The Fear Of Disbelief

I was looking for something I remembered Sailer posting about and I stumbled upon this post from Tyler Cowen. The post is from eight years ago and it is something I found interesting. I did some searching around in his blog to see if he had bothered to revisit the issue and the search came up dry. Cowen, who is one of those guys who likes pitching himself as a step outside the crowd, has avoided the topic for close to a decade, suggesting it was around this point when the subject was declared heretical.

Another thing I found interesting, amusing actually, was that Cowen succumbed to the claim that there is greater genetic diversity within racial groups than between them. While it is true that there is greater variation between individuals, than between groups of individuals, it does not invalidate classifying individuals into different racial groups. Traits common to one group, even in great variety, may not exist in another. Cowen was falling for what is informally known as Lewontin’s Fallacy.

Of course, what screams from the post is the hysteria induced in people like Cowen, when they are sheered between observable fact and prevailing dogma. On the one hand, their brains force them to look at reality. On the other hand, their fear of the morality police makes them want to shriek in terror. Cowen is a gold plated phony, but he is not a dunce. Even back in 2009, the evidence was clear. There are bone-deep differences between the races that go beyond physiognomy. It is right there in the mountain of IQ data.

People can be forgiven for not going against their betters. Even spergs like Cowen want to believe in the prevailing orthodoxy. You see that in the end where he writes “racism itself is far, far more harmful, whether in the course of previous history or still today.” That is the sort of thing a true believer writes, when he is thinking of maybe writing something heretical, but then grows frightened of where it could lead. That whole last paragraph is so carefully worded, it reads like it was written by a committee.

It is not just the smart guys who are tormented by this stuff. Most normal whites get weepy when they see a guy like Sheriff Clark or Allen West say the sorts of things honkies say in private. It is confirmation. When you see a gazillion re-tweets of something a conservative black posted, it is not hard to imagine the relief normies felt when they saw it and the joy with which they passed it along. A couple of generations of whites have been raised up to think of blacks as mystical moral arbiters. Black approval is the highest honor.

There is also the old noblesse oblige hook. Smart people like to think of themselves as having a duty to guide the less smart toward the correct opinions. A guy like Cowen is not wealthy and he is largely dependent on the state for his livelihood, like most libertarians. Nevertheless, he imagines himself as a member of an intellectual elite, charged with training the next generation and providing intellectual guidance to the ruling class. Promoting the blank slate silliness about the evils of racism feels like his moral duty.

On this point, there is a strange phenomenon that I have witnessed. It is not a lot different than what happens in a church when a long standing member quits because they no longer believe in God. There are members who will try to talk the guy out of it, telling him that they too have lost their faith, but they continue attending services to maintain the tradition or support those who to continue to believe. I have never seen this work. Every person who has quit their church did so in their mind long before they left the pew.

I suspect something similar goes on with our betters. They know that even entertaining heretic thoughts can be trouble. They have seen enough old white guys throw in the towel, like James Watson or John Derbyshire. They know that once that seed of doubt gets lodged in the head, it grows into a mighty oak of doubt. Then comes struggle, apostasy and finally banishment from the community of good thinkers. It is better for strangers to think you are a moron than to have your friends and colleagues say you are immoral.

Most people reading this probably belonged to the universal church of biological denialism at some point in their life. It has been dogma for a long time. Probably every white person has felt the warm glow of seeing blacks succeed at white things or showing their appreciation with public acts of patriotism. The opening ceremonies have become American’s favorite part of the Olympics, because it is where they see well behaved non-whites wearing the stars and stripes and looking proud to be Americans.

Race denialism, as John Derbyshire calls it, has been part of the official canon for generations now. Biological denialism has been official dogma for as long as I have been alive. Belief is easy when everyone else believes the same thing. Disbelief, however, is inevitable when belief is at odds with reality. When no matter how hard you try to make the belief real, it is thwarted by reality, doubt is the only option. That is where most whites are now. The question is, what will they believe in next?

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    • Its about time that articles like this showed up. Complaining is useful but it doesn’t solve things and if the complainers want things to be better than they’ll need solutions

  1. “A couple of generations of whites have been raised up to think of blacks as mystical moral arbiters. Black approval is the highest honor.”

    Blacks are sacred and woe betide the heretical white who publicly says otherwise.

  2. I had this very conversation yesterday with a man of otherwise solid intellect and reasonable moral fibre. We got into a minor tiff when I brought up race realism in the rejection of SJW doctrine – and he went into full virtue-signal mode.
    “IQ science is quack science, right up there with warble gloaming…” he said. So what will we believe in next? I think the answer is – it certainly won’t be science. It’s too bloody inconvenient for everyone to be useable.

