Absentee Strangers

Walking through the residential neighborhoods of Bethesda, where many of our managerial class luminaries live, it is common to see little brown men working the business end of a leaf blower. Over many years, I have never spotted a black working on one of these landscaping crews. In fact, I have never spotted a college boy doing this sort of work either. It is always Atahualpa and his men. Today, even the Conquistador Americans prefer to have Amerinds raking their lawns, rather than Americans.

The other thing I have noticed is that the housekeepers and nannies are never black or white. Instead, you see East Asian Nannies and Mexican housekeepers. The housekeepers do not look like Incas. They look like the Cholo girls, but paunchy and middle-aged. The nannies are mostly Koreans, but there is an increasing number of Chinese. The hunch here is the subconscious math of crime is at work. Asian women are considered the safest so they can be trusted with kids.

I have this theory that some of what drives this desire for Amerind labor and Asian servants is a weird manifestation of white guilt. A crew of blacks, singing spirituals, while raking leaves would set off mass panic is a place like Bethesda. A thick black woman, kitted out like Mammy, dotting on the children, would probably kill the typical SWPL in Cloud Country. Ruling class whites simply have no will to face up to the reality of black America, so they systematically exclude it from their lives, with the use of foreigners.

This denial of reality also would explain the lack of whites working as domestics. There are plenty of unemployed white girls who could be trained to clean houses and tend to small children. The same is true for landscaping and residential work. The presence of working class whites, however, would fill the Cloud People with angst. It would be a daily reminder that for all but the grace of the void where God used to exist, that could be the life of the lady of the house. Who needs to be reminded of class reality in their own home!

I was reminded of this when I saw this Noah Millman post on the American Conservative website. It is a post about the death of free speech in India, of all places. The idea that speech was ever open in India, or anywhere outside the English speaking world, is ludicrous on its face. It is just another example of the blinkered universalism that prevents our elites from understanding much about the world. The point of the post is that free speech is under assault, even in bastions of liberalism like India.

I looked for his twitter feed but came up empty. I was going to suggest he perform the same analysis on another foreign country, by delving into the tech giant’s efforts to suppress political speech in America. While the snake charmers and call center staffers in Tamil Nadu are important, most readers of Millman care more about what is happening in civilization. Exactly nothing changes about the world if Indians lose whatever civil liberties they enjoy at the moment. It does matter if the lights go out in the West.

It is much easier to be pious and self-righteous about the world when you focus on problems beyond the horizon. You get to fret over the state of civil liberties in a place like India, without ever being expected to do anything about it. Of course, criticizing some foreign potentate brings no risk. Millman writing a broadside against the Washington Post’s proselytizing for Progressive causes risks future employment. Going after Google for sand-boxing alt-right videos is a bit too dangerous, so he focuses on the foreign.

This deliberate self-alienation by our elites is probably what drives their zeal for open borders. Those Cloud People in their seven figure homes do not know any working class whites. They have never met a man who makes a living driving a truck or running a tow motor in a warehouse. They do know Garbanzo, the guy they see cutting their grass in the summer. Their kid’s Korean nanny, whose daughter plays the flute, is someone they know and bond with across class lines. The Dirt People, on the other hand, are strangers.

This would also explain why our political class has such a tin ear about economics. The Cloud People think smokestacks and industrial parks are ugly. They think office parks are ugly, which is why they are building their compounds to look like the college campus or the lair of a super villain. Logically, they just assume that getting rid of these hideous eyesores is what everyone wants. The fact that it results in the white working class falling to pieces goes unnoticed. It is how this guy is considered an expert on the working class.

Our modern form of bureaucratic capitalism, which tries to bend the marketplace to the whims of the central planners, may end up having a defect similar to what plagued English authority in Ireland. Prior to the Irish Land Acts, the bulk of Irish farmland was owned by English landlords, who did not live in Ireland. Therefore, they had no stake in the local community. The result was that Ireland was a net exporter of food during the Irish Famine. This system is largely blamed for The Troubles.


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  1. The rich don’t hire White people because “there for the grace of money go I” it makes them profoundly uncomfortable to be around like them, as smart as them or nearly so but lower status

    As for Blacks , as our host noted, the cloud people are scared to death of them

    So Asians and Hispanics get the nod, close enough, safe and compliant enough

  2. I’m not sure how many readers are familiar with Maryland, Bethesda, or Montgomery County (moco). This is my first time commenting here and I only recently discovered Z’s excellent writing.
    Z is dead-on in this post. Moco is one of the richest counties in the country and, combined with PG county, pretty much controls the state. These areas vote 90% for the blue team every election. Most of them are Beltway Bandits and feed off the Federal teat one way or another. O’Malley pushed the liberal millionaires to Virginia but that left plenty of 6 figure income earners and their McMansions. While performing my blue collar job for a utility, I would regularly be questioned about why I was in their neighborhood. The brown landscapers were studiously ignored unless the “stay at home” housewife (with a nanny) wanted something done to her satisfaction and then there was a lot of pantomiming and either broken Spanish or loud English. If I had to work inside a residence, I would often be followed as I worked. It was unnerving. My black coworkers often faced outright hostility. Frankly I’m glad Asians seem to be slowly supplanting the white limousine liberals. With Asians, the suspicion is more a cultural thing than entitlement.
    My condolences to the Virginians whose state is going slowly to the blue team due to “white flight” of liberals from Maryland. At least McAuliffe can only serve one term.

