The Crisis of Liberal Democracy

It is generally assumed that revolutions are for poor, bedraggled countries where operating a flush toilet is a great challenge. The hilariously misnamed “Arab Spring” is a good recent example. One Arab craphole after another fell into chaos as the price of food shot up and the local potentates were unable to keep a lid on things. Big important countries don’t have revolutions anymore. They have democracy!

That’s not a foolish assumption. The last real revolt in Europe was the Bolshevik Revolution and a lot of people would argue that Russia is not a part of Europe. The Spanish Civil War is not counted as a revolution, but that’s debatable. Either way, it’s been a long time since westerners have felt the need to “spit on their hands, hoist the black flag and start slitting throats.”

The argument is that modern liberal democratic societies have built in checks against tyranny and systems for making structural reforms when necessary. If the main political parties are unresponsive, then new parties rise up to displace them and implement the needed reforms. Elections give the people the tools to reign in their rulers so there’s no need for revolution.

Just because this process has never happened does not mean it can’t happen. The argument here is that the main parties respond to changing attitudes and reform on their own so there’s no need for new parties. The Tories in Britain, for example, moved right when UKIP got going. In America, the Democrats lurched to the left when the Green Party sprouted up in the 90’s. The Republican Party is about to move right in response to the Trump-a-paloosa.

That’s the theory. The Greeks would point out that they kept voting for something different, but nothing changed. In fact, the more they voted, the more draconian the punishments from Europe. They would have been better off having a good old fashioned military coup. At least that would have made for good television. Instead, Greece is now Germany’s Puerto Rico.

The lesson the German politicians learned, or at least appear to have learned, is that democracy is nothing but a bluff. The Greeks could have started shooting, but instead they knuckled under to German demands, even when it was a matter of pride. They would rather stop being Greek by eliminating that which makes them Greek, than take on the burden of leaving Europe and reclaiming their sovereignty.

Angela Merkel appears to be taking the same stand with the German people. Here we have genuine social unrest due to the flood of migrants she invited into the country and her response is to go after Germans who speak out about it. The mayor of Cologne, sounding like Bill Clinton, told her female citizens to just lie back and try to enjoy the rape-a-thon going on in the city square.

Just in case you are inclined to think that’s a mischaracterization, Merkel has just made a big public show of not accepting limits on allowing more Muslim immigrants into the country. The only conclusion to draw from this is she thinks there’s no amount of degradation and humiliation that will cause the German public to rise up and put an end to this madness. Given the Greek experience, she’s probably right.

It’s tempting to think there’s some difference between Germans and Greeks in the view of the people in charge, but that is a mistake. As far as Merkel is concerned, the people of Cologne are no different from the people of Athens. They are not even people. They are economic units to be shifted around and eliminated in order to maintain the ruling class. If the economic units in Athens can be bullied, why think the units of Cologne will not be bullied too?

What we are witnessing in the West is the great test of liberal democracy. On the one side, all over the West we see recalcitrant mainstream parties digging in their heels on polices that benefit the global elite at the expense of the local populations. On the other side you have local populations trying to force change on their government through the liberal democratic processes. The theory says the politicians, as a matter of survival, will yield.

So far, that has not been the way to bet. Instead, the main parties find new ways to subvert the will of the voters. In Greece the Germans laid siege to the country until they broke the will of the people. Closer to home, the German government is unleashing a wave of Muslim terrorism on their people, presumably as a form of intimidation. In France, the main parties have teamed up to block the third party from winning.

You don’t have to be a seer to see what’s coming. If through the accepted democratic process, the will of the people is thwarted, then the people will lose respect for those processes. If the people in charge already look upon these processes with contempt, there’s no one left to support the status quo and the whole things falls to pieces. Perhaps the post-democratic world imagined by the global elite is what emerges, but 100 years ago all the smart people had similar thoughts.

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  1. Decades of socialism have effectively neutered most of the population in Western Europe, especially the men. I cannot imagine American men standing idly by while women and girls run a gauntlet of sexual assault by groups of Moslems. Where I come from, there would have been a brawl at the very least and most likely many bloodied Moslems. I wonder how far things must devolve before the men of Europe become reacquainted with their spherically-shaped reproductive organs.

  2. Even now a handful of patriots are making their stand against an overreaching BLM (Land Mgmt) and FedGuv, while we blather on the ‘Net about getting the Revolution started and taking back our country. Hey gang, the revolution has already started, in Oregon. It may not be the perfect vehicle, and these may not be the ideal players, but what is?

    Conservative Treehouse has an exhaustive post about the unconscionable background story to this tableau of tyrannical usurpation and fiat courts, but it feels like the key revolutionary moment in “Les Miz” when the citizens remain at home asleep in their comfortable beds.

