The Death of You

Try to imagine yourself alive during the early middle ages in Britain. It is not an easy thing, of course, as the world of 7th century Britain may as well have happened on another planet, compared to our age. The largest city at the time, for example, was probably Winchester. This was a city of a few thousand people, not tens or hundreds of thousands of people. By modern standards, it was a small village or what developers in America call a town center. Of course, it would have smelled like a restroom at a truck stop.

The Romans tried to recreate the cosmopolitan life they associated with civilization, but it never really took hold in Britain. After the Romans left, things quickly fell back to their natural order. People lived in rural villages. They spent most of their time working the land and tending to the things that agrarian life required. Britain was a tribal society and people lived among their kin, ruled by men who were their kin, or by men who had ruled over their kin for longer than anyone remembered.

Anyway, there you are, covered in dirt and filth, smelling like cabbage, when some weirdos show up and meet with the rulers.  Maybe you saw them come down the road or maybe you heard about them.  All you know is that foreign weirdos have shown up and the people in charge are entertaining them for some reason. Eventually, you and everyone else is rounded up and marched down to the local river where you witness the weirdos dunking the lord in the river, while making weird sounds and pointing toward the sky.

Then, the king’s men force all of the people, including you, to do the same. You are marched out into the river, you are dunked under the water by the weirdos. To your surprise, your family and neighbors seem to be OK with it. They enthusiastically go along with this strange new ritual, even though you know they have no idea what’s happening either. Their confusion is due to fear and their fear tells them to follow along, even though they have no idea what is happening. You do the same. You have been Christianized.

That’s not an unrealistic portrayal of how Britain went from being a pagan land to being a Christian one. The Church set about converting Europe by first converting the kings, nobles and tribal leaders. It could then be the duty and interest of the rulers to force the new religion on their people, which they mostly did. In Britain, Æthelberht of Kent was the first king to accept baptism, around 601. The final kingdom to join the winning team was The Isle of Wright in 686, but the death of Penda in 655 ended paganism in Britain.

Just because the king adopted this new weird religion, did not mean the people fully embraced it. In fact, the ruling class was not entirely on board with Christianity. In order to make the transition easier, the Church gave the early Christians of Britain broad authority to practice Christianity. The goal was to get them on board first and then later enforce theological discipline. The Church was playing the long game so many pagan practices were Christianized to make it easier for the people to convert to the new faith.

Another way that made the conversion smother was for the legends and stories of the old gods carried on with the peasants. That’s where we got English folklore. All of those old legends told in the pagan era were a form of entertainment for the common people. After conversion, they still told stories about magical creatures and heroes, but they left out Woden and Loki, at least as real gods on the same level as the Christian God. They became children’s stories and fairy tales, rather than foundation myths for the people.

The removal of a people’s religion, cuts them off from their past and effectively ends their identity as a people. It was so much more effective to adapt the new religion to the culture and customs of the people being converted. It allowed the people to hold onto their identity by holding onto their past. This is also why the Americans allowed the Japanese Emperor to remain in place after the war. He was more than just a political figure. He was a defining feature of the Japanese people. Liberal democracy was modified for post-imperial Japan.

The point of all this is as it relates to what we see going on in America with the slow removal of Christianity from the culture. The ruling class long ago converted to the new religion of multiculturalism. They have been slowly erasing the old religions from the public institutions and replacing it with their own. Now they have moved into private institutions by forcing Christians to worship at the altar of multiculturalism. The next step, and there are already rumblings, is to force churches to adopt gay marriage or face sanction.

Christianity is not the only religion under assault. The soft, civil religion of Americans, based on equality before the law, individual liberty and the right to be left alone is being erased. The tearing down of Confederate statues is one example. The elimination of freedom of association is another. The rule of law, of course, has been eliminated long ago when the Talmudic parsers cooked up the idea of a living Constitution. The law is now just an endless round of hairsplitting and a morality of convenience.

The toppling over of confederate statues is often seen as a final sweeping up after the Civil War. First they came for the Confederate flags and now they are coming for the statues. Next they will be digging up the graveyards. That’s all true, but it is also an effort to erase America’s past. There are calls to topple over the statue of Jefferson at the University of Virginia.  It will not be long before Washington, Franklin, and the rest of those evil pale penis people, who founded the nation, are ruled out of bounds on moral grounds.

The whole point of the exercise is to cut the people off from their past, by taking away their religion and civil institutions. It’s tempting to think of globalism in purely economic terms, but it is more than that. It is a war on the people who make up nations. It is a direct assault on the very idea of a people. If they can destroy the civil institutions and erase the past, they will destroy the identity of the people and the very rationale for countries. The post-national paradise, therefore, is the post-you world. It is the death of you.

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  1. This reminds me of the reprogramming the Allies subjected the Japanese and German people to after WW2.

    You can say our masters have a lot of experience with engineering societies.

    It was inevitable that they would turn it on us one day.

  2. “The whole point of the exercise is to cut the people off from their past, by taking away their religion and civil institutions.”

    How did Orwell put it? “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

    The “Church” always was a political and a financial entity. There probably were well meaning men at the Council of Nicaea, but now, almost 1800 years later, all Christian religious structures are utterly corrupt. While the sheep may be sincere, but ignorant, those at the top know what they are doing and it has nothing to do with the “glory of God”, whatever that is.

