True Believers

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know a theme here is that people are more often driven by irrational belief than cold hard reason. Evolutionary biology tells us the belief is one of the oldest cognitive traits, probably co-evolving with language. The quest for salvation, grace and glory are at the heart of human history, because they are the things that drive men to dominate other men.

In the current age, formal religion based on the supernatural has mostly fallen away. Look at the empty churches across what we used to call Christendom and it is hard not to see the West as post-Christian. With some exceptions, the leaders of the free world, as we used to call the West, are secular men and women, lacking any identifiable attachment to a Christian sect. The exceptions are usually attached to modern sects that have found a way to wrap Christianity around the core of Rousseau-ist theology.

This “secularization” does not mean that men are less fanatical or lack belief. It just means it is untethered from the traditional constraints of organized religion. Christianity was particularly good at modulating belief, as well as directing it into useful habits. Of course, the Catholic Church was very good at rooting out the dangerous fanatics. The suppression of the flagellants is a good example and one relevant to our current age.

My favorite example, as an aside, is Konrad Schmidt, who claimed to be Frederick II and baptized himself in the blood of his followers. His band of fanatics abandoned their normal lives and spent their days praying in preparation for Judgment Day. The Inquisition had them burned at the stake before they caused too much trouble. For most of human history, people understood that the unhinged fanatic was more dangerous than the barbarian at the gate.

It is one of the many things we seem to have forgotten in the modern age. The bombings in Belgium once again remind us that the fanatic is the most serious threat to human civilization. I don’t mean the fanatics who self-detonated in the airport. I mean the fanatics who invited them into the West and now demand that we invite ever more of them into our lands. The bodies are still warm and the open borders fanatics are demanding even more immigration.

Read that Vox article and the only conclusion is that the writer is so committed to open borders she can no longer accept reality. Instead, she is forcing reality into the world she believes is just over the next hill, the fulfillment of prophesy. Amanda Taub may be harmlessly crazy, but the people running Western countries are just as unhinged as she is over the topic of immigration. Open borders is now a religion for these people. They will die for it, or at least let you die for it.

What other conclusion can be drawn from current events?

There’s no economic argument for importing foreigners. Wages in Western countries have been flat for decades. There are no unfilled jobs that can only be filled by foreigners. The demand for unskilled labor is falling, as automation take over in the West. Importing millions of illiterate young men who have no usable skills and the IQ of a grapefruit adds nothing but a burden to the economies of the West.

The other side of this is who has ever heard someone demand that their town or village invite foreign settlement? Were the residents of Amsterdam demanding their government fill up their city with Moroccans? Were Germans in Frankfurt organizing rallies in the 80’s demanding the importation of Turks? Did the people of Lewiston Maine ever get a chance to vote on the importation of Somalis?

Of course not. There never has been a practical reason to import foreigners into the West, much less hostile, low-IQ savages from the Middle East. Whatever contributions have been made to the Belgian economy by Muslims were just blown to bits by a pair of suicide bombers. There are now rivers of blood because the leadership of Europe has been overrun by what looks increasingly like a suicide cult.

Angela Merkel, who will be remembered as one of history’s greatest monsters, is a good example to study. This piece on her from a few months ago walks you through her “evolution” from mundane Christian lady to a prominent deacon is what amounts to liberation theology, centered on the annihilation of the West as penance for generations of oppression.

Merkel is not alone, of course. The religion of the West, at least for the people in charge, is the toxic blend of egalitarianism, multiculturalism and anti-racism. The more the bodies stack up, the more they are convinced they must somehow atone for the sins of the West. Each new blast renews their faith. There’s no reasoning with them and there is no bargaining with them. They are true believers.

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  2. Who is asking the question: Why are our western leaders accepting the idea of cleaning up the mess of other, despotic non-western leaders who are trashing their own countries so desperately that everyone there wants to leave? Where is the political fortitude? Where is the UN? If the citizenry can’t abide tarring, feathering, and public shaming when leaders spin out of control, then the only viable outcome left is revolution.

