The Broken Clock

Even the least educated among us knows something of ancient Egypt. For instance, there is a strain of Afro-centrism that insists the ancient Egyptians were black. They go through the list of pharaohs, pointing out how each one had distinctly African features. The “Hotep” thing grows out of this. The sort of people who attend a Juneteenth festival will have the word “Hotep” attached to them in some way. Black businesspeople will put this on their business card or website to signal to other blacks that they are down with the cause.

It is complete nonsense, of course, but the reason we know it is nonsense is the Egyptians preserved their past in memorials of stone, often filled with hieroglyphs so precise that we can know the exact order of their rulers, four thousand years after their time. The Egyptians were so careful preserving their dead rulers that we have fully intact mummies in our museums. Using modern science, we now know how they looked in life and how they fit into the emerging genetic mosaic of the human family.

The Egyptians had a strong sense of time and their place in the historical timeline. Time was an important part of Egyptian culture. They had crude water clocks and a surprisingly good calendar. Memorializing the dead has only one purpose and that is so future generations know their past and their place in the timeline. The Egyptians put so much effort into preserving their past is they naturally assumed they had a future. The names and deeds of those who came before them would have use to those in the future.

In contrast, the Dorians burned their kings, as well as any record of them. Other than a few references here and there in later Greek writing, we do not know the names of their kings. They did not see any reason to preserve this information because they lived in the moment. The past was meaningless, because the future was meaningless to them. Even in the age of Aristotle, the Greeks could not know if Leucippus, the man credited with inventing Atomism, was a real person or the dates of his life.

The Cult that rules over us has forever lectured against the past, claiming that it is what prevents us from reaching the glorious future. The future is never defined, it is just assumed, but the past is full of a detailed list of monsters. The rage-heads, running around defacing statues and demanding people named “Jefferson” change their names, are not making detailed arguments about who should and should not be memorialized. These are not people with a sense of the past. They are raging against the ideas of having a past.

The proof of this is they quickly moved from rebel flags to Confederate statuary to pretty much every white man who is now dead. There are calls to rename Disney World because old Walt was a Jew hater. The Red Sox are trying to erase the name of the man who founded the franchise. Tom Yawkey was a man of his age and racist by modern standards, but so was every other human on earth just a few years ago. The rage-heads are erasing the name, not the man, because they simply want to erase the past.

Returning to the Greeks, they have an expression that is important to keep in mind while the rage virus runs through our society. “A Society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” The opposite of that is true. What we are seeing today is barren young women cutting down memorials because they remind them of the fact, they have no future. The high presence of infertile women in these mobs is suggestive. One day, the cat will die and they will be alone.

It is this ahistorical nature of the American Left that is at the root of this incoherent and pointless violence. The Left organized a great PR campaign in response to Charlottesville, but they threw it all away in an orgy of violence over the last week. The reason is they are locked into the moment, a moment bound on all sides by a rage against nature. They cannot think about how today’s action will be viewed tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow for these people. All that matters is the catharsis.

Men have always contemplated their place in the timeline. The Irish used to say that the past is a nightmare from which they never awake. This was, of course, in relation to the troubles. Faulkner had Quentin Compson, his character in The Sound and the Fury, obsess over his family’s past, which was a stand in for the Old South. The Compson family was the emblem of the old, post Civil War South. Quentin finally smashes his pocket watch, a family heirloom, snapping off the hands, before he drowns himself in the Charles River.

That is the end for the Cult of Modern Liberalism. What has kept it going for generations was an easy to find collection of devils against which they could rally the true believers in a great cause. They have run out of devils and now they are digging up old graves, in an effort to bring back devils from the past. This rage will end in a great fire onto which they throw the old culture of America. Finally, when they have burned the last of it, they will throw themselves on the pyre, perhaps with some help from the rest of us.

