Young males have coined a term for particularly obnoxious type of female increasingly common today. The term is “thot” which, according to Urban Dictionary, is an acronym for “that ho over there.” That’s probably true, as most kids communicate via text message these days. Of course, it also sounds a lot like “twat” so that could be why it caught on with young males. Additionally, the term means a girl who is a slut, but carries on as if she is special. It’s the sort of thing that is said to bring someone down a few notches.

Anyway, the word thot does not exactly roll off the tongue, but it is useful shorthand for the type of young woman that has become too common in our mass media. This is the girl, who would have been standing next to a Ford at the auto show in another era, but is now put on television as a serious commentator or journalist. They get the job because of their looks, but somehow they think they are public intellectuals. This American Thinker post about Katherine Timpf is a good example of the phenomenon.

The black man who stalked and assaulted Fox News megastar Kat Timpf in Brooklyn this week has nothing on me.  I was a charter member of Kat’s Disgusting Club two months before this still unidentified POC — piece of crap — dumped a bottle of water over her blonde locks and earned him the second spot in what used to be a more exclusive enclave.

My journey into the group began on the first episode of Kat’s show, “The Fox News Specialists.” In her trademark flip style, Kat declared that no one had anything to tell her about how black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere and that explains everything. She already knew.

“I do understand issues with criminal justice, particularly in the black community and police brutality,” she intoned.

Another black whisperer is born.

Mx. Timpf is probably a nice person. I only had a vague recollection of her so I looked up some clips of her on YouTube. Here’s a longish one. From the photos on line and her video clips, it appears she figured out that she could work the naughty librarian look into a paying gig in conservative media. Her bio says she is a libertarian, but exactly no one gives a damn about her political views. She’s on TV because she is easy on the eyes and willing to play the sex kitten on these chat shows. That’s how it works.

There’s nothing new about this, but in the past, the women doing the TV bimbo roles knew why they were on TV. In fact, many had made it to television via modeling or beauty pageants. Phyllis George was the winner of the 1971 Miss America pageant and that got her a gig on CBS as a sportscaster in 1974. She provided the legs, while gnarly old dudes like Jimmy the Greek and Brent Musberger talked football. George never carried on like she was an expert on football. She was eye candy and the moderator of the show.

Today, young women like Katherine Timpf are walking around thinking they are where they are because they are important thinkers. The exchange she had with Colin Flaherty was sadly comical. She picked up some libertarian talking points and she repeats them, making “criminal justice reform” her issue. In the old days, the beauty pageant girls would cast about for a talent that they could use in shows. Today, TV bimbos cast about for a social cause they can champion on TV, while showing some leg.

As an aside, notice that what passes for “conservative” these days in the mass media is basically just Reason Magazine style libertarianism. It’s about as edgy as these people can muster, for fear of upsetting Lefty. That’s mostly because all of these outlets are located in New York or DC. If Timpf wants to keep getting invited to parties and events, she knows she has to avoid anything that upsets the Progs. The fact that generic libertarianism gets the good housekeeping seal of approval is instructive.

Anyway, this meandering post is not supposed to be Timpf-bashing. I’m sure she is a nice girl who is kind to old people and puppies. The reason she is in this position to be an example of Dunning-Kruger, is that the media indulges people like her, allowing her to think she is an intellectual. In fact, the culture as a whole has been re-engineered over the last few decades to encourage young girls to wildly over estimate their abilities. It’s no surprise that we have a couple of generations of thots on our hands.

The rape hoax culture on the college campus is largely due to coeds thinking they can do all the things boys can do, like get knee-walking drunk down at the bar. A man wakes up next to a strange women, he just assumes he was on his game. A women wakes up with her panties on her head and she is looking for someone to blame. After all, she has been told her whole life that the world is here to cater to her whims. Chad Thundercock down at the bar should have known she was going to change her mind after she got sober.

