Killing Chickens

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” We are all familiar with it and its meaning. When you challenge authority, you better win, as authority cannot tolerate challenges. It’s why the people in charge are so ruthless in dealing with challenges to their power. They instinctively know that to do otherwise means being displaced. In all probability, they got to where they are by subverting or knocking off their predecessor.

That’s what we see going on with the Trump administration. The rules of the game, as designed by the political class, were supposed to prevent a guy like Trump from winning the Presidency. Instead, both parties would hire approved actors to put on a show, pretending to be bitter rivals. The voters would re-enact these mock battles among themselves, getting into arguments on-line and with friends. Then one candidate would “win”, pick a staff from the political class, and the party would keep going.

Trump was supposed to have his vanity run, then bow out in the primary, before he became too much of a distraction. The political class was so sure this would be the case, they never bothered to address Trump until it was too late. They thought they had it gamed out in the general election, but then those idiot voters did the wrong thing and voted for the wrong candidate. This challenge cannot stand, which is why they have been going berserk. The threat must be addressed, by any means necessary.

There’s another expression that is useful now. It is an old Chinese idiom. “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey”, which refers to making an example out of someone in order to threaten others. This was a popular aphorism during the Cultural Revolution where Chinese officials would routinely make an example of a deviationist to remind anyone else with heretical ideas that there are consequences to challenging authority. The college professor paraded around school and forced to confess to made up crimes let the other professors know who was really in charge of the school.

That’s what we are seeing with the coordinated assault on various dissident websites, like the Daily Stormer and now Stormfront. Neither of these sites are a great threat to the established order. The Stormer is a satirical site, the suppression of which proves just about every point the proprietor ever made about the ruling class. Stormfront is an old White Nationalist site that was content to mind its own business. But they both contain the word “storm” which is now a trigger word for the ruling class, so they were targeted.

What the registrars have done in both cases is steal the domain from the rightful owners, thus shuttering their sites. It’s brazen and illegal, but that’s the point. The message being sent is that the people in charge are not constrained by the law. They can do as they please. If you are a trouble maker out there, who has invested time and money in his site, you might want to watch what you say. Otherwise, a big tech company will steal your property and shut you down. That’s the message being sent with these acts.

It’s why they are picking on these two sites. Small guys operating on the fringe are easy for everyone else to dismiss. This encourages others to think, “well, they were asking for it. As long as I don’t do what they did, I should be OK.”  If they went after a bigger name or a site with deeper pockets, they create a sympathetic martyr and find themselves in court defending the indefensible. The one thing the people in charge have, or at least they think they have, is moral authority. Stormer and Stormfront are safe chickens to kill.

There is a corollary, of sorts, to that Chinese idiom. If they set out to scare the monkey, they better scare the monkey. Otherwise, they risk pissing off the monkey and the rest of the monkeys. That’s the delicate balance authorities must strike in times of crisis. There is a risk of squandering their moral authority and legitimacy. Make an example of the wrong guy and they risk a rebellion. It’s not always easy to know, as the reason a crisis exists is the rulers have lost touch with those over whom they are rule.

After the election, I made the point that Trump was a warning shot to the ruling class. They had to reform and Trump was that opening for them. If not, the next guy was not going to be as easy to deal with as Trump. That’s the lesson of history. The people challenging the old order start out hoping to work with the old order. They become radicalized or replaced by radical elements, only when the old order refuses to cooperate. The whole point of popular government is to accommodate this reality about human society.

The people who rule over us are sending a message of their own and have decided to make a few examples, to kill some chickens. The question they don’t know, what no one knows, is if it will scare the monkeys. The evidence so far is that all the ruling class has done so far is piss away their moral authority. “Attacking Nazis” rings hollow when you’re simultaneously trying to erase the Founding Fathers from the public square. It just makes the “Nazis” a useful tool for those wishing to gain the moral high ground defending speech.

For now, we just have a few dead chickens and a troop of increasing angry monkeys.

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  2. Nigger Love. It’s a mental illness. The only cure is death. We’re gonna need a lot of rope.

  3. In the same breath; scream about fascists, and then demand the monuments to Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln be torn down.
    The ‘Founding Fathers’ were fascists? Over a hundred and fifty years before Hitler or Mussolini?

