Suicide Cult

I have a friend who was a reverend in the Episcopal Church. He is technically still in the church, but he has decided to find another vocation. The main reason is that most of the people running the church are women, along with a high number of homosexuals. The result is the people running the church care more about social justice and their genitals than anything else. Like most of the mainline Protestants churches, the Episcopal Church has become a circus of degeneracy and general lunacy. As a result their pews are empty.

That said, you can learn a lot about the direction of the Cult of Modern Liberalism by watching the mainline Protestant churches. They are so desperate for attention, they tend to give the game away by going overboard in the latest Progressive fads. Their internal war on heterosexual white men has been going on a long time now, long before the rest of the Progs decided to make war on the honkyman. This story out of Virginia shows the true nature of the statue toppling stuff and its ultimate goal.

Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed.

Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

“Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

“Many in our congregation feel a strong need for the church to stand clearly on the side of ‘all are welcome- no exceptions,'” they concluded.

A memorial to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee will also come down.

These churches are big on the “all are welcome” stuff. They hang banners outside their empty churches with this slogan, usually decorated with rainbows. My suggestion is the alt-right toughs should take pics of themselves dressed as Hitler, posing in front of these stupid signs. That would make for a hilarious social media campaign. The fact is, the only people welcome in these hell holes are Progressive nutters and sexual deviants. As is always the case with The Cult, the opposite of what they say is usually the truth.

If you have any doubts about any of this, take a look at the roster of clergy running this church. The rector has two last names, suggesting she is keeping her options open. A good rule of thumb is that a woman with two last names is a nut. That’s probably why she hired a tranny as a youth counselor. Her second in command is a former actress, a profession known to attract the stable and virtuous. Two more women fill out the priestly class of this old church. It’s not hard to see why they are waging jihad on George.

That’s the thing with these churches. They are run by social justice warriors who see the church as a vehicle to inflict Progressive morality on their congregations. You can be sure that no one in the church gave a damn about George Washington. These hens spend all day clucking about what they read in the New York Times or heard on NPR. They came up with the idea of evicting the father of the country, because they wanted attention. It is virtue signalling, but their idea of virtue originates outside the Episcopal Church.

Of course, this was always the end point of the Rebel Flag burning and statue toppling. It is the thing everyone knew all along. It may have started as a tantrum by Cloud People aimed at the Dirt People, but it was going to end as a orgy of self-abnegation. These people hate their own kind. They hate their ancestors. The reason is, they hate themselves and the way to erase themselves is to erase their past. Progressives dream of the day when they no longer exist and any memory of them is gone too.

God speed Christ Church.

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  1. The WSJ has a photo on-line today (11/1/17) showing a daytime service at the Christ Church last June. About 27 people are there in the pews, and 7 people are processing up to the altar. They’re done, if that photo is representative.

  2. I was raised “deep water” Southern Baptist. Left it because I was tired of my particular congregation’s not-so-subtle racism. As an adult with a child to raise, I looked into and fell in love with the Episcopal Church. That was 25 years ago.

    We finally had to leave the Episcopal Church because sermon after sermon of pro-Obama, pro-LGBTXYZ speeches from the pulpit (female “priest”) was getting old. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the sermon where she spent the entire time attempting to convince everyone that Obama was very much like Jesus Christ and that we were stupid to not recognize his greatness.

    We stood up and walked out – mid-sermon. Did we get a call asking if we were OK, or trying to figure out why we left? Nope – every conservative Christian I know has left that church (easily 50 members who were REGULAR Sunday attendees and volunteers). She knew – and had been targeting my family (and other conservative types) with her tripe for years. I miss my friends there – but even they have shunned us since then. Oh well.

    So, I’m still attempting to find a liturgical church that follows a more conservative view of Christianity. It’s hard – we found one but it’s impractical to drive an hour each way on Sundays.

