The 1.3 Party System

One of the many things that has been exposed by the Trump campaign is that America does not have a two-party political system. It has a 1.3 party system. A good example of this is how Paul Ryan probably had one of his cronies leak that lewd tape to embarrass the party nominee. Whether or not he orchestrated it is immaterial, as he clearly had foreknowledge and was prepared to pile on as soon as it was released. In fact, it looked like he was coordinating a revolt against the nominee until it became clear it was going to backfire.

This is not the normal functioning of a political party. Hillary Clinton could be caught on video, strangling a baby, and the party would rally to her side. The media would celebrate baby strangling for a week. Just look at how hard they tried to hide her severe health problems from the public. That’s how political parties are supposed to work. The role of the party is to advance all of its candidates, even the ones they don’t like all that much. John McCain is an obnoxious nutjob, but the party fully supported his candidacy.

The truth is that about a third of elected Republicans would prefer to be Democrats. Within living memory, guys like Paul Ryan would have been moderate Democrats or possibly liberal Republicans. The distance between Clinton and Ryan on the main issues of the day is tiny. Ryan and most of the party leadership are post-national globalists, just like the Democrats. Ryan would prefer to be a bit more tightfisted on some spending items than Clinton, but he has made it known, time and again, that he will not fight over these things

There is another third or more of the party that is not interested in rocking the boat. They just like the good life and generally think the status quo is pretty good, at least for them. In another age, many would have been seat warmers in the Democrat Party, but time and circumstance put them in the GOP. A guy like John Boehner, for example, would have been in the Democrat party in the 1970’s. He’s the sort of guy union boys would like as he is unpretentious and likes talking about bread and butter issues more than philosophy.

That leaves a small fraction of the party’s elected officials in Washington that are dedicated to opposing the dominant orthodoxy and its political party. The result is a guy like Jeff Sessions getting grief from his own party, because he is standing by the party’s nominee. The weirdness of this goes unnoticed in official Washington as the majority of the Imperial Capital thinks guys like Sessions are a nuisance. There are just 40 members of the House that can be described as traditional American conservatives. That’s 16% of the caucus.

Now, Gallup has been polling on ideological self-identification for a long time. The portion of the country that self-identifies as liberal is around 20% and the portion that identifies as conservative sticks around 40%. The rest are low-tax liberals and conservatives that live in liberal states. In all probability, this group of “moderates” breaks 2-to-1 to traditional American conservatism. At least, if they are given the choice between a Reagan and an Obama, for example, they would break toward Reagan.

The math suggests that about half the country has no party representing their interests. At best they have a third of one party, which happens to be controlled by the other party. The other 5/6ths of the political class speaks loudly and aggressively for the 20% of the public that identifies as liberal. As guys like Paul Ryan have made clear, they have zero interest in listening to the pleas of their conservative members. The House leadership has made it clear that the troublesome right wingers are to remain quiet and out of the way or else.

It’s why a rather poor politician like Trump has rocketed to the brink of winning the presidency. For the first time in decades, one party has put up someone that talks about issues important to the bulk of the the country in a way that is familiar to close to half, maybe more than half, of the voters. It’s also why Trump finds himself running against the leadership of his own party, the so-called conservative media and the full army of the Progressive establishment. Trump is essentially running as an independent.

Popular government cannot work when it is not popular. By that I mean the public must think their interests are being represented in the halls of power. Otherwise, it is just another form of despotism in the eyes of that portion of the public that feels excluded. What’s happening now may be a modern American version of the Conflict of the Orders. An unrepresented portion of the public is demanding to be represented and using the tools at its disposal to force reform on the established order.

Perhaps this election is a modern American version of the Day of the Tiles. Instead of throwing roof tiles at the agents of the state, the people are using the blunt weapon that is Donald Trump. In isolation it will just feel like a wacky event that means nothing, but in the fullness of time it will be viewed as a pivotal event. It’s hard to know, but what is known is that this system has lost its legitimacy because a swelling portion of the public is no longer represented by either party. That cannot last and it will not last.

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  1. My Rep is a member of the Freedom Caucus (Scott Garrett). On an almost daily basis I receive a mailer describing him as a horrible bigot.