    • I’ve heard that the application of statistics to social and behavioral sciences is founded on work first done with IQ (by Galton, I think). Supposedly, no result in the social sciences is more established than IQ, and its measurement. Indeed, Jordan Peterson asserts that if IQ is meaningless, then so is everything else in the social sciences. Or something similar to that.

      Of course, given the irrepeatability of a signifcant percentage of social science results, maybe it IS all bullshit.

  3. I’m not sure why you’re beating this drum so vigorously. Yes, the differences between races is both real and consequential. Yes, there will always be people that deny this reality. No, you will not “enlighten” or change their thinking processes with a few internet articles. The fixation that this problem will go away with more talking is naive.

    • You’re right of course. If it has come to this, that the race war is on, then the enemy is winning: They go out and kill people. We just cite IQ statistics from Steve Sailor and go enjoy our dinner, flush with our overall team batting average.

      • Sorry for the misunderstanding of my comment. I am not asserting that any war has begun. Nor am I advocating for that. My point is that talking is not a viable solution to the many social pathologies that are afflicting us. Rather, it’s an appealing distraction because it’s an easy alternative when compared to the path of hard knocks, which is how real behavioral change occurs. We don’t need more easy, we need more hard.

  4. Being a racist would be much easier without people like Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, etc., but IQ misses the point for me. High IQ sociopaths abound, as do low IQ Moral folks. The problem with the inner-city blacks is their behavior, sociopaths, along with most of the people on the African continent, it seems. IQ ? Culture? Oddly enough, sociopathology seems to be working for them. Witness the projected population chart for the African continent mentioned a few blogs ago.

    • Never having been to Africa but having relatives there, the feedback I get is that many, if not most of the people there just want to get along in life, much like here. But they do live in a low-IQ society, and the amoral higher-IQ types, combining intellectual advantages with ambition and ruthlessness, tend to seize the tools of government and economic power for themselves and their cronies, leaving the rest of them to their own meager devices. The result is what we see in the news stories from there. It appears many of the young male emigrants to the West share that ambition and ruthlessness.

      People visiting or legally emigrating from there are often astonished at the attitudes of American blacks. They have trouble understanding why people given such a country to live in, with all the good things it offers, would be so angry. Later, as they marinate in the racial stuff here, they adopt a sort-of two sided attitude. The adopt a bit of the angry attitude along with the warmth and sociiability they brought with them. This is, in part, so the American blacks are less likely to treat them as rubes.

      The population boom is a combination of relative poverty and the lack of an economic safety net that encourages large families to support the young and elderly, along with the introduction of a fair amount of western medicine and living habits that extend life expectancy. This combination has not been seen on a large scale before, so it will be “interesting” to see how it plays out over time.

      • The more intelligent do not seize power in Africa. In low IQ societies what substitutes for intelligence is cleverness. Low IQ plus cleverness grows brutality. Think Idi Amin and others. Brutality may not be the rule in African life, but it rules over it. Higher IQ Africans, in general, are by comparison lacking in brutality even as higher intelligence offers greater opportunities for brutality, which explains some Caucasians.

    • Well, you should ask commentator BRIGADON (see above) ; surely he would say to you:

      ” You don’t have any idea how dietary protocols are developed, do you? This stuff was all hashed out and corrected for nearly 50 years ago.”

  5. Since public opinion is a pendulum, “what they’ll believe in next” is probably what lots of folks on our side of the internet already seem to believe — that biology is ALL there is. Ever notice how the ends of centuries are the same? They were saying all this back then, too — Degenerate Art, Social Darwinism, fitter family contests, etc. And while I for one couldn’t be happier if we replaced Judith Butler with William Graham Sumner on Intro to Studies reading lists, it’s the same category error.

    • Beliefs, even stupid ones, persist because they are useful. Every society has pretty lies that help grease the wheels. In 80% white America, pretending blacks *could* be equal to whites was mostly harmless and allowed for riot prevention polices like welfare, public housing and affirmative action. In a majority-minority society, whites cannot afford to finance the lifestyle of the non-whites, so the underlying belief will go way.

      So much of what is going on is a carry over from the old era. But, people cling to the old stuff until there is new better stuff.

      • Yep. In this case, though, there’s plenty of even-older stuff that works just fine to rebut the old stuff. You could take the writings of any 1920s Progressive — Margaret Sanger, say — modernize the style a bit, and have a perfect “Alt-Right” (or whatever) manifesto about how we should sterilize the defective races. I’m betting that is what in fact WILL happen, as the pendulum swings back further and harder “right.” (After all, the “Progressives” of the 20s only abandoned all that “race hygiene” stuff because Uncle Joe Stalin told them to, because it was useful in his fight with Silly Mustache Guy).

