American Alawites

I was googling around trying to remember the name of the funeral song for Pinochet and I found this video. The Chilean army uniforms got my attention. I could not recall anyone claiming that Pinochet was Hitler or even antisemitic. Out of curiosity I searched around for anything on his views regarding the Jews. I found this twenty year old article from the Jewish World Review. It turns out that the Jews thought The General was good for the Jews. This bit is what piqued my interest.

It is possible to say with a high degree of certainty that despite the prominent presence of Jews in Allende’s government, an important number of Jews welcomed Pinochet. Moreover, when Allende was elected president in 1970, 8,000 of Chilean’s 30,000 Jews fled the country, mostly to Israel, fearful of losing their property and assets to the socialist regime. Furthermore, when Pinochet took over three years later, many of those who had fled returned to Chile; however, other Jews fled the country.

The casual way in which a total lack of national loyalty is mentioned suggests it is just the way in which Jews view their relationship to the host country. Whether or not Allende was good or bad for Chile was inconsequential. What mattered was protecting their property and assets. There are other countries, after all. It is not the way most people would look at things. Your patriotic duty would require you to put nation ahead of personal gain, but more important, where would you go even if you threw in the towel on your country?

Jews have always been accused of having dual loyalties and the charge is not without some merit. It’s also not without good cause. After all, if you are a tiny minority living in lands where the host population is often less than welcoming, a high degree of clannishness is a necessary tool for survival. That loyalty to the group over all else naturally means a lack of loyalty to the host population. Both Jews and gypsies have managed to thrive as tiny minority groups, largely because of intense group loyalty.

Of course, clannishness is a bit easier when the host population is hostile. In America, the host population has always been indifferent to Jews. The first wave that came over in the 19th century largely blended in with the locals. In areas where they maintained a unique cultural identity, German Jews tended to conduct themselves like the WASP elite. Steve Sailer has done a bunch of stuff on Jewish golf club culture and the divide between the first wave German Jews and the second wave eastern Jews.

If hostility from the majority helps minorities maintain group loyalty, then the lack of hostility works against it. In modern America, there’s no such thing as Irish or Italian culture anymore. It has been commercialized and homogenized out of existence. It is why Jews work so hard to perpetuate the idea that they have faced terrible discrimination in America, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Maintaining the belief that the goyim are about to go full blown Nazi at any minute helps maintain group solidarity.

The thing is though, Jews are not a minority living on the fringes of American life. A scan of who controls the high ground in America shows that Jews are wildly over represented in the law, culture, media and finance. It really is quite incredible. Close to half of the owners of pro sports teams are Jewish. Roughly 85% of Jews attend college and 44% of Jewish households earn $100,000 or more. The statistics are rather incredible, when you consider that Jews are just 2% of the population.

American policy makers struggle to understand why Bashar al-Assad of Syria tenaciously hangs onto power. He has been offered a deal to leave Syria and live out his life in luxury somewhere in the West. Instead, he fights and his people fight, despite being outnumbered by the Sunnis. The Alawites are just 12% of the population, but they have been able to dominate Syria largely by remembering they used to be an oppressed minority. There was a time when Alawites had no legal rights. Righteous indignation is a powerful weapon.

This is relevant to Jews in America because they have manufactured a history of oppression in America as a way to maintain group loyalty and cohesion. This not only allows them to prosper, but it is a strong motivation to be wary of anything resembling group loyalty anywhere else. In a country that is becoming increasing fragmented, and headed for majority minority status, this will eventually be seen as hostility. Put another way, what has so far been good for the Jews could turn out to be really bad for the Jews.

Whether or not that’s how things unfold is hard to know. The appearance of “renegade Jews”, the term David Horowitz applied to Bill Kristol, could be a sign that Jewish identity and group loyalty is breaking apart. The whole neocon experiment looks increasing like a suicide cult. The folks at Commentary Magazine may be ready to close the books on mankind, but it is unlikely the rest of the Tribe is ready to join them. The paranoia over Chabad suggests group loyalty is not holding up.

The world is ruled by numbers. The Syrian Alawites have used cunning and ruthlessness to rule over the majority population. The American Alawites have used superior cognitive skills and the generosity of an open society to occupy the high ground in culture, politics, finance and the law. Maybe that’s enough and it is the natural order of things. The grinding war in Syria, however, suggests otherwise. But, Assad remains in power and the Sunni remain divided, so maybe numbers are not everything.

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  1. The Jews have frequently played both sides of any issue. In the seventies a homosexual pedophile Jew ran the Nazi party in the US. I think it very likely the Jews are doing so here by pretending that one set of Jews is a problem but another is not. Alex Jones, great NWO fighter, fights…the NWO not the Jews that are responsible for most of what he’s complaining about.

    When ever they have had the power to do so they have killed people in the most frightful abandon. Russia, Spain(more than once), numerous times in the ancient world. They celebrate genocide against others in their holidays.

    There’s one idea that describes the Jews perfectly. It describes their parasitism, their, lying, their chameleon like behavior, their sense of superiority and belief that they are different from everyone else. There’s a simple explanation for why the Jews are hated so much that also explains their behavior and success. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. No all, maybe not even the majority, but a large number. All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people.

    They’ve been thrown out of every single country that they’ve been to in any numbers. Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

    Start over.

    Even if it’s wrong if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and Jew’s behavior will make sense.

    In order to predict Jews behavior read the great book on Psychopaths by Hervey Cleckley, “The Mask of Sanity”. Here’s a chapter you should read. It’s about the psychopath Stanley. Who does all kinds of manic bullshit and spends all his time feeding people the most outrageous lies. Look at the astounding array of things he’s able to get away with. Maybe it will remind you of a certain tribe. New meme. “They’re pulling a Stanley”. The whole book is on the web and worth reading.

  2. “…The American Alawites have used superior cognitive skills and the generosity of an open society to occupy the high ground in culture, politics, finance and the law…”

    More like fanatical in-grouping, Blackmail (underage girls and boys), money creation from scratch (FED and all the Central Banks), media control and murder when necessary.

  3. Their overrepresentation explains a lot of things about open borders, global government and their jihad against Christianity. We are effectively being ruled by people who are alien to our culture.