  2. Trump is a scumbag and a fraud. Saying Ryan “probably” leaked info embarrassing Trump is sad and desperate. Yeah, blame the guy who is still endorsing Trump, while accusers continue to come out of the woodwork. Its Ryan’s fault Trump behaved like a Bill Clinton Jr. for his entire life.

    Look, im no fan of the GOP but to act like Trump is a victim of anything but his own classless douchebaggery, is pathetic. The cult of Trump has caused hypocrisy and ignoring of basic facts like, Trump is going to trial for raping a 13 year old in December….a court case that began long before the current crapnado of accusations.

    The party leadership has done all it could to support the worst candidate in the history of Presidential politics, and that candidate has done everything he possibly could to destroy the party, the credibility of capitalism, and any political opposition to the Democrats …….

    Hillary will be President, just like many of us said, because Trump is a know nothing, fraud who is a pathological liar, and a sexual predator.

    But yeah, Ryan “probably” had one his cronies leak a tape.

  3. Holy cow. Another glimmer of insight by Peggy Noonan. However, she doesn’t give enough emphasis to the mediocrity of the clerisy. They seem only exceptional in their deceitfulness and sneakiness ala Gruber and Rhodes. BTW, I would have put BANAL and PAROCHIAL in all caps.

    “When I read that I imagined a conversation with my grandmother, an immigrant who was a bathroom attendant at the Abraham & Straus department store in Brooklyn. Me: “Grandma, being Catholic is now a step up. It means you’re an aristocrat! A stupid one, but still.” Grandma, blinking: “America truly is a country of miracles.”

    Here’s what you see in the emails: the writers are the worst kind of snobs, snobs with nothing to recommend them. In their expression and thoughts they are common, banal, dumb, uninformed, parochial.

    I don’t know about you but when people look down on me I want them to be distinguished or outstanding in some way—towering minds, people of exquisite sensibility or learning. Not these grubbly poseurs, these people who’ve never had a thought but only a sensation: Christians are backward, I saw it in a movie!
    It’s the big fact of American life now, isn’t it? That we are patronized by our inferiors.”

  4. IMHO, Trump is indeed an independent in the Ross Perot mold, but was clever enough to insert himself into the pathetic gaggle of Neocon lapdog losers that make up the Republican Party. The Party itself is now a dead man walking thanks to its cowardly betrayal of Trump, but who knows, maybe if he wins the Silent Majority will take heart and begin demanding Republican candidates in the Trump mold. If HRC wins, there will be only one mainstream political party and a large number of non-aligned dissidents waiting for either Godot or the man in the white horse. The only remaining questions will be for how long they will wait and whether they will unite in time to play politics by other means.

    • “The latest issue of Hillsdale College’s Imprimis has a revealing article on the lack of economic mobility in both the US and Britain. It is an insightful read that every western citizen should be exposed to. The issues that author Frank Buckley discuss at length need a serious candidate to champion. That serious candidate is certainly not some occasionally insolvent, personally troubled, morally dubious, intensely unfocused, reality television star.”

      It is when he is the only one to step up. Let’s be straight here. On the flip side, the paymasters could have floated and supported a candidate, such as the one described above, but they didn’t. That is the point of this election. And, oh yeah, the problem goes beyond the USA and UK.
      It’s about the money, honey. If Trump had not been in a position to self fund, the Middle would have no voice. That Middle is being squeezed by those who “game” the system, the Takers and Skimmers at the top, along with their many minions, and the Takers at the bottom, those who look for subsidies, handouts, and fake make work jobs.
      On the plus side, I don’t think that Trump is nearly as malevolent as his rivals, but a silly ass, yes. It is only a matter of time before someone Coopts Trumps issues and next time, the candidate might not be so benign.

  5. My car was in the shop this week and I was surprised to find myself waiting with a bunch of Deplorables. Once it became apparent that everyone was Irredeemable, they were happy, even eager, to speak freely. Egad, no one was toothless, illiterate, dribbling spit or oafish; they were, in fact, rather typical suburbanites. .
    I don’t normally say for whom I am voting. Rather, I say I am an Economy Voter. Trumpkins assume I will vote for Trump, and Hillary supporters assume I will vote for Trump. Why do you suppose that is? It is fascinating that the Hillary supporters have no idea, that by responding with Trump bashing, they are tacitly indicating that Hillary will not be good for the economy. They cannot understand that I would prioritize my children’s future and the quality of their future standard of living. I guess I am not on board with driving the American Middle class down to a level competitive with Third Worlders. Imagine that?
    Does it seem that people are aware that Hillary’s dream is to expand NAFTA to Chile and create a Western Hemisphere open border Super State. Is that your dream? Me neither.

