Tactics and Money

Social movements go through phases, depending upon their scale and success at interrupting the prevailing order. If ten people become convinced that devil worship is critical to the survival of mankind, no one will notice until they start sacrificing goats in public. If ten million people take up this idea, then it is different. The movement has to learn to work within the prevailing order, then learn how to alter the prevailing order by infiltration and coercion. Tactics become as important as ideology.

The alt-right, Identitarianism, new right, or whatever you prefer to call the growing dissenter movement that has grown up the last few years, is reaching a point where the people in charge think something must be done. The sacking by Breitbart of Katie McHugh at the behest of a neocon mob looks like an orchestrated hit. There is a secret mailing list for neocon pundits in the media and all of their known members were immediately on-line celebrating, so the scheme was probably hatched by them.

The neocons are putting enormous pressure on their “friends” at Breitbart to abandon Trump and purge their ranks of anyone outside the orthodoxy. Back in the election, the odious carbuncle John Podhoretz accused Brietbart editor Joel Pollack of not being authentically Jewish due to his Trump support. Imagine members of your church threatening to ex-communicate you over your voting habits. Then there are the threats to staffers and advertisers. If they can’t kill the message, they will kill the messengers.

The point of this is that tactics are important. Katie McHugh is a nobody in the grand scheme of things, but her corpse on the sidewalk sends the same message as the Seth Rich bike rack outside DNC headquarters. As the Chinese say, you kill some chickens to scare the monkeys. You can be sure that people inside Breitbart are now working on their resumes and ready to rat on their friends in order to find a safe landing spot. It is the same tactic the Feds are using to fix the leak problem. Jail a nobody and the somebodies notice.

As they say in the crime business, it is all fun and games until the bodies start to drop on your side. That means the good guys better start to learn how to use the rules to their advantage. They are entering into the phase of the game where tactics matter as much, if not more than, ideology. They’ve picked the fight and now it is time to fight. In the context of this culture war, it means waking up every day thinking about how to ruin someone on the other team. It means turning the weight of the orthodoxy against itself.

For instance, when the mentally disturbed woman harassed Richard Spencer at his gym, he made the blunder of not looking for a way to turn this into a weapon. His first move should have been to call the cops on her. Then he should have insisted on filing a report. Then he should have gone to court seeking a restraining order. In other words, he should have used her enormous weight against her. Even if the court declined to grant him the order, he would have had a great chance to get it, the message would have been sent.

Similarly, the habit of Progs to use campaigns against people in order to cause financial harm should be met with legal action. Tortious interference is when one person intentionally damages someone else’s contractual or business relationships with a third party causing economic harm. A phony e-mall campaign, that is intended to intimidate a hotel, for example, from hosting a VDare event, is precisely the sort of thing that should be met with a lawsuit. Worst case is you get it out into the open, where the rats can’t hide.

There’s also the use of public accommodation lawsuits. The Left used Title II of the Civil Rights Act to gut free association. A clever lawyer could use the same law that forces your restaurant to serve ISIS sympathizers, to force Facebook into letting the alt-right have their own page. It would be a tough case to make, but it could be made with the right plaintiff. That’s how lawfare works. The point is to de-legitimize the rules and laws, but also to force the other side to live by their own moral code.

These efforts take money, of course, just as the efforts to build up alternative media require funding. That’s where the dissidents are making the most progress. WeSearchr is still trying to find its footing, but it has worked well as a proof of concept for fund raising outside the orthodoxy. The new site Counter.Fund is a very creative idea that could turn out to be a viable alternative to the establishment crowdfunding sites. By being explicitly ideological and open about its business model, it makes supporting it feel important.

Mass movements of any type have certain thresholds they must pass in order to become credible threats to the prevailing orthodoxy. If you’re building a religion, you better be provocative and you have to live off the land, so to speak. If you are building a political party, it is about working the election laws and getting your message out to a broader audience. Put another way, you have to demonstrate tactical savvy and the ability to finance your war against your opponents. Otherwise, people are reluctant to join.

Whatever your preferred term is for the brewing rebellion among the Dirt People, they have weathered the first punch from the Cloud People. The dismissive name calling that was a feature of Progressive commentary, has given way to attacks on the people on the front lines of the fight. The next step is to start going on offense using the rules against the establishment. That means coordination and that means money. There are some good signs so far, but the Dirt People are still a long way from being a credible threat.

Remember, support your local Dirt Person.

