For weeks, maybe months, the site WeSearchr was raising money to finance another street fight with the black clad Antifa guys. It was pretty obvious that the point of the “rally” was not free speech or to support Trump. It was an effort to have a rematch with Antifa, which kicked the crap out of the normies at the Berkeley Milo event back in February. The WeSearchr guys did everything but offer to drive the Antifa people to the event. It was such an obvious setup, it is surprising that someone did not shut it down in advance.

The social media reports from the event strongly suggest the cops were told to stand aside and let things take their course. That appears to be the style in Berkeley, where they just assume the numbers are always on their side. On the other hand, there’s a protest every day at Berkeley. It’s just part of the culture. It’s entirely possible that the level of cynicism has reached the point where the cops simply don’t care. There’s no way to know, but the Alt-Lite people see to think the cops were told to stand down.

From his secret lair in suburban Washington DC, Richard Spencer declared the resulting melee a win for his team, even though the people who organized it seem to hate Richard Spencer. The various schisms and feuds in the “alt” community have reached the point where it is hard to keep track of the sides. Regardless, the vanguard of the proletariat smashed the other vanguard of the proletariat, resulting in some hilarious video on social media. Judging by the coverage, it looks like Antifa was on the losing end of it this time.

Spencer is completely wrong in his assessment. He really, really wants to jam current events into his narrative of Weimar Germany and the rise of Hitler, but history never repeats itself so neatly. As the old saying goes, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” The rhythms of this age have some things in common with the rhythms of past ages, but that’s as far as it goes. Spencer is not Martin Heidegger and there is no young Adolph Hitler lurking in the local art school, contemplating a political future.

More important, the street theater we see going on between Antifa and the Alt-Lite, and it is the McInness wing doing the fighting, is nothing like the street battles that went on in the Weimar days. The Freikorps battling communists were not bored college boys killing a weekend with some live action role playing and a few brews with the bros. The Freikorps were an important German cultural institution that dated to the Seven Years War. These were former soldiers, organized into a civil political force.

Comparing the ProudBoys to the Freikorps is laughable on its face and reveals a fundamental lack of seriousness on the part of Spencer. Comparing these Antifa idiots to the Spartacus League is even more absurd. German citizens after the abdication of the Kaiser thought the two paths forward were socialism or communism. Exactly no one supports Antifa’s political agenda, if they even have one. Similarly, Spencer has a following in the hundreds and no one thinks his ethno-state idea has a future.

To be fair to the Alt-Lite people, and again, it is the Alt-Lite out there doing the fighting, they just want to have their events without being harassed by lunatics. If the adults running the campuses and policing these political events did their jobs, none of this would be necessary. You really cannot blame them for taking matters into their own hands and laying into these Antifa nutters. If the people in charge refuse to do their duty and maintain civil order, then people will do it on their own. That’s an immutable fact of life.

Even so, America is not Weimar Germany. It is not even 1960’s America. The days of hard men enforcing ideological discipline on the streets are long over. The days of disaffected youth upsetting the social order are also past. Ricky Vaughn did more for the disaffected with his twitter account than any of these guys playing make believe on the streets of Berkeley. The bros had a good time beating up on the punks from Antifa and that’s not a terrible result in itself, but it is not the Spartacist uprising.

If there’s any lesson here at all it is that in the current crisis, the old tactics are more for theater and entertainment than advancing a political agenda. Going on campus to harass Charles Murray is not changing minds and it is not intended to change minds. It’s just something to do in order to show off to friends. Its bored children coloring on the walls, even though they know mom will be pissed. Since mom is not going to give them up for adoption over it, the act is just pointless, risk-free theater.

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  1. I’m sure most of us know that Soros fronted $50,000USD for antifa’s recent activities and that payment put Soros in the director’s seat of antifa’s actions.
    The ‘doe faced girl’ Moldy Locks is a on-line whore who goes by several aliases Venus Rosales being the most used, she often appears semi-nude at Leftist protests. She traveled seven hours to take part in the attack on Trumpsters and was masked and armed w/a beer bottle/sap gloves, she throat punched Blue Shirt Man before he punched her. Though unharmed Venus has raised over $10,000USD for “Needed reconstructive surgery” which, I hope, leads to charges of fraud against her. A search for Venus Rosales nude will supply a number of not child or work safe hits. As with most “liberals” Venus has taken few steps to conceal her life choices.

  2. For anyone who is seriously interested in such stuff, go to Amazon and grab a copy of Rex Applegate’s ‘Kill Or Get Killed.’ The first half is a distilled version of the training program we put our guys through in WW2, and is worth the money for that. No sheepdog tacticool BS — just how to train your body to react under fire.