  6. “Another thing I found interesting, amusing actually, was that Cowen succumbed to the claim that there is greater genetic diversity within racial groups than between them.”

    I’m pretty sure this argument originally came from Steve Sailer. The above is like observing that there is greater variation in batting average within baseball teams than there is between them, and then concluding that team batting average makes no difference when it comes to winning and losing baseball games.

    It is really just remarkably stupid. So much so that it’s a feat of intellectual prowess to be able to believe it.

    • Thanks to Dutch, we can see it immediately for what it is.

      A shit-test.

      I was so hoping new terms and concepts would arrive, and they are.

      Preferance cascade! Awareness of Game really will save the West.

  7. “A guy like Cowen is not wealthy and he is largely dependent on the state for his livelihood, like most libertarians.”

    I for one appreciate the deliciousness of this sentence.

  8. The race thing is just one of the elements used to keep people in the mainstream cult. The cult has stripped many people of any independent thought, and the rest, the doubters, are shamed out of any outward expression of what they are actually thinking.

    Progress is being made, because when people pretend to drink the Kool-Aid (Jim Jones reference intended), but don’t actually do so, then it is the beginning of the end for the cult.

    Cults depend on keeping their members in the dark and intimidated. The work of getting alternative ways of thinking is so important. I tend to think the deprogramming starts slowly, and then turns into an avalanche. The Trump election and the NFL meltdown are two big positive tells, at this point.

    • Taking it further, the mainstream cult is deep into shit-testing now. The first real shit-tests were racial equality, gender equality, and gay acceptance. Once these became too universally accepted, they had to move to more extreme tests. Gender fluidity, intersectionality, white privilege, hands up-don’t shoot, punch a fascist, men in dresses in little girl restrooms.

      It is interesting to me that the shit-tests are now so many and so extreme. A cult that gets nervous turns up the shit-testing. Unfortunately, a cult that is failing often goes suicidal and homicidal. Plan accordingly.

      • It seems more like the dancing mania of the middle ages, or the widespread cases of demonic possession of whole convents of nuns. Some type of disassociation apparently takes place according to rules or beliefs already established by an authority figure, especially in confined social environments (hmm.. sounds a lot like twitter/facebook).

        One description that seems particularly apt: “Theologians, inquisitors and exorcists established the rules of mass demonic possession to which dissociating nuns then unconsciously conformed: writhing, foaming, convulsing, dancing, laughing, speaking in tongues and making obscene gestures and propositions. These were shocking but entirely stereotypical performances based on deep-seated beliefs about Satan’s depravity drawn from religious writings and from accounts of previous possessions.”

        Replace the authority figures above with MSM, academia and politicians and it it appears that we are seeing a similar breakout. The bad news is that these lasted around 300 years until the established narratives were weakened enough to cease be enough of a trigger.

      • Adding to my previous post and so neatly in line with the overall tone of the article I could not refrain from posting it. I came across this gem:

        “Robert Bartholomew, a sociologist in New Zealand who has collected data on 800 outbreaks dating back to 1566, says that in 99 percent of mass hysteria events, the majority of its sufferers are female.

        But does that mean that there is something particular to the female physiology that predisposes them to hysteria? Not necessarily.”

        The more the article goes on the stronger the fear of disbelief becomes, ending with the usual idiotic position that such fear forces people to adopt:

        “Elaine Showalter, a medical historian at Princeton University, agrees, arguing that these physical symptoms are a kind of protest of patriarchal oppression”


  9. I still don’t know how one separates out culture in assessing innate intelligence; I think it’s impossible.
    Imagine , if you will, an honest-to-goodness genius Aborigine from the Australian outback – born, raised and still living in that sort of primitive culture; what test is there to assess his/her intelligence?
    An IQ test – requiring pencil and paper and necessarily some sort of reading comprehension – that somehow eliminates educational achievement?
    If you cannot read or have never seen “three” dimensional figures printed on two dimensional paper (and asked to rotate a figure 90 degrees) or if you literally cannot even understand what is being asked, how is one expected to answer the question?
    That genius Aborigine would test out as a moron with an IQ of 5.

    All those IQ /test results that show 9th grade white jewish kids have equal reading comp/IQ as black college grads – ON AVERAGE – do not account for the fact that racist college admissions policies have allowed unqualified black (and hispanic) kids to attend colleges to which they never should have been admitted and more importantly, the MAJORITY of black college students major in total bullshit subjects; e.g., sociology, psych., political science, Black studies , elementary education., etc.