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  7. There’s another thing about the party divide: the Republican part of what you call the 1.3 party system honestly believes what they are trying to sell. Outside of the women and gender studies departments in the American university system, no person really believes that Hillary Clinton or any of the bigwigs on the Democratic side really believe anything they push. For them its a means to power and can switch in an instant. But with the Republican faction in question, they actually believe what they are pushing which is why Trump is such a problem for them. The snobbier might not like him because he strikes them as low class but the rest know he’s a heretic; if he wins, even if he isn’t effective, the foundation of their world gets washed away. Its a rejection that they couldn’t come back from.

  8. You don’t need a crystal ball, to see that the US is at the cusp of becoming a one-party state that has with malice aforethought cut itself adrift of the Constitution and the rule of law – that party serves the interests of a dysfunctional permanent government, its ever-growing underclass of feral dependents, and the very wealthy. The rest of the population is effectively disenfranchised and confronted by a government that is not just unresponsive to their interests, but actively and vigorously hostile to them. A fairly substantial portion of that disenfranchised population is well-armed and rightfully angry.

    This is not a recipe for social harmony and prosperity.

  9. I agree with the breakdown of the R-brand, 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.

    The productive portion, those like Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdey, are allowed to act as attack dogs defending the constitution and the rule-of-law, but the others, mostly the RINOs, take center stage as media hounds.

    I am voting in Nevada and as Notsothoreau says, the electoral system is broken!

    I was reviewing the Questions as they are called in Nevada, the Measures/Propositions, and what I find continually frustrating is how these things are put to the public.

    1. It usually takes a lot of work to figure out what YES or a NO vote really means, by the wording of the measure.

    2. The key facts of many items are hidden or kept until last making it basically a lie by omission. Unless you read through the “entire” description, you are likely to miss a key bit of information which could change your decision.

    What is it about the Election Commissions that allows such shoddy work to be passed off to the voting public?

    I also noted that the arguments, pro and con, and rebuttals, are weak and display a significant lack of knowledge of business, economics or how crony politics work. It is just so frustrating, no wonder people give up and vote only for key offices and tax measures or corporations get their benefits “approved” by the voters. As you said in your previous post, “nothing is on the up and up.”

    • As always, life imitates SCTV. Back in the day, they did an election night episode, with the usual number of Propositions to be voted on. This was one of them:

      If proposition 38 wins, you’re gonna have to return all your bottles to the store.

      Isn’t life complicated enough, and with the price of gas these days, does it really make sense?

      But worse than this, throw-away bottles will be banned… If they outlaw disposable bottles….

      Only outlaws will have them…

      Vote no on proposition 38… or yes
      depending on how it’s worded…..

  10. The level of MSM malfeasance in this election is beyond comprehension. At this point I think the only thing that can put Trump in the White House is if Anonymous releases a crystal-clear video of Bill Clinton having sex with the allegedly 13-year old girl on Orgy Island along with incontrovertible proof that the girl was under the age of consent *and* either Anonymous or Wikileaks releases incontrovertible proof that Hillary knew all relevant facts and actively conspired to cover it up. This is the only scandal big enough and salacious enough to force the MSM’s hand.

    Here in Colorado district 6, Mike Coffman (GOPe) lost my vote when he threw Trump under the bus. His opponent Carrol Morgan is a hard-left former trial lawyer and the race is expected to be extremely tight. I hope he loses.

    As an aside, his wife Cynthia Coffman (GOPe) has was elected to Attorney General in Colorado in 2014. She has been a terrific advocate for the Democrats in her role as AG.

    No more support for RINOs.

    • Sir: I am also in Colo……..and agree with you about the Coffman clan antics. Morgan Carrol, the commie, is the daughter of a former state rep, who sired Morgan from a second marriage. I went to school with her older half sister Barbara who wore the shortest skirts and the brightest panties of any sweet thang in school…… jeez, we all loved being in the same class as Barbara. Almost makes me allow a pass for the Carrol family based on past entertainment value received back in the day………

  11. Many years ago I wrote an essay on the theological/cultural gap between Protestant clergy and those who listened to their sermons, the pew-warmers. Among the liberal Protestants, mostly those in the Old-line denominations (Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist …) the clergy was far more liberal than their flock, but among the evangelicals/fundamentalists/charismatics/Pentecostals the clergy was far more conservative then their flock.

