Cloud People Blues

Steve Sailer has a post up on this story. Steve does his thing highlighting certain passages and commenting upon them. The point of the NYTimes article is an attempt to explain why the Dirt People are so angry over things, particularly immigration. Michael Ignatieff is a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and former leader of Canada’s Liberal Party. It is entirely from the perspective of the Cloud People, which should surprise no one.

That’s the thing you see from all of these “think pieces” in the media and commentariat. They are written by strangers, foreigners who are observing us through a telescope, trying to make sense of what we are doing. They are not interested in our opinions any more than a myrmecologists would want to know the opinions of his ants. Reading these articles, I always come away with the sense that the Cloud People spend so much time studying the Dirt People that they have not bothered to notice much about themselves.

Here is a representative example:

According to his argument, what we’re seeing is, in part, an ideological split between cosmopolitan elites who see immigration as a common good based in universal rights, and voters who see it as a gift conferred on certain outsiders deemed worthy of joining the community.

Cosmopolitan elites like to kid themselves about their love of universal rights and the common good, but it is total nonsense. Just take a look at their strongholds. These people talk like MLK, but they live like the KKK or like a KKK fantasy world. Our elites live in hyper-white exclusive communities. Many are gated and walled. Often, they have their own private security forces. A modern college community, for example, operates almost like an autonomous zone with their own government and police.

On the college campus, just like in the elite neighborhoods, minorities are decorations, not parts of the community. Professor Boobingu from Ghana is not there for his intellectual contributions. He is there as a decoration so the white people can feel good about diversity. On the home front, guys like Tyler Cowen get to visit the ethnic restaurants in your neighborhood or maybe in the Potemkin “arts section” near the campus, but he is not living anywhere near the people who work in that ethnic restaurant.

The swank urban hipster areas are examples of how modern ethnic cleansing is done. Harlem, which had been close to 100% black for a century is now mighty whitey-ville. San Francisco is no longer the land of Dirty Harry chasing black gangsters. Instead, its Ice People as far as the eye can see. As Steve Sailer put it, they have their housing costs discriminate so they do not have to. Everywhere you see gentrification, you see whites moving in and nonwhites moving out.

This near total lack of self-awareness by the Cloud People even effects their ability to observe the Dirt People. I am sure Michael Ignatieff is a peach of a guy, but what in the hell can he possibly know about what is going on outside the walls of his mansion? Sure, he has his telescope and peppers the domestic staff with questions. Perhaps he even has his butler read to him from the Internet. Even so, he is an unlikely person to have any insight into the Dirt People.

Reading that NYTimes article, it is not hard to imagine what it must have been like inside the aristocratic houses during the French Revolution. The people inside were not just baffled by the people outside. They were baffled about themselves. They had invested generations of intellectual resources into a mythology about themselves and their position, to the point where they were invisible to themselves. They could not rationally evaluate their own culture. They were not just strangers to the people; they were strangers to themselves.

The authoress of that NYTimes piece is a person calling herself Amanda Taub. She is the authoress of this piece in Vox. The point of the article is to scare the readers, not inform them. If Mx. Taub had any interest in understanding the Dirt People, she would talk to one of them. There are thousands of writers and bloggers that would be happy to answer her questions. Instead, she finds Cloud People to add authority to her theories about how the Cloud People are on the side of angels and the Dirt People are evil.

One of the things about the French Revolution that is most intriguing is that the people in charge never gave much thought to how it would end. They were always focused on maintaining the status quo and beating back the revolt. Similarly, the Cloud People do not seem to think much about how their multicultural wonderland is going to work. How do they expect to remain on top as a ruling minority with no means to defend themselves from the dusky hordes outside the walls of their communities?

Instead, they seem to be obsessed with punishing the Dirt People for making a racket. How else does one explain the plan to revive the Gang of 8 scheme? How else can you explain the Cloud People siding with the cop killers in Dallas? The Cloud People think they have done a masterful job of running the world and they see the Dirt People as ungrateful rubes, who must be punished. If Michael Ignatieff and Amanda Taub want to know why the Dirt People are revolting, they should stop thinking the Dirt People are revolting. Maybe even talk to some of them and ask their opinions.