    These college majors require little to zero thinking, develop zero analytical skills and require the student to just regurgitate the lefty garbage shoved down their throats. No real need to have any reading comprehension skills because these majors don’t require anyone to have any.
    And, oh yes, they WILL receive passing grades in all their coursework – regardless of their level of literacy and writing ability because, well, … you know.
    And they will “earn” (i.e., be given to them) a college degree.

    So, if an IQ AVERAGE is calculated from a sample space of poorly prepared and poorly educated students – regardless of the academic degree they “earn,” (BA, BS, PhD) – you will get the results that show racial disparities in intelligence.

    I was a tutor at a NYC public college years ago; I tutored math to “open admissions” students. These students were admitted based only upon the fact they had a HS degree from a NYC HS.
    Yea, most were black and hispanic.
    These kids were totally lost academically. They literally knew ZERO; not even 6th grade math. For all intents and purposes, they had ZERO education for the first 17 years of their life despite their HS diplomas (a worthless piece of toilet paper containing fancy script).
    Many did not graduate college, but many did.
    And if you tested the IQ / educational achievement of these grads, well, they would have fared poorly.

    I’ve read that if a child is never exposed to language (and speaking) by the age of 10 or so, it is impossible for that individual to ever learn to speak.

    I will submit that if a person has for all intents and purposes not been educated in any real way for the first 17 years of life (despite getting a HS diploma) and because of their (pathological) culture they are not exposed at home to reading or learning of any sort, well, ON AVERAGE, they will IQ/ reading comprehension test poorly.
    And if accepted to university (based on race), major in totally undemanding subject material and pushed through college right through the PhD level, one should expect their IQ / reading comp. scores, comparatively speaking, to be poor.
    And they are.

    My point is these students – ON AVERAGE – may not be born “dumber.”
    They literally become dumb – ON AVERAGE – as they get older (as compared to other groups) , and the intelligence test results reflect, ON AVERAGE, the pathological (self inflicted, anti-learning) cultural traits of certain ethnic/racial groups.

    The level of educational achievement means little if no real learning is required. And constructing achievement/IQ averages from, literally, below par sample spaces will necessarily produce sub par AVERAGE results.

      • For an adult to discover a truth it is first nearly always necessary for him to change his mind. That is why it takes so long to do so unless you have acquired the habit. It is just as the Derb said, life is a series of one bubble popping after another.

      • Exactly so. Asking someone to repeat five numbers forward and then backwards merely requires the ability to count to ten. Maybe the isolated Aborigine cannot, but 100% of black US citizens can do this before preschool.

        • Wrong. Repeating back a sequence of numbers have been announced at one second intervals does not test IQ. Repeating them back in reverse order does.

    • ” the MAJORITY of black college students major in total bullshit subjects; e.g., sociology, psych., political science, Black studies , elementary education., etc. ”

      People with significantly above average iQs find these subject boring. What’s more, even people with average IQs know that their chances of earning high incomes are better in more challenging majors like engineering and computer science. They’re more likely to at least attempt those courses – and if they’ve any intelligence they’ll quickly find that they have some talent for them.

      As you noted, that phenomenon doesn’t seem to exhibit much for black students.

    • You always did have an ‘Arthur Dent’ like quality Derb.

      When we ask the question “what will they believe next”, the answer is that we’re dealing with a distribution so they’ll believe all of the available options in varying percentages. I think the line falls at how they make decisions, which is to say ‘How they act” in life, not “What they say they believe.” Action is the great revealer of what people truly think.

      In that respect I think most will come to accept Biological determinism. It’s what they know to be true now if you look at how they behave. The difference now is that most ‘normies’ don’t want that heresy to be common knowledge so they deny it with their public words.

      And I’m honestly much less concerned about ‘good whites’. They’ll believe (or say they believe) whatever gets them furthest from public approbation. They are followers, and will go where they’re told. I’m much more concerned with those people who simply ‘cannot’ accept the truths of biology. Dangerous psychosis and violence may be outcome for them.

      As much fun as it may seem to think of the Huffington Post editorial staff being ‘triggered’ by reality, remember, among the Americans who will have every incentive to continue to deny biology in spite of ALL evidence is the 6% of our population that is already the most violent and aggressive. Even if we restrict that to individuals with below average IQ’s, we’re still talking about Millions of individuals. How do we find a way to reconcile them to the ‘facts’ when the facts quite literally tell them that they can probably never achieve as well as someone else picked at random?

      If you were the guy with the 85 IQ, how would you feel if you were told that it’s in your genes, and is therefore totally inescapable for you (and likely to be inescapable for any of your children to some degree as well)?