    It is also why the churches tend to focus on the 3rd world for their new converts. You have to be ignorant and have a poor education to believe that some humans know the nature and will of God, and since you don’t, you follow these people’s instructions and rituals to achieve the level of understanding they have. The moment the whole house of cards begins to collapse is when people begin to realize those people do not believe in what they promote to you. Only in gaining power and money. Then the frauds move on to another area that is not aware of the scam.

  3. It is all the death of us. We were screwed a long time ago, but the screwing keeps on turning and twisting in our hearts.

  4. The ‘Open Society’ or ‘Global Earth’ ideology has converted the VIPs of every nation. If humanity can be homogenized, the nation-state can be eliminated and a global elite can assume an overlord status right out of the feudal past but aping science fiction. They will have to be knocked around in order to be defeated.

  5. The parallels drawn by you are insightful and downright frightening. It is true that the New Religionists have always played the long game very adeptly. We must hold fast to our heritage and the freedoms our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for and teach our children to do the same.

  6. I’m quite ok with the tearing down of Confederate icons. All the things related to the Confederacy, the KKK, Jim Crow, Segregation and such are old Democratic Party institutions, so fuck’em.

    • My ancestors were in Lee’s unit, were with him at Appomattox. To be quite frank, I find the removal to be quite personally painful, but I suppose if it’s not part of your direct personal history, it’s difficult to feel that loss. The day they manage to figure out how to remove the frieze carved into Stone Mountain, GA, will be like a stab in the soul.

  7. So Z endorses, finally, what Buckley knew and described in God and Man at Yale?

    Better late than never, and now I demand you, personally and damn fast, create Utopia as you so often critique dead WFB for failing to have done so, given the lifetime of opportunities he could have attempted such instead of all the books (fiction and non) and columns and TV hosting he did instead, like he thought himself a man and not God, though divinely understanding the serenity prayer or sumpthin’.

    • Too bad the Buckley Mystery Cult has abandoned all of this. Instead, they spend all of their time venerating the dead and currying favor with the Left.

      • Immaterial. You whether punching up or down down or up are extending that which you claim is terminally deficient. Because I largely agree I haven’t referenced or even considered anything from what you consider Buckley Conservatives (of course I necessarily presume) unless via a link very briefly or as now on a third-party platform.

        With commas: You, whether punching up or down, down or up, are extending that which you claim is terminally deficient. Like kicking a kitten because it was sassy, oh and you hated the kitten’s master for not being SantaJesusEinsteinSaleenMontanaSocratesRenoirBeethovenChurchill like you presumptively preach he should have been.

      • No but I am curious as to what you mean (I’ve read Buckley’s columns and watched a part of the Firing Line episode so I know what they meant and why they had their positions) and what you think others will conclude based on your comment.

        Have you read Buckley’s book about his friendship with Reagan? It was a book composed of only their correspondence during Reagan’s life. They were very likeable people, and were unsurprisingly well liked by many, but of course certainly not as pure and ultra-wise as you folks here these decades later.

      • I guess I understand your point that Brady, if he was really good, wouldn’t have let his team trail, by any margin conceivable much less than by God 28 points, even though to be fair they did end up scoring a greater number of counted-bona fide “points” when the time devices had resolved in their own way to a running out of sorts.

        Like that means shit to us now, though, ya know.

  8. Bernard Cornwall wrote some great historical novels about the period of time when Christianity was taking over Britain.

  9. Agree that there is a push for this statist (and evil) religion of all powerful secular government and the fight for elimination of natural law as reasoned by St. Thomas Aquinas. There is a push against Gods law, family, and self control.
    All discussions of the good or bad of European Christianity, which was the Roman Catholic Church until Martin Luther brought about the many and continued modern day schisms, doesn’t discount that God came to earth and guided man to a better civilization on earth. It is not coincidental that prosperity was brought about by the Christain west. Christianity taught us to control our demons and forgive our neighbor, allowing us to better work and share across cultures.
    But our Christain based culture is indeed under attack and a war of good and evil that has always existed is seemingly coming to another climatic battle.
    I sense many here don’t believe in God and Jesus’s New Covenant.
    I think that is because the evil forces have gained control of the media and education. Who here knows and even believes of miracles? Our Lady of Fatima has warned us all. The solution is simple, we must pray and stand against evil. In God we must trust.

    • papist kiddie diddlers are going to save the West?! this country went into decline in direct proportion to the number of papaists here. kiddie diddlers all. the true worshippers of Baal. anyone with a functioning brain knows that the orthodox church is the true heir of Christ.

  10. Among other things the importation of two million Eastern European Talmudic Jews between 1880 and 1920 spelled the end of the rule of English Common Law and replaced it with the endless labyrinth of Federal regulations where anything that is not forbidden is compulsory.

  11. The Christians were a crafty lot indeed. Scandinavian churches would have a display of Jesus at one end and Odin on the other.

    And of course Christian holidays synchronized with the pagan rituals.

    Saddens me to see the South removing Confederate statues. Have walked the battlefields of Gettysburg, seen the mass confederate graves and the ostentatious monuments built to the northern armies.