  3. A relative of mine is pastor of a so-called Methodist church in Arizona. I went to a service one Sunday. The opening ‘hymn’ was a communist folk song about ‘ain’t gonna study war no more’. They congratulated themselves for being open to the LBGT ‘community’ and called themselves “the movement”. The topic of sin was never mentioned, nor was forgiveness, nor even the name of Jesus, until they had communion. Then back to the political meeting- it did not resemble a church service. I neither participated in their communion, nor gave them any money.

  4. FWIW: I once sat on a committee of the richest church in WA state. A new younger priest was brought in–white guy, ph.d. great pianist. It was clear that he was forcing the homosexual agenda and when I asked why he was so mean spirited with the other older ministers in other churches around the area his response was chilling and the message was clear: “they either support homosexuality, or they take early retirement. If they don’t support the program, I have the power to take away their retirement benefits.” He was from a part of the country well know for it’s mobster organizations and unions The result was predictable. The white ministers left their profession quickly.

  5. The hilarious tidbit in this event is that the Washington plaque had to come down because they were taking the Robert E. Lee plaque down and the two plaques were placed in the church so they balanced each other. Toss the Father of the Country because of interior design.

  6. When a suicide seems especially puzzling, it’s worth at least considering that it might have been a murder.

    Who had the motive to kill White people’s belief in faith, family & folk?
    Who had the means?
    Who had the opportunity?

    If we were playing “Clue” my guess would be: The Jews did it, in the 20th century, using the universities & media.

  7. Well, Trump called this one too. He asked about Washington being next when the Confederate statues started coming down. Took only a few weeks.

  8. The significance of a story like this is that things are much worse than commonly perceived. Most folks live a comfortable life and rarely come in contact with the actual crazy or destructive anecdotes that occasionally pop up in the news. Consequently, these problems typically seem more like a remote annoyance than a clear and present danger. Our culture is disintegrating in slow motion, which is why these problems worsen rather than get redressed.

  9. What’s the point? Hallmark does better homilies, Commies do better politics.
    I think the General would worship elsewhere–and he probably wishes they’d take his name off the city, too.

  10. It’s incidents like this that suggest the time between demonstrations of the abject uselessness of Conservative, Inc. is exponentially decreasing. Wasn’t it only a month or so ago that Rich Lowry and his fellow manginas at National Review declared surrender in the battle to preserve Confederate statues? They had to have known Washington, Jefferson, Madison et al would be next on the list but they must have figured the Left would give them at least a year or more to continue the grift before demanding they agree to put the Father of Our Country in mothballs. And now that the day of denouncement has drawn near, how do they expect to convince us of their deep, deep reverence for Muh’ Constitution while at the same time joining in the call for a damnatio memoriae of the Pale Penis People who wrote it?

  11. What I want to know is, where does the money to pay the salaries of this menagerie come from? Soros? Spouses/significant others?

    • Long-dead widows’ trust funds.

      Also, back in the old days Episcopal seminarians thought it might be helpful to marry “up” socially and not have to worry too much about their salary as it was amplified by their wife’s money. Great book about NYC Bishop Paul Moore a few years ago, written by his daughter. Verrrry upper crust couple.

      The hugely liberal Bishop was gay, but the couple had lots of children anyway. Had a male lover at whom he lived with at the end of his life. I learned from reading this book that the man who confirmed me in the Episcopal Church at age 12, c. 1956, (the way it used to be done, and after which you were allowed to take Communion) was himself homosexual, Bishop Horace W.B. Donegan. He never married, however. Hey, if these guys didn’t become bishops they could look forward to heading up a New England prep school!

  12. Left my mainline Protestant congregation not long after 9/11. My spouse and I were directly affected (to this day we’ve never had the heart to count just how many people we knew–but it was six long months of memorial and funeral services) The minister, an Armenian–who knew a few things about evil and genocide–was blunt about good and evil. A few of the sermons went pretty far into “I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel” territory. Well that shit couldn’t stand and the next thing you know he’s on “medical leave” and replaced by a guy whose sermons were various versions of “let me tell you why you are a bad person (for being white). That was enough for us…but the congregation, despite being in an extremely wealthy zip is struggling…most funding comes from bequests from dead members. This self immolation is absolutely no mystery.

