The Glass Jaw

It used to be, and maybe it still is the case, that boys learned about bullies on the playground. There was always some kid, who would push around the other kids. The lesson kids learned was that merely standing up to the bully was usually enough. In some cases, you might have to duke it out, but no matter the result, the bully would leave you alone after it. What makes the bully possible is moral authority. They present themselves as the natural ruler of the rest. If everyone accepts it, then the bully gets to run the yard.

In much the same way, the slave owner has to maintain a moral authority in order to keep his slaves from revolting or running off. The whole point of slavery is cheap labor. If the slave owner has to employ an army to keep his slaves under control and on the plantation, there’s no point in having slaves. He would be better served by hired men. In order for slavery to work, the slaves must accept their natural condition. Like the bully, the slave owner may be outnumbered, but he has the force of moral authority.

One of the least remarked upon aspects of the collapse of Soviet communism was just how peaceful and swift it was in the end. The Poles standing up to their rulers broke the spell. In 1980, Lech Wałęsa scaled the fence at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk, leading a strike against the government. Within a decade, the Soviet empire would collapse and Wałęsa would be elected president of Poland. In other words, the commies were morally and spiritually exhausted and they could not take a punch.

I thought about that when the little guy with the goofy haircut decked the Antifa girl at that Berkeley riot. Everything about her world made sense right up until she took a right cross to the puss and fell to the ground. All she had to do was show up in the right outfit and all the bad people would go away. Then, her bluff was called. The bad man was not intimidated. She no longer had moral authority over him. Her after action comments strongly suggest she had some sort of epiphany on the way to the ground.

The thing is though, the whole Antifa movement seems to have fallen apart after that event. Poor old Gavin McInness is begging them to show up at his events, but all he’s getting is some cranky coeds and a few old hippies. In one of life’s many ironies, the anti-fascists had to manufacture fascists to fight and now the alleged fascists are forced to invent anti-fascist that they can fight. Gavin is going to have to find a new act. It turns out that the Prog street warriors have a glass jaw. They can’t take a punch and they know it.

That may be what we are seeing with Conservative Inc. In the last week, homosexual activist and managing editor of National Review, Jason Lee Steorts, has penned over 10,000 words of criticism aimed at those to his Right, which is pretty much everyone on the Right these days. The first piece was a dismissive critique of neo-reactionary blogger Mencius Moldbug. The second, a much longer piece, is a not entirely coherent rant against what he calls the illiberal critics of grade school “freedom shrines.”

His post on Moldbug is revealing for a number of reasons. For starters, Moldbug has not posted in years. His last serious philosophical posting was half a dozen years ago. He and neo-reaction were a big deal on-line a decade ago. It’s not quite disco, but addressing it now in a serious way is a lot like demanding the record stores stop selling Bee Gee’s albums. What his post reveals, more than anything, is that he and the rest of the Buckley Mystery Cult have not been paying attention for a long time.

The longer post is a more serious attempt to address the many boogeymen and hobgoblins that haunt the minds of Buckley Conservatives. His essay reads like it was written by a committee. He spends thousands of words stroking various aspects of Conservative Inc, for no purpose other than flattery. When he gets into specific topics popular on the Dissident Right, he reveals a depth of ignorance that suggests stupidity has mass. His bit on IQ reveals he is a man who does not know what he does not know.

Whenever you are charged with defending the status quo against criticism, your job is to re-argue the case for the establishment. The rightness of the prevailing order creates its own moral authority, thus reducing even legitimate criticisms to mere quibbles. What’s striking about Steorts’ piece is he struggles to describe what it is he is defending, much less defend it. After 7500 words, the reader is just left with the image of a fussy prig, crinkling his nose up, as if he just caught wind of a bad odor.

For as long as anyone reading this has been alive, Buckley Conservatives have functioned as a palace guard. They defended the status quo by acting as a buffer between critics and the Progressive elites. At the same time, they served as a conduit for middle-class white grievances and objections. Taxes are too high! Government is too big! Pop culture is damaging to bourgeois values! That sort of thing. They were in the passenger seat of Progressivism yelling “slow down!” as the car zoomed forward.

For good or ill, their source of moral authority was as the voice of the white middle-class and the civic virtues that made it possible. They no longer talk about the actual people they used to represent, other than in the occasional genocidal rage. Jason Lee Steorts can’t even describe middle-class civic institutions. He has reduced them to the ridiculous image of a “freedom shrine.” The Buckleyites no longer have moral authority. They are simply another blemish on the face of the Progressive orthodoxy.

