The Z-Cast: Episode 1

Here is the debut episode of what I will call the Z-Cast, until I come up with a better name or I am chased off the internet. It is a first effort so it has all the flaws of every first effort, but you have to start somewhere. Every actor has his first role. Every surgeon has his first operation. Every hit-man has his first kill. I have a long way to go between here and good, but I’m hoping it is fun learning how to make the trip. Of course, comments and commentary are encourage.

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77 thoughts on “The Z-Cast: Episode 1

  1. Z… i enjoyed the discussion on pen names. As I tell my children, the Internet is forever and be very careful. A moment, a thought, a voiced comment can haunt you years later in ways you’d never imagine. Today’s world where retribution of the righteous is commonplace is why I use a pen name, and stay off social media sites (It wasn’t the cat videos that drove me away, it was the political chatter and the blood squirting from my eyes as I tried to hold myself in check… occasionally failing quite spectacularly.) I need not repeat your arguments in favor of the course of action. You did that quite well. Thanks.

  2. Great podcast! By the middle, you sounded as poised as Derb, and you never misspoke, and I didn’t notice any “um’s” or “y’know’s.” Good content, too. Not bad for an old fart (We’re the same age).

  3. You did well on the audio, better than other more well established (and funded?) podcasts I listen to. (I’m looking at you Daily Wire and Weekly Standard.) It sounds like you already have figured out a lot, but as a hobbyist audio engineer (I work audio at my church) my only advice is to be as close to the microphone as comfortably possible. With that, set you gain so that most of your normal speaking volume is near the top of the green zone of your meter. This is not quite as important when you are isolated without much background noise (or other instruments, singers, &c), but if you do have some background noise it will be reduced by you being as close to the mic as possible and speaking as if you have 10 people in front of you who need to hear what you say clearly. Again, it sounds fairly good to me, so my advice is probably worth as much as you paid for it.

  4. One thing you’re missing about things when you talk about other high IQ groups is that they’re not us. If you look at voting demos, non-white groups including Koreans, Hindus, etc. still all vote against white interests in white countries because they are incentivized to. There is literally no reason for them to not try to subjugate and/or conquer you.

    It is really not to our benefit to be replaced by them or be mixed with them, in any case. They will always agitate against our interests so ideally the model would be as few of them in the country as possible with no hands in the institutional power cookie jar.

    I read a story from South Korea a few months back. A Korean woman had some kind of white man (not specified) as her boyfriend or husband, and 2 daughters by him. One of them looked basically Korean but the other not so much. The point here is that despite South Korea still being overwhelmingly homogeneous, the family was run out of the neighborhood and fled the country (probably to wherever the husband is from–so the burden has just been reversed onto a European nation) as a result of the natives not exactly liking what this development represents.

    You might think “oh but it’s only a small number” but for England and other such countries, it was not too long ago at all historically that there were basically no racially alien foreigners and no racemixing at all. Accepting even the smallest amount is the camel’s nose under the tent. England originally had anti-miscegenation laws. Now state-run BBC advertisments openly promote miscegenation.

    Groups have competing, conflicting, and antagonistic interests. Canada being colonized by Chinese isn’t working out so well in the province of British Colombia, either. Eventually a point will tip where the new demographically dominant group WILL impose its ways on others. It’s best to do what China and other such countries do; Foreigners must remain a small percentage of the population and no control over institutions.

  5. Enjoyed the podcast, but a bit on the long side. May I be so bold as to suggest a half-hour apiece_? Possibly it could be formed into more-or-less stand-alone segments of 15 – 20 min.

    Segment stitching audio worked well: Hard to tell sometimes that it was happening, which, I guess, is the objective. Voice quality was fine. you actually have a good radio voice.

    Re last global warming segment: I generally agree. I was suspicious from the get-go based on anthropology/sociology/criminology. Right from the first it sure sounded like the usual suspects running a new millennial (end of the world) con. How convenient that their predictions are almost completely unverifiable due to time and space. My ‘tell’ that it was a con designed to cripple and mulct us was _the Russians_ signing on. If it was real, Siberia would suddenly become inhabitable, maybe paradise_! Not to mention Canada, but their elite’d sign on for anything that put the thumb in Uncle Sugar’s eye 😉

    • What I learned is you do a one hour show. Then you post each segment as its own show on YouTube. That’s how the cool kids do it. That way, people who just want a sample have a short clip of ten minutes, while regulars can have the whole show. It’s a little more work, but not that much.

