Someone contacted me saying they were starting a site called Alt-Jew and he wanted to know if I knew any right-wing Jews that would be interested. You never know about these things. It could have been a terrorist organization trying to get some names of people they could terrorize. Anyone can register a website. Well, not anyone, thanks to terrorist groups like the SPLC and ADL. Still, you never can be sure. The Reagan Battalion was an elaborate Soros fraud.

Regardless, it provides a reason to write about a subject that gets zero attention. That is the schism among American Jews, one that is looking a little bit like the divide within the white world. There are a growing number of right-wing Jews, who are wondering if liberal Jews are bad for Jews. It is not just politically, but culturally and racially. They look around at the demographics in America and see greater out-marriage, lower birth rates and the telltale signs of assimilation and secularization.

Anyone who has engaged with Orthodox Jews knows they regard Liberal Jews with a high degree of hostility. They are not as bad as the Hasidim, but they view Reformed Jews as fakers, getting the benefits of being Jewish without the commitment. Their relatively small numbers have made them easy to ignore, but demographics are changing quickly. Orthodox are 10% of American Jews and a full decade younger than the median age of Reformed Jews. They also have many more children per female.

Now, the Orthodox are famously ethnocentric. They also vote for conservative white candidates in elections. When it comes to identity politics, the Orthodox favor it over consensus. They may not be talking about ethno-states and separatism, but their revealed preferences run strongly in that direction. Like the Amish though, their numbers will only grow the old fashioned way. They do not recruit so they do not attract a lot of converts. Talk to anyone who has converted and they will tell you it is a long and challenging process.

There is another division, somewhat related to the Orthodox movement, and that is the Chabad movement. Here’s a Globe story from two years ago and a Forward story from last year for some background. One of the unique things about Chabad is they recruit and do so aggressively. They even recruit gentiles. I have had them put the arm on me more than once, even though they know I am not a Jew. President Trump’s son-in-law and daughter are Chabad. Joel Pollak, the Breitbart big shot, is Chabad. This is not an accident.

As that Globe story makes clear, the Chabad movement is a curious thing. On the one hand, they are Orthodox, which puts them culturally to the right of most people and way to the Right of most Jews. On the other hand, they seem to be following the model of the early Christian church by letting converts ease into the life. Jared Kushner is not growing a beard and wearing all black anytime soon. It is hard not to think that they are first concerned with growing the movement. They will worry about discipline later.

There is another piece to the puzzle. There are Conservative Jews who make up about 20% of American Jewry. These are the folks you will not only see filtering into the Chabad movement, but also on the fringes of the alt-right. They may or may not consider themselves white, but either way, they are fine with white identity politics. They think multiculturalism is madness. It is not just madness for Jews, but for everyone. Diversity is a cancer to be avoided. These are folks who would be called Alt-Jew.

The number of Conservative Jews sympathetic to the alt-right is debatable, depending upon how you define the terms. There are quite a few Jews supporting Jared Taylor’s work at American Renaissance. I correspond with maybe half a dozen Conservative Jews who share my politics. They think their numbers are growing as Jews in America come to terms with the failings of liberalism and reformed Judaism. To use a phrase, I picked up at AmRen, these are Jews who are religious, if not spiritual.

None of this means that Jews are suddenly going to lift Richard Spencer up and carry him to the throne of the ethno-state. It just means that demographics and shifting politics spare no one. Liberal Jews are old and not particularly fertile. Orthodox Jews are young and extremely fertile. Conservative Jews fall somewhere in between, but probably represent a much more practical alternative for American Jews who wish to remain American and Jewish. In a majority-minority world, everyone is going to have to pick sides.

For a distinct minority, it will also mean a return to strict ethnic solidarity. That means policing stuff like this that only serves to encourage the worst response from other groups in the population. Whether or not that happens or how it plays out is a mystery, but what is certain is that in the future, everyone will be voting their skin. That is how multiculturalism works. There is no place for modern liberalism, much less liberal Judaism, in a world of identity politics. Alt-Jew may be the only way forward.

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  1. One thing that I tell fellow Jews when they get upset at being blamed for everything wrong in the world, “What do you think it’s been like to be white and Christian for the past half century?”

  2. What a hallucinatory thread! There is no “Jewish Conspiracy.” The vast majority of the Jews whom the people on this thread fear are a frightened, dying group with little sense of religious or tribal identity and few of whose children and virtually none of whose grandchildren will be Jewish in any meaningful sense, or even trivial one. This all reminds me of the old Jewish German of the 1930’s:

    A Jew is walking through a park in Berlin when he is stunned to see a friend of his reading a Nazi newspaper. He walks up to his friend and says. “How can you read filth like Der Stürmer! What’s wrong with you?”

    “When I used to read the other papers,” his friend replies, “It’s all about persectuions, pogroms, suffering, and how Hitler is going to kill us all, but in Der Stürmer, the Jews control all the banks, all the governments, and we’re taking over the entire world. I like those stories better!”

  3. I don’t believe a word the Jews say. I believe,”past performance is indicative of future results”. Now after thousands of years of Jews either destroying or creating dire havoc in one civilization after another. They seem to be the only people that have been thrown out of every single country that they inhabited in substantial numbers. Why is it that you people believe them,”this time”? All these Jews groups that are ,”on your side” are just more propped up theater for the goofs.

    Now of course after saying this I will somehow be “the Nazi” never mind I’m not and my Grandfather fought the Nazis in WWII. Doesn’t matter. I know the name calling will start but when will someone give me an analysis on “Why this time is different from the thousands of years of Jews screwing the Goy”? What’s new? What’s changed?

    The Jews best as I can tell from their thousands of years of recorded history believe are only two groups, themselves and “all others”.

    Want to see the future of you Goys who believe that the Jews are “really on your side”? Watch this Charlie Brown clip with Lucy and the football.

  4. I can’t disagree with your main points, but want to point out that you seem to make some noticeable mistakes when describing parts of the Jewish community. (Please correct me if I’m reading you wrong.) Most affecting your argument, is that you seem to confuse Conservative Jews (capital “C”, a religious denomination) with conservative Jews (small “c”, meaning political and social and religious). There’s little to nothing “conservative” about the Conservative movement, and possibly never was. Probably you can find a
    slightly higher number of conservative (in all ways) Jews in the Conservative movement than the Reform, but that’s all.

    (Neo-con Jews tend to be Conservative for reasons that have little to do with politics, or even religion.)

    The Kushners are not Chabad. They tend to gravitate toward Chabad, but there’s no way they can be called that.

    There’s more, but those stand out.

