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This week, I am indulging a bit in a secret vice. I have a thing for the Dark Continent. It’s not quite jungle fever, but I have a strong interest in Africa for no good reason. It is just such a strange and baffling place for a honky. Everything about it contradicts the magical thinking that passes for common knowledge in the West. Africa is a giant neon sign flashing “You Are Wrong.”

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. I’m getting better at hitting the exact mark on each section. That brings me unlimited joy, bordering on bliss. There is also a bonus track on Gab, where I say some mean things about Richard Spencer. If you are not on Gab, you should be. Despite their flaws, they are the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android phone commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

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66 thoughts on “Lots Of Africans

  1. I finally got around to checking out the Z-cast and I’m glad I did. I learned something, too – I hadn’t realized the French pronunciation of “Niger” was the Goodwhite-endorsed one now.

  2. https://i.pinimg.com/236x/63/1a/13/631a136419414c8c3eca1dcbf648926a–chicken-drumsticks-a-chicken.jpg
    Now seriously, back in the ’80s I was a McDonald’s store manager. Back then the big push was to ”hire the handicapped”, namely teens/young adults with Down’s Syndrome. McD’s had a whole booklet about them, some highlights:
    >No operating ”dangerous equipment” (grills, fryers)
    >No hours later than 9pm
    >Work in dining area strongly encouraged (wiping tables, emptying trash cans, sweeping, maybe mopping)
    >Keep indoors as much as possible (no cleaning parking areas or emptying outside trash)
    >Strive to keep at least one on the employee roster at all times
    Now White ”downies” average between 70-80 IQ but also tend to be cheerful and mild tempered (which considering they are also stronger than you’d expect is very good).
    Now take those tendencies and apply them to creatures who much more aggressive and violent and you have Africans – wherever on Earth they are. If you been in a McD’s lately you’ll notice one of the reasons it’s been in a steady decline – and you won’t see that ”hire the handicapped” program anymore – again, with their safety in mind.

  3. “They never progressed” assumes that genetic progress is something that happened at all. Perhaps it does, but I don’t see us as being much smarter that the guys who took Troy. We just have an accumulation of written knowledge and accrued technology.

    That is not to say that I don’t think that progress is impossible, I just don’t accept the concept easily. I do, however, think that genetic degradation can happen quite easily, and I think that hot climates have selected for more hardy, primitive, atavistic traits, while having to prepare for winter in a temperate climate does the opposite. Harsh environments don’t get an influx of fresh DNA the way ones where people are moving about in efforts to prepare and organize for their survival.

    Aristotle said similar things about Europeans Greeks and Persians. All of this is very deterministic. But it is all we have. There are no easy answers for Africa. The best thing to do is just stay away.

    • Are we smarter than the Greeks of Homer? Well, our smartest are probably not smarter, in pure IQ, than the Greeks. We have more knowledge. We have more smart people, relative to the population.

      • There is good reason to suppose that the ancient Greeks were of German migrations who ranged from as far north as Scandinavia. Blond and blue was their stated ideal over and over again. The exception were the Attics, who were native, olive and dark haired. German tribes were as mobile as they were numerous. Greeks in their present incarnation are not especially intelligent.

        • And Greece in its present incarnation is just an embarrassment.

          I remember the first time I saw Athens, thinking “this is the birthplace of Western?” Half the roads weren’t even paved, there was dog shit all over the sidewalks (that’s the case in Paris, too), nothing worked or ran on time. The bathrooms in my hostel had notes posted helpfully explaining the toilets didn’t work right, so please throw your toilet paper in the trash.

    • You know I get all this ice people had to work harder and plan ahead stuff, and natural selection, but there’s something that puzzles me.

      If we all originated from the same ancestors in Africa – and I know that’s up for debate now, but for now that seems to be the operating theory for at least some pale people origins – then how come we left?

      How come the duskier ancestors of current Europeans left the abundance and ease of livng in Africa for the harsh climates of the north that require more, more thinking, more planning, etc.?

      Were we the wimpier versions of the tribes that got chased off by our more aggressive and manly soul brothers or what?

      • Well, the Sahara used to be forested but the climate changed and it turned into desert. Maybe some such change caused a group of Africans to start migrating North. There was also a near extinction of humans where only a few thousand breeding pairs were left, so maybe that’s when the survivors said fukk Africa, let’s go check out Europe. Or, the migration went the other direction.

        • Negroids arose out of the Congo about 15,000 years ago, far younger than any other races.

          I wonder- were they Sapiens who domesticated a pithecine type, and prolifically bred downward?

          (Just as larger Neanderthalic losers bred with us little Sapiens in Europe.)