      It’s a real quandary.

      • If you were the guy with the 85 IQ, how would you feel if you were told that it’s in your genes, and is therefore totally inescapable for you (and likely to be inescapable for any of your children to some degree as well)?

        I’m sure it sucks to be dumb, but what’s the alternative? Tell the 85 IQ people you can go to Cal Tech and become an electrical engineer if you just try hard enough? That seems even more cruel than just letting them know that they’re not cut out for college.

        Other countries that aren’t “diverse” don’t seem to have all this angst about tracking people into with below average intelligence into occupations they can handle. In Japan, if you’re not smart they track you into a vocational school and you become a construction worker or a truck driver or whatever. No one gets all weepy because some 85 IQ guy didn’t get to go to college.

        • Sure. Totally agreed. But we’re not a homogenous society. 6% (or so) of our population isn’t just low IQ, they’re also on average more aggressive, have lower self restraint, and at some levels are more prone to criminality and violence than average. (I’m speaking males only here… I don’t even want to think about the women.) That’s a tough group to sell the idea to. Especially in an environment where any job which has a low requirement for cognitive ability is likely to be greatly automated.

          My main point is that I don’t think we can expect them to be happy about it, and I don’t know if I blame them exactly. I think they will resist the idea to a much greater degree than anyone else. It’s a tough world of course, and we all deal with our limitations. But my appreciation of the cultural context of this issue is that it’s going to be a very difficult conversation to have with them. It’s tragic really.

          • Dunning-Kruger probably kicks in, not to mention all the self-esteem classes in school. Plus the Kardashian once black never go back rap bullshit.
            In a sane society, they would learn a trade and be proud of their skills like some of the rather dull but skilled
            Mexicans here in SD.

        • Jerry;
          Exactly. That’s the sort of thing I was talking about above. What we should be saying is, “Given what we know about HBD, how should we reorder our institutions so that those with lower IQ’s can have as fulfilling a life as is reasonably possible without ruining it for everybody else. I’d say we ought to start with jobs.

          There are a number of ways. For example, we should look at changing the minimum wage laws. Anybody who doesn’t think that a high minimum wage doesn’t drive down low-skilled employment is wearing ideological blinders. We’re running this unfortunate right now in bi-coastal blue land.

          • This comment string between Tom, Jerry and Al has been very insightful and highlights the problem exactly. If all blacks in the US were magically made to look white, but kept their lower IQs and all other characteristics intact, the problem would go away. They would accept their lot in life, become productive blue collar or retail workers, or at least would would not blame others for their failures.

            I am a relatively intelligent CPA, but have accepted that I will never have the genius or creativity to create great wealth, and have been happy making a good living off those who do. I appreciate them for creating businesses where I can work, rather than ascribing their success to some unfair genetic advantage.

            But in effect having to wear a low IQ stamp on your forehead would leave anyone shameful, angry, and left searching for excuses.

          • The Tokugawa shogun declared genetically identical Japanese to be a lower caste. Formerly honored and necessary tradesmen- leatherworkers, undertakers, sanitary workers (cesspools and benji ditchs), slaughterhose workers- were now second class subjects.

            The new bukharin classes almost immediately became infamous for broken families, crime, violence, prostitution, and drunkenness.

          • I can verify that that 85 IQ guy can run circles around me in trucking or construction. He is rightly proud of the job he can do.

            Policy is the key. Right now our policies are making the 85 IQs our teachers and managers- look at the Teahers Union in Detroit, Chicago, or Atlanta.

        • But, but muh Constitution says “all men are created equal”..

          The Japanese and the other openly hierarchical societies of Asia don’t have to deal with that.

      • Tom;
        Twin studies long ago disproved the idea of genetic/biological determinism. In those studies, identical twins (who share 100% of their genes) who were reared apart shared about 50% in social and personality characteristics. That’s a lot, but it’s way less than the nearly 100% one would expect if there were such a thing as genetic determinism.

        It is usually not pointed out, but these studies also refute blank-slateism because ~50% of our personality traits, etc. *are* strongly influenced by our genetics. IOW, it is always possible to up your game, but effort alone will not make you into a world class ____ (take your choice).

        • Again , I must agree. I meet too many professionally dressed, polite, friendly, safe, punctual black and brown Christians to disagree.

          Culture and proper position really makes the difference to the hand we are dealt.

          How to keep the trash from following?
          Freedom of association- that includes attitude as well as race- should not merely be “freedom to run away” (and pay a fortune to do it.)

          • Gotta say, though, the African blacks- even Somalis, to my surprise- are plumb terrified of American blacks.