    • Secular Jews are alien to traditional Jewish culture, too. They ignore Jewish ethics: people like Soros are evil incarnate.

  4. ” In a country that is becoming increasing fragmented, and headed for majority minority status, this will eventually be seen as hostility.”

    I already see it as hostility. Obviously, a very important question for a nation is who’s the us- and lately I simply cannot place Jews into the category of “us.”

    I can no longer ignore the evidence that my own lyin’ eyes unhelpfully provide for me. For example, when major GOP donor Sheldon Adelson wants open borders for the US, but a nice strong border wall for the place I can only assume is his true home. Or Micheal Bloomberg and his gun-banning crusade, which for some reason does not extend to you-know-where. Or Bibi Netanyahu cheerfully accepting $70 billion in US aid money, after promising not to take more, while the US navy decommissions ships because it lacks the money to maintain them. Or when I get personally told that the US economy now depends on Israel, which is by the way doing us a favor by accepting our crappy F-35s and showing us how to use them.

    I’ve had enough. I presume my opinion is part of that social fragmentation thezman mentions- and I don’t expect the new America they’ve worked so hard to force into being to become more friendly for them.

    As you sow, so shall you reap, etc.

    • It’s kind of a chicken and egg thing, but when one part of the populace supports the government persecution of another part of the populace, the top 0.1% practice open economic season on big parts of the other 99.9%, and the instruments of climbing the social and economic ladder (education and jobs) practice placement and mindset quotas, then sacrificing your own social and cultural ties in order to join that country doesn’t really look very attractive. Our melting-pot experiment is crumbling before our eyes. And some people are cheering the destruction, which I will never understand.

    • Who is “they”? As a religious Jew, I sympathize and identify with American Protestants. Many of their values are MY values. When the s*d*mites decided to attack Chick-Fil-A, I made it a point to have as many meals as possible there (even though I don’t enjoy fast food) as a show of solidarity.

      • That half of the Jewish demographic for which ‘racial’ supremacy and identity is the religion, not writings or rules.

        The same instinctive chauvinism as any human (or animal) group.

        “End racism” is as silly as “end possessiveness” or “end nostalgia” or the oft-quoted “Wake Up!”
        And about as honest, too.

    • I liked a handful of their songs, the ones that were popular. I’m much more of a hip-hop fan.

  5. “….. fearful of losing their property and assets to the socialist regime….”

    Well, I too would be fearful given the 1000% consistent track record of communists (make no mistake about it; Allende was a hard core Marxist) in using mass exterminations, beatings, torture, executions, intentional mass starvation, etc., to aid in their confiscation of property and assets and place these assets in their own F’n pockets.

    (see Cuba, Venezuela, the former USSR, communist China, all of the former communist Eastern Europe, etc. ).

    Allende was you straight up communist true-believer thug/intellectual. Thank god he was killed (suicide or otherwise) before he did to Chile what Castro did to Cuba and Chavez/Maduro are now doing to Venezuela.

    Recall that thousands fled Cuba when Castro took over and thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing that hell hole right now, and no one should ever forget the photos of dying East Germans, lying upon the barbed wire, as East German border guards watched; intended to provide a “lesson” to all those who were thinking of leaving.
    (It is simply astounding that there is, still !!, a communist party in Germany as well as the Green Party – a communist party in drag.)

    Yea, Pinochet was no angel; but he saved Chile (as did General Franco in Spain in the 1930s) . History has demonstrated this.

    Z’s write-up make no mention of how many non-jewish folks fled Chile upon Allende’s rise to power.

  6. Speaking strictly as a dirt person, they should be afraid us dirt people, we are beginning to unite in manifest solidarity because we are getting there is no voting our way out of this.
    And just who caused that?
    And why shouldn’t we be righteously pissed off?
    The Tea Party Normies are beginning to get there is no voting their way out of this also.
    And who is behind politically undermining that grass roots movement?
    Those Tea Party people didn’t just vanish into thin air because the IRS was used as a weapon, and agent provocateurs infiltrated the visible forms of the movement in order to undermine it.

    That is a lot of energy and people.
    It’s not political rocket science they didn’t just disappear with their concerns and petitions. That things like that manifest themselves into other forms of motive energy is basic human nature.
    1 million plus people who showed up in DC, not including those who couldn’t make it and those who where there in heart and mind.

    Once the two begin to grok they are the only allies they have, well, right there is a tribe of American Alawites that has a certain motive power and built in audacity the “(((amerikan Alawite)))” tribe doesn’t possess, so sure they should see the other as hostile. What did they expect? Us to be their slaves to their State?

    But you can’t discount, no matter the PC or real politik, the truth one has been complicit in creating a present day political America, (or is that amerika?) in their vision for their sole benefit and enrichment, with the help of others with their coinciding special interests.

    To say they have gone too far, is not out of the realm of suppositions. Look at the Jews who are doing everything they can to destroy the old America, from George Soros on down the oligarch food chain.
    Look at congress, it is essentially a system of treason. They betray the dirt people as a matter of course, it is so cold it leaves malice in the dust.

    Not for nothing, how dumb can these people be when it comes to cause and effect? And the causes are increasing rapidly for every reason possible in the acts of doubling down on, hiding, or covering up the effects.

    I’m jumbling a lot of the suspects and actors in one bunch here. Personally, I find a lot to be said for the old saying politics makes for strange bedfellows, and that applies to oligarchs, and racial/religious heritage too.

    Makes you wonder about the veracity of some who claim Hitler was right about certain things.

    Not for nothing, aside from the creation of an army of useful dupes and the karma that awaits the sorry sacks, us dirt people are the target of everyone. No one is on our side, we are the cash cow, the whipping goat and the straw man, we are the meme everyone in the political class uses to justify their treason and other criminal enterprises.

    And Trump was a black swan to them?
    Now really, you can’t fix that kind of stupid they didn’t see the great fuck you coming on 9/16.

    Ignore the past – take the dirt nap first.
    That is an equal opportunity axiom.

