The American Alawites

Minority populations in any society tend to nurse a grudge against the majority. It’s perfectly reasonable, as a sane society of any design will abide by and cater to the desires of the majority population. Therefore, the minority group will find themselves on the fringes or under constant pressure to assimilate. This natural friction also results in a bidirectional animosity between the majority and the majority.

It’s why a sane society avoids letting the minority population gain control of the levers of power. While there is some chance it works out just fine, there is a greater chance that the minority will try to exact revenge on the majority. Alternatively, it will appear they are favoring their group over the majority. To paraphrase Lee Kuan Yew, in a mult-ethnic state, people are loyal to their tribe first. Or, so it is assumed.

In modern America, this gets squirrely because the ruling cult we call Progressives, have turned minorities, particularly blacks, into objects of worship. It’s why we have been saddled with the jug-eared clodhopper, Barak Obama, for the last seven years. Progressives truly believed he was the fulfillment of prophecy and would cleanse the soul of the nation.

As a result, the tendency is to focus on Obama’s racial animosity toward whites, because like most black people in America, Obama nurses a grudge against white people. That was fairly clear when he was running for president. His comment about rural white guys being bitter clingers was largely viewed as one of the good white/bad white signals. Bad whites go to church, own guns and are racists because they are losers.

It’s why it is tempting to think Obama’s bizarre executive actions on firearms is just a way to spite the honkies. His policies will do nothing to abate violent crime. Black guys will keep shooting black guys for sneakers, respect and other dumbass reasons. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim. The only people who will notice these changes are law abiding crackers, who like hunting and shooting paper targets.

But that’s the thing. Obama is about as black as Ned Flanders. His tribe is the cult into which he was born and raised, the Cult of Modern Liberalism. Like the Alawites fighting the Sunni majority in Syria, he looks at the majority with contempt, believing they choose to live outside of grace. This is not a black thing. It is a Progressive thing. He thinks he is on the winning side of history, so that means his opponents are losers.

Alawites are Twelvers, an eschatological brand of Islam. They believe in twelve divinely ordained leaders, known as the Twelve Imams, and they believe that the last Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, lives in occultation and will reappear as the promised Mahdi. That will mark the end of ordinary reality and begin a reunion with the Divine. The faithful organize their lives around bringing about this final event.

Progressives are a similar cult. All their talk about being on the right side of history is just another way of saying they are the elect, the people who will enter the promised land in the end times. The proof of that is they organize their lives around bringing about those end times. Once they build their city on the hill, they can move in, lock the doors and leave the losers in flyover country to their own hell.

In the mean time, like their Calvinist ancestors, Progressives invest a lot of their energy in public acts of piety. Obama just got a most everything he ever dreamed of from his rent boy Paul Ryan so he should be happy with his legislative success. Instead, he is going out of his way to let everyone know he is on the side of the angels with regards to guns. To the fanatic, there’s always room for one more mass, one more hymn, one more sacrifice.

The trouble is, like we see in Syria, Obama’s ruling sect is wildly out of touch with the majority. Since he took office, 100 million guns have been sold to Americans. This is in a country that probably had three times that number in circulation when he was elected. As we see with the Alawites in Syria, mathematics does not yield to wishful thinking. Eventually, the majority decides to impose its will on the minority.

The vast majority of Americans are waking up to the reality of their position and beginning the process of sloughing off the current ruling class. America is a peaceful and prosperous country so there’s no need for a violent revolution. But if the fanatics do not yield, well, the people are heavily armed so the revolution, if it comes, will be brief. Just in case, you may want to stock up.

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  1. You should lay off the Calvinists. Sore loser RCs still can’t get over the Reformation so I understand why, as a minority in Anglo-Saxonland, you are sore at them.

    But your scorn is misdirected and honestly you don’t know what you’re talking about. Progressivism has nothing to do with Calvinism, let alone Protestantism. Calvinists believe you’re either condemned to hell or elected to heaven and there is little you or I or anyone can do about it. So they do not bother to “reform” any civil society because it’s pointless.

    Now Progressivism does remind me of a meddling, foreign, self-appointed parallel power structure with certain of its own claims to being on the right side of history, especially nominated by its founder, and a tin ear to pushback. So if you want to talk about the Vatican, I’ll happily engage you. Maybe!

    Otherwise, good article and good point. We agree about Mr Jugears.

  2. No doubt progressives have their faults and so to liberals, republicans, neocons, moderates, extremist, OWS, Tea Party and all the rest. And while we spend all our time finding fault in others because of the political or religious ideology, we fail miserably to question our own with the attention it deserves. by finding fault in others it implies we are right -but are we? I can only hope that the individual(s) who created this web site and those commenting ponder the passage below.

    “For better or worse, we are emotionally defined organisms whose choices as to what to believe and what not to are motivated in large measure sure by a relatively simple psychology of reinforcement, security, and comfort. Conventional thinking is the way average people think, not because the majority just happens to think that way but because conformity with convention gratifies many people in terms of reinforcement, security, and comfort. Unfortunately, what we like to think, what we prefer to believe, can be false, misleading, and at times harmful precisely because we resist putting our ideological preferences into question. It is now common practice to refer to “belief systems,” and this is appropriate since beliefs are built on beliefs, layer upon layer, in interdependent, integrated ways that form systems tems that possess a dynamic of their own-resistant to change, chameleon-like so as to accommodate to varying environments of fact and fashion, and structured so as to protect and defend those systems, much as the human immune system is organized to withstand and fight back when challenged by a pathogen. The fortitude and obduracy of systems of belief are their strength but also their downfall. Conservative thinking-adherence to and defense of conventions that are dominant at any particular time-therefore automatically brings with it a limited field of vision and a self-chosen myopia. If any blame can he laid for periods of slowed, nonexistent, or retrograde intellectual and scientific development, for periods of uncreative, sluggish, and at times imperceptible growth, that blame can he placed both on the natural human unwillingness to call into question beliefs that apparently have served well enough in the past and on the deeply entrenched disinclination nation to step outside of the preferred category set. Individuals who are willing to do these things tend to be few, and they should expect to meet correspondingly deeply rooted resistance, which of course indeed they have throughout the past”

    Steven James Bartlett. Normality Does Not Equal Mental Health: The Need to Look Elsewhere for Standards of Good Psychological Health (Kindle Locations 126-137). Kindle Edition.