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  1. Roman history is replete with attempts to destroy the images and monuments of leaders and factions who fell into disfavor. It was especially prevalent during the period of the empire. So attempting to destroy a history of which you disapprove is not new. Unfortunately, given modern technology, it is frighteningly possible to erase much of our heritage and to brainwash masses of young people so they do not love their ancestry nor understand it. A well known leader once lamented sincerely, “You cannot love that which you do not know, and you will not fight for that which you do not love.”

    • They are already trying to subtlety change history to say Lincoln was a Democrat.

  2. I believe they have already overplayed their hand beginning in their violence displayed in Charlottesville.

  3. SJW’s, who didn’t give a hoot in the world about racist statues during 8 years of Obama, are just trying their best to claim the moral high ground and using it to justify their criminal actions. Yesterday a group of people are discussing that all statues of Christopher Columbus need to be torn down because he was an evil man who brought death and misery to the New World. These SJWs claiming if they were alive in 1492 they would be out there doing every thing they could to stop him from setting sail. The typical SJW my morality is better than yours gig.

    Except its ridiculous banter. I asked them what did they think the morality of a person living in the year 2525 would have. There were guesses made by today’s standards, but I said nobody has any idea what the world will be like in 2525. So all you can do is guess. So I asked them to explain how in 1492 they would using SJW moral principles from the year 2017 to thwart Columbus’s plans. The answer is they wouldn’t have. They would have most likely cheered Columbus as a hero for his work because their mind set would not be of a SJW from 2017. The concept confused them and they insisted their mindset and morality would be the same as today. Hogwash.

    Also telling them that Columbus did not come to the new world with the intention of bringing death, disease and misery to the inhabitants here got me dagger stares and banter that I did not know what I was talking about. They are generation completely lost at this point. Stalin would be very happy if he was alive right now. Those great useful idiots

    • A Chinese graduate school history teacher taught me to “always go to the first person sources of the time”, if you want to understand the issues of the past, and the broader context of those days. Relearning history using this discipline makes clear how much history is twisted to satisfy the arguments of today.

  4. Good point. These people are criminals but then again this crap has been going on for a while. When that brain dead Baltimore mayor said people need room to destroy it was obvious there is no more law and order. At least not in the black areas.

    Much like the no-go zones in Europe infested with radical muslims now we have areas in the US where law & order does not exist.

    We only have ourselves to blame or at least the ones that voted for obama. When the president of the United States came out to defend every street thug that got shot down ( and rightly so ) it became obvious the country was headed in a bad direction.

    My liberal friends tell me why you keep talking about obama ? He’s not the president anymore ! Oh, but his is legacy still lives on. The black criminals and their white sympathizers are out on the streets blatantly destroying public property. Yet the authorities stand by and do nothing.

    When will white America or what’s left of it ever wake up ?

    sorry for the rant.

    • Part of the utter rejection of anything Trump by the left is a rear guard action to protect and extend Obama’s “legacy”. Even they know that what has been going on is way out of bounds. Any orderly and comprehensive clean-up of all of this is going to make for some big changes, which they don’t want.

      It tells you something about the lack of long term thinking in a lot of people’s heads. Obama’s legacy quickly leads to a third world existence for most of us. The impulsive people and short-term thinkers out there have really been duped by a bunch of trendy lies.

      • Obozo’s (**spit**) legacy has already been sent to the round file. I find it interesting that just when a confluence of success in GDP growth, foreign intrigues, NAFTA negotiations, etc. are showing fruits, that the Left has started this massive campaign to distract from Pres. Trump’s accomplishments.

        This is all by design by a fearful and panicked global elite, and people like Soros and Hillary who want to stop criminal investigations from proceeding into Dem misdeeds. It is all Kabuki with a deadly intent.

  5. The people tearing down Confederate statues are criminals, not benign protestors. And they are being openly permitted to do so by politicians, government officials, and law enforcement agencies. The truly insane part is that they think no one is noticing (or much cares that the rule of law is now obsolete). Why should any Southerner have any respect for the law from this point forward?

