Barak X

Way back in the olden thymes, there was a guy named Kurt Schmoke, who was the hottest thing in black politics since Martin Luther King. This was the late-70’s and early-80’s so most black politicians were like Jesse Jackson. Schmoke was different. He was charming and smart with credentials from the Ivy League. Most important, he was not standing on ghetto corners yelling about the honkies. Instead, he had moderate political views, worked in the legitimate economy as an attorney and he participated in mainstream politics. He was the sort of well-behaved black guy white liberals love.

Schmoke was supposed to be the example of how Progressive race polices would succeed. He went to public school, but got into Yale, went onto a Rhodes Scholarship and then Harvard Law School. This was how race policy was supposed to work. Given the opportunity to be free of white racism, blacks could rise to the very top of society and compete with whites. No one talked about affirmative action and it probably never played much of a role. Schmoke was a genuinely smart guy, but that did not stop white liberals from taking credit.

Schmoke eventually won office in ’82 and then became mayor of Baltimore in ’87. Everyone assumed he would be governor one day and then who knows. Instead, the politics of Baltimore devoured him. He went into office as a cerebral, race neutral technocrat. He was going to fix the city and avoid the racial politics. By the time he left office, he was wearing a dashiki and waving the flag of the African National Congress. Instead of being the sort of black politician that made white liberals proud, he ended up the sort that made them ashamed.

Twenty years after Schmoke was written off by white liberals, they had found a new great black hope. Barak Obama was a “new breed” of black politician. He was the product of the best schools and, according to Joe Biden, “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Even better, he had an exotic back story with a white mother, a Kenyan father and a youth spent in Indonesian madrassahs. Obama’s 2004 speech at the Democratic convention made him a star in the party and punched his ticket as the next big thing.

The 2008 presidential was one long sales pitch about how Barak Obama was the salve to what ailed America. Obama was the quintessential example of what post-racial America was going to be. He was a post-racial healer, who would close the books on America’s racist past. The way the Obamasoxers carried on in 2008, you could be forgiven if you thought Obama was the leader of a new cult. They honestly believed he was the fulfillment of prophecy. He was the one to bring about the end to the long civil war in favor of those on the winning side of history.

The Magic Negro stuff was never going to last. It is not how the world works and it is certainly not how things work with the American Left. Obama was always a prop, a pitchman, an actor hired to play a role written for him by old white lefties from the 1960’s. His job was to freak out the squares. People forget that in 2008, the chatter from the Left was that whites feared nothing more than an intelligent, articulate black man. They believed it which is why they hired Obama in the first place. That was the point. They did not care a whit about Obama’s ideas. His job was to read from the teleprompter.

Things did not go as planned. The debacle of health care led to the midterm disaster and the Left decided Obama had to be scarier. The Henry Louis Gates flap was where the shift began. Obama the racial healer could have turned that into a chance to close the books on the bitter racism of Gates, but that would not have freaked out the squares in the suburbs. Instead, Obama made it clear that when the choice was between a black and a white, particularly a white authority figure, the weight of his government would back the black guy.

Here we are at the end of his time in office and America is looking worse on the race front that it has since the late 60’s. Instead of the post-racial leader of a unified America, we have a bitter black guy shaking his fist at the honkies, while homicidal blacks run wild in American streets. All the talk of the new black political leader seems like a long time ago. It is also reminiscent of the end for Kurt Schmoke. The reason Schmoke rose to be a star was that he was black. In order to remain a star, or at least remain in office, he had to keep getting blacker.

That has been the story with Obama. He has gone from the Magic Negro to Barak X.

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  1. Right from the start, my wife (who often voted Labour as she believes, or once believed, in left-wing ideals — yes, it has been a source of tension in our little house though has abated lately as reality bites) saw your president as merely a figurehead. He was not what he pretended to be, she said, because he is merely pretentious. He was there to present an image, not run a country. I agree.

    But as to who the string-pullers are behind your dancing, grinning marionette, it is hard for me to say.

  2. O, to me, is the Peter Principle/Affirmative Action newhire guy that sits in his first biz meeting spouting off simplistic, obvious observations. Being AA & AA, no one points out to Obviousman how laughably foolish & unworkable his thoughts and ideas are. It’s unspokenly understood that Obviousman is in completely over his head, but it’s accepted, forgiven even, as he’s AA. Until his stupid, wreckless, and irresponsible plans become a reality because noone stopped his path to power because he was seen as harmless. Now its too late, he’s your boss now, and you watch your company go down in flames. Other jobs are out there, but “America cannot begin again.”

