In The Cloud, You Never Have To Say You’re Sorry

After the Brexit vote, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was stepping down from his position and leaving Parliament. He was on the losing end of the vote so he took the traditional approach and stepped aside. He did not have to do it as it was a referendum, not a parliamentary election. He also had plenty of support in his party for sticking around after the election. But, he chose to follow protocol and retire from politics. It’s an acknowledgement that no man is indispensable and that there must be consequences to losing.

America used to have a similar tradition. When one party lost an election, they changed their leadership and maybe put new people in charge of the party. That’s not the case anymore. Nancy Pelosi presided over a historic defeat for her party, but she refused to resign and remains as leader of her party in the House. Similarly, Harry Reid remains the leader of his party in the Senate despite leading them to disaster. Of course, losing an election is no longer a reason to retire from politics. Instead, it is a reason to make millions on Wall Street preparing for another run.

A big part of what ails America is the near total lack of accountability in the managerial elite. President Obama made a long list of claims about his health care bill, all of which proved to be false. There’s strong evidence that he lied about much of it. Yet, nothing happened. No one resigned from his team. They just laughed, shrugged and went onto other things. Jonathan Gruber, the man credited with designing the thing, laughs about lying to the public about how the program would work and what was expected. He got to keep his perch at MIT.

It’s not just Democrats who never have to say they are sorry. Paul Ryan was the most embarrassingly incompetent running mate since Admiral Stockdale. Yet, he was rewarded for this by rising all the way to be Speaker of the House. Reince Priebus took the reigns of the GOP after the 2010 election and presided over the stunning defeat in 2012, only to stick around as head of the party. He is responsible for this battle plan crafted after the 2012 election. Everything in that document has proven to be wrong. Trump is the nominee because he did the opposite of that plan.

It’s not just the politicians and party officials escaping responsibility. David Frum was humping this story on Twitter the other day. The story is nonsense, but what got my attention was the author. Franklin Foer used to be the editor of the New Republic back in the Bush years. He was the guy signing off on fabricated stories by a guy using the pen name “Scott Thomas”, claiming to be deployed in Iraq. It turns out that the writer was not in Iraq at all. It was also revealed that he was married to one of the fact checkers. The whole story is here if you have an interest in it.

Now, editors can get fooled by writers or by fake sources. Most anonymous sources in modern journalism are made up anyway. These fabricated stories were so outlandish, only a complete boob or a lunatic could fall for them. Regardless of the reason, he embarrassed his profession and his employers. In most lines of work, this means finding a new line of work, but that’s not how things work in The Cloud. Foer gets to write for big-foot publications and work at a think tank. Short of getting caught on video beating a Girl Scout with a puppy, there’s no way to get fired in journalism.

Conservative Inc has a similar policy of shielding their worst elements from responsibility. The publisher of The Federalist is a guy named Ben Domenech. He also co-founded the RedState group blog. He also worked for the Washington Post until it was revealed he was a serial plagiarist. When caught he lied repeatedly until it was impossible to maintain the lies. He was also caught in a payola scam where he secretly accepted payments from agents of the Malaysian government to write editorials promoting Malaysian interests. Like Foer, Domenech could murder a nun on national TV and face no consequences.

The rest of The Cloud enjoys the same risk free existence. Look at all the people who pushed the Iraq War. They remain in their positions as experts at think tanks and government agencies. Karl Rove has grown rich on Fox News being wrong about everything. Bill Kristol is a millionaire based on being wrong for the last three decades. The Bush administration nearly destroyed the Republican Party and yet all of the principles escaped any consequence. Many have been recycled into new government positions with others waiting to join the next administration.

One of my favorite idiots is Jamie Gorelick, who has been a colossal screw-up at every thing she has touched. In every position she has held, she managed to screw up in ways no one imagined. She was instrumental in the mortgage meltdown and collapse of Fannie Mae, but walked away with close to $30 million. People thought it was impossible to break Fannie Mae, but she managed to do it. She even managed to screw up Duke’s handling of the phony rape scandal. It’s fair to say the woman is as dumb as a post, yet she was close to being named FBI Director by President Obama in 2011.