    • Rejection of the rule of law in the streets is part of the “program”. All of this is no accident.

      • It will be interesting to see how the Alabama senate primary turns out in September. One candidate represents the Mitch McConnell GOPe wing and the other (Judge Moore) is best known for defending the South’s traditions and culture. My guess is that most Southerners are deeply disgusted by the desecration of their heritage and will vote for the man who best fights on their behalf. Mitch is going to have to spend a lot more money if he wants to buy this race.

  6. When you “forget” history, it’s easier to ignore the 100,000,000 dead bodies piled up under Marxism so that you can promote “Democratic Socialism” as the version of Marxism they promise will get things right this time. And run around calling your little band of violent extremists “Antifa”, while pretending nobody is going to remember who the “AntiFascists” were throughout the 20th century (hint: MARXISTS!).

  7. The British and their American offspring were meticulous records keepers. The Portuguese were atrocious, and the Arabs even worse. The history of slavery has consequently focused on the American experience, though the slave trade to the American colonies pales in comparison to the Arabian and Brazilian volumes, or that even of the Caribbean. Dead men tell no tales, and when, as in the Arab world, the males are relieved of their testicles, we find neither documents nor descendents in which grievances can fester.
    The paucity of records, and in the Arab case, paucity of offspring, has perverted the historical record of slavery. In Brazil, poverty has ensured funding for historical sites to be inadequate, and the termites and rains have rendered almost all of the slave markets to dust. Apparently for the better, for all concerned.

  8. Z Man:
    You’re an optimist. So long as there are White Males and so long as there is no serious pushback, most particularly to its cashflow, the Prog religion will *never* run out of devils.

    Did the witch finders run out of witches during the Middle Ages_? Are the witch doctors in Africa and the Caribbean in any danger of going out of business today_?

    Why_? There’s money in it for the witch finders and witch doctors and no shortage of fools living in spiritual darkness. At every Prog outrage moral people have said, “Surely they’ve gone too far this time. Surely people will rise up and oppose this obvious moral evil.” But no.

    I don’t know where it goes from desecration of graves, but it’ll go somewhere. Pushback is the key.

    • In societies where Caucasians are a minority they rule society no less, To the contrary, the smaller the minority the heavier the rule, where progressives molt into their true regressive shape. The difference between a communist and a fascist is not significant.

  9. This brings to mind something I read a few years back, when some sort of “national association of librarians” (I forget the exact name) announced a new policy on accepting used book donations. Specifically, anything published prior to 1973 (or 1974) was to be tossed in the trash, because the paper they were printed on contained some acid compound which supposedly had some deleterious effects.

    I knew the acid thing was merely a pretext for another means of culling the bookshelves of any history that told of how things really went down in the past. Much like the Khmer Rouge’s “Year Zero,” where all previous history is irrelevant.

    Mustn’t let the plebes discover anything contrary to The Narrative!

    • No, there really was something to the high Acid paper thing. The bigger story was why books were printed on paper to begin with when Hemp was a far superior medium, and we had the whole “Marijuana” crazed Negro fabrication to protect the forest holdings of Hearst and descendants.

  10. Hope you’re right Z. Have grown tired of this lefty nonsense years ago. Just wondering what’s taking my neighbors so long ?

  11. >> The Left organized a great PR campaign in response to Charlottesville, but they threw it all away in an orgy of violence over the last week.

    I don’t watch television so maybe I missed something, but everything I have seen in the MSM on the Internet or on the radio described innocent, peaceful protesters being attacked by violent neo-Nazi extremists. Did I miss something? Did one news outlet even come close to telling the truth?

      • Yeah, but… where do they go? The internet? It’s true that we can still talk here, but anything to the right of George Will is being squeezed into a “non-paypal” fringe and, as Z blogger likes to say, it won’t end well.

        The revolutionary colonists had ‘committees of correspondence’. My guess is that the Postal Service will soon be authorized to open mail to investigate “hate” purveyed by dangerous hate groups within the USA, under some Homeland Security edict intended to keep us “safe”.