  7. Jewish national loyalties may be a chicken-and-egg issue. Regardless of what country they were in, they were going to get screwed. Their only crime was being a Jew. From Russian pogroms to the German gas chambers to the Spanish Inquisition, survival meant leaving when things look bad. Jews are leaving France again in large numbers, probably because of Muslim terrorism and lack of support from the French government, so it may have become part of their identity at this point. I remember one of Brad Pitts’ lines from the movie WWZ that people who keep moving are the ones that survive. Of course, the book WWZ was written by a Jew, so maybe the line is from that ingrained impulse (assuming that the line was in the book as well as the movie. I haven’t read it, so maybe I’m wrong.)

    Political stupidity is also a factor. Jews, at least the Ashkenazi group, always seem to pick the most liberal side in any argument, and it is always the side most likely to hate them. The group of Americans that are most supportive of, and reviled by, American Jews is evangelical Christians. Bibi knew what he was doing when he visited Falwell’s church. American Jews hate evangelicals as much as liberal atheists do, which, I guess, is not so surprising since most Americans of Jewish heritage are atheists.

    It should also be pointed out that the current groups most antagonistic to Jews is the liberal left, particularly the traditional liberal universities. Anyone that thinks that Obama was supportive of Jews is an idiot.

    • They seem to act in ways that are counter to their own interests at times. Sure, they are leaving France. But 98% of them voted for Macron, who will continue to import Islam. Their distaste for LePen invites people who would kill, rather than discriminate against them.

      • I think they voted for Macron the banker’s business/economic policy. Social policy is for the little people to worry about, distraction issues.

      • I’m a religious Jew who was proud to vote for LePen, and I many French Jews did the same (despite the onslaught of media propaganda, Marine is not Hitler’s daughter). I don’t want to see French culture destroyed by hostile invaders who hate our values and are intent on subjugating us by any means possible.

        • and that means jack shit. What about the other 98% of “French” Jews who voted for Maricon? If I were you I’d start planning to make Aliyah real soon.

  8. The Jews, like most human organizations, ask for fealty to the tribe, and with it come responsibilities and obligations. From what I can see (definitely on the outside looking in), the secular Jews are all for keeping the old boy’s club in matters such as business, but have no use for the rituals and traditional expectations of the tribe. Like so many others, their culture is atomizing and they are on their own, and they are acting like it.

    One ends up with a society full of smart and predatory individuals. The traditional labels of Jewish or German or what-have-you really no longer apply. Instead, people will be judged as individuals, by ad-hoc groupings of people who coalesce around an issue or an event. See Shirley Jackson’s old chestnut “The Lottery”. A significant element of the story is that there is no underlying thread to any particular philosophy, religion, or culture. Just a bunch of people living in the same place at the same time, who are willing to blindly follow the dictates of the moment. That is the world we are headed for, and the old notions of Jewishness really don’t have a place in it.

    • Though I’d add that the Jewish network, a thriving global network, is alive and well. Jewishness in terms of ethnicity or religion does not matter. Jewishness in terms of business networks is the powerful binding force. Goyim need to follow that model and build a worldwide Christian network in more than words, that actually assist Christians with financing, media, education, building public platforms for our best politicians, professors, intellectuals, celebrities, and building aggressive, successful businesses that serve all. Problem is goyim are too passive and not as aggressively scrambling after anything that makes a buck. But we better snap out of it before the nice traditions and culture gotten from Christian heritage are all snuffed out.

  9. We have a home-grown sort of new Jew right here in the good old USA. If you look at the Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), they actively seek to instill the same traits that make Jewish culture so successful into their adherents. It’s working spectacularly well I might add. They also make great neighbors.

    What this says to me is that it’s not magic blood that makes the Jewish people as a whole so successful over time, but their cultural practices and attitudes handed down through their religion. Used to be that way for the WASP’s too, but the left killed that off a generation ago.

    • I would add that the Mormons appear to quietly contribute to the broader community in many ways (time, money, resources) in a way that the Jews typically do not. The Mormons seem to understand that their well being is intimately related to the well-being of their neighbors, in a demonstrated way and attitude that many Jews don’t seem to share.

      • There is the idea that WW’s 1 & 2 were exercises in killing off the what would now be called the Dirt People, all across the West. We in the U.S. just arrived a bit late to the frays, and were too efficient at turning the tides of battle, for our Dirt People population and share of the gene pool to have been seriously drawn down in the wars.

        • except that all strata of society sent their sons to WWII. not like today. that isn’t a serious thesis; I would let it go from my mind, just to make room for something better 🙂

          • Well, the first half of it does get said by the Europeans at times, as some sort of apologia for their current male wussiness or something.

          • 25 % of the Oxford class of 1914 were dead 4 years later.

            Doesn’t get much more elite than that back then.

    • Mormonism is working OK not amazingly. I know many of them, quite like them but despite high fertility rates, the faith isn’t growing in the US

      In fact Utah Mormon central only has a TFR of 2.3. Its amazing for current USA but its around that of late 1971 and allowing for losses, barely enough to hold on

    • The crucial element that is lost on most non-Jews is the distinction between secular Jews (many of whom have barely even glanced at the Torah and don’t accept its values: I used to be one) and religious Jews who constantly read and reread the Torah (split into 54 weekly readings), consult generations of commentaries, discuss their obligations to others and strive to lead Godly lives. As religious Jews, we are reminded that the welfare of the country where we live is part and parcel of our own welfare. Whenever there is chaos and anarchy in a country, hateful people will inevitably seek to pin the blame on the Joos! One example is the US Civil War, when loyal Jews on both sides fought for their respective countries. Haters on both sides pointed to the Jews on the other side as proof of Jewish disloyalty. An excellent resource for more information is:, many secular Jews subscribe to a watered-down version of Jewish values called Tikkun Olam, which basically amounts to “improving” the world through Social Justice initiatives (including various forms of socialism) without considering the wider implications of their actions. Secular Jews desperately want to be accepted by the wider society and if this entails harming other Jews, so be it. Secular Jews (some would call them JINOs, Jews In Name Only) should not be lumped together with religious Jews.