The conflict between how women are trained and biological reality could be one cause of the social justice warrior phenomenon. The outbreaks seem to be in male domains like tech and gaming. The girls show up expecting the world to bend to their will and when it doesn’t, they start blaming reality, rather than question their training. The innate desire for attention, curdles into self-abuse and misdirected anger at males. That’s a half-baked theory, but it is just as plausible as toxoplasmosis.

It is hard to see how this cycle of madness ends. The reaction of Timpf to being assaulted the other day suggests that no amount of reality will beat any sense into these women. Being self-absorbed and stupid pays too well. Even the ugly ones get to work the system to live well above what their talents should warrant. Whether we like it or not, the future, at least for a little while, will be a thot-ocracy. American society will be dominated by airhead bimbos who think a pair of librarian glasses makes them an intellectual.

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  2. You really nailed it with regard to Ms. Timpf and many of her colleagues on Fox News. I know several people who work at Fox News, including a good friend of mine described further below. Kat Timpf got her start with Fox as a guest speaker on “Red Eye,” a now cancelled show that was broadcast at 3 AM Eastern time every Wednesday morning. The “Red Eye” schtick was a weekly panel of comedians and commentators led by the host Tom Shillue. None of the so-called panelists had any real expertise outside of show business while discussing the big news stories of the day in a light-hearted but “please take us seriously” manner. In short, the “personalities” were more suited to a hole-in-the-wall college comedy club than any serious panel discussing the political issues of the day. But then, that was the point. Recent news stories showcasing the far Left’s madness were the meat and potatoes to a group of comedians because there was no shortage of good comedic material to use. That said, at 3 AM Fox viewers who might be up wanted to stare at least one young woman aged 25-35 with a hot body and beautiful smile, dressed and made up like high end escort. Or, at least that was what Fox producers thought the audience wanted to see until they had to cancel the show for lack of an audience. Kat Timpf eventually graduated to the point that she is now appearing on “The Five,” “Greg Gutfell” and other prime time Fox News programs, which says a lot about how screwed up things are at Fox and in the media in general.

    I should add that a friend of mine, who will remain nameless, was a repeat guest on the program. She is a standup comedian who has similar physical attributes and personal history as Ms. Timpf. She is the stereotypical skinny blonde with very fair skin, great smile, cute face, etc. She, too, was born into a upper-middle class family, went to a respectable but not great university to study political science (with one year spent in France “studying French”), then returned to the US after hanging out in Europe for a year or two after graduation (Seriously, she didn’t work the whole time she lived in Europe.). She moved to NYC to work in advertising and eventually decided comedy was her passion. Thereafter, she networked her way within showbiz circles & up the comedians’ ladder to a place where she caught someone’s eye at Fox News. After her first time appearing on the “Red Eye” show, she joked with me over drinks about how they made her up look like some kind of high end escort. After about a dozen appearances on the show, she also dished out dirt on Kat Timpf, including rumors Timpf was struggling to make an honest living before she caught the eye of the right person at Fox News. Which turned out to be ironic given that it later came out that my friend was in fact literally making a part-time living on her back as an escort between comedic gigs around the US. More than a few of the women hosts on Fox News come across the same way, which is sad given that there are some very smart and able female news anchors out there.

    • Bingo. Live in a town full of print and broadcast media types. With a couple of exceptions most seem to be the less intelligent kid in the family that went to the 2nd/3rd tier school and finally found themselves in media. And most of all they seriously resent not making the money that those that studied harder and went to better schools make in finance. Do love the whole “serious journalist glasses” thing…Harf is my favorite. Stick horn rimmed glasses on a bimbo and instant credibility.

  3. When I saw Timpf, she was so haughty and hot, I told my sister, “First I want to take those glasses off… then I want to take her dress off.”

  4. So why do the average looking or less men who are news readers think their opinions are worth anything, namely Tapper, Cuomo (the dumber brother of the one who got through Albany law and then took 4 tries to pass the BAR) or this new whiny guy Alter. Granted listening to some bimbo tell me how the world works is annoying, but perhaps less so than some highly educated moron like Reich, Summers, or Krugman who have never added value to society even by building a car or fixing a pipe telling us all how to live and just how to run the economy.