  12. This is all true, but they have to maintain the status quo to achieve this. Their new religion itself makes that difficult. I had an argument recently with a libertarian, and he was praising the coming robot revolution, and saying fabulous new high end(intellectually) jobs were just over the horizon for all those who wished to partake. I asked him how he plans to turn 80 IQ third worlders into electrical engineers, and he was stumped. I asked him if he couldn’t figure out how to do that, then why is he demanding we open the borders to them. He implied I was a racist.

  13. Cool, but pls tell me who voted in the trash who is now removing the Confederate statues? The fabled Deplorables, I suspect. The fact that last November, they somehow found it in them to go and vote for Trump, should not blend out the previous fact that the same Rust Belt rubes had made the 2nd Obama term possible (as a thank you for the GM-rescue during the 1st term). No one is actually taking the culture away from the Deplorables whithout their dumb consent (as opposed to the early Middle Ages, there are no arbitrarily deciding kings this time). Too bad, the preceding glorious American decennials created a society so successful that it made possible the survival of inept dickheads who would be too stupid to live in previous ages. Now the disckheads are digging their grave, is all. Pure Darwinism. There is hope, however, in the Hegelian (Marxian for those who attended commie-run colleges) dialectics: the upcoming civilizational fall does not have to be the whole way to the bottom. The remaining memories might allow avoiding the worst shit and slowly work us back up enriched with a new bitter experience.

    • I don’t agree. The problem isn’t the Trump voters, or the people who didn’t show up to vote for Richy Rich in 2012.

      The problem is the leadership, specifically the GOP. The Republican party has won election after election, yet somehow never gets around to doing what it said it would do, and what its supporters and opponents plainly expect it to do.

      For example, I still recall the prime time speech given by George Bush when he declared that he would do nothing to stop illegal immigration. He followed that up by shredding the party in an attempt to write open borders into law. Today, I read elsewhere that the Republican congress is funding planned parenthood but not a border wall.

      We have been betrayed. The election of Trump, despite savage and relentless opposition from both parties, is a sign that patience with that betrayal is wearing thin.

      Should Trump betray us as well, then buckle up. We’ve tried the soap box, and the ballot box. The last step is the cartridge box.

      • The GOP is a center-left party. I would have thought that this is obvious to anyone who is not gullible enough to vote for the GOP habitually and who is not inured to the leftists’ incessant howling about the GOP’s alleged “extreme right wing” agenda.

        Now, Trump has gone nearly full neocon already. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, for it was obvious that an empty head in the presence of ambitious Jews would soon be programmed to do their bidding.

        I don’t think that you need to worry much about the cartridge box solution, however. Most gun nuts are timid blow hards, even when [ahem] they are the children and grandchildren of whites who fled the cities of the North and West as they were colonized by the Congoids during and after the Great War. (White flight is becoming obvious in Europe, too.) Also, not a few of your cartridge box revolutionaries have “bug out” bags to grab at the first sign of trouble. A bunch of stupid, timid, industrious animals they are, and the smarter leftists are mocking them on this basis already.

        Nevertheless, maybe I’m wrong about the gun nut refusing to stand his ground. If so, expect things to work out in a few cases as lampooned by Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged”. Of course, the police, aka the “heroes” of conservatism, are interested in basically just two things: (i) not getting hurt, and (ii) collecting their pensions. Fighting on the side of disorganized reactionary insurrectionists is a great way to get hurt while losing their pensions in the process, too. And the cops’ job all along has been to keep the extant political class in power while enervating the males of the population. So don’t expect any “Oathkeeper” to be a reliable ally. Nor any urban anticommunists. We aren’t interested in risking our necks to bring about the renaissance of a perverse, backwards superstition.

        So accept your destiny: You will die as a marginalized stranger in your own land. You could have taken action 25 years ago but you chose to wring your hands instead. Now you are doomed.

        • Thank you for your response, as it gave me an excuse to elaborate about my own thoughts, which I often like to do.

          First, The GOP leadership may well be center-left, but the base of the party is not. This is much more a problem for the leadership than the base. We’ve already seen the leadership’s preferred presidential candidates flame out with hilarious intensity, giving us Donald Trump as president. Now we’re watching the Congressional leadership flail about with their usual carefully chosen incompetence- but it isn’t playing well with anyone, as they’ve run out of excuses. More about this later.

          Second, I find the idea that Trump has gone full neocon utterly ludicrous. I presume it has something to do with the missile barrage aimed at Syria. Now since I am old enough to remember how Bill Clinton would launch a missile barrage every time he had a spot of bad press, I remain unimpressed when globalists start cheering because Trump has adopted the same tactic. Plus, it seems to me that launching a sarin attack- just after Trump essentially endorsed the continuation of the Assad Regime- was a deliberate slap in the face by Assad or Russia. Thus, I find that I’m rather pleased that we no longer have a b*tch as president, who would ignore such a thing.

          In fact, it seems to me that the whole episode enhanced the political prestige and power of the Trump presidency both here and overseas. Since Trump- as about everyone has noticed- faces serious opposition not only from the left but inside his own party I think Trump made the right call. In fact, I’d say the longer Trump keeps making these plays, the stronger his position becomes. The longer the center-left GOP establishment stumbles about, failing, the weaker they become, vis-a-vis Trump. That ain’t neoconnery.

          • Continued…

            Third, about the cartridge box- I must note that no brave last stand against blm, no bugout bags, and no suicidal charge against the regime’s minions only worried about their pensions was needed.