  3. I work in a upper-middle-class Enclave in a prosperous City. I’m white and the groups of people that work in this Enclave, the pool people, the yard people, the maintenance people, the pet care and the childcare are a mix of white and brown. You’re right in that there are no black people but there are lots of working-class whites. I’m one of them

    • why are people so shy about saying what state, city, etc they are talking about? it’s not like the NSA doesn’t already know where you are.

      • I don’t care about the NSA. But I’d rather not be identified by my clients. I’ve seen too many people taken down by the wrong opinion. I’d like to keep a roof over my head

  4. There is an additional or alternate explanation to explain the new elite’s preference for imported lawn and nanny care. It is a linguistic issue: The Cloud People understand not only the words but the social cues of the native white, black and Hispanic underclass, and they find it unpleasant. If the native underclass could maintain the “authentic” aesthetic of the romanticized cinematic poor, perhaps things would be different. Instead, when the native underclass speaks the Cloud People actually understand them, and they are nothing like how they only wish they would be.
    But foreigners are a different matter. No amount of college Spanish – if they have any at all – will suffice to discern the layers of social nuance in Garbanzo’s words. “And he’s from Guatemala! That’s so interesting!” Garbanzo the innocent is a blank screen on which they can project all of their poverty porn fantasies. Garbanzo’s son, not so much. It’s a Ponzi scheme of first generation unintelligible helots.

  5. Wow, that Millman article really is stupid, and stupid in so many ways!
    Poor Noah makes a fine poster boy for an elite that, despite their sumptuous resumes, are as clueless as a $6 soy milk latte (Philosophy 101 references to Hegel notwithstanding – really, where did that come from?)

    What stands out is the inability or unwillingness to draw obvious conclusions from facts in the real world – for example:

    1) The murdered woman, far from being an icon of journalistic liberties, was a cheerleader for a brutal Maoist insurgency in West Bengal; she had also been convicted of defamation against BJP officials, with other defamation suits pending – in other words, there were probably a fair number of people who wanted this lefty nutter dead;

    2) Millman can’t help but equate this murder with Trump’s take-downs of CNN, etc., for their mendacious disregard for journalistic fairness and manufacturing of fake news; Millman sees in it evidence of a Hegelian dialectic of global proportions as the forces of nationalist darkness sweep away all the goodness as bequeathed by the Cloud People; which leads to

    3) Millman’s total lack of candor, honesty or introspection. His first fabrication is equating this woman with upholding press freedoms – as though her Maoist friends had any use for those. His second is finding not only a sinister if amorphous moral equivalence in Trump’s justified bashing of the spoiled, ignorant and partisan brats in the Washington press corps and a political murder in India, but locating in these two completely unrelated events a dark convergence of historical forces. His third invention is the most ludicrous: rather than see the rejection of the globalist managerial elite and their shibboleths as a reaction of ordinary citizens to the manipulative lying and ignorance (see above) of their self-appointed rulers, he prefers to cast himself as a supporting player in a grandiose metaphysical struggle of good versus evil. How many examples do we need to demonstrate that our elites are over-credentialed drama queens, whose entire understanding of the forces at work in the world is spun of gossamer threads of self-aggrandizing make-believe and deliberate self-deception. (If further proof is required, please see Z’s remarks on Sally Quinn in last Friday’s podcast.)

  6. The comment about blacks raking leaves brought back the memory of a conversation I had, nearly 40 years ago, with a teacher from the high school from which I graduated. He said that black students could do paid work at the school, but there was a policy about never having black students do anything that looked like or hinted at manual labor. I guess the school thought that shielding blacks from physical labor was somehow helping them.

    • Possibly one of the worst things to happen to the black community was when Booker T Washington lost the argument with DuBois. We might have a better world today.

  7. The sad thing is, you take a look at the original demands from the protestors at the start of The Troubles and on the face of it they look pretty reasonable. Stuff like “Hey, can we make some modest reforms to the election system and reform the police to curb the brutality?” And then 20+ years of bombing and other atrocities ensue and at the end – they implement this huge gloppy bureaucracy – and they finally meet the original demands of the protestors.

    It doesn’t exactly give me any happy shiny feelings about the future. It’s going to be a long slow slog towards wherever we’re going. I guess it’s going to be a bright future for paramilitary types. I guess. And bureaucrats.

  8. This is a great one: Catholics Need Not Apply? Senators Accused of Anti-Catholic Bias at Hearing for Judicial Nominee

    “Did Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., attack a federal appeals court nominee for her Roman Catholic faith? Critics claim she did during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing this week.