How aware of this they are is hard to know. It’s a lucrative racket so they are probably more concerned about keeping their spot on the Left than these larger matters. Perhaps like the Polish authorities, they will just stand aside as a new opposition movement, this counter-culture, grows up to challenge the Left. Perhaps there will be that moment of clarity that Moldylocks experienced as she hit the pavement. Either way, they are morally and spiritually exhausted. What comes next is inevitable.

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  1. “Middlemarch” was torture. Page after page, chapter after chapter and I still have no idea if anything happened. Of course, that was more than three decades ago, in college. I still have the book, sitting up on my bookshelf.

  2. I looked at that verysmartniggas site. He does have a way with words in a sort of, neo-street-enlightened-black-bourgeois-revolution sort of way. But the commentary lacks anything resembling intellectual substance. It’s just a better worded form of racial poo flinging than you’d find from those screeching fat BLM women on American campuses.

    • “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” That thought was usually attributed to Dwight David Eisenhower. Or did Napoleon say it? George Patton perhaps? No one seemed sure. The observation actually originated with Helmuth Von Moltke in the mid-nineteenth century.

      Fuck Mike Tyson.

  3. “The thing is though, the whole Antifa movement seems to have fallen apart after that event.” It’s hormonal. It’s June. Mid to late April or May next year they’ll come out again. They always do. It’s like an annual mating call. They are mostly on summer vacation now sitting by the beach drinking Mai Tais that their parents bought.

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  5. It is quite astonishing how sites of the alledged “America First” right are so utterly silent on the 50’th anniversary of the murderous attack by Israel on the USS Liberty and the treasonous cover-up.

  6. When Comey and Trump were sitting in silence, Trump should have told Comey to “pull my finger”

  7. “genocidal rage”? Oh come on. David French and Kevin Williamson
    were right to pour out some contempt on white trash who have reacted to adversity with drug usage, promiscuity, and other habits of the downward bound. You’re reading your own fears into remarks like “The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die”. If there is any homicidal rage in that, it’s in terms of class, not race.

    • It is rage. The sheer level of hate aimed at the white blue collars . You don’t see it aimed at Muslims, Blacks or any other group that is actively tearing down this country. In fact these same people welcome in all the dregs of the 3rd world.

      It’s race and class based.

      As for the “white trash” they weren’t that 30 years ago. Back then their towns and local communities were healthy and people employed. But then came along NAFTA supported by all the urban good whites and the crowd at the NR and GOP. Then bam!! entire towns and counties were devastated by massive off-shoring of entire factories and businesses to the the tune of over 8 million well paying jobs vanishing over night. To add insult the good whites poured 3rd world dregs, The goodwhites destroyed these people’s futures, hopes and dreams.

      They have every right to dismember people like Murray and Williamson and every member of the NR just for being anti-American and anti-white scum. Along with all the others who support globalization.

      • The Lefties should back off from Trump and let him do his work. Any kind of real rural economic revival is likely to be slow and incremental. The real Right is very intolerant of failure to deliver on promises, and Trump has made big implied and explicit promises here. If by chance he does deliver, and rural economic revival is quick and real, all the better for everyone. Of course, the Lefties would find some sort of unfairness in it. They are the sort who could get a free meal, and then complain that the delicious steak offends a vegan somewhere.

    • would love to see how you would handle those circumstances. i mean, once you got done shitting yourself blind…

  8. “Either way, they are morally and spiritually exhausted. What comes next is inevitable.”

    Does this mean I can begin selling mail order guillotines?

  9. Z…wonder when you’ll get the star treatment at NR? You know they’ve got to be reading you….!

    • I think every NR writer blocks me on twitter. I’m even blocked by some I never heard of until I did a little research. American Conservative blocks me too, which is hilarious.

      My guess is none of the NR people look to their right for reading material. The one exception is Sailer. I know a few of them read his blog.

  10. This is curious to me because I am on the lookout for the various right factions and the only way to find them is when they reveal themselves in some declarative manner like making a blog post or showing up at a rally with a Trump shirt. Its easier to know what ideas resonate with you than to identify with a group. As far as groups go I am more interested in what the young conservatives are up to than whatever a Buckley Conservative is.

  11. Hence the iron wall that the owners of the State have erected around the glass jaw of the HoloHoax.

  12. While ‘moldylocks’ getting decked (funny video, BTW) made them take pause, it was trying these stunts in New Orleans, Dallas, Arkansas and SC that really squelched them – where the cops didn’t ‘stand down’ and in fact would bust them for violating ‘anti-mask’ ordinances (ironically, designed to thwart the KKK). The word getting out that these idiots might get hauled off to jail, as well as getting roughed up, that calmed them down.