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  1. Lawfare is very effective. I saw a black sovereign citizen driving around without a car tag, and unasked my local police detective how he can get away with it. The detective said the fbi gave them a seminar saying don’t mess with the SS. The SS will go down and start filing lawsuits, that are a big hassle to deal with.

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  3. The Seth Rich bike rack outside the DNC people’s temple quietly reminds the faithful not to veer away from the kool aid dispenser too quickly.

  4. Looking at tweets by twits, I see certain failure.
    The lefties making fun of McHugh’s medical bills think Obamacare was some sort of affordable (free) universal healthcare.

    We’ll never defeat these supergeniuses.

    Teapartydoc was right.
    I want to go all Jengis Khan.

  5. Obvious place to start is looking at Donald Trump. I am fond of a Grond analogy – he is breaking the door of the Cathedral but it is orc and troll infantry that have to finish the job.

    also somebody page alt right and paleocon luminaries to stop with the whining about the great cuckening. trump is the best you will get. especially now when the battle of five armies in the gulf is happening.

  6. ALL the Western elites are progressive, or at least sympathetic to progressive ideology and socially harmful policies. Yes, and that includes 99% of the Republicans in office. The Republicans have slim but real majorities in both houses and I’ve yet to hear any meaningful plan for rolling back 50 years of failed social justice nonsense. Gays can still serve openly in the military (and get their sex changes paid for with tax dollars), universities/schools are now organizing commencements for certain racial/ethnic groups only in addition to the main commencement, elementary, middle and high schools are still teaching PC infused bullshit with everyday, etc. The Republican leaders in Congress think they can focus on just two issues to prove their credentials and get re-elected: repeal and replace the failing system set up under the ACA and reforming the idiotic federal tax code. I’ve seen this movie before back in the 1980s. Reagan et al thought that if they simply beefed up national defense, reformed the tax code and faced down the Soviet Union, all else would fall back into normality. But we all know that not only did changes in society not reverse but accelerated in the same, wrong direction. Republican leaders really act as if solving monetary and tax/fiscal issues will repair the damage wrought on American society or the national psyche by 50 years of social policy agitation by the liberals. I’ve said for two decades now that if America wants to keep its soul it must not only stop but reverse the social trends of the last 50 years. One very important way to achieve this is reform of the education system at all levels. No more using grammar schools to teach social justice theory. No more using the military as a laboratory for progressive social policies. Forcing judges, if need be by getting rid of life tenure of judges required under Article III of the Constitution, to accept they are not there to make law but interpret and enforce laws decided by the will of the majority as expressed by their elected representatives (And along the way, denying judges any additional protection by the US Marshal’s Service so that they have to live in society just like everyone else.). Bottom line: the only way to change the direction of America from future socialist failed state is to start with reform at the grassroots level and force changes upward.

    • All nice thoughts. But we’ve come yoo far. Now, the only way to change course is to eradicate the liberals from the face of the earth.

    • It’s HIGHLY unlikely that you’re going to “reform” the educational system. The MUCH more likely answer to the problem is REPLACEMENT.

      Send your children somewhere else. Home school them. Etc. There are alternatives – and they choice of alternatives is growing quickly.

      This is the problem with the so-called right and Christians in general – they will send their children into the liberal run schools – and then wonder why those children are then captured by liberal dogma.

      You can’t fix stupid.

  7. ” he who tattle tale first wins ” It’s a childish reaction to a confrontation. Conservatives are more mature and avoid such behavior.

    Unfortunately the left is very infantile. Running on pure emotion they make complete asses of themselves on a regular basis.

    One would think the natural reaction to some vile hag accosting a paying customer would be having her removed immediately..

    Instead they revoke that man’s membership for fear of repercussion by the The Lunatic Left. Had he called the cops , obtain restraining order, pressed charges etc. like Z mentioned they would have at least stayed neutral on the matter.

    Have no desire to stoop to the levels of these pathetic losers, but think we all have to start thinking a little bit smarter on dealing with these moonbats.

  8. Dent is not wrong. We are hopelessly outnumbered, but, they are hopelessly neutered. These are the people who will not take their own side in a fight.

    • I disagree that we are outnumbered. 80% of the population won’t do jack shit, no matter what is happening “somewhere else”. so then it’s a matter of how the remaining 20% “split”.

  9. This is something that has to be done. If it doesn’t work in this particular form it will have to in another. Keep punching until they stop moving.