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  5. “Let you die for it” is the takeaway line. There is no sacrifice by others too great for a leftist to demand in fulfillment of their ideology. Made the fates of Bukharin, Trotsky et al, justice of a sort. Personally already experienced the “fruits” is Islamic terrorism up close and personal once (my spouse twice). Not up for a repeat and really don’t care if a bunch of would be refugees…er, economic migrants and their Progressive enablers get all butt hurt about the lack of welcome.

  6. The Leftists morons have always been enthralled with notions of equality of economic result and social status. Now they have decided that all human distinctions can be breed out of homo sapiens by a great mixing of peoples and cultures: nothing left but a great homogeneous mass of humanity without borders or nationality. Crazy stupid but our “leaders” are true believers.

  7. I do feel for Europe, especially Germany. My own opinion is that many Europeans know from family and history just how bad it can get, and put up with almost anything rather than rock the boat, for fear of open war, even if it seems likely to non-Europeans that the boat is going over the falls. Europe’s history is brutal. That’s why my people got the hell out of Hesse.

  8. I won’t miss Europe, let the savages have it. They won’t be able to keep it going, will die out, leaving a nice mystery in a millennium or so.

    • Aww! Europe is kind of like an Old World Disneyland, with funny costumes and dances instead of cartoon characters prancing around. And they created some decent original cuisines, so its got that goin’ for it. Problem is, the best and brightest of Europe were absolutely and brutally wasted by that hellish experience known as the Great War. The mistake Wilson made was intervening thus allowing the Allies to prevail. That fine mess was followed by the great flu pandemic which took away many of those remaining good folk who survived the horrors of the Western Front. Europe has simply never recovered the manhood it lost in those events. That’s why all the Euros today are scrawny little metrosexual runts!

    • @Delbert. What a tragedy it would be for that to happen. The world’s IQ would drop, tremendously. Not to mention, the destruction of a rich cultural history, beauty, invention and the people that created it all.I say save Europe. This world is much, much better because of her.

  9. “The religion of the West, at least for the people in charge, is the toxic blend of egalitarianism, multiculturalism and anti-racism.” Perfectly summed up by Pope Shitty the First. Tomorrow’s Maundy Thursday – look for him to crawl on his knees to smooch Muslim feet. Maybe this year he’ll manage to make sure that ALL the feet belong to Muslims, females or perverts. He barely catches his breath after praying for peace and “mercy” to demand that MORE Muslims slouch into Europe. “Refugee” boats now have pride of place in Nativity scenes.

  10. The flagellants get a bad rap. I’ve been arguing for some time now that a good old fashioned flagellant procession would solve a lot of our problems. What better way is there to virtue-signal than beating oneself bloody in public? Liberal activists are always trying to “raise awareness” of this or that….I’m much likelier to be aware of someone lashing himself for the cause. It’d give sophomoric busybodies the attention they crave, and a hobby, and for the rest of us, well… if you suspect your new coworker is an SJW, just look for the telltale scars. What’s not to like?

    • Flagellation is ok, but if you really, really want to send a signal, nothing beats an involuntary crucifixion. Nail the signallers up and watch them blubber!

  11. It’s Moloch. It’s the tophet.

    Whether you consider those to be real manifestations of evil or archetypical representations of tendencies in the human subconscious, no matter. The cult of death is back. The abortionists, the euthanasia enthusiasts, the devotees of Santa Muerte, and the soldiers of ISIS all serve the same being or human need.

    Our post-[Christian, heroic, patriarchal, fill in the blank] civilization is not up the confronting the death cult fanatics. The word being tossed around a lot right now is remnant. Wherever the human race goes next, the remnant will take it there.

    • I agree with you, totally. Good old fashioned Democrats, the ones that are dead center and you can actually discuss things with, are nothing like the Regressives on the Left. No, those on the Left seem to loath all things moral. It’s as if they hate having to live like they have a moral compass. The fact that most Leftists are atheist leads me to believe that they both believe in God and hate him, so they deny his existence and promote cultural rot in a nation. I want to clarify that plenty of atheists are fine people, but man… most of them are not. But you’re right, there is a cult of death stalking this whole world.