      • “…Secular Jews (some would call them JINOs, Jews In Name Only) should not be lumped together with religious Jews…”

        I should hope not. Religious Jews believe they are the only humans and all others should be their slaves and serve them. Of course the non-Religious are as bad or worse so I don’t believe a word you say.

    • When I was a Bankster doing my derivatives thing the LDS were amongst the smartest groups I dealt with.

  10. much of what the jews have acquired, is of ephemeral value. their support for bringing in muslims has sealed their fate here. you can see this on the college campuses already; the muslims students serve as the focus of general anti-jew sentiment (which is considerable). the jewish students are under physical threat and will be driven off completely within say 10 years.

  11. “I was googling around trying to remember the name of the funeral song for Pinochet and I found this video.”

    Its stuff like this that keeps me coming back every day.

  12. We live in an extraordinary era of great affluence and rapid technological advancement never before experienced in the history of our species. Change now happens at hyper-speed and the effects ripple through society at the speed of light.

    One consequence of this new environment is that we attempt to see trends in narrow time windows (by historical evolutionary standards). This is an innate tendency that helps us make predictions and then act on those judgments.

    The moral of this story is that, in the long run, most of our predictions turn out to be wrong, and the problem seems to be getting worse.

  13. “The casual way in which a total lack of national loyalty is mentioned suggests it is just the way in which Jews view their relationship to the host country.”

    According to your quote, Chile had about 30,000 Jews and 8,000 fled the country when Pinochet came to power. Which means 22,000 remained. I was never great at math but isn’t that the majority of the community that stayed put? It looks to me more that the elite of the community picked up and left while everyone else stayed put. (And it wouldn’t be difficult for the bulk of the community to leave; the Israelis are always interested in increasing Jewish immigration from abroad – ending the Diaspora is part of their worldview and they are willing to put money behind it.) Disloyal elites is a different matter from a disloyal minority group.

    ” It is why Jews work so hard to perpetuate the idea that they have faced terrible discrimination in America, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Maintaining the belief that the goyim are about to go full blown Nazi at any minute helps maintain group solidarity.”

    The thing is that this isn’t working; I keep hearing about Jewish clannishness but intermarriage rates in America are officially somewhere at 60% and probably closer in truth to 70%. Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish religious group in America, doesn’t even bother with the pretense of conversion anymore. The future for the majority of American Jews isn’t Jared Kushner but Marc Mezvinsky.

    ” The paranoia over Chabad suggests group loyalty is not holding up.”

    That isn’t really unusual to anyone who’s familiar with internal Jewish dynamics. Basically in America, Reform and Conservative Jews hate the Orthodox. First they think that the Orthodox are a bunch of weirdos and lunatics who won’t get with the times and second its pretty obvious that the more secular groups are losing out to them. Plus on top of that the Orthodox refuse to accept any of the Reform or Conservative hierarchy as legitimate. That doesn’t lend itself towards a cooperative and peaceful atmosphere.

    Chabad is the main Orthodox group anywhere that does outreach to non-Orthodox Jews, especially in colleges which means they are in competition with much less religious organizations like Hillel. In other words, secular Jewry is shrinking and Chabad is not just outbreeding them but competing for the shrinking pool of non-Orthodox youth those organizations need to keep going a few more years.

    “The American Alawites have used superior cognitive skills and the generosity of an open society to occupy the high ground in culture, politics, finance and the law. ”

    I think its a bit of a stretch to call Jews the Alawites of America; Jewish numbers are mostly in business, law and entertainment. Those definitely influence culture but they don’t actually physically control the country; a new Hayes code could knock the air out of a lot of Hollywood for example. On the other hand the actual Alawites dominate the military of their country as well as a specific geographic location. If Jews were 12% of the population and dominated a region roughly the same size as New England or the Deep South it would be a very different matter. But they don’t have hard military power; a culturally confident country would have already forced enclaves like Hollywood or Wall Street into line. (Actually you could probably take Russia as an example here; Jews are just as prominent in Russian entertainment as they are in Hollywood but Russian “Hollywood” isn’t close to the same as actual Hollywood.)

    “But, Assad remains in power and the Sunni remain divided, so maybe numbers are not everything.”

    Numbers matter but so does geography and alliances. Alawite Syria is a coastal territory that is desired by a great power like Russia which makes allying with them attractive. Plus, and this doesn’t get much press but its hovering in the background, Syria is Russia’s Israel. They have longstanding ties going back a half century and if Russian television is anything to go by, a lot of Syrians and Russians have settled in each others countries. The only way they were going to let it go under was if it was impossible to do anything and since Assad held out long enough, he got aid from his traditional ally. Does that mean Assad himself will remain in power to the end? That depends; if Russia gains by Assad “retiring”, then thats what is likely to happen. But Russia isn’t likely to allow that unless it was a way for them to consolidate Alawite Syria in a more permanent manner.

    • Inter-marriage is a good point of entry. I try to keep my posts to ~1000 words so I could not get into it, but it is another factor suggesting instability in our Jewish ruling class. Marriage patterns and fertility suggest that in a couple of generations, Americans will think of Jews the same way they think of the Amish. That is, a weird subculture with no real connection to the greater society.

      As to what is defined as the high ground, in America, soldiering is prol work. In Syria, the military is integral to state control. It’s why Jews don’t bother joining the military in the US. There’s no status in it. Go to law school, on the other hand, and the world is your oyster, unless you keep kosher, then you have to find a different analogy.The law, finance, entertainment, those are the fields that matter in America.

      • “Marriage patterns and fertility suggest that in a couple of generations, Americans will think of Jews the same way they think of the Amish. That is, a weird subculture with no real connection to the greater society.”

        There is one big difference between the Amish and Orthodox Jews that might keep ordinary people from seeing them as completely disconnected from society at large – the Orthodox are almost a completely urban group in America. Unless America becomes much less urban, Orthodox Jews aren’t likely to be as under the radar as the Amish. (Take for instance a movie like John Wick 2; when he suits up to start killing again, he pops into an Orthodox Jewish private bank to get his gear out of a safe deposit box; he’s not driving out to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania which in a way is a good thing for the Amish – being a weird subculture is probably better out where no one can see you than it is to be in the middle of a major city.) Of course there is the possibility that the demographic shift will be followed by a move to more rural locations; Upstate New York is becoming popular again among the Orthodox, there are plenty of Orthodox suburbs in New Jersey and you can see adds for vacations in North Carolina in the Orthodox parts of Brooklyn. Shtetls may not be just something in the distant past.