  4. “When you strike at a king, you must kill him” is a famous expression by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    And a piss poor translation of his plagiarism from the Italian.

  5. There’s another factor which underlies, ultimately where all this is going on here. That guns. There’s only two kinds of authority here for the mandarins. The consent that is given to them by the governed. And the power implicit, ultimately through the barrel of their guns they use to ultimately back up that assumed authority.
    The monkeys, they really hold the only moral authority. Monkey consent & withdrawal of monkey consent. That is the so called contract in a Constitutional Republic.
    The monkeys can defy and withdraw consent any time they choose.
    So the idea is to create a plurality of monkeys who for all sorts of reasons give tacit consent to the mandarins. Thats where the illusion of moral authority really comes into play.
    What the monkeys are beginning to re-discover is that this has nothing to do with a majority, the mob, or any illusion of power or authority.
    This has to do with the ultimate legitimate expression of withdrawal of consent, the final option, why the 2nd Amendment is the crux of the formation of this Republic of people, (not government).
    This is about consent & withdrawal of consent. That it doesn’t matter the reasons, that ones consent is the moral hi-ground. That ones liberty is the only moral authority confined only within the bounds that ones liberty does not impose or intrude on another. Outside that there is no need for any laws rules or regulations manmade. It works. It has worked. It was what laid the foundations of this Republic. That to defend ones moral authority within that essential bound, is the ultimate power. That within that sphere of activity of the individual, property the ownership of it is the first thing. Be it thought, faith, creativity, action or material property. And owning a gun is your property first, and an instrument to defend and protect, preserve that property and all other property, including right up to family & life.
    What the mandarins have done is obsfucate that primal authority of the individual with regulatory tyranny, to the point that self determination is literally buried under a mountain of man made diktat and fiat “law”.
    And the only way out from under that mountain is to employ the moral imperative without hesitation, relentlessly, where ultimately the use of ones property, mind and physical are the tools to get out from under the mountain.

    The mandarin’s have through their proxies, begun the stage where this all comes down to guns. You see it with the exploratory hints acts & chest beating of antifa/BLM use of guns. Its a trap and antifa is the cheese, the mice are the monkeys. They are testing to see what the reaction will be from the monkeys. Who it must be realized are the most heavily armed people on Earth. As a plurality, they constitute a real physical potential based on the simple truth combined the armed monkeys are the largest infantry army ever in history.
    They also hold the physical high ground. A majority if which make the things, fix the things, build the things, run the things, design the things, grow the things.
    The mandarins better be careful. If this army crosses that magical threshold where it not only becomes a plurality, but realizes it is a plurality, at that moment it transitions into a force I believe nothing on God’s green Earth can deny.
    Its game over for the mandarin’s.
    And if what I’m seeing, hearing, and saying myself is any indication, that threshold is only a step away.

    • How can the 2nd am. be “the crux of the formation of this Republic” if the authority and consent of the governed comprise the lawful foundations of the republic? You have confused the foundations with a means to deter overbearing rulers. You have also misunderstood the 2nd am. which has little to say about keeping a pile of guns in your basement but something very interesting to say about a well regulated militia under the control of the tyrants whom you would resist with “Arms” hoarded on the pretext of the 2nd am. Every literate person who can think can read Article I and Article II for the clauses which prescribe a well regulated militia under control of the empire’s legislature and chief executive. So the 2nd am. promised nothing new while insidiously assimilating the keep and bearing of arms to the very definition of militia.

      • #1: ‘Well regulated’ in the language of the day meant ‘in good working order.’

        #2: The Founding Fathers did not stick a collective right in the middle of a list of individual ones.

        The misunderstanding is all yours. Fortunately, your historical and political dyslexia is not our problem.

        • Nice try, sophist. The militia clauses of A1 and A2 make it clear that “in good working order” means working according to the dictates of Congress and the elected emperor.

          • “Well regulated” literally means “a civilian unit trained to meet the standard of the Prussian manual of arms.”

  6. Lets all stop beating around the bush here and openly comment we are sick and fucking tired of this crap.
    That this is our fucking country. Our culture.
    And if they don’t back off there will be a revolution that eclipses all revolutions in history.