  13. 1. Washington has boy cooties. Plus slavery cooties.
    2. By their logic, those women shouldn’t be in that church at all. It’s full of slavery cooties.
    3. The women will all be wearing burqas soon. They’ll demand it.

  14. but WHY do these self-loathing ethno-masochists even exist? Why did this ethno-masochists pop into being over the last few decades? What forces created these ethno-masochists that are somehow promoted to the top of our large societal institutions? Why not ask these questions? Yes, they obviously exist, and yes they obviously somehow get into power in hollywood, media, churches, the government, academia etc….But WHY?

    What forces created them and what forces promote them to the top?

    everything in this universe happens for a reason. Forces are reasons.

    What forces cause this “ethno-masochist in power” phenomenon?

    I like to use occam’s razor. The simplest answer that is right in front of your face is usually the best answer.

    What forces put these anti-white, pro-nonwhite, pro-immigration, anti-majoritarian ethno-masochists into power?

    To answer this question, let us adjourn to the centers of power of america. How about New York City? Do ya think maybe what goes on there might have something to do with the radical change in america? I do. Let’s travel to NYC in our minds, and we shall employ occam’s razor to answer the question of what caused this radical change in america!

    Look around NYC. You are floating above the city. You look down on it. What do you see? What strikes the eye? What is the most salient feature of this powerful city?

    I see skyscrapers. Hey! Those skyscrapers dominate the skyline, and in fact they dominate the skyline of every major american city! Maybe these skyscrapers have something to do with this radical change in america, wherein the people that get promoted to power in our major institutions just happen to be anti-white, pro-nonwhite, pro-gay, pro-immigrant….

    What goes on in these skyscrapers? Well, they are headquarters for large corporations. oh….

    Maybe these large corporations that dominate our large cities have something to do with promoting to power those who are anti-white ethno-masochists?

    hmm…how does putting anti-white ethno-masochists in charge help these big corporations?

    Well, the dominant theme of the new elite religion is Inclusiveness. What is inclusiveness? Well, it means that americans–white americans, especially–need to accept the outsider into our society, into our workplaces, into our neighborhoods, into our nation. Outsiders like women, gay, minorities, immigrants.

    How does forcing americans to be inclusive help big corporations? Well, inclusiveness helps big corporations grow the supply of workers and consumers. More worker-consumers increases the GDP. Higher GDP means higher corporate profits, which means more $$ for corporate CEOs and the plutocrats who own most shares of fortune 500 companies.

    So inclusiveness makes the rich richer. Which is why these big corporations use their $$ and influence to make sure that those who are promoted to the top of the large societal institutions –like churches, govt, academia etc–are those who push inclusiveness …

    how do big corporations ensure that societal leaders are practicing inclusiveness? Well, they reward those who promote inclusive-minded people. Like, for example, making donations. Or forcing the media to demonize institutions that do not practice inclusiveness. Remember that the media is funded by advertising purchases by these big corporations.

    That is all for today, kids. Remember that when you observe a phenomenon, you should always ask WHY it came about.

    • These types arise when abundance persists across multiple generations, and society becomes fat, dumb, and happy. The first killing frost and they will be taken care of.

      • Yeah, but it’s not even real abundance. It’s an abundance founded on a pile of sketchy credit that cannot and will not ever be paid off.

  15. “The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.”

    Yes these same asshats will bow down and fight tooth and nail to make sure the latest Jihad recruitment center -aka the Mosque- is built right around the corner from their house. Point out to them that Islam is, was and will always be the religion that endears slavery, especially sex slavery and you’ll get the standard reply from the them – “BIGOT!”

  16. I’ve never seen such a collection of Beta males and Regressive SJW feminists in my life. Well not counting the Democrat’s in Congress that is.

  17. The Z-Man is onto something here , in my personal life the most unhappy semi suicidal people I know are liberal women. Maybe they can’t take themselves out but figure to take their group out with these actions and get to the sweet release of death “not by their own hand?”