    Two or three times during the past couple of years, a handful of brave patriots have made a stand, and in each instance they were abandoned or rejected by those of us who fundamentally agree with them regarding a limited Federal Government. Do we think our D.C. crapweasels are going to voluntarily relinquish their power, or that we can effect change at the ballot box?

    I’m afraid we Conservatives have exactly the congressional representatives we deserve — all talk and no action.

  3. It is interesting to see what is happening in Germany. The essence of it is that the central government sh*ts on its people, preferring to take the side of the scum who have recently arrived to infest the land and who, when the time comes, will only vote for more of what they have been given free already. If that doesn’t appear in enough quantities, the scum will rapidly form their own ‘parties’ to press for more benefits. Given their numbers (and the sobering fact they can organise a rape-fest easily enough) it will be the end of Germany as it is.

    But what then can the people who don’t want this do? Overthrowing a legal government, even if it does illegal things like suppress its own people, is a big step in today’s Europe. The cops have to rally to the protection of the fat Frau and meanwhile our lefty media outlets will make sure there are howls of protest from ‘democratic’ countries. I should hate to see British troops sent as part of an ‘EU response team’ to suppress any uprising.

    The one hope is that Germany reverts to its former small state structure, and while each one may be small they have a chance to make their own borders and create its own rules. Personally, I would love all this to mark the end of the EU as it is, but as all the fat cats in power need it to prop themselves up, that will take some doing.

    PS, on the subject of the media, the BBC is going through all sorts of sly contortions to avoid saying the gangs of rapists are muslim. It is quite funny to watch in one way, and utterly sickening in another that we cannot be told the truth.

    • Boy! Germany’s decrepitude is showing big-time!

      If you refer back to Z’s post on insurance, an insurer’s reliance on expanding the paying pool to, in Germany’s case, imported foreigners, simply indicates that Germany has mis-invested its citizens taxes to such an extent that it now requires new infusions of labor.

      That is the definition of dereliction, or criminal negligence, if you ask me.

      My question is, how has Germany managed to hide this insolvency from the world for so long? Wasn’t it just ten years ago that Germany was an ascendant, economic powerhouse? Is its media so corrupt and ours so disinterested in foreign affairs that only now we can smell the stench of Germany’s rot?

      • These people are a drain on the economy and will run it to the ground. More than half of them will be on welfare for housing and spending money. The imbecilic excuse that “Germany needs workers” is the politically correct nonsense offered to pretend letting them in is good for Germany.
        Besides, today it’s very easy for any European company that wants cheap labor to open a factory in China, India, Cambodia, etc, where the costs of labor are only a fraction of those in Europe.
        Any spokesmen for big business will pretend mass Muslim immigration is good simply because if they’d point out it’s actually a bad thing all around they’d be hounded out of their job. The entire population will be poorer because of increasing taxes to support Muslim immigration and this is very bad news for big business.

    • I guess the only way it can be done is by adopting the tactics that have worked elsewhere. You can’t overthrow a central government, but you can create your own “no-go” areas where Muslims are ejected and kept out. Hispanics did this in the U.S., where they’ve taken over parts of American cities and simply run the blacks out of town. It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t done politely, but it works. It requires absolute cooperation from the local community, all the way up to rules of omerta to protect those who do the rough stuff. Practically speaking, that means that these have to be no-go areas for Leftists as well, because those vermin will rat you out to the tolerance enforcers just to prove how virtuous they are.

  4. The post-democratic reordering is nearly upon us. It will be a new feudalism (think of feudal Europe 1000 year ago). Islamic invaders are the vanguard of the revolution. Mark my words. It explains everything going on.

    • H.G. Wells wrote a “History of Civilization”, I liked his conclusion: “History’s events are driven by selfishness and stupidity”.

      I think the word “stupidity” has a specific meaning which we are really seeing a lot of these days: wifull ignorance. Specifically in this case we are seeing our “elites” willfully ignoring the rights and privileges of the citizens for the purpose of selfish gains for their party.

      At some point the citizens will realize that the “elites” are the cause of our most intractable problems. We can’t have nice things like democracy, rule of law, freedom of association, stable currency and economy or even peace because a coterie of axhats keep erecting obstacles to common sensical, universally desirable policy.

      Peaceful fixes are becoming more unlikely all the time. We need blunt speakers like Trump – I think publicly financed campaigns would get a lot of retirees who don’t fear PC into politics, over party hacks and whores.

  5. Germans have spent decades burying their monsters. Have they lost their manhood in the process? Weimer Germany was a taunting mockery of all the Germans held sacred and it loosed the Valkyries on the world. Do the Germans still have a beast in them to crush the raping, looting Barbarians and hang Frau Merkel?