    Because that is exactly no bones about it how I think.
    What say all you?

    • Let’s pretend for a moment that you are not a leftist provocateur. This is a fair assumption given what you wrote later and some tell tales of crudity such as your irregular use of an apostrophe to form plurals and inconsistent omisson of apostrophes when one is required.

      There will be no good revolution during the foreseeable future. Leading revolutionaries such as the Z monkey and Rush Blowhard’s fans insist by their own example that we should describe our worst enemies, communist internationalists, as “liberals”. These revolutionaries ought to know better, for it was the mendacious totalitarians who cloaked their selves with the word liberal and persuaded hundreds of millions to accept the lie. You ought to infer from all of this that your revolutionaries are basically just tools who are more interested in being popular among an audience of the gullible than in doing the very difficult work of building capable teams through speaking relevant truths.

      Another problem for your revolution includes the defects of your political system. See the Declaration of Independence for one of the worst political ideas ever conceived. It reads there that all men are created equal, but the text is not at all precise about what is meant by equal, nor is there any evidence that humans are created, nor is there evidence or a cogent argument to justify belief in a Creator. Egalitarianism, of course, is a prized piece of internationalist orthodoxy, so your “revolution that eclipses all revolutions in history” would, if successful, turn over soil that is thoroughly contaminated with the seeds of weeds which you now pretend to oppose.

      Your comments lead me to believe that your ideal revolution would defend and preserve the Constitution of the USA, but you ought to be wary of that thing, too. Its most prominent phrase, “We the People”, is used with the implication that all humans of a community have the right to rule. It means that even drug addicts and communist criminals have authority to determine the contours and innards of a government. Not even children are exempted from the sweeping populism of the preamble. Well, do you know of any stable, flourishing family that even hints to the children that they may “ordain and establish” the rules of the family? I doubt it very much, and it’s foolish to suppose that the extended family of a political community can remain stable indefinitely by encouraging the natural arrogance of children. If the Constitution’s author(s) had been a little more patient, the preamble would begin with a phrase like We the qualified Adults or We the Lawful.

      There is another grave problem with the great Constitution. See Article VII for the remark that the Constitution itself shall be the source of the law of “Establishment” prior to establishment. The presumption of legality encourages circular thinking among gullible readers, and most Americans, including your revolutionaries, remain too stupid even to care about Art. VII much less to notice the loose thread of republican English imperialism. If the clause has any legality, it must come from outside the Constitution, but  apologists of the Constitution have failed to explain what that source of law could be.

      Yes, I’m insisting that the Constitution is a hoax. So a revolution worth having will strive to replace it with something better, albeit not necessarily another written constitution.

      What is left now of your political and legal traditions? You have the English common law, but most British, Americans, Canadians, etc. know very little about it. Also, here too we have problems, for the common law, so called, is an enormous bundle of judicial proclamations by people who have scant knowledge of reality and who have had for many centuries an excessive sympathy for Jewish superstition. The high priests of the supposed common law have not failed, however, to erect an enormous machine, operated by loyal servants (lawyers), to impose the priesthood’s will upon the English speaking people and many others, too. No good revolution will fail to depose the priesthood and to disassemble their machine.

      This brings us to one of the worst traditions of Western civ. The aforementioned religion spawned a rather strange personality cult which expects us to believe that the Jews’ god is the prisoner of its own law of human nature. Yet if the god were omnipotent as claimed, the alleged Fall could have no such power over the god. It could accomplish directly its goal of human salvation from estrangement from the god. So even if the Trinitarian explanation about the story of Adam and Eve were roughly correct, the supposed effect of originated original sin could have been nullified immediately at will by the god. No vicarious savior or atonement with blood is necessary.

      It’s interesting that the personality cult, presumably a cherished feature of your “culture”, inspired a heresy, called Islam, which rejected the dogma of original sin and now threatens to overrun what remains of Trinitarian territory in Europe. Further, even the Roman Church itself isn’t a consistent defender of the alleged reason for Jesus’ crucifixion. The RC teaches that Mary was “preserved free from all stain of original sin”. The excuse for the double standard, stated explicity by Pope Pius IX in 1854, is some mealy mouthed mumbling about “a unique gift of grace and privilege of almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ the Redeemer of mankind”. So much for this wicked religion of the West. Its peak political power was accomplished with the help of maths and sciences not intrinsic to Trinitarianism and readily exploited by anyone open to them.