        As for the assimilating part of the equation, I think in a few generations most people will look upon Jews (or more specifically Jewish ancestry) the way we look at being 1/24th Cherokee today. Something exotic but completely meaningless outside of writing a 7th grade book report or getting appointed to a professorship in the Ivy League.

        “As to what is defined as the high ground, in America, soldiering is prole work. ”

        I don’t disagree that entertainment, business and law are seen as much higher status than soldiering. My point mainly is that while control of those positions does grant power to a certain degree over society but its not a real hard power; those industries could be, under the right circumstances, brought to heel very easily. The military on the other hand is real hard power and if Jews really believed themselves to be in the same or similar situation as the Alawites, where they knew the entire country was out to get them and that they were on the verge of being wiped out at any moment, they would start to arm themselves and seek positions in places that allow them to be armed. But outside the fever swamps of SJW campuses and professions, nobody really believes that.

        • One place I like to ride is out in the country. There is a large Lubavitcher community. Most people assume they are some weird Amish sect. They are nice, but not very friendly to outsiders. They picked a rural place to setup camp in order to avoid conflict with other Jewish groups and attention from non-Jews. I think what’s going on in the NYC area with the Orthodox is a shift in philosophy and a response to urban economics/culture. Maybe the Amish were right after all.

          As far as Jewish identity long term, I don’t know. Put “jewish intermarriage” into a google machine and see what pops out. They want to preserve their identity as much as any people, more so, in fact. Whether or not they are successful at it is unknown to me.

          • “One place I like to ride is out in the country. There is a large Lubavitcher community. Most people assume they are some weird Amish sect.”

            I wasn’t really aware of that specifically though I do believe it exists in America. (I know in Israel there are quite a few Orthodox agricultural settlements but comparing Israeli and American Jews is like comparing apples and oranges.) A google search gave me this article: so while its not a trend, a rural Amish-like Orthodox Jewry isn’t out of the question. (Prices in NYC alone might drive it; the market out here is insane; 1.2 million for a run down shell in a so-so neighborhood…)

            “They want to preserve their identity as much as any people, more so, in fact. Whether or not they are successful at it is unknown to me.”

            Thats the thing about people; all theories aside, they can go off in a lot of different ways that are hard to guess. Will assimilated American Jews vanish or return to the fold or become something else? Who knows what unknown unknowns are out there? Right now it looks like Europe might get overrun by Muslims; 35 years ago Communism looked like it might hold on another half century. Thats what makes all this so interesting…

          • It’s why I tend to think the alt-right is on the wrong foot with their ZOG stuff. Jews are not magic. They have their own troubles, not the least of which is their miserable demographics.

          • and like any inbreeding gene pool, their dna lines are becoming decrepit. same with the mormons and muslims. the jews will disappear as a group once their dna dips below a certain quality threshold. ironic, really.

          • I’ve heard a few American Orthodox Jews discuss doing something Amish-type in a rural area, for the reasons mentioned above.

            Personal guess is that it’s a non-starter in the long run. If you’re religious and going to move away from the big city to farm, the first and most obvious choice is Israel.

            There’s a whole history of Jewish agricultural communes, by the way, both in Europe and the US. For instance, Cotopaxi, CO, or Zgurița, Bessarabia…

    • The biggest issue is the over representation of jews in the communist/statist/SJW group. There is no denying there is a very large, vocal and dangerous jewish leadership component to these groups.

      Coupled with their inherent intelligence, you have a serious threat to traditional American non interventionist govt. and liberty.

      The parallels to 1930s Germany are there. There is a growing anger in the goodwhite community, who are being marginalized and dispossessed of their communities and property, while the statists once again march in lockstep.

      As they say, there will be blood. And a good many communist jews will be put to the knife. The likes of Harvey Weinstein, Adam Schiff and George Soros are a plague to mankind and wont be missed.

      • I’m more inclined to the Bad Jew/Good Jew framework Brooklyn was referencing. In one camp seems to be mostly neocons, but some old lefties as well. Guys like Bill Kristol seem to think being openly hostile to whites is a good plan. In the other camp, you have guys like Joel Pollak who think a majority white America is good for everyone, including the Jews.

        • There’s a disconnect I think among elites in all groups broadly from the masses. I remember a long while back, Steve Sailer was going over data on Jewish attitudes towards immigration and while the elite was pro-immigration, his conclusion was that the masses of the Jewish public were more in line with the rest of the country. (Here’s the link:

          Every time I open up the newspapers, I wonder if the whole world has gone mad. Its even worse with a Jewish newspaper because most of the people writing there seem completely disconnected from not just from reality but from what people in their own community are talking about. Its like the papers are looking for any crackpot to put on their pages. And its not just an American issue either; the guy who owns Haaretz basically went on twitter last week to compare his own countrymen to Hezbollah and call for open borders. If you think open borders with Mexico is nuts, imagine open borders with Syria and Africa.

        • In the US, because our left v. right dichotomy is translated as big government v. small government, people see Jewish intellectuals on both sides, and conclude that net Jewish influence is basically neutral.

          But if your dichotomy is nationalist/globalist, then it becomes apparent that Jewish intellectual efforts are almost entirely globalist (almost). Whether it’s Jewish progressives like Bernie Sanders, libertarian economists like the GMU econ staff, or neoconservatives like Bret Stephens and Bill Kristol, they all fervently believe in the notion of an open, cosmopolitan multi-cultural nation. They are fanatically opposed to nationalism.

          Considering the history of the Jewish people, particularly early 20th century Europe, it is understandable that Jews would take that position. But it serves to refute the notion that, considered as a group, Jews are ideologically neutral, or that their interests as a group don’t ever conflict with that of the ethnic majority.