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  1. Michael Ignatieff and Amanda Taub are Jews First Zionists. They support strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while
    they demand massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

  2. The piece in Vox is such a crock. It’s the LeftProgs who are the authoritarians, putting their noses into your refrigerator, your car, your bedroom, your toilet. Trump is a metaphorical hand grenade which we metaphorically disaffected troops are rolling in the D.C. tent.

  3. It is darkly amusing to note the blindness of cloud people to their own faults and weaknesses. But we dirt people need to be careful not to fall into a parallel trap and ‘dieify da dirt’. For one thing, we can less easily afford to ignore our own weaknesses.

  4. The scary thing is when you figure it out, it all makes sense. Run a “coincidence detector” over a list of prominent cloud people.

  5. Portland, Oregon, one of the whitest cities in the country, with a culture that is just bursting with enthusiasm for diversity (of the type you mention, a sort of tokenism), has almost completely gentrified the Albina neighborhood, one of the few local communities where dark brown folks used to live.

    As to cop killers, don’t forget the cops who *are* killers. Why would decent dirt people identify with either?

    I agree with your theme, that cloud people don’t understand themselves, never mind understanding dirt people.

  6. “How do they expect to remain on top as a ruling minority with no means to defend themselves from the dusky hordes outside the walls of their communities?”

    Why should they have to defend themselves? They think they’re the best thing ever to happen to those dusky hordes, and that the dark fellows agree with them. “They wouldn’t attack US! We’re their FRIENDS!” They truly think that, and believe that they’ll be like those crowds of picnickers who jaunted out to watch the battle of Bull Run. *They’ll* be safe; it’s just the badwhites who are going to be bloodied.

  7. Reading Taub’s interview of Ignatiev, I couldn’t help but think of some 1950s Hollywood comedy professor puffing on his pipe, expressing his contempt for the great unwashed just before some life-altering event sets him down right smack in the middle of Dogpatch.

    Of course we all know how that movie ends. Professor learns about the inner nobility of the bumpkins and marries the Widow Crabtree. The End.

    Our reality is Stalinists like Taub running free to openly advocate the old “alliance between the vanguard party and the poor peasants and petty criminal class against the kulaks and petty bourgeoisie ” strategy. The fact that she seems to be either in the direct employ or writing as a stringer for the NYT speaks for itself.

    • I thought my father was about to have a stroke during that scene. He was laughing so hard he had to leave the theater.

  8. It’s not Blacks who are hurting with gentrification -they usually like the money (outside closed-access cities like NYC and San Francisco). It is Blacks, however, who are hurting when Hispanics move in. I read that in an article somewhere.

  9. Yes when I read that Sailor article I also thought of your article which hit the mark where the other was foundering. And this article I nodded until the last sentence about the cloud people finding a dirt person to talk to.

    I don’t think there is anything to talk about, the chattering classes are the cloud people and no amount of conversation will remove their confirmation bias that they are right in all things because:

    1. They worship a false gods – themselves.
    2. There is no bridge between the dirt and clould people.
    3. They only wish to engage with each other, they have no interest beyond themselves, despite the grandness of their delusions nothing will deter them from their faith in their perfect selves as gods.
    4. They happily see conflict as *proof* they are right in their assessment of the nasty dirt people who must be made to see righteousness of the cloud people.
    5. They do not seek a united, United States – it’s easier to rule.
    6. Their self love and egotism has no bounds and they are too far gone.
    7. They are blind to their own arrogance and their ‘news’ articles are fiction/fantasy/propaganda which increasingly has lost touch with reality ( a dog is not five legged, that thing is a tail not a fifth leg and I don’t give a crap how many studies say otherwise!).

    • He wrote a biography of the only president who was never elected or appointed as VP by someone elected by a majority in the electoral college, who was soundly defeated by a true champion of the people, and who had to spend the rest of his life as a bitter congresscritter.

  10. Lefty female relative of mine, who makes a living in the arts (arts which incidentally are almost exclusively white-supported) was in a discussion with another relative — a male — who has to live and work in a much poorer area than she inhabits. He explained the problem of having too many immigrants crowding schools, leaching off the welfare state, demanding more and more from the health service and not enough jobs for anyone, and how the resident whites who are being pushed out are not happy.

    She asked how it could be changed, and the man said it was too late now. It had all gone too far. However she did have her own suggestion: more arts appreciation courses were needed, which she was sure would help ease tensions.