          • Correction- more a Habilus type than a pithecine, even though Asians are closer to Habilus with their large jawbone, flat faces, and flattish pelvic bones.

      • Someone at Westhunter explained to me that the pre-Neanderthal-interbred out-of-Africa guys were kind of like present-day Ethiopians or Bedouins (he said “Natufians” — that was in Arabia somewhere, I think); Negroes are the result of a mix of that basic type with an older non-Sapiens Hominid type in Africa, and everyone else is a mix of that same basic type with Neanderthals. So the basic type just kind of oozed out into and through the Near East and then got mixed up with Neanderthals.

        • Makes a ton of sense. Thanks for posting that info. I like the Westhunter site but a lot of posts reference earlier posts; would really benefit from an “Essential Kowledge” series.

      • One, an ice-age brings with it tremendous, permanent swaths of drought. Africa seems to be the most affected geography of all. Two, out of Africa does not mean out of Bantu, the sub-Saharan race we seem to always associate with Africans. Different races walked out of Africa back in that day. Even now no one would mistake an Australian Aborigine or a Bushman for a Bantu. It should be obvious that Asians and Caucasians did not magically evolve out of Bantus, but that is the new old-timey religion.

      • Well, our lactose tolerance means that we were at one time starving, and would eat schmidt nobody else would eat.

        The KhoiSan can easily handle higher level maths, and were darn near wiped out, while we ran across the Sinai landbridge, it seems.

        The Uggaritic Lapp were the dominant phenotype of Eurasia. They remain as a remnant on the fringe of the Arctic.

        The Uggaritic language root of Hebrew may be 40,000 years old at least; old enough for the CroMagnon explosion of art and intelligence that occurred in Europe as Sapiens mixed with remaining Thals or Denisovians.

        Our contact with them was limited, only touching- I speculate that herpes, dormant in most of us, was the AIDS of the larger Neanderthalics.
        (The gamma thals ‘shouldn’t have fucked those Sapiens monkeys’, or so the ancient jokes probably went.)

        The other dominant phenotype, Abos of Australia- what the fudge happened to them? Cannibals who live in dust. No relation to Negroids.
        Were the stupids chased out by the smarts, a reverse of what happened 25,000 years later in Africa?

        • I expect the Abos are exactly as they were 60.000 years ago, like many things in Australia. What is startling about them is that they are each so similar in appearance they could be clones. At IQ 60, they are, with the Bushman and Pygmy, the least intelligent people alive but none the less at least 60k years and going. The conditions that select for intelligence must be unique to seasonality.

          • Actually, the Bushman and Pygmy are the KhoiSan, I believe. Trapped in the south, they lost everything, every vestige to the Negroid Bantu types.

            That’s why I wonder about abos- Australia seems a last refuge, yet they never advanced or recovered. I think you’re right, they might’ve been stupids fleeing the smarts. Language without anything else, how is that possible?

            A friend knew the pygmies; interestingly enough, if you put one in a room for a week or two, he’ll die. Jail is a death sentence for them.

            And if they kill a baby elephant, the whole tribe will dance for a week.
            One will collapse, another get back up, enough food for a long time.

    • The writer of the Iliad was a greater genius than Ovid was, but Ovid seems more intelligent to me — that is, Ovid’s thinking (as expressed by his characters’ speeches, for example) has more angles and loops and parallel mutually-interacting dimensions. Similarly, Plato was a greater genius than Bertrand Russell was, but I’ll bet Russell would have scored much higher on an IQ-test.

      • Genius always outranks talent in intelligence. The Greeks did not have the same playground to work with that later people did. Their achievements can never be properly appreciated unless we understand the legacy they left in contrast to the legacy they did not receive.

    • It’s the food.

      Grain crops in the north are storable; harvesting, storing, measuring, accounting, doling out, irrigating- all lead to complex civilization with stone warehouses and scribes and armies and such.

      Tuber crops in the south cannot be stored; they grow year-round, and only require a village level of civilization. Dinner means go out and dig up a few more roots, that’s about as complex as it gets.

  4. I think it’s an excellent idea for you to study sub-Saharan Africa. About a decade ago the then-President of Mexico Vincenti Fox declared ”Where you have a Mexican, you have Mexico” – which Southern California is increasingly proving true. A video I saw recently brought this to mind:
    https://youtu.be/TPxpuVlimIM?t=2m40s Someone from Baltimore visits Florida. Hear his comments about a spilled Slurpee yourself. The point of the Fox quote is to paraphrase it: ”Where you have Africans, you have Africa”.
    Which 2 1/2 years ago we all got to see: https://infogalactic.com/info/2015_Baltimore_protests
    Stay safe friend.