    • No kidding. Still expecting a few in the local population to simply spontaneously combust. Their latest crusade is trying to convince everyone to buy and post a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign in their yard. If you think it is a silly idea, you must be LITERALLY HITLER. And for God’s sake don’t say something like “well, I hate Lima beans…so putting one up would be hypocritical”

  18. Bring in about 2 score Pentecostals one Sunday morning. When the arms go up and they start up the glossolalia we’ll see how inclusive the high church can be. Can I get a witness?

  19. Francis and the official Church of Rome are trying hard to catch up. I predict Christ and all references to him will be banned as offensive to “many in our congregation.”

    • Yep, nothing in her bio (or that of any of the priestesses as far as I remember) about the Trinity, the Gospels, faith, works, sacrifice… It is all about her and her incredible hotness. No progressive screed speaks as much about what is wrong with our world as that bio.

  20. That Noelle Hyphen-Whatnot isn’t keeping her options open, she’s a muncher. I bet the “partner” will be called Whatnot-Hyphen, in reverse.

  21. This is one of those subjects that interested me for a while and I read a few books trying to understand the basis of the problem. I even read Hooker’s books on ecclesiastical polity and a lot of church history.

    For a while I thought it was a problem with the political structure of the church; that this illness was due to libs being able to slowly take over because they were able to sneak into the hierarchy and influence things from the top down. I think this is true, but one also sees a bit of the same trend with smaller churches that are independent and don’t take orders from anything higher up. Some of this is because the same people who inhabited the denominational churches and left when things got bad have migrated to the nondenominational churches, and, while they aren’t as bad as the lesbians running the denominations, they carry some of the core errors made decades ago with them. Like the people flooding out of California and Illinois.

    So right now the nondenominational churches aren’t as bad off but they seem to be on the same trajectory.

    If I were to try and propose a solution right now I would say to limit church size to around 400 members, only allow full members into any Eucharistic celebration with those to be baptized allowed to observe, limit church leadership and teaching of adults to married men with adult children, no female deacons or elders, no church hierarchy above the local level, and election by lot (choose a few similarly qualified men for a position and let the straws or dice decide which one gets the job) this way there will always hopefully be someone in a position of leadership who is not there because some mini conspiracy put him there.

    • Doc;
      Most definitely agree. Tl:dr: There must be biblical standards. The elder board must enforce them, period.

      As a result, females will get bad feellz and whine (via husbands, usually). But that can be combatted if the standards are biblical and the elder board has balls.

    • Like politics attracting all the grifters, church attracts all the lost. Rather than allowing the rules and discipline to take them where they need to go, the lost take over and remake the church into their own.

      More power to them, if they and their denominations want to go that way. It does appear to be some sort of theft of the legacy left to them by those who came before.

      They do not seem to understand or care that they live in a little bubble, and the rest of us just aren’t up for dealing with them on a weekly basis. But, in their own minds, they are “special”, and their doors are open to everyone (who think in all ways exactly as they do).

    • Or just stop going to churches. They have nothing to do with god, and everything to do with money.

  22. George Washington, were he alive today, would have left that church long ago, and the men that built it would probably burn it to the ground. The small, rural churches still survive here and there.

  23. Anyone else bothered by the fact that the Republicans hold all the power yet they continue to fund NPR?

  24. I realized why SJW or Leftist ideas seem crazier by the day: because none of their fads or themes NEED to mean anything.

    They’re just an excuse to build a network.
    Not an organization that serves a purpose, as normals expect, but existing merely for the sake of existing, and providing opportunities of status, place, identity, and payroll.

    Bureaucracy as a religious culture.
    The modern, disconnected version of tribes.

    Think of non-profits- any ’cause’ will do.
    University- any ‘subject’, so long as they can sell more student loans, get grants and writeoffs.
    Media- any content, except what we need to know to make informed, objective opinions.
    Demonstrations- anything to distract from the real dirty deals occuring elsewhere.
    Bureaucracy- mission long forgotten.
    Religions- studiously obfuscating the actual history for vague portents and interpretations.

    Networking for networking’s sake is resiliant, flexible, fluid. A Blob is hard to defeat. Membership offers a permanence to fragile beings.