  11. You are a resource, Z, a bulwark. I send selected essays to three people who I love but who have lived all their lives under the rain of the Cloud. In addition to substance, terms like Cloud and Narrative make an impression, an image which cannot be undone because it fits too well. The Cloud Narrative laid a map to Utopia within their minds but you have placed trip-mines along that path that trigger examination and self-awareness.

  12. Horace Walpole once claimed: “The world is comic to those who think, and tragic to those who feel.” Looking up from the dirt, I believe the Cloud People feel life is tragic and unjust. In their breathtaking hubris, they desire to solve the world’s problems via unity (i.e. Globalism). This is why the Cloud People promote a social gospel seeking accord with all religions. Because they hunger for world harmony and believe in the inherent goodness within themselves, they embrace their religion of Political Correctness and utilize terms such as: Save the earth, justice, equality and peace. Overall, they are proud of their good intentions, common sense, nuance and compassion. Yet their feelings deceive them. This is why the Cloud People promote the glorious benefits of gun control and mandate “gun free zones” for we of the dirt, yet require armed security for themselves in their clouds. It is why they are not threatened by immigration. It is why they contort themselves to remove any vestiges of Islam from mass casualty events like Fort Hood or Orlando in order to reassign them new causes like “work place violence” and “homophobia”. Indeed, if only Christian bakers would receive such leniency from the Cloud People, the LGBT community would have a few less options as to where they might purchase cake. The Cloud People are thus, aptly named. Their collective minds float willingly, and comparatively, “in the clouds” without any “plumb line” regarding truth. Therefore, it is understandable the majority of their premises are wrong. They have no common sense. In the end, all that remains within them is an overwhelming lack of logic and deceit combined with an elephantine pretentiousness all bordering on insanity. It would be comic if it weren’t for the tragic consequences.

  13. Funny timing. A very earnest young sociologist posted a TED talk a few days ago about Brexit. He’s the typical cosmopolitan, white, perpetual student/academic type you run across in certain part of London. In a rather startling moment of self awareness, he popped up a map of the voting results by district and told the audience that he had only spent 4 days of his entire life in the places that voted overwhelmingly for Brexit. Four days. Then, rather like Duvall’s “some day this war is going to end” line in Apocalypse, it sort of hung there for a few moments before he went back to how we need to educate the dirt people in Britain about how great globalization is for them.

    • I have seen this attitude a few times before – I wish I remembered where so I could link to sources.

      To a reasonable individual, what he’s saying it “I don’t know anything about this.” But to progressives, not having been outside the confines of their safe spaces is a sign of purity. To the progressive, it is a sign of the impurity of the other places that they haven’t been graced with progressive presence. They actively flaunt their desire to control cultures that they don’t intend to understand.

      • Someone posted a comment on my husband’s FB to the effect of, “Oh, look, another person who never left my hometown and thinks Olive Garden is a nice restaurant doesn’t like #BlackLivesMatter!”

        I wish I could convince my husband to leave here.

        • I know. People underestimate how hard it is to pack up and move. My husband has been in this house over 20 years. He finally recognizes we need to sell it. We’ve been trying to move to his other place for years and we aren’t there yet.

          • It is truly a heartbreaking undertaking. And when you get him to move, never go back.

          • His work is so tightly tied to the one city where we live and it’s a lot to ask him to give up a career he loves and is very good at and, oh, the best way he has to support his kids to up and relocate because I am feeling increasingly anxious. We’re planning to decamp to the distant small town exurb where I grew up, settle walking distance to my parents, prepare as I can, and leave the rest up to God. He’s a good husband to be willing to take on the commute that entails.

          • It’s easy to get stressed out by events we can’t control. I spent so many years in rural areas, expecting the worst. And here I am in the suburbs. You just have to do the best you can. The money you can earn in the city does help with the transition.

  14. “Similarly, the Cloud People don’t seem to think much about how their multicultural wonderland is going to work.” This. The thing is, everyone needs to live FOR something. Time was, you lived for your kids. The “American Dream” wasn’t about your house in the suburbs with the white picket fence; it was about what that represented for your kids’ future — Dad is a plumber; Son is an office worker; Grandson is a doctor or lawyer. The Cloud People have no idea what they’re living for, because they already have everything they could ever possibly want. They’re Bobos in Paradise, and their dirty secret is: They’re bored. Just like the Boomers in the 60s, who got into Civil Rights because they couldn’t think of anything better to do, so our Cloud People want to make sure everybody else is as miserable, bored, and directionless as they are. Hence, Social Justice. They’ve put no thought into how it’ll all work, because to them, it’s like a game of Monopoly on a rainy day — something to pass the time until some other diversion comes along.