            Often their ancestors were the criminals that Africans couldn’t handle- so when given the chance, they sold them off to the Porteguese.

            The first thing a decent Negro will do is leave the hood if he can. Not so much, other groups.

      • Most of the high school football team realizes that most of the high school chess club is smarter than them. They somehow seem to live with this pretty comfortably.

        Only people who define themselves and their worth mainly by their intelligence have found that there is no other human dimension of that matters.

        Pretty convenient discovery.

        • “Most of the high school football team realizes that most of the high school chess club is smarter than them. They somehow seem to live with this pretty comfortably.”

          The guys on the football team couldn’t care less about the chess club, because most of them are getting laid and basking in the adulation of the rest of the school.

          Maybe that’s the answer. Bring back Midnight Basketball.

  10. Whether it’s Obamacare or funding (and aggressive defense) of Planned Parenthood or generous social-welfare programs, or understood segregation in cities, and more college campuses trying to offer segregated housing (as a feature not a bug), etc. I think race realism is already upon us.

    The issue has never been whether people objectively understand what they see with their eyes. It has always been, “OK, so exactly what should be done about it?” The solution over the last 40-50 years has been to educate the people you can, and subsidize the rest. Biological differences mean that the subsidies fall disproportionately, and that minorities are better off in states that have a higher percentage of white people, and lower percentages of minorities.

    There have been other alternatives, of course, which the eugenics crowd was big into 100 years ago. I think that this particular slippery-slope outcome is what drives a lot of normal people to try and catch themselves before they take it too far. Because it is human nature to take it too far.

    All of this inevitably leads to the kinds of language people use. It is human nature to say one thing, while doing something else, in order to preserve status, protect people’s feelings, gain an advantage, etc. And so, out of one side of society’s mouth we’re all one big happy panoply of multicultural goodness. But, out of the other side of society’s mouth, we recognize and finance the reality of the situation.

    It’s a bit like that CBS producer who was fired this week for saying all those Vegas shooting victims were country music fans, therefore Trump voters, therefore not really deserving of any sympathy. She didn’t say anything that 99.99% of CBS and other media types would disagree with. They all agree with her.

    Her offense was saying it out loud. And then, at the same time, there is the obvious slippery slope argument that follows, and which opens the door to mass shootings of suspected Trump voters wherever they congregate. Once you open that door, rhetorically-speaking, there are going to be people who decide to take it too far.

  11. “While it is true that there is greater variation between individuals, than between groups of individuals, it does not invalidate classifying individuals into different racial groups. Traits common to one group, even in great variety, may not exist in another. Cowen was falling for what is informally known as Lewontin’s Fallacy.”

    I have been trying for years to get some one to tell me what they mean when they say there is greater variation between individuals (usually termed as greater variation within groups than across groups) than between groups of individuals. I’ve never gotten an answer back because this phrase has no basis in truth. Wouldn’t there have to be specific number of traits for individuals and groups that could be quantified? And how has that been done? It sounds even more ridiculous when it is phrased “There is more genetic variation within groups than between groups”. If that’s true, you would have to know the entire genome and what each allele in sequence does. And how would you quantify that? By counting differences in individual DNA AND group DNA? None of this has ever been done, so saying such a thing is really used to imply that negroes are more similar to Whites than Whites are to each other???!!! Ridiculous, of course.

    If it means that there are more types of traits in individuals than in groups, how and where has this been quantified? It seems to me that groups could have as many traits as individuals, you would just have to define the traits and what each means. But, even if it was determined that there are more individual traits than group traits, it would mean that the group traits would actually have far greater impact than individual ones. Personally, I think it was originally floated as some specious rationale for claiming that racial group differences are insignificant compared to the difference between you and your brothers. And most people know that this is just not true.

    • Think of it this way. A baseball team has 24 players each with a different batting average. The worst hitter is below .200 while the best hitter is over .300. Relative to hitting, that a lot of variation. There are 30 baseball teams and the worst team is at .235 and the best team at .280. That is, less variation between teams than between the players on each team.

      No one thinks teams don’t exist.

      • Oh, I understand that. Now, how does this relate to comparing genomes? Isn’t that like comparing apples to oranges? Baseball has certain rules, biology has certain rules. And never the twain shall meet. What if you compare hair color or hair texture? There is more variety among Whites as compared to other races. So, this is a possibility. But, it is irrelevant comparing 4 or more hair types in one group to only one in another. And there are those that would argue that these hair colors appear in the other races, too. Just at a much, much lower frequency. Mutant level of frequency. What I think you’re trying to say is that there is statistical variance in ALL things. The curve may be extremely narrow or broad, but there are still 1, 2, 3, even 4 Standard Deviations. Again, how is that relevant enough to make this “hypothesis” last for decades and not have anyone that actually has any data to base DNA evidence on? I’m really curious. Where were the original and subsequent studies?