      All of these problems with your “culture” show that you have a great void looming before you. Gun hugging in the home and gun play in the streets will not save you from the void. So what positive doctrine do you have to replace the defects of your civilization? It won’t suffice to insist that we are subject to a law of existence when your words imply also that the supposed law is just an arbitrary declaration of some god. Your revolution needs a sophisticated doctrine which utterly transcends all claims of willpower and, hence, which makes theism and your populist republicanism obsolete. In short, your revolution needs a new religion of the law of existence, but it will take generations to develop it and to propagate it.

  7. Their folly will continue until they learn less than a third of the troops will fire on their countrymen.

  8. Yeah, that whole Mandate of Heaven thing is a bitch to run on the ragged edge, my heart really bleeds for the mandarin’s.

  9. I am hoping the American public sees what is going on, sees that their Constitutional rights are under threat by the totalitarian left, and that the left is trying to obliterate their heritage and history.

  10. How long until it dawns on them that simply killing monkeys would be more efficient?

    Legitimacy be damned, it’s all gone anyway, might as well use power and roll out our guillotine before the dirt people bring theirs.

    It’s amazing this feeling that the entire mass of public opinion is on a knifes edge. If we personify this current climate as a kind of tyrannical king, a challenger has been quietly winning converts and building a power base in the shadows. No public defectors first but when they come they will come fast, the king will look around as his power erodes before his very eyes.

    Then the half mad king will use the limited amount of time left to destroy as many heretics as possible. There is no escape for our king, it will dawn on him he only leaves in a casket.

    May the time between him knowing he’s lost until he has actually lost be short for all our sakes.

  11. “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
    (The Declaration of Independence)

    When the Founders spoke of government they spoke of people, for government is, in the end, merely people.
    I, for one, do not recognize the moral authority and legitimacy of people such people as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Mitch McConnell etc. I do not care what they say or what they think. They are my enemies.

  12. Clarity matters. Now, even the most disinterested citizen is likely to be aware that government is proactively lawless and therefore cannot be trusted to either protect the nation or secure our liberty. This loss of faith is non trivial and has the dual effect of undermining the public support system for government legitimacy while growing a quiet and covert dissidence. They seem to think that worst thing that can happen is that voters will be turned off and become apathetic.

  13. Hence the Government Party freak out over Trump’s pardon of Sherriff Joe Arpaio. That was a textbook example of killing the chicken…the Obama-ites had been trying to take out Arpaio for YEARS. They wanted to get rid of him as a message to anybody else thinking about defying the Govt Party.

    It’s telling, while also being unsurprising, that both Paul Ryan and John McCain have criticized the pardon.

    It’s also a sign of things to come with Flynn and Manafort and that fraudulent Mueller investigation. That Arpaio pardon is a message on multiple levels.

  14. Or maybe the majority of people want to destroy racism and white supremacy?

    I’m gonna bet you guys don’t interact with many people. Your philosophy is repugnant to normal people.

    Do yourself a favor and look up the blog rotter son YouTube

    • That’s what your people told me about Trump.

      Reality and history don’t obey your rules, no matter how sacrosanct you’ve considered them all your life

    • After 13 died in the Barcelona car jihad, hundreds of thousands marched.

      The papers triumphantly declared that “they weren’t afraid… of Islamophobia!”

  15. The monkeys can be as pissed as they like. It changes nothing, and our enemies know it.

    There’s a story on Instapundit about a kindergartner in an elite (!) California charter school being disciplined for not addressing a trannie classmate as their chosen sex. Think about the multiple layers of mutually reinforcing madness that requires, and the utter Good German gutlessness of the (non-child-abusing) parents, the faculty, and the entire school district.

    In a similar idiom, California state Senator Kevin DeLeon has publicly denounced Trump’s anti-illegal-immigration efforts, since half his family is here illegally and of *course* they use forged documentation. The man has admitted to two separate felonies on public television. Do we see Federal marshals swooping in to arrest him.