    The second half was written in the Fifties and details the rise of the ‘ideologically inspired’ mob, which at that point was a new and worrying development in both Americas. Read it and you will be staggered at the descriptions of the financing, the organization, the agitprop, the aim of seizing control of public spaces and marginalizing the police, of terrorizing anyone who objects and manipulating events to generate martyrs for the cause. Of constantly escalating the level of violence, of the view towards destabilizing civic life, of capitalizing on any overreaction by the authorities, and of the constant importance of ideological indoctrination. Read it. It’s all there. You’ll recognize it instantly.

    OWS, BLM, Antifa, etc. may not be trained or financed by the KGB any more. But they are trained and led and financed by the people who were.

  3. When the “real” revolution begins, i.e. things get downright medieval in the streets, they’ll ALL turn on each other.

  4. The antifa-thug idiots are essentially those kids that never got picked first for the baseball team, were the fringe nurds at high school and suddenly they dress up in black and they’re tough… Their toughness is about paper thin and the vast majority of them are either bone rack thin betas, or obese cows who otherwise involved in Autistic Screeching about male patriarchal society. In an overwhelming pack they could be dangerous, but the vast majority of their effectiveness lays in their undeserved reputation. I watched those Berkeley riots on video and live stream and my overall opinion was, that a squad/section of light infantry, armed with riot batons could have thrashed the piss out of everyone playing around in black clothing.

    • The Antifa people strike me as disaffected kids who just want to belong to something. There’s a lot of homely and awkward looking girls at the front of it. That would explain the dorky males, who are there to get laid. It’s all just a goof to fill their time and feel like they are a part of something. That is one good result from the weekend. These kids now have a cost associated with their hobby and the authorities appear to have had enough. Art Auburn the cops banned masks and flags, which were used at weapons.

      • Agreed with all your points, it’s a real downer when they are confronted with the reality of an ass kicking after they’ve made their brags and dressed up in their LARPING gear and all

  5. The Fellowship was Alt-Lite: four Anglicans (the Hobbits), two Catholics (Boromir and Aragorn), one Pagan (Legolas), one Orthodox Jew (Gimli), and one Neocon (Gandalf). (Why did Gandalf manipulate a Hobbit into the Erebor-adventure? Because it was good for the Dwarfs! (But not actually bad for the Hobbits, and it paid off when Sauron tried again — one of the “fingers” of Sauron’s “hand” was broken at Erebor.)

  6. We can’t even have a proper civil war because the two sides are too enmeshed. There has to be a sorting first, and that’s going to be nasty and bloody. This is the beginning of that sorting.

    After that happens it’s likely a divorce will follow and not a civil war, since I don’t think either side cares enough about the other to fight a war to keep the union together. The only fighting will be over valuable real estate.

  7. “The Z-man doth protest too much, methinks”. First off you seem very invested in putting down Richard Spencer, but he’s already had more impact that all of you right leaning pseudonymous bloggers put together.

    Aside from having the courage to publish under his real name, he’s also coined a term that is now in constant use by pundits and thinkers across the whole spectrum. To name something is to create it. So, we now have, in large part due to Richard Spencer’s imagination, an alternative to the weak and feckless “conservatism” of Glenn Beck, the National Review, Bill Kristol and Jeb Bush. The weak and pointless opposition that was born to lose that we were stuck with for years.

    Now, finally, there is an alternative to the institutional “right” and it didn’t come from the Z blog. (Or, maybe tax cuts for the rich is the True Conservatism and he’s a heretic, your views on this are not clear.)

    Spencer’s operation includes a non-profit foundation that regularly holds events in DC. A hard-copy journal. A large web presence. And, he’s been given long form interviews on NPR, in the Atlantic Magazine and other establishment outlets. Many many people have heard for the first time the idea of whites organizing as whites, as “just another interest group” from his talks and interviews. He’s done a lot to pull the admittedly still small far-right into tighter alignment.

    As far as the times, it’s still far to early to say where this ends. Most people could not envision Trump winning and becoming President, but that did happen. Matt Bracken says “we are one magazine dump away from real hostilities”. Just because you are having trouble imagining it doesn’t mean it won’t happen too.

    Spencer is slowly and methodically building an infrastructure of ideas that will support action in a future era. His focus on Identity and existence does have philosophical connection with Heidegger’s study of the nature of being.

    His criticism of the Alt-Light is much more substantial and devastating than your defense of them. Really, what does someone like Mike Cernovitch stand for. Once you are done making fun of Chuck Todd and doing your 15 minutes-of-fame from breaking some trivial Russia gate story – what is there?