        Who knew that “safety” would be the inarguable mandate preventing any two people from sharing their thoughts?

        I’m just pointing out that we are deeper trouble than we think. Any normal person can see where this is all going.

        • “anything to the right of George Will is being squeezed into a “non-paypal” fringe”

          And gold-plated phonies like Will shall be (really, already are) declared Nazis very shortly. Have a website for your parish which won’t perform fake (gay) weddings? Goolaged. Raising money for a PAC opposing affirmative action? No-platformed.

          The greatest tools of the progs, the cucks, will find their fortunes erased soon as the progs decide their usefulness as foils has become unnecessary.

  12. Nowhere do I see any specific discussion of why we should save our history for the future, and I think it is important to have a “why”. I’ll start by saying that the American Republic is the most complete and comprehensive governmental experiment in acknowledging that the exercise of our freedoms is the exercise of our human rights, and not as permissions granted from our “betters”. We are free to exercise our rights, and we are given the responsibility to exercise them appropriately and well.

    The dirt people have rights as human beings, and it is not the appropriate role of government or our neighbors to abrogate those rights. So many are so busy turning to the government for guidance or exercising our own rights to take away the rights of others, this fundamental element of the American Experiment gets obscured and endangered.

    With the exercise of our rights comes the responsibility to demonstrate that the average person is actually capable of doing so in a way that is constructive to our society. We owe that to our fellow citizens, to humanity in general, and to our God. The training wheels have been taken off, and we need to demonstrate that we can ride the bike.

    There are many, on all sides, through either their own greed or a skepticism about the essential goodness of mankind, who want to bind us in physical or mental chains. The American Republic has thrown off those chains, and we need to constantly demonstrate that we are worthy of our freedoms and rights. Do not let the perfect get in the way of the good, fulfill your role as best as you can and in your own way, and know that every positive contribution has value, even if it is small and unnoticed.

    • I owe nothing to “humanity in general”. That said, I like your post and I think we’re on the same team. Still, I worry about your pleading tone.

      You write

      “With the exercise of our rights comes the responsibility to demonstrate that the average person is actually capable of doing so in a way that is constructive to our society.”

      I’ll be happy to demonstrate this capability once the rulers demonstrate their fitness to govern our Empire. Until then, I feel no such obligation, and I intend to be free.

      • Here’s the deal. Our “betters” have always taken the position that the rest of us are ungovernable, and that their heavy hand in our lives is a necessary thing to make the world work. Call it self-serving, or simply a negative view of mankind in general. Our Founding Fathers said “not true”. While they expressed some doubts that they, or we, could make it work, it turns out that America is the one real hope for mankind, because it is the only culture and system of governance that starts from a point of human rights, not permissions from those above us. That, right there, makes us unique. For all the positioning and framing that other cultures and systems make, it ALWAYS comes down to permission from the cloud people, not an unequivocal declaration of the God given rights of all men. We are unique.

        With those rights come responsibilities, and we need to exercise them well. The entire world watches us, and judges us every day. Our cultural gift, handed down to us, is a fragile thing. We need to nurture it, build on it, and show that men can govern themselves, and that in a pluralistic society which pulls people in different directions, we can find livable compromises.

        The problem is that the social contract has frayed. Take care of yourself but look out for each other has been replaced with “screw you, I want mine”. We have forgotten who we are supposed to be (not surprising, with the education, politics, and media we have been saddled with for a long time now). “We” are now “triggered” by the acts and words of others, but give no room for others to think or act differently than what “we” demand. That can’t go on. It is acting like children, and plays exactly to those clouds that claim we can’t handle our own affairs.