          There are of course Jewish intellectuals who have written in opposition to mass immigration and multi-culturalism, intellectuals like Paul Gottfried, the late Lawrence Auster, and Mickey Kaus. While I admire their work, so far as I can tell, they are a very small minority, have limited influence, and are not in any way representative of Jewish group interests as mediated by groups like the AJC, WJC, and the ADL.

          • Interesting idea. The Russian pogroms and the Dreyfus affair would lend further credence to the Jewish rejection of nationalism, all the way back to the late 19th century. Unfortunately, the positioning of communism as an international movement that rejects national borders, seems to make communism a siren song of sorts with some Jews.

            Ironically, the position of Israel as a strong national state is probably the only thing that keeps it around. I understand (basically third-hand hearsay) that even within Israel, the whole strong national state thing is hotly debated and sharply criticized in certain circles.

          • “Unfortunately, the positioning of communism as an international movement that rejects national borders, seems to make communism a siren song of sorts with some Jews.”

            Yes. Then there is the Jewish libertarian economist, promoting total free trade and open borders (oftentimes with a certain zeal and rhetorical fervency that is akin to ideological Communism). To the American mind, this appears to be the opposite of communism, but it has the same effect of eroding national sovereignty and ethnic cohesion.

            As to neoconservatism, many of the neoconservatives were Trotskyites when they first arrived to the US (see Irving Kristol’s memoirs). Trotsky’s wing was the most internationalist part of the communist movement, and advocated perpetual war in the cause of revolution. When the nationalistic Stalinists permanently defeated the Trotskyites back in the Soviet Union, the future neocons turned on the cause. They eventually came to embrace the spread of democratic capitalism around the world via the US military, another form of internationalism.

            The outer political form changes with the times, but the internationalism/anti-nationalism remains.

      • Smart radicals means very dangerous radicals. Punching above your weight isn’t always good.
        Great point, that is the problem.

  14. Like many privileged groups, the majority of Jews are content to overlook the bad behavior of a few, so long as it benefits them materially and doesn’t undermine tribal solidarity.

  15. >What mattered was protecting their property and assets.

    Well, get ready for a wave of rich Chinese fleeing the mainland if and when a neo-Maoist comes to power.

    • I’ve done ~10,000 posts here and close to 2 million words. I’ve done FOUR posts about Jews, all favorable.

      You may want to see someone about that plank in your eye.

    • Not sure how the “plank” thing applies here, given that I’m certainly not trying to establish or re-establish my own street-cred.

  16. >The casual way in which a total lack of national loyalty is mentioned suggests it is just the way in which Jews view their relationship to the host country

    Where was the national loyalty of the Puritans, Germans, Dutch, Irish, Italians, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns who settled America?

    Most of them were not even fleeing dispossession in their home countries-they just wanted more opportunities, and so they left the lands where their ancestors had lived for millennia and went to Michigan or wherever. Which is fine!

    On the other hand, when those disloyal Chilean Jews, who’d been living in Chile for a generation or two, left for fear of being robbed blind by socialists, that’s a sign of their inherent disloyalty.

    Counterexamples, like all those German Jews who stayed in Nazi Germany (they had, after all, served in the German Army in WW1, largely on the front lines, and thought of themselves as loyal Germans of Jewish persuasion,) or the Russian ones who stayed after the revolution, and paid the price, don’t even come up. Why is that? The Chilean community was tiny; the Russian and German communities were huge. Surely, they are more representative?

    >Your patriotic duty would require you to put nation ahead of personal gain, but more important, where would you go even if you threw in the towel on your country?

    Indeed, where? Perhaps we could ask the Irish who fled the potato famine, the two million Russians who fled the revolution, the Cuban refugees living in Florida, the Overseas Chinese…

    >The appearance of “renegade Jews”, the term David Horowitz applied to Bill Kristol, could be a sign that Jewish identity and group loyalty is breaking apart.

    You are about 200 years behind the curve. Marx, in 1844, wrote On The Jewish Question: “What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money….In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.” We have never had a shortage of renegades and sons of bitches willing to sell their people down the river to be accepted by the Gentile elite.

    >The statistics are rather incredible, when you consider that Jews are just 2% of the population.

    The statistics are not incredible when you look at two overlapping normal distributions and see what happens at the extremes. I notice you are not struck by the fact that blacks are not represented in quantum physics in proportion to their presence in the American population.

    >This not only allows them to prosper, but it is a strong motivation to be wary of anything resembling group loyalty anywhere else.

    Look up the number of Jews who served and fought in WW1/2 in proportion to the American population.

    • I know that noticing anything about Jews is very upsetting, but you should have calmed down before posting your tantrum. You very clearly missed the overall point of the post and read in things I never wrote.

      Edit: OK, I went to your Medium page and I see you’re pretty much consumed with proving the point about Jews being highly clannish. I’m reminded of the Mel Gibson flap. Mel apologized for saying Jews run Hollywood. The Jews who run Hollywood then said he could come back, but he was on probation.

      • No, Mr. Tapman, BaruchK is a “West Bank” settler who carries a semi-automatic pistol with him wherever he goes. (This is a fact that any reader of Jim’s blog can confirm.) His roots go very deep and he’s willing to employ extreme violence to defend them.

          • Palestinian IQ is roughly the same as black IQ so I can say with great certainty that you are incorrect.

        • Well it seems BaruchK and I have that in common. I have carried for many years and at this point prefer my Glock 19. You can tell a good bit about a man by his weapon preference.

    • I think more Jews may have fought in the world wars because they felt they had more at stake in Europe than Americans (go ahead and jump on this if you like. You make the distinction yourself). If so, this is simply more evidence of divided loyalty. My family felt we had a stake in the Pacific theater because that’s where we were attacked.
      As for the Puritans, I think they were tired of wars and persecutions. Cromwell was considering taking his family to America when he was asked to get involved in politics. Even when they were in power the conflict remained. They were not only anticatholic, but also at odds with the established church.
      National loyalty? They still considered themselves Englishmen after they got here. Much of the reason we had our revolution was because our rights as Englishmen were not being respected.
      I can’t speak for the other nationalities you mentioned, but the way you threw them all together as if there was no difference between them is indicative of an attitude of dismissal.