      • @ 5MilesOut – And I agree with you fully. As one who has grown up from the ashes of one of the most evil governments in the world (at least in modern times) I caution you to take care with extremism – even in the right. Despite your many faults, America has been and can be the moral compass and light of freedom for the rest of the world. Please do not confuse my criticism of America with ignorant bashing. There are still plenty of us who stand with you, it’s why we are more critical – we expect more, because we know what Americans are really capable of as a people, even if their nation is not.

        • Our military is good because Americans are a good people!
          Our State, sadly, is ruled by the Remnant- the sociopathic 2% of any population are also the top alphas, because they will do anything. 5 million years ago, it didn’t matter, as they were all just stupid apes anyways.

          • No argument whatsoever. Americans are great people! I fear they, like much of the west, are being led astray by idiots we all freely elect. We have only ourselves to blame.

        • @Karl. Naw, I wasn’t directing my moral/atheist comment at you; I was agreeing with el baboso. I’m well aware of extremes from both the Right and the Left. And America has ALWAYS been a beacon of light, and she always will be. And as far as Germany goes, I’ve never thought poorly of her or her past. I say lay to rest what was done over 70 years ago. I’m, honestly, so tired of reading the word Nazi, Hitler, Holocaust that I immediately stop reading whatever it is. I know the history of Germany. She’s always been chalked full of smart, determined, hearty people who I’ve always admired. We’ve got lots of those transplanted Germans here in Texas, and they are well loved. I know you lean Left, Karl, but I sure hope Germany’s Right party takes a hold of the horse and pulls it back from the brink. I’m hoping for the same thing here in my neck of the woods.

          • @ 5MilesOut – There is no question that in the end, we all want the same thing. To live our lives in peace and raise our families and watch our children grow up happy and healthy. It’s the extremist in any group that tends to ruin even that basic idea for everyone else.

  12. “Angela Merkel, who will be remembered as one of history’s greatest monsters…” Really?

    Just look at what your past few presidents have done to your own country, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. Your country is broke, your kids can’t afford college, you can’t afford health care but meanwhile (to keep you all distracted from reality) your military keeps the evening news full of stories about slaughtering innocent people with drone strikes. And you call Angela a monster? I know, when Americans obliterate a car or truck in where-ever-istan and some children get blown away, that’s just collateral damage. It’s easy to live with murder when you justify it in the name of God.

    Americans denounce the current immigration situation in Europe like we’re self imploding and handing out knives to our Turkish neighbors and asking them to slit out throats. But somehow you accept 11 million Mexicans who fill your schools and neighborhoods with drugs, gang wars, gang rapes as no big deal – I quote:

    “Illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases, 20.0 percent of kidnapping/hostage taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession, 12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12.0 percent of murder convictions.” (1)

    Oh that’s wonderful, I can hardly wait to bring my family on holiday to America since is just one big happy “can’t we all get along” society. Never mind the occasional race riot or gang related drive-by shooting in one city or another.

    You infer we should take up arms and use violence at the borders. You boast about how many guns you have and how much ammo you keep stored up. But I don’t see any of you running to the Rio Grand to shoot women and children who dare cross into Texas. Hypocrites one and all. As you say…”put up or shut up” so until you’re standing on your own borders shoulder to shoulder blowing away Mexicans that dare cross into your God given land with your God given right to own firearms, please don’t embarrassed yourselves by telling us how to deal with a problem you yourselves have zero control over. Border control. Please. The pot calling the kettle black.

    Oh I know – maybe you can tell us how to rebuild a city from the ashes. Actually we’ve actually done it several times…but let’s see you pull Detroit from the ashes the way we pulled Hamburg, Kassel and Dresden. At least we had a war to blame it on, You? Nothing but corrupt 3rd-world local politics that traces it’s roots to Tammany Hall. At least New Orleans could blame Hurricane Katrina.

    You somehow think you have the corner on Christianity and then back everything you do from wiping out the native populations, promoting slavery, and meddling in other countries affairs as your God given right. Oh I see – if you write it down, call it the Bill of Rights, then that makes it okay. You hand out billions to Muslim nations that murder Europeans and Americas while homeless people sleep in doorways and under bridges and you talk about how rich you all are. You ship jobs to Mexico and China and then wonder why you’re out of work. Look how many Americans are on food stamps and federal assistance, and you think Europeans are Socialists?