    • If the ordinances were originally written to control ‘Race Terrorists’ then they are still being used for their original purpose.

      It is fitting and proper.

  13. [Moldbug] and neo-reaction were a big deal on-line a decade ago… addressing it now in a serious way is [stupid]. What his post reveals, more than anything, is that he and the rest of the Buckley Mystery Cult have not been paying attention for a long time.

    Disagree strongly.

    First, neoreaction was unknown 10 years ago, and certainly had little interest outside of its tiny intellectual ghetto on the net. This has changed, slightly, only because progressives will always look for the most far-out stuff for their two-minutes hates. Of course for the most part they are intellectually mediocre (at best), and will thus gravitate to the likes of Richard Spencer. What could be more hatefun than attacking Nazis? But the smarter ones like Scott Alexander will find Moldbug much more interesting and thus choose him as their bête noire.

    Second, Moldy was posting intermittently through 2013 on his blog (and he still occasionally shows up on the net, if you know where to look). 2013 was four years ago, not ten. I am sure he is very busy these days, but he is not dead. That’s a huge difference between him and, say, Lawrence Auster. Auster will not trouble the left again, at least not with anything new. Moldy might.

    Third, age has an important function in political disputation that it does not have in many domains (including music, even disco). We seek to find sages who saw things accurately ahead of time. (Indeed, this is basically what Moldbug himself was doing, and he settled on Carlyle for his sage FWIW.) Moldbug often comes off as quite prescient. For example, read what he wrote about populism in 2008, years before Trump.

    Finally, what’s most important about Moldbug and neoreaction particularly wrt National Review is that neoreaction is an intellectual movement opposed to the liberal individual and thus democracy. The alt-right isn’t; it is an identitarian movement fundamentally situated in democracy.

    • I’m sure there are still a few Moldbug fans around, but that whole thing is as dead as disco. The exact date of is death is not a debate worth having. Frankly, I think the neo-reaction guys had some good observations and some useful framing, but otherwise they were mostly wrong.

      • Z-man, Moldbug may be dead as disco but a Good Editor could take his grave filled with the corpus of his writing, a giant moldering trove of unorganized, dense, opaque prose, and produce a few crystal clear Tom Paine like pamphlets to proselytize for the Alt Right.

        Dan Kurt

        • It would require a herculean effort to tease out a pamphlet from Moldbug. The guy literally wrote 10,000 word posts that could be boiled down to 1,000 words. There was always a dorm room bong session to his stuff.

      • is the clearinghouse for Moldburg’s successors. They do a weekly roundup of postings from various fellow travellers. Not quite dead as disco, but their influence outside their own circle seems almost non-existent

        • Nick Land links to me on occasion. I don’t think any other NRx types read me, but I don’t know. I think there is some overlap between my thing and their thing, but I’m way outside their orbit with regards to history, culture and science.

          It’s kind of weird how the NRx stuff sort of disappeared. Even though I was not a big fan, I could see that being a gateway drug to alt-right and traditionalism.

      • Moldbug was certainly correct about the Matrix sequels proving that accidental genius is real. The romanticism for Moldbug is contextual. Every former progressive, whether they call themselves NRx, alt-[whatever], traditionalist, got red-pilled at some point. For me and a lot of other people he was the first dissident philosopher I’d ever read. And as far as what was available in 2007 he was about the only game in town.

        I wouldn’t recommend him as a starting place for any recovering progressive today. But his historical contribution to the awakening was very real.

        • It’s probably generational. I came of age in the 80’s when guys like Pat Buchanan, Paul Gottfried, Joe Sobran and Sam Francis were still in their prime years. In the 80’s, Bill Buckley would still make the case that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was a mistake, at least obliquely.

          I find it interesting that you think he was the portal through which Progressives moved into the out dark of dissident politics.

        • I think Sailer analyzed the Matrix movies better. His theories about giving in to your inner demons is spot on. Once they indulged their kinks and fetishes they lost the ability and energy to harness their talent.

  14. It’s really embarrassing for them that Steorts is such a terrible writer. I guess you don’t have to be a really good writer to be an editor but you’d expect at least some minimal competence. Someone who’s job it is to pare down other’s writing ought to be able to express himself in blocks of less that 10,000 words.