      I always wondered why people did that and now I know.

  6. I read 4 or five times faster than I listen. I only listen to podcasts in the car.
    I download them to CD’s
    Do not make podcast’s longer than 79 minutes.

    I am not alone………

  7. Nice job. Excellent podcast. Well thought out, as usual. I don’t always agree with you, (mostly I do) but I find you thoughtful and well informed/educated on your subject matter. And your voice is fine for broadcast. Even timber and good inflection. Why, it is almost as if you have strength of conviction and don’t feel the need to shout down opposing views. Thank you.

  8. Sorry, but your friends are right. You do have an NPR voice 🙂

    Not a bad thing really. The monotone delivery projects a sense of honesty. I like Bill Whittle but after awhile you feel like he’s trying to sell you a car.

    Some bumper music in between segments would be nice . Just to let your audience know that one piece has ended. Gives a person the opportunity to pause and then come back later.

    Would venture to say your voice and delivery would be up there in the top 10% of conservative speakers. There’s a ton of them out there now and most the are just dreadful.

    Rush Limbaugh is entertaining, but would rather read the free transcript the following day. Like somebody else mentioned I’m more of a reader than a podcast listener.

    Think it’s a good to have both mediums. You’ll certainly reach a wider audience and that’s a good thing.

    As far as the podcast content it was the usual quality Z man stuff.

    It gets a Siskel and Ebert two thumbs up

  9. I enjoyed PodCast Alpha, “Z” -wise. A very decent first effort. I look forward to the next and ‘hearing’ you climb that Learning Curve in the new medium.

  10. Z:

    It is obvious you are very intelligent, your speaking voice is great and you have a lot of knowledge to impart to dirt people like me. Having said that . . .

    I’m a reader not a listener–I can scroll and skip and not miss much. Vocal, not nearly so much. I skipped at least half your podcast because 54:23 is far too long to hold my attention. Advice: Break it up into no more than 10 minute segments. If you wish to continue this format, fine, but please don’t give up what you have been doing.

    I have yet to read other comments, and that is half the fun of your blog entries.

    • I may break these up and post the parts on a YouTube Channel. That way, I have a full episode on Spreaker and clips on YouTube.

      • I hope that you do this as my home desktop will not play the podcast for some reason and at work I cannot access your site; Websense blocks it as a “blog”.

        • I’ve become a aware that I’m getting blocked by some services. One thing I’m going to do is add an e-mail version of my posts.

          • Looks like the muse has really got a hold on you. She’s going to spirit you past some comfortable boundaries.

          • “I’ve become aware that I’m getting blocked by some services. ”

            A badge of honor, don’t you think?

  11. Wonderful podcast. I don’t keep up with Gavin McInnes but I do follow twitter feeds of superb writers like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec.. There’s so much wrong with ‘American media “reporting” – what you suggested about the dullest member of elite families falling into journalism is likely as good an explanation found anywhere.

    The past 2 generations of young men and women have been so throughly brainwashed by the schools & universities to reject gender norms to the nth degree, I wonder if our culture can ever recover. Mike and Jack write with verve and that is what I expect of American young men. (My grown children are in their 30s).

    • Z-man, you have a marvelous speaking voice. You may have stumbled into a new avocation

  12. Well done,easy voice in conversational tone. Interesting topics well framed…well done sir.

  13. All good. Voice great. My question is, who are you going for? It seems as if this one was for a more general audience than your readership, because I already knew everything of which you spoke. Not the case here, where what it does is ring my bells with an ah-ha!

  14. I know you’ve really been sweating the audio quality but I have to say it seemed very good

  15. Joined your LD 50 podcast experiment. Survived. Audio is fine. One trick a buddy of mine who one of the half dozen “voices” that do movie trailers and like uses when not in a professional studio is placing the microphone in the “v” of a standard wheelie suitcase opened and stood upright on a desk. Taking out the intro, the segment lengths were good-really expected more “wandering”. You really managed to avoid that.