We could spend days listing the people in economics and banking who were disastrously wrong yet suffered no consequences. Being a Cloud Person means never having to say you’re sorry. It means never paying a price for failure. That’s the job of the Dirt People. They pay the price. The result is our ruling class is packed to the brim with credentialed fuckups who flit from one disaster to the next, usually because they created them. It’s why Obama was able to rise through the ranks so quickly. Merit no longer has any meaning in The Cloud.

The fact is we are ruled over by irresponsibly reckless idiots paid for by a global elite that has no concern for the governance of our countries. They are global pirates riding a sea of credit money, as they sack the Western middle class. They have no interest in good governance because competent people in government may do something about the financial pirates like George Soros. Rule by hired moron means rich guys can crater the mortgage markets and escape with billions. It means you can lose two wars of choice and keep your sinecure.

That brings us back to where we started. David Cameron was on the wrong side of the Brexit vote and resigned. That’s what an honorable man is supposed to do. Theresa May was on the Brexit vote and not only stayed on, she fought to get the top job and will be the next Prime Minister. The guy who was probably most critical to mustering support for the Leave campaign, Boris Johnson, was not only passed over for the job, he was shived in the yard by his fellow inmates in the party. He’s out of politics while the losers get to be in charge of the country.

The common theme here is sex. In the wild, males fight males for females. It’s winner take all. the loser either dies or flees. Females compete with one another fort he attention of males, but it is not winner take all. The loser simply hangs around hopping to lure the male away at some later date. The Cloud is feminine, dominated by women and the habits of women. The pirate class out there on the sea of credit money is exclusively male. In effect, our national governments are literally the kept women and common night walkers, for the global billionaires.

Aristophanes was right. This will not end well.

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  1. I beleive Gorelick was also responsible for the “wall” between the F.B.I. and the C. I.A. which allowed the 9-11 hijackers to get away with, among other obvious signs, learning to fly an aircraft but not caring if they learned how to land.

  2. Dirty politics, corrupt government and power hungry agenda driven miscreants have always been at the helm. Always. Anyone with the smallest interest in history and truth knows this. Until the last eight years, in the final push to complete global transformation to destroy western ideology, there has been enough wiggle room for humans to live out their lives with minimal negative impact so there’s been no reason to pay attention. Thus there has been plenty of space and time for the cloud people to implement the grand plan.

    For awhile I thought, as many do, that the evil seeking to reorder the world was driven by diabolical master minds but I am beginning to realize that it’s all smoke and mirrors, magic devised to hide just how moronic they are.

    However, they have gotten this far primarily because they did do one thing right – they got to the kids through education and changed the process of thinking to feeling. You gotta admit, that was diabolical. Sometimes even morons get lucky. Now we are on the fast track because the feelers are old enough to vote.

    I totally agree that the cloud is feminist – I like to refer to it as rabid feminist but I was a stay at home mom long before the phrase was coined. But the concept of the cloud being fem made me think of the image of the whore riding the beast until it turns and devours her. hmmm.

    • Merkel’s happy acceptance of the Koudenhove-Kalergi prize needs to be considered. I see it as a symptom of something diabolical. What they have done is not moronic. It is virtually in every government, this mad view of Immigration. Obama exhibits this pure evil – pointless military action (and political meddling to advance “democracy”) but not one soldier on our border.

      • Yes, no doubt consummately evil but also moronic because they have no idea they are on a path to self destruction. They have no clue that what they believe to be RIGHT! is also going to be the ultimate wrong that leads to their downfall. Like teenagers with underdeveloped frontal lobes they trust their own judgement as brilliant strategy. Only they aren’t children, they are adults in positions of power so their bad choices, their moronic, myopic decisions are heralding in the worst reset this world has ever known. I think that’s pretty dumb.

        • I can’t shake the perception of monstrous evil. Soros is a smart man and yet chooses to fund the vilest of initiatives. The invaders showing up in Europe (i.e., being allowed automatic entry) come with phones and 500 euro notes. They don’t walk from Greece to Sweden but are able to purchase train tickets. Soros only seems to be able to fund projects beloved of the lunatic left. The Barbara Lerner Spectres of this world also know very well what they are doing.