  10. First, disappear into meek oblivion. Then sit on a rock for at least a year. Plan carefully and solely within your own head. Respond when least expected and from nowhere. Ideally, they should never see it coming nor have any confidence it won’t be repeated.

      • See “Absence of Malice” with Paul Newman at his best. You can’t beat these guys by playing their game on their turf, and especially when the referee is corrupted. Think outside the box.

  11. Just looking at the facts and circumstances, this bust is entirely _too_ perfect. Stupid millennial radicalized white girl, check. Short time contractor, check. Access to NSA’s at large, non-comπromentalized data base despite having no reason to know, WTF_? Tangential but not dispositive circumstantial evidence of Russian probing of tangential but not essential US election-type software (blue states mainly), check.

    So a minnow bit on the trolling bait and now the hook has to be cleared else no steelheads will be caught, I guess.

  12. Don’t know about lawsuits. I guess that’s the Paul Weston side of things. Being willing to suffer for Truth and Beauty is the Tommy Robinson side of things — not that Paul Weston isn’t also willing to suffer. (I think that Paul Weston visits this site — he’s the Archbishop of the Anglosphere.) Things change when people are ready to die or at least suffer years of imprisonment for Truth and Beauty. (I’m not saying that I am, or telling anyone else to.)

  13. The problem for the right is that unlike the left they don’t have deep-pocketed donors.
    It costs money to drag people through the courts.

    • GREAT article. Thank you for sharing the link. I wouldn’t have seen this article otherwise. I encourage everyone here to read it.

  14. Unfortunately, most of the “Dirt People” have to work for a living. Whores like Soros and Suckerberg have billions to waste on implementing ideology. Personally, I don’t think either of these two have any real say so and they are obviously serving someone else. But, until the Dirt People get a few billionaire sugar daddies, the left will always run circles around them. The left tries to imply that people like the Kochs are financing conservative agendas. This is ludicrous. They are neocons and have similar agendas to those on the left.

    • They don’t need billionaires. Set up a dues paying organization. Call it the Ancient Order of Kek or something innocuous. Set dues at $50.00 a year or so.

      The club into uses the funds to fund a PAC like the NRA does and have a legal branch like Judicial Watch, Additional funds raised can be used to help victims of the cloud people, fund.

      Sell swag like Kek cups, Pepe frogs, t-shirts, for extra revenue, etc.

      Get a million dirt people to join and it solves your funding problem.

      The fly in the ointment is this. You have to carefully vet the people who run it. No global-RINO’s, no tribesmen, no feminists.

      • Like I said, the “Dirt People” have to work. When you have a family, you have to support them. That’s not conducive for creating a game changing organization. Plus, if that had any chance of success, it would be infiltrated very early on in the process. I’m sure Andrew Breitbart trusted his inner core. Here it is, 2017 and it is obvious Breitbart is another front for the elite and is a dialectic shill that passes for the conservative voice.

        • For god sakes no sugar daddy is going to come along and do all your work. It makes our side look as bad as the snowflakes or the Peanuts gang waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive.

          The NRA model works and works well. It’s better than nothing and doesn’t require people to give up their family. Just some dues and participating in local events, etc.

          Sure the Progs and FBI will try to infiltrate it. The thing is you vet people in charge. You look at their past – which really can’t be hidden and if it’s a blank it’s clear that the person has no place in a position of authority. You also keep the nuts out like those with the John Brown complex like the Bundy’s.or 3%’ers who are totally compromised by the FBI.

          AS for Breitbart he wasn’t poisoned, he was a nobody and not a threat. The alt-right wasn’t even a pimple when he croaked. Trump is a threat and game changer.this is why the establishment went rabid over him.

          Look one of the problems with the right is that it’s people are lazy and anti-social to a large extent. It’s almost impossible to get them to work together on anything. The Left exploits that. The Left achieved what it has by working with people and organizing at the local level building networks of people to help the cause. They get their people into power and punish those who get in their way. .

    • The US was prosecuting people into the 1990’s for being Nazi collaborators. Why should Soros be immune?

  15. The problem with using the courts is how much can you rely on the judge applying the law as it stands and not being an activist prick like the ones blocking Trump’s travel ban. The UK has the problem of the CPS simply declining to prosecute cases it doesn’t like and falling over themselves to prosecute the ones it does. The judges can’t be relied upon any more.