    “When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma (Catholic) lives loudly within you,” Feinstein, the top-ranking Democrat on the committee, said to Barrett. “And that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for for years in this country.”

    The irony is once again lost, that an ultra liberal party hack like Feinstein, accuses others of bias, i guess they do always project!

  9. You really think blacks don’t mow lawns because whites would feel guilty about hiring them? The reality is too simple to even bother pointing out.

  10. No one expressed the frustration of dealing with the grievance culture better than this unknown commenter:

    “White people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.”

  11. The buffoons who make up or so-called elites think that they are some sort of aristocracy, so they think that they should have servants. And since blacks might steal the silver or bang the teen-aged daughter, and whites talk back and are not sufficiently deferential, that leaves them no choice.

    PBS dreck about Edwardian Great Britain such as “Downton Abbey” and “Upstairs, Downstairs” have a lot to answer for, in my opinion. Note how popular these shows are among our “betters”, even though the purport to find the politics of the era repulsive…

  12. Indigenous Central Americans and Mexicans fill out the landscaping / housekeeping jobs because they can be paid less by their employers.
    It really is that simple.
    Most nannies and house maids are hired thru nanny/maid employment agencies which is why you see them populating those lines of employment. They are very cheap labor for the employment agency.

    One exception are the nannies taking care of kids near those fancy hi rises near Battery Park in very lower Manhattan . For whatever reason, they are mostly all female blacks from the Caribbean Islands – you can tell by their manner of speaking and their accents (they always appear very friendly and of good nature; apparently they have not yet been tainted by BLM).

    A very white, college educated girl from the midwest who wishes to be a nanny in Manhattan will literally never be unemployed, will be paid very well – much of it under the table – and be allowed to use the family car to taxi the kids about; I actually know someone exactly like this. She is making a bundle of cash on top of her official “nanny employment agency” salary.
    The very rich family that hires her even takes her on vacation to Long Island.
    The very rich white supposedly liberal intelligentsia – if given the opportunity – will hire an American white college educated nanny faster than flies on excrement. Their liberal progressive zealotry hits a brick wall when they can hire a conservative American white female nanny to take care of their precious little tots.
    Yep, no LGBT/BLM/Transgender/Bull Dyke nannies (and gender neutral Bathrooms) for THEIR kids!

    At Columbia University a few years back I literally saw about a dozen indigenous Mexicans/Central Americans on their hands and knees – and elbow to elbow – picking weeds within one of the university quadrangles and hundreds of white, upper middle/rich kids walking to/from class.
    No sign of Mark Rudd or any of their commie professors protesting the “exploitation” of indigenous peoples.

    Landscape/awn maintenance contractors will hire the cheapest employees they can and preferably ones that are illegals; they keep their mouths shut and never complain about anything at all (employer FICA/ Worker’s Comp. Insurance contributions? what’s that?)

    Check out the restaurants in Manhattan from midtown to about 65th street.
    ALL the waiters are white (and many are Russians or from Eastern Europe), while the kitchen dish washers or busboys are your indigenous mexicans/Central Americans.
    Sighting a black employee in these establishments is rarer than Elvis sightings in Uzbekistan, despite the several “welfare” housing units located – literally – in midtown.
    Ditto for the millions of deli’s in Manhattan – ALL the food handling workers are your indigenous mexicans/central americans (again, cheap, keep-their-mouth-shut employees). The only black employee in these delis is the one serving up the Iranian Almas Beluga Caviar at about $15,000 / lb, and good luck finding that in any deli (or anywhere else for that matter).

    All these jobs now filled by – let’s face it – illegals, were once filled by white high school or college kids or blacks. Hell, even during the days of slavery, the white “mastas” would have black (slave) nannies taking care of their kids.

    The influx of very cheap labor to fill unskilled work has literally denied entry-job opportunities to USA citizens and has harmed, more than any other USA citizen group, black Americans.
    One would think that blacks would be rioting over this; but they do not. They are too busy rioting with the Marxist-Leninist BLM or just too busy shooting each other.

    • If in fact all things were equal the Cloud people would always hire any other servants than blacks because it is just too exhausting for such a person to be face to face with the object of his lifelong guilty obsession. That rule would not apply to an Islander.

    • Further to jobs being taken by non-US citizens, there are foreign worker visa programs across the industries that have succeeded in suppressing wages for decades. Jobs that would have created the next middle class now pay peanuts and are mostly filled with foreigners. We’re talking everything: technology, filmed entertainment/media, nursing, construction, hospitality, etc. It’s all about the cheap labor.

  13. “I have this theory that some of what drives this desire for Amerind labor and Asian servants is a weird manifestation of white guilt.”