    His writing reminds me of JFK Jr, who was the editor of “George” in the 1990’s. He ‘wrote’ a page of unreadable garbage at the beginning of that mag – hey maybe Jason was ghosting for him. 👻

    • It’s not that he’s a terrible writer (which he is) it’s that he’s a terrible thinker. For example:

      “More specifically, consider the maxim that government should be “of the people, by the people, for the people,” in Lincoln’s pleasingly parallel phrase. This means, I take it, that citizens should have equal standing to participate in representative government under laws equally applied to all. Let’s call this, the pith of the American idea, “procedural liberalism.””

      I always thought that of the people, by the people and for the people meant that the people were in charge, that they could not only fire individual politicians but rebel completely against a tyrannical government, as the founders did. Now Steorts comes along and tells me Lincoln’s phrase refers to the legislative process, “procedural liberalism,” which fits perfectly with his and all globalists’ view that people do not matter.

      This is why Conservative, Inc. sucks.

      • The procedural liberalism he’s talking about is a theory of law and government that underlies a lot of political thinking. I think Hamilton could be said to have subscribed to it because of his objections to amending the constitution with a bill of rights. The idea is that freedoms and rights are inherent in the processes of law that our lives percolate through. As long as those processes remain intact, the fundamental rights in here within them.
        The problem with this is that the adherents of this particular faith don’t seem to get that when you have bad people in charge of the process, the process means nothing. This was the argument of the anti-federalists and why they insisted on a bill of rights.
        And having bad people in charge of our processes and institutions is what we have today. Get rid of them and the world becomes a better place, and safer for the theory that we are protected by processes.

        • One more thing. Look at what thinking we are protected by process has gotten us in the case of a special counsel being set loose to put down the will of the people.

        • For a long time, the Buckleyites have been in love with the idea that they are a means justifies the end ideology, while their friends on the Left are an ends justify the means ideology. I recall Jonah Goldberg going on at length in the 90’s, I think, it could have been during the Bush reign of terror. It was a big deal for them. My suspicion was that it was in furtherance of the “freedom agenda” stuff, which argued that democracy in the Arab world would turn the Middle East into Vermont.

          This is a Talmudic corruption of Montesquieu, in my opinion. The spirit of the law is no longer moored in the culture, but is endlessly debated and assessed within the context of written law, prior judgments and current circumstances. The national sport of Israel is arguing. Within Judaism there are a few topics about which you can’t ask questions. It’s not unreasonable to say that Judaism is an endless debate, which is the manifestation of faith. Silence being the absence of God.

          The result here is that this impulse toward endless debate, coupled with the Enlightenment idea of the spirit of the laws, results in a celebration of process bordering on the sacred. It’s why they so cavalierly knuckle under on issues like abortion and gay marriage. The Rabbis on the high court made their decision. As long as the process was followed, the law is settled. On the periphery, the debate may continue as a sign of faith or as part of a larger declaration of faith, but the law is settled. Time for the next fight!

          I look forward to the outraged replies.

          • “The Rabbis on the high court made their decision. As long as the process was followed, the law is settled.”

            That gem alone is worth the price of admission. You’ve put your finger on what has bothered me about our system for a long, long time!

      • That’s a great quote to pull up because because it demonstrates not only that he can not read but that he desperately needs an editor himself (how much more throat clearing can be packed into only three sentences).

        What does this guy got where they have to keep him around as they fire all their talented people?

      • Steorts seems unaware that his goofy formulation has excised Lincoln’s “of the people” and “for the people” from the constitution of the American government and its purpose. Fittingly, Steorts reduces Lincoln’s formula to a mechanism for the endorsement an elitist Mandarinate more or less hostile to the little people whose sole purpose it seems is to confer it some kind of legitimacy. I’m sure that such a formula is appealing to Steorts, as he imagines himself a deserving member and mouthpiece for a governing class comprised more or less of Ivy League twits and homosexuals such as himself.

      • “in Lincoln’s pleasingly parallel phrase…

        ” that they could not only fire individual politicians but rebel completely against a tyrannical government, as the founders did.”

        Lincoln supported the right to rebel against the government. Got it. Story checks out.

  15. The whole SJW movement has a mayfly on life support quality to it. You take away daddy’s money and the support of the campus administrators, it will die off immediately. The inauguration arrests and prosecutions, the Berkeley riot, and Gamergate all illustrate how quickly the SJWs fold.

    I dunno, Z man. I’ve run into a couple of bullies in life, who if you make a stand and win, come back the next day with three of their buddies and beat the crap out of you. The bureaucratic bullies all seem to fall into that category. But you gotta fight for what’s right. Right?

