. One false move and it flipped and killed you.

  30. Great Post. I suppose that it’s too trivial to plump for a general default rule to use in the event of encountering a new/revised ProgSpeak term. This rule needs to be source-based.

    Proposed Rule: If a term/phrase is from a communicant of the Prog religion, then, in the absence of more concrete information, one should assume that it is deliberately intended to deceive the normies.*

    The default form of deception is that the term effectively means the opposite of the surface words, either singly or in combination. But usually one of the words in the string is anchored just enough to lend a surface plausibility.

    Examples abound: The Affordable Care Act is not affordable and is not about health _care_ at all (rather about its finance). It is, however, most definitely an act.

    Or: The Reality Based Community is not a community in the usual organic sense of the word. But regardless, their relationship to reality is tenuous at best. ‘Based’ is deceptively used to _imply_ reality without actually establishing the fact of it. Etc.

    * You did say this in effect, just not in so many words.

  31. The destruction of language also makes civility impossible because it sows confusion and uncertainty (and by extension, loss of trust). This raises the level of societal anxiety because people don’t know what to believe anymore and must be on-guard against potential danger all the time. Most importantly, this means that we are not going to talk our way out of this mess. Best be prepared for when things go hot, because that course is becoming inevitable.

    • The left is damned sure not going to surrender. This is going to be akin to the Battle of Okinawa, i.e. town by town, house by house.

  32. Wow_! I cannot believe that TROUBLING is not yet on the list. Used to be Tom Daschle’s favorite way of saying something like, “I can’t directly refute what you say/propose, but dealing directly with it does not advance my hidden plans for creating the path to utopia.”

    Alternative meaning: “If you’re halfway serious about this, you better bring a lot of lobbyist money.”

  33. Z- I’ve taken a web sanity break for a few weeks and just returned to these parts. So I’ve been reading back to June 12. A continued outpouring of good, bracing stuff. Makes me feel better and worse about things.

    Your posts on the PT Barnum Economy and Douchebag Society were especially good.

    The latter made me belatedly tweet Bret Stephens at some moderate length. I was admittedly only dimly aware of him. What an appalling post-national snot.

    Although, I concede he may have come up with a new variation on statehood and post national identity which for lack of a better summary I’m calling the mission-state or project-state. Citizenship contingent on being part of the mission and a full on team player. It’s a step beyond the market-state Philip Bobbitt imagined or the propositional- or values-state of leftists dreams. Imagine nationhood as a continent-spanning segment from “The Right Stuff”.

    I would rather return to feudal monarchy.

  34. Great list. All the magical words and phrases they use are based on group-think. They are ways to make sure everyone in the cult has perfectly synchronized meaningless thoughts.

    Normals who think for themselves, assess ideas and others’ opinions, and reach their own conclusions often don’t understand or even register these words. They flow past our ears without registering like a fat girl passing across our field of vision.

  35. This post reminds me of what a professor of mine used to say, “He who defines a word has the power”.
    (The prof was Ray Fabrizio and he taught a class on Propaganda in media, politics and advertising.)

  36. Thought bullies must be defeated by intellectual force, lest the verbally castrated republicans elected to preserve conservative values submit us to a Swedish-style feminocracy.

    • I think it has two meanings. One is a contradiction in the One True Faith that doesn’t have a readily available resolution. The second is a minor sin against the Faith by one of the faithful, which can be forgiven if remedied.

  37. The progs even have their policing tribunals.
    This week John McEnroe commited heresy by saying that Serena Williams was the best female tennis player in the world. When pushed to remove female he said no, that their were probably 700 or so men that could beat her.
    The tribunal part comes when he goes on CBS’s morning show and facing those air heads where they push him to recant. You really have to see it to believe it.

  38. If white males were to use the term “unity”, it would not mean mass suicide. It would mean Hitler is back. Therefore, the term “unity” shall never be allowed to cross the white male’s lips. Because Hitler. Which is another loaded term.

    • Welp, I’m a white woman, and I’m saying it. I’m ready for lots and lots of white male “unity.”
      I’ve long been of the mindset that things have to get much worse, before there’s any hope they will get any better, & do not remotely believe in incremental changes and/or improvements happening or even helping, if they did occur.
      As you might have guessed, people revere me for 24/7 optimism, and funny, sunny outlook on life.

  39. Controlling the language has always been important to the left. I think it may have been the realization of this that drove the Tory Dr. Johnson to write his dictionary. One thing I find interesting is that when the Soviet union fell it became more apparent to them that They were much less likely to be able to impose their attempts at utopia via a political solution, so they moved into the corporate world en masse. It was almost with a sense of relief that they did this. As if God had given them permission to be materialistically possessive while saving the world. Maybe this is why they like Reagan. Many of them got rich under his policies and they did a pretty good job of infiltrating everything that matters with social justice bullshit.
    The first changes were almost imperceptible. During those years I was reading a variety of magazines and newspapers, business and medicine oriented, as well as the conservative mags. The conservatives would complain about what was happening now and then, but the sense of inevitability was there from the get go. The idea of creating an alternative culture never occured to them. Once in a while I would find myself in conversation with people who could influence quite a bit of resources and would suggest things like creating a huge conservative data base that could be used for reference in political battles and get blank looks, now we have infogalactic. Another was having newspapers that weren’t just political commentary, but would want to be bought by the average Joe. Even suggested taking over classified advertising. Jeez. There are times I wish I’d been into computers rather than a surgeon.

    • Join the discussionGood points all.

      I first became aware of conservatism in the US [I’m in Canada so we had weak imitations at most if that] in the 80s so my knowledge of the history is all retrospective. You can see ways in which it had the character of an insurgency, with the innovative use of direct mail and other things, the building of a policy infrastructure through alternative think tanks, etc.

