The Dead End

Most of the issue that plague our modern societies stem from the unwillingness of our policy makers to consider the obvious solutions. In the 80’s, we had a bum crisis due to the states being forced to fling open the doors to their nervous hospitals. The former patients had no one willing to care for them and no ability to care for themselves, so they ended up on the streets as bums. The obvious answer was to put them back into the asylums, but that was ruled off limits and we still have a bum problem to this day.

The solution to the bum problem was to ignore it and build up a big new bureaucracy for dealing with the bums, while not actually getting them off the streets. That meant a proliferation of not-for-profit organizations that dealt with the bums, using grants from the city, state and federal government. The result is we now have a special interest that works to thwart any effort to get the bums off the streets. Bum maintenance has become an industry with lobbyists and political power. And we still have bums.

The thing is, the Cloud People do not have a bum problem. They “solved” the “homeless” problem by agreeing to use their tax dollars to build flop houses in your neighborhood and they also make sure the bum services industry is located in your neighborhood. You will never see a homeless shelter next to a Starbucks. The cops in Cloud Country are adept at putting the stray bum on a bus and sending him to Dirt Country, where the shelters are located. After all, they are public servants and that is the humane thing to do.

For a minor annoyance like the bum problem, this is not an untenable situation. Even in the ghetto, the crazy guy screaming at cars as they pass by is just local color. For bigger issues, like the black underclass, this approach is unworkable. For fifty years white liberals have been playing a weird game of Old Maid, in which they find new ways to dump blacks from their neighborhoods into the normie middle-class. The normies respond by moving away, but Lefty keeps finding ways to inflict the problem on them.

The primary source of racial conflict in modern America is the Cloud People habit of blaming typical white people for the bad behavior of blacks. Whites don’t care if Ray-Ray guns down Trayvon over a sneaker beef, but they do care when they are told they are responsible for it. Instead of addressing the issue of ghetto violence, we have a whole industry built around race hustling. The dysfunctional black under-class is the source of income for thousands of people with an interest in never solving it.

The Exploding Mohamed is looking like a problem for which the Cloud People have no way to ignore, but they are working hard to find a way to turn this problem into a weapon against the Dirt People. Take a look at this Spectator piece after the most recent incident. It reads like a meditation on how to avoid facing reality. The proposed suggestions, they don’t qualify as solutions, are laughably pointless. You could be forgiven for thinking the writer started by eliminating what will work and then came up with his list of solutions.

The most obvious solution to the exploding and stabbing Mohameds is to stop importing Mohameds. If BMW’s exploded at this rate, Britain would ban the importation of BMW’s and demand the manufacturer recall those in the country. Volkswagen is facing billions in fines for violating trivial emissions regulations. Yet, no one dares say, “there’s a problem with these Mohameds. Let’s put the brakes on importing more of them until will can figure out what’s going on with them.” Nope. It is a mad dash to import more of them.

The trouble is they can’t ignore it, like the bum problem, or even blame the honkies, like they do with black crime. This one is all on the Cloud People, but they can’t bring themselves to face the cause of the problem. Instead, they build out the police state, install more cameras and turn the country into a game preserve. Cynics say this is deliberate, but that assumes facts not in evidence. These people are not that clever. It’s that their multicultural religion forbids them from considering the right answer to the problem.

It is the aspect of anarcho-tyranny that most people don’t get right away. It’s not that the authorities are lazy or disinterested. It’s that they are afraid of their own bizarre religion of multiculturalism. When you rule out the reality of human nature from the tool set, you’re left with solutions that are contrary to human nature. The thing that allows them to rule like tyrants over their own kind, prevents them from raising a finger against strangers and aliens. It is as if a form of Toxoplasma gondii has infected the brains of the ruling elites.

This is not a terrible way to think of it. The typical person in the managerial elite has never had to face the hard decisions most of us take for granted. Theirs has been a life without accountability in a world stripped of the harsher aspects of the human condition. If you have spent your life in the dream world of the academy and the government campus, you can be forgiven for not wanting to question the underlying orthodoxy. As Tucker Carlson pointed out in this speech, it is a great life and no one would choose to leave it.

The trouble is, once you eliminate the axiomatic, you inevitably end in a logical dead end, with no real options other than retracing your steps. Since questioning the one true faith is off limits, the Cloud People spend their days dreaming up fantasy solutions to real problems that just keep getting worse. For something like bum control, nature tends to step in and solve the problem. For a Muslim invasion, the problem will not resolve itself, at least not in a tolerable way, until the fever breaks or the system collapses.

This will not end well.

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  1. “The thing is, the Cloud People do not have a bum problem.”
    “You will never see a homeless shelter next to a Starbucks.”

    >the elite going to Starbucks

    lol to the max

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  3. It is the aspect of anarcho-tyranny that most people don’t get right away.

    The term “anarcho-tyranny” is oxymoronic at best. I respectfully recommend “chaotic tyranny” as a direct substitute — or just “tyranny”, perhaps, as the modifier is superfluous, to begin with.