  3. Before the magic negro, I never thought about blacks 360 out of 365 days a year. Now its 24/7 and I am exhausted by their blackness. It is extreme black fatigue I feel and I wish they would go away. I hope they will go away. And if they keep it up, I will help them go away.

    Hat tip to my NSA minder: you figure it out mofo.

  4. From the interview with the parents of the Dallas cop killer:

    “Delphine Johnson, the gunman’s mother, said she watched her son transform from a fun-loving extrovert into a “hermit” after his military service, which spanned roughly six years and included a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan.”

    “But Johnson’s idealism seemed to fade away over time, and was replaced by disappointment and resentment toward the government.”

    “…it was then that his son began thoroughly studying black history and started expressing interest in his heritage. His Facebook page, now deleted, featured photos of a “black power” fist and a red, black and green Pan-African flag, both symbols of black empowerment.”

    What strikes me is how easily you can replace “black history” and “heritage” with Islam, the occult, etc.

    Theirs is not just a race, it’s a religion.

    • I hear he was discharged from regular active duty due, actually he was charged with criminal misconduct, for his propensity for stealing woman’s underwear, among other unusual behavior that is being revealed.

      John Mosby has a compelling examination on the Dallas event, pretty riveting after action account that sheds some interesting light on why he was able to murder 5 cops. There is nothing like it published currently, and John does his usual due diligence in this essay. It is an entirely different take on bogeymen.

      Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Sun Tzu on Dallas, Cowardice, and Training
      July 10, 2016

        • Sure is. John is quite the thoughtful writer. Puts any investigative journalist I’ve read today to utter shame. (A great teacher of small unit infantry for civilians too.)

          I just read this, beautifully composed, an appeal to grace and providence. Check out who the author is if you read it. Guy has some serious cred. Written in 2014, it’s definitely “past is prologue.”

          What if Whites Strike Back?
          by Mychal Massie
          December 30, 2014

      • Doug, Mosby says that because Johnson used classic ambush tactics he was not a coward. He was a trained warrior, etc. the problem with this supposedly coldly professional analysis is that the police in this country are not at war with anybody. If an actual state of war between police and black street warriors comes to be, then yes, ambush and counter-ambush tactics would be part of it and the conduct of all concerned would be evaluated differently. In the present state of things, what Johnson did was to fire on people who did not know they were at war with anybody and were doing their job of protecting the protesters. In my view he was a coward.

        • I will read the links provided above however, my first pass analysis on learning the murder’s MOS was as a “carpenter and mason” (12W) leaves one to wonder how a dip shit could pull something like this off from a sniper’s vantage point. With his background and attitude, I highly doubt he was given any special marksmanship training in the Army. Whether we learn the truth is, of course, another story.


        • James, not at war? I see your points, yet you and John miss the crux of all this: IT is a state of war that exists. I don’t care what John Mosby you or anyone else contends. A state of war between the dirt people and government exists. And seriously, just who started that and who has waged it all these years? Us dirt people?
          When I can go to prison or ultimately be shot dead because I choose to grow a fucking weed and refuse to obey a “law” growing a weed is not permitted, what in the Lords name do you call that?
          When your government will ultimately employ weapons against you and kill you if you refuse to comply to it’s demands, when it will ultimately bring to bear every violent and coercive resource and element of control it possesses to end you as an individual and your defiance and resistance to it’s power it is a state of war. When it is a systematic application of threat of force and violence to coerce you to obey it’s rules and demands the state is waging war on your ass.

          Look James, it is for all intents and purposes once you peel back all the pretenses of the “authority” and legitimacy of the state, a low intensity counter insurgency by the state against any form of defiance and individualism that is seen as a threat to its hegemony. It is a counter insurgency against every idea, concept, and action of sovereign nature of men and their basic primal rights. There is no other aggressor in this. Dirt people don’t take their own primal rights away from themselves by coercion force and violence, those who usurp power in a state do. Dirt people don’t confiscate a third or more of their own paycheck. You ever see somebody take a pistol to their head and tell themselves they have to give up a component of their liberty or their property?