    You boast about your Christian revivals with attendance of over 80,000 and then run to Hooters and ogle over your next door neighbors daughter like the perverted society you are. America – land of Christians and the largest producer of pornography on the planet. But you did give yourselves “freedom of the press” so okay, I get it.

    For any of you who want to jump up on your “God given right” soap box, I will refer you to the following –

    2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” I can’t tell you how many articles I have read where you somehow think this applies to America.

    For those of you who may have missed Church attendance lately, this is in the Old Testament. God is specifically talking about “my people”; the Jews. Not “my people” the Americans. This was directed to one people and one people only – the Jews. But we all know how America loves the Jews – unless they made the mistake of showing up on he MS St. Louis – which was by the way – a German ocean liner trying to save over 900 Jewish refugees which your government turned away. And yes, most of them were wiped out in concentration camps when they returned to Europe, but at least one German (one of thousands who were not Nazis) and his crew tried to save them.

    You take great liberties with scripture and verse when applying old Testament history to modern day applications. God’s promise in the Old Testament is to “His people”…not anyone else. And especially not to a bunch of people who called themselves Americans and then murdered their way across a country which they took from other people, enslaved another group of people (who they bought indirectly from Arab – Muslim -slavers) to do their hard work. You abused every nationality of immigrant as they arrived from Europe or Asia in search of a better life, turned away innocent people who ended up murdered because you refused them help, ruined Japanese-American families during WW2 buy putting them in internment camps – and you actually have the audacity to use the phrase “One nation under God”?

    There is a verse in the Bible that applies well to America. It’s in the New Testament so you may want to take note of it since I suspect your country was probably in mind when the author wrote it – Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”


      • I learned 33 years ago, never argue with a German. You both get frustrated and the German likes it.

        The Kamerads always get the smile and nod treatment from me. Eventually they assume I’m another dumb Yankee and walk away.

      • @ theZman – Well done – and thank you.:-) It was an obvious gauntlet thrown down which no self respecting German could resist! I do look forward to the replies I’m sure will come from the gathering of minds who join your forum.

        • Actually, the Merkel line is quite easy to resist, especially for a self-respecting German (SRG), quite simply because it’s as sad as it is true. Says this SRG.

        • The problem here, “Horst,” is that you are not a German at all but an online imposter, a sock puppet. A fact so obvious after two replies an essay or so back it surprises me that so many have taken you at your word.

          • Really? You’ll note that he blew right past my observation. This is a pattern you see often when somebody calls out a sock puppet. Ignore at first, post quickly and in quantity hoping to get the observation to just scroll on, and hope nobody notices or remembers.

            If you can see the IP address he’s coming in from it MIGHT be revealing. Then again that can be spoofed as well. Be careful about letting some folks hijack your comments section.

            Ace of Spades, whose comments section often runs over a thousand per posting, just had to go full Retard/Little Green Footballs and shut them down to try and get a handle on them.

          • “@ theZman – Well done – and thank you.:-) It was an obvious gauntlet thrown down which no self respecting German could resist! I do look forward to the replies I’m sure will come from the gathering of minds who join your forum.”

            In this comment and other he’s just a wee bit too charming, and too flattering, and too at ease with the vernacular level of English, don’t you think?

          • When he first started posting, he said he had lived in the US for a long period as a tech worker.

            Maybe he is fake. Maybe I’m a robot. I just don’t know anymore.

          • I get that. And it’s fine with me. If he really did have a long US experience (Now in “Silicon Valley”) he might also know how to spoof an IP address so it appears it comes from Europe/Germany.

          • @ Vanderleun – You are partially correct. If you could see my IP, you would find it is not German at all. It’s Swiss. Because that’s where I currently live. You can blame the British and American schools for my English skills since I attended both when I was kid. I have also lived most of my nearly 60+ years back and forth between the US and Europe with Australia thrown in just for fun. Hope this clarifies your suspicion. 🙂 No, sorry…no sock puppets here and no, I’m not going to post my Reisepass as proof of citizenship. You’ll just have to take my word on it.