  4. Either they are mindless drones following the principles of their religion, or they are carrying out an elaborate plan to keep the bums away from CoffeeBucks and flood the suburbs with low income HUD housing to destroy property values and ethnically cleanse white working class citizens.

    It’s not either-or, it’s both.

  5. ” Instead, they build out the police state, install more cameras and turn the country into a game preserve. Cynics say this is deliberate, but that assumes facts not in evidence. These people are not that clever. ”

    Clever or not, I find it very hard to believe that senior people in the security services are unaware that more Mohammed means more security services.

    I agree that the religious explanation is a good one for the chattering classes and ordinary liberals. Listen to any NPR story on immigration and you’ll hear it clear as day.

  6. “Yet, no one dares say, “there’s a problem with these Mohameds. Let’s put the brakes on importing more of them until will can figure out what’s going on with them.” – except Trump of course and he now being politically flayed.

    The mental institutions were closed because
    1. High cost to house the socially undesired
    2. Medical advancement with neurotransmitters in pill form to treat them
    3. The hidden social civil social war and division of society into cloud and dirt people that followed.

  7. I live in whistler, there are a handful of homeless since they shut down the neighboring lunny bins. All Natives, all drunks, all harmless. But you can’t go to the library without hearing one of them ranting and raving, and eventually the cops being called.

  8. “This one is all on the Cloud People, but they can’t bring themselves to face the cause of the problem.”

    They continue to bring in Muslims because it serves two purposes:
    1) It will breed out the Whites that the ((in group)) hates.
    2) It is a money maker for the contractors who import and resettle these Muslims (and the Exploding Mohammeds) in a home near you.
    Those contractors are largely religious organizations like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Episcopal Migration Ministries, Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), Chruch World Service, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and four secular ones: Ehiopian Community Development Council, International Rescue Committee, and US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

    It is darkly amusing that the so called “Christian” churches are working hard against its traditional congregants in order to make the almighty dollar. All of the above organizations are funded by the US State Department and ultimately, by tax payers like us.

    The Cloud People will not have to worry about the exploding Mohammeds because the Muslims are resettled near the dirt people. The exploding Mohammeds will not be allowed into the Cloud People’s gated communities. Cloud People can afford armed security. The rest of us don’t matter.

  9. I think it would be worth mentioning that the mental institutions were closed primarily BECAUSE they had become a taxpayer-funded hangout for bums who wanted to be fed and housed but didn’t want to work (and many still there who wanted to evade the drafts a decade prior, re: Cuckoo’s Nest. Kesey didn’t just make that crap up. He hated the institutions but also noted that they were FILLED with people who were avoiding the draft, avoiding real-life issues, or had destroyed themselves with acid-trips.).

      • Obvious reasons being that the hamster isn’t scratching your hemorrhoids today? Call your cuck-buddy Gere and see if he can’t fudgepack that thing out of there.

        • well that escalated quickly.

          interesting fantasy life you have there (going by your hysterical response)

          • I always forget I shouldn’t start a battle of wits with an unarmed kid. I have work, I’m sure Karl that your mommy will make you go to grade school at some point today, unless she’s too busy sucking for crack. I’m sure if you run to HuffPo and DailyKos for your info, libs like yourself will read how mean-ol’ Reagan the Lionhearted closed mental institutions because he hated mentally ill people. Institutions were closed for three reasons: 1.) A new development in anti-depressants. Most “insane” people were simply overdiagnosed. 2.) A horrific legacy of abuse at taxpayer expense, with few people being “cured.” 3.) Most important, and constantly hidden by the media, the hospitals were filled with bums, drug-addicts, and draft-dodgers. Now, your beloved liberal media might drop hints at number 2 if they can find a way to pin it on conservatives, but will completely and “conveniently” forget to mention 1 and 3. My post was to remind people that the media narrative of “mean ol’ Reagan” is not the whole story. Kesey actually wrote SOME of the truth into his story, a broken clock is right twice a day and a liberal can’t push lies without an occasional grain of truth.

    • Government caused the problem, then caused another. Maybe that’s why Athenian democracy fell apart.

  10. “These people are not that clever.”

    I’ve had to deal with conspiracy types most of my life, both professionally and personally. I’m still trying to convince my sister her belief in chemtrails is seriously wackadoodle (no luck yet). We read a lot about how what we see happening in the western world is all part of elaborate leftist (globalist, satanist, cthulhu, whatever) plots to undermine society and take over. Nope…they’re not that clever.

    IMHO most of what ails us is the inevitable result of the Peter Principle run amok. Like a herd of deer no longer kept in check by the wolf, we are busting out all over and subgroups that would never proliferate in a “natural” world are busy expanding their numbers. If you know anything about population dynamics, Zman’s admonition that this will not end well takes on a rather depressing connotation. The big question is: are humans uniquely immune from the forces which drive all the other populations of critters on Earth? Guess we’ll see.

