Low IQ in the Information Age

Watching the cable news channels Thursday night as they covered the attack on the Dallas police by the George Soros funded Black Live Matter, I was fascinated by some of the “man on the street” segments. The blacks they interviewed were not angry ghetto rats ready to break out with chants of “kill the pigs!” Instead, they were articulate, middle-class blacks more concerned with posting their selfie on Faceberg than the shootings. They went to the riot because it was the cool thing to do and all of a sudden it was really cool so they captured the moment with a selfie.

That is the thing you cannot help but notice about this black anger spasm is that it is almost exclusively among middle-class blacks. In fact, it is among the blacks who are the greatest beneficiaries of the Civil Rights movement. The angry black guy today is most likely to be a mulatto at an Ivy League college, or in a government position, by the magic of affirmative action. Barak Obama, instead of being thankful for having not been born in Africa, walks around with a chip on his shoulder about race. He and the Mulatto Mafia that surrounds him are largely responsible for BLM.

This is not just a black thing. One of the distinguishing features of “homegrown” Muslim terrorism is that it is usually perpetrated by second and even third generation Muslims. The parents came here, got jobs and were grateful to be able to give their kids a better life. Those kids, on the other hand, are filled with resentment at their “fellow citizens.” They embrace radical Islam because they are filled with hate toward the society into which they were born. Islam does not make them crazy. They went bonkers on their own and found radical Islam to be a convenient vehicle.

One possible explanation may be IQ. Being the smartest guy in the black family means you are about as smart as the average white guy. Similarly, being the smartest guy in the immigrant Afghan household puts you somewhere around the IQ of a tow truck operator or office clerk. Being the smartest guy in the Chinese family means you teach computer engineering at the local university. Being the smartest guy in a Jewish family means you win a Nobel Prize in physics. This is a deliberate exaggeration, but the gaps are well defined and documented.

These Black Lives Matter types grew up in middle-class homes and did well in school. Because they scored at the top-10% of their race, they were eagerly recruited by the better colleges, where they suddenly found themselves struggling to keep up with their fellow students. The Chinese kid sitting next to them in chemistry is a full standard deviation smarter and can breeze through his course work, while Yolanda needs endless hours of tutoring just to clear the freshmen requirements. That results in a lot of resentment and high dropout rates among affirmative action beneficiaries.

People like Michelle Obama and Loretta Lynch have found themselves struggling to compete with their coevals their entire adult lives, which is why they have a chip on their shoulder. Their credentials are meaningless and at some level, they know it and they know everyone else knows it. Instead of being grateful for the opportunities, they are resentful of the daily reminders that they are where they are because someone decided to put them there as a trophy. High achieving blacks often feel like pets, because they often are the pets of sanctimonious white liberals.

Muslims have a similar dilemma. Their parents come here happy to have indoor toilets. They left squalor and violence to live in relative comfort. They may harbor their own resentments, but their life in the West has largely met their expectations. The kids, on the other hand, come in with the same expectations as the Italians, Irish, Asians, etc., but they are not equipped with the same cognitive toolkit. The average IQ in Iraq is just under ninety, which places them in the “uphill battle” portion of the bell curve. They are looking at a top of being a security guard or warehouse worker.

This is not just a problem for blacks and Muslims, of course. There are plenty of stupid Italians and Irish. Townies in Boston are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their social standing because the world no longer rewards a work ethic. America, like most of the West, is a technological society and raw IQ is a required ingredient for success. There is also the social component. Increasingly, you need a narrow set of social skills to succeed and these are cultivated in private schools and upper middle-class neighborhoods.

President Obama is a good example. He is top-5% for his race in IQ, maybe even top-2%, but that was only good enough to get him through the affirmative action door of elite colleges. His upbringing gave him the exotic, international charm that is highly valued among our national elites. No matter what you think of his politics, Obama is a very charming guy in a way that is appealing to the sort of people running Western governments and institutions. Needless to say, most blacks and immigrants lack the social skills and they have no way to attain them.