    I have this theory that MOST of what drives this desire for Amerind labor and Asian servants is the fact that they charge less. Or do, at least till they get their foot in the door. Scratch the surface on most any White American and you will find someone that reduces any service to the bottom line. My wife had a “Mescan” housekeeper a decade ago, until I overrode her. She was cheaper than anyone else my wife interviewed, but the quality of the work wasn’t spectacular and continued to go down hill. Her sister has run into the same thing in the DFW area. Late to work, no shows, breaks things, but “she’s so cheap!” And of course, a White woman can never let go of her “servants”, both for the status and for virtue signaling.

    • “Cheap Mexican/Asian labor” is only cheap because much of the cost Is pushed onto taxpayers who have to pay for the migrant workers’ food stamps, housing subsidies, police and fire services, schooling for their children, etc. Don’t confuse price tag with cost.

  14. Ya lost me, Z. From my perch here in the outhouse – this looks and sounds like scapegoating. Look, I know there’s millionaire assholes that could care less about us. But jeez Louise boys – we gotta look in the mirror at some point.

    There’s some ugly resentments brewing in the white middle class but really – we’re doing a lot of it to ourselves. Judging from the divorce stats at least half our women are stark, raving loons. Our public educators are unionized pooch screwers that give our kids trophies just for showing up. When they fail their self esteem comes before their education. Our women don’t want to raise kids – they want to play ‘manager’ or ‘professional’ and white men pander to them. Hillary Clinton wasn’t coloured. We doubled the labour supply when we made women equals – and yet half the morons in that march where everyone had a pink vagina hat – were men. And like the women none of ’em knew what they were bitching or protesting about. White men are raising their kids to think sexual depravity is just fine, that hiring inferior people based on their skin colour is or reproductive plumbing is fair, and that poverty and stupidity have nothing to do with each other.

    Fact is, us white dirt people aren’t doing anything to help ourselves. We hope to vote our way out of it by voting for Donald Trump. There’s that ol’ nickel that goes something like “we buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, trying to impress people we don’t like…”

    I think I will face the future with an approach somewhere between that of John Galt and classical Roman Stoicism.

  15. “The other thing I’ve noticed is that the housekeepers and nannies are never black or white. Instead, you see East Asian nannies and Mexican housekeepers.”

    I wonder how much of this is also a part of suburban vs urban development; in NYC its still not unusual to see black nannies. I haven’t ever seen any white nannies though unless you want to count Marry Poppins.

    “I have this theory that some of what drives this desire for Amerind labor and Asian servants is a weird manifestation of white guilt.”

    Guilt is a possibility; our elites are so off the deep end that it could be a possibility. I figured though that this was just another manifestation of doublethink. They are obsessed with blacks *over there* in the distance, in the cities they work in but don’t live in. But when it comes to actually employ and interact with those same people, the elites don’t want them near their suburban bubble. (Steve Sailer has pointed out how cities are trying to ship off their black underclass to the suburbs but that is the action of elites already in the cities; the elites in the suburbs seem pretty content on keeping that same underclass out of their own suburbs, just not suburbs where the middle or lower class live.)

    “I was reminded of this when I saw this Noah Millman post on the American Conservative website. It’s a post about the death of free speech in India, of all places. The idea that speech was ever open in India, or anywhere outside the English speaking world, is ludicrous on its face.”

    Just reading the first few sentences, it seems pretty clear his problem isn’t about Indian free speech but about how yet another country has right wing nationalists in ascendance when all right thinking people (like him) know this is absolute madness.

      • yes, there are, and they are “invisible” because they’re white. Irish, Germans, French.. I’ve known quite a few; my best friend married one.
        The are au pair brokers catering to the upper clases that supply a steady stream of european young women.

  16. Z Man: Since for many, 911 is the ultimate litmus test, what’s your opinion on 911? I don’t remember a post on that.

  17. Isn’t the picture you linked to Sloppy Williamson? He looks different without the Anton LaVey beard. Sort of like Divine without the makeup and wig.

  18. The way the English handled land in Ireland is very similar to the Alcalde system of Spain. The Spanish learned this from the Moors/Ottomans.

  19. One would think that this imbalance has to right itself as some point in time. How much longer can you borrow from the future in order to fund the present largesse? People like Noah Millman earn a living by hand-wringing over faux problems. How is this productive? How is this of any value? How can any economic system survive with this kind of reward incentive? My answer, it can’t.

    • that is pure nonsense, and you should be ashamed for even pretending to believe it (because it is so stupid). where in the world did you pick that up?

  20. In Radical Chic Wolfe has an amusing discussion of the Bernstein’s problem with the servants. Their usual black servants won’t do at a fund raiser for the Panthers, They settle on Argentines

  21. Hopefully we start seeing some IRA tactics manifest, as there is no more talking or voting our way out of this.

  22. Some guy pointed out at Steve’s blog that the Cloud People think non-blacks as domestic help are less likely to go all Django Unchained on them and little Jayden and Mansfield.