    Suffice it to say that the evangelical side of the Protestant church has been growing as Old-line Protestant churches have shrunk.

    Perhaps this pertains only to churches — I don’t know. But I do know that there is a direct correlation between the relative conservatism of the clergy and the growth of the congregation.

    Extending this to the political sphere leads me to think that the more conservative/populist the representative, the more likely his/her influence will grow as the number of followers increase: conversely, liberal Republican representatives represent a shrinking piece of the electorate.

    • Moving the Overton Window to the left in politics, and whatever it is called to the left in religion, doesn’t change the underlying truth of the situation. The pull to the right is stronger, because the starting point from the here and now is out of whack to the left.

    • Very astute. Mom quit going when she was 90.
      They had closed the big front door, dressed in shorts and T-shirts, and passed out lesson plans as if the adults were in Sunday school.

  12. “John McCain is an obnoxious nutjob, but the party fully supported his candidacy.”

    He is but he works for the (((elite))) like his Admiral dad, who as one of the responsibles in covering the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

    • By not supporting our guy when we’ve had to support theirs, they have opened a dangerous precedent. There is going to be mass abandonment of the GOP if not an outright third party being formed. I am still debating whether to vote all Democrat for every other office but president, or leave them blank. What they have done to Trump leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am a 35 year almost straight-ticket Republican voter.

      • I am going to leave them blank so the vote totals are low. Just withholding your vote will ensure the gope dies.

        • Leaving any box blank means the ballot is thrown out, in most jurisdictions.
          A little known fact. You must select in each.
          In many districts, a ballot worker might fill it in for you.
          That’s where some last minute uncounted ballots come from.

      • I really have to wonder when all you will realize that your. Vote. Does. Not. Matter.

        You’ve been voting for the Republicans for 35 years, and you’ve been burned every single time. You’ve been burned for so long that you don’t even notice the burn. You might even doubt that you’ve been burned. Which issue have you not been burned on?

        Trade? Nope. See NAFTA, TPP, etc.

        Debt? Nope. See the Federal Reserve.

        Healthcare? Nope. See Obamacare, though Obamacare is just the capstone to 80-something years of healthcare metastiz-ation since the New Deal.

        Immigration? Nope. There are now 100 million Nonwhite immigrants in this country, about 60 million legals and 40 million illegals, maybe more. Reagan himself amnestied the first 3 million illegals. We are really actually now approaching Third World status.

        Okay, how about the culture war? Christianity? Nope, Christianity is a dead letter, subsumed by Progressivism. Patriarchical regulation of animalistic female sexuality? Nope, just try to infringe on a woman’s sacred right to fuck anything that moves and cry rape when she feels bad about it in the morning. Divorce? Nope, divorce just keeps getting more brutal for the man and more won-the-lotto cash-and-prizes new-bachelorette-party-time for the women.

        Tell me, please, one thing—just one thing—that the Republicans have accomplished in the last 35 years. One thing that doesn’t involve Cthulu’s inexorable swim to the left, one single victory ever won by conservatives. Repealing woman suffrage? Drug laws? Tossing Snivel Rights into the dustbin of history? Decreasing the size of Washington? Sending back the Africans to their homeland? Freedom of speech, including sexiss and raciss and hate speech? Freedom of religion, including Christianity? Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure? States’ rights? More White children being born? White children, who are now a minority of the children in the land their forefathers conquered? Name something, anything.

        Do you know by what percent Reagan reduced the size of the government? 0%. Reagan, that much-celebrated small-government figure. Z-e-r-o p-e-r-c-e-n-t. In fact, Reagan didn’t just not shrink the government, he also initiated the second great explosion of government and government debt which today we see culminated in Obama.

        And now over 50% of the population is directly, not just indirectly, on the government tit. Meaning that tax-negative people are the majority of the voting body. Please tell me how you’re going to convince them to vote for less gibs. Please tell me how you’re going to convince them to vote for a party other than the party of free stuff. Your free stuff, productive, hard-working citizen. Hard-working sucker. How do you propose to make them stop voting themselves your stuff?