    The Right has been hollowed out over decades to become a dead caricature of a political movement. Imagine anyone following Mitch McConnell? Can you? Few people can. Spencer’s AltRight might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly for someone, quite a few someones. It points to a lot more then your endless blogging and criticism, Z-man.

    • I will make my consistent refrain here: Evict California from the Union and we win. Don’t evict California from the Union and we lose, permanently, beginning in 2024 or 2028.

      It’s really that simple. Play the long game.

    • I’m sure you are very proud of your son Richard, Mrs. Spencer, but I’ve written about your boy once or twice. I have no investment in him one way or the other. He’s just not that interesting to me.

  8. Watched some of the videos. Overall not impressed with the performance of the right. They are disorganized and acted without purpose. The point is not to chase Antifa thugs down the street. The point is to pick a few Antifa targets and beat them so severely that they’ll never consider disrupting a legal gathering again.

    The headliner seems to be the girl who got punched. The idiot who hit her was clearly identifiable, and has been identified. He could very well be charged with Assault and Battery. And he accomplished nothing.

    The right needs to mirror the tactics of Antifa. Dress to conceal your identity. Peaceful protestors to the front of the line. Groups of shock troops behind the line to identify a target, attack, beat down, and disperse into the crown before the cops show up and you get arrested. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    • The young woman who got punched was wearing sap gloves and armed with bottles and there are pictures galore.

      Also the Right was well organized and for a group that disarmed itself at the request of the police did a fine job routing the Left

      That said this is all ritual combat like Maori or African posturing or like a less bloody Phalanx shoving match . Its hard to tell if it will stay at this level or if idiots will escalate . Displaying weapons especially low lethality weapons requires concern but again is not proof of escalation

      Even the Sacramento attack last year was still this kind of thing though knives were used apparently by AntiFa who I’ll also note lost this fight even though they outnumbered the unarmed White Nationalists 5 or more to 1

      If they do escalate, we will get actual Right Wing forces and the like quickly , far faster than I had though possible.

  9. It appears to me that a bunch of spoiled brats who want to be Bolshevik enforcers are going to be educated in the fact that they’re not tough enough or smart enough. I am totally in favor of education, at any cost!

  10. Having lived most of my life in a college town let me just say that the sooner these things are burned to the ground the better.

    • Well, they need to live somewhere, why not keep them isolated in mental ghettoes of ignorant pretentiousness? Keeps them out from underfoot for the rest of us.

      • @ Dutch – Given the average American student is now taking up to six years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, it’s definitely heading that direction. Keeping these imbeciles broke, stupid and away from the real work force is the best thing that can happen for the rest of us! Better they follow a career at Starbucks than end up in an HR Department where they could do real damage!

      • The kids don’t stay. The professors do, and since they lowered the voting age college towns are pure hell for normal people. Before the kids got the vote we always had Republican mayors. It was a way townies could give the finger to the profs. Now we get it all the time.

  11. To think that street violence is the same phenomenon as it was in the early 20th century would indeed be a silly mistake. But what’s important here is the destruction of the no-platforming tool of so-called activism. Nobody expects any part of the alt-whatever to become literally Hitler, but when they don’t let violent leftists shut them down that is itself a victory for free speech.

  12. A lot of these protests will go the day that Satan decides to call George Soros home. And his son goes along to keep him company. The follow-the-money on these groups almost always leads to one of his “foundations” or “organizations”.

    • Perhaps. Once George $oro$ is finished I expect he will be folloed by his boy Alex $oro$, currently in a doctoral program at Berkeley. I believe there are other brethren and sistern as well.

    • I suspect that when George $oro$ is finished he will be succeeded by his son Alex $oro$, who is currently in a PhD program at Berkeley – curiously enough. I believe there are also other brethren and sistern. The hydra had many heads.

  13. Last night’s Fake News had an interview with a delicate-looking doe of a girl who was said to weigh about 90some pounds. Blonde, lovely skin, nose ring, black message tee. But delicate looking. The gist was that she had been a victim because a blonde bully punched her during that Berkeley protest melee. They even had a video. Problem with the video was that it plainly showed her launching her little self quite fiercely, face a-grimace, fisted arms extended for battle, at the blonde bully. She made the first move, like a feral cat. It would have given him at least a draw decision in court, if not an outright self-defense defense. She also mentioned sweetly that while she was not violent, she had gone with her boyfriend, believed in anti-facism, and fully expected to be injured.

    A trip to the ANTIFA website reveals that this is an international organization. One wonders if George Soros is at the bottom of this particular manure pile.

    • 4chan has outed the slim, helpless girl as a hard core antifa, she was bragging on her FB page before the riots, that she was going there to ‘Collect a 100 nazi scalps’ she was also filmed/photo of her throwing wine and whiskey bottles at the Patriots, just seconds before the punch she was using a bottle to club people… Oh yah, she’s also a semi-pro porn star..