  5. Speaking for myself only – a guy who was politically unaware until 25, then staunch conservative (favorites including Russell Kirk and Frank Meyer) then Paleocon before finally giving up the ghost and fully embracing the Red Pill and Alt-Right – there must be at least some market out there.

  6. You’re missing a few nuances here, but the biggest one is your analysis of Conservative Jews.
    You should look at Conservative Jewry as simply one part of the slope toward complete assimilation. I would be surprised if you could show me even a single example of a family that has 3 generations of Conservative Jews in a row. More likely their children are “Reconstructionist” “Reform” or completely out of the fold.

    • I don’t think most of the people in this thread grasp the difference between the religious denomination “Conservative Judaism,” which is what you’re referring to, and “Conservative Jews” in the political sense, which is what they mean.

  7. here’s the thing about the jews. they are going to disappear in the not too distant future. if they intermarry, the jewishness is diluted. repeat until gone. if they don’t intermarry, the birth defects start piling up due to a closed gene pool. check mate and thanks for playing.

      • Wilber;
        An excellent question. The fact that Jews, however defined, have ‘persisted’ (thanks Chelsie) for over 4,000 years *ought* to have given folks some food for thought.

        Notre, I am *not* saying they ought to be in charge, here or anywhere else. But I am saying that the circumstantial evidence is that, *Someone* is keeping them around for some purpose or other, unlike so many other peoples/cultures/tribes that have come and gone. So some circumspection ought to be in order in dealing with them.

      • Tay-Sachs anyone? try and actually debate what was said. they have been around awhile, and they do have a closed gene pool (twelve tribes).

  8. That Forward article, durrrrrrrr. LibKikes, never a more wretched form of scum and villainy, except maybe Wahhabibibibibis.

  9. I’ll add one more thing: We are native born Americans, I am a veteran. We are 3rd generation Americans of european descent. It is mystifying why ‘Jews’ are labelled as such first and foremost as if it were a nationality i.e. British, French etc. Christians aren’t labelled as protestants, or Catholics first and foremost. Why are we? Anyone?

    • Because as rejectors of Christ, you people are rejectors of the order of the universe; the Logos. That is the function of the Jew, and that is why you are our misfortune.

      Gay marriage?



      Everywhere you people go you seek to overturn the existing HEALTHY social order and replace it with chaos so you can exploit the resulting confusion for your own benefit. As rejectors of Christ, this is your nature.

      The Jew is the demon behind the corruption of mankind.

      • You claim to be a Christian and yet you say *The Jew* is the enemy of mankind. The Bible is very clear that *the devil* is the prince of this world and the enemy of mankind and not The Jew, whatever that means.

        If Western Civilizations in general and their elites in particular had not rejected God in exchange for elite-achievable utopianism in its various forms, those poisonous opportunists whose fruit you accurately cite would have little traction. But we have and they do. God help us.

        • “The Bible is very clear that *the devil* is the prince of this world and the enemy of mankind and not The Jew, whatever that means.”

          Jesus told the Jews, who ultimately killed him, “You are of your father, the devil”… Whatever that means. As a Christian (if that’s your claim), you have a duty to understand that. Till then, be very careful what you say publicly, is my advice to you, brother (Matt 12:36).

      • Ummm where to start:1). We are against GM, Porn & Feminism.
        2). Your pronouncements are murderous,
        3). Try coming for us, and you’ll find out there are a lot more military-trained 2A jews than you bargained for bigot.
        4). Hyper-religious nutcase Nazi’s like you are who we as a dissident-right movement need to DISASSOCIATE ourselves from; the whack- stream media lumps you very few boneheads in with the millions of us causing a stench.
        Z-man and other prominent folks in our movement have expounded on this.

        • My two fake copper pennies… with it. It’s a small price, all things considered. Things are more likely to work themselves out without aggressively policing the movement because we don’t know exactly what this is yet. First they came for the Jew haters…..etc. The brightest minds are making progress and forming this entire thing up after only a few years against an intellectual beast that has been metastasizing for three hundred years. It’s early.

  10. Thanks for an interesting post! My wife & I are conservative jews and daily followers of your blog and podcasts. It is disheartening and even embarrassing to us (on an almost daily basis now), how many prominent voices on the left are Jewish. Indeed we feel ourselves to be outcasts from other jews because they’re all lib whack-jobs- and so never talk to them anymore.
    I have to say though…say that as members of the dissident right – the anti semitism spewed in articles & the comments sections is disheartening to us (especially considering my fathers family were murdered in Nazi Germany) It’s getting so we don’t even mention our background in public circles anymore. <– and that is when it starts to become un-american.

    • You’re in a bind there, as is a Jewish friend of mine for over a half-century now. I’m a borderline Sperge in good standing, a Euro-USA dual national, live permanently in South America (bilingual in Spanish, but of NW Euro origin), a Zen adept for 50-odd years with some devout Catholic family, so I believe I can relate. I agree that the anti-Jewish stuff is over the top, but my guess is that it comes from something you mention in your addition: most people perceive the Jews as an ethnic group rather than a a religious group and my guess is that the reason for this is derived from what I’ve observed is a strong tendency on the part of Jews to identify more closely with fellow Jews in a tribal rather than religious way. My experience has been that Jewish friends and acquaintances rarely identify with the religion, about which sometimes they know surprisingly little, but rather more with secular materialist ideas that clash with the more deeply held religious beliefs of other groups. Personally, I take people as they come as individuals and prefer to leave it at that. I guess I belong to the galt-right, based on that position.

  11. It appears that Jewish identity is struggling to escape the trap of the Big Lies of the 20th century.

    Now, instead of unimpeachable moral authority, Jews are being lumped together as conspirators.

    It’s a trap! How does one say, “we believed the bullshit too, and now we dare not admit that some of us told stories that caused death and ruin on an epic scale?”

    And also that now, many of the monstrous institutions built of those stories are too big to fail?

    • My earlier point exactly. Substitute:

      Blacks, black, being black
      Women, a woman, being female
      Gays, gay, being gay
      Socialists, socialist, socialism
      Whites, white, being white
      Trannies, trans, being trans

      And so on, ad nauseum.

      See how things work these days?

      • And your earlier point was what? You’ve lampooned a sentence structure, but you haven’t given it its proper weight as a statement.

        So, yes, I suppose that IS how things work these days. Trannies = Jews. That’s the new thing that we’re fighting for.

