The Z-Blog Power Hour: The Freak Show


This week was a big test for the project as I was traveling and that meant recording this thing on the road and when time permitted. The result was some strange acoustics in some parts and an on-the-fly editing job at the airport.

I am at American Renaissance this weekend, so I will not be posting much on the site. I expect to return on Sunday and provide a full report on Hate-Fest 2017 as soon as I get settled in on Sunday

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and some new graphics to distinguish the bits from the full show. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can now listen to me on their Hitler phones.You’ll also a note I have renamed this thing, which is explained in the podcast.

This Week’s Show

  • 00:00: Perfunctory Opening Comments
  • 02:10: Amazon (Link) (Link)
  • 07:35: Patreon (Link)
  • 12:47: Twitter (Link) (Link)
  • 17:50: Cat Fight! (Link)
  • 22:00: Movies (Link) (Link)
  • 26:30: Tranny Seals (Link)
  • 30:30: Poor Larry (Link)
  • 38:45: Ghetto Posting (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 49:00: Libertarian Twats I (Link)
  • 51:40: Libertarian Twats 2 (Link)
  • 54:45: Libertarian Twats 3 (Link)
  • 58:00: Sloppy Williamson (Link)
  • 62:00: Closing

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16 thoughts on “The Z-Blog Power Hour: The Freak Show

  1. Remembering the bit about Amazon, I was amused when I came across this yesterday: Booster Fuels. It is just like the VC crowd to think something like the Convenience store industry is full of margins that are ripe for cutting.

  2. Z-man, you started from a good place sonically, and you’re evidently smart enough to try different things and listen critically to the results. As you may be aware, a limiter/compressor is what you need to limit peaks without clipping, and maximize the volume of your signal. Google george yohng w1 limiter – or get the freeware here – and give it a try if it’s compatible with your recording/editing setup. Some high-profile amateur podcaster recordists have clearly not figured this out yet, to the detriment of their listenability. Derb is the gold standard, of course; on the other hand, I’m continually amazed at the inaudible mumbliness Lileks puts out… And then there’s the rank amateurs who clearly have no clue what they’re doing. (Scott Adams was barely transcending that level, last time I bothered to listen.)

  3. Great show! Really loving your podcast your and the Derb-esque format.
    And by the way, those two “White” people responsible for the confederate show are (((White)))

  4. This is starting to become one of those things you look forward to on the weekends. Had top floor clean up duty at the vacation house today and went by in a blink listening to this installment…so fired up may walk around the bluff tonight with the boys and bottle rocket Chris Matthews’ house just for shits and giggles.

  5. I bet Z-man has a hard time walking with balls as big as his is ! Thanks for telling it like it is..

  6. Back in the early 80s my family joined a test of home grocery delivery: SuperValu stores via Prodigy. That didn’t work for the reasons you mention.

    • Good Lord, but that was painful to see. The goofy photos are bad enough, but the self (presumably) descriptions push it over the top. There are situations where trying to be funny and clever is completely inappropriate; especially when you fail to be clever. Part of being an adult is being able to identify such situations and behave accordingly.

    • He doesn’t even have to be a “good” speaker…though Z is more than adequate…….

      …….Because the CONTENT is head and shoulders above just about anything on the interwebs right now. Z has his finger on something.

      I listened to his take on Patreon and Twitter. While doing so, played the “ZMan Drinking Game” (You drink every time Z makes an observation that causes you to exclaim (“F*** Yeah! He’s SO right!”).

      I was hammered in the space of 10 minutes. =)

  7. Thanks for the itunes listing. Hitler may be a terrible strategist but he manages my subscriptions well.

  8. Excellent sound quality. Nice job with the index above, let me jump to topics I am more interested in. Some good insights. All in all a professional sounding mono-podcast.

    Personal question if you don’t mind: what year were you born?

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