    • James;
      Likely they’re building it for others unknowingly. They’ll be ever less competitive as they become more and more bloated with very-nearly-competent AA hires and pursue costly vanity projects. Their competitors are small, focused, principals-only startups, like they once were but those ways are long gone now.

      Time to move APL to the watch list (shorting is too dangerous to try at home – ‘the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent’).

      As I’ve mentioned before, in the late 1950’s the great Parkinson wrote an essay called The Edifice Complex where he argued that when an organization has built its perfect HQ building, it’s decline is largely inevitable thereafter. His reasoning: Top management has time to concern itself about trifles such as the perfect building because it is no longer focused on the essentials. Mistakes multiply, layers are added, etc. And this was even before the added drag of manditory AA hiring. Organizational processes plus human nature are quite enough to bring this about over time. Organized parasitizm such as we have now can only speed this up.

        • Pharmaceutical industry corporate palaces, dating from the heyday of “blockbuster” drugs, perfectly reflect the Edifice Complex. I used to work in those palaces. Today, they give me the willies.

      • Tim Cook did his little Steve Jobs bit at the Apple product announcement yesterday. Do these people have any idea that their weird ceremony has devolved to the famous 1984 ad of decades ago? Very creepy stuff.

      • I’m sure Cook and the Google Indian think they are about to divvy up the universe. That’s usually when the fall occurs.

  23. What you are describing is a phenomena of big cities and rich suburbs. I live on the edge between the a rural area and NY/NJ suburbs so some of the local landscaping crews are white and some are Latino.

    When I travel for business or vacation to more remote / rural areas, it is all white and non-urban blacks doing the manual labor jobs. Probably a partial explanation for the 2016 electoral map.

    • I live in an old mill town surrounded on four sides by corn fields and dairies. The landscaping crews, domestics, and retail workers are all white. There is a remnant of blacks from before the factories shut down, but they are almost all on the dole and diminishing from intermarriage and emigration.

      It costs about one and a half to twice as much to paint a house/install a furnace/resurface a driveway/etc. as it does in the L.A. Basin (still own property there) or D.C. Metro (lived there recently). That’s because you need to pay a laborer here enough to afford an apartment and a car or truck. They won’t cram seven guys into a two bedroom apartment or ride a bicycle to work, nor should they.

      These guys know what’s coming. Clinton represented more immigration, a collapse in wages, and the dole. Trump campaigned on restricted immigration and by implication, living wages and a tough but dignified lifestyle. He better deliver or these cats will not be happy.

      • Here in GA, landscaping companies are usually owned by whites.They will hire a small handful of young white guys, and send out one with each crew of AmerIndians, Mestizos, Castizos, etc., as the supervisor and interpreter. This morning, post hurricane, we’ve had quite a number of landscapers, (and repairmen), looking for work in the neighborhood. An amazing thing happened-an all white roofing/repairs crew, and an all white landscaping crew paid us a visit. We’ve never seen either one of those here, before. We thought about asking to take their picture, but didn’t, but we did take their business cards. All the maids here are Hispanic. I’ve never seen a black maid in the South in my entire life, and I’m 50. I once owned a maid service in my small hometown, when I was in my late 20s. I hired 8 white moms with young children to clean houses while their kids were at school, but it was predominantly a white area, so white people were the default choice to let into your home.None of these people were quite liberal enough to open their doors to blacks or Hispanics, whatever they might say at a hospital fundraiser or in a faculty lounge.

  24. I see it like Orwell saw the lower-upper-middle-class back in the 20s. He said these people knew all about servants and hunting and whatnot, but could never afford it in England, so they went to India and Nigeria because it let them live like the lords they knew in their hearts they were. The Cloud People live lives that are the envy of 99.8% of the world, but they aren’t the REAL rich, and they know it… but having nice, respectable servants lets them act as if they are (having black servants is impossible — aside from the race thing, the more important factor is that American blacks won’t kowtow like Aztecs and Koreans will. The blacks only know three words of English, too, but as they’re all variants of “motherfucker”….)

    • Sev;
      Another way to do this was to be an expatriate manager for a US corporation in some foreign country. You might have been just another middle manager back home, but overseas you’re on the US embassy invite list, can send your kids to the private school of your choice, typically the America School, join a county club on the company’s dime, etc. And your spouse was a queen_!

      But relocating back to HQ was a real trauma: You were back to being just another middle manager, not even getting a corner office_! The horror_!

      Don’t know if these gigs exist any more in the new age of globalism.

      • I got to live that life by proxy for a few weeks, staying with a buddy who was on a fat research grant. Of course, being an academic he *should* have been conflicted about exploiting the labor of poor foreign brown people, but hey, what a surprise, he acted like a pukka sahib. To be fair, it’s hard not to — I only lived it for a month, but when I came home, I found myself standing at the front of the store, furious that seventeen flunkies weren’t falling all over themsevles to attend to my every need. You mean, I’ve got to buy groceries **myself?** And wash my own dishes?