        • No, you are not understanding my point, which is that the stereotype of Jewish introspection about his Jewishness has spread to other parts of the culture now. My “earlier point” is that one could substitute many other racial, religious, gender or sexual preference groups into Zman’s post in place of “Jew”, “Jews” or “Jewish” and the article would largely stand. So many elements of our culture are now operating at a high level of introspection, and trying to understand all the intellectual twists and turns of their little subculture, and who is holding them down and who is doing them in. Where their subculture has come from and where it is going.

          Blackity-black-black, whitey everything, pussy hats, privilege, microaggressions, it all seems to eminate from these internalized struggle sessions people like to have these days. At least the Jews generally don’t let these questions keep them from normal daily functioning, unlike so many others these days.

  12. This reminds me of Ann Coulter’s quip: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

  13. Here’s an archived page from where two Chabad jews discuss how the sections of the Torah and Talmud (Chinuch #347) allowing jews to enslave gentiles are not being implemented, and it’s a problem.

    My favorite bits:

    “This is fascinating, really! The reality and the normality of Jewish life is that G-d really desires us to have gentile servants (ok, let’s not use the word “slaves” since in our day and age that has such a negative connotation…). Aside from helping us get our chores done more easily, the idea of us having permanent gentile servants is to show the world in tangible terms that the position of the Jewish people is considered greater by G-d as compared to other nations who are not chosen by G-d”

    The Chinuch goes on to explain that the term the Torah uses “Canaanite slave” is actually referrring (sic) to any gentile, lest one think that this mitzvah is referring to only Canaanites per se.”

    “The idea being that G-d is distinguishing between the status of Jews and gentiles in this world. The mere fact that He “chose” us to be His people gives us a certain superior status. And this mitzvah of once we own a gentile slave we are not to let him go teaches us this concept.”

    “The fact that we lack this mitzvah today, AT LEAST IN ITS MOST PRECISE FORM, means that we lack something very necessary and beneficial in serving Hashem properly.” (emphasis mine)

    • The Talmud consists of thousands of pages of hyper-dense discussions of what are often highly theoretical situations. Cherrypicking what seems like inflammatory comments from a discussion that took place almost 2000 years ago, a discussion that the majority of modern Jews have probably never even seen, much less considered, is stock in trade for antisemites.

      • Yeah, well, you should hear what a lot of Jews think about gentiles.

        If hostility to other ethnic groups is bad, Jews can show us how superior they are by renouncing it first. Or at least second.

        Lol j/k — obviously nobody but euros will ever renounce ethnic hostility.

        Nothing personal, but my people come first with me, as yours do with you.

      • Why are you arguing with me? It sounds like it’s your tribe members whom you have an issue with. (hint: I’m not actually a rabbi…..or black)

      • MSJ, it appears you are blaming the good rabbi for a discussion between Jews and recorded by Jews. I guess it was evil of him to read it. In my experience an anti semite is someone hated by Jews.

        • No need for silliness. Reading “a discussion between Jews and recorded by Jews” is of course not evil, but quoting this discussion without mentioning the wider context is dishonest.

          CONTEXT: When Jews talk among themselves, they enjoy the intellectual exercise of examining all ramifications of ridiculous, impossible situations, or to consider options that would never ever be exercised in real life.

          These discussions are somewhat like discussing erotic or violent dreams: just because you talk about them with a trusted friend or your shrink doesn’t mean that you are a full-blown sexual predator or violent criminal (cf. Trump’s decade-old guy talk).

          The problem is that these private conversations are now *permanently* recorded on the internet and available for misinterpretation to fit the agendas of people with base motives.

          • “Base motives”…vs. enslaving the other 99% of the earth’s population.

            Do please educate me about my “base motives”. Apparently we’ve met? You’ll have to remind me of the circumstances.

            As for our Chabad friends conversation being akin to “discussing erotic or violent dreams” I don’t often discuss mundane household chores in that context, but then I also don’t discuss owning slaves.

            Please keep talking.

          • One more thing MSJ – could you please explain to us the substantive difference between “Chosen People” and “Master Race”? Thanks in advance.

          • I agree. When gentiles at The Daily Stormer talk among themselves, having private conversations they also enjoy examining all ramifications of ridiculous, impossible situations, or to consider options that would never be exercised in real life.

            These discussions of stuffing Jews in ovens are merely like violent dreams one would discuss with a trusted friend or shrink, and people take them, out of context, and have used them as grounds for removing their website completely from the internet, for “hate speech.”

            Obviously, these people are using this to fit their base agendas.

          • Chabad=Daily Stormer. That’s very interesting. I had no idea Chabad is an explicitly racist organization, although being an implicitly jewish movement predicates that it would be.

            I have a podcast saved on my computer that a NYC rabbi produced. He speaks at length about the rights of jews to own gentile slaves, and makes a special point to clarify that “Canaanite” extends to all of the goyim. Perhaps he’s also a shitposter as you suggest the is the case with the two would-be Chabad slavers? How edgy.

            But I’m the hateful one with base motives…. Apparently even listening to what jews say makes one an anti-semite these days. So does not accepting your own manufactured genocide if you are White. I think you may soon find that the White slaves are out of give an f for your tales of being the most oppressed, yet wealthiest/most powerful group in the west… matter if the “History” Channel goes from 6 hours/day of Hitler programming to 24.

            The saddest part of all of this is that jews will never accept their non-insignificant role in being hated. For one to change and grow, one must learn what our faults are. As jews view themselves as semi-divine, and the goyim as inherently lessor/subservient, the pattern will sadly continue. “Light onto Nations”/”Tikkun Olam” is merely heavy-handed justification for doing what benefits jews/hurts others.

            I note the jews’ terror-fueled screeds/deplatforming due to the nascent AltRight. Unlike Paul Ryan and John McCain they can’t easily be bribed/blackmailed/threatened with a jewish-funded primary challenger. Jews are throwing everything at containing the contagion. But it’s too late. Do you actually think the normies haven’t notice how shitty everything has gotten since 1965, and are seeking answers? Geometric growth incoming.

            Here’s my advice which you are welcome to ignore, almost certainly will: it would be better for everyone involved if our people’s separated permanently. There’s a hunger for revenge in the air, and the sooner everyone goes to their own corners, the sooner the world will become more peaceful. I realize this doesn’t square with Talmudic dogma prescribing jewish dominion over the goyim, but baring the use of truly heinous measures (false flag nuclear war, or racially targeted, genetically-engineered diseases) I don’t think you can pull it off. Though I long ago accepted how disposable all of us are in your eyes, you don’t have the numbers.

            El Al has some great deals. Check em out.

  14. “Anyone who has engaged with Orthodox Jews knows they regard Liberal Jews with a high degree of hostility. They are not as bad as the Hasidim, but they view Reformed Jews as fakers, getting the benefits of being Jewish without the commitment.”