          You’re quite right that these choices are moronic and myopic. Even if one knowingly works to flood Europe and the rest of the West with Muslim and third-world primitives, how can a person of even modest intelligence fail to see the end result or to ask what comes after the desired collapse and period of chaos. So there’s intentionality and a terrible blindness. To wit, willful blindness.

          It’s all quite monstrous and your “worst reset” is right on the money. Even in just economic terms, one reads of locomotives being parked in the Arizona desert, the decline in the Baltic Dry Index, debt bubbles, the war on savers, and endemic unemployment contemporaneous with wholesale importation of primitives. The world is more fragile for the immensity of the economic transactions required to run even a healthy economy and hardly any people live on the land as they did during the Depression. No one knows but it’s all part of a criminal experiment.

  3. Of all the countries in Europe, Germany is probably the least military-minded given our sensitivity to the subject. We completely eliminated conscription a few years ago. Unlike the UK, the German military has played a very minor role, providing only a token force, in any of US lead coalition operations.

    As we all know, Frau Merkel openly invited over 1,000,000 ‘refugees’ into Europe last year and most have remained in Germany. This 1,000,000 is above and beyond the tens of thousands we have allowed into Europe over the previous 20-years, long before the Syrian crisis. The results were predictable with an exponential increase in crime rates and a surge of popularity for both the extreme left and right parties.

    But instead of using established EU laws* to remove the problem, (e.g. expelling those who do not legally qualify as refugees under Council Directive 2004/83/EC) the EU and Germany now want to increase the military and police forces to protect us from the growing threat.



    • You know Karl, sweet ol’ Frau Merkel and what the rest of her associates are doing isn’t working. A person can make a thousand arguments and observations about the nuances and consequences of what is going on. At some point, if your wanting to change these things it is going to come down to each and every one of us because that kind of change only starts with each of us and only dirt people.

      • @ Doug – She has done many things that have been very good for Germany during her time in office. Obviously the refugee situation was not one of them. However most Germans would agree her policies have been beneficial to the Germany economy with respect to the lowest unemployment rate in Europe (from 7.9% in 2010 down to 4.7% in 2014) and increased exports. Energy reform has also been good as we move away from nuclear towards safer renewables such as wind and solar. She supported the move to eliminate military conscription which many, like myself, viewed as a complete waste of time and money. So from a point of strength for Germany, she has done a good job. But I agree, the recent refugee situation has created a number of unnecessary problems including polarizing the extreme left and right parties which is not good for anyone.

    • The one thing you may be sure of is that Merkel will NEVER say the military – any military in Europe – must be used to seal the 175-mile land border of Europe and Turkey and patrol the seas to repel boats carrying invaders. She will talk about fairies and goblins in her bedroom before she does that.

  4. Jeb is hysterical. First there’s this: no wise person came to me in advance of what happened and said, “This is what’s going to happen.” Not a single person I know. Not a single person.

    So, the candidate isn’t smart enough to read the voters, but has to have consultants tell him what to do. That’s not exactly leading.

    And this:
    I can’t vote for Donald Trump and I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton. It breaks my heart.

    This is my first time in my adult life I’m confronted with this dilemma.

    He was fine with McCain. He was fine with Romney. But Trump is just too far. And maybe that’s why he doesn’t connect with voters. For most of us, it was hold your nose and vote for McCain and Romney. I regret both votes as they were lousy candidates. Should have gone third party on those elections.But Jeb is fine with polite losers

    • He was such a good gov. I am sure you people that study politics can spout out 10 or 12 terrible things he did, but to those of us that were busy living our lives he filled the bill. There was absolutely zero chance I was going to vote Jeb for president.

      • It was Solzhenitsyn who wrote that when the political culture is horrid we become elated when some official is not an asshole, and we are so grateful for this we cannot see very clearly beyond it. We don’t have any good elected officials because if they were good they would not have been elected.

        • I have no doubt that Jeb was better than whatever mutant the Democrats were putting forward for Governor, but as pointed out above, that’s a low bar to clear there days.

    • One very good thing about Trump’s candidacy. ( and there are many).. but he has laid bare the inch-deep politicians and their machine for the feckless technocrats that they are. The left has been fighting an ideological war with us since Reagan ( and obviously before ) and though conservatives thought we had an opposition party, we actually knew better, but could try to believe them…. but no more. The masks have fallen.