43 thoughts on “Low IQ in the Information Age

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  2. Everyone talks about high IQ like it is some godsend. Without a balance of moral conscience, ethical behavior, honesty, honor, integrity, these sorts of things which seemingly are imputed to those with high IQ’s, I do not place much faith in this measure by itself. Just look at all the “scientists” committing fraud on the issue of global warming, oops, climate change, just to get more research funding and keep the gravy train rolling. Must be some very high IQ’s in those people. Look at politicians. Look at the EU leaders and now the clown Breedlove of NATO/EU pushing for war with Russia. They might be smart by some measures but they can be complete idiots by others.

    I do not automatically place these people on high pedestals. I firmly believe in the concept of teamwork. Take baseball as an example. The NY Yankees. If money buys the best talent year in and year out, why don’t they win the Series every year instead of must 1 out of 4? How can a team of relative unknowns come together and challenge the “great” teams and win? There can be, in many instances, an element of blending, cohesiveness that no matter of “managing” can arrange. My team, the Oakland A’s gave me such pleasure as a small market team to go toe-to-toe with the Yankees for a few years playing Billyball. At just one-quarter of the payroll. It just happens. With so-called average players. Since most of the world is made up of average “players” I think it is a great disservice to put them down as I read here today. The challenge of leadership/management of any organization is to build a team of “people” having a range of capabilities into a winning team. You don’t do that by just selecting the one’s with high IQ’s. So I think that rather than being racist, some people here are being elitist in just another sense. It is the results of deeds that determine the quality of the person not some measure of their brain before they do anything with it. Of course, we all recognize genius, but that is demonstrated exceptional HIGH IQ.

    • re: IQ

      Chances are that you have never been in a situation where you have encountered a group of individuals with IQs over 150. If you were a grad student at an Ivy or equivalent in STEM you may have otherwise you probably have been exposed to smart individuals circa 125 to 135 IQ. Such individuals are plenty smart and can and do wonders. The 150+s on the other hand are amazing. Have you ever met someone who scored 800 verbal and 800 math on the GREs? Have you ever seen a student who NEVER STUDIED but got the top scores in a STEM major? IQ is not linear. These rare super high IQ people are usually white males and are rarely interested in a normal career path.

      A case in point, one such super high IQ male who I know about is in mid 30s currently. While in his Masters program was asked by his department to go for a Ph.D. and did. He had never applied. He stayed on for about three more years after getting the degree a year or two shorter than usual doing mathematical models for a research project and taught part time at another university in the same city as an adjunct professor. Both places offered him tenure track positions which he turned down so he could take a position with an aerospace company. There he was fast tracked to a senior level position. He still is there but requested transfer to another division which was done. His immediate boss in his original job there said that he did the work of two or three without effort, writing software if the legacy code was faulty in his opinion. They expect him to not stay there much longer unless they can supply him further challenges hence their unusually flexible attitude to his seeking different projects. His former boss said that he does the work as entertainment for himself.

      There is no way to place such an individual on a team.

      Dan Kurt

  3. The blacks are America’s Palestinians. Somehow they are never responsible for the mess they make, and are coddled cradle to grave. As the Palestinians never face reprisals for their self made problems, and are shown to us as refugees after more than almost 70 years by people who wish to use them against us. The general black population is much the same despite living in this country over 250 years.

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  5. Perhaps Barry should appreciate Caucasian’s more, at the very least, for his Mom. But then again to do this, he would have to overcome his dark side.

  6. “Their credentials are meaningless and at some level, they know it and they know everyone else knows it….”

    Michelle Obama (and her husband) are legally banned from practicing law in the United States. Both of them surrendered their licenses when she was about to be deregistered for lying about the qualifications of her yet to be called to the Bar husband. At first, they both wanted to fight the charges on discriminatory grounds but Barack’s benefactors intervened. Knowing full well that being stripped of their licenses could spell doom for Barack’s political career, they were both persuaded into playing nice and shutting up. After that, it was Washington or Bust for Barry and Co.