        I eagerly await your solution. I’m sure it will be genius, even magical. I’ll be in my secret underground lab, with my phoenix feather wand and my potion recipe book. Feel free to just Apparate your way on over here whenever you feel like it. If you can’t find it by yourself I’ll send you directions by owl.

        • King George, I share your frustration. For me,the 1st Black Swan event this year was Scalia’s death. It was so very convenient for those in power. Yesterday’s dump of Podesta’s emails had an interesting reference to “wet works” slang for assassination,just days before Scalia died in highly questionable circumstances. The man was the Rock of Gibralter protecting the Constitution,all of it,including the 2nd Amendment,the 1 most hated by leftists. For the past 7+ years we’ve experienced a -soft- takeover of what little constitutional government remained. Hillary is a hateful,spiteful woman of zero accomplishments who will be bent on exacting revenge on those who refuse to kiss her ass. I will vote,just for the sheer pleasure of NOT checking the Clinton name. I agree,we’re in totally uncharted waters now. I also believe more Black Swans are in the air. Happy Friday.

  13. The GOPe reaction is now about what I expected back in the primaries. I was expecting them to outright cheat to steal the nomination from him, which cruz tried with the delegates to some degree. The other way I saw this going down was if he did get the nomination, they would smash the machinery on the way out, which is what they began doing last week.

    If hillary does take this, it might be a really good idea to move as far away from DC, NYC and major military bases as you can. Bitch is very desirous of walking up to the nuclear armed bear in his own back yard and slapping at his snout.

  14. The Trump Plebiscite poses a conundrum for the cloud people.
    Traditionally, a threat is neutralized by granting power, plunder, or sexual gratification, until the threat is trained to the leash. Trump has had access to all this and more, all of his life, and seems uncontrollable. It is just now dawning on a few of them that Mr. Trump actually believes what he says, and that his campaign is not just a rich man’s vanity.
    The Direct Action branch of the Cloud is advocating for permission to achieve candidate termination in a plausible manner, and judging by the rage on the liberal forums, no shortage of willing martyr volunteers.
    I can not imagine how this can possibly end well.

    • Is the scheduled on Oct 16 release of “Killing Reagan” a pure coincidence? Why a movie about this specific event, why now?

    • I’m really puzzled by the vitriol directed at Trump. Yeah, they savaged Mittens, , McCain and Palin ( who did get closer to the Trump treatment than the other two, but in Palin’s case I got it- she was a shitkicker from the ass end of nowhere- the personification of someone who clings to her guns and Bibles.) But Trump? He’s a libertine, presumably an adulterer, and someone who very much illustrates a big chunk of our modern, debased culture, both popular, and for lack of a better term sexual. He almost certainly will not do anything to change our e won’t even attmarriage laws, oppress the gays nor restrict abortion in any way; he won’t bring us back to what many of us believe was a better time He has been the only candidate who even pretends to understand the Dirt people. (Well, maybe Cruz) To be honest I don’t love the guy, and wish he wasn’t the foul mouthed braggart that he is. But, since early in the primary season he’s been the only choice for those of us who do not wish to lose our country. And further, I don’t get why Clinton’s criminality isn’t obvious to everyone.

      • They excuse it. I’ve been arguing with a Catholic woman that can turn a blind eye to Hillary’s ideas on abortion. She somehow thinks Hillary is better for families. And she’s fully on board with bringing in more immigrants. Some people are willfully blind.

    • The funny thing about all of this is there has always been an easy solution. The GOP could have told its dwarfs a year ago that immigration was a loser. Rubio and Bush were too far out on the limb to climb back, but they could have crawled back enough to give everyone else cover. Kasich used to be a pretty good on immigration and trade. That would have allowed taken the wind out of Trump’s sails early and the party could have got a nominee they wanted. Instead, they sprinted the other way and handed the nomination to Trump.

      Similarly, the Washington political class could have got a better deal from Trump as president than anything they will get from Clinton. If she wins, it will be an orgy of theft and corruption like we have never seen. With Trump, they could have used him for cover as they pushed through needed reforms and re-established the legitimacy of both parties. This is what happened in the 80’s. The political class whined, but secretly they were happy to have Reagan as president.