      The progs are openly running for office as progs and marxists. The community organizing model is in full view. The press corps has dropped any pretense of objectivity. All laid bare by a billionaire who said enough is enough and had the money to speak his mind.

      We’ve turned a corner in national politics. A lot of folks have shown their cards. … and the dirt people are paying attention. The cloud people … well… their reaction to Trump and what he is doing is the tell. The cloud people are in high dungeon because the worm is turning. We’re living in interesting times.

      • You’re certainly right about Marxists openly running as Marxists. As recently as 2008, Bernie Sanders would have simply been laughed off the stage. Today, he’s a serious candidate. Oddly, so would Trump. The Overton Window seems to be a lot broader these days. Interesting times, indeed.

  5. May was only mildly for stay and then only on security grounds, Boris is far from gone,all in all I’m rather proud of our politicians for once although i’m sure they will work to change my mind.

    • The leaders should be given credit for achieving their goal. What confuses me is how quickly both Boris and Nigel bowed out. Seems to me they should Sheppard the cause along at least until Article 50 is played and probably until the final negotiations are completed as that is where the hard job will really be and the games will be played by the EU. They seemed to have taken “exit – stage left” a bit too soon for my taste.

      What say you?

    • Well, that ought to be good for at least 100,000 extra votes for Trump. I’ve seldom seen a candidate so despised by ordinary people, Democrat and Republican, as Jeb!. If only we can get this doofus to endorse Hillary, Trump will win in a landslide.,

      • Jeb probably would endorse Hillary, but It might spoil his chances for the nomination in 2020.

        • What do you call a RINO who says it will vote for a dick-less-tator before it will vote for Trump?
          A democrat who tells the truth for once.

          Probably won’t be a 2020 nomination, because it’s looking mighty sporting that the clouds are trying mighty hard to keep Trump from being elected. If they get seriously desperate, they will pull desperate stupid stunts like use declaration of a national emergency to call off elections, or even Martial Law as an excuse. They are working hard to turn Cincinatti into a Watts riot. I wouldn’t put nothing past them the way they are rubbing our faces in their blatant lawlessness these days.
          What’s a little cancellation of a presidential election compared to saving their worthless butts?

    • The candidates that pledged to support the nominee and reneged on it are all men (and women) without honor. They should be treated as such.

  6. ZMan, you are correct about there being no accountability. In fact, when I read you description of the rotating doorway between government, education, consultants, contractors, etc., it smacks mightily of a union of a different kind. No one gets fired. They take care of their own. Everyone keeps getting pay increases and rewards regardless of performance. Heck, it’s life on easy street.

    This fact, no accountability permeates our society in every field, every industry. Striving for excellence has ceased to be a driving concern for America. Of course there are still many individuals who care and strive in their personal lives, but for the most part, we have fallen to the level of the lowest common denominator and that bar keeps getting lowered in the name of equality.

    • I’ve seen people held accountable for their screw-ups in private industry. I’ve seen middle-managers with a reputation as a screw-up stuck without hope a promotion until they start looking for employment elsewhere. I’ve also seen executives who screw-up a contract bad enough to affect the corporate bottom line summarily dismissed.

      • Summarily dismissed. It’s good to know that still happens. To your point about middle managers or regular employees for that matter, the legal minefield due to federal laws makes it so difficult too get rid of someone for poor performance. The company will bend over backwards, give extra training and keep them on the payroll even though the cost to the organization really adds up. Put simply, poor performers are protected especially if you are a woman or a minority or both.

  7. Usually, falling on one’s sword hurts, so most avoid it.

    By the way, Camergone is still in politics, in the sense that as far as I know he has not lost his parliamentary seat. I don’t know if he has applied for the Chiltern Hundreds (the official way of resigning your seat) but until he does he continues being MP for Witney. Likewise with Boris Johnson, who still represents Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the Commons.

    However what it means to have been PM and then on the back benches might lead to some interesting questions at the new (Theresa May’s) Prime Minister’s Question Time. Unless Cam does as the reprehensible Gordon Brown did and having lost the PM job basically never turned up in parliament unless it was a ‘special’ occasion with lots of TV coverage. As always, working for the little people holds no appeal at all.