  5. It is flattering to my sense of identity and self-worth that until reading this I had no idea who that lady was.

    Here’s a fun idea: for one week she and Rachel Maddow swap glasses frames. Their viewers would lose their minds.

  6. My first ideological love after the bloom fell off the rose of “conservatism” was anti-Islamist. However, the white sharia guys have a point here, as disgusting as Islam is, giving women a realistic vision of the world gets more attractive everyday.

    Even makes one begin to understand, if not agree with, honor killings.

    Sad world we live in.

  7. I don’t know if Lauren Southern would fall into this category, but when I briefly followed her on Twitter I got the impression most of her fans like her because she’s cute, and if she wasn’t she’d be subject to a lot more scrutiny.

    I stopped following her when she came to Paris, where I live, and tweeted some rubbish about how it was on fire and she hadn’t seen a European in the whole city. I was walking around the city that day and it was bright sunshine and all the French were out with their kids in the parks. She’d been to a small protest at Bastille and used it to tweet BS.

    • As much as it pains me to say it, yes. It applies to Lauren Southern.

      Why does it pain me? Because I like Lauren Southern: she’s bright and courageous, and she’s openly supportive of identitarian movements. Southern doesn’t openly support the alt-right, but unlike most of conservathots, she studiously avoids countersignalling us as well.

      But face it: Lauren Southern wouldn’t even be on the radar if she wasn’t a (dyed) blonde hottie who wears lots of sleeveless tops. And I’m sure she knows it as well. I think she’s sincere in her gradual rightward trajectory, but there’s no denying it’s an under-served niche, what with all the Kat Timpfs and Tomi Lahrens cluttering up the mainstream rightosphere.

    • That’s my thought too. She needs to land a husband before her looks decline.

      There are some women who do a fine job. Ann Coulter has never shied away from the fact she used her looks to get an edge. I don’t have an issue with it. I just lose all patient for bubble headed bimbos carrying on like their deep thinkers.

  8. This blog post reminds me of one of my all-time Bill Clinton, Horndog-in-Chief, stories. Bill had been ‘seen’ a number of times with Barbara Streisand, an earlier ‘thot’exemplar from the Boomer generation: good voice, OK face, big hooters, vastly inflated self-regard. She’d even been to the Whitehouse a few times. A bit later the Dawg-in-Chief had taken a number of ‘strategy meetings’ with the then hawt blond movie star whose name now escapes me.

    When asked about what she though about this, Ms Streisand got a incredulous look on her face and said, “Her_? What does *she* know about foreign policy_?” Still cracks me up.

  9. Toxoplasmosis is real. Just because many of us carry it around doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause disease. We all carry stuff that could kill us under other circumstances in our gut, on our teeth, skin, nares , etc. Many people have gone blind from toxo in the retina. It is one of those zebra diagnoses that usually gets missed and is found only after the damage is done, unfortunately.

    • I know you are a Medical Doctor but I wonder how human beings ever survived without being worried daily about 1 in a million ways they could die. Western Man used to have a shorter lifespan, supposedly. But, it was due to high infant and child mortality rates. Many of the things that medical science takes credit for is due more to improved sanitation, clean water, and better nutrition. In fact, it could be argued that many of the debilitating health problems we have today are iatrogenic. George Carlin, as he became more and more curmudgeonly, said that growing up he used to swim in the East River of New York City. After being exposed to New York City sewage, dead bodies, and God knows what else, viruses and bacteria were afraid to attack him. He died at 71 because of heart failure due to years of drug abuse, not from some disease or degenerative condition.