    Even ten-fifteen years ago the entire country would have flipped its lid over such stuff. Not any more. Obama and his people called American democracy on its bluff. Our system only works if everyone plays by the rules. The inmates are thoroughly in charge.

    • The ruling class isn’t scaring people with it’s gang of anti-fa goons and rampaging college students tearing down statutes. It’s pissing white people off and making the authorities look like cowards by refusing to do anything.

      Short term the thugs are going to keep on winning as they have the establishment including law enforcement on their side in a vast majority of cases. This is also destroying their credibility with whites at a alarming rate.

      Already, one Catholic school in CA has been forced to remove it’s statue of Christ and the Virgin Mary because Muslims complained. I expect to see this happening across the U.S. as the Left attacks Christianity full on.

      Eventually the attacks on whites will escalate to such a extent that whites will be faced with two options:
      1) Let themselves and their culture be eradicated like in Rhodesia
      2) Resist and incur the full wrath of the government that will rush in to protect the thugs and gangsters by declaring war on whites. Which in turn forces whites to declare war on the government officials and media elites who started it. .

      I don’t think we’ll have a choice, it’s being made for us by the elites. They aren’t going to slack off.

      • If a war does start in America, most of the military will be on the side of the right. Most of the cops will run and hide as soon as they face a significant threat, like they did in the LA riots. That only leaves the black-masked thugs.

        Meanwhile, the economy will collapse, and cities will become death-traps of starvation, disease and ethnic violence. This isn’t the 1800s: you can’t operate a just-in-time economy in the middle of a war.

        So a civil war in modern-day America will kill at least a hundred million people. Which is why no sane person should be trying to start one.

  16. Am I the only one who never really saw the point of that well known Chinese proverb_? I mean, the monkeys know that the farmer can’t actually get to them, right_? No blow-guns in China and the proverb was created well before accurate small bore firearms existed. That’s why they’re up in the trees, watching and not hiding out. Amiright_?

    So why would the monkeys be impressed_? I mean if they’re smart enough to get it that the demonstration was for them and not just about getting dinner ready, then they’re smart enough to get it that they have little to fear from the farmer as long as they keep up a clear run to the trees while eating his veggies. And if they’re too dumb to get the whole point, the farmer just wasted a chicken. Amiright_?

    Now, it’s the other *chickens*, who ought to be paying attention. But they must be too dumb to get what happened to their buddy Su Lin and why. I mean, chickens must die for the sins of the monkeys_? That’s just wrong. And if they’re not that dumb then they should be planning their escape from that one really dumb farmer tonight. Amiright_?

  17. We came quite close to a shooting war in the 90’s but more level heads prevailed and things calmed down.

    I’m not sure there are as many level heads out there and unlike in the 1990’s there are a lot of people who want to take heads instead.

    Throw in a change of mindset, for example no one on the right in 1992 would be praising Pinochet or chanting “You can’t run, you can’t hide, you get helicopter ride” at a protests and you are asking for something that future generations will remember as very very ugly indeed

    • I imagine the reference to Pinochet upthread was hyperbole.

      I hope level heads prevail, because violence from the Right would not only be very very ugly, it would be crushed instantly — and it would be ultimately counterproductive.

      You know, there’s a lot of room between coming to believe that the powers that be, including the uniparty, do not have our interests at heart and resorting to violence. It’s very important to make use of that room.

      The Left began its long march through the institutions a century ago. It worked for them, and the elites discovered that they could become even richer from it. I think we have a long, nonviolent march ahead of us. Getting more people red-pilled will make that march shorter and easier. Violence is not going to help.

      • It depends on how many. Insurgencies are notoriously difficult to put down without ruining the entire country

        My estimate is if 10% of White people alone wanted to rebel , that’s part of the Right the US would fall into 4GW style civil war and the USG would have a massive probably unwinnable fight on its hands

        Right now the numbers aren’t there and even people like me who want serious change are not OK with that kind of thing but in the future?

        Happily we have Trump for a while which gives us a chance a reset and time to prepare both.

        • The only thing holding the West together right now is the belief on the right that things could be worse. Every time the left ‘kill a chicken’, more on the right decide that Mad Max would be better. Once that reaches a critical mass, it’s over.