    • As much as I loved the Rhodesian farmer, to a certain extent this is a description of many of them. In Europe they would have been working class. In Africa they were lords. Definitely not cloud people, though. Dirt people living like kings. I think that this engendered a lot of cloud resentment.

      A real English lord could have the same quality servants as the Rhodesian, and provide for them much less adequately, and yet call the Rhodesian a racist white supremacist all the while being worse as a person.

    • speaking of Orwell, and in particular 1984, you have to read Hillary’s mind blowing interpretation of that work. sit down before you read further.

      she thinks it undermines people’s confidence in government and tech overlord leadership?! honest to god, that is how her poor rum sodden brain interprets the story.

  25. “They think office parks are ugly, which is why they are building their compounds to look like the college campus”

    Which explains the mentality of former tyrants who rebuild their cities with exaggerated majestic architecture. Hitler had plans for Romanesque Berlin, Kim Jong’s NK Capital is a silent tomb of Ne0-Soviet grandeur, and lesser palaces like Saddam Hussein’s. with everything all but gold-plated. It’s their attempt at achieving immortality like the Egyptian Pharaohs, that even though they are dead, their image will continue to live on in their earthly temples.

  26. “… “Peace? Listen fella, there’s very few people that have peace on this planet, why should we?”..”

    The Diggers

  27. ZMan and others might be interested in this. Before ZMan used the term I had never really heard the term Cloud people. I have heard “keeping your head in the clouds” but not cloud people. Well I found an earlier reference while reading this book. It’s in the book “Ringolevio” By Emmett Grogan who was head (bad term as there was no head but) of the Diggers in Haight-Ashbury. He was was admonishing the shopkeepers who were pushing the “Summer of Love” meme and drawing in thousands of runaway kids who they exploited for cheap labor while he was the one feeding them.

    page 293 in the link for “Ringolevio, Section Three” pdf

    “…intend to affirm your responsibility to the community? Huh? How?”
    A bearded shopkeeper muttered something about the HIP Job Co-op being affirmation enough of their responsibility to the community.
    Emmett remained standing and shot back, “Yes, the HIP Job Co-op! That’s a fine example of what’s going on here. Sure, it manages to get some helpless runaway girl a job. A job in an attic-sweatshop making dresses for a dollar an hour. Say it takes her two hours to
    make a dress. That’s two dollars, right? Well, then the people who employ her – the incense-burning hippies – take that dress ‘n sell it for twenty-five or thirty dollars. After a while she gets disillusioned about this kind of short action and she drops further into the street. Then, we end up with her. An’ that’s where your HIP Job Co-op’s at,motherfucker!
    “You HIP merchants and some of you other people around here have done the most to build the myth of the Hippie-Longhair, the incense-burning, bead-stringing freedom, and now you ain’t doin’ a goddamn thing to cope with this immigration crisis you ticked off. You ain’t concerned about it, are you? What are these kids goin’ to do, when they get here ‘n find out that the myth is just that – a
    myth? There are already enough hungry confused people on the street and now there’s going to be a lot more. An’ you cloud-dwellers better come up with some alternatives about what to do about ’em ‘n cut out all this metaphysics shit you’re all so fuckin’ fond of ‘n quit playin’ Monopoly or someone’s going to take it…”

    This may seem a random comment but he’s talking about exactly the same thing. Where the shopkeepers keep bringing in people, putting the local Blacks out of work and the whole while passing the cost onto the community while they make bank on tie died dresses. The book has caught my interest. I think people would enjoy it. Here’s a link to the diggers page with other parts of the book.


    • Sam;
      Interesting. I always supposed that this highly apt concept was named after an early (’66 or ’67 ?) Star Trek episode where the Cloud People lived an elite, Greek-nobility (complete with chitons), sort of life up in their planet’s clouds in some kind of levitated paradise while the nasty Dirt People worked the nasty mines far below for some mineral whose export financed the cloud life style. IOW, the basic plot’s a pretty good analogy for the situation today. I immediately thought of this episode when I first read Z Man’s use of the concept.

      The episode also featured the usual easy triumph for utopia-science, i.e. ‘It’s Not Their Fault’ – the Dirt People’s brutish, aggressive nature was actually caused by some radon-like gas in the soil [toxic masculinity_?] that the noble Cloud People avoided through their altitude [attitude_?]. Not to mention there was a mouthy elite female revolutionary leader, IIRC. And Hillary hadn’t even graduated Wellesley yet: Talk about prophesy.*

      The two instances are near contemporaneous, I’d guess, so it’s hard to say which came first, if it matters. And it’s very possible that Z Man was unaware of either, since he was likely a middle-schooler at the time. Regardless, it’s a terrific meme.

      *I know, I know, it was just bad production value sci-fi TV. What can I say, Boomers gotta Boomer, after all 😉 But that’s why I thought was genius when I first saw it.

      • I remember that episode. I had forgotten about it. I wouldn’t say I’m a trekky but I used to watch Star Trek and I really like Sci-Fi books.