      It may seem heartless to those that have lost loved ones, but the best solution is to just let nature take its course. If a child has a congenital condition and dies young, they will not live to reproduce and pass on their genes. If they die due to some respiratory infection, their immune system was not as strong as it should have been and they will not pass on their genes. The Western allopathic medical system we have today does not cure problems. It treats symptoms. The push to see doctors every year is just a money making gimmick, just like prescribing statins or donepezil. The body was designed to heal itself. Medicine interferes with that process. Now, I don’t deny that antibiotics have done some good, but we are seeing the long-term result of indiscriminate use of antibiotics due to over prescribing and development of bacterial resistance. Opiates and tranquilizer over prescribing have created entire generations of addicts. Yes, the development of surgical techniques has helped in many regards, but is keeping some older person alive so they can have a poor quality of life beneficial to them or mankind? This is personal for me. My father-in-law had bypass surgery 20 years ago. He has diabetes, hypertension, and is over 100 pounds overweight. Now, he has dementia and is in the hospital every 3 months to keep him hanging around. He was told for years that he had to test his blood sugar to know how much insulin to use, to watch his diet, exercise and take care of himself. He didn’t. Now, he has gone through all his savings and only has Social Security and one pension. His savings were considerable, by the way. He has literally thrown away hundreds of thousands of dollars and his children have to supplement his income because his does not cover his monthly nursing home expenses. Don’t get me wrong. I love the guy. But, if he had died ten years ago, like everyone expected, he would have left an inheritance for his children. Now, he just takes up space until it is time to go. Which is better for him and society?

      • Not arguing. Most medical research is crap. Licensing should be abolished. I used to drink out of irrigation canals in the Rhodesian Lowveldt when I was young. I didn’t get my malaria from that, but a mosquito. I remember to this day where it bit me and how odd it looked for a mosquito bite. I was eating a plate of spaghetti Bolognese. My brother got both malaria and hepatitis, the latter probably from a canal that I’d probably drank out of as well. No idea why I didn’t.
        As for the old man, I agree. It’s just that I don’t think anyone thinks it is their place to make those decisions. When it’s our time hopefully we’ll make the right one.

      • Increased fear of death may be a side-effect of diminished religious faith in the population at large.

        As a Christian – and this is a personal opinion that I do not push on others or expect them to share – I think it is a sin to fear death. If I really believe what I claim to believe, why fear death?

        “Put your money where your mouth is” says someone reading this. No worries – I have many times – and intend to again. I figure the odds of surviving a solo circumnavigation in a small open boat are no better than 50/50. I’m ok with that.

        Besides, what is the deterioration of the body but nature’s way of persuading us that death isn’t really such a bad option? If I had the choice of living to 150 with my arthritis or having a normal lifespan, I’d choose normal every time.

        • This gets discussed in The Life of Johnson. Dr. Johnson fears death because of his fear of God and his judgement, and that he doesn’t want to leave his friends, despite the fact that he has been observant his whole life.

          I tend to agree with you, though.

  10. With most reporters these days it’s “all about me”. Some of the women are the worst. The blonde woman in 30 Rock played that riff.

    It probably was helped along by the whole Woodward and Bernstien thing so long ago.

  11. I wouldn’t say Ellen Pao is ugly. While she’s not exactly Scarlett Johansson, or perhaps Grace Park, 30 seconds of googling suggest to me that she’s attractive enough. The rest of your post is spot on,

  12. The damage is done early in life, when lifelong habits are formed. And expecting these women to change their stripes late in life is just as stupid and useless. This is a lost generation, and they are not making babies anymore either. Now they all have dogs that they pamper and scold.

  13. Its because conservative “media” outlets have no respect for their audience and know they will eat up whatever is served them as long as the girl saying it has that westernized beauty aesthetic

  14. Just got the x in “Mx. Timp…” lmao!

    I really enjoy every post you put up. Thanks a lot!

  15. Thot wouldn’t know a thought if it jumped up and bit her. She is the Einstein of feelings whose raped soul is held captive in the netherworld of cultural marxism. If Thot is lucky, she will fall into the chasm that formerly contained her identity and reclaim her humanity.