          You don’t need 10% of people to rebel. If 10% of the right simply said ‘screw this’ and stopped going to work, the economy would implode. Left-wing cities would be burning within a fortnight. There wouldn’t be an SJW left after a month, because they’d either have been eaten or discovered that there is an external reality after all.

          And that’s already happening on a small scale. I’ve seen a number of posts lately by people saying things along the lines of ‘yeah, screw this, I quit my job/closed my business and moved to rural Arkansas, where I can live on $10k a year.’ Those who had jobs are probably being replaced by Millennials who have no clue about what they’re doing.

      • “I imagine the reference to Pinochet upthread was hyperbole.”

        I wouldn’t bet on that. Generation Zyklon seem to relish the idea of throwing SJWs out of helicopters.

    • A.B.;
      Seriously, what are you talking about re ‘Shooting War in the 90s’_? Saw no such alerts in our monthly intel briefings in that era.

      • The stuff with Randy Weaver than the retaliation by McVeigh caused militia activity to go on high alert as did the incident in Waco

        It may be apocryphal but the FBI met with some local militia leaders after Waco and asked them if they’d join in an action in another state. The leaders replayed “Not really there are plenty of you federal bastards around here.”

        My guess is the numbers were not there and the anger level was lower than it is now, People figured while the Feds were out of control it was still America

        I’m told there were quiet talks and things calmed down

        I don’t think the militias would have won anyway and they knew that

        Things are different now though

        Also I’ll note the Federal government hasn’t pulled another Waco and even when dealing with the Bundy Bunch last year as been careful and somewhat professional

        That guy shot in Oregon note was shot by a local cop who basically was sent into hiding as well.

        • I was paying careful attention during all of that as well. Now is different. After 24 years of Clinton, Bush and Obama anyone my age is either emotionally spent or has flipped over into a hardened and slightly impatient resolve and doesn’t normally show much outward anger anymore. We’re still here, though, and we’re still pissed off.

          The federal response to Bundy was also very intriguing for me. Federal guns on the ground display a history of not understanding restraint, so the restraint that was practiced there by them came from outside. Had Larry Potts been in in charge (Hi! Still remember you!) the shooting would have started. FBI has a habit of not brooking resistance of any kind (see also “Waco”). AG Janet Reno ordered and oversaw the murder of 80+ people, including 22 children. Impossible to say whether the restraint at Bundy was restraint born of respect or restraint born of fear of consequences. But “respect” coming towards “citizens” from “government” would be out of character, to say the least. We don’t forget these things.

          We’re a lot more heavily armed now, and the infrastructure on which society depends is an order of magnitude more complex and fragile. The cities are indefensible. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But that is a story for another time.

          All the balls which went into the air with Trump’s election, including Russia, the “resistance”, the behavior of the media, Antifa, Nazis, North Korea, the stock market, and so on, are story lines started or rekindled by the deep state, any one of which could be used to try to drive the narrative. Think “Allegory of the cave”. Imagine anyone starting an actual FBI investigation based on a shopped “dossier” that Trump had hookers piss on a bed in Moscow? But they’re doing it, at high levels of “government”. Do you see how completely out of touch they are? And they are the ones trying to project the images on the wall of the cave. It’s frankly incomprehensible.

          Apparently we are supposed to fight and tear the country apart. Cui bono?

          • The 1%-ers are looking forward to a future of robots and AI, where they no longer need the proles. The more they can convince us to kill each other, the less Terminators they’ll need to mop up the survivors.

  18. Very nicely composed and yet nonsensical. It’s an attempt to pitch Trump as the underdog or the quintessential David with the “Establishment” as Goliath. All very well if you include within the “Establishment” such things as civility, empathy, intellectual curiosity, compassion, and any willingness to compromise among legitimate policy interests.

    It is somewhat axiomatic that the two party system has severe limitations which seem to include suppression of third parties and the careful grooming of front runners. However, the attempt to conflate the two primary parties based on superficial similarities does a disservice to all the leaders and members who promote and court truly distinct ideological agendas. What the author seems to be doing to inviting a more anarchical order which is what Trump really seems to represent.