    • the phenomena you speak of was a consequence of affirmative action (fukk you Nixon). lowering standards for negroes, allowed the left to take over the bureaucracy.

      • No no no, the largest share of blame goes to LBJ, who gave us civil rights AND made the Vietnam war worse with micro-management (him and Robert McNamara of the Best and Brightest!). Long may they burn in hell.

    • Good second point, but-
      Some of those subgroups are predatory.
      Some are parasitic. Also natural.
      Why do you reflexively defend them?

      (I used to do the same. Nothing but Noble Patriots Defending Murica as far as I could see. I was well conditioned by the Holocaust religion to see nothing but virtue.
      Nobody lies, I’d never fall for that, who would manufacture consensus? Marketing is Always True.)

    • Global campaigns for Gaia, gay marraige, and tranny bathrooms- yet there are No. Such. Things. As Conspiracies.

      Let me guess, you’re the open minded one, yeah? Maybe some agnosticism is in order?

      • Actually I consider all those “conspiracies” you raised more evidence to my point. The only reason those are even considered as serious social issues is because our scum has risen to the top, and instead of seeing reality they exist in some bizarro-world alternate universe. You don’t need conspiracies to explain stupidity.

  11. Millennia of inbreeding guarantees the assimilation of Habib in a culture such as ours. They are an evolutionary dead end. They are merely an element in the culture crucible, consumed as a new paradigm emerges. The boomerang of unintended consequences is the curse of cultural marxism.

    • Very interesting interview – thanks for linking. Below is just one of many trenchant observations by Ms. Paglia:

      “…today’s liberalism has become grotesquely mechanistic and authoritarian: It’s all about reducing individuals to a group identity, defining that group in permanent victim terms, and denying others their democratic right to challenge that group and its ideology. “

  12. Exploding Mohammed. Heh. With dirt people and cloud people I think you are getting close to gathering the pieces for a new board game….maybe a card game. I can easily visualize the Exploding Mohammed card.

  13. “A total and complete shutdown of muslim immigration into the United States, until our representatives can figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.” — Donald J. Trump

  14. The main arguments the left uses regarding Muslim violence (or any violence they endorse) are straight from the Soviet playbook. They’re all variations on Tu Quoque, but to be more specific, you have
    1) Whataboutism- Asking about some vaguely comparable act of violence from the right. For a long time, the go-to for people like Rachel Maddow was to say, “Timothy McVeigh.” He killed 168 people, and even though he wasn’t religious or racist, he was a white guy with a Johnny Unitas flat-top so for all intents and purposes for the left he was a white supremacist Christian fundamentalist. Of course, Muslims have killed far more people in their combined attacks just in the last decade or so, but I think Maddow and co. can squeeze a few more bits of pulp from this orange. The guy who shot up the Republican baseball game was a big fan of hers, so maybe she’ll mention Timothy McVeigh again if someone points out this loony loved her as well as Bernie.

    2) The other preferred Tu Quoque tactic is an oldie-but-goodie called “And you are lynching negroes.” This is also of Soviet provenance (what on the left isn’t?), and while it is better used to deflect attention from commie rights abuses, it can also be used to take attention away from the fact that Muslims practice human rights abuses (either in no-go zones in Europe or in their homelands) against the people progressives claim they want to protect (gays, women, etc.). If you mention that right now Muslims are doing these things, the Leftists (with their folding timeline, as I think you’ve called it) can get in their time machine (maybe a hybrid instead of a DeLorean) and they can travel back to the crusades or to the confederacy in order to try to make the argument that because conservative people once did violent things they don’t approve of, you have no right to talk about the horrible things their Muslim pets are doing right now.

    I frankly am not interested in arguing with these people or trying to convert them (they waved “bye-bye” to reality a long time ago). These “How to win an argument with a liberal” books by Frank Rich and Ben Shapiro sell well, so good on them, but I’m past the dialogue stage.

  15. At some point we have to face the very real probability that the political class (both in the US and Europe) is deliberately working to destroy social cohesion and the normal bonds of trust that enable representative government. What we are seeing is too pervasive, consistent, and sustained to be mere incompetence or corruption. Just because reality is abhorrent does mean it stops being reality.

      • No, this time is characteristically different. There is an actual coup d etat in progress at the moment and the near-term goal is to foment a war of attrition between law enforcement personnel and patriotic Americans who won’t stand idly by. Once the pool of good guys is sufficiently depleted, the serious tyrants will surface as would-be messiahs. They are playing chess, and they are good at it.

      • I was being sarcastic about TomA saying that “at some point we have to face the very real possibility …” as if that hasn’t already become apparent. That has been quite apparent for some time now and has been at work since the end of WW2. Many authors have noted such, especially those who had histories in the communist sector prior to finding their way to the U.S. as Americans of good repute. Others have come here as communist agents to infiltrate and bring down America.