    This is the long strength of the Left.
    They offer ascendence, superiority, shelter, and longevity. They are their own monument. Neither Heaven nor the details matter.

    • I know it’s a off the wall, but I’d argue that to a large extent this is all traceable to the end of the gold standard.

      Once you can print money, and you have the guns to make everybody accept it, you can have a good long run of doing a lot of crazy contrived crap that doesn’t fulfill any legitimate need or desire.

  25. I see the real driver of suicidal nihilism underpinning all these movements is starting to be identified in the west, as it was identified 50 years ago in the Soviet Union by some who lived through it.

    The Socialist Phenomenon: Igor Shafarevich (1975)


    c. Socialism is one of the aspects of this impulse of mankind toward self-destruction and Nothingness, specifically its manifestation in the sphere of organizing society. The last words of Meslier’s Testament (“. ..with this nothing I shall end here”) express the “final mystery” of socialism, to use Feuerbach’s favorite expression.

    We have arrived at this view of socialism in attempting to account for the contradictions evident in the phenomenon at first glance. And now, looking back, we feel confident that our approach indeed accounts for many of socialism’s peculiarities. Understanding socialism as one of the manifestations of the allure of death explains its hostility toward individuality, its desire to destroy those forces which support and strengthen human personality: religion, culture, family, individual property. It is consistent with the tendency to reduce man to the level of a cog in the state mechanism, as well as with the attempt to prove that man exists only as a manifestation of nonindividual features, such as production or class interest…This point of view is consistent with the calls to universal destruction, with the attractiveness of destructive forces like wars and crises, with the allure of death and the idea of Nothingness.


    For the very reason that the basic driving force of socialist ideology is subconscious and emotional, reason and rational discussion of facts have always played only a subordinate role in it. The socialist doctrines are reconciled with contradictions with an ease reminiscent of “prelogical,” primitive thinking, which functions outside any framework of consistency, as described by Lévy-Bruhl. They are equally unconcerned with the fact that socialist conclusions are radically at odds with experience. Most astonishing of all is that these contradictions do not diminish the impact of the doctrine in the least.

  26. Having alt-righters dress as Hitler in any context is a terrible idea and assuredly would not be hilarious. Otherwise, enlightening and entertaining as always!

  27. “Progressives dream of the day when they no longer exist and any memory of them is gone too.”

    They have gone full extinctionist, and to the extent that any disagree with them, exterminationist.

  28. If you want a traditional, liturgical Protestant church, the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS) may be your best hope. At two million baptized members, it’s the second largest Lutheran denomination in America. No lady pastors and no openly homosexual ones — because the bible says so. It’s up to the local congregation whether women may be voting members or deacons. (They are in most, but not in the one I attend.) The denomination is not a member of the progressive National Council of Churches or World Council of Churches.

    The closest the denomination gets to entrenched SJW-ism is its lamentable participation in the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee service (LIRS), along side the larger and much more liberal / SJW Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. If I recall correctly, there was a resolution at the last national synod meeting to congratulate LIRS, and it was actually voted down.

    There’s a wide variety of worship styles in the LCMS these days, from traditional-liturgical to “praise teams.” Still, your chances of finding a traditionally-oriented, apolitical church are better with the LCMS than with most.

    Two smaller, similarly-conservative Lutheran demoninations are the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). They have no connection that I know of to the Lutheran Immigration and Relief Service, but I have no first-hand experience with them.

  29. I am curious as to how the church came to the conclusion that the plaques must come down. I bet a committee was formed and the committee decided to do this, “for the church’s own good”. Cue up the loss of a third of the congregation or so in the next three months.

    These churches get “more selective” all the time, and the pews empty. They watch their people go to other churches, and then declare “good riddance, those people were bad Chrustians anyway”. Then they set up another committee to look at why certain other churches are growing, and theirs is shrinking. The committee determines that the growing churches are really good at giving a consistent, constant, and clear message to their congregations. So the committee tells the shrinking church to double and triple down on its insanity. Yup, that’ll work, for sure.