    • It looks like The Z-Man has made the big leagues. Paul Ryan’s press office is sending out flunkies to spam his comment section with Establishment talking points. Let me guess. Talk like this is “not who we are”.

    • “All very well if you include within the “Establishment” such things as civility, empathy, intellectual curiosity, compassion, and any willingness to compromise among legitimate policy interests.”

      If anyone had any residual doubts as to the blindness, narcissism and moral grandstanding of the ruling class, here it is in all its fustian. But better still is that all this self-love comes with its unstated, but vigorously implied corollary: the loathing of you and everything you stand for.

    • “civility, empathy, intellectual curiosity, compassion, and any willingness to compromise” ??
      I don’t recall seeing those things from the Left over the past 50 years.

    • Allow me to humbly suggest our problems run slightly deeper than a lack of viable third parties and imperfect adherence to historical norms of intellectual curiosity.

      It’s the historical norm of white people having nations that occupies my time.

      • I wonder what the threshold is for IQ that allows someone with a tribal mindset to form a concept of nationality.

      • Oh, Maxine, do take one for the team. Volunteer as a lab rat at a genetics laboratory, no one will know the difference.

  19. Good points all.

    Sailer sometimes sardonically uses the phrase “pour encourager les autres” in the sense of killing the chicken to scare the monkeys.

    I was curious about the origin of the term. Found it in the following. It comes from the misfortune of Admiral John Byng, by way of Voltaire.

    But yeah, the real question is what are the monkeys going to do.

    • In India, a group of monkey’s either clawed to death or threw an important politician, the Deputy Mayor of Delhi off a building with fatal results

      Right now “group”is a bit of a problem as Americans are all “individualists” but that’s easily remedied and our monkeys are rather well armed and very very angry

      Hopefully wiser heads will prevail again but if they don’t maybe the death squad near you will be signing

      … Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees
      And people say we monkey around
      But we’re real busy singing
      As we put everybody down

      • Perhaps a small “starter” core group of said monkeys could be delivered to a secret location in DC.

    • I thought the origin was Wellington in the Peninsular Wars shooting a losing British General.
      Oddly performance picked up after that

  20. If they set out to scare the monkey, they better scare the monkey. Otherwise, they risk pissing off the monkey and the rest of the monkeys.


    Thats why you gotta shock the monkey

  21. If they set out to scare the monkey, they better scare the monkey. Otherwise, they risk pissing off the monkey and the rest of the monkeys.


    Thats why you gotta shock the monkey.

  22. Interesting post from Black Pigeon Speaks posted yesterday, 25 August, entitled “The Dangerous Escalation of Online Censorship”.

    Compliments Z’s article above. Many here would like it, I’m sure.

  23. Conformity is not the magnet that drew the founders here. They came here to escape oppression, and when the oppression they were fleeing pursued them, they killed it.

  24. The lawsuit established that domain names are the property of the registrant and not the registrar. I would think that the stormer crew might be able to sue for a good settlement on this.

      • What “liberal bias”? Most black females are illiberal, and they are always so when Democrats or otherwise leftist.

        Tune out the Z monkey, Rush Blowhard, and all other hard heads until you’ve learned not to repeat the propaganda of communist internationalists.

  25. Yeah, and you really, REALLY, better kill the fucking chicken. If the chicken is seen strutting around the barnyard shortly after you claim to have killed it, not only have you failed to scare the monkey, now you look like a chicken fucker.

    • With a great example being the Bundy Ranch show trials. Not turning out the way the ruling class planned. Seems to be a trend lately, eh?

    • In the wake of Charlottesville, the ridiculous show trials, such as this one (, aren’t going to chasten or change the beliefs of the young men involved, but only confirm them. The establishment has confused the preening of its virtue signaling run amok with efficacy. If these smug progressive lunatics, with their typical lack of awareness and understanding, wanted to radicalize a generation of young white men, they’ve seized on a sure fire means to do so.

      • Young men have already experienced having everything blamed on them by the feminists. The same tactic is being used by the left now against the right: you’re all (rapists) Nazis, you don’t get to speak in your own defense because you’re a (rapist) Nazi, you’ve made us all victims of (misogyny) racism, anything we do to fight (patriarchy) fascism is good and just.