    • History affords us many instances of the ruin of states, by the prosecution of measures ill suited to the temper and genius of their people–
      Benjamin Franklin

  16. So Vortigern, hires a bunch of Saxon mercy. One boat load of Hengist and Horsas later and we’re speaking a Germanic language instead of a Celtic one of Latin.

    So our modern day Vortigerns have brought them in by the boatload. Obama et al knew the Muslims were going to have us speaking Arabic. Does our new god emperor?

  17. Ten or so years ago I had significant familiarity with the San Francisco social services department. One minor part of that department was a table manned by two retired cops, located at the central welfare office, whose job it was to provide “free” bus trips to homeless bums claiming they wanted to go back from whereven they said they came from. Part of the sport was gaming this system in various ways in order to garner taxpayer funded travel.

    Oddly other cities were practicing the same racket, with the end result that they were shipping their bums in about twice as fast as SF could ship theirs out.

    The reason for this was that SF was offering at the time (and likely still is) the best benefit package for homelessness in America. The Cloud Princes who rule the city found it extremely puzzling that their homeless “problem” keeps growing by leaps and bounds. As, of course, does the myriad of heavily staffed programs designed to service that problem.

    From their point of view, it was a win-win. And SF continues to turn into a public toilet with an outdoor population of dangerous lunatics.

    • Serious question: Can a ‘flood the zone’ strategy work in the case of ‘weaponizing’ bums against Denver, Boston, San Francisco, etc. as well as it is working for Qatar and the Moslem Brotherhood using ‘weaponized moslem migrants’ against the UK_? IOW, every red state to give every bum a free one-way bus ticket to the same regional urban bum magnet on an orchestrated basis so as to serially bankrupt them_?

      Of course, it would be necessary to neutralize the obvious counter-tactic already in use, mentioned above, of SF giving the bums a ticket out. It should prove easy enough to make any bum’s boomerang arrival unpleasant enough that they’d refuse the offer to return from SF. I’m not talking human rights abuse here. Just a night or two in an under-heated, drug-free, bologna-sandwich-on-wonderbread menu detention center should do the trick. This should be followed by a one-way return ticket to the bum in question’s point of origin.

      Hey, this just might work for the malignant moslem migrants too_! The morons in charge of the UK have just admitted that their zone has been well and truly flooded such that their forces using conventional quasi-police state tactics are overwhelmed. Maybe they could figure this out_! Nah, who am I kidding,

      • Al for Interior Dept!

        Shipping duskies and problematics around
        1. Ensures higher property tax revenues and development payola as people flee to safety
        2. Ensures there will always be distressed discount bargains for future profit streams
        3. Socializes the cost, privatizes the profit
        (Most politicals are also members of “private investment groups” but with access to low-cost loans against all public money pools- aka “managing public funds wisely for yield”)

        • Other Al;
          My possibly poorly stated idea was to focus the pain of homeless policy stupidity exclusively on its blue-metro advocates via a concerted strategy of making them deal with its bad results exclusively. Right now they are being allowed to disperse said bad/sad consequences throughout red-land. And, it turns out that the strategic dialectic leads straight to what ought to be a viable approach to the malignant moslem migrant threat: Take the fun and profit out of it for the individual migrant as well as for their sending location.

          And such an approach is well short of the sort of ethnic cleansing that characterized the end of WWII in E Europe and in the Balkans in the 1990’s. But we know the Cloud folk won’t do the former, actually workable and relatively humane (albeit partial) solution now and so will end up with the latter ‘solution’ later, if only to stay a step ahead of the mob baying for their blood.

          As far as keeping undesirables constantly on the move as the solution (one that I wasn’t advocating), I can’t help thinking of the old joke about the chicken farmer on his way to market who thought he could beat the truck weight scale by banging on the side of the truck so the chickens would be flying about inside and their weight wouldn’t register.

    • Atlanta did the same thing prior to the ’96 Olympics. A bus ticket to whatever destination and $100 to get on it.
      The move to close mental asylums began in the late 60’s in California, from a combination of Psychiatrists claiming that the then-new drugs could treat even the worst of the mentally ill and ”reintroduce” them into society. As another commenter noted, Republicans were on board due to the perceived cost savings. Of course, all it did was shift them problem to the streets and the criminal justice system.

    • And you would be right. I moved to SF from Boston ten years ago and in that time have seen the homeless/bum situation go from bad to worse. I recently saw a post on my Gab feed that attached a poop map to the city. As expected, the downtown area had it the worst, but even out here at the beach, we’re not immune.

      Two things have had an especially large effect on the situation: the tech boom and huge construction projects. All those Google and Fakebook techies don’t want the suburban sprawl of the peninsula, they want bars and restaurants that are frequented by their own, in trendy neighborhoods. Luxury high rises are being built South of Market, near a new public transportation terminal and the ballpark. The new Financial District has drifted south to match.