        No doubt the clouds are aiding and abetting this straw man with support for open illegal immigration, diversity quotas, triggering, fluid gendering, and a dreadful education system. We need to stand firmly against all of this and never flinch or back down. But we also need to remember what we are fighting for. It is not just to be right or to carve out a slice of the pie for ourselves where the space is safe for traditional values. We, as an American culture, need to get ourselves back to some sort of reasonable consensus about our special place in the history of mankind, remember who we are aspiring to be, and why. We can choose wisely for ourselves, and we can welcome those who share our vision for mankind. If we get the big picture right, the rest of it takes care of itself. People want to work for something that is bigger than themselves. We have something special that just needs to be picked up again. The cloud sabotage of this understanding, along with the multi-culti-equivalence cesspool that we have been marinating in, have dulled our senses. People yearn for what we have, and we are throwing it away. Remember what we are fighting for, and that how we go about it matters. Scorched earth is counterproductive. It is what the other side wants, even if they lose in the end. We can still be completely resolute with a more measured and thoughtful approach.

        Win or lose, we need to document all of this permanently for the future. If we fail, perhaps someone later on can pick up the torch for the common man, learn from us, and make it work. Our American Experiment has been one of the most fantastic episodes in the history of the human race. It needs to be remembered, warts and all.

  13. “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.
    And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

    • Yes, all those WW2 soldiers who returned from the war ended up goosestepping sieg heiling monsters…
      Come back when you have more than just sappy platitudes.

      • Or perhaps the German rank and file who they fought were not so monstrous as they’re often made out to be.

        • DV, that remark is evidence of a felonious thoughtcrime against Democracy and the one true god, “We the People”. You will not be able to hide this from thinkpol and the Ministry of Love indefinitely.

        • Germans have always excelled at “following orders”. In this instance, I say it as an explanation, rather than as the usual indictment.

      • I was going to add some amplifying information to my Nietzsche quote but I thought my meaning would be clear enough. Obviously I was wrong.
        Psychologically the left is constantly battling invented “monsters” even though the “monsters” are banal, historical, or even imaginary. Look at what it has done to them.
        As for the abyss part, if you can’t figure it out, I can’t help you.

      • Quite right.

        The average German soldier fought for the same reason the average American soldier did: It was his duty. And, as the war pressed into its final months, he was fighting to defend a doomed homeland and its people. There is no other way to account for the heroic and tenacious efforts of the Wehrmacht on the crumbling eastern Front in 1945. Fanaticism had little to do with it.

        Anyway, that’s the perspective of my father and father-in-law, who both served in that war. Both of them went toe-to-toe with the Enemy, and once in awhile killed enemy personnel ruthlessly. They didn’t look into abysses or worry that they might become monsters. Or of they did, their worries were unfounded. They went on to live gentle, respectable lives, raising families, paying their taxes and saluting the flag.

        That is, precisely the kind of men now called “the deplorables” by aspiring national leaders.

        Anyway, I think it was Beowulf who actually fought literal monsters, and who fought and slew Grendel in an abyss, under the sea. Where does he stack up? Did he become a monster? Or was Beowulf just a stand-up guy in a “difficult” age?

        • If you want to never sleep well again for the rest of your life, read “Gotterdammerung 1945: Germany’s Last Stand in the East”. Brutality rivaling anything anywhere, carried out on a widespread but individual as well as collective level, lasting and massive in scale. The veil of civilization is thin indeed.

          As I have said before, if you guys who are combat vets who made it through your too many tours in the sandbox just want to stay home and hug your kids, I for one will understand why. Not that you should care what I think.

          The cat ladies and Antifa should stay home and play with their pussies, they know not what they do.

          • Your point being.. what? OK, so you read a book — I too have read books — do you want to talk about something or just signal your ‘indignation’ about a general point which, like all general points, can be refuted anecdotally?

  14. “The Cult that rules over us has forever lectured against the past, claiming that it is what prevents us from reaching the glorious future.”

    The libfags think the future is going to be anymore glorious than the past. This has always amused me. If there was ever an example of a religious belief, this is it. And they are the ones that think they hate religion.