    • Trigglypuff, Moldylocks and their ilk cannot sustain paper route much less a movement. The left will either unleash and incite the real demons they have influence over or simply die on the vine.

    • Make two new laws:

      1. Student loan debt can be discharged in bankruptcy
      2. If a student defaults on their student loan, the college they went to owes 10% of the principle

      That would shut off the left’s funding completely.

  16. Were earned pride and liberty to become a way of life again, preserving the continental America as it is can have no place in this. It is instead the very reason all roads lead back to the Imperial City. The Founders brainstormed mightily to arrange a system of government that would overcome Montesquieu’s dictum, that a successful republic must be limited in size, and for 72 years they succeed. But the left succeeded in breaking down the peculiar American character that resisted Utopia, through universal suffrage, and then by importing people amenable to their rule due to either being hostile to that character, owning a more passive nature, or being hopelessly unintelligent; all the while succeeding at the same time in breaking down the native stocks through various socialist schemes. I don’t know what forward is, but it is not back. Back is where all the answers lie, but it is not a place we can reassemble.

  17. Moldylocks is a zombie true believer and has no idea how she came to believe and behave as she does. Hint, it was a gradual indoctrination that began very early in her formative years and has been sustained in near continuous fashion by mass media funneled through a iphone.

    Steorts is knowing fifth-columnist who is practicing his trade with serious intent and operates under the assumption that he can “convert” the old dogs via the power (and volume) of his words. This is old school Marxist doctrine.

    Moldylocks will buckle quickly because she has no real foundation. Steorts also has no fight in him beyond words, but will never quit until his last breath.

  18. I tried to read, no….rather skim the Moldbug rebuttal, but gave up after Stoert’s came up with this:

    “Since Moldbug knows perfectly well that his recipe for Singapore could easily turn into a recipe for the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom….”

    What? It would take too much space and time to fully unpack the idiocy of this statement, but by making it it’s clear that Steorts knows nothing about either Singapore or the Taipings, and is not shy about advertising the fact.

    Who’s reading this nonsense? My guess is that a few brave souls like Z read it to make sport of it, but that their paying audience has dwindled to a few offices in the greater DC metro area. If NR is even around in five years, I’ll be very surprised.

      • The Mantra


        Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

        The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

        Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

        What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

        How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

        And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

        But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

        They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  19. The establishment right was always the Washington Generals. Never supposed to win anything. Not even supposed to make it interesting because it was the antics of the left that were supposed to hold our interest.

    Then a whole new thing happened. The Washington Generals hired ‘Wilt Chamberlain’. Suddenly the focus is no longer on the left. They are getting their shots blocked and getting dunked on like a WNBA team against a high school boys team.

    It is not their ‘last gasp’, honestly that happened long ago but now the official right finds out somebody else took the court while they were hitting the showers. The left hasn’t folded up yet but they are running and hiding instead of fighting. Like Joe Lewis said, ‘They can run but they can’t hide’. Somewhere soon in the next couple decades they are going to be the ones seriously thinking of putting up walls. They can keep their three hundred sixteen square miles. We’ll keep the rest.

  20. The Left, cowards as they are, will never quit. They will contract and recruit ideologically amoral mercs to do their dirty work. The hired muscle will just shrug with indifference while cajoled by progs to fight for diversity and Gaia. They are in it for the plunder and power to gained.They will bide their time like Hitler before he did in Ernst Röhm, and Stalin took the mantle from the dying Lenin, who in his egghead conceit saw too late what was going to happen.

    The progs are content to allow the radical Muslims to bring down the pillars of Western culture, thinking in their pseudo intellectual superiority as they grasp their degrees in gender studies they will be able to subvert them, treating them with the same customary soft racism of low expectations that they have always treated all minority groups they have virtue signaled for. These progs will become the capstone of corpse heap of their former political enemies.

    • I think one possible outcome is as the neoliberal system becomes unstable, American Progs retreat into a form of tribalism. They coagulate around Prog outposts and begin to demand greater autonomy. Read Prog sites and you see a fair bit of it turning up. The whole CalExit thing is an example.

      • Will they build walls around CA to keep out all the minorities we’ll be sending their way?

      • What do you think the odds are that the CalExit will actually occur? Texas had it written into their agreement to enter the United States that they had the right to leave. And yet, they have not, even though belonging to the US has not been in their interests for sometime now. It takes a powerful shock for people to end their social contract, not just because of some self-righteous perception of themselves. As the Declaration of Independence pointed out,

        “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

        As far as progs retreating into a form of tribalism, it will be only small groups that will do this. See “hippie communes” for an example. They rarely last, and when they do, they take on capitalism and conservative business models to survive. In other words, they grow up. The monolithic “left” will not retreat from their need to virtue signal because it is a major part of their religion and self-esteem. They will follow Orwell’s dictum that they must cure the heretic before they kill him.