      • Well, Z-man, you seem to have struck a nerve.

        Nevertheless, there are some things out there to consider…

        2008 winner of the Charlemagne Prize (Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize): Merkel

        Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (google this. quite disturbing)

        Coudenhove-Kalergi’s plan for the total destruction of Christian Europe has two goals: The first – the destruction of the nation-state through the creation of a single European central government – has been pushed forward quite openly, and is well-known and -understood by opponents.
        The second – the destruction through mass immigration and the promotion of integration and interbreeding

        The ultimate goal being a dumbed-down, homogenous, sheep-like population, easily controllable.

        Or… someone’s just made that all up.

        • @ Crispin – (nice handle by the way, very Shakespearian of you!) Interesting read. I’m going to do some digging and find out more about it myself.

          But let’s be fair. Has America implemented such a plan? No. Has America been destroyed by mass immigration and interbreeding? No, not really. Unless you apply that theory of destroying the native American population which has certainly happened under intentional government planning against them.

          Let’s be honest – dumbing down a population is really easy and you don’t need a master plan to accomplish it. Americans went from having the best academic institutions in the world (MIT, Stanford, etc.) and have now have some of the lowest levels of academic achievement in the world. In 2012, the U.S. average mathematics score (481) was lower than the average for all OECD countries (494). I doubt it was due to 11-million illegal Mexicans suddenly showing up.

          If there’s a sheep-like population, just watch a few YouTube videos on “stupid Americans”. Yes, I know this doesn’t represent your entire population. But then I have been to WalMart at 1am which was frightening to say the least.

          It didn’t take some master plan, it just took a few generations of idiots who were to lazy to study because they were preoccupied with PC games and iPhone apps.

          Conspiracy? Umm…not so much.

          • “Americans went from having the best academic institutions in the world (MIT, Stanford, etc.) and have now have some of the lowest levels of academic achievement in the world. In 2012, the U.S. average mathematics score (481) was lower than the average for all OECD countries (494). I doubt it was due to 11-million illegal Mexicans suddenly showing up.”

            No. It’s mostly the 40 million blacks with an average IQ of 85. Ignore them and the U.S. does just fine academically.

          • If true, then you have to account for the higher than average Asian scores. That should skew the data upwards even with the Blacks. But that’s an interesting point. I read that if you ignored the Black crime, gun crime in American would be about even with Switzerland.

          • You have to ignore Latino crime too. But, yes, the homicide rate of American whites is 2.2 per 100,000, equal to Norway.

          • One caveat- 90% the native populations of both North and South America were lost due to disease, mostly between 1500 to 1600 A.D. These were emptied lands; the Natives were Neolithic, and their civilizations, with a few cities as large as London or Peking, were forgotten as they returned to savagery. Before then , however, they had conducted continent-ranging wars.

          • Name one city in South America (c 1500 – 1600) as large and populous as London? Here’s a hint, there weren’t any.

          • London had a few more things going for it for a lot longer (e.g. the Romans). But fair point. One might argue that same point across the African continent and Australia.

          • Still lead the world in patents issued. Many of our best and brightest can’t be bothered with that regimented crap taught in universities. Hmmmm, how many nations’ flags have been planted on the moon by space-travelling humans from what counties? Oh, yeah, that’s right, just one.

          • Quantity is not quality. As for moon landings, that was courtesy of Werner Von Braun. But yes, you’re welcome. 🙂

          • Yes, if it weren’t for good old Werner saying, “You take a rocket and go to the moon!”, we’d have never gotten there.

            Never mind those thousands upon thousands of engineers at Boeing, IBM, North American Aviation, and Douglas Aircraft Company who conceived of, designed, prototyped, perfected, and produced the Saturn V rocket that gave the US the heavy lift to LEO capability that ultimately took us to the moon. Sometimes almost literally reaching into the future to pull back technology that wouldn’t be used again for 15-20 YEARS to make such a machine possible.