    • The way this whole Brexit thing shook out still bothers me. First Cameron resigns, maybe that was a natural consequence. But then Johnson steps aside. The Dove steps back in after having stepped out. Then he gets trounced for the weasel he appeared to be. The between to two skirts, one steps aside for unknown reasons. And … the losing side winds up in control. Simply amazing. Dirty politics I am sure and a lot of backstabbing going on. Would be interesting to know the “inside” story on all these machinations. But as I always say, “nothing is what it appears to be.”

    • @ UKer – Your take on Theresa May would be interesting as I suspect most in this little blog sphere know little, if anything about her other that what the US press reports.

      • Karl: hard to judge May, according to some sources. On the one hand she has been Home Secretary (after PM and Chancellor, probably the most important position in UK government) and thus has some experience. But she was Home Sec under Brussels rule, so not sure how much her decisions not to kick out various foreign murderers, plotters and general scum was her decision or the EU’s control of her options. She has drawn flak for saying Sharia law is compatible with UK law (a point most sensible people would argue with) and seems generally to be ‘soft’ on Islam, which is not entirely popular with the British public.

        She has come out and said that Brexit means Brexit, but she was part of the Remain campaign though again she said that because she was in government had no choice as it was the official line. Until she invokes Article 50 and starts the exit procedure, the public will be unsure of her.

        An old Tory was caught on camera the other day saying that May was a ‘difficult woman’ but conceded to another old Tory he was talking to that they had served under Margaret Thatcher so they well knew what difficult women are like in politics.

        One thing though that has rattled the British public is the whole election process for a replacement for Cameron. May was swept to power on the back of a determined anti-Leadsom campaign by a core of hard-line Tories with support of the right-leaning media when lot of people thought the relatively inexperienced Andrea Leadsom was better for the UK because she was more Brexit that May would be. Trouble is ‘hard-line Tories’ doesn’t mean what it used to mean.

        Thatcher grew into the job in her time it must be said and possibly May will grow into this one, but the next general election comes in four years so she has to do a lot of growing fast in order to stave off UKIP. If Article 50 doesn’t happen UKIP will be an attractive option for a mass of disillusioned Leave voters.

        • I just scanned an article that quoted her as supporting sharia law. For your sakes I certainly hope it is not true.
          I am sure President Trump will have no part of it here in the states.

        • @ UKer – Thank you – this is very interesting. I do find it odd that she would take the leadership role given she was on the Remain side of Brexit. In my eyes that would bias her position, and her decisions, with respect to whatever is going on in Brussels. I would suspect her opinion of Sharia law being compatible with UK law, in combination with a Muslim Mayor of London will be a major point for UKIP. But a lot can happen in 4-years so we will see.

          • Odd indeed, Karl.

            I have to say however that the UK Labour party has often banged on about having women in power yet the ‘nasty, evil’ Tories are 2-0 ahead having managed (one way or another) to have two women running the country. It will be interesting to see if Angela Eagle can unseat labour Leader Corbyn but I can’t see whoever wins that in-house scrap to be likely to be PM before the next general election is due.

  8. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Cloud Idiot. I recently asked my liberal relatives to tell me about her accomplishments – then had to point out that Senator and Secretary of State are job titles not achievements. Sputtering ensued. But they are so engulfed in the liberal SJW mindset, they just don’t care and are now completely immune to logic.

    • Hillary is the answer to questions no one asks or imagines asking. She is under-performing in every critical Democrat demo. A new poll shows she is struggling with the youth vote. Her support, as far as I can tell, is simply with those who vote Democrat regardless oft he candidates. Everyone else is either sitting it out or voting for another option.

      • That’s why every time I see the Left winning — which they still do 99% of the time — it’s only because they’re facing the only group of humans dumber and flightier than they are. Obviously I’m no fan of Hillary, but I’m being as objective about this as I can: She’s the worst candidate for anything, ever. The festering corpse of Jimmy Carter would clean the floor with Donald Trump. All she has to do is not be repulsive. That’s literally it. If the Left actually had any game at all, they’d be terrified — Kos et al would be going through the dark night of the soul, wondering how they possibly arrived at this lowest of lows. But then again, if they could see the obvious (and learn from history), they wouldn’t be liberals….