    • Read it, many years ago as well as Peter Coyote’s book. The one hood thing about hippies is that they liked working with their hands and did not look down on physical labor.

  28. This is another instance of the white moral commons gone awry. It’s easy for them to peer bond with the Asian nanny over the white trucker, not simply because the latter is absent from their daily life, but because the former is better able to ape the appropriate progressive hymns. Everything with the cloud class is a moral imperative so those whites whose hard life experience has soured them on presenting as a moral progressive will be quickly condemned.

    As always, I think the radical left is your greatest ally in this struggle. The sooner those nannies and lawn crews are ready to tackle the white privilege of their class masters, the better positioned dirt-whites will be to demand the empire of diversity be reconfigured in a manner that is not openly genocidal towards their own interests. Forget the frog memes and razzing reporters. Help your local malcontent minority group find a nice cloud neighborhood to protest.

  29. Kevin Williamson, the expert on the working class, yesterday published an article at National Review Online, stating that, at 26% of GDP, the level of taxation in the USA is quite low. Unfortunately, that number includes only federal taxes, and no state/local taxes. The real number is closer to 40%. In other words, the whole article, like most of NR, is a waste of time.

  30. i think most american are only too aware of the realities of negro life here. also, good luck getting a negro to show up and actually do any work. as to who would steal more, it’s a coin toss.

    watch any movie from the 30’s through the 60’s and every middle class household will have at least one white nanny/maid/cook. re:Alice on the Brady bunch, or Hazel. then it all went brown in the 90’s (i think there abouts). in between they had none 🙂

    • I listen to a lot of old time radio- a lot of the nannies and butlers are black- two that come to mind are ‘Birdie’ on “The Great Gildersleeve”, and of course Rochester on Jack Benny.

  31. White Europeans need not apply, but keep those borders open for our little brown friends. .

    President Trump promised to secure the border. Now it sounds like he’s softened on that position. The elites demand cheap labor and will not be denied.

  32. As usual, Steve Sailer had the best take on this phenomenon (though yours was good). He thought “class angst” was part of it, but it was a different form of angst than you suggested. If you’re making six figures, and you spent a good amount of time in college, and your “good life” consists of attending very rigid social functions, drinking only a moderate amount of wine, medicating your distant spoiled kids, and dealing with a frigid wife, the last thing you want to do is hear two plumbers or guys laying dry-wall who didn’t go to college (and also may make a lot of money) talking about how they got drunk at the barbecue last week or had a blast fishing. If they’re working long enough to set up a portable toilet on-site, they might even put up a picture of a naked or scantily-clad woman in the crapper, reminding you how that frigid (or maybe cheating or gold-digging) wife has your balls in a vice. Spineless, PC cloud people feel taunted and envious of the freedom of the dirt people.

    Sailer’s other point was that if Jorge and Oscar pull up to your house to cut your grass, the bumper of their car is either going to be naked, or if there are stickers, you won’t be able to understand them or be offended by them.

    • I have to avoid middle and UMC social gatherings because most of them go as follows. After spending Five Minutes hating Trump, the only acceptable topics of discussion are travel to Iceland and then France while the in-laws watch the kids. Then they discuss TV followed by saving poor dark people in the Third World. Most work for nonprofits or charities or the government, but I repeat myself. None seem to have hobbies but TV and driving the kids to extra-curricular after extra-curricular in their Prii. Sometimes they are cyclists but never boxers. All of their kids have a gluten allergy and multiple chemical sensitivities and usually autism. Some of the boys are wearing dresses. Every kid is named Jayden. If spouses aren’t present it’s hard to tell whether the 40-something guy with a toddler in tow has a husband or a wife.

      Meanwhile, the proles like their kids, usually make more money, go to church, and are huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ everyday. I’ve done fairly well convincing these people that I’m country and one of them. They don’t like engineers for good reasons, but with some Mossy Oak and a desire to learn and fit in, I’ve done OK.

      • Same deal here. Once I tried a fun experiment at my academic gig: I started wearing the school’s football jersey to class. The kids loved it, but the eggheads shot me the best puzzled looks I’ve ever seen. Finally someone said something to the effect of “I assume you’re wearing that ironically, to protest the administration’s emphasis on athletics over academics?” I replied “nah, I just like football.” Completely fried their circuits. I should’ve added “and arugula tastes like used kitty litter.”

          • I neither disagree with z-man’s observation that liberals mentally wall themselves from the racial differences they’ve amplified, nor disagree with how liberals have walled themselves from happier working class whites, but I’m not sure white guilt motivates them. ‘d rather point the finger at their deep insecurities about their own social status and ability to thrive in a competitive private sector.