            We just had to show up and vote. And we did, such that gun rights are in the ascendent almost everywhere in the country. We know the left HATES that, because they keep shrieking for gun control no matter how much it costs them politically, and because in places where they’ve won, they’ve sent antifa thugs out to club their opponents into submission.

            That’s the true cartridge box solution. Having failed to obtain the ability to simply club their way to ultimate power, they’ve been forced to win elections. And they did, but they were also forced to keep having them, unlike other countries.

            If you really think the US would have ended up like Venezuela, I suppose I can’t help you. But I will note that the left had, at the beginning of 2009, complete control of the US government, excepting the Supreme Court. Then, the mask came off, and people saw the results. This is already too long, so I won’t elaborate, but I think most people would agree that the last few years haven’t been a story of leftist success.

            Lastly- dude, you have no idea who I am, what I was actually doing 25 years ago, what I personally consider success or failure, or even what my own land happens to be- or was, as I wasn’t even born in the United States.

            Your attempt to predict my destiny, or that of American society, is just silly.

      • the gop needs to die for America to get better. it just does.

        if trump betrays his base he will be toast, because they won’t protect or support him when the dems come calling for their pound of flesh.

        as i stated elsewhere, the system is in terminal decline and near collapse. Trump will at best extend its lifespan a few years. what comes next is the big question (hint for a future post 🙂 ).

    • Up until Trump they had no one to represent them. No one. The Bushes/GOP hated their guts(and still do) from day one and did everything to screw them over via globalization.

      After all it was the GOP who supported NAFTA and helped Clinton pass it. Same with a host of other anti-American, anti-white blue collar and middle-class legislation like PNTR for China, killing Glass-Steagall, etc.

      So these folks stayed home or just held their noses and voted for some white plutocratic POS because he’d promise to support the 2nd A.

      And oh our culture has been taken away. Ever since conservatives abandoned the culture war in the 70’s. The Left has had a field day systematically .changing things from music to movies. Eradicating Christianity and turning what’s left of it into a shopping event that people hate. Then there is our cultural inheritance that has been written out of school history books and even college. We’re not even allowed to be proud of it.

      Here in CA, we used to have gun racks in our trucks with guns in them. We had open carry, And in grade school the teachers had no problem if you brought in a copy of the American Rifleman to read. Try the later today and see what evil befalls your son and you.

      You just didn’t notice any of this going on.

  14. I know there are white nationalist types on the right who believe that Christianity is the worst thing to happen to the white man, that it robbed him of his pagan/viking soul or whatever, but Christianity has a pretty martial history (at least in the past) that contradicts this. You’ve talked about LARPers in the past like Moldbug and Vox Day; the pagan guys like Jack Donovan are even worse.

    I like your analogy as far as it goes, but I think Christianity was a civilizing force for good and not some Semitic conspiracy to de-racinate and de-ball the white man, whereas I believe multiculturalism is all about the deracination and de-balling. I’m tempted to say the priestly class is hypocritical (diversity for thee, and not for me) but even the elite have to deal with their spoiled offspring returning home from Sarah Lawrence with dredlocks (or even a dredlocked male). I think John Boehner’s daughter married a Jamaican. Boehner wept.

  15. all these grand plans are going to come a cropper, and soon. the existing system that has been captured by the parasites is near expiration. they will no longer be able to run things centrally, so no more big governments.

    the islamic world will nuke itself to death, europe will decompose back into small countries, china will implode, india will remain a shit hole, etc etc. here in the U.S. the smae thing will happen and we return to a loose confederation of independent states — none of which will be “blue”.

  16. Then what happened…?

    After the Anglo-Saxons and the Irish gave up their old gods and old ways – Scandinavians (who had not converted) showed up and took all their lunch money. The northern half of England became a Danish colony while Ireland became a slave farm for Vikings.

    A thousand years later, the Swedish leadership gave up their culture and Christianity – now Muslim hordes are showing up, taking their stuff and raping their women. The Swedes, having been stripped of their national pride, seem to have no ability to resist or even protest.

    • Lol, no one ever said the Celts were good fighters…except the Celts! Im listening to JC’ s ‘Commentaries on the Gallic War’ on Audible…man they were everyone’s doormat, and if JC didn’t conquer them, the Germani were about to. But we make good alcohol, you have to admit that.

      • The Romans weren’t so cocky in 390 BC (when they lost the Battle of the Allia and a Celt army sacked Rome).

        Before Saint Patrick poisoned their minds, the Irish were the Vikings of the North Sea – raiding the Brits for slaves and loot.

  17. The Anglish (as opposed to the previously converted – then annihalated – Celtic British) were actually converted primarily by the work of the Irish monk Columbcille. (see There was a great divide in Angle-land between the Irish Church based in Iona, and the Continental Church based in Winchester, which came to a head at the Synod of Whitby – the Irish lost, and the loss would play a part in their eventual conquest by the Normans. The description you are providing was mainly the effect of the Continental Church’s dispatch of Augustine by Pope Gregory ( Columbcille converted the people, and his message resonated with the people, not just the princely caste. Augustine focused on converting the movers and shakers, knowing that the people would have no choice. Thanks for your great site!

    • you say the original british were annihalated. does that mean genocidial eradication, or were they just removed from leadership when the germans came in?