      But in the end, they got coopted through such power as they had in the Reagan era. They were either soft-prog wonks, ‘compassionate conservatives’, or basically into cutting their own taxes and no other context, well before 2000.

      The death of National Review in the late 90s was emblematic. At minimum, they tossed religious, traditionalist, and nationalist interests overboard in favour of mainly Randian, class war, technocratic interests.

      I haven’t quite figured out if it’s just that they changed their idea of what could or would be conservable, if they were out of their depth when the old liberal foe morphed into the new and more all-encompassing progressive ideology, if they just didn’t understand the scale or depth of the new threat, how different the world could become, or if they never cared to begin with.

      Maybe, as Z has suggested on several occasions, they were never more than the slightly more anti-communist, slightly low tax wing of the progressive coalition and all the rest was 40 years of maskirovka.

      I know I’m pretty tired of David Frum at this point. Apropos of nothing.

      But you’re right. Whatever the goals, I recall conservatives making some innovations [that direct mail thing by Richard Viguerie was at least famous enough among conservatives that they were still writing about it in the 80s as a one of their great plays]. There were the think tanks, at the time a great new way of keeping wonks in the field which is not an unnecessary thing even now, and was critical in the influence battle then. But mass influence always eluded and seemed, as you say, to command little interest. Hard to fathom now.

      And it’s probably a mistake whatever form the new right takes will repeat, if it gets that far.

      • The first signs of decline at NR we’re when people like Whittaker Chambers and Russell Kirk left. Then later on you had the ones we are more familiar with pushed out: Buchanan, Steyn, Derbyshire, Coulter, O’Sullivan. Earlier on you could say that the breaks were over points of emphasis and a desire to seem more mainstream. Later on it was more obvious that they cared more about what the left thought than their base of support or others on the right. They turned into Saul holding the coats of the Pharisees while they stoned Stephen. That’s where they remain.

  40. You forgot “that’s not who we are”, the most loathsome phrase to bully people into conforming.

    • I will straight up sock someone straight in their nose if they ever utter the phrase, “that’s not who we are,” in my presence. I don’t care who they are, or where we are at the time.
      I’m old, and I’m willing to do jail time over it.

      • “Wrong side of history” is one of the most important ones because it reveals how they see themselves as always-right Marty Stu characters in a Hegelian dialectic moving towards eternal progress. They’re trying to tell a story and you’re rudely interrupting them. It literally is a narrative. Think of that diagram we’ve all seen where: monkeys -> cavemen -> humans. When you realize they see you as obstructing that, you can understand why they could exterminate you and feel good doing it.
        As much as I’ve loved games like Sid Meier’s Civilization, the liberal notions of righteous progress are all too plainly baked in.

  41. Politically correct speech is a euphemism for propaganda. Propaganda is always a prelude to genocide, mokita protected as reflected in black-on-black violence and a disproportionate presence of planned parenthood clinics in minority neighborhoods.

    The bellowing asses brandishing their battered Alinsky toolboxes are not our future. They have not noticed their get-out-of jail free passes have expired.

  42. White—Bad
    The Environment—The God of all Gods
    Global Warming—the Apocalypse
    Al Gore—the Messiah
    Conservative—Hate Monger
    Gun Owners—Murderers

  43. “Diversity: No white men.”

    Diversity Training: telling white men that there will be no more white men.

  44. “Democratic” (adjective) Party or Committee instead of “Democrat.” It is subliminal, but the messaging is clear – at least to me!

  45. This is one of your best posts. I found the following phrases particularly grin-inducing:
    ..dealing with HR
    ..Having a conversation always means sitting through a lecture.
    ..fashionable mental disorders
    ..thousands of jobs for liberal arts majors
    ..Professional barnacles
    ..attacking straight white males
    ..No white men
    ..the sound a white woman makes

    Does the entry of women (in large numbers) into the workforce in the 70s thru the 90s explain nearly all of this? 🙂
    It seems like a mass phenomenon of make work is the root of it all.
    If you took all the air and froth out of the work place we would all be working 3-day weeks making about the same money.

    • “Does the entry of women…in the work force explain this?”

      Yes. They had to give us something to do besides making graphs, filing, making schedules, spreadsheets, & coffee, and no one had the balls to send us back home.

  46. Sustainable … a poor bedraggled word that the enviro crowd got a hold of which now means absolutely nothing and everything. generally refers to whatever new scheme theyre cooking up to get more money for their NGO

    Carbon is another word that has been rendered meaningless

    • Whenever I hear the word sustainable it is like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Thank for adding!

    • From the “New Commissars Magic Word Book”
      Sustainable- Verb- 1)You will do with less (and will like it) your choices will be limited.
      2) the inner-party will have everything it need to carry on.
      Synonym- Get our fiscal house in order, by making sure your betters never go without.

    • What about gay, or rainbow? They don’t mean the same thing anymore. They used to mean, gay used to mean happy, or jovial, a rainbow used to mean a colorful scene usually after a storm. Those two words alone have basically stopped being used for thir original meanings! Sad.

  47. “As soon as you hear Official Conservatives™ talking about their principles, it means they are either about to throw in with the Left against you or they are preparing to surrender on some cultural issue.”

    I recall a certain Conservative™ publication devoting an entire issue to the Case™ for throwing the election to Hillary Clinton. Principles! Without them we would lack a reason to keep losing, as Conservatives™ were born to do.

  48. “… As soon as you hear Official Conservatives™ talking about their principles, it means they are either about to throw in with the Left against you or they are preparing to surrender on some cultural issue …”

    In other words they’re about to throw one of their own under the bus.

    Excellent list. I see you have avoided listing managerial-speak as that is another Pandora’s Box altogether.

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