      • Kasich? Talk about damaged goods! The old Kasich used to rant and rave against government and in a way he was a little like Trump. The new phony, fakey, irritable, touchy-feely Kasich is annoying. He was my congressman, and we share the same ethnic Heritage. I loved the guy in his heyday. The old case Kasich was great! The new Kasich? Not impressed.

        • I too remember the old John Kasich. I worked a phone bank he had set up w/ a big real estate developer in C’bus OH in 2000. He was testing the waters then for a I probably made 300 calls to OH registered Repubs asking who they were voting for in the primary. Almost all were for GWBush, THREE were for McCain. Election Day 2000: Bush beat Gore in OH, but big trouble elsewhere as we remember! So . . . McCain’s had a hair across his ass a mile wide against GWB all this time, and they both hate Trump; Kasich thought he’d been invited to the Trump Prom as the others faded in the Spring, and then . . . Cruz is out, and Trump asks Pence to the dance. No more Kasich, so he throws a hissy fit at RNC in CLE, not even being gracious and welcoming everyone to his state for the event. People noticed this and have returned home saying what a turd he was, although they loved their visit to CLE! Kasich is simmering with rage. I will bet that he is working overtime to screw Trump in OH. I will have my ear to the ground here shortly and will try to avoid danger, but I have yet to see a “Hillary” sign as I drive through the state. Idiot Obama was in CLE today (Dem Rep Marcia Fudge — can you believe that name?) gadding about repping for Hillary who’s gone into hiding. This is unreal. Remain Calm;-)

          • The Brilliance of our founding fathers in their framework of a citizen’s legislature and government is lost upon the many people who look at these positions as lifelong jobs. The fact of the matter is, if Jesus Christ was in a political position long enough sooner or later he would have enough people who hated him. These people need to limit themselves to a short stint in service and then get out.

          • Marcia Fudge? At least you don’t have Indiana’s popular mayor, Harry Balls. (Balz?)
            And they were gonna name a stadium after this guy!

      • I think the Media and (D)irtbag party saw Trump as the most defeatable. Their attacks helped him during the primaries – ad hominem attacks against the rubes supporting him especially. They simply underestimated the urge we all feel to vote them a big FU.

        • Yes, yes, now I see it. Instead of a mummy, this time they thought to use what they saw as a clown- so Hillary could claim a “historic landslide for the first woman President.”

      • The political class does not see any “better deal” out there than the one they have now, so they will defend what they have, to the end. As a bonus, they understand that giving money to the future Grifter in Chief has huge paybacks, and refusal to give earns you the equivalent of Chuck Schumer’s “dagger to the throat”. They have a great deal and an easy-to-understand situation with her, so they will not take the chance on Trump. People who find themselves in the midst of a huge personal payoff always take the path that least jeopardizes that payoff. The future Grifter in Chief will leverage that understanding to her benefit.

      • I was watching some old sitcoms (late-80s stuff) and the fact is that we live in a completely different world. The 1980s might as well be the 1950s for how much we’ve changed. And the same applies to politics. The solution you mention here is what would happen if we had serious people or even just experienced people in charge. Instead we have NeverTrump on one side and the Clinton Foundation on the other.

      • The guy I liked was Scott Walker. My understanding is that Reince Preibus told him to downplay immigration, as it was a loser issue. I think the word went out to all of them to avoid immigration. At this point I hope the Republican Party goes up in a bonfire. What could be really interesting, though, is next time around if some reasonably intelligent pol we’ve never heard of looks at Trump and thinks, “He’ll, I could do that easy…”

  15. The historical references are sobering. Potus meets with his National Security Team today to discuss Iraq and Syria,tomorrow Kerry meets with Lavrov in Lausanne. So far,our crack team in the White House has produced the colossal hot mess that is the Middle East today. No,this will not end well for us. Russians are superb chess players.

    • The Russian world view is basically that they will do whatever is good for mother Russia and the opinion of the “international community” matters not at all. As far as Russia is concerned, the international community can go
      F itself.
      And multiply that concern by minus 99 x 100E100 and that’s how serious they take the pathological liar Obama and Hillary, and the moronic, incredibly stupid and dumb Kerry (a tie with Hillary as the WORST Sec. of State in US history)
      So, in Syria, the Russians just bomb the crap out of their enemy and if it kills civilians, no big deal.
      They wanted to maintain their naval base in the Crimea, so they did.