  15. The Clouds now hold as a matter of core belief a deep and abiding embarrassment and shame of their respective nations and their histories, and that the compelling solution to the stain of “puritan” guilt in this regard is to engineer a replacement of the ethnic and cultural makeup of the nation and substitute another more flattering to their collective amour propre. Such, at any rate, is the half-articulated, half-understood and wholly lunatic plan. As you cogently lay out Z, our current ruling class is not one given to self-reflection and self-understanding, and of this lack they are, as a matter of course, blithely unaware. Which doesn’t augur well for their continuation.

    Not least because those being replaced have caught on to the scheme, and are not particularly thrilled with idea.

    • Read up on George Soros. He, as much as any one person, is an architect of the situation that we find ourselves in. Zero Hedge has a great piece on him this weekend. The money point of the piece: Soros says the greatest year of his life was when he, as a Hungarian of Jewish heritage, collaborated with the Nazis to turn in the Hungarian Jews and steal their stuff. He now operates on a larger scale. He is deeply involved in the Arab migration to Europe, Hillary’s campaign, and in the backing of the BLM “movement”. All of which serve to create turmoil, through which he buys up assets on the cheap, through insider deals, and then flips them for huge profits. Not much different from his 1944 days, and he seems to get off on being able to do it, rather than for actually capturing the assets for himself. Per the description of the Joker in one of the Batman movies, “some people just want the world to burn”. Soros does, for his own sense of power and short term gain. He could care less about the horrors he brings to the lives of others, in his quest for his own jollies. So much of what is going on makes no sense, because the motivations being exercised that makes all of this happen make no sense, at least to a sane person. Read the ZH piece on Soros, and you will come away with a much clearer understanding of why the Clouds follow all this stuff. They are being led to slaughter, in part, for the personal gratification of one very old, very sick man. And we are all stuck along for the ride.

  16. There are so many money quotes in the Taub/Ignatieff NYT interview.

    Re: Brexit
    “When they are given a referendum that offers them the illusion of taking back control, they seize it.”

    The only way Brexit would be an illusion is if there was an implicit admission here that the globalists are just going to screw the people no matter what they vote for. Whether they just refuse to actually follow through on the Brexit or if they just institute the same policies to become a de facto EU member doesn’t really matter.

    Ignatieff goes on to say that, to the dirt people, “Democracy” means that they get to control their own borders, essentially the destiny of their nation. Then acts surprised that citizens might believe they get to choose who comes into their country:

    “There are a lot of Brexiters who think a decent country is generous to strangers, is compassionate to strangers. But that’s the language of the gift. That’s not a language of rights. This is an emerging theme that a lot of liberal cosmopolitan politicians — and I have been one! — didn’t understand.”

    This is not an emerging theme. Self determination is not a new idea. The emerging theme here – in some circles – is that migrants have equal to or greater rights than citizens. That’s a new idea.

    • The one thing the NYT’s neglects to mention is ultimately, BLM is shooting at the wrong white people. I’m not advocating violence, but as Z said about the KKK, it is an observation where the social engineering by many clouds, a power to meddle in everyones else’s affairs gained through accumulation of wealth and political influence of certain clouds, has consequences. Sow the wind. Of course everyone suffers to some degree or another outside the clouds insular clique of omnipotence and special privilege. And that is a point in itself, that is a kind of power too in itself. It is sport for some to rub everyones noses in their untouchable class status. Look at the Clintons, they are the epitome of clouds. Instead of calling them something like the Arian Nation, they should be termed the Arrogance Nation.

      • Here in the south when the snowbirds began building their gated, golf course communities, we hoped those gates and walls were strong enough to keep them in when the bottom fell out.
        But as usual, they showed us. My hometown now looks just like some New Jersey township. Or so they tell me.

        • The secret is to live in an area that doesn’t attract them. Settle at least 100 miles from any city of 500k or more, mountains, large lakes and rivers, and the seacoast. They would be bored, but most of us are, and some of us like it.