  14. It should go without saying that you won’t see 60s or 30s levels of civil conflict until significant buy-in is made from the state or a powerful external state/org. Antifa can draw blood because they’re backed by the State Dept. and Soros, among other left-wing organs. Meanwhile if a veterans organization of right-wingers so much as farted near the police they’d be arrested and railroaded on terror charge. And yes, Sessions and Trump would do this without question. They’re not even close to brave enough to stand up for right-wing vets in the face of massive leftists opposition.

    The LARPing happens because the LARPers don’t want to accept what’s right in front of them: there is no right-wing in America besides the LARPers. Republicans are firmly anti-HBD center-leftists with no known exceptions. Reactionaries and Alt-Right are half role-players and half people who are banished from polite society. LARPing that they can actually do something about the overwhelming institutional power of the left is all they have.

    Hope is the last thing to die.

  15. “….Exactly no one supports Antifa’s political agenda, if they even have one….”

    Not so sure about that.

    Imagine that the democratic party (i.e. the party OF Bernie Sanders) had the opportunity to write a new US Constitution. I will venture to guess that it would have zero resemblance to the existing (but increasingly ignored) US Constitution.

    So far they have not had the opportunity to do this, but they have very successfully circumvented the letter and intent of that document by using alternative methods to impose their agenda (e.g. the federal bureaucracy , the courts and the unprecedented use of executive orders). Of course, the incredibly lame, incompetent and really , really stupid republicans in Congress have just bent over for all of this.

    Even the very conservative, strict constructionist, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (yea, I am joking) has admitted that the South African Constitution is better than that of the US.

    Also, you will note that not one democratic party bigwig (or small wig) has uttered one word to the Antifa thugs (i.e., Nazi Brownshirts; Hitler would be proud) to cease the violence. My guess is that George Soros money and other democratic party assets – cash money – are behind all of these Antifa fascist pig Nazis.

    The Antifa thugs continually shout out their world view – communism – which in no way conflicts with most of the media, just about all of academia, and a good percentage of the democratic members of Congress (look who they have just voted in as the democratic party chair).
    And let’s be clear, the ONLY reason they did not go all-in for Bernie was because they did not think he could win.
    No, the media and others do not shout out that communism or fascism (but I repeat myself) is the way to go, the preferred path. That would not go over so well (at least not yet).
    But they are all in on the social justice bullshit (all for the state, all in the state, nothing outside the state) and everything that implies.
    And the SJ message is merely a “new” way to advance the socialist/communist/fascist agenda.

    As an aside, Benito Mussolini, generally credited as the founder of fascism, started out as…….. hold your breath folks…… a communist. In fact he was the publisher (or editor or whatever) of Avanti (Italian , for Forward) , a communist newspaper.
    He noticed that the communist message, by itself, did not arouse the emotions or support of the Italians, so he decided to toss in copious quantities of nationalism into his message.
    The rest is history,

    • Fascism is just the less retarded sibling of communism. Most of the Antifa idiots couldn’t define the differences between national and international socialism.

      • National Socialism and Socialism are two branches of the same tree, the Totalitarianism tree. The distinction is trivial, but that distinction has been exploited for a century to misdirect and confuse the rest of us.

  16. These events can be viewed as the symptoms of a metastasizing disease that has infected our society. The rapid growth of government has been fueled by an intentional explosion of the money supply, and now that the host has become fat and lazy, the parasites are multiplying exponentially.

    The core problem is not the degradation of social norms and civility, nor even the abdication of responsible governance; it is that our culture is poisoned and it now systemically incentivizes dependence, parasitism, and hive mentality.

  17. Does anything that happens on a college or university campus today actually affect anything or anyone beyond the campus boundaries? I think not.

    The snow-flake filled college campus of today has little or nothing to contribute to society other than act as a springboard for Twitter or Facebook rants. And just like their own parents, no one listens to them because no one cares about them. In many ways, college is just another day-care center where they have been tossed out of the way.

    The really sad part is as soon as they graduate, their voices and opinions will be just as valuable as their useless degrees.

    • Karl, don’t you realize where Merkel came from? How she was groomed from those formative years? Not for nothing, it couldn’t smack you upside your head any more obvious. The Stazi wasn’t just spying and hunting for enemies of the State.
      The whole intent is to create a generation of radical chic red diaper babies, who later go on to dominate critical social and cultural platforms, much like the carefully nurtured 50’s and 60’s radical chic who are now in positions of great political and social power and have created their own vision of Amerika.
      Just look throughout the political and the media class. It is rife with operatives that are direct results of the intelligentsia brainwashing the youth in various academic institutions. The 5th column is very effective in these respects.