      They realize they have until January 2017 to do whatever the hell they want, because Obama will be out playing golf and hanging with his pals at the low down club.
      Unless Hillary wins; and Putin will have another 4 or 8 years of total freedom.

      Some years back some Arab terrorists kidnapped some Russian diplomat. The Russians killed a family member of one of the terrorists and sent the testicles (or was it the hand or fingers?) of the dead family member to the terrorist and advised them that EVERY family member of the terrorists would meet the same fate.
      The diplomat was freed.

      Contrast this to the actions of Carter or Obama or Kerry; they bend over for the terrorists and send them a few billion dollars or help depose a US ally so that some muslim religious fanatic that chants repeatedly, death to America, can take power.

      Frankly, the USA would be better off mimicking the foreign policy of Costa Rica or Chile or Paraguay or Uruguay then engaging in the suicidal policies that we now have.

      Putin may be a total thug, but at least he knows for which side to be thuggish.

      • “Another time, they sent all the family members of some dead terrorists to more distant relatives.
        The immediate family arrived in vans- and packaged in 3 inch boxes.” -John Loftus

      • I believe this happened in Lebanon in the 80’s. Funny how no Russians were targeted again. In international affairs, it is better to be feared then loved.

  16. Two things:

    1) I would suggest that the proportion of the United States population that is unrepresented in Washington is far, far higher than half. Probably 85% or so. The thing is, most don’t understand their actual interests. Either they’ve been indoctrinated and have no understanding of economics, or they don’t understand how the cultural Marxists — i.e., the entire ruling class — are lined up against them, since they don’t understand that statistically all Americans live their lives as conservatives.

    2) It would have been better to say that Hillary could be caught on tape kicking a puppy, and the party would rally to her side. Babies? Who the hell in the Democrat party gives a damn about those, except as footballs?

    • After most people have spent ~12 years getting their knowledge in a government institution staffed by union members, it is marvel that any conservative can ever win – a marvel entirely due to the fact that people smarten up as they get older and further away from that indoctrination.

      “People are conservative about other people’s benefits, and liberal when it comes to their own benefits.” – me. This explains why so many consider themselves conservative while voting for pork-grubbing (D)irtbags, and the political class is so despised yet constantly re-elected. Only a wide scale emptying of the public trough can bring the number of trough feeders below the level they control the whole.

    • That’s a really good article. As this weird election goes on, I find myself agreeing more and more on broad points (if not in detail) with honest liberals: guys like Michael Tracey, or the anti-war remnant over at The Nation, or some of the Bernie prole, or the writer of this Cracked article. Heck, I’d even be content to live under some of their policies, as long as we were living in a relatively homogeneous society with secure borders. It’s another sign that we’re undergoing a major political realignment.

      • But we’re not living in a relatively homogeneous society, Murray, and that’s the rub. We can fix the border problem easily — build a war and patrol it — but what do we do with all the non-Western, non-assimilatable people in our midst?

        • Join the discussion If we cannot bring ourselves to allow them to starve to death, then we’ll just have to let them eat us alive.

    • True, but what you always see when they do try to understand is their explanation is mostly self-flattery. “The Trump voters are rural losers!” “Trump voters are unsophisticated goobers from hooterville so they can’t understand why us super smart big city folks…”

      • I was attending a lawn party in my town. Some of attendees were educators from local HS, as well as from Princeton U. Not top profs, but people with working ties to it. At some point discussion veered toward politics (which I wanted to avoid at all costs). One of women literally went like this “Why don’t they just listen to us? We’re educated & know things better?” Not verbatim, but her sentiment exactly. I didn’t try to argue because that would’ve a total waste of time.

        • We’ve gone from “how to reach them?” to “how to live with them?”

          They are here, not going away, and also demand representation.
          Lefty sabotage like the ‘Twitter campaign to repeal the Nineteenth’ is more utopian unreality.