        Catastrophe is the only chance we have to separate and begin to pick-up the pieces. Western Whites are too spoiled. They have to have nothing to lose before they will do what needs to be done. Hurry up Apocalypse.

        • Right now, I’d say the chance of success is very low. But, the future is bleak. In fifty years, no one will care if they stay or go as the US would be a meaningless construct.

          • I wouldn’t be so sure about that bleakness, but for some reason “Soylent” inexplicably showed up in the word choices when I started typing this rebuttal, so there ya go.

          • Right now, the chance of success is indeed very low. But time has been compressing quickly of late. People to the right of center are fatigued, and want more than ever to just be left in peace. If sluicing off their tormentors will end the henpecking, they are closer to waving good-bye than you may believe.
            Never underestimate the indifference of a tired man. It will be the Left that clings to its object of hate. After all, they want to make you a better man.

        • Yes, Texas did leave the United States. The United States simply conquered them (and the rest of the Confederacy) anew.

      • I’m all for Federalism – although based on the crap I saw last night in the primaries, I have to get myself out of NJ soon.

      • They are retreating to safe zoes on tv such as Colbert and that lesbian on Msnbc. Ratings are up!

  21. Okay, since we mentioned IQ again, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate again with this sample IQ question:

    Find two words, one from each group, that are the closest in meaning:

    Group A

    talkative, job, ecstatic

    Group B

    angry, wind, loquacious

    a. talkative and wind

    b. job and angry

    c. talkative and loquacious

    d. ecstatic and angry

    Answer: c. Talkative and Loquacious

    Now how is some hoodrat, or an immigrant, or a child of immigrants, or a poor white kid supposed to know what the word loquacious means? I have a masters degree and a professional doctorate-level degree and I momentarily struggled with that word. Low IQ test results because you’ve never heard that word before or because you’re around people who don’t speak that way means nothing other than possibly being a predictor of how well you are going to function in a setting where you’re around people who have had exposure to those words and concepts.

    IQ test score is only relevant to the extent that you do not have the ability to learn, internalize and understand that word, assuming you’ve had exposure to it. It has nothing to do with the fact that a test question may fixate on a word that isn’t used in your circle of family and friends.

    • For starters, I’ve known two people in the ghetto named “Loquacious.” Second, there are exams that do not rely on English proficiency. The Raven’s Progressive Matrices are an obvious example. Even so, the size of one’s vocabulary does correlate to IQ.

      • Three of the players on the basketball team opposing my niece were named, ‘Uniqua’ (sp?). Black guys used to be named things like ‘Thurman, Freeman, and George. Now you have Loquacious.

      • A couple of years ago Shitavious Cook was convicted of first-degree murder.

        And I am pretty sure almost everyone that is reasonably literate knows what “loquacious” means.

          Aaja (pronounced Asia), Acacia, Ajeenah, Akai, Aquanita, Aryan White, Baleria, Barbertha, Callie (pronounced Kelly), CaAndi, Chetiqua, Cloteal, Curly Top, Darhies, Dayphine, Debrasharme, Derecio, Dertiteriesa, Dikueria & Dikuria (twins), Dildree, Dishon, Dovanna, Duanita, Dyiamond, Dwendolyn, Effillyne, Elizabeth Taylor, Endrissa, Equandolyn, Esaw, Everage, Floyce, Franshawn, Ghia, Godzilla Pimp, Ivier, Jartavious, JyesahJhnai, Keithen, Kentnilla, Lafondra, La,poo (yes, contains comma), Latronia, Lemonjello & Orangejello (twins), L’Tonya, Machoda, Nau-Quia, Mayima, Minute, Miquel, Nethel, Omnipotence, Ondra (pronounced André), Ozro, Padraic, Pecola, Phe-anjoy, Precious Unique, Queen Esther, Quithreaun, Rincesetta, Sanja, Saranus, Shanieja, Sharicus, Shiquipa, SiJourna’i, Silquia, Sinetra, Summer Love, Termicka, Tequilla, Timphanie, Tryphenia, Tywana, Tzaddi & Tzavvi (twins), Ulheric, Undlia, Undrea (pronounced André), Wsam, Xiomara, XL, Yaw, Yuvodka Sharice, Wilida, Zaquan, Zufan, Zyneene.