      • Currently, there are more Buddhists in the military, 4400, than there are Jews, 4,000, according to a CUNY study a few years ago. WW2 was 70 years ago. It’s relevance to today is minimal.

        • Those same Jews who will whinge about their great-grandfather who was forced to cut off his thumb or “flee” Russia for fear of the draft will, in the same breath, brag about Uncle Morty who served in WWII as evidence of their intense American loyalty. They only served in the two world wars because everyone else did, and they were then fighting against Germany.

          There are currently about 2000 putatively “American” Jews serving in the Israeli military, as compared to 4000 in the US military. As the old truism goes, dual loyalty would be an improvement.

        • That is seriously messed up. It’s not like they cannot pass the tests or don’t owe the same thing to their country that my boys did.

          Weird, you would think that just to secure the top levels of our ‘fourth branch of government’ they would opt for the academies or ROTC or something.

          Most I’ve known either joined the Israeli military or talked about it. None talked about joining the US military. I never thought about it before now.

          • I served in the US military for 8 years (active, plus three in the reserve/Guard).

            The US military does not track people by ethnic origin (in the sense of Irish/Italian/Polish) but rather by their self-professed religion.

            I, like most American Jews, was not religious, so did not put anything down, and thus would not be counted among those 4K.

            Also, the US has ceased to position military service as an obligation, and positions it largely as a way to pay for college/have an adventure/get relevant professional skills/secure government employment/etc. The upper middle professional classes are under-represented.

            Prior to this taking place, Jews were highly represented. For instance, Sam Dreben:

            I was friends with his nephew, Eddie Dribben, who had served in the Special Forces in the Korean war before coming to Israel. He passed away last summer. I wrote about him here:

            >I can’t speak for the other nationalities you mentioned, but the way you threw them all together as if there was no difference between them is indicative of an attitude of dismissal.

            Where do you get dismissal? I pointed out that Z Man implies that Chilean Jews left Chile for better economic conditions because they were disloyal, while ignoring the fact that almost everyone in America (except I guess the blacks, Mexicans and Indians) comes from people who left their countries for better economic conditions. Why is it a sign of disloyalty for a Jew to emigrate from Chile but not for a Finn to emigrate from Finland?

          • Why is it a sign of disloyalty for a Jew to emigrate from Chile but not for a Finn to emigrate from Finland?

            I don’t blame you for arguing against national loyalty. After all, you did leave your native country and move to Israel, right? From your perspective, national loyalty is a sucker’s play and you may be right about it. If you’re a white guy in modern America, you have to assume loyalty is a one way street from you to a nation that no longer reciprocates. My guess is not many Americans hold that view, but most Europeans seem to.

            Anyway, you’re freighting up things with moral judgments I would never make. The most admirable quality of Jews is their ethnic loyalty. Unlike Chinese chauvinism, Jewish tribalism is not particularly troublesome for out groups. Unlike Arab clannishness, it is not the result of generations of cousin marriage.

          • Thanks for clarifying on moral judgments.

            I’m not saying national loyalty is or is not a sucker’s play. I’m saying, apply the concept consistently.

            Thinking about it a bit more, as you suggest, loyalty to one’s nation-state makes sense it it’s a two way street. Not if that nation-state has become suicidal, or has decided to replace its citizens with third world criminals and peons. It’s this way with any human relationship.

            Personally, I don’t feel I’ve betrayed the US by checking out. I think any accounts I had with it were settled by the time I left. If it had not made clear, over and over, that it did not want me and mine, or any productive and functional citizens, and wanted more third world refugees and pierced degenerates with PhDs in gender studies, I would not have checked out.

          • It is something I have written about and I still think about quite a bit. A post-national world is either tribal or what? Personally, I would prefer the old weird America where nationalism meant Americans were a nation of quarrelsome idiots who tolerated no guff from outsiders. That seemed to work pretty well, but the people in charge have other ideas. I don’t think they have thought them through, which is why we seem to be coming apart.

          • The future is tribal for sure, any tribe that wants to survive needs a strong identity and very possibly enough resources to maintain things like Dune style family atomics or bio-weapons.

            It will also be a lot less prosperous which I know globo-corp fears since it leads to much less economic activity . Outsiders have no chance basically and certainly won’t be hired or if there are enough resources necessarily traded with

            This is a some years off though

            As for civic nationalism, this never worked well but what we had required constant broad based economic growth , a religious population and in modernity, racial homogeneity

            Simply, there will never be broad based growth again, tech has seen to that and future economics will be zero sum and/or tribal

            I can’t speak to religion, its in decline but it may rally . Regardless but its going to be hard to have much religious stability with so many sects and the way issues are approached is not good

            One can dislike abortion , I do but the approach many Christians seem to have that its closeted Moloch worship rather than just routine infanticide common to most human cultures leads to irrational behavior

            So does the notion that Mormons whose theology may be dubious but are in fact pretty observant Christians are Satanists over apparently the Nicene Creed which isn’t even Biblical

            As for race, the type of people we have been bringing in of every color are from low trust cultures. This means the general culture is becoming low trust. Its already is here in California to a high degree,

            That makes civic nationalism in a modern era impossible.

            A much smaller, homogeneous nation could do it though . Say the Great Lakes states expelling non Whites or the like but again that comes to tribalism

            Also any attempt to fracture the US however justified will be resisted at all costs so it won’t happen till the US goes belly up like the USSR or goes Rwanda X Kosovo

          • Nice to meet you. You’re the first Jewish guy I’ve met who joined the US military.

            Not sure why you replied to someone else in a reply to me.

        • IDF enjoying free access to Pentagon, per Todd Pierce goy from Minnesota:

          “And you got the Christian Zionists. So it was always there. But with 9/11 it expanded exponentially. When 9/11 happened it created a readymade audience for the neocons to say we got to do what Israel does. Karen Kwiatkowski worked in the Pentagon at the time, and she said the IDF officers had regular access. They didn’t even have to go through, like I did, with a pass, to get through.

          So right away we turn to the IDF. But what the IDF knows is not counter terrorism, in the sense of a democracy defending itself against outside assault– what the IDF knows is how to exercise a military occupation, in the most repressive manner.”