    One of the big secrets or at least ignored bits of inter-Jewish interaction is that most Reform or highly secular Jews hate Hasids and the Orthodox just as much. If you want to get a super secular liberal SPLC Jew to have a fit just tell him that he’s getting a Hasid as a next door neighbor or that his son has decided to spend a year studying at a Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He’ll start foaming at the mouth…

    “President Trump’s son-in-law and daughter are Chabad.”

    The important thing to keep in mind though is that when Ivanka went to convert, she didn’t do so through Chabad, she went to a more mainstream Orthodox rabbi. Chabad is a good introduction but usually more of a gateway than a destination. But Chabad is willing to go where the more mainstream groups won’t and since its a single family that is doing it, they can work on a shoestring budget when starting out. How else do you think the Chief Rabbi of Russia ended up being from Chabad?

    “Jared Kushner is not growing a beard and wearing all black anytime soon. It’s hard not to think that they are first concerned with growing the movement. They’ll worry about discipline later.”

    The idea Chabad seems to have is to get the people back into the Jewish fold. If they don’t become Hasids but become religious then its considered a win. So Jared Kushner doesn’t need to grow a beard or wear a fur hat; he and his family are in. And if his son or grandson decides to be a little more religious, well then thats even better… Its a long game to play…

    “There are Conservative Jews who make up about 20% of American Jewry. These are the folks you will not only see filtering into the Chabad movement, but also on the fringes of the alt-right. They may or may not consider themselves white, but either way, they are fine with white identity politics. They think multiculturalism is madness. It’s not just madness for Jews, but for everyone. Diversity is a cancer to be avoided.”

    Don’t forget about the Russians. I don’t think you get more red pilled than having spent some formative years in the FSU. (And if you want a more red-pilled Jewish group, head down to Miami and talk to some French Jews who just got off the boat. There aren’t a horde of them but they don’t have any illusions either.)

    “That means policing stuff like this that only serves to encourage the worst response from other groups in the population.”

    The problem with the Forward is that they’ve gone from a left-wing Jewish newspaper to just a left-wing newspaper. Part of the issue is that a lot of these institutions usually outlive their natural lifespan. The Forward was a Yiddish newspaper and when they lost their audience they should have gone under but instead turned hard left. So now they have a small-ish audience but can continue to pretend they are what they used to be, a major newspaper with a huge circulation instead of a couple of communists with a colorful website. The irony is that they could have kept a Yiddish reading audience (there are plenty of Yiddish newspapers still being published) but they would have had to become more religious and right-wing to do so.

    “Alt-Jew may be the only way forward for Jews in America.”

    For all the talk the left gives about how bad America is, the reality is that it is a paradise especially compared with the rest of the world. The rest of the Jewish world has been moving right for years, not so much from Jewish demographics as much as it is from how the rest of the world is transforming. Being a Jew in Islamifying London or having Hezbollah on the border does wonders to keep reality squarely in the front of your mind. In America, the top of the Jewish pyramid stays left because they are still insulated from a lot of that reality not just by the bubble they live in but the fact that America isn’t suffering from most of the stuff they are worried about. Zombie Hitler and his neo-Nazi Klan horsemen aren’t real. So they can, like they rest of the elites here, indulge themselves.

    • “And if you want a more red-pilled Jewish group, head down to Miami and talk to some French Jews who just got off the boat. There aren’t a horde of them but they don’t have any illusions either.”

      C’est Moi, unfortunately when I arrive, only Liberal types from NY-Boston-DC.

      • The vast majority of today’s “French Jews” are Algerians who arrived in France post WWII. Red-pilled and anti-Mohammedan are not synonyms. Or, in other words , anti-Mohammedan may be necessary to be alt-right but by itself it is hardly sufficient. That’s one of the many problems with the concept of “alt-jew.”

  15. but what is certain is that in the future, everyone will be voting their skin. That’s how multiculturalism works.


    Is that how it works when everybody has similar skin?

    How many world wars, civil wars, religious wars… do you need to understand your statement is false?

    • We all can and do make assumptions based on predisposed beliefs, but your posts are too short to get the full perspective of your reasoning. Providing a bit more context might be of benefit to you.

      • In fairness to thwack, he presents a question that deserves an answer. The great massacres and programs of annihilation known to us were not about ‘skin’, but about stuff under the skin.

        • But that’s just it. Does something like the Great Purge or the Armenian Genocide really have anything to do with what Zman is talking about here? I don’t see a correlation as the political, cultural and demographic realities are so different.

          What happens when you have Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans and Whites all living under the same national flag in close proximity? As we are seeing more and more, people are starting to vote by identity. Muslims in London voted for Sadiq Khan, Hispanics in Texas voted for State Rep. Ramon Romero, Blacks across the US voted for Obama and Whites voted for Trump.

          • Nathaniel Bacon’s popularity was his message; which at his time was similar to what president Trump said during the campaign.

            Bacon’s Rebellion is the reason Jews are put in charge of the mass media (to distort, discredit and twist the message of any person who threatens the system by promoting liberty, common sense and the end of debt bondage…)

          • thwack, you just don’t get it. When forced into a multicultural society people become instinctively drawn to their own folk and are more mindful and aware of protecting their clan.

            Trump won because whites voted as a block (a majority of both men and women). That’s reality.

          • Just so. That was then, this is now.
            Multiculturalism is the new thing we’re trying to deal with.

  16. I am very sympathetic to the “Alt-Jew” phenomenon because I live around and am friends with so many Jews. They are an agreeable people for the most part, no more sinister on the ground level then any other. Yet if I were to actually engage with them no holds barred on politics, I would no longer have any Jewish friends.

    I have a hard time talking politics to my gentile buddies because their preoccupation with sportsball and game of thorns prohibits deep thought. I am by no means a particularly intelligent or well-read person, but I might as well be speaking Japanese when I tell them Trump sending troops to Afghanistan is a sign he’s losing. But the Jews get it, even if they hate Trump I can at least talk to them about it.

    “Is it good for the Jews?” Hopefully that mindset will allow them to turn off the Jon Stewart and look at the big picture.

    • Reminds me of what Joe Sobran wrote:
      Try to imagine a Jewish couch potato sitting in front of the television with a six-pack watching three football games in a row! It’s hard to picture.

      • While I can imagine a Jewish coach potato sitting in front of a tv with a six-pack watching three football games in a row, but unfortunately it’s outside of my wife’s mental conception, so it’s two games and four beers at most.