          Are BLM or an individual legitimate in their rage, you, I, our neighbors for that matter, in their fighting back against the state? For the rights of men?
          Just ask those who rebelled who won and began this republic.

          Legitimacy is the real question amongst all this shit going down.

  5. David Samuels, the liberal journalist who “outed” Ben Rhodes recently in the NY Times Magazine, wrote this about 0bama in 2008:

    “While the identity that he constructed for himself in his autobiography has allowed him to blossom as a man and as a politician, it bears little resemblance to the conventional narratives of white men who run for president–and contains elements that are likely to frighten off large portions of the electorate, before or after November 4. The story of a man who identifies with a foreign father, and with people who are not Americans, and who does so on the basis of the color of their skin, flies in the face of the simplistic racial pieties that white Americans have embraced since the end of Jim Crow. The identity that Obama so painstakingly created for himself is not one that he can share with the electorate, and so the price of his political success is that he is forced to sublimate the material he had so painfully excavated and again become invisible.”

    In 2008, 0bama presented himself to white Americans as a messianic figure who seemed to promise what they most desperately wanted: A racial redeemer who, in exchange for their vote, would forever absolve America (or at least those vast numbers of “good whites” supporting him) of their original stain of racism, and that as a consequence, we could as a nation, as the saying goes, “move on.”

    Unsurprisingly, considering the obfuscations, evasions and outright lies sold to the public regarding his real past, this pledge was utterly cynical, if resoundingly successful, and it didn’t take 0bama long before reverting to form.

    • Sorry Christopher but you repeatedly say “he wrote …”, “he created” which he did not do. Others created him, nurtured him, paved the way for him so he could have the “right” credentials, blocked for him (keeping secret his background and records), and all he had to do was tell the truth tainted by the big lie. He told everyone basically what his plan was (the fundamental transformation of America) but he obfuscated his Christian faith (taqqiya), implied through is so-called scholarship of the US Constitution that he was American, and took an oath of office (twice) that he had no intention of honoring.

      No Sir. He did not construct himself or anything related to his image. It was done for him and it is well known who those people were/are.

      • Your comments are condescending. The quote above are not my words, but Samuels’, and you miss their point entirely: The identity 0bama so painstakingly constructed and delineated in Dreams of My Father is that of an anti-white racial polarizer, not the benign racial healer sold to the electorate in 2008.

        My personal beliefs regarding 0bama’s identity and background put me squarely in the “tinfoil hat” camp, but one thing about him that I’m prepared to concede is that the anti-white racial animosity, originating with and directed at his own family, is the most genuine thing about the man.

  6. I suppose you can’t really blame the magic negro politic-hoes for pandering to their constituency. Especially when their base considers intelligence, honesty, eloquence and wisdom as honky traits. Conformity matters, particularly regarding skin color over the oreo stuffings of integrity and character. Allah has willed it thus, and therefore, the muslim brotherhood would have it no other way.

  7. FWIW, I will always believe he is the bastard son of Dunham and the documented Communist, Frank Marshall Davis.

    There are some uTube videos (not too badly done, BTW) to support this thesis.

    Juxtapose the adult pics of Barry and FMD and the resemblance is striking.

  8. Brarak X?
    Interesting how much and in a number of characteristics of demeanor, physical appearance, and ideology he resembles Malcolm X.
    The Isreali Mossad always contended Barry was X’s illegitimate son. The possibility is rich with anecdotal and circumstantial evidence. The timelines, places and associations coincide interestingly close with his birth and many leading figures involved in the communist party of the later part of the 50’s and into the 60’s. X was a really sharp guy. He understood the only way to destroy America was by the top down inside out, that the use of direct violent revolution was never going to be successful for black supremacy.
    The timing of X, Castro, Chevez and the Dunham’s meeting in Hawaii at a particular hotel very near to the date of conception of a child who would be of the same age as a president today is another coincidence. And there are few unrelated unintended random circumstances in the way things are going today. How rich a joke that would all be to play on America if it is true. It would really be flawless living walking breathing agitprop in an empty suit.

  9. Has there ever been a serious question of who the real bitter clinger has been all along?
    In that respect, seems to me a cargo cult potentate leaves a certain bitterness all its own in the mouths of those who took the bait after the reality of the con is long revealed.