          • Years ago,my stepbrother and I kept a “Negro names” list, but it’s antiquated now, I see. My favorite was “Latrina”, but these above…

      • The Raven’s tests are very, very good. They come in several flavors, targeted for different IQ ranges. Although the results seem accurate in the highest tier, however, it should be noted that IQ is almost impossible to measure with any degree of resolution above 190. There simply aren’t enough peers around to judge and validate the accuracy.

    • Not 100% sure, but if you believe the opinion you are espousing then you aren’t quite playing devil’s advocate.

      • This is too long to get into here, but there is a difference between your raw intellect and the techniques they use to measure it. IQ is only one data point. It may or may not necessarily mean anything alone, YMMV.

        • re: TempoNick & IQ.
          You really need to study the subject before you post and demonstrate your ignorance. I suggest you read Arthur Jensen’s STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT MENTAL TESTS: Jensen from Berkeley was an expert on IQ. His maximum opus is titled The g Factor. Jensen also wrote a book on possible bias in IQ testing titled appropriately Bias in Mental Testing:

          Dan Kurt

          • I have studied it both through reading and life experience. Besides, you can poke holes in virtually everything else that is “scientific,” especially when it comes to the mental functioning of a human being, but suddenly IQ is gospel? So I guess any time I hear psychobabble, I shouldn’t question that, either?

        • Ok Tempo, I’m your Huckleberry.
          I’ve said here before that while IQ measures intelligence, that is not the only measure of a person. To me, CHARACTER, is much more meaningful issue. You look at the world today and you have a such a quandary of things good and bad. You have contributions from great minds to mankind and society and yet you have the likes of Tyrants, Despicables in Brussels, and the NWO, etc., and even the crony capitalism in the good ‘ol USofA trying to destroy the world in order to rebuild it in their desired image, all for a buck. All people of supposed intellect from the best schools in the land. The Best and the Brightest.

          But amongst the Deplorables are very smart people who make daily contributions, and those of lesser intellect who break their backs daily to do the work for a pittance of the profits that the brilliant owners make but do so for more noble reasons. The problems we face are those of character. Those where people feel they owe no loyalty to the country or people that helped them achieve their riches.

          One of the reasons I was drawn to HP as an employer, besides working with really smart people, was their approach to profit sharing with employees. Great work environment, benefits, profit sharing, and of course, bonuses, etc. for exceptional performance was what set HP apart from the competition along with their drive for exceptional quality and technological leadership in their product areas.

          The company strove to get the most out of all their employees since not everyone can be the creme de la creme in every department all the time. Expectations, motivation, competition was the name of the game. Just like the product focus on continual quality improvement, the same was expected from employees. Go stagnant and die. In order to survive you had to keep growing, improving, get stronger.

          So to all who flaunt the IQ flag as if it matters all that much, I say to you, that so much of our ailments are also the result of your high IQ brethren who fall on the low side of the Character curve, as much as those who fall on the postivie side for good to great character and their successes. To bad there is no way to weed these failures out of the system, or so it seems. But then it is their credentials, titles, position, family heritage, money, and all that keeps them protected. Just say’in.

          • I dont’ know. Has anyone ever looked at that kind of thing? Everything else gets studied.

          • There is a lot of truth to what you posted, but my point is still that IQ is still just an estimate based on one set of assumptions and as the old phrase goes, garbage in, garbage out.

            The inputs that go into determining IQ are a lot like church doctrine about Christianity where they say if you’ve been exposed to Christianity and don’t accept the teachings, then you’re condemned. But if you’re not exposed to Christianity, I guess God looks the other way.

            The fact that someone is around people who use words like loquacious in their everyday conversations means they have a leg up on that IQ test. It says nothing about the raw intelligence of someone who isn’t regularly exposed to that kind of language.

    • If the word loquacious not circulating among your friends and family correlates well to your general intelligence, there’s nothing wrong with the question.

      Psychologists think IQ tests measure general intelligence because the scores are so damn predictive of educational achievement. It’s not because the questions themselves seem inherently able to do so.

      • But what I am saying that it doesn’t always correlate. Take an immigrant child like me. Where am I going to hear the word loquacious used in everyday conversation when I’m around people who can barely speak English. That’s why these IQ tests, to a certain degree, are garbage in, garbage out.

    • “I  have a masters degree and a professional doctorate-level degree and I momentarily struggled with that word.”

      Then you should take your obviously worthless “degrees”, along with your High School cert of graduation and return them all for a refund.