  18. They will fail because assumption that underpins multiculturalism is as unrealistic as assumptions that underpinned Marxism were. What scares me is the form that backlash will take. Christianity is clearly tired and Christians uninterested in actually resisting and winning. I am afraid that in the long run Islam will be the one to lead the backlash against multicultural lunatics and in so doing it will probably come to dominate over much of Europe. North America, on the other hand, will become just another Brazil.

    • The prestige of Rome certainly helped. The Anglo-Saxons converted late, relative to the Germanic tribes on the continent so having the Franks as an example and potential ally probably helped too. My hunch is the main appeal was that Christianity worked better as a legitimizing force than the old ways. The old gods were fickle and unpredictable. The new God kept his word. Occassionalism is not good for the people in charge.

      • Meek Christians peasants were probably a lot easier to control than violent pagans looking to get into Valhalla.

        • Nope. What changed our lot was the invention of the great equalizer – the gun. Prior to that it didn’t matter what the serfs believed in. They lacked the means to confront the kings men on anything resembling a equal footing.

          We saw that in action during the American revolution.

          Why do you think the elite is so obsessed about gun control? Take away the equalizer and we’re in the same position as a serf.

          Doesn’t matter if you believe in some dead pagan cult.Won’t change squat when you don’t have the means to resist.

          • Not sure I agree with that at all on several levels.

            In the early Middle Ages, lower class men were pouring out of Scandinavia to go Viking. Meanwhile lower class Christians were effectively being tied to the land by the cooperation of church and aristocracy.

            Plenty of examples of peasant armies taking on the nobles – sometimes successfully (Golden Spurs) sometimes disastrously (German Peasant Revolt).

      • Garet Garett’s observation about revolution within the form applies to more than just government.
        Christianity has been going through this it seems. The names, institutions, leaders and most doctrines are still there but many current members and leaders practice and believe something quite different.
        The result of breaking away from the Catholic church or just entropy, I don’t know.

      • Christianity was tailored to the Germanic peoples to be compatible with their pagan weltanschaaung. Rather than saying, “Jesus wants you to turn your cheek,” they emphasized the stuff about him coming with a sword and wore the natives down like that. Some of the missions backfired, though, just like in the Americas, and proselytizers got their fingers, ears, and other limbs cut off and even ended up roasted in cages. They kept coming though.

        • The kings of Britain knew about the Church and were surely aware of the Pope, but I don’t know if they were impressed.

          • The Italic people/Italian Peninsula people had mixed their own genetic stock with the Britannic and Germanic people due to the extension of the Limes (specifically the Germanicus and Saxon Shore frontier garrisons). When the Romans stationed you at a frontier garrison, you didn’t just do your rotation and return home. You stayed there for life; that led to a lot of inter-breeding/interconnection between the ancestors of the people loyal to the papacy and people who didn’t care for it in both England and Germany. Not only did they know about the pope but they may have had some ancestors in common for this reason.

          • I think you’re right . By the time Rome abandoned Britain Christianity was the official religion. There was probably some remnant of it there already when the missionaries were sent. The ground had been prepared already. In fact, one reason for the readiness of conversion may have been memories of the prior occupation and a recognition that conversion would preclude attempts at a repeat.
            To be frank, I’m not sure anyone understands the dynamics of mass conversions. I was present at one when I was a kid in Rhodesia in the sixties and saw a whole town just up and get baptized. It was like everyone knew what to do, and when one person did it they all jumped in. Astounding.

  19. Yep. You’ve got the written law from the mountain top, and then the wise men law of the cities – “This is what G-d really meant, and we know so because we studied a lot.”

  20. In order for the collectivists to succeed in the subversion that you describe, they must eventually address the issue of an armed resistance that will emerge when the individualists refuse to bend to their will. Their strategy is three-fold.

    First, convert as many as possible using memetic indoctrination implemented through modern media and communication systems. Second, use false flag operations to pit the good guys against each other and broadly weaken this segment of society. Third, use a manufactured national crisis to implement an overwhelming wave of ruthlessness.

    It’s an old formula, but it exists because it works.

    • I live in the heart of Flyover Country. I look around, and I fail to see the human material for a Resistance Army. There are a few young guys here and there that have potential, but only a few.

      However, I also am confident that the System is falling apart. Everything is slowly winding down. When it finally locks up or fails, it will be both interesting and appalling.

      • Maybe Flyover Country will not be subdued by Capital City, perhaps it will simply be ignored. That could be the best conceivable outcome.

      • Once I was an active member in 3 local gun clubs, here in The State of Insanity (California.) In less than a decade, two of those clubs have folded; the 3rd and last one is dying too.

        All the members are old, like me. All our drives to enlist younger members have failed. The NRA occasionally sends people around to say that they haven’t given up (cynics say this means, “we haven’t given up getting dues from you losers, and we haven’t given up compromising with the gun-grabbers.”)

        Each year, the attendance at the local Gun Show is smaller. Each year, the barriers for attendance, and for buying anything shown at this Show, are higher. Each year the places where one can go shooting are fewer and cost more. Each year more laws are passed which directly infringe on our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

        Seems to me like the Resistance Army is only old ragged vets on their last legs. Everybody else has given up.

        I hope it’s different, in the United States, than it is in California.

        • In a place where just about everyone has a different gun for each purpose gun clubs seem a bit redundant. The only reason our local one exists is because it provides a range for folks without their own.