      • I forgot to include this. Is there not more variation in salaries levels across baseball teams than within baseball teams? If there are both examples for and against something within an argument, picking one or the other is a choice, but may not have any validity.

      • Or, there are more differences in intelligence, talents, tastes, and appetites between my siblings and I than there are differences between Anglo-Americans and Jews.

    • Groups and individuals operate differently.
      We have ignored group behaviors, focusing only on individuals.

      Thus, our only explanation is usually, “He’s crazy!”

  12. What exactly was the purpose of Cowen’s post? He was better off acting like Steve doesn’t exist. He didn’t really state anything beyond “racism is bad mmmk” and provided nothing as far as data or evidence. In fact, it looks like an subtle argument from the consquences, a similar act that prof mcwhorter does, that the consquences are so abhorrent that we must ignore and hide the real data. That is childish and reflects how fragile their worldview really is.

    We have known for a long time the distributions are different and the distributions have material consquences. Of course, I don’t see how it encourages “racism”, as population level distributions and individuals are not equivalents. For example, the crime and I data would give me good reason to never live in a black neighborhood. But it doesn’t necessarily give me a good hereistic on a AA coworker. But I guess they feel the stupid dirt people are incapable of processing this without reverting to being Nazis.

    • These people are beyond merely “racism is bad”. One of the cucks at NR said it for all of them–Some truths should not be said.

  13. I think that the underlying problem is spiritual. The cultish suppression of what is right in front of our eyes is necessary *if* one is a self-interested secular materialist wedded to the anti-Christian dogmas of strict human egalitarianism, blank-slateism and human perfectibility through social engineering. Otherwise, the obvious and disorienting spiritual implication is that your non-religion is false in some interminable (not to mention unflattering) way.

    And the implication for society is that those institutions that are optimized for the Cloud non-religion are going to fail in some indeterminable way as well. This has to be a frightening thought better kept suppressed.

    Now, every elite tailors the social institutions it can influence to its own advantage. And every elite is self-servingly wont to tell the underlings that their inferior condition is their own fault, the Brahmins in India being the most pernicious example*. So. it is to the historical credit of our own elite that they suppressed the doctrine that the previously servile conditions of American Blacks were their own fault.

    But it is most certainly *not* to the Cloud’s credit that they created a society in which the majority of American Blacks cannot succeed while never-the-less carelessly pretending that they can, all the while enriching their fellow elitists and their mid-witted progeny. The Chicago school system is a good example of this situation.

    I am not intellectually vain enough to pretend to know what a better system might look like entirely, but there is simply no excuse for not trying the older things that were known to help. In the case of the Chicago school system, restoring order in majority-minority classrooms ought to be such a help.

    *In effect, ‘You are an untouchable because of your moral failings in your prior lives.’

    • Yes, thank you, the preists of the elite twisted the Bhudda’s teaching on karma:

      That little girl was not raped and strangled because of desires in HER heart.
      It was of because of the mad thirsts in HIS heart.
      HIS desire caused HER suffering.

  14. This obviously extends beyond race, to things like gender (or lack thereof), and ideology. There are facts that sane, normal people observe to be self-evident but dare not speak in public. (Actually, a web search for the word “mokita” is what originally led me to your site.) I think the $1.95 college word for the phenomenon is Pluralistic Ignorance, where a majority of people hold (or reject) a certain belief, but keep their opinions secret because they fear that they’re in the minority. Nobody wants to be the brave idiot who stands up first.

    This is why complete control of media and information is crucial to authoritarian regimes, and why the massive clampdown on internet hate-think is occurring – and even tiny flare-ups of dissent must be ruthlessly stamped out. Can’t have people sharing non-approved opinions, because they may suddenly realize that they’re not in the minority any more. The whole scam depends on regular folks thinking that they’re the only sane person in the room.

    • I don’t follow a lot of blogs but I do check in on a ew of them fairly regularly. I continually see a similar phenomenon in a somewhat different field, that of Armed insurrection.

      On any given day dozens of people will claim to be “ready” to go to war against the government, the antifa, CNN or any of a myriad of other boogy-man organizations. Yet no one seems able to get enough time off from their jobs to enable them to actually do anything.

      I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, you understand – if every guy with a SKS also took the initiative to reduce the population of liberal politicians in his town, county, state or whatever, the end result would look like the “Dorner” fiasco on steroids and there’s no telling how many newspapers would go undelivered.