    Hey, Z. Have you checked Kevin Peterson’s IP address? I wonder if it is just a pseudonym for the pseudonym of Tiny? He always liked to lecture us about our need to read idiots that are incapable of an original, rational thought.

    • “The Cult that rules over us has forever lectured against the past, claiming that it is what prevents us from reaching the glorious future.”

      Don’t be too certain. I’m sure that as it suits their purpose, the elite will have us venerating their version of the past, however fictitious or slanted it is. And it won’t be entirely fictitious. They are very good at stitching together bits and pieces of the truth, even fairly large pieces.

  15. Or maybe we just want to remove celebrations of hate bigotry and ignorance?

    Why are you guys so keen on celebrating treasonous slavelord losers?

    How can you people not realize that the vast majority of Americans are not on your side?

    Read the twitter accounts of Marie Lu, Sabaa Tahir, Charles Clymer, Charles Blow

    They all have children and love the country

    The youth (you know the future) is not on your side:

    • Nice try sport, but you have to make the affirmative argument. The default assumption of the mentally stable is we don’t erase the past. You have to make your case for the Soviet Option.

      Since you cannot do that, the overwhelming majority of Americans assume you are dangerous un-American crazies.

      Your cult is dying. We will replace you.

      • I think Kevin is another avatar of Tiny Duck actually though at least his post is coherent if inaccurate

        Also to add to what our host said, increasingly no one on any side believes on the multi cult anymore and this certainly includes non Whites . If you doubt otherwise go talk the Black folk who have been ethnically cleansed from California

        Everyone other than the victims seems fine with this, even the Feds made only a few token arrests

        That’s one example and there are thousands more which not the sign of a health multicultural society

    • I have some bad news for you then, generation Z is “all in” on Trump, if you think you grand parents were bad, just wait until this generation zyklon grows up.

      Just wait until pupils who went to diverse schools can vote.
      They hate diversity with the passion of a thousands sun.

      And they hate you, the enabler generation, even more.

    • The quality of thought which is formed in a permanent opposition to a thing is self-limiting. How sad that this collection of mediocrities are anyone’s heroes.

    • Any child that runs the gauntlet of a liberal’s womb and lives to tell is a true survivor. Campaigning for Bernie Sanders is the closest most of the women have ever come to being in a committed relationship with a man.

  16. The belief in erasing history and revolution has a old history. The english philosopher, John Gray has written about in his book “Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia”. Before “secularisation” the revolution was founded in the belief in the apocalypse where after the destruction there will be a just society. Many Christians sects had this belief. Gray traces the origins of the apocalypse to the testament and christianity. i think is it wrong.The evolutionary anthropologist, Robin Fox writes in his book “The tribal imagination-civilisation and the savage mind” that the origins of the belief in the apocalypse/revolution in rooted in human nature and tribalism. Civilisation is simply to hard to bear for many humans. They want to go back to the small tribal group where there was “egality, freedom and brotherhood. It will never succeed.

  17. The leftists believe if they have no past then they cannot be held accountable for their failures. If the future is irrelevant then they are not burdened with any expectations and thus are free from judgment. They exist in a perpetual “now” in which their immediate emotions and desires are the only reality. This is why their rage is overwrought and petulant like a child sent to bed without dessert.
    It is the reason leftists are so vehemently anti-religious. If there is no heaven and no hell then there is no sin or need for redemption. This is why all their causes are utopian and their only “morality” is that the ends justify any means.

    • What does Dennis Prager say? Oh yeah: “being on the left means you never have to say you’re sorry.”

  18. I saw a report on line that a Cville cop stated that the whole clusterf##k was a left wing setup from the mayor to the Gov. Notice how the msn has picked up the story and run with it? “We have met the enemy and they are us “…which is why I fear your scenario is quite plausible if not indeed provable.

    • Most of them are paid crisis actors following a script. A quick wardrobe change for Jason Kessler and “Look, ma, I’m a nazi”.