    Spot on about evolution (or lack of) in the climate business. And it is a business. To contrast, have worked professionally with catastrophe modeling for that last few decades. Enormously complex models…just the base catalog data is daunting. Thirty years ago, they sucked. Andrew was a real wake up call on some fundamental errors in the windstorm portions of all three major models in use at the time. But funny thing, since we were betting real money on outcomes and constantly looked at prediction vs real world outcome, the models kept getting better. No money to be made covering your errors since we played with real money. I see none of that in the climate modeling business. Progs that I try to make this point to simply cannot get their minds around. So I am simply a “denier”….albeit one with far more direct experience than any Prog I’ve met so far. But when you are in the religion business, facts don’t matter.

  16. “The science of global warming is pure junk science, and billions have been squandered because we allowed a moral argument to be a proxy for scientific arguments, and that’s a good lesson. Science is not about preferences or choices, science is about science, and scientists who are going around talking about consensus, or the right thing to do, they are not talking about science anymore, they are talking about morality, and if that’s what they want to do, they should become priests, not scientists!”

    The Z Man, The Z-Cast podcast episode 1

  17. Listening now, Z-man. You sound great, very listenable. Hearing occasionally what sounds like saturation–your mic may be a little close. Since you asked…the sound Derbyshire and other podcasters use between segments is a “stinger”.

    You nailed the most important thing–CONTENT! Hard to believe this is your first podcast–outstanding job!

    • Thanks. The mic I’m using is cheap so you really can tell when I’m too close or too far away. I’ll have to invest in better gear at some point.

      Stinger? That’s a great term. Radio guys have great lingo.

        • I tried the Blue Yeti, but it never worked properly so I bought this one and that’s what I’m using. I’m just using Audacity for now to record and edit.

          I’m basically using $30 worth of gear right now.

      • One thing you can try with your current mic is compression. Record at a lower level (more distance to the mic), then after recording run a compressor on the audio. If you’re using Audacity it’s an option under Effect. You might have to fiddle with the parameters but the defaults are a good start. This will boost the level even though the original recording is well below saturation.

        • Thanks. I’ve been playing around with it, but for free software, it has a lot of features.

  18. re: Gavin Mcinnes

    I remember when he did his interview with the Daily Show and they reliably edited him to look like a badthinker, but later on his own show he figured his ace up his sleeve was the big rebuttal from TGMS where he countered everything. He seemed to honestly believe this was some kind of strategy.

    He obviously wants a mainstream show on Fox as he complained about being overlooked constantly. what does he think will happen even if they gave it to him? It would be snatched away as soon as he engaged in any realtalk or he’d be the controlled rightwing jester.

    However there is a useful purpose for the alt lite as gateways to the hard stuff.

  19. Using Beethoven’s 9th symphony as opening bumper music adds even more class. Good stuff.

  20. You have a good radio voice I will listen to your podcast on my way to work. Now to figure out how to do that…

    • Just above this is a link to the mp3 file. If you have a USB port in your vehicle you can download the mp3 onto a stick and listen to it that way. Or you can put it on your phone perhaps and listen to it in your vehicle that way.

      I download a number of podcasts and listen to them in the car.

  21. It is interesting how we can cherry pick our entertainment and news sources from the microcosm of bloggers, you tubers and podcasters available on the Internet. This one straw revolution has morphed into a global Mandelbrot set. You have utilized the power of sound to birth a new universe. Beam us up.

  22. I first found you through your interview on Grace and Steel. You have a fine voice and a good presence on radio ( or podcasts, or whatever…).

    • I too just recently listened to the Grace & Steele podcast where you headlined. You did a fine job on the show, and I have read your blog every day since. Look forward to listening to the podcast.

  23. Looking at it a bit further, it seems that the service you’re using does provide an RSS feed – you need to give us the URI for the RSS feed so that we can subscribe.

  24. If you want people to actually listen to the podcast, you need to post it on a service like libsyn which generates an RSS feed that podcatchers can use to download the podcast automatically.