            No, it was just that one ex-Nazi scientist that did it, and so we owe the entirety of manned space flight to one lone Kraut and by extension, all of Der Fatherland.

            I think not, sir.

            Without Von Braun, we’d have been on the moon in 1970 instead of 1969. Or maybe not, since much of the actual moon landing equipment and techniques were NOT the things that Von Braun had envisioned at all, and as such faced an uphill battle through the bureaucracy before finally being adopted after Werner’s plans proved unfeasible. This expended both resources and time that could have otherwise been applied toward perfecting the stuff we actually ended up using, instead of trying to make the golden boy Werner’s ideas work.

            Von Braun might have been the guy to think of rocket powered space flight first (though that is debatable), I’d dare say that there are at least two dozen American, and probably nearly as many Soviet engineers and scientists who had a greater impact on manned space flight than Werner Von Braun.

            He might have been a visionary, but history repeatedly tells us that the only difference between a “visionary” and a “fiction writer” is the number of excellent engineers he can bring to bear (IE vision without engineering is useless).

          • C’mon all of the actual rocket technology was based on work done on the V program. Got to give credit where it is due.

          • Not so, at least not past the idea of using a turbo pump to create a high pressure reaction stream from two liquid fuels.

            The V-program proved the concept, but the execution is vastly different, and of an exceptionally more advanced design in the Rocketdyne F-1 engine.

            That’s like saying that Karl Benz should be congratulated for Mercedes winning the Australian F1 Grand Prix last weekend because all the technology they used to do it was based on his work on the first automobile.

            I’ll give credit where it is due, and it is due to the brilliant engineers at Rocketdyne and North American Aviation who designed and built the most powerful single combustion chamber rocket engine the world has ever seen (still, to this day).

            Werner Von Braun didn’t have shit to do with it.

            Hell, by the time of Apollo, he was much more politician than scientist, and never did any design work for the program.

            His primary function was to glad hand the money men on Capitol Hill, picture pose for the press, and serve as the figurehead for NASA.

          • You are just being stubborn. NASA went from a green field to the moon in 24 years but Von Braun had nothing to do with that. Right. Just coincidence that the Germans had the most advanced weapons of WWII (until a couple of the tribe they chased out iin the 30’s built the A-bomb in the U.S.)

          • You refuse to acknowledge what actually happened, VS what you THINK happened, and I’M the stubborn one?

            With respect, go fuck yourself.

            Von Braun oversaw the production of the first IRBM during WWII. That’s the totality of his contribution to rocketry.

            It is one hell of a jump from there to landing on the moon, and most all of that space was created by people other than herr Werner.

            I cannot help it that some of you are so technically illiterate that you can’t fathom this.

            It is none the less true.

            It is also true that Oppenheimer and other jews of german extraction were not solely responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb, yet you go on to assert that stupidity as well.

            It’s a cold fact of life that famous figureheads almost never do any of the work they get credited for in the history books

            Next you’ll be telling me about how Columbus was the first european to set foot on North America. I mean, they made a ryme about it and everything, it must be true.

          • Which was just an extension of work pioneered by American Robert Goddard. Besides, the American space program went far beyond anything Von Braun could ever conjure up. Something about those American IBM computers……..

    • Self-righteous much, Karl? Thanks for the big-time Leftist lecture. Please tell all us hypocritical, murdering Americans about the perfection of German history, and the muscular Christianity the average German possesses.

      I like this verse: John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.” People in glass houses and all.

      • @ Kathleen – 1st: In the last century, Germany was in two wars for less time than the US has been at war in this century. They were futile wars and the Nazi’s committed atrocities that nearly obliterated our country and brought devastation to our people. We learned the hard way that rolling into other people’s countries with guns blazing isn’t always the best way to solve problems. That’s why German kids haven’t been coming home in boxes since 1945. 2nd: We don’t brag about our participation in church like it somehow makes us morally superior – we’re not and neither are you. 3rd – Learn to accept criticism of your own history even when other people bring it up. When America put itself on the world stage, it opened itself up to criticism. If you don’t like it, I suggest you get off the stage.