      • Yes, but all that is required is to fabricate polling numbers where she and Trump are within 3 percentage points, the `legacy media to run hillary as preordained empress from a popular mandate of the people, and with some vote rigging and selective gerrymandering in completely corrupt counties and precincts, she “wins” the popular vote, the electoral college has its cover of being on the up and up selecting her, and the appearance of legitimacy is retained. Easy Peasy!

        Nobody can say otherwise, because it is a huge country and there is no way for the dirt people to call each other and check to see who really voted for who. The election commission and the justice dept are in the bag, and prepositioned car trunks are stuffed to breaking the springs with boxes of handy “mis-located” democratic ballets that show up a few minutes before the vote counting is completed to cover any loosing gaps in the vote rig.

        Banana Republic.
        The clouds get to rest easy.
        No pesky Trump to find all the dirty rotten shit and expose to the dirt people what the sonofabitches have been pulling since 2006.

        And that my friends, is why they hate, and are so terrified of Trump and The Great Fuck You of the dirt people he has come to represent.

  9. What’s wrong with this headline?
    Hillary’s Lead Over Trump Shrinks To Just 3% As Two-Thirds Of Voters Find Her “Dishonest And Untrustworthy”

  10. “Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich and a tragedy for the poor.” – (Shalom Aleichem).

    Stock tip: Go long on torches and pitchforks.

  11. The template for “failing upward” losers like Gorelick was Robert McNamara. The guy literally destroyed everything he touched, from strategic bombing in WWII, to Ford Motors, to the Defense Department, to the World Bank, yet he kept moving upward, because he looked and sounded like and Expert, and he had such good Establishment connections. Hell, in his waning years, Liberals were actually asking him for advice about Iraq – the guy who, more than anyone else was responsible for the Vietnam debacle! Unreal, but that’s how the establishment rolls.

    • McNamara was also one of the main architects of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, he was LBJ right hand.

    • The amazing thing about McNamara was that even in his dotage, he still got the wiseman treatment. Often these guys get some grief when they get old because people are no longer afraid of them. It was only after he died that he came in for criticism by the smart set.

      • Very true. McNamara is just endlessly fascinating to me, because he was like a compass pointing south – if you had done exactly the opposite of what he advocated in almost every situation, you would have come out way, way ahead. Even for a Cloud Person, he was a prodigy. The only person I can think of who comes close to Mac today is Bill Kristol, and even he doesn’t occupy the position of power that McNamara did. A genuinely astonising career.

      • Why is that a surprise? Karl Rove still gets the wiseman treatment as does Kissenger.

        • Right you are. I remember seeing Rove on the tube with his little hand written chalk board explaining how Mitt Romney was a sure thing to win the last election.

          • Man those Fox News episodes of cuckservative agitprop seem like decades have passed so much crap has happened. “The Architect” they called him. It was all you could do to keep from hurling watching the nitwit even back when we didn’t appreciate what traitors they where.
            One of those deeply embarrassing things where you where ashamed that clown shared the name of American with you.

    • Yes, and he was included in the title “Best & Brightest” of that administration. Wonder what his IQ was? Just curious.

      • I don’t know what McNamara’s IQ was, but I’d be willing to bet that it was pretty high. He was a classic example of what Bruce Charlton calls a “clever silly”. He’s also a good example of the fact that I.Q. isn’t everything, which sometimes needs to be pointed out to our friends in the HBD community.

        • Ok, to be fair to McNamara, he two successes that I can think of – the Ford Falcon, and arguably the M-16 (there’s still lots of controversy over this, and some of my older friends who served in Vietnam would disagree, vehemently…). Considering all the stuff he screwed up, that’s not much to put on your resume. “Well, yeah, I killed the Edsel before the first one was ever marketed, I misdirected our strategic bombing effort in WWII, I first escalated, and then lost the Vietnam war, my stupid “body count” metric got God knows how many American and friendly Vietnamese killed, I plunged the Third World into a debt crisis from which it never really recovered, I utterly screwed up defense procurement, and I damned near helped set off a nuclear war, but, hey! The Ford Falcon….” Good Lord.