  7. The problem with having a low IQ is not about the ability to perform general tasks. By far, most tasks in ordinary life only require an IQ in the range of 90+/-. The problem is that people who have a low IQ suffer from a lack of expanded awareness. This lack of expanded awareness leaves them unable to deal with abstract matters.

    Institutional religion filled that void in understanding abstract matters for the majority of easily confused people. There is much to recommend religious dogma as a substitute for the ability to reason in bringing order to public behavior. With the destruction of the Judeo-Christian ethic and nothing to replace it, it is no wonder that there is widespread public disorder and moral confusion.

    But the destruction of Judeo-Christian ethics did not only affect the lower classes. It affected the best and the brightest, too, and to much worse an effect on decent society. When the really smart guys get into mischief they do so on a massive scale. While the murder of the policemen yesterday was very ugly business, it pales in comparison to the evil committed by the ruling class i.e the looting of the public treasury and the chaos in international affairs.

    So, while I take your point about intelligence- or lack of it – the real problem we are facing is the destruction of the moral order. Until the ruling philistines and nihilists get a taste of their own blood no amount of policing or immigration control will solve our present day trials and tribulations.

      • Don’t you think $250K and a one way ticket (with no chance of re-entry!) to Liberia or Nigeria would be enough incentive for a fair number of Dindus? The smarter ones could buy slaves from the Muslim traders and live like kings for a few years. Combine that with welfare reform which penalizes more than two illegit children and the continuing Planned Parenthood form of birth control, then SWOOSH! Most of a problem culture has disappeared.

  8. Muslims have a similar dilemma. Their parents come here happy to have indoor toilets. They left squalor and violence to live in relative comfort. They may harbor their own resentments, but their life in the West has largely met their expectations. The kids, on the other hand, come in with the same expectations as the Italians, Irish, Asians, etc., but they are not equipped with the same cognitive toolkit. The average IQ in Iraq is just under 90, which places them in the “uphill battle” portion of the bell curve. They are looking at a top of being a security guard or warehouse worker.

    The average IQ of Muslim immigrants to America is probably about the same as White Americans. There would be some regression in the next generation, but we’re not talking a huge amount. You have to take selective migration into account.

    • Seems like the govt is selecting for the most barbaric violent individuals from the ME, and I am guessing they are pretty dense on the whole. That guy in Orlando was a security guard, for example.

    • In general, I would tend to agree. We certainly skimmed the best from Lebanon, for example. On the other hand, Somalia and Afghanistan have no best to offer so we are getting low-IQ people. We have been importing illiterate Syrians, for example, who are at the very bottom of the social structure there for a reason.

      Still, the numbers are small and we have not had a lot of second generation terrorism compared to Europe. We also get much better Pakistanis than the Brits.

      This will change as waves of Muslims enter the US over the next decade.

        • A few years ago I got into a cab driven by a Pakistani. I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying the various tribes in the region. I made small talk to see if I had guessed correctly. He launched into 30-minute diatribe about how the Jews have ruined Pakistan. I still laugh about that.

      • My anecdotal view agrees as well. Our real estate agent went to American University in Beirut. And lots of Persians here in Orange County……..many in “transactional” businesses (car sales, real estate) but a fair number in IT and similar industries too. Not many dummies.

        • We certainly got better Persians. The California Iranian community came to the US during the Shah. They were educated and from the upper classes of Iran. Many saw the writing on the wall and left before the eggplants revolted. The Iranian government tried real hard to force these people back to Iran after the government. The reason is they knew they represented the best and brightest. I knew a guy who left during the Iran-Iraq War. He went through Belgium on a phony student visa. Eventually he was forced to return as the Mullahs were threatening his family.

    • I think it depends on the Muslim. From video clips and documentaries I sense there is a tremendous difference in mental capacity between the typical Syrian refugee in New York and the typical Somali refugee in Minneapolis.