    • In all seriousness, if your White pals are all busy watching Negroes playing ball and your Jewish ones would unperson you if you actually shared your true beliefs, why are any of these people your “friends”? And why sympathy for the purported “Alt-Jews” when their ultimate concern still isn’t the commonweal or Americans but rather what they consider good for the Jews?

      • “And why sympathy for the purported “Alt-Jews” when their ultimate concern still isn’t the commonweal or Americans but rather what they consider good for the Jews?” <– where did you get that interpretation from the comment. Your comment is not only misguided but paints a whole religion with a single brush.

  17. I’m puzzled by the ‘no converts’ business. I have to take their word for it, but it *seems* self-defeating for any religious group. Is this a result of Judaism being rebuilt after the Roman’s destroyed their temple in 70 AD_?

    I ask because there are a number of references to Jews seeking converts in the Christian New Testament during the Temple Worship period before the Jewish Revolt. As evidence besides this, one of my wife’s grad school (female) roommates was going to marry a Jewish guy. She was told that she needed to convert else the kids couldn’t be raised Jewish. And she was told that in order to convert she had to swim in a pool naked to wash away the Christianity. This seemed a bit much to put it mildly, so later on we asked one of my wife’s Jewish colleagues about it. He was shocked and said, “Boy, that was one dirty old rabbi. Even *if* that was a requirement, his wife should have supervised, not him_!” So it seems that exceptions can be made 😉

    Not looking for any NAJALT replies here, because it sounds like ‘lascivious rabbi’ is a pretty complete explanation. And, heaven knows, Christians have their own issues with sexual (and other) misconduct among the clergy. However, the fact that her husband-to-be was apparently OK with this accurately predicted future trouble with the marriage that was not too long in coming.

    • The reason why Jews stopped proselytizing is not hard to find: kind, loving Christians imposed the death penalty for proselytism (applied to both parties). Blood libels and the accusation of the Jews being “Christ-Killers” (Christ was a victim of the lovely Roman custom of crucifixion [cf.Spartacus], but blaming all Jews forever) had the advantage of currying favor with the Romans and eliminating a rival.

      BTW, the so-called “swimming pool” is a Mikva, nothing lascivious about that. Do you think the Christian version [baptism] is lewd? You should at least try to get your facts straight.

      • Did you read what I wrote_? This individual so-called rabbi demanded that this young woman disrobe and swim naked in *his* presence in order that he would sign off that she had converted. No matter what the pool is called, that act qualifies as lascivious opportunism, and was so designated by one of his co-religionists.

        My main point was that there is apparently more flexibility than indicated, depending on ‘circumstances’.

        Obviously you know nothing of Christian baptism. In most denominations it’s done by applying a small amount water, by hand, using a cloth, to the forehead of a fully clothed infant. In the denominations that practice/allow adult baptism the person being baptized is wearing underwear and is fully clothed in an ankle length white robe that is not sheer when wet.

        The basic concept may be similar but, in the case I described, the practice could not be more different.

        • You only mentioned “swim in a pool naked to wash away the Christianity”, which seems like a rather inflammatory way to describe immersion in a mikva. You said nothing about having to do this while naked and being observed by a rabbi, which is absolutely SCANDALOUS!
          If this was really the case, you are perfectly justified in calling him a “so-called rabbi”. Fully observant Jews (not people who attend Yom Kippur services once a year) know perfectly well that it is not allowed for a married man to shake hands with another woman, be alone with her, let alone to observe her naked in a mikva (God forbid).
          For a rabbi to engage in such utterly shameful behavior is grounds for disbarment at the very least. In Israel, he would have been subject to criminal prosecution for breach of trust (applies to rabbis, priests and imams).
          Over a ten-year period I attended Baptist services with my Christian wife, so I witnessed several baptisms (full immersions in water), and yes, you are right, the person is wearing underwear and is fully-clothed. “The basic concept may be similar but, in the case I described, the practice could not be more different.” No matter what judeophobes like to think, allowing a rabbi to observe a woman in a mikva could not possibly qualify as a standard practice (just like sexual improprieties in a Catholic or Protestant church).

  18. In this time of identities, one can basically substitute any ethnic or religious group for “Jew” in this article, tweak a few other words and phrases here and there, and roll with a very perceptive piece on the group being discussed. It is where we are at now.

  19. My wife is Jewish, I’m Christian, but I’m more of a spiritualist than a religious fellow. My wife never tried to get me to convert when I proposed, she was happy with me the way I was, as was her family. When we got married and had kids, she wanted to raise them Jewish. I was fine as long as thats what the wanted. I didn’t want to force feed them religion like some parents do (whatever the faith). So unfortunately, the only place in the area that had a Hebrew School was a Chabad center, so the kids went there. The Rabbi must have been one of the few Chabad guys not in on recruitment of gentiles. We talked several times, never did he ask me anything remotely close to conversion, for which I am thankful. Though it could have been he sensed I wasn’t Chabad material LOL.

    On a side note, when Z says “They think multiculturalism is madness. It’s not just madness for Jews, but for everyone. Diversity is a cancer to be avoided. These are folks who would be called Alt-Jew.”, I think that applies to most people right of liberal lunatics. Some idiot the other day in the work place talking about how wonderful it is we have a diverse work force. I asked why, knowing what she would say as the are very predictable. “Because there is strength in diversity!” So I asked how having people of different races and nationalities was a strength. “Because we can learn a lot from other people and cultures and makes us stronger and better.”

    This was a gotcha moment for me. I asked how being from a different culture or skin color makes them more valuable for the skilled jobs that are done. If you were looking for 10 guys to run a nuclear power plant and you had 10 guys who were white and could run the place with their eyes closed or a group of 10 guys who were diverse in color and ethnicity but could only run the plant at 50% efficiency with great difficulty and cost, who would you pick. She replied the 10 diverse guys. I said why if it would mean the nuclear plant would run badly and she replied because she’s not a racist! I asked what if she had the same scenario and the 10 diverse guys all voted for Trump and the 10 white guys voted for Hillary. She said she would pick the 10 white guys because she would never hire hateful people. So its racist if she picks the 10 best people to do the job, but not racist if they voted for Hillary instead of Trump. She gave me the finger and walked off. I don’t have much hope for this country if this is the norm.

    • Years ago I used to fly to S. Africa (Peter Beinart’s country of origin, BTW) on South African Airways (Lugdiens), the only reasonable connections from the U.S. at that time. This was all post-1994, so cabin crews included blacks and “coloureds” as well. There were two flavors of crewing – the all-Anglo crews or the all-Afrikaans crews. In the former case announcements were made first in English, then in Afrikaans, vice-versa for the latter crew option. This makes perfect sense with regard to smooth operations in flight never mind the communications requirements during some sort of in-flight crisis.