      • @ Doug – Given her ability to lead Germany to becoming one of the strongest Economies in the West, one might argue she wasn’t paying attention in her anti-capitalist, anti-west propaganda courses while working to obtain her doctorate in physics.

        • Karl,
          the reason for Merkel’s success as a leader is simply that she has been leading Germans. She would leave office with a decent if unremarkable legacy except for (1) her role in dismantling the German fossil and nuclear energy industry and (2) opening the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of violent parasites who despise every value that makes Germany successful.

          • @ Lorenzo – I would argue she’s been leading Europe as much as Germany. Personally I favor getting rid of nuclear plants given they produce less than 15% of our energy, but agree that the refugee issue was a huge mistake.

    • Karl, don’t you realize where Merkel came from? How she was groomed from those formative years? Not for nothing, the Stazi wasn’t just spying and hunting for enemies of the State.
      The whole intent is to create a generation of radical chic red diaper babies, who later go on to dominate critical social and cultural platforms, much like the carefully nurtured 50’s and 60’s radical chic who are now in positions of great political and social power and have created their own vision of Amerika.
      Just look throughout the political and the media class. It is rife with operatives that are direct results of the intelligentsia brainwashing the youth in various academic institutions. The 5th column is very effective in these respects.

    • @Karl April 18, 2017 at 12:07

      “I would argue she’s been leading Europe as much as Germany.”

      It makes Merkel’s European leadership look bad if one considers the condition of Greece, Italy and Spain. Merkel’s high-handed behavior was a big incentive for the UK to leave the EU.

      Her record as EU leader is mixed, to say the least.

      • @ Lorenzo – The real challenge is she’s up against the EU which can make things problematic. Since the EU is not federalized like the US, this is a very different situation for your presidents over all US states vs. Merkel and the rest of Europe. Make no mistake, with or without the Euro, life in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal were not going to suddenly improve. When your economy is based on olives and cork, there’s not much one can do. At least Czech, Poland and Hungary had an established industrial base (thanks to pre-WW2 Germany) so their respective economies have improved under German industrial and political leadership. If Italy could get it’s political act together, it could be very strong on it’s own, but political corruption remains a major hurdle.

        As to Brexit, the leadership in the EU had more to do with the UK leaving than anything Merkel ever did. When the EU allows Spanish fishing off Scottish waters, the outcome is inevitable. Not to mention the entire British car industry has collapsed on it’s own accord and has been replaced by German and US firms. The Brits have no one but themselves to blame for much of their problems.

    • WRONG.

      As the twig is bent, so goes the tree.

      Universities are where young people are taught what & how to think about the world, then credentialed to go out and run it eventually.

      The poison that gets dripped into the students’ minds there today gets recirculated in broader society for the rest of their lives.

  18. The serious aspect is the state actors who were complicit in the violence until there were two sides fighting. The police, obviously on orders, only did their jobs once it was obvious AntiFas might be maimed or worse as they attacked innocent people. The state actors had chosen and had done so poorly.

    I don’t care much for artificial distinctions such as Alt-Lite, Alt-Right, whatever. It boils down to civilizational vs. dyscivilizational. You either want to shut down speech or protect it. You either believe in the pillars of Western Civilization or you don’t.

    You either surrender or you don’t surrender. To paraphrase Dylan, you’ve got to serve somebody. Choose widely.

  19. Also, there is a political dialogue in this, with echoes of the Trump election and other recent political events:

    Antifa/PC left: “Shut up!”

    Alt-Light: “Fuck you!”

    It might not seem that profound, or trying to change anybody’s mind, but I think it’s significant. The left doesn’t have an argument, so they’re not trying to make one. They are all in on silencing heresy. The right has rolled over for so long, this attitude of “Fuck you” is shiny and new, and refreshingly contagious by my observation.

    • The Oath Keeper element seemed to be a new player in Berkeley. If that was the case and expands, then you may see more of a Freikorps element to future clashes. While I’m sure there are some hard core elements within the Anti-fa group, many seem to just be hangers on looking to virtue signal or get chicks. If that runs up against hardened ex-military types who have no qualms about offering the option of “entrails in, or entrails out?” then the dynamic will change in a hurry.

    • The relative acronym of the Hard-Right for F-You is “BFYTW”.