      One of the major movers and shakers in the homeless racket doesn’t even live in the City. She gets to go home to Sausalito and leave us holding the bag. But any discussion of the current situation and this person is out and attacking, chewing on your leg like a wolverine for even suggesting that the whole thing is thoroughly intolerable. Meanwhile we who commute on MUNI have to put up with smelly, ranting, mentally ill people, hoping you’re not their next victim du jour. At least Boston’s crappy winter weather would give folks a respite from the homeless. Here, not so much.

  18. Dead end? These idiots think we’ll vote in droves for Kamela Harris.
    Obama in drag and out of the closet.
    Dream ticket- Kamela and Michelle, with Fauxcahontas trying hard not to cry in the background.

  19. Back in the seventies our illustrious Governor Mike Dukakis decreed that mental institutions were inhumane. They would close all these terrible state-run institutions and then place the mentally ill in group homes sprinkled about the Commonwealth.

    Case workers would be hired to help these mentally deficient individuals back into normal society. Trouble was they only implemented part one. They closed all the mental institutions , but never relocated those individuals to group homes or hired any case workers to monitor them.

    The mentally insane relocated underneath bridges and self-medicated with cheap alcohol. Of course insanity and alcohol is a bad mix. Most find their way to the prison system.

    Recently one of the lunatics went berserk and the correction officers were forced to restrain him. He coded out during the struggle and dropped dead. Immediately the do-gooders blame the officers and not the bum’s lifetime use of drugs and alcohol.

    They’ve now removed the officers and the criminally insane will be monitored by case workers. Can’t wait to see how this is going to work out.

    Really wish the cloud people were only adhering to their politically correct beliefs with the muslim invasion, but it’s a global crisis and looks a little too carefully orchestrated.

    Despite attack after attack from these murderous savages ( 9/11 anyone ? ) world leaders are steadfast with the continuing insanity.

    Replacing white’s with a low IQ workforce ? How do they plan on keeping the country running with all these exploding Mohameds ?

    Do the elites really want to model the country after the Middle East ? Just mind baffling 🙁

  20. How come Hodgkinson’s social media hasn’t been memory-holed?

    I think we’ve seen our first Martyr of the the Revolution. White, therefore Legitimate.

  21. Might it not be cheaper to book them all on cruise ships on a permanent basis.

    • would it actually be feasible to place all the lefties in “justice camps” with super low cost (and low maintenance) housing, give them all the junk food they want, and let them get up to whatever perversions they want? a kind of “roach motel” approach to the left…

      • Sure. It’s called Section 8 housing in diverse neighborhoods. What is missing here is a regular feedback to one’s most precious ideas. Ankle monitors required.

  22. I’ve started asking the goodthinkers, with a sincerely bewildered and ignorant expression, “I wonder why Japan has so few Muslim attacks.”

    It’s priceless to see the expressions on their little faces as they scan their minds for a good answer for me, the hillbilly and naif, and then suddenly realize that they are thinking obvious but forbidden thoughts.

    • scott adams (of dilbert fame) talks about this technique a lot, on his web site. he refers to it as creating a cognitive dissonance in a true believer’s mind. gives examples. Scott is like a political Nostradomus 🙂

  23. We are the victims of Munchausen by proxy committed by the cloud. They need a reason to feel important so they poison society and then set about prescribing solutions for us. They call us the patient when they are the ones who are sick.

    • old ways are best ways. our aristocracy needs to die as well.

      zman, one thing i have been thinking about is how to classify a person as being “of the cloud”. google s/w engineers are, I (also a s/w engineer) am not (for example).

      • Generally if such a thing were to happen , people can always spare genuine STEM types even if they are cloud people since the numbers are in acceptable limits even after a revolution

        Its about thinning the herd enough not exterminatus

  24. Did you hack the NR servers and post today’s Kevin Williamson screed? Because it reads like you did, right down to anarcho-tyranny references and a hat tip to Sam Francis. The only thing that make me think you didn’t write it is the obligatory slam on Francis as a crimethinker.

    I can never make up mind mind whether the progs are evil or crazy, but I stumbled across this journal article a couple of days ago. Written before the start of the current immigration crisis, it seems to lay out almost everything that has happened in Europe since. It is almost as though Merkel and the rest have been following the policy recommendations within.

    • If you read any of the UN’s Migration Agency’s documents it’s clear what the Cloud People’s Inner Party wants. White’s gone replaced by the global south. They are single-mindedly focused on it, with many documents discussing how to convince govenments who might be hesitant to flood their nations with mud to do so. Russia’s intransigence to being flooded is viewed as their largest hurdle.

      As FBI Anon stated in regard to the globalist’s view of Russia. “Russia is a threat. Highly nationalistic and too white. Loxism is a real thing.”

      And on the “Migrant Crisis”:
      Q: “Refugee crisis: orchestrated or not?”
      A: “Orchestrated. Elites need serf populations to work for cheap and breed out whites.”

      I agree with Z that your average Cloud person administrator is merely playing along by the in-group rules to maintain their station, the (((inner party’s))) motivations are genocidal.