      • I have a friend who does a lot of business in Japan and would often fly the old Continental Airlines back in the day. He noted that a few of the Japanese businessmen, the big shots, would only speak to Japanese fight stewardess. If they were American or Chinese or whatever and even if they spoke Japanese, they would be ignored. So the airline would have to make sure at least half of the gals on the flight were full fledged 100% Japanese to cater to these big shots. That’s business. Like your story, it makes sense. It’s the culture. If the roles were reversed and it was say Japan Airlines flying and they said they needed 1/2 of their flight gals to be white american because American businessmen only wanted to be waited on by English speaking American gals, the uproar from the feminists and left about misogyny and racism and bigotry towards Asian women would be deafening.

      • South African Airways, out of JFK airport in New York, had a plane sharing deal with Nigerian Airways (in the early 2000’s)..
        The airplanes were owned and operated by SAA, not Nigerian Airways. The SAA planes also had a Nigerian Logo on the tail, in addition to the SAA markings. The manager(from SAA) at JFK was a very nice gentleman of Irish extraction. The Nigerian Airways rep must have been someone’s cousin, because I’ve rarely met such an inept business man. After hounding him for several months to get my invoices paid, he finally paid with a wad of cash, claiming that he still hadn’t opened a bank account for the airline.
        Every day, when the noontime flight to Lagos and Johannesburg was loading, dozens of Nigerians would be waitng in line to check their luggage.. I’ve never seen such huge suitcases, no doubt filled with goods to be smuggled into Lagos. Even the small children had suitcases the size of a mattress. The Irish manager would hide in his office until after that flight left.

    • On the bright side, you can hasten the apocalypse by having the 10 diversity hires run the nuclear plant.

    • Hi Z man,

      This idiocy is common even among the right of the bell curve.

      I was talking the other day to a female frequent flyer type who was very much the standard liberal in politics. Loves TED talks, loves independent boards and greater diversity/women on them, goes to conferences all over the place, etc.

      I’m not sure how it came up but I mentioned that sub-saharan Africa’s population growth is going to be a major problem – they have IQs of < 70. "It's our problem,", according to her. I disagree, I said. She walked off.

      Ok, if whites are now about 10% of the world population, why should it be our problem? If we are 5%, is it our problem then? 2%? And what about China, which has a greater number of people of a single race than all the white people in the world, and a GDP equal of the USA? Don't they have some agency? Don't the Africans themselves have some agency?

      Modern PC leftism certainly has tapped into the religion centers of the brain, because the they exhibit the same responses to heresy that the religious used to.

      Anyway, good to see this blog is up, I have an unbroken maternal line to an ancestor Jew, but it is about 5 generations back so I merely mention it for comedic purposes.

      From the outside looking in, it would seem that Judaism needs some thought given to how to have some self-imposed limits to chutzpah, or rather, limits to the desire to remake white society to the ends of Jews, or limits as to how that society might be remade. Given that it has happened so many times in history, maybe some lessons might be learned other than how to prevent the goyim from organizing resistance to their own genocide.

      It would seem prior to the two world wars and Communist revolutions, that things were looking pretty good for Jews by and large. You didn't have Israel, but the white population that played host to you was large, powerful, and not anti-Jew. Even pre-1965 was a better arrangement. It would have been better to realize this and try and maintain it.

    • Quite frankly, the only hope for you Americans is finding a reliable way to punish white (including jewish) liberals with their diversity.

    • Dude, you are no Christian if you let your children be raised as Jews. Fundamental tenants of the faiths:
      Christian = Jesus is divine son of God, sent to Earth to absolve man of sin.
      Jew = Jesus is slightly whacked out radical socialist. Not divine. Bit of a traitor.

      These two positions are mutually exclusive and irreconcilable. Christians and Jews have overlapping values, but at their core the two faiths are not compatible. Hence the antipathy that arises between the faiths.

      You may be a “spiritualist” whatever the f*ck that is, but you are no Christian. Maybe try the Unitarians–they reject the divinity of Christ too.

      The Rabbi didn’t ask you to convert because he sensed that you have no compass and are weak in your faith. You call yourself a Christian but you allow your children to be raised in a faith that denies the divinity of Christ. How could he have any respect for you? You are a shitty Christian so you would be a shitty Jew. Why would he waste his time with you? This much was evident from the first paragraph of your comment.

      Nothing compels you to call yourself a Christian. Leave the faith. You obviously don’t believe it’s fundamental tenants.

        • Of course it is gibberish to you. As is all of scripture and the fundamental tenants of Christianity to non-Israel. You don’t hear because you are not of God’s sheep.

          The dangerous zealots you speak of are in fact the Jews and their progeny–white traitors and anyone else who is blinded by their lies. You will see the fruits of their zealotry soon enough. Read about the persecution of the early church in Jerusalem (by the Jews). Learn about who has orchestrated and fomented EVERY SINGLE war and atrocity between the Anglo-Saxon peoples (among themselves and any other races!) over the centuries. Same zealots my friend. You have been deceived. Another great slaughter is forming up. The last greatest of all…

          Your eyes will then be opened, but probably just before they are closed. Nomsayin?

      • Overwhelming numbers of people think this way because they had some training in basic logic. One can’t be a Christian while at the same time denying the divinity of Christ. This ought not to be a controversial statement. In other news, 2+2 still adds to 4.

        If D&D Dave were, in fact, a Christian, he would recognize that according to his faith he is damning his kids to eternity in Hell by raising them in a faith that rejects the divinity of Jesus.

        I’m not faulting the guy for anything. He just needs to leave the faith and stop pretending to be a Christian.

    • The Jew can be ANYTHING as long as he is FIRST a rejector of Christ; thats why the Goy has such great difficulty detecting him.

      Judaism is not a religion and has never been because all the Jew is and has ever been is a theological construct; a rejector of Christ.

      This is also why the Goy always ends up flat on his back; or fighting another Goy.

      Wake up white man.

      • Jesus was a Jew. So your remarks imply that Jesus was “a rejector of Christ”. Therefore Trinitarianism is a hoax, which is just what most Jews have suspected all along.

        • As Tiberius’ illegitimate son by Mariamne Herodius, the Sanhedrin mayors would reject him, as they still consider the Herods to be “Arabs”, tax collectors rewarded by Rome, not “real Judeans”.

          As heir to not only the the throne of Israel, but of Rome itself, he might’ve tried to end slavery- the labor network that helped make Israel the third richest royalty in the world.
          That must not happen.