  10. Same old story rich or poor left or right…’black will out’ yet some people seemed surprised when that nice black person they met ends up,raping,killing, looting etc.

  11. Barry is a complete poser, always has been.

    Everyone has always complemented him on his speaking abilities and yet I could not believe how junior league he was considering he was totally dependent on a teleprompter. I, me, I can give an extemporaneous talk on anything if asked to on the spot to any group of people sans teleprompter. As for his smarts, well, all he has is his programming from the Alinsky school of socialism and what he was fed at the Rev. Wright’s church of Hate Whitey.

    He is like so many politicians. Never held an honest job in his life. Never served in the military. Never accomplished anything on his own (not that he would disagree with that statement “you didn’t build that!”), and his handlers were the real productivity behind him. He did not recruit them, they recruited him. He is not a leader. He is a face. And they sold him like a pig in a poke to half the voting population. And now we have to reap what he has sown … what those idiots have allowed to be sown.

    If he was so damn smart, do you think his handlers would have hidden his school records? No. They would have flaunted them to the heavens! Look how smart our Barry is! But no, of course, everything is hidden because he is a total lie, a complete fabrication.

    And I can’t say it enough or stress it enough, he does not have a single red-white & blue American pulse beating in his body. The call he responds to is the one from the Muslim Mosques that broadcast the “sweetest sound” he knows.

    • And the Globalist Machine of the 21st Century is still in play, still spinning straw into gold.

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their President. … The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.”

      Never more true.

  12. The race-baiting seems like just a useful distraction to me. Getting the public to think about black versus white keeps most of them from thinking about the real conflict – government versus the people.

  13. Baraka has always felt that he wasn’t black enough. Hawaii is hardly the hood. His maternal grandparents were well to do. He doesn’t have anything in common with blacks in this country. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he has moved even further left.

    • It’s all an act. He is a Muslim and being half black is not even a secondary consideration. It is just a convenient prop for his “fundamental transformation” efforts.

  14. @ thezman – “…Barak Obama was the salve to what ailed America”. I think there’s a couple of typos in that sentence. Did you not mean “slave” and “failed”? That would also make sense given how his legacy is ending up.

    • My read on Obama is he really believed all the hype about himself. I’ve always thought he was a reasonably bright guy, but a man susceptible to flattery. That’s why he made such a perfect performer. He was not just reading the lines written for him. He believed them. You’ll note that all the nice white advisers who made him president are long gone. His inner circle is the Mulatto Mafia that almost cost him the 2012 election.

      • Sailer, Derbyshire, somebody said he was obsessed with his own blackness. Which is both true, and baffling. I know why Old White Lefties fall for this stuff — as you say, it freaks out the squares — but why do blacks themselves find “blackness” so all-consumingly fascinating? Even the most housebroken middle class black has at least one “Africana” book on his bookshelf, and get a few drinks in him and he’ll rant about whitey, too. Is it *just* training, do you think, or is there something else? I say this as a honky of Irish descent, so I have some familiarity with the phenomenon… but even the most Eire-obsessed Paddy-American doesn’t *really* believe that the US government still puts “no Irish need apply” signs in its windows….

        • Just guessing but I think his mother and her ultra-left family were more more obsessed with Barry’s blackness than actually raising a son. The African blacks I know don’t seem obsessed with it – they were raised with more important issues like staying alive and fed.

          • Agree with Drake. I have a Ghanaian neighbour. Petroleum engineer, his wife is Jamaican and a nurse. Had them over this weekend for dinner and one of my other neighbours, a white liberal woman, also an engineer was complaining about the racism of her German bosses towards black people and asked my Ghanaian friend his opinion being an African working for an oil company. His reply was simple, he brushes off that stuff and focus on surviving as an engineer, not an African, in the oil business.

            Being raised in South Africa, I have noticed that the blackness obsession is stronger with mulattos than blacks. We cynically used to call it overcompensation for not being properly accepted by both mother races that drives a mulatto to swing wildly towards either extreme. Mulattos were equally likely to be prejudiced against blacks or whites depending on which side of the fence they chose to live on.

          • Is there any truth to the notion that mulattos exhibit some degree of schizophrenia if not outright sociopathy due to their racial confusion?

        • I’ve read a lot of Africa following the end of colonialism. In almost all cases the anti-colonialists were obsessed with black identity, but they were also almost always trained in the West. Is it nurture or nature? I don’t know.