  5. Regardless of one’s beliefs about the character and capabilities of African people, it is worth paying attention to Africa. Africa is the only region of the world that still has a high birth rate. Even those wacky Muslims are converging on European-level fertility rates (read Goldman’s “How Civilizations Die” if you don’t believe this) and the rest of the world has just dipped below the replacement rate of 2.1.

    The Chinese are investing $100 billion a year into Africa, and its not just about natural resource acquisition. Africa is relevant to the world’s future regardless of what the alt-right thinks about it.

    • Africans are not an up and coming people. They are multiplying because weird strangers have stocked their larders and for no better reason. Africa is not relevant to the worlds future except as a lesson in the irredeemable. May the Chinese live in interesting times, we’ve had enough of it.

      • I did not necessarily say that Africans are an “up and coming” people. They may or may not. Their fecundity means there will be mass numbers of them as this century progresses and that alone means they will be an issue for the rest of humanity.

        • Like it or not, they ain’t gonna quit…
          Feeding Africa is the crazy cat lady strategy, and somebody does eventually have to deal with the cats.

  6. One shout out here to the black progeny of Africa: Tété Michel Kpomassie’s ‘An African in Greenland’. A wonderful and unique work by an amazing guy, who grew up among snake-worshippers in the jungle.

    The famous ‘racist’, the Derb, reviewed this book years ago, which is how I discovered it.

    Perhaps the only book I’ve read by a black man that has nothing whatsoever to do with the “blackety-black”.

    Check it out!

  7. Re: the war criminals piece, if you get a chance, check out “The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches on.” It’s a documentary about a Japanese vet of the Second World War who engaged in cannibalism of American POWs and natives in Japanese camps. As an old man he goes around, finding guys from his old unit and harassing them (and sometimes literally wrestling them until the cops come) in order to get them to admit what they’ve done. It’s not so much about a tribunal or something like that, as it is just this weird catharsis thing he’s forcing on them.

    • When I was a kid everyone was freaked out about ‘the Hellstrom Chronicles’ which pushed the thesis that insects were on the march, prepared to take over our world. Recent evidence shows that insects are not doing well; Africa’s humanoid population, on the other hand…

  8. The racism on display here is sickening.

    One good thing is that People of Color are breeding much more than whites and will soon be able to swamp whites out of institutional power

    • If you are going to troll then troll hard, boy! Here me?! TROLL HARD!! Damn millenials can’t do anything right.

    • As was said back in the bad old days, GF, before you take over maybe first you should learn how to push a Cadillac uphill. Get over yourself and appreciate your betters like all normal people do.

    • Hi Trent/Tiny Duck, you should have phrased your thoughts more accurately. we will soon be able to mudslide whites out of institutional power. Better? Yes.

    • The ‘People of Color’ can’t even define “institutional power” must less exercise it. It’s quite likely that white man will be swept away, given demographic facts known to us, but the peoples of the East, our Ice People brothers, will have you digging ditches, picking fruit, and shining their shoes.

      Ice People 1, Sun People 0. Forever…

  9. Fix for African inability to grok birth control:

    Tell them that their penises are being used up by sex. Distribute condoms as a preventive for “disappearing penis syndrome”. (And perhaps as a permanent “cure”, judicious injections of zinc gluconate.)

  10. Naipaul’s “A Bend in the River” appears to apply well to Africa. It seems to me that the fundamental problem with Africa is that human nature is all too often able to operate unchecked by the conventions and restraints of civil society. Many of those with power, be it great or petty, are allowed and encouraged to run wild with it, and the culture becomes one of shakedowns and standoffs.

  11. 26:25. In grade 12 my buddies and I; some of us on the varsity rugby team, varsity hockey team, varsity soccer, and some not on any varsity volleyball team at all, played the girls varsity volleyball team. None of us were volleyball players, the girls team coach organized and officiated the match. Guess who won…

    • Somewhere I have a big study done by the US military on male/female fitness. One of the findings was the typical female soldier in her prime years had the cardiovascular capacity of the typical 50 year old man.

    • If you ever want to have some fun, google the US High School Boys track and field records, and compare them to the US Women’s Olympic and World track and field records.

      As others have rightly noted, there really just just men’s elite sports, and that’s all people generally care about. Everything else, every other record, is a caveat like “US high school boys” or “women’s” record.

  12. Read Kim du Toit’s “Let Africa Sink” Written years ago but from the perspective of a former South African Citizen

  13. Glad to know I’m not the only one with an Africa fetish (pardon the pun). I haven’t been there, but I’ve been to South Asia, which inspired similar thoughts. I sounded like an SJW the whole time: “Really? Wow…just… wow.” The human race runs a BROAD spectrum.

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