        • I know a ton of younger people here in So-Cal moderate poor underemployed Bernie Bro guys in their twenties, I play D&D with them sometimes.

          They all have guns and ammo and at least a margin of skill.

          Regardless a gun club would be as foreign to them as a Shriner meeting.

          The reason is simple, the civic culture is unraveling as the US becomes a low trust 3rd world configured society

          Even Liberals like Charles Murray noted it years ago in books like Bowling Alone

          There is little “us” in the US or at least not as much. About the only thing that still works more or less is the military , sort of.

          Blame the technology, immigration, TV, education and the stupid idea of civic nationalism or hell whatever you like

          It doesn’t matter

          As Ezra Pound wrote in another context

          There died a myriad/And of the best, among them,/For an old bitch gone in the teeth,/For a botched civilization”.

          The solution though is really simple, put this toothless old bitch of a union down like Old Yeller and start over with smaller homogeneous societies. One people, one history , one ideological foundation.

          Unfortunately the PTB’s won’t give up without a bloodbath, We won’t get a velvet divorce which we desperately need to avoid this

          So be it, Alea Alecta Est I guess

        • 60,000+ NRA members at the Georgia World of Congress gun show & Presidential speech yesterday. Probably as many, or more today. I think we’re spread out awfully thin in this country, but they’re a lot of us.

      • Anyone here have the skill set to write or meme-generate in a way that turns the Hunger Games movies into heartland propaganda against the globalist order?

        Personally I think it takes just a nudge. Much easier than just point out all the reactionary tropes in Harry Potter.

  21. Overall the analogy works, but in this part your hostility to the modern leftists spills over into the analogy: “some weirdos show up and meet with the rulers”.

    I’ve actually thought a certain amount about the spread of Christianity to the north in the “sub-Roman” period (i.e., the centuries after the Empire’s demise in the west), and it seems to me that this is not how things would have appeared at the time. Christianity would not have been some sort of unheard-of weirdness. Undoubtedly everybody in Germanic Europe would have already heard of the religion in Roman regions to the south, and the thing that made conversion so easy is that it was the religion of the Cool Kids.

    No doubt civilization in the Roman world was a bit dinged up compared to the salad days of the Antonines, but it certainly was a lot more impressive than a place full of hovels where people smelled of cabbage. So picking up Christianity must have seemed a necessary step on the “road to civilization” (sort of like the medieval version of Kemalism, where Turkey picked up a smattering of Western stuff like the Latin alphabet and a parliament as a way to live like the fabled West, a notion that the Turks finally seem to have tired of).

    But I think where the analogy breaks down is the effect on society. Christianity was no less plausible than the worship of Wotan as an explanation of the world, and it had a lot more interesting texts to go with it. The foundation of monasteries and the introduction of writing undoubtedly did make life better (along with stuff like the injunction to be nice to the poor). Fundamentally, the religious shift did not fundamentally change people’s mental worlds all that much, and the changes were basically for the better.

    While it is true that it took a long time to sort out the kinks in what most people conceived of as the basic tenets of Christianity (that is, up until the time of the Reformation, and lot of “regular” people and their clerics probably held views about the specifics of the new religion that wouldn’t have passed the “sniff test” with those well verse in the niceties of Western Christianity), I don’t think that missionaries went out of their way to actively lie about fundamental aspects of the new religion. After all, chopping down the shrines to the old gods was not exactly a sign of compromise, so what real need was there to be cagey about things like the Trinity?

    One of the things about modern leftists is their fundamentally disingenuous nature. They know full well that their most basic beliefs would be offensive to most people if stated openly, so they do lie, regularly and knowingly. Like the Bolsheviks who shed crocodile tears over a few dozen victims of the Cossacks at a protest or the leftists sent to a comparatively cozy exile in Siberia, and then, when they themselves took power, had no calms about literally murdering tens of millions of people for the sake of attaining Utopia. So their earlier belly-aching about the Tsar’s comparatively minor faults was just cant designed to get themselves into power by feigning the beliefs of regular people and then completely ignoring such traditional considerations once they’re in charge.

    The same can be said about the Left’s ideas on free speech. Back in the day (which I can certainly remember!), when it was leftist speech that was supposedly under threat, they were all gung-ho for the absolute right to free speech. Now that they’ve taken control of the organs of state power, it’s all, “Free speech is just an excuse for hate, and all hate much be suppressed.”

    And of course there’s also the leftists tactic of concealing their designs behind anodyne slogans that nobody could object to, like “equality”. Normal people take this to me that everybody should be treated equally before the law. Leftists like to confuse that notion with their own peculiar sense of “equality,” which necessitates that normal people not only have to accept all sorts of things that were considered perversions until the day before yesterday, but are even subject to punishment for not actively supporting the new craziness.

    And then there’s the bizarre notion of “social justice,” which of course converts the notion of justice from a person right to some sort of historical claim to “redress” on the basis of belonging to supposedly oppressed groups from the past. In effect, SJ is in fact the subversion of all traditional understanding of justice.

    So, to cut to the chase, I think the missionaries who accompanied Augustine to England would not have been viewed as all that “weird” at the time, and they would have been pretty up-front about the changes they had in mind with their new religion. Compare that to the modern world, where Modern Family doesn’t bear much resemblance to a Gay Pride event in SF.