    • That is an article worth reading. The descriptive part, more than the prescriptive. I believe the future goes to those who incorporate human nature into their proposals for public policy (differing IQs, gender differences, tribalism, community, faith, self-reliance) rather than trying to deny all of it and still make it work. So the Rural Right has some cruelty baked in to its culture, but so does the Upper Class Suburban Left. The cruelty of the Rural Right appears to be largely out of the need to defend one’s family and neighborhood against the economic and social ripping apart that is going on today. The cruelties inflicted by the Upper Class Suburban Left seem to mostly be instituted out of some nebulous utopian dream, rather than necessity on the ground. Furthermore, the ills inflicted by the public policy pushed by the UCSL mostly don’t affect them directly. When they do, the attitude is to pull up the drawbridge, gate the community, and send the kids to private school. In the final score, I sympathize more with the Rural Right, for two reasons. One is that their prescriptions appear more in tune with the reality on the ground, and accepting of human nature and all its foibles, rather than trying to break human nature in the definition and application of societal “norms”. Second is that the Rural Right has traditionally taken the attitudes of “live and let live” in a big picture sort of way, coupled with the idea of “you don’t like it, move somewhere else”. The Upper Class Suburban Left believes instead that everyone, everywhere, must live to their definitions of what a “good” society should be. There is no moving away from it, it needs to be instituted for all people, everywhere, at all times, “for their own good”.

      How much evil has been brought down on so many individuals, done to them by other, more powerful people, in the name of “for your own good”?

      • My sister is one of those Urban Educated Progressives (similar to Upper Class Suburban Left) who is more concerned with ‘gay’ marriage and on demand abortion than life or death issues staring us Americans in the face. She is blind to reality. I travel to rural areas often. Trump-Pence signs are ubiquitous.

      • Where I live in South America, I’m part of the rural right, but old school squire style: high-hedged, fenced family compound; private school for the grandchildren, expected of us by the “redneck” locals; defender of those same “rednecks” against the ridicule of the new agey hippiesque young folks supported by checks from their bourgeois parents in the major cities (our version of HRC voters)…

        I’m with you: I sympathize far more with the Dirt People than with the Clouds, though the Dirts see me as a crazy Cloud and the Clouds see me as crazy period, but too old and learned to openly disrespect. It’s a bit bizarre, but one gets used to it and enjoys life in the peaceful valley.

    • It is a fine article. And there is something seriously wrong with our electoral system. I can’t believe it was set up to allow cities to dictate to the countryside. I’m sure the change happened after either a Supreme Court decision or maybe a Constitutional amendment.

      • Nosferatu, FYI, the two Supreme Court decisions were Baker v. Carr, and Reynolds v. Sims, both from the 1960s.

        • That explains it. But it seems that it could be read
          The other way now. Rural areas are under represented.

  17. Great post, Have trimmed a few more sites from my browsing. Keeping the negativity out until i drop my ballot in the box. That ballot will have exactly one mark on it.

    • I will be doing the same. I’ve even succeeded in convincing my wife to pull for The Donald and ignore the down-ballot, as it doesn’t make much sense to have her going in and cancelling me out, does it?

      We. Will. Not. Vote. For. Mark. Effing. Kirk.

      Which brings up another concept that I think every American family should ponder. Clearly, especially this year, it should be easy enough to make a determination as a married couple who will be better for your family.

      How will a fatally Leftist Supreme Court benefit your family? Because under Hillary, it’s coming. Weirdos in every bathroom? Merely the beginning.

      How does Executive Amnesty for tens of millions of illegal immigrants, already crushing our social safety net and driving the value of every hour you and your kids work downwards, benefit you or your family? We’ve already got a huge, entitled angry underclass forming. She’ll make them a permanent political block that will dog your descendants forever.

      And how will millions more low-IQ un-vetted and un-vettable third-worlders benefit your family? Because with Hillary, they’re moving soon to your neighborhood, guaranteed. If, like me, you believe that immigration is a gift we bestow to worthy applicants, and not a right, brace yourself. She’ll drown us in angry, America-loathing shitbirds.

      Many have pointed out that both candidates are assholes. While this is certainly true, consider the key distinction. Frau Clinton will be an asshole to you and yours, while Trump will an asshole for you and yours.

      She represents herself and those who she’s sold out to.

      He will represent us, and is owned by nobody.

      And that’s all the difference in the world.

      If, like many of my neighbors have told be, he’s pulling for “A” and she’s pulling for “B”, why don’t both of you just sleep in or go to breakfast or have conjugal relations instead of wasting the gas and cancelling each others votes out? It’s time for us to confront what actually faces this country under a Frau Clinton Ad-menstruation, and it needs to start at home. In YOUR home.

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