  16. The blight extends to print as well. Timpf occasionally writes unremarkable, safe “wit” for National Review, so the lack of depth is shared between Conservatism Inc. broadcast and Conservatism Inc. scribblers.

    Another example of thotocracy is S. E. Cupp. Take away the big rack and the problem glasses and you may as well have David Frum in a dress.

  17. Cute, semi-bright college girls are the 11th Plague. They have never, in their entire lives, heard the words “no” or “wrong.” The expression on one of these ladies’ faces when you ask her to *explain* how she arrived at the conclusion she so forcefully, confidently put forth. It’s like you asked your dog to solve a differential equation. And then the White Knights step up to the plate… yeah, my teaching evals are brutal, but it’s a kick.

        • Oh please. College grades have inflated faster than college tuition. These days everyone makes the Dean’s list; it’s damaging to xhyr self-esteem not to. N.b. also she has a degree in English — were this some Lefty, you would be laughing at her pretensions. “Ooooh, magna cum laude! In English!!!” Speaking of white knights stepping up to the plate….

          • I give out grades like candy. No one gets lower than a “B” unless they utterly screw up. Why fight it?

          • Yep. You can’t beat city hall. If I gave kids the grades they deserved, virtually no one would pass… and I’d get fired. I should do like that guy at Harvard did, and give two grades — the top one is what goes in the grade book, the bottom one is your REAL grade: “B+/F—“

      • Honors in English is not much more impressive than honors in Gym.

        Q: “What did you do in college?”

        English major: “I read stories and wrote about how I felt about them.”

    • There are many bloody things in the world, but few would be more gruesome than watching a Kat Timpf or similar thot debate black criminality with Steve Sailer or John Derbyshire.

    • Girls seem to receive nothing but encouragement, while boys receive nothing but correction these days. Let’s “help” the girls vs. let’s “fix” the boys.

      Grade school football practice started up this week and the boys get chewed out for mistakes and praised for improvements. We’re often coaching-out-loud to keep their attention and maintain energy levels. Once they understand they coach is not criticizing them as a person, but instead their current deficit in skill, speed, attention, or enthusiasm, most boys are very eager to improve.

      What girls seem to get is that “you’re prefect princess, the problem lies somewhere else”.

        • re: Mandatory participation in Little League (Severian)

          Grade School Football is better than Little League Baseball, I did both. 6th through 8th grade football has safe violence, exercise to exhaustion in August hot weather, and drill sergeant verbal abuse. One learns one’s place in the world. Little League baseball has too much sitting around and a lot of Nepotism which I experienced as a lad and saw in my son’s Little League career. Not so in football at that age with all of the calisthenics, penalty laps in full gear, and the shame or success of one’s performance as an individual in a game as well as a team.
          Soccer in grade school (I coached for seven years) quickly separated the sheep from the goats. Very few boys participated and even fewer girls given the population. Those who did were the superior athletes at a given age and skills had to be developed over time so older kids didn’t join and be successful with few exceptions. The original crew from the early years made up most of those were in the 8th grade teams (two) and 9th grade team (one).

          • Pat Reusse or the Minneapolis Star-Trib made the observation quite a while ago that the modern sport parent can’t take baseball, mostly because mistakes are right out there in the open- not so much in soccer..

          • Bingo. If you drop a fly ball or overthrow first base or strike out, that’s on you. When even professional soccer players miss wide-open goals all the time, there’s no way of telling who’s any good. Also, it doesn’t take any real athleticism to play soccer at below high school level. So they throw their kids out there on the pitch, despite large and growing evidence that “heading” the ball a lot is just as bad for you as football collisions. But hey, at least nobody feels bad. (PS did someone from the Minneapolis Red Star actually say something sensible? Whoa).

  18. I have only occasionally seen Fox programming since I don’t have cable.
    Not sure if I have seen Miss Timpf, is she the blonde one?

  19. the networks should have these women be nude during the broadcasts. good for ratings, good for America.

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