        Except by now you men are immune to it or are owning it. And that scares the left shitless.

        >>>Angry monkeys.

  26. Ann Barnhardt got the axe yesterday. Fortunately, Ann was ready for it and she’s back on line with a new host. In other news, nobody I know has heard anything about the vanishing websites. Guess it wasn’t on the other news.


    • What happened to her is a beef with her hosting company. The Stormer and Stormfront are getting zapped by government agents. That’s what a domain registrar is, a government agent. They pay a fee be a registrar and then charge citizens a fee for registering their domain name.

      It’s shitty when a hosting company screws with you, but there are millions of hosting companies. There’s only one government.

      • The Swamp is lucky that President Trump actually believes in the Rule of Law.

        Can you even imagine the body count if Hillary had won and was now consolidating her power?

        • But the new again, there is a wee part of me that wouldn’t mind seeing Trump giving a few key Swamp-creatures a Pinochet-style helicopter ride over the Everglades.

          It could serve the purpose of refocusing the monkeys on the MAGA agenda.

          • Appoint Sheriff Joe as the Head of the FBI.
            That would really fuck with the deep states minds.
            Things would get exponentially more complicated. Then they would have to assassinate two of the most powerful and popular men in government.

          • Arpaio knows who the bad guys are and who their connections are in our government. It looks like a domino effect strategy is in place for the takedown. The momentum will be that of an avalanche, no matter who lives or dies.

          • Didn’t Ginsburg say she would move to Canada if Trump was elected?
            Doesn’t that statement imply that everything she does is political, and that every Supreme Court opinion she writes is blatantly politcal, and not based on Constitutional law? If Trump is known to be in favor of any particular outcome in any Supreme Court case, and she writes an opinion against it, doesn’t that raise the question of whether she’s doing so because of political beliefs and anti-Trump sentiment, rather than a dispassionate reading of Constitutional law?
            She should be DIS-BARRED for even introducing the chance that she may be interjecting her personal politics into a SC case. By publicly airing her negative views on Trump, claiming she would leave the USA if he was elected, she has poisoned every case she now works on.
            I don’t care if she remains in the USA or leaves, but she MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE BENCH.

          • She should certainly be barred from any future case involving immigration, or any other item fromTrump’s agenda

          • I believe she said she would move to New Zealand (how relieved they must be she’s still here). She and Justice “white men are second-class citizens, and I hate them all” Sotomayor have no business on the bench.

          • Ginsburg Backs Out On Promise To Move To New Zealand If Trump Wins: “Our Country Needs Smart, Brave People Like Me” Why not Mexico or Canada? New Zealand is around 75 percent white, the rest of the population Maori and Asian, no blacks. It looks like she might be a racist.

      • DS has apparently tried registrars in Russia (.ru), China (.wang), the Netherlands, and landed one in the US that lauded free speech (.lol).

        I guess they were up for 2 days before the registrar was pressured to drop them.

        After searching, they got another last week, down after about 7 hours (

        I’m not affiliated with DS or any group, but I do check out what’s popping, and it’s looking like it’s not .gov doing this directly.

        It appears it’s the groups that have been getting all the laundered NGO money for decades, doing the squeeze tactic of pressure from both “above” and “below” by .gov jawboning and “black roots” tactics.

        My take is there is a limited amount of time where the Charlottesville event would be drowning out all other news, there was to be an attack all across the South in a domino effect, and it was botched by the idiots in Atlanta trying to take down the Peace Statue instead of another high profile target.

        There was a VERY concerted effort to bury that fact, and about the only place I heard this was on The Intelligence Report (militia) podcast, picked up 5 days later by Breitbart.

        The point is, there are a lot of extremely intelligent people here and on other sites, and actually listening to other, distantly related outlets will give a much broader spectrum of analysis.

        Those that have a much stronger stomach should listen to the other side’s broadcasts, but it’s fairly easy to listen to those loosely aligned to your goal.

        Especially if they’ve been around for decades.

        Listen for the ring of truth, you might gather some gems to finish the project off.

    • This is what false flag terror attacks are for. Most of you guys aren’t old enough to remember the mood before OKC. The word “militia” was being used a lot.

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