      The whole idea of the lefts violence is to define the visual narrative, and through measured carefully applied stages of violence as a means is to goad the leftists enemy into reacting with violence, in order to use that as a means to do things they can’t otherwise.
      But they must be extremely careful, hence the operatives on the ground directing anitfa, or it can backfire on them.
      The primal thing is the armed America that lies dormant, but ever more watchful, so what looks like a bunch of natty dread jamokes is really a deliberate cadre of actors deliberately dressed as barely adequate thugs.
      Got to remember, “we have guns” as Andrew Breitbart said. That fact defines the battlefield. Can those behind antifa afford to create thousands of angry american’s running around taking their 2nd Amendment primal rights to the highest level?

      • That’s one of the weird dynamics. The mean old combat vets like me – with long guns in the attic – aren’t much interested in street brawling for fun and don’t live anywhere near Berkeley or NYC. Thanks to the all-volunteer military and the constant low-level wars for the past 15 years, there are a lot of us – and the vast majority who served in combat arms are on the conservative side.

        But, if it really came to open ideological warfare, we could pretty quickly form up into units that would put the Freikorps to shame.

        • Right. There is all the difference in the world between an ideology so repugnant that it must use force and violence to obtain power over others, to force it’s ideology up everyones arse, as we are witnessing in living color, using paid actors funded by domestic and foreign enemies.
          And the natural born conditions of self determination and primal liberty, and all that implies

      • Modern firearms are of course, like most of life, an invention of white men. It is they who own the vast majority of serious firearms and they who spend time at the ranges and gun clubs.

        Why Trayvon, Tanika and Shekela, Rachael or Anderson think it is a good thing to promote violence against them is just more evidence of how mindlessly stupid these people are

        • @ Bill Jones – One might argue that point further to say “Modern firearms are … an invention of white European men.” 🙂 But to your point, little of value has come from the African continent (or the Middle East) in the last 2,000 years – with the recent exception of Israel.

  20. In my opinion there are some big picture considerations:

    1. While Antifa might not be directly representative of the mainstream left, the mainstream left sure is cheering them on, enabling them, and covering up their sins in left wing media coverage.

    2. Antifa is the most extreme example of the PC thought police trying to silence heresy, in their case with mild violence. That mild violence being met with the same mild violence and being beaten back is no small thing.

    3. As somebody else mentioned, Antifa looks like a bunch of kids, but the right wing participants were mostly men in their 30s and 40s.

    4. The best coverage of this incident was this video by YouTube commentator Sargon of Akkad:

    • The left always supports its criminals and fighters. They’ll even get cushy govt jobs and invited to the white house.

    • Sargon DISHONESTLY AND ON PURPOSE misrepresents Richard Spencer’s group that was at the White House protesting Trump.

      Lying by omission that Spencer and his group went there and just shouted ANTI-WHITE over and over again. Actually they were being shouted at in slogans by a larger group of antifa five feet away from them. Spencer initially was there protesting TRUMP and a possible War with Syria. So obviously there was no point for dialogue at that stage.

      Sargon then edits in a clip of a regular joe speaking at the Berkeley event, hundreds of feet away from all of the antifa that was in the streets fighting at the time.

      Why would he do something like that?

      You know why.

  21. Spoiled brats and their professors trying to live vicariously through them.

    Filling their heads full of nonsense about the “good old days”.

    It’s one thing to put on your little black Halloween costume and beat up some senior citizen and completely different when some blue-collar guy gives you a punch in the jaw.

    Perhaps the lonely efforts of “based stickman” has encouraged other folks on the right to come out and do battle with these knuckleheads.

    I see these Berklee kids folding pretty quickly. Now picking a fight in the ghetto ?

    That’s a completely different story

    • Maybe one of those black-clad thugs is going to try beating up some senior citizen who remembers his year in the Au-Shau Valley and has a concealed carry permit.

  22. If you read the accounts of the Schutzpolizeimanner (street policemen) in the Weimar Republic, it confirms everything Z-Man says in this post. Germany in the late 20s was a bit closer to Iraq (or at least Ciudad Juarez). There were clashes in which hundreds of people died, and there would be raids on KPD safe-houses where the weak points of the “Sonderwagen” were posted so that snipers could more easily kill cops. Communists killing cops is part of what actually caused the moderates in Germany to decide the Nazis weren’t as bad as the commies. Goebbels disseminated orders to his SA underlings to lay low and treat the cops with respect, and wait for the right moment. The Nazis knew how to rouse rabble and debate, but they also knew how to put in 19 hour days behind the scenes working to realize their goals. Seems like Spence only has the performative aspect down.

    I think the Black Lives Matter sniper in Dallas might actually be a better comparison with Weimar Germany than anything going on in Berkeley. Also, as scary as all of the immigration in the U.S. is getting, I don’t think it’s really comparable to the red peril that was very much encroaching from the East in Europe at the time. Millions of people were going to die either way, and it seemed to be a choice between gulag and concentration camp. We’re not quite there yet, but never say never.