            Most academics today, particularly the younger ones, are middle class, at best — the old, stolid and self-secure upper class has been rendered either absent or invisible, particularly to academe. The line between themselves and white “hired help” is too fine to for their comfort. After all, one bad tenure review and they’ll never get another job in academe! They know, perhaps intuitively more than rationally, that they’re close to being — horrors! — blue collar. For this reason, academics would rather push that image as far away as possible. Such status insecurity explains their mean, visceral rhetoric toward ordinary white people, as well as their willingness to castigate whites as “supremacists.” Only the most insecure, or marginal, would think the KKK, for example, is an important force in today’s society. They’re afraid. That’s it. Their biggest fear is that the whites they detest really are “supreme” (better than they are), and that the compromises they’ve had to make to be in academe are not only stupid, if one wants to succeed in the private sector, but self-denying. What if course, someone, somewhere upset their shaky apple cart causing them to tumble among the proles? What then?

            Academics, on some level, know that they’re ability to survive and thrive among the proles is limited. Their pathetic writings won’t pay outside of their protected ghetto. Peeking outside that ghetto, they see writers/thinkers — such as z-man — who are wiser and widely read. Without the protections of academe, they’d have to compete with z-man and his ilk. And they’d fail. They’d fail in an open marketplace of ideas, one that included more perspectives than their own. And they’d fail. They’d fail at making a decent living in the private sector where excellence and cunning are rewarded more than the ability to scratch backs and parrot approved rhetoric.

            No wonder they’re so viscous. “Literally” their lives are on the line!

          • maybe it’s all as simple as the political overclass being a large collection of mean spirited dim witted a-holes. i mean, all the evidence fits, does it not? Grinder rests!

      • On my son’s grade school football team there is a Jayden, a Hayden, a Brayden(!), 2 Hudsons, and Quint(!!!). I generally call them by their last names, as I think its less embarrassing for the boys.

        • Hey, Kentucky Headhunter. That’s hilarious. Are you sure they are all boys? What gives you the moral authority to define young football players by gender? Isn’t it enough for the little darlings to just wear nice uniforms and have fun, which seems to be the primary goal of organized youth sports these days? After all, winning is not as important as cheering for the team dork. Oh, wait. Sorry. I meant “special needs player.”

        • My son is a Millennial, and was born at the height of “ay” wussification of boy names. While I somewhat fell prey to its siren call, I did resist its full temptation. I picked the name Clay, because it meant dirt. I reasoned that actual clay and earth were pretty masculine things. He has turned out to be pretty ok, for a Millennial. Maybe not as masculine as I would like, but he does butcher sides of beef, perform basic mechanical work on his car & household repairs, yard maintenance, has a pretty, (& mostly normal), girlfriend and carries a .44. The long hair, long beard, goofy candle-making and festival-going, (while wearing flashing beads & Asian robes),…well, hopefully, this will pass.

          • Hey Zeroh, I hope he is not wearing Asian beads and a Flashing robe, things could get exciting.

  33. The miliary historian, Martin Van Creveld wrote about that class 20.years ago in “The Rise and The Fall of The State” about a gated community mentality that didn’t care with the “society” outside of it. It has just grown since. The book came at the same time as his other book “The Transformation of War” that claimed that future war would not be over suvereinity between states but legitimacy of the state,-people couldn’t live together. Edward Luttwarks “The endangered American Dream” from the same periode saw the same development.

    • Part of the problem is that quite a few people who aren’t even rich live in isolated communities. They’re not rural, suburban, or urban; they’re “edge nodes” as some urban planner called them, where you’re just crammed into an unwalkable landscape off a highway exit where parts of the ghetto (thanks to vouchers) are stacked in what used to be respectable apartments. This is how things shake out at least in the Midwest (though wherever I go I see these “communities.”) It’s sort of the opposite of mixed use. Hopefully some publisher (maybe Arktos) will reprint E. Michael Jones’ “Slaughter of the Cities,” at some point.

      • This is college towns in a nutshell. The ones that aren’t surrounded by actual ghettos — Yale and USC come to mind — are a really nice yuppie downtown flanked by the faculty ghetto, surrounded by an offramp and the mishmash you describe. The eggheads look out, see the hoi polloi in respectable-looking shacks right next to the Section 8 zoo and think everything’s great. That the hoi polloi are barely hanging on, and the crime rate is through the roof everywhere but the faculty ghetto, never registers, because it never has to.

        • The ultimate example is Chicago, the U of., launching pad for the malignant mulatto. You can actually hear the gang-bangers shooting from the faculty high-rise ghetto on a nice day when the windows are open, I’m told.

          • Not a lot of Negrosity in my college town- the ABC (A Better Chance) house in the center of town- mostly good kids who know they’re getting a good deal, and one project on the south end of town near the golf course

    • This is crazy. I’m taking a break from reading that very book, swiped down to read the comments from some random point in the middle, and this is the comment I see.

  34. The Cloudies know they pulled a fast one so they prefer to avoid their victims. White working class people make them feel funny.

  35. I have always felt the resentment and repugnance displayed by our supposeded betters was a sign of the fear they had of falling back to their roots. By that I mean losing their position and advantage that they know that they may not deserve. Get rid of all reminders.

    Cloud people indeed.

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