    • I read this, as well. It has appeared in several different stories independent of one another. Something is afoot. Also don’t forget that the DoJ is looking into this. If it turns out that the demonstrators were bussed in at the last minute, there could be some prosecutions farther up the food chain. If it can be proved that the leftist were the inciting element, those are grounds for lawsuits against the city and state officials. Stand by.

      • Prosecutions? Seriously? The only person I could see getting any prosecution is the stupid kid climbing up on the statue to fix the line around it to take the statue down. Nah. Terry McAuliffe – Southerner. Jeff Sessions – Southerner. VA – Democratville and DC suburb.

  19. Finally, when they have burned the last of it, they will throw themselves on the pyre, perhaps with some help from the rest of us.

    Someone made a movie about what that might look like.

    I’ve got some red lanterns for sale.

    • At some point, their rhetoric will no longer fly and hit the concrete. As usual, we will have to pay for the cost of cleanup.

      • Plus nihilistic identity politics is simply exhausting for the participants. Just grazing through the constant Facebook postings of the Progs around here (and these are middle aged supposedly “mature” ones) one surmises their political metabolism has to run at the intensity of a shrew to keep up with the factions, various right wing plots, the 32 sexes plus micro-segmented minorities–each of whom has a bill of particular micro aggressions that must be salved.

    • I’d caution against this line of thinking as it is intrinsically messianic. The left has been in the business of deconstruction for centuries. They’ve pillaged, plundered, and destroyed quite reliably for long enough that hoping “this is it,” does not a rational statement make.

      The left has been engaged in limited acts of auto-cannibalism. We’ve seen a handful of dutiful Brahman academics fall on the sword of diversity and inclusion. But for all the pomp and ceremony surrounding these ritual acts of sacrifice, their number is still undeniably trivial.

      It should not stretch the imagination as to why hoards of white liberals count themselves among this elect. Most of them will gain from their position as traitors and righteous bigots.

      • Every political movement has within it the seeds of its own destruction. There isn’t a perfect one. All are limited by the scope of their time and circumstances and when things change they are set up to adapt in ways which aren’t in keeping with their preservation. Sure, deconstruction will work for a while. Even a long while. Eventually it will bring itself to an end. Look at Stalinism and Maoism. Both were heavily infested with deconstruction. Does either exist today?

        • Mao is still revered in China. There are still monuments to Stalin proudly standing. The abject worship is missing, and that is a good sign.

          • When you say “abject worship is missing” are you speaking of Stalin? Both have been entombed/enshrined. But China certainly seems to have a much greater “reverence” for their murderous leader (of his own people).

  20. “They have run out of devils and now they are digging up old graves”
    In the case of Stonewall Jackson, literally.

    • They have run out of devils but they won’t look in the mirror or into their own hearts.

      The battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  21. One reason to keep our past memorialized is so we can understand who we are as well as from where we came. It is interesting to me that the Confederate memorials say something about the 1920’s as well as the 1860’s, as so many of them were erected in the 1920’s.

    • Seen purely as pieces of art, those memorials are beautiful and deserve preservation. Much as we admire the old monuments in Europe of whose history we know nothing, and yet admire them as objects of beauty, so will people in the future admire those old Civil War monuments. I hope. If not, maybe some fragments will remain to remind a future generation of the dangers of barbarism.

  22. The left’s DNA is their oppressor, and in the end will prove to be their doomsday clock. Utopian fantasies won’t change it.

    • There is a scene in the film Tombstone that I have come to believe accurately sums up the modern hard left.

      Wyatt Earp: What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does?
      Doc Holliday: A man like Ringo has a great empty hole through the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.
      Wyatt Earp: What does he need?
      Doc Holliday: Revenge.
      Wyatt Earp: For what?
      Doc Holliday: Being born.

    • “every kumrad is a bit of quite unmitigated hate” – e.e. cummings

      I’m not a big fan of poetry, but the poem that comes from is possibly the best summation of the left-wing mindset I’ve ever read.

      The right love. Their country, their family, whatever. The left hate. Everything.

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