          • The M16? As if he designed the thing or even spec”d it. Laugh! It was still a clusterfu*k and how long did it take Stoner to work out the kinks in the original design?

          • What I meant was, he pushed for its adoption for the U.S. Armed Forces, to replace the M-14. Obviously, he didn’t design it. Design a gun? You must be kidding? Mandarins like Mac would never sully their lily-white hands by actually making something. And as I said, this is still very controversial, although Curtis LeMay, who hated McNamara like a snake, chose the M-16 for Air Force security personnel. So there’s that.

  12. As I’ve said many times on fora around the Net and in private conversations with friends and family, Hillary could have sex with a goat in Macy’s window while eating aborted baby parts – all captured on live TV – and 40% of Americans would still vote for her. Furthermore, she could, as another commenter noted, be caught on video roasting an aborted baby for Thanksgiving and the so called progressives would ask for the recipe. Liberalism is, indeed, a mental disorder…

  13. I would argue Mr. Farage and UKIP was the real driving force behind Brexit while Boris Johnson was intended to take the PMs role. But to your point – we have all asked ourselves why is the German government, (and the EU and the USA), bringing in so many people who are obviously never going to assimilate or accept Western culture, when the outcome and the cost is obviously not good for any of us. And why would Angela Merkel, given her political record which has done well for Germany, suddenly reverse her 2010 statement; “Der Ansatz für Multikulti ist gescheitert, absolut gescheitert!”?

    The argument that we need thousands of illiterate Muslims to replace our missing youth population is total nonsense. One only need look at the high rate of existing youth unemployment in southern Europe to understand that fact. Our industries don’t need more people as we continue to automate and actually reduce the need for people and eliminate low skilled jobs. We need these people as much as the USA needs illiterate, unskilled Mexicans and Hondurans.

    The only answer is hard corporate money backing these policies. A good crisis that benefits the elite few – much like Halliburton during the Gulf wars. After you read these links, the “refugee” situation in Europe and the USA suddenly makes sense.

    • Translation in English please “Der Ansatz für Multikulti ist gescheitert, absolut gescheitert!” – Thanks.

      Why so many immigrants with undesirable traits? The only explanation I have is that the Cloward-Piven Strategy has been put on steroids, globally.

      There are multiple effects from mass immigration of these kinds but the fundamental objective is to overwhelm governments by breaking the bank. Just who convinced so many governments that it was their “duty” to accept all these people is unknown to me but I would suspect they reside in Brussels somewhere.

      In America, with most of the public having been co-opted into the welfare state in one way or another, the best way to “turn up the heat” is to import more stress for the system. And that is a good thing for TPTB. Keeps everyone distracted from the big money games still going on in many arenas.

      Who was it that said “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” They were right. We keep looking at the distractions when we know we are being conned.

      • Pending Karl’s reply, Google Translate says, “The approach to multiculturalism has failed , absolutely failed !” (Time about 10 seconds). You’re welcome.

        • It was never meant to succeed in itself, it is a means to an end. Like most of cultural marxism. Their are always 2nd third and so on order effects that are useful. The Fabian’s, Gramsci, Marx, Alynski, Ayers, Piven and the rest may have got many things wrong, but order out of chaos is pretty handy when you infiltrate a State and usurp it’s political and financial might, destroy its inherent dirt people economic prosperity, to those ends. Lot of things fall into order.

        • Thanks for you help but I don’t trust G**gle for much these days. Why should I trust them with translation when I have my German friend Karl.

          • Yeah, G**gle can be tricky. I started with Gopher in the wonderful world of DOS, then graduated to Deja News, which was later bought out by and expanded to G**gle. Learned enough Boolean along the way to make them behave fairly well, although G**gle seems to always be one jump ahead of me in frontloading a search with commercial stuff. I don’t recall ever getting G**gle search results that seemed slanted or otherwise one-sided. I will acknowledge that most all of my searches are technical or non-political current events.