    • This is a phenomenal comment. I agree that my characterization was a bit over the top, but I sometimes exaggerate for effect. I think you’re correct at the upper reaches of A-S society. A cargo cult mentality seems to have been at work at times. The rulers aped the habits of what they thought the Romans had done. I recall reading about one of the kings with an ash in his name rebuilding a Roman building as a symbol of his connection to the Romans.

      I’d also agree with the relative honesty about the move from paganism to Christianity. I wanted to mention that as well, but the post was getting long. The Christian answers for the reality of life were probably more plausible and more rewarding than the old answers. Today, the New Religion regularly veers into lunacy and the conversion is surreptitious.

      With regards to the weirdness, I don’t think there has ever been a time when a tonsured man would not be considered a bit weird. 😉

      • I thought you had simply used literary license to create an allegory between multi-kulti and the past.

        My illusions have been shattered.

      • Well, while we’re at it, we always hear about how things would smell in other times, from open air sewers to the breath of people whose teeth were rotting in their faces. Anyone who has gone to school with the children of a pig farmer can attest to the fact that people become inured to smells of all kinds.
        And think about who the heroes of the left were back in the fifties and sixties=> nationalists, especially black ones, whether here in America or over in Africa. Self-determination was a big deal. Now it’s eat your globalist oatmeal, it’s good for you.

        • I think the black nationalists found out two things. One was that the rest of the culture was not quite ready to just hand over the keys of the kingdom to the blacks. Two was that actually competing in the marketplace of ideas and commerce was not that easy, especially if the average black IQ was a couple of points lower than the others. Note that even today, black economic inroads are primarily in sports (where they excel), music (where they excel), and in the movies and fashion (where ghetto chic has its fans).

          So better to go the globalist route, where the pickings are easier. The nationalist route only seemed to work for them where the population ratio was heavily weighted to the blacks (Africa).

      • but I sometimes exaggerate for effect

        Yeah, I myself have been known to get into trouble for exactly the same thing!

        The Christian answers for the reality of life were probably more plausible and more rewarding than the old answers. Today, the New Religion regularly veers into lunacy and the conversion is surreptitious.

        Absolutely. But unfortunately, the indoctrination that goes on in the modern educational system seems pretty effective at convincing people that it’s as dark as the ace of spades at high noon, as any cursory glance at FB or Twitter demonstrates…

        I’m pretty pessimistic about the future. I think the left has won through changing the acceptable use of language and getting the younger generation to take their craziness for granted. Add in the mass immigration of people for whom the old notions of the “anglosphere” world are just a bunch of meaningless gibberish, and ultimate victory of the loons sooner or later seems inevitable… 

        Maybe I’m just selfish these days (as well as a bit dejected), but as long as my pension plan holds out for a few decades, the kids will have to worry about this madness. No longer my circus, and soon no longer to be my monkeys…

        • Because when you glance at FB or Twitter and despair your self-referential point is proven and indeed the opposite of self-refuting, but that is not the case for those who do more than glance at FB or Twitter and/or those that do not partake of the indoctrinated gulf of hopelessness that you have knowingly allowed yourself to advertise on behalf of and be consumed by.

        • You ascribe the power to change the acceptable use of language to what you ostensibly ought consider your, at minimum, ideologically incompatible non-comrades, ergo I say it is you, probably due to a Buckley deficiency of some sort, supporting (with your language) their changes you seemingly claim to despisedly oppose.

          Ever heard Dwight Yoakum “Blame it on the Vein” and thought “yeah those other people sure always deflect responsibility unlike moi, who fully accepts absolute zero blame, but in my singular case which is very different from all the others, accurately?”

          You would in fact be right if you deducted no others had concluded Rich Mellon Scaife was to blame for each and every single last thing there is to be responsible for, and hence you are in the clear, but I heard the song and thought of Scaife too.

          You ain’t off the hook.

      • The British had been (forcibly) acquainted with the old Roman Gods for half a millennium before the new one showed up.

        • Any of you guys read Cornwell’s Uhtred books? Later than the period under discussion, but I enjoy them.

  22. This post-national paradise,post-you world our progressive overlords have created has been pretty much consequence-free,thus far,for them. Filling the courts with fellow travelers ensures it. Mocking and abandoning the laws that constrain the inner savage of all humans is idiotic. So what happens when Idiocracy meets WickerMan?

  23. I am sure it has been suggested but not recently, you should print a book of posts .
    And don’t leave this one out. Definitely a keeper.

  24. Depressing Z, just depressing. I’m 86, and if they come out with an eternal youth pill tomorrow, I think I’ll turn it down. No, I’ll turn it down, period. Heaven help my kids, grand-kids and great-grands.

    • Interesting. I scan read that and left it for future consideration.

      Main reactions- I don’t know that the liberal democratic enlightenment world order he cites is the one imagined by today’s progs any more than by any he lumps under the Heideggerian label- I’d say both are pushing successor regimes and the progs have already gone far.

      I might even say that the prog version of that order has already started so far down that road that it does not wholly resemble the one that won WW2 or the Cold War. I remember that as a coalition of liberal democratic national or in some cases quasi national states that professed Christian, ‘Judeo-Christian’, or fairly early post-Christian values, self-identified with western civilization by heritage or adoption, and still operated under the assumption of national sovereignty and citizenship.

