Magic Honky Theory

For as long as most people reading this have been alive, the cult in charge of America has preached the need for full integration. This has led to endless campaigns to “desegregate” the schools, housing, jobs, sports clubs, etc. These campaigns are often insanely self-contradictory. Fire departments are sued for discriminating against whites, while also being sued for not discriminating against whites. The inherent truth revealed in these contradictions is ignored.

Domesticated conservatives put on their serious face and point out the hypocrisy and idiocy of these efforts. The habit of blacks, for instance, of creating domains exclusively for blacks is politely ignored, while the similar habit among whites is attacked with the fury of the state and state run media. Imagine trying get White Entertainment Television on basic cable. Remember the horror when kids pretended to create white student unions?

The folks out on the fringe, the people who refuse to be house broken by the Left, make sport of this stuff. There’s little point in taking it seriously as the people promoting Magic Dirt Theory are incapable of rational thought. After all, if you think putting D’Shawn and his half dozen baby mommas out in the suburbs will magically transform them into middle-class burghers, you’re immune to reason. It’s better to leave the pointless debating to the kept men of Buckley Conservatism and have fun making sport of the them.

In fairness, the people promoting Magic Dirt Theory will say they are operating from reason. Humans are a blank slate and if trained properly, by growing up in a properly structured environment, they will turn out properly structured. If D’Shawn happens to murder a nice white girl out in the suburbs, it is the price that you must pay so that D’Shawn’ eight kids will turn out better than their parents.

This is where the “appeal to reason” by the Cult is just way of deflecting the unwanted gaze from what they believe onto other topics. After all, if they really thought they could mold these people, they would be in favor of building black-only towns in which to provide the proper structure and training to D’Shawn and his cohort of bastards. That way they would avoid the problem of hate thinkers and bad whites screwing up the project. It is the logical end point of their blank slate arguments.

The way around this has been to argue that “diversity” makes everyone better somehow. This proximity effect only works in your neighborhood, of course. The bunkered enclaves where our betters live are almost all white. Like so much of what these people say in public, it is intended to obscure, not explain. Ask these people why diversity is good and they start mumbling about their favorite Ethiopian restaurant. Western civilization did OK without having a single Ethiopian restaurant for a few millennia, but we’re to believe it is now a necessity.

Anyway, this story from state controlled media gets to one root explanation for the Cult’s integration fanaticism.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is making it easier for people with criminal records to find housing.

In new guidance, released Monday, HUD tells landlords and home sellers that turning down tenants or buyers based on their criminal records may violate the Fair Housing Act.

Because of widespread racial and ethnic disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system, criminal history-based restrictions on access to housing are likely disproportionately to burden African Americans and Hispanics.

New HUD guidance on criminal records and the Fair Housing Act

People with criminal records aren’t a protected class under the Fair Housing Act, and the guidance from HUD’s general counsel says that in some cases, turning down an individual tenant because of his or her record can be legally justified.

But blanket policies of refusing to rent to anybody with a criminal record are de facto discrimination, the department says — because of the systemic disparities of the American criminal justice system.

What’s going on here is pretty simple. In the suburbs, landlords use credit and criminal records to keep out people who don’t fit the neighborhood profile. They don’t want their property values collapsing anymore than the local homeowners. A bad tenant can consume the profits of a rental property before you can evict them so the landlords try to use good judgement when screening their tenants.

The Cult hates this because they are convinced that if they can situate non-whites within close proximity of whites, the special magic that allows whites to run civilized communities will transmit to the non-Asian minority and transform them into good citizens. In the case of ex-cons, putting them in with the law abiding will magically rehabilitate them. This is the Magic Honky Theory. Stand close enough to the white guys and you start to act white.

As is the case with everything the Cult says, it is riddled with contradictions. If Whites are the racists monsters they claim, then why in the world would anyone want to send blacks to live with whites? That’s like sending Jews out to Idaho to live with skinheads. Of course, there’s no explaining how it is the honky got this magic stuff that lets him dominate the non-honky, but also oppress the non-honky. What if the non-honky gets this magic and begins oppressing the honky?

Of course, we all know the answer to that question and ultimately, that’s the whole point.

23 thoughts on “Magic Honky Theory

  1. Given the past five decades it is difficult to accept the premise that leftists want to improve black lives with Magic Dirt.

    After the Baltimore and Ferguson riots blacks lamented they wanted to destroy more property but could not because there is nothing of value in their communities.

    Destroying white communities and lives is the only goal.

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  3. This article, while making a lot of good points, is a tad collectivist for my taste. What about treating people as individuals? Of course landlords should be able to rent to anyone (or not) for any reason they please. The reason the ruling class disallows that is not because of any concern for the feelings of dark brown people, but because “Divide and Conquer”.

  4. Look at the Roman Empire, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and how many countries they both were broken up into, and you will have an idea about the future of the US, after the diversity trolls get their way. Homogeneity is what make nations strong, diversity is what makes them weak. No family that is as diverse as the US would survive intact, why would anyone think that a larger scale of something dysfunctional would work? Nature itself shows that like belongs with like. When one natural group encounters another, in the wild, one usually eats the other.

  5. “widespread racial and ethnic disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system”
    LMAO “racial disparities in criminals” methinks.

  6. Having done property management for years I can assure you bad tenants drive out good tenants, not the other way around. I have never seen good tenants drive out a bad tenant. Good tenants just quietly move. Obama is the nation’s greatest idiot. Perhaps one of the world’s all time greatest idiots on par with Nero and for sure James Earl Carter.
    Hat tip to my NSA minder. Stuff it you a-hole.