    • “never say never”
      Agree. Any attempt to jam these events into a Weimar narrative are way premature. There may be enough hints to be noteworthy:

      “there’s a protest every day” – check
      “The various schisms and feuds in the [ ] community have reached the point where it is hard to keep track of the sides.” – check
      The violence is becoming more organized – check

      “there is no young Adolph Hitler lurking in the local art school, contemplating a political future.” – you don’t know that, and I’d be willing to bet there are dozens.

      While the left has tried to disarm veterans, Trump has said “we’re going to take care of our veterans”. So neither want our veterans thinking about a Freikorps, now do they?

      General civic pain has not yet gotten anywhere near Weimar levels.
      The currency has not (yet) collapsed.
      The purely political killings haven’t really started yet.
      The organized group violence has not yet risen to gunfire. However, the first time antifa shoots anyone these confrontations could ratchet up quickly. And it is important to remember, American cops #1 goal is to go home at night, they do not respond well to armed resistance which they cannot pin in place and / or overwhelm. Remember, LA riots, the cops withdrew.

  23. I don’t tend to disagree with you, but I’m surprised you dismiss this as silly theatrics. Perhaps it isn’t. Both sides seem to be testing out mass organized violence against each other. Sure, it’s non-lethal, but civil war doesn’t erupt out of thin air. It escalates. How can you be so sure the alt-right won’t be around if things get real serious and lethal force become the norm? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but how can you know you’re right? Perhaps their mantra is not “look at us pretending to be violent as long as it’s safe.” Maybe it’s “we’re willing to use as much violence as we can reasonably get away with and we’re more than happy to have this escalate.”

    • In Weimar Germany, the average age was about University student age. In California today, whitey is mostly old and waving his fist at a cloud. Weimar Germans also suffered genuine hunger and displacement. That can make a man real angry. Americans have air-conditioning and cheap french fries. That said, white guys throughout history who have had their purpose taken away get violent. The robots might be taking over but there will soon be millions of well-educated white men with too much time on their hands. The cloud folk can’t control them now and it will get worse. History keeps rhyming.

    • This is an interesting time. Will the authorities wake up and clamp down on this crap?

      Will the leftists escalate? Noam Chomsky is warning against violence because he knows the right is better at it. But these people seem unhinged and well funded.

      If they escalate – and start throwing real bombs and pulling triggers, what then?

    • Watching the Berkeley Youtubes, I see a disorganized but tough bunch of guys out to protect each other and the innocents against a shadowy but slightly more organized group of people dressed in black and coached to cause trouble. It is tough to figure out the Antifa side because they hide and disguise themselves. But what I see on the other side is a bunch of people that probably couldn’t articulate much of a philosophy or coherent reasoning for being there, other than that they personally and collectively have had enough of this Antifa BS and are there to crack some heads. And most of them individually look quite capable of doing it, in a rough bar-brawl bouncer sort of way. If these Antifa clowns are mostly virtue signaling college students looking for some sort of anti-Trump bona-fides, they may get much more than they were looking for. The guys they are going up against look ready, able, and willing to mess up some people. Not for any grand cause, but because they have seen and heard enough of the crap. Remember what Mike Tyson famously said, everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Antifa planners, meet the punchers.

    • They backed off after the cops were ambushed at the blm riots. I would be surprised to see something like that happen again.

      Apparently Soros et al have stopped using blacks as their ‘shock troops’. My guess is they realized the shooting looked really bad and they assumed they could ‘ride the tiger’ but found out the tiger was a tiger and not an ox.

      Now they use much more ‘colorful’ but more easily controlled college students. While they talk about guns and knives most have zero familiarity with real violence whereas most black folks have at least one relative they know shot. It makes a difference.

      That’s why we’re seeing these ‘rallies’ that have nothing to appeal to your average black guy. The organizers don’t want them there.

      • Maybe, but remember just a week ago the antifa-thug crowd released video of their crack ‘Airsoft and Pellet Gun Armed Teams’ be afraid, very afraid lol

    • Yes, theatre now, but I read posts by Antifa/Commie leaders last nite & they made it clear they intend to start arming themselves in areas of the country where legal. We’ll see, I suppose, but I wouldn’t count these heavily methed out freaks to kill someone.

  24. Nothing more than a initial skirmish. Though there is nothing to say it can’t get bloodier. All it takes if for someone to whip out a Bowie and go to town. .

    That said, I like the Alt-Lite folks, they have cajones and won’t roll over. It maybe theater to some, it does however send a message that only violence can do – hit us and we’ll hit back. None of the roll over and play dead stuff conservatives normally do when confronted by thugs and bullies. If anything it illustrates a serious problem with those on the Right. No ability to rally, stick together and rumble if they have to.