    Should you ever decide the read this book with undivided attention and the spirit of humility, you will see things in ways you never did before. Ideologies, whether political or religious are man made and therefore imperfect and as long as we cling to one or the other, we are not free. There is much talk about freedom but the freedom FROM and the freedom TO are two different things. If we do not free ourselves FROM our own examined and archaic ideologies we are not free TO create and gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.


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  5. You’ve got to believe that Obama wakes up every day with the thought “Now how can I piss off whitey today?”

    And you are correct, the revolution, if it comes, will be brief. The Divider in Chief commands all 4 branches of the US military. Unless we can convince them to join the side of the people, we are hopelessly outgunned.

    • My counter example would be Iraq 2004-08. About 4-5 million Sunni Arabs (Arabs!) in an area about the size of a New England state and armed with light infantry weapons tied down nearly the entire Army and Marine Corps. During that time, just about every unit was training for the fight, in the fight, or resting and refitting after the fight. My guess would be that the services would declare themselves “neutral” for the duration.

    • hey Vic P…. sorry to hear that when you woke up the coffee was again cold. Picture this, 1 million well armed patriotic citizens walking calmly down Pennsylvania avenue to the white house with the sole purpose of tossing the magic negro into the Potomac. There is not a military on the planet capable of stopping it short of a nuclear blast on the White House steps, also a happy but impractical thought

      • One million well armed citizens marching down Pennsylvania Ave to forcefully remove the Divider in Chief without any resistance? Dream on, my friend. Not happening in my lifetime. As boring as this may sound, we have elections for that. Not as glorious and exciting as your dream scenario, but infinitely more practical.

        And my coffee was piping hot and delicious this morning, thank you very much.

  6. Ovomit isn’t a Progressive, he’s a Marxist. His mother was a Marxist, his father was a Marxist, his step-father was a Marxist, his grandparents were Marxist, his mentors and acquaintances/friends were Marxists. He’s just gone out of his way to conceal it as best he can to play to the ignorant and/or the fawning. He’s so obvious, he’s transparent, not black.

  7. A local letter writer to our newspaper, who is a reliable voice for hard-left progressivism, wrote a letter today explaining that “the peoples of the world” will never tolerate a Trump presidency.

    So there! 🙂

    • Reminds me of years ago in my country when ‘informed’ people said, loudly, no motorist would ever pay a £1 for a gallon of petrol (gas).

      So much for the power of prediction: we in the UK often pay over a pound for a litre, which pushes the gallon price of gas towards the 5 quid mark, and as far as I can see people are willing to pay it.

  8. Crazy thing about all the whinging from minorities in America is, no political system gives more franchise rights to minorities than the Anglo-Saxon parliamentary system does.

    Rights to caucus, rights to form political parties, rights to form and own adversarial media companies, rights to filibuster legislation, rights to speak in any commons, along with all the freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights, like the right to a trial by jury, etc., ad infinitum: but for 10-20% of our nation’s citizens, it’s never gonna be enough.

    It is futile to try any longer to convince this fraction of our country of their good fortune. We’ve spent trillions of dollars since LBJ trying to win these hearts and minds and all for naught.

    Sensing the dead-end their movement has entered, they’ve tried to expand the pool of radicals by drumming-up new rafts of the aggrieved, from gays to Womyn and the “transgendered,” to augment their racialist armies with non-racial recruits. But the new queer recruits fit in poorly with the strange racial and religious conscripts of the old grievance contingent.

    The end of their gambit is nigh. But what are we to do with this frumpy, ever-disgruntled, never satisfied cohort of our country men? Huckabee’s reminder that planes leave every day for Liberia, Mexico City and parts beyond points the way. And this fed-up American citizen’d even pay for their one-way ticket.

    • This has occurred to me for a while: no matter what someone does, no matter how much money and dedication is poured in, there are some people who just refuse to be happy.

      So if every effort made is deemed worthless, then one one may as well do nothing for them at all. They aren’t going to be any less happy and not only does it save the world time and money but, incredibly, it might just focus the malcontent’s minds on all the good things they were so ungrateful for at the time.

    • “It is futile to try any longer to convince this fraction of our country of their good fortune. We’ve spent trillions of dollars since LBJ trying to win these hearts and minds and all for naught.”

      You are missing the point. You win the “hearts and minds” of that community with something called “GibsMeDat”. LBJ understood that in the most profound sense. He presided over a massive expansion of the welfare state that was explicitly designed to hijack 10% of the population’s vote. Most people aren’t aware that before 1963, virtually all black people who bothered to vote, voted Republican. And don’t get me started on the Immigration Act of 1965, which simply added even more Democrat voters to the rolls.

      “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next hundred years!” — Lyndon Baines Johnson

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  10. Remember the very first component of the Obamacare leviathan that went into effect? A tax on tanning salons.

    He literally figured out a way to tax only white people.

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