      • @ LetsPlay – Apologies, I will be sure to use the English translation in the future, I had assumed that was a well known phrase.
        @ BillH – Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Übersetzung. Das war sehr nett von Ihnen.
        – For future reference just in case I forget in the future. 🙂

      • To the point of immigration – I think it would be safe to say we (that meaning the US and Europe) already took in the best and brightest from the middle-east 30-years ago. As you will remember, back in the 70’s much of the middle east was very western. One only need to look at photo of Iranian university students, most all of whom were very pro-west. After Ayatollah Khomeini took over power, it was all down hill. Those who read the writing on the wall left as quickly as possible. Which is why we had a surge of doctors, engineers and other professionals. Yet today, we get people that can’t even read or write their own language and who’s education is limited to chanting Islamic prayers and stone age beliefs, no thanks to Quran schools.

        For the lack of a better expiation, the logic of what Soros is doing does make some sense without getting into a conspiracy theory. His ties to various left organizations seem to be well documented as noted by his tax fillings.

        “…Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.” – By Kelly Riddell – The Washington Times – Wednesday, January 14, 2015

        If this is true, then one could ask – why would he limit his ability to stir up trouble to just the US when he could just as easily do it across Europe?

    • Something has been nagging me about Brexit passing, like a splinter in my mind. What if the clouds let Brexit slip through on purpose to absolves themselves of the obvious visual consequences of their actions, or something particularly odious coming down the pike, so permitting an appearance of legitimacy of dirt people exercise of self determination as a distraction, or sleight of political hand, for hiding those consequences from the dirt people, (or precipitating something which benefits the clouds), consequences they wish to avoid yet could not accomplish avoiding with other standard methods they have employed previously.

  14. Indeed. Though, there’s a substantive difference between the two tribes of the Cloud People in terms of what little they do expect from their members.

    The Left Tribe values its members who are most despised by its enemies. Regardless of how inept you are at materially advancing the tribe’s cause, if you’re able to earn the ire of the enemy, you’re a member in high standing, e.g., Reid, Pelosi, Obama, etc.

    With the Right Tribe, it’s the opposite. The less you irk the enemy, the more valuable you are. On the right, the path to the top runs through the middle, e.g., Ryan, Romney, McCain, etc.

    As you point out, Z, neither side is expected to move the dial in a substantive way. But at least the Left rewards rather than punishes those who are willing to wage war with enemy.

    • It’s a game of bad cop-worse cop. The neo-Puritans are out busting the knuckles of the bad thinkers, while the so-called conservatives offer consolation. I call it bad cop-worse cop because the so-called Right makes it possible for the Left to continue. Guys like McCain has made careers excusing the their buddies on the Left. Some people like to frame it as inner party-outer party, but it is the same concept.

    • Sorry but I just hate to see the likes of Graham, McConnell, Snow, Boner left off your distinguished list. I know there are more but those are the ones that came to the fore at a moments notice.

      • To be absolved of the consequences of your actions is to be a member of the elite political class in power. It is why it is called elitism. It’s not a symptom of corruption or greed or usurpation of power, it is the main component. To get away with the trepidations upon others for your benefit and enrichment is to be a power elite.
        Unaccountability and isolation from the effects of unrestrained political, and economic power, is the nature and justification for such actors to begin with.
        How could it be anything else?
        Your a liar thief crook and tyrant, well, your a liar thief crook and tyrant.

        This is a constant for most of our history as a republic. Administrative power is administrative tyranny. Rule of men and negation of consent of the governed was what the idea of rule of law and the Bill of Rights was created to prohibit. To usurp these basic tenets of republican form of government is to be unaccountable.
        What else can it be, unless your unaccountable?

        In simplest terms to be a dirt person is to be accountable for ones actions.
        For there to be two separate set of rules in which one set absolves the clouds, while they use the second set of rules applied to the dirt people to hide behind to protect themselves so accountability is avoided but the dirt people are held to a different standard yet denied the same protections is the definition of insanity, and a system of tyranny, (Same thing really tyranny and insanity).

  15. That’s a great way to put it. Probably the most damaging “idea” in all of human history is “his heart was in the right place.” Only chicks care about intentions. Nobody’s been more wrong about more things than Karl Marx, but somehow he still gets a pass from the women and betaboys in academia, because he wanted to “help” the poor. Sadly, this also indicates how advanced this pathology is — sexy sexy revolutionaries have been getting a pass on their crimes since the 1790s. Results are irrelevant; only feeelings count.

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