  25. Well done. My only constructive criticism is the length of your introductory music segment (approx 35 seconds). The music itself is a fine choice but (personally) I prefer the podcast to start as soon as possible. If you can manage it technically, I’d fade the music down at about 10 secounds as you begin your introductory remarks (and if adventurous enough, fade up on your closing comment) . Am looking forward to the next.

  26. Your first 30 seconds was the NBC Nightly News theme from circa. Excellent first effort. You held my interest for 54 minutes.

  27. @~38mins

    I think what the alt-right wants is a big-tent for whites because those other groups, even Asians, are already permitted to express political ethnic or racial interests. The explicit rule on Jews should go without much explanation. While Jews like Paul Gottfried are ersatz alt-right forerunners, Jews have overwhelmingly been a force of subversion within the historic right. The quintessential example being the Neoconservative movement working to expel the Paleocons.

    • People should definitely be able to group themselves along the lines that matter to them and exclude outsiders — freedom to discriminate on any grounds whatsoever would peacefully solve a lot of America’s problems. And it must be annoying for NWEuropean-origin people who want to converse online without censoring themselves to have their conversations overheard and sometimes denounced at points by outsiders — kind of like having women jump on you for discussing women in an non-self-censored way: one wants to say, “ladies, we actually LIKE a lot of you for the most part; it’s just a natural thing for us to generalize and complain about you, so please be nice enough to allow us to do this in peace!” (I’ve often behaved in this outraged-outsider way in the past … of course, one wouldn’t be listening in on a conversation if one didn’t like the participants on some level, which can result in a sense of acute social disappointment when one’s suddenly reminded of one’s outsider-status …)

  28. I think your voice is great for a podcast, and the name is fine, Z is your brand. The only thing I’d suggest is to cut down on all the “you know” space filler, you know?

  29. The Huntley-Brinkley report…. Wasn’t this Beethoven clip their theme too?
    (“Good night Chet” “Good night David….and good night, for NBZ-man news”

  30. Today’s right is made up of social awkward teenage dudes, lonely middle aged men, rent seeking women, neo nazis, and People of Color looking for a come up

  31. The podcast was enjoyable as a sensory experience with an emotionally comforting element. The written blog is multi-faceted, as reflected in the different perspectives of the comments. The podcast will likely attract a more youthful strata of followers. That kind of energy is good.

  32. May not have “NPR voice”, but you do have DMV…Deep Male Voice,clear and resonate. I rarely listen to podcasts because I dislike being talked at. Yours was interesting,throughout. Eyes peeping over the fence,still tickled at that one. Good stuff,Z-Casterman.

  33. Z….you knows I love ya to death…….but the very first thing that popped in my head was………54 minutes? Oy. That’s daunting.

    I’m at 4:30 right now……and I’ll stick with it…….but I’m not sure if even Z can fill an hour. I’ve been known to check out Lionel’s webcasts, and even with his clever vocalizations and face-making I only get to around the 15 minute mark until the ADHD we are are afflicted with in the Modern Age kicks in. Just some constructive criticism, and meant only as such.

    • Talk longer if you have something to say. For example the Joe Rogan podcast routinely lasts 3 hours and many guests are repeats. As long as the guests are interesting they get my attention. Sometimes it takes an hour to really lay out an idea. The last interview with Jordan Peterson was fascinating for all 3 hours and ive listened to it multiple times.

  34. Hard walls, ceilings, and floors can produce a harsh echo-y audio. Carpets, rugs, etc. deaden the natural reverb. I used to test microphones for the company that makes most of the cockpit voice recorder ‘black boxes’ in use today. Reflected sound was a big problem for microphone testing.

  35. Minimum bid for the original z-man podcast is $750. Happy bidding.
    No returns or refunds but this is truly a part of history.

    Anywho, good start, look forrward to more.
    Side note. Did you know Derbyshire pronounces his name Darb ba shure?
    Maybe only in England or at his house for all I know.

    • 60 million people in England and their precursors have pronounced it that way for longer than the US has existed..

      • You might ask Corbett how he got his shit together, I’m sure he’d be happy to share.

    • Great job Z, if you didn’t tell us it was your first I would never have known. Content was outstanding!

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