          A spy for the secret police used propaganda written by his clerks to proclaim King Jesus a demigod to the Greek-speaking urbans, including non-Jews such as the Armenians.

          His mission was to infiltrate the independence movement called “the Coming (Return) of the Kingdom of Heaven”, and find it’s leaders, the Apostles, that they might be executed.

          Saul/Paul kept getting out of Roman jails, miraculously unscathed, since torture was mandatory. Obviously reporting intel to his handlers, unlike poor John of Patmos, who had to slip messages in code- the dreams of Revelation- to bypass Roman censors.
          (Har Meggido did happen, and Israel was destroyed.)

          His mission successful- the still-living Apostles who believed that Jesus had been the rightful King, and his reforms valid, had all been executed publicly after each of Paul’s stints in jail.

          He cast about for a new gig, vying to take leadership of ‘the Jewish cult’ away from Jesus’ brother James and common-law wife Mary.
          (James had held title as the ‘Son of Man’, commander of the southern miltias of the independence movement, while Mary led the nascent civil church for two years after Jesus was gone.)

          Paul’s fate? Galla is now Emperor.
          The previous administration- especially it’s spies- shall be purged.

          Later, as Constantine, a Roman pagan baptized by his wife on his deathbed, began forming a new State religion, he realized that attempts for Jupiter Optimus and Sol Invictus wouldn’t gain traction. He chose the popular story of King Jesus, and with Eusibius’ help, gave us the New Testament.

          • Nicely re-packaged narrative you lifted (from which Atheist or Jewish website?) .. or do I repeat myself, again.

            Trouble is, its complete fiction. A joke, actually. Plenty of extant historical documents available to disavow you of that “Jewish fable” but you couldn’t be bothered, so neither will I.

        • As per prophecy, The HEBREWS were awaiting the Messiah.

          When the Messiah arrived in the body of Jesus Christ, the HEBREWS had a choice to either accept him, or reject him.

          The HEBREWS who accepted him became the Catholic Church.

          The HEBREWS who rejected him became


          The Jew can be anything he wants as long as he is first and foremost a rejector of Christ.

          But if he is not a rejector of Christ, he cannot be a Jew.

          The Jew is a theological construct.

          • Thwack, I was with you on your first post all the way.

            But for the benefit of God’s Israel people, I need to correct you on your second. Hopefully you will hear me.

            First though, let me correct Allan, undoubtedly a victim of “Judeo-Christianity”… Jesus was NOT “a Jew”. He was a “Judahite”—the scriptural (Greek) word for “Jew” in the NT simply meant “Judean” (those who resided in the land of Judea). At the time of Christ, many Judeans were racial descendants of the tribe of Judah, thus, “Israelites”—Children of Jacob/Israel. Jesus was such a one. His lineage is recorded in Matthew and Luke. However, many others in Judea were not racial descendants of Jacob. Thus, they were not Israelites. The “Jews” Jesus rebuked and who hated and rejected him, conspired to murder him, and did, were Pharisaic/Talmudic “Jews” who were descendants of Esau, NOT Jacob. Moreover, they were of the Babylonian “religion of the Jews”, i.e., “Judaism” and rejected/corrupted the plain teachings of Moses and the prophets, therewith denying Christ. They admitted as much, recorded in the gospels, in fact, when they denied they “had ever been in bondage”, yet insisted they were Abraham’s seed. Jesus did not correct them. They were in fact Edomites. Moreover, Jesus called them “of their father, the devil”. Christ correctly identified them as being “not of his sheep”. Simply stated, the Jews who rejected Christ were NOT ISRAEL. Then and now.

            In short, the “Jews” of the NT scriptures were frauds, imposters, usurpers. They intended to supplant the true people of Israel who IN FACT received the promises and blessings of God, instead of them, when their father Esau “despised his birthright” and sold it for a “mess of pottage”.

            The “Jews” of today are racial (and spiritual) descendants of the those same “Jews” who crucified Jesus and murdered his Apostles. They are not Hebrews. They are not of Israel. Christ explicitly told us that His “sheep know him and WOULD hear him”, and THEY did NOT hear him, “because ye are NOT of my sheep”. The Jews were not “Hebrews who became Jews” by rejecting Christ. They rejected Christ because they were NOT Hebrews. This is the great error being propagated among the Christian churches today. But God has promised us through his prophets that THAT error WILL be corrected, and soon.

            You are spot on though in saying “The Jew can be anything he wants as long as he is first and foremost a rejecter of Christ.” The Jew hates Christ and hates his people, Israel. In fact, they teach that their “messiah” can NOT come until Christianity, along with all whites (racial Israel) are DESTROYED.

            Any true Jew who says otherwise is a liar. But, I repeat myself.

          • Your post sounds like a pink haired liberal lesbian professor’s lecture! Just substitute “gender” for “jew”.

    • I see it as an eternal schism.
      That’s the difficulty, isn’t it?
      All ______ are lumped together, or even lump themselves together, except when they make war on others, or on each other.

  20. There are a growing number of right-wing Jews, who are wondering if liberal Jews are bad for Jews.


    Isn’t that what the “Neo Cons” are?

    Isn’t that the meaning behind “Two Jews, 3 opinions?”

  21. This is what I don’t get: Identity politics works just fine, even with lots of diversity in the “white” camp. Gilded Age New York has been much romanticized, but it really did work like that. Slade Jackington van Pelt IV and his Mayflower cronies had lots of pull, but they had to deal with various clearly defined identity groups — Irish cops, Italian ward bosses, Jewish gangsters, Polacks and Huns and everything else. The whole idea of “white” as a distinct racial category was cooked up by Cult-Marx goons in the Sixties anyway — a German and a Brit in Darkest Africa in 1885 might cooperate with each other if they were about to be eaten by cannibals, but that’s as far as “white” solidarity ever went. We can form tactical alliances; we are not, and never can be, blood brothers … and that’s ok.

    • I think what you’re saying is true for Europe, but “American” has become a distinct ethnic group now. Euros can spot us walking down a street, even if we are wearing skinny jeans and those super-gay bowling shirts they like over there. It’s how we walk and handle ourselves, they say. I experienced this in Ireland. Every pub I walked into, before I could speak, someone called me “Yank.”

      There are stronger regional divides among white Americans than ethnic divides.

      • I can spot American tourist of any race when in Europe. The walk, dress, mannerisms etc are distinct. Any European who says otherwise is a liar.