        I’m not sure what’s “leftist” about the idea of not killing or abusing people. But okay. The Americans have now been engaged in 16-years of non-stop war in the Middle East with no end in sight. Feel free to explain how that has brought peace and freedom to whom exactly? Examples would be appreciated for us “leftists” who don’t fully appreciate or understand the concept of perpetual war supported by your military industrial complex which a conservative Republican American general (and President) warned about.

        Thousands of US soldiers have come back in pieces or not at all since the turn of this century. Is the world really any safer? The recent events in Paris and Brussels would indicate your so called “war on terror” is a complete waste of blood and treasure. So what does the “right” recommend at this point? More of the same?

        • Leftists always, always point out all the bad things in American history, just like you did. I have no problem with criticism of American history as long as it is the truth and not propaganda to tear down the nation, or absurd focus on the bad without remembering all the good. This is typical Leftist behavior. And hearing constant criticism of America by other countries whose history is just as bloody as ours, who think their cultures are somehow superior because they’ve been around longer is a bit galling. Would you enjoy it much if I crafted a long, windy recitation of all the bad things Germany has done? And I can separate out my love of country and hatred of the government. You apparently cannot, hence your tirade when someone called Merkel a monster.

          • Here’s that “long windy recitation”…1914-1918 then 1938-1945, short count of years of Germany was at war. Mean while America has been at war with someone, somewhere for over 100-years. Plus they nuked not one, but two civilian populations. The only country in the world to use atomic weapons on another nation – ever.

            And again I ask…how is Merkel a monster compared to what Mr. Bush and President Obama have been responsible for given what little it has achieved relative to the price? Shall we expect a continuation from the next President?

          • Germany only became a unified nation state after a series of wars (Denmark, Austria, France). Then, in the next 70 years, it was responsible for the two most destructive and lethal wars in world history. I will also add that the indiscriminate use of bomber aircraft against civilian targets was also a German invention, and that the invention of the atom bomb came about to counter the Nazi threat and couldn’t have been achieved without Jewish physicists who escaped the Nazi terror.

            Your selective use of history is disgusting.

          • Ever hear of Genghis Khan, or Tamerlane? Or Stalin? Give the Nazi horse a proper burial, dick head!

          • @ S. Johns- I think you will find the Russians and Chinese wiped out more people than the Germans ever thought about. Give credit where it’s due.

          • I am not the person who called Merkel a monster. Perhaps you’d be better off directing your comments to that person? And those “short count of years of Germany” account for Germany’s participation in two World Wars. Germany being directly responsible for WWII. Two World Wars, where countless millions were killed, before we even got to Hiroshima or Nagasaki near the end of the war. Plus, are the war dead in WW I and II the only times Germany has participated in war? I think not. War is part of the story of the human race; no country has a monopoly, no country can hold itself as morally superior.

          • Don’t ask Americans to account for whatever the Bush Crime Family (Partners with Herr Hitler, you know) did ever!

          • The American-Nazi connection goes way back. without looking up the details, I believe Henry Ford actually received a medal from our Austrian Chancellor.

          • There’s something loathsomely smug and repellent about boasting how “German kids haven’t been coming home in boxes since 1945” when someone else has born the burden of your security all that time. Karl believes that this is somehow due to a kind of grand enlightenment that descended on the German soul after the Nazi wreckage – how Germans “learned the hard way” that “blazing guns” didn’t solve any “problems,” when in fact the truth is that the discretion to make such decisions was taken from them as the price of peace in Europe, and all Germany’s neighbors were heartily glad of it.

          • I’m making the point you should stop sending your children to die in a meaningless war with few it any results. Your grandfathers ended the Nazis (thank you) but you will never end the stupidity and ignorance of the Middle East in the same way. Don’t forget the Americans occupied Germany, Japan and Korea with thousands of US soldiers to maintain the peace. I don’t see that happening again in the Middle East.

          • No you’re not, you’re just being an asshole. How typical for a European. Now just shut up and thank us for protecting your ass from the Russians for 50 years.