          • Thinking about anti-colonialists being obsessed with black identity, it occurs to me that “blackness” makes Marx unfalsifiable. Anti-colonialists were convinced that whitey was keeping them down, but as they were all Paris- (and Moscow-) trained Marxists, “whitey” really meant “capitalism” in the 50s and 60s. So instead of giving up the One True Marxist Faith when the USSR collapsed, they go all-in on blackness — socialism (ujamaa or whatever) is the one perfect way for the black man, but alas, racism keeps it from working…..

        • Lets consider that for a black man, “blackness”, not to be confused with skin tone, it is simply a fact of life for these people. It would be the same for any ethnic person. So even if a person is smart, accomplished and able to succeed in America, they are black and have “experienced” being black and being treated like a black. That means being discriminated against, called names, assaulted and other means of racist actions. I would expect it to be a part of their heritage just like the man who is Irish. While it may not be the government putting up signs saying “Irish need not apply”, businesses can skirt the law and apply their own form of discrimination if the owner has a “thing” about the Irish. Same for blacks.

          Look at what is going on in the country today. Any number of ethnic people might decry what “Whitey” is doing to them but that is just shorthand for “The Man”, “TPTB”, “The 1%”, etc. But the main issue for me is that people don’t take personal responsibility for themselves and blame everyone else for their problems. I agree with an article posted by Bookworm.

          I recommend

          • “So even if a person is smart, accomplished and able to succeed in America, they are black and have “experienced” being black and being treated like a black. That means being discriminated against, called names, assaulted and other means of racist actions.” Tripe. The discrimination which smart and accomplished blacks experience is in being petted and promoted, educationally and professionally, one or two grades beyond their competence because the demand for magic Negroes is so great. The liberal plantation guarantees that where the rubber hits the road even the talented tenth is spinning it’s wheels. Innumerable professionals, graduated from lesser schools, have been shocked to find the true state of their magic Ivy League hires. All the tenth hear along the way is that their didn’t stink, although it should be noted that the young Ta-Nehishi Coates once rode an elevator with a woman who possibly didn’t like him.

          • James, I speak from personal experience going to school at some of the best in America, working and living some really smart black guys. I have worked at Fortune 500 companies that have really smart engineers and business people but to your point, I have also seem my share of those who were “pets” and “token” blacks who were not really very smart and whose only contribution was to the corporate totals on diversity.

            Both kinds of performers exist. Take my word for it if you have not experienced it for yourself. There is a saying that minorities use. It goes “To succeed in America you have to be smarter and work harder than a white man.” In my book, those that do succeed, genuinely succeed are probably a ‘cut above” and not just a result of affirmative action or some other liberal policy.

        • Well, and like you mentioned in your earlier post, it’s almost always the ‘successful’ blacks that are most prone to this stuff. That has been my observation as well. My black acquaintances may as well be white hipsters in black costume. Maybe that is the root of it. They feel guilty for acting “too white”. Heck, maybe they were even teased for not being authentic enough from their ghetto cousins etc.

        • It’s complicated, but certainly one element is the fact that blackness is, in their view, a hero’s burden. Hence the peculiar fascination that so many mildly successful blacks have with their identity. Any middle-class white kid can get himself an M.D. or a J.D. and buy a nice house in the suburbs. That stuff ‘s practically handed to them, don’t you see? But when a black man makes it, well, that’s downright herculean. “We shall overcome” and all that. It’s an easy way to turn a middling achievement into an against-all-odds triumph.

          But, as I said, there’s more to it than that. Keeping it real, survivor guilt, etc.

        • IMO it has to do with being “different”.

          For example: Every US Jew I’ve known had some kind of Jewish consciousness thing that was an issue, in their own minds. However well-adjusted and chill, they never forget they’re outsiders, even though 90% of the Gentiles they meet *don’t* think of them as outsiders. The American Jews living in Israel were the worst.

          The native Israelis I’ve known were totally different about it. Nothing to prove, no life-long history of worrying that somebody in the room might be tired of Jews who have a chip on their shoulders. They had always belonged (ethno-religiously), and knew it. They knew that some weirdos don’t like Jews but they never thought to mold their lives around that fact.

          Aw, poor Barry. He’s in the same boat as American Jews.

          Multiculturalism sucks for everybody.