      • I generally agree. The inner party, the true cloud people (who I once heard described as the “out of sight rich”), are driven by reason and will to power. The progressive religion is to motivate and to help keep the managerial outer cloud under control. It’s the cult of personality without the personality.

    • I don’t frequent NR much these days.

      The funny thing is the prim faced scolds of Conservative Inc spend their mornings reading the hate thinkers. They get some ideas and then write a low-calorie version for their sites. David French has been biting Steve Sailer’s ankles for years. Williamson is not a complete idiot so I bet he reads the hate thinkers too. Otherwise, it would just be cut and paste jobs from reason.

      • Once Libertarians realize that their ideas only work in-group, watch the f**k out.
        Party like it’s 1899!

        • Dammit! I may be a suck-up, but I’m an honest suck-up.

          It took a few Z-kicks to the head, but I gained Enlightenment.
          Thanks to Zman’s judicious, nuanced subtleties about libertarian virtues.

        • I’m leaning toward the argument that libertarianism is a cult. Maybe it was something serious at some point, but now it looks a lot like a cult.

          • There is strong evidence that NRO is mired deep in financial quicksand. They could probably solve their problems rather quickly by encouraging the return of Steyn and Derb, along with some of the other pariahs they created. But they won’t, because what they are smoking is of a religious nature as well.

          • it’s way too late for nro to fix their problems with the Trumpers. they declared war and fought for hillary, and they will never be supported by Trump voters.

          • More accurately: They won’t because their is a choice between meager pay and no pay. The option does not exist for any presently situated “establishment,” rag to defect. The act of defection is itself an act of professional suicide because having a presence in the monetizable mainstream requires loyalty to the Cloud (or loyalty to the Tribe, as the case may be).

            This rubs up against what I consider to be the most recurrent theme in the dissident right. Why are the cucks so unabashedly servile? We even know that some of them had more “edgy,” opinions in the not-too-distant past. Where have all the brave quasi-elites gone?

            The answer is that the same centralization process that gave us six media conglomerates running the whole mainstream show also gave us the de facto irreversability of political correctness. Once an idea is sold to the Cloud People, so long as said idea remains in good standing, it cannot be walked back without reprisal. Allowing as much would be tantamount to the ultimate reversal of that centralization.

            You get one media outlet, an add agency, and a payment processor working independently of the herd and like wildfire the new ideas will find their market and begin to replicate out of control. Look at the kind of ad traffic revenues denied to the alt-right websites. There are untold millions in those fertile fields, but the Cloud demands they lay fallow lest a blight spread to their own crops.

            Herein lies the conundrum. One can try as they might to end-run the system with small donations and other cooperative funding measures, but in the intervening years that matter (one to two decades time, at which point new demographics become cemented in the west) the Cloud either becomes aware of the problems in their system or they do not.

            Without some buy-in from the Cloud, at least from some qasi-powerful allies in the outer-rim, I suspect the trajectory of the West will not improve.

          • i blame ayn rand. don’t know about US but in my part of the world libertarians usually turned out to be randians. they started in college quoting milton friedman and now they all worship atlas shrugged .

          • In the US it seems the opposite, Libertarians, to me, seem to have an early infatuation with Rand and go to their present philosophy. Not that they ever really shed the Randian part.

          • Read Whittaker Chambers savaging of Ayn Rand. He saw that she was another wannabe leftist in right wing clothing.

      • Sailer would instantly raise the bar at NRO if he wrote there. His insight is always ahead of his time and his only blindsides are because he’s always too focused he sometimes misses whats in plain sight.

        He called world war T long before anyone else. I bet he’s six steps ahead now on where the left is going to push the Overton window.

        • Libertarianism was a an appeal to return to Constitutional liberties under federalism, before the rise of the American Soviet.

          The libertarian mistake- my own- was Universalism, and nostalgia.
          Like assuming such high trust values are possible without a dominant White population and all that implies, such as a Christian tradition, local autonomy and production, etc.

          If libertarians combine the appeal to liberty within the natural virtues of civilized homogenous populations, the marketing will be unbeatable.

          Right now it’s effectively dividing natural allies, as Conservative Inc. was designed to do.

          (Plus, it’s boring to read the same thing over and over and over.
          All theory, little examination of why and how criminals rule us.
          “Be nice! Be nicey-nice! Act white!”)

          • I’m afraid I have to disagree, I get the appeal of leave m,e alone but it doesn’t work

            Libertarian thinking requires a homogeneous moral probably religious population to work otherwise its just oligarchy and the vast majority of people end up withe the company store taking all their liberty instead of the state. Tyranny is tyranny no matter who does it

            On top of that there is a ton of profit, or was at least in moral degeneracy . Pimping ain’t easy but its good money and so is slinging legal dope , smut, exploiting the poor, tons of pure bottom feeder crap we don’t need

            Now of course we can get the a an ethnically homogeneous by mass deportation or less humane means but you can’t make the USA into a moral country or a culturally homogeneous one by means of force and have anything approaching a Libertarian society

            Also Libertarianism is at its core the ethos of chiselers , its another dodge to avoid the high cost of paying for a functional developed civilization

            This chiseling while far from optimum can work when the technological development level is low when most people are small business owners and small hold farmers , it worked after a fashion till the late 19th century but only to a fashion

            The immigration crisis and slavery were essentially caused by the grifters wanting cheap labor and of course crisis after crisis, the consonant cyclic depressions and panics of the 19th century were part and parcel of this ethos.