  17. As with most cultures, you favor your clan, so it’s no surprise Jews are overrepresented in some fields. I think their cultural history puts them in fields of money and enrtertainment (family trade) but I also think the work ethic and study behaviors drilled into them at an early age from the Jewish religion is another basis for their success. You see this with the Asians in America but I think this is the same as the hard work ethic of first and second generation immigrants through the history of the US.
    The Jews have remained clannish over time due to their history of conquering and bein kicked around defeated time and time again over thousands of years. They have a big story to remember and keep close to heart. That won’t go away.
    They will remain a unique people into the future.

    • Ashkenazim are the best example of the correlation between IQ and life outcomes. They have the highest average IQ and are the most successful people.

      • I always end up with the Orthodox Jews when I fly. Last time the guy next me was friendly enough and had only a mild New York accent. Then he opened up a Hebrew Torah and started reading. That thing looked like one hell of a serious brain exercise.

  18. Kevin MacDonald (supposedly the “Marx of the anti-Semites”) has a bunch of posts about “Jewish self-deception.” I think it’s important to remember that, while Jews wield a lot of power, they’re also delusional and priming themselves for a fall as much as they are hurting white America (not every Jew, but on a whole, yes, they’re for open-borders and cultural destruction). Jews think of themselves as allied with other minorities against some oppressive white dominant culture (“Cornpone Nazis” or “Palinites with Pitchforks” is what the Jewish writer James Howard Kunstler calls Derbyshire’s “Badwhites” or your “Wal-Mart Whites”/Dirt people). The problem with the Jewish narrative is that other minorities just don’t like them anymore than anti-semitic whites do. Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and Farrakhan are pretty indicative of black attitudes toward Jews. Hispanics (from Cubans to Mexicans) believe a strain of fiery Christianity that has a strong occult/Santeria/blood-soaked transubstantiation element that would probably lend itself to pogroms and blood libels if the Jews who worship diversity ever really found themselves surrounded by a lot of brown people. They sort of are already surrounded by Hispanics in California and NYC. The gulf in IQ and educational attainment between Ashkenazim and brown and black people is pronounced enough to give a Morlocks vs. Eloi contrast that makes bloodshed pretty possible, if Jews get their multicultural paradise in America and don’t high-tail it to Israel fast enough. But it’s not like they’re all that popular in that region, either.

    • Thank you, Joey Junger. I’ve wondered for years why most Jews are liberal, I think you nailed it. They are afraid, rightly or wrongly, of Dirt People.

    • Jewish progressives (about 70% majority) feel a natural affinity with the ideology of the oppressed minority. It is also an identity (very important) and their understanding of spiritual belief. They have long ago given up the religion of the ancient texts for the ‘new’ texts (Marxism in all it’s colors).

    • I don’t believe this is true at all. The Jews support whoever hurts their enemies which usually the dominate group they live among.

      The simplest solution for why the Jews act the way they do is they are a tribe of psychopaths.

  19. The greatest mistake when considering Jewish identity is to think that Jews are united.

    Not at all. They have been at each others’ throats, happy to murder or abandon their erstwhile brothers, since the beginning.

    They are Semitic, after all- and as opportunistic as they come.

    Mother’s line are first wave German Jews.
    An old joke- “the only thing on a Jew’s mind, is getting back at that other thieving Jew that cheated him!”

    (The goyim are not real people, irrelevant.
    Remember that you were never meant to see sacred Scripture, the O.T., it was a guide for the People alone. For instance, you will never see the mysteries of the Alawites or Druze, either.)

    • And yet no matter how earnest their words, how diligently they appear to toil for the resistant mud Whites, and goyish their appearance, they would throw us all to the wolves when push came to shove in favor of their tribe.

      They are not us. They despise us. They wish us dead. They must go, or we shall perish under their genocidial neurotic and supremacist rule. They are a fossil Bronze Age race of satan worshippers who stop at nothing to win. Were the numbers reversed, they would have sacrificed us one by one on the 3rd temple alter. They must leave asap….if they want to extend their lives a few years. Many Whites have nothing left to lose, and noticing coincidences is as popular as fidget spinners. El Al would be wise to buy surplus 747’s before the (((Journolist 2.0))) drives Trump from office in a frenzy of Rachel Maddow flavored bullshit. Bring it.

      • That’s a bit much.
        All I ask is see past the camoflauge, and entertain a rational calculation of limits and trust.
        Not letting the doggy bite you doesn’t mean ‘kill all doggies.’

        (And I support both Israel and Slavic Russia, within bounds.)

        • “….I support both Israel…”

          And if they weren’t picking your pocket while destroying the West, and trying to exterminate you, you might be onto something. (((They’re))) just not that into you goy, but they will happily accept your slobbering obedience while laughing about your naivety behind your back. I used to lurk on a NYC orthodox jewish board. They all took pleasure in discussing how easily tricked they goyim were, with several cautioning that they should take the board private if “any of this ends up quoted on Stormfront.” They would have liked you.

    • My grandfather and grandmother squabbled every day of their marriage. However, they would defend one another to the death. They were married for 70 years. Married is another way of saying “united.”

    • The discussion yesterday dovetails with your comment. The Eastern Orthodox Churches’ position is that in most contexts where the Bible refers to Jews, they are referring to the Jews that accepted the Messiah, i.e. Christians. Since they were the ones who were there at the beginning, and their people assembled the texts, I tend to give this a lot of credence. I don’t know what the Catholic perspective is, but I’m guessing it’s similar if not the same.

      • “…The Eastern Orthodox Churches’ position is that in most contexts where the Bible refers to Jews, they are referring to the Jews that accepted the Messiah, i.e. Christians…”

        I have never heard this before. Very interesting. I wonder why I’ve never heard this. It would seem to be of great import to me.

        • Above my pay grade, but my understanding is that it was common knowledge among Christians from 1960 and before. I only learned this stuff within the last ten years or so myself. Talk radio on the weekends is a wasteland so I find myself listening to Catholic and Christian (Salem) Radio sometimes. It goes in cycles, though. I haven’t listened in a while.

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