        • It seems like the more they obsess over how great blacks are, the more likely they are to make themselves look white. Compare Michelle Obama’s college photos w/ today. Beyonce did the whole black panther power thing at the Superbowl, yet she has obviously been lightening her skin and straightening her hair.

      • ZMan, are you for real? Sometimes you remind me of Bill O’Reilly seeming to always ride the fence and not want to provoke by taking a strong stand.

        To call Barry a “reasonably bright guy” is a bit much, if you ask me. I am not speaking about IQ. I am talking about a person who is so captured by his past and his training that despite having gone to school with really smart people and having traveled the world, he has learned nothing. He is a one trick pony and is only capable of doing what he is told. When he goes off script is when he gets into trouble. No, I would not use the word “bright” in the same sentence with his name.

        p.s. Just to be clear, I stopped watching FOX News several years ago.

      • “My read on Obama is he really believed all the hype about himself”.
        Well sure, he was a progeny groomed by the likes of the Dunham’s, F.M. Davis and the Ayers. If it is true Frank Marshal Davis sexually molesting that little boy for all the years, if he had his greasy meathooks on him it would have given them all the power to rule his little soul and mold him into the tool he is today. There isn’t a form of brainwashing much more effective and insidious than slavery by long term sexual brutality on a young child. Think of the kind of useful brainwashed narcissistic psychopath you could create, then get him elected as POTUS. With group of red diaper matriarch’s to run as his controllers, like the Wookie, Bill Ayers, and an Iranian chief of staff, daughter of a particularly nasty piece of work.

      • @ LetsPlay – I suppose it could be taken that way. 🙂 But, I think many people were very tired of the Bush legacy and connected much of his presidency, and his family, to war in the Middle East. I know it was certainly true here. With the exception of the Brits, Europeans are hyper-sensitive to that subject given how recently we had one in our own back yard, and the front yard and everywhere else.

        The Bush wars were wars we are still paying for in many ways. I think given the options at the time many, including conservatives, thought it was time for a young black president who wasn’t ‘connected’ like the Bush family. A real outsider. So they decided to give him a chance. Trust me, this is something that is unique to America. That would never happened in Germany in a million years.

        And like many firsts, I think people gave him a lot of slack after his first four years. With Romney as the only alternative, how much worse could it possibly get if they elected Mr. Obama for another 4-years? I have found unlike Europeans, most Americans are very sympathetic, especially to “the new kid” and they understand that people make mistakes and hopefully they learn from them. But 7-1/2 years later I think we all know that’s not always true.

        I wonder if the Swedes will call and ask him to return the Nobel Peace Prize. Things certainly didn’t get more peaceful for them in the last 7-1/2 years.

          • @ Dan Kurt – It was created by a Swede, but yes, it was awarded by the Norwegians. My point being the Swedes are in serious trouble with the Muslim situation which has created a great deal of unrest in their country.

    • Gee, Karl,  I’m guessing you still don’t know about 
      salve (noun)

      1. a medicinal ointment for healing or relieving wounds and sores.
      2. anything that soothes, mollifies, or relieves.

      verb (used with object), salved, salving.

      3. to soothe with or as if with salve; assuage:
      to salve one’s conscience.

      Did your Internet break or do you now deem yourself an English spelling Nazi?

      Try this: German word for “salve” = “salbe”

      • @ Fuel Filter – Exactly how does my play on words result in you calling me a Nazi? I thought people in this blog were above that sort of thing. But thank you for the link. If you ever need help with your German language skills, I would suggest if you ever wish to attempt any of our German publications such as the Die Süddeutsche Zeitung or Der Spiegel. You may find it will help broaden your perspective of the world.

        • yeah, I don’t think FF thought enough about the use of ‘Nazi’ addressed to a German, in the blogsphere ‘Grammar-Nazi’ is a lighthearted jab at anyone that corrects another persons grammar or spelling usage. Or did you know that?

          • Karl, I was called “the door nazi” by my kids. We Americans, especially us honkies have grown some thick skin and often forget others may not be as thick.

          • @ John the River & Shelby – “Grammar-Nazi” and “the Door Nazi”?? I have not heard the term used in that way. American humor sometimes escapes me. But now that I read your explanation, I do recall the term “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld, the American comedy. So no harm then. Thank you for that. 🙂

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