            However once a society reaches a certain level of development, costs go up and they have to be born by people who have money or society can stop working or both as we are starting to see.

            This means either pay good wages and tax everyone a fiat amount or eat the rich, choose wisely.

            The thing is automation while it makes goods cheaper also means people have less means to actually purchase all that production

            Marx was an idiot but his crisis theory isn’t entirely wrong and every Craigslist (employs 35 people, laid off 35000) or automated truck venture is essentially a vote for “Red or Unfed”

            And no you can’t opt out, essentially too much automation is going to mandate either collapse or socialism unless its regulated

            Its already got us huge numbers of people unemployed, on benefits or underemployed.

            On top of that leftism is ultimately always subversive

            This means an authoritarian populism which we aren’t ready for and it probably means the Ayn Rand Jihad will have to be dealt with too

            Do it right and you can have some freedom and prosperity but you can never have a Libertarian society.


          • Sigh. 1910 seemed to work rather well.

            Zman suspects it’s a cult.
            A cargo cult- nostalgia for a lost past- would describe it pretty well.

            So, what shall it be, then?
            More raids, or more rules?
            Conservative or Liberal?

            Freedom? What’s that?
            Not like we’d ever miss it, anyway, right? Who would complain?
            All I want to do is hold the gun for a while!

          • 1910 was a gawd-awful time for many people and its not remotely coincidental Sinclair’s The Jungle was published and the Socialists started growing then and there were violent anarchists as well.

            The current US kind of resembles that period a bit in fact

            The person who saved the Republic was Henry Ford who pushed wages up across the board and even his efforts weren’t enough

            Truth is people were suffering and when The Great Depression came taking out the rest , well…

            And yes as time went on Treasury Secretary Mellon was probably right, we did need to purge the rottenness from the system but people need to eat every day and can’t wait for Wall Street or the economy to recover. And note it as bad, despite very little feminism , a uniformly Christian population and no birth control , the TFR was well below replacement and wouldn’t recover till the massive war spending put everyone to work

            FDR’s Social democracy combined with the captive post war economy worked where older Libertarian ones didn’t any more

            Now what will work going forward is up in the air, its going to have to be homogeneous and culturally conservative though and we may not be able to get that with the current union

          • What a fine rebuttal!
            Too many weak points to last.
            Thus, all the social philosophies are cargo cults built on nostalgic miasma.

            How then to predict this brave new world? Many models, but none fit modern conditions.
            And more, the Great Stories that move us are most often great lies.

            What surprises me is that all we know is wrong, yet we try our best regardless, and still achieve miraculous good.

          • Swiss model federalism, nothing less– essentially, county government is supreme. And, limited suffrage. If you are not a net taxpayer you do not vote. Unless your county wants scofflaws and bums to vote, which is when you move to the next county over and negotiate a lower tax rate, possibly being why scofflaws never got a grip in Switzerland.
            But first we need to descend to our next level where, paraphrasing Bastiat, everybody fucks everybody.

  25. Read link article. You are so right. Britain is hopelessly gone with minds like this. Watched the Tucker video. 34+ minutes. Lots of pearls. Will watch again thanks

  26. Story One: Build It and They Will Come … and come.

    Sometimes doing something about the bum problem only makes it worse. I live in a small city near a big city. The big city gives bums free bus tickets to our small city where they congregate along a river in makeshift campsites. Occasionally, a bum will drown if the river rises fast, or a hapless jogger will be raped, but for the most part, the bums panhandled all day and slept by the river all night.

    … until the do-gooders got power. The do-gooders, armed with tax dollars, decided to build a fancy shelter. Next to the fancy shelter is a Catholic feeding place and a Lutheran illegal immigrant “resettlement” house. Also, there are a few cheap hotels, where, I’ve heard, larger families are “resettled.”

    Instead of tens of homeless, we now have hundreds. They roam the streets and many have no desire to sleep in the shelter. They LIKE their tent city by the river. They don’t want to work … they don’t want to move. And so, the expensive shelter is mostly unused, night after night.

    Story Two: The Homeless Guy in Boulder who runs a Homeless Shelter.

    I met, in a coffee shop in Boulder, an articulate though troubled-looking young man. In conversation he told me he runs a homeless shelter in town. We spoke at length about the homeless “problem” in Boulder until he blurted out that he didn’t think there was a homeless problem at all, that some people in Boulder — this is not my hometown, by the way — simply choose to be homeless. I was flummoxed. Why, I asked, would anyone choose to be homeless, particularly in the winter?