  9. From my FB (heavily composed of people from a lefty industry and the ragingly lefty alma mater, there are a LOT of lefties that seem to be spoiling for a civil war. Lots of talk of gun confiscation and the desperate need for gun control. Do they understand that you are not going to get a couple hundred million guns in private hands into government warehouses without starting something? Getting guns out of the hands of Americans is logistically impossible, regardless of its merits. You would kill far more people doing it than are being killed by gun crime.

    I know Yankee Bashing is a preferred sport around here, but when Connecticut tried to get people to just register, REGISTER, high capacity magazines, fewer than 2% of the estimated total were registered. And that’s in a BLUE state. Can you imagine if they tried to confiscate guns in a more right wing part of the country?


    • I often wonder what, exactly, they’d be doing differently if they were trying to start a civil war. All this stuff shows the biggest problem with bubble living. Just as Ivy Leaguers have no idea how many guns there are out there, and how passionately most gun owners feel about their firearms, so the Soros-funded dindus taking potshots at the cops have zero idea that blacks are only 13% of the population. Yes, everyone in the ghetto is black, but they’re surrounded by a sea of white. Hell, a few posse comitatuses could starve the inner cities into submission in a matter of days, just by blocking some freeway exit ramps. Of course, if they were capable of thinking through the consequences of their actions, they wouldn’t be Democrats, would they?

  10. It gets worse as we advance into the 21st century. Robots and “business process” software will make 60% of the US population not only unemployed but unemployable by 2040. There are solutions but most of them are dystopian.

    • You know why the marxists will ultimately lose? Because their war is against human nature, against culture. Dirt people are tribal and communal people. Most people have a sense of identity, of belonging to something. A heritage of time and place. Most of us don’t even think about it, it is just a sense of things we scan with our radar and keep a running tab of in the backs of our consciousness. But the cultural marxists are so anti-human, so detestable, really such nasty creatures, they cannot impose their long march without a corrupted government that employs threat of force and use of violence to shove it up dirt peoples arses.

      Like Z talked about IQ, it matters, it is the cognitive process, and maybe it isn’t just high IQ, but what kind of genetic IQ, high or low that matters. You take the rise of nationalism for example, that is belonging to something. You know Nationalism must be a serious threat, the CM’s loose their minds over it rising up.
      It probably requires a level of cognitive thinking, even at the gut level, to grok, and then become motivated and act upon it. The BLM on the other hand it isn’t about belonging, it is about victimhood as a way of life, about supremacy of their racism, as a fulcrum to leverage special privileges, satisfying the immediate.
      Nationalism is about pulling your self up by your boot straps, looking at the remedies that result in something better and larger with a steely eye and making a choice based on many parameters having to do with their results and consequences. BLM and the like can’t see past any choices longer than immediate gratification.
      High IQ people by default are not that way. Consequences are important, unintended or otherwise, they are part and parcel of dirt people culture. All this turmoil going on is not the natural state and actions of a culture born into liberty. Cultures like ours don’t decide one day to throw it all in the dumpster. Outside forces, bent on it’s destruction do though. But after all the riches and energy squandered to destroy our dirt people culture and prosperity, it is not going away, it is growing, and you see a form of nationalism represented in the form of Donald Trump. If it wasn’t Trump it would be someone or something else that continues to spring up despite all the efforts to destroy its inherent qualities and eradicate it from the dirt peoples cultural memory.

  11. The won certainly has his race war now.
    I often wonder when the rank and file dirt people civilian police are going to figure out they are dupes in all this.

    It is obvious the local, city, county and state political class is an operative component in the fundamental transformation. Thing is, it isn’t they who have the guns and are in the thick of it. They just sit back and wreak havoc for the federal regime operatives.
    It could not be more obvious. The turmoil is a product of something far larger. Think declaration of Martial Law. What better instrument of constitutional law is there to stop the dirt people from electing Donald Trump. These psychopaths are going to do whatever it takes to not permit the dirt people to rise and reject the long march.