    • Oh, wow…that’s exactly how it goes, the steps to destruction and ruination of a church. I think you’ve been there. As my daughter often says, “If you do not stand for something, you stand for nothing.”

      My adult children have left their various churches because they didn’t want to ride the slippery slope and have their children indoctrinated with crazy talk about gender.

      I’m in Texas and personally easily know first-hand of 4 large churches in different big cities that are thriving, growing, and alive because they have passed resolutions against (fill in the blank) and have leaders that stand against (fill in the blank.)

      The churches they left that have stepped off the side into the deep end of progressivism have lost their giving, generous families and are absolutely 100% terminal. The doors will close.

  30. >>That’s the thing with these churches. They are run by social justice warriors who see the church as a vehicle to inflict Progressive morality on their congregations.

    There are no congregations in these buildings, provided one applies the traditional definition of the word. These organizations are not churches in any meaningful sense. These people are not Christians. This is nothing more than an orgy of self-absorption shielded from the IRS by the First Amendment.

    As far as I’m concerned these people can’t erase themselves fast enough.

  31. In a war of words awhile back between Alex Linder of VNN and Hunter Wallace, Linder said, “It’s the Jews. It’s not more complicated than that,” and Hunter replied, “Actually, it’s a lot more complicated than that” appending a video of some Christian flagellant whipping himself on the back to the end of his comment. Progressive Christianity seems to be based on a highly selective use of the Sermon on the Mount. I’ve worked in interpretation, and even with living languages, things get screwed up/meaning gets shifted. I’ve heard, for instance, that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” actually originally used a verb closer to “murder.” Big difference between “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not murder.” It’s the difference between you being dead and the other guy being dead.

    • Was struggling with / wondering about the same issue some years ago, and relieved to learn one day that regular “to kill” is qatal in Hebrew, whereas the Fifth Commandment uses a different verb altogether (ratsakh, if I remember correctly).

      Thus, in an instant, all false churchian equivalence was exposed: The Bible very much acknowledges that there can be legitimate killing. After all, God is (or, if you prefer, the ancient Hebrews were) so SJWs.

  32. Mueller indictments coming Monday.

    This is the beginning of the end for Trump and his crew.

    Russian collusion all but confirmed

    • Two types of “collusion:” 1. Unconfirmed reports of conversations taking place 2. Selling the stuff that helps put the “power” in power plants and makes warheads go “boom.” You sure this thing might not backfire on the Clinton Cartel? I think this investigation is garlanding Trump’s path to reelection. Tell Hillary it’s hard to frog-march in leg irons when your cankles are that thick, though for a couple cartons of Pall Malls she can get the guards to sneak in Huma Abadeen. Hell, Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Weiner might even jump in on the action.

      • Is Hillary Episcopalian?

        Hillary and Maddy Albright’s greatest foreign policy success was shattering the Balkans while giving nukes to North Korea.

        She repeated that strategy in Libya/Syria with the Bengazi weapons ratline to ISIS, and the Maidan attempt at civil war in Ukraine.

        Now it turns out an associate, a Ukrainian Jewish pajundrum, sold uranium from her Uranium One deal to North Korea. (The Kievan Ukraine government is Jewish, while they hire Bandera and Right Front Nazis for the wetwork).

        Imagine, now, if she were President.

          • No kidding. In the late fifties my rock of America parents whispered about our Methodist reverend for years with other parishioners, and I never knew what that was about. One day a fellow with a family showed up to take over.

  33. A small plaque in a church in Alexandria, honoring George Washington, triggers some people? Well, good God almighty, you can imagine the spasms that would hit them once they find out that that enormous lighthouse-like structure rising behind the King Street Metro in Alexandria is actually — wait for it — the GEORGE WASHINGTON Masonic National Memorial! Oh, the humanity!

    (Yeah, I know, you addressed this. The old maids just wanted to virtue-signal to get attention. But the disconnect is still hilarious.)

  34. All of these protestant churches died 50 – 60 years ago. All that is left now are the bones and maggots. No skin off my knob, they were always a con job for the rubes.