    He told me he was one of those homeless people who lived in a park by the Boulder library. For him, the park was home.

    I said, ” But you RUN a shelter, no?”

    He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Some homeless people want a shelter.”

    “Most don’t.”

    • Most don’t want to work. Most want three hots and a cot but without the gray bars. After that they want to be indulged in their many vices. Alcohol, drugs, sloth, porn and sex etc. All want society to provide for them while being left alone.

      Back when I was a cop you could stop their most egregious behavior, public defecation, drunken panhandling, theft, sex crimes, etc. Now they stop you from doing anything. About seven years ago they made an effort to bus in bums from the big city to the small town I worked at. Where before we had normal drug alcohol and sex crimes problems now we look like downtown Seattle or Portland with aggressive panhandlers bums blocking traffic, and filling the parks with needles and used condoms.

      When the break comes it will look like the vigilance committee days. The tar and feathers don’t care if you’re rich or poor.

      • I don’t know a lot about the program, but I believe the Mormons have come up with a decent way to deal with the homeless. They do expect them to work of course.

        I’ve never understood the term “homeless community”. They are homeless! By definition, they don’t have a community.

        • There are some you can help if you are willing to police their behavior. Even big cities used to have work camps for hobos and bums. They’d get dried out while they were there, do some outdoor labor and have nutritional food and a bed at night.

          That’s not possible any more. You can have work camps but only the most trustworthy can function without serious supervision. All of it is better than living on the streets or in the jungle camps but many want to live in those camps. The community isn’t what most of us would call a community but it is one. The rules are much more like ‘Lord of the Flies’ combined with Huck and Tom’s river adventures than anything civilized but they like that. They’re like Gypsies. They’ve learned how not to work for their daily bread and for most of them that’s all they want. Theft, drug dealing, panhandling, prostitution, are much easier in some ways than punching a time clock.

        • I forgot to mention I saw the first street walking prostitute in our town today by our hospital. She looked just like Moldylocks in a black leather miniskirt. Same shanky look same rail thin build same long nasty dreds.

          This is exactly what I left behind twenty five years ago. Now the great and good have ordained we need drug dealers, panhandlers, and crazy people. We have only twelve rooms for homeless people so they have to stuff them in hotels that used to cater to sportsmen and tourists. The locals started a neighborhood watch and taping the dirt bags as they stole, trespassed, and sold drugs. The authority’s response? Build fences so the drug dealers couldn’t be taped and threaten the locals with privacy laws. They’ve brought Indians (dot not feather, we already have plenty of feathers) in but they are zero problem. No Muslims yet. This bunch of Indians hate Muslims like poison so that might be a factor.

          We’ve gone from a nice quiet town with mills and lumberjacks to a scuzzy ghetto the only thriving businesses are selling pot, cigarettes and alcohol.

    • I live in the Denver metro area. This area, including Boulder, has always had a fairly high homeless population, in no small part because drifters tend to go West. But the homeless population has exploded in the past 10 years for two reasons.

      First, legalized MJ draws young homeless drifters (they call themselves Urban Wanderers) like moths to a flame. There are more dispensaries in Denver than Starbucks. These kids panhandle aggressively–it’s no longer safe for a woman to walk alone in downtown Denver, even during the day.

      Second, Denver, a solidly blue city, has adopted the approach outlined in this article. Social Services organizations, paid for by government grants, provide food and medical services to the homeless in various locations near downtown, so the bums congregate there. Much of downtown Denver reeks of stale piss and shit, and that was *before* Denver announced they will no longer penalize people for relieving themselves in public in order to avoid tagging illegals for ICE.

      In fairness, soaring real estate prices and rents have driven some of those on the margin out of their homes and gentrification/redevelopment has claimed many of the seedy hotels that are often the last resort for people on the margin. Denver, once a town for cowboys and ski bums, has become a city of Cloud People from California. I’m leaving soon.

      • You could say the same about Salt Lake City. It’s hard to believe that town where self-reliant Mormons once dominated the conservative political landscape has sunk into this condition. Bums everywhere.

        • Amen to that one brother. There’s a whole homeless industry in SLC around the old train station, which is now a downtown mall. But the whole thing smells like a good old fashioned Mormon property war. “Nice Mall you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it. Might be interested in being your partner. Say by the way, did I mention our church is thinking about opening up a nice homeless shelter right next to it.”

          Place has gone from upscale mall in prime real estate area to Bum City Bum Scene in about 3 years.

  27. It won’t end well because the rock, which is muslims’ perpetual (more than 1400 years) use of violence to inflict their ways on any society, will meet the hard place of Americans, and maybe Britons, who don’t have a history of tolerating conquest by 3d world savages…..But the cloud people think they can retreat to their private islands and heavily guarded enclaves and lecture us from there. If they can, because Americans have been too pacified by their propaganda, America loses everything. If they can’t, there will be no mercy extended by those who have done the fighting….

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