    • Good example of using their rules against them. If the denial of the travel ban goes to the Supreme Court, and the denial is based on Trump’s campaign-time comments, then RBG cannot rule against Trump because of her campaign-time comments. Hold the old fartbag to it.

    • Trump’s travel ban could be enforced merely by him insisting that all visa’s be approved by him personally.
      What could the courts do?

  16. The last few days have confirmend my suspiscions about the Western elite, they’re Liberal in every way.

    Left in social issues, Neoliberal in economic issues, its really Globalism vs Nationalism. The new Irish Prime Minister is a gay Indian (dots not feather) who economically is Tatcherite, just look at Macron, its the same policies!

  17. “Katie McHugh is a nobody in the grand scheme of things, but her corpse on the sidewalk sends the same message as the Seth Rich bike rack outside DNC headquarters.”

    One of your better ones, Mr. Z

  18. I’m a bit confused on why Breitbart keeps caving in and firing their staff whenever the neocons or CNN demands it.

    • The insularity of the mass media is what drives this. Exactly no one gave a crap about this outside the tiny little world of neocon nutters, who can be ignored.

      • Don’t the folks who run Breitbart understand that their readers give zero shits about outrage among the neocons and mainstream media? Politicians from Hungary and Poland said basically the same thing as Katie McHugh today.

        • When lefties and cucks control access to press passes and press briefings then Breitbart and other opposition press have to give a fuck what they think (even if privately they don’t). That sniveling leftoid Chomsky had something to say about this in Manufacturing Consent.

        • In the future, when we lose a bastion, we’ll say “They got Breitbarted” — and the war will continue.

      • I think that things are progressing quite well at the moment. The spread of Right culture though the internet is still the most important task so as to build a broad base of supporters.

        I think the second phase of this should be the masculinity aspect of the Right, so that men can grow a pair and take action on their own initiative.

        Thirdly, we need to develop a playbook like Alinsky’s, Rules for Radicals for the Right, so that when people decide to act they do so intelligently.

        By the way. Great blog.

    • Breitbart is a chum bucket of a site. Stopped going there after they didn’t back up Milo.

    • It’s no coincidence that Steve Bannon is no longer at the helm of BB.
      Katie being fired would have never happened if he was still there.

      He went on to the front lines of the culture war to serve with Trump. That battle position was far more important than BB ever could be.

      She was taken out by a neocon rear guard action for speaking the truth. Andrew would have never allowed this to happen. Hope Bannon does something to rescue her.

  19. I hope you guys realize that you are hopelessly outnumbered

    Sorry! No one wants what you are selling!

    • It’s not about selling anything. It is about public and private conduct. And yours speaks loudly and clearly.

    • And what is it that “we guys” are selling? Oh yes, I’m sure, “hate.” But it seems to me that hate makes the world go ’round. Muzzies exploding themselves and others all across the West from hate. Hate of normal America was the organizing theme of the Hillary campaign, and that hate, and Trump hate, keeps the Democratic Party going. The Left in general has been about nothing but hate since the 1970s (see also: the opposite rule of liberalism, aka SJWs Always Project). Hate is the only thing that gets perpetually-aggrieved college kids out of bed in the morning, and “help us hate Whitey” has been the sole principle of academia, not to mention the media, Hollywood, and the rest of the edutainment racket, for going on 60 years now. Hate is The Spice, the only thing holding our ramshackle neo-feudal empire together (such as it is, and for what that’s worth). Seems to me that people do indeed want what “we” are selling, and considering that student loan debt now exceeds every other form of debt in America, they’re willing to pay a pretty penny to get it. If the SEC regs allowed it, I’d go long on hate. Very, very long….as you guys are likely about to discover.

    • Trent, what do the forty-five percenters want? And how did you learn so much about their hopes and aspirations? Do you spend time with, say, Teamsters who don’t vote?

      Let me assure you that such people do exist. For instance, one such person, a truck driver, explained part of his thinking this way: “They [the Democrats] want to fuck with my guns.” He and I didn’t discuss the Teamsters’ evident committment to the multicultie train, but I’m pretty sure that he’s not interested in turning America into a borderless paradise for every third world welfare tourist who plans visit at his expense.

      “Turnout 54.7% (estimated)”

    • Amazing that the left that can’t do math can say we are outnumbered.
      So was Cortez – with firearms and armor – by the Aztecs with arrows.
      They want what we are selling. Heard of food? Perhaps the dirt people should deny them.
      You mean the magic EBT/SNAP cards don’t magically create food?

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