    Still at the end of the day the Left or whatever you want to call it, runs higher Ed and the MSM and is proficient at churning lots of anti-American and anti-white fanatics. And Anti-Fa can still bully conservative whites stupid enough to hold a public rally in most cities if they lack the cajones to fight back.

    And that’s what matters.

    • The Alt-Lite guys are out there mixing it up. I give them credit for that. The Alt-Right has been a no show. That said, I’m not sure the rank and file sees a huge difference between Alt-Lite and Alt-Right. My guess is the followers of Gavin McInnes is just keeping his real opinions on the down low so he can still go on TV.

      I just wish they would hold these things in my town. I’d love to see the brothas take on Antifa.

        • The Alt-Lite says they are Western chauvinists who welcome anyone who support western culture. Alt-Right says Western culture is a white thing so they support a white ethno-state.

          I don’t think either of them have thought it though very well.

          • What is wrong about an adherence to Western culture being a white thing Z?
            You do understand white Christian men of the west are the Kulak’s of todays cultural marxists cultural revolution.

          • The Alt-Light is definitely intellectually suspect, but to accuse the Alt-Right of “not having thought it through very well” is pretty absurd. Their ideas stand up to a pretty rigorous examination. The Alt-Light is typically a transitory phase one goes through to get to the Alt-Right. Anybody trying to set up shop in the Alt-Light eventually finds themselves inhabiting an intellectual no-mans-land.

      • How can you call the alt-right a no-show when the most infamous scene from the day was IE leader Nathan Damigo punching out moldylocks? There were plenty of alt-right guys out there with Black Sun shields throwing roman salutes. Don’t be so quick to let your perception cloud the facts. And keep an eye on Auburn tonight. Spencer and a large coalition from the alt-right are likely to have a showdown with antifa.

        • Exactly. Please note that it was NOT in the media’s interests to show a bunch of fashy young Alt-Righters giving antifa a beat-down. Better for them to cut their propaganda losses and focus on the Alt-light attendees (who certainly pulled their weight according to reports from participants in the melee) than give any credit to the Alt-Right.

      • I’m pushing back on this idea, Z. Nathan Damigo, AKA, pocket Nazi, AKA, blue shirt who punched Moldylocks & his Identity Europa guys were some of the largest and most physical of all of the guys out there. They were mostly in shirts and pants with the Alt-Liters LARPing in flag & cartoon hero attire.
        In DC last week, the only punches thrown against Antifa were by a few hardcore WNers.
        Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of who’s doing what and why.
        Besides, anyone not Impressed with “Paul Williams,” in the wine dress shirt kicking ass? Lol
        I call this country “Weimarerica,” because it’s like if you took the two and looked at them mixed together through the glass of a broken Starbux window, IMO.

  25. My favorite shot was that nasty Ho with rasta dreds getting clocked right between the eyes by the dude in the blue shirt! Too funny! Bet she was a feminist SJW who believes the differences between men and womyn are mere social constructs.
    Well, that social construct nailed her ugly puss!

    • Check out the “before college and after college” pics of the rasta dredded gal that got punched. Her “before Berkley ” pics were of a normal , wholesome , PRETTY young lady . Her “after Berkley ” pics were the rat haired , nasty , dreadlocked horror you see all over the net. It is tragic the transformation. I am telling you college is toxic for kids.

  26. More like bored, spoiled children coloring on the neighbor’s house. They know he’ll be pissed, which is half the fun, and they don’t like him anyway, ’cause he’s a big poopyhead. As you said, they also know that even if mom is pissed, she’ll still back them over the neighbor. Then the neighbor finally gets fed up and cracks a couple heads, and both the kids and mom are aghast. If they just stuck to messing up their own house nobody would care, but getting attention, any attention, seems to be the overriding need.

    • College seems to be about getting accepted at an elite institution, and then crapping all over it. Vandalism of sorts. The colleges are going to need to make a stand at some point, or its all over for them. My 35th reunion is coming up at one of the private schools that has been in the news a lot lately. They are always on about how special they are (I thought it was kind of BS even back in the day). And they always have their hands out to add to their billion dollar endowment from the meager giving of the likes of me. My question to them, if a dialogue comes up, is “when and how do you plan to stop your student body from crapping all over you?”. I don’t think there will be any dialogue, it will be a Pravda weekend.

  27. Still wasn’t it cool to lay a beating on those Antifa(g)s ?? It was mostly theater as you say but it was amplified by social media so it may have more of an effect than you think… Maybe at a more “normie” university these AntiFaLarpers will think twice about disrupting another speaker. Anne Coulter is scheduled to speak on 27 april so that should be quite a show….

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