    The economy is heating up nicely, the wall samples are ready for selection, the Clintons are wrecked, the cucks are being exposed and eliminated. America is long overdue for a fun decade, and it very much looks like the time is now. Ironically, watching the negroes burn down the NFL is more entertaining than any football game could ever be.

  35. It’s sad. I thought about going back to my old church, which is pretty much local rural people. So, not crazy. Unfortunately, they are a part of the UCC, which includes the old Congregationalist church I grew up in….and those people have become Marxist nutcases. Not just fully converged SJWs, but full on revolutionary lunatics. Ddg the national office for the full flavor. The minister they sent the locals is, I think, a prototype lesbian. So, I go and eat the turkey dinners and leave it at that.

    • After 50 years absence, walking into a Catholic church is like arriving on a strange unexplored planet to witness sentient beings engaged in some ritual vaguely reminiscent of old worship ceremonies from one’s home.

      • Heh. Read Belloc on the subject of European identity & its dependence on Catholic thinking. For me, Hilaire was the original red pill writer.

  36. What does liberal religion offer that standard secular liberalism can’t provide? Oh that’s right, nothing. And that is why these churches are cancer and will cease to exist very soon.

  37. The last 4 sentences say it all. It is difficult to fight this kind of self deception and nihilistic will-to-self destruction.
    These “women” are religious fanatics as committed to their heresy as jihadis are to their faith.
    We, as a society, are heading straight for a brick wall at a hundred and ten per, and we have a claque of heretics steering the car.
    It’s as if we are living in an episode of the Twilight Zone, where the entire world has gone mad.

    • No, the freaks are heading towards a wall. Once they are dispatched, there will be more “pie” for me. It’s like a self cleaning oven, once Mother Nature does her thing.

  38. Jordan Peterson has me half-way convinced Christianity’s logos is what helped create western culture & necessary to keep it cohesive.

    • I’d argue that’s just part of his unwillingness to depart from liberalism as such. He desperately wants the solution to be a measured stride back to liberal Christianity. In reality, liberalism has utterly destroyed these institutions and identity will have to be reforged before it can be enshrined in places like a mainline Church.

      • Exactly.

        Peterson is a stand up guy when it comes to the insane antics of ACADEMIC Canadian SJWs, to a point, but he’s an academic and a government worker.

        He knows what side his bread his buttered on, and he’s going no further than that.

        As an aside, it’s also interesting to hear him talk about intelligence and it’s heritability. He’ll opine on the outperformance of Asians and Ashkanazni Jews, but when he won’t go THERE when it comes to looking at certain phenotypes overrepresented at the lower end of the distribution.

        All in all, a kept man, with his lectures tending towards the homiletic.

        • Besides, logos encompasses within itself something about truth. If you can’t tell the truth, then you can’t have any logos going going on.

          Part of the truth, or the part of the truth we can all croon koombaya over isn’t enough. The full, unvarnised truth that is going to hurt some people’s feelings and make them burn down buildings because they dindu nuffin is what’s required for logos.

          • B.G.;
            When you see the word ‘logos’ in Christian doctrine, think Plato’s forms, organized: This organization created by a all knowing, all seeing, all powerful intelligent agent, i.e. God. God, the *mind* behind the cosmos.

            IOW, *the logos* is ultimately unfathomable, another name for the intellectual aspects of God. And there are other aspects.

        • Not any longer by the looks of it. His Patreon page generates tens of thousands of dollars per month. He wouldn’t make half what the University Vice-Chancellors make (what a racket FFS) but he needn’t answer to anybody, anymore.

        • Maybe. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s good form to ask other people to lose their job to make a point, and it’s not like it’s been smooth sailing for the guy.

          And anyway, what more do you want? He’s already made the point that a modern economy requires IQ greater than 85 to be qualified for any job at all and that IQ is a real thing. Are you trying to get the man shot?

  39. Want to see womething Hilarious?

    Look at their ‘staff’ page. See the three black guys? Look at their job titles.

    Enlightened and inclusive white women, Yet they are still using negro men to clean the church, stack the chairs, and pick the cotton.

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