  15. Denying sex differences, which they do now, is far crazier than denying statistical variations in the traits between races. At least in the latter case people like Cowen can claim ignorance because they don’t ever interact with blacks etc outside looking at sitcoms and clapping at keynote speakers. I guarantee none of these guys seriously referred to a “female penis” before they were instructed to.

    • That’s women’s march against Trump in DC, with everyone wearing vaginas on their heads. So, so transphobic.

  16. I guess it’s like getting caught up in arguments about whether immigrants are a net drain or blacks commit more crime, it’s all a sideshow to the main idea that multiculturalism is bad news and racial groups have the right to associate with their own kind.

    • But, pointing out that immigrants are a net drain or blacks commit more crime are facts that allow us to determine that multiculturalism is bad news. So, its not just a sideshow. It is anecdotal and statistical data that is necessary to determine the truth of the situation. Admittedly, your average yahoo won’t really understand this, but more intelligent people, with an understanding of biology and statistics, will. And besides, your average yahoo won’t really understand that multiculturalism is bad news and racial groups have the right to associated with their own kind because they have been programmed for so long and don’t have the mental firepower to acknowledge the truth.

      • Then why is it that the smart people automatically blurt this tripe when a yahoo says, “there were riots every where Martin Luther King showed up to speak”?

  17. It would be a lot easier to keep up believing that the emperor is not naked if his ministers would stop calling all of us names and saying we are naked. All that does is call attention to the fact that we are clothed while we can see his junk jiggling all over the place.

    • The sacred blacks have taught you to speak of your reproductive organs as junk.

      Your Grandfather prolly referenced your reproductive organs as “The family jewels” and which puissant difference demonstrates the destruction of culture contributed to those good whites who ape the sacred black man.

  18. At some point, cognitive dissonance will reach the breaking point. The ability to publicly denounce government policy will either succeed or we will fall under the boot of an enforcement tyranny so powerful, free speech will simply disappear.

    • It would be easier to maintain publicly denouncing politics if we would instantly deport any foreigner that starts yammering about them…

      • Like in Mexico …

        “Foreigners Cannot Engage in Political Activity

        The Mexican Constitution states very clearly that “Foreigners shall not in any way involve themselves in the political matters of the country” This is emphatically interpreted to mean that foreigners do not have the right to vote, run for public office, or participate in any political event, rally or demonstration. Additionally, foreigners should stay away from all political activity including any kind of demonstration or protest even if you think it is seemingly [n]on-political. Engaging in these kinds of activities is a good way to be asked to leave the country.”


    • Speech is a means to an end. As Orwell observed, it is not really your speech they care about, it is your thoughts. Thoughts that are not freely communicated wither and die, and nature abhors a vacuum. Stark is the realization that our ignorant grandparents were right more often than we are.

    • The Soviets reached that point. One day they were all powerful, the next day they were gone.

  19. you didn’t mention the other races who are involved in this dance macabre between whites and blacks. mexicans prefer not to have any blacks around them so are pushing the blacks back into the south. the black community is going to wither and shrink over time as it is ignored more and more. once the dem party goes full negro, the blacks will be totally ignored politically.

    • I’ve called the two the Brown Party and the White Party for over twenty years, and every nonwhite ‘gets’ it immediately.

      They agree with ‘racism’ when I say, “Look, when somebody shames your ‘skin’, you can come down on your own four times harder than I can.
      Racism is natural, and good, you’re supposed to love and defend your own.

      We both feel most comfortable with our own; we both are proud of our best, and yet think ours are the biggest knucklheads too.

      We don’t let idiots bring shame to our skin.
      That’s what “honor your parents” means- not to obey wrong, but to live in such a way it brings honor to your parents, your family, your line, your people, your skin.”

      Only whites start out with “No… but…”
      The others, they all get it and pretty much agree.

      I am racist- not malevolent.

      I tell anyone that, and then see momentary surprise and then pleased relaxation when they realize I’m not going to blurt “I’m not a racist, really!” or lie, or grovel.

      This is called recognition and respect. I see you for who you are. Every face carries 10,000 years of history.

      A little mutual recognition goes a long way.
      Every day I meet nonwhites (and whites) who are fine people, good at their job, fun to talk to.

      We gotta get along. Ain’t nobody going nowhere. How to square this circle?

      • PS, an insight-

        We’ve allowed emotion to be attached to the word “racist”. If I said ‘I’m a diabetic’, people would just shrug.

      • well basically the negroes don’t get along with anyone even themselves. everyone else already does get along pretty well.

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