      • I’m with you, but this should make the Alt-Whatever’s job easier. If he looks, talks, walks, and acts like an American, he’s an honorary “white” man in my book, whatever his actual ethnic origin. The Left is deliberately, aggressively anti-American — these are the clowns who festoon their luggage with Canadian flags when they travel abroad, pretend to be into “football,” etc. They’d be mortified to be called “Yank” in a bar overseas (which is part of the reason they don’t get out much). Surely no one is saying Jews are genetically incapable of being Americans, I’m sure?

        PS what’s up with those super-gay bowling shirts anyway? They have those in S. Asia too, where everyone looks like a barber from the 1950s.

        • The issue is fairly strait-forward: “White,” Americans don’t have ethnic first loyalty. Most other discrete ethnic sub-groups do, and Jews are superlative examples of this behavior. This observation has nothing to say about “all Jews,” or even “all Americans,” but it does describe the dynamics of the body politic quite accurately.

        • Late reply, but the “pretending to be Canadian overseas” isn’t really a real thing people do so much as it’s a running gag among liberals because they know it gets a rise out of conservatives. Sort of like “Democrat Party.”

      • It’s an interesting topic.

        The problem is “Ethnic American” is going to be defined in much looser terms than the European counterparts. Concept of national religion is a big factor here. Plenty of people who are of northern/western European descent might share historic lineage with Utah Mormons, but would they really share a sense of national solidarity with them? What if they were Catholic or nonbelievers? Would they be considered of the same ethnicity? It gets fuzzy. I would tend to say no, in all honesty.

  22. I am surprised that Chabad would try and prostletyize. We are forbidden by the Torah to solicit gentiles without them asking three times to convert. However Jews are allowed to be targeted for “conversion” by the Chabad.

    As I have said before, this shift have taken place in many countries in Europe, Australia, Canada etc but “official Jewry” of Reform and even Conservative (theologically, does not always mean politically) continues to spout globalist multi cultures propaganda even as the rank and file congregants have swallowed red pill.

    • My observation is they get around that by inviting you in as a friend. In my case, the fellow I know keeps insisting I must have Jewish ancestors. Being Eastern European, he assumes there’s an Ashkenazim in the woodpile. Of course, if I had a stutter and a two-digit IQ, this would not be happening.

      • Hm ok in this case he is still very much bending rules justifying it as you being a “Ba’al Thesuva” (“returning to the fold”). This would still be forbidden by most Rabbis, and one would need to do a formal conversion.

        ZMan please keep in mind Chabad has a reputation for being cult-esque, even among Orthodox and Conservative Jews. They are good at bringing in wayward youth and putting them on the straight and narrow and their education provides strong, logical solutions to common questions about being religious in modern era. There are also concerns about their now deceased leader and whether he was the Messiah. He never denied this and many Jews outside the Chabad regard him with a measure of contempt, as Messiah in our culture is not announced or given forknowledge. He merely commits the acts that bring about End Times. One can think of Chabad as an aggressive megachurch for Jews, whereas Modern Orthodox is like an old Protestant denomination that has not fallen the way of the liberal Anglican church.

        I would assume Jared and Ivanka are what’s called “Modern Orthodox” which is similar in observance to Chabad but they are less a “cult” and more a denomination and they do not wear the garb of Eastern Europe. Joe Lieberman is another example of this.

        • I think there is a cult vibe to it. I know a guy who was raised Lutheran and converted. He went to Yeshiva and now aggressively tries to convince others to consider the same path. The zeal of the converted.

          • I went as a Youth for a bit since they would pay you to take a course. Being raised in an Observant home with a strong education in religion (outside of secular education) I could see through the nonsense. Their theology is not so much suspect but they target the alienated and disaffected and give them structure and an identity. I suppose it could be worse, since many of these types inevitably become obsessed with yoga or foodie and replace their religious void with this.

          • It has always been my theory that Progressivism in the US has come to replace Judaism for the Reformed/Non-observant Jew. This is obvious with Protestants. Their churches collapsed so they embraces the secular religion of Progressivism or one of its off-shoots. Today, liberal Jews are leading the charge against the magic of hate, rather than embrace the faith. Perhaps Chabad is exploiting this reality for other ends.

            My observation is that it is, at worst, like the mega church stuff. It could be worse.

          • It has always been my theory that Progressivism in the US has come to replace Judaism for the Reformed/Non-observant Jew. This is obvious with Protestants. Their churches collapsed so they embraces the secular religion of Progressivism or one of its off-shoots.


            Or, to put it in a nut shell:

            Sodomy is Judaism for the rest of us.

          • Yes it has. My co-worker (white, older man) told me a joke I enjoyed. “What is the difference between Donald Trump and a Reformed Jew?” “Trump has Jewish grand kids”

          • That is my theory as well – Prog is a replacement for the reformed jews. My Brother in-law and sister are reformed and horrible progs

        • Much like the Constitution, the Torah (or any other religious text) is a living document when it needs to be.

          If any religious group needs to do something to survive as a community, I wouldn’t have much use for a religious leader who couldn’t come up with an airtight theological reason why it’s exactly what their deity had in mind.

          After all, if they hadn’t done the same thing many times before, they wouldn’t still be here.

          For example, I like the Constitution, but the only way we’d have gotten to keep it is if we had informally eliminated some of the right folks a century ago — before helicopters were even invented. Can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. That’s an important lesson.

        • Are my suspicions possibly correct, then, that this demographic is a driving force of Empire and collapse, since the Bronze Age?

          I see such as a natural result of their origins, which formed their cultural patterns. Killer whales aren’t evil- but they are killer whales.

      • Officially Chabad is only supposed to do outreach to Jews but in practice this can be a bit blurry. The basic idea is to bring Jews back into the fold but every emissary has a different idea of what constitutes a legitimate target. So for instance if you’re eligible for Israeli citizenship (basically have a Jewish grandparent or are half-Jewish) then they would be willing to put time and effort to get you “back” in the fold. For some others the idea would be “reclaiming” lost Jewish souls, people who might be descended from converted or assimilated Jews over the centuries. It basically amounts to proselytism but they wouldn’t think of it like that. The point you make, that “he assumes there’s an Ashkenazim in the woodpile” is the important thing. If he didn’t think that then he wouldn’t bother with you at all.

        Its the same thinking behind the Bnei Menashe; if you haven’t heard of them, they are a group of about 2 or 3 million tribesmen on the Burma/India border who say they are the descendants of the tribe of Menashe. The Israeli rabbinate and government haven’t been keen on recognizing them for obvious reasons but there are some orthodox groups who are slowly converting individual families and helping them immigrate to Israel on the theory that they are bring back members of the lost Israelite tribes into the Jewish fold.

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