          • The problem is that it disenfranchises you. Rural areas can’t compete with the votes in the cities. They pass the laws.

            And if you think distance protects you, take a look at Twin Falls ID.

          • Shelby was talking about the south, which I took to mean the old Confederacy, which is where I live. I should have begun my statement as, “The secret in the south is to live in an area…..” Don’t know enough about the other regions to know what might or might not work.

          • Is there really any voting a way out of this in the cities within a time frame suitable to mitigating the turmoil currently in motion? Seriously, time is up. If voting worked to redress whats going down, it would probably be illegal. It takes generations to employ voting as a remedy of redress considering it has taken generations to get to the point things are now. They are as Z says Potemkin enclaves, it being specifically they are gerrymandered political protectorates specifically for the purpose of “voting”, or vote fraud-ing into the circumstances and social instruments of destroying our culture, to create the political and social disasters they are in the first instance. From the cities outward, order from chaos.

          • You have to go where the agrarian dirt people reside. Places with no street lights, narrow 1 lane goat paths and dirt roads, no stores within 15-30 miles, especially a walmart, you need at least a 30 mile buffer from them, no towns larger than a few thousand population where the frontier begins at the town limits, no nanny state infrastructure, places where the counties are as poor as the dirt people, places where it is very clannish. Priorities are different because environment and isolation from local direct corporate influence. You will be an outsider forever, but at least people there are free and more or less self sufficient and tribe and family are thicker than anything. Where community organizer means the widow down the road asks you wife to join her for church at the bottom of the hollow. Those are the places where people will hardly notice when the Matrix implodes, they will thrive as people with a connection to the dirt and heavens only can. There is no preps or bugging out, it is the rest of society who bugged out and forgot the connections to the Earth and prepping for extingencies is just a natural part of living right. Some never figure it out, because serenity with their land is such foreign concept it is something from another planet.

          • For the love of God, Doug, did you go to the James Joyce school of writing or something? Your content is pretty good, but your posts are unreadable, like trying to eat a good hamburger in one bite.

            Here’s a pro tip: try paragraphs, for fuck’s sake.

          • Dearest ‘GUEST’ : We’un s dirt folks don’t hafta come up’n for breath when a subject captivates us folks…….ie: needin paragraphs…..figure to git it whilst it’s hot, no need to put in unnecessary spacin and such distractions……Soapweed

          • Lord love a duck, WTF is wrong inside your head. Our country is being literally torn asunder, and all you got to say is my writing style aggravates you?
            Come on man, get with it, we are all in this together, it’s your country too, and bitching about my poor composition is about as productive as a screen door in a submarine.
            And quit with skulking around with the Guest posts.

          • Portland, ME is a hell of a lot smaller than 500k, and they’re swarming over us like flies, and bringing their whole zoo of feral pets with them.

          • Get out friend. The cities have been turned into social manipulation traps. Being a dirt person in the purest sense means just that. Vote with your feet. By staying there you are very limited in what you can or can not do. Your going to have to make hard choices if you choose to get out. In the long run you will be better for it. No matter what it begins with each of us, self determination is critical. The dynamics of densely populated areas have gotten away from being influenced by our individual powers of consent and self determination, it is a runaway train at this stage. The options are very limited in that respect. Pretty soon it will be survival of the fittest that determines ones life and freedoms.
            There is no telling a person this, we each have to figure it out in real time. The cities and suburbs have been deliberately turned into wild pig traps. The dirt people are being used as cannon fodder for the one worlders agenda. And it’s a target rich environment.
            Remember Bill Ayer’s directive about mass die off if he and his human extinction movement are to rule after the smoke clears: A minimum of 25 million have to die. Remember who Ayer’s mentored?
            Those red diaper babies are who are running things.

          • Yes. Billy Ayers. Just how is it that a piece of subversive, villainous, traitorous scum like him (among-st others like Hillary) is till polluting the earth with his CO2 emissions, crap and other malevolent productions? When I see that picture of him standing on Old Glory, I picture a big sink hole opening up under him and swallowing him up … and then spitting him back out! Just in time to be hit by a US made MACK truck … squashed like the bug he is. Well, a guy can dream, can’t he? Note: Another example of the failure of justice for a bomber of federal buildings and shooter of police.