        • “The Americans have now been engaged in 16-years of non-stop war in the Middle East”

          So? The Arabs, Turks, Persians et al have been at non-stop war for 1400 years.
          Feel free to explain how that has brought peace and freedom to whom exactly?

  13. Europe spent most of 1200 years trying to eject the very same savages back to the Middle East. They finally achieved a fair measure of success in 1829 when the Greeks won their independence from the Ottoman Empire.

    Until the Marxist / socialist globalist virus destroyed their brains, it was common wisdom in Europe that Muslim immigrants were not welcome and should not be tolerated. They tried to take over, intimidate, impose their crazy cult, and generally made nuisances of themselves. Crazy that they have to learn the same thing all over again less than 200 years later.

    • The Barbarous Book, printed in 949 A.D., warns the reader about the new neighbors.
      It describes how at first they seem friendly enough, though a bit standoffish and lazy; it cautions that as their numbers grow, they begin to resort to theft, threats, rape, and murder. A thousand years ago!

  14. Leftism might be a neurotic travesty of some motives of Christianity, unmoored from integration into a comprehensive and balanced theology, let a alone a true belief in God, and therefore running amok.

    The more difficult it becomes to “love thy neighbor,” i.e. the non-White or/and non-Christian, because he ever more reveals himself to be a total jackass (or killer), the more frantically you flaunt your love for him because it makes you an ever better pseudo-Christian.

    In real Christianity, you could atone for your sins and ultimately obtain God’s forgiveness. In godless but Christianity-aping White Leftism—and there isn’t any other, since non-Whites don’t do Leftism, do they?—you atone and atone, and atone more, and then some … but never are forgiven.

    • I’ve noticed that race to the moral high ground. The new believers intend to try to out-Christian the Christians. For example, instead of simply adopting a normal foreign or domestic child like themselves to create a family, they’ll adopt a traumatized darker kid with birth defects, schizophrenia, PTSD, and AIDS.

      • That trend was growing in Silicon Valley back when I was living there. I never quite understood why anyone would go all the way to China to bring back a child when there are thousands of American orphans and abandoned kids in their own country. Is that just some liberal thing?

        • It has a great deal to do with birth parents’ rights. In some states all ties are cut once the adoption goes through, but other states give birth parents certain rights. Many prospective adoptive parents don’t want to go through that or take a chance that the birth parent changes her mind. Then there is the foster kid situation, where foster parents might want to adopt, but the birth parent, who is oftentimes a drug addict, asserts their right and claims they are getting clean, which prevents the adoption. It can be a very messy process all around and some people think it’s just easier to go to China or Guatemala and not have to worry about it.

          • Unfortunately yes. There was just a case in the news a day or two ago, in California, where a 6 year old was taken by the state from the only home she remembers (taken in by them at age 2) because it was discovered that she is 1/64th Americsn Indian. This is pure insanity.

          • @ Kathleen – My heart goes out to the children caught in this nonsense. I’m sure there are thousands of wonderful, hopeful couples who would love to have one of these children caught in a screwed up system. Thanks for the explanation.

          • You are welcome. My own sister-in-law and her husband are one of these hopeful couples. Time will tell how it works out.

          • If it wasn’t for the adoption business then everything (else) we imported from China is crap. I don’t know what the real numbers are, but; my sister, who lives in a liberal enclave south of Boston asked me to photograph her adopted daughters playgroup at Halloween, 75% of the kids were Chinese girls. They all had really puzzled looks on their faces as they sat there in silly costumes posed for pictures. “What strange customs these people have” I thought they must be thinking.

        • very few healthy white kids available for adoption. maybe none. silver lining: if you have one for sale, you can get a good price!

      • Actually, my husband has a relative that did that. The wife adopted a black child from a drug addicted mother. Ray is somewhat retarded and schizophrenic and intimidating now that he is grown as he is over six feet tall.

        The wife left the marriage and left the child with her husband. Walt raised him and did a fine job of it. We feel it was his pennace for participating in My Lai. The desire for atonement and forgiveness doesnt leave, just because you aren’t religious.

        • That’s some messed up arithmetic in your family. Why not rename the kid “Penitence” just so he knows his place? Maybe your family is his punishment?

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