    • Pretty much every nation, ethnic group, and culture have been guilty of genocide to some degree, at some point in history. When incompatible cultures or ideologies clash, one of them is inevitably going to be eliminated.The Germans are unique in that they actually seem to have a conscience about it. That singular quality is now being used against them, most viciously.

    • Short answer: No.

      The Germans have been psychologically castrated by the winners of WWII, and there is no amount conceivable abuse that will stir them to get up off their knees. Germany, as with much of the West, is now a gyneocracy, and as such is flinging open the gates to the barbarians.

  6. Merkel knows very well that these Muslim immigrants, many of whom lack even high school education, most of whom are expected to remain on welfare for their entire lives will not contribute to the economy. She does not view them as economic units but as diversity units. These politicians who have forever treated the Palestinians as though they’re their children, have shifted to treat virtually all Arabs and all Muslims as their children. Like children, they’re expected to behave badly but are not responsible for their actions. Like one’s children, one loves them regardless.

    By the way, the NY Times barely mentioned that the attackers (actually numbering about 1000, not merely ‘hundreds’) are of Arab and north African origin. The rest of the article was devoted to obscuring their origin and acting as though they’re just ‘men’ and ‘people’. The article mentioning that this raises the issue of “casual sexism in German society”, as though it’s just German men taking advantage of German women. What a disgraceful newspaper.

    • I think maybe a decade ago the New York Times dropped even the slightest pretense of objectivity and now is simply a propaganda organ designed to reinforce progressive dogma and maintain the ideological purity of an increasingly concentrated economic and political elite. I think they view their rapidly diminishing readership not as a problem, but rather as a boon, as the diminishment better helps define and identify the elite “in group” by driving out the ideologically impure.

    • “’..are of Arab and north African origin.”

      Marrocans and Algerians have a terrible reputation in Europe, they’re like Blacks.

      • It turns out that most of the perpetrators are Arabs.
        Stiff competition.
        I’m not actually against having some immigration into the West but the numbers have to be small, reasonable and when it comes to these societies they should be very carefully filtered, filtering out those who fit the profile of your typical Muslim rapist and violent criminal (I’ll assume architects are less likely, for example, to fit the profile) and then filtering out those about whom it cannot be firmly established that they loathe the Jihadist movement. They ought to be regarded as sympathetic to the movement unless there are clear and convincing reasons to believe otherwise. Had that been done right from the start, the West would be in a very different and far better place now.
        For one thing there would have been far fewer Muslims in the West and for another, the ones let in would have a very different attitude.

  7. Nothing new really, Cologne is a flashpoint of organized crime, and was already, even before the recent migration wave, home to large Kurdish and Turkish, problem causing communities. Both are into organized crime, everything from drugs, prostitution, to now smuggling people. They are of course arch enemies, and fight each other not only for territory, but also for historical reasons, instead of MS-13, it’s them roaming the streets. Muslims sexually assaulting German women is a daily occurrence, especially in Cologne, Berlin… the only difference this time around was international attention.

    The police raids boarded up, muslim rape apartments, all the time in Germany…

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  9. Liberal Democracy needs cooperation to function, just like a neighborhood. People can live their lives their own ways, but when the nosy neighbor starts trying to boss everyone around, and things degenerate into a “screw you” attitude, then the neighborhood is a rather poor place in which to live. The social/political/economic “screw you” attitude brought about the American Civil War. Trump appears to be the quintessential “screw you” candidate, but what he really is, is the “oh yeah, well screw you too” candidate.

  10. “For us … whom a Destiny has placed in this Culture and that this moment of its development — the moment when money is celebrating its last victories, and the Caesarism that is to succeed approaches with quiet, firm step — our direction, willed and obligatory at once, is set for us within narrow limits, and on any other terms life is not worth living,” Oswald Spengler wrote. “We have not the freedom to reach to this or to that, but the freedom to do the necessary or to do nothing.”

    Quiet, firm step is exactly right. No telegenic coup d’etat is needed; no announcement that the Constitution has been suspended. Those in power simply behave as if the republic is null and void, while keeping its dead symbols. The eagle is sent to the taxidermist, to be returned as a trophy.

    The limits of action are set narrowly now. What could have been prevented by protest and legal resistance has such force behind it that only an equal and opposite reaction can meet it. Our last taste of freedom, as the man said, is to do the necessary or to do nothing.

    By the way, that’s “rein in” their rulers, not “reign in.”

    • A threshold will be crossed soon. It will become possible for Europeans to organize resistance because popular opinion will turn against the traitors among them. People will get disgusted enough to stick a knife into Merkel supporting idiots and the idiots will shut up as the situation is dealt with. Later they will cry about what horrible people the nationalists are, but it was the idiots who caused this.

  11. “At least that would have made for good television. Instead, Greece is now Germany’s Puerto Rico”

    Hahaha true, the US is bailing out Puerto Rico again.

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