          • Buddy that’s a question right there.
            I think often also why such scum are still breathing. Maybe it’s a couple things. Power loves power, it is a true human sickness, it is association, like attracts like, and it has it’s own cocoon. (Just look at the collection of fucking idiots in Congress. Dude, who in the entire spear of your life do you know who are like those useless clowns. Seriously!)
            Where dirt people who self determine are by nature individualistic, and thrive quite well with minimal outside association, these bloody psychopaths require mutual support and a hierarchy of crazy to thrive.

            I think too, most dirt people are by nature peaceful, live and let live is pretty standard operating procedure. In general it takes a lot to get dirt people riled up, reasons are many, most come from tolerance and a sense of decency. It is a conundrum. It sure makes it easy for the Marx’s and Soros’ and obama’s of the world agendas and actions easier. Like that sublime line in the Declaration of Independence:

            ‘…Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government…’

          • Useless clowns for sure. You know, you pick your friends carefully and when you meet or run into these kinds of people you recognize them for what they are and steer clear. You live your life in your own sphere that you create, more or less, and yet these same ass hats still wind up in power and IN YOUR FACE whether you like it or not. I know life is not fair. But I don’t really blame them per say. I do blame the electorate and TPTB for putting them in their positions. Too many people are just plain stupid and with the government protecting every dumb sumbitch, well, Darwin’s Law just isn’t given a chance to do his work. So money is wasted taking every “n”th degree of risk out of life.

            Ever hear of diminishing returns? It becomes increasingly expensive to achieve even the smallest modicum of “safety” and yet, they, the libs have no problem killing the defenseless, aborted babies on someone else’s dime. Hypocrites.

          • Voting was never something in this republic for voting our way out of something, it was for keeping from having to vote our way out of something. That Rubicon was left in the dust long time passing.
            Truth of it, we are laying in a bed of our own collective making, it will require drastic means of redress to get out of it.

          • 100 miles from any city of 500K or more pretty much eliminates anywhere east of the Mississippi, the Pacific coast, and quite a bit of the Missouri and Red River watersheds. In other words, about 75% of the country. Then when you add Mountains, large lakes and rivers, to the list of places to be avoided, you’ve pretty much eliminated everything else except maybe some very isolated areas out on the high plains. (…or some of the most isolated places out on the Alaskan tundra.)

          • Roy geography is critical. Think like a Guerrilla, not like we are accustomed as western men who can conveniently drive everywhere for everything in a minutes time. Certain terrain is itself a physical and mental buffer to encroachment, because of that it can be relatively close in vehicular access, but entirely isolated culturally.
            Through history mountainous terrain is the most defensible and naturally isolated, physically, culturally areas on earth. They are also on an agrarian scale abundant in natural resources. What they are not is suitable to large populations that are easy prey to usurpations. Mountains are the wrong kind of terrain for that. There just isn’t enough flat land to support infrastructure as we know in cities and large towns. So by nature they are very different places to live. Out of sight out of mind in effect also. Majority of people find mountainous terrain daunting and mysterious, some afraid to venture into them. They are alien to urban and metropolitan way of life, almost unimaginable to some.
            Drive through WV sometime, get off the highway and onto the goat paths through the hollows and ridges. It will be self explanatory.

          • Try reading the book, “The Art of Not Being Governed” by James Scott. He goes over the advantages of mountainous terrain, where there is a lot of friction against “civilizing” tendencies.

          • Without examining a map, I’ll stick my neck out and say that a whole lot of AL, AR, LA, TX and MS, as well as northwest FL are more than 100 mi. from any city of 500K or more. I happen to live in a state capitol that meets this test, and the same is true for the state next door. Not that these places are the garden spots of the world or anything, but at least they’re pretty free of the big-city woes you read about everyday.

          • What you must be on the look out for are the “Half Backs”. These are the folks that moved down to Florida and for one reason or another have moved on for greener pastures. Instead of going all the way back home they stop off in Tennessee or the Carolinas.

      • Amen. Unfortunately, the cosmos are so deeply entrenched, that his hubris regarding the illusion of Brexit may just be reality…

  17. The clouds are the ultimate white supremacists. Even dirt people who are white are Kefir’s. As in white trash, mouth breathers, knuckle draggers, trailer trash, bitter clingers, but nothing is to be so despised as white HillBillies.

    What is interesting in regards to alternatives is us dirt people, we have absolutely no use for the clouds.

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