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  10. “Ask these people why diversity is good and they start mumbling about their favorite Ethiopian restaurant.”

    If they do manage to come up with something else (not yet) then ask them how it is that an Ethiopian is preferable to honky while retaining their non-racial bona fides. You know, diversity is good and so there must be something better about the Ethiopian–but there is no difference; since racism and yet there must be since we neurotically celebrate diversity… Sort of an infinite loop of idiocy really.

  11. The non-honky merely applies for and gets a government job, much to the same effect. If you’re feeling oppressed, trust me, it’s a gov’t hire that copied and pasted nice-sounding paragraphs into an edict, sanction, code, or penalty.

  12. A great many whites had the burden of being a good example laid on them early in life. Also an unshakeable belief that the great white way of doing things, contrary to their own multicultural beliefs, is superior to all others and should be emulated.

    • Sure – and it rubbed off on the few black kids I went to school with in the 99% white town of my childhood. They ended up culturally “white” (the kind of black people Hollywood likes to mock). Probably didn’t hurt they had 2-parent families stable and affluent enough to maintain a household in the suburbs.

  13. the Cult says Brown vs. Board of Ed. must always be praised – can’t people see what it led to? the Cult says the 13th, 14th & 15th amendments must always be praised (“aren’t we wonderful to be so fair?”) yet the results are not good! the historical sentiments behind these things must always be praised AS IF the results were wonderful. this drive for fairness (that ignores biology) for every special snowflake is toppling our already administrator-heavy institutions – & our country.

  14. So, I was looking up “wise Latina” judge criteria the other day, it was right next to clean, articulate mulatto President.
    I looked up Affirmative Action,Title IX, and “Dear Colleague….” but the only thing I found with Caucasian Heterosexual Male was hate crime, and domestic terrorist militia.
    Who knew that Magic Dirt was just dirt, but concrete and brick was Gris Gris? (or Feng Shui?)

  15. After all, if you think putting D’Shawn and his half dozen baby mommas out in the suburbs will magically transform them into middle-class burghers, you’re immune to reason.
    It’s burgers,and everybody knows it Aw-ite? 😉

  16. The one upside of Obama’s efforts of spreading out the Section 8 housing into rich white districts is that it’ll teach rich white people the downside of diversity first hand. States with over 10% blacks vote Trump in the primaries because they know the score. States that are lily white vote Cruz because they haven’t had the first hand experience to counter the “diversity is good” mantra from the media and pop culture.

    The quickest way to form an Alt-Right majority is to spread the diversity around deep into white neighborhoods.

    • “The quickest way to form an Alt-Right majority is to spread the diversity around deep into white neighborhoods.”
      Disagree. That’s like saying the best way to get rid of your urge to commit suicide is to just go ahead and shoot yourself.

      • I disagree. Trying to explain the concept that ‘cultural diversity’ is synonymous with destruction is about as fruitful as trying to explain to someone from the swamps Florida how dangerous the desert is. Humans do not fear ignorance, particularly in America now. The vast majority of people I know who are aware just how destructive the Magic Dirt Theory is, are those who come into contact with its absurdities on a daily or weekly basis. Those forced to deal with the Escalades and 60″ Sony flatscreen TVs bought by those who apparently must have rent-controlled housing and SNAP cards to live. If all American’s were required to experience Chiraq, the national mood would change within a week. The only thing that breaks through the idiocy and cultural daze is bodies. Lots of bodies. It’s unfortunate, and I don’t wish it on anyone, but that is reality. Things only matter when they will directly affect you, and that is the only way things will change.

        • What you say appears to be coming to fruition. Everyday there’s more about how “whites” are becoming affected by urban migration to the burbs. For example, heroin is apparently running rampant all over now. It’s cheap and suffices when your doctor prescribed oxy runs out. Now we need rehab centers in my local town, so they say. We didn’t care when it was destroying black families and cities.

  17. This election is resembling the 1992 election with Trump being Perot and I think this on purpose, the Cult Elders loved Bill Clinton, his policies of ‘social liberal, fiscal conservative and imperial expansion’ is what they always wanted, the Cult Elders HATE the GOP and its voter base even when they swear loyalty to them and do everything they want.

    The Cult Elders are using Trump to destroy the GOP and get Hillary elected, you will see it in November.

    • Your argument rests on an absurd assumption– that the “Cult Elders” would destroy something that has been so incredibly useful to them, namely, the GOP. Maybe you haven’t noticed the the GOP leadership is virtually indistinguishable from the Democrat leadership? No, Trump is universally opposed by everyone running both parties for a reason: he is threatening to blow up something that is quite valuable to all of them. As far as Hillary is concerned– they don’t necessarily care about Hillary one way or the other, that’s why they wanted someone like ¡Jeb! or Marco to oppose her. When you own both candidates, it doesn’t matter who gets elected, you win either way. They only care about Hillary now because Trump has blown up one half of their equation. They are trying to set Ted Cruz up as a Designated Loser® but they know he can’t win enough delegates to fill the role under the existing nomination rules, so right now they are using him as a cudgel to beat Trump with until they can figure out a new plan. Obviously rigging the convention is at the top of the list of preferred solutions but even if Trump gets blown out in Wisconsin (where he was weak anyway even before his recent missteps) he’ll most likely still bring enough delegates to the convention to win. They are flailing around and it’s pretty easy to imagine that assassination is moving rapidly up their solution list. And it looks like inciting race war is right up there too. It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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