    • Agreed. Dallas shootings a false flag? Lone sniper? I doubt it. Riots till November. More killings. Declare martial law. Cancel election. No Trump win. Who cares about Hillary? Barry gets to be King!

  12. All politicians, from Obama to our own Camerwrong, are charming people whatever their IQ is. I expect Merkel the Murderess of Germany’s future is, as well. They all have one quality which is to make the person they meet feel special. Sure, they do not actually care how your kids are doing in school or how your battle with disease is going, but for a few shining moments they are all focussed on you, the mug who voted them in to more money and power. Ten seconds later, you are history. Forgotten.

    The nearest I came to this incidentally was when I was asked to go some pyramid-scheme scam ‘interview’ in which I would buy hundreds of gallons of poor washing up liquid and try to sell it on to gullible people in order to ‘move up the ladder’ and earn more commission. When I found out what their real interest in my being dissatisfied with my then job, I said ‘no thanks’ and stood up to go. I had probably taken took five or six steps towards the door before I looked back: the couple who had ‘interviewed’ me were absorbed in something else. I could tell from their body language they had dismissed me. Pols are just like that: if they can’t charm you in order to sell you a scam they forget you instantly.

    • Yes – most car salesmen have no idea how cars work – the guys fixing them in the shop are probably smarter. Same with politicians – most have no idea what they are selling other than their own popularity.

  13. So Barack Obama and the Mulatto Mafia are responsible for this black lives matter thing? Are you saying that black people are being victimized by policemen because we have a mulatto president?

    I’m not defending black lives matter nor am I saying that blacks are the predominate victims of violent police encounters. I am not suggesting that violent police encounters are unwarranted. I am not pretending to be knowledgeable about anything that happens outside of my own community. I am just asking you to clarify: Are you saying that black people are being victimized by policemen because we have a mulatto president?

    I may not follow what you’re saying correctly, but it appears to me that you are saying that black people are being victimized by policemen because we have a mulatto president. Is that right?

      • Z Blog must be be swimming in the main current of the blogosphere. It’s starting to draw more kooks and cranks. Or perhaps kooks on crank.

    • “I am not pretending to be knowledgeable about anything that happens outside of my own community.”


  14. At least middle-class blacks are employable. Most of the feral ones getting shot by LEOs are so cognitively impaired and have such poor impulse control that they can’t even follow the directions of a cop screaming at them with a weapon drawn. If you can’t do what you’re told in those circumstances, you sure can’t follow along when a teacher or employer is trying to give you instructions on how to complete the simplest tasks.

    • Talk to anyone who has worked in the the Middle East and they will inevitably have stories about very stupid people offing themselves in some hilarious manner. I knew a guy stationed in Kuwait for a defense contractor who ran a lottery where you bought squares. It was a death pool on which muzzie would off himself next.

      One of the truths of life is that someone with a 110 IQ cannot truly understand the intelligence of someone with a 130 IQ. It works the other way too. Spend time around the 85-IQ crowd and their decision making seems random at first. You can start to follow their logic, if you will, but you can never truly predict what they will do next. Cops know this very well, by the way.

      • I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to be a cop dealing with dindus all day, every day. Is it surprising that some of them develop an itchy trigger finger, considering the hostile, violent animals they have to confront?

      • This is why the Muslim religion is perfect for them – it takes away the need for decisions.

        The truck (which I never perform maintenance on) will run or not run as Allah wills it. No need to aim that rifle – it will hit whatever Allah wills. Since everything in the world works that way, very little brainpower is ever expended.

        It makes training Arab troops an exercise in frustration.

        • You should try training their military pilots. Always wondered how many of my former Allied nation students are now bits n’ pieces in a blackened crater somewhere.

        • The whole “Allah wills it” stuff is one of those things you experience for the first time thinking it is a joke. Then there is that point where you realize it is not a joke and they really think it. There’s simply no way to fit that into a rational worldview.

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