      Good God, man,  I knew what “loquacious” meant by the 5th grade. 

  22. While I agree that the resistance on the “right” to you people is pathetic and somewhat disingenuous I must disagree that the REAL resistance has faltered

    To the contrary it has grown stronger.

    I would advise you to read verysmartbrothas to get a taste of what Black America is thinking, feeling, and planning

    They are not backing down and are committed to their endeavors.

      • Only white Anglos? What a putz. Have a look at the UK today, it’s a socialist shitehole with porous border specially constructed for you by white Anglos.

    • who cares what black america thinks or does? they just are not important to America in any way.

    • Trent Denton is correct. I have posted here before that everyone associated with the alt-right or the new-right should read VSB and Field Negro in order to get a grip on what Black America is thinking and feeling, and particularly the degree to which many blacks hate whites simply because they are white.

      VSB is particularly depressing because the comment section there is largely populated by educated, literate, articulate, professional blacks. One would assume that this demographic would have found some appreciation for the system in which they have thrived. One would be wrong.

      The Field Negro website is just an all-around train wreck. Allegedly, the author is an attorney but he is semi-illiterate and suffers serious deficiencies in reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and logical reasoning skills. White racists troll the comment section and black racists respond with equal force. It’s truly appalling, like naked mud wrestling for obese people.

      These websites provide a sad confirmation for Vox Day’s thesis that in the end your skin is your uniform. They are two of the best recruiting tools available for the alt-right.

      • So, how smart is a brotha who advocates insurrection on behalf of a easily identified, dispersed-yet-highly-concentrated, poorly-organized, ill-disciplined 12% minority_? Good God_!

        To paraphrase someone French (Tallyrand, I think), it’s not just a crime, it’s a blunder.

        • I did not say they were smart. One of the points of irony in the website is the intellectual mediocrity of the writing at a website called verysmartbrothas. Most of the posts are little more than rambling diatribes with liberal doses of “ass” and “fuck” as unnecessary modifiers.

          Here’s an example of a quality essay produced by VSB:

          The author is a fast-rising start in lefty political circles and receives invitations to speak at universities up and down the East Coast. It’s an embarrassment, but I guess I am judging it from a white perspective. My bad.

          In the years I have followed the website I have noticed that the comments section has gradually tilted to about 80%-90% women so it really has degenerated into a black woman bitch fest. Most of these women are posting every few minutes from work, which tells you something about their jobs. (The men are, in general, far more reasonable and considered in their opinions.)

          And I would not say they are planning insurrection of any sort. It’s probably more accurate to say they are committed to fostering a society in which the white population alters its standards, beliefs, practices, and structures to accommodate and advance people of color, mostly blacks. White people and white societies are inherently, structurally racists and must be reformed to … blah, blah, blah. You get the point.

          In any event, whites should read it regularly, not because it contains stellar content but because it will force your eyes wide open. As I said, it’s one of the best recruiting tools for the alt-right.

      • Quite frankly I really don’t give a damn what “black America” thinks anymore.

        “Black America” better realize that the only thing that is protecting them at the moment are the Caucasians. Hispanics hate blacks and most Asians do not view black people as being human beings.

      • I think he meant “resistance on the Left” to you people” … didn’t he? Doesn’t make sense.

        In any case, maybe that is where Obozo stashed all his Fed arms and ammo for the supposed Departments to quell the uprising of the crazy right wingers. We still need an accounting of just what and where all that shit went.

        • I think he was saying that there have been two branches of “the resistance” and that the right wing branch is faltering, but the left wing branch is strengthening. Then he goes on to extol the planning and strategy of a black web site you’ve never heard of and says to be very afraid. If I wasn’t already on the pot I would have pissed in my pants the fear has so engulfed me. I can hardly type this, my hands are shaking so. Gotta wipe now. Hope I don’t get it all over my hands,

    • What exactly are their endeavors, pray tell? If it is anything other than stopping the little “G”‘s from killing each other, it’s leftist pap

    • “committed to their endeavors”

      Yeah, they always have been. so what? Their endeavors are largely nihilistic and increasingly violent, and only relevant to a minority of a minority.

    • The “Resistance” is a yipping Poodle — it thinks it sounds all big and bad until some gets fed up with it and punts it to the curb.

      You and the rest of your ilk better hope our patience and tolerance with your B.S. doesn’t wear out.At the rate you are pushing it will wear out soon. When it does we will bare the Iron Hand and squash you and all your “Resistance” comrades like a fly.

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