      Yes, there are some connections. But just as our Prime Minister professed us a post-national state and that is not what we once anticipated being, so I am not convinced the current champions of this world order get to claim the legacy of the past in toto.

      Going to have to think on this more.

  25. There is one critical difference between prior Talmudic Parsers and the current version. The original version actually did have a bedrock document, namely the Torah of Moses that they scrupulously preserved in its original form as the ur-source of authority to decide between conflicting parsings.

    And you can be sure that clever Talmudic Parsers (love the expression) actually must, by their very nature, create controversy just to feel alive on any given day. But now they’ve thrown mud on the bedrock document and there is no longer any appeal to an ultimate authority. Just look at the victimology virtue competition now underway at the universities.

    So, the anarchy they so devoutly wish will shortly be upon them and they’ll eat each other alive. We should wall them off and let them get on with it.

  26. ” The ruling class long ago converted to the new religion of multiculturalism.”

    I prefer the term in referring to this new religion as “Globohomo”

  27. They have the schools, the media and the entrenched part of government.
    What’s to stop or reverse their momentum?

    Look at your children and their attitudes. Who’s winning?

    • Thanks for the question Mr. Wright, Buckley is the answer.

      He helped stop them back in the 1950’s despite many notions from many learned men of the period that it wasn’t feasible. They controlled media, government, and education to a limited extent also after WWII, but instead of crying “why why why didn’t the previous generation fix any and all potential problems” Buckley was gracious for what he had and possessed focused clarity toward goals he strived for, like President Ronald Reagan.

      He persists via his lifetime’s work, found largely at

      You can read today the article “Understanding Reagan” from 1986 and find yourself more wise than the dominant mass media establishment (Mike Rosin’s phrasing, approximately) which I should like to think ought rightly be to your intellectual honesty’s benefit.

      The culture upstream that produced potUS Trump lacks most any taint unless compared to a fabled past and is spoken of only to provide the speakers feelings of superiority to the culture created, in part by the speakers themselves, as ego defense gambits hoping to be misidentified as antiquated mechanisms somehow logical even with flawed premise’.

      Besides , any American worth the name would embrace the proggies and their evil ways as a worthy foe whose ass-kicking by definition will bring glory to the victors, negating the victors would-be death with instead riches and feminine proggie lamentations.

  28. Anyone doubting any of this has a near-contemporary example in modern Canada.

    The entire country was shorn of its past via Trudeau the Elder, and now you can’t find 1 in 100 Canadians that realize that the maple leaf monstrosity currently flown as the national flag has only been around for a few decades–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Not too long ago our former Tory government emphasized the War of 1812 against the US, long a foundational story of old-school Canadian patriotism [right and left] and got widely snarked by progressives for its irrelevance.

      Just recently, the same government has been in some quarters retrospectively spanked for failing to adequately celebrate the 50th anniversary of the new flag [which passed in its last months in office].

      There’s your priorities.

      Sadly I live in a dowdy apartment. But one window has a nice view of one of our iconic streets. Maybe someone will see the red ensign I hang in the window on “Canada Day” [chokes back bile].

      • I guess that just shows how far things have gone on the Left – You would think that Canadian lefties would glory in a defeat of “U.S. Imperialism”, but they can’t, because it was their own white ancestors who won it, and we can’t honor patriotic dead white people in any way. It’s pathetic.

        As for your Red Ensign, keep it flying! If it was good enough for the men of Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach…

        • I think they’re already claiming World War 2 as a victory for multiculturalism and progressivism.

          I’m not sure that’s what they fought for.

          • Yup, and the Venezuelans are in the streets protesting Truml’s campaign contributions (CNN). Once “truth” can be whatever you want it to be, things get weird in a hurry.

          • I of course didn’t come up with this:

            The soldiers of WW2 did not fight the Nazis so their grandsons would be called Nazis for believing the things they believed.

        • Also, mysteriously, in any discussion of “diversity” or even aboriginal rights, nobody thinks to slap Tecumseh or Joseph Brant on our money. Two Indians whose military efforts were indisputably in their own peoples’ causes, but whose work contributed to our national existence and who were honoured for it by the old WASP Canada’s historians, at least.

          • You may be right.

            My point is only that these particular Indians were honoured, at least somewhat, throughout the history of traditional, lo-diversity Canada as parts of the monarchist/imperial heritage that produced Confederation. Despite not being born on what became Canadian soil, and in each case actually fighting for their own people [Mohawk and Six Nations for Brant, Shawnee and for a new confederation for Tecumseh], their military contributions were noted as significant.

            I learned about them in very early stage PC school in the 70s, and they had at least as prominent a position in the old, unused texts still lying around.

            Now they seem to have been memory holed by the post-national state even as it strives to diversify its diversity and reconcile with some fictional version of its aboriginals.

            If we’re going to honour some Indians, I vote for the two men whose efforts helped defend our country in embryo.

          • Not much to argue with there. Derbshire suggested Sitting Bull for the 20 dollar bill. Can’t say I disagree. I’d put Lee on something, too, and I’m a Northerner!

  29. “The rule of law, of course, has been eliminated long ago when the Talmudic parsers cooked up the idea of a living Constitution. The law is now just an endless round of hairsplitting and a morality of convenience.”

    I had to give you a